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v0lZyI am having some issues with netplan and network manager15:27
v0lZyI have 2 devices, an openvswitch bridge called vswitch0 and enp2s0 which attaches to it. I have netplan configured to bring enp2s0 up with NetworkManager, but with disabled dhcp and no IP settings... literally i just need the link to be up15:28
v0lZyI bring vswitch0 up with networkd as renderer15:28
v0lZyCurrently, when i do nmcli dev, I see all devices as unmanaged15:28
v0lZybut i should be seeing enp2s0 managed , right?15:28
v0lZyOverall, the problem is that cockpit requires networkmanager to manage something, else it doesnt show updates cause it thinks its offline.15:29
sdezielv0lZy: if you ask `netplan` to use `networkd` then `nmcli` won't see them as managed by NetworkManager because they are managed by `systemd-networkd`. So it looks normal, unless I misunderstood something15:34
v0lZysdeziel: I think you are misunderstanding15:35
sdezielv0lZy: that could very well be15:35
v0lZyI have an openvswitch (which debian doesn't include in NetworkManager) bridge, that I assign an IP to. The enp2s0 is connected to that bridge, but should not have an IP.15:36
v0lZybecause of the Debian version of NetworkManager being unable to manage openvswitch bridges, I have 2 files in netplan; 00-enp2s0-no-ip.yaml and 10-vswitch0-dhcpv4.yaml15:36
v0lZyi used 'networkd' as rendere for 00-enp2s0-no-ip.yaml, and 'NetworkManager' for 10-vswitch0-dhcpv4.yaml15:37
v0lZycurrently, I'm connected to the system... ip add show correctly shows an IP obtained via DHCP on vswitch0, and no ip on enp2s0 with link state 'up'15:37
v0lZyhowever, if i do 'nmcli dev'15:38
v0lZyI get a list of devices on my system, all of which are unmanged15:38
v0lZyenp2s0 shows up as 'unmanaged' ... even though i have a file telling netplan to manage it via NetworkManager15:38
v0lZyif i check /run/systemd/network ... I see the configuration that I'm intending to use, but thing is I'm using cockpit and it has a dependency on NetworkManager showing some interface that its managing to be up, to grab updates15:39
v0lZySo In essence, I would like to have enp2s0 managed by NetworkManager, but not have an IP assigned to it15:40
v0lZyI am assuming what I'm IdeaS?15:55
v0lZywhat i meant15:55
v0lZyis if anyone has any ideas?15:55
sdezielv0lZy: `nmcli` is a NetworkManager tool so it isn't aware of anything managed by `systemd-networkd`15:56
v0lZythats logical16:00
v0lZyit shows what NetworkManager is managing16:01
v0lZymy problem is that it doesn't show that its managing enp2s016:01
v0lZyeven though netplan has renderer: NetworkManager in the enp2s0 file and the actual configuration IS applied.16:01
v0lZythis is my yaml file:16:02
v0lZy  version: 216:02
v0lZy  renderer: NetworkManager16:02
v0lZy  ethernets:16:02
v0lZy    enp2s0:16:02
v0lZy      dhcp4: no16:02
v0lZy      dhcp6: no16:02
sdezielv0lZy: I am not sure you can have some devices managed by `networkd` and some other by `NetworkManager` but maybe wrong. Is netplan complaining?16:13
v0lZyits not complaining16:14
v0lZyof course you can have that16:14
sdezielv0lZy: TIL16:14
v0lZywhats that stand for?16:15
v0lZyon the of course you can have that part; networkmanager just creates config files. Is all it does.16:15
v0lZyAnd ok, maybe issues commands to bring them up/down16:16
v0lZybut essentially, its not interfacing with the tcp/ip stack or anything, thats not its job16:16
v0lZyhence if you configure that at some level on other interfaces its not configuring, it shouldnt be an issue16:16
sdezielv0lZy: TIL stands for "Today I Learned"16:16
v0lZyAh, OK16:17
sdezielv0lZy: it seems that Ubuntu's NetworkManager supports openvswitch (at least `nmcli conn add type ovs-bridge conn.interface bridge0` did something here on 22.04) so maybe that's something for you to test?16:20
v0lZyI can add openvswitch16:21
v0lZybut you can't do much with it16:21
v0lZyit understands that there is sucha  thing as an openvswitch device16:21
v0lZybut theres no module for it in ubuntu so you cant manage it16:21
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