exploreany good ubuntu networking book(s)? was wondering if it is possible to configure ubuntu server to be a private VPN, i am hoping this will enable me to login into my dwelling, into the ubuntu server, access files, from the ipad/iphone what not, i guess i'll need to get some easy domain name? reverse proxy? then some sort of VPN set up? is that how it works? no clue..00:20
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rfmexplore, don't know of any books to recommend, and I've never done it, but it should be doable.  Most popular VPN servers on ubuntu are OpenVPN and Wirequard, I think.01:09
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rfmexplore, wireguard is newer and supposedly easier to administer/connect to.  wireguard.com has docs, and it's in the ubuntu repos (so is OpenVPN I think)01:11
rfmexplore, don't think you'd need a domain name, unless your residential IP is very unstable, in which case you'd need one of the various dynamic dns services01:12
rfmexplore, #networking or #wireguard might be better for getting help since it's not particularly ubuntu-specific01:14
exploreok ok01:26
explorehey so i installed ubuntu server lts when i had no internet connection, from an iso, and then today i finally got internet (telco showed up to plug in the wire), and i did a sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade, it may have had a hiccup when i tried to reboot--after all was said and done01:27
exploreit said it had to update kernel or something, i vaguely recall01:27
exploreso i wanted to verify, so i did a dpkg -V (as well as debsums -c), i was hoping to see zero errors, but both command listed a sizable list of missing files01:28
exploreis that.. normal?01:28
explorei was inspecting the missing files and mostly locale files, like /usr/share/local/es/LC_MESSAGES/iso_639-2.mo (from iso-codes package)01:31
exploremaybe apt is smart enough to only install locale files for my region/localization, that's why so many locale files are missing?01:32
explorei don't get it >___<01:32
grycould you just reinstall that package?01:32
explorei tried, i read this write-up https://devicetests.com/find-reinstall-corrupted-packages-ubuntu01:33
exploreand it had two remedies, the second line was to reinstall all packages that the "missing errors" complaineda bout01:33
explorewhen i ran the command, i got this huge list of errors complaining that these packages don't exist01:33
exploremaybe it's nothing...i am a debian system luddite01:34
rfmexplore, it's possible that some of the less used locales might be missing stuff (broken packages).  In general what happens if a .mo is mising you just get an untranslated (english/C-locale) message01:34
exploreah ok ok01:35
explorenot super sure what you just said b/c i don't understand01:35
explorebut you said it crystal clear01:35
toddcexplore: if you are new to vpn routing you may want to try IPFire for a router with vpn and configs all grafical it worked well for me to learn on01:35
explorethanks for heads uyp01:36
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lubuntui use lubuntu, and you?05:15
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lockeWhere can I find hexchat for ubuntu?05:38
lockeI'm using Windows now.05:38
Bashing-om!info hexchat | locke05:42
ubottulocke: hexchat (2.16.1-1build2, lunar): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Built by hexchat. Size 361 kB / 1,047 kB05:42
lockeHello guiverc05:46
locke!info hexchat05:47
ubottuhexchat (2.16.1-1build2, lunar): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Built by hexchat. Size 361 kB / 1,047 kB05:47
lockeBut where on the web can one downloas hexchat for ubuntu?05:48
lotuspsychje!archive | locke05:54
lotuspsychjelocke: archive.ubuntu.com05:55
lotuspsychjelocke: you cant install a deb on windows right05:56
guiverc`sudo apt install hexchat`  should install it locke (supported releases anyway)05:57
akikit's a two-step process; first install wsl 2, then install hexchat05:58
guivercdo note it's in 'universe' or the community-supported repository; so universe may need to be enabled05:58
guivercif you're using Lubuntu; universe will already be enabled  (all releases as Lubuntu is community flavor)05:59
hermanoYesterday I asked about suggestion of solving bluetooth problems (could not find the devices). Turned out that this was a problem occuring by the motherboard. It got solved by removing powercable and switch off the power button in the rear. Seems bluetooth feature on motherboard can behave same way as a bluetooth dongle. The computer thought that the bluetooth was unplugged. By doing the power reset, bluetooth comes back.06:05
hermanoAnyone knows why the loss of bluetooth from motherboard happens?06:06
hermanoI will move my last question to #hardware channel.06:06
toddchermano: many reasons heat from expanding and contracting dust in the connectors, parts breaking down on the bluetooth module bad solder on the board06:09
hermanoTower server is 5 month and it was assembled for me. But, yes sound reasonable that something must have caused the unplugging of bluetooth.06:15
toddchermano: way too often just a car ride across town has caused issues on desktops/servers  bouncing? dust? I just clean reset parts retest then replace part if needed06:19
lockeA car rice can cause issues on a computer? even if the computer is on a seat and gets a xmooth ride?06:35
lockeA car ride can cause issues on a computer? even if the computer is on a seat and gets a xmooth ride?06:35
lockesmooth ride?06:36
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P1roHi, im trying to create a systemd unit that runs every 12 hours, unit only need to run an script, cna some guide me a bit please?07:25
P1roThanks ravage, also i see normally create a timer and a .service file right ?07:26
P1roravage: why is that ? why there cant the unit have its own timer ? just wondering07:28
ravagetimers start units07:29
lockeHow many of you use Hexchat?07:39
lockeor xchat?07:39
nteodosioWith around 1000 users what accuracy do you expect a response to have, locke?07:42
lockeI don't know. But hexchat for Linux xeens very hard to find.07:45
lockeSo I wonder what others use for IRC.07:46
toddcweechat-screen  IRSSI07:47
lockeI had it on my laptop, then that laptop went caffluey and ubuntu had to be reinstalled.07:47
lockeSo, I wonder what the others are now using for an IRC client.07:48
nteodosioWhat do you mean with hard to find? It's in the archive, apt install hexchat.07:49
lockeI tried it on my laptop. And it says that there is no hexchat.07:50
nteodosioHmm, weird. Can you share the output of 'sudo apt update && apt policy hexchat'?07:50
toddchexchat is not availible after 20.04 per https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=hexchat07:52
toddcbut it is a snap in 22.o407:53
nteodosiotoddc, no, they just seem to have sorted the distributions alphabetically now, which is indeed confusing.07:53
nteodosioSo it is still available in all supported releases and Mantic.07:53
toddcit is in my 22.04 software center but not a program I use07:54
nteodosioArgh, not alphabetically. But in reverse chronological order.07:54
lockeThe sucoI installed snapd, and then used snap install, for onw.07:57
lockeone that didn't work.07:57
lockeI installed snapd then a snap install of hexchat, and that didn't work.08:01
nteodosioDon't install the snap, but the deb. Open a terminal and enter 'sudo apt install hexchat'.08:01
lockeHow do you install the deb?08:02
nteodosioI just told you...08:02
lockeYou said to open the terminal after the deb has been installed?08:03
nteodosioNo, to install the deb, open a terminal and enter that command.08:03
lockecommand deb not found08:06
lockeDo I have to get rid of the snapd first?08:06
lockeIt said that there is a command den or dub08:07
nteodosioYou already entered 'sudo apt install hexchat'? Then it is installed and you can launch it normally, or by typing 'hexchat' in the terminal, not 'deb'.08:08
lockeor debt or debc or derb ...08:08
nteodosioThe deb is the packaging format. So you can either install hexchat packaged in deb format or the snap format. I guess the software center installed the snap format. Thus I suggested you to install the deb format via the command line.08:09
akikdid ubuntu already fix that issue that apt installed a snap?08:12
locketheoceaniscool ... Actually the hurricanes that ravished Florida in the last month or two happened because the ocean is warm. But that is a conversation is for a different channel.08:12
locke 08:13
lockeubuntu couldn't find the commands. And that's the problem i have.08:13
lockeHello YuGiOhJCJ08:15
lockeahic ... Are you still there?08:16
lockeCan you help me?08:16
lockeHello Bencraft4208:17
guiverclocke, Ubuntu systems allow you to install both deb and snap packages, but commands control which is installed.  eg. to install firefox using a deb I could `sudo apt install firefox`  (ie. sudo to elevate privileges, `apt` is the command to download & do something; install is what I want, and `firefox` tells it what I want to install; ie. `sudo apt install firefox`08:23
guivercif I wanted to install a `firefox` snap; it would be `snap install firefox` OR `sudo snap install firefox`.. to install `hexchat` it would be `sudo apt install hexchat`08:24
* guiverc has put commands within `` brackets; `apt-get` is an older version of `apt`, with a number of ways we can accomplish tasks. 08:25
* guiverc is heading out though sorry; won't be around for a couple of hours08:25
lockeguiverc, doesn't firefox come with the ubuntu distribution?08:28
lockeDo you get the Activities on the left side of your home screen?08:28
* guiverc was using firefox as example08:28
* guiverc adds deb is package format; snap is a package format + a command; deb packages are installed with `dpkg`, or can be installed via front-end tools such as `apt-get` or `apt` which combined download (wget) & the install (dpkg) for you08:30
lockeFor me the install snapd seemed to work.08:30
P1roim the only one who see guiverc on blue?08:31
lockebbl ... bed time08:36
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bOSKEhi, i have problems with desktop icons12:04
bOSKEwhen i click it it open it with kate12:04
bOSKEi don't know how to change it to open apps12:05
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kx112I am using Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS, with NetworkManager version 1.36.6. I get very frequent WiFi disconnections, I think caused by this bug: https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/NetworkManager/NetworkManager/-/merge_requests/1263. It looks like for my Ubuntu release, 1.36.6 is the latest NetworkManager version. Any tips on how I can upgrade?12:14
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Merge 1263 in NetworkManager/NetworkManager "wifi: wait supplicant to settle before renewing DHCP after roam" [Merged]12:14
leftyfb!latest | kx11212:15
ubottukx112: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.12:15
leftyfbkx112: I would start with disabling power saving to see if that solves your issue https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/31540012:16
BluesKajHi all12:20
kx112leftyfb: I tried disabling power saving, to no avail. From looking at the NetworkManager and wpa_supplicant logs, I'm fairly sure it is the bug mentioned above: my device roams, starts to reauthenticate with a new beacon, but a dhcp refresh occurs during this which gives me a new IP and causes any connections to reset.12:20
ioriakx112, there are alternatives to NM (e.g. wicd), but idk if it would solve your issue12:21
zoomm10kx112:  how do you know that is not i wifi interference problem?12:23
kx112zoomm10: Here are the logs: https://pastebin.com/raw/8DHMWxPB. The disconnection is caused due to getting a new IP when roaming between beacons.12:29
kx112ioria: I would prefer to use NetworkManager. I suppose I could upgrade my Ubuntu version to one with a new NM version, but I'd prefer to stick with an LTS version. However, if I cannot resolve this, I will probably have little other option, as the disconnects are very frequent at the moment.12:30
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maggaanyone knows what the Night Shift thingie to reduce eye strain uses under the hood?12:51
ioriamagga, probably something like redshift12:56
maggaioria: ok13:09
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johnfgNow, after killing that dialog box, and shutting the update down, apt update says this:, E: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock. It is held by process 181282 (aptd)14:22
lotuspsychjetry a reboot johnfg14:23
johnfglotuspsychje: do you think that would be better than killing the process?14:23
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paul424Hello, hello, I have a machine with one disc booting by default to Windows, how do I make it booting Ubuntu by default ( already installed )  ?14:52
Znevnayou change the boot order?14:54
paul424yes, I want ot change boot order14:55
pavlospaul424: you can change in bios which disk to boot from15:06
johnfgJust got this: dpkg: too many errors, stopping15:30
Terminal-VHi. Is there a good way to see how much disk space is being use and how much is free in Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS?15:30
pavlosTerminal-V: df -h | awk '$NF=="/"{printf "Disk Usage: %d/%d GB (%s)\n", $3,$2,$5}'15:31
Terminal-Vpavlos is there a good way for normal people?15:31
v0lZyGeneral netplan/networkmanager issues someone might be able to help with ...15:31
ioriaTerminal-V, just 'df -h'15:32
Terminal-Vioria I found that meaningless.15:32
ioriareally ?15:32
Terminal-Vioria yes. isn't there just a total sum figure with some simple command?15:32
pavlosTerminal-V: you can alias df to what I typed  ... mine says, Disk Usage: 50/219 GB (24%)15:33
v0lZyI have 2 files in /etc/netplan ... one to bring up enp2s0 without an IP (using rendered NetworkManager) and the other to bring up vswitch0 with dhcp (using networkd as renderer) ... I am currently connected the way I need to be, but nmcli dev shows only unmanaged devices... however, it should show enp2s0 as managed, no?15:33
Terminal-Vpavlos sweet. What is the command?15:33
Terminal-VCan 'df' be used to show the total sum of used and free for /?15:34
pavlosTerminal-V: at the end of .bashrc add the command I gave. Any time you pop a terminal it will show Disk Usage15:34
Terminal-Vpavlos I'm not typing in that crazy command.15:34
Terminal-VI'd rather boot Windows15:34
Terminal-Vok fuck this shit. im done15:35
ioriawho's this people ?15:35
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v0lZyrage quit at df -h ? :D15:41
v0lZyyeah, those people are never going to survive in a Linux OS, forget it..15:41
v0lZy"dont you understand man, I dont want to remember!"15:41
ioriav0lZy, what you mean with 'without an IP' ?15:42
v0lZyioria: i just need the link state up.15:43
v0lZybut I don't want an IP configuration on it.15:43
v0lZyI have this working, by the looks of ip add output15:43
v0lZyand if i inspect /run/systemd/network files, it looks properly applied15:43
v0lZyyet, NetworkManager insists that its not managing anything15:43
iorianot sure if NM can manage two .yaml files15:44
v0lZywhich causes a problem with cockpit, which needs NetworkManager to manage something, else it thinks its offline and doesnt bother showing me updates.15:44
v0lZyim not using it to manage 2 yaml files, so thats fine15:44
v0lZyI'm using networkd as renderer in one file, and NetworkManager as renderer in the other file.15:44
ioriav0lZy, afaik, when you use networkd, would be recommended to stop and disable NM, and viceversa15:46
v0lZyyeah, cant have that15:47
v0lZyubuntu packages debian's NEtworkManager which doesn't provide means to manage openvswitch15:47
v0lZyso have ot use systemd-networkd for that directly15:47
v0lZybut cockpit required NetworkManager15:47
ioriai see15:47
pavlosthere is a cockpit-networkmanager module15:48
v0lZyfrom what I understand, systemd-networkd is what does networking, netplan is a declarative way of doing networking (think ansible and automation etc) and NetworkManager is a daemon that ensures networking is seamlessly transitioning on events15:48
v0lZylike unplug laptop from ethernet port, ensures that its on wifi, etc15:49
v0lZyin that sense, there shouldnt be any conflcit between netplan and networkmanager15:49
v0lZyas long as you properly have 1 file per each interface15:49
v0lZycockpit-networkmanager I have... but as said, issue is with cockpit consulting network manager before it renders updates ont he page15:49
v0lZyif networkmanager is showing no managed devices, then it doesnt show updates15:50
v0lZyin my case, i am trying to get NetworkManager to manage the enp2s0 device15:50
v0lZyand in this sense, 'manage' means 'bring the link up without dhcp'15:50
v0lZybut from what i understand, network manager at the end of the day does the exact same thing as if i go and write manual files for systemd-networkd15:51
v0lZyso the whole concept of it 'managing' something is quite arbitrary - we tell it which interfaces it should manage (via netplan files)15:52
v0lZyin my case, it seems to do what I tell it, but not register that its 'managing' that interface.15:52
v0lZy(so ultimately, I do have the network set up the way I want it to, its just the effing NetworkManager saying 'Managing enp2s0? Who? Me? Nooo.'15:53
ioriav0lZy, someone replied to that issue, with a 'Ok, do not manage your network interfaces through Cockpit' (and use networkd, masking the servie)15:58
v0lZyso, its not about using cockpit to manage networking16:03
v0lZyits about cockpit showing updates available to the system16:03
v0lZythat simply doesnt work without networkmanager16:03
v0lZyand networkmanager simply doesnt work with openvswitch (because Debian)16:04
v0lZyI have a situation where I have this unlucky combo16:04
paul424pavlos, no , ITS only ONE disc16:33
paul424 Hello, hello, I have a machine with one disc booting by default to Windows, how do I make it booting Ubuntu by default ( already installed )  ?16:33
toddcpaul424: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair  easiest way assuming bios can see ubuntu drive   then ubuntu grub program will allow both ubuntu and windows boot from grub16:36
paul424I'm in /etc/default/grub16:37
ickHi what is GIMP called in Ubuntu 22.04 ?  "Package gimp is not available, but is referred to by another package."16:48
lotuspsychje!info gimp jammy16:48
ubottugimp (2.10.30-1build1, jammy): GNU Image Manipulation Program. In component universe, is optional. Built by gimp. Size 4,807 kB / 20,562 kB16:48
mosfetapt-cache search keyword16:48
jeremy31Gnome image manipulation program16:48
ickIs there an apt package?16:56
raffoHello, I'm trying to compile a 32-bit version of a program on Ubuntu 20.04. I'm passing the -m32 flag to the compiler and linker, but I keep getting a persistent error message about a missing library.16:56
mosfethave you enabled 32 bit arcitecutre?16:56
raffoNo missing, but incompatible.16:56
raffo"/usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/9/libgcc.a when searching for -lgcc"16:57
mosfetsudo dpkg --add-architecture i38616:58
mosfettry that16:58
raffoI'm more familiar with another Linux distribution, but I have a need to compile this program on an Ubuntu installation. I've installed all kinds of i386 versions of the GCC deval packages, but no luck with this.16:58
mosfetthen sudo apt-get update and dist-upgrade, if you really want to be fancy you could make the whole thing a single liner ;)16:58
NoImNotNineVoltdo you have other builds of libgcc which it's not skipping?16:59
ickmosfet: apt-cache search gimp shows gimp-data and xsane and libraries.  What is the name of the apt package for "Gnome image manipulation program"?17:00
raffoNoImNotNineVolt: I don't know. There are a bunch of versions of this library, e.g. /usr/lib/gcc/i686-linux-gnu/9/libgcc.a, but I don't know why they are not being picked up.17:01
ickgimp website promotes a flatpak, and snap advertises a gimp snap.  Has it been removed from apt repositories?17:02
Guest74according to the truth lyed therein, I assume yes17:02
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Guest74in accordance to the prophecies down the pipes of mario bros.17:03
Guest74anyone know if ubuntu 23.04 is that much different than ubuntu 14.04?17:04
Guest74they both use the linux kernel, there is applications like uuuuhhh uuuhhh terminal17:06
Guest74the security is almost identical17:06
Guest74Ich rests his case17:07
rfmick, I don't have any trouble finding the gimp package in jammy. do you have universe enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list?17:07
raffoI've got the package libgcc-9-dev:i386 which owns that library. Don't know why it is not used during linking.17:07
lickrfm what does 'apt info gimp' say to you? mine says "Can't select versions from package 'gimp' as it is purely virtual"17:08
NoImNotNineVoltraffo: normally when i run into problems like this i'm unable to resolve them myself.17:08
NoImNotNineVoltgood luck.17:08
Guest74I resolve with a revolver around a planet that circles stars17:09
raffomosfet: I did the add-architecture command and the dist-upgrade. A few packages were installed, all amd64 architecture. It did not have any effect.17:09
Guest74then the effect was irrelevant to the cause of action, and it was good17:10
lickrfm: I have lines like this, is it enough?  deb https://mirror...../ubuntu/ jammy universe17:11
rfmlick, https://termbin.com/cuzg is what i get from apt info gimp17:11
lickoh weird why do you get a real package and I get a dummy?  Are you using 22.04.03 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) ?17:15
rfmlick, I would be suspicious of the mirror being busted, or maybe a bad locally cached version?  "apt clean" and maybe try a different mirror17:15
nunyadoes anyone know how to exclude an application from software updater ubuntu Thunderbird 115 sucks and I don't wat the software udater downloading updates. I have locked the version I want in Synaptic but "Software Updater" keeps downloading a newer version.17:15
nunyaI'm on Ubuntu 22.0417:15
rfmlick, this was installed with 22.04 but has been upgraded all along so its effectively 22.04.317:16
pavlossudo apt-mark hold <package-name>17:16
lickrfm, yes that is how I got here also.17:16
pavlosnunya: sudo apt-mark hold <package-name>17:17
nunyaI still want it to download other updates to other applications and have the otion to install these updates just not Thunderbird17:17
lickhmm 'apt update' now gives me dozens of lines of output repeating 'Get:24 https://mirror.enzu.com/ubuntu jammy i386 Contents (deb) [36.9 MB]'17:18
lickI just started using this mirror a  day or two ago, maybe its buggy17:20
pavlosnunya: to allow updates change hold to unhold.17:24
nunyapavlos: Thanks!17:26
lickthanks rfm!    apt clean; apt update changed the gimp package17:31
raffoIs there a tutorial for how to setup an Ubuntu installation so that the necessary development packages are installed to compile 32-bit binaries?17:31
lickI'm puzzled because I though apt info was supposed to be cryptographically signed and verified.17:32
ioriaraffo, https://devicetests.com/understanding-gcc-multilib-ubuntu17:34
iorialick, do you mean this ? http://mirror.enzu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy-updates/17:36
pick I'm puzzled because I though apt info was supposed to be cryptographically signed and verified;  how could  apt clean; apt update change the gimp package from dummy to actual package?17:38
iorialick, do you mean this ? http://mirror.enzu.com/ubuntu/dists/jammy-updates/  ; if yes seems that last update was on 26-Jan-202317:39
ioriapick, ^17:40
pickioria: that's odd, I'm pretty sure the ubuntu mirror list called it up to date!!17:49
pickIs updating once a year sufficient for a mirror ?17:50
adrhany unity enjoyers17:50
lotuspsychje!discuss | adrh17:51
ubottuadrh: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!17:51
raffoioria: it doesn't want to install that package, some dependency: "Depends: gcc-9-multilib (>= 9.3.0-3~) but it is not going to be installed"17:51
raffoIn any case, it's f'd up. In trying to manually install other packages, I accidentally removed a bunch of i386 packages. They're not available in ther current repos for installation.17:53
ioriaraffo, apt-cache policy gcc-9-multilib17:53
pickrfm ioria : why wouldn't apt catch that it was being offered old lists from a mirror?17:53
ioriapick, my advice  (for now) is  just  not trust that mirror17:54
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raffoioria: I lost a bunch of library I needed to build my program, w/o it I can't use this machine.17:58
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Guest55Hello Ubuntu Team18:21
Guest55I wonder if you are available to guide me on install an app on Ubuntu18:22
leftyfbGuest55: sudo apt install <name of your app>18:23
Guest55yes, its a inverter monitoring app called Watchpower, comes in Linux 64bits version: https://www.mppsolar.com/v3/download/18:24
leftyfbGuest55: you'll need to follow their instructions on how to install it and seek support from them if you have issues with it18:24
Guest55it requires jre and jdk but I cannot manage to get it running on several rp4 distros18:25
Guest55leftyfb: I already ask them but they didnt give app support18:25
leftyfbGuest55: then if the app vendor doesn't provide support for their app, I wouldn't use it18:26
Guest55I have been trying , like using wine to run it as win  .exe app without avail , also darling to run it as macos but cannot install gcc-multilib18:27
leftyfbgood luck18:28
Guest55leftyfb: I cannot as its the only app able to monitor via usb the device i need18:28
Zed`is there a default cli browser installed with ubuntu 22?18:43
Zed`elinks, lynx and flinks did not work :)18:43
Zed`nor did xdg-open hehe18:44
Zed`x-www-browser google.com18:45
nasumhello how can i see the total size of installed packages?19:28
nasumDeepAI recommended this command:  sudo apt-get install apt-show-versions && apt-show-versions -b | grep -v uptodate | awk '{print $2} ' | xargs apt-cache show | grep "^Size: " | awk '{print $2}' | paste -sd+ - | bc && apt-get purge --auto-remove -y apt-show-versions19:28
nasumwhat do you think of this command?19:29
EriC^^nasum: seems bit convoluted and unnecessary in many ways19:39
EriC^^nasum: you could use something like dpkg -l | awk '$1 =="ii" {print $2}' | xargs apt-cache show | awk '$1 == "Size: " {print $2}' |....19:41
EriC^^not sure why you need apt-show-versions19:43
iorianasum, i'd use dpkg-query19:46
ioriadpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n | awk '{print $1}'19:46
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EriC^^nice ioria19:49
EriC^^nasum: this should get the total size like the earlier command "dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\n' | paste -sd+ - | bc"19:50
iorialet's try:  dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | awk '{print $1}'> sum ; awk '{ sum += $1 } END { print sum }' sum19:50
EriC^^something isnt right though19:52
ioriaEriC^^, how you  doing EriC^^ ? all good ?19:52
EriC^^i get like 9mb for mine, if you do apt-cache show <package> , the size shows a number but in dpkg-query a different one, wonder whats going on19:52
EriC^^hey ioria , all good here thanks :) what about you?19:53
ioriaEriC^^, same stuff, boring ... but it's ok19:53
ioriaEriC^^, 9mb ?19:53
EriC^^yup i got the number 979415219:54
EriC^^maybe it's not in bytes?19:57
iorianope, kb19:59
ioriai think; https://serverfault.com/questions/291743/on-a-debian-system-how-is-the-installed-size-field-of-the-control-file-used20:00
ioriahave a nice night20:02
josh_Greetings! Has anyone upgraded from Ubuntu 22.04 to Ubuntu 23.04?20:10
josh_If so, can you share with me the differences?20:12
tripstahjosh_: try this search: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=what's+new+in+ubuntu+23.0420:39
arctixhey guys!21:38
tripstahjose: there'll be a new ubuntu release next month, 23.10 mantic minotaur on october 12th.22:56
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BinarySaviorcan't seem to find this package in ubuntu repo: https://github.com/xioTechnologies/Fusion23:22
EickmeyerBinarySavior: libgtsam4?23:29
BinarySavioris that it?23:29
Eickmeyer!info libgtsam423:29
ubottuPackage libgtsam4 does not exist in lunar23:29
EickmeyerBinarySavior: It'll be in 23.10, but not before.23:30
guivercyep I see only `libgtsam4 | 4.2~9+dfsg-5 | mantic/universe | amd64, arm64, riscv64, s390x`23:31
BinarySaviorahh okay23:31
BinarySaviormust be new23:31
EickmeyerOnly 48 commits on github, I'd assume so.23:31
BinarySaviorhow can i monitor progress of unattended upgrades?23:35
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