jelmerhi gour06:24
gourjell jelmer06:42
jelmerGour: just replied to your bug06:53
gourjelmer: me too ;)06:56
gourit seems that loggerhead is not very actively developed. should one be worried i nregardto brz & publishing repos on private servers?10:41
gourjelmer: now i did re-run fast-import process and, indeed, /tmp was left with no space, but i wonder how is it that fast-import does consume 7.9G of space to import git repo of 20M?11:26
mgzgour: probably not super worried, though loggerhead isn't great11:42
gourmgz: what is recommended instead?11:42
mgzthere isn't, which is part of the point11:43
mgzhave looked at making very minimal read-only views sometimes, but it's just quite a lot of work to make a vcs web client thingy11:44
gourbtw, what is correct scheme for fetching git repos from github with bzr-git?11:44
gour(via ssh)11:46
gouri get: brz: ERROR: No module named git.mapping when using something like: brz branch git://git@github.com:restic/restic.git11:54
mgzhave you got dulwich installed?12:04
=== gour_ is now known as gour
gouryes, dulwuch is installed12:39
jelmergour: for breezy there is lp:~jelmer/loggerhead/breezy12:50
jelmergour: but please note that all of these are still very much in flux at the moment, so expect things to be broken12:50
jelmergour: can you file a bug for the bn12:51
jelmerBrz-git issue?12:51
gourjelmer: i did install breezy via pip...13:17
jelmergour: that probably explains it13:18
gourjelmer: should i still submit ticket?13:20
gourthe point is that bzr/brz brings some nice stuff in comparison with fossil - support for git format and proper pre/post hooks. it also does have simple model and great ui...hg, is, imho, plagued with the need for too many extensions and, git is, well, git13:22
gourjelmer: what about fast-import using so much space?13:23
vilagour: do you need fast-import vs git clone + bzr git ?16:11
gourvila: i'd like to try both16:35
vilagour: right. If one fails, try the other :-)16:37
vilaAFAIK fast-import is not maintained so I would bet less on it than on brz-git16:38
gourok, but bzr-git does not work as well considering my pip-based install. otoh, i wonder if there is some performance/feature-penalty using git format instead of the native one?16:46

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