holmanmeena: 1773 merged03:49
holmanmeena: I didn't realize openrc is using a service wrapper. I thought thought the !systemd branch was just sysv not the union of sysv and openrc.03:57
holmanmeena: yeah scratch my request I don't think it makes sense in light of that information04:16
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meenawho's got opinions on versioning of development versions?11:48
meenaI have https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=266847 cloud-init-devel-22.4 (and will be bumping the revision every week or so)11:49
-ubottu:#cloud-init- bugs.freebsd.org bug 266847 in Ports & Packages "[newport] net/cloud-init-devel" [Affects Only Me, New]11:49
meenabut, does that make any sense? will there be a cloud-init 22.4? should I just go with 23.1 ?11:49
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acibameena: There will be a 22.4 soon -> https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/cloud-init-2022-release-schedule/2541312:28
meenawow, i just installed alpine into a VM for testing, and it boots faster than some docker containers13:15
meenagit pull, and I'm getting ============================== 128 failed, 4345 passed, 10 skipped, 243 warnings in 44243.08s (12:17:23) ==============================13:30
meenawhat did I do??13:30
meenaminimal: 14:15 <meena> wow, i just installed alpine into a VM for testing, and it boots faster than some docker containers13:33
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minimalmeena: yeah it's pretty lightweight :-)13:44
minimalmeena: I am working on changes to deal with service enable/disable in distros/alpine.py13:49
meenaminimal: oh cool, so I don't have to :D13:49
minimalmeena: it will just be a change to the existing manage_service function in alpine.py13:50
minimalmeena: doh! getting confused. It will be a change to manage_service in __init__.py13:56
meenaminimal: __init__.py handles the general cases, that's why there's only systemctl and service in there. I put rcctl into openbsd.py, and a specialized service into freebsd.py13:56
minimalmeena: coffee effects are wearing off plus I'm in the middle of other non-cloud-init stuff, anyway I'm already working on the Alpine-specific case13:59
minimalmeena: the "complication" for enabling/disabling services is, in which runlevel?14:08
minimalso I'm only going to do so for the default runlevel as manage_service doesn't pass a runlevel14:09
meenaminimal: yeah, i think it would be overkill to add runlevels14:11
minimalmeena: also am trying to figure out how exactly to handle the "status" option for manage_service14:37
minimalOpenRC returns different exit codes for "started" (0), "stopped" (3), and no such service(1)14:38
minimallooks like cc_set_passwords is the only that calls manage_service("status", ...) and it doesn't distinguish between "stopped" and "no such service"14:41
meenaminimal: subp takes an array of expected return values, IIRC14:59
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meenahow can i get pytest to log a useful log file i can share with people to help me figure out why those tests are failing on FreeBSD17:52
meenaalso, i wonder now, if OpenBSD / NetBSD have the same or different failures17:52
falcojrmeena: what are you looking for? Default log usually works fine for me. '-s' and '-v' can be added for more verbosity17:52
meenafalcojr: oh17:53

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