otubosmoser: not sure what kind of test I should write for the nm-support. I didn't write a new renderer or how the renderer works, I just hack how it gets available.12:39
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smoserotubo: well, we wan tto make a test that shows that sysconfig gets rendered if networkmaager config has that setting.14:42
otubosmoser: ok, you convinced me, I'm gonna work on that and will push soon.14:49
otubosmoser: btw, I might as well push my fixes now and the test later this week14:49
smoserotubo: yeah. thats perrfectly fine14:52
otubothanks :)14:53
smoserotubo: i'm sorry to say i dont think we have a test of sysconfig.available14:55
smoserso you wont be able to just add one14:55
smoserbut rather have to create a class14:55
smoserbut i can help you14:55
otubosmoser: oh that would be really nice. I need to fix some other things right now. I can ping you tomorrow if you have some free time on your day.15:05
smoserotubo: we actually have cloud-init-summit tommorrow in US/Pacific times15:11
smoserso.. i wont be around much, but i'll see if i can get something together to give you pointers.15:11
otubosmoser: ohh that would be really nice to attend, to bad I live in the other side of the world.15:12
otubosmoser: that's ok. Perhaps rharper can help? Or Ryan Mccabe?15:13
otuboBut I really do appreciate your help on that :)15:13
rharperotubo: I'll be at the summit as well, but we'll do our best to respond to pings here and on your merge proposal15:14
otuboduh, of course you would :)15:16
otubosmoser: rharper enjoy the summit guys, we can talk next week. No worries.15:17

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