axwbabbageclunk: standup?00:01
babbageclunkoh sorry, omw00:02
axwagprado_: I wonder how many people they had off to the side ready to take that shark down :)00:18
axwseems a bit crazy to me00:18
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thumpermorning team05:35
thumperwho is around?05:35
blahdeblahno one here but us testers! :-)05:36
babbageclunkthumper: I am around!05:36
babbageclunkBut I am a mere release automaton05:36
thumperbabbageclunk: I hear there were some release issues05:37
thumperwhat is the current status?05:37
babbageclunkIt's progressing apace - I'm just gpg signing a windows installer05:37
babbageclunkthumper: did the audit log demo go ok?05:39
thumperbabbageclunk: it is this morning05:39
babbageclunkoh, timezones are confusing05:39
thumperwhat was the verify upgrade problem?05:39
thumperwas it the proposed issue?05:40
* thumper nods05:40
thumperwe should fix that05:40
thumperbabbageclunk: quick audit log feedback05:49
thumperbabbageclunk: for the "who" field, can we use the tag.Id() rather than the string value?05:49
thumperthat would remove the user- prefix05:49
thumpergiven that we only record information from users05:49
babbageclunkSure - I thought at the time that it was good future-proofing just in case, but it's really not needed is it.05:50
thumperbabbageclunk: next question05:50
thumperhow do you update the exclude methods?05:50
thumpergiven that it is an array?05:50
babbageclunkWell, at the moment there's no way to update it - updating controller config isn't landed yet.05:51
babbageclunkBut I'd envisaged overwriting it each time.05:52
thumperbut most of our other commands accept a single string value05:52
babbageclunkThey accept a yaml value05:52
thumperwill we read a yaml file?05:52
babbageclunkOh you mean, what's the syntax to set it?05:52
thumperI'm pretty sure there is a way to specify a file...05:53
thumperother places allow something-yaml=@filename.yaml05:53
thumperwe should just look into that05:53
thumperbecause it is unlikely that they will want to put it all on the command line05:54
babbageclunkNot sure - I haven't changed how we specify it at all05:54
babbageclunkIf we accept that for other config that'll work05:55
thumperI'm also wondering whether we should exclude error responses if all the errors are nil05:55
* thumper nods05:55
thumperbut I'll gather feedback at the demo today05:55
thumperand let you know05:55
babbageclunkMy thinking there is that we could have specified a number of things, it's useful to know which ones failed.05:55
babbageclunk(in a bulk operation)05:56
thumpersure, but it none failed, should we write something out?05:56
thumperI agree that showing which of the bulk failed is good05:56
thumperbut if the command succeeds completely, it is a "boring" line05:56
thumperdon't stress about it just yet05:56
thumperI'll get feedback05:56
babbageclunkI don't really like omitting the message if there's no errors - makes it hard to distinguish between a success and a truncated file.05:57
babbageclunkBut no biggie05:57
thumpersounds reasonable05:58
axwbabbageclunk: your email did go through, in case you're still wondering07:11
babbageclunkcool thanks - I was07:11
babbageclunkanastasiamac only gets them after my bedtime so she couldn't help07:11
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: :( i helped a little... but thank you, axw :D07:15
babbageclunkOh, sorry anastasiamac - you were very helpful for other stuff but not for that specific delivery question!07:16
anastasiamacbabbageclunk: :)07:16
axwwallyworld: I'm reviewing your PR from the beginning again, given all the new context. thanks for your patience07:19
freyeshi, in the devel stream there is no entry for juju 2.4 -> https://streams.canonical.com/juju/tools/streams/v1/com.ubuntu.juju-devel-tools.json16:11
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kjackalhi, we run into some trouble when bootstraping a controller on openstack. We get an error "failed to get details for serverId" follwoed by a "Authentication responce not recieved..."17:24
kjackalhow can we approach this?17:25
kjackalseems it comes from openstack provider.go:136617:26

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