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BluesKajHi folks12:06
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IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Anything I can do to help to move backports-landing to backports?17:01
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> I see 18.04.2 has very few official test reports.  It's a little late, but I now have time to test 18.04.2 if the feedback will serve any purpose.17:08
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, Yeah, too late for much point now.17:35
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, I'm conflicted about that. 5.14.1 bugfix is out on Tuesday...17:36
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> ?  Do you mean 5.15.1 is out on Tuesday?17:37
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Yes17:37
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> No hurry in my opinion.  Landing worked fine for one install.  But I did not know if Simon's patch needed testing.17:39
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> The .1 bugfix release seems a sensible time to push to main backports PPA IMO17:39
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Sounds good to me.  I have a 3 day weekend with no exciting plans, so let me know what I can do to help.17:40
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Cheers :)17:41
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> At the moment I am just sheperding the last of FW 5.55 through proposed. May do the non pim part of app 18.12.2 tomorow or Mon17:50
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Plasma is not much to do at the moment17:50
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> I ddidn't make the same plasma packaging snafus that Neon did (merge related)17:51
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> On a recent 18.10 update, apparently grub-install was ran so that my 18.10 partition now controlled by grub menu.  If this upstream or can Kubuntu override this "feature"?17:51
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Neon snafu's?  I did not notice any snafu's on my neon dev unstable upates over the last week or two...17:52
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Not easy to override for us. Really a Ubuntu thing17:52
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, Some dropped runtime deps, in stable -> user edition17:53
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> thought as much.  I kept trying to fix it with grub-update but to no avail.  Had to run grub-install from Disco to restore order.17:53
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, Not a snafu really, but bad timing that 18.04.2 base files update from Ubuntu overwrote the Neon versioning in about:system17:55
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> And for some reason discover is having issues with the update button for many in Neon, whereas I can't replicate it bug in Cosmic with backports17:56
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Prompted this sort of thread on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/kde/comments/aqycwp/how_can_we_help_keep_kde_neon_user_edition_from/17:58
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> DIscover is improving dramatically, but I always forget to test it as it has had such a history of growing pains, I just automatically use the command line.18:00
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> (Document) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/6QuIWwh5/file_13375.mp418:01
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> :)18:01
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Attempting to install kinit-dev on Cosmic with backports.18:55
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> kinit-dev : Depends: kinit (= 5.52.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu18.10~ppa1) but 5.53.0-0ubuntu1~ubuntu18.10~ppa1 is to be installed18:55
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> looking at the backport control file, I do not see any reference to 5.53.  What am I missing.... https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kinit/tree/debian/control?h=kubuntu_cosmic_backports18:56
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Ubuntu package search also failed to enlighten: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=kinit&searchon=names&suite=cosmic&section=all19:01
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> On disco, the kinit-dev installs just fine....19:03
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, Backports PPA does not have 5.53 for cosmic. You must have maybe installed some 5.53 from a staging/landing PPA at some point?19:21
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> Entirely possible, but not that I recall on my desktop.... not a big deal.  I was more interested in understading how to trouble shoot....19:24
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> find any 5.53 packages and force downgrade them to 5.5219:25
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> but fw is v 5.53 with current backports, yes? So I would have to ppa purge backports?19:28
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> also, FWIW, kinit-dev on 18.10 with landing and fw 5.54 installs just fine.  Again, not a big deal and probably self induced via ppa diving.19:32
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @DarinMiller, No, it's all 5.52 in Cosmic backports. Which is why I said you must have got some 5.53 from another testing PPA19:37
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> duh..... https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports .... I did not even think to check here....19:38
IrcsomeBot1* acheronuk nods19:39
IrcsomeBot1* DarinMiller somewhat remebers testing one of Rik's super secret PPA's a while back at Rik's request and thus blames Rik...19:41
IrcsomeBot1<DarinMiller> ^^ ENTIRELY KIDDING^^ of course :)19:41
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> hahaha20:45

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