stuffandthingswhenever this happens forcing power off is the only way to restart00:01
stuffandthingsbrb, doing so00:01
mmikowskiearlier kernel sounds like a good first step00:02
stuffandthings30sorry, where do i look againg in the log?00:06
mmikowskiSee /var/log/syslog for most messages; tail -f /var/log/syslog00:07
mmikowskiwill show running messages00:07
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catguyrussellhu weird didnt know my computer had this app00:14
mmikowskinow you do 😉00:15
catguyrussellso we just hop servers cool00:15
stuffandthingsi get things like: 2023-12-03 7:19 P.M.kernelrcu: INFO: rcu_preempt detected expedited stalls on CPUs/tasks: { 4-...D } 153643 jiffies s: 785 root: 0x10/.00:20
stuffandthings2023-12-03 7:19 P.M.kernelNMI backtrace for cpu 4 skipped: idling at intel_idle_ibrs+0x94/0x13000:21
mmikowskistuffandthings: Are you running on an earlier kernel now?00:21
mmikowskiOr is this the default00:21
stuffandthingsnot yet, ill be downgrading in about 40min00:21
mmikowskiLike the one that was running when the system stalled?00:21
stuffandthingsbut even 6.5.11 was fine00:22
mmikowskiYou can boot into it an test before removing the latest; the kernel is just an easy test, but not necessarily the source of the issue.00:22
stuffandthingsor whatever it was00:22
mmikowskiSo you can revert back in grub00:22
mmikowskijust press right-shift on boot, and then select the earlier kernel.00:22
stuffandthingsi just use the app called mainline to change it00:23
mmikowskinot familiar with that.00:23
mmikowskikk, bb00:26
stuffandthingsthanks for your time00:26
mmikowskino worries, best of luck.00:27
lakitummikowski: it's a ATX motherboard personal computer hooked up to a monitor via HDMI (& have a ANKER bluetooth speaker)01:16
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> Anybody knows when will Kubuntu get an update kernel to 6.6 ?01:50
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> The problem below seems to be fixed in the new version mentioned above:01:50
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> https://forum.manjaro.org/t/sound-not-working-in-asus-rog-strix-g16-2023-g614ju/14776101:50
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> https://forum.manjaro.org/t/missing-sound-on-asus-rog-strix-g713pv-after-update-from-kernel-6-6-0-to-6-6-1-and-6-6-2/15248601:50
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> Anybody knows when will Kubuntu get an update kernel to 6.6 ?01:50
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> The problem below seems to be fixed in the new version mentioned above:01:50
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guiverc@ArsonSteam, I see 6.6 kernel in -proposed for my release currently; but it'll be some time before it floats to an older jammy via HWE for example (jammy soon to get 6.5 being next)02:34
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> i am using kubuntu 23.10 and kernel 6.502:37
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> Is it ok to download the .deb packages from https://kernel.ubuntu.com/02:37
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> and install them02:37
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> i wanna follow this guide02:38
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> https://itsfoss.com/upgrade-linux-kernel-ubuntu/02:38
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> is it safe to do so ?02:38
enycwhat is this IrcsomeBot relaying from?02:39
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> You mean my messages ? (re @IrcsomeBot: <enyc> what is this IrcsomeBot relaying from?)02:44
IrcsomeBot<ArsonSteam> I am using Telegram02:44
enycArsonSteam, aaah ok and someody put in IrcsomeBot here which is relaying to/from (at least) telegram, apparently.02:52
imbezoli'm getting soft lockups daily in plasma on 23.10. i can see in the syslog that i have a cpu that gets stuck. the process seems to be kwin_wayland. anyone know anything about this? would logs be useful to submit somewhere?03:18
imbezolkernel: [908024.365819] watchdog: BUG: soft lockup - CPU#8 stuck for 2392s! [kwin_wayla:cs0:853215]03:18
imbezoland stack trace or whatever follows03:19
dexwhat vertion is the best04:09
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mmikowskiimbezol Sorry for playing Captain Obvious, but is kwin_x11 an option?05:41
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BluesKajHi all13:11
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user|34Hi, i've a problem with kubuntu 22 LTS. It was added to an active directory but on the gui login page i can't see the user15:23
user|34It's uid is too high15:23
user|34How can i resolve?15:23
user|7bonjour  j ai t 420 et j ai installé kubuntu 22.4 comment maiter le lecture d'empreintes merci15:41
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stuffandthingsso far its looking like it was the kernel, for me, old kernels doing okay17:52
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