keithzg[m]arraybolt3: I mean for most people, just restarting is the easiest and most trouble-free thing to do after updates, but personally I tend to only restart for kernel updates. It's kinda a matter of personal approach. Since on Linux filesystems files can be replaced while still in use, other than basic graphical components pretty much anything should be updated as soon as you launch a new instance of whatever binary or library is in question;02:53
keithzg[m]biggest hammer you might need would be to restart `sddm` or such, but often even that would probably be overkill technically speaking.02:53
arraybolt3keithzg[m]: Yeah, but what about background services like network-related libraries and the like?02:54
keithzg[m]I tend to live in teh terminal, so if a system doesn't have `/var/run/reboot-required` I reckon I don't need to reboot, simple as that, hehe02:54
arraybolt3keithzg[m]: Didn't know about that file, will definitely be using that!02:54
keithzg[m]Most of those are rebooted either by default, or optionally, if need be when applying updates; I don't know how the GUI update frontends work these days but at least when using the terminal one will generally get presented with a checklist of services to restart or not that are affected by the updates being applied.02:55
keithzg[m]And of course one can always just use the `systemctl` or `service` commands to restart the low-level networking services or such!02:56
arraybolt3keithzg[m]: Hmm, OK, that makes sense. I just want to know what all needs to be systemctl restart'd after an update. But you're right, updates restart stuff. So I probably don't even need to do anything other than a display manager restart. I will definitely be doing this. Thank you!02:57
keithzg[m]No problem, arraybolt3. And again, even a full-on display manager restart is probably unnecessary unless some very related libs or services got updated! For example one layer less dramatic would be to just log out and log in again---and that's still probably overkill for most updates. One of the great things about Linux is how all these components can closely interact but are weakly coupled, we get a nice modern operating system without it03:03
keithzg[m]being as fragile or fussy as the more monolithic alternatives.03:03
arraybolt3keithzg[m]: Yeah, love that about *Ubuntu.03:07
IrcsomeBot<TechSavvy> I need help I  installed wayland its working but sometimes black screen flickers for 2,3 seconds it's scary anyone got same problem and any solution04:57
IrcsomeBot<TechSavvy> I installed wayland from command sudo apt-get plasma-workspace-wayland04:57
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iomari891This is getting frustrating. No matter how many times I update/upgrade my 21.10, I'm still getting: "Please install all available updates for your release before upgrading" when I run: "sudo do-release-upgrade -m desktop".What the hell is going on?07:36

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