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BluesKaj'Morning folks11:01
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Merchi folks15:20
BluesKajhi Merc15:21
Merchm that's annoying...i connect and nickserv takes its sweet time to register my nickname, so i get booted to #kubuntu-unregged15:49
Mercwonder if i can put a time delay in there somewhere...15:50
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BluesKajMerc, try using SASL PLAIN in your IRC client's auto identify setting instead of nickserv16:53
Merchmm, not sure how to do that?  im using irssi16:54
Mercit doesnt have a feature so much as, i just auto /msg nickserv on connect17:00
Merci mean, maybe it does, i dunno17:00
Mercahhhh looks like this explains it17:00
Mercthanks BluesKaj i'll try it out17:01
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BluesKaj_ok irssi seems to be working with nickserv as well as SASL PLAIN17:26

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