kalikatzi found this command to blank screeen "xset dpms force standby" can this be attached to the ctrl-alt-L that also locks the screen?00:36
kalikatzfixed:  created a .desktop to point to a bash scripts with "qdbus org.kde.screensaver /ScreenSaver Lock; sleep 5; xset dpms force standby" .  removed the ctrl-alt-L bind in global keyboard shortcuts and created a custom shortcut with same said keys to run said bash script :)   i feel the power, lol01:50
kalikatzaccording to my timestamp, that took 3hrs 20 min01:53
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> Hello! If I upgrade 18.04 to 18.10 is it true that I first need to disable or remove PPA's??02:29
DragnslcrI believe it's better to disable them, yes02:45
DragnslcrThough I vaguely remember from the last time I did it that the upgrade tool will disable them for you02:46
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fishfoxHey take a look at this -- any ideas?  https://imgur.com/a/dPWl4at03:41
fishfoxWindow flits across the screen03:41
valorieDragnslcr: I don't bother; the tool disables them for you05:01
valoriefishfox: that's in kubuntu?05:02
fishfoxvalorie: yes05:16
valorieoops, my reply got eaten05:21
valorieI've never seen that happen in Kubuntu before05:21
fishfoxWeird eh?05:21
valorielooks annoying as hell05:21
fishfoxIt's just for that particular window type05:21
fishfoxThe entire rest of the system is fine05:21
fishfoxAnd it doesn't happen on other Linux distros / Windows / macOS05:21
fishfoxSo confused05:21
valorieso it's either your VM software or what you are running inside it05:24
jackytfw you run `do-release-upgrade` and it just works05:54
jackysome wonky stuff05:56
jackygeoclue seemed to want permissions but no longer working with redshift (for the indicator)05:56
valorieI just had to put in latlong again, but it instantly works06:01
valorieI guess I never had geoclue06:01
jackyyeah geoclue is _super_ handy if you're on the move06:01
jackyI'm _usually_ home (I work from there)06:01
jackybut I'd pick up and fly like once a month06:01
jackyactually geoclue could even change my current timezone for me if I figured out how to do that06:02
* jacky will linger and set an alert if someone mentions it though06:02
jackyexcellent release all in all!06:02
valorieI should try it for my travel laptop06:03
valoriethanks for mentioning it06:03
jackyhttps://i.imgur.com/MlLRqpW.png new feature in Latte Dock? (very nice!)06:04
jackyyeah lemme see if I can pull up its page06:04
jackyhttp://simgunz.org/projects/redshift-plasmoid/ (src: https://github.com/simgunz/redshift-plasmoid)06:04
valoriethanks, jacky06:06
valorieit will be nice when we can switch to wayland and use nightshift natively06:07
valorieuntil then, I like redshift06:07
* jacky looks up nightshift06:09
valorieit's part of plasma06:09
valorieI think06:10
jackyI can't find info on it06:14
valorieit was being tested, but it was decided I think to postpone it06:15
valorieprobably in the notes of the plasma team meetings06:15
valorienot so easy to search mail list archives though06:15
lordievaderGood morning06:23
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @Dragnslcr, Ok, so can I just uncheck them is Software Sources then, and recheck after upgrade - no need to remove completely? Thanks.06:39
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @jacky, Awsome! What version of Latte Dock? Where can I find it? Thanks!06:40
jackythis is latte-dock 0.8.1 in cosmic (18.10)06:59
jackyAnarchotoaist ^06:59
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @jacky, Oh, ok. I just need to update from Bionic! 😃07:01
jackyit's possible that it exists in kubuntu-backports ppa07:02
BluesKajHey folks12:16
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> guys I upgraded to 18.10 and have no internet now12:39
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> it displays connected but no net.. only router homepage opens when typing any site12:39
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> pings are always like "reply from google.com.strong.300.wr"12:39
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> I have wifi and all things also it's ok on Windows12:40
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> rebooted router and PC many times and no luck12:41
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> how to create logs and report a bug?12:43
diogenes_Velizar Peshev, try to remove the previous save network connection (the SSID), reboot and try to connect again.12:43
diogenes_saved network*12:43
IrcsomeBot<Velizar Peshev> okay12:44
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IrcsomeBot<Matheus Vinicius> spotify not avalaible and visible on store of kubuntu 18.04?18:00

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