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lordievaderGood morning07:14
freiformHi, i have a multi monitor setup and Kubuntu a) a) will present the quick screen selection (that should pop up when a new screen is detected) on every restart and b) will not remember my screen settings (i.e. rotation and position of the 2nd monitor)07:28
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franzpow_Hello all12:23
franzpow_Today I am receiving my new laptop with ubuntu 18.04 pre-installed. I want to install kubuntu 19.10. What do you suggest me? Would be good to Erase the current installation and install from zero the new kubuntu 19.10 installation?12:30
IrcsomeBot2<Rutvikm> @franzpow_, Yes12:30
IrcsomeBot2<Rutvikm> Or just be with Ubuntu12:30
IrcsomeBot2<Rutvikm> And get Kubuntu 20.04 lts in April12:30
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franzpow_Mmm I would like to start with kubuntu and eventually upgrade to 20.04 in April12:35
franzpow_So I just install kubuntu via pendrive installation?12:36
BluesKajHey folks12:51
lordievaderfranzpow: I'd check how much extra is pre-installed. If that ain't so much I'd just dist-upgrade.12:52
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leftistmorning. how do you activate the virtual keyboard for a flip laptop? i see it when i login @ that screen but i cant activate it otherwise13:10
Dragnslcrleftist- I don't think you can, unfortunately13:13
leftistdragnslcr i had a feeling that was the case. drat13:13
leftisti'm going to get it to work.13:14
leftistit shows up @ login but unable to use it after....13:14
leftisti'm going to work on this.13:14
DragnslcrI think there's a feature request for it, if I remember from the last time I looked13:17
leftistheh, that's the most important function for today i would think, not a feature :D13:19
ubottuKDE bug 400071 in general "Virtual keyboard launcher widget" [Normal,Unconfirmed]13:19
leftistthanks Dragnslcr13:19
leftistsheeze that was 2 years ago..13:20
DragnslcrQuite a few reports, so you definitely aren't alone13:23
IrcsomeBot2<RikMills> You can enable it with a env var in X session, but iirc it is then annoyingly omnipresent for QR apps and doesn't  work at all for non qt13:23
IrcsomeBot2<RikMills> *qt apps13:24
leftistDragnslcr this truely sucks. this must be a significant programming issue if it isn't available today.13:25
IrcsomeBot2<RikMills> Touchscreen/convertible support for kde is annoyingly not the finished article13:26
leftistthis is a bummer13:28
leftisti never used kde of xfce i preferred mate style but that wm isn't to friendly with touch13:29
leftistkubuntu is really well designed and i like it but the issue with virtual keyboard is a problem for me.13:30
leftistthanks for the education!13:31
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user|48181is it possible install mysql 5.7 in kubuntu 19.04?14:37
oerheksseems so, https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco-updates/mysql-server-5.714:51
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IrcsomeBot2<.> Fwd from .: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bicode.linuxcommandguide14:59
IrcsomeBot2<.> Fwd from .: You can try it.14:59
IrcsomeBot2<.> Fwd from .: And give feedback for better app.14:59
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IrcsomeBot2<BJPGameVideosITA> guys, does anyone know why with this configuration of PS1, sometimes text returns in the beginning of the same line, and going up history is a little bit bugged? … am I missing something? … `PS1='[ \033[00;31m!! You are (g)Root !! \033[00;37m@ \H ] over \W\n\033[05;31m\$\033[00;37m'`16:22
IrcsomeBot2<BJPGameVideosITA> nevermind, I already figured out, by looking at some other config on another one of my servers, that executing a color / formatting command in between `\[` and `\]` gives better results... … all tho now I wonder why... can someone please explain me why color / formatting escaped sequences freak out when not executed in between escaped curly brackets?16:27
iLikeuser-modehi guys i need help, i can't install user-mode-linux package?17:22
iLikeuser-modedo you know if this is because ubuntu 18.04 is now unsupported or what?17:22
iLikeuser-modeif i do sudo apt install user-mode-linux it says it can't find such packages17:23
iLikeuser-modetry to believe17:23
iLikeuser-modecan someone help me?17:23
oerheksiLikeuser-mode, Deleted on 2019-05-23 by Steve Langasek17:31
oerheksunsupportable in Ubuntu, requires sync with upstream version of 'linux' package and is unmaintained.17:31
oerheksdead project, use KVM for virtualisation?17:32
iLikeuser-modeman , it is because i am using a program made by my professor, and it requires user-mode-linux because it is based on it17:32
iLikeuser-modethe program is called umlnetsym17:33
iLikeuser-moderepository on sourceforge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/umlnetsym/files/17:33
iLikeuser-modeand i think there's no other way, anyway this program is quite old but seems that my professors wants to stick on it anyway17:34
iLikeuser-modei don't know if maybe with kvm i can solve that17:34
iLikeuser-modewhat do you think?17:34
oerheksi think kvm is not suitable for that17:36
iLikeuser-modeok thanks18:29
franzpow_Hi all! I installed kubuntu on my new laptop and formatted the ssd. Btw now I have the grub installed that asks me if I wanna boot the system with ubuntu18:49
franzpow_Is there a way to remove the boot picker when I start the pc?18:50
franzpow_I bought it with ubuntu 18.04 preinstalled18:50
diogenes_franzpow_, try: grub-customizer.18:56
franzpow_Apt get grub-customizer?19:08
diogenes_franzpow_, apt install grub-customizer19:13
ncuxoHello everybody19:18
ncuxoif I install 18.04 LTS do I have to reinstall for the next release 20.04 when it comes out or I could update with apt dist-upgrade?19:19
ncuxobecause with apt dist-upgrade I've upgraded my 19.04 to 19.1019:19
ncuxoI'm not sure if it is the same for the LTS versions19:20
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kubuntu_hit it fergie19:46
user|19654Hi, could I use kubuntu on an intel x5-z8350 cpu with 2 gb of ram?20:36
user|19654it's a low power cpu at 1.44 ghz clock speed20:37
franzpow_Ok, I removed grub with grub-customizer20:57
franzpow_And now I have just the terminal style window20:58
franzpow_What command I have to execute to start kubuntu? I think I made a mistake20:58
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