magic_ninjaI've had this peristent issue across 2 versions of kde plasma and two entirely separate computers. For some reason when I reboot it will go away for a few launches, then it is back. In the past I've also had major graphical lag. I've done a clean install and still have the same issue.00:52
magic_ninjai just randomly closed discord and it stopped.00:57
magic_ninjaI'm going to see if it is reproducable00:57
oerheks"The discord app is able to detect what game or games are running on my system ...." https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/how-and-why-can-the-discord-snap-detect-what-game-i-am-playing/2162001:03
IrcsomeBot<SanjuNandi> Sometimes vlc not playing videos & not exiting from tray , on kubuntu 20.04.302:45
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Guest1956Please. i install kubuntu with dual windows but i can not install succed. ~80% >>>Installer crashed .09:41

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