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R13oseI am installing Kubuntu and at the screen with Installation type.  I want to use the entire disk but there are options to use LVM, what should I choose?01:15
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> @Alexfrench, Another option is the backports repository. It isn't the absolute latest version of Plasma but it is newer than the 18.10 version. I'm running it without issue. https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports01:17
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> @R13ose, My opinion is that most people do not need the complexity of LVM. It's really for raid configurations which isn't really necessary, especially on a single disk.01:18
R13oseHow do I transfer the home directory from my old laptop that is wired to my new laptop that is wireless?01:21
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> Do you have an external hard drive or large enough USB drive?01:23
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> Or are you looking to do it over a network connection?01:23
R13oseI have a large USB drive01:23
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> Personally, I would copy to the USB drive from the old and then to new. Network can be more work and ultimately much slower transfer speed.01:25
IrcsomeBot1<ericadams> Plus you'll have a backup on that drive01:25
OerHeksor setup a ssh service on the new laptop, and transfer with rsync01:32
R13oseIf I go with usb, should I zip the home folder first or just copy the whole folder over?01:38
R13oseI am going to create a zip archive in command line. How do I zip a folder with hidden files, folders and not seeing the files and folders as this zips?02:47
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BluesKajHi folks12:06
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