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josh_Hey, I'm brand new to Kubuntu but used Ubuntu a little back in 2007. Not heavy linux user so may need help. What's the best resource for getting questions answered and getting support?01:22
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> This forum here is a good place (and if people are slow to respond, your favorite search engine is often very helpful.)01:50
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IrcsomeBot<Alexander> 0j1h04:57
IrcsomeBot<Geo> Hello, very new to Linux distro's and i was recommended to start off with Kubuntu, and i have downloaded it and etcher'ed it into a USB, what do i do from here06:13
Guest28355Good morning06:35
Guest28355Geo: Now you need to reboot and boot into the usb drive.06:35
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devidhow can I best test the expected battery life, by live boot or by VM ?08:59
dv_hi. I've read that ubuntu is moving to wayland starting with 21.04. does this apply to kubuntu as well?09:15
IrcsomeBot<ri5h46h> @dv_, I think no.09:16
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alf1975Unless Ubuntu is another Windows 810:11
alf1975don't think about the moust of the pc in the global market10:11
alf1975more than Core i7 from 2015 until know is probably at moust 20% of share10:12
alf1975or less10:12
alf1975Xubuntu e Lubuntu ?10:12
alf1975in a Pentium IV works ok !10:12
alf1975there a lot of folks with a Windows pirate version10:13
alf1975they want : facebook, email e nothing more10:13
alf1975games ?10:14
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alf1975an idea10:30
alf1975moust of the PC with a dedicated GPU and some dedicated Sound Card10:30
alf1975they have onboard all Intel GPU disable and onboard Realtek SoundCard10:30
alf1975and the onboard GPU and Soundcard could help the ones enabled ?10:30
alf1975more speed ? yes10:30
alf1975imagine a Nvidia Card GPU with the Intel Onboard as  coprocessor ?10:35
alf1975more speed brothers10:35
alf1975yes must me made in the kernel10:35
ghancockWhen I close the lid on my kubuntu notebook it seems to go to sleep, however, the battery will only last about 1 day in this mode.  So it obviously is not going to sleep.  Any way to fix this?11:04
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> Lubuntu 19.0411:26
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> Lubuntu 19.0411:26
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> This standard release was made on schedule on 18 April 2019.[149]11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> This release marked the first Lubuntu version without 32-bit support. Lubuntu developer Simon Quigley wrote in December 2018:[150]11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> source wiki11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> it worked very well on a Pentium IV with 19 years old11:27
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alf1975Xubuntu 19.0411:28
alf1975Xubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo11:28
alf1975Xubuntu 19.04 was released on 18 April 2019.[115] Starting with this version, Xubuntu no longer offered 32-bit ISOs.[116]11:28
alf1975Canonical is British in FTSE11:29
alf1975is not a Microsoft company11:29
alf1975is from Google !11:29
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:58
Maikalf1975: if you just want to chit-chat go to offtopic, you've been asked kindly before to do so. Thanks in advance.12:31
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!12:32
Maikor #kubuntu-offtopic for that matter12:32
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Lillyhello all13:35
BluesKajhi Lilly13:35
LillyHow are you?13:35
BluesKajok here Lilly, and you?13:36
LillyI´m fine13:36
LillyHello mikedk13:36
mikedkHi Lilly13:37
LillyHow are you?13:37
mikedkFine and you?13:38
LillyI´m fine too13:38
LillySorry but my kids call me this moment. I must go.13:38
mikedkbrb, installing new Nvidia13:38
LillyI hope that its ok?13:39
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sinfo208__como estan por aqui16:29
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IrcsomeBot<Geo> @Guest28355, thanks i got it working.17:25
torzHi, i'm currently running kubuntu 21.04 on an asus g513q. since the update to linux 5.11 the keyboard seems to be missbehaving slightly. I have "Power key pressed." in my syslog multiple times while typing. also the screenshot app came up while i was using the arrow keys17:29
torznot really sure how/where to report it17:29
torzor how to start troubleshooting it17:29
Maiksince 21.04 is still in developement #ubuntu+1 would be the place to ask but there's not much activity in the channel torz17:30
torzah ok, i'll check that out17:31
Maiki'm not sure but probably report it against the kernel17:31

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