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derek-shnoshIs there any way to get SDDM/Kubuntu to remember my AD domain username on the login screen, and in User Manager? Another oddity is that I get the "To run a command as administrator, use sudo <command>" option ever time I open konsole. When I joined the AD domain, it auto-created my `/home/user@domain/` folder and my settings are stored, can't seem to find any threads that suggest a resolution for this.06:06
derek-shnoshThis is the blog I followed to join the domain: https://www.server-world.info/en/note?os=Ubuntu_20.04&p=realmd06:07
valorieAD domain?06:09
valorieyou have a username and can use a password to get into your session, or choose passwordless06:09
derek-shnoshAD = active directory (windows) domain.06:10
valorieif you don't use sudo, you have maximum vulnerablity06:10
derek-shnoshI can log into the session fine... problem is every time I reboot the login screen only shows local users on this computer... I have to click "other" and manually type the username.06:10
valorieno point in using linux at all06:10
valoriejust use win06:10
derek-shnoshI can do sudo just fine.06:10
derek-shnoshJust typically I recall that "to run a command as admin" stuff only appearing the first time terminal is launched after having sudo access.06:11
valoriesorry, I have no clue what you are trying to do, and think it has little to do with Kubuntu06:11
derek-shnoshI mentioned that bit because it seems as though my domain user (aside from my /home/user@domain/ folder) isn't stored in the *system* (wront terminology). If I go to User Manager, it only shows me the local user I created before joining the domain.06:11
valorieso you may as well ask in #ubuntu which is a much larger channel06:12
valoriethere are few times you need to use sudo06:12
derek-shnoshAlright, figured I'd ask here since I'm running Kubuntu 20.04. I haven't ran any other distro or desktop environment.06:12
valorieand you should never use it unless it's necessary06:12
derek-shnoshThat I'm aware of.06:12
valorieit's fine that you ask06:12
valorieI simply have no clue06:12
derek-shnoshUbuntu uses lightDM though, for the login screen, right? Kubuntu uses sddm?06:13
valorieand it seems nobody else is at their keyboard right now06:13
valorieyes, we use SDDM06:13
valorieit appears that something you did to get that Win domain added removed something06:14
valoriebut how/why I don't know06:14
derek-shnoshIt's alright, thanks for responding.06:14
sdittrichhello I have a serious issue with my laptop that is running kubuntu 18.04 on intel i5-6200U with a intel hd graphics 52006:25
sdittrichsince 3 days the os is freezing, and blender seems to be the culprit06:26
sdittrichthere is no information in kern.log or syslog why this appears06:28
user|73723how to turn on notification system from apps on kubuntu 20.0407:27
user|73723lint used to make sound each notification sound but couldn't find such feature on kubuntu07:27
kaddiI'm running ubuntu 19.10 and am trying to extend my taskbar at the bottom to both my monitors.. I can't find where that setting is. Does anyone know?07:47
kaddiIdeally I would like it to auto-detect that a second monitor has been connected and extend the taskbar to both by itself07:48
kaddiI'm running kubuntu 19.10. What would be the best way to encrypt a user-account on a dedicated drive?08:51
kaddiI'm reading that ecrypt is buggy and 'unmaintained' but there doesn't really seem to be a clear alternative08:51
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viewer|37hi i have a couple questions about the latest release: most importantly, has the copy/paste bug been fixed yet? and do i still need to jump hoops to browse my samba share folder on host machine.11:34
Alabalistichi I have the lates from upgrade, but no samba11:42
Alabalisticif I can check something for you, shoot.11:42
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:25
AlabalisticI mean12:25
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floownHello. I want to pin the icon for transmission-qt, where should I search and found it?13:23
BluesKajfloown, look in kmenu>apps>internet13:26
floownOh ok, I have an icon, I imagined that it was a flatpak or a snap13:28
konradosHey. I want to start a **gui** app everyday at specified time. AFAIK it's not that simmple to start GUI apps with cron. Is there a simple alternative, some sort of simple GUI-based task scheduler? I found one, called, well, "Task scheduler", but it's apparently based on cron.13:51
Alabalisticwhich application or type of application14:01
konradosAlabalistic, redshift-gtk, well, it's a simple GUI app, makes your screen more reddish :) I prefer the gui version and starting it at given time, with my settings, rather what the author suggests (auto changes, depending on the time of the day)14:15
AlabalisticI have installed night color by default14:16
Alabalisticthere is inapp settings for that14:17
Alabalistickubuntu 20.0414:17
konradosyeah, I know, but I really prefer starting it *when* I want, at 13:00 with my precise day-temp setting14:17
konradosit can't be that difficult, just some sort of a task scheduler, i don't get why I can't google it, maybe bad wording? Maybe something differrent than "task scheduler"?14:18
Alabalisticthere is custum time settings14:18
konradosAlabalistic, yes, but that is only one example of gui app, which I want to start at specific time of a day, there is more, so I wanted to learn a general way14:19
Alabalisticif its a song14:21
konradosoh, that's pretty cool, thanks Alabalistic ! Will try that tomorrow, now it's the end of the work time here, and I have to leave the office, thanks again!14:21
Alabalisticplayer /pathToFile14:21
konradosyeah, it's a  song, I know I can use this command m...something right?14:21
konradosah, ok,14:21
konradosthanks again Alabalistic :) How did you guess it's a song ?:) OK, they tell me to go, see you later! :)14:22
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