lubot<IndianOSR911> Hey guys...05:55
lubot<IndianOSR911> Hi guys...05:59
lubot<IndianOSR911> I've successfully upgraded, However the window borders did not appear05:59
lubot<IndianOSR911> the session is not loading properly..06:00
lubot<IndianOSR911> can someone give their Session setttings..06:00
lubot<IndianOSR911> (Photo, 1280x719) https://i.imgur.com/iRHh7Pq.jpg06:00
lubot<Rudra Bali> These are Openbox defaults06:01
lubot<IndianOSR911> (Photo, 782x516) https://i.imgur.com/yX3RIWt.jpg II need these settings please06:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> It might have upgraded Openbox and deleted old config06:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> I don't have it06:01
lubot<IndianOSR911> II think these are messed up...06:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> They aren't06:01
lubot<Rudra Bali> These are default in Openbox06:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> So no need to worry06:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> You can theme it06:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> Try reinstalling lubuntu-desktop using tasksel06:02
lubot<Rudra Bali> @IndianOSR911 Go to TTY4 (CTRL+ALT+F4), login with your credentials, type 'sudo apt purge lubuntu-desktop' & 'sudo apt autoremove' and then type 'sudo tasksel install lubuntu-desktop'06:05
lubot<IndianOSR911> @Rudra Bali [Try reinstalling lubuntu-desktop using tasksel], Ok06:05
lubot<Rudra Bali> By the way, log out first06:06
lubot<Rudra Bali> @IndianOSR91106:06
lubot<IndianOSR911> ohk06:23
vadi01hi. need help with thunderbird. there is no download headers only option06:24
vadi01how to enable headers only as currently its attemption to download all emails and that takes a lot of bandwidth06:25
lubot<IndianOSR911> https://www.ghacks.net/2012/04/30/how-to-configure-thunderbird-to-fetch-headers-only/06:25
vadi01lubot: thats 2012 and it was there06:28
vadi01right now 2020 version not there06:29
vadi01so no headers there06:31
vadi01how to sort?06:31
lubot<IndianOSR911> @Rudra Bali [It might have upgraded Openbox and deleted old config], ops06:43
guiverc`apt purge` says to delete configs too, `apt remove` only removes programs (configs remain)06:46
lubot<IndianOSR911> @Rudra Bali [@IndianOSR911 Go to TTY4 (CTRL+ALT+F4), login with your credentials, type 'sudo …], This is for L 19.10 —correct, is it the default Window Manager?06:47
lubot<IndianOSR911> I also see Muffin...as Window Manager06:47
lubot<IndianOSR911> @guiverc [<guiverc> `apt purge` says to delete configs too, `apt remove` only removes prog …], Got it06:47
lubot<IndianOSR911> @vadi01 [<vadi01> how to sort?], are you using IMAP?06:54
lubot<Rudra Bali> @IndianOSR911 [This is for L 19.10 —correct, is it the default Window Manager?], Yes07:04
hamid9041i whant to make my own iso with the minimal lxqt07:06
hamid9041i have ubuntu mini iso07:07
lubot<IndianOSR911> @vadi01 [<vadi01> how to sort?], https://www.lifewire.com/avoid-large-messages-attachments-thunderbird-117319707:08
lubot<Rudra Bali> Install 'lxqt-core' and 'sddm' and then package it with respin07:08
hamid9041i did xorg sddm lxqt-cor07:09
lubot<Rudra Bali> Package with respin on Pinguy Builder07:09
lubot<Rudra Bali> *or07:09
hamid9041ok the prob is it installs also plasma07:10
guiverchamid9041, I don't see any plasma in https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/sddm https://packages.ubuntu.com/eoan/lxqt-core07:12
lubot<Rudra Bali> Try —no-install-recommends07:17
lubot<Rudra Bali> with SDDM07:18
lubot<Rudra Bali> Or try another Window Manager, if it still installs plasma07:18
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