jaggiJI use lubuntu over week. Jaw open it's great distro for my old laptop.09:49
jaggiJLxQt thumbs up09:49
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ericusHello everyone! Any idea why Lubuntu won't install on a Hyper-V machine? "Installation failed" "Boost.Python error in job "automirror"?15:11
lubot<aptghetto> Yes, that is a known problem. You should be able to fix it when you open the file and substitute the line `from socket import timeout` with `import socket`15:46
lubot<teward001> @aptghetto how do you propose they do that while in the installer?  (Unless you want to give them the instructions?)15:51
tewardwait, I am tired I know what you meant heh15:57
teward*yawns*  I need more coffee >.<15:57
ericusI fixed my issue16:06
ericusno network during install16:16

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