boritekhello, how can I fix/ignore a failed deployment state?07:23
loomiDoes anyone know if it is possible to get an educational licence for the maas standard enterprise installation? If so where best to ask?12:31
boritekafter a failed commissioning maas autocreated a dns entry for some reason, but that is not deletable from the gui13:30
boritekhow can I get rid of it?13:30
roaksoaxboritek: the dns entryh should expire14:12
roaksoaxboritek: maas will always create dns entries for IP address it hands out14:12
rzeiglerIs there anyone who has done virsh pods with maas that might be able to answer a question I have?14:40
rzeiglerI'm not sure if I did something wrong when I set up the storage pool, but when I compose a machine and allocate the default 8G of disk, I end up with a logical volume that is 4Ms and then deployment fails because there isn't even enough space to write the filesystem.14:44
rzeiglerAt least I think that is what is happening14:44
roaksoaxrzeigler: that's strange./ I've not seen that ever14:49
rzeiglerso, I get14:49
rzeiglerLV                                   VG   Attr       LSize Pool Origin                                         Data%  Meta%  Move Log Cpy%Sync Convert14:50
rzeigler  0a4f9552-e518-4d1a-8913-0b9cddef4fee maas swi-aos--- 4.00m      [0a4f9552-e518-4d1a-8913-0b9cddef4fee_vorigin] 0.0014:50
rzeiglerout of lvs14:50
rzeiglerwhen I lvresize upwards, I can successfully deploy14:50
rzeiglerbut that defeats the purpose of being able to use the dashboard14:51
roaksoaxrzeigler: so you say your storage pool is inside LVM ?14:53
rzeiglerI am using a volume group yes14:56
roaksoaxrzeigler: could be related to that. If you can test against a non-LVM backed disk15:00
roaksoaxrzeigler: vs a one that's backed15:00
roaksoaxand things are different15:00
roaksoaxcould be an issue with that15:00
rzeiglerI think I misunderstood15:00
rzeiglerso, I gave virsh a physical disk to make an lvm out of15:01
rzeiglerand use as its pool15:01
rzeiglerI think this may be an issue of misconfiguring libvirt15:05
rzeiglerroaksoax: <allocation unit='bytes'>4194304</allocation> is in pool-dumpxml for my pool15:05
rzeiglerwhich is about 4M15:05
xygn4lroaksoax: are Devices exposed via API? as in MAAS/#/devices15:12
xygn4lroaksoax: can they be created/configured/removed via the API15:12
xygn4lroaksoax: i see API commands for 'devices' so that might be it, but i also see *power* settings for 'devices'?  didnt think you managed power on Devices15:14
boritekroaksoax: what time should a dns entry expire? it does not seem to expire15:18
boriteki even retarted maas-controller host15:18
xygn4ldns does not expire.  did you mean dhcp?15:19
boritekno i mean DNS15:22
boritekroaksoax said it should expire15:22
boritekthe ones that have been autocreated15:23
xygn4lare those machines no longer in maas?15:27
boritekxygn4l: no15:29
boritekthere is only 1 deployed machine, all the others are only in ready state15:30
boritekand there is one that i cannot even commission for some reason15:30
boriteki said something couldnt reach BMC, but it could since, it can turn the machine on, then starts providioning, but it turns it off in the end and never turns it on again, until commissioning times out15:32
boriteki can also access it via ipmitool without any problem15:33
roaksoaxthey should autoexpire unless the dhcpd server is failing to tell maas to expire them15:33
boritekroaksoax: how much time does it need to expire?15:33
roaksoaxboritek: the leases are every 6 minutes15:34
boritekif i turn off dhcp for a short time should it expire?15:34
roaksoaxboritek: no15:34
roaksoaxboritek: the dhcp server has a script that calls maas to "expire" IP's in the dynamic address which would remove the dns lease15:34
boritekHow can i trigger this manually?15:35
boritekbtw i have another problem i cannot set static IPs in the machine configs, because it says IP is already in use, which are not15:36
roaksoaxboritek: sudo vim /var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf see the bottom of that15:36
boritekroaksoax: /usr/sbin/maas-dhcp-helper notify --action expiry --mac ********* --ip-family ipv4 --ip xxxxxxxx15:43
boriteki issued that, but dns entry is still there15:43
mupBug #1788430 opened: [2.5] Newly created VM's end up with "Error: Node must be connected to a network." <MAAS:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1788430>15:56

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