niemeyerHello and good Monday all10:54
niemeyerHow's mup hanging together?10:54
mardyniemeyer: hi! I've just been back from holidays, I haven't seen it in action yet11:13
mardylet's see if mup knows what bug 1892895 is11:14
mupBug #1892895: unable to allow an app to access all devices with a certain major number via a <majordev>:* device cgroup rule <snapd:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1892895>11:14
mardynice :-)11:14
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mardypedronis: has the underscore a special meaning in the snap name? I'm trying to understand what the test tests/main/parallel-install-services/task.yaml does (and why it fails in my branch)14:37
pedronismardy: yes, it has a special meaning, it separate the snap name from the suffix used to identify the parallel install, that's why we have InstanceName vs SnapName and InstaneKey in snap.Info14:54
* cachio_ lunch16:10
mardypedronis: thanks!16:41

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