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zygagood morning06:32
mvohey zyga ! good morning08:07
zygamvo, hey08:08
zygamvo, I collected my three git trees for ian08:08
zygahey pstolowski08:11
mvozyga: remind me what these trees are?08:14
mvopstolowski: good morning!08:15
zygamvo, he asked me about copies of my snapd tree08:17
zygamvo, to pick up things I abandoned08:17
zygamvo, I have three tarballs of my workstations08:17
zyga(of snapd.git that is)08:17
mborzeckipstolowski: mvo: hey08:26
mvogood morning mborzecki ! how are you?08:28
mborzeckimvo: bit disappointed it's not friday again ;)08:30
mvomborzecki: hahaha08:33
mvomborzecki: we have snow here, it's great08:33
zygamvo, zmk is in Debian and Ubuntu now, I have an update going out this week that adds a lot of static analysis support09:10
mvozyga: nice09:17
zygamvo, I would like to do an experiment and build snap-confine with zmk, to see what shows up09:25
zygathere are bits missing though, I did not finish the compile-time probing support, that would allow us to get conditional apparmor/selinux support, for example09:26
zygamvo, I have a few more packages but I will sponsor them through the debian python team09:26
zygamvo, as for qemu, I think I will ask you to sponsor but depenencies should go through the go team09:27
zygamvo, er, not qemu, spread :)09:27
mvozyga: yeah, spread should be in the team maintained repo09:40
mupPR snapd#9859 opened: overlord: addd manager gadget refresh test <UC20> <Created by mvo5> <https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/9859>10:10
zygamvo, but should it be the generic go team or the specifc people that effectively use and participate in spread development?10:10
mvozyga: I would just use the generic go team repo at least for now10:26
mvozyga: until there is a real community around it that drive things10:26

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