returnthisI am trying to get snapd to work on my local system and I am having an ungoogable problem. Is this where I can get help with that tool?04:24
returnthisI installed snapd, then read I should have apparmor enabled first. so I uninstalled snapd, enabled apparmor and resinstalled snapd04:26
returnthisThe issue is that now I get errors for snap list04:27
returnthiserror: cannot list local snaps! cannot find publisher details: snap-declaration04:27
returnthis       (buPKUD3TKqCOgLEjjHx5kSiCpIs5cMuQ; series:16) not found04:27
returnthis 04:27
returnthislooks like there was some left over data when I removed it04:31
returnthissnapd[1960]: snapmgr.go:247: cannot read snap info of snap "hello-world" at revision 27: cannot find installed snap "hello-world" at revision 27: missing file /var/lib/snapd/snap/hello-world/27/meta/snap.yaml04:31
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DonAlexCan someone tell me what is happening here? The build seems ok but it barfs finding the binaries ? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YVrksKG9Cs/11:52
DonAlexAhh ok. figured it. the preceding / needs to be left out if you are specifying /usr/local/bin.12:21
cjwatsonDonAlex: Um possibly at least as relevant is that you misspelled "/usr/local/bin" as "/usr/loca/bin"13:16
DonAlexYeah I fixed that..13:16
DonAlexbut it was the leading /  that caused the issue..13:17
DonAlexhas to be usr/local/bin though that is not explained anywhere13:17
cjwatsonYeah, I suppose that's what "Ensure that ... is relative to the prime directory" means13:17
DonAlexAnyway.. am I right to include the missing libs in the staging part ?13:19
cjwatsonThat I can't advise on, sorry13:20
DonAlexIt builds now but I am a little perturbed but that warning The 'rolisteam' part needs the following libraries that are not included in the snap or base:13:20
DonAlexWell I have added them and seeing if it gives me less warning13:21
cjwatsonThat does sound like you need to bundle the libraries, yes13:21
DonAlexHave you done any multiarch building btw ?13:22
DonAlexok this makes no sense. I am getting this error. But I included libpulse0 in the stage packages ?19:42
DonAlex\/snap/rolisteam/x2/usr/local/bin/rolisteam: error while loading shared libraries: libpulsecommon-11.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:43

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