ubptgbot<Fuseteam> oh my goo finally 👀00:23
ubptgbot<dohbee> praise goo00:32
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/yxGmwuGW.mp400:33
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> 😂01:05
ubptgbotliamolua was added by: liamolua02:30
ubptgbot<liamolua> Hey all!02:30
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> sooooo, can any of you help with the installation of touch on a nexus 5 ?03:06
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> What seems to be the issue?03:14
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> When I reboot to bootloader nothing seems to happen03:17
ubptgbot<liamolua> Do any of you know if anyone is working on a Nexus 6P port still. I remember there was a "Unsupported" or a "Under Development" tab that listed the Nexus 6P but it seems to be removed.03:25
ubptgbot<liamolua> [Edit] Do any of you know if anyone is working on a Nexus 6P port still? I remember there was a "Unsupported" or a "Under Development" tab that listed the Nexus 6P but it seems to be removed.03:25
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> @Craig Cohen, Seems to be a known issue on Windows from my experience, but apparently it works fine on Linux.03:25
ubptgbot<kipters> @thre4dinf0, Yep, I managed to install from a Linux VM without any issues03:27
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> ok, so I had old laptop with 32bit pro and wanted to install touch on my nexus 5...I needed a 64bit to utilize ubports installer, bought a new hp desktop and installed ubuntu 18.04 on a dual boot setup.(im old please excuse my newberyness) cant get the wifi to work to use ubuntu to intall touch on phone so I attempted the window03:32
ubptgbots way which failed.  Any suggestions ?03:32
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> I know that @WelcomePlus has people who have all the install secrets, but they might be asleep right now. Worth a try!03:33
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> wifi works on pc partition not on ubuntu03:33
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> Thanks03:33
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> ok so I am supernewb is welcomeplus another group and where do I find the links to other support groups for clueless peeps like me?03:38
ubptgbot<kipters> @Craig Cohen, Yes, it's another group, you can get there by just tapping @WelcomePlus03:39
ubptgbot<Craig Cohen> I miss my commodore 6403:41
ubptgbot<deedend> Hey guys, is it possible to install Ubports on the oneplus one with windows or have I to use a Linux machine? I haven't read the how-to yet!04:36
ubptgbotPonysmasher was added by: Ponysmasher04:41
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> Why camera bug still not cleared04:42
ubptgbot<jonny> If Canonical didn't allow us to use the name 'Ubuntu Touch' any more we should call it 'UBinTouch'05:06
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> Or ubos05:07
ubptgbot<Ingo_FP_Angel> @deedend, The installer works on windows as well.06:12
ubptgbot<Flohack> @deedend, Its possible with the Windows version of the installer ;)06:12
ubptgbot<deedend> Thanks mates06:12
ubptgbot<Lakotaubp> @deedend, Yes I used windows10 a few weeks back. As a fall back version 0.1.9 of the installer still works well on windows if you hit any issues. Other things as normal dev mode, usb debugging etc.etc. Good luck see you again in UBports land : )06:41
ubptgbot<amolith> @jonny, 😂06:41
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ubptgbot<deedend> Damn my one plus one does not enter in bootloader... I can access only fastboot apparently08:16
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @Craig Cohen, Wifi card drivers can be a problem with Ubuntu desktop. Using an old Android phone as a modem will get you going temporarily while you locate drivers08:19
ubptgbot<deedend> Do I need TWRP?08:20
ubptgbot<advocatux> No, you don't need it08:21
ubptgbot<liamolua> Anyone here in Australia know if there is a retailer selling FairPhone (2) devices to here. Fairphone does not ship to Australia apparently.08:22
ubptgbot<deedend> I am not sure if this oneplus one has root, and I can't access to the bootloader only to fastboot mode08:24
ubptgbot<advocatux> @deedend, If you join https://t.me/WelcomePlus (that's the UBports install group) they can help you there08:25
ubptgbot<advocatux> Also, you don't need root08:26
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> Hey someone answer my question08:28
ubptgbot<dohbee> @Ponysmasher, Don't be rude.08:30
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> @Ponysmasher, With that attitude no one will!!08:31
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> What's rude with rude08:31
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> [Edit] What's rude with that08:31
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Just be patient08:32
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> :-)08:32
ubptgbot<alan_griffiths> @Ponysmasher, Nobody is obliged to answer your question. So don't make demands.08:36
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> @alan_griffiths, Just answer or shut up don't give stupid advice08:37
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Wow you seem like a jackass08:40
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> You don't deserve any advice with that attitude IMO08:40
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> U seem like a asshole08:42
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Whoa whoa whoa. If you DEMAND that people give an answer or else, nobody will08:43
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Thank you btw08:43
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/73wB0SX2.png08:43
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Go back to bed08:43
ubptgbot<Flohack> @Ponysmasher, Florian from UBports. Alan is one of the makers of Mir and a well-known Canonical employee. If you think he is giving stupid advices then probably we all are stupid here. This is a last warning or you will get kicked08:43
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> Answer me or not08:44
ubptgbot<TomasOqvist> It's Wednesday, will there be an rc release today?08:44
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> @Ponysmasher, Michael. You didn't seem to get what we meant.08:45
ubptgbot<Flohack> (Photo, 496x686) https://irc.ubports.com/LvmoEf2f.png08:46
ubptgbot<Flohack> Spam reported and kicked08:46
ubptgbot<Ponysmasher> Every time when some one questions this is the reply from u all08:46
ubptgbot<Flohack> Get a life08:47
bshah@Flohack fun xD08:47
ubptgbot<G_Raffe> @Ponysmasher, Well man, if you wanna get some answers, you should not be rude to people. Nobody wants to speak with rude guys08:47
ubptgbot<Flohack> @bshah, I love such people 😆08:48
ubptgbot<Flohack> Wow 1242 accounts are already on our ban list just for this room08:50
ubptgbot<JasonMD> Just one person? 🤣08:51
bshah@Flohack: rofl, that guy started ranting in plamo group08:53
bshahinsta ban08:53
ubptgbot<JasonMD> Been too hard on the coffee or just a potty mouthed kid..?08:54
ubptgbot<Flohack> lol08:54
ubptgbot<dohbee> It's Arvind/King again08:58
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/nay0DhqZ.png08:58
ubptgbot<samuele963> I think I just missed something haha08:59
ubptgbot<Flohack> looool08:59
ubptgbot<dohbee> That's inappropriate too08:59
ubptgbot<dohbee> No need to be just as rude to the troll08:59
ubptgbot<samuele963> @Greenman64squid, People are wierd08:59
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> @dohbee, Sorry dawg09:00
ubptgbot<dohbee> The Code of Conduct goes both ways. :)09:01
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Like the FreeBSD no hugs thing?09:01
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @Greenman64squid, Feeding the trolls only encourages them. Best to ignore09:02
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> He's deleted his account LMAO so he wasn't trolling09:03
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> [Edit] He's deleted his account so he wasn't trolling09:03
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Wow all it took was a bit of wittiness for him to go nuclear09:03
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Anyway, back on topic. Ubuntu on your telephone must be awesome. Mine isn't supported but hey I would love to try!09:04
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @Greenman64squid, Which device have you got?09:05
ubptgbot<Stereofont> It isn't 'mainstream' Ubuntu btw09:06
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Samsung galaxy grand prime09:08
ubptgbot<dohbee> Lol, just got a PM from his other account that was already banned09:09
ubptgbot<samuele963> That's dedication09:10
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/T2NZgYQN.png09:11
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/dS4epeKd.png09:11
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/YUkfnH02.png09:11
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/1Ddy4zMM.png09:11
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> (Photo, 540x960) https://irc.ubports.com/Pr6BfHJy.png09:12
ubptgbot<Flohack> @Greenman64squid, Its OK! Stop sending those screen!09:12
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> My bad09:12
ubptgbot<Flohack> thx09:13
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> By the way I didn't even know that there were MAJOR linux players in this chat (like a chanonical employee)09:13
ubptgbot<dohbee> Yeah we here09:14
ubptgbot<Flohack> @Greenman64squid, We are a serious project though we sometimes dont look like, especially in the Q&As ^^09:14
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> lmao what did I miss here09:15
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> Did I miss a rude troll? :P09:15
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Yeah09:15
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> Haha09:15
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> He had some juicy insults09:16
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> 'Juicy' with sarcasm09:16
ubptgbot<thre4dinf0> Yeah, some people are really interesting09:17
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @Greenman64squid, I don't think anyone has done any work on those. Most new users go for Nexus5 or OnePlusOne but you may find a Nexus7 2013 wifi tablet at a very low price09:20
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> Very cook09:21
ubptgbot<Greenman64squid> [Edit] Very cool09:21
ubptgbot<Pascal> Hello there ! Does anyone know an URL with an basic Libertine-container (desktop app) HOWTO-like available ?09:29
ubptgbot<advocatux> https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/dailyuse/libertine.html09:31
ubptgbot<advocatux> If you want to use the GUI, is pretty self-explanatory but you have to hit the enter key for searches (it's a bug)09:32
ubptgbot<Pascal> Thank You !!!09:32
ubptgbot<advocatux> You're welcome!09:32
ubptgbot<advocatux> Also this can help you http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/libertine-container-manager.1.html09:33
ubptgbot<advocatux> [Edit] Also this can help you too http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/libertine-container-manager.1.html09:34
ubptgbot<Pascal> Awesome ! Thanks a lot !09:37
ubptgbot<advocatux> 👍09:39
ubptgbot<Valiant5> Is softeher client supported by Ubuntu touch??09:48
ubptgbot<Stereofont> If you mean SoftEther, Ubuntu Touch has VPN support09:50
ubptgbot<dohbee> OpenVPN is supported10:01
ubptgbot<dohbee> SoftEther is not. I would say it's also a bit questionable and I would advise against using it anyway.10:01
ubptgbot<lindisfarne> How are the possibilities to boot on a Huawei P9 (EVA) ?10:16
ubptgbotWile E was added by: Wile E10:21
ubptgbot<advocatux> @lindisfarne, Do you mean UT? The possibility is "if someone made a UT port for that device" :)10:23
ubptgbot<lindisfarne> @advocatux, Yes :) - is that a hard thing to do? Or is it something that can be done by a mere mortal?10:32
ubptgbot<lindisfarne> I worry a bit about the hardware because it has two lenses on the back10:32
ubptgbot<advocatux> @lindisfarne, In short: hard :) … See https://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/porting/introduction.html … But if you have the knowledge & the skills & and all the necessary parts then...10:34
ubptgbot<lindisfarne> allright - thanks :) - Guess i'll be sticking to trying the ol' nexus 5 boot then. And maybe one beautiful (and more skillfull) day in the future I can make it work.10:35
ubptgbot<advocatux> @lindisfarne, You're welcome. … BTW, more devices are coming to UT but they are not ready yet10:39
ubptgbot<lindisfarne> Great :) Looking forward to it :)10:41
ubptgbot<Wile E> It's Wednesday why no new rc yet?11:06
ubptgbot<Stereofont> It isn't midnight yet…11:07
ubptgbot<Wile E> Is OTA 4 reason for delay11:09
ubptgbot<Stereofont> Of course that is possible. It is a very busy time11:10
ubptgbot<Wile E> What's the email of ubports for help11:11
ubptgbot<Flohack> @Wile E, What you need?11:28
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> @Flohack, AntiStorm bot automatically adds people to the ban list who are spamming other chats12:21
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> So it's not our ban list12:21
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> It's a collective ban list12:21
ubptgbotsonicher0 was added by: sonicher012:56
ubptgbot<sonicher0> Hi, now that PostmarketOS is working on a mainline kernel for the Nexus 5, Fairphone 2 and OP One... is there any plans to implement this on Ubports?12:57
ubptgbot<popescu_sorin> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/0ywUcwyW.webp12:59
ubptgbot<dohbee> @sonicher0, Ubuntu on phones is pretty heavily dependent on hybris, so it is not a trivial thing to do. Does mainline have 100% hardware support as good as the binary blob drivers?13:05
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> I'm just still unable to figure out why all these mobile os are doing separate projects.  I "think" it's because some of them allow lower CPU processors to work (Plasma?) while UBports Ubuntu Touch is more focused on convergence, big CPU ?  Anyways, seems like it would be awesome if we could just combine all the people into on13:05
ubptgbote big thing.. :(13:05
ubptgbot<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, different goals for different poles, or something13:05
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> it seems that postmarket OS is more focussed on "mainlining" support for hardware, and packaging whatever they can find to work on top of it13:06
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> theoretically, you could run unity 8 on top of it for instance13:06
ubptgbot<dohbee> you can run unity8 if GLES works i guess13:07
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> also, with the librem 5 coming in (which is mainline based ...) - i consider it a good question13:07
ubptgbot<dohbee> but unity8 != ubuntu touch13:08
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> sure.. i guess.  it's not like humans ever agree on anything so why should we expect them to agree on this?  That's why we have a coffee shop with a different roast on every block. Not a bad thing I guess13:08
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @rogieroudshoorn, That's what I was thinking13:08
ubptgbot<dohbee> yeah, librem is mean to be mainline, so there is some work that needs to be done to support it obviously. there's also interest in making things work on rpi13:08
ubptgbot<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, that's just because you are in BC. here it's the same coffee shop on every block :P13:09
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> AH!!!13:09
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/eR8Lqf02.mp413:09
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> does she almost show her chest and look like a green mermaid??13:10
ubptgbot<Stereofont> That isn't 'coffee'. (Runs away…)13:11
ubptgbot<dohbee> i think that's getting a bit OT13:11
ubptgbot<Stereofont> True13:11
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> how is coffee OT???13:11
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> it's 'overflow'13:11
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @dohbee, Nexus 5 at least has a good support13:12
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> blah blah ubuntu touch yadda yadda13:12
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> i just broke my N5 screen :(13:13
ubptgbot<dohbee> @wayneoutthere, fix it13:13
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Hey @sonicher0, any chance I can get you to ask that on the forum so I can write a longer-form answer?13:13
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> i know.  will13:13
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> That way we can point people to it in the future13:14
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @UniversalSuperBox, Sorry, but I don't have an account in the forum 😅13:14
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> i can probably try to ask it there13:16
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> or it's easy enough to create an account ;)13:18
ubptgbot<sonicher0> https://github.com/flto/linux/wiki/hammerhead-upstream13:21
ubptgbot<sonicher0> I don't know if the info is outdated13:22
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> question asked on forum; if you wanted to Mike i'd be happy to delete it13:31
ubptgbot<sonicher0> Send me the link please13:32
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1593/mainline-linux13:33
ubptgbot<sonicher0> Thanks13:35
ubptgbot<Flohack> @rogieroudshoorn, PostmarketOS has lower standards in terms of what works on a device. We want to have a fully functional phone only with very minor glitches, and we strive to be on par with demands by majority of consumers. Thats the only way you can even try to get  noticed14:25
ubptgbot<samzn> pmOS has been doing the work of the gods with their mainlining efforts14:26
ubptgbot<samzn> @rogieroudshoorn, You could do it right now on a nexus 5 with their kernel and a reference rootfs14:27
ubptgbot<rogieroudshoorn> @Flohack, I fully understand (and appreciate!) that; which is why i phrased it as "good enough" in my question on the forum14:29
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @samzn, If only brands were like Sony when it comes to mainlining devices14:31
ubptgbot<dohbee> if only everything was all open source14:35
ubptgbot<sonicher0> If only chinese brands stopped violating GPL14:37
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> It's not just the kernel, it's also the driver binaries out of the kernel14:37
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Android was architected in a way that drivers which would normally be in-kernel are in userspace14:37
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Specifically to avoid GPL14:37
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/1J7KFgdV.mp414:40
ubptgbot<UniversalSuperBox> Oh, I get it14:40
ubptgbot<sonicher0> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc.ubports.com/I0srZsv5.webp14:41
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> (Document) https://irc.ubports.com/eC31yuTW.mp414:42
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @UniversalSuperBox, And the bootloader14:44
ubptgbot<dohbee> o_O14:45
ubptgbot<sonicher0> Ah yes, the firmware too14:48
ubptgbot<samzn> @sonicher0, Move to UEFI and ACPI and mainlining becomes super easy14:54
ubptgbot<samzn> You wouldn't even need a device tree14:54
ubptgbot<samzn> (Photo, 720x1280) https://irc.ubports.com/hofD2AOJ.png14:55
ubptgbot<sonicher0> @samzn, EFIdroid?14:55
ubptgbot<samzn> EFIDroid's core with a lot of changes to support ACPI etc14:56
ubptgbot<K31j0> EFIDroid runs on top of Littlekernel?14:57
ubptgbot<NotKit> @samzn, doesn't really help without SoC support in kernel I guess15:17
ubptgbot<samzn> @NotKit, For auxiliary hardware support yeah, just like a PC, a 950XL can boot to the login screen of fedora with all cores even though 810 has zero mainline support15:19
ubptgbot<NotKit> what about emmc? does it use EFI runtime services to access storage or?15:19
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> oh my goo wayne what is that15:41
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> and i'm saving the colonel sanders one o.O15:41
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> since you guys are talking about mainlining what ever happened to the android mainlining project 👀15:45
ubptgbot<Stereofont> @Fuseteam, Popcorn15:59
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> ...........really?16:00
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> it looked like a weird sea creature or something 👀16:01
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> Kernels!!!!!!16:03
ubptgbot<wayneoutthere> Everywhere !!!16:03
ubptgbot<dohbee> …16:15
ubptgbot<Fuseteam> i'm starting to think we need to c̶a̶t̶c̶h̶ collect 'em all16:18

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