donofrioEEK!!! "Errors were encountered while processing: /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-wETfEC/111-ebtables_2.0.10.4-3.5ubuntu2_amd64.deb E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)04:45
donofriowas going from 17.04 to 18.04 using the sources.list change then dist-upgrading04:45
valorieoh my05:00
valoriedonofrio: have you tried sudo apt install -f ?05:01
valorieand sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a05:03
donofrioNo I'll try that now05:03
valoriesometimes one, then the other05:03
valorieespecially install -f05:03
valorieI made a jump like that that I knew might /maybe wouldn't work05:05
donofrioits doing the "sudo apt install -f" now05:05
donofrioI'll report when complete05:05
valorieand made it work after multiple use of those05:05
CoJaBoAny other ideas for at least getting a taskbar on a 32-bit install? <_<05:06
donofriok taking my daily driver work desktops to 18.04 (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk)05:06
donofriostalled'ish at 70% on the man page database.....05:09
donofrioand now its going lol05:09
donofriohelp stuck - https://apaste.info/xc8m05:14
valoriedonofrio: wow05:30
valorieI guess you could just copy paste that list of "held back" and hope for the best05:30
valorieI don't use apt-get anymore05:31
valoriejust apt05:31
valoriealso, I would remove those PPAs05:31
valoriewith ppa-purge probably05:31
valorieonce you are up and running, you can see if they have bionic versions available05:32
valoriethat would have saved you quite a bit of trouble I'm thinking05:32
donofrioI'm ok I have a backup sorta (untested) 05:36
donofriowould love to run some command to try to heal it, apt/dpkg I'm ready try anything to "help out"05:37
lotuspsychjedonofrio: best way to help testing is on a vanilla bionic05:42
donofrioI'll set one up do you have the powerpc iso ;)05:46
valoriewell, the way I healed mine was apt install -f and dpkg-reconfigure -a in a cycle05:47
donofriovalorie, I'm getting this one second pass - https://apaste.info/N7tk06:00
valorieugh, I guess i'd use --force06:01
valorieor.... try --all06:02
valoriethat's what a used to do06:02
donofrioI must e doing some wrongcause the force asks for a package and the all seems to be invalid?06:04
donofrioI believe its this "dpkg: warning: old ebtables package pre-removal script subprocess returned error exit status 1"06:06
valoriewell then, how about dpkg-reconfigure ebtables ?06:10
valorieI know it's fun to fix a bad install, but it's good to know you have a backup06:11
valorieat some point you will probably want to do a fresh install06:11
williamlin_Will the gnome in ubuntu 18.04 have the global menu?06:34
donofriotrying that now..06:34
lotuspsychjewilliamlin_: gnome3 has activities & the icon start button with all programs06:35
donofriomoreover how do I put that package in blacklist (or to inhibit it's installation?)06:35
williamlin_I talk about that global App menu which will always be in the top bar, like designed in unity7 or mac osx.06:39
williamlin_Because the global menu will save vertical space in screen, which is a good design especially for laptop.06:43
donofrioI'm back robocopy saved the day and got my build working again, keep in context I'm a WSL user (http://www.tinyurl.com/donofrioworkdesk) and this was a test on my right side desktop, it almost worked except it got upset that last package06:53
valoriegood to hear, donofrio06:54
donofriosorta was told 17.04 is going out of support so I'll need to get to 18.04 soon'ish06:54
valorieit is eol right now, yes06:55
valorie17.10 is supported for another 6 months or so06:55
donofrioso what can I do to see if I can blacklist that package from upgrade or what?06:55
valoriewhat package?06:55
valorieyou can pin06:56
ubottupinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto06:56
valoriepretty fiddly06:56
donofriowell if you can think of I'm thing I'm all ears and will try anything to get to 18.04 within WSL ;)06:59
donofriois there a core server uimage of bionic as of yet (can we have powerpc back please)07:00
donofriocause I'm stuck currently at 4.4.0-109-powerpc64-smp ppc64 on my powerpc boxes07:01
valoriewhat is WSL?07:02
donofrioWindows Subsystem for Linux07:02
donofrioits in my powerpoint ;)07:03
donofriostuff about pico drivers and the like07:03
valoriethe less I have to do with windows, the happier I am07:03
donofrioits how windows can run native ELF64 execuctables07:03
valoriewe have wine, "they" have WSL07:04
donofrioif I had a v,ware mdm/airwatch client I'd be able to stay with native ubuntu07:04
valorieI guess07:04
donofriovmware I meant07:04
donofrioright now as far as I know one doesn't exist yet07:04
donofrioso I'm using windows 10 as a 15gb bootloader07:04
donofrioit's been a great ride so far (check out the 1drv links (ignore login jazz) and you can see how I use it daily to get to ubuntu goodness07:05
valorieis this just a lark, or is there some reason not to just dual boot07:09
donofriono I cannot faul boot with corp work desktop ther is no vmware mdm/client/agent for linux only windows and android/iphone07:09
donofrioso i'm stuck with windows 01 and wsk to get ubuntu 17.04/18/04 running for daily middleware work07:10
valoriehmmm, I think I would run win then and use vmware or whatever to run kubuntu I mean ubuntu07:13
valoriebut you know your own situation best07:13
donofrioI'm still here for when someone thinks of what I can do to get dist upgrade past the ebtables issue, it worked this way fine when I went from 16.04 to 17.04 on my left and right desktops but now right gets broken on that package, but I lurk and let me know I'm here ;)07:17
valoriedid you try pinning it?07:20
valorieand honestly, apt full-upgrade seems better than dist-upgrade was07:20
valoriebut maybe I just prefer the minimal simple APT07:21
donofriovalorie, the file exists https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/ebtables (http://mirrors.kernel.org/ubuntu/pool/main/e/ebtables/ebtables_2.0.10.4-3.5ubuntu2_amd64.deb) just do not know why this one package would have an issue with 500+ upgraded fine to bionic13:32
donofrioanyone else want powerpc64 arch back (I know I do)13:32

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