andrebraitHello there, guys. I'm looking for some advice on a bug I've found (and reported) in the linux-firmware package, regarding a Qualcomm wi-fi controller firmware. I feel it's a rather important bug and it has a rather trivial fix (which has been in upstream for about 3 months).14:36
andrebraitI just realized I could use mIRC through a web browser, which is why the bug is a few days old and I've only now came here asking for some help with possibly my first contribution to Ubuntu ever.14:38
andrebraitThe bug in question is reported in LP174327914:40
rbasakandrebrait: am I right in thinking you need someone to sponsor your patch?14:59
rbasakandrebrait: maybe try #ubuntu-kernel14:59
rbasakandrebrait: since most people here probably won't want to touch that without checking with the kernel team anyway14:59
andrebraitrbasak I haven't made it a patch yet (but I can). I'll try the ubuntu-kernel channel then. I'm just looking for advice like who to talk to or who to subscribe the bug to, etc.15:04
andrebraitrbasak Thanks, it seems they were already looking into the bug :)  thanks a lot for directing me there15:25
rbasakandrebrait: you're welcome. Thank you for contributing to Ubuntu!15:31

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