dufluMorning Nafallo, willcooke07:06
dufluHmm, I think I just eliminated 40% of gnome-shell's CPU usage07:07
dufluLet's see if we can do better than that07:07
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers07:21
Nafallosalut oSoMoN07:30
didrocksgood morning07:39
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seb128good morning desktopers07:45
Nafallosalut didrocks seb12807:47
seb128hey Nafallo07:47
didrockshello seb128, Nafallo07:47
kozaduflu, i need to cancel today, sorry08:15
duflukoza, no problem - seb and will are away anyway08:16
dufluSo that just leaves jibel ^08:16
jibelduflu, koza okay to skip. QA didnt start testing 5.48 for information08:20
kozajibel, dufly, thanks and see you next week08:22
kozaduflu ^^08:22
seb128hey Laney! how are you?09:04
didrockshey Laney09:05
Laneyhey seb128 didrocks09:07
Laneyyeah I'm alright, bit tired though09:08
seb128hey Laney, I'm fine, a bit tired as well09:14
seb128flu is over but my nose has been an issue and prevented me sleeping well yesterday09:15
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andyrockhey all10:38
dufluHi andyrock10:38
* duflu EOD's10:39
_amanoduflu, w00t. 40% is a massive gain 🆒11:20
seb128didrocks, do you feel like adding bug #1713171 to your backlog for when you have a hour slow where you feel like doing an easy MIR?13:42
ubot5bug 1713171 in gnome-todo (Ubuntu) "[MIR] gnome-todo" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171317113:42
didrocksseb128: sure!13:43
seb128didrocks, thanks13:44
seb128didrocks, want to be added to the trello card? or just keep it as an unofficial "if you have a slot and feel like doing that"?13:45
didrocksseb128: hum, as you prefer, I have a tab opened which is enough for me, if you prefer to have MIR as trello cards, this is doable13:46
seb128didrocks, they are in the board, that card is in the blocked items column13:46
seb128just wondering if we keep it like that13:46
seb128or if you prefer to have you added and the card moved back to the backlog13:47
didrocksseb128: ah, no, just assign it to me in that case13:47
didrocksand move it to backlog13:47
seb128didrocks, Trevinho, https://trello.com/c/yRe9PoQC/4-shortcut-help-dialog-on-long-super-press is a wontfix for this cycle right? or do you still hope to get design/work/reviews|distro patch on that?13:59
didrocksseb128: it's something that upstream is currently doing for 3.2814:00
didrocksI think we'll need to tweak it a little bit, hence I kept the card14:00
seb128oh ok, I didn't know that14:01
seb128do you have any reference to the work we could add to the card?14:01
didrocksseb128: I can find some, will do, but want to finish my current task while I'm at it14:03
seb128didrocks, yeah, sorry, I stop bothering you :)14:05
seb128hey kenvandine, wb; had nice holidays?14:06
kenvandinehey seb12814:06
kenvandineindeed, i had a great vacation14:06
kenvandineseb128, how have you been?14:07
kenvandinehey willcooke14:08
seb128kenvandine, had been better, got the flu, was feverish and shivering for several days, including while sitting 11hours in a plane14:10
kenvandineoh no14:10
seb128kenvandine, I spent sunday in bed here and got back on shape for monday morning so somewhat good timing14:10
kenvandinefor some definition of good :)14:10
seb128yeah :)14:10
tkamppeterLaney, hi14:19
tkamppeterLaney, is there a way with a "remove" UDEV rule to get rid of the "loaded active plugged" state of the printer device on systemd?14:20
tkamppeterxnox: ^^14:22
tkamppeterkenvandine, can you have a look at bug 934291? I need cups-pk-helper sponsored.14:28
ubot5bug 934291 in cups-pk-helper (Ubuntu) "Deleting or stopping print jobs does not work" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93429114:28
Laneytkamppeter: that's supposed to happen automatically, I think you have some kind of bug if it's not14:42
tkamppeterLaney, bug in UDEV or bug in systemd?14:42
Laneydid you reboot your computer / try on a different one?14:42
tkamppeterLaney, yes, I already rebooted, but do not have another computer to try.14:43
tkamppeterLaney, so by unplugging or turning off the USB printer the "loaded active plugged" unit list entry should go away. without any "remove" UDEV rule?14:44
kenvandinetkamppeter, do you need that sponsored?14:45
Laneytkamppeter: yes, and like I say it works for the USB printer that I have14:46
seb128kenvandine, tkamppeter, adding a new user for that helper feels a bit weird, shouldn't use the same user than cups is or something which already exists?14:46
tkamppeterkenvandine, yes, with the last patch, I think it was comment #53.14:46
kenvandinetkamppeter, this debdiff includes multiple patches14:49
kenvandineseb128, yeah, i'd hate to add a new user if we don't want to14:50
kenvandinetkamppeter, ^^14:50
tkamppeterkenvandine, I have only tested the debdiff whether it makes things work (and it does). I did not check whether it is introducing any security problem.14:51
kenvandinetedg, latest inkscape in edge starts now... woot!  the openclipart search doesn't work though, perhaps you need to add the network plug14:51
tkamppeterkenvandine, alternative solutions are welcome.14:51
tkamppeterLaney, I am upgrading to Bionic now, probably all new, kernel, udev, and systemd, could already solve it.15:03
tkamppeterkenvandine, if you think the solution with cups-pk-helper is wrong, please comment on the bug.15:05
seb128kenvandine, tkamppeter, I'm not saying it's wrong, but it doesn't feel optimal, I don't know enough about the cups stack to judge of the other options though (like changing the cups groups to add root) or use an existing user15:07
kenvandineyeah, i think we should ask the question15:07
tkamppeterseb128, adding root would be the simplest, but Debian folks (OdyX, see comments in bug report) did not like it. Then the other guy came up with changing cups-pk-helper several time, I tested, told him that it did not work, he did more chenges, and after some cycles it worked, and now I am asking you to sponsor this version.15:09
tkamppeterseb128, I personally would go the add-root way, but I do not want to add a Debian delta.15:10
kenvandinetkamppeter, so this is more likely to make it to debian?15:10
seb128also it seems to lower security by increasing priviledges for no good reason15:10
seb128how is system-config-printer doing to talk to cups?15:11
seb128can't cups-pk-helper do the same?15:11
tedgkenvandine: Woot! K, will do.15:19
Trevinhodidrocks: where did you find that the keybinding panel is going to be done upstream?15:36
didrocksTrevinho: I need to find back the reference, but I swear I didn't dream of it15:46
seb128there is a bug about the feature but it has no recent activity15:49
seb128so that was not there15:49
didrocksI'll dig when I have time for it (probably tomorrow morning)15:50
tedgkenvandine: I also seem to be missing the default GTK icons, not sure why that is. If you have a clue there it'd be helpful. I haven't investigated much.16:02
tkamppeterkenvandine, concerning the cups-pk-helper, at least OdyX did not complain about that.16:03
tkamppeterLaney, updated to Bionic, not even rebooted into the new kernel, and unplugging problem solved, has either been udev or systemd.16:21
Laneyis that worth trying to fix in artful?16:22
tkamppeterseb128, kenvandine, can you have a look at avahi, the version 0.7-3ubuntu2 which one of you had sponsored seems to be stuck in -proposed for a week already, infinitely waiting for the builds on the minor architectures (all but amd64 and i386).16:36
kenvandinetkamppeter, lots of things are still stuck in proposed16:37
tkamppeterkenvandine, what is happening here? Don't we have build servers for these architectures any more?16:38
kenvandinetkamppeter, they are still offline, maybe they were virtual?  I'm not really sure why... but last i heard they hadn't been brought back up yet.16:40
Laneythey're off due to Spectre16:40
kenvandinewe just need to be patient16:41
Laneyafraid so, spare a thought for the kernel team ?16:41
kenvandinemaybe send beer and snacks their way :)16:42
kenvandineat least amd64 is building now, so we can get some testing in16:44
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didrockshey, stupid question, but is there any way to know if a dconf key is locked down?17:04
* didrocks doesn't find an API17:04
didrocksofc, no "lock" term when it's advertized everywhere with that term17:05
didrocks(in the official doc)17:05
didrockshowever, unsure if there is a signal for writable state17:06
didrocksok, all set!17:07
oSoMoNnight all18:46
jbichajamesh: did you see the feedback at https://bugzilla.gnome.org/737362 ?20:22
ubot5Gnome bug 737362 in Privacy "Privacy panel is missing switch to disable captive portal detection" [Normal,New]20:22

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