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TJ-is rmadison supposed to be authoratitive for suites like focal-updates, focal-proposed, focal-security bionic-updates bionic-proposed etc?10:24
rbasakWhat do you mean by "authoritative"?10:29
rbasakI've not known it to be wrong, but it doesn't represent something that has yet to be published.10:30
TJ-rbasak: someone was asking to identify the python3 version in various -updates (and -proposed) to figure out where a specific version of python3 came from, and couldn't see the installed version in rmadison output. specifically "rmadison --url ubuntu --suite=bionic-updates python3" shows "3.6.7-1~18.04" but turns out the actual package in question was python3-minimal, not python3, so false10:38
cjwatsonIt's fairly hard for it to be wrong, since it basically just mirrors Sources/Packages files from the archive and pokes inside them.  Really the only practical failure mode is if the mirroring process breaks10:42
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TJ-cjwatson: right ... it was us asking the wrong question :)12:56
schopinginggs: you kindly uploaded opencryptoki for me last week, would you be willing to upload the backport of the included patch for an hirsute SRU ? This would be bug 192878013:15
ginggsschopin: sure, i can take a look shortly13:19
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schopinthanks :)13:31
TJ-is there a way via apt on, say, armhf or aarch64, to ensure grub-pc-bin:i386 is installed but without its dependency on grub-common - need this for a TFTP server for x86 systems that boot GRUB over the network. I was going to add a foreign-architecture and an explicit [arch=i386] in sources.list but realised it probably won't help even if using pinning13:44

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