* RAOF wonders when core-on-ZFS happen 😀01:30
tewardxnox or vorlon: can one of you confirm my knowledge for me?  A source package in Main can build-dep on Universe packages so long as the built Main binaries don't have any Universe runtime deps.  But what about a source package in Main that produces Main and Universe binaries?  The Main binaries obviously can't have the Universe runtime deps, but can the Universe binaries?02:43
tewardasking because nginx source pacakge builds both Main and Universe packages, and there's some things that might end up in the pipeline that would affect the Universe packages but not the Main package.  (ANd the resultant additional package that would be added would be a Universe package specifically, even though the nginx source package builds it)02:44
tewardsarnold said to ask either of you :p02:44
JackFrostteward: See also: irssi 1.2.002:47
JackFrostI just did this, thanks to Rhonda's thinking the otr plugin is in universe while the rest remain in main.02:48
sarnoldsweet, thanks JackFrost02:49
tewardJackFrost: in that otr has Universe runtime deps to work?02:49
tewardbecause build-deps I know about :p02:49
JackFrostteward: ...Well it links against libotr, sooo..02:50
JackFrostsarnold: Sure thing!02:50
tewardso that's a yes heh02:50
JackFrostVery much so, yep!02:51
tewardthen that should settle the question that i posed to sarnold lol02:51
tewardand The More We Know :P *shot*02:51
sarnoldit sure sounded plausible as the way things would work but I didn't want to give teward a wrong asnwer :)02:51
JackFrostRhonda spoke to one of the Ubuntu peeps, so I took that word on it. :P02:52
RAOFsarnold: thanks for the yaml-cpp review!03:34
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sarnoldRAOF: and thanks to you for humouring my questions :)07:20
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