arraybolt3https://bugs.launchpad.net/debian/+source/manuskript/+bug/1989203 I just finished backporting a bugfix for this bug from upstream, and would like to request sponsorship and review whenever possible. I have attached the debdiffs of my changes and ensured that the SRU template is correct.00:28
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1989203 in manuskript (Ubuntu Kinetic) "Manuskript crashes on start" [High, Confirmed]00:28
arraybolt3(is ubuntu-sponsors a tag that I can ping?)00:29
sarnoldwild /debian/ in there, heh00:30
arraybolt3lol, well a Debian bug report is attached, I guess the link I clicked and pasted may have been the one that pointed there.00:30
sarnoldyeah, launchpad does that kiund of thing once in a while00:30
arraybolt3It works just as well if I do https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/manuskript/+bug/1989203 :)00:30
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 1989203 in manuskript (Ubuntu Kinetic) "Manuskript crashes on start" [High, Confirmed]00:30
sarnoldholymoly look at that url00:32
sarnoldI thought that should find all the ubuntu-sponsors bugs, but the point of pasting it is to show that it doesn't find *any* bugs at all00:32
arraybolt3Great Resource Locator, Batman!00:32
sarnoldso, uh, I have no idea how to find them all :(00:32
arraybolt3heh, I can't even use Canonical Mode in Weechat to be able to click that :P00:32
sarnoldhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?advanced=1  -- type "ubuntu-sponsors" into the tags: field, click search, see nothing useful :)00:33
arraybolt3Anyway I just meant, how do I get the attention of whatever sponsor happens to be free without having to manually ping random people with $powers and hope I'm not being a thorn in their side?00:33
arraybolt3I mean, I could just do tsimonq2, teward: LOUD PING HI :)00:33
sarnoldoh tsimonq2 and teward love saying HI very LOUDLY :)00:34
arraybolt3No problem, thanks for checking :)00:35
teward*throws arraybolt3 and sarnold into the rubbish bin*00:35
arraybolt3teward: Oh hey, sponsor my bug and give me coffee.00:36
tewardin a meeting with CCT00:36
arraybolt3Ah, nevermind then.00:36
arraybolt3(And this is why I hoped there was a "ping all sponsors in the hopes that one of them is available" button. Didn't there used to be some #ubuntu-sponsors channel?)00:36
tsimonq2Nah, but you used to be able to #pilot in/out to show you were available to sponsor stuff, heh00:37
arraybolt3Hmm, that would be handy.00:38
rbasak@, not #00:46
rbasakI don't know if that still works or not00:46
amurrayarraybolt3: a bit nitpicky but lintian complains you have a spelling error in your changelog entry - commmit - also I would usually list the filename of the new patch in the changelog as well00:51
arraybolt3Can fix both in just a sec, thanks!00:51
sarnold"commmit the froggg here"00:51
sarnold(sorry, the thought came into my head so now it's gotta be in your head, too)00:51
amurrayarraybolt3: np00:52

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