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seb128SRU team, could you review those uploads libxmlb in bionic/NEW , then fwupd in bionic and fwupd-signed in bionicNEW? they have been sitting there unreviewed for some weeks and oem is waiting on them09:09
Laneybdmurray: are you aware of the error tracker being quite unresponsive lately?09:34
tjaaltonseb128: sru team can't handle NEW09:41
tjaaltonnot all of us anyway09:41
tjaaltononly AA's09:41
seb128tjaalton, should I just accept it myself then? ;)09:41
seb128or does it still need to go through the sru-accept script or whatever?09:41
seb128I guess best is to have a SRU team member who is AA to accept it09:42
tjaaltonif it's not on the queue anymore, then the next step is to accep it from new?09:42
seb128you mean not in the queue?09:42
seb128tjaalton, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+queue?queue_state=009:43
seb128it's still there09:43
tjaaltonunapproved queue, which the sru team handles09:43
tjaaltonfwupd is09:43
tjaaltonalso, generally #ubuntu-release is a better fit for sru pings09:44
tjaaltonso things are not lost in noise09:44
seb128should I ask there again?09:45
seb128tjaalton, since we are speaking SRU, could you review/approve the update-notifier/bionic one I just uploaded? it's some fixes to the current one that failed verification09:58
SwedeMiketty0: /win 20709:58
seb128tjaalton, should be an easy one, it's some lines of python diff which are pretty simple09:58
juliankPackageKit installs multiple service files10:02
juliankIt runs        dh_installsystemd --no-enable --no-start --no-restart-after-upgrade10:02
juliankwhich is OK for packagekit.service and offline-upgrades.service10:02
juliankbut I'm adding the user/pk-debconf-helper.socket, and I do need that enabled10:02
juliankdo I have to make two calls, one for existing units, and one for the socket?10:05
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juliankOh I guess I should just ship a symlink10:07
LocutusOfBorgjuliank, hello, any reason for not having forwarded dkms patch upstream? https://github.com/dell/dkms/commits/master10:54
juliankno reason10:55
blackflowHello, trying to figure out how to find deb src source that's actually used to produce .deb files, through LP. In particular I'm interested into the linux kernel package, I wanna see the patches Ubuntu is adding.10:55
LocutusOfBorgjuliank, will you do it, or shall I do? I don't honestly want to touch your patches, but I can do if needed10:56
LocutusOfBorgblackboxsw, pull-lp-source linux gets the latest version in development (needs installed ubuntu-dev-tools)10:57
LocutusOfBorgotherwise apt-get source does the job I guess10:57
Unit193dget https://path/to/package.dsc is nice.10:58
juliankLocutusOfBorg: does not make sense to forward really10:59
juliankLocutusOfBorg: It's only needed for shim_secureboot_support.patch10:59
juliankand that's not upstream eithert10:59

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