doge-dogeping vorlon are you active?02:20
vorlondoge-doge: ish? how can I help?02:49
doge-dogeI'm a little bit puzzled on your "the default is true" comment in the unattended-upgrades bug report02:49
doge-dogenever studied python before but this is the class for find_b02:50
doge-dogeand line 1956 in the UU script is the conditional if02:51
doge-dogeare you essentially saying that since it was commented out, it was essentially invisible and there was manually set to "True" inside find_b's parameters?02:54
doge-dogeah I think I get it, "return default [object]" and since object is there as "True", that condition returns a 102:58
doge-dogedefault in italics threw me off02:59
doge-dogea bit odd that python03:00
doge-dogeI still wonder why rbalint switched around that and InstallOnShutdown in the script since the current 18.04 package, maybe just so it reads better?03:07
doge-doge...or possibly to make sure there are indeed 2 steps necessary to trigger InstallOnShutdown considering https://github.com/mvo5/unattended-upgrades/blob/master/unattended-upgrade#L200603:15

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