mwhudsoni guess that makes some amount of sense00:17
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iceyrepeating a request from coreycb from a few weeks ago: please can an archive admin take a look at accepting intervals from the groovy new queue? it's a new build dependency for python-sqlalchemy-utils.06:34
RAOFicey: You can highlight us with ubuntu-archive, if you need an AA.p07:21
iceyRAOF: good to know, thanks!07:22
RAOFI don't think I've got time to review it today before EOD, but feel free to ping tomorrow if no one else has picked it up.07:24
iceyRAOF: thanks :)07:54
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ddstreetrbasak could you check git-ubuntu import of software-properties? it seems to not yet have picked up the version in groovy-proposed10:42
rbasakddstreet: that's known blocked, sorry.10:48
ddstreetah ok10:48
rbasakddstreet: if you need to, you can run the importer locally and it should work10:48
ddstreetok yep, thnx10:48
rbasakddstreet: "git ubuntu import -v --no-push -d software-properties software-properties"10:48
rbasakThere's an MP up for that so a fix is well underway10:49
julianktafb2: In Acer BIOS, at least some models, this is a hidden shortcut in main menu of bios - press Ctrl+S to disable optane; but that will break windows10:59
juliank(Ctrl+S enables the enablement of AHCI mode on some Acer laptops)11:00
juliankBefore that, you'd need to get windows ready for it, though, making it boot in safe mode using bcdedit /set {current} safeboot minimal before switching SSD to ahci11:01
juliankand then after booting safe mode in ahci, do bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot to disable safe mode again11:01
juliankAs Windows outside safe mode gets confused if you switch from optane to ahci11:01
juliankbut in safe mode, it will configure ssd ahci, and then it works normally after reboot11:02
juliankGood luck!11:02
juliank(source: https://community.acer.com/de/discussion/comment/865318/#Comment_865318 - german, for an a315)11:02
juliankmore here in EN: https://community.acer.com/en/discussion/583248/change-sata-mode-to-ahci-acer-aspire-3-a315-54k-59nz11:03
ahasenacksil2100: hi, what do you think about disabling risc64 for bileto ppas by default? Leave it for the user to enable it in the ppa directly if he/she wants?11:11
ahasenackor make bileto not wait for risc6411:11
ahasenackotherwise it's really sloooooooooooow11:11
sil2100ahasenack: hm, I think I like the not-wait-for-risc64 solution, let me look into that11:21
ahasenacksil2100: thanks11:21
ahasenacksil2100: I tried asking in #is do disable risc64 after the ppa is created (regular users cannot touch that setting), but it always comes back11:22
LaneyIn proposed-migration we trigger tests for arches as soon as they are ready (as long as arch:all aka amd64 is built)11:24
Laneyso if the concern is tests not being run, it could be that bileto should run p-m earlier11:24
ahasenackbileto doesn't start anything if an arch is still building11:26
ahasenackwhich ends up being risc6411:26
ahasenackhours become days11:26
Laneyyeah, no need for special casing any arches though, it's a matter of running p-m earlier / more frequently11:27
Laneybuild finished -> run p-m11:28
iceyLaney: looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/intervals/+bug/1890561 - do you mean python3-infinity rather than python3-intervals? On the same topic, does `python3:Depends` also pull in things from setup.py, as the intervals package doesn't have any requirements.txt type config11:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1890561 in intervals (Ubuntu) "Explicit dependency on python3-intervals isn't needed" [Undecided,New]11:59
Laneyicey: yeah infinity12:00
icey(updated the bug)12:01
LaneyThe verbose output there shows the requires.txt that it's using to calculate that12:01
iceycool :)12:01
iceyI'll propoise an update for that shortly, and then beg for jamespage to accept it :-D12:01
Laneyyou could stage that in git if you wanted to go along with the next upload, it's not a huge deal12:02
iceywell, I can ask to stage it in git, I don't have the permissions yet to actually do things for realz ;-p12:03
iceybut I figure it's a decent time to knock out some of these easier bugs with a new package :)12:03
iceyalso, thanks for taking a look :)12:04
seb128is it expected that gcc10 leads to some symbol changes on s390x only?12:34
xnoxseb128:  i did not expect that, but it is possible, can you show me which? to try to figure out if that's expected or not?13:51
seb128xnox, from https://people.canonical.com/~doko/ftbfs-report/test-rebuild-20200728-groovy-groovy.html#desktop-packages13:58
seb128xnox, sorry lightdm is not, poppler stands14:05
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arunpyasixnox, Hi there, How can we sign a thirdparty dkms module so that on installing shim-signed, no user interaction is required ?14:12
xnoxseb128:  missing gccinternal ones are fine, and are optional.14:27
xnoxaddition of the parsed string is odd14:28
xnoxseb128:  and "missing _Z.* regex is odd, but also i don't what it was / should have been.14:28
xnoxseb128:  using ccp0v5 ABI still today is odd14:28
xnoxseb128:  using c++14 abi is odd, given we have moved on to c++1714:28
xnoxi wonder if _Z symbols are missing because it's zlib stuff and it's optimized on s390x now14:29
xnoxseb128:  i think it is worth opening a bug report about it, and like assigning for me to poke it.14:30
seb128xnox, ok, thanks, against which package?14:30
arunpyasixnox, Did I miss your msg due to network disconnection ?14:34
xnoxseb128:  just poppler with ftbfs tag. It may or may not be poppler, but it's a place for it to start.15:02
seb128xnox, ack15:02
seb128xnox, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/poppler/+bug/189061915:05
xnoxarunpyasi:  hi, i don't recognise your nicknam. I'm not sure what you are asking about, and why you are asking me =)15:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1890619 in poppler (Ubuntu) "poppler fails to build on s390x with gcc10 due to symbols changes" [High,New]15:05
arunpyasiarunpyasi, I work on the remix UbuntuDDE and was having issue with a dkms module and secure boot.15:06
arunpyasiOn installing shim-signed, I was asked to sign the dkms module with a new Key. How can we sign a thirdparty dkms module so that on installing shim-signed, no user interaction is required ?15:07
xnoxwhich modules is it?15:07
xnoxstill not sure why are you pinging me about it15:07
arunpyasixnox, Its not in Debian/Ubuntu yet, Its called deepin-anything-dkms15:08
xnoxby design, dkms modules are to be self-signed.15:08
arunpyasixnox, I was referred to you by Wimpress :D15:08
xnoxarunpyasi:  the only kernel modules that are presigned, are the ones that shipped in the linux kernel itself.15:09
dokoseb128, xnox: C++ symbols changes should be dropped, and replaced by a proper ABI check ...15:09
xnoxarunpyasi:  so submit that module to be included in the mainline.15:10
xnoxWimpress:  arunpyasi: i don't know what you expected, but we don't sign any dkms modules, ever.....15:10
xnoxand especially not third party ones, that are not upstream / debian / ubuntu....15:11
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