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Unit193seb128: I guess I'm curious, not that it matters.  What specific feature of the new libshout were you looking at?01:05
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cpaelzerdoko: asyncpg doesn't look too good for now06:58
cpaelzerdoko: I ahve updated bug 1850136 as well as the Debian bug that you opened as well as an upstream issue06:58
ubottubug 1850136 in asyncpg (Ubuntu) "FTBFS in Focal with PG-12 present" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/185013606:58
cpaelzerthere are MRs open but I'm not convinced that we ahve to fix their py3.8/cython compatibility06:59
cpaelzerI'm not sure if this is just a "lets wait and see" or a "lets work on removing it" case06:59
dokocpaelzer: it's not blocking anything for now, until we make 3.8 the default06:59
cpaelzerdoko: I'd be interested to hear what you think on this case06:59
dokoexcept for pg itself06:59
cpaelzerdoko: it is not even blocking pg itself as it has no autopkgtest to do so07:00
cpaelzerpg-12 migrated a few days ago btw, just postgresql-common is still on the list (tests of 11 packages to go, 12 former fails done)07:01
cpaelzerI see in focal is still asyncpg 0.13 and in f-proposed is 0.1807:01
cpaelzerIMHO that will need upstream to rlease a 0.20 with py3.8 compatibility and then getting this into focal07:01
cpaelzerdoko: I'm keeping a watch on these asyncpg bugs/issues but will stop to actively work on it for a while to give upstream a chance to get py3.8 support07:02
cpaelzerthat means it will hang in -proposed for quite some time I guess07:03
dokosure, the alternative would be to just build for the default python3 to let it migrate07:03
dokothen you get the testing for 0.1807:03

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