nteodosioCan one with permissions please trigger these autopkgtests for me?10:17
ginggsnteodosio: looking...10:21
nteodosioThanks ginggs.10:23
nteodosiochrisccoulson_: Since 106.0.5249.91-0ubuntu0.18.04.1passed the manual and autopkg tests, could you please sponsor it?11:13
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paridehmm https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain/LTO doesn't list armhf as an LTO enabled arch14:47
* paride adds it14:47
paridethe wiki page later says that "LTO is enabled on all 64bit architectures", but apparently on at least a 32bit one...14:50
xnoxparide:  i think it was added, but later than others. we first did amd64 then something else, then everything.16:02
xnoxso probably a timing issue of updating things16:02
lagunalorrei am trying to find some instructions for making a deb file from a binary file that i have17:38
lagunalorrei tried to join #debian to ask about packaging help and it says you need to be registered or something...what is that about18:01
benmeans you have to register your nick18:02
lagunalorreben ok let me try to do all that but i hate giving out my email address because there are so many spammers these days18:04
lagunalorreben i don't see why registration is necessary to ask about making a deb file out of a binary18:04
sergiodjlagunalorre: the Debian channels are officially on OFTC, btw.  I'd suggest joining #debian-mentors there18:05
lagunalorresergiodj..ok let me go there..c u later18:05
benlibera is not going to spam you lmao18:07
tewardben: people're paranoid, data leaks and what not.  :P18:58

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