lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:49
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^06:55
EriC^^hey lotuspsychje06:55
EriC^^what's up?06:56
lotuspsychjechill & coffee :p07:04
ducassegood morning, everyone07:04
lotuspsychjehey ducasse07:05
Bashing-omOutta here .. see yall next \o07:17
lordievaderGood morning07:25
lordievaderHey oerheks07:37
lordievaderHow are you doing?07:37
oerhekshi lordievader07:37
oerhekswe are fine, just had breakfast07:38
lordievaderDoes it snow there too? I think ducasse is trying to move something.07:38
lotuspsychjehey lordievader07:38
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje07:39
lordievaderHow are you?07:39
lotuspsychjehey oerheks07:40
lotuspsychjeall good here guys tnx07:40
oerheksAnd you guys, surviving the nice weather?07:40
lotuspsychjehere bit rainy07:41
lordievaderDoing good here. Last 10 second of the ride to work it started to snow.07:41
ducassefinally stopped snowing here07:45
lordievaderHow much is there now? From the ground to the roof?07:46
lotuspsychjelordievader: https://photos.app.goo.gl/GTujVCNT5nS5ronx107:48
lotuspsychjebigggg snow at ducasse place lol07:48
lordievaderNice photo 😉07:48
ducassewe actually got even more after that - that was taken in the morning and it snowed heavily all day :)07:53
lordievaderHow high does it reach now?07:53
ducasseon average, i'd say well above my knees. the veranda is all but buried, and that's over a meter.07:56
lordievaderHahaha, nice07:56
oerheksgrinn, looks like #ubuntu https://www.sinn-frei.com/media/2018/27737_009.jpg08:17
lotuspsychjebbl work08:33
lotuspsychjehave nice snowday :p08:34
lordievaderYou too08:34
lordievaderoerheks: Hahaha, nice one08:34
oerheksbitcoin @ 10K now :-D08:50
BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
lordievaderHow are you doing BluesKaj ?11:05
BluesKajHi lordievader, fine here, how about you?11:06
lordievaderDoing allright. Trying to optimize a parsing script.11:06
jimb_Hey there13:39
pauljwhi everyone14:15
BluesKaj'Morning pauljw, jimb_14:17
pauljwhey BluesKaj :)14:17
TJ-oerheks: might be worth getting sruli to try with a new user account - could be user-profile specific15:32
oerheksah, good ide15:33
lotuspsychjehey guys17:24
lotuspsychjeJanC: nice app you made vrt nws17:25
kkremitzkiI'm looking forward to my Librem 517:36
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: your gonna buy it?17:37
kkremitzkiI already did sort of17:37
kkremitzkiI was one of the full phone backers on the crowdfunding campaign17:38
kkremitzkiJust gotta hope my Nexus 6P makes it another year17:38
lotuspsychjeim happy with my bq 4.5 ubports17:38
lotuspsychjeand with anbox support comming up17:38
lotuspsychjecurious how that will go17:39
lotuspsychje!info popularity-contest17:40
ubot5popularity-contest (source: popularity-contest): Vote for your favourite packages automatically. In component main, is standard. Version 1.64ubuntu2 (artful), package size 32 kB, installed size 115 kB17:40
kkremitzkiI have a nexus 5 running ubports as well that does decently, but I don't have actual cell service with it, only wifi, so I am not really seeing the full experience17:41
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: not handy then17:43
kkremitzkiIt's just an experimental device for me17:45
lotuspsychjebit pricy for just an experiment?17:46
kkremitzkiWell, it was my old main phone but the screen cracked to the point where it was dicey to carry around17:46
lotuspsychjeah i see :=p17:47
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: did they not made it stable yet for nexus5?17:47
kkremitzkiIt was very unfortunate, I was sitting on a concrete curb and it fell out of my jacket maybe 2 feet but at just the right angle to really mangle it17:47
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: wich channel is running on it?17:47
kkremitzkiI'll have to boot it and check, not sure17:48
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: ive had to change to devel on all devices myself17:48
kkremitzkiAs far as I know I'm running the standard install but it's having some problems (likely related to charger port damage)17:51
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: https://ubports.com/page/convergence17:59
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: you could try change it to devel channel17:59
lotuspsychjeyeah just read it nicomachus18:01
kkremitzkinice lotuspsychje looks like they've improved their website since I saw it last18:02
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: yeah, i had some issues on my phone first, but change to devel solved alot18:03
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: also idle in #ubports it has like 1200 telegram members already18:03
kkremitzkiLooks like my charging port has finally more or less bit the dust so I had to go find my qi charger because the phone kept dying before it could boot18:04
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj18:21
BluesKajhey lotuspsychje18:21
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: one for you http://news.softpedia.com/news/kubuntu-17-10-and-18-04-users-can-now-try-the-kde-plasma-5-12-lts-desktop-519401.shtml18:22
BluesKajlotuspsychje, yeah installed it early this morning https://kubuntu.org/news/plasma-5-12-lts-beta-available-ppa-for-testing-on-artful-bionic/18:29
BluesKajjust on Artful so far, haven't tried Bionic yet18:30
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: in this stage bionic pretty same as artful18:31
BluesKajbionic is still slow here, needs some help18:35
BluesKajwas reluctant to install plasma 5.12 on Bionic , but here goes, BBIAB18:41
kkremitzkilotuspsychje: Are you on 15.04/devel or is 16.04 available yet18:43
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: but they are testing xenial on it also18:44
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: ask about it in ubports18:44
lotuspsychjekkremitzki: you can change to devel from your existing install in options18:56
lotuspsychjewelcome gunix19:01
gunixthank you19:01
gunixregarding ubuntu: do you use citrix or vpn? what tool do you use for chat? do you have any sort of LDAP?  can you install any distro you want on your device? do you get a device from the company?19:02
daftykinsyou're talking about technologies but not actually starting with what you want to be able to do19:04
daftykinsit's like asking steel, aluminium or iron when the query should be "i want to cross this river"19:05
lotuspsychje_hey daftykins19:05
gunixlotuspsychje_: did you get my questions or did you disconnect? :D19:06
lotuspsychje_i was dc yeah19:06
gunixand there you go19:06
gunixok, so asking again19:06
lotuspsychje_still here19:06
gunixregarding ubuntu: do you use citrix or vpn? what tool do you use for chat? do you have any sort of LDAP?  can you install any distro you want on your device? do you get a device from the company?19:06
gunixwell, it's more regarding canonical i guess ^^19:07
lotuspsychje_!info hexchat | gunix19:07
ubot5gunix: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.12.4-5build2 (artful), package size 336 kB, installed size 1009 kB19:07
daftykinsgunix: see above19:07
lotuspsychje_oh thats to nacc you gotta ask19:07
gunixlotuspsychje_: so you don't use any tool for screen sharing?19:08
lotuspsychje_im just a user here19:08
gunixoh ok19:08
gunixok ok19:08
gunixwell if nacc is kind enough to answer ^^ if he can provide the info19:08
daftykinsi already pointed out your query doesn't make a lot of sense19:09
lotuspsychje_gunix: why are you interested if your not gonna apply for a job?19:09
gunixdaftykins: it's part of a discussion i started with nacc on another channel, regarding how canonical treats it's employees. the subject was offtopic for that channel so i moved here19:09
gunixlotuspsychje_: did you ever have an ugly girlfriend? you still watch other girls, even if you don't want to cheat or dump her ... did that ever happen to you?19:10
lordievader./me is also lost as to what gunix wants to know19:10
gunixlordievader, daftykins: do you work at canonical?19:11
gunixthan you can't answer the questions :D19:11
daftykinswhy are you asking?19:12
gunixi wrote above, in an aswer towards lotuspsychje_19:12
lotuspsychje_i dont see the matches about canonical and and ugle gf?19:12
gunixwell canonical is not the ugly gf19:13
gunixcanonical is the good looking girl19:13
gunixmy company is the ugly gf19:13
gunixwhich i can't quit19:13
daftykinsi don't think you should use an example like that online19:13
daftykinsbound to ruffle many feathers :)19:13
lotuspsychje_gunix: if you dream about canonical, go for it?19:14
gunixdaftykins: i can't work on linux, i have to work on windows, skype is the only chat tool, citrix is mandatory and you can't use vpn instead. so the security is not based on ssh keys, it's based on passwords and AD. i guess you understand my frustration and my curiosity now19:15
gunixlotuspsychje_: i can't quit atm. there are also no linux companies in my city, or in my country ^^ there are however companies using linux, where i would feel a lot better regarding used technologies19:16
lotuspsychje_gunix: browse the homebased jobs, see what your good in, apply for one?19:16
daftykinsall i understand is you're in the wrong place :)19:19
gunixdaftykins: i am trying to push open source here. if it doesn't work, i will probably leave after i give it by best shot19:20
pauljwkinda preaching to the choir19:22
gunixwhat? how?19:23
pauljwsorry, i saw pushing here, but you didn't mean here here, you meant here there...19:24
daftykinshear hear!19:26
pauljwthat's what i get for only seeing part of the conversation...19:26
lotuspsychje_check the logs pauljw ...:p19:27
lotuspsychje_its all in the logs19:27
gunixhe got the picture now19:27
lotuspsychje_oh..my bad19:28
pauljwyeah, i get what he's talking about now.19:28
lotuspsychje_gunix: i hear at google they can use the swimming pool also19:29
lotuspsychje_splendid for a work-brake19:29
pauljwi think it's great that you are trying, gunix, but i don't think i'd leave a job over their choice of software.  i like to eat too much.19:30
gunixpauljw: and i like to sleep at night. how can money be good, if i feel morally dissapointed about myself?19:31
daftykinsah i'd hate putting in stuff i didn't believe in, day after day - that's why i don't - am self employed and use the technologies i want :)19:32
gunixpauljw: everything i got now, my job, my money, my opportunities ... i have all this because there were people in the open source community ready to help me without asking anything in return. i had the software, the support, the friends to push me... and they did it for open source. how could I, in return, work for some people that promote propriatary software? it would mean i give nothing back,19:32
gunixexcept a greater challenge to overcome, by promoting other technologies19:32
lotuspsychje_tv time, ttyl19:33
pauljwlater lotuspsychje_19:33
lotuspsychje_laterz ; )19:34
daftykinsright tools for the job, that's all that matters - not all that19:37
pauljwall you can do is look for something that meets your standards i suppose.  good luck because as you say, they're few and far between.  there's a rock quarry over here that's always hiring you just need to learn to drive a truck, swing a sledge or pick and work in all kinds of weather.  :)19:37
gunixyea ...19:43

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