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chilverschow do I run the equivelent of "debian/rules genconfigs" for a single architecture?14:35
chilverscthe instructions under https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile seem to be out of date. I can't find debian/configs anymore as it seems to have been replaced with this new annotations system that generates configs for multiple architectures.14:45
chilverscAlso, using the new "debian/rules genconfigs" how do I modify certain flags? With a ".config" file I could use use "scripts/config --disable", etc.15:06
arighichilversc, https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/kernel-configuration-in-ubuntu/3585715:08
arighiif you are using a kernel >= lunar15:08
arighijust edit debian.master/configs/annotations15:09
chilverscI'm trying to script out something that doesn't need manually updating, so that I can just point it at the latest mainline tag and build for a specific architecture15:10
arighior generate your config via `make menuconfig` and then import it with `./debian/scripts/misc/annotations --arch amd64 --flavour generic --import .config` (for example for arch=amd64 and flavour generic)15:10
arighiif you have the whole .config already you can this from your script ^15:11
chilverscpreviously I was just using; "cp /boot/config-$(uname -r) .config; make genoldconfig; make -j$(nproc) bindeb-pkg", but that's giving me issues with the latest 6.4-rc415:11
chilverscI suspect its a missing flag that needs to be enabled, but the build starts failing with; "warning: 'nocf_check' attribute ignored. Use '-fcf-protection' option to enable it"15:12
chilverscwhich doesn't happen when using "fakeroot debian/rules clean; dpkg-buildpackage -b -nc -uc -ui -d"15:13
juerghchilversc: you shouldn't use make to build the Ubuntu kernel. Results might be unexpected or it won't work at all.15:13
chilverscyup, hence why I'm trying to switch over to using debian/rules; but all the instructions on the wiki appear to be out of date?15:14
juerghmost likely yes. all the docs need to be migrated to discourse (we've been told)15:15
chilverscI was looking to grab the latest mainline, generate a config for a single architecture (and override certain options), then build all the binary packages (including debug symbols) for that architecture15:15
juerghand updated and fixed and what not15:15
juerghmainline as in our Ubuntu-mainline?15:16
chilverscI was wondering if I could grab mantic's Ubuntu-gcp-6.2.0-1006.6 to get the GCP optimised options, then upgrade that to 6.415:17
chilverscyeah, I need test out some changes that have been merged into the latest 6.4 kernel, only there's currently a bug so I also need to apply a patch from the mailing list15:17
chilverscso unfortunatly I can't use the pre-built mainline packages15:18
arighichilversc, ok so you have your config, but the build is failing with that control flow protection error, probably a toolchain issue I'd say15:26
arighido you have CONFIG_X86_KERNEL_IBT enabled?15:26
chilverscI don't think so,15:26
chilverscThough I did want to move over to the proper build process instead of using .config and the old make olddefconfig, hence why I'm trying to figure out using debian/rules to build, but I only want a single architecture as I've not setup for cross-compilation15:27
chilverscso make fails trying to generate configs for arm64, etc15:27
chilverscalso, the base generic config from mainline isn't optimal for gcp, so there's some extra flags I need to enable, and I can't find instructions on how to do that easily within the new annotations process (without having to clone the git repository and create my own branch)15:29
chilverscin the old .config process it was as simple as running; "scripts/config --disable ...", and I was expecting something similar with the annotations system, so that I can just checkout the mainline branch, override a specific config option then generate the config for my architecture15:31

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