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* tsimonq2 is currently git bisecting bug 182980518:48
ubot5bug 1829805 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lubuntu Eoan Daily Image fails to boot after install on KVM" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182980518:48
tsimonq2I'll try my best to work out the problem, but it'd be cool to get a second set of eyes from someone who regularly does kernel stuff. :)18:49
TJ-tsimonq2: are you still working on the bug?19:02
tsimonq2TJ-: Yes.19:07
tsimonq2It just takes a while for a kernel to build, and I've been at SELF.19:07
TJ-no need; see my about-to-be posted comment to the bug19:08
tsimonq2So, why does installing the Disco kernel work fine? :/19:08
TJ-tsimonq2: not sure, but I'd start with investigating from the initramfs to identify the problem19:09
tsimonq2That's a weird one.19:10
tsimonq2TJ-: And it only happens with Lubuntu.19:11
TJ-tsimonq2: I'm fetching the lubuntu image so I can test here in QEMU too19:11
TJ-I've dealt with lots of these unable to mount root-fs using the break=XXXX method19:12
TJ-22 minutes to fetch; I miss the days of CD image!19:12
tsimonq2haha :)19:12
TJ-You should have fixed it by the time I've got the image :)19:13
tsimonq2TJ-: We do have a new release of Calamares that should be in this daily.19:13
tsimonq2Watch that be the solution. :P19:13
tsimonq2I trust your judgement though, because last time you were right.19:14
tsimonq2(I'd like to document whatever the solution is, though.)19:14
TJ-remind me what Calamares is? installer?19:14
tsimonq2It replaces Ubiquity.19:14
TJ-tsimonq2: are you saying the current daily may be fixed?19:15
TJ-tsimonq2: is there a lubuntu-dev channel for dealing with this?19:18

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