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sacardeI dont view nm-apple in pannel07:48
sacardemay be I dont have installed some packages07:49
diogenes_sacarde, run in terminal: nm-applet07:51
sacardeah.... ok07:52
arm1eHello everyone10:54
arm1eI have been having theming issues for the past few weeks on the new beta. Many times, when I want to try a new theme it will not install properly, missing controls, or not changing the colour of the indicators applet to match the panel10:56
chainfireanybody there12:20
TechChristophhere i am12:39
arm1eDoes anyone know how to theme firefox properly when using a dark gtk theme?14:18
diogenes_arm1e, whats the issue?14:19
arm1eon dark themes, text boxes in firefox have a black boackground.14:19
diogenes_arm1e, run: cd ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/14:21
arm1eI am there14:24
diogenes_mkdir chrome14:24
diogenes_touch ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome/userContent.css14:24
diogenes_pluma (or whatever text editor) ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome/userContent.css14:25
diogenes_paste there the following: http://susepaste.org/6582177514:26
arm1efixed, but now checkboxes are black14:27
diogenes_did you close and re-open ff?14:28
arm1ethe textboxes are fine, just checkboxes that are not14:28
diogenes_no clue about check boxes, I don't even use ff, it's all I remember from those older days when I was using ff14:30
diogenes_arm1e, you still there?14:32
diogenes_try to replace userContent.css with this: https://gist.github.com/olegantonyan/f27d359fd3cfa5340a0a28e11038da2914:32
diogenes_tell me if that fixes the thing14:32
arm1eI want to use a light theme, but I keep running into issues. The main one is that the indicator plugin in the panel ignores the panel colour14:32
diogenes_try the above code and report if that fixes the issue14:33
arm1ewill do14:36
arm1ethat did it14:38
diogenes_ok goo to know14:38
arm1eNext, what themes would you recommend? Many that I have tried to add, fail to include controls14:39
diogenes_I use breeze-dark14:40
arm1ewhere from?14:41
diogenes_look in synaptic if they have it14:42
arm1einstalled breeze-gtk-theme but doesnt show up14:45
diogenes_maybe you need to re-log14:46
arm1ewill try. Thanks for the help14:46
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