Tombie75how u r02:51
Tombie75came from bar02:51
Tombie75karaoke and stuff02:51
Tombie75not managed to go to airport02:52
Tombie75too long waiting02:52
Tombie75helolo siva_machina02:53
Tombie75just some one to speak :)02:54
Tombie75i like to united02:54
Tombie75with people02:55
Tombie75just speak what in mind02:55
Tombie75i came from bar, karaoke and stuff02:55
Tombie75i am bad people02:56
Tombie75because of bar and alcohol02:56
siva_machinaI take it that is why your so talkative right now.02:57
Tombie75not so much02:57
Tombie75i am talkative without alcohol also02:57
Tombie75i am adhd02:57
Tombie75i like to collaborate and learn02:58
Tombie75i am not managed it good02:58
Tombie75i reallly want to teach people :)02:58
Tombie75if some i have learned of linux and life02:58
Tombie75linux and life - that is the point02:59
siva_machinaout of curiosity. Where are you from? if you don't mind me asking.02:59
Tombie75neihgbour of sweden and russia02:59
Tombie75we are big country, with few people03:00
Tombie75we need to collaborate :D03:00
siva_machinaah, I guess that explains the sentence structure.03:00
Tombie75okay funny03:00
Tombie75i am no so good in sentencde03:00

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