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handsome_fengHi, Could someone in MOTU team help to review and upload my packages to ubuntu archive? Thanks! LP: #1738919 LP: #1738947 #173897606:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1738919 in Ubuntu Kylin "[needs-packaging] ukui-menus" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173891906:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1738947 in Ubuntu Kylin "[needs-packaging] ukui-settings-daemon" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173894706:14
tsimonq2Hey handsome_feng :)06:16
tsimonq2handsome_feng: I assume you've already applied feedback from previous reviews of packages?06:17
tsimonq2In any case, I'll be happy to review them right now.06:17
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Also, I know you have some other new packages, right? If you send me an email at tsimonq2@ubuntu.com with a full list I'll be happy to get to them before the beginning of next week.06:18
tsimonq2But seeing as these are now marked as Critical, I'll do them now :)06:18
handsome_fengtsimonq2: oh, Thank you very much! and I will seed an email to you with the full list late. :p06:21
tsimonq2handsome_feng: Alright, thanks06:22
tsimonq2handsome_feng: One little nitpick (I'll still upload them, it's no problem, just do it for next upload...) is that we're at Standards-version 4.1.3 now, please update :)06:22
handsome_fengtsimonq2: ok, I will update it.06:24
tsimonq2handsome_feng: In any case though, what I do think is a blocker for me uploading them is getting most of these dealt with: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26402642/06:25
tsimonq2Yes, it's a pedantic Lintian check, but some of these are normal warnings :)06:25
tsimonq2Specifically the ones I worry about before uploading are wildcard-matches-nothing-in-dep5-copyright, gir-section-not-libdevel, and gir-missing-typelib-dependency06:26
tsimonq2(that's ukui-menus, for what it's worth)06:27
handsome_fengemm, I will fix this, and how do you got this info? I usually run 'debuild' in the source code and then check the lintian output, and didn't fount these informations. :/06:28
tsimonq2In my ~/.sbuildrc I have the following lines:06:29
tsimonq2$run_lintian = 1;06:29
tsimonq2$lintian_opts = ['-i', '-I', '--pedantic'];06:29
tsimonq2Not remembering how to just run the bare Lintian command with those args, because I always just use sbuild for it anyways, others in the channel, feel free to help me out here ;)06:31
tsimonq2Additionally handsome_feng, here's what I get from Lintian for ukui-settings-daemon: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26402671/06:32
handsome_fengGot it, I will check all my packages and fix the warnings06:33
tsimonq2Awesome, thanks06:33
tsimonq2I have to go to sleep, but I'll check back before school when I wake up in ~ 5.5 hours, and if things are fixed, I'll upload these for you :)06:34
tsimonq2Thanks for bringing this here :)06:34
handsome_fengGood night, tsimonq2, I will send you an email when I fix thoeo:)06:34
tsimonq2Ok o/06:34

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