Wild_Manhi Bashing-om, sure go ahead please01:36
Wild_ManBashing-om, my wife reminded me the Monday is our 36 anniversary and we have been together 38 years and I am only 5401:37
Wild_ManI saw your message earlier but then I left again and did not have time to reply01:37
Bashing-omWild_Man: Right now as thimgs stand I will be around to get the letter out; so congrats on 38 years of togetherness :)01:42
Wild_ManOkay, will let me know if that changes or you just need a break my friend01:43
Bashing-omWild_Man: Welp - I still be the junior part in this :) I let ya know in the AM if I am still around for this weekend :)01:45
Wild_ManOkay Bashing-om, not sure what junior part in this you are referring to, if you mean uwn, that is not the case in my opinion01:46

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