Wild_ManBashing-om, looking over the wiki, I see you included a tutorial for RX 5700 XT/RX 5700 I am okay with it but did you kryten say it is okay? to my knowledge I was told we could not include tutorials02:23
Bashing-omWild_Man: Geneally I agree - but with the onlaught of Ryzen issues we see - thought it good on our part to include.02:27
Wild_ManBashing-om, I agree and that is why I am okay with it02:27
Wild_ManEverything else looks good02:28
Bashing-omWild_Man: "looks good" is a wonder as I have a bad cold and have difficulties maintaining a focus :(02:29
Wild_ManBashing-om, I am sorry to hear that02:29
Bashing-omIn and out of the heat to A/C .. I expect to be over it in a day or so. But in the meantime I am some kind of miserable.02:31
Wild_ManTake it easy and try to rest02:32
krytenThe "discourse.ubuntu.com server guide" summary of the announcement - it should link to the latter rather than the guide itself.02:33
Bashing-omkryten: K- was not sure about that -- as I found it in a bug request .02:36
kryten"Ubuntu Server - 9 September 2019 - <link>" - the first one should be a "–" as per usual, and it seems we've also lost "Team" along the way.02:40
kryten...And gained "Ubuntu" instead.02:40
Bashing-omkryten: Not following the thought process as the author titled "Ubuntu Server - 9 September 2019".02:54
kryten..Aha, we are there again.  Also: "Details of board members & those retiring are provided" - while I probably know from whom the "&" is coming there, I wouldn't agree on the heavy use of it in place of "and".03:01
Bashing-omkryten: Will fix that & ,, the "discourse.ubuntu.com server guide" we want to rewrite the summary with the bug report as the source - https://bugs.launchpad.net/help.ubuntu.com/+bug/1843945 ? Or drop the item all together ?03:05
krytenYeah, I'd refer in the summary text to the bug report as the source of the announcement, then link that first below of it, and link the Discourse section below of that as you did in some other places.03:10
Bashing-omkryten: sounds gret will re-do :P03:10
Bashing-omkryten: See now the "server guide" summary.03:26
guiverctwo comments made 19.10 wallpaper (blogo) article; minor but..03:56
guiverc(sorry Bashing-om)03:57
Bashing-omguiverc: Looking :)03:58
guivercotherwise I didn't notice anything.  I started my read thru >3 hrs ago, so wiki has changed since I started reading...04:01
Bashing-omguiverc: :) The WIKI is not final until it is final - change is the nature of that beast. Added the comma, and suggest we leave the "too".04:08
EoflaOEHello everyone04:16
guivercG'day EoflaOE04:21
Bashing-omguiverc: Think I am current with the changes that you suggested. Check again ?04:22
EoflaOEThanks guiverc.04:23
EoflaOEBashing-om: Everything in the wiki doesn't have mistakes.04:23
guivercBashing-om, a refresh of my wiki (596) looks the same; no changes that I see04:24
Bashing-omguiverc: I re-did "the Hub" item, Do you find it acceptable currently ?04:26
guivercHub service doco looks great.04:26
guivercs/service/server/ ^04:27
Bashing-omguiverc: Great - closer to calling this a wrap :)04:27
guivercBashing-om, I still don't see changes to wallpaper one though (on wiki, only on gdoc)04:28
Bashing-omguiverc: Ouch ..lemme save the WIKI and exit - see then if the changes are then in effect.04:30
guivercBashing-om, now I do - maybe issue my end04:30
guiverclooks great :)04:31
Bashing-omguiverc: I am now out of the WIKI .04:31
Bashing-omClosing out and going down for rest and recuperation. Will check the channel logs when I return.04:44
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