Bashing-omguiverc: Sounds reasonable to me - make up that Discourse "mockup" and beat up on it to find our bugs :D00:25
krytarikI now also got a variant of the wiki2forum script to do the same based on a Discourse post.00:43
Bashing-omkrytarik: : Mastodon >> popey: @Bashingom Ok, created @UbuntuWeeklyNews which will post using the https://fridge.ubuntu.com/category/news/feed/ feed on the fridge. It would be nice if there was a category for "uwn" rather than using the generic "news" feed, as other stuff sometimes shows up in that feed. Any chance when posting to the fridge, you can add that category in addition to "news" and 00:43
Bashing-omkrytarik: Anyway we can make such ^ a reality ?00:45
krytarikWelp, it would have been better to create a more generic account like "UbuntuFridge" or "UbuntuNews" (while I've recently noticed the latter exists with another purpose already) - but yes, we'd like to base the posts there on the "Planet" category.00:46
krytarikThat was our idea anyway.. also I think an account with only the newsletter would be rather limited and boring to the followers.. :300:51

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