CarlFK drown left the room (Kicked by TheRedQueen (You are banned from this channel)).08:28
CarlFKrookie mistake: pasting a ton of debug log (that was asked for)  - how can I unban him?08:29
CarlFKhey - I saw what happened.. trying to get you unbanned now...08:30
drownI just got banned from ubuntu main channel...I posted output to troubleshoot.08:30
drowni know that was stupid of me08:30
CarlFKno worries, automated bot that tries to keep the peace08:30
drownYeah I saw the bot spazzing and I knew something was going to happen08:31
CarlFKit may be a while,  I haven't un-banned anyone in forever08:33
JackFrostThere you go.08:33
drownOkay, I appreciate it08:33
JackFrostAs the bot messaged, please use a pastebin.08:33
drownyeah i made one just before I got banned and posted it to the chan08:34
CarlFKyay.  thanks.08:34
JackFrostdrown: You can /join #ubuntu now08:34
drownJackFrost: thank you so much08:34
JackFrostSure thing.08:36

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