happy_hackerso what's up?12:18
ikoniacan someone talk to happy_hacker please (he's put me on ignore so I can't)12:18
ikoniahe appears to be under the impression I'm using channels I'm not and using them as some sort of threat that he'd post stuff I don't want posting ?12:19
happy_hackerikonia: so why did you ban me? if you don't like being confronted, you could /query me12:21
happy_hackerikonia: you take this accusatory attitude, but you're not really that helpful12:21
happy_hackeryou posted something to me the other day saying I was breaking channel rules, then posted the rules12:22
ikoniaI'm unavle to engage with happy_hacker as he claims to have put me on ignore, sorry to the other ops12:22
ikoniaunable even12:22
happy_hackerI read the entire rules, with all the links, and it did not mention that once12:22
happy_hackerikonia: are you going to persist in this?12:23
happy_hackercause I have a life, and don't want to keep on with it12:23
happy_hackerdon't want to keep on this mess with you12:23
ikoniait seems a bit silly, he's continuing to talk at me, while having me on ignore12:23
happy_hackerI tried to ask you to back off, but you just can't seem to do that when others ask you politely12:24
happy_hackerikonia: so what is your problem right now?12:24
ikoniafor the record no-one has asked me to "back off"12:24
ikoniabut again, I'm unable to deal with this guy while on ignore and he continues to talk at me12:24
happy_hackerI didn't use that term specifically, giving you a little respect at first12:24
happy_hackerikonia: don't act stupid in here12:24
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops unable to engage with happy_hacker while he has me on ignore12:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:25
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops happy_hacker continues to send me pm's that I can't respond to, saying he sees me getting shot down in #gentoo all the time and I woulnd't want it posting, despite the fact that I don't think I've ever spoken in gentoo in the last 6 years ?12:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.12:30

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