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shivayahi folks, is there a way to have cloud-init (user-data) create raid 1 disk? i was going through the docs and was unable to find any info on that16:29
ahasenackshivaya: hi, I don't know, but try perhaps in the #cloud-init channel16:31
ahasenackI'm assuming it's not for the root disk, right, but some attached storage16:31
shivayai was thinking the root disk actually 16:33
shivayaeven the interactive mode of cloud-init did not want to let me create root md raid disk 16:34
ahasenackI don't know if that's possible, cloud-init might be too late for that16:34
shivayaah i was afraid of that. let me check with the #cloud-init folks. thanks for the pointer! 16:35

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