dpb1Hey: best to ask in #maas01:08
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Neo4what is dns server set up on ubuntu for test how it works?13:14
Neo4it seems there exists a few dns reqursive and alteretative13:14
Neo4who know what dns use my internet connection and how it works, I get connection automatically using CHDHD13:15
RoyKwell, google has and - works for me13:43
RoyKand *poof* he went13:43
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mojtabaHello, I have defined a systemd service and I have enabled it using systemd enable serviceName; but when I restart the computer it does not run again, and I have to run systemd start serviceName. Does anybody know what is going on and what should I do?16:40
RoyKmojtaba: if you pastebin the systemd config file, it might be easier to help you ;)16:44
mojtabaRoyK: sure, just a sec.16:45
mojtabaRoyK: http://paste.debian.net/1021487/16:46

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