benl90hello, I want to ask about netplan, What's expected mapping error. I couldn't find in google anything about it. Thanks01:19
sarnoldcan you give some context?01:20
MrCrow_So, I have both the ufw firewall and my routers firewall configured so that my server is accessible to the external network. When I start and stop my service on the open port on my ubuntu server, http://canyouseeme.org/ reports that it can/cannot see the service accordingly. However, when trying to connect to the server with the specified port and the IPaddress of my server (which has that port forwarded to my server) nothing01:33
MrCrow_I can connect through the LAN address and that port fine, but I cannot connect through the WAN address01:33
benl90does your router port forwarding is enabled?01:35
sarnolddoes the protocol in question have to think that it's actually listening on the IP address?01:35
MrCrow_sarnold, you just gave me an idea - give me one moment and I'll see if that fixes it, if not I'll answer01:39
MrCrow_nope that didn't help01:41
MrCrow_So, I am running a minecraft server - I had the IP set to the local IP which, it technically is receiving information addressed to 192.168.1.x but that didn't help01:42
benl90MrCrow_: Does you do port forwarding or not?01:43
sarnoldMrCrow_: when you say "I cannot connect through the WAN address" -- are you testing from *within* the lan? or from outside?01:47
benl90Hmmm he left03:14

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