tomreyni like how this is laid out in comic sans00:00
JanCI wonder if court orders like this are public in India?00:00
sarnoldoerheks: two minutes, nice :D00:00
JanChttps://www.reddit.com/r/sysadmin/comments/1cbeq8i/anyone_else_experiencing_issues_accessing_ubuntu/ someone else with this problem too00:01
JanC2 in fact00:01
JanCI wonder if they decided to block sites like archive.org & archive.is & such and just blocked all sites containing "archive"   :)00:03
oerhekshttps://status.snapcraft.io/ https://status.canonical.com/00:03
JanCI wonder if they block archive.debian.org etc. too (which would contain pretty much the same stuff)00:27
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