daftykinsthe new nvidia cards make Roman look like a small man - https://youtu.be/3si-LpxvbHI?t=5411:04
zxmpiheats a home quick as you like11:59
daftykinswinter gaming!12:27
zxmpiin summer divert the hot air to the kiddie pool to keep it warm at night12:36
daftykinscool video of Shelby (Tech Tangets on YouTube) cloning that early Philips CD drive "LMSI" controller card to use the earliest known one with a PC: https://youtu.be/0W1t2_EJG9w12:37
daftykinsTangents* too12:37
zxmpithat's a use of twitch i never considered before. what's next, how to defuse a russian nuclear weapon, live on twitch :-P12:48
daftykinshe's pretty brave to do stuff live, so many cooks helping to spoil the broth... i corrected a switch he was using on a program the other day 'cause he was so distracted he missed the man page line stating it was the wrong thing12:49
zxmpiit was about the same level of excitement when you got cd-rom working back then too :-D13:02
zxmpian original cd rom, external. you'd be lucky to 150kbs over it's own wacky serial jobbie13:06
daftykinsyep! he's done some fun speed testing, comparing DOS to Windows13:07
zxmpii liked dos. still have a few dos apps around now. but looking at getting a cp/m system for offline distraction free work13:08
davefdaftykins: I saw the video, dude cloned a ISA card from photos.13:32
daftykinsyeah :D 13:33
daftykinsi was on the livestream a little after the clip13:33
zxmpiwell as he said the size of the components was huge :-)14:02
davefPimp my BBC Micro .. https://github.com/dekuNukem/RGBeeb/blob/master/README.md14:36
zxmpiis it a bbc micro without the iconic keyboard?14:36
davefit has a modern keyboard14:37
zxmpithat's what i mean14:37
zxmpikinda like the speccy keyboard, it was awful, inspired a 1000 jokes and yet it was a solid part of the spectrum experience14:38
* zxmpi wonders how big a hard drive you'd need to have every game and bit of software for all bbc archives14:44
daftykinshaving a mate at archive.org might help ;)14:45
zxmpiyou're just making an offline backup14:49

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