brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:27
foobarryUnder the new eligibility requirements announced today, your YouTube channel, is no longer eligible for monetization because it doesn’t meet the new threshold of 4,000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months and 1,000 subscribers.09:21
foobarrythats youtube09:21
diploDid you ever make money anyhoo foobarry ?09:28
foobarrynot enough for the threshold to be triggered09:31
foobarrybut i lived in hope09:31
diploSounds like to much effort to me :)09:36
diploIt's a nice to have, get yourself up there and do re-ask09:36
SuperMatt<3 new digital ocean droplet sizes and charges10:50
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* daftykins has a look10:57
SuperMattI was on a 2G 2core 40G box for $20, and now I have 2G 2core 60G for for $1510:58
daftykins:) i was on the lowest so i'm doubling RAM to 1GB and that's it, i think10:59
daftykinsi wonder if i have to power off and on to get the new RAM11:01
SuperMattYou need to perform a resize11:01
SuperMattwhich requires you to power it off first11:02
daftykinsnah i'm not regaining disk space on mine, just getting more RAM11:02
daftykinser gaining, not regaining11:02
SuperMattLook at the flexible options at the bottom, you might find one which fits your needs11:03
daftykinsmmm nah 3x the price11:04
SuperMattfair enough11:06
foobarryhows the new job SuperMatt11:26
SuperMattgoing well11:28
SuperMatta little slow to start because everyone's busy and there's a lot ot learn11:29
foobarryyeah happens a lot12:36
foobarryyou can always read every ticket on the ticket system12:36
foobarryone new starter did that and got a massive powerup in knowledge12:37
SuperMattI'm just doing some work to make sure I can interact easily with terraform12:37
SuperMattI've spent the majority of this and last week getting to grips with their main repos12:45
m0nkey_foobarry: It's screwed me over. I have three FreeNAS videos that easily get the required hours, but I don't have enough subscribers.13:34
foobarryisn't it an OR14:09
foobarryAND sucks14:09
foobarryit's like they want to lose user content14:09
m0nkey_foobarry: I will likely find another place to host the videos14:57
m0nkey_Majority of the views come from the FreeNAS forum anyway, so moving them isn't a huge headache.14:57

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