nhainesMeeting in an hour!01:00
nhainesOkay, it's meeting time!  :)02:01
nhainesWelcome, everyone, to the Ubuntu California meeting for May 15th, 2022!02:03
nhainesI hope everyone's year has been improving as we march along.02:03
nhainesLots of interesting Ubuntu things progressing lately.02:03
nhainesUbuntu 22.04 LTS has been released, and is really solid.02:04
nhainesUbuntu got a new logo refresh, and there are some more refreshes to come in the future.  (Launchpad just got a new logo in the last couple of days.)02:04
nhainesThis means it may be time for a new Ubuntu California logo.02:05
nhainesIt definitely means it's time to make new business cards!  :)  I'll be working on that in a couple of weeks.02:05
nhainesI'm working on a 3rd Edition of my book, "Beginning Ubuntu for Windows and Mac Users" to complement Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.  I'll redesign the business cards after I finish that.02:06
nhainesIn addition, the Southern California Linux Expo is returning this year, and will be at the Hilton LAX as it has been in the past.  It's going to be really exciting to run a booth again after two years.02:06
nhainesI haven't received booth information yet, but I do plan to be there running a booth, and I may consider submitting a CFP once I know more.  It might be interesting to talk about Ubuntu over the past couple of years.02:08
nhainesI think that's about the sum of it, really.02:09
nhainesHas anyone upgraded to Ubuntu 22.04 LTS yet?02:11
nhainesIf you were running Ubuntu 21.10, you got an upgrade notification about a week after release.  If you're still running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, you'll receive a notification after August 4th.02:12
nhainesIn either case, you can open a terminal window (or press Alt+F2) and run `upgrade-manager -c` to get an upgrade prompt right away.  :)02:12
nhainesI think that's about it for tonight.  If no one has any comments, then we'll end it here.02:18
nhainesA total lunar eclipse started about 50 minutes ago, and will reach full totality around 9:11pm.  So make sure to go out and watch the skies if you can!02:19
nhainesIf local sky conditions don't allow that, then you can always install Stellarium and simulate the current conditions for yourself!  Stellarium is available from the Ubuntu repositories, or an even newer version is available from the Snap Store, in Ubuntu Software.02:20
nhainesTake care, and we'll meet again on June 19th to check in on SCALE and any other developments with Ubuntu.02:20
nhainesHave a great May, everyone!02:20

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