plujonVBoxManage guestcontrol $guest stat /bin/sh # hangs for me using 5.2.18_Ubuntur123745 on host and guest additions 5.2.18_KernelUbuntu r12374500:20
plujonVBoxManage guestcontrol $guest stat /bin/sh # does not hang when using 5.2.22 direct from Oracle.00:28
Jerbotanyone about?00:34
JerbotI added new nvidia drivers to 18.04 and reset.  after resetting the pc, I tried to log in...00:34
JerbotThe screen blinks and then goes back to login.00:34
cognition___is automatic upgrade of packages turned ON in this configuration:00:42
Jerbotupgrade =/= update00:46
OerHeks20auto-upgrades and 50unattended-upgrades are responcible for that00:47
cognition___k, I am wondering if packages like, apache2/mariadb/redis will get upgraded00:47
mutantecognition___: no, it's downloading the lastest list of packages and even downloads the packages, but it stops short of installing them it looks. seems reasonable if somebody wants to keep control _when_ it happens but automate it partially00:48
cognition___OerHeks: theres no 50unattended-upgrades00:50
OerHekshmm maybe part of livepatch, not sure00:51
cognition___mutante: TY00:52
cognition___OerHeks: It is zenial 16.04.3 LTS00:56
OerHeksso yes, "1" means enabled01:00
CoreyW`curl -v fake.url` is routing back to our network router. any ideas how to fix? this happens for any unknown hosts. so when I would normally get "server not found" errors in Chrome/Firefox, I just get our local web server trying to serve the request.01:13
tomreynCoreyW: dont make your resolver respond (incorrectly) with the routers' ip address instead of NX, or switch to a resolver which works correctly.01:16
CoreyWtomreyn: i dont know what any of that means, aha. is that something i do on my local machine or at router level?01:16
CoreyWi assume my machine bc the windows machines dont have this issue01:17
tomreynCoreyW: it's not a default configuration, so it is something the administrator of your computer, your network or your ISP setup.01:19
CoreyWtomreyn: no one has touched the computer except myself, and i just did a normal installation of ubuntu01:20
CoreyW`systemd-resolve --status` shows on last line `DNS Domain: ourdomain.com`, so that must be the culprit01:21
CoreyWnot sure how to fix though01:21
brandonkalHow can I get git to track symbolic links? It seems to be hit and miss. Thanks.01:22
tomreynCoreyW: "ourdomain.com" sounds like you may have copied and pasted instructions from a tutorial, and missed to replace this by your actuual domain name.01:23
CoreyWtomreyn: that was just an example. it actually is our domain there01:23
CoreyWsorry for confusion01:23
CoreyWresolv.conf also has `search ourdomain.com`01:24
tomreynCoreyW: this search domain is probably sent by your router upon dhcp and inherited by your ubuntu system.01:25
CoreyWtomreyn: ah okay. so is it okay to override that on my machine? or should i modify the router setup?01:25
CoreyWnot sure if dhcp will overwrite my changes or not01:26
tomreynCoreyW: in other words: if you don't like those lookups you should either reconfigure the router not to send it to this or all of your systems or reconfugre your ubuntu system to ignore this information received as part of the dhcp response.01:26
CoreyWis reconfiguring my ubuntu simple enough? i dont want to mess with router if possible.01:27
tomreynif it is plain wrong and you manage the network / router then you should 'mess with the router'.01:28
iosecureCoreyW: That sounds like a common ISP move where they'll intercept DNS requests for invalid domains and direct them to an ISP landing page, either on the router, or elsewhere.01:28
CoreyWokay i will have my boss contact our ISP and see if they can get it sorted out01:29
CoreyWiosecure: sounds very likely01:29
CoreyWiosecure: in this case though its just sending it back to us, which is weird01:29
CoreyWthanks tomreyn01:32
tomreynCoreyW: you can have the isp change it, thats good, but if this is a company environment you should also configure these values on the router yourself properly, and (beforehand) understand what they do. if you dont want to do it on the router but on the clients, it's a matter of configuring 'supersede domain-name ""' and 'supersede domain-search ""' in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf01:32
CoreyWokay. im not a network guy, but i will look into that. appreciate the information!01:33
tomreynif you dont have a network guy / gal, then either have $boss hire one, teach it yourself (have your $boss have someone teach you) or find an isp which doesn't provide you with such intentionally-misconfigured-for-profit-maximization gear / network configurations.01:36
CoreyWtomreyn: dang, my boss just said we cant configure our router because its managed by our ISP01:36
fishcookerhow to calc the disk the ubuntu got when we do apt autoremove? https://bpaste.net/show/9ae148c73d0e afaik we only know only disk space needed01:37
iosecureCoreyW: If it were me, I'd set up a DHCP and DNS server internally, and bypass the router for those functions.01:40
iosecureBut that's me.01:40
tomreynCoreyW: so that's a small office / home office setup, not unusual. have the isp fix it and tell them you dont approve their default configurations which cause mistyped domain names and non found domain names to be sent over the (Internet) wire, in what is a non default configuration.01:40
tomreynCoreyW: i'm the same as iosecure there01:40
tomreynfishcooker: it will say once you actually do the autoremove01:42
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CoreyWiosecure: after talking more, we do have DHCP server setup here.01:47
iosecureCoreyW: Is it on that router?01:47
OerHeksapt-get dist-upgrade --dry-run #might tell?01:47
tomreynbrandonkal: try asking in #git if you haven't. this matches my observations: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/954560/how-does-git-handle-symbolic-links01:47
CoreyWtomreyn: there is line `option domain-name "ourdomain.com";` that i just commented out to see if it works. restarting dhcp service, but not sure if that resets active leases or not01:48
CoreyWiosecure: on that router? all i know is our router is setup to go to our local server, which has dhcp server running01:48
tomreynCoreyW: it won't, since this is initiated by the clients.01:48
CoreyWok. is there way to reset my machine?01:49
tomreynCoreyW: actually, it will reset the leases, most likely, but the clients will have to request new ones to catch up on the new configuration01:49
tomreynnew ones /renewal01:49
tomreynwhich they will do after half the lease time01:49
brandonkalThanks tomreyn01:50
CoreyWsorry, not sure what that means01:50
CoreyWboss mentioned i could just take a static IP and then it prob won't be issue. but still would be nice to fix while im here01:50
tomreynCoreyW: either wait or reboot the router (temporarily disconnecting all users and their connections) or restart the dhcp clients on all computers, or a combination of these.01:52
CoreyWok thanks01:54
tomreynCoreyW: if you use network-manager (default on ubuntu desktops), you can "systemctl restart network-manager", this shoould also restart the dhcp client or get you a new lease anyways.01:55
tomreynor just use the gui to disconnect from, then reconnect to the network.01:55
brandonkaltomreyn, that helps. I also found: `ln -s new-file ./gitignored/file` works with git but `ln -s new-file gitignored/file` only works on the system but not in git01:57
tomreynthat's interesting, news to me.01:58
CoreyWtomreyn: i did restart network-manager after `systemctl restart dhcpd` and `system restart network` on the server for good measure. didn't seem to help commenting out the "option domain-name" line.02:01
CoreyWmaybe its something else in our config02:01
iosecureChanging that domain name will not affect the function of the router in intercepting DNS queries.02:02
CoreyWwhat should i change then?02:02
iosecureThe router's configuration, or stand up your own forwarding resolver that refers to an external DNS service that doesn't do that crap.02:02
iosecureAs long as you're going to that router or your ISP for DNS, this will continue to occur.02:03
CoreyWiosecure: so youre saying it is something above our dhcp server and actually a router configuration then?02:03
CoreyWbecause i see DNS information on our DHCP server settings, it has a couple of our IPs and then and
iosecureAre any of those "couple of our IPs" the router itself?02:04
iosecureAnd handing an external DNS server, like, directly to clients is a bad idea.02:04
iosecureClients should -always- use internal DNS, or -always- use external DNS.02:04
CoreyW"our IPs" may be wrong actually, they look similar to ours, but they are probably just our ISPs ips. but no, one of them is not the router02:04
tomreynso the DHCP server you run is separate from the (potential, and likely existing) DHCP server on the router?02:05
CoreyWat least as far as i know its not the same ip02:05
iosecureMixing the two will almost always lead to inconsistent behavior.02:05
CoreyWtomreyn: possibly.02:05
CoreyWbest i do just consult with our ISP then.02:05
tomreynCoreyW: which single system works as a DHCP server for your network is what you need out first. if it's two, kill one.02:05
tomreyn* nneed to find out02:06
tomreynyou almost never want more than one02:06
CoreyWtomreyn: i can view the active leases for our local DHCP server, and it shows my machine there. if that means anything02:07
tomreynCoreyW: you said you (company) run your own DHCP server. whoever stated this should know where it runs. alternatively you could analyze DHCP reponses sent on the network (as a result of DHCP requests), or, simpler, switch off the router for a while (cutting everyone off the network) and see if you can still get a dhcp lease (i.e. an IP address assigned via DHCP) at the time. if that happens, you have a separate (and probably two, one in addition02:10
tomreynto the router, DHCP servers which is a very bad configuration for a small company network).02:10
tomreyncognition___: 16.04.3 is much outdated, 16.04.5 is current.02:12
tomreyn(so apparently updates ar eindeed not applied automatically, and even then you'd still need to reboot for kernel patches to be applied)02:13
tomreynJerbot: you should probably diuscuss what you mean by "I added new nvidia drivers", i.e. how you added those.02:15
Jerbottomreyn I already reformatted.02:15
TheCowboyIs the Deja Dup app automatically backing up data to a remote server by default?02:15
Jerbottomreyn What I'm trying to do is verify that my os uses the dedicated gpu when necessary.02:16
ertsHi! I'm trying to install Ubuntu and Elementary side by side on different partitions of the same SSD, and I would like to have a different UEFI entry for each of the systems, however both get named "ubuntu" on the UEFI bootloader. I've tried several ways to rename them but no luck. Does anybody know the right way to rename the UEFI label of an Ubuntu based distro? Thanks!!02:16
Jerbottomreyn installing the driver was difficult.  I added the nvidia graphics repository with some ppa command then updated then did apt install nvidia-driver-default and was shown the error E: dependencies required but not met.  The nvidia-415 driver was the dependency, and it also had a dependency.  So, traced the dependencies down installed them all and finally nvidia-driver-default worked....02:18
TheCowboyI think I figured it out, looks like the answer is No02:18
JerbotThen I restarted my computer and got the "login loop" issue.  Typing the correct password sends you back to the login screen.02:18
* Jerbot breathes 02:18
tomreynJerbot: i have no current first hand experience but i think the proprietary nvidia drivers provide some kind of gui to configure which applications (based on executable name) to run through the dedicated gpu. one of them could be glxinfo.02:18
Jerbottomreyn I'm going to try that.  Ijust don't understand why nvidia's driver-managing gui doesn't allow me to force dedicated.02:19
CoreyWtomreyn: i just talked to ISP, they said they have no DHCP servers running or anything special.02:19
CoreyWso it must be our server.02:20
epicmetalerts: efibootmgr probably02:20
CoreyWthats all the help they could offer02:20
tomreynJerbot: i'm really the wrong person to give advice regarding nvidia, i don't use it - sorry for responding at all. i hope someone else can help.02:20
Jerbottomreyn Chatting about stuff helps, man.  I'd rather talk to someone unknowing than nobody at all.  Thanks for contributing.02:21
ertsepicmetal: I tried using that to re-create the entry with a different name, but it doesn't work..still looks for an ubuntu directory02:21
CoreyWlooking over our dhcpd.conf, only place i see "ourdomain.com" is on that one line. so idk where else it would be coming from02:22
CoreyWit has "option routers" which is our router. but i assume that is normal02:23
CoreyWwhich apparently our server *is* our router though, according to said boss02:23
mutanteCoreyW: a Linux server can also be a router by flipping one switch basically02:24
mutanteso that's possible02:24
CoreyWmakes sense then. so something on our server/router is causing our ubuntu machines connected to it to pass unresolved requests back to itself02:25
CoreyWresolution is set to Hosts file > DNS > Local hostname. might that be the issue?02:27
CoreyWoh shoot, nvm. i see Search domains now.02:27
mutanteCoreyW: is there "search" in /etc/resolv.conf ?02:28
mutantewhat is the issue again? i did not follow this from the start02:29
CoreyWyes there is02:29
CoreyWissue was our ubuntu machines, going to `fake.url` in browser/curl results in request made to our server/router02:29
CoreyWinstead of 'server not found' error02:29
mutanteCoreyW: the second part to that is /etc/nsswitch.conf it decides where names are looked up, can be "files" /etc/hosts/ or "dns"  or both02:30
CoreyWresolve.conf has a `search ourdomain.com` line, and it says `Generated by NetworkManager` at top02:30
mutanteCoreyW: when you say "request", do you mean the DNS lookup ?02:31
mutantei mean it first has to try before it knows that it is "not found"02:31
mutanteand probably you have your DNS server set as your router02:32
mutantefor caching02:32
CoreyWyes sounds right. i just mean though if i make an http request to a nonexistant domain, it ends up back at our router IP02:32
mutanteor do you mean sometihng else, like a captive portal02:33
mutantewhere you get an actual HTML page that is on the router02:33
tomreynCoreyW: if you want to check whether you have multiple DHCP servers on your LAN and using nmap is an option and you have it installed already, you can run this and see if you receive more than one response (i.e. if it says something other than "Response 1 of 1" you have a rogue DHCP server and need to fix this first):  sudo nmap --script broadcast-dhcp-discover -e eth002:33
mutanteoh yea, i think this brings us back to "open a ticket with the ISP"02:33
mutanteyea, i wanted to say that too. see here  http://ask.xmodulo.com/monitor-dhcp-traffic-command-line-linux.html02:34
mutantehow to check for DHCP traffic , where it really comes from02:34
CoreyWmutante: i just called them and they made it sound like they had no control over anything like that02:34
mutanteCoreyW: ask them how _you_ can get access to it then. everything needs some admin, heh02:34
mutantesince the boss claimed they manage it02:35
tomreynCoreyW: oops, had a typo there, here's the right commands: MAINIF=$(ip -o route list default | cut -d' ' -f5); echo "Main interface: $MAINIF"; sudo nmap --script broadcast-dhcp-discover -e $MAINIF02:35
CoreyWmutante: he said they manage the router, but they said all the router was doing is passing to our server. idk. this stuff is over my head mostly.02:35
CoreyWtomreyn: ok i'll try that.... after editing resolv.conf, it is overwritten by networkmanager and adds the search domain back in02:35
mutanteCoreyW: ok, try to run the "sniffing" tool (tcpdump) to find out if they are saying the truth or not02:36
CoreyWhow is that happening?02:36
cryptodan_mobileOne should ask permission before running tools like nmap or tcpdump02:36
omryWhat could be adding things to the path of a non login bash shell except ~/.bashrc and /etc/bash.bashrc?02:36
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tomreynCoreyW: not to insult you, maybe you should question why you are tasked with network management stuff if your boss seem to know well about it and you don't.02:37
mutanteCoreyW: i dont think it's the search domain, unless you get "fake.url.yourdomain.com" in the browser02:37
forgotmynicki'm trying to install ubuntu server 18.04.1 and i'm on the screen that shows which interface i want to use as the default. if i switch to another tty how can i get the interfaces/ip addresses? ifconfig doesn't work02:37
CoreyWmutante: okay. no the url remains fake.url in browser.02:38
mutanteforgotmynick: "ip" replaced "ifconfig"02:38
CoreyWtomreyn: youre right, hes just not concerned as i am02:38
mutanteforgotmynick: try "ip a s"02:38
CoreyWtomreyn: nmap shows "Nmap done: 0 IP addresses (O hosts up)02:39
forgotmynickthank you02:39
CoreyWit showed on IP offered02:39
CoreyWwhat tcpdump command do i run?02:39
mutanteCoreyW: it was in the link above02:40
mutantein method 102:40
cryptodan_mobileCoreyW: I would ask permission prior to running tools like nmap or tcpdump02:41
tomreynCoreyW: is there no output about "broadcast-dhcp-discover" from nmap?02:41
CoreyWtomreyn: yes it showed a few lines. what line has meaning?02:42
tomreyncryptodan_mobile: you havbe a point, but this very command i provided only does what a dhcp client does, send a broadcast request and see whats returned.02:42
epicmetalerts: maybe just copy the EFI app to the default path02:42
epicmetalerts: EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI02:43
CoreyWtomreyn: https://pastebin.com/5JsW8wQA02:43
tomreynCoreyW: quopting myself: if it says something other than "Response 1 of 1" you have a rogue DHCP server and need to fix this first02:43
epicmetalerts: where "EFI\" is a directory in the root of your ESP02:43
tomreynCoreyW: oh you run an older nmap than myself, it doesn't say it in this version, but you seem to only have this one dhcp server there.02:44
CoreyWtomreyn: okay cool02:44
CoreyWso if search domain isnt the issue, i wonder what would be02:45
tomreynCoreyW: so no rogue dhcp servers. line 12 lists the resolvers (Domain Name Servers) returened by your DHCP server. i don't think the google ones (#3 and #4) would return those fake responses., so it's probably either #1 or #202:46
CoreyWtomreyn: those look like our ISPs IP addresses. but they claim to not be doing it.02:46
cryptodan_mobileCoreyW: you maybe appending your domain to URLs maybe02:47
CoreyWso basically its not even trying googles dns youre saying?02:47
CoreyWcryptodan_mobile: huh?02:47
CoreyWwill the tcpdump be useful or was that just to check for double dhcp server?02:48
cryptodan_mobileCoreyW: https://askubuntu.com/a/47393202:51
CoreyWcryptodan_mobile: on no, i dont have that line in there02:52
tomreynCoreyW: your computers will use the resolvers provided in the order they are provided, so usually the first of them and only failover to the next if the first one fails to respond entirely.02:52
CoreyWtomreyn: i see. so you think that the first DNS server can't find the URL, and responds by sending back our IP?02:53
tomreynCoreyW: i think it's likely that the first DNS server can't find the host name you asked for ("fake.url"), then your client asks it about fake.url.$YOURDOMAIN instead and the first resolver either correctly or incorrectly responds with your routers WAN ip address.02:56
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CoreyWtomreyn: hmm.. lookin in nsswitch.conf i see `hosts: files dns myhostname`02:56
CoreyWliterally `myhostname`02:56
CoreyWand the hosts file has several entries for the local and public IP of our router/server02:58
tomreynCoreyW: you want to configure your DHCP server to send the dns domain-name02:58
tomreynCoreyW: you want to configure your DHCP server NOT to send the dns domain-name02:58
tomreyn^ this02:58
tomreynor maybe you want it to send a diferent domain name, one which you manage for internal DNS lookups only. but then you wouldn't know how and explaining this now takes more time than i'm willing to spend.03:00
CoreyWtomreyn: haha i know, and youve been super patient.03:00
tomreynso the easier option is to not have it send the domain name03:00
CoreyWwhere do i set that option?03:00
tomreynon the dhcp server03:00
CoreyWright but how?03:01
tomreynthe *much* less manageable option is to se all clients to supersede the domain-name option by the empty string03:01
pi0is there a web browser anitivirus03:01
pi0for website protection03:01
tomreynCoreyW: which dhcp server do you run there?03:02
mutantepi0: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoScript03:03
tomreynCoreyW: do you want to fix this just for yourself or for the entire organization?03:03
CoreyWISC DHCPd version 4.2.503:03
CoreyWentire org would be great03:04
tomreynCoreyW: do folks at work usually enter things like "www" in their web browsers and expect to end up on your website?03:04
CoreyWtomreyn: just www by itself? no03:05
tomreynor "ftp" to end up on your ftp server or similar03:05
pi0thank you03:05
pi0installing it now03:05
pi0how do i tweak my laptop monitor to set the settings higher03:06
pi0not enough to squint lol but just to have the apps navigatable03:06
tomreynCoreyW: ok, then check your dhcp server's configuration files (main configuration file and zone files) for "option domain-name"03:07
CoreyWtomreyn: yes, its set to "emrl.com"03:07
tomreynCoreyW: so comment it out or set it to the empty string, then reload the dhcp server. then clear your local dns cache and try fake.url again03:08
CoreyWtomreyn: i did that earlier with no luck. can try again though to make sure all is reset03:09
mutantepi0: for me it's System -> Preferences -> Hardware -> Displays but it depends what desktop environment you are using03:09
CoreyWtomreyn: restart dhcp server with `systemctl restart dhcpd` should do it yes?03:10
tomreynCoreyW: be sure to know how to revert this configuration change, since this can have side effects on how your collecgues need to / expect to be able to work. as indicated above ("short names to access your website, ftp server etc. weill no longer work, people and systems need to always use the fully qualified domain name to access resources hosted on your WAN IP address).03:11
tomreynCoreyW: yes, this should do it if this is a system using systemd03:11
CoreyWthats fine. we dont do anyting like that hear... and by local DNS cache, do you mean at my local ubuntu machine level? or browser level? DHCP server level?03:11
CoreyWdo i need to renew lease?03:12
tomreynon your client you need to: systemd-resolve --flush-caches03:12
tomreynclent = your local ubuntu machine03:12
tomreyn...that's if it uses systemd-resolved03:12
CoreyWits standard 18.04 ubuntu so i assume03:13
tomreynyes it does then03:13
CoreyWhey it worked this time! last time I just hadnt cleared the dns cache03:13
tomreynok, problem solved. it's indeed not your ISPs fault, just your org's03:14
CoreyWperfect! i don't know who set that before or why but i'm glad its gone now03:14
GeoIs there a super simple GUI analog to 'notepad' in ubuntu?03:18
Geosomething that pops open in 1 second, just to scrawl a note real quick?03:19
CoreyWtomreyn: thanks very much for sticking with me. appreciate it.03:19
CoreyWand others as well!03:19
mutanteGeo: try "pluma"03:20
Bashing-omGeo: There is namo for quickies .03:20
sam_wongI have trouble using the RPM command on Ubuntu 18.04.  Is the command only suitable for Redhat?03:20
mutanteGeo: also "atom" is cool but that's much more powerful03:20
Kumoolmutante: did you seriously just suggest atom as a simple "notepad" clone?03:21
mutantesam_wong: yes, rpm is for redhat only, the r is for redhat03:21
mutantesam_wong: well and anything based on redhat, like centos, fedora, mandrake..03:22
GeoBashing-om: is that namo or nano?03:22
sam_wongmutante: ok, thanks03:22
tomreynCoreyW: for the general approach in an organization environment: it's common to have the company LAN's DHCP server return your company LAN's resolvers as DNS servers to DHCP clients, as well as a domain-name or domain-search option value of "emrl.corp" (or similar), which can't be resolved on the internet's and ISP's resolvers. then you have your own LAN-only DNS server at the location the DHCP server points your clients to, which manages the03:22
tomreyn"emrl.corp" zone, and allows you to point anyone on your office LAN requesting resources such as "mailserver" to "mailserver.emrl.corp", and that to your actual LAN mailserver.03:22
Geosam_wong: apt is the command you're looking for on ubuntu03:22
mutantesam_wong: there is a package called "alien" to convert rpm to deb but first try other solutions03:22
Bashing-omGeo: Sorry ,, typo . nano .03:22
sam_wongmutante: ok03:22
KumoolGeo: leafpad is by far the simplest text editor/notepad looking clone03:23
GeoBashing-om: no worries, wasn't sure if that was some new fork or something :P03:23
CoreyWtomreyn: i see. still, never seeing a "server not found" message for anything is weird isn't it?03:23
Geook, thanks all. I'll take a look at thiese03:24
mutantesam_wong: apt-get install <package>  is the oldschool way on Debian-based distributions. Ubuntu is one of them. The more modern one is  apt or aptitude03:24
tomreynCoreyW: it should happen now, does it not?03:24
Kumoolnano is not GUI Bashing-om03:24
Bashing-omGeo: :) .. yeah never can tell .. thinks progress so quickly.03:24
mutantesam_wong: or if you have a local file,  dpkg -i package.deb03:24
CoreyWtomreyn: it does. but you were saying some orgs can type "mailserver" as shortcut, but if "mailserver" does not exist, shouldn't they still see a "server not found" page?03:24
CoreyWor would they expect to see their orgs page?03:24
Bashing-omKumool: I do stand corrected .03:25
sam_wongmutante: I have to download another file with a "deb" ending, right?03:26
mutantesam_wong: the best optioon is you use the "apt" commands to do both for you, download AND install03:27
mutantesam_wong: only if that is not possible, go to option b to download a .deb manually03:27
tomreynCoreyW: depends. some companies have internal-only resources, just as a local file sharing server which is to be only available form your lan. and then you don'T want to make everyone type "files.mydomain.com" in their web browsers (or whatever client application) every time they want to access it, but just "files". that's what the 'dns-search' and 'dns-domain' option are usually used for.03:27
CoreyWtomreyn: right i get that. but with that setup, what if someone typed "filse" (wrong spelling), what would happen?03:28
sam_wongmutante: the first option seems easier03:28
mutantesam_wong: what are you looking for specifically?  you can search with apt-cache search or look on https://packages.ubuntu.com/   then all you need to know is the package name itself, not an URL03:29
KumoolBashing-om: I think your full stops are not stopping well      .03:30
sam_wongmutante: I am looking for Arduino IDE03:31
tomreynCoreyW: first, clients will make a dns lookup against "filse.", which won't exist (resolver returns "NX domain"), then against "filse.emrl.corp." which your local DNS server will then repond to with what you configured it to respond to, if anything (if nothing is configued it will also respond with "NX domain" and the client software will return a DNS error)03:31
mutantesam_wong: "arduino - AVR development board IDE and built-in libraries03:32
mutantesam_wong: so that means try "apt-install arduino" and that should do it all03:32
CoreyWokay so i could have left the domain setting and configured something else to respond better basically?03:32
CoreyWim fine with the empty domain setting, but just for sake of understanding03:32
mutantesam_wong: sorry, either "apt-get install arduino" or "apt install arduino" , my bad03:33
CoreyWi gotta take off now anyways though. thanks again.03:33
sam_wongmutante: I am trying "sudo apt-get install arduino" and it seems to work fine03:33
mutantesam_wong: cool, looks good03:33
tomreynCoreyW: if you would like to drive your company's network to this next level you really should have your boss send you to training though.03:33
sam_wongmutante: the program has been successfully installed. thanks a lot03:34
mutantesam_wong: you're welcome. i recommend you to always use apt-get instead of downloading manual software unless there really is none03:35
mutantesam_wong: that way it will stay more stable and should have no issues with dependencies03:35
tomreynCoreyW: the way things were was not a good configuration, it effrectively leaked your employees DNS requests for non existing hostnames to the ISP, which is not needed and should not happen. as a company, you should always run a local DNS server for all requests from your employees (something you do not do, yet).03:35
sam_wongmutante: yes, you are very much helpful03:36
CoreyWtomreyn: yeah that would be cool.03:36
CoreyWor at least hire someone who knows what theyre doing more so03:36
doge-dogeanyone here run a multihead display and use the nvidia driver? i'm having some issues apparently that xorg doesn't like...05:04
fishcookernoted OerHeks + tomreyn05:05
jmazaredohaving issue when installing ubuntu server on hardware raid  Intel® C246 controller. When it reaches the partition/disk stage it show 2 disk instead of hardware raid 1 then if i continue05:29
jmazaredoubuntu 18.10 server05:30
guiverc_djmazaredo, i have no idea, but I'd assume it was your intelc246 setup (in error), whenever I've used hardware-raid the OS only sees single-disk (without play to get past raid for smartctl diags purposes etc)05:42
jmazaredoI tried using other distro like centos7 only shows 1 disk05:47
jmazaredoactually i removed the centos7 to install ubuntu05:48
jmazaredoi will test the ubuntu desktop to see if same issue occurs05:48
jmazaredocurtain command install preparing for installation configuring storage running 'curtain block-meta custom' curtain command block-meta removing previous storage devices06:00
guiverc_djmazaredo, you could ask on #ubuntu-server ; I recall there are multiple images of server, some/one I believe have less hardware-modules (drivers) on it but I don't recall details..06:10
jmazaredook im trying now the old iso anyway thanks!06:17
jmazaredoguiverc_d, i tried 16.04 and works just fine :D06:23
BrickedInTheHeadHey. Is there any point trying to upgrade lte release07:13
lotuspsychjeBrickedInTheHead: wich is your current release?07:14
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | BrickedInTheHead07:16
ubottuBrickedInTheHead: Upgrade from 16.04 to 18.04.1 is now available, if you do not receive the upgrade window try update-manager -c07:16
lotuspsychjeBrickedInTheHead: you can choose yourself what to do, stay on 16.04 or move to 18.0407:16
lotuspsychjeBrickedInTheHead: is that what you were hoping to hear?07:20
BrickedInTheHeadYes. Next trying for bluetooth audio07:26
lotuspsychje!details | BrickedInTheHead if you need more help07:28
ubottuBrickedInTheHead if you need more help: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.07:28
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SchnabeltierchenDieser Kanal wurde in einen privaten Kanal umgewandelt.08:28
lotuspsychje!de | Schnabeltierchen08:31
ubottuSchnabeltierchen: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!08:31
Schnabeltierchensorry lotus, it was an automated message from my irc-relay...08:32
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sentimentSo I finally reinstalled 18.04 using a new image08:46
sentimenteverything looks good except the mp3s08:46
sentimentstil can't get it to work08:46
lotuspsychjesentiment: whats wrong08:46
sentimentI have installed restricted extras and gstreamer stuff too08:46
sentimentneither banshee nor rhythmbox play mp308:47
sentimentboth raise an error08:47
sentimentI am freakin at my wits end with this08:47
lotuspsychjesentiment: did you try vlc or smplayer?08:47
sentimentit's a new installation and still doesn't work08:47
sentimentlotuspsychje: vlc worked in the previous installation08:47
lotuspsychjesentiment: wich error do you get?08:48
sentimentthis is the exact same problem that happened in the prev installation08:48
sentimentvlc works, others don08:48
sentimentGStreamer-CRITICAL **: 12:18:44.455: gst_object_unref: assertion 'object != NULL' failed08:48
sentimentI reinstalled 18.04 into the root directory08:49
sentimentbut did't touch the /home directory08:49
sentimentso I suppose I did the right thing08:49
sentimentyet, this kind of crap makes me doubt that08:49
sentimentGStreamer-CRITICAL **: 12:18:44.111: gst_bin_add: assertion 'GST_IS_ELEMENT (element)' failed08:50
lotuspsychjesentiment: if you reinstall ontop of your /home you also keep all the previous configs08:50
sentimentI know, but what kind of 'personal' config can mess up such a basic functionality?08:50
sentimentis there no separation of concern in this OS?08:51
sentimentI formatted the root partition, and that is what should matter as far playing mp3 is concerned, because it's a system function08:51
sentimentwhat do you think I can do to make it work besides booting into Windows as I have done in the last two weeks?08:52
lotuspsychjesentiment: to test this, you could try booting a liveusb and see if you can play mp3 by default to compare with your current install08:53
lotuspsychjesentiment: is your system up to date also?08:54
sentimentlotuspsychje: how can I install coreelements?08:55
sentimentit seems to be related08:55
sentimentit's almost fuckin 2019 and this distro still got issues with mp308:56
sentimentAnd no, /home should not be related to such things at all... for gods sake08:56
sentimentI'm sorry but I have been struggling with this for almost 2 weeks now08:57
lotuspsychjesentiment: please stop complaining, you cant generalize such statements, you can only ask for your own system08:57
TheMesquitoMP3 is proprietary I thought?08:57
sentimenttried various crap since the last botched upgrade and wasted freakin time over that08:57
sentimentuntil it was suggested here that I should reinstall the whole thing08:57
lotuspsychje!language | sentiment08:57
ubottusentiment: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:58
sentimentso I did that and most of issues went away except this one so far08:58
lotuspsychjesentiment: uname -a please?08:59
sentimentTheMesquito: As far as reality is concerned, ogg is more 'properietary'09:00
sentimentLinux Ubuntu-Desktop 4.15.0-29-generic #31-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 17 15:39:52 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:00
lotuspsychjesentiment: so...you come here and complain with an outdated system..09:00
sentimentwhat? mp3 needs updated software? are you serious?09:01
sentimentWindows 98 played it out of the box for gods sake09:01
lotuspsychjesentiment: in the future please only seek for help with a fully updated system09:01
sentimenteven previous versions of Ubuntu09:01
lotuspsychjesentiment: if you feel to discuss it more join #ubuntu-discuss ok09:02
TheMesquitoWhy don't you just pruge gstreamer to remove any messed up cfg files and reinstall it?09:02
TheMesquitoI've had success with doing that when various libs break09:03
sentimentmessed up config files? I reinstalled, formatted /09:03
grougcpaelzer, Hi ! Is there a chance to see a QEMU 2.11.2 update for 18.04 LTS at some point ?09:15
sentimentso I fixed it finally09:18
sentiment    rm -r ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.009:18
sentimentyou were right09:18
lotuspsychje!info qemu bionic09:18
ubottuqemu (source: qemu): fast processor emulator. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.9 (bionic), package size 204 kB, installed size 687 kB09:18
sentimentbut I doubt that I was wrong09:18
lotuspsychjegroug: if you like a newer version test, try a higher ubuntu version or look into !backports or snaps09:19
sentimentwhat was the discussion channel?09:19
lotuspsychjegroug: we dont reccomend mixing package versions on ubuntu09:20
lotuspsychje!discuss | sentiment09:20
ubottusentiment: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!09:20
grouglotuspsychje, it isn't a newer version actually, it is the latest stable release of QEMU 2.11.x... It doesn't bring new features, just bug fixes. I'd like to know if there's a chance to provide those fixes to LTS users09:26
lotuspsychje!latest | groug09:28
ubottugroug: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.09:28
lotuspsychjegroug: when security flaws are found in package versions, updates will handle those09:28
ducasse!sru | groug09:28
ubottugroug: Stable Release Update information is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates09:28
lotuspsychjegroug: for example, ubuntu 18.10 uses Version 1:2.12+dfsg-3ubuntu8.209:30
grouglotuspsychje, I'm talking about LTS... not about interim releases09:31
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grouglotuspsychje, the fixes I'm interested in affect Live Migration of VMs between 16.04.x and 18.04.x, which is an important feature for our (IBM) customers. I'll follow the SRU procedure and see how it goes. Thanks.09:42
lotuspsychjegroug: see also snap find qemu09:50
thagabeAnyone know how to route traffic from ports into my lxd container?10:00
Amok_Huginnssonhow to get pip for python.36 working on 19.04?10:01
Ben6419.04 isn't close to out yet10:03
Amok_HuginnssonBen64: well, I have it installed on my computer10:04
Ben64ok, but it is supported in #ubuntu+1 until release, which is in April10:06
Amok_HuginnssonBen64: thank you!10:06
thagabeAnyone know if this ticket does what im trying: https://github.com/lxc/lxd/issues/451210:09
MrokiiHello. Is it possible to show a DVD-movie via some video player (vlc for example) on a TV using a hdmi-cable? Are there any things I should consider or would that work out of the box?10:10
MrokiiI mean, playing the DVD on Ubuntu and showing the signal on a connected TV, if that wasn't clear.10:10
thagabeWhat id like is to create a lxd container that is restricted to 2 core 8GB of ram. I will have a steam game running as a server. Now this game need inbound traffic to be open at ports 7777,7778,27015, 27017 and TCP via 27020. For the life of me i cannot figure out how to get the firewall open at all. I have tried disabling the ufw on both the host10:12
thagabeand the container to no avail. When I finally gave up and ran the server on the host boom everything worked out of the box. This mean either 1) the filesystem in lxd is creating issues or 2) Firewall is not allowing the direction of incoming traffic through the nat btw host<->container10:12
guivercMrokii, for info on playing dvds - https://help.ubuntu.com/stable/ubuntu-help/video-dvd-restricted.html.en   i haven't tried it in ages, but I've connected fine via hdmi to tv10:13
Mrokiiguiverc: Playing DVDs works fine, that's not the problem. I was just wondering about getting the signal to the TV.10:13
guivercI've connected to tv with no problems, and with problems (some where the edges aren't shown, the tv overscans I think it's called) - on some tv's it's perfect, other tv's have provided me hassle (where the tv seems to have trouble with any computer/os so it's tv & not Ubuntu in my experience)10:16
Mrokiiguiverc: Okay, thanks, so I guess I have to give it a try.10:16
Mrokiiguiverc: Just in general, do you know if signals are transferred automatically to a connected TV or is there usually some option I have to tweak, like redirecting the signal or something?10:17
guivercno sorry I can't help there Mrokii - i have no idea how it works, just talking from my experiences..10:19
Mrokiiokay, thanks.10:20
MrokiiI'll try and see what I can achieve.10:20
ddoobbIs it possible to access the files on an Ubuntu PC if I have forgotten the password?10:26
Mrokiiddoobb: As long as the files aren't encrypted, there should be no problem.10:28
ddoobbMrokii how can I do this? I am seeing some tutorials that do it with "recovery mode" prompt.10:29
Mrokiiddoobb: As long as the files aren't encrypted they are accessible at least as a superuser (using sudo for example). I have never had that problem, so I'm not sure if there's a specific way to reset the password.10:31
ddoobbI don't need to reset the password, just copy them to an external drive10:31
Mrokiiddoobb: The easiest way to me seems to be to boot from another medium, then use "sudo" from the terminal to become superuser and then to use "cp" to copy the files from one drive to another.10:34
ddoobbThanks I'm going to try this Mrokii10:34
Mrokiiddevault: You're welcome. Hope it helps.10:35
TheWild"Don't reinvent the wheel", but I can't just find a simple way to mirror a part of ubuntu repository without it relying too much on sources configuration of my PC or requiring httpd or ftpd. Say I want gedit, latest version for amd64 (http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/g/gedit/gedit_3.30.2-1_amd64.deb) along with all its dependendies. Then let apt take packages from there. Does apt support filesystem paths or file:// at all?10:36
TheWildI think I'll end up writing something myself.10:36
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afx_geirha, are you here?11:06
sentimenthey anyone knows of a dlna server that can push content to the receiver?11:07
sentimenti.e the the player becomes the server11:07
sentimentin Windows WMP could do this using PlayTo11:07
geirhaafx_: yes-ish11:41
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=== astra` is now known as astra
thagabeI've given up on lxd to do what i wanted it to do11:58
thagabeAnyone know how to route incoming traffic from internet ( -> (localhost:port) -> (kvm:port)11:59
lotuspsychjethagabe: perhaps a question more for ##networking ?12:00
afx_geirha, sorry to interrupt! I am going to add my user to the input group but I am wondering if this is a secure approach to resolve the permission issues I have with python-evdev and /dev/input/xxx12:02
thagabelotuspsychje I'll give that a shot! Thanks12:06
geirhaafx_: well, the user will get access to all the input devices12:08
afx_geirha, can I give access to a specific /dev/input somehow ? Are there any keylogging concerns to think about?12:09
geirhaif you don't trust the user, it may be better to force the user to use sudo instead12:10
geirhae.g. In sudoers you can specify that user X are allowed to run (only) your python-script as the group input12:11
geirhaand the user would then execute your script with   sudo -g input yourpythonscript12:12
afx_I am the only user and I am a sudoer , so in case someone steals my password it doesnt really matter what group I am in right ?12:13
EriC^^afx_: maybe you could use an ACL or something on the specific /dev/input?12:13
afx_EriC^^, let me read about ACL12:14
EriC^^if you have sudo and someone gets your password then he can do whatever he wants12:15
afx_EriC^^, exactly! But what about a malicious keylogging program for example that is run under my user account?12:16
EriC^^afx_: sure that could be done12:17
EriC^^there's actually a keylogger in the repos i believe12:17
BrickedInTheHeaddid I Ident proper?12:19
EriC^^BrickedInTheHead: if you were able to join, then yeah12:19
afx_EriC^^, :O ! I didn't know that is a ready made solution for this :)12:19
BrickedInTheHeadsome idiot made password of 10x same digit and fat fingered one in the middle. Anyway Ill be bothering you here setting up this new environment12:20
afx_EriC^^, So atm without my user account being part of input group, can a keylogging program get my keyboard input ?12:20
EriC^^afx_: i'd think so, but anyways they could always add your user to the input group12:20
afx_EriC^^, let's say you don't have my passwrd ,and somehow you managed to install a keylogger .. By having the account out of the input group will the keylogger get my input ?12:21
afx_I am trying to understand why a user account gets restricted from accessing /dev/input/ and this is the only thing that comes to mind12:22
EriC^^i have no idea, i'd think so, as i dont have my user in the input group but 'xev' shows key strokes12:22
EriC^^ah but xev only shows the strokes if it's selected as the terminal12:24
EriC^^afx_: try it and see i guess, try installing the keylogger, you'll know at least if it's easily possible, or possibly just harder to do12:24
EriC^^!info logkeys | afx_12:25
ubottuafx_: Package logkeys does not exist in bionic12:25
EriC^^!info logkeys xenial | afx_12:25
ubottuafx_: logkeys (source: logkeys): keylogger for GNU/Linux systems. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.1.1a+git5ef6b0dcb9e3-2 (xenial), package size 32 kB, installed size 120 kB12:25
afx_I see, so its not in bionic12:26
EriC^^yeah seems so12:26
afx_xev as the terminal shows strokes , but I guess you can have a software emulating a terminal12:26
afx_so it can forward any input you do12:27
EriC^^afx_: yeah but xev is taking the input you're giving it i think so maybe it's different like that12:27
EriC^^let me try installing logkeys i'm on xenial12:27
EriC^^afx_: it works, even though i'm not in the input user group12:29
EriC^^i guess since it uses sudo it can access /dev/input anyways no need for group chananigans12:29
EriC^^it does mention in the man page that it uses /dev/input to get the key logs12:30
afx_EriC^^,logkeys needs sudo ?12:30
zprdhi all, trouble with skype, my mic does not seem to work, it looks ok on gnome device settings though, any tips?12:30
EriC^^afx_: yes, it asks for sudo12:30
afx_EriC^^, this makes sense, as with sudo I can run the python script in question12:30
afx_I would like to use this but stay on the safe side too ..12:31
EriC^^use what? i wasnt following earlier12:32
afx_ EriC^^ yes sorry . This is what I am trying to use https://gist.github.com/t184256/f4994037a2a204774ef3b9a2b38736dc12:32
afx_it uses evdev which needs access to /dev/input12:33
afx_EriC^^, also found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/1057120/is-adding-a-user-to-input-group-secure if that helps in any way12:33
EriC^^afx_: if they dont have your password i think you'd be good12:35
EriC^^just add to sudoers to run the python script only and set the script non writable and in a dir it cant be deleted and recreated in12:35
afx_EriC^^, the SE answer suggests removing the w/r access from users not in the group (???)12:36
BrickedInTheHeadHey. (asked in #quassel, anyone know where to get not so glitched one). And bit laggy with nvidia 560ti switching tabs. Just went with default drivers, but dont think messing with nvidia is worth it. How about disabling some of the 3d effects?12:37
afx_EriC^^, can you give me any instructions for this please ?12:37
TheWildI want to install postgres server but *not* start the service right now. Is there a way or just use Docker (new toy in office ;))?12:37
TheWild(oh, Thunderbird screwed up)12:38
EriC^^afx_: put the script in like /opt/pythonscript.py and chown root:  then chmod 77012:38
EriC^^afx_: and in sudoers add the line <your user> ALL= (ALL) NOPASSWD: /opt/pythonscript.py12:39
EriC^^afx_: then run the script as "sudo /opt/pythonscript.py" via some startup file or something i guess12:40
afx_EriC^^,thank you !12:41
afx_Will try that out and let you know12:41
EriC^^afx_: no problem, ok12:41
geirhamake sure you use ''sudo visudo'' to edit /etc/sudoers. Don't edit it directly12:42
pagiosHello community, is it possible to encrypt my /home on ubuntu 18.04, i dont need full disk encryption only /home, which has all my files, what software can i use for this? and i need to decrypt upon boot as /home will be read upon successfull login12:43
BrickedInTheHeadwith TMP chip you should be able to get reasonable security without any upkeep. Likely requires uefi boot12:44
EriC^^pagios: ubuntu has a built in home encryption that uses ecryptfs12:44
EriC^^pagios: sudo adduser <your user> --encrypt-home creates it, it'll wrap the passphrase (be sure to write it down somewhere) using your login password, so once you log in it'll automatically decrypt it for you, obviously use a good login password as well12:45
iosecureBrickedInTheHead: The level of configuration and mucking around required to get a TPM working under Linux makes it not a great recommendation for someone that has to ask how to encrypt stuff in an IRC channel.12:46
EriC^^pagios: create another temp user, move your files there, then delete and recreate your old user using adduser and move the stuff back after logging into the account12:47
iosecurepagios: So you know, only encrypting /home gives very little -real- security. It leaves innumerable places for remnant data to exist: temporary files, swap space, etc.12:48
pagiosone second12:48
pagioshow come its not secure if i use home encryption?12:49
iosecureI just said that.12:49
pagiosunless the attacker guesses the pass12:49
pagiosswap will die on system shutdown12:49
BrickedInTheHeadis there a suite to full drive(s) crypt that doesnt break everything?12:49
pagiostemp files too12:49
iosecureNo, it won't.12:49
EriC^^well, temp files get erased upon next booting, not while shutting down12:49
iosecureOn boot, yes, but not on shutdown.12:49
pagiosbut temp files are on /home no?12:50
EriC^^in theory if the attacker has access to the pc, he could easily get the password next time you log in12:50
iosecurepagios: No.12:50
BrickedInTheHeadon drives ssd/hdd the data just gets de-adressed instead of format12:50
pagioshe can boot using resuce disk, reset the user pass no?12:50
iosecureThere's also the reality that remnant data does not get removed upon deletion. Only unlinked.12:50
pagiosand login as decrupted12:50
iosecurepagios: You are strongly advised to use LUKS or something similar to encrypt the entire system.12:51
EriC^^pagios: even if he resets the password, it wont decrypt it, the actual literal login you used will only work, cause it was used with the passphrase to encrypt it12:51
pagiosbut my system is already running i dont want to format12:51
iosecurepagios: Do you want the security that encryption provides or not?12:51
BrickedInTheHeadLUKS. I'll type that down, hope it can do chip + pass crypt12:52
pagiosi see EriC^^12:52
iosecurepagios: Then you'll need a rebuild.12:52
pagioshis only option is to bruteforce then12:52
iosecureBecause /home-only encryption is basically crap.12:52
EriC^^pagios: i think it depends what you're worried of, if the laptop getting stolen is an issue, then i think home encryption would be enough12:52
EriC^^pagios: if you're worried of meddling then LUKS would be better12:53
iosecurepagios: If someone's going to steal the system with the intent of stealing data, digging through remnant data on the disk is task #1.12:53
iosecureIf they don't care about data, they won't even notice its encrypted.12:53
pagiosi am gonna put a desktop in a shared environment12:53
pagiosand worried about someone stealing the hardisks12:53
iosecurepagios: Then you need to encrypt the entire disk, not just /home. Easiest way to do it is to create a LUKS container on the disk, use that as an LVM physical volume, and create your LVs inside that. That way you only need to unlock one disk, instead of every filesystem.12:54
BrickedInTheHeadToo lazy to rm old assets under NDA so locked for just that.  also hackmaster, typing that 24 digit passkey12:55
pagiosi dont have lvm12:55
iosecurepagios: You can configure it when you rebuild the system. Yes, you need to rebuild the system.12:56
EriC^^pagios: ubuntu will do everything for you, just reinstall using 'encrypt disk with LUKS + LVM'12:56
EriC^^pagios: then copy your data back and set things up again12:56
pagiostrying to avoid a reinstall here12:56
iosecurepagios: Too bad. I thought I made that clear.12:56
pagiosso a reinstall is needed12:56
iosecure07:52 <iosecure> pagios: Then you'll need a rebuild.12:57
BrickedInTheHeadjust got things running "smooth". might as well upgrade to newer LTS while at it then12:57
EriC^^well not necessarily, it'd just be more difficult to set it up manually, not so much i image though12:57
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EriC^^pagios: you dont need a reinstall, you can convert it to LUKS but you'd have to do the legwork yourself and not rely on the installer12:57
iosecureEriC^^: Migrating the entire system to new filesystems and hoping that the initramfs and bootloader don't vomit on you later?12:57
iosecureNo thank you.12:57
EriC^^iosecure: um, he can edit the UUID and everything and update-initramfs etc12:58
BrickedInTheHeadUEFI hehe12:58
iosecureEriC^^: It is NOT that simple. Sorry.12:58
EriC^^yes it is12:58
iosecureI've done that kind of conversation. It sucked.12:58
iosecureNo, it isn't.12:58
EriC^^how did it suck?12:59
iosecureinitramfs refused to recognize the LUKS container, just sat there screaming about how it couldn't find the root volume.12:59
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iosecureNo amount of triple-checking configs and rebuilding the initramfs would change its mind.13:00
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pagiosi will buy a new hardisk , install on it the OS and then add those hardsisk to the lvm13:00
EriC^^well you missed the initramfs parts of the conversion i'd guess13:00
iosecureEriC^^: You missed the "triple-checking configs and rebuilding the initramfs" part of what I said, I'd guess.13:00
pagiosi will install a fresh new OS on a new hardisk and add those disks at a later stage, wjats wrong with that13:01
iosecureEriC^^: So apparently neither sarcasm nor reading comprehension are your forte.13:01
EriC^^iosecure: it's a computer, if everything is right it'll work, if not it wont, so yeah you missed something13:01
EriC^^iosecure: no need to get nasty, i did understand what you said, i just dont agree13:02
iosecurepagios: Honestly, the easiest thing you could do is rebuild the system on a new disk, with LUKS/LVM in place from the installer. Copy /home to the new system.13:02
EriC^^anyways this is all going offtopic very quickly, so let's just stop shall we13:02
pagiosiosecure, ok13:03
iosecureEriC^^: Nice walk-back. If you're going to pull out condescending crap like "well you missed the initramfs parts of the conversion i'd guess," don't be surprised when someone comes back in kind.13:03
iosecureEriC^^: And I wasn't asking if you agreed to begin with.13:03
EriC^^iosecure: how is that condescending?13:04
iosecurepagios: I'd advise against coping anything other than /home. That can cause weirdness, depending on what you copy.13:05
EriC^^iosecure: you're reading into stuff a lot it seems, i just dont want pagios to think it's so difficult and 'just wont work' you said it didnt for you, i said you must have missed something for it not to, geez13:05
pagiosthank you both, and apologies if that created a clash between you guyus13:06
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iosecureNo clash at all.13:07
EriC^^no worries13:07
BrickedInTheHeadIs the guest account similar to live boot? does it have any/configurable storage?13:08
EriC^^BrickedInTheHead: it's very different and limited, i think you could add storage manually13:08
iosecureThere used to be. I'm not sure if it exists, still, as various transitions somewhat broke the functionality.13:09
BrickedInTheHeadI did set 26GB swap. that probably is included13:10
iosecure26GB swap? Is that a typo?13:10
BrickedInTheHeadmore is less here?13:11
iosecureHow much RAM do you have?13:11
iosecureOuch, yeah. Overkill.13:11
iosecureCouple questions: Is this a desktop, and do you want hibernation functionality?13:12
iosecure(or laptop)13:12
BrickedInTheHeadDesktop yes. And probably, ubuntu takes forever to boot. and the bios time is at least 25s on this motherboard13:12
iosecureGotcha. Okay, then it isn't THAT much overkill. I'd bring it down to 20GB, save a few gigs.13:13
iosecureBut you probably have enough storage that 6GB isn't a big deal.13:13
griphookhey guys13:14
BrickedInTheHeadThis HDD will die any day. 6 years running. Seagate quality +113:14
griphookdoes gnome-tweaks not work on ubuntu 18.10 ?13:14
iosecureBrickedInTheHead: Oh, then totally screw with the swap sizing. Live life on the edge. ;)13:15
rasmalabarI have recently migrated from Ubuntu 14.04 to 18.04. In 18.04, very few applications show in the System Tray. Dropbox is consistently there, CopyQ (the clipboard manager) too shows up whenever it is on. But Pidgin, to provide an example, does not show an icon. Is this the expected behaviour in 18.04?13:16
BrickedInTheHeadThe motherboard error checks blinking like disco lights already for years. Anyway offtopic....13:17
tomreynrasmalabar: how did you migrate, which desktop are you using? this is not the default behaviour on 18.04.13:23
rasmalabar@tomreyn: I re-installed, from scratch. I am Ubuntu with GNOME 3.28...13:33
BrickedInTheHeadCheck install media for faults13:34
ioriarasmalabar, you probably need an extension ; many tasks have been moved to that13:35
ioriarasmalabar, and, btw, has been reported as a bug (!):  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/178608413:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1786084 in pidgin (Ubuntu) "Indicator does not show as tray icon on 18.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:36
rasmalabarioria, You mentioned about the extension, which one is it?13:39
ioriarasmalabar, go here https://extensions.gnome.org/# ; type 'pidgin' and see if there's something useful for you13:39
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rasmalabarioria, ubottu: Thanks for the tips and will check further after going offline as it might take a while to decide on which option to choose... Thanks!13:48
ioriarasmalabar, ok13:48
whallzhi there, is it normal to have "Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS (4.15.0-42-generic #45~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Mon Nov 19 13:02:27 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux)" showing unbalanced CPU usage across cores? i launched gnome-system-monitor just for fun only to encounter cpu4 is constantly peaking between 80/100% and the other 3 are almost 0/10% ?14:06
whallzshouldn't cpu usage be balanced between the N cores avaiable? how can i debug this?14:06
iosecureA process can only reside on one core.14:08
tarzeauwhallz: no that's normal14:08
tarzeauwhat software is it that only runs on one?14:09
tarzeauit should be optimized to run on more (eventually)14:09
iosecureSo if a process starts, then later starts to consume large amounts of CPU resources, it's going to max out the core where it is.14:09
iosecuretarzeau: Only if the application is spawning multiple processes.14:09
iosecurePlenty of applications are single-process. OpenVPN is a good example.14:09
whallzi have only google-chrome and guake with tmux running14:10
tarzeauiosecure: or threads?14:10
tomreynrunning "top" (better "htop") should tell which application is keeping this core busy14:10
whallzif i close google chrome they all balance out around 10% for a while, then cpu4 goes back up to 80% constant14:11
whallzlets see14:11
tarzeauiosecure: plenty are multi14:11
tarzeauiosecure: objc2 also uses multiple cores (relevant for gnustep)14:11
iosecuretarzeau: And plenty are not.14:11
iosecuretarzeau: My statement is correct. A single process is resident on a single core.14:12
tarzeauunless it's a single process supporting multithreading14:12
iosecureMultithreading is not multiprocessing.14:12
iosecureA single process that spawns multiple threads is still single-core resident.14:12
tarzeaui know, that's why your statement is not correct14:12
iosecureYes, it is.14:13
tarzeauiosecure: no it's not14:13
iosecureYes, it is.14:13
iosecureBy definition, yes, it is.14:13
whallzok depends on multithreading, but how do i find in top/htop which one runs on just 1 core?14:13
iosecurewhallz: Any process shown in top/htop/ps is running on a single core.14:14
whallzXorg seems busy too xD14:14
iosecurewhallz: Any application that shows multiple copies in those programs is potentially running on multiple cores.14:14
whallziosecure: i mean, i a specific core14:14
iosecurewhallz: Ah. Not sure how to show which core a process resides on.14:14
whallziosecure: right, that what i need to find out14:14
whallzsomething is killing cpu4 while cpu1, 2 and 3 are drinking mojito14:15
whallzneed to find out what that process is14:15
iosecureLikely a single runaway process.14:15
whallzright, but is it grabbing always the same core? is there an un-even degradation of whole cpu?14:16
iosecureNo idea. Processes generally do not have an assigned affinity.14:16
whallzfirst, i still need to know which process is it top and htop dont help14:16
iosecureWhichever core it starts on, it stays on.14:16
griphookGuys I am running Compuwiz found here https://code.mradford.com/post/the-ubuntu-compiz-desktop/ How can I use gnome-tweaks with this?14:17
herald85whallz:  you can configure htop to show the "PROCESSOR" column14:17
whallzherald85: that's what i need14:18
herald85open htop, press F2 , go down to 'columns'14:19
whallzawesome, thanks herald8514:20
griphooki am also on ubuntu 18.1014:20
whallzok, seems to be /usr/bin/Xorg wtf14:22
whallzsorry /usr/lib/xorg/Xorg14:22
conjohello all can anyone tell me why there are two of every application one is small in size one is large in filesize...eg vlc from the sofwware center has two choices of the same version but different file size14:25
conjowhy does the software center have two of every application now days?14:25
EriC^^maybe each is an architecture specific?14:26
whallzcpu4 always seems busier that the other 314:26
EriC^^i only have 1 vlc in software center, ubuntu 16.04 unity here14:26
conjoI am running Ubuntu 18.10 and re architechture do you mean different versions of ubuntu eg 8.0418.1014:27
EriC^^conjo: no i mean 32 bit and 64bit14:27
conjo1810 vs 18.0414:27
BluesKajHey folks14:27
coz_BluesKaj, hey guy14:28
conjoi see no mention of architecture under details how do i tell the difference14:28
coz_BluesKaj, I keep saying hi back, since you are one of the few I remember from way back ")14:29
BluesKajhi coz_14:29
zetheroowhere in 18.04 is the network interface names defined?14:29
BluesKajyeah, coz_ guess we've been around a while14:30
herald85whallz: that sounds familiar, gnome-shell is horrible with software drawn windows. Do you have a slow cpu ? atom? old celeron?14:30
coz_BluesKaj, ")  for sure14:30
tomreyngriphook: i would not recommend using compiz on 18.04 and newer. it's mostly considered to have failed now. https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/75hxp6/why_did_compiz_die/ - better stick to gnome-shell and, if needed, customize it with extensions.14:33
tomreyn...and gnmoe-tweak-tool14:34
BluesKajzetheroo, which "network names" ?14:34
zetherooBluesKaj: eth0 eth1 etc ...14:34
BluesKajzetheroo, /etc/network/interfaces14:35
tomreynzetheroo: you may want to read this if you haven't https://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/PredictableNetworkInterfaceNames/14:41
zetheroowe have a system with 18.04 which hasn't got ifup installed and there is a network interface installed as eno1p (at least it seems to be that in the /etc/netplan/*.yaml file) but how do we get the interface up?14:46
zetheroowe cannot install ifup because it's not online14:47
zetherooalso it seems that when we do 'service networking restart' there is no 'networking' service :/14:47
tomreynip link set dev eno1p up14:47
tomreynpleasse read the !releasenotes14:48
zetheroocannot find device eno114:49
olabazHi, I am on 18.10 and I closed my laptop and opened it14:49
olabazand now my screen is all black14:49
olabazi only see the title bar up at the top14:50
tomreynzetheroo: "ip link" shows available devices14:50
olabazany ideas how to get the gui to pop up again?14:51
tomreynzetheroo: as a result of reading the release notes, you should use use 'systemctl', not 'service', and use ip (from iproute utils), not ifup/ifdown (from ifupdown utils)14:52
olabaznvm I figured it out! I just did ctrl alt f1 and logged in and everything reloaded fine14:52
olabazthanks for listening lol14:53
zetherootomreyn: ok, thanks. The netplan file had the wrong interface name.14:54
meph1st0hey everyone15:02
meph1st0best linux native games?15:02
meph1st0share your opinion15:02
deadrom16.04->18.04 failed yesterday due to "cannot calculate upgrades" on do-release-upgrade. cannot figure what's offending, so I think of "upgrade from ISO", but is there an option to install over ex. system and keep custom /etc etc. or is it "raze root or bust"?15:02
leftyfbmeph1st0: try #ubuntu-offtopic. This is a support channel15:03
meph1st0leftyfb, OK, THANKS :)15:03
meph1st0sorry for caps)15:03
herald85my ubuntus keep failing to download http://be.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/l/linux/linux-headers-4.4.0-140_4.4.0-140.166_all.deb , but after some experimenting I've noticed that using ftp:// works. Whats the best way to notify the repo maintainers? General ubuntu bugzilla?15:05
BluesKajdeadrom, I have to ask , didyou update/upgrade existing packages first?15:08
deadromBluesKaj, yup15:08
BluesKajdeadrom, ok, is the package manager set to upgrade LTS only?15:11
deadromBluesKaj, yes15:12
BluesKajany ppas?15:14
deadromBluesKaj, truckloads. upgrade-core tells me it disables those, though15:14
BluesKajor changes to the sources.list15:15
BluesKajdeadrom, yeah, it's supposed to15:15
deadromBluesKaj, http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/b5GkD49Ddb/ <- current sources.list15:16
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deadrombtw I cannot paste proper outputs becuase LC_ALL=C gets me this: https://pastebin.com/Xdr1qpVL15:20
lordcirth_deadrom, use 'LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8'15:32
lordcirth_You need UTF-8 support15:33
koffelcan ubuntu lts support 12 cores?15:48
nacckoffel: ... yes15:48
nacckoffel: unless you mean some specific hardware version or something, but 12 cores in general, yes. It can support 100s of cores.15:48
koffelsome reason i can only get it to see 615:48
lordcirth_koffel, what CPU?15:49
koffeldual xeons15:49
nateSince most processors use some sort of threading these days, make sure you have HT/SMT on15:49
koffelyes i do15:49
koffelit shows in bios 24 cores15:49
lordcirth_koffel, ... more specific. What CPU model?  Also, which Ubuntu LTS? 18.04?15:49
koffele5656 16.04lts15:50
nacckoffel: 12 or 24 cores? and do you mean cores or hardware threads15:50
koffelmy unit has 4 e5656 xeons 6 cores each15:50
nacckoffel: `dmesg`, `lscpu` in a pastebin15:51
lordcirth_I don't see the "e5656" in Intel Ark.  Sure that's right?15:51
koffelsorry i mean e567015:52
koffelIntel® Xeon® Processor X567015:52
lordcirth_Ok, so each one is 6 cores, 12 threads15:52
lordcirth_koffel, and what tool are you using, which is showing 6 cores?15:53
koffeland top15:53
nacctop doesn't show cores, it shows logical cpus15:54
nacckoffel: and again, can you pastebin the output asked for?15:54
koffelsome reason in lscpu model is blank15:54
nacckoffel: did you buy it after-market?15:55
styx__hi! is there a lxc 2.0.9 package for ubuntu 18? can't find one online :(15:57
koffelno nacc i bought it new in my dell poweredge r72015:57
nacckoffel: uh, you installed 32-bit15:58
nacckoffel: that seems wrong15:58
naccand actually, that looks likea  VM15:58
koffeloh shit i thought it was 64bit15:58
koffelnot vm15:59
naccjust to santiy check, are you trolling? :)15:59
naccoh did you accept the random hostname it provides at install time?15:59
naccin any case, i'd install 64-bit and see if it sees your processor correctly15:59
koffelit a server15:59
koffelwill do15:59
nacckoffel: i would suggest giving a real hostname as well16:00
koffelwill do16:00
koffelthank ya16:00
naccstyx__: why would you want 2.0.9 in 18.04? it's at 3.0.316:00
styx__nacc: project reasons :/16:00
naccstyx__: afaict, 2.0.9 is not in any ubuntu16:01

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