Wayward_VagabondWonder if I can plug a flash drive into my phone's dongle, and download a bionic iso straight to that- the old laptop should be able to burn that00:01
Wayward_Vagabondif i can get the file in it00:01
mijkhey, I'm trying to copy an initrd file from a VM over but it says file not found, despite ls showing it00:05
mijkif I do a ls -l, it shows a symlink but it's in red rather than my usual blue00:05
mijkdoes that mean it's linked to another unavailable file system?00:06
pragmaticenigmamijk: yes, red means the link is dead00:06
mijkhmm, readlink -k isn't showing me where it thinks it's supposed ot be00:09
Wayward_Vagabondfirefox mobile won't let me pick where I want to save the enormous file00:11
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mijkwhy would initrd be missing from the boot partition?00:12
xamithanWhy can't you download and burn from a shell ?00:12
xamithanYou got dd and wget right00:12
xamithanEr not dd,  growisofs00:13
uboneis it ok to chmod +w an existing partition from live cd?00:16
xamithana partition?  no,  you should be doing that to a filesystem00:17
ubonei need somewhere to put the new lts but have to use live iso00:17
pragmaticenigmaubone: based solely on your question ... it is not possible to chmod a partition00:18
ubonek input was low, i have /dev/sda3 ie /home/ mounted to /mnt/00:19
ubonebut don't have write perms00:20
ubonedrwxr-xr-x  6 root root00:20
pragmaticenigmaubone: what folder path are you trying to write to?00:22
ubonemy otherwise home dir00:23
pragmaticenigmaubone: that doesn't make any sense00:23
ubonewhat doesnt00:24
xamithanAre you root ?00:24
ubonei guess so00:25
xamithanIf you were,  you'd have write perms00:25
uboneidk im in the live cd00:25
ubonemaybe i should start transmission with sudo?00:26
pragmaticenigmaubone: no00:26
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pragmaticenigmaubone: what is the first directory you see when you run "ls -l /mnt"00:28
ubonethe content of my otherwise /home/00:29
uboneso, users' dirs00:29
pragmaticenigmaubone: then what you are looking to do is save the file to your desired user's folder ... be that /mnt/home/{user}/save_here or /mnt/{user}/save_here00:30
pragmaticenigmaif you can't write there... then use "sudo mkdir /mnt/{user}/livecd_download && sudo chmod +w /mnt/{user}/livecd_download"00:32
pragmaticenigmathen set that folder in transmission as your download00:32
ubonei did sudo chmod 666 and 644 /mnt/00:36
ubonedid i destroy the partition ;_;00:36
pragmaticenigmaubone: I'm done helping... you're not following what I said00:36
ubonei did those a minute or two before you posted00:37
pragmaticenigmaubone: you're being presumptuous and I already said don't do what you just did. so I'm done... good luck00:38
ubonek thx00:39
ecormierwhy would you be downloading stuff via transmission in a LiveCD env? lol01:16
FortKnightend users do strange things01:16
ecormier:) I can think of a couple of reasons, but the live env isn't going to help with most haha01:17
FortKnightand have even stranger logic behind their justification of those things01:17
Wayward_Vagabonddeleted a bunch of ..images and made enough room for a xubuntu iso01:18
Wayward_Vagabondsomehow, the 14.04 install had drivers for muh phone and copied the iso out01:19
Wayward_Vagabondlive dvd burning...01:19
Wayward_Vagabondwhy is nothing ever simple? :|01:21
FortKnightbecause the universe wants to make people hardened and tough01:22
FortKnightlike steel put through the fire01:23
* Wayward_Vagabond has been made brittle by poor tempering01:23
Wayward_Vagabondk, clean install time01:24
Wayward_Vagabondis a btfrs boot partition a stable feature now?01:25
naccwhy would you want btrfs as your boot partition's filesystem?01:25
ecormierif you want efi, then no01:26
naccit's not a critical partition performance wise, for one thing, you want the most stable, well-tested, filesystem for it. That (among other reasons) is why ext2 is often used.01:26
naccthat is one of the other reasons, ecormier :)01:26
naccWayward_Vagabond: you seem to be very interested in making things more difficult for yourself :)01:26
Wayward_VagabondI turned efi off01:27
FortKnightWayward_Vagabond: you should probably let the installer do it's defaults/auto pilot01:28
naccthere is not a good reason, afaik, to use btrfs as your boot partition.01:28
FortKnightlowers potential of human error01:28
Wayward_Vagabondext4 it is, and punhing in my mount points into it01:29
nbastinis there an update to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialConsoleHowto that works with 18.04?02:08
xamithanFOr which part02:12
xamithanI don't know about the server setup,  but the client part looks good.  Minicom and screen hasn't changed much in 30 years02:13
nbastinclient is not relevant to the equation02:13
nbastinthe server setup is the problem02:13
nbastinobviously the upstart nonsense does not work02:13
nbastinI got grub to dump log to serial, but getting getty to run is problematic02:14
xamithanProbably better off using https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Working_with_the_serial_console02:14
nbastinwil look into that, thanks02:15
etothetauiif I cat a file and i get 5 things but I want to change the order how can I do that? I want the 3rd line to be the first line and the rest of the lines to be in the original order02:35
etothetauibasically I want to move the first line to the top of the list. is there a command I can pipe the cat output into?02:36
xamithanThere is a few ways but none of them are easy02:38
etothetauiHow would you do it?02:39
xamithanwith sed,  using regular expressions02:40
mwsbOr with awk02:40
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tonsofpcsis there a FAQ for netplan somewhere that says how to do things that we all used to do in one line with ifupdown and ifconfig?03:30
lotuspsychje!netplan | tonsofpcs can this help?03:33
ubottutonsofpcs can this help?: Netplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/03:33
tonsofpcslotuspsychje: no, not really.  I'm looking for "set an IP address, netmask, gateway, dns server, and default route" "release/renew dhcp" "disable an interface" "enable an interface", etc.03:41
tonsofpcsor "you used to do ifup eth0, now do X"03:41
tonsofpcseven a simple manpage would be helpful with commands, syntax, and typical usage examples03:43
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: are you on desktop or server03:44
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html.en03:45
tonsofpcslotuspsychje: yes! is that avaialble in manpage format?  Was really frustrated trying to set up a freshly spun up machine without a web browser near by (and obviously the one on the machine wouldn't work because I didn't have its networking set up)03:49
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: you want me to copy paste it in query?03:52
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: as its a wiki; its not like that in a manpage03:53
tonsofpcslotuspsychje: no, I want it usable on systems without having to go find a web browser and search blindly for information.03:53
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: netplan & ip has a manpage..03:55
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tonsofpcsdamnit, where was that e-mail address that I'm supposed to write to if netplan is really a serious issue for me?03:57
tonsofpcsor does that just go to you?03:57
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: evolution means ubuntu will use new ways/packages, its not because you have issues canonical gonna change that03:59
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: if you find a !bug please file it03:59
tonsofpcslotuspsychje: I get this but there was somewhere (an output of netplan or ifconfig perhaps?) that said to e-mail somewhere specific if it was a major issue.  And it is.04:00
tonsofpcsI'm not saying netplan itself is an issue but a lack of reasonable documentation on a shipping system is.04:01
lotuspsychjetonsofpcs: i pointed you to the network config wiki, netplan and ip manpage..read a bit ok :p04:02
huliohi guys, how to upgrade ubuntu to the latest version?04:18
huliovia command line04:18
hulioi'm on 16.04 LTS04:18
Bashing-omhulio: Once the system is fully updated run ' sudo do-release-upgrade ' .04:23
Apachezhow do I add a format other than english based ones in the settings -> region & language?04:26
SwedeMikehulio: https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-upgrade-to-ubuntu-linux-18-04/04:55
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JPSmanHeya!  So in the past, I would be able to shutdown my WM by using "service lightdm stop" and then start.  I'm using 18.04 now - what is my WM name?  How can I find that out?05:05
JPSmanor in the past i'd use GDM stop05:06
JPSmanHow do I kill my xserver?05:12
JPSmanhow do I find out what xserver I am currently using?05:12
rfmJPSman, the new equiv to "service lightdm stop" would be "systemctl stop lightdm.service"05:13
EriC^^JPSman: try "ps aux | grep dm" and see if if says lightdm or gdm05:14
rfmJPSman, I suspect 'systemctl stop graphical-session.target'  would be the higher-level way05:15
JPSmanlooks like /usr/lib/gdm3/gdm-x-session is running, thanks EriC^^05:17
JPSmanrfm, with any luck, i'll be leaving right now because my DM will be shutting down :)05:18
JPSmanrfm, nope :(05:19
JPSmanrfm, I just tried systemctl stop graphical.target05:20
JPSmanand I'm still here :(05:20
EriC^^JPSman: "dpkg -l xorg" should give the version05:20
EriC^^JPSman: if you want to stop the window manager, use sudo service <lightdm or gdm> stop"05:20
JPSmanEriC^^, just did "service gdm stop" and I'm still here --- and just did "service lightdm stop" and still here05:22
EriC^^JPSman: what did "sudo service gdm stop" report back?05:22
rfmJPSman, yeah stopping the .target didn't do what I thought.  "systemctl stop lightdm.service" booted me back to console, but then I'm on xubuntu 18.0405:23
rfmJPSman, since you seem to be using gdm, the equiv would be "systemctl stop gdm.service"05:24
JPSmanEriC^^, just ran 'service gdm stop' - as root-  and i'm still here05:24
JPSmanjust ran systemctl stop gdm.service and still typing lol05:25
JPSmanso, I have gnome flashback if that helps05:25
EriC^^JPSman: what error did it give though?05:26
JPSmanno error, nadda05:26
EriC^^JPSman: you're not answering our questions05:29
EriC^^what errors does it give after you type the command?05:29
JPSmanthere are no errors after I type the commands05:29
JPSmanthere is nothing that happens05:30
EriC^^well that's odd05:30
EriC^^what does 'systemctl status gdm' give?05:30
rfmJPSman, well, I'm baffled.  "sudo pkill Xorg"  to kill the session, then ctl-alt-F1 to get a console session and shutdown from there...05:30
JPSmanYAY! "pkill Xorg" worked!!05:34
JPSmanthanks rfm05:34
JPSmanI was able to start up my session again with "service gdm start"05:35
JPSmanthis is exaclty what I was looking for05:35
JPSmanso thanks guys05:35
bizhatI am connecting to remote xubuntu server, but the keyboard layout is differnt, when type "p", it shows "x", any idea how i change keyboard layout ?06:02
bizhatI am using VNC to connect06:02
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spinningCatis there any package to convert pdf file to xls or csv?06:06
macopythonIs there a way to reload dbus policies without restarting dbus daemon ?06:22
EriC^^ /msg ubottu !ping06:27
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gpunkpdf2text then ...06:43
TJ-Strange issue with Xubuntu whiskermenu (the task-bar application menu). Starting a default terminal, the window appears and disappears (program closes) within 1/2 second. It executes it via "exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator". If however I use Alt+F2 (Run) and type that command it works fine. Due to GUI struggling to think how to further debug this07:00
ducasseTJ-: anything in ~/.xsession-errors? (wild guess)07:06
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_alx_how exactly do permissions work? if I have a file that has the owner www-data and groupname of www-data, and permissions as rwxr-xr-x (755) it's layed out as (7 = owner can read write and execute), (first 5 = users in the group can read and execute), (last 5, any user on the machine can read and execute? )07:10
_alx_jluc: is there any reason at all to have files with 777? I can't think of any07:14
eraserpencilcould someone help me troubleshoot my wifi connection issues? I have copied some of my diagnostics to https://ghostbin.com/paste/ev38o if anyone would be interested to assist me07:19
eraserpencillet me know if you need more help07:19
ducasse_alx_: to allow anyone full permissions, if you need to07:20
_alx_ducasse: I don't need to. Does the base system need to? Do you know?07:20
Poirottihello. yesterday i upgraded to ubuntu 18.04. how when i hibernate my laptop, it seems to do the hibernation part as it should but when i wake up it acts like a boot after a shutdown and i have to login again, programs being closed. what do?07:21
_alx_eraserpencil: I know little about the wifi drivers for ubuntu, sorry bud07:21
ducasse_alx_: i kind of doubt there are many (if any) world-writable files in a default install, but that doesn't mean a user might not need to set those permissions07:21
eraserpencilpoirotti, is your issue the login part or is it something else?07:23
_alx_ducasse: i'm the only user, i'd like to restrict sudoers too but that's an issue for another day.07:24
TJ-ducasse: xsession-errors, nothing related I could see. It's weird, this started on a single 18.04 after a regular package upgrade, but this only affects that single application shortcut, no others I've found so far07:24
eraserpencil_alx_ that's very much fine. thanks07:24
TJ-ducasse: I suppose I should wrap /usr/bin/exo-open in a shell script that captures debug info07:25
ducasseTJ-: that's probably worthwhile07:25
_alx_ducasse: thanks for the info, do you know if this is documented anywhere? I'm going to look around/start a new vm and check too.07:26
Poirottieraserpencil: before yesterday i shouldn't have had to log in after a hibernation. instead, it booted right where i was before hibernating. so now the hibernation seems to work like shutdown which really makes no sense to me. the login part was only part of diagnosing that the computer had shut down instead of hibernating07:27
Poirottisuspend seems to work fine but i'd like to use hibernate07:28
ducasse_alx_: i don't think so, but you can check with 'find'07:28
_alx_ducasse: yup! with the perm flag :) thanks07:29
_alx_find / -perm 0777 or you can add a type if you're just interested in folder of files07:30
TJ-ducasse: oh...my...  duh! in the application shortcut GUI editor the option "Run in terminal" was checked... which somehow causes the command passed through to be "--launch TerminalEmulator exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator" which causes exo-open to report its help info and exit. The terminal I was seeing was the one caused by "run in terminal" :D07:32
ducasseTJ-: lol07:34
* TJ- must stop ticking random check-boxes07:34
jildo you know of a whatsapp client for linux ?07:34
TJ-Has anyone here configured systemd-networkd for Wireguard server-side? I've been looking for an example of the .netdev/.network files - found some for the client side but there are subtle differences for server-side07:36
eraserpencilsorry poirotti... nuances of hibernate and suspend and troubleshooting it seems beyond my skillset07:42
eraserpenciljil if you have alot of sufficient ram, Rambox or WaveBox or franz might be what you're looking for07:43
Poirottieraserpencil: basically suspend saves the state spends some electricity (computer still on) and boots faster. hibernate spends zero energy, saves the computer state on hard disk, shuts down the power and boots a little slower. neither one of these should close apps or log out afaik07:46
Poirottishouldn't be the swap space either since free -m tells i'm using 2,4G and swap size is 8G.07:49
Poirottijil: why not just use web.whatsapp in a browser window?07:50
TJ-Poirotti: check the kernel log from the first startup after hibernation, there may/should be clues there. That, or syslog, to begin with07:50
TJ-Poirotti: the other possibility is that if the system was set to do S3 Sleep + Hibernate, the battery died before the hibernation managed to write out all of RAM to swap07:52
jilPoirotti: because I don't have a compatible mobile phone.  It's a chance aleardy that I tolerate having a fixed phone, fixed on me.07:53
jileraserpencil ?  rambox? WaveBox ?  franz I heard about it.  I'm checking thank you07:54
PoirottiTJ- thanks for the tips. now that i look at those logs, it could be something with tlp. i also remember that the tlp config changed somehow when i upgraded. empty battery is not a possibility07:55
TJ-Poirotti: "tlp" ?07:56
Poirottiit's a power manager for laptops07:57
eraserpencilso I have an interesting challenge for anyone up to it. I have a gnome Ubuntu 16.04 whose login page seems fine and all. The thing is, I cant have any signs of life when I log in to my main account. Not even tty1. Other users seem pretty fine though. I dont know where to start with troubleshooting this. is it a simple "apt-get install -reinstall ubuntu-desktop" fix ? or is it something deeper?08:07
eraserpencili cant remember anything i could have done to affect the x server08:07
Poirottieraserpencil: so you haven't messed around with desktop environments?08:13
eraserpencildefinitely not08:15
eraserpencilI partitioned an external disk though... dont think my partition table got corrupted. else I wouldnt be able to log into any other users or loginto my main user from other users08:16
jilI think I'll be going for yowsup.08:18
Poirottieraserpencil: at least in the login screen ctrl + alt + f1 should give you a terminal and you could check .bashrc, .bash_profile and .xinitrc if there's some things that mess your startx. sometimes when i've messed around with desktop environments i've commented something out and left it like that and then startx failed. or something like that :)08:21
eraserpencili dont have a bashrc08:26
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Fudgecant install bzr on bionic for some reason09:21
Fudgeoh i just had to restart09:25
yossarianukhi - how come there have been no 18.10 beta .isos out yet ?09:28
yossarianukisn't it out soon ?09:28
ducasseyossarianuk: 18.10 support is in #ubuntu+109:34
rvikwd3eraserpencil_: Hello!09:43
rvikwd3How are ya :D09:44
eraserpencil_pretty well09:44
eraserpencil_apart from a few issues09:45
eraserpencil_how about ya09:45
rvikwd3ah nice :309:45
rvikwd3trying out irc09:45
glitchdanyone in here?09:46
glitchdhaving a bit of a dilema09:48
glitchdlooking for a bit of help with writing a script09:48
eraserpencil_do you have a board-2.bin in your hwX.X directory?09:48
rvikwd3antop: hello :D09:49
antoprvikwd3 :D09:53
eraserpencil_wassup glitch09:55
glitchdyo bud09:56
glitchdwut up?09:56
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glitchderaserpencil_, yo?09:58
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mjaykHay, how does ubuntu handle high DPI monitors ? are they supported10:05
guiverc_wmjayk, some DEsktops support hidpi monitors, some don't.  newer versions of desktops are more likely to have support, though Unity 7 was relatively earlier in it's support I believe10:09
mjaykHow about the default gnome desktop guiverc_w ?10:10
guiverc_wi don't have hidpi so don't know first hand... i recall mention that unity 7 on 16.04 was better than gnome on 17.10, but I could also be wrong and don't know of 18.0410:11
guiverc_wthere was a joint gnome effort involving red hat & canonical to improve gnome which was before 18.04 - recall reading about it, but as it doesn't affect me I didn't remember much - so it's likely 18.04 is better10:12
FortKnightmjayk: do you have ubuntu AND hidpi monitor right now?10:13
mjaykhmm kk doesnt sound good.10:13
mjaykFortKnight, No I don't. I don't want to waste my time installing the wrong distro if it doesn't support my hardware10:13
mjaykI have a high DPI monitor10:14
guiverc_wmjayk, ubuntu has some of the best support for hardware - which is why I mentioned desktops!10:14
mjaykguiverc_w, OK thanks, I just need to know if ubuntu, not any of the flavours, supports my hardware. Thanks for your help.10:14
roguegeekCan you somehow get natural scrolling supported in 16.04 LTS?10:15
guiverc_wthe high dpi effort for gnome was jointly done by Canonical (behind Ubuntu) - so it's in the lead for gnome (along with fedora)10:15
mjaykOK, but does it work?10:15
mjaykIt being supported is all I am really interested in10:16
guiverc_wmjayk, my gnome-shell version is 3.30; so my Ubuntu is the latest currently available... - you're talking distros & ignoring that a distro is based on software... gnome 3.30 has the best support for any gnome version (i am using 18.10 btw; so support also depends on version!)10:18
yossarianukducasse: cheers - although I don't support support on 18.10 - jusrt wondering why there are no RC/Beta isos out yert ?10:18
yossarianukI mean I *don't need support*10:18
mjaykguiverc_w, best support is not support that is an opinion. Please if you don't know or the answer is its not fully supported just say so.10:20
guiverc_wmy statement was that hidpi support in gnome has been improving; the greatest amount of hidpi support in gnome is in 3.30, which I'm using on ubuntu now.  i never said gnome had the best support for hi dpi (sorry if you misread it that way), support varies; I like XFCE myself which has none; MATE is where I'd be probably if i had hi-dpi & ubuntu-mate is possibly the best mate for hi-dpi in my opinion (as work was done10:23
guiverc_wby ubuntu-mate coders & pushed upstream) - back to my desktop choice matters first comment10:23
mjaykguiverc_w, As i said I am not interested in the flavours, I am interested in ubuntu stock. But thanks for your opinion.10:24
muhahaIs possible to bind systemd-resolver to all interfaces, instead of ?10:26
FortKnightsave your breath on that one10:26
macopythonIs there a way to reload dbus policies without restarting dbus daemon ?10:30
FortKnightreboot the pc10:32
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:32
macopythonFortKnight: not an option for me. Anyways it also restarts dbus :)10:36
MicrosoftWindowsguys have you tried10:41
MicrosoftWindowssudo apt-get install anarchism10:42
MicrosoftWindowsI really like that package10:42
BluesKajMicrosoftWindows, stop trolling please10:44
BluesKajHey EriC^^11:01
faLUCEHello. I have distorted sound on headphones (good sound on HDMI) with ubuntu 18.04.  My soundcard is ALC891. What can I do?11:06
BluesKajfaLUCE, did you try turning headphone volume down a bit in alsamixer?11:07
EriC^^hey BluesKaj11:08
EriC^^hey BluesKaj11:11
faLUCEBluesKaj: it did not solve. more precisely, the sound i very LOW and distorted11:14
BluesKajfaLUCE, ok , if you have pavucontrol installed then check the volume setting there too11:15
zetherooHow do I get this rsync command to exclude more than one file name? rsync -av --exclude '*ch02.png' /source/dir /destination/dir11:17
zetherooI tried this but it didn't work: rsync -av --exclude '*ch02.png *ch03.png' /source/dir /destination/dir11:17
faLUCEBluesKaj: the settings seem coorrect in pavuctrl too11:18
faLUCEBluesKaj: what should I check in pavuctrl more precisely?11:18
EriC^^zetheroo: use several --exclude's11:22
zetherooEriC^^: ah ok - Thanks!11:23
BluesKajfaLUCE, the output device volume ctrl11:23
faLUCEBluesKaj: the volume is ok11:23
BluesKajless than 100% ?11:24
faLUCEBluesKaj: no11:24
BluesKajfaLUCE, then it might be overloading11:25
BluesKajover 100% may be too much for your headphones11:26
faLUCEit's not over 100%. It's 100%11:26
BluesKajtry 80%11:28
BluesKajpeaks will put the levels over 100% at times11:29
faLUCEBluesKaj: same issue11:29
BluesKajfaLUCE, is this a laprop?11:29
faLUCEBluesKaj: yes11:30
BluesKajmaybe the connector or cable to the 'phones is faulty11:31
faLUCEBluesKaj: how can I check that?11:31
BluesKaja different set of headphones11:32
faLUCEBluesKaj: I tried the headphones on another device and they work11:33
BluesKajno distortion, if so then it's probly your connector11:34
faLUCEI have to be sure of that... because in this case I have to change the mobo11:34
faLUCEand I don't know how to check that11:34
faLUCEmaybe I should try another distro/OS on an usb drive11:35
BluesKajno. it could be a bad solder joint11:35
faLUCEBluesKaj: I understand that, but in order to be sure that it's something like that I have to try another distro11:36
BluesKajif you have one installed11:37
BluesKajanother OS11:37
faLUCEBluesKaj: yes. but which one?11:37
faLUCEI don't  understand if I can try windows on usb without installing it11:38
BluesKajfaLUCE, choose one that's media friendly, dejfinitely not fedora11:38
BluesKajok try windows if it's already installed11:38
faLUCEBluesKaj: I don't have windows11:39
faLUCEBluesKaj: in addition, windows require installation. I can't try it on usb11:43
BluesKajok fine, try  windows11:46
faLUCEBluesKaj: I CAN'T try windows... it needs to be installed11:47
BluesKajon usb11:48
BluesKajfaLUCE, https://lifehacker.com/how-to-run-a-portable-version-of-windows-from-a-usb-dri-156550912411:49
faLUCEBluesKaj: not good. it requires to install wintousb, which doesn't work on linux11:51
TJ-Poirotti: faLUCE I'd suspect the HDA codec first (the ALC) - sometimes the pin-outs in the chip aren't known to Linux and so it causes problems11:52
TJ-faLUCE: I'd suspect the headphone port is getting amplified when it shouldn't be, which would explain distortion. Does the PC have other sound output ports, like "Line Out" and "Speakers" ?11:52
faLUCETJ-: how can I check that?11:53
faLUCETJ-: sorry11:53
BluesKajfaLUCE, the point is the OS doesn't matter , it's the p[hysical connection your laptop that might be fualty11:53
faLUCEno, it has only mic and headphones connector11:53
faLUCEBluesKaj: I see that, but I want to be sure of that before giving back the faulty mobo to the vendor11:54
faLUCETJ-: no, it has only mic and headphones connectorS (two connectors)11:54
BluesKajget another set of headphones from a friend or relative and try them on your laptop first11:55
faLUCEBluesKaj: as said before the headphones DO work...11:58
faLUCEI tried them on other devices11:58
BluesKajdid you try a speaker system on that connection, that would be the next step11:59
BluesKajpc speakers12:00
BluesKajI used to run a set of pc speakers off the headphone connection on my laptop, and they worked graet12:04
faLUCEBluesKaj: with another pair of headphones the result is the same12:04
faLUCEI don't have speakers12:04
qwebirc96329Hello, i am a novice using ubuntu and would like some help in using AppArmor is this the right place to ask?12:09
BluesKajfaLUCE, do you bluetooth turned on ?12:12
faLUCEBluesKaj: it's off12:12
BluesKajfaLUCE, could you pastebin your alsamixer settings please12:18
faLUCEBluesKaj: where can I upload the image of the settings?12:20
PoirottiFYI: i had the problem with hibernation not resuming correctly. the problem was that grub didn't know (anymore after upgrade) about the swap where it should resume. so i just had to tell both /etc/default/grub and /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume about the id of my swap partition (sudo blkid tells the UUID). actually this was quite a basic problem but i had the wrong keywords in google. the12:21
Poirottikeywords were definitely "hibernate resume" :)12:21
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faLUCEBluesKaj: http://it.tinypic.com/view.php?pic=25an22r&s=912:25
BluesKajfaLUCE, try muting all your spdif outs except one12:28
BluesKajuse the M key12:29
faLUCEBluesKaj: M key in alasmixer? I tried it but it doesn't mute anything12:30
BluesKajit should show M in the box12:31
faLUCEBluesKaj: I don't see M in the box12:32
nwedoes someone know i you can tell consul agent to only speak with the agent in the same network?12:33
faLUCEBluesKaj: seen it. let me try12:33
BluesKajyou have to navigate with the arrow keys to the ctrl12:33
faLUCEBluesKaj: the problem remains12:34
BluesKajtry muting all the spdif ctrls12:34
pragmaticenigmanwe: Could you be more specific, what console agent ?12:36
PoirottifaLUCE: have you rebooted your computer? i've had buzz sometimes and booting helped. just saying :)12:37
BluesKajit's distortion ,. not a buzz12:37
Poirottiwell, buzzing sound anyway12:37
nwepragmaticenigma: consul* sorry :D12:38
Poirottiwhat i had was some kind of electric distortion yes. sounds a little bit like a horrible fuzz pedal with fuzz going to eleven12:38
faLUCEBluesKaj: do you mean to mute ALL the spdif or ALL excepts one?12:38
BluesKajmute all of them12:38
faLUCEBluesKaj: donew12:39
faLUCEBluesKaj: now?12:39
BluesKajtry the headphones12:39
faLUCEBluesKaj: should the master be muted too?12:40
pragmaticenigmanwe: If you are referring to the application "consul" then say as much. Otherwise someone, like myself, is going to assume you had a typo. For assistance specific to the application, your best bet is to seek out a forum of other users for help.12:40
faLUCEor do you mean "master not muted and all the spdif muted" ?12:40
pragmaticenigmanwe: "other users" meaning users of that application12:40
BluesKajfaLUCE, no12:40
nweI have setup consul, I have  3-servers ( on vlan10) and my QA-env1 is on vlan10 (with consul-clients) and QA-env2  is on vlan20) and it works the problem is that the clients on vlan10 and vlan20 try to speak with each other.12:40
nwepragmaticenigma: okey .12:41
faLUCEBluesKaj: well, I have:  "master not muted and all the spdifs muted". But the problem remains12:41
m_i_k_ehardware issue?12:41
BluesKajand your laptop speakers don't distort , faLUCE ?12:41
faLUCEI have headphones, not speakers12:42
faLUCEand the headphones do distort12:42
BluesKajfaLUCE, your laptop has small speakers , most do12:42
faLUCEBluesKaj: this is my mobo https://www.gigabyte.com/Mini-PcBarebone/GB-BPCE-3350C-rev-10#ov12:43
BluesKajunplug the headphones and try the speakers12:43
faLUCEit doesn't have speakers12:44
BluesKajtht 's not a laptop12:45
faLUCEBluesKaj: sorry12:45
BluesKajuar you sure yoiu're using the headphone output and not mic connection12:46
faLUCEBluesKaj: it's the green connector12:46
m_i_k_emove the box to another location, getting noise from something near it?12:47
faLUCEBluesKaj: when I touch the unbplugged audio cable it's hot12:47
faLUCElet me try another test. be back soon12:48
BluesKajm_i_k_e, it's not noise, it's distortion of the actual sound12:49
m_i_k_eah... yeah, that's weird.  hardware issue could cause it too.  is it new?12:50
faLUCEI', here12:50
faLUCEI'm, here12:50
BluesKajthere may be a low voltage electrical short on your audio output connector12:51
faLUCEhow to check that?12:52
BluesKajfaLUCE, best to bring it to the vendor ...if it's still under warranty they shoiuld check and fix that for free12:53
faLUCEBluesKaj: it will require time :-(12:53
BluesKajwell, seems faulty to me12:53
MacroManI can't get any keyboard shortcut that uses "super" to work. Just want to  double check that the "super" key is the windows logo right?12:55
PoirottiMacroMan: one can choose the super key. it's usually the windows key but it can also be any key, like alt12:56
MacroManHmm. Maybe it's changed on my computer for some reason12:56
eraserpencilI've come to ply my qn at #ubuntu. I spend the whole day trying to troubleshoot my wifi. I cant seem to get network-manager to show any detectable wireless network12:56
eraserpencilone thing i achieved is knowing nothing is wrong with the driver or the hardware cause iwlist scan shows available networks in the area12:57
FortKnighteraserpencil: has it EVER worked at all?12:58
eraserpencilyesterday afternoon12:58
FortKnighteraserpencil: what has changed since then?..have you installed a bunch of crap and or made a bunch of tweaks?12:59
MacroManSo my super key is the windows logo, and it works for some shortcuts, but not all. Confused :s12:59
FortKnighteraserpencil: does it work when booted to livecd/liveusb?12:59
eraserpencillet me give that a try...12:59
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE (cc: BluesKaj) If you're looking for high end audio without distortion or interferance, you should consider getting an external USB connected sound card. Inside a computer is a very noisy place, and if you have high end headphones, you're likely hearing all the electrical noise inside the computer. If all channels are muted or volume turned way down and you still here, it is indicative of an open line13:01
pragmaticenigmasomewhere between the audio chipset and the connector. You could spend a lot of money and never fix the problem. Easier solution is if you really want high end audio from a laptop (or even a desktop) is to consider a USB sound "card"13:01
FortKnight^ +113:02
MacroManNarrowing it down: Keyboard shortcuts with "super" plus 1 key don't work. Shortcuts with "SUper13:02
MacroMan"Super" and another modifier do work13:02
BluesKajpragmaticenigma, think the user has a faulty solder joint in the audio out connection13:02
FortKnightdoesn't even have to be faulty solder..metal touching somewhere it shouldn't could ground out and cause interference and or distortion13:03
FortKnightfairly common13:04
faLUCEI want to try another distro before. let's cross fingers13:04
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: I really doubt that will fix anything. But you are welcome to try it.13:05
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: with an usb radio souncard I would take one usb port busy13:06
BluesKajfaLUCE, well. that's your call13:06
FortKnightthen buy yourself a USB "hub" along with a USB sound card13:06
FortKnightand call it a day13:07
faLUCEFortKnight: it would reduce the USB bandwidth as well13:07
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: I'm offering a suggestion on what I believe will offer you the best option. A USB hub is easy to purchase at a very reasonable price.13:07
faLUCEin addition, it's a work-around. not a solution13:07
faLUCEif the mobo is broken, then I have to replace it13:07
faLUCEit's under warrany13:07
FortKnightthen replace it ...but don't be surprised if you have the same with an identical mobo13:08
BluesKajit's not a mobo faLUCE, it's a mini-pc13:08
BluesKajwith a mobo13:08
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: There are leading industry experts that will disagree with that statement. As I mentioned before, there is a lot of electrically noise generated by a motherboard. Sticking an audio output in the same environment turns it into a radio receiver for all that noise, which transmit into your headphones/speakers.13:08
faLUCEFortKnight: if the problem is in a joint, then it won't happen again13:08
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: Also, it's a Realtek audio chip, Realtek is not known for quality audio13:09
faLUCEwhen I touch the cable, it is very hot13:09
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: What cable are you touching?13:09
BluesKajpragmaticenigma, it's audio distortion not "noise"13:09
BluesKajbig difference13:09
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: the end of the audio cable. after having unplugged it13:10
FortKnightdo somethiing before that "warranty" expires13:10
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: Then you have an electrical short somewhere... it should not be getting hot to the touch (unless it's right next to the CPU or heatsink, which is very poor design and will definately create problems)13:10
FortKnightelse you'll be forced to live with it...FOREVER13:11
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: I agree, you need to contact the manufacturer right away!13:11
FortKnighta "warranty" doesn't last forever...tick tock13:11
eraserpencilyes a liveusb works13:17
eraserpencilso its a package issue?13:18
pragmaticenigmaMacroMan: I've always found keybaord shortcuts involving the "super" key hit or miss. If I can't get it to work, I usually opt for a CTRL + ALT + key approach13:20
MacroManpragmaticenigma: Thanks. It's consistent which shortcuts work, so I wonder of there is a bug.13:25
pragmaticenigmaMacroMan: To me, it's hard to pinpoint the reason why a shortcut isn't working. An application in the foreground (or background) could be intercepting the keybaord shortcut before the DE (Desktop Environment) receives it. Or the DE could simply not be responding to it.13:27
pragmaticenigmaMacroMan: In all cases, it's a bug, but finding the source is tricky13:27
MacroManSounds like most applications I write lol13:28
donofrio__anyone gotten 'cheese' to connect to the usb webcam hosted ubuntu on w10?13:50
FortKnightdonofrio__: so you're NOT using vmware/vbox but w10's hyperv correct? yes or no13:55
regeditplease help with touchpad 1) 50% or more of taps are ignored, even xev sometimes shows nothing upon some tapping 2) touchpad button only functions as Mouse Button 1 or LMB, it should usually detect LMB on left corner and RMB on right corner13:56
FortKnightdonofrio__: if not you should say what virtualization software you are using on win10 to run this ubuntu vm13:56
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donofrio__FortKnight, WSL ;)14:16
pragmaticenigmadonofrio__: There is a dedicated channel for help with that. Let me look it up for you14:19
smellsLikeGoatSphello everyone, I hope you are doing fine. my question today is an old one unfortunately. I am running ubuntu 16.04 on an Inspiron 7537, which comes with a nvidia geforce gt 750M. I tried most nvidia drivers unsuccessfully to run nvidia prime. any light to be shed there?14:20
pragmaticenigmadonofrio__: Check out ##windows-wsl ... sounds like the perfect place to ask your question... the specialize in Windows Subsystem for Linux14:20
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: are you chatting from the system right now?14:20
donofrio__pragmaticenigma, i am already there only 18 people there vs 1.2k folks here.....14:21
pragmaticenigmadonofrio__: The WSL is a special implementation of Ubuntu specific to that environment. Support here is limited because we don't have the documentation for it.14:22
pragmaticenigma!wsl | donofrio__ : You can also check out the other channels mentioned here >>14:23
ubottudonofrio__ : You can also check out the other channels mentioned here >>: Windows 10 has a feature called Windows Subsystem for Linux, which allows it to run Ubuntu (and other Linux distro) userspace programs without porting/recompliation. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows or ##windows. For installation instructions, see https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/commandline/wsl/install_guide14:23
pragmaticenigmasmellsLikeGoatSp: Also, do you have the nvidia proprietary drivers installed already?14:24
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FortKnightdonofrio__: FYI usb webcams aren't supported only and strictly "storage" devices https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/commandline/2017/05/10/bashwsl-insiders-build-now-supports-usbserial-comms-and-mounting-removable-storage-network-shares/14:26
FortKnightdonofrio__: so maybe someone in ##windows-wsl has experience in "unsupported" USB devices...good luck14:27
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I am14:31
smellsLikeGoatSppragmaticenigma: nvidia drivers have been through a few purges, so I dont really14:31
pragmaticenigmasmellsLikeGoatSp: the requirements for the nvidia-prime package require the nvidia propriatary drivers to be installed14:32
smellsLikeGoatSppragmaticenigma: I typically would install the drivers, I believe nvidia396 was the latest I tried14:33
bgardnerGood morning; I have a coworker with a Dell Inspiron 7579 running Kubuntu 17.10 that about every 2-3 days just powers off - not shuts down, just plain powers off.  Nothing in the logs, nothing we can find anywhere.  We checked temps and it reports relatively cool (42C) after rebooting.  Any suggestions?14:44
leftyfbbgardner: 17.10 is EOL.14:44
pragmaticenigma!artful | bgardner14:44
ubottubgardner: Ubuntu 17.10 (Artful Aardvark) was the 27th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 19th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2018-July/004483.html14:44
bgardnerleftyfb: Understood, I'll pass that along14:45
faLUCEBluesKaj: I suspect there's something more. When I switch off the master, I hear a white noise. IN addition, when I boot the OS I hear several clicks/white noises14:45
bgardnerkernel-3xp: Thanks, I'll check that14:45
pragmaticenigmabgardner: A trouble shooting idea would be to live boot a more recent version of Ubuntu and see if the behavior continues. If it does, it's hardware and the laptop has an issue14:45
bgardnerpragmaticenigma: Not sure if that's practical in this case, but I will pass it along as a suggestion, thank you14:46
kernel-3xpyou're welcome14:46
BluesKajfaLUCE, is there a ssd or hdd in that box?14:46
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: That is interfereance from the motherboard... That was what I was talking about before... there is a lot of electronic noise inside a computer.14:47
faLUCEBluesKaj: there's on a hard disk (2.5')14:47
BluesKajthen it's probly just switching noises14:47
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: but as mentioned earlier... if your finding the headphone plug hot to the touch when you remove it... you have an issue that you should be taking up with the manufacturer right away.14:48
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: now it is not hot anymore... It was hot before all the mobo, because there was a process which used lot of CPUs14:49
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: now it is not hot anymore... It was hot all the brix, before, because there was a process which used lot of CPUs14:49
faLUCEif I send the brix to the manufacturer, Ihave to wait weeks before they send me back it14:51
faLUCEand in these days I need the brix14:51
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: As I will repeat... white noise, pops and clicks are the result of interferance... there is nothing in the OS/Software that can fix that. Realtek chips are not high quality, and it's simply physics, an electronic signal orginating in the motherboard is going to get picked up by the amplifier in the audio circuit and you will hear it in your speakers. The only fix for that is an external sound card/device.14:53
BluesKajtoo late14:53
Gopalch430G , ls -l /dev/ttyUSB* works but ls -l /dev/ttyACM* says no dir found14:54
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FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you are?15:04
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I am chatting from the system right now15:05
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: I don't know if you saw this before you dropped off... white noise, pops and clicks are the result of interferance... there is nothing in the OS/Software that can fix that. Realtek chips are not high quality, and it's simply physics, an electronic signal orginating in the motherboard is going to get picked up by the amplifier in the audio circuit and you will hear it in your speakers. The only fix for that15:08
pragmaticenigmais an external sound card/device.15:08
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: open terminal>   sudo apt install inxi15:08
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: let me know when done..by simply saying "done"15:09
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: done15:09
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: open terminal>   inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc termbin.com 999915:10
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so15:10
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I didnt get an output15:10
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: open terminal>   inxi -Fxxprzc0|nc 999915:11
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: share url/link here..if you do not get a url/link..say so15:11
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: still nothing, I am on a uni network, if that can be an issue15:12
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: open terminal>   inxi -Fxxprzc0 > nfo.nfo15:12
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you won't get a url/link this time15:12
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: done15:13
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: in a browser go to https://pastebin.com15:13
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: let me know if you can successfully reach the site https://pastebin.com15:13
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: https://pastebin.com/3EeVxsNS15:15
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: apt list --installed|grep nvid15:17
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: see anything? yes or no15:17
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.15:18
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ok..15:20
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp:  Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) FAILED: nouveau15:20
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: nouveau FAILED...let's proceed15:20
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ubuntu-drivers list15:21
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: show me a pastebin of that15:21
tsgloveHello.  I am connecting to a Xubuntu installation, where I installed vnc4server.   In the ~/.vnc/xstartup    I have the    startxfce4 &      line.   Yet when I connect to that machine via VNC, I get the (I believe) X11 window (black/white little squares).15:22
tsgloveWhy could this be going on?15:22
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ubuntu-drivers devices15:23
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: show me a pastebin15:23
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: https://pastebin.com/cvPjnjU615:24
gloomyHello :)15:26
gloomyI have  the same issue as this : https://askubuntu.com/questions/1042929/how-to-fix-this-apt-problem-on-ubuntu-18-04-lts15:26
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: install  nvidia-396 - third-party free recommended15:27
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: use driver manager15:27
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: after it's installed let me know15:27
gloomyI tried the procedure in the answer, but when I try `sudo apt autoremove` I get an error:15:28
gloomy(It's also a nvidia drivers issue :D )15:29
gloomyI tried doing what it says (`sudo apt --fix-problems install`) but it just tries to install the missing dependencies, which in turn re-gives the same error with dpkg diversion15:30
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: done15:31
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: press ctrl+alt+backspace...come back here if needed and we'll continue15:32
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: sudo prime-select nvidia15:32
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: sudo prime-select nvidia > nfo2.nfo15:33
smellsLikeGoatSpForthKnight: what is ctrl+alt+backspace supposed to do?15:33
gloomyIt should kill X but it's no longer the case on recent ubuntu, I think?15:34
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: show me a pastebin of nfo2.nfo or let me know what it said somehow15:34
smellsLikeGoatSpForthKnight: ctrl+alt+backspace did nothing visible15:35
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you might need to restart after installing nvidia ctrl+alt+backspace is a lazy shortcut i've used instead of reboot15:35
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I see, ty15:36
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: inxi -Fxxprzc0 > nfo3.nfo15:37
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: pastebin me15:37
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: Info: the nvidia profile is already in use15:39
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: reboot15:39
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight:on it15:44
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faLUCEBluesKaj: I ended up in using an usb soundcard.... Now I wonder how much bandwidth does it use15:46
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: rebooted15:46
lotus|NUCgloomy: try to purge the 390.48 from repo and install latest 390 from the ubuntu graphics ppa15:47
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ok..now that we'd danced a bit i'm just gonna tell you what i'd like NOT to see and we'll talk it out to save my typing15:48
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 drivers: intel (unloaded: fbdev,vesa) FAILED: nouveau15:48
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: i don't wanna see FAILED nouveau15:48
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: inxi -Fxxprzc015:48
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you can look at it and tell me if it still says it15:48
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ideally it doesn't say that anymore15:49
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: Not very much15:49
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: can you confirm either way15:49
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: pastebin me if you're having trouble spotting that line out of all the info15:50
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: right, the output for inxi -Fxxprzc doesn show nouveau anywher15:51
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: sweet15:51
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: instead I have "Display Server: X.Org 1.18.4 driver: nvidia"15:51
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: in terminal>  nvidia-settings15:51
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: how much15:51
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: do you see the nvidia utility15:51
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I do see it. What used to happend is that after switching from nvidia to integrated it would stop working15:52
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: should I give it a go now?15:52
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: inxi -Fxxprzc0 > nfo5.nfo15:53
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: i wanna see15:53
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: GLX Renderer: GeForce GT 750M/PCIe/SSE215:56
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: looks good...you're using it now.15:56
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I will let you know if allows me to switch from one to the other effectively or if it breaks15:56
faLUCEnow I have another problem... I only hear the analog output of this USB soundcard, even if the digital output is switched. In fact I hear a low white noise in the background. The device is "CM108 Audio Controller"15:59
FortKnightfaLUCE: that's the same problem now a new problem...replace it or use that warranty already15:59
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: That's getting too deep into hardware archetecture to have a certain answer on bandwidth usage. IF you are still getting white noise... move the USB audio further away from the computer.15:59
faLUCEFortKnight: I can't replace it, I would wait for weeks and I can't16:00
faLUCEpragmaticenigma: with an usb cable?16:00
BluesKajfaLUCE, probly little more than an ordinary onboard card since it does the same job16:01
aLeSDsomeone here use docket ? is it OT ?16:01
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: The whole point was to get the audio circuitry away from the computer... so yes.. also if what I searched for online is what you got... that's a hunk of junk16:01
FortKnightfaLUCE: get yourself a usb hub and usb sound card #2 option or replace the system under warranty #1 option...you don't have any other options...you've ran the gammut16:01
FortKnightfaLUCE: actually ..option #3.....deal/live with it16:02
lotus|NUCaLeSD: we focus on ubuntu support questions here16:02
pragmaticenigmafaLUCE: As you are starting to hear, you've exceeded our capabilities... we've helped to identify this as a hardware issue which is not solvable through software or operating system. You're options are to reach out to the manufacturer or find a community dedicated to computer audio. There isn't much else this channel will be able to help you with.16:03
FortKnightfaLUCE: your 3 options have been laid out...pick one..and take personal action16:05
faLUCEI see, thanks16:05
FortKnightfaLUCE: those are your 3 options....you won't have other options later today, or tomorrow, or next week even16:12
FortKnightfaLUCE: you won't have other options after more fiddling with it either16:13
rexwin_how to see what wine program are installed in my ubuntu?16:15
lotus|NUCrexwin_: apt-cache policy wine16:17
gpunkls .wine/drive_c/"program files"16:20
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rexwin_it just shows https://pastebin.com/yfwKB3gg16:21
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rexwin_I need to specifically install wine-2.20 (Staging) for my program to launch. what do I do?16:22
lotus|NUC!latest | rexwin_16:23
ubotturexwin_: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:23
rexwin_wine-2.20 (Staging) is old16:25
rexwin_we now 3.016:25
ntdrexwin_, also, they may consider not patching security issues at all, like with VLC, GNOME and OpenSSH in xenial16:25
ntdniche software, after all16:25
lolcat-007hello, can i transfers file via bluetooth from iphone to ubuntu 18.0416:33
leftyfblolcat-007: I don't think the iphone supports transferring files via bluetooth to anything other than another iphone or an OSX pc16:36
lolcat-007leftyfb, ok but i notice that in ubuntu 18 doesnt have the personal file sharing menu16:39
lolcat-007how can i enable that16:39
leftyfblolcat-007: https://tutorialforlinux.com/2018/04/04/how-to-enable-personal-file-sharing-in-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-lts/16:40
stumper__cant get rid of this error: tar: -: not found in archive16:40
leftyfblolcat-007: I looked up "ubuntu 18.04 personal file sharing" on google16:40
leftyfb!details | stumper__16:40
ubottustumper__: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:40
stumper__tar zxf "$file" "./data.tar.gz" -O - |tar zxf - "$2"16:41
stumper__it works, but i get the error =/16:41
stumper__so i extract a tar.gz file from a tar.gz to stdout16:42
rexwin_configure: error: Cannot build a 32-bit program, you need to install 32-bit development libraries16:43
rexwin_what should I do?16:43
leftyfb!details | rexwin_16:43
ubotturexwin_: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.16:43
stumper__then from stdout i extract the file i need16:43
lolcat-007leftyfb, look at this web this is what i looking for https://askubuntu.com/questions/131570/how-do-you-make-ubuntu-accept-files-sent-over-bluetooth16:43
leftyfbstumper__: try installing gnome-user-share16:44
leftyfbsorry, lolcat-00716:45
leftyfblolcat-007: try installing gnome-user-share16:45
leftyfblolcat-007: but again, that will not work with an iphone16:45
lolcat-007leftyfb, ok16:47
lolcat-007i get it16:48
littlejohnnyHi, when installing ubuntu server with minimal xfce4, and when i try to check the interface: by doing nmcli con show, it gives me empty: NAME  UUID  TYPE  DEVICE.  Does anyone know what packages i could be missing or why its doing that? Because on a fresh installed system of Xubuntu, that command works and gives the interface connection16:51
lolcat-007leftyfb, what about a cloud then is google drirve still available for ubuntu16:52
nacclittlejohnny: server doesn't use network manager16:57
littlejohnnynacc, yes but nevertheless i installed network manager already and still doing nmcli con show does not show anything.16:58
nacclittlejohnny: installing network manager doesn't change how your interfaces are managed16:58
littlejohnnynacc, so what packages am i missing so i can use nmcli the way i want on ubuntu server with xfce4 ?16:59
nacclittlejohnny: no packages, you need to change your configuration.17:00
nacclittlejohnny: also, why would you want to use nm or xfce on a server? doesn't seem like the right combination of toos17:00
clacketylittlejohnny what does 'nmcli d' show?17:01
littlejohnnynacc, you mean change /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf to managed ?17:01
littlejohnnyto 'true' ?17:01
littlejohnnyclackety, it shows the interfaces and unmanaged17:01
nacclittlejohnny: if you are on 18.04, network configuration is done by netplan17:01
littlejohnnyyes 18.0417:02
nacclittlejohnny: wait, did you setup any connections?17:03
nacclittlejohnny: if not, then of course there aren't any connections17:03
FortKnightlittlejohnny: if you want to do things like "nmcli con show" install the desktop not server version of ubuntu..you can still do all the server services stuff you'd do with ubuntu server17:03
littlejohnnynacc, no i didnt, its automatically connected after installing ubuntu server + xfce417:03
littlejohnnyclackety, output is17:04
nacclittlejohnny: i'm really confused. You have networking alrady. You then install network manager. And expect it to magically take over your networking config (thus knocking you off the network, etc.)?17:04
littlejohnnyDEVICE  TYPE      STATE      CONNECTION17:04
littlejohnnyeth0  ethernet  unmanaged  --17:04
nacclittlejohnny: that' absolutely not how server works or should work.17:04
littlejohnnynacc, no all i want is to get OUTPUT from the command: nmcli con show17:05
littlejohnnyimk not saying im not connected17:05
nacclittlejohnny: nmcli can only show you connection information for stuff nm knows about. server doesn't use network manager at all by default. even if you install it later.17:06
nacclittlejohnny: basically, it seems like you are trying to make things over complicated17:06
nacclittlejohnny: use the tools that exist for this in server already17:06
littlejohnnynacc, even if i install it later, howcome?17:06
majest1cI have dual boot with windows on a single SSD. I want to allocate more memory to ubuntu since I need to install a program that exceeds what I allocated orignally to ubuntu. Can I do that in windows, extend the ubuntu partition or what?17:06
nacclittlejohnny: e.g., `ip a`17:06
nacclittlejohnny: because it's not configured! i said this already17:06
majest1cOr is it easier to do it ubuntu17:06
clacketylittlejohnny, you don't want multiiple packages in charge of networking configuration, bad things can result17:06
naccmajest1c: 'more memory'?17:07
naccmajest1c: or did you mean disk space17:07
clacketyI think FortKnight already mentioned that network manager is default in the desktop version.  and you can use the desktop version to run services if you want17:07
iorialittlejohnny, 'unmanaged' usually comes from a concurrent /etc/network/interfaces already set ... can you confirm that the file is basically empty ?17:07
clacketycould  even prevent desktop from spawning by setting run level 3 on it if you're worried about resources for whatever reason17:08
nacclittlejohnny: put another way, why did you install xfce on server? it does not result in necessarily the same UX as installing xubuntu.17:08
lotus|NUCnacc: can he try something more simple like openbox?17:09
littlejohnnyclackety, how would i then use ip or a different command in my situation thats equivalent to 'nmcli con show --active'17:10
nacclotus|NUC: not sure i follow? i don't know what they are trying to do, yet17:10
clacketylittlejohnny you mean like 'ip addr show'?17:10
littlejohnnyioria, yes its empty, it says i must install ifupdown if i want , but has been replaced by netplan17:11
nacclittlejohnny: `ip a`, as i said, will show you all addresses on all interfaces.17:11
FortKnightlittlejohnny: again avoid ubuntu server if you want to do things like that17:11
FortKnightlittlejohnny: you're just being your own worst enemy by using ubuntu server then claiming to want to use "nmcli"17:12
littlejohnnynacc, just the active interfaces is what i want. ip a shows them all17:12
FortKnightwhizzing in the wind17:12
nacclittlejohnny: just learn to read that output17:12
clacketyFortKnight, you're not wrong17:12
nacclittlejohnny: it's obvious which ones are configured or not17:12
iorialittlejohnny, can you cd in /etc/netplan  and paste your .yaml files ?17:13
littlejohnnynacc, ok saw it. thanks17:13
littlejohnnyioria, https://bpaste.net/raw/21506704a67617:14
majest1cnacc: I meant more disk space17:15
iorialittlejohnny, it's not the default config for NM17:15
iorialittlejohnny,  this is : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gMrMyCfHJR/17:16
naccioria: they installed server, then install xfce17:17
naccioria: it's just not a reasonable expectation, afaict17:17
iorianacc, ofc17:20
KangaroooHello. To have new better comparison of ALL Ubuntu distros, im asking for crowdsourcing help of everyone working together to share knowledge together in one spreadsheet. At start 7 Ubuntu Flavors Compared: Kubuntu vs. Lubuntu vs. Xubuntu vs. MATE vs. Budgie vs. Studio  http://bit.do/UbuntuCompare17:26
lotus|NUCKangarooo: join #ubuntu-discuss plz17:26
KangaroooAnyone can freely edit and add more info17:26
Irritiable|LTKangarooo: I'm running Lubuntu 64-bit right now..17:27
lotus|NUCKangarooo: #ubuntu focusses more on actual support issues17:27
Irritiable|LTThere's also that.17:27
KangaroooIrritiable|LT: yes, that also is in list. Im Lubuntu 32bit 18.04.1 on one small 1GB ram Atom 453 processor. Now i liked that ubuntu again is faster without unity and kubuntu also usable. I just installed different people 5 different distros and realized that all need better comparing since some dont have windows snapping or standart shortcuts like for SuperKey for menu or terminal opening.17:30
Irritiable|LTKangarooo: Linux ('Ubuntu distros') are pretty... Wide stretching on some sort of standardization. It isn't commercialized nor for-profit.17:31
lotus|NUCKangarooo Irritiable|LT not here please17:32
pragmaticenigmaKangarooo, Irritiable|LT ... chat and conversation should really take place in #ubuntu-offtopic please17:32
stef204hi, still having problems with my wifi card on my Thinkpad T61, question, I think I remember using the right click to "disable connection" on the wifi, when I plugged in the cable to Ethernet port to use wired connection. (I guess I did that to make sure the 2 connections, wired and wireless would not be fighting each other, etc.). Since then, my wireless card is unusable, it is as if it has been blacklisted17:32
stef204from a hardware stanpoint17:32
stef204What does using "disable" actually do on a connection? and how to reverse it?17:33
Irritiable|LTsystmctl enable?17:33
stef204I also upgraded to 18.04 and no improvement, (Lubuntu)17:33
stef204Irritiable|LT: that message for me?17:33
Irritiable|LTstef204: Yes.17:34
stef204enable what though?17:34
stumper__jow, could those public pgp signatures be integrated into the default image ?17:35
pragmaticenigmaIrritiable|LT: When offering assinstance you need to be just as detailed as if you were asking for help. Also, systemctl isn't the issue. They disabled the wireless card.. not networking17:35
Irritiable|LT"On a connection" is pretty vague.17:35
stef204Irritiable|LT: enable the interface name like "wls3"?17:35
stef204Irritiable|LT: you can have 2 internetconnections, wifi or wired17:36
naccstef204: can you right-click and enable it again?17:36
stef204if you use the nm-tray or nm-applet, you can right click and "disable"17:36
Irritiable|LTstef204: AFAIK: There's nothing preventing you from establishing both a wired and wireless network link.17:36
stef204nacc: nope17:36
stef204Irritiable|LT: ok,  but the damage is done now17:36
stef204so need to fix17:36
TvL2386my 18.04 installs a default route with a high metric for wifi when I have enabled both17:37
Irritiable|LTstef204: Software shouldn't be classified as: [Permenant] 'Damage.' xD17:37
TvL2386and yes, nothing is preventing that and it works fine :)17:37
stef204let's not split hairs, here, I need to find a fix so that wireless card runs again and is able to scan, right now it no longer is17:37
TvL2386I'll read back to see what the problem is :)17:38
naccstef204: does the interfaces how in your applet/network manager17:38
TvL2386stef204: I'm wondering what you exactly did to "disable" your wifi17:39
stef204nacc: hard to say, I uninstalled nm and installed connman which is seeing the wireless card BUT the wireless card is unable to detect networks because unable to scan17:39
stef204just like if you had used a hardware switch to turn off the card17:40
stef204I have such switch but it is ON, not off17:40
TvL2386stef204: you toggled the V in the network-manager applet thingy?17:40
naccstef204: wait, so you didn't have network, then uninstalled nm?17:40
stef204TvL2386: I believe I right clicked on nm-tray and then "disable"17:40
TvL2386stef204: Enable Wi-Fi17:40
stef204I have had great wifi for months with same box/router17:41
stef204a f ew days ago, I decided to try the wired Ethernet connection instead of wifi17:41
stef204and "disabled" the wifi connection17:41
stef204I want to go back to wifi but cannot get the card live again17:41
stef204I tried to check if module is loaded and it is17:41
stef204i checked ip link to see if card is UP and it is17:42
stef204but it won't scan17:42
naccstef204: what does `rfkill list` say?17:42
TvL2386stef204: I must admit I don't know how to troubleshoot that, because it's not the same in my installation17:42
stef204nothing, checked rfkill too17:42
stef204all unblocked17:42
TvL2386stef204: what you could do, is "rmmod $wifimod ; modprobe $wifimod" to see if it does something17:42
stef204I tried to block bluetooth just to see if it help,ed it does not17:42
stef204TvL2386: ok, let me try17:43
TvL2386stef204: I sometimes have this weird issue where my laptop boots without wireless card at all... Really weird... If I do this trick, it comes up... happens very rarely, has nothing to do with you, is a workaround because I'm lazy17:43
TvL2386stef204: anyway, it might give you some results and pointers17:43
naccstef204: it's hard for us to debug without you knowing exactly what you did, unfortunately17:44
cristian_cI've got wifi card using r8188eu17:44
stef204TvL2386: no help on unloading/reloading module17:45
stef204nacc: I know exactly what I did, I explained it already17:46
cristian_cI've tried that on a desktop pc (ryzen) and 18.04. When I connect it, after saved security key, system freezes/crashes completely17:46
cristian_cand I just have to reset the machine17:47
stef204another weird thing this update to 18.04 did is that when trying to use the menu to start synaptic, it will NOT ask me for a password so it won't run17:47
stef204I have to update via terminal and sudo17:48
TvL2386stef204: sorry I don't know :(17:48
TvL2386stef204: also weird :)17:48
cristian_cI've tried that wifi card also in a different machine with 16.04 and the os doesn't crash. I've tried that also on a different machine with 18.04 and it doesn't crash17:48
cristian_cI've tried that on the same desktop pc (ryzen) and old kernel using kubuntu 17.94 and it doesn't crash17:49
BerenHi, I'm trying to install Ubuntu 18.04 alongside a Windows 10 EFI install on a desktop. The installer doesn't recognise my Windows install, and there's no option to use the existing EFI partition17:50
cristian_cI don't know why that desktop pc using 18.04 crashes when I try to use that wifi card (and not another card, for example)17:50
cristian_cAny ideas?17:50
TvL2386cristian_c: are you sure the machine freezes completely and not just the graphical interface?17:51
BerenI have turned off the fast startup in Windows power settings to ensure it was a full shutdown17:51
lotus|NUC!uefi | beren start here17:51
ubottuberen start here: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:51
cristian_cTvL2386: it doesn't reaches to input, and graphics is freezed17:51
TvL2386cristian_c: because if it is the latter, you could ssh into your machine and do `dmesg` to see what happened17:51
cristian_ckeyboard leds are turned off, too17:52
cristian_cTvL2386: it seems as the machine is being totally frozen17:52
TvL2386cristian_c: hmmzzz... after reset, maybe /var/log/kern.log has interesting lines?17:52
cristian_cTvL2386: but I'll try ssh too17:52
TvL2386cristian_c: also you might get a login prompt when doing CTRL+ALT+F117:53
cristian_cTvL2386: I've looked at syslog and there is a hole during that reset17:53
cristian_cTvL2386: nope, keyboard doesn't work anymore, the onlymone ootion is to reset it17:54
cristian_cbut I've not tried ssh yet, btw17:54
Berenlotus|NUC: Thanks. I've read that page. The option "Install Ubuntu alongside others" is not available though. I know Windows is in EFI mode because the BIOS boot option is EFI related, and the ESP was created/populated during the Windows install17:55
TvL2386cristian_c: well... I'm not positive.. if the keyboard also dies, I think the machine is really really dead17:55
BerenIs there is a way to force Ubuntu in EFI mode?17:55
cristian_cif I reset themmachine, it begin to work bk17:55
TvL2386cristian_c: I mean I don't think ssh will work if your keyboard also stops working :)17:55
TvL2386cristian_c: because it seems EVERYTHING stops working17:56
BerenI couldn't find a UEFI-only option or any Secure Boot option in my BIOS (have looked thoroughly)17:56
cristian_cah, ok, but I'll try , if needed17:56
cristian_cTvL2386: apart ssh, any other ideas?17:56
TvL2386cristian_c: so I'm guessing a kernel panic17:56
cristian_cok, but syslog doesn't store log during that17:56
cristian_cso, at the next boot I can't read anything17:57
TvL2386cristian_c: not really unfortunately... Only thing left that comes to mind is googling your card + kernel panic / system freeze17:57
TvL2386yeah that sucks17:57
cristian_cTvL2386: yeah, I've tr8ed, but I've found very little info about that17:57
cristian_cit's odd when the same card behaves differently on different releases/machines17:58
leftyfbnot really17:58
TvL2386cristian_c: kernel version related then I guess17:58
leftyfbdifferent releases means different kernels, firmware and drivers17:58
TvL2386yes that17:58
lotus|NUCBeren: wait up for EriC he's our uefi wizard17:59
cristian_cthe wifi chip seems stay around in linux kerenlsince 201517:59
TvL2386anyway: I gotta run now, good luck cristian_c17:59
cristian_cTvL2386: I've tried on deskrop pc with 4.17.5 and 4.19rc2, same issue17:59
leftyfbcristian_c: sudo ethtool -i wlan0 # make sure to install ethtool and verify wlan0 is your wireless interface17:59
leftyfbcristian_c: that will tell you which firmware and driver it's using17:59
Berenlotus|NUC: ok, based on the purple screen from booting the 18.04 USB, I'm guessing my bootable USB (created using dd) was not booted in UEFI mode18:00
cristian_cleftyfb: network manager info already tells drifer is r8188eu18:00
BerenI'll wait for him, thanks :)18:00
lotus|NUCBeren: i only take ubuntu singleboot myself sorry18:00
leftyfbcristian_c: it doesn't tell firmware18:00
cristian_cand wifi interface wlx.......18:00
regedithello #ubuntu18:00
regeditplease help with touchpad 1) 50% or more of taps are ignored, even xev sometimes shows nothing upon some tapping 2) touchpad button only functions as Mouse Button 1 or LMB, it should usually detect LMB on left corner and RMB on right corner18:01
lotus|NUCBeren: for singleboot: secureboot & fastboot disabled here18:01
cristian_cleftyfb: ah, ok18:01
leftyfb!repeat | regedit18:01
ubotturegedit: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/18:01
cristian_cleftyfb: can I get that info without initialializing the connection?18:02
leftyfbcristian_c: yes18:02
leftyfbcristian_c: locally of course. Not remotely18:02
cristian_c(because as soon as I try to connect, system hangs)18:02
regeditleftyfb: is 3+ hours too quickly? :P some people have gone to sleep, others have woken up in the meantime - it's not my fault you're up 24/7 :D18:02
TvL2386cristian_c: I had a similar thing in the past... I'd thrown away the hardware and bought something I knew would work :-P18:05
tsgloveSweet lord how to install VNC in both Ubuntu computers?!   It´s like a fscking mess.18:09
cristian_cleftyfb: I've got the result18:10
lotus|NUCtsglove: be carefull with vnc, its a serious security flaw these days18:10
lotus|NUCtsglove: try to do your work over ssh perhaps?18:10
tsgloveI need VNC.  I need to look at the same window-environment a ¨physical monitor connected to the computer¨ would be looking at.18:10
tsgloveThanks lotus|NUC , yet ... I can´t for the life of me make this work.18:11
leftyfbcristian_c: pastebin18:11
leftyfbtgm4883: teamviewer18:11
lotus|NUCtsglove: ^18:12
tsgloveto heck with that18:12
cristian_cleftyfb: driver r8188eu, version: firmware version: expansion rom version: bus-info: 1-9:1.0 supoorts ststistics: no, supports-test: no, supports-eeprom-access: no, supports-register-dump: no, supports-priv-flags: no18:12
cristian_cno info about firmware18:12
lotus|NUCtsglove: your system will get hammered 24/7 with vnc18:12
cristian_cbut i can paste the same text, if needdd18:12
leftyfbtsglove: what's wrong with teamviewer?18:13
tsgloveDudesters, VNC, localnetwork.  Any good howto?18:13
leftyfbtsglove: wait, you want to port forward to VNC????? That is a terrible idea18:13
cristian_cTvL2386: unfortunately, it hangs just on this machine using 18.04, and I don't know why18:13
tsglovejesus lol this is like going into #php and asking how to do a login form without security18:13
cristian_cleftyfb: of course, I've not created the connection18:14
leftyfbtsglove: yeah, I hate when people warn against potentially dangerous ideas18:14
cristian_cbut just plugged, otherwise it would hang18:14
leftyfbtsglove: install x11vnc and run: x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :0 -auth /var/run/lightdm/root/:0 -usepw18:14
tsgloveYeah.  Linus should have just stuck with unix.   To hell with hacking something up.18:15
tsgloveThanks leftyfb, trying that now.18:15
leftyfbtsglove: sorry, but your analogy is not analogous18:16
pragmaticenigmatsglove: Good guide here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers18:16
cristian_cleftyfb: lshw -C network doesn't show info on firmware too18:17
leftyfbcristian_c: ok, then that chipset might not have firmware loaded at boot18:17
cristian_cmaybe, it cpuld be related to not yet made connection18:17
TvL2386tsglove: I've tried to get VNC working a couple of weeks ago... It cost me a few hours of my life without result18:18
cristian_cI can try that command on 16.04, too18:18
TvL2386tsglove: If I can recommend you an alternative, use the google chrome remote desktop18:18
tsgloveTvL2386, apparently, I'm headed down that path.18:18
TvL2386tsglove: enjoy ;)18:18
leftyfbx11vnc will do exactly what you are both looking for18:18
leftyfbas will teamviewer18:19
nacctsglove: vnc is also not the same as the physical monitor, unless you use x11vnc or other remote desktop sharing appliations18:19
lotus|NUCand also install rkhunter lol18:19
TvL2386well my vnc didn't go over the internet18:19
tsgloveYeah, I think it's x11vnc what I need.    I need to see the same thing a physical monitor would see.18:20
TvL2386and yes I would ssh tunnel it if it should go over the internet18:20
leftyfbTvL2386: for vnc, follow the instructions I gave to tsglove18:20
leftyfbTvL2386: THAT is the smart thing to do18:20
TvL2386yeah thx leftyfb, it was weeks ago, not needed anymore18:20
leftyfbtsglove: ^18:20
TvL2386I'll remember x11vnc though for the future :)18:20
TvL2386thx for that18:20
leftyfbTvL2386: might want to jot down the command to run it properly as well18:21
TvL2386leftyfb: talking about tunnels, I use sshuttle to make an ip or subnet, or multiple available through ssh (limitation: only does tcp)18:22
TvL2386leftyfb: sshuttle -r user@remote_host (installs an iptables redirect thingy)    # after this you can `ssh user@` for example18:23
leftyfbTvL2386: I know all about sshuttle18:23
TvL2386ah ok18:23
leftyfbTvL2386: look up -N in the man page18:24
TvL2386leftyfb: pfffffffffff No manual entry for sshutle18:27
TvL2386missing a 't'18:27
TvL2386ah cool!18:27
TvL2386though I mainly use it to connect to some bastion host, which only has a default route, but cool nonetheless18:28
cristian_cleftyfb: you're right, no info about firmware in 16.04 too18:31
cristian_c(by ethtool)18:31
AgentYaehello, I'm an opensuse user and I'm working on getting a prime synchronization solution up for our distro. As far as I know, ubuntu has the best implementation of this but I haven't been able to find good documentation on what you guys have done to try to recreate it. Could anyone point me in the right direction?18:33
orhanenginokayhello, everyone, I have a question about gnome extentions. Who wants to help me?18:33
TvL2386what is a "prime synchronization solution"?18:33
AgentYaenvidia drivers on optimus systems18:34
AgentYaecurrently our docs point people to bumblebee, which is deprecated and broken and doesn't support things like vulkan18:34
TvL2386not my cup of tea18:35
leftyfb!ask | orhanenginokay18:35
ubottuorhanenginokay: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:35
orhanenginokaymy apology^^18:35
lotus|NUCAgentYae: only ubuntu issues here please18:35
AgentYae... yes, I'm asking about ubuntu's implementation18:36
AgentYaeso I can try to replicate it18:36
Berenlotus|NUC: Got it working!18:36
lotus|NUC!yay | Beren18:36
ubottuBeren: Glad you made it! :-)18:36
naccAgentYae: then you want to talk to developers, not the support channel18:37
naccAgentYae: also, the ubuntu package's sources are freely available.18:37
TvL2386AgentYae: If you know what you want is well implemented in ubuntu, I think you should check which package is responsible for this neat implementation. See who maintains the package, maybe there's a mailinglist or an email address or sth18:37
TvL2386AgentYae: or even an irc channel :)18:37
cristian_cleftyfb: any other ideas?18:37
Berenlotus|NUC: There were no Secure Boot options in my Gateway BIOS but I saw an option like EFI:USB and USB. After I booted the USb in UEFI mode, it saw Windows. It was smart enough to wipe my last ext4 install and reinstall using UEFI, autodetecting the ESP18:38
Berenso fully working now18:38
leftyfbcristian_c: I don't. I would just spend more time googling if it were me. Sorry18:38
pragmaticenigmaAgentYae: That might be a question better asked in the Ubuntu developer channel... though I think the implementation actually comes from nvidia though18:39
AgentYaecan't post to the dev mailing list because I'm not a dev. Is there a dev channel?18:39
pragmaticenigma!alis | AgentYae18:39
ubottuAgentYae: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:39
pragmaticenigmaAgentYae: you can try #ubuntu-devel18:40
orhanenginokayI have a minor problem which is not important but I hate doing same thing every time. I installed openweather extentions. Its work fine but every lock my screen or reboot my pc, this extention cant work when I press reload button. Is there any solution about that. I want this extention work always18:40
cristian_cleftyfb: I0ve done that, no success18:40
AgentYaeah, that sounds like it18:40
cristian_c*I've done that18:40
AgentYaethere are so many ubuntu channels the channel search cuts off ;)18:40
AgentYaecheers guys18:40
BerenAgentYae: I believe 18.04 uses nvidia-prime instead of bbswitch, but it was broken with GDM3. 18.10 fixes the GDM3 support https://github.com/timrichardson/Prime-Ubuntu-18.0418:41
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: sorry no luck. it doesnt load nvidia-setting after switching to integrated graphics. sorry for delay I tried to reach you in the your irc18:41
smellsLikeGoatSpwrong* irc18:41
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: no prob..let me see another inxi18:42
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: if i'm understanding you correctly that's actually functioning as designed18:42
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: how are you doing this "switching"?18:43
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: https://pastebin.com/UZwqtA7j18:43
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I opened nvidia-settings and selected integrated graphics fromthe Prime tab18:44
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: okay...i'm gonna try something that you might make note of instead of using that utility to switch18:44
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: OKAY18:45
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: sudo prime-select nvidia > nfo99.nfo18:45
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: pastebin me18:45
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: https://pastebin.com/ti3gAspj18:47
madLyfemy home dir is telling me its full?18:47
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: now log out of your desktop and back in again and or reboot..then show me another inxi..you should be golden18:48
madLyfeit has a fixed space?18:48
orhanenginokayuse bleachbit18:48
naccmadLyfe: if you used a specific partition for it, yes18:48
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: aye aye18:48
madLyfenacc: i just let the installer auto set it up?18:49
madLyfewhy would you want a limited size home dir? that where all your stuff goes..18:49
tsglovelefty, got it working awesomely with your howto, plus this --> https://askubuntu.com/questions/229989/how-to-setup-x11vnc-to-access-with-graphical-login-screen#27448518:49
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: done, what inxi do you need?18:49
tuxinehello again :-)18:50
tsgloveNow that it is working, I'm going to setup the ssh tunnel for securiyt.18:50
tsglove*security even18:50
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: inxi -Fxxprzc018:50
tuxinecan u tell me which tv card software is available for the hauppauge tv card ?18:50
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: https://pastebin.com/Vkf8pSvE18:51
aidrocsidAnybody know how to extract a multi-part RAR in ubuntu?18:53
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: checking18:53
aidrocsidGoogled it, but the threads that come up are pretty unhelpful.18:53
orhanenginokayuse synaptic and install rar18:54
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: use primeselect to do your switching18:54
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you're back on the GT 750M18:55
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: sudo prime-select intel18:55
aidrocsidOkay, that's done. Will that make the GUI extract here from the dropdown use rar or do I need to do something with the multi-parts?18:55
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you'll need to log out and back in again when switching18:55
madLyfenacc: its like showing my whole drive is full.. wtf18:55
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: aw am I? how can I check that? thanks a bunch18:55
ghostboarderhi guys, i am using the "sudo ./install_sh_file.sh" command but am getting "command not found". I am in the proper directory, and there is an .sh file that i am attempting to execute18:55
aidrocsidOo it's working18:56
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: this line in your inxi is the indicator..for me anyway18:56
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: GLX Renderer: GeForce GT 750M/PCIe/SSE218:56
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: it'll say intel when you're on intel18:57
ioriaghostboarder, can you paste   ls -l install_sh_file.sh ?18:57
madLyfei cant even take a screenshot and copy it to clipboard..18:57
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: GLX Renderer: Mesa DRI Intel Haswell Mobile18:58
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: that's what it'll say "verbatim" when ur on intel18:58
madLyfenacc:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/jH97ren3/IMG_20180920_135835.jpg18:59
ghostboarderioria: k hang on18:59
stef204OK. so a bit more digging and "cat /proc/net/wireless" shows nothing, no card18:59
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: for something short and sweet use "inxi -G"18:59
ghostboarderioria: -rw-r--r-- 1 j j 154 Oct 10  2017 install_takecontrol.sh18:59
stef204is that not weird?18:59
ioriaghostboarder, chmod +x  install_takecontrol.sh19:00
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
naccmadLyfe: sorry was afk, reading19:07
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: smashing work, buddy. it works like a charm19:08
naccmadLyfe: can you pastebin `lsblk` ?19:08
naccmadLyfe: although to reclaim your space, just delete that log file (~/.xsession-errors) it seems (truncate it)19:08
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: cool19:09
ghostboardergot it, thx ioria19:09
naccmadLyfe: what filesystem is / ? (/dev/sda2)19:09
ioriaghostboarder, ok19:10
madLyfemy OS drive19:10
naccmadLyfe: no what filesystem type, ext4, btrfs, etc.19:10
madLyfesda is the OS drive i mean19:10
naccmadLyfe: it's a strange view of an ext4 system, i don't know that utility you took a screenshot of19:11
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: out of curiosity...why would you want to use the intel graphics anyway?19:11
naccmadLyfe: can you pastebin the output of `mount` ?19:11
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: since it doesn't have nearly the 3D performance19:12
madLyfenacc: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hypjGRkycK/19:12
ioria80g  .xsession-error i guess it 's a world record19:13
madLyfelol wtf19:13
naccmadLyfe: ok, thanks19:13
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: well I dont need the extra power most times. it would get too hot and run through the battery quickly19:13
naccmadLyfe: like i said, just truncate that file19:13
naccmadLyfe: what does `df -h` say?19:13
naccmadLyfe: what utility did you use to take that screenshot earlier?19:14
nacc'subtree' is a very specific term, and i don't know why it's being displayed that way19:14
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: ah yes ..battery consumption and heat...makes sense19:14
ioriasmellsLikeGoatSp, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-prime/+bug/176536319:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1765363 in nvidia-prime (Ubuntu) "prime-select intel is not powering off the nvidia card" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:15
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: I would use a desktop for simulations anyway. My old laptop is all I need to run those few indie games and L4D2 every once in a while :P19:15
naccmadLyfe: i don't trust it's output. What does `df -h` say?19:17
madLyfenacc:  https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/biHnaKyh/IMG_20180920_141703.jpg19:17
naccmadLyfe: you also are completely misreading its output19:17
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: are you suggesting nvidia may still be on?19:18
naccmadLyfe: afaict, the subtree percentage value is how much of the current subtree is accounted for by that entry19:18
smellsLikeGoatSpalso, is bumblebee still a thing?19:18
ioriasmellsLikeGoatSp, if you hit the bug ...19:18
naccmadLyfe: so, yes, your root disk is full (not /home specifically, since you don't have a separate partition for /home)19:18
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: any easy way to check if I am the chosen one?19:19
naccmadLyfe: because of that ridiculously large ~/.xsession-errors19:19
madLyfewell maybe that app reads the % wrong but i apparently had 80gb of free space and that file ate it all up.19:19
ioriasmellsLikeGoatSp, cat /proc/acpi/bbswitch19:19
naccmadLyfe: no, the percentage it emits is just confusing19:19
naccmadLyfe: and yes, i told you that a few times now19:19
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: I ll have to try once I get off this bus then haha19:19
madLyfeby truncate you mean make it smaller?19:20
naccmadLyfe: `man truncate`19:20
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: what do I expect to see from bbswitch?19:21
ryuoit can also be used to create empty files of a given size.19:21
ioriasmellsLikeGoatSp, that nvidia is still on19:21
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: he doesn't know you are able to switch back and forth succesfully19:21
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: he probably jumped in in the middle of our convo19:21
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: aw OK19:21
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: thanks still.19:22
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: you might just tell him..."it's gucci" or "it's all good"19:22
madLyfenacc: how do i find out whats wrong?19:22
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: thanks again for the support ;) you have been super helpful19:23
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: no prob19:23
SiecjeHow can I get the same output from mii-tool on 18.04 as 16.04?  https://dpaste.de/oxKR19:23
ioriaFortKnight, it's not about switching, it's about power19:23
smellsLikeGoatSpioria: I hear the word on the streets is - It's gucci19:23
smellsLikeGoatSpbye now :D19:23
FortKnightsmellsLikeGoatSp: lol...take care...i hear the same that's why i thru it in there lol19:24
ioriasmellsLikeGoatSp, https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=its%20all%20gucci19:24
smellsLikeGoatSpFortKnight: it only was my convoluted way of saying that I heard it somewhere, that is you just now haha bye19:25
madLyfenacc: also, what is the proper size to truncate that file to?19:25
naccmadLyfe: sorry? it seems like you've got some error in your x configuration, see what's filling up the log? truncate it to 0 if you want19:26
SiecjeHow do you identify drives? In 16.04 this worked, but in 18.04 I get loop0 and sr0. https://dpaste.de/Evbm19:30
naccSiecje: as to your mii-tool question, you can't, it appears to have changed API19:31
BerenHi, getting a "held broken packages" error when trying to install a package in 18.04 stable https://pastebin.com/ZrB3xKda19:32
naccSiecje: LP: #96261619:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 962616 in net-tools (Ubuntu) "mii-tool assumes NIC names of the form eth* when given no interface(s) as argument" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/96261619:32
Beren`dpkg --get-selections | grep hold` is empty though19:33
naccSiecje: well, you are assuming for some reason that the first two reults are your disks19:33
naccSiecje: it's just a buggy shell snippet19:33
madLyfenacc: what am i doing wrong? https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JCCgX8hw9N/19:33
naccBeren: ok, it's a bad error message19:33
Siecjenacc: So how do I determine if my network is eth0 or ens3 or ens33?19:34
Berennacc: Any idea why I can't install mariadb-server?19:34
naccBeren: things are also autoatically held generally, in apt terminology, so you don't break your system; in this case, resolve it for apt by satisfying the dependency on the cmdline, e.g. `sudo apt-get install mariadb-server mariadb-server-10.1` it will probably error again. Pastebin that result (or follow the same logic and help apt)19:34
Berenup to date, no packages to autoremove19:34
SiecjemadLyfe: Does that file exist? do you have the execute on it?19:34
naccSiecje: `ip a`?19:34
naccmadLyfe: uh, that's totally not how you call truncate19:35
Siecjenacc: How do I know which one is the good one?19:35
naccmadLyfe: well, i should say, you need to escape it probably19:35
naccmadLyfe: right now it's redirecting stdin from a file called 10MB19:35
Berennacc: same error when specifying package version https://pastebin.com/DxXNqFEj19:35
naccBeren: please reread what i wrote.19:36
naccBeren: i wasn't being flip, i gave you an explicit command to run19:36
naccSiecje: i don't know what you mean by 'good'19:36
Berennacc: thanks, you're right. I didn't know server also pulled client. resolved by specifying both mariadb-server and mariadb-client19:36
madLyfetruncate OPTION FILE ?19:36
Siecjenacc: The one that gives me network access.19:37
SiecjeIt used to be eth0. I have an install that is ens33. But a new Ubuntu 18.04 is ens3.19:37
naccmadLyfe: yes, that's how you do it. Do you undersatnd how the shell works? '<' means redirect stdin, and your shell is parsing that before the option. Put it in quotes or escape it.19:37
MarkB2Good afternoon.  After months of no-problems with apt, I did an update/upgrade and now have a conflict between modules supplied by NVidia and modules apt wants to update.  They are libgles1 and libglvnd-dev.  when the upgrade fails, the suggestion is to run apt --fix-broken install ... which doesn't solve the problem.  Um... help?19:37
Berennacc: (your tip to follow unmet dependencies and add to apt line)19:37
naccSiecje: it varies based upon the device and system19:38
naccSiecje: as i said, look at `ip a` and figure out which device has an address?19:38
SiecjeSo in the past it was always eth0? But now it will be different depending on the device and system? Or it was different in the past as well?19:39
Jordan_USiecje: "lsblk -dpno name" Seems like a decently reliable command, though it will also (IMHO correctly) list /dev/sr0 as it is a drive. What are you planning to do with this list of devices? Know that there are some things, like nvme drives not being named /dev/sdXY, that might trip you up if you're trying to make something to be reliably used by anyone.19:39
madLyfedoes it take awhile or? it returned to new line instantly but the file is still the same size.19:39
naccSiecje: systemd has predictable device naming, so since 15.10 for ubuntu19:39
naccmadLyfe: what command did you end up running?19:39
naccmadLyfe: also, you might need to `sync; sync` after it19:40
SiecjeJordan_U: I have nvme drives that show up /dev/nvme0n119:40
madLyfenacc: `truncate --size="<10MB" ./xsession-errors`19:40
naccmadLyfe: that is an incorrect path19:40
naccmadLyfe: you trucnated a file called 'xsession-errors' in your current directory19:40
SiecjeWhat is /dev/loop0? Should I disconnect it?19:40
madLyfeactually it made another file `xsession-errors` with a size of 0 in the same dir19:41
naccmadLyfe: you wanted to truncate .xsession-errors in your home directory19:41
naccSiecje: it's a loop-device and no.19:41
naccSiecje: you should also answer Jordan_U's other good questions19:41
naccSiecje: your little tool isn't really a helpful abstraction of anything imo :)19:42
Jordan_USiecje: My point is that projects that deal with drives, like grub-install, debian-installer, etc have to constantly update their code as new technology comes around. So if you're writing something to be distributed to a wide range of users, just expect it to need to be updated with things you didn't think of / didn't exist when you wrote your code.19:42
madLyfe'truncate: cannot open '~./xsession-errors' for writing: No such file or directory'19:42
naccmadLyfe: wrong path, again.19:43
naccmadLyfe: seriously, c&p or carefully type.19:43
madLyfe`truncate --size="<10MB" ~./xsession-errors`19:43
madLyfeis what i ran19:43
naccmadLyfe: and that's the wrong path19:43
SiecjeJordan_U: I'm not sure yet, I am upgrading a script that used to work on 16.04 to work on 18.04. https://dpaste.de/nSpQ I'm just going line by line right now.19:43
madLyfeisnt that home?19:43
naccmadLyfe: i really don't have the patience to handhold at this level, i'm sorry19:44
naccmadLyfe: look at the file you are trying to truncate and the file you are telling it to truncate. Notice the differences. Fix them.19:44
naccmadLyfe: alternatively, use tab complete if you are not sure19:44
Siecjenacc: You mean better to run by hand?19:44
naccSiecje: better to just use the tools output19:45
naccSiecje: i don't undertand  use case where you need shell variables for two disks in your system19:45
Jordan_USiecje: You can use "losetup -l" to list in use loop devices and what file they're associated with. You probably have used "mount -o loop" with an iso file, or you're booted from a LiveUSB that loop mounts its root FS from a squashfs file.19:45
naccJordan_U: or snaps19:45
Siecjenacc: Here is how they are being used. https://dpaste.de/nSpQ19:46
jk_ai run 18.04 off a laptop with an additional monitor on the HDMI. I updated my nvidia driver to 396.54 and after reboot i have lost my external monitor. running 'nvidia-smi' it states: "... has failed, can't communicate with driver.. make sure it's running..." help :)19:46
naccSiecje: hrm, yuck :)19:47
pragmaticenigmajk_a: how did you update your driver?19:47
naccSiecje: and yes, your little snippet was buggy before and just happened to work19:47
madLyfenacc: `truncate --size="<10MB" .xsession-errors` is what i ran.19:47
madLyfelooks like it did it19:47
naccSiecje: not sure how you could ever without serious testing validate that the first two disks emitted by `lsblk` are exactly the ones you want19:47
naccmadLyfe: yes that is the correct path. Safer would be ~/.xsession-errors, as i have said a few times.19:48
naccmadLyfe: as your command only works if you happen to be in your home directory19:48
madLyfethough it wen to size 515.1 MiB and not 10MB.19:48
Siecjenacc: There was only two on the other computer.19:48
naccmadLyfe: you told it to reduce by at most 10%?19:48
jk_apragmaticenigma: i used "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa" and then "sudo apt install nvidia-driver-396"19:49
naccSiecje: right, so that assumption is a bad one. `lsblk` can emit information about all block devices. You happened to not have any loop devices in one system.19:49
naccSiecje: the bug is in your script, not elsewhere19:49
orhanenginokayrt - I have a minor problem which is not important but I hate doing same thing every time. I installed openweather extentions. Its work fine but every lock my screen or reboot my pc, this extention cant work when I press reload button. Is there any solution about that. I want this extention work always19:50
madLyfei didnt use the `%` arg though.19:50
Siecjenacc: And there is no way to get the harddrives connected?19:50
pragmaticenigmajk_a: are you certain the 396 driver supports your card?19:51
jk_apragmaticenigma: when i grep nvidia https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WPXFmkQ7dS/19:51
naccmadLyfe: oh sorry, i thought i saw you do that earlier19:51
naccmadLyfe: not sure then19:51
naccSiecje: i'm not sure sorry19:52
jk_apragmaticenigma: according to nvidia website my card works19:52
pragmaticenigmajk_a: that wasn't the question I asked19:53
jk_apragmaticenigma: according to nvidia, my card is listed as supported by the 396 driver. if that doesn't answer your question then can you re-phrase it?19:54
orhanenginokayanyway, thanks for helping me ^^19:55
pragmaticenigmajk_a: that response answers my question19:55
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Does your laptop have dual graphics cards?19:56
jk_apragmaticenigma: no, just the one19:56
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Can you run "lshw -c video | pastebinit"19:57
pragmaticenigmapost the link here19:58
FreeBDSMxfce4-hardware-monitor-plugin why is this not available for bionic?20:00
madLyfenacc: i also need to sync?20:00
jk_apragmaticenigma: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/6mnfCbRHPg/20:00
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Strange... I'm not sure why it says UNCLAIMED or configuration doesn't have driver=nvidia20:03
pragmaticenigmajk_a: If your machine was using the nvidia driver, it sould have driver=nvidia under configuration... if you run "sudo lshw -c video" do you get the same result?20:04
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: It's available in the Universe repo... you may need to enable that in your software settings20:05
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: It's also provided through the xfce4-goodies package20:06
jk_apragmaticenigma: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GjhQYwVyv6/20:06
jk_apragmaticenigma: it doesn't help that i'm a complete nub... i got Unity3D installed and all my software and was feeling pretty comfy, then this lol20:07
pragmaticenigmajk_a: something isn't right... It would appear that the driver isn't loading on boot20:07
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Are there any more updates if you try "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade" ??20:08
jk_acould that be a UEFI thing? like too much security not letting it load20:08
jk_apragmaticenigma: could that be a UEFI thing? like too much security not letting it load20:08
pragmaticenigmajk_a: I don't know if that matters or not20:08
naccmadLyfe: you might20:10
jk_apragmaticenigma: ran that command, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bM4gg2P3mS/20:11
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Is there any reason that you are not using hexchat provided through Ubuntu's own software repo20:13
rdgI ran an apt-get update / upgrade  and now every snap that launches just crashes / core dump / segfault .. where do I get info to troubleshoot?20:13
jk_apragmaticenigma: no, jsut a nub. i will be removing what i have and using the Ubuntu repo one... i just ran into this before i started that.20:14
pragmaticenigmajk_a: It shouldn't matter for this... but it's preventing you from getting updates properly20:14
SiecjeHow can I show that the "kvm" package is an alias to "qemu-kvm" in 16.04? In 18.04 it is gone. So I have replace it with qemu-kvm.20:15
naccrdg: you should ask in #snappy. snaps are generally isolated from the system, unless they are 'classic'20:15
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: `sudo add-apt-repository universe`: `'universe' distribution component is already enabled for all sources.`20:15
pragmaticenigmaFreeBDSM: then try installing the package I referenced20:15
naccSiecje: there is no `kvm` package in ubuntu since 12.0420:16
Siecjenacc: https://dpaste.de/5zP920:16
FreeBDSMpragmaticenigma: as far as I understand - it's a 'metapackage' and it just installs listed deps, but the list of those deps doesn't contain that package20:17
naccFreeBDSM: the literal package string you provided, 'xfce4-hardware-monitor-plugin' is not an ubuntu package name20:18
naccFreeBDSM: what package are you looking for?20:18
jk_apragmaticenigma: if this isnt an easy fix, is there a way to "roll it back" to how it was before i updated the driver?20:18
FreeBDSMnacc: why is that not an ubuntu package name? what's the right ubuntu package name for the package with that name?20:19
FortKnightI sit alone in my 4 cornered room, staring at candles...20:19
naccFreeBDSM: i don't know. upstream names are not strictly required to be package names20:19
naccSiecje: spinning up a 16.04 environment, sorry20:20
Siecjenacc: It is not that important.20:21
naccSiecje: ah, in 16.04, qemu-kvm 'Provides' kvm20:22
naccSiecje: perhaps to finish off the migration of that package to purely virtual.20:23
naccSiecje: 18.04 no longer has that provides, as all paths that would need it are gone20:23
pragmaticenigmajk_a: You can "apt remove" the package or "apt purge" the latter will remove the package and all configurations20:23
rdgnacc : ok thx20:24
jk_apragmaticenigma: so "apt purge nvidia-driver-396" ?20:24
FreeBDSMso there is just no package for xfce4-hardware-monitor-plugin for Ubuntu for some reason :/20:24
pragmaticenigmajk_a: Yes, you will need to run that as sudo20:25
naccFreeBDSM: no, there is not, and i don't know why you assumed there would be? that's a question for the xubuntu developers20:25
jk_apragmaticenigma: very good. thanks for the time20:25
FreeBDSMnacc: I assumed it would be because 'why not?'20:26
Anthaas_I am trying to do `ssh-copy-id 192.168.X.Y` and am getting connection refused on port 22.20:26
FreeBDSMI have nvidia driver version 396.51, but `apt list --installed | grep nvidia' shows only 390 :(20:26
FreeBDSMAnthaas_: so?20:27
pragmaticenigmaAnthaas_: The remote machine is either not running an SSH server, the firewall is not letting connections on port 22, or some other configuration is preventing the connection.20:27
Anthaas_FreeBDSM: Yeah - I wanted it to fail, its fine...20:27
Anthaas_Ahh, thanks pragmaticenigma20:28
naccAnthaas_: the problem with your statement was, that it was simply a fact. No question asked. And it wasn't clear what you were expecting to happen, and why. There is a fine post out there about asking questions well.20:29
naccFreeBDSM: many many things are not packaged20:29
FreeBDSMwell, that sucks20:30
johnjayis ubuntu the same as ubuntu studio?21:10
texlaUbuntu 18.04.1 with gnome,gnome classic,gnome xorg..which of these is Wayland and how do I verify21:10
naccjohnjay: ubuntu studio is based upon ubuntu, but is its own thing21:11
johnjayer ok21:11
nacctexla: maybe gnome, but iirc, wayland is not the default (xorg is). You can start the session and see if wayland is running21:11
johnjaywhere do i get the official, genuine, 100% approved ubuntu 18.04 then?21:11
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naccjohnjay: from ubuntu.com ?21:11
johnjayoh i see why i downloaded it21:13
johnjaythe other files say xubuntu, lubuntu, ubuntu-gnome21:13
johnjayso i thought ubuntu studio must be the main one21:13
johnjayare they all equally ubuntu?21:14
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours21:14
naccjohnjay: sorry, i was wrong, studio is an official flavor21:14
noway96So will suspend work on any machine that runs ubuntu?21:14
naccmain ubuntu though is https://www.ubuntu.com/download21:15
naccnoway96: not necessarily21:15
texlanacc, Your answer is decieving How do I start and see if wayland is running21:15
noway96so suspend turns off everything except for RAM correct?21:16
noway96nacc, but for most modern day servers it should always work yes21:16
scoffinAnyone knows how to prevent firefox from always opening maximized ?21:21
johnjayso if ubuntu-mate is an official flavor, does that mean i can ask for support here?21:22
johnjayi thought it had its own channel21:22
compdocthe only differnce is the desktop21:24
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texlanacc, Have you left the channel I have unanswered question again21:30
nacctexla: i told you? start it and see if it is?21:32
nacctexla: do you mean the precise command? `ps aux | grep -i wayland`21:32
naccjohnjay: yes, it's supported here and mate has its own channel too21:33
johnjayi see21:33
johnjayalso i was trying to figure out if there's a ubuntu analogue to debian testing21:33
johnjaybut i didn't see anything clearly saying one way or the other21:33
naccjohnjay: ubuntu has a very different release model than debian21:36
johnjayi see. is there anything i can do to get bleeding edge versions of packages?21:37
johnjayi've noticed sometimes packages are very out of date even on new ubuntu or debian systems21:37
johnjayother than downloading and compiling each one individually i mean21:37
nacc!latest | johnjay21:38
ubottujohnjay: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.21:38
naccjohnjay: short answer, no. and you probably don't want that, unless you are a developer of said programs, in which case, you already knew the answer.21:38
naccjohnjay: you can, i think, technically run 'devel' as your release in apt's source.list, but it is almost always going to be broken to do so.21:40
johnjayi see21:41
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naccjohnjay: why do you need bleeding edge? possibly ubuntu is not the right choice for you if have a real reason21:54
johnjaynacc: i'm not sure i do. debian took a long time to release stretch21:54
johnjayso like, my weechat was 1.6 when latest was 2.221:55
johnjaythat kind of thing21:55
kernel-3xpyou can always compile the latest and "greatest" yourself21:56
naccjohnjay: those are really just numbers. not reasons21:56
johnjay not always. i tried ubuntu 16.04 first and the version of weston it had was ancient21:56
naccjohnjay: a reason would be, "there was a killer feature i needed in 2.2 that I couldn't get)21:56
johnjaynacc: well yes that was implied21:56
TvL2386johnjay: of course you may solve the issue of outdated packages with ppa's for those packages21:56
naccjohnjay: no, not in this channel it wasn't. there are many very new people who just think they should run the latest of everything21:57
nacceven though that's an absurd and painful existence21:57
naccjohnjay: ubuntu's development model basically branches from unstable every 6 months (the next release)21:57
naccnot everything but most things, are done that way21:57
johnjaynacc: lol, i see21:58
naccjohnjay: and again "the version was ancient" is just a fact. It's not a reason in and of itself to run a different version.21:58
johnjaywhen will 19 and 20 be released?21:58
naccjohnjay: please learn the release numbering21:58
naccjohnjay: XX.YY where XX is a year and YY is the month21:58
TvL2386johnjay: oh and another thing I like to do: When I have a certain app that's completely not compatible, I simply make a docker container for it21:58
johnjaynacc: i've already explained i needed the new features, in that case i needed it for wayland testing21:59
naccjohnjay: ubuntu releases in april and october every year. The april release every two years is currently an LTS (for the stock ubuntu flvavor)21:59
TvL2386johnjay: docker image I mean and just start it :)21:59
johnjaythat explains where the .04 comes from22:00
naccjohnjay: that was literally the first time, per my logs, you've mentioned wayland.22:00
naccjohnjay: and no, you didn't list actual features, etc. that you needed. You just said the version you had was old.22:01

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