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lordshow to update to lubuntu 24.04 through the terminal?02:46
lotuspsychje!upgrade | lords02:46
ubottulords: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:47
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taeaadI have gpgsecurity@microsoft.com as one of my trusted software providers. Is this a default setting?09:17
sixwheeledbeastif you have microsoft packages it's possible09:21
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sixwheeledbeastI don't believe default tho?09:23
sixwheeledbeastthinking Visual Studio?09:24
taeaadsixwheeledbeast: OK let me see what I have.09:25
taeaadCould be MS Teams.09:26
sixwheeledbeastyep that as well09:27
taeaadIs there a way to check which repos are used by which programs? So e.g. which are checking packages.microsoft.com?09:30
ravageyou can try https://github.com/ericj112/ppa-tool09:35
taeaadravage: Thanks.09:38
fdanhi there, i use this kernel version. i want to download cpupower and cpufreq-info binary09:39
fdankernel version: 5.15.0-71-generic09:39
Lemon_PickI don't access to this level.09:49
Lemon_Pickor manufacturing.09:50
Lemon_PickSo I won't have to lie above my actual lies.09:50
Lemon_PickSo the coffee won't need to be gone, cold.09:52
stennogood day, after changing configuration in /etc/netplan/00-installer-config.yaml, what do i have to do in order for those changes to apply?11:36
stennoi tried `systemctl restart systemd-networkd`, but that was not it11:36
stennoi ended up rebooting the whole machine, so the changes were applied during reboot11:36
vortexxfdan: yes with that kernel you can use the cpufrequtils11:47
lowtierlearner2does -setcache=# work as a wine launcher option, like it does on windows programs/shortcuts ?  I tested it and it doesn't crash but it doesn't speed things up either, so I figured I ask since chat is dead. If anyone was talking I'd continue working on it myself, but something to talk about is nice.12:35
leftyfb!wine | lowtierlearner212:36
ubottulowtierlearner2: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:36
lowtierlearner2WINE is a compatibility layer. that still doesn't tell me if -setcache is implemented or seen as unsafe enough to not be included in WINE. Thank you for the automated response, I can google the rest.12:39
leftyfbor completely ignore the mention of the dedicated #winehq channel to ask for help12:40
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BluesKajHi all13:29
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segfaultfizzbuzzokay so i had this horrible lag problem with xorg on the latest stable ubuntu (Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS) and nvidia (rtx4070+nvidia-driver-555) so i switched to wayland... everything was great until i suspended my computer15:28
segfaultfizzbuzznow when i wake my machine, it only kinda works--the icons are missing, text is missing from menus (such as the shutdown menu), and there are other such issues15:29
leftyfbreboot and don't suspend15:32
segfaultfizzbuzzright, that fixes it, but uh, i need to suspend to live my life15:32
leftyfbsave your life?15:33
segfaultfizzbuzzi need to be able to suspend15:33
kk1234segfaultfizzbuzz just leave it on 24/715:33
segfaultfizzbuzzwhat lol noo15:33
segfaultfizzbuzzrebooting is such a pain15:33
leftyfbshut it down, don't suspend15:33
segfaultfizzbuzzseriously, wayland suspend is a wontfix then...???15:34
leftyfbsuspend = time wasted trying to deal with suspend issues      shutdown = boots without issue15:34
pragmaticenigmasegfaultfizzbuzz: i'm affraid you will find little sympathy or help for suspend. It has never been a reliable power management feature, even for windows. If you're machine is new enough, it shouldn't take that long to boot from a cold start compared to suspend. If it does, then there are other things to investigate.15:35
kk1234segfaultfizzbuzz I've been keeping a ubuntu netbook (like 8W power consumption) on for the last 15 years nothing bad has happened to it, yet15:35
leftyfbsegfaultfizzbuzz: In the 30+ years I've been using computers, zero OS's have ever got suspend problem-free15:35
segfaultfizzbuzzwow really? windows and macOS work fine for me, and xorg suspend worked for me on ubuntu just last week15:36
pragmaticenigmawouldn't put macOS on there... Apple controls the hardware to the software... they can make it work15:36
leftyfb"work fine for me" doesn't mean they are problem-free. You might not notice the issues, but they are there. Other people do have issues with ti15:36
segfaultfizzbuzzwell okay, but furthermore this seems to be a graphical issue, and a fairly superficial one at that...?15:37
leftyfbsegfaultfizzbuzz: it's a suspend + nvidia issue15:37
segfaultfizzbuzzbut the gui state can be reconstructed from scratch after waking right?15:38
segfaultfizzbuzzlike it doesn't need to recall whatever was in VRAM prior to sleeping15:39
pragmaticenigmanvidia, till recently, hasn't been friendly with wayland. The features to make nvidia and wayland play nicely together have only just started to be releaed, and are not in the latest release of Ubuntu. Go to nearly any linux distribution channel and ask, you will get an overwhelming response of people saying the same thing. Stop trying to suspend your machine.15:39
leftyfbreboot and don't suspend. Feel free to report a bug on launchpad15:39
segfaultfizzbuzzok but can i ask about this from a like functional programming-y kind of perspective15:39
segfaultfizzbuzzif you needed to do something like render DRM content without reloading it after waking from sleep, then i could understand that making sense15:40
segfaultfizzbuzz...or, put another way, isn't there somewhere in wayland a "refresh_my_gui_from_scratch()" function?15:41
pragmaticenigmayou're talking nonsense giberish now15:41
leftyfbreboot and don't suspend. Feel free to report a bug on launchpad15:41
JanCI agree that suspend should work right15:41
kk1234segfaultfizzbuzz I bet it's way more complicated than that, I mean hardware + systemland + userland working in unison15:41
kk1234segfaultfizzbuzz to achieve a problem free suspend/wake15:42
segfaultfizzbuzzokay well i will stop asking about this now--but there really ought to be a command somewhere in wayland which rebuilds the gui from scratch (like "reboot wayland instead of my entire computer") and it could do that rebuild on wake15:42
lotuspsychjesegfaultfizzbuzz: did you try rolling back to a support nvidia driver version to test your suspend on?15:43
JanCsegfaultfizzbuzz: probably better to fix the lag problem15:43
leftyfbsegfaultfizzbuzz: rebooting the computer will be quicker15:43
segfaultfizzbuzzlotuspsychje: i can't because i am trying to get jax to work (and was successful)15:43
pragmaticenigmasegfaultfizzbuzz, there is nothing there like that... what you have effectively described is only possible from a cold start or reboot15:44
segfaultfizzbuzzpragmaticenigma: ...but in the old days i would be able to boot to a terminal, run startx, and then quit x to go back to a terminal, and then run startx again if i wanted to...15:45
leftyfbsegfaultfizzbuzz: honestly, suspend was supposed to be a "solution" to the issue of old computers taking a long time to POST and boot the OS. That's not really an issue these days, especially with linux.15:45
JanCleftyfb: rebooting doesn't restore state, so it's obviously not the same15:45
leftyfbjust open the apps again. Literally takes seconds, not minutes15:45
JanCand most applications can't restore state15:46
segfaultfizzbuzzlefty: interesting... so maybe then ubuntu should stop supporting suspend entirely15:46
segfaultfizzbuzzit's like, if you are going to support it, then do a good job, and if not, then don't15:46
JanCand some applications literally take minutes to start (especially to restore state manually)15:46
segfaultfizzbuzzJanC: understood15:46
JanCsuspend should just work, and if it doesn't that's a bug15:47
leftyfbfile a bug15:47
JanCbut "horrible lag problem with xorg" is a bug too15:47
JanCwhich seems to have been the original problem here15:48
pragmaticenigmasegfaultfizzbuzz, you're mixing things together that have no relation to one another. and in your description, you're tearing down an entire process only to "RESTART" it... it starts from point zero again. You can't do that when the system is already live... you have to sequentially tear down all the things that are running and rebuild them. And modern system aren't layered that way anymore. That's why the boot up is so much faster, as15:48
pragmaticenigmamany things are now started in parallel. resulting in better system stability as things that used to stack on top of each other are no longer stacked, such that if something lower in the stack failed then, it segfaulted the entire machine, whereas today the system is likely able to recover that stack independent of the others and continue to run or at the very least, safely get itself to shut down15:48
JanCto me, it sounds like there is either a problem with the nvidia driver of with the graphics hardware...15:48
segfaultfizzbuzzi am imagining that copying memory from VRAM to system RAM is a security hazard and should be disallowed in gui code, which is why i am thinking that rerendering the gui from scratch should be no big deal because the flow of information ought to be strictly to the GPU15:49
JanCboth Wayland & Xorg can re-render the GUI easily15:49
pragmaticenigmait's a known issue with Gnome terminal (not specifically that program, just manifiests itself noticably there) and Nvidia. You could try a different terminal emulator in an X session, which others have claimed resolved their issues.15:49
segfaultfizzbuzzJanC: yeah so, just add a line of code which says "when wake from sleep run wayland_rerender()"15:50
JanCI'm pretty sure it already does that15:51
pragmaticenigmaIt does not do that... and drawing anything to screen is far more complex than the scope of this channel is really intended for.15:52
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JanCpragmaticenigma: is that an officially supported (by Ubuntu) driver you are using?15:58
JanCI mean segfaultfizzbuzz15:58
pragmaticenigmaIn most modern system the act of suspending: Clocks down the CPU, and usually only leaves one core operational to be able to continue the ability of the system to keep the RAM alive. Few if any other operations are allowed in the suspended state, outside of wake events.15:59
pragmaticenigmaJanC, The driver they are using and instructions the used to install it made use of the official Ubuntu repositories. However, they are attempting to run the latest driver. And in most other forums, I read (and noted yesterday) that the recommendation is to use the 470 driver not the latest 555 series driver, if the Gnome Terminal issue becomes a concern. The solution to their problem is to either run the 470 series driver, or use wayland.16:01
pragmaticenigma!latest | per the sage advice of many, segfaultfizzbuzz16:02
ubottuper the sage advice of many, segfaultfizzbuzz: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.16:02
JanCso these are known bugs in the upstream drivers, or what?16:02
pragmaticenigmaNone that have been confirmed, the driver was released a week ago, not enough time in the wild to mass enough people capable of filing a bug report16:02
JanCwell, you mention running the 470 is recommended, so there must be known bugs?16:03
JanCeither bugs in Gnome terminal or in the driver...16:05
JanCalso, bugs in in the driver related to suspend16:05
pragmaticenigmaI'd have to track down all the same research I did yesterday to find it... The problem is that the issue appears in Gnome Terminal, and only after a significant amount of time has past with the Gnome Terminal window left open. To me that suggests a memory leak, but why only the nvidia driver? So if it is a bug, it's in the Nvidia driver more than likely.16:05
JanCwell, in theory it's also possible that Gnome Terminal does something different depending on driver features & the bug is there16:07
pragmaticenigmawhich is where the downgrade becomes the suggested option. personnally I have never seen much reason to run the latest driver for my graphics. Most of the updates are specific to updating application profiles to make things more compatible with the driver, not performance.16:07
JanCbut considering the suspend issues, that really seems like a driver bug16:07
pragmaticenigmasuspend issue is suspend issue... I have no idea if wayland has all its ducks in a row for that feature. if I was on the team, that'd be the furthest thing down on my todo list to worry about16:08
JanCsuspend is an important feature for many users16:09
pragmaticenigmasuspend is complex, in most cases, it's supposed to instruct the CPU to clock down and go to one core, just enough power to continue the instructions to keep the DRAM alive and refreshed. But every motherboard, CPU and firmware vendor out there interprets the specifications from Intel and Microsoft differently, so suspend as a dozen supported modes and guessing the right one is difficult, though improving16:09
pragmaticenigmaI haven't been able to use standby on any of my systems, because the ones that it has worked, the wireless mouse's activity check routine is enough to trigger the machine to wake up.16:10
pragmaticenigmaAnd with most CPUs capable of different clock speeds and voltages dependent on workload, my beefiest new machine typically sips less power than my machine of 10 years age16:11
pragmaticenigmawhen left to idle in the ON state16:12
JanCmouse wake-up (USB wake-up really) is usually an option in the firmware16:12
pragmaticenigmain this case, disabling that feature means the computer completely ignores all wake up attempts since the keyboard and mouse are on the same wireless receiver16:12
JanCanyway, my point was: if this is an officially supported driver in Ubuntu, they should file bug reports about all of them (starting with the "lag problem")16:13
pragmaticenigmaNvidia drivers are not official... haven't been for a long time, they're proprietary16:13
JanCthey are in restricted, so "official"16:14
JanCalthough depends on nvidia to fix issues...16:14
pragmaticenigmaOfficial in so much as Ubuntu makes it possible to install them... doesn't mean their fully supported16:14
JanCstill should be filed as bugs IMO16:15
JanCthere is always a possibility the bug is in how some software use the driver16:16
JanChm, lotuspsychje just points out this driver is not officially in Ubuntu yet, so that means it's completely unsupported16:17
segfaultfizzbuzzokay,... well anyway at least thanks for recommending reboots as some spackle to handle this for now16:27
segfaultfizzbuzzi think i will go update my bios. pray that i don't brick my computer, see ya folks16:27
segfaultfizzbuzzi chickened out, couldn't bring myself to touch the bios lol16:34
archpcquick question, how do I get the default Noble mirror list? or change it to a USA mirror16:34
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leftyfbarchpc: edit /etc/apt/sources.list16:36
ravagehttps://p.haxxors.com/noble.txt should be good as a default if your did not add anything in there yourself16:36
oerheksthere is a copy /usr/share/doc/apt/examples/sources.list to /etc/apt/source.list and enable universe again16:38
archpcleftyfb, I would, but it's on a VPS and they had their own sources.list.d/ubuntu.sources, and it's 404'ing a lot16:41
archpcravage, thanks :D16:41
leftyfbarchpc: contact your VPS for support then16:42
oerheks sources.list.d/lists are not affected16:43
* archpc gets in touch with his provider16:52
Guest28Hi. Puzzle me this, if I am on KDE and Wayland, and I have multiple monitors, how can I turn one of them off from command line? And back on? From command line.17:19
neolito use transmission I need to open a port, but does it have to be tcp or udp? Im using iptables17:48
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oerhekswith UFW it would be simply:  sudo ufw enable transmission17:58
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as gufw and ufw-kde also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo17:58
leftyfbneoli: have you enabled ufw or implemented iptables? Neither are enabled by default on ubuntu and should not require opening anything17:59
JanCshouldn't that factoid (also) mention nftables nowadays?18:00
oerheksinstall gufw as gui18:00
oerheksyes, from 20.04 it is nftables18:00
oerheksor 20.10?18:01
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neoliI wonder as a newbie about the differences between using oerheks ś command and iptables -I INPUT -p tcp --dport 3389 -j ACCEPT18:17
neoliyour command opens all port and mine just one?18:18
oerheksufw is the standard tool in ubuntu.18:18
oerheksyes, convenient.18:18
neolican ports be used to attack my computer?18:18
oerheksthat is where ufw / firewall is for.18:19
leftyfbneoli: have you enabled ufw on your default install of ubuntu?18:19
oerheksand there is additional fail2ban18:20
leftyfbwhich isn't needed at all if they are at home behind a router without any ports forwarded nor doing any sort of reverse tunneling or proxying18:20
leftyfbthere's a lot of back and forth here about ufw, iptables, nftables, "attack"ing and no confirmation that they even have a firewall enabled on the machine or even need it18:21
geekyso the black screen problem is unique to 24.0418:37
geekyit seems fedora 40 works fine, but the default 24.04 (gnome) and kubuntu 24.04 are both going to black screen when trying to usb boot. 23.10 doesn't seem to be having that problem either.18:39
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aienaI was playing around in the initramfs shell. I noticed that I if I mount the real root partition to /root there and then run `exec switch_root /root` the linux system boots up fine but if I mount the rootfs to /mnt and use `exec switch_root /mnt` switch_root tries to mount /sy,/proc etc still to /root and I get a kernel panic any idea why this happens?19:05
leftyfbaiena: why are you trying to mount root manually?19:07
aienajust learning the boot process19:07
aienaI am interested in how pivot_root switch_root and run_init etc. work19:08
leftyfbpivot_root is a magical thing :)19:09
aienai also realised in the process that single user mode is actually after the main rootfs is mounted too.19:09
aienais pibot_root still used19:09
leftyfbI used it for some real break-glass remote stuff a while back19:10
aienaor was it only impt during the intrd days19:10
leftyfbI don't know. I played with it back in 2019 and it worked 95% for my needs19:10
aienaunofrtunaltely never used it19:10
leftyfbstill got the PR up called "nuke from orbit" :)19:10
aienawas fascinated with unmkinitramfs19:10
aienaand starting poking around how the initramfs we never see actually boots up the thing we see19:11
aienathe invisible magical linux kernel helper19:11
aienaleftyfb: I fooled grub into giving me the initramfs shell by removing the root=UUID=xxx parameter to the kernel in grub19:14
aienamade a grub2 menuentry with that so I dont have to edit it all the time19:14
aienanow I am exploring switch_root run_init etc there19:14
aienaleftyfb: the funny thing is the man page says 'switch_root moves already mounted /proc, /dev, /sys and /run to newroot..' since newroot is /mnt it should have mounted proc to /mnt/proc19:18
aienaerr moved the mount of /proc to /mnt/proc19:18
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gaelheartfresh install. app center doesnt show debian packages only snap19:28
leftyfbgaelheart: fresh install of what release of ubuntu?19:29
gaelheart24.04 LTS19:29
leftyfbgaelheart: which package are you searching for?19:30
pyeverythingcould you please help me with this issue? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/78551598/nvidia-tao-deploy-docker-importerror-libcuda-so-1-cannot-open-shared-object ImportError: libcuda.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory19:31
gaelhearti tried searching for various packages, it just says not found19:32
leftyfbgaelheart: please give a specific example19:32
aienapyeverything: I think you need to ask the creators of that docker container for help19:35
gaelhearti searched for the word youtube for example and many others19:35
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aienagaelheart: hmm theres no package called youtube search for a something more sane like say "gvim"19:36
aienaalso what command are you using to search for packages19:36
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aienaor are you searching through the gui?19:36
gaelheart"No results found for gvim"19:36
gaelheartgui app store19:36
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gaelheartapt works19:37
sybaritenso, a couple of editor related questions. "jed" isn't typically shipped with ubuntu, is it?19:37
leftyfbthe software store only shows apps that have icons (.desktop file) as part of their package manifest19:37
leftyfbgvim is not a valid package name19:37
gaelhearti tried on another local account. didnt work19:37
gaelheartlet me try gimp. one sec19:38
leftyfbgaelheart: also try pidgin19:38
gaelheartno results for gimp19:39
leftyfbgaelheart: in a terminal run: ( sudo apt update ; apt-cache policy pidgin )| nc termbin.com 999919:39
leftyfbgimp is in the apt repo as well as snap19:39
gaelheartno results for pidgin19:39
gaelheartsudo apt update ; apt-cache policy pidgin )| nc termbin.com 999919:40
gaelheartbash: syntax error near unexpected token `)'19:40
leftyfb   ( sudo apt update ; apt-cache policy pidgin )| nc termbin.com 999919:40
leftyfbyou missed the leading (19:40
gaelheartWARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.19:41
leftyfbyou seem to be missing something19:41
leftyfbapt-cache policy gimp19:41
leftyfbor apt-cache policy pidgin19:41
gaelheartcan i reinstal the app store somehow?19:41
leftyfbyou probably don't have the universe repo enabled19:41
gaelheartudo apt-cache policy gimp19:42
gaelheart  Installed: 2.10.36-3ubuntu0.24.04.119:42
gaelheart  Candidate: 2.10.36-3ubuntu0.24.04. ... etc19:42
leftyfbapt-cache policy gimp | nc termbin.com 999919:43
leftyfb ... etc is important information19:43
gaelhearti added .. etc19:43
leftyfbapt-cache policy gimp | nc termbin.com 999919:44
gaelheartlong output19:44
gaelheartsudo apt-cache policy gimp | nc termbin.com 999919:44
leftyfbok, and when searching gimp in the software center nothing is coming up? Are you waiting a bit for the results to show?19:44
gaelheartsudo apt-cache policy gimp19:44
gaelheart  Installed: 2.10.36-3ubuntu0.24.04.119:44
gaelheart  Candidate: 2.10.36-3ubuntu0.24.04.119:44
gaelheart  Version table:19:44
gaelheart *** 2.10.36-3ubuntu0.24.04.1 50019:44
gaelheart        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu noble-updates/universe amd64 Packages19:44
leftyfbCan you screenshot the window with the search results?19:44
* leftyfb sigh19:44
aienagaelheart: oh the app store thingy  I have never really used19:45
leftyfbCan you screenshot the window with the search results?19:46
gaelhearti took a screenshot19:46
leftyfbplease past a link to the screenshot19:46
leftyfbyou can use something like imgur.com19:46
aienaI just use the terminal for literally everything. Even forcing snap updates.19:46
gaelheartone sec19:46
leftyfbaiena: while I agree with this, that isn't what they're asking for help with19:47
oerheksmaybe a snapd update pending..19:47
leftyfboerheks: one step at a time, I'm getting there :)19:47
leftyfbgaelheart: sudo snap refresh   # you don't have to paste the output. If there's an error, please let us know19:51
gaelheartno error. says up to date19:52
gaelheartsynaptic package manager works19:53
gaelhearti dont need to use app center but its very convenient19:58
leftyfbnot really19:58
leftyfbit's a LOT slower than just using the terminal19:58
oerheksjust giving meta packages..19:58
oerheksnot sure how to reset app center, pkill it?19:59
gaelheartok ill kill it19:59

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