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Sazpaimonis there any screen sharing server for ubuntu that works even remotely like windows rdp? (host resolution match, sound support, share same session as host)02:16
bobdobbs"apt-cache search [name]" will let me see if a package is available. How can see the version numbers of available packages?02:23
Bashing-ombobdobbs: 'apt show <package> '.02:26
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circlei want to install multiple linux version on one sdd  120G, dont want swap or separate home partitions. i dont know what the mount point should be for my boot partition or the format or the size please help for each version of linux i dont need a separate /home02:29
circledealing with an old pc that has bios not uefi02:29
circleassuming i should make a partition table gpt02:30
circlethen five partitions ex4 say for my linux OS (any flags needed?)02:30
Bashing-omcircle: Old bios: --- all that is needed is one partition of about 30 gigs or so. Sharing a /home is not a good idea, Better is a shared data partition.02:31
circleand then a boot partition and i am totally guessing here that it would be btfs with boot flag ticked in GParted but i dont know size requirements02:31
circlety Bashing-om02:32
lotuspsychje!partitioning | circle02:33
ubottucircle: For help with partitioning a new install see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition | For partitioning programs, see !GParted (recommended) or !PartitionManager. Other partitioning topics include !fstab, !home, and !swap02:33
circlewhat about the boot partition assuming i make 4x30G partitions ext4 (mount point please?)02:33
Bashing-omcircle: Unless there is an overriding concern ... tried and true -solid- ext4 for the file system.02:33
circlety both can you tell me anything about my boot partitions format and size please...02:34
Bashing-omcircle: bios does not need a separate /boot partition. I do multiboot on old hardware .. want to see my partitioning ?02:34
circlewhen ever i install my OS (never manually partition them) there is always some small partition what is that called02:36
circlereletive to the other partition on the drive with the os and home on it02:36
Endermen1094it duesn;t want to show up on grub02:38
Bashing-omcircle: with 2 drives active at this time: https://termbin.com/hbdrm ; https://termbin.com/1wpi .02:39
Bashing-omcircle: Present booted system " /dev/sda1        28G  5.0G   21G  20% /" , Only 20% of 5 gigs used for root install. Does not take a lot :(02:42
circlety humour me please trying to let it marinate into my brain i see that sdb8 is swap  and would like to know if extened(sdb4) is "shared storage"02:44
Bashing-omcircle: sorry that is 28 gigs devoted to root of which 5 is used .02:44
circleor are they small versions of linux02:44
circleat least sdb1 2 3 6 702:45
circlethanks for trying im gonna go have a go again without making a boot partition ill make a few 30G partitions and see if it lets me install linux in the past i always get some notice in the gui on desktop installs about no mountpoint02:48
circleor something that i asssume has to do with mbr/gpt boot partition02:49
Bashing-omcircle: My sdb4 is a "extended" partition and in this partiton it contains the "logical" partitions sdb5,6,7, and 8. Leagacy partitioning only permits a max of 4 primary partitions. To get around this limitation is the creation of that "extended" partiton.02:49
circlelegend that makes sense to me and is handy thank you02:49
Bashing-omcircle: the mount point for root (/) will be whatever the location of the install is. like say sdb3.02:50
circleso i can just say mount point "/" on the given drive?02:51
circlemy choices populate on a gui splash screen include /, /home....the list carries on02:52
Bashing-omcircle: set that mount point for a given install to a given partition in the installer as the system is installed.02:53
circlethanks for everything will try my luck now feeling optimistic02:53
Bashing-omcircle: the option "use as" and in the drop down select '/' if that is what that partiton is to be used for, ext4 file system.02:55
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loller_hi! I have an issue where the headphone component (the mic still works) of a USB headset (EKSA 1000) suddenly stopped working upon upgrading from 20.04 to 20.1003:45
loller_according to PulseAudio Volume Control sound is flowing to the correct output device (USB Audio Device Analog Stereo) but there is no sound in the headphones03:46
loller_dear Lord Jesus Christ03:46
loller_somehow (inadvertently) the hardware control on the headset for the headphone volume had been turned to zero03:47
loller_that was the issue all along03:47
loller_so, nevermind, haha03:48
loller_I guess it probably happened while the headset was packed in a bag and I was flying yesterday03:48
WebChat777where can someone find introduction material on how to learn ubuntu03:49
WebChat777I guess it might be nice to install the thing on a usb chip so I can boot the thing up03:49
loller_that is a good way to learn03:49
loller_without committing to installing on your computer03:50
loller_if you know what you are doing you can also create a separate partition and install Linux there03:50
RerDaviesI upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10, and the upgrade is hung. Stuck at "Installing the Upgrades" (installing new papirus.dtbo)....03:50
loller_but I would not do that if ur not sure what u are doing03:50
WebChat777so since I'm new to this thing is there a tutorial on how to install it to a chip I purchased a 32 gig sandisk chip to experiment with03:50
RerDaviesIs there any sensible way to log a bug against this before I scrub the system and do a clean install?03:50
loller_are u using Windows?03:50
WebChat777that's why I want to do it on a chip because I don't know what i'm doing03:51
WebChat777windows 1003:51
WebChat777right now03:51
WebChat777want to get away from this stuff it keep slowing down and i'm tired of fixing the problems03:51
loller_you can use Rufus for example: https://rufus.ie/03:51
loller_to create the bootable USB03:51
WebChat777is that software or some dude03:51
loller_just click the link03:52
WebChat777is that the link to find it03:52
WebChat777i copied the one up there03:52
WebChat777call ????03:52
WebChat777I appreciate your help and have  a question, what is that list of people to the right 1020 it says03:53
WebChat777this list03:54
RerDaviesWebChan777: That's the list of users who have currently joined the channel.03:55
RerDaviesI upgraded to Ubuntu 21.10, and the upgrade is hung. Stuck at "Installing the Upgrades" (installing new papirus.dtbo)....  Is there any sensible way to log a bug or do a postmortem on this? I had a terminal open for a bit, but the system is now completely locked.03:56
WebChat777i see03:56
WebChat777i'm checking out that link for rufus it looks interesting03:57
viktor__Hi all. I got some drives in an mdadm raid which i'd like to recover. Can I just reformat the drives? Or is there some other step I have to take?03:58
WebChat777I saw some of this stuff interesting maybe best to try linux less than 2103:59
WebChat777loller_20:51:32 thanks i'm going to try this thing maybe I will be able to find this place again if I get it working on the usb. I'll save this link in a note pad and try and find my way back here, found this by accident.04:01
WebChat777take care04:01
WebChat777thanks again04:01
viktor__WebChat777: there's always a lot of criticism on any new release. especially intermediate ones. try it out or don't04:01
webchat51Hello. I am trying to fix audio not playing from Firefox on Ubuntu 18.04.  I can't pinpoint exactly when it started, but I have tried restarting alsa, pulseaudio, Firefox, and rebooting the machine.04:04
webchat51I can play and hear audio from other programs just fine. My next idea was to try reinstalling pulse, and then alsa if that didn't work, but is that going too far?04:04
webchat51Oh, I also tried playing audio in a Firefox private/incognito window, and with all addons disabled.  The audio still didn't play through the speakers.04:07
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alkisgwebchat51: create a new user and try from there. That way you'll see if it's a system issue (e.g. /etc or /usr) or a user issue (i.e. ~/.mozilla)04:20
viktor__alkisg: is he supposed to have alsa as well as pulse installed?04:21
alkisgAFAIK yes04:21
rsjwI added a file to /etc/X11/Xsession.d that I know is being run because I can set environment variables, but whenever I try to write a file like echo "hello" > /home/me/out.txt, no file is created. any idea why not?04:22
webchat51alkisg I will try that04:26

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