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ubottumekarpeles: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"00:03
mekarpelesThanks ubottu!00:04
Bashing-omRichardCavell: K; See what I can learn .. back soonest .00:05
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Well, All I know to do is try . Be aware some 32 bit apps are now broken after the latest patches . unknow to me if the breakage is a part of this :(00:13
RichardCavellBashing-om, What exactly should I try?00:15
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Boot to grub boot menu. 'c' key for a command line . what results here ' set prefix=(hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub ' ?00:17
RichardCavellBashing-om, I'll have to reboot and try it, and get back to you in about 15 mins00:18
Bashing-omRichardCavell: K; of that is accepted we continue on to attempt to boot up from grub .00:18
RichardCavellBashing-om, Okay so I'll just reboot and try?00:19
Bashing-omripazha: Yes .. see where we go from there .. get it booted and then we see what we can do .00:21
vooks there any reasonably simple way to direct dpkg to ignore a specific dependency on a package (without recreating the package).  LXD is unnecessarily depending on dnsmasq-base, a package that is frequently found to have security flaws.00:24
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naccvook: `man dpkg`, --ignore-depends, etc.00:28
naccvook: although, it's not unnecessary, it depends on your config00:28
naccvook: for normal bridged usage, you want dnsmasq00:28
vookright, it's unnecessary in our config00:28
naccvook: maybe use the snap?00:29
naccvook: then you don't have to worry about dependencies at all00:29
vookhmm, ok. thanks.  I'll look into it.00:29
naccvook: presuming you trust the lxd maintainers00:29
naccvook: may want to ask about dnsmasq in #lxcontainers00:29
RichardCavellBashing-om, I'm back00:36
RichardCavellBashing-om, I was able to type that into a grub command line. It simply gave me another prompt without any error or other output. I then tried to boot, but it had the same problem as before.00:37
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Can we continue to see if we can boot .. in that 'set prefix=(hd0,gpt6)/boot/grub" is accepted ?00:37
RichardCavellI used gpt1 before not gpt600:37
RichardCavelldo you want me to try with 6?00:38
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Great .. we can continue .. ok .. boot back to grub ' set prefix=(hd0,gpt1)/boot/grub ; set root=(hd0,gpt2) ; insmod normal ; normal ; insmod linux ; linux (hd0,gpt2)/vmlinuz root=/dev/sda2 ; initrd (hd0,gpt2)/initrd.img ; boot ' .00:43
Bashing-omRichardCavell: No, our partitions are gpt1 as the edi partition and gpt2 as the root .00:44
RichardCavellBashing-om, By the way, that first partition is only 1 megabyte in size00:46
RichardCavellI don't know where it came from00:46
Bashing-omRichardCavell: That is the EFI partiton that contains stage 1.5 of the boot code .00:47
RichardCavellIs it normal for it to be only 1 megabyte?00:47
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Yeah .. good nuff ..it only has directives of where grub is to look next .00:48
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HaximusHey there all, I'm brand new to Linux and I've been setting up a Ubuntu server.  Had a simple question regarding SSH keys, just not fully understanding it.  Anyone have a moment to talk?01:08
electricmilkHaximus, Go ahead and ask the quetion01:09
electricmilkHaximus, If someone knows the answer they will help. :-)01:09
HaximusExcellent!  I was following along some documentation suggesting that I use SSH authentication to access my server instead of Password authorization, I later realized that I misunderstood what I read, because I generated the key pair from the actual server and not from my desktop that I am using to access my terminal01:12
HaximusSo now I want to correct the mistake, but I am not sure if I should generate another key pair from the terminal on my desktop pc, and also I am curious if the fact that I generated the keypair from the server itself will cause any issues, and if I should remove it01:14
HaximusI am unable to login from my desktop pc, so I had to re-enable password authentication for the time being01:15
RichardCavellBashing-om, Hi01:16
electricmilkHaximus, I don't remember ever having to generate the key pair.  If I remember correctly I just ran: sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:16
RichardCavellI tried that sequence. It booted for about 8 seconds and then just sudden reset like before01:17
RichardCavellI couldn't see any errors in the boot sequence01:17
HaximusIts not a requirement, its just apparently more secure01:17
Tin_manHaximus, when I set my server up several years ago, this link helped when I had key problems. I might help you, not sure http://www.howtogeek.com/168147/add-public-ssh-key-to-remote-server-in-a-single-command/01:17
electricmilkHaximus,  And then used sudo service ssh status to check the status of the ssh server01:17
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Ouch . Sorry. I just do not know enough to procecute this further .01:19
RichardCavellBashing-om, How about this?  I zip up the /home/richard directory from the internal hard disk, then wipe and install a new distro over the top, then unzip /home/richard.  Sound good01:21
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Well. should be good to get you back up .. yes .. But does not tell us why/where the failure lies .01:23
RichardCavellBashing-om, Is it generally the case that zipping/unzipping one's home directory is enough to salvage everything that's important?01:25
RichardCavell(All my important data is safe, don't worry)01:26
Bashing-omRichardCavell: Depends on what changes you have made to the default install system files . Me, all I backup is my personal data and I keep a change log of all changes I make . ( rsync -aiv --exclude=".*" /home/sysop/ /media/sysop/8023-774F/storage/ )01:28
Fretegievening folks01:33
Haximushow can I delete all of the contents of my /home/user/.ssh directory?01:36
HaximusNVM, think I got it01:39
FretegiHaximus, rm -rf /home/usr/.ssh/* will nuke everything in the directory.  if you want to keep interior directories forget the 'r'01:40
Haximusok, I used rm /home/usr/.ssh/* before you said that01:41
Haximusis that just as efficient?01:41
HaximusI ran ls -al ~/.ssh and it all seems to be cleared01:41
FretegiHaximus, for that directory unless u did something goofy ya should be fine. /usr/.ssh likely doesnt have any interior directories or hidden files.  if you did have hidden files we have to tweak even what i sent you a little.  but if ls -la shows it cleared then you should be good01:42
HaximusThank you for your help, much appreciated!01:43
Fretegianytime my freind01:43
Fretegiok my turn now ha01:43
Fretegirunning ubuntu mate 16.04.3, amd64.  recently upgraded to kernel 4.13.0-26 and now many things lock up, most often is caja.  system is completely unusable.  if i boot into a prior kernel the machine runs perfectly.  any thoughts? or whats an easy way to down grade the kernel without bocking new update01:43
Fretegii mean i could just uninstall the kernel and purge and the linux-image... however the next update should grab it again and i dont want that.  anyway to do what would be the equivalent of a 'mask' in gentoo?  whereby you just block a set version or range of versions on a package?01:46
HaximusIll get back to you in a couple years :-/01:47
FretegiHaximus, haha it comes way faster than u think :)01:47
mutanteFretegi: normal package updates don't update the kernel01:47
mutanteonly if you'd specifically tell it to dist-upgrade01:48
mutantewould it pull the kernel image too01:48
Fretegimutante, apt-get dist-upgrade does though.01:48
mutantewell, then don't run that ?01:48
Fretegimutante, right, and i would like to keep latest kernels01:48
mutanteeh, ok, then i'm confused what the desired result was.. newer kernel or no newer kernel01:49
Fretegimutante, let me rephrase... i would like to have current kernels, however skip this current broken one01:49
mutantegot it, well.. just wait until there is a "next" one01:49
Bashing-omFretegi: How about setting the prior booting kernel in the /etc/default/grub config file ?01:49
Fretegiso when the next one comes out i wont get prompted until it supersedes his broken one01:49
FretegiBashing-om, that would work, just make the 4.10 kernel default.  although admittedly im not sure how to accomplish that in ubuntu01:50
FretegiBashing-om, edit the GRUB_DEFAULT line?01:51
Fretegimake it 1 perhaps?01:52
Bashing-omFretegi: this line ' GRUB_DEFAULT=0 ' change the zero to the line number of the kernel ya want booted ( as shown in grub's boot menu ) .. then run ' sudo update-grub ' to propagate the change .01:52
Fretegiha ok, makes sense01:52
Fretegicourse... suppose to mutante's point..  guess i could just uninstall the darn thing and just not upgrade until i see a release higher than this broken one...01:53
Fretegijust wanted apt-get to sort it out and not tell me until there was a newer one :)01:54
Bashing-omFretegi: Yup. either will work . I think editing grub to boot is the more sane thing myself .01:55
FretegiBashing-om, so to be clear, when setting the value for Grub_default, thats counting recovery boot option lines as well right01:57
Bashing-omFretegi: Yeah .. as you can surmise the count starts at 0 .01:58
Bashing-omhreinnbeck: take a look at /boot/grub/grub.cfg for the boot order too .02:00
HyD3Count off02:10
ChetManlycan I have aptitude autp update?02:10
FretegiBashing-om, ok got it02:15
Fretegicouldnt get grub to cooperate so i just wiped that kernel version heck with it02:15
Bashing-omFretegi: K. What works best for you :)02:16
Kaedenn1What's the Ubuntu equivalent of /dev/ttyUSB0 ?02:16
Kaedenn1nevermind, I had to plug the thing in before /dev/ttyUSB0 showed up02:34
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kk4ewt*** F27-20180112 updated lives available: http://tinyurl.com/Live-respins2  Built by the Fedora Respin Sig more info #fedora-respins  ***02:37
bd1308Greetings....running 17.10, wondering if I can setup a resolver file for a particular search domain without just disabling systemd-resolved?02:42
LumiiiiIn Linux. For those who like it the most.. what sort of environment do you guys favor the most?02:49
kk4ewtLumiiii, that question needs to be a little narrower02:50
Bashing-omLumiiii: It's about choice, choose what you like the better .02:51
kk4ewtmy everyday Desktop rnviroment is Mate,  for Amateur radio i use xfce02:51
DanyHDMy question is about: I install minergate and later I don't have audio in my apps, I can use the left side and right side test from ubuntu and works but the others apps have no sound, anyone can help me?02:51
Lumiiiikk4ewt: in other words do you favor more or less tools? If so which? What is there that you would consider unnecessary?02:52
kk4ewtdepends on what i need to do02:52
LumiiiiDo you like more of a lightweight approach were be you add just what you want?02:52
kk4ewti like the freedom to do what i want02:53
LumiiiiWithout the extra weight02:53
kk4ewti rather to use my cpu cycles on my app rather than on video fluff02:53
LumiiiiWere drivers ever an issue much for you?02:55
kk4ewteasy to research equipment what works and what doesnt02:57
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Guest11281any body here?02:59
Bashing-omGuest11281: Throw some bait out and see ?02:59
Kon-Are Kubuntu, Xubuntu, etc signed for UEFI Secure Boot in the same way as Ubuntu proper?03:00
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hfpHi, I'm serving files to my kodi box from an ubuntu server via NFS. Once in a while, when I watch something, the playback hangs as if the NFS server stopped transmitting. I'm not sure what's going on so I checked /var/log/syslog, but I couldn't see anything around the time the issue happened. Is there anywhere else I can look on the server?03:27
kenrinDoes it hang outside of kodi?  That seems like more of a kodi issue from the light search on forum.kodi.tv I did03:33
GIGeoGamerI am attempting to install Ubuntu so that I can dual boot. Win10 is already installed. I am new to linux and would rather NOT unintentionally overwrite Windows. Does ubuntu ask for the language first or for the partition setup?03:47
glitchdanyone have any scripting knowledge in here?03:51
glitchdim trying to put together a script that runs xscreensaver, and if it gets deactivated, runs it again. but i dont want it to run in a loopm, since it prints messages on the screen saying something along the lines of "xscreensaver was activated while it was already running". i dont want it to print messages on the screen, just want it to run and rerun if deactivated. i want it to run until i tell it to stop.03:53
ZythyrI created a USB installer for Ubuntu Server. It takes me directly to installation. How can I get to the terminal prior to installation?03:54
Zythyr^ ignore the previous question03:57
ZythyrQuestion: I created  live USB of Ubuntu Desktop. However, is there a way I can install Ubuntu Server instead of Ubuntu Desktop if I am using Ubuntu Desktop live USB03:58
glitchdZythyr, sudo apt-get update04:02
glitchdsudo apt-get install ubuntu-server04:02
ZythyrSo I just do that from terminal?04:02
glitchdthen i think you choose it from the login menu before you login04:03
glitchdyou can also do it like this..04:04
glitchdYes Ubuntu desktop can become server by installing following packages04:04
glitchdLAMP server (Linux, Apache2, MySQL, PHP), Mail server & OpenSSH server04:04
Zythyrglitchd That simple? Is that the only difference?04:05
glitchdas far as im finding with all this google-fu im doing04:06
glitchdbut ive done it in the past04:06
glitchdconverted a normal ubunut installation to a server edition installation04:06
glitchdusing those commands04:06
ZythyrAfter installing LAMP server, I can disable Deskto GUI. But will this be a true server that doesn't comsume as much power as a Desktop?04:06
glitchdthats the only real difference between normal ubuntu and ubuntu-server04:06
glitchdim not sure about your last question04:07
Zythyrokay. I think I just found my way around Ubuntu Server, so I guess I'll just isntall Server using Server USB instead of Desktop USB. It was a littel confusing at first configuring the partitions, but now got it working04:09
krytarikGIGeoGamer: Here is a run-through to the installation: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-install-ubuntu-desktop#004:09
glitchdYou could disable the display manager service with systemctl for example if your display manager is lightdm the run sudo systemctl disable lightdm.service. This will prevent the service from starting at boot.04:10
glitchdZythyr, ^^04:10
GIGeoGamerNow when I click on install Ubuntu it shows a black screen with a bunch of greenish font size rectangles then shows some white text that isn't full visible due to resolution I assume. Then after a few seconds I get a 2/3's purple screen with a black strip at the top. All of which has some white lines and dot's on it that look like squished text.04:16
vegombreiares__: hola04:17
ares__hola de donde eres04:17
glitchdGIGeoGamer, question?04:22
Zythyrglitchd ahh okay thanks04:22
glitchdZythyr, np04:23
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ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.04:31
ares__ok muchas gracias amigo se lo agradesco mucho04:31
GIGeoGamerglitchyd How do I go about fixing this? I installed ubuntu on my laptop the otherday no problems. My desktop isn't being cooperative though04:33
glitchdGIGeoGamer, what errors are you getting?04:33
glitchdGIGeoGamer, also what version of ubuntu?04:34
Energizeanyone here04:36
GIGeoGamerUbuntu 16.04. When I click install it shows the screen I mentioned above^ the white text says a few things. failed to create kernel channel, and then some base-x timeouts. Again I am new to this so not sure. After a few seconds on that screen it moves me to the second screen where it is stuck until I force power off04:36
GIGeoGamerIt does the same thing if I click on try without installing04:37
glitchd  your trying to install ubuntu from a live usb?04:37
glitchdi think you need to make the usb again04:38
glitchdprobably a bad write04:38
glitchdwhat did you use to make the usb?04:38
GIGeoGamerThat is the strange part. For some reason I was getting this error, then something I changed made it work, now its not working again. I used rufus (Same thing I used to make the boot stick for my laptop)04:38
glitchdi would suggest making a new usb04:39
GIGeoGamerWhen I say "made it work" I mean I was able to get to the installer but the resolution was horrible. The bottom of all the buttons at the bottom of the installer were cut off04:40
GIGeoGamerNot sure if that is normal however it may be worth mentioning I have a dedicated nvdia gfx card. I hear that sometimes causes issues?04:40
glitchdsounds like your resolution was incorrect for you display04:40
glitchdwhen you boot the usb, does it go to a menu, or does it boot straight to the ubuntu desktop?04:41
GIGeoGamerIt lets me choose try, install, oem or something. Then when I click on try OR install it does the things mentioned above.04:42
GIGeoGamerRecreating the usb right now04:42
HaximusHey guys, setting up a webserver on a dynamic public IP, and Im planning on using No-IP Dynamic Update client to resolve my address to a hostname while keeping it updated.  Do yall recommend installing/running DUC on my Ubuntu server or should I just do it on my Windows desktop here04:43
glitchdare you creating it from the ubuntu installing on the other computer, or creating it in windows?04:43
glitchdHaximus, no idea lol04:43
GIGeoGamerWindows on the same computer I am trying to install ubuntu on04:43
glitchdok, if it doesnt work this time, ill give you a command to use on the other linux computer to make a live usb. its a command i use myself very often04:44
Bashing-om!nomodeset | GIGeoGamer04:47
ubottuGIGeoGamer: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:47
BandoLerohow are you04:47
BandoLeroare you there04:49
Energizehello anyone here04:49
glitchdwut up?04:49
glitchdEnergize, yea?04:50
Energizehi glitchd04:50
GIGeoGamerBashing, I have seen that but not sure what to do with it as I am not able to access grub04:50
Energizehey do you know any thing about ubuntu04:50
BandoLerowhy are you here04:50
glitchdEnergize, yea04:50
Energizecan that be use for irc server04:51
glitchdEnergize, lol i have no idea about that.04:51
Energizelol oh04:51
Budgiianyone use TorChat?04:51
xs2what is tor chat?04:51
Bashing-omGIGeoGamer: EFI system or legacy? .. the key grub recognizes differs .04:52
BandoLerowhere are you from04:52
BudgiiI just found it on the.. i guess it the software store on budgie/linux04:52
Budgiiyou get an id. you add someone. you chat. thats all really simple interface.04:52
xs2not me04:52
Energizei wonder what is better unrealircd or ubunto for irc server04:52
Budgiixs2 try it04:53
Budgiiill add you04:53
xs2no thanks04:53
GIGeoGamerBashing, EFI believe04:53
lonequidunrealircd is an irc daemon, that will run as an irc server. ubuntu is just an operating system; you can run unrealircd on ubuntu04:53
Energizecan you help me with that04:54
lonequidit's been years since i set up an irc server but i'm sure there's guides or videos out there on how to compile and configure it04:56
lonequidthere may be one available as a package too04:56
Energizei try unrealircd by it self and it is hard04:56
Energizeso i need to check it out on youtube video04:57
GIGeoGamertrying one last thing05:00
GIGeoGamerglitchd: Unfortunately that didn't work05:01
GIGeoGamerWhat do you want me to try?05:02
glitchdyoull need to do this on the ubuntu computer that works05:02
GIGeoGamerI'm currently using my laptop for this and its booted in linux atm05:02
glitchddownload the iso of the linux distro you want to put on the usb05:03
glitchdfirst open terminal and type this "lsblk"05:04
glitchdfind out what the device name of your usb is05:04
GIGeoGamerHmm I think it's been changed each time? or is that just a visible display name?05:05
glitchdid you want to pm me you can paste everything that it outputs without getting penalized for posting alot at once05:06
glitchdGIGeoGamer, i sent you a pm05:07
BandoLerowhat ?05:19
vegombreihi .. i use an old duo core 2 gb ram and a poor display card, everything was running great untill i upgraded the version to the bew one now everything dies runs really slow how do i make his lighter?05:28
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Bashing-omvegombrei: "Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware."05:36
ghostnik11Hi i did a normal thing which was to tell the tablet to update and now it updated even something for the cpu and now i only get 4 hours of battery time when before i was getting like 9 hours and more05:44
vegombreiBashing-om: ah thanks, so is there a way to switch to that and leave my stuff the way it is or do i hafta format my drive and reinstall?05:46
Bashing-omvegombrei: save your personal data and fresh install is the less abrasive action .05:48
vegombreiBashing-om: thanks ill do that, so does the install allow you to do it via usb?05:49
vegombreiBashing-om: have a cdrom here05:49
Bashing-omvegombrei: can do it either way.05:53
Bashing-omvegombrei: http://lubuntu.me/downloads/ -> Version 16.04.3 LTS -> alternate >>> 16.04.1 ( no HWE then ) .05:58
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Nick21jimb_ Are you here?06:20
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weebleebleHow do you remove a directory when the path is too long.06:45
farruinnweebleeble: rm -rf startofpath*06:45
weebleebleMy gitlab ci setup accidentally kept copying a directory into itself over and over again and rm -rf is failing due to "File name is too long"06:45
weebleeblefarruinn: I was doing rm -rf /path/ and it was spewing "file name is too long"06:46
weebleeblerm cannot remove /path/path/path/ file name too long06:47
EriC^^weebleeble: cd into half remove the rest unde it06:49
EriC^^cd /path/path/path; rm path/path, then cd ../../ ; rm path/path06:50
weebleebleEriC^^: jesus that sounds painful.06:56
EriC^^weebleeble: do find /path06:56
EriC^^copy one in the middle06:56
EriC^^'find /path'06:56
EriC^^actually just try find /path -exec rm -r {} \;06:58
EriC^^nevermind i think it wont work, it needs to remove the child dir first06:59
EriC^^weebleeble: can you pastebin the error you're getting?06:59
weebleeble@EriC^^ https://hastebin.com/sukayidewu.pl07:00
weebleebleI switched to trying to mv the file to a ram drive.07:00
weebleebleIt moved from a different directory on the same partition just fine but it wont rm still.07:01
weebleebleEvery time I try it just melts.07:01
EriC^^weebleeble: the shell complains?07:01
EriC^^what was the filename length error again?07:02
weebleebleits in the hastebin07:02
weebleebleSame error for rm and mv07:02
weebleebleEriC^^: I can't find anything despite heaps and heaps of googling.07:04
weebleebleI tried this when rm was just locking up the machine.  /path/nginx/keinary/uploads/keinary-uploads/keinary-uploads -type d -exec ionice -c3 rm -f {} \;07:05
weebleebleIt spent about an hour running inside of a screen.07:05
weebleebleSorry the command I ran was this  /usr/share/nginx/keinary/uploads/keinary-uploads/keinary-uploads -type f -exec ionice -c3 rm {} \;07:07
weebleeblenot sure why its stored in /usr/07:07
nemesis3hallo aus österreich :-)07:24
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nwehello, I have just setup my own repository, and I have add the url to my /etc/sources.list.d/own.list , when I running apt-get update I got Ign and at the end E: Failed to fetch https://repo.local.foo/test-miscs/dists/xenial/main/binary-amd64/Packages and E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead. but when I using curl to the same url I can access it. any idea ?07:39
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ZythyrNeed help. On my laptop which has a Gigabit ethernet card, I am only getting 100Mb/s. I checked this using "sudo ethtool en0". It says Speed: 100Mb/s07:45
lotuspsychjeZythyr: tell us your real issue?07:46
ZythyrWhy is the ethernet link speed being set to 100Mb/s when its a gigabit ethernet card07:46
oerhekscould be different reasons, the router is 100 mbit, the cabe is cat5, and not suitable for 100 mbit ..07:47
hateballZythyr: what does ethtool claim as supported and advertised modes?07:49
hateballZythyr: I mean does it claim gigabit there, but link speed is 100mb?07:50
ZythyrIt claims to be Gigabit but link speed is set to 100Mb/s. Here is my output from terminal https://pastebin.mozilla.org/907611807:51
arktvrvscat5 isnt suitable for 100mbit?07:52
ZythyrI connected it directly to a fully working ethernet cable. I tested 3 different working ethernet ports. All are good07:52
dv`_it says Link partner advertised link modes: 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full07:53
dv`_link partner being the other end07:53
hateballarktvrvs: you'd want cat5e, and unless your cable is like 15 years old it is07:54
Zythyrdv`_ What does that mean07:54
hateballZythyr: It means whatever you're connecting to supports 100mbit max07:55
Zythyrbtw I tessted using cate6e ethernet cabile07:55
oerheksZythyr, did it ever work, 1000 mbit?07:55
ZythyrSo does that mean the phsyical ethernet connection is only set to 100 instead of 1000?07:57
dv`_well clearly the transfer rate between two things can only be the minimum of what they both support07:58
Zythyr2So does that mean the phsyical ethernet connection is only set to 100 instead of 1000?07:58
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Zythyr1dv`_ Okay now i figured it out. Yes physical ethernet connection is set to 100mbits. I need to go home and check my home connection08:07
dohzerDo the Ubuntu GUI network settings override the /etc/network/interfaces file?08:20
dohzer(Version 17.04 if it matters)08:20
oerheksdohzer, yes08:20
dohzeroerheks, is there a way to change that?08:21
oerheksnetwork-manager should do that, and you can insert your own config in networkmanager. or disable it totally https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkManager#Stopping_and_Disabling_NetworkManager08:22
oerhekshave fun!08:22
oerheks( see the systemD part)08:23
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tonywbHello all I am having a problem with computer suspend option. When I hit the hibernate button on keyboard everything works fine but when I wake system up i lose my ethernet connection it icons looks like it's trying to connect but nothing. Ihave to reboot system to get it to work08:39
tonywbHello all I am having a problem with computer suspend option. When I hit the hibernate button on keyboard everything works fine but when I wake system up i lose my ethernet connection it icons looks like it's trying to connect but nothing. Ihave to reboot system to get it to work08:42
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jnorHello I got handed a vm with freebsd and ssh access, I would like to install ubuntu on it instead, anyone have a guide for how to install a new os through ssh only?09:11
EriC^^jnor: contact the administrator of the vm service09:14
oerheksjnor, there is no such manual, changing freebsd to ubuntu, make a fresh vm, or download one https://virtual-machine.org/download-list09:14
oerheksfor building yourself, start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VMware09:15
kadasdsadsainstall tor on Ubuntu 17.04, freshly installed, tor service is running, but not listening on port 9050, what could be wrong ?09:35
oerheks17.04 has reached EOL, upgrade to 17.10 please..09:36
oerheksports can be closed, sudo ufw status # should show you, to open sudo ufw allow 905009:39
KaitoDaumotohmm ..09:40
ChadTaljaardtCAn soneone help me install ubuntu09:51
ChadTaljaardtwhen i boot to the memory stick, it goes to a purple screen for a few seconds and then the screen goes off and wont go back on until i reboot09:51
oerhekstry the !nomodeset way09:52
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:52
hanabishihello guy09:52
hanabishii'm run in to problem09:52
hanabishii'm can't open file .XPS09:53
hanabishii'm has a reader but can't open09:53
hanabishibut this file can open in another computer09:53
hanabishiwant can i do?09:53
sononuovohello hellolino09:55
sononuovoim have problem install java 809:55
oerhekshanabishi, find a XPS viewer, this old howto is still valid, http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2015/06/install-mupdf-ubuntu-1504/ or convert to pdf http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/xenial/man1/xpstopdf.1.html09:55
oerheks!info openjdk-8-jdk09:57
ubottuopenjdk-8-jdk (source: openjdk-8): OpenJDK Development Kit (JDK). In component main, is optional. Version 8u151-b12-0ubuntu0.17.10.2 (artful), package size 447 kB, installed size 532 kB09:57
oerhekssononuovo, or do you want the oracle blob?09:58
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:58
hanabishithank you, i will try again : <oerheks>09:59
sononuovothanks others09:59
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lastebillwhat would be the cleanest way to start a program on boot?  For simplicitys sake lets just say I want to start a web browser on bootup10:32
oerheksadd it to startup applications?10:32
lastebilloh lol10:33
oerhekson boot would be different than after login.. a browser does not work on boot10:33
lastebillright, well, after login sounds great10:34
SCHAPiEhmmm, seems that nl.archive.ubuntu.com is unreachable.... stuck on "waiting for headers"10:36
SCHAPiEfrom multiple different locations10:36
lastebillglad I asked here first, I was googling how to start on boot :p10:38
lastebillwouldn't have worked anyways10:38
oerhekslastebill, have fun!10:40
Radkoshello guys10:40
Radkosdo you know by any chance why some icons are missing from my system tray in ubuntu 14.04 with unity10:41
Radkosas far as I know blacklisting systray icons are removed feature so there is nothing do with dconf10:41
Radkosfor instance xchat is missing and utox is not showing10:42
Radkosin gnome shell I can see 'em10:42
oerheksxchat .. don' t use that, is unmaintained, use the supported fork, hexchat10:43
oerheksicons missing .. sudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ && setsid unity # and logout/login10:44
Radkosif so the icon is not there if start them from terminal I don't see any output saying anything so unity has to keep them unseen10:44
oerheksif that does not solve, rm -rf ~/.config10:45
Radkosok I'll try that10:45
oerheks( ugly, but working for me )10:45
Radkosnot gonna delete the whole .config10:45
Radkosfrom fresh install they wasn't there10:45
oerheksunity --reset-icons && setsid unity10:46
Kingsyis it possible to use bluetooth headphones with alsa? I don't want to install pulseaudio really10:47
ChadTaljaardti have a hd6870 and i cant set my resolution higher10:49
ChadTaljaardtanyone have any idea's?10:49
BluesKajHowdy folks10:52
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ChadTaljaardtHello BluesKaj10:55
BluesKajHi ChadTaljaardt10:56
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Vamp898Hi there, i wanted to clean up /boot on a client as it was _really_ messy. So i reinstalled grub and grub is there and works fine. But after reinstalling the kernel (apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-generic) there is no kernel in /boot. Even after apt-get remove and apt-get install again, no kernel :/11:02
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Vamp898ah okay, there were still other kernels installed and there is also an -extra package. Now everything is there again11:04
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ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti11:24
ubottuMeltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti11:25
trafaret1hi everybody11:31
trafaret1I have quesion. I want to connect to windows from Linux Ubuntu I have installed Remmina and I did it. But I have problem with keybinding and textures in remote host11:32
J3089TE ubuntu's NL repo is  only reachable through ipv4. But apt-get is trying to use ipv6. How do I force it to use ipv4 instead?11:32
trafaret1Are there better solution for this task or can I configure remmina. Problem is not working shotcuts in remote hots11:33
J3089TEnvm, solved11:33
oerheksJ3089TE, wait until bit bv fixes things, change mirror to main in ' sources'11:33
vyHey! I am using 16.04 LTS on a MacbookPro 13". I am being told that Apple has released EFI updates for OSX. Anything similar in the Ubuntu land?11:34
JoniiHello. I'd want to uninstall ubuntu. There's nothing valuable on the partition ubuntu resides in, and I'm using another OS(Windows 10) on that computer11:34
BluesKajJ3089TE, apt doesn't determine ipv6 or 4 , your networking sweup does11:34
JoniiI'm thinking of just using partitioning tool to handle this, but I'm worried the boot sector would somehow be messed up if I did so11:35
adacis the ppa  webupd8team/java broken? getting a 404 when apt tries to install oracle-java8-installer11:37
JoniiIt's made more problematic by the fact that I'm not actually sure the ubuntu boot loader thing that by default does multi-booting is even running. I ran some cleaning program on windows which said it would streamline booting, and I assumed it would get rid of ubuntu bootloader thing... but I 'm not sure it did. :O11:37
JoniiBasically, I'm very very tempted to just delete the partition, but I thought I should ask first if anyone can spot that I'm making a terrible mistake somehow11:38
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BluesKajJonii, I think grug is auto installed into the /efi/boot partition so removing it would be a mistake11:40
BluesKajif you use auto installation11:40
JoniiOkay, so, how do I uninstall ubuntu?11:42
Joniidualbooting machine, and at the moment I can't even figure out how to get into the ubuntu anymore11:43
SysGhostSimply remove the partitions. Once you install another OS, it'll write over grub's MBR code11:43
JoniiI was dualbooting11:44
JoniiI want to make the other OS the only OS11:44
Joniiso I'm not installing any new OS11:44
BluesKajJonii, hold down the left shift key to get the grub bootloader when booting11:44
SysGhostthen boot up that OS's rescue/instll media, and repair the boot routine (I assume it's Windows)11:44
JoniiBluesKaj: I'll try11:45
JoniiIt's OEM windows11:45
JoniiLeft shift didn't work?11:48
SysGhostTry this: https://neosmart.net/EasyRE/11:48
SysGhostthat have options to repair the boot routine for the installed windows.11:48
Neo4what might I install for send mail on ubuntu? MTA?11:48
Neo4mail transfer agent?11:48
Neo4what does do mail transfer agent?11:48
JoniiSysGhost, I should mention, I haven't actually done anything yet. I'm trying to figure out the safest way to do the uninstallation process11:49
SysGhostNormal routine to uninstall any linux distribution on a dual boot machine, is to restore the boot record from withing the OS one want to keep, once done, the partitions that isn't in use anymore can be removed.11:49
SysGhostso the simple way would be: Boot up Windows, restore MBR, delete linux-related partitions. reclaim the unused space in ways one see fit.11:51
BluesKajSysGhost, thewre's no mbr on uefi machines11:52
SysGhostIn that case there's nothing else to be done but to remove the partitions. One can simp0ly tell the USFI boot order to boot windows directly.11:53
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI11:53
BluesKajSysGhost, it's not that simple11:54
SysGhostNeat thing with UEFI, is that one can have multiple boot entries in the NVRAM. Delete the grub entry there, and let it default back to "Windows loader"11:54
parvathyHi, how to list the available trays of a printer in ubuntu11:55
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Guest7555Im using ubuntu 14.0411:55
SysGhostChanging UEFI boot entries can easily be done from within the UEFI setup menu. (Unless it's a really dumbed down variant some OEM manufacturers use. In that case either use windows own boot restoration method, or see linux command "efibootmgr")11:57
SysGhostif one feel uncomfortable with commands, the neosmart tool I linked above does wonders with a simple UI.12:00
SysGhostGuest7555: from command line?12:07
apixhas anyone got issues with WebUpd8 ppa ? Im getting a 404 when trying to install oracle-java8-installer12:07
JoniiOkay, I checked, UEFI manager says boot priority number 1 is "Windows boot manager"12:14
JoniiThat means i'm free to just delete the ubuntu partitions?12:14
jimb_apix, I was able to check http://ppa.launchpad.net/webupd8team/java/ubuntu via apt-get update without an issue. I should mentino that PPA's are not supported in this channel though :(12:15
BluesKajas lonhas you don't delete /efi/boot12:15
BluesKajas long as , Jonii12:16
JoniiUmm... How do I do that, or more specifically, how do I not do that?12:16
JoniiI was thinking using Windows partition manager to just destroy everything. Though it doesn't recognize ubuntu file systems at all, so it's a bit annoying12:17
BluesKaj!gparted | Jonii12:17
ubottuJonii: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php12:17
JoniiYou mean I should use that?12:18
JoniiBecause as it stands, seems I can't even boot into ubuntu on that computer12:18
BluesKajor you can install gparted on a usb stick,Jonii , you don't need ubuntu to do that12:19
Joniiif I have to boot from usb stick, I've probably got some Ubuntu distro laying around12:20
Kingsydoes anyone know if bluez supports LDAC ?12:20
BluesKaja very handy tool.. timeto learn about partitioning, Jonii12:20
JoniiBut I remember UEFI causing problems with booting from any removable media12:20
JoniiI've used gparted plenty of times12:21
BluesKajthen use it12:21
Kingsyit looks like it MIGHT when I check out the bluez commit history. but I don't see a mention of it on their website12:21
apixjimb_: thanks for that, ill chace it in another place :)12:22
jimb_apix, yw12:22
leotreasureI just did an automatic update within 17.10 and now my mouse click has stopped working12:23
leotreasureIt moves fine (actually a bit slower now) but the left and right click are not doing anything12:23
leotreasureAny ideas how to fix this please?12:23
jimb_leotreasure, Have you tried << sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall >> yet?12:24
oerheksleotreasure, open terminal, top £ to see if there is a zombie process12:24
oerheksnoticed that before, or just unplug/plug your mouse12:25
leotreasurejimb_, I hadn't tried that - but tried it now and no effect12:25
Joniiblueskaj, but I mean, I've used it as a program inside ubuntu, not as OS in itself :p12:25
leotreasureoerheks, tried that - still not working12:26
leotreasureoerheks, I tried top & and noticed there is a process12:26
BluesKajJonii, well, using gparted from a usb or cd isn't much different, it's precise tool that works and one that windows disk manager can't replicate12:27
leotreasureoerheks,  When I kill it another launches12:27
oerheksleotreasure, restart your browser, most likely the issue, else see a page howto find kill a zombie12:28
JoniiTurns out my boot media has been damaged during storage12:33
Joniinever mind, found an alternative one12:34
Iamcoolwas macht ihr grad?12:41
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!12:42
LeafMeAlonewhats up12:43
leotreasureI made a bug report - http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/174376712:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1743767 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Mouse click does not work" [Undecided,New]12:47
funabashiscp but for gui in ubuntu , what program are recommended by you guys ?12:54
BluesKajfunabashi, ??12:56
oerhekscaja, filezilla .. https://askubuntu.com/questions/94665/what-is-a-program-similar-to-winscp12:56
geirhafunabashi: you can use the regular "file explorer" (nautilus)12:58
wodimE: The repository 'http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu zesty Release' does no longer have a Release file.12:59
wodimwhat does this mean12:59
eminyou need to update your repos12:59
eminreplace archive with old-releases13:00
wodimis zesty deprecated or something?13:00
emini think it is13:00
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade13:00
wodimthat seems to work, thank you13:00
geirhafunabashi: from nautilus' menu, Connect to server... and type in  ssh://host/  or ssh://host/optional/path/13:00
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:01
dragoonisapt-get update is failing for me. IP issues. 404's13:02
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dragoonisI'm on ubuntu 17.0413:02
oerheksupgrade, 17.04 is EOL13:02
dragoonisoerheks, has the ubuntu team disabled the apt repos? I even see 16.04 working fine with apt-get update13:03
x04ehalf a year for non lts wasn't it?13:03
oerheks16.04 is LTS, 5 years13:03
x04e16.04 is lts13:03
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:04
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oerheksor run update manager and hit upgrade to 17.1013:04
CobHeadUpgrading any Ubuntu install to a new release requires some faith and some luck.13:05
* CobHead looks at servers in particular13:05
oerheksi would make a fres usb with 17.10 beofore upgrading yea13:05
Ooldepend what's running on13:05
oerheksCobHead, normally it would go perfectly13:06
CobHeadIn my experience, it breaks a lot of packages13:06
CobHeadIn the event one should upgrade Ubuntu servers in production - just do a clean install and migrate services over, trying to fix shit is not worth the hassle.13:07
x04ein the 15.xx era it was bad but now upgrading got better13:08
x04ebut php5 to php7 broke some servers that sucked xD13:08
ioriathat's why there are the Release Notes13:09
ktechmidashey guys... what's an "opt in flavour"? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseSchedule13:11
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours13:13
ktechmidasAh I see, xubuntu etc... thanks!13:13
oerheksunofficial flavors https://askubuntu.com/questions/428326/what-are-opt-in-flavors-during-development-cycle13:14
Kingsydoes anyone know why I might be havign issues detecting a bluetooth device using blueman? is there a better way? I can connect ot ht edevice using my phone just phone13:16
TJ-Kingsy: sometimes using the command-line "bluetoothctl" can help. It provides it's own 'shell' with a few commands. Once started type "help" to see them. Suggestions: "scan on" "devices"13:18
KingsyTJ-: I have tried that. still doesnt appear.13:19
TJ-Kingsy: could this be a Bluetooth LE device issue? Is the device BT LE but the PC not?13:19
Kingsybluetooth LE ?13:20
Kingsyoh, low energy13:21
KingsyI am not sure, its a pair of headphones I have just bought13:21
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sveinseOn 17.10, how can I log into gnome-shell? I can't seem to find any selection of window system in the login screen.13:32
TJ-Kingsy: I'd check the PC BT module, see if it supports LE. The 4.0 specifications say devices are free to implement either or both13:33
anis salam 3alaykom YA 3ARAB!13:34
mimo slmooo 3elaykom13:37
anis winkom13:38
aniswach a deenya13:38
mimoranaaaaaaaaa hnaaaaaaa13:39
TJ-Kingsy: if on the PC you do "sudo hcitool lescan" and you get "Set scan parameters failed: Input/output error" rather than "LE Scan ..." it tells you the host doesn't support LE, which *may* be the issue, but I'd have expected headphones to support classic BT13:39
anis rawa7na wela g3odna13:39
anis PRIVMSG #ubuntu :al3eb13:40
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mimoPRIVMSG #ubuntu :haaaaayaaaaaaaa13:40
leftyfbanis: spamming is offtopic. please leave13:40
anis tlitli jab dawr ta3oui13:40
leftyfbmimo: same goes for you13:40
TJ-!ops anis mimo (garbage spam, same IP)13:40
ubottuTJ-: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:40
Fuchsthey are online from the same IP, mind.13:40
Fuchsand even hae the same gecos ... potentially the same user.13:41
aniswhat do you do in your life13:41
leftyfbanis: please leave13:41
mimoPRIVMSG #ubuntu :lelaaaaaaaaaaaaaa13:41
anisfPRIVMSG #ubuntu :from wher are you from13:41
aniswhy !13:42
mimowe are PRIVMSG #ubuntu :what are we donig here13:42
funabashigeirha: ok didnt work13:44
funabashiin the menu ssh://
leftyfbfunabashi: in nautilus (you might have to install sshfs) try:  sftp://
kacimo salam 3aleikom13:48
die7any chance to get ubuntu 16.4.3 installed using kickstart13:49
leftyfbdie7: yes13:49
die7currently it fails to install grub13:49
geirhafunabashi: you want to log in as temp user? ssh://temp@
die7leftyfb: could you point me to one working example of kickstart please13:49
funabashileftyfb: perfecto thanks13:49
=== anders is now known as Guest89158
funabashi sftp://
leftyfbdie7: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/ch04s06.html    first result on google for "ubuntu kickstart"13:50
anes holla13:51
die7leftyfb: I have invest a lot time it looks just like no chance to get grub to sda13:52
die7leftyfb: this most be a installer pressed/kickstart conflict13:54
anes PRIVMSG #ubuntu :what thePRIVMSG #ubuntu : exit13:54
BIT10 salam 3aleykum everybody!PRIVMSG #ubuntu : salam 3aleykum everybody!PRIVMSG #ubuntu : salam 3aleykum everybody!13:54
neuromute9hey folks, i'm trying to compile an old piece of software (svg2pdf) and at present it throws an error on make, cannot find lgdk_pixbuf-2.013:57
die7ubuntu is just horrible os13:58
neuromute9I've installed the libgdk_pixbuf-2.0-dev package, but it doesn't pick up on it.  How does one work round this?  The required library being lgdk... and not libgdk...13:58
neuromute9die7, you in here just to say that?13:58
leftyfbdie7: because you can't figure something out? Good luck going through life with that attitude13:59
die7neuromute9: Oh I can say even more13:59
AQi want a partation for back , how to create it ? thx in advance13:59
die7leftyfb: I can, it s not issue on my side its definetly a crap13:59
die7if ubuntu use kickstart than it should also work properly13:59
die7just look to centos13:59
neuromute9die7, so, use one of the hundreds/thousands of other OSes available to you?13:59
leftyfbdie7: so why does kickstart work for me any everyone else using it?14:00
die7leftyfb: then show me your kickstart14:00
die7leftyfb: u sue LVM14:00
die7can install grub do sdb14:00
leftyfbdie7: I showed you a working kickstart example that I based mine on. Which works perfectly.14:00
die7shom me that and then all is fine14:00
leftyfbdie7: lets not make assumptions. I do not always use LVM and most of the time, I only have a single drive14:01
AQi want a partation for backup, how to create it ? thx in advance14:01
leftyfbAQ: gparted14:01
die7leftyfb: exactly kickstart of ubuntu does not support LVM14:01
AQit is not available14:01
die7and server without LVM is just crap14:01
leftyfbdie7: lose the attitude or you'll cease to receive any further help in here14:02
Southern_GentlemAQ, then fdisk14:02
AQonly disk ?14:02
die7leftyfb: some ppl can not live with bad/honest feedback14:02
die7leftyfb: I used now ks from link you posted..and guess14:03
die7leftyfb: not working..it fails to configure network14:03
TJ-die7: have you pastebin-ed your kickstart file ?14:03
die7TJ-: no14:04
Southern_GentlemAQ, yes a partiton is a the disk level14:04
leftyfbdie7: the you have an issue with your configuration. Also, that is NOTHING to do with LVM or grub14:04
TJ-die7: we cannot help if we cannot see the configuration that is failing, and any error messages seen14:04
die7leftyfb: not realy since one which i created with --gernerate works, except it does not install grub to disk14:04
AQhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/26404630/ , i want to shrink 919 gb and create another partation ext414:05
leftyfbdie7: so instead of posting what you have and giving exact error messages to help you troubleshoot, you'd rather we just do the work for you by just giving you a working config that suits your personal needs perfectly?14:06
die7leftyfb: I do not belive U have any working kickstart14:06
die7not belive this work with bubuntu14:06
die7im out..no wory, no hel;s needed, once this sad project is done..went back to centos again14:07
TJ-die7: Stop the abuse; show us the not-working config14:07
leftyfbplease. no. wait. come back14:07
die7this kickstart should work with 16.414:07
Southern_GentlemAQ you realize that with that single hard that means a full reinstall14:08
TJ-die7: possibly not; that example was written in 2006 for Ubuntu 6.0614:08
AQlike in windows we create partation , one for os and another for data , i want to do that in ubuntu14:08
die7this one works but installer means: you chosed to not install grub...wthf???14:09
Southern_GentlemAQ,  yes but shrinking / is different than shrinking C:14:09
leftyfbdie7: that is an example. It would probably work if you took at as an example and did some work to look through it and make sure it fits your environment. I can already see 1 issue that I can almost guarantee will make it work for you14:09
Southern_Gentlemand you were told gparted14:09
Southern_Gentlemand i advise you to do the shrinking from a live14:10
leftyfbdie7: I also see a potential problem with the kickstart you posted14:10
Southern_Gentlemin facts you cannot do this to a running system the way you are currently setup14:10
die7leftyfb: the one in pastebin?14:10
leftyfbthat's what I said14:10
AQhow , i am noob14:11
die7leftyfb: menas14:11
leftyfbdie7: why are you listing all those packages to get installed manually?14:11
die7leftyfb: this ks is created by systemc-cofig-kickstart --generate14:11
leftyfbdie7: remove all those packages except the ones that do not get installed with a default installation. Just stick with packages you know you need to manually install after a fresh install14:12
leftyfbdie7: I would just start with not installing any packages to test14:12
Southern_GentlemAQ google is your friend14:12
jimb_AQ, GParted should be on your liveCD/DVD/USB. Once you boot from that, you should have no trouble using GParted to shrink /dev/sda2 and use the free space to create /dev/sda414:12
die7leftyfb: will sthat solve my grub issue :))14:12
Kingsyahh I fixed it, bloody thing needed to be in pairing mode.14:13
leftyfbdie7: did you try it?14:13
Kingsycurious, with bluetoothctl, can you ghet the battery status?14:13
die7leftyfb: will try it14:13
Kingsyits 100% available becuase my android phone gets uit.14:13
Kingsywould be nice to have it on my PC too14:13
leftyfbdie7: systemc-cofig-kickstart --generate is a very brute force way of generating your config. Just like example configs out there, it should only be used as a template to create a config yourself14:14
TJ-die7: does this match your issue? https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5516834#post551683414:16
TJ-Kingsy: was that all it was!? manually putting the headphones into pairing mode?14:16
leftyfbTJ-: he's manually installing a bunch of grub packages.14:16
die7TJ-: YES14:17
leftyfbdie7: try your kickstart without those packages14:17
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ghostnik11hey i am trying to run a patch and wanted to know if i could just create it using text editor and then just place it in the folder where its suppose to go in filesystem and tell it to execute to make it work? is that how it works or is it not so?14:19
TJ-die7: as leftyfb says, remove/comment-out the manual package list - the first thing in these cases is to reduce the problem to barest minimum that is reproducable so others have a change to reproduce14:20
TJ-die7: Are you doing this install in a virtual machine or on bare hardware ?14:20
die7TJ-: bare14:20
sruliafter latest update ubuntu-gnome, after login i get a black screen with mouse pointer ctrl+alt+t opens terminal, i can type in the terminal but nothing gui works (if i hit the X on the terminal nothing happens etc)14:21
leftyfbdie7: also, the example I gave originally specifies "eth0" as the network interface. You said it failed on networking because you're using ubuntu 16.04 which uses different naming of it's devices. This is why that's an example and shouldn't just be tossed in and assumed to work out of the box14:21
TJ-die7: does the PC have multiple disks/USb flash storage  attached?14:25
TJ-die7: I ask since I see a Debian bug where, when there's multiple /unpartitioned/ storage devices in the system, debian-installer blindly selected /dev/sda which - in the bug case - wasn't the device being installed to14:26
die7leftyfb:let see it runs so far...why installer mounts partitions14:26
die7TJ-: yepp this isse I have seen also14:27
leftyfbdie7: huh?14:27
die7TJ-: even if they are partitoned it runs to issue14:27
leftyfbTJ-: the issue was due to manually installing conflicting grub packages14:28
die7TJ-: installed via USB-key it mounts usb as sda :) and no grub installation at all14:28
die7TJ-: it say you chosed not to install grub14:28
die7TJ-: then it does but to sda14:28
die7TJ-: and usb-key is usles14:29
die7TJ-: I made in secon console try which work to install manualy grub to /dev/sdb14:29
jimb_ghostnik11, this might not be the best channel for the question, but I think this will help you (if this is the kind of patch you are talking about, very common) https://www.thegeekstuff.com/2014/12/patch-command-examples/14:29
die7TJ-: but my issue is to get this with kickstart14:30
die7leftyfb: hmmm14:32
die7leftyfb: removing packages worked14:35
TJ-leftyfb: where's the conflicting grub packages?14:36
TJ-die7: if you wanted to install say, just the desktop it would be sufficient to specfify "ubuntu-desktop" in the packages list - which is a meta-package the depends on everythhing required14:39
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die7TJ-: it´s server..need just openssh-server at begining rest will be done by ansible14:43
TJ-die7: I /think/ your issue was caused because the debian-installer automatically does the boot-loader install but then you were telling it to also install the grub packages which probably caused 'dpkg' package configuration to get confused between the 'default' options and the debian-installer options14:43
TJ-die7: yes, I was just giving you an example of using a meta-package to pull in a set of other packages (including the correct libraries), rather than specifying14:44
die7TJ-: ahh ok14:44
die7TJ-: then is --generate realy missleading14:44
die7TJ-: does post part works like in centos kickstart14:45
die7TJ-: I need to add some ssh-keys14:45
TJ-die7: kickstart is a Red Hat tool originally and I think geared mostly to how the RH/CentOS/Fedora systems do installs. It does look like the "--generate" on Debian/Ubuntu isn't intelligent - it ought to be calling 'debfoster' to get just the list of top-level and meta packages14:46
die7TJ-: now im glad it works14:47
TJ-die7: for SSH keys see this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/364051/how-do-you-preseed-an-ssh-key#36940314:47
die7leftyfb: thank you..and sorry I was just angry14:47
die7TJ-: tnx, will try that14:48
leftyfbTJ-: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/26404832/14:54
BliepoHello everyone. Right now I'm in a situation where I need a 3.x kernel - is it possible to run xenial on a 3.x kernel?14:55
BliepoOr would it be better to install an older version of Ubuntu?14:56
oerheksBliepo, if you do, you are on your own14:57
Neo4I've installed postfix, trying to send message and nothing come to my email?14:57
leftyfbBliepo: why do you need a 3.x kernel?14:57
Neo4use it mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, $mydomain14:57
leftyfbNeo4: you should try #ubuntu-server14:57
Neo4I use this command for send mail14:57
Neo4echo "This is the body of the email" | mail -s "This is the subject line" neovichnn@gmail.com14:57
Bliepoleftyfb: there is some proprietary software that install a - you guessed it - proprietary driver, which doesn't work with 4.x14:58
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TJ-leftyfb: I saw those, but where is the conflict - I can't see one and was intrigued as to what you have spotted?14:59
BliepoI'm trying to pick the 'best' out of two bad options: try running an older kernel on xenial, or run an EOL version of Ubuntu15:00
sruliafter latest update ubuntu-gnome, after login i get a black screen with mouse pointer ctrl+alt+t opens terminal, i can type in the terminal but nothing gui works (if i hit the X on the terminal nothing happens etc)15:01
oerheksBliepo, 14.04 trusty has that ol'kernel https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseNotes/14.0415:01
oerheksstill supported15:01
BliepoI'll have to see whether it has the matlab-support package then15:01
leftyfbTJ-: yeah, maybe there isn't a conflict. I saw grub2 and legacy together and that raised a flag. Ended up just being for ec2. Either way none of those should be manually specified in package lists.15:02
TJ-leftyfb: right, that "legacy" word is a terrible red-herring.15:03
BliepoAh nice, it has what I need - Trusty it is then15:03
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oerheksBliepo, some help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB15:04
Kingsycurious, with bluetoothctl, can you ghet the battery status? its 100% available becuase my android phone gets it. Would be nice and handy to be able to get it on my pc15:05
VectorXhi i want to video/record my computer screen from the time of boot, how can i do this so that it has the same clarity of using some software in the OS15:05
BliepoThank you oerheks, that is really helpful15:05
HarmageddonHi everyone! I've been trying for several days now to install cuda with a Nvidia GeForce GT 750M on Ubuntu 16.04. But the Nvidia drivers seem to mess around with my X. I can boot to the login screen, but after entering my password, I get a short black screen and then the login again (login loop). I've removed .Xauthority and .ICEauthority several times. My latest try was to add +iglx to the xserver command as recommended in https://askubunt15:09
Budgii_Hi all!15:11
Budgii_I'm trying to make a directory on my desktop.15:11
Budgii_mkdir /home/Budgii/desktop/newfoldername15:11
Budgii_this doesn't work though. Can anyone please help me?15:11
TJ-Budgii_: UPPER CASE D in Desktop ?15:12
Budgii_didnt know it was case sensitive. i'll give it a shot!15:12
Budgii_Score, thanks TJ-!15:13
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jimb_Harmageddon, was it the amdgpu-pro software/drivers that you installed?15:14
HarmageddonUpdate: After reinstalling ubuntu-desktop, I don't seem to have to restart lightdm everytime. But still no unity. If I try to start unity manually by command line, I get a compiz crash report.15:14
Harmageddonjimb_: No, cuda and I think it was nvidia-current from the nvidia repo.15:15
oerhekssudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ && setsid unity £ then logout and login again ?15:15
jimb_Harmageddon, Oh, ok. I had the same symptom after installing version 17.50 of the amdgpu-pro software a few days ago and wound up having to purge it via dpkg and go back to 16.50, that's why I was asking.15:16
gunixhey guys15:17
gunixhow is 18.04 beta doing?15:17
Budgiianother newbie question here, i'm trying to do the mv command. mv /home/budgii/Desktop/hello.py and i want to move it to /home/budgii/Desktop/python. How might I accomplish this?15:17
Harmageddonoerheks: setsid unity leads to the same compiz crash.15:17
gunixBudgii: mv /home/budgii/Desktop/hello.py /home/budgii/Desktop/python15:18
oerheksgunix, for 18.04 Q, join #ubuntu+115:18
gunixthank you15:18
BudgiiFabulous, thanks gunix!15:19
srulineed some help, after latest update ubuntu-gnome, after login i get a black screen with mouse pointer ctrl+alt+t opens terminal, i can type in the terminal but nothing gui works (if i hit the X on the terminal nothing happens etc)15:19
oerheksyou might want to try to login with xorg instead of wayland @ login, and run updates again, or apt install -f # to fix things15:21
gunixsruli: do you have an nvidia graphics carD?15:21
srulioerheks: how do i login with xorg?15:21
jimb_Budgii, as you learn more, the 'man' command is going to become more and more helpful. For example, 'man mv' , will explain what the mv command is and it's parameters and options.15:21
sruligunix: its a vm (same issue on multiple ubuntu-gnome vm's on different hosts)15:22
srulihost is lubuntu15:22
oerhekschange it at login, if you run 17.10 that is15:22
srulioerheks: running 16.04.315:22
Neo4in folder I have this15:23
oerheksoh, that i don't know, not sure it has wayland, i think not15:23
srulioerheks: in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf i have this line "WaylandEnable=false" not sure if that means that i have wayland15:24
oerhekssruli, hit ctrl alt F2, login in tty, and run updates/apt install -f ??15:24
srulioerheks: will try now15:24
blkadderHi all looking for some best practices advice. I have some packages where I want to replace the configuration file(s) while maintaing the use of system packages to do so. I am trying to determine a reasonably sane way of doing so short of unrolling the upstream package, inserting the changed files and rerolling. I’ve tried creating my own package with the changed files but this results in file conflicts and so they won’t be installed unless I force it.15:28
blkadderShould I use dpkg-divert as part of the post install or is there another/cleaner way?15:28
srulioerheks: ran updates, install -f reported nothing to do, what else can i try?15:29
mikeymopthis doesn't look like standard ambiance colors15:29
mikeymopdoes anyone recognize the window dec?15:30
Budgii@jimb_ thanks, i;ll try the 'man' command!15:30
tomeaton17Is it possible to set monitor scale factor to values other than multiples of 100 on ubuntu 17.10?15:31
oerhekssruli, you could try: sudo dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ && setsid unity # then logout and login again ?15:31
srulioerheks: its very wird, never seen anything like it, it looks like a broken desktop, after ctrl+alt+t some idicators appear, and a little of the desktop is shown but nothing gui working15:32
srulioerheks: will try now15:32
srulioerheks: "&& setsid unity" i am using gnome not unity15:32
Mr_Pangiorgian1, giorgianb   WTF ?15:33
mikeymoptomeaton17: i think that comes with net version of gnome (3.28)15:33
mikeymopi am mistaken ^^15:34
oerhekssruli, other fix, try to make a fresh user, does it still persist?15:35
srulioerheks: will try now15:36
hans__according to google, this is the best way to list all manually installed packages in apt:  comm -23 <(aptitude search '~i !~M' -F '%p' | sed "s/ *$//" | sort -u) <(gzip -dc /var/log/installer/initial-status.gz | sed -n 's/^Package: //p' | sort -u)15:37
tomeaton17mikeymop: Okay, thanks15:37
hans__i want a list of all manually installed packages, any suggestions?15:37
oerhekshistory | grep "apt install"15:38
hans__oerheks, yeah, cus apt and apt-get and apt --no-install-recommends and apt-get --no-install-recomemnds  and god knows what else15:39
BudgiiI'm making a python script. This is what I built based off of instructions i found online but line 2 with input() does not work. What am I doing wrong?15:39
Budgiiprint('hello, this is my first script! press any key to continue')15:39
Budgiiprint('this utilized the "input()" command which waits for the user input to continue.')15:39
hans__oerheks, (at least i use --no-install-recommends *sometimes*)15:39
oerhekshans__, that filter would give a list, apt/apt-get15:40
kostkonBudgii, what's the error you are getting15:43
srulioerheks: new user works fine, how do i fix old one?15:45
skinuxIs there special software required to make a private repo (directory) on my computer to which I can use to install downloaded packages via Synaptic?15:45
Budgii@kostkon, when i hit a key, this is what returns.15:45
Budgiihello, this is my first script! press any key to continue15:45
BudgiiTraceback (most recent call last):15:45
Budgii  File "./hello.py", line 2, in <module>15:45
Budgii    input()15:45
Budgii  File "<string>", line 015:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:45
srulioerheks: this is a serious issue, all ubuntu-gnome (vm's) i installed latest updates on have the same issue15:46
jimb_Budgii, you probably need to use quotes in your reply to input(), you could also use raw_input() instead... then you wouldn't need to...15:47
Budgii@jimb_ what do you mean use quotes?15:48
Budgiiraw_input() worked :) thank you sir!15:50
jimb_When you type your input... instead of something like... this is my input... try "this is my input"15:50
Budgiithat didnt seem to fix the issue jimb_15:52
jimb_one moment15:52
jimb_anInput = raw_input("What? ");print('this utilized the "raw_input()" command which waits for the user input to continue. Input was '+anInput)15:53
xtronhow to move all files except one?15:53
EriC^^xtron: mv !(filename) /new/location15:53
EriC^^that doesn't move hidden files though15:54
srulioerheks: in .xsession-errors last line is "unable to create /home/user/.dbus/session-bus15:54
xtronEriC^^: if the new location (folder) is in the same directory, then?15:55
sxo_maybe use rsync with --exclude?15:55
xtronI'm trying like .......... ls -v garbag | mv some_variable15:56
naccxtron: you want xargs for something like that, but even so, there are better ways to do it15:57
jimb_Budgii, did you see my one-liner? It doesn't have to be a single line.15:58
BudgiiJimb_ I did. I didnt quite understand it so i'll just stick with raw_input()15:58
jimb_Budgii, I highly suggest raw_input() over input() when asking humans to provide input. using input() requires the human to start and end their input with quotes.16:00
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
BudgiiAhhhh, now I understand!16:01
die7leftyfb: https://pastebin.com/yBKLRsvU16:06
die7leftyfb: TJ- this one works now fine also managed to get update system and to put ssh keys16:06
blacknred0hi - I don't have the PC with me to test... but, does anybody know another way to change the current kernel to an older one? i tried holding "SHIFT" to get grub2 when it boots, but it doesn't seem to work16:07
pavlosBudgii: https://gist.github.com/a3ac185cbcefc2a3d483093dbd5aa7a516:08
die7blacknred0: you have access to system?16:08
blacknred0die7: not right now... when it boots to the current kernel i tried different tty's and it is like frozen.  I'be been planning to do a live boot and see if I can remove that new kernel, but would like to see if i have other options :)16:09
TJ-blacknred0: For GRUB2 the key is Escape not Shift - because on EFI systems the state of the modifier key flags is not accessible16:09
TJ-blacknred0: and you have yo be tapping it, not just hold it down since GRUB has to detect the actual key-press16:10
Budgii@pavlos, see result https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405129/16:10
blacknred0TJ-: :O , I'll try that tonight16:11
die7TJ-: will that work also for GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=016:11
TJ-die7: I'm not entirely sure, but if that is set you'd have to be quick :D16:11
die7TJ-:  :))16:11
HarmageddonCould my problem be related to the fact that cuda installed the nvidia 387.26 driver, while the nvidia website lists only 384 for my GeForce 750M?16:12
HarmageddonAnd if yes, how would I solve that?16:12
pavlosBudgii: did you run my example using python3 and you got that error?16:12
BudgiiAh, I just typed python ./pavlos.py - python3 worked! thank you16:13
pavlosBudgii: p2 handles input() diff than p316:13
Budgiipavlos: Is p3 most used?16:14
TJ-die7: glad you got it sorted out16:15
sruliTJ-: any chance you can help me with my issue? after latest update on ubuntu-gnome 16.04.3 after login i get black screen, i can open terminal and execute commands but thats it, desktop looks broken cant click on anything, i created new test account, that works fine, how can i fix old account? .xsession-errors last line is "unable to create /home/user/.dbus/session-bus"16:16
TJ-sruli: you should know I don't touch Unity/Gnome with a barge-pole :p16:16
pavlosBudgii: yes, python3 is preferable16:16
sruliTJ-: didnt know, i guess you are gonna have to get used to it in 18.0416:17
sruliTJ-:  would you know what this might be "unable to create /home/user/.dbus/session-bus"?16:18
sxo_whatnow about 1804?16:18
B14CK-SPID3Rhello guys, i've just reinstall ubuntu 16.04. i want to take a back up for when my ubuntu will be crash to avoid reinstalling. which folder do i need to exclude in tar backup?16:21
brainwashsruli: delete or move your .dbus directory16:21
mistralolB14CK-SPID3R: exclude /proc /dev /sys16:21
brainwashsruli: or change ownership back to your user (assuming that it's currently owned by root)16:22
TJ-sruli: No, I don't use ubuntu-desktop/gnome-desktop at all16:22
B14CK-SPID3Rmistralol: Thank you sir. so for recovery, what do i do if ubuntu stuck before login page?16:24
TJ-sruli: if this has happened in multiple systems (VMs) after a package update you should report a bug, and include the list of upgraded packages from /var/log/apt/history.log so we can figure out what caused the regression16:25
srulibrainwash: i do not have a .dbus dir in my HOME dir16:25
sxo_it's a hidden file, try alt+.16:28
sxo_or do it from terminal16:28
nicomachushi all. I disabled my internal wifi card about a year or two ago to use a USB dongle exclusively, but now I can't remember how to re-enable it.16:33
lordcirth_worknicomachus, blacklisting the module perhaps?16:33
TJ-nicomachus: 'disable' ? is the driver loaded? does NM see it but not manage it (entry in interfaces maybe?)16:34
nicomachuslordcirth_work: I may have done that, yea16:34
srulisxo_: ls -lah does not show .dbus, i see it in a unity PC but not on gnome16:34
lordcirth_worknicomachus, look in /etc/modules and /etc/modules.d/* for 'blacklist something'16:34
nicomachusTJ-: lshw shows it as a network device, but it's unclaimed and there's no driver16:35
nicomachuslordcirth_work: both are empty16:35
nicomachuslordcirth_work: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405229/16:36
TJ-nicomachus: "grep -rn  blacklist /etc/modprobe.d/"16:39
nicomachusTJ-: /etc/modprobe.d/: no such file or directory16:40
nicomachuslol what16:40
TJ-nicomachus: did you break the system?16:41
nicomachustotally possible16:42
Budgii@pavlos, is there just more features in p3? Just looking at the syntax difference from the simple script of python and python 3 to achieve the same, python looked more simple.16:42
=== jnewt_ is now known as jnewt
tomeaton17How can I automatically load Xresources when I log into ubuntu 17.10?16:43
Budgii@pavlos, example here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405248/16:43
pavlosBudgii: python3 has more features. Your paste is correct, line 13 should read "utilized raw_imput()" and in line 10 you can copy line 1 and use /usr/bin/python16:46
nicomachushey TJ- I'm an idiot. modprode != modprobe16:47
nicomachusTJ-: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405265/16:47
nicomachusand I see iwlwifi there16:48
srulioerheks: TJ-: found the problem, since the update it does not support 1920x1080 resolution, change from the command line to 1024x768 and it works, how can i fix it so it allows higher resolution?16:48
pavlosBudgii: https://learntocodewith.me/programming/python/python-2-vs-python-3/16:49
pavlosBudgii: http://sebastianraschka.com/Articles/2014_python_2_3_key_diff.html16:50
Budgii@pavlos, thanks! I'm reading right away.16:50
=== JoseeAntonioR is now known as jose
nicomachusTJ-: I removed the blacklist and then enabled the driver with modprobe, but the device doesn't find any networks (my USB dongle just fine)16:54
=== marve is now known as Guest4162
nicomachusit may be a hardware issue with it, which is why I disabled it originally, but wanted to check again since it's been while16:54
HarmageddonWhere can I find what lead to the crashing of unity? xsession-errors only gives me "openConnection: connect: Could not find file or directory, cannot connect to brltty at :0" and the termination of several unity indicators.17:00
TJ-nicomachus: is "rfkill list" showing the device unblocked17:01
nicomachusTJ-: nothing on the list17:03
TJ-nicomachus: does dmesg indicate it cannot load some firmware file?17:04
tomeaton17How can I get ctrl+alt+t to open up a .desktop program?17:05
TJ-tomeaton17: "xdg-open path/to/file.desktop"17:05
tomeaton17TJ-: It opens the desktop file in gedit17:06
nicomachusTJ-: doesn't seem to be any error loading it17:07
TJ-tomeaton17: drat!17:07
nicomachustomeaton17: is it executable?17:08
tomeaton17nicomachus: Not its not17:09
=== andreslara501_ is now known as andreslara501
nicomachusTJ-: dmegs | grep -A 10 iwlwifi: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405487/17:10
tomeaton17nicomachus: I tried to make it executable but it still opens in gedit17:11
ioriatomeaton17, you can use  gtk-launch   file.desktop   (but the .desktop should be located in /usr/share/applications or in ~/.local/share   )17:11
TJ-tomeaton17: how about "gtk-launch path/to/file.desktop" ?17:11
nicomachussometing something great minds17:12
tomeaton17It tells me no suck application17:12
TJ-tomeaton17: actually, I think that needs a URI protocol  "gtk-launch file://path/to/file.desktop" ?17:12
TJ-nicomachus: iwlwifi device a 2.4GHz only; is your AP on 5.xGHz ?17:13
luxiohow do I turn off the boing sound17:13
ioriatomeaton17, the command is in the libgtk-3-bin  package17:14
jnewti have very slow page loading (10-20 seconds), but speed tests are good (28 Mbps on fast.com).  tried /etc/init.d/networking force-reload with no improvement.   dns is pointed to my router which forwards.  other computers (windows) do not have this issue.  only have this one linux computer.17:14
Budgiiturnoff -boingsound ./desktop/ireallydontknowhaha17:14
raunoHey, any tips on how to package some C library to be used as a input dependecy for some other package ?17:14
jnewtfirefox is way worse than chrome.17:14
nicomachusTJ-: no. current wifi dongle (working) is only 802.11bg17:14
Budgiijust search sound on your 'start bar'17:15
Budgiishould be settings that way17:15
nicomachusTJ-: worth noting, lshw still shows *-network DISABLED for the iwlwifi device17:16
tomeaton17No that still doesnt fix it. application is urxvt and this is my desktop file for it https://gist.github.com/tomeaton17/bb2850fd55760367de19b867701ed0aa17:16
tomeaton17I want when I press ctrl+alt+t to open the same urxvt I can see in the dock17:17
JonelethIrenicusdoes apt have an undo function?17:17
nicomachusJonelethIrenicus: no17:17
JonelethIrenicusit should17:17
naccJonelethIrenicus: you can look in your history and then reverse the operation17:18
nicomachusJonelethIrenicus: apt remove <package>17:18
sruliJonelethIrenicus: it would be called Break the Sys function17:18
TJ-nicomachus: is there a node show by "ip link"? if so, how about "sudo ip link set up dev wlp9s0"17:18
JonelethIrenicuswould be a godo safety feature especially with drivers17:19
JonelethIrenicuscould even have a little prompt asking the user if the install worked properly17:19
nicomachusTJ-: ip link shows the node, no output from second command17:19
TJ-nicomachus: right, so it should now be in state 'up' so a scan should work17:20
naccJonelethIrenicus: when you say drivers, do you mean third party, binary drivers?17:20
naccJonelethIrenicus: that prompt would get incredibly annoyinng, which means it wouldn't be the default, which means it would never be used17:21
TJ-nicomachus: "nmcli dev wifi rescan ifname wlp9s0"17:21
JonelethIrenicusnacc: sure17:21
nicomachusTJ-: diff before and after: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405565/17:21
TJ-nicomachus: hmmm17:22
Budgii@pavlos, when i typed 'python ./hello.py' am i using python 2?17:22
nicomachusBudgii: yes17:22
TJ-nicomachus: I'd check what Network Manager is reporting in syslog, it's very verbose17:23
TJ-Budgii: it depends; it is usually a symlink through 'alternatives' so "python --version" might be best to check17:23
nicomachusBudgii: python3 ./hello.py would be python 3. just 'python' is 2.717:23
Budgiinocomachus: thanks! i'm beginner here. :) TJ- i'll do that17:23
nicomachusunder normal conditions, at least17:24
JonelethIrenicusnacc: if you are a super leet haxor i think you could disable it17:24
Budgiipython 2.7.1417:24
JonelethIrenicusnacc: ubuntu is suppose to be linux for human beings :D17:24
BudgiiFrom what I'm reading up on, they say learn python 2 first. but the future is going toward 3, so would be just fine learning 3. I think i'll just learn both17:25
nicomachusTJ-: possibly unrelated, syslog is full of this: Jan 17 11:20:28 nicomachus-Inspiron-N5110 gnome-session[1778]: (tracker-miner-fs:1942): Tracker-CRITICAL **:   (Sparql buffer) Error in task 3 of the array-update: UNIQUE constraint failed: nie:DataObject.nie:url (strerror of errno (not necessarily related): No such file or directory)17:25
TJ-nicomachus: 'tracker-miner-fs' - I doubt it17:25
nicomachustrying to figure out what that is17:26
TJ-nicomachus: is there an ifupdown entry for the device? "grep -rn wlp9s0 /etc/network/ "17:27
nicomachus/etc/network/interfaces:4:iface wlp9s0 inet manual17:27
raunoif have some library install in nixos, how can i link it to package build inputs ?17:27
TJ-!info tracker-miner-fs17:27
ubottutracker-miner-fs (source: tracker-miners): metadata database, indexer and search tool - filesystem indexer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-1 (artful), package size 72 kB, installed size 264 kB17:27
raph_aelhi, I've just seen there is a runit-init package, but installing it breaks the init system and will break the system, is there a way to use runit as main init ?17:28
Kingsyanyone in here know much about bluetoothctl ?17:28
TJ-nicomachus: there you are then - NM will not take over management of devices that ifupdown is managing. Remove that entry and restart NM and it should start working17:28
nicomachusyea looks like tracker-miner-fs is deprecated in 16.04 and a known bug17:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 911981 in tracker (Ubuntu) "tracker-store uses 100% cpu and fills all the disk space in home partition" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:30
lotuspsychjeKingsy: best to ask your specific issue in the channel with all details, ubuntu version, kernel,steps taken17:30
Fire-Dragon-DoLhello! What's the right communication channel to request a package update for a software with a CVE fixed recently? (if any, I have no idea of the right procedure)17:31
TJ-Kingsy: *hand up17:31
lotuspsychjeFire-Dragon-DoL: perhaps #ubuntu-hardened17:31
nicomachusTJ-: ayyyyy checking in now from internal network card!17:32
Fire-Dragon-DoLlet's try17:32
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)17:32
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naccFire-Dragon-DoL: did you check usn?17:33
pavlosBudgii: yes, python2 is /usr/bin/python and python3 is /usr/bin/python317:38
pavlosBudgii: try those ... which python, which python3, whereis python, whereis python317:39
Fire-Dragon-DoLnacc: not sure what USN is but lotuspsychje suggested in ubuntu-hardened and they cleared it. Looks like the fix has been backported, I thought it was only on 2.92-117:40
TJ-Fire-Dragon-DoL: it's the web site you just looked at! Ubuntu Security Notices17:40
lotuspsychje!yay | Fire-Dragon-DoL17:40
ubottuFire-Dragon-DoL: Glad you made it! :-)17:40
Fire-Dragon-DoLoh.... UPS :P sorry missed the website name17:41
TJ-Kingsy: did you have a bluetoothctl question?17:41
Fire-Dragon-DoLnow I just have to make sure not to reboot my raspberry until I'm back home because I had the bad idea of upgrading while outside of the country to fix the security :P17:41
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
Budgiipavlos: for what reason does /usr/bin/python have to be declared in the script?17:43
pavlosBudgii: you dont have to but it is customary, with that line ./p.py will use the interpreter it finds in the first line. Without it, you type, python p.py or python3 p.py17:45
pavlosBudgii: got a meeting in a few, will be away from keyboard17:46
Budgiithanks for all your input pavlos! talk later.17:46
BudgiiSo I am trying to make a script that creates a directory. This is just guess work. Any tips? https://paste.ubuntu.com/26405699/17:51
EriC^^Budgii: perhaps try joining #python ?17:52
Budgiiword, thanks EriC^^!17:52
EriC^^no problem17:52
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=== labrat is now known as lab-rat
=== lab-rat is now known as zenguy
kozmikreisI'm having certificate problems :-(  With a wget from the server to itself I get "ERROR: cannot verify ***.co.uk's certificate, issued by ‘CN=RapidSSL SHA256 CA,O=GeoTrust Inc.,C=US’"18:02
kozmikreisI've installed the root and PEM (converted to .crt) files but no difference :-/18:02
kozmikreisAny advice please?18:02
=== Guest30865 is now known as Natkeeran
TJ-kozmikreis: have you done "sudo update-ca-certificates"18:03
kozmikreisTJ-: yup18:03
kozmikreisTJ-: it reported adding them successfully18:03
kozmikreisTJ-: does it need restarting like some kind of Win machine?18:04
TJ-kozmikreis: do a test to check the certs using "openssl s_client -debug -connect host:port "18:05
TJ-kozmikreis: restarting == No. but should the HTTP server be sending an intermediate certificate chain, and if so, is it configured to do that?18:06
eloycotoHi, do anyone know why no Zesty repo on ubuntu? http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/18:06
kozmikreisTJ-: yes I'm doing that debug now, it shows the problems but I still don't understand why :-/18:07
jose-phillipshi im trying to setup18:07
jose-phillipsmultipath tools boot18:07
jose-phillipsfor create a multipath environment on iscsi diskless erver18:07
jose-phillipsbut i get this error18:07
jose-phillips libdevmapper: ioctl/libdm-iface.c(1876): device-mapper: reload ioctl on ROOTDISK failed: Device or resource busy18:07
kozmikreisTJ-: yes the cert + chain works when requested off-server from my browser.18:07
lotuspsychjejose-phillips: perhaps ask in #ubuntu-server mate18:07
TJ-kozmikreis: does the wget localhost connection require/use SNI ?18:08
kozmikreisTJ-: I don't know, I'll investigate18:09
kozmikreisTJ-: Thanks :-)18:09
lotuspsychje!mainline | eloycoto18:09
ubottueloycoto: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds18:09
auronandace!zesty | eloycoto18:12
ubottueloycoto: Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2017. See !eol and !eolupgrade18:12
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades18:14
ElectrumGuyhi all, I am trying to install ubuntu on a VM (Proxmox) but during install I am getting t his: "the failed step is: configure the package manager"18:15
switchcadeis it usual for releases to be removed from http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/ as soon as EOL is reached? Seems like this happened for zesty18:15
lotuspsychjeswitchcade: end of life means what it says mate18:17
switchcadelotuspsychje: makes sense, I was just surprised that yakkety is still there18:18
ubottuUbuntu Ubuntu 16.10 (Yakkety Yak) was the 25th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on July 20th, 2017. See !eol, !eolupgrade and https://ubottu.com/y/yakkety18:20
CoJaBoIs there any info on the Daily builds (of Bionic); particularly, will those update to the final release cleanly, or would they need a full reinstall to get a stable system?18:22
lotuspsychjeCoJaBo: yes18:22
hggdhCoJaBo: they will upgrade cleanly18:23
lotuspsychjeCoJaBo: updating system results in the final18:23
lotuspsychjeCoJaBo: come check #ubuntu+118:23
eloycotolotuspsychje: yes, I know the EOL, but yakkety was in there. It is a bit weird TBH18:23
CoJaBolotuspsychje: cool, that's exactly the channel i wanted18:23
dsaravananIs Linux 4.4.0-109-generic vulnerable to spectre and meltdown attack? System Information: OS version: Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS, CPU info:  Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3110M CPU @ 2.40GHz18:25
=== deb is now known as Guest83906
renn0xtk9I am using a ubuntu based (KDE-Neon ) since today any machine I start via virtualbox lead to complete freeze of the host computer (i have to power-shutdown it)18:25
lotuspsychje!kpti | dsaravanan18:25
ubottudsaravanan: Meltdown is a security issue with (primarily) Intel processors. It's mitigated by kernel patches named KPTI. Ubuntu released them in security updates for 14.04, 16.04, and 17.10. 17.04 will not receive this update. 18.04 will ship with kernel 4.15, which is patched already. 16.04 has updates for Linux 4.4 (release) and 4.13 (HWE), installs with 4.10 should upgrade to 4.13. See also !spectre, !nopti18:25
hggdhdsaravanan: -109 protects against meltdown, but not scpectre18:25
renn0xtk9anybody experience it too?18:25
lotuspsychjerenn0xtk9: perhaps the #kubuntu guys have noticed that?18:26
hggdhrenn0xtk9: I have heard of problems with VBox and the new kernels (with KPTI)18:26
renn0xtk9hggdh that was my thought in the first place indeed18:27
TJ-renn0xtk9: do the VMs cause it if you start their kernel's with "nopti" on their kernel command-line?18:30
renn0xtk9Tj where should I place this command?18:31
renn0xtk9(it crashes windows as well as linux guest)18:31
lotuspsychje!tab | renn0xtk918:32
ubotturenn0xtk9: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.18:32
dsaravananI run this script https://raw.githubusercontent.com/speed47/spectre-meltdown-checker/master/spectre-meltdown-checker.sh and it showed the status for 'Spectre Variant 1 and 2' as vulnerable and for "Meltdown" as not vulnerable.18:34
tewarddsaravanan: and?  There's no stable patches for Variant 1 or 2 now.18:35
naccdsaravanan: #ubuntu-hardened if you have further questions, i expect18:35
tewardso until there's stable patches out for them you'll remain 'vulnerable' with the script checks.  But also, #ubuntu-hardened18:35
tewardthat's where you want to gol.18:35
new2linuxHello all!18:36
swift110hey new2linux18:36
new2linuxI have a Dell 2720 that was running 17.10 and I just updated it, now the screen goes only into 1920x1080 mode not 2560x1440 mode, can any suggest how I can fix this??18:37
new2linuxwhen I boot up it doesn't boot into 2560x1440 mode like it used too18:37
x04enew2linux: have you checked xrandr?18:39
new2linuxyes and it shows the top resolution as 1920x1080, though the Dell does 2560x1440 as I used to have that resolution in the list when I checked with xrandr before.18:40
new2linuxsome update must have broken something!18:40
x04edisplay driver?18:40
lotuspsychjenew2linux: check your graphics driver?18:40
new2linuxhow do I do that?18:41
lotuspsychjenew2linux: sudo lshw -C video18:41
new2linuxI thought the drivers are built into the kernel, no?18:41
x04enot if proprietary18:41
new2linuxok 1 second - lemme run that command18:41
new2linuxhow do I know which graphics board the built in LCD is using?18:43
new2linuxhmm to what?18:44
x04ewell you have 2 cards18:45
iorianew2linux, xrandr --listproviders   what it says ?18:45
x04eseems like intel is used now since you only have 1920x108018:45
x04eand nvidia was used before18:45
x04emaybe you upgraded kernel and didn't upgrade kernel modules of nvidia driver so it either isn't working or not used as default18:45
jstarcherhey all, I'm having trouble with something that should be really simple. My work VPN only works on windows and macos, it's a java applet that creates a tunnel and adds routes. I'm trying to use a spare macbook as sorta a VPN server so my traffic would go Linux Desktop --> Macbook VPN --> Router --> Internet. I've tried connecting a cord between the linux desktop and macbook and setup Internet Sharing on18:46
jstarcherthe macbook. I can get internet through (through via my home connection), however, I cannot connect to anything on my work network of My home network is luckily, so no conflict there. I tried doing a few route add commands on the macbook but this is where I get stuck. I also ensured net.inet.ip.forwarding and net.inet.fw.enable are enabled. What am I missing?18:46
jstarcherdo I need to do NAT on the macbook or add a route to connect ->
jstarcheror both18:47
x04ei guess you have to route your client into
iorianew2linux, cat /proc/cmdline18:47
x04eand back18:47
x04eyea nat could work18:47
Richard_CavellBashing-om, Hi, it's me with the Ubuntu installation that was borked18:48
new2linuxhow did you determine which one I am using (Intel vice nVidia)?18:48
jstarcherdo I18:48
Richard_CavellBashing-om, I just re-installed Ubuntu on this computer and it's working perfectly. There's a slight irritation in having to re-set up all my favourite apps etc but it's working18:48
Richard_Cavellthanks for your help18:48
new2linuxwhat nvidia drives should I install?18:48
lotuspsychjenew2linux: ubuntu-drivers list to check18:48
iorianew2linux, are you using nomodeset ?18:49
lotuspsychjenew2linux: open a terminal: ubuntu-drivers list18:49
new2linuxI didn't try that, should I use18:49
new2linuxlotuspsychje: one sec18:49
jstarcherxoke: is route enough or would i need to nat too18:49
new2linuxnvidia-340 nvidia-384 intel-microcode18:49
Bashing-omRichard_Cavell: Well, regret I was not that much help .. Great ya back up, though.18:49
jstarcherI figured I already had NAT going with the internet sharing in osx18:50
lotuspsychjenew2linux: you can try one of those driver versions if you like18:50
x04ewell route would work if the packets coming back will use your 192.168 as address for back route18:50
x04eif that is not the case you will have to use nat18:50
dlamhow do you analyze load average?  my server seems stuck at 16.0018:50
jstarcherthat's cool with me18:50
new2linuxremoving nvidia-304 which is installed18:51
jstarcherso `route add -net` ?18:51
jstarcherthe 142 address is what my vpn created18:51
nicomachusdlam: htop has some useful info18:51
jstarcherin my route table I see destination 10/24 gateway 10.128/215/14218:52
lotuspsychjenew2linux: your paste showed nouveau was installed?18:52
nicomachusdlam: see also /proc/loadavg18:52
Bashing-omnew2linux: nvidia recommends the 384 version driver : http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/128737/en-us .18:52
new2linuxoh I didn't realize that, should I remove it18:52
jstarcheror do I set gateway to the utun0 interface18:52
x04ei guess if you route it into the vpn with source address 192.168... it won't go back into the vpn because there may be a 192.168... in the target network18:53
lotuspsychjenew2linux: check what Bashing-om suggests18:53
nicomachusdlam: /proc/loadavg will show something like 0.91 0.48 0.62 3/357 16607. those first three numbers are average load over 1, 5, and 15 mins. If you need more, you can set a cron to log that to a text file and get a longer timeframe avg18:53
new2linuxlotuspsychje: was that a question or are you telling me, I am lost as to what drives to put in18:53
x04eso i guess NAT is your best option. Be aware of different NAT-Types though -> Symmetric e.g.18:53
Bashing-omnew2linux: EFI system where "secure boot " requires disabling to install a driver ?18:54
lotuspsychjenew2linux: the opensource driver is nouveau, if you like you can test your 2 other nvidia drivers to see if that fixes your resolution issue18:54
SimonNLjstarcher: you could have a try on #networking18:55
lotuspsychjenew2linux: and Bashing-om suggests 38418:55
new2linuxok, how do I tell it which drivers to use?18:56
EriC^^new2linux: sudo apt-get install nvidia-38418:57
jstarcherSimonNL: they are rude and unhelpful in #networking18:57
EriC^^he speaketh the truth18:57
lotuspsychjejstarcher: we try to focus on ubuntu issues here18:57
jstarcherbunch of old grumpy networking dudes18:57
SimonNLprobably two sides to that story18:58
new2linuxI removed all the nvidia drivers and just installed nvidia-38418:58
new2linuxshould I remove nouveoa?18:59
lotuspsychjenew2linux: check at bottom driver=18:59
jstarcheroh definitely. I work on "fancy websites" according to the networking guy at my company and he works on the network18:59
x04ehaha well it goes both sides18:59
Bashing-omnew2linux: lot// 304 for sure you do not want ! run - with secire boot disabled ! ' sudo apt update ; sudo rm /etc/X11/xorg.conf ; sudp apt purge nvidia* ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' .18:59
new2linuxlotuspsychje: huh? checj what?18:59
lotuspsychjenew2linux: try what Bashing-om suggests, nvm19:00
x04ei was in sysops and changed to dev19:00
=== DrWatson_ is now known as DrWatson
SimonNLjstarcher: my idea was that they have more knowledge about networks19:00
x04esysops and dev usually don't like each other :P19:00
jstarcherhope so, that's what they get paid to do19:00
new2linuxfollowing bashing-om instructions19:03
dsaravananI upgraded to Linux 4.4.0-109-generic. Is it safe and recommended to purge Linux 4.4.0-108-generic, which also showed as install with the command dpigs?19:10
x04eif 4.4.0-109 is running fine you can apt-get autoremove the previous version19:11
=== kubuntu is now known as zomaar
cyphexIf you just upgraded, I would recommend waiting a couple days before removing the old kernel19:12
zomaarMy god it was so hard to find a way to scale a pdf image19:12
zomaarI was losing faith in my ability to curse the world19:12
=== andreslara501_ is now known as andreslara501
dsaravananx04e: apt-get autoremove does not remove the 4.4.0-108 and there are list of old kernel versions though not as installed19:13
new2linuxBashing-om: your commands were completed how do I see if it will go into 2560x1440 mode and use the nvidia card instead of the19:14
swift110how do I update the kernel19:14
new2linuxit loaded 384 also19:14
new2linuxubuntu-drivers list now shows: ubuntu-drivers list nvidia-384 nvidia-340 intel-microcode19:15
new2linuxshouldn't nvidia-340 be removed??19:15
lotuspsychje_new2linux: list, means its available19:16
zomaarswift110: sudo apt install linux-image19:16
swift110thanks zomaar19:16
zomaarNo linux-generic19:17
new2linuxoh ok! I did a dpkg --list | awk '($2 ~ /nvidia/) { print $0;}' and see only nvidia-384 installed now19:17
praetQ: just upgraded to 17.10 on xubuntu, now nautilus cannot open files unless I right click and Open with other'19:17
praetanyone know how to trouble shoot nautilus?19:17
dsaravananswift110: you can see the kernel-ppa at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/19:17
aconitumquestion: is this http://www.nvidia.com/Download/driverResults.aspx/130042/en-us compatible with Xenial Xerus? (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/)19:18
new2linuxBashing-om: (or anyone) - how do I force Ubuntu (when it boots up) to pick the nvidia card and not the intel card as the video card to use?19:19
Bashing-omnew2linux: Have you rebooted to see if the nvidia driver takes effect ?19:19
new2linuxnot yet, but I will!19:19
swift110dsaravanan, not sure how to use that19:19
new2linuxI am on a work chat too that I have to tell them I am rebooting19:19
Bashing-omnew2linux: then it is nvidia-prime in the GUI to switch graphic's sets .19:19
zomaarswift110: The standard kernel is upgraded through linux-generic19:19
=== ohnx- is now known as ohnx
new2linuxBashing-om: run nvidia-prime?19:20
zomaarswift110: You can also run apt dist-upgrade19:20
swift110ok thanks19:20
Bashing-omnew2linux: No, is a GUI thingy .19:20
new2linuxBashing-om: I see no nvidia-prime binary to run19:20
new2linuxBashing-om: I am confused19:21
pauljwpraet, check settings > preferred applications and make sure nautilus is selected.19:21
lotuspsychje_!info nvidia-prime | new2linux19:21
dsaravananswift110: if not sure, i recommand to follow zomaar19:21
ubottunew2linux: nvidia-prime (source: nvidia-prime): Tools to enable NVIDIA's Prime. In component main, is optional. Version 0.8.5 (artful), package size 10 kB, installed size 66 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)19:21
new2linuxnvidia-prime is already installed and at its latest variant apt-get says19:21
Bashing-omnew2linux: pastebin ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' .19:22
dsaravananyikes - expressing shock and alarm, often for humorous effect19:23
new2linuxBashing-om: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26406147/19:23
new2linuxI have nvidia prime 0.8.5 installed19:24
lotuspsychje_new2linux: with prime, you can switch from intel to nvidia graphics19:24
=== Budgii_ is now known as Budgii
Bashing-omnew2linux: A fact that ii  nvidia-settings . So are you running a GUI ? in this GUI is the nvidia Xserver settings . You will find nvidia-prime .19:25
zomaarWith Optimus Prime, you can do even more.19:25
ubottuThe Bumblebee Project aims to support NVIDIA Optimus technology under Linux. The Bumblebee website can be found at http://bumblebee-project.org/19:26
praetpauljw: well switching to thunar worked .. I guess thats a workaround for now19:26
lotuspsychje_praet: perhaps try reinstall nautilus?19:26
new2linuxYes, the GUI I an running is 'gdm3' I think19:27
new2linuxBashing-om: is that what you are asking me? I am using the gdm3 GUI not the lightdm gui19:28
Bashing-omnew2linux: Then there will be an icon in the GDM3 interface .19:29
new2linuxBashing-om: hm, now I am a bit lost. do you want me to run nvidia-settings from the command line and see if it opens a a graphical interfae of some sort?19:30
new2linuxI do not see an icon that I am unfamiliar with19:30
praetlotuspsychje_: I tried moving .config/nautilus and purge/install.. same result. I can open desktop files fine, but opening files in the nautilus listing does nothing19:31
lotuspsychje_praet: how about on another user?19:31
Bashing-omnew2linux: I have no access to GDM3 desktop . I can not advise further . Play with it and see what you find .19:31
lotuspsychje_praet: another test could be run nautilus from terminal, to check errors?19:31
new2linuxBashing-om: I see the nvidia icon in the programs listing, I clicked it and it brought up the nvidia-settings program19:31
new2linuxI have never used that program19:32
praetlotuspsychje_: is there any debug flags.. Im not getting any output19:32
new2linuxI have no idea what to do with it now that it is up?19:32
lotuspsychje_praet: wich ubuntu/nautilus version is this?19:32
praetlotuspsychje_: hang on.. its working now19:32
praetfrom terminal19:32
Bashing-omnew2linux: All I can advise is to find "nvidia-prime ' as that is the app that controls the chip set in use . what ever you have as active is what will be used next boot .19:33
new2linuxok 1 second19:33
new2linuxI am going to try rebooting and see what happens19:33
new2linuxI'll be back here either way!19:34
lotuspsychje_praet: have to bbl mate, re-ask in channel with your output ok19:34
praetlotuspsychje_: it works when i set thunar to the preferred application19:34
praetlotuspsychje_: ok thanks for the help!19:34
praetpauljw: thanks for the advice. switching to thunar for now19:38
srulii have a dir with many files named by date time and name  "2017_11_25-10_20_31__some_name" i want to rename all to "some_name__2017_11_25-10_20_31" so take all before __ separator and move it to end of name (adding new __ separator)19:38
praetstrangely, when I switch the preferred application to Thunar, then run nautilus, nautilus can open files from the list... so strange19:38
naccsruli: `man rename` ?19:38
srulinacc: its a very limited man page19:39
naccsruli: by that you mean you don't know perl expressions?19:40
naccsruli: i'm pretty sure a quick google will help you there19:40
naccsruli: if you don't know regex at all, well, you can't do what you want without that19:41
pauljwgood deal, praet :)19:41
gordonjcpnacc: https://xkcd.com/208/19:41
srulinacc: true about perl, googled... finding many pages on replacing part of the name but NOT finding how to swap positions when the only common part of file name is "__"19:42
naccsruli: don't think in terms of swapping. it's about saving some state (back-expressions) and then using that state later19:42
srulinacc: not sure how to do it, i can wtore a 15 line bash script to do it, but would like to be able to do it in a 1 liner19:44
naccsruli: ok, as i said, learn about regex if you want to do it in 1 line, not really an ubuntu support topic19:45
zomaarsruli: ls | sed "s/\(.*\)__\(.*\)/\2__\1/" is something resembling what nacc implies19:48
mircx1Hello i want to know how  i run mbedtls ssl/tls in ubuntu?19:50
nacczomaar: teach a man how to fish...19:51
zomaarHey it just looked pretty, that's why19:52
Jordan_Usruli: Note that anyone was implying that you should, but don't use ls in scripts.19:53
naccJordan_U: +119:53
Jordan_Us/note/not/ :)19:53
sruliJordan_U: very aware, thanks19:53
srulizomaar: thanks19:54
Bashing-om!info mbedtls zenial19:57
ubottu'zenial' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, xenial-backports, xenial19:57
Bashing-om!info mbedtls xenial19:57
ubottuPackage mbedtls does not exist in xenial19:57
mircx1then is mean is not run from ubuntu19:58
naccmircx1: i explained this to you yesteday i think20:01
naccmircx1: that builds a library20:02
naccmircx1: the link you provide is to a source, nont a binanry20:02
naccmircx1: so i don't know what you are doing, or what you think you are doing, etc. and i believe i asked for logs and you never provided them20:02
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new2linuxBashing-om: hello! - I have no new modest success20:09
new2linuxBashing-om: woops - let me rewrite that - what I said is wrong20:09
naccmircx1: if you would like to provide any of that info, someone can help you20:10
new2linuxBashing-om: when I booted up and removed "quiet splash" and replaced it with "nomodeset" then it booted up in the highest resolution. However, what sucked about that was that my entering my secure disk password had to be done in text mode (I have 2 secure disks) so it had to be done twice also. When splash mode is in full effect I enter it once from the boot gui. Thus, I'd like to figure out what command line change I need to use 20:10
new2linuxsplash and get it to boot in high res mode20:10
sxo_don't remove the splash ;)20:11
new2linuxby the way: THANK YOU to everyone that has assisted me so far!20:11
iorianew2linux, displayLink  in use , for any chance ?20:12
new2linuxwhat is displaylink and how do I use it or detect it? is it hardware or software?20:12
Bashing-omnew2linux: "nomodeset" defeats Kernel Mode Setting - proprietary driver will not load .20:13
new2linuxso if "nomodeset" is causing it to enter the highest resolution mode, what does that tell us about using the prop driver or fixing it to work?20:13
ioriausually it's the contrary, afaik20:15
Bashing-omnew2linux: Not a clue to work with . Remove nomodeset - reboot and advise on the GUI condition at that point . problems, we start looking at the log files .20:15
new2linuxI tried booting several times without nomodeset and when I did, it gave me the low-res mode again20:16
new2linuxright now I am booting in nomodeset but I can reboot without it and then we can do more examination I guess, that is the best way ahead now?20:16
new2linuxwould using the open source drivers be a good thing to try?20:17
Bashing-omnew2linux: "Sometimes" nouveau performs the better :)20:18
new2linuxI am not a "debian style" open source snob, I am fine to use closed source drivers if they work.20:18
iorianew2linux, have you already pasted   lspci -k | grep -EA2 'VGA|3D'  ?20:18
new2linuxno but let me do that!20:18
iorianew2linux, again xrandr --listproviders , please20:21
new2linuxI left all the history there of previous commands so you can see what has changed also20:22
iorianew2linux, that output it's not normal20:22
iorianew2linux, i see , nomodeset ...20:23
new2linuxok, well, currently the machine is booted with 'nomodeset' having been used20:23
iorianew2linux, yeah20:23
new2linuxI can reboot without nomodeset if you like20:23
iorianew2linux, yes, i like it20:23
new2linuxioria: you want me to reboot without nomodeset you mean?20:24
sxo_missing bbswitch-dkms & nvidia-prime? weird20:26
ioriaprime is there20:27
sxo_was looking at the wrong one20:27
ioriaand also bbswitch-dkms20:27
Jon30hey guys, not sure where to ask, but I got this file on my server https://site.com/Autodiscover/Autodiscover.xml - I know it's related to MS exchange server. Does anybody have experience removing it?20:27
ioriai'am wondering how he can have intel and nvidia loaded with nomodeset ...20:29
Zer0x_anyone here uses the byond platform?20:30
new2linuxioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26406520/20:31
new2linuxI am back in 1920x1080 mode too20:32
iorianew2linux, glxinfo | grep "OpenGL renderer"20:34
new2linuxioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26406535/20:35
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iorianew2linux, can you switch to intel ?20:37
Bashing-omioria: new2linux Verify that wayland is not in effect ? - OP says on GDM3 however .20:39
ioriaoh, 17.10 ???20:40
ioriano, you can't20:40
iorianew2linux, log in the xorg session20:40
new2linux17.10 is installed, too late to say I can't install it20:40
iorianew2linux, yu cn't use proprietary on wayland20:41
new2linuxwhat is wayland?20:41
iorianew2linux, 17.10 default X server20:41
new2linuxbut I have gmd3 installed, isn't that the X server?20:41
iorianew2linux, from the login screen, select ubuntu on xorg or such20:42
new2linuxthere is no such login no gear like there used to  be20:42
new2linuxextirpated from Ubuntu in 17.10 I think is that gear!20:42
iorianew2linux, you need to edit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf20:43
iorianew2linux,  set ' WaylandEnable=false'20:44
Zer0x_hello guys20:48
Zer0x_how can i talk in linux channel20:48
Bashing-om!register | Zer0x_20:49
ubottuZer0x_: For information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:49
Zer0x_thank you ubottu20:49
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.20:50
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ericx2xguys i used to have HDMI audio going but no longer and I duno what changed20:53
ericx2xaplay -l doens't give me any hdmi20:53
ericx2xwhat do i do?20:53
new2linuxI did some googling and Wayland is the future for Ubuntu as far as I can see, so shouldn't I find drivers that will work with it as in future disabling it might mean no GUI at all??20:54
new2linuxioria: or is this just to perform a test?20:54
brainwashwhat drivers do you need?20:55
iorianew2linux,  for now, you can't use nvidia on wayland, so you need the old xorg session20:55
Guest58347italian  boy or girl aren 't present...........20:55
new2linuxthere is this nouveou thing that I can use with Wayland, no?or that is broken with Wayland too?20:55
Bashing-omnew2linux: wayland is the future, but presently there are issues using nvidia drivers .20:56
iorianew2linux,  if you don't have the switch in the login screen, you need to edit  /etc/gdm3/custom.conf20:56
new2linuxAh ok!20:56
new2linuxlet me do that then!20:56
iorianew2linux,  i guess nouveau, it's ok20:56
iorianew2linux, but you installed nvidia20:56
new2linuxI installed nvidia because someone told me too20:57
new2linuxall I did was upgrade my kernel and everything broke to low res modes20:57
iorianew2linux, ok, so or you change session or you purge nvidia20:57
new2linuxit used to boot into 2560x1440 before20:57
new2linuxchange session?20:57
iorianew2linux, yes, from waylsnd (Ubuntu) to Xorg (Ubuntu on Xorg)20:58
new2linuxah ok20:58
new2linuxhow do I purge nvidia and try nouveau?20:58
iorianew2linux, nouveau is default, if you already tried it ....20:58
new2linuxI am not sure what I tried20:59
new2linuxI know how to purge nvidia because someone gave me that command before I realized20:59
new2linuxI can do that20:59
new2linuxwhat do I need to do to make sure nouveau is completely installed though?20:59
iorianew2linux, if the issue is really about the kernel, why don't you boot a previous one from grub ?20:59
new2linuxneither this one nor the previous one worked after the upgrade20:59
new2linuxthey both booted up but in low res mode21:00
new2linuxI am now extirpating nvidia from the system!21:00

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