april2018my machine is headless so is gedit only if I have a GUI ?00:01
Chicken_WrapGedit is graphical.00:01
april2018that would be why I needed to use nano bit I have used vi before but nano reminds me how to use it :-P00:02
april2018thanks all for the hints00:02
april2018I just created a new volume on my server and its mounted /mount/vol1 its set to 100Gb how can I see how much space is left on the volume00:17
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GlenKbeautiful.  got packettracer up and running. and no compiz going bonkers.00:19
Chicken_WrapWhy packettracer, specifically?00:19
GlenKbecause I'm taking a cisco class and I need to do my homework.  =)00:20
Chicken_Wrapapril2018: https://linux.die.net/man/1/df00:20
Chicken_WrapHow’s that going?00:20
GlenKgreat now that I finally got things working00:20
GlenKclass just started so yeah.  well, sorta.  I have 2 days now to finish 3 labs.00:21
GlenKbut I'll manage00:21
GlenKhaha, all this pain because I'm too stubborn to run windows00:22
Chicken_WrapWhat’s the lab you’re going to be working on next?00:23
april2018perfect thanks Chicken_Wrap00:33
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Chicken_Wrapdon’t scare me like that00:43
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* ojlima Can anyone help me, I'm installing a notebook with 16GB of RAM and SSD256Gb. what is better to use swap partition, file or not.01:00
oerheks18.04 uses swapfile as standard, that will do fine.01:01
Bashing-omojlima: What release are you installing .. some swap is cheap insurance .01:01
luketheduke1I thought swap wasn't recommended on an SSD? https://askubuntu.com/questions/652337/why-no-swap-partitions-on-ssd-drives01:02
lotuspsychjeluketheduke1: depends on your ram01:02
oerheksmeh, white spots are no real problem anymore, and trim is automatic activated01:02
tomreynMTBF for SSDs and HDDs is about the same nowasays. Swap on SSD is not an issue unless the SSD > 5 years old.01:07
* ojlima Can anyone help me, I'm installing a notebook with 16GB of RAM and SSD256Gb. what is better to use swap partition, file or not.01:09
* ojlima ??01:12
tomreynojlima: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/p538mTgsqS/01:14
tomreynojlima: by the way (just in case you're not aware) there is no need to use /me to chat, you can just type.01:15
lokushello. ubuntu 18.04. i'm fresh installing to a very old friends laptop (celeron n2840/2gb ddr2). the machine was first in UEFI mode and after ubuntu completed install from USB, the system couldn't actually boot its install. so rather than mess with it i put the BIOS to legacy mode and reinstalled. but this time, during the GUI installer my trackpad no longer worked. i thought it would be fixed01:54
lokusafter install finished but it still doesnt? i fully updated01:54
Dreamanall repos on or01:56
lokusme? default repos on, i haven't changed anything01:57
Dreamansee nonfree01:57
lokusthx, looking up01:57
Dreamansettings see01:57
lokusthe one thing i noticed is that, when the USB installer booted in UEFI mode it came up with a text installer, to choose whether i want to try ubuntu or install it- i picked install and then it came up with a GUI where trackpad worked. when i booted the legacy BIOS installer from usb, there was no text menu to choose try ubuntu/install ubuntu. it was a GUI selection. but the trackpad was already01:58
lokusnot working here..01:58
Dreamanuse terminal to update01:59
lokusmultiverse was enabled02:00
Dreamanchange server02:01
lokusi don't understand still what misconfiguration here is going to fix the problem. what package am i missing?02:02
Dreamanfresh install02:03
Dreamanold pc02:03
lokusweird to me that if BIOS is configured in UEFI mode, all is fine. in legacy mode, trackpad doesnt work02:04
Dreamanmy laptop work02:05
Dreamanno idea02:05
lokushmm might be a bios issue actually with this hunk of junk. apparently an update may fix02:08
ubuntu_hello_world! Does anyone know how to reset the Ubuntu live installer? It had an error during installation and when I try to run it again it does not let me change partitioning settings.02:11
ubuntu_Or does anyone know the name of the package for the installer (if it has one)02:13
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guivercubuntu_, why not used `gparted` to partition as you want, then install with 'something else' using existing partitions (you specify them)02:19
guivercps: if you are having glitches with installer, I'd ensure you checksum'd the iso etc  ubuntu_02:20
bob98where would I find a log from Firefox's Browser Console?02:43
antergos8382what's the reason for installing snaps as sudo?02:49
lotuspsychjeantergos8382: installing packages on ubuntu always requier sudo02:51
antergos8382lotuspsychje, why do linux users complain about windows always running root then? i have to use sudo root commands to install. why can't it just install as a user? flatpaks don't ask for root permissions02:53
guiverci don't know antergos8382, but some unconfined [legacy?] snaps can adjust/touch [fs] system files02:54
devyJavaHello! We have a Ubuntu machine at home whose GUI is completely broken. ctrl+alt+f2 does not bring up the termianl window although the machine is running. Anyone know a possible fix?03:15
sadneophyteHey I was wondering if there was a problem with wpasupplicant and if anyone had a fix for it!03:18
guivercdevyJava, you can disable the terminals (reduce the number, or add more) - you haven't done this have you?  also crtl+alt+f2 does nothing currently on mine, but f3 & others do... I'd boot single mode (removing 'quiet splash' to see if messages provide a clue), check disk space (gui can have issues if there is no space in $HOME) etc03:26
devyJavaguiverc, the machine is actually at work and by mistake I worded it incorrectly. It's running an Ethereum miner on it and continously mining block. Co-worker told me we can SSH to it and see (1/2)03:31
devyJavait's actually working but the GUI is completely broken. I don't understand the part of reducing terminals. Tomorrow morning, I will scan through Ctrl+Alt+F2-F12 to see if any return a response but I don't think it will. Removing quiet splash sounds interesting and will do it the next time the machine begins working. I have a hunch the contionous etherum miner has filled up the HDD which caused the GUI to break down. Do you happen to know a method top03:31
devyJavaof your head on how to find space via ssh?(2/2)03:31
bob98what command would give me computer's current ip on its lan as well as its routers ip on wan (which is also a dynamic ip)?03:33
guivercdevyJava, a gui needs space in $HOME (/home/user) for temporary files; it generally will continue if already logged in, but login-loops if there is no free space for temporary space.  to check you login via tty (or ssh) & `df` will show you have enough space - you just delete files (it's in the user directories you need this space if it's this)03:36
devyJavaguiverc, Thank you. I will check out df to see if there is free space. If there happens to be free space, what's my next best option to fix it?03:38
guivercif not [free] space, graphics is the next most common culprit  (I can't help there sorry)  ; next is possibly user having done something...03:40
antergos8382bob98, ip addr show,  for yours03:44
antergos8382been a while. seems irc is so dead these days. did everyone run off to discord?03:45
sadneophytedoes anyone know why network manager might only let me connect to open wifi?03:46
sadneophytethis is happening in 18.0403:46
bob98antergos8382: "ip addr show" showed a comp's ip on its lan, but not comp's router's ip on wan03:48
antergos8382whatever your ip is the router is likely *.*.*.103:49
antergos8382ip route show default03:49
bob98antergos8382: no, I mean what ip is assigned by dhcp lease by an isp03:50
sadneophyteSo, I can take my networkmanager settings for 16.04 and bring them over to 18.04 and they stop working.  It almost seems like wpasupplicant is failing03:50
antergos8382bob98, host myip.opendns.com resolver1.opendns.com03:51
sadneophytebut the card connects perfectly with unsecured networks03:54
devyJavaguiverc, thank you. I'm going to sleep now. I hope you have a a good one03:57
bob98antergos8382: so this approach queries opendns server rather than an isp's server for the current dynamic ip; it is a good option. However, in a case where a lan router is rented from an isp, put on dynamic assignment and the isp's dhcp lease is also dynamicaly assigned, I was wondering if I could get both changing ip's with one command by just quering the isp's server04:00
lotuspsychje!language | headless_nick04:15
ubottuheadless_nick: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList04:15
guivercbob98,  (very belated sorry) i've seen tons of scripts (blogged about) that detect your external-ip-addr; i've never taken notice of them04:22
bob98guiverc: any idea how to track down such a script; if it is convinient - why not use it?04:23
headless_nickbob98: trivial04:25
guivercbob98, other than a search engine, not really.  i'd likely have read it via liferea (my rss feeds) but as I've no use for it, I couldn't tell you where/when..04:25
guiverc(other than i've seen different approaches a number of times...)04:26
headless_nickjust wget and parse04:26
headless_nickvery trivial04:26
headless_nick<img class="icono" alt="ip" src="/img/globe_network.png"><span id="ip">04:26
bob98maybe there is a way to make the ip command give a more elegant answer than  by "ip addr show"?04:28
bob98headless_nick: could you explain that?04:29
guivercbob98, try `dig +short myip.opendns.com @resolver1.opendns.com`  (this may be what antergos8382 was talking about; i wasn't watching)04:32
bob98guiverc: that gives the ip of opendns's server itself :(04:35
antergos8382bob98, it gives your wan ip, or should04:37
oerheksifconfig | grep inet && curl -s icanhazip.com04:43
bob98oerheks: that's elegant :) everything in one place!04:53
deusexmachinathat should be a script in /usr/bin04:55
bob98antergos8382: I guess I confused the two ip's given by the command you suggested, sorry :)04:57
bob98btw, could you help a newbie, further his knowledge of bash with a good refference on usage of operators like: "&&, ||, |, @" etc.?04:59

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