gnUserThere is this article that clearly explains that it is supported but no instructions on how to enable it!  https://wayland.freedesktop.org/libinput/doc/latest/touchpad-thumb-detection.html00:00
MaikgnUser: afaik 20.04 uses Xorg not wayland00:03
gnUserMaik: true so Xorg does not support thum detection?00:06
MaikgnUser: i don't know tbh00:09
Ublxi have a problem: i removed an external hard disk without unmounting before and now 1 of 3 partitions has the error: "error unlocking, failed to activate, file exists". it would be great if someone could help me. thanks.00:10
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guivercUblx, did you `fsck` (file-system check) the partition(s)?00:31
Ublxno, guiverc. what should I type: just fsck or any arguments?00:45
TJ-Ublx: sounds like you have LUKS encrpyted, and the device-mapper files still exist from when you ripped it out00:46
UblxTJ-: yes, it's LUKS encrypted00:46
guivercUblx, I'd boot a live system & `fsck` from there; use whatever tool you prefer, command, gparted, kde partition manager etc (ie. GUI is okay too).   adjust for your box but take note of TJ- first (I didn't see what he does)00:46
TJ-guiverc: this is a LUKS/device-mapper issue00:47
Ublxmy internal disk is okay, it's an external hard disk00:47
Ublxwhat should i do TJ- ?00:47
TJ-Ublx: OK, so you need to 1) identify the device-mapper name that is stale (the LUKS device name) by looking at "ls /dev/mapper/"  then 2) manually removing the stale name with "sudo dmsetup remove THE_STALE_NAME" - after that LUKS can unlock and recreate the name correctly00:48
Ublxit says exactly "Error unlocking /dev/sdc3: Failed to activate device: File exists"00:48
TJ-Ublx: I assume you've an /etc/crypttab with names to be given to the unlocked device, e.g. maybe "sdc3_encrypted"00:49
TJ-Ublx: in my case the names are LUKS_something_meaningful00:49
Ublxhm, there is one with luks-e05b2f.... is that the one?00:50
TJ-Ublx: might be - the e05fb... could be a GUID of the device. compare that with "sudo blkid /dev/sdc3"00:51
UblxThere's sda5_crypt, too? That's also not my internal drive, as far I as know from df.00:51
TJ-Ublx: if that matches you've got the correct one00:51
TJ-Ublx: 'sda' is usually the first storage device discovered which we'd normally expect to be the boot device00:51
Ublxblkid has no output00:52
TJ-Ublx: that is strange00:52
UblxI have only these: /dev/sda   /dev/sda1  /dev/sda2  /dev/sda5  /dev/sr000:53
UblxAnd of course, I unplugged the external hard drive completely.00:53
TJ-you'd expect blkid to report something similar to this for a LUKs partition: " /dev/nvme0n1p2: UUID="db9cd343-9ca9-4115-845f-d27943c14437" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTLABEL="Linux dm-crypt" PARTUUID="15f7095d-5bbb-4a43-8324-9867b91dc7d6"00:53
TJ-Ublx: check sda5 then, with "sudo blkid /dev/sda5" and see if its GUIDs match the earlier mentioned00:54
TJ-Ublx: it is possible that when the disk was removed it was known as sdc and now is sda00:55
Ublxit's just followed by an output and does nothing with sda5, right?00:55
TJ-Ublx: you'd expect a report to indicate sda5 is LUKS/encrypted00:56
Ublx/dev/sda5: UUID="43f8104c-c836-44a0-a0eb-c7ffe478abbb" TYPE="crypto_LUKS" PARTUUID="4ebfa39c-05"00:56
Ublxbut my local drive is also encrypted00:56
TJ-Ublx: that may be it then; check by looking at the tree shown with "lsblk" -- follow sda > sda5 > ... because that will show what is mounted, and where00:58
TJ-Ublx: basically, you're got to avoid removing the active device(s) by identifying the stale device-mapper device that belonged to the removed disk00:59
Ublxno, the tree ends at the root and swap as you expected. :(00:59
TJ-Ublx: for sda5? so that's active then, good. Which by a process of elimination indicates that "luks-e05b2f..." is likely the suspect01:00
Ublx'sr0 rom' is the only 'curious' I would say.01:00
TJ-Ublx: so now check the status of that device with "sudo dmsetup info luks-e05b2f ..." (put in the COMPLETE GUID as shown by "ls /dev/mapper/" )01:00
TJ-sr0 = SCSI Read-Only device 001:01
TJ-a.k.a. CD-ROM :)01:01
remlineDo I see correctly that 'focal-backports' pretty much has only one program in it, i.e., cockpit?01:01
UblxTJ-: I have the output. What do you need? ACTIVE, LIVE, ..01:02
TJ-Ublx: if it is reporting as ACTIVE, LIVE that might not be the stale one01:07
TJ-Ublx: how many devices does "sudo dmsetup ls" report ?01:07
TJ-Ublx: if the system is using LVM then you'll get the LVM logical volumes as well as any LUKS devices01:07
Ublx4 devices01:08
TJ-Ublx: so 2 crypto and 2 logical volumes? can you deduce that from the device names?01:09
UblxI have root, swap, sda5_crypt (what seems to lead to the first two) and luks-...01:09
TJ-OK, that sounds correct and understandable01:09
TJ-so the confusion still remaining is the error report mentioned sdc3 but you said there is no sdc* reported (does 'lsblk' not show an sdc ? )01:10
TJ-Ublx: did the error come from a GUI program, such as file manager?01:11
Ublxno, should I plug the drive in and then check lsblk?01:11
UblxTJ-: yes, from nautilus01:11
Ublxi do almost anything from cli but not mounting.01:12
TJ-Ublx: OK, so the file manager uses udisks under the hood to control devices, so my suspicion is it is trying to read the missing device and getting confused01:13
Ublxthank you so much for helping me.01:13
TJ-Ublx: see if this reports anything: "udisksctl info -b /dev/mapper/luks-e05b2f...." (complete that UUID again!)01:14
TJ-Ublx: udisksctl is the command-line interface to udisks01:14
Ublxoutput looks (too) fine01:16
TJ-Ublx: does it give a Mountpoint ?01:16
TJ-Ublx: presumably something like /media/$USER/luks-$UUID01:17
Ublx/dev/dm-0 ?01:17
TJ-Ublx: no, that'll be the device. Towards the end of the report01:17
Ublxno /dev/dm-301:17
TJ-Ublx: e.g. for one of my LVs I see " MountPoints:        /media/tj/SourceCode "01:18
Ublx/dev/mapper/luks-e05b2 ... and /dev/disk/by-id/dm ... nothing of the media/ folder01:18
TJ-Ublx: if there is an active mountpoint we need to first tell udisks to unmount it01:18
TJ-Ublx: good01:19
Ublxcan't we just try to unmount it?01:19
TJ-Ublx: so now we just need to be sure what device that lives on!!01:19
Ublxwhat, if it's my local disk?01:19
TJ-Ublx: it isn't mounted01:19
UblxI see.01:20
TJ-Ublx: all this effort is to try and avoid removing a device that is really in use! and so far we've not proved that one way or the other01:20
Ublxtried udisksctl info -b /dev/mapper/sda5_crypt and I also do not get any mount point.01:21
TJ-Ublx: Going back to the "sudo dmsetup info luks-..." did you notice (or check again) the "Open count:" -- that needs to be 0 for us to be able to remove it01:21
TJ-Ublx: it is possible sda5_crypt is swap. Check "cat /proc/swaps"01:21
Ublxopen count is 101:22
TJ-Ublx: drat! can't remove it unless that is 0. '1' means something has an open handle on that device01:22
Ublxswapfile, yes01:22
TJ-Ublx: can you show me "pastebinit <( sudo blkid )"01:23
Ublxhad to install pastebinit01:25
Ublxbut cool, didn't know it's possible within the cli01:25
TJ-Ublx: OK, definitely no sign of anything there related to this phantom luks-e05bf2...01:27
TJ-Ublx: looks like you've been eaten by snaps though :)01:28
Ublxi am nervous01:28
calamariCan anyone tell me the name of the repo that contains arm64 packages? It seems like the normal repos only have i386 and amd64.01:31
TJ-Ublx: let's see if you can 'close' the encryption. try "sudo cryptsetup close luks-e05bf2..." (complete UUID again!)01:31
TJ-Ublx: if the command doesn't report an error check if it has gone with "ls /dev/mapper/"01:31
UblxEh ... I just went to all the pids of ps aux | grep USERNAME and I found a running process on this (no more connected) partition ...01:33
Ublx... killed it ... and it works ...01:33
Ublxso sorry01:33
Ublxbut i didn't thought about it01:33
Ublxi just wanted to be sure that i close everything if we'll lock out the local disk.01:34
TJ-Ublx: so you've been able to remove the /dev/mapper/ node for it now?01:34
Ublxhm... where can i see it01:36
Ublxthe 3 partitions are now connected and running ... 2 times luks... but it works.01:36
UblxI have to note down all your commands. Learned so much. Thank you!!01:38
calamariI found it in ports.ubuntu.com. Can anyone tell me how to properly add that repo to sources.list? The normal way doesn't seem to be doing it.01:38
TJ-calamari: what is the 'normal way' that doesn't work?01:40
calamariTJ-:  deb [arch=arm64] http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ bionic main restricted universe multiverse01:40
oerheks1sudo dpkg --add-architecture arm6401:40
calamariTJ-:  The repository 'http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic Release' does not have a Release file.01:41
calamarioerheks1: already did that01:41
TJ-calamari: there is no "/ubuntu" directory; delete that.01:41
TJ-calamari: as in "deb [arch=arm64] http://ports.ubuntu.com/ bionic main restricted universe multiverse "01:42
calamariTJ-: Thank you!01:42
TJ-calamari: that URL points to where the dists/ and pool/ directories are01:42
TJ-calamari: see http://ports.ubuntu.com/01:42
calamariTJ-: I'm in business, thanks01:43
UblxThanks again for your time, TJ-. I noted all down. Have a good week!01:56
blahboybazDoes 20.04 use unity or something else?02:33
quadrathoch2blahboybaz: it does use gnome3, but unity is installable02:36
bitfawkesHello, I've an ubuntu server with two nvme disks of 1TB each one, as I don't need Raid I'm trying to set a logical volume of 2TB extended over both disks (I would like to use both nvme as a single partition), there's a solution for that? thanks to everyone spends some time to help me :)03:47
bitfawkesthe release II would like to use on is 18.04 LTS.03:49
guivercbitfawkes, LVM comes to mind (can deal with many disks etc); https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm03:51
bitfawkesI did read that but I'm not able to execute it without support... I'm willing to reward in cryptocurrency for that help...03:53
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ducasseblahboybaz: one filesystem spanning two disks can be a bad idea as the failure of one disk will make you lose all the data06:24
ducasseblahboybaz: sorry, was not meant for you06:33
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zambaanyone got any idea about this kernel panic: https://dpaste.org/Nq4V ?08:53
devidhow can I best test the expected battery life, by live boot or by VM ?09:00
danderssonA mirror returned via mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt for me (location: Sweden, mirror: http://se.mirror.guru/ubuntu/) seems to not have renewed its domain name, and is thus dead. Is there somewhere to report this to get it removed, or will it automatically go away?09:15
lotuspsychjedandersson: there is #ubuntu-mirrors to report repo issues09:19
danderssonlotuspsychje: Awesome, thanks!09:20
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alf1975Is there a easy way to change ubuntu kernel ?10:03
alf1975some are more effective and speedy10:03
alf1975Ukuu a util i found is cheat10:04
lotuspsychjealf1975: whats your end goal exactly?10:07
guivercalf1975, LTS releases have two stack options; GA kernel & stack or the HWE kernel & stack10:10
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aleekhi!:D I just accidentaly deleted /boot and /dev/ on our ubuntu 20.04 :D MBR/UEFI is fine. How to recover?:D10:29
aleekI don't have root privileges anymore, because /dev/null is missing :D10:30
aleekso first step of course is live usb :)10:30
alf1975and if the Nvidia GPU with the onboard Intel GPU as coprocessor ?10:37
alf1975more speed10:37
alf1975yes brothers, processors witch could give more speed ... in games10:38
lotuspsychje!discuss | alf197510:41
ubottualf1975: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!10:41
linuxrhello all...I noticed that the "atril" pdf viewer creates two "webkit" subprocess for each document I'm viewing...why is that?10:47
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alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> Lubuntu 19.0411:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> Lubuntu 19.0411:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> This standard release was made on schedule on 18 April 2019.[149]11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> This release marked the first Lubuntu version without 32-bit support. Lubuntu developer Simon Quigley wrote in December 2018:[150]11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> source wiki11:27
alf1975[12:25] <alf1975> it worked very well on a Pentium IV with 19 years old11:27
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metbsdmy laptop fail to wake up from suspend11:48
metbsdscreen is black11:48
BluesKaj'Morning folks11:58
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raubWhere do I need to config bash/terminal/whatever so when I do "cat /etc/default/grub" the double quotes inside the file are printed like normal ASCII characters instead of something fancy that breaks when I try to paste to a text document?13:56
J_DarnleyIs there a dkms package that back-ports a fix for the --source-only option not working on the 18.04 package?14:20
jeremy31What source are you after?14:24
J_DarnleyMy source (specifically a netmap diver) that I have in front of me that I wish to package into a deb using `dkms mkdeb`14:26
karstensrageneed a favor14:32
ubottuDebian bug 832558 in dkms "dkms: mkdeb --source-only fails: can't find package" [Normal,Fixed]14:33
J_DarnleyTypical debian nonsense about deviating from upstream and patching the hell out of their old crap14:34
J_DarnleyOr how about a more generic question:  Where can I search for back ported packages?14:35
J_DarnleyIs this it?  https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic-backports/allpackages14:45
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FuraiIs there any world clock shell extension that let's you put next to clock a custom name?15:23
FuraiI'd love to be able to put my coworkers' names next to the timezones.15:23
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vmguy23mWhere can I find touchpad drivers (Acer Aspire 3, right-click does not work, only left click)16:35
Maikvmguy23m: try installing synaptics16:55
Maiksudo apt install xserver-xorg-input-synaptics16:55
Maikreboot after that and see if it works16:56
Maiknp, yw17:03
alf1975Problems with q4wine, Wine ? Windows VĂ­rus attack Ubuntu ?17:12
alf1975for example a Windows game with virus attacks other games ? in Wine ?17:12
vmguy23malf1975: What do you mean?17:13
vincenzomlHi there, I am going to mount a new 10tb hard drive on a computation pc running ubuntu17:20
vincenzomlis it adviceable to use btrfs on it to benefit from snapshots (I already use snapper for smaller drives)? Or should I avoid that?17:20
Maikvmguy23m: don't min alf1975 too much, he's just posting random stuff in various channels17:25
Maiki pointed him to discuss and offtopic but he won't listen17:25
vmguy23mI just don't understand what the question is17:26
Maikyeah, i don't get him either with most of the things he posts17:26
ducassevincenzoml: i don't trust btrfs and use zfs instead17:34
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vincenzomlducasse: yes I know zfs is way more established; but don't have the expertise to just start using that on a 10tb drive that K people will fill up.17:43
vincenzomlI just wonder if there are known pitfalls of btrfs specifically on large drives.17:44
cbreakI haven't heard of anything that makes btrfs problematic with larger disks more than it does with smaller ones17:45
cbreakbut ... since it is problematic, I wouldn't risk it either17:45
cbreakI use zfs with success though. It's nice :)17:46
vincenzomlcbreak, I am not an expert; but I have used btrfs for like 3-4 years on three machines with no significant problems, except when I had a failing RAM block17:46
vincenzomlbut cbreak ducasse I am curious to hear:17:46
vincenzomlsince this is a production machine, what are the risks you think should make me think again and use zfs instead17:47
cbreakdo you have redundancy?17:47
vincenzomland about zfs is it easy to add a second drive to zfs and make a raid without reformatting the first drive?17:47
vincenzomlcbreak, I have only used mirroring17:48
vincenzomlwith two drives indeed17:48
cbreakwith zfs you can add more disks to make it a mirror17:48
cbreakyou won't get space by doing that obviously17:48
vincenzomlcbreak, ok great, that's important (and a reason why in the first place btrfs was ok to me)17:48
cbreakyou can also add more vdevs to get more space (via "striping" (not real striping)), but that won't give you redundancy17:48
cbreakbut you can not create a raidzX vdev from an existing vdev17:49
vincenzomlso I cannot first extend and then mirror, that's what you mean (I'm not an expert in filesystems and RAID, just need to make that machine large and safe)17:49
cbreakyou can add new vdevs17:50
cbreakyou can change single disk vdevs into n*mirror vdevs or back17:50
cbreakyou can not change anything to a raidzX vdev17:50
cbreakyou can get more space either by replacing harddisks in an existing vdev with bigger ones17:51
cbreakor by adding new vdevs17:51
cbreakzfs is more restrictive with this than btrfs17:51
cbreakbut the benefit is that zfs doesn't shredder itself when you try to use those features :)17:51
vincenzomlsorry but what is raidzX in the first place :) Anyway in that machine I doubt we will ever have more than 4 10tb disks, and likely no more than 2.17:51
vincenzomland if 2, they will be mirroring17:52
cbreaka raidzX (raidz1 / raidz2 / raidz3) is a parity-raid with 1, 2 or 3 disks worth of redundancy17:52
vincenzomlthat's the most likely scenario17:52
cbreaksimilar to raid5, raid617:52
vincenzomlah ok17:52
cbreakraidz1 doesn't make sense with less than 3 disks17:52
vincenzomlso the most likely scenario is that: 1) tomorrow I mount the drive, format it, and let it live happy for some months17:53
cbreakzfs isn't 100% self explanatory, and as with any powerful tool, you can destroy your data if you tell it to17:53
vincenzoml2) then I buy a second drive, mount it, and it has to become a mirror, raid1-alike17:53
cbreakwhat you'd do is probably: create a pool on your drive17:54
cbreakcreate datasets on that pool (similar to thin-partitioned file systems)17:54
cbreakset up snapshot scheduling for those17:54
cbreakyou can later add more redundancy or more striping to that pool17:54
cbreakwithout affecting any data on it17:54
vincenzomlok, I could experiment with that a bit.17:55
vincenzomlReturning to btrfs what would be your main concern against using it?17:55
cbreakyou can enable encryption, compression, ... on individual datasets17:55
vincenzomlI mean, so far, with RAID1 it behaved nicely for me.17:55
vincenzomlAh ok17:55
vincenzomlso I can understand what a dataset is17:55
vincenzomldo dataset share the free space?17:55
cbreakyou can look at snapshots via ls someDataset/.zfs/snapshots/...17:55
vincenzomlor are they fixed-size17:55
cbreakvincenzoml: they share the pool's available space17:56
cbreakbut you can reserve space for datasets, or set max usage quotas17:56
vincenzomlOk, So I could start with 1 dataset and create more later17:56
cbreakyou should create datasets in some logical fashion17:56
vincenzomlso I could for instance, create 1 dataset; when a particular application starts filling up the whole drive, I can confine it to a newly created dataset with a quota, righ?17:56
cbreakmaybe pool/media, pool/vms, pool/media/linux_isos, pool/media/blender_cloud_movies, ...17:57
cbreakvincenzoml: datasets are independent filesystems17:57
cbreakso if you want to do that, you have to copy the data over to the new dataset17:57
vincenzomlI see17:57
cbreakyou can set mountpoints for those datasets individually17:58
cbreakbut normally, they are mounted in the parent17:58
cbreakso if your pool is in /mnt/pool, then there's some /mnt/pool/media/linux_isos17:58
vincenzomlBut consider the following situation: Just 1 dataset, filling up 98% of the hard drive; then I create a new dataset, and move data from the old one to the new one. Will this work or get stuck?17:58
cbreakyou should really avoid filling zfs to more than 90%17:58
vincenzomlcbreak, but sh*t happens :)17:59
cbreakif you want to "move" data between datasets, you have to copy it17:59
vincenzomlcbreak, ah yes so with very large files that could become a problem17:59
vincenzomlbut a dataset can be created in the pool at any time right?18:00
cbreakif you have space for it18:00
cbreakthey take up a few kb in meta data18:00
vincenzomlthen a question: with btrfs I have filled up the drive many times due to snapshots preserving too much old data. It worked to just remove the snapshots (even if it's a though decision).18:00
vincenzomlWith ZFS you said, that is not advisable?18:00
cbreakit's not advisable, but possible18:01

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