royal_screwup21open question: what's a cool, low-hanging command-line utility that almost everyone with basic experience in linux would find useful? I'll start: tmux :)00:02
Kumoolroyal_screwup21, rm -rf /00:06
Kumoolcodebot__, competitive programming? go to a prog lang support channel and try to answer a question faster than everyone else00:07
purple1do you remember seeing threy mounted some mans head and look like murdered him00:07
Kumoolso all language support channels are competitive programming channels :)00:08
pragmaticenigmapurple1, this is a support channel for Ubuntu. Please take that topic somewhere else00:08
Kumoolpragmaticenigma, you actually understood that? props00:09
purple1pragmaticenigma: why did updates show amdgpu in first glance then next update no amdgpu on an intelk gpu machine00:09
Bashing-omKumool: Do not pass that command even in jest . Danger .00:09
royal_screwup21Kumool: you should know that there might be beginners lurking around here. It's in in bad taste to throw out something like that00:09
Kumoolroyal_screwup21, you cant run that anymore, at least not in linux00:09
pragmaticenigmaroyal_screwup21, this channel is for supporting Ubuntu, not a polling place. If you would like to ask questions at large, try /join #ubuntu-offtopic00:09
purple1where is the advnced channel then?00:10
Kumoolroyal_screwup21, you're better off going to #bash for that question :) (oh, and hey, that's a useful command... sorta)00:10
pragmaticenigmapurple1, your update question: if the machine has two GPUs detected it will install the drivers for both GPUs even if one of them is currently in use00:11
KumoolBashing-om, this is why theres a --no-preserve-root flag00:11
purple1it listed 3 amd drivers on an intel gpu machine00:11
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purple1then I checked the dmesg for gpu looked again and they were gone00:12
purple1is there an update server which has secure end to end00:12
purple1seems they spit out different things each check00:13
pragmaticenigmapurple1, I'm not sure. If you have a really, really, really new machine, Intel has been putting AMD GPUs in their CPUs... but I wasn't aware they're out on the market00:13
purple1old machine with intel gma00:13
purple1some intel gpu00:13
purple1supposedly old machine00:14
purple1sometimes it seems like they are predated though they are new00:14
purple1fake history00:14
pragmaticenigmaI don't know, purple1, I have never expereinced that issue with my machines before00:14
purple1how about a secure link to the security updates server00:15
purple1is it apt-get install apt-https00:15
pragmaticenigmaUbuntu's package manager uses SSL/TLS encryption for all updates and connections to the update servers00:16
purple1is that new?00:16
purple1in the past it was http00:16
purple1standard debian apt00:16
pragmaticenigmaUbuntu is not debian00:16
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purple1now that it looks like the update finished where is the log00:17
purple1go over what installed looking for the generic kernel update00:17
purple1then possibly recompile one's kernel00:17
purple1at least this xubuntu spin had broadcom drivers00:18
pragmaticenigmapurple1, to answer your question about package repos: https://askubuntu.com/questions/352952/are-repository-lists-secure-is-there-an-https-version00:18
purple1now for stability purpose I need a cdrom of the firmware00:18
purple1can b43fwcutter extract what the machine has00:18
pragmaticenigmapurple1, do you have a support related question? if not, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic00:19
purple1it is talking of gpg signates00:20
purple1this doesnt secure the transport00:20
pragmaticenigmaas the article states, the final download is compared to a cryptographic signature. If the signatures do not match against the repository, the packages are deleted and redownloaded00:21
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purple1what is the plugin something like fastest mirrot00:22
jpmhI am sending files from one server to another over ssh, using unison (for historic reasons), struck me that since it is one way I should use rsync - I bothered to time it - whay is rsync SO MUCH slower?00:22
purple1to route out the government00:22
purple1and is there a cacert man00:22
purple1so I can delete bobblehead injections00:23
pragmaticenigmajpmh, rsync can be sped up if you run an rsync service instance on the remote computer. Otherwise it has to transfer the file, then compare them00:23
purple1how looking at apt install log00:25
jpmhpragmaticenigma: ty so much - that makes sense - now it makes sense that unison keeps those WEIRD files00:28
pragmaticenigmajpmh, yeah they're cache files for each successive run00:28
purple1how looking00:28
jpmhpragmaticenigma: can you see any possible reason then for me making the change I was considering - seems that I may as well stick with unison since it IS WORKING00:28
pragmaticenigmajpmh, if it works for you, and is reliable I see no reason to switch to something else. Especially since it looks like you were running it over ssh to begin with?00:29
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XORWhat is the difference between running a script as a user and using a service file to run a script in linux? When I run a script from a terminal as a regular user, it executes perfectly. However, when I run the same script using a .service file, it mysteriously fails. I have setup the .service file to use my regular account, and added a whoami > lo00:30
XORg.txt to the script in question. The desired account is printed successfully in the log.txt.00:30
jpmhpragmaticenigma: ty so much - yes everything runs over ssh or the approptpiate other encryption protocol for things like web pages and mail access00:31
pragmaticenigmaXOR, is your script meant to be an execute once? or is it an actual service? and is the .service file setup with the right start|stop|restart hooks?00:32
purple1where see logs00:32
XORI have a .timer setup with the .service file.00:33
pragmaticenigma!patience | purple100:33
ubottupurple1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/00:33
XORThis is my service file.00:35
XORDescription=Runs duplicacy backup script.00:35
XORExecStart=(Correct Path)00:35
XORDescription=Runs duplicacy backup script.00:35
pragmaticenigmaoh no00:35
pragmaticenigmaXOR, use pastebin please00:36
XORI accidentally copied the content of the .service file twice.00:37
XOROkay pragmaticenigma00:37
pragmaticenigmaXOR, only saw about 6 lines before the server kicked for spam00:37
purple1gwen rocks the mic dunshe00:38
pragmaticenigma!offtopic | purple100:39
ubottupurple1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:39
pragmaticenigma!patience | purple100:39
ubottupurple1: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/00:39
XORI am attempting to automate my Duplicacy backups with a script.00:41
pragmaticenigmapurple1, the logs you are looking for are in /var/log/dpkg.log and /var/log/apt/history.log00:41
XORThe service file correctly executes my script.00:42
purple1no admin app like windows has?00:42
GoopIs it possible to configure Lubuntu onto a 8GB flashdrive that doesn't write or change anything on the computer or flash drive, but add a remmina VNC/RDP client and automatically connect to a network?00:42
pragmaticenigmaXOR, that kind of sounds like a task better suited for cron?00:42
XORI was aiming for native integration with systemd.00:42
purple1run that under some text editor then00:42
XORAnyways, the script correctly calls the program when run by the .service file. However, the program responds incorrectly only when run by the .service file.00:44
pragmaticenigmaXOR, my opinion would be to run as cron, only because it's meant to run on a schedule. if a job gets missed it can be automatically launched after a reboot, you can verify it's execution in your syslogs, I just see more benefit than systemd00:44
jpmhXOR, ahve you checked the envronment00:44
jpmhXOR - often I have thins that run fine at the shell and then not elsewhere and I fix the environment variables and all works00:45
XORWhat do you mean jpmh?00:45
jpmhXOR: see my second comment00:45
pragmaticenigmaGoop, you could setup the drive to have persistance, which would allow you to install packages after setting up the drive and booting from it. The installation will not affect the host computer00:45
GoopWell, actually, I like how the "live" boot works with Lubuntu, but every package and setting I change gets reverted next reboot. I want to know if I could configure/install a couple of things, then have it act just how the current "live" edition works.00:47
pragmaticenigmaGoop, you are using a USB drive?00:47
pragmaticenigmatake a look at this article: https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/14912/create-a-persistent-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive/00:48
pragmaticenigmaGoop ^ ^ ... that article will help you reflash the drive so you have persistant storage which allows you to install apps00:49
pragmaticenigmapurple1, yes, you can use a regular text editor to view the file00:51
black_13what version of ubuntu come qt5+ and gstreamer installed00:52
pragmaticenigmayou should be able to install those from the package manager if they're not installed by default. KDE desktop environment is based on QT and will likely have the qt libraries installed00:54
pragmaticenigmablack_13, ^ ^ ... gstreamer is able to be installed via the package manager if not already installed00:54
black_13i know00:55
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pragmaticenigmablack_13, when you say version, do you mean like 16.04, 17.10, etc?00:56
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purple1yeah there is a version of the spin00:58
purple1the base is ubuntu00:58
purple1it looks like this is the newest version for 32bit00:59
purple1how about b43fwcutter01:00
purple1can it extract what is running for backup?01:00
pragmaticenigmapurple1, You haven't told us what you are trying to accomplish with b43fwcutter01:03
learningcWhen I install packages, Ubuntu terminal will use message like use : sudo apt install mypackage .  Why is it not apt-get instead? Has the keyword apt replaced apt-get?01:04
pragmaticenigmalearningc, yes01:04
jerichowasahoaxlearningc: basically01:04
learningcSo we don't need to write apt-get anymore?01:05
pragmaticenigmalearningc, correct01:05
learningcI see. Thanks01:05
purple1extract the current firmware01:06
pragmaticenigmapurple1, b43fwcutter was an old technique for installing broadcom drivers into linux (from what I remember) and is no longer supported. If your computer is having trouble connecting via WiFi, you may need to ask a more relevant question to receive help on that then.01:07
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jerichowasahoaxpragmaticenigma: some older broadcom hardware won't work with any other method01:09
pragmaticenigmajerichowasahoax, I am aware that there are still cards that require that step, I own several. However, I have no idea why it's being asked about as the poster has not responded to my inquery on what they are even attempting to do01:11
purple1create stability by backing up the firmware01:12
jerichowasahoaxpurple1: response makes no sense01:12
purple1so "your friendly neighbor" doesn't break in and flash the firmware01:13
pragmaticenigmapurple1, if your friendly neighbor is breaking into your home, you have bigger things to worry about01:13
purple1why worry01:13
jerichowasahoaxpurple1: if an attacker has enough access to your system to flash malicious firmware onto your wireless chipsets, you've got a bigger problem than "do i have a backup"01:13
jerichowasahoaxpurple1: a "format every drive you have, all your data is effectively compromised" level problem01:14
purple1not if at each sitting the system is built from the firmware up01:14
purple1which reminds me to look into rbit01:14
pragmaticenigmapurple1, please see https://tails.boum.org/ ... looks to be exactly what your needing. We don't support it, but you're free to reach out to their community with any questions01:15
purple1they dont know what they are doing01:16
pragmaticenigmapurple1, we have no further help for you. I wish you well in whatever you're attempting to do.01:18
purple1talked to them on discord the same day some clowns show up with  a teenager who did not identify01:20
purple1day aftethe summation was an addition to the enemy combatant list01:20
pragmaticenigmapurple1, ENOUGH. This is a support channel for Ubuntu. That is offtopic and not appropriate for this chat room. Please take your conversation elsewhere01:20
jusssgnome 3.28 is available on ubuntu?01:26
Bashing-om!info gnome bionic01:27
ubottugnome (source: meta-gnome3): Full GNOME Desktop Environment, with extra components. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.22+9 (bionic), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB01:27
pragmaticenigmajusss, gnome 3.28 is scheduled to be released as part of ubuntu 18.04. For more information /join #ubuntu+101:27
jussspragmaticenigma: ok01:27
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redstart67Hi there peeps! Just installed my first ever linux distro, in an attempt to get some use from an ancient netbook from the WindowsXP era, running a single core 1.6Ghz atom cpu on 1GHz of RAM! Was painful to use running Win7, but with a lightweight version of Lubuntu installed, it;s running nicely & now that I've discovered that the chromium web browser runs stably, I'm taking my first ever steps with using the command li01:56
redstart67indow to try & get used to doing things without using a graphical file manager!01:56
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Bashing-omredstart67: :) Welcome to linux .01:59
pragmaticenigmaThat's great redstart67 ! Did you have a support question that we can help with?01:59
ubottudocumentation is to be found at https://help.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - https://www.andrew.cmu.edu/course/95-799/rute.pdf01:59
redstart67To be honest, I've so many that I can't even think of what to focus on first? Is it really worth trying to force myself to use the command line for basic file management & so on, rather than continuing to use a graphical file manager? I've been rtold that over time, that will more than pay off, but it's taking some adjusting to, as it's painfully slow as I relearn basic stuff like launching software from a command, rath02:05
redstart67cking icons or dragging & dropping them between windows? Howevert, it does feel good when I nail a command properly! Is it really as useful to relearn things as people say it is?02:05
redstart67Apologies for not having a proper issue to ask about, but I'm sure that I'll be returning frequently in the coming days with a list of stuff to work through? I jsy wanted to say hi really!02:07
AuroraAvenueredstart67, Hello. you achieved a friend.02:09
AuroraAvenueLevel 202:09
energizerin gnome i want to add the topbar sound indicator to my other monitor also but i dont see hwo to dothis02:11
Bashing-omredstart67: Understand that no one knows all there is to know about terminal - take it east and you will pick up and learn what you need . in the menatine, learn the installed manual . In terminal do ' man man ' - 'q' to quit :)02:12
energizerwhat is the name of the menu on the top bar that has the power off, sleep, sound, bluetooth?02:14
purple1it didnt work02:16
purple1broke the x environment and wifi02:16
purple1this has been the first update since install02:16
purple1if you are assisting pragmaticenigma you can have a user account for timeshare02:17
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purple1this is a wrapping of unimatrix zero02:18
redstart67Thanks! I feel happy to have found this room full of linuxy ubuntu folk to help me work through the many great looking resources & websites supporting these great distros! I'd been wanting to dip my toe into the linux world for so long now, but had never gotten around to doing so until trying to revive some old hardware to give it another lease of life finally forced my hand & now I'm wondering just why I've put it off 02:18
redstart67m having so much fun & also learning more about the amazing systems around these days than I'd ever imagined possible? Thanaks for the advice & I'll have fun this weekend, working my way through all the basics of file management again from the manual. I didn't even realise that was there, so many thanks & see you again soon, no doubt?02:18
purple1join cncnet once the government software is removed the government is defunct02:18
purple1target geographic locations02:19
purple1the atom does have some bogomips pragmaticenigma run a process like seti02:19
pragmaticenigmapurple1, you have been asked to take your conversation to another room. This room is for Ubuntu support only.02:20
purple1the update didnt work02:21
purple1not smoothly at least02:21
Kumoolredstart67, no, GUI's are the future (or past, since, you know, faster) forcing yourself to use CLI for everything actually slows you down a lot, its clearly not worth it in many instances02:21
purple1it all installed but broke the desktop and wifi02:22
pragmaticenigmapurple1, we cannot support your system. your customizations have taken your computer and installation out of scope from the abilities of this support channel.02:22
purple1did you see some customizations?02:22
purple1it was an install and update02:22
pragmaticenigmapurple1, I told you earlier, I'm not helping you anymore02:22
purple1what is the official xubuntu cd then02:23
Kumoolwhat i mean is, GUIs are really old technology, do get acquainted with the CLI since its useful, but GUIs are still faster in many respects, when they arent its a problem with the application itself and not that GUIs are inherently bad02:23
redstart67OK then. So perhaps I'll just familiarise nyself with how to use commands, but not worry too much about forcing myself to use it all the time, as it's certainly slower for me at the moment?02:24
redstart67Thanks for your input, as I've read so many different views & opinions on how linux is best used, especially when compared to other operating systems, so it's difficult to know what to think sometimes? people can become almost evangelical in their ideas about these distros sometimes, so it's good to hear the thoughts of some users who actually use these systems to do real world stuff on02:28
redstart67Anyway, way past my bedtime now, here in UK, so many thanks again, happy ubuntu people & see you again soon :-[02:29
Kumool:) do come again for any questions02:30
pragmaticenigmapurple1, The offical download site for Xubuntu is https://xubuntu.org/download .. you can find instuctions on how to verify your ISO image here: https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-how-to-verify-ubuntu#0 and ISO checksums can be found here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/16.04/release/ ... A full install, without any modification or self compiled programs can be supported by this chat room or /join02:31
pragmaticenigma#xubuntu ... as long as you stick to the tutorials offered by the ubuntu.com and xubuntu.org domains we can support your system.02:31
keridennahi can any one told me how to use 'su'02:47
akikkeridenna: you can use su  to change into any user02:48
pragmaticenigma!su | keridenna02:48
ubottukeridenna: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo02:48
akikkeridenna: "su -" changes into the root user, "su - username" changes into username. you need the target user's password02:48
keridennaok thanks02:50
akik!su explanation talks about sudo :)02:50
ubottuakik: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:50
keridennahi how to install wpa-wps testor02:54
Kumoolfn sudo { su -c $* root }02:54
pragmaticenigmaKumool, please be careful with posting commands and code in the chat room. there are users who may not understand what those commands and code do and risk damaging their systems. Let's stick to the support questions that come in, and avoid creating new ones02:56
pragmaticenigmakeridenna, we can only support applications that are provided through the default package repositories from the Ubuntu domain. I do not see listings for that application, therefore it is not supported by this channel02:59
pragmaticenigma!pm | keridenna02:59
ubottukeridenna: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.02:59
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purple1pragmaticenigma: link to the public log then03:02
purple1there was a nick which gave some info about broadcom03:02
purple1while you helped03:02
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at https://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ . LoCo channels are now logged there too. Meetingology logs at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/03:04
keridennawhat does this command do : gksudo "gnome-open %u"03:05
keridennawhat does this command do : gksudo "gnome-open %u"03:09
hsoshipenghello everyone03:09
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hsoshipengwhere are you from? keridenna03:11
keridennaand you03:12
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mylanconnollykeridenna, that should be a command to open a file with the default handler for that file type, using elevated permissions03:12
hsoshipengI  don't know your country ...03:13
hsoshipengdo you know china?03:14
krytarikThis isn't a general chat channel.03:14
keridennado you know africa03:14
keridenna<hsoshipeng> do you know china? yes I know it03:15
pragmaticenigmahsoshipeng, keridenna : please keep your conversation to support related questions and answer about ubuntu. If you would like to chat, please join us in /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:15
WorldGenesis[v]!offtopic hsoshipeng03:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:16
hsoshipengChina and Africa are good friends03:16
pragmaticenigmahsoshipeng, PLEASE take your conversation to /join #ubuntu-offtopic03:16
purple1jerichowasahoax: what was that comment about format?03:17
purple1looking at the logs it missed my reading03:17
purple1it looks like the update systems dont work well for one03:19
purple1though the live distros seem to be my own proxy code03:19
purple1like slipping into shoes that fit from wear03:20
purple1though the security updates are supposed to sort of be a live patching of exploits as they are released, right?03:20
purple1we talk about then and now03:24
ZaZaQRtalk about what?03:25
purple1yet thenew barcode is next to the old03:25
purple1the old still there03:25
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purple1ZaZaQR: i.e. the debate of using commandline or gui03:27
purple1and the barcodes03:27
purple1I'd propone the new03:28
purple1somebody want to drink the cup?03:28
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pragmaticenigma!ot | purple103:32
ubottupurple1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:32
CantonMathGuyHow can I find the environmental variables a program uses?03:32
keridennahi how to install a theme03:33
pragmaticenigmaCantonMathGuy, what is the program?03:33
zer0xInstalled 18.04 today and encountered a bug: if I install CMake, slack and viber won't work since CMake uses libccurl4 and slack/viber needs libcurl3. Is there any possible fix?03:34
pragmaticenigmazer0x, use the Slack snap rather than compile from source. Also 18.04 is not supported here, please /join #ubuntu+103:35
zer0xthanks pragmaticenigma03:36
pragmaticenigmaCantonMathGuy, Duplicacy does not appear to be a program supplied through official Ubuntu package channels. Which means it cannot be supported here. I recommend that you locate the documentation provided by the software developer, as that will have the necassary information you are seeking.03:37
ajbozdar_How is the relationship of Ubuntu Software and Flatpak. It seems flatpak is messing with my artful Ubuntu. :(03:37
=== ajbozdar_ is now known as ajbozdar
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, Ubuntu supports snaps. Flatpak is not a supported application03:39
zer0xafter installing a snap? how can I run the app? Slack for example, there's no command slack, is it snap run slack or something?03:41
ajbozdarAnd you know what, I love snaps. And you also know what, Gnome hates snaps, Gnome loves flatpaks..03:41
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ajbozdarzer0x: Why do you need a command to run a snap? Are you on a server?03:41
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, I can understand that. Still limited on what can help. You can check in /join #flatpak to see if they are able to help resolve your question03:41
zer0xoh yeah snap run slack, correct guess. ajbozdar: I'03:42
zer0xI don't know, my desktop doesn't has slack command03:42
ajbozdarCheer, zer0x03:42
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: I am looking into their channel. Let's see how they respond to my structured query.03:43
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, to the best of my knowledge Ubuntu should not care that Flatpak is installed03:44
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, however, if you installed via a PPA, it's possible the PPA is supplying a package that contains a version different than what Ubuntu has in their packages03:45
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, which is why 3rd party ppa are considered use at your own risk03:45
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: You are absolutely right. I just curled flatpak and integrated it with the Ubuntu Software. Now it is dancing horizontally.03:46
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: Because it tries to install "up to date" software.03:47
ajbozdarI talked with a gnome developer and he said, they just want to go with the flatpak because it works for them. Gnome + Gitlab + Flatpak =~ Gnome 4.0 This is how they are thinking.03:48
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: But if this is the case why Ubuntu wants Gnome to be the default DE? Can you answer this?03:49
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, that decision was made at Canonical and their reason is they didn't see Unity as a viable product in the future.03:53
pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/10/why-did-ubuntu-drop-unity-mark-shuttleworth-explains03:53
ajbozdarThen why canonical is not supporting flatpak? It is like you want milk but skimmed and still don't lose the weight.03:54
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: I assume you are using Artful 17.10. May I know what exactly you are using? Don't say vanila...!!!03:56
tyoc213Hi there, if I install the latest ubuntu... but what I really want is the new LTS (that comes in April) how I update it to that one and keep on that version???03:58
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pragmaticenigmaajbozdar, I use 16.04 for its LTS. I don't use snaps as I don't personally believe the in the philosophy. I believe there are much better ways to offer up-to-date software03:59
ajbozdarFor instance?03:59
pragmaticenigmatyoc213, 18.04 has not been released officially yet and is not yet supported. There is no upgrade path from the beta to the official release. You should install 16.04 at this time or wait for the official release04:00
pragmaticenigmatyoc213, for further assistance please /join #ubuntu+104:00
tyoc213 /join #ubuntu+104:00
pragmaticenigmaI'm sorry ajbozdar, we've travelled into offtopic and I'm going to have to drop it04:01
pragmaticenigmatyoc213, remove the space in front of the forward slash /04:01
CoJaBopragmaticenigma: Lots of places are saying the beta can be upgraded to release tho04:01
tyoc213pragmaticenigma, yeah, stupid copy paste04:01
pragmaticenigmaCoJaBo, it can be, but it isn't guaranteed to be as stable as a clean install04:02
tyoc213so... how one goes about one LTS to another???04:02
pragmaticenigmaCoJaBo, or stable as using the upgrade path from 16.04 to 18.04 when it becomes available04:02
tyoc213it is a whole swipe of the system each time (each 4 years or so?)04:02
ajbozdarpragmaticenigma: You are free to drop it.04:02
pragmaticenigmatyoc213, no... when it's possible to do the upgrade, you will see a prompt in the GUI offering to upgrade your system to the latest LTS release04:03
tyoc213I see, so if I keep from LTS to LTS, no problem then04:03
ajbozdarSo 18.04 is going to be rolling release, right?04:03
pragmaticenigmaThere is no current plans for a rolling release at this time04:03
pragmaticenigmaUbuntu will continue to release a new version every 6 months, with a long term release every 2 years04:04
chrome-drivermy google-driver is not working it says failed to request04:04
pragmaticenigmatyoc213, that is the schedule, however the automatic update to 18.04 will not be available right away. Ubuntu has typically waited until the .1 release to offer the automated upgrade. Once most the initial bugs have been flushed out04:07
Ben64"There is no upgrade path from the beta to the official release"04:07
Ben64that's false04:07
wreoWouldn't you be able to change the repo sources for apt?04:08
wreoor would that not be enough?04:08
tyoc213I see04:08
Ben64that's never the right thing to do wreo04:08
tyoc213thx for the info pragmaticenigma in the other channel they also mencioned the simple one to 18.04.104:08
pragmaticenigmaIt is true, there is no upgrade path. You are already on the update channel for 18.04... there would be nothing to upgrade04:08
tyoc213so I guess that is not the one in the next month04:08
tyoc213that is only 18.0404:08
pragmaticenigmacorrect tyoc21304:09
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pragmaticenigmaBen64, changing the apt sources list is what do-release-upgrade does. Along with checks to ensure all sources have the appropriate branch available to the new version of Ubuntu04:11
pragmaticenigmaafter that it call apt dist-upgrade04:12
Ben64doesn't change what i said at all04:12
chrome-drivermy google-driver is not working it says failed to request Please help04:13
pragmaticenigmaBen64, you are correct, it's not wise to simply update the apt sources with the new branch version. as the do-release-upgrade program does system checks for comptibility and does it's best to ensure it's safe to do the upgrade without risk to the data on the machine04:14
pragmaticenigmachrome-driver, what is "google-driver" i have never heard of that04:14
chrome-driversorry i mean chrome-driver not google-driver04:14
pragmaticenigmachrome-driver, that is software provided by google and is not part of the Ubuntu package management system. You will need to contact google's or chromium's support channels for assistance04:17
pragmaticenigmachrome-driver, see /join #chromium-support04:17
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Kumoolis it just me or does spotify crash anybody elses' system?04:26
=== sjohnson is now known as sanjide
=== sanjide is now known as sjohnson
Kumoolmmm just me then04:34
ghostnik11hey i am trying to compile a 4.9.87 kernel with patches for a asus t100taf but i can't on the actually asus t100taf b/c it doesn't have any space so now i am trying to do it off of my laptop. i know i can do it and i have copied the entire folder and put into my home folder on my laptop. but when i run make it tells me i need some packages before it will do the process04:38
ghostnik11my laptop has an intel icore 5 cpu and in terms of my asust t100taf it has an intel baytrail cpu04:39
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ajbozdarI just installed cinnamon. Do you know how to move applet to top?06:16
ajbozdar*applet = panel.06:18
ajbozdarI wanted to say bottom panel. I want to move it to top.06:18
f00lesthmm is there an irc in the world that is moderately active 24x706:27
bazhangf00lest, there are, but this is support not chatter06:28
bazhangf00lest, you should ask in #freenode for that06:28
f00lestbazhang, owh06:28
f00lestbgd ?06:31
f00lestwhat is that number mate?06:31
bgda mistake:)06:32
pr0tI am trying to install Ubuntu server 17.10 but it doesn't see my raid array device, but when I check the logs it does see sda and sdb which are the two drives that make up the array06:45
pr0tBut it they don't show up in the partition GUI any ideas?06:45
pr0tAnyone around?06:49
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noj_hi guys just installed ubuntu but didnt tick install updates box-manually updated from terminal with "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" then checked to if any needed updates from inside ubuntu software centre, none needed-however sound card drivers are not present how do i fix this guys?07:25
noj_nothin present in the software and updates>additional drivers either pertaining to sound card drivers07:26
noj_have rebooted also just to be safe07:27
noj_(certain it wasnt a reboot issue)07:27
noj_every other install same versions 16.04/17.10 sound has worked fine but i always ticked both boxes during installation this time i did not only selected the bottom box from inside ubiquity07:29
allizomnoj_, first things first: have you checked your preferences / Audio / output for selected sound card and volume?07:31
mateothegreatnoj_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure actually has a good punch list07:32
noj_omg i am a bannana head it was on mute i am so sorry for wasting your time07:32
mateothegreatwoo.. crisis averted!07:32
mateothegreatmute button works... check that off the list too ;d07:33
* noj_ cant beleive how silly he is 07:33
noj_i was wondering what runs my audio (re drivers) on a linux system i have a gigabyte A8N-E-deluxe07:35
noj_is it pulse audio or is that a program07:35
noj_on windows its realtek audio i think07:35
noj_so from what ive been reading pulse audio is a network-capable sound server-i think that means its a driver by reading the description of what it does can anyone confirm that its a driver for my own learning curve please07:44
cfhowlettpulseaudio is the sound handler in ubuntu.  NOT a device driver07:45
cfhowlett!realtek > noj_07:46
ubottunoj_, please see my private message07:46
noj_<ubottu> thanks07:47
noj_<cfholett> thanks07:48
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noj_<cfhowlett> is this the name of driver that my system is using to run my sound; both of them-see imgur link08:01
=== vemacs is now known as Guest33642
cfhowlettseems legit.  AMD for normal use and nvidia for HDMI.08:03
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noj_guys need some help on basic setup of ufw for a home pc for security so far have denied all incomming and allowed all outgoing-will this be fine for using browsers irc and torrent or will i need a rule for transmission and a port number-pretty sure i know how to do but am noob re ufw and firewalls re linux08:16
noj_have enabled ufw also08:17
cfhowlettI enabled UFW.  transmission has never triggered it08:17
noj_may sound odd but need i do anything other than deny incomming and allow outgoing08:18
noj_for reletive security re firewall08:18
SimarillionHello channel.08:20
SimarillionI just managed an install of xUbuntu on an ASUS Vivobook08:20
SimarillionAfter querying the system to be sure i booted/installed UEFI/GPT with commands: [ -d /sys/firmware/efi ] && echo UEFI || echo BIOS #and# the sys response was UEFI.08:22
cfhowlettnoj_, default ufw has always worked for me.  YMMV.08:25
SimarillionThe only other commands i am familiar with to verify this are: dmesg | grep "EFI v" #the sys response was: [    0.000000] efi: EFI v2.31 by American Megatrends08:26
noj_what folder does ubuntu 16.04 mount internal drives want to find them in terminal dont know where to go to from root08:27
armhi all08:27
armi am Arm Bian08:27
=== arm is now known as Guest69203
noj_they are all already mounted fyi08:27
Guest69203i want online radio08:27
noj_none are usb all hdd08:27
Guest69203please give me a advice08:28
noj_all gud08:28
SimarillionI also ran the fdisk -l and reply was MBR: protective GPT: present08:28
Guest69203yep yep!08:28
SimarillionI'm unsure if i should run Python commands because i don't have all of the necessaries from the repository.08:29
SimarillionI think fdisk08:30
VTCoderRecently, I wasn't able to boot on Ubuntu as the disk was left with no space. I booted using live cd and moved some of the data. I see some errors now while booting. Some PCIe error. Is it due to the described event?08:30
SimarillionI have used gdisk08:31
VTCoderSomeone here?08:32
cfhowlettonly 1500 people here08:33
SimarillionVTCoder did you backup your partitions and data before you moved things around?08:34
noj_<cfhowlett> wouldnt that mean it was active but not doing anything-serious question, iam new but from what i read assume that would be the case-what you think?08:34
csbadheMy screen is blinking and it's saying /dev/sda1:clean, <some number> files, <some number> blocks08:34
csbadheplease hel08:34
VTCoder@csbadhe is it stuck on that?08:34
konradosHi. I tried to install unity-tweak-tool and at the end I got this: http://dpaste.com/1BJHPHM - E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1) -  does it mean it did not get installed?08:35
csbadheyes VTCoder08:35
VTCoderkonrados reboot and retry installing08:35
konradosVTCoder: OK, sec. I'll be back :)08:35
VTCoder@csbadhe is it showing some kind of terminal then?08:36
Simarillionok, before you move/resize anything else, wait for assistance or guidance. I always backup my partitions and data (prior to moving/resizing or deleting partitions). Did you reformat any of the original partitions - don't..until someone knowledgeable about your situation can give suggestion,08:36
csbadheIt's terminal like window but I can't type anything there it is struct on that warning @VTCoder08:37
SimarillionSometimes you may be able to recover partitions and data. Why didn't you run ubuntu from a portable USB?08:37
csbadheI tried fsck repair but it not worked08:37
VTCoderThat's not a warning @csbadhe. did you try working out with nvidia the last boot?08:38
SimarillionWhat command/method did you use to move/resize/change the partitions VTCoder?08:38
csbadhe@Simarillion are talking about to me?08:38
VTCoder@Simarillion Like what are you asking?08:38
VTCoderI didn't resize or something08:39
SimarillionNo am speaking to VTCoder.08:39
SimarillionNo problem csbadhe08:39
VTCoderI moved my data to another disk and ubuntu sucessfully booted08:39
SimarillionVTCoder, ok..08:39
VTCoderbut now some errors have become often08:39
Simarillionit booted, and then..08:39
VTCoderI suspect either it's becouse of VirtualBox or some part of ubuntu has been affected08:40
VTCoderI'd like to know more about it.08:40
SimarillionCan you remember any of the error messages (write them down next time you see an error and then you can report them in this channel so that someone may be able to give you better solution)08:41
VTCoderPCIe Bus Error: severity=Corrected, type=Physical Layer, id=00e8(Reciever ID)08:42
SimarillionDid you download a lot of packages and additional apps after the Ubuntu install VTCoder?08:42
VTCoderdevice [8086:9d1b] error status/mask=00000001/0000200008:43
VTCoder[ 0] Receiver Error08:43
VTCoderSimarillion yes08:43
VTCoderbut I installed this copy of ubuntu months ago.08:43
VTCoderAnd till the time I didn't work with VirtualBox(it was the reason why I got out of memory), It worked without errors.08:44
VTCoderBTW, This error shows up while booting itself.08:45
Simarillionpackage= OS software packages (example, Debian packages)08:45
VTCoderyes many08:45
VTCodercsbadhe you did fsck for / or /dev/sda1 ?08:46
ducasseVTCoder: have you tried booting with a different kernel?08:47
VTCoderducasse nope.08:47
ducasseVTCoder: then try that first08:47
VTCoderWell I'll be back then08:48
csbadhefsck for / VTCoder08:48
SimarillionNot all software packages for Debian are stable for use with various Ubuntu OS versions (distributions)08:48
VTCodercsbadhe do it for /dev/sda108:48
VTCodercsbadhe try doing the third answer of this:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/882385/dev-sda1-clean-this-message-appears-after-i-startup-my-laptop-then-it-wont-c08:49
VTCodertill then I'd try booting in different kernel08:49
csbadheYeah okay. I'm trying. Will be back thanks @VTCoder08:50
SimarillionDid you upgrade your version of Ubuntu?08:50
SimarillionThis could be a system response to a fsck check, csbadhe08:52
csbadheNo. I did not upgrade. @Simarillion08:52
SimarillionDid you run a disk check, csbadhe. The  /dev/sda: clean generally occurs after a disk check08:55
VTCoderducasse you were right. It was the kernel.08:56
VTCoderI rebooted using 4.4.112-generic and all was right08:56
csbadheYeah. I did disc check with fsck it's saying same error on the terminal @Simarillion08:57
VTCoderis it because maybe virtualbox doesn't support 4.4.116-generic nicely enough?08:57
VTCodercsbadhe did you try doing fsck for /dev/sda1?08:57
csbadheYeah tried @VTCoder08:57
csbadheit didn't fix08:57
csbadheI don't have CD now08:58
ducasseVTCoder: could be, it could also be a kernel regression.08:58
VTCoderducasse could you explain a bit?08:58
SimarillionHere is a link -csbadhe-  https://askubuntu.com/questions/761653/startup-problem-in-16-0408:59
ducasseVTCoder: it could just be a bug that (re)appeared in that kernel version09:00
SimarillionThere you go, VTCoder, help is already helping (Nice, ducasse)09:01
VTCoderalso ducasse, a point to be noted, in previous versions of virtualbox, if you try installing them on newer kernels, it doesn't installs09:01
VTCoderThanks ducasse09:01
SimarillionYes, they don't always play nice (not all are stable, they are still in development)09:02
VTCoderand Simarillion too09:02
SimarillionBUT..they are free.09:02
konradosVTCoder: I can't purge the unity-tweak-tool because of "unmet dependencies" o.O why does it want to meat the dependencies when I want to remove the package?09:02
SimarillionYou are very welcome. I only gathered the information, i wish i could assisted you but i do not have the experience the others do.09:03
konradosVTCoder:  It tells me to run apt-get -f install - but it works globally, right? On all the packages? I am a bit scared of running, I just wanted to tweak one small thing o.O09:03
sivahulkis anyone is there09:04
VTCoderkonrados yeah try it. It won't be a problem09:04
konradosVTCoder: hmmmm ok... but right now I would like to just turn back time and just not install this package, 200MB ehhhh09:05
VTCoderkonrados, first try installing unity-webapps-common otherwise09:05
sivahulkis there any video players09:05
ducassekonrados: try 'sudo dpkg -P unity-tweak-tool'09:05
sivahulkfor movies09:05
sivahulkcan u say in english09:05
konradosVTCoder:  without removing/or other things?09:05
VTCoderkonrados yes.09:06
konradosducasse: thanks I'll try it after trying the other way:)09:07
VTCoderkonrados or yet if it doesn't work, try purging09:07
VTCoderand then autoremove and autoclean followed by installing09:07
konradossivahulk - vlc media player?09:07
VTCodersivahulk smplayer is nice in case of ssh and slow speed09:08
konradosVTCoder ducasse `sudo dpkg -P unity-tweak-tool` I did try it and it seems it works, so... I'll try installing again09:10
konradosit still says The following packages have unmet dependencies o.O09:11
VTCoderdid you try purging?09:11
VTCodersudo apt purge unity-tweak-tool09:11
Simarillionthere are video player that run in ubuntu.09:12
konradosVTCoder: I tried now and again: The following packages have unmet dependencies: unity-scope-gdrive : Depends: account-plugin-google but it is not going to be installed09:12
SimarillionYou can download them from the software store.09:12
VTCoderSimarillion in-built video player has some problems with older versions09:13
VTCoderkonrados could you tell about your system specifications09:13
SimarillionBe careful where you go to download them if you don't do so in the software store. Some sites are on the risky side.09:13
VTCoderSImarillion smplayer could be installed by apt and it's nice. Especially for older encoding. for newer encodings, in-bilt workds fine09:14
konradosVTCoder: Linux konrad 4.4.0-98-generic #121-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 10 14:24:03 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux - DISTRIB_RELEASE=16.0409:15
VTCoderkonrados ?... Could you share system specs09:15
konradosyes, it's above, is there something else I should post?09:15
SimarillionVLC LAN is another but downloading these items is taking a risk if you do not have a virus/malware scanner to verify them as 'germ-free (virus or malware - PUP)09:15
VTCoderUpdate once09:15
konradosVTCoder:  just to be sure, sudo apt-get update - ?09:16
VTCoderBTW Simarillion how to report some bugs?09:16
konradosI just wanted to tweak one small thing :)09:16
VTCoderkonrados as you wish. Any way you'll get to learn something new ;)09:17
SimarillionReport them to team project developers of the package09:17
VTCoderSimarillion where?09:17
ducasse!bug | VTCoder09:17
ubottuVTCoder: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:17
SimarillionSubmit bug report to the developers (check where you downloaded the package from).09:17
VTCoderthanks ubottu09:18
konradosVTCoder: but I constantly have problems with apt-get o.O btw, doing the update one of the msg were: AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors. - should I be worried?09:18
SimarillionThank you ubottu.09:18
VTCoderkonrados first upgrade then followed by update and then upgrade09:18
SimarillionI am not a developer or coder..just a humble nub myself. VTCoder knows more than i.09:19
VTCoderSimarillion I am too a noob09:19
SimarillionIf you are a coder, you are not a noob.09:19
VTCoderSimarillion thanks for the compliment09:19
SimarillionYou are an apprentice with a future.09:20
VTCoderSimarillion thanks.09:20
konradosVTCoder: but I'm scared of doing upgrade :) Do I really have to? I wanted to do it on 2020 or something ... ok, you live only once! Sec!09:21
azi`I deleted my sources.list by accident, what is the best way to recover it properly?09:21
VTCoderkonrados yes you NEED to09:21
SimarillionI'm an old fossil..but i have tried and installed many packages and found out the hard way..agghh..crash and burn.09:21
noj_if i change setting to ipv6=no from inside file "sudo nano /etc/default/ufw" will it disable ipv6 for my system wide?-ufw installed and enabled09:21
VTCoderkonrados I check for updates nearly every two days XD09:22
konradosVTCoder: ok ok :) btw, it says: You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these... and again the unmet deps. So... maybe I'll do it :)09:22
Simarillionazi (see this link) https://askubuntu.com/questions/586595/restore-default-apt-repositories-in-sources-list-from-command-line09:22
ducassekonrados: do the 'apt install -f' if you haven't already09:23
konradosducasse: VTCoder I'm getting crazy :(((( This is why I hate this apt-get and upgrading and updating .... - http://dpaste.com/2S5A6HJ09:25
Simarillionok, i am going to run python script to verify my boot status just to be on the diverse side.09:26
ducassekonrados: run 'sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/account-plugin-google_0.12+16.04.20160126-0ubuntu1_all.deb'09:26
SimarillionGood thing you showed up ducasse, i was out of my depths re: VM installs.09:27
azi`Simarillion: thanks09:27
Simarillionand..simply out of my depths.09:28
SimarillionDi that help azi?09:28
konradosducasse: : dpkg: error processing package account-plugin-google (--install): dependency problems - leaving unconfigured09:28
=== sudheendra_ is now known as sudheendra
Simarillion*Did* that help you at all, azi`?09:28
konradosducasse: full: http://dpaste.com/2TNX85D09:29
SimarillionYou are welcome, azi`. Same thing happened to me long while back.09:29
ducassekonrados: 'sudo dpkg --configure unity-asset-pool'09:31
konradosducasse: done, no errors, what's next?09:31
SimarillionSome of the Debian sftwr pckg dependencies had bashed they daylight out of my Ubuntu..12.04.4..Yikes! yes, i remember it well.09:32
ducassekonrados: run 'sudo dpkg -i --force-overwrite /var/cache/apt/archives/account-plugin-google_0.12+16.04.20160126-0ubuntu1_all.deb' again09:32
konradosducasse: done, now purge?09:33
SimarillionWell people, i'm off myself to run a broken packages/orphans sweep on my other machine.09:34
ducassekonrados: no, try 'sudo apt install -f' again, let's see if it's good now09:34
SimarillionThanks for the lesson konrados...(my motto is: watch and learn)09:34
SimarillionAnd thanks a bundle, ducasse.09:35
konradosSimarillion: and you did learn something? It's different than in my case o.O09:35
ducasseSimarillion: yw :)09:35
SimarillionGnome and Unity keeps us all learning.09:35
SimarillionSometimes the hard way.09:35
konradosducasse: just btw, do you really mean 'apt install' not 'apt-get install...'?09:36
SimarillionI better flee, 5 minutes to coffee. B'bye fellow human beings.09:36
ducassekonrados: doesn't really matter, i use 'apt' mostly because it's less typing :)09:37
konradosducasse: ah, I didn't even know there is such animal :) And yes - it worked. So... should I now do the upgrade and update?09:39
ducassekonrados: if that finished without errors everything should be ok09:40
konradosducasse: cooool. So... should I try to sudo apt-get install unity-tweak-tool again?09:41
konradosI mean that's not really important to me to have it, but if there is a chance it will work now:)09:41
ducassekonrados: you can try, pastebin full output if it fails09:41
konradosok, sec09:41
=== sudheendra_ is now known as sudheendra
konradosducasse: ehhhh, I give up. Yeah, it did install, no errors. But when I try to run it (from console btw) I get "com.canonical.notify-osd In order to work properly, Unity Tweak Tool recommends you install the necessary packages" - so I give up09:43
konradosducasse: but thank you!09:44
ducassekonrados: odd, any dependencies should have been installed09:44
ducassekonrados: at least you can install and update without errors now09:45
=== mike_ is now known as Guest90090
konradosducasse: so... I'll try sudo apt-get upgrade now :)09:46
ducassekonrados: use 'apt-get dist-upgrade' instead09:46
konradosducasse: I once did it, 1.5 years ago, and then spent 2 days reinstalling everything, I have trauma now09:47
konradosI think I'll leave it for now :)09:47
ducassekonrados: all it does is handle changed dependencies, use 'upgrade' if you feel safer :)09:48
konradosducasse: ok I will. BTW, it will not upgrade my kernel right?09:49
konradosI mean I will use the dist-upgrade. But does this or upgrade change the kernel?09:50
konradosI really have trauma with this apt-get things o.O09:51
ducassedist-upgrade does, at least - i don't use upgrade so not sure. you can hold it back, though.09:51
konradoswhat do you mean by "hold it back"?09:51
ducasse'apt-mark hold linux-image-generic' will prevent it from being upgraded09:52
konradoswhere do I put it? Just like that, in the shell? so sudo apt-mark... ?09:53
ducasseyes, with sudo09:53
moom9hello how can i install xchat?09:54
ducassemoom9: xchat is no longer maintained, and has been replaced with hexchat09:55
moom9thanks how can i install hexchat?09:56
ducassemoom9: 'sudo apt install hexchat' or use the software centre09:56
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VTCoderkonrados you here?10:25
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.10:30
* qswz nvm, just some spanish question10:31
=== VTCoder__ is now known as VTCoder_
=== VTCoder_ is now known as VTCoder
VTCoderjerry just closing other useless sessions10:43
BluesKajHi folks10:54
ActarusHey everyone :) a quick question... What IRC clients do you use?10:57
Actarusmateothegreat, sure :)10:58
mateothegreatirsii if you're command line privvy10:58
Actarusmateothegreat, I am learning irssi10:58
mateothegreatquassel is _decent_ but buggy10:58
Actarusmateothegreat, yeah I found out that10:59
mateothegreatActarus: get them hotkeys dialed in and you'll never go back ;D10:59
jonnyblazehello,how can i find out whichkernel i have installed using apt?10:59
TJ-Actarus: weechat10:59
TJ-jonnyblaze: "apt list linux-image* --installed"11:00
TJ-jonnyblaze: running kernel version using "uname -r"11:00
ActarusTJ-, I'll probably try that next11:00
IrritiableHi, TJ-.11:00
TJ-Actarus: I use weechat since it's very programmable11:00
mateothegreatcat /etc/lsb-release for dist info11:01
ActarusTJ-, thx for the advice, I'll try that11:01
TJ-Also, weechat is a ncurses terminal not GUI so I can use it without a GUI, via SSH sessions, and so forth, so for my use-case it's much more flexible11:05
ActarusTJ-, wow I did not know that... It seems I have a nice project to try for this weekend :)11:07
SumpherienHi everyone !11:09
ducasseActarus: with weechat you can also use e.g. a webclient like glowingbear through a relay11:09
TJ-Actarus: I wrote a python extension called 'follow' for it to help IRC support; it allows me to pull all conversation with a/some  nickname(s) into a seperate buffer so the conversation doesn't get confused by unrelated messages, and logs it to a separate file, so I can easily follow and review complex issues.11:10
SumpherienI'm looking for some help to use an accountancy app working with Silverlight that I need to access through Firefox. Any idea ?11:11
SumpherienOr how can I install IE11 on a linux-based distro ?11:12
TJ-Sumpherien: sounds like you need a Windows virtual machine; I don't think there's any reliable Silverlight support nowadays.11:14
SumpherienThanks for your answer TJ-, I already have a VM with Win7 on it, but my problem is that I'm trying to work on a laptop that is not that fast, so I wanted to know if there would be a more comfortable solution...11:15
TJ-Sumpherien: As I recall, even when Silverlight was being actively pushed by MS and sites as an alternative to Flash, The Linux support was severely lacking due to not being able to implement various DRM features11:20
SumpherienTJ-: ok :)11:22
SumpherienHow does it work when the app is detecting I'm not using Internet Explorer ? Can I cheat it so I can use another navigator ?11:23
lord4163what's a good music player that can stream music to my network music player?11:24
lord4163I can't find a single one11:25
TJ-Sumpherien: it's generally doing various Javascript tests; in some very limited cases you can fudge that by modifying the Javascript as it is loaded but that usually leads to weird problems and is guaranteed to frustrate you but not get you any benefit11:25
TJ-lord4163: something like minidlna you mean?11:26
SumpherienTJ-: So... no real solution. Hope my accountant will evolve and stop making crappy apps that only work under windows11:27
lord4163TJ-: I don't want to setup a server, just play a damn song..11:27
IrritiableSumpherien: Crappy because they're crappy or crappy because they work under Windows?11:29
SumpherienIrritiable: crappy because we're in 2018 and I'm still forced to buy a specific OS to work on an online application... :D11:30
BluesKajlord4163, VLC has streaming capabilities, but I've never really tried to use them11:31
=== masber is now known as masuberu
lord4163BluesKaj: I can't find it...11:33
TJ-Sumpherien: that's proprietary lock-in for you; only long-term option is to avoid those services that do it, even if it causes short-term pain11:33
lord4163BluesKaj: This is ridiculous. We have 1001 music players and none of them support basic shit like this.11:33
TJ-lord4163: what is this 'network music player' ? Don't they all expect/use DLNA?11:34
SumpherienTJ-: But it's for my professionnal accountancy, I can't work another way at the moment...11:34
TJ-Sumpherien: I sympathise.. that's the bind always.11:34
=== masuberu is now known as masber
lord4163TJ-: Yes...11:35
lord4163TJ-: and how do I stream to it from Ubuntu?11:35
TJ-lord4163: using a DLNA server... e.g. minidlna, or any appication that has an internal DLNA server11:36
BluesKajlord4163, some research on your part is required too. in vlc click on media then stream11:37
lord4163BluesKaj: That's just to open a stream11:37
lord4163TJ-: Why do I need a server? I already have a server? My raspberry pi is running gmediarenderer-resurrect11:38
TJ-lord4163: as BluesKaj just said, VLC, File > Stream11:39
TJ-sorry, Media > Stream11:39
tomreynSumpherien: you could now tell your professionnal accountancy that you no longer consider them to be professional next year if they wont have progress in terms of offering cross platform services  by then.11:40
BluesKajlooks like we're dealing with "attitude here, think i'll for go this one , not in the mood11:40
Sumpherientomreyn: Sure !11:40
lord4163TJ-: Doesn't support dlna?11:41
cfhowlettlord4163, Tools → Preferences → All → Playlist → Services and Discovery, and enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).11:42
cfhowlettThen go to VLC main menu and click View → Playlist and scroll down to Local Network. Locate Universal Plug and Play and click on it.11:42
cfhowlettA few moments later your media service should be shown on the main window to the right. If you click on it (or double click) then it will start showing you all the folders/files being served. Give it time as it took mine almost 30 seconds to show everything.11:42
cfhowlettSince VLC 2.x you can skip the Tools process and directly go to View -> Playlist -> Local Network -> Universal Plug'n'Play to get the DLNA devices on your network listed and stream from them.11:42
TJ-!info pulseaudio-dlna module | lord4163 you could try11:44
ubottulord4163 you could try: 'module' is not a valid distribution: artful, artful-backports, artful-proposed, bionic, bionic-backports, bionic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable, utopic, utopic-backports, utopic-proposed, vivid, vivid-backports, vivid-proposed, wily, wily-backports, wily-proposed, xenial, 11:44
TJ-!info pulseaudio-dlna | lord4163 you could try11:44
ubottulord4163 you could try: pulseaudio-dlna (source: pulseaudio-dlna): Stream audio to DLNA devices and Chromecasts. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.3+git20170406-1 (artful), package size 488 kB, installed size 817 kB11:44
TJ-lord4163: documentation from upstream for pulseaudio-dlna showing how to use it is at https://github.com/masmu/pulseaudio-dlna11:45
lord4163TJ-: I will try that11:47
TJ-lord4163: I use the same mechanism (but not DLNA) to stream media from one PC to another using Pulseaudio in the same way11:48
TJ-lord4163: allows you to have music that follows you from room to room :)11:48
konradosducasse: VTCoder_ heeey! Please help me again:) I did the 'upgrade' and now I see this: http://dpaste.com/1GZPTMZ11:51
konrados"A new version (/usr/share/unattended-upgrades/20auto-upgrades-disabled) of configuration file "11:51
konradosI wants something from me11:52
lord4163TJ-: doesn't work11:52
konradoslike, to make a decision11:52
tomreynkonrados: what are you upgrading from and to there?11:53
VTCoder_konrados first option according to me11:53
ducassekonrados: choose one of the first two choices11:53
happy_hackerHow do you update one package from a PPA?11:53
Irritiableapt-get update?11:54
IrritiableYou mean one particular package?11:54
VTCoder_happy_hacker add the repository11:54
IrritiableYou mean you want to only update a given package? *11:54
tomreynhappy_hacker: you have the PPA already setup?11:54
konradostomreyn: I believe I'm upgrading everything... sudo apt-get upgrade, and I'm a bit scared11:54
konradosVTCoder_: ducasse ok, thanks!11:54
VTCoder_happy_hacker then update and install whichever software you want11:54
=== VTCoder_ is now known as VTCoder
happy_hackertomreyn: Yes, I setup the repo and the package is installed. It has a bug or two and I wanted to try updating it.11:55
ikoniaupdating it ?11:55
ikoniaif there was a later version wouldn't the PPA have offered it11:55
ikoniaand if there is a later version wouldn't you be better to check the chnge log to see if it fixes your problem before upgrading11:55
Irritiablehappy_hacker: Are you trying to update the ONE package or ALL packages?11:56
VTCoderhappy_hacker after adding the repository, it acts similar to the main packages. Just update11:56
ikoniaand also what are the dependencies it pulls in and how would they impact your system11:56
happy_hackerIrritiable: that ONE pkg11:56
happy_hacker7:03:20 < happy_hacker> How do you update one package from a PPA?11:56
tomreynhappy_hacker: if the PPA offers a newer version, you should be able to install it using just "sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade"11:56
Irritiablehappy_hacker: I'm not sure if you're able to do that or not; you can use: sudo apt-get update11:56
VTCoderkonrados any updates you'd like to share?11:57
Irritiablehappy_hacker: I saw your question. Ergo: My question (equally repeated for clarification).11:57
Irritiable[06:54:17] <Irritiable> You mean you want to only update a given package? *11:57
happy_hackertomreyn: that pulls in other things I didn't want to update atm11:57
Irritiablehappy_hacker: Ah! So I was right. :)11:57
IrritiableVTCoder: He wants to update *ONLY* the one package.11:58
tomreynhappy_hacker: sorry, if you only want to upgrade this one specific packaghe then it's: sudo apt update && sudo apt install PACKAGE11:58
Irritiable"FROM" the given PPA name.11:58
happy_hackerIrritiable: I didn't see that first question.11:58
Irritiablehappy_hacker: I kind of figured. :p11:58
lord4163TJ-: got it working, this is awesome :)11:59
VTCoderkonrados I'd be back in a minute12:00
TJ-lord4163: what was the initial problem?12:00
lord4163TJ-: the raspberry pi12:01
happy_hackerso "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade go-for-it" yesterday listed it's repo in update, but did not update the pkg  Hit:5 http://ppa.launchpad.net/go-for-it-team/go-for-it-daily/ubuntu artful InRelease12:01
happy_hackerLooks like maybe there isn't an update available.12:02
happy_hackerhttp://ppa.launchpad.net/go-for-it-team/go-for-it-daily/ubuntu/dists/artful/Release     Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2018  0:13:59 UTC12:03
tomreynhappy_hacker: https://launchpad.net/~go-for-it-team/+archive/ubuntu/go-for-it-daily?field.series_filter=artful suggests the same12:03
happy_hackeranother guy from Gentoo here (herb)12:03
VTCoderkonrados any update?12:03
happy_hackerwonder why he calls the repo 'daily'12:04
happy_hacker Go For It! (daily builds)12:04
TJ-happy_hacker: Groundhog Day maybe? :p12:04
happy_hackerTJ-: Or he's a leap year baby ... they're special.  ;)12:05
happy_hackerThe bug I found wasn't listed, so I'll brighten his day later.12:06
ikoniawhy are you blindly using daily builds12:09
ikoniawhy not actually look at the bug - look where/how/if it's fixed in other releases12:09
IrritiableHow do you make it so you can execute a bash script (*.sh file) by simply double clicking on it? Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; the file has been tagged as an executable. dconf editor does not seem to be working.12:11
IrritiableNor is nautilus; https://askubuntu.com/questions/299052/how-to-execute-sh-script-from-a-desktop-shortcut12:11
happy_hackerikonia: excuse me, but this is the second time you're been accusatory towards me, and the last12:11
ikoniaI'm not accusing you of anything12:11
ikoniaI'm asking you12:11
TJ-Here's a confusing issue! Using mutt (mail client), sorting on Date, it ignores year! I'm in a mailbox with contents from 2005-2018 and it's only sorting on day/month !12:12
happy_hackerikonia: you don't know anything about me, what I do for a living, what my life is like12:12
=== howarth is now known as howarthjw
ikoniahappy_hacker: that doesn't change the question12:12
happy_hackerikonia: "why are you blindly using daily builds" is accusatory12:12
ikoniano, it' asking a question12:12
happy_hackerMatt, I've seen you around these parts for years. You back off now.12:12
ikoniahappy_hacker: I'm asking a question nothing more12:13
ikoniaand well done on typing /whois12:13
happy_hackerikonia: I'm wasting two more sentences on you, and that's it.12:14
happy_hackerikonia: First, I already know there's a bug, and it's nor previously fixed. If so, I wouldn't have it in the lastest build, unless it was a regression.12:14
ikoniahappy_hacker: but it's a daily build, not a later release12:15
happy_hackerikonia: Second, I code for a living, and have been working too many hours to fool with a little app like Go-For-It! atm.12:15
happy_hackerikonia: Read the buffer, and hit the apps website. No more time wasted on you.12:15
ikoniawhat has "I code for a living" got to do with anything12:15
happy_hackerikonia: You need an attitude adjustment.12:15
ikoniahappy_hacker: you do - asking a question is not unreasonable, more so if it may save you pain in the long run12:16
happy_hackerikonia: I don't have to whois you, because I know you from other channels, such as #gentoo. You wouldn't want that log to be publicly posted. It just proves you're more into critical stuff than helpful.12:16
ikoniahappy_hacker: wouldn't want what to be posted ?12:17
happy_hackerikonia: have a nice life12:17
happy_hackeryou're on ignore for me ;)12:17
ikoniahappy_hacker: I hardly ever use gentoo12:17
mateothegreatgot the internet goin' nutz12:17
mateothegreatpaul wall12:17
konradosrestarting computer, hope it will survive, see you and thank you ducasse & VTCoder !12:20
IrritiableHow do you make it so you can execute a bash script (*.sh file) by simply double clicking on it? Ubuntu 16.04 LTS; the file has been tagged as an executable. dconf editor does not seem to be working.12:28
IrritiableNor is nautilus; https://askubuntu.com/questions/299052/how-to-execute-sh-script-from-a-desktop-shortcut12:28
ikoniaIrritiable: what makes you think it's not executing12:28
ikoniaIrritiable: what's the actual permissions on the file being called by the shortcut12:29
TJ-Irritiable: Is it opening in an editor rather than being executed?12:29
IrritiableTJ-: Yes.12:30
IrritiableI'm assuming Linux supports some form of "file association" based on "file extensions" (similar to that of Windows)?12:31
IrritiableThe only common approach I see is to create a (in my eyes: duplicate) "desktop" file to which you run the script with... Seems redundant.12:32
IrritiableYet it has 27 up-votes.12:32
TJ-Irritiable: right, usually it's down to a setting in the desktop environment and/or the application itself, based on how it handles MIME-types12:33
Irritiable"File Manager > Edit > Preferences > Behaviour forExecutable Text Files. In Ubuntu it is set to View Executable Files when they are opened"; currently on XFCE4 (I was using Unity earlier). I need to log off and try it.12:33
ikoniaIrritiable: thats interesting, so it see's the .sh exension as a file to be edited12:33
ikoniaIrritiable: if you put the shortcut /usr/bin/bash $path_to_exeuctable does that work ?12:34
ikoniaso that the shortcut is executing bash with the script as a parameter ?12:34
TJ-ikonia: yes; I recall that behaviour changing  many years ago and being rather broken after, GUI not making it easy to set the default action or ignoring the setting12:34
konradosducasse: VTCoder: ok, seems everything is fine after this big upgrade, thank you very much again!12:35
ducassekonrados: np, yw :)12:35
IrritiableTJ-: Would you know, off hand, which file is being edited so I can just nano-edit it via the terminal?12:35
IrritiableCurrently installing Win7: Pro 64-bit on Virtualbox; can't switch from XFCE to Unity right now (I could just save the machine state but; I'd rather not).12:36
ikoniaTJ-: I think the assocition problem has been around in one form or another for a long time,12:38
ikoniaIrritiable: is this a shell script you've written yourself ?12:38
Irritiable181 up-votes; I'll tinker with it in a minute.12:41
ikoniaIrritiable: did you write the actual script ?12:41
Irritiableikonia: Yes.12:41
ikoniaIrritiable: does it have the shebang and is the actual script marked as executable by the user who you are trying to run it as on the file system12:42
Irritiableikonia: Yes.12:43
ikoniawhat is the shebang set to12:44
TJ-Irritiable: I changed it to "Run Program..." but then it prompts for program arguments12:44
TJ-ikonia: it's no the shell script, it's the File Manager settings12:44
ikoniaTJ-: no, I appreciate that, I'm just wondering if it's possible to call a shell and execute12:44
TJ-ikonia: it is supposed to be, and there are options in the list of available actions but it's confusing12:45
ikoniaTJ-: I was also under the impression it was a desktop shortcut, not just clicking in the file manager12:45
IrritiableUnder Linux: The desktop is just another file directory (folder), no?12:47
howarthwhat is the deal with the gnome menu widgets under Gnome?12:49
TJ-Irritiable: OK, on the shell-script itself I brought up the context menu > Properties > Open With > Other Application > Use a custom command = "/bin/bash" and checked 'use this for all files of this type'12:49
howarthOn Ubuntu 16.04's Unity desktop, gnome-stable shows a chrome widget in the right hand side upper menu bar area12:50
TJ-Irritiable: at the top of the dialog where you have "Use a custom command" it says something like "this file and files of type shell script"12:50
howarthUnder 17.x and Bionic's gnome desktop that one doesn't show up but Dropbox and others do.12:50
IrritiableTJ-: Thanks.12:52
lotuspsychjehowarth: you mean the indicators at right upper corner?12:53
=== phren is now known as zuseffex
lotuspsychjehowarth: in gnome-tweak-tool you can enable/disable indicators addon on ubuntu 17.10 and higher but not all indicators show yet12:57
howarthWonder if that makes it  a gnome or a chrome bug?12:58
lotuspsychjehowarth: i dont think its a bug, just not indicators work as like on unity13:00
howarthI was surprised to see that you could still install a unity desktop on bionic but it seems to have some issues.13:01
lotuspsychjehowarth: i think that will be the plan, to still be able to run unity on 18.0413:02
howarthLike not always moving the menu bars to the top of the screen and sometimes reporting the name of the running app as unkown13:02
howarthso I assume they yanked enough of the unity hacks out of the OS that it might not really run as well as on 16.1013:02
lotuspsychjehowarth: ive tested qbittorrent and indicator shows there13:03
howarthThe only reason I am interested is that I thought the app indicator had a feature to autolaunch chrome in it.13:03
lotuspsychjehowarth: you want a quick chrome experience?13:04
howarthI am also puzzled by the visual gap between the app indicators for Dropbox, etc and the wireless app indicator13:04
lotuspsychjehowarth: yeah the gap could be seen as a bug i think13:05
TJ-Irritiable: interestingly, that operation creates a .desktop file in $HOME/.local/share/applications/<name>-<RANDOM>.desktop ... but the contents don't include a MIME-type mapping to the shell script so there must be some other link between a target file's 'magic' (the shebang line) and this .desktop entry13:05
lotuspsychjehowarth: just tested with qbittorrent, its the same gap13:06
lotuspsychjehowarth: im using chromium-browser with preload on bottom dock13:07
lotuspsychjepretty responsive13:07
howarthUnless I am mistaken, only the Google-branded chrome has the full integration with their password system, etc, right?13:08
lotuspsychjehowarth: you mean with google services sync?13:10
howarthmore of the issue where it autofills your passwords across machines for the same account13:11
howarthso if you have multiple associated gmail accounts, once you login under the first one, the additional ones always autofill the passwords13:12
lotuspsychjehowarth: chromium handles autofill too13:13
lotuspsychjehowarth: you could test it out for yourself perhaps?13:13
howarthI'll have to try it again. Last time I did, I seem to recall a different behavior13:13
howarthand I thought that Chromium was missing some non-free tech13:14
MonkeyDustI use chromium inside a firejail sandbox13:14
howarthHow well does that plays with stuff like Google Hangout that want to access to the mic and camera?13:16
lotuspsychjehowarth: sudo apt install chromium-browser13:16
howarthCan you run google-chrome-stable under firejail? I don't see it listed on their web site.13:17
IrritiableLol! "firejail"13:18
za1b1tsuCan apt be wrong about some packages that are no longer required? For example I have qutebrowser installed and apt says libwebkitgtk-1.0-common python3-pafy is no longer require and that I should run autoremove?13:18
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: if your system says its gonna remove something, its needed..but what apt doenst know is how a user messed up his system with ppa's13:19
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: did you add external ppa's of any kind?13:20
MonkeyDustIrritiable  firejail is a handy safety layer13:20
za1b1tsulotuspsychje, yeah, many. But how am I suppose to install stuff that is not in the offical repository otherwise?13:21
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: we reccomend installing only packages from the official repos13:21
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: there are so many choices, snaps,backports,alternatives available13:22
pagiosanyone tried the samsung gear 360 on linux?13:22
lotuspsychjepagios: this is not the linux channel, only ubuntu support here mate13:22
pagiosubuntu us linux!13:22
lotuspsychjepagios: ok and do you have an ubuntu support problem?13:23
pagiosanyone tried the samsung gear 360 on ubuntu?13:23
lotuspsychjepagios: we dont take polls neither, how about you try to install ubuntu on your device?13:24
lotuspsychjepagios: gear is that the samsung watch?13:24
pagiosthe cam13:25
za1b1tsulotuspsychje, sorry, noob question, so if I see an application I like and has installation instructions only for a repository, I should not install it?13:25
lotuspsychjepagios: wich Os does it have now?13:25
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: the way we reccomend is if you need a package, search software centre of apt-cache search first13:26
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: or sudo snap find your-keyword13:26
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: external ppa's often scramble the ubuntu system into dependecy hell13:27
kostkonza1b1tsu, try using only official project ppas or repos that usually only contain/offer their app and in just one package, like many do13:28
kostkonza1b1tsu, do not use random 3rd party ppas or repos13:29
za1b1tsuI see, well I learn as I go, someday I will probably need to start fresh install13:31
lotuspsychje!ppapurge | za1b1tsu or clean your system13:32
ubottuza1b1tsu or clean your system: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html13:32
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=== argus is now known as argusbr
za1b1tsulotuspsychje, but apps that like I like, like for example qutebrowser, will be broken or uninstalled, correct?13:34
za1b1tsu*that I like13:34
skupraNajbolji sajt na ovim prostorima: https://skupra.org/13:35
lotuspsychjeskupra: no ads here please13:36
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: removing ppa's result to purge their packages yes13:37
ioria!info qutebrowser bionic13:38
ubottuqutebrowser (source: qutebrowser): Keyboard-driven, vim-like browser based on PyQt5. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-1 (bionic), package size 1213 kB, installed size 4433 kB13:38
kostkonza1b1tsu, which Ubuntu release are you on13:40
za1b1tsuubuntu 16.04 xenial, Lubuntu13:40
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: links2 is also a pretty cool lightweight browser, from our repos13:41
za1b1tsuwhat is is this bionic, xenial? So qutebrowser is supported in bionic and not in xenial?13:42
ubottuUbuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver) will be the 28th release of Ubuntu - Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1518 - Discussion in #ubuntu+113:43
za1b1tsuso why are they split like this? what's the purpose?13:44
iorianew release, new software, more or less13:44
za1b1tsubut based on what they choose to include some packages in bionic and not in xenial? I dont remember during ubuntu installation being asked about xenial, bionic etc13:46
ubottuUbuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus) is the current LTS release of Ubuntu. Download at http://www.ubuntu.com/download - Read the release notes at https://ubottu.com/y/xenial13:46
za1b1tsuoh, wait13:46
ioriaza1b1tsu,   cat /etc/issue13:46
za1b1tsuwhich one has the most software?13:48
lotuspsychjeza1b1tsu: ubuntu 18.04 is still in development branch right now, final in april13:49
zaibitsuOhh so every new releasa is called differently, like I cant install from bionic repo et13:50
lotuspsychje!backports | za1b1tsu an option13:51
ubottuza1b1tsu an option: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging13:51
kungenTesting, Hi!13:51
lotuspsychje!support | kungen welcome13:51
ubottukungen welcome: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com13:51
kostkonkungen, hi13:51
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howarthfyi, they pushed the bionic beaver wallpaper out this morning13:58
lotuspsychjehowarth: ubuntu+1 for 18.04 support please13:58
lotuspsychjehowarth: #ubuntu+1 that is13:59
pragomerany help? using a logitech bluetooth mouse under 17.10 and the mouse moving are totally laggy. any ideas about issues?14:03
=== beaver is now known as beaver31415
MrCrackPotBuildeHi quick question is it possible in ubuntu to create a folder called htmlTemplates. Inside this folder i have two more one is CompleteList and another is Source Templates. What im looking at doing is creating shortcuts to the index.html files inside the completeList folder. So i can view them all quickly rather than browse through folders. Is this possible with ubuntu14:17
MrCrackPotBuildeor would it be better to create an List.html and use a local webpage to browse the examples ???14:19
=== hoshi_ is now known as hoshi
MonkeyDustMrCrackPotBuilde  you can create links from within each separate folder, to one folder, all collected14:24
MrCrackPotBuildethat sounds perfect and exactlyy what im looking for MonkeyDust14:25
MonkeyDustMrCrackPotBuilde  you can do it with ln -s or with nautilus file manager14:25
MrCrackPotBuildeCan i rename each one ?? so i dont just have hundreds of index.html14:25
MonkeyDustMrCrackPotBuilde  you can rename the link names14:26
MrCrackPotBuildewith ln -s im guessing id create something like redchilli.html  and then ln -s redchili.html /WebTemplates/redchilli/index.html14:26
MrCrackPotBuildewow thats going to take a long as time for over 200 templates14:27
MonkeyDustMrCrackPotBuilde  ln -s creates a symbolic link14:27
MrCrackPotBuildewish id started this when i began14:27
MrCrackPotBuildesymbolic link is just it acts and does everything the orginal does regardless of name ??14:28
MonkeyDustMrCrackPotBuilde  yes14:28
MrCrackPotBuildenow can i script it14:28
MrCrackPotBuildeautomate the process14:28
MrCrackPotBuildebecause im a bit ocd14:28
MrCrackPotBuildeevery index.html file im after is inside its own folder with all source as mentioned14:29
MrCrackPotBuildeso could i scrap the folders for all the index.html files then have it call the new symbolic link the same name as the parent folder ???14:30
darkdrgn2k3hi all14:37
darkdrgn2k3what is network-manager's role on ubuntu...14:37
darkdrgn2k3ie: if i dont have a gui can i get rid of it .. but wil /etc/network/interfaces still work14:37
MrCrackPotBuildedarkdragon depends14:40
MrCrackPotBuildefor some weird reason on my pi i had this issue but could still use the bluetooth device14:41
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MrCrackPotBuildei know you have both though as my server has a startx option but i dont use it but i still manage all interfaces by gui14:42
=== redlegion1 is now known as redlegion
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager14:44
darkdrgn2k3i dont have X its a server14:45
darkdrgn2k3i dont really care about wireless client14:45
pragmaticenigmadarkdrgn2k3, I think the info is a little out of date. However, in the upcoming release ifupdown is being removed in favor of Netplan. In either case, NetworkManager is responsible for enabling the seemless transition between network connection. Far as I can tell, removing it means if any connection goes down, it won't automatically roll over to an active one.14:49
=== antimist|alt is now known as antimist
pragmaticenigmadarkdrgn2k3, my recommendation is test it on a different, non-important system and find out14:50
heckfyпривет всем! Кто-нибудь русскоговорящий есть здесь?)14:53
messashmitmsg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER messashmit swlrmyzqlor14:57
messashmit what the14:58
messashmitnow i go to change everything.14:59
messashmitsorry. My k/b/mouse are trash.15:00
darkdrgn2k3pragmaticenigma, i guess my question is will it bring up eth0 on boot without it15:00
doge-dogeyoutubeTV won't play in chromium unless chrome is installed?15:00
doge-dogeis anyone here a youtubeTV subscriber?15:00
darkdrgn2k3(i have a driver that causes it to hang with simple commands like iw dev)15:00
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, might want to have your client auto register your nick when you connect to the server. check your IRC clients settings, most have a way to configure auto register15:02
tomreyns/auto register/auto identify/15:03
messashmitthanks pragmaticenigma15:04
skinuxHow do I shut down iptables to see if that solves connection refused problem?15:04
pragmaticenigmadarkdrgn2k3, I'm not sure, that's why I suggested a different machine or VN to find out. In theory, NetworkManager is just that, a manager. Aside from an interface, it also makes it easy to automate failover, connection to VPNs, etc. But to my knowledge it does so using the later below it to do that.15:04
EriC^skinux: flush the tables, sudo iptables -F15:04
messashmitgoing to fix this schmit right now.15:05
EriC^skinux: also sudo iptables -P INPUT ACCEPT   for the INPUT OUTPUT and FORWARD policies15:05
pragmaticenigmadoge-doge, Youtube should work in Chromium, however, Chromium does not contain any proprietary format or DRM support. YoutubeTV is a subscription service that requires DRM15:06
doge-dogeum, it's working in chromium15:06
doge-dogethe weird thing is that the chrome.deb needs to be installed first15:06
doge-doges/chrome.deb/the chrome deb file from google's site15:07
doge-dogeit's also working in firefox too15:07
skinuxOUTPUT is invalid15:07
doge-doge480p max resolution in all browsers though15:07
pragmaticenigmadoge-doge, that is because chrome.deb installs the DRM and propriatary pieces. Linux works by installing applications in a way that allows them to share resources, libraries and other supporting pieces. By installing chrome, those propritary adn DRM pieces were installed in a shared area that Chromium can access15:08
doge-dogegoogle claims it can't verify HDCP in linux that's why only 480p15:08
doge-dogeoh well, let's hope a cheapish smart tv can play it in higher resolution15:09
pragmaticenigmadoge-doge, HDCP is a encryption technology that verifies a secure connection between the application and the display showing the content.15:10
doge-dogecan't you bypass hdcp with a beefy capture card anyway? like what's the point15:11
jj27Hi guys. Fairly new to linux, so bear with me.  I installed 16.04 server w/o desktop and told it to use LVM with 40GB of space out of my 120GB SSD.  df -h shows the correct space in use, but looking at parted it created 3 partitions, boot, extended, and a logical LVM, but the extended and LVM space is extended all the way out to the end of the drive.  I was hoping to use the 80GB of free space for other things.  What can I do?15:12
pragmaticenigmadoge-doge, depending on your jurisdiction, breaking HDCP to copy media is illegal, specifically the united states.15:12
pragmaticenigmajj27 can you post the output of df -h and parted to pastebin? then post the pastebin link here?15:14
doge-dogewell, all I really wanted is to watch "soccer" in 1080p, so I think getting a smart tv is more preferable than installing Windows15:16
skinuxEriC^: I don't know how to do those commands, you'll have to give them to me explicitly.15:16
messashmitwell, now everyone knows the machine i just installed ubuntu on has a lame driver for touchpad/mouse buttons.15:16
MrCrackPotBuildeMonkeyDust the symbolic link didnt work it opens the webpage bu doesnt load the assets15:17
jj27pragmaticenigma: thanks. here's the pastebin - https://pastebin.com/dYwEeBDM15:17
BillD73jj27: personal preference to paste   <commands> | pastebinit in term, url will be returned when complete. it uses https://paste.ubuntu.com/ which is add free15:21
messashmiti just installed this solid state drive in this laptop, the original hard drive was, seagate (would have made a better coaster, than hdd). I spent a couple hours on hammering the install out on this machine.15:21
jj27BillD73: noted - i'll use that instead. Thanks :) I didn't read the MOTD so I apologize.15:22
BillD73jj27: no need to apologize jsut passing along the info15:23
messashmitI didn't have any errors but the touchpad driver is for schmit. What question i have is UEFI-GPT really the wrong way to have installed onto the ssd.15:24
jj27pragmaticenigma: here's a cleaner version:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mZRRNGz7mm/15:24
messashmiti have 3 intel ssd 1 toshiba ssd. bought them in 201415:25
doge-dogehey btw I have another quick question, is doing a clean reinstall install to a ssd easier than trying to migrate all data over from a hdd?15:26
rommelmessashmit, all of mine are uefi and gpt15:26
pragmaticenigmajj27, you are correct that your LVM partition took over the entire drive. I know that LVM's can be resized after they have been created, though I'm not familiar with how to do it15:26
doge-dogeI'm assuming a luks lvm is a bit of a nightmare to resize...15:27
OnkelTem_Hi all15:27
rommeli have 4 linux a bsd and win10 on various ssd's all using uefi15:27
OnkelTem_Does anybody know why Linux is so unstable when it comes to memory usage? I have to hard-restart my computer every time it runs out of RAM?15:28
doge-dogeresize the swap partition15:28
OnkelTem_It doesn't spare some space at least to allow for root tty?15:29
pragmaticenigmadoge-doge, LUKS + LVM seraches have shown it is possible, but very difficult15:29
OnkelTem_doge-doge: I don't use any. And it didn't create one for itself15:29
OnkelTem_But why it need to be THAT stupid to just eat all the RAM?15:29
skinuxWait. If iptables is running, shouldn't service be able to shut it down?15:30
OnkelTem_and not allowing to FIX this situation15:30
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem_, how are you determining you are out of ram?15:30
BillD73jj27: https://askubuntu.com/questions/196125/how-can-i-resize-an-lvm-partition-i-e-physical-volume https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-enterprise-47/shrink-lvm-without-dataloss-557746/15:30
OnkelTem_pragmaticenigma: I can't think about any other reason. Whenever I do manage to run top, I see that there is no RAM. This happens sometime that I can really do it, but rarely15:30
=== OnkelTem_ is now known as OnkelTem
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem_, what value in TOP are you referencing?15:31
rommelOnkelTem_, its someting in your system15:31
hummingbirdsearch The Story of an African Farm15:31
bob101anyone know the correct syntax for using hydra when you only have apassword field ?15:32
OnkelTemrommel: what do you mean something? Somethings wrong with at least 3-4 versions of Ubuntu and two different computers? I doubt15:32
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, what value in TOP are you referencing?15:32
hummingbird@search The Story of an African Farm15:32
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: I have 16GBs of RAM, there I see that it's exhausted. When I manage to use the root tty, I just kill chrome or phpstorm or whatever and it's fixed, always15:33
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, You still haven't answered my question.15:33
OnkelTemFor 6 years so far15:33
messashmiti have 5 laptops, should i re-install in bios mode instead since all the noise about swapfile grinding down ssd performance over time. I have 8 GB of ram in this laptop.15:33
messashmitGet more ram.15:33
messashmitIf you have a an old HDD or a HDD that is jammed up with files/or other filesystem, it can lag. Is your swapfile (at least 2 - 4 GB) stoopkid.15:33
rommelOnkelTem, having no issue with half a dozen systems i would still say it is something in your system and or its configuration. so what are you running , ie version flavor of ubuntu and on what hardware15:33
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: what do you mean what value?15:34
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, what value in TOP are you looking at to determine that you are out of RAM15:34
jj27BillD73: Thanks. Reading through that article. It won't let me umount my lvm root partition. Might have to liveCD it.15:34
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: I like to run htop actually, I know it takes more RAM for itself. THere ie MEM progressbar, and the green color on it means USAGE15:35
BillD73jj27: that was what I gathered15:35
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, now that I know what you are looking at, i can explain better15:35
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: ok15:35
OnkelTemrommel: maybe, maybe. I wish to know for sure. But I have no means to know it. What's so unlucky do I have with all ubuntus and all computers15:36
messashmitYou might need to review your fstab, see what's going down in there. Hard restarting frequently sounds like some hardware is ready for the scrap heap.15:36
OnkelTemrommel: first, the mouse cursor begins laggy, and if I miss this moment - it's all failed. But sometimes when I quick and lucky enough I just switch to tty1 and kill the process (the because it's chrome 90% of time)15:38
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, that is normal operation of your machine to see that bar fully utilized. I have 16GB and mine is also maxed out. Linux displays memory usage different than say Windows, but it is managed in the same way. When an application runs, it tells the kernel that it would like to reserve 500 MB of RAM. It won't actually use that, but that's what it requests. When the kernel determines it needs more RAM, it will ask the15:38
pragmaticenigmaapplication to return some of that. What you are seeing is all the applications, in total, and the amount of actively utilized ram and reserved ram. when you close a program, it returns all of it's ram to the pool.15:38
messashmitCheck the integrity of your RAM (physical RAM), make sure it's seated properly, even.15:39
messashmitYou watching movies or doing something RAM intensive on that laptop.15:39
skinuxiptables cannot be shut down using service or systemctl, doesn't this mean it's not running?15:39
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: that's not the case. I told it's green color, it's what REALLY used15:39
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, if you actually maxed out all the RAM, without a swap file, your computer would crash. with a swap file, you would see your hard disk activity jump way up15:39
OnkelTemnot file buffers or something15:39
rommelOnkelTem, try another distro, see if it behaves differently.. i am running solus3 on this macbook-pro and it is very fast and stable15:40
pragmaticenigmarommel, that won't make any different15:40
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, Yes, but what does the line below it for the Swp say??15:41
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: and that's what I say: it crashes / hangs because it's exhausting all the RAM not sparing a pair of megabytes for "recovery"15:41
rommelpragmaticenigma, well in terms of kernel configurations and drivers it might..15:41
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, Chrome is one of the most memory hungry programs, especially if you open a ton of tabs. I'm not familiar with phpstorm15:41
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: that's griddy but no that much. 1.5-2Gbs usualle15:42
OnkelTemAnd with Chrome I agree15:42
pragmaticenigmarommel, pretty much all distros use similar configurations to the kernel. When it comes to memory management, they are all the same as that is a core piece of the kernel. customizations are usually in driver support15:43
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, you aren't by chance running 17.10 or 18.04 are you?15:44
rommelpragmaticenigma, possibly but solus is faster at loading as was kde neon then ubuntu on this laptop and gentoo since i configure the kernel is always faster then a canned one15:44
messashmitYep, pragmaticenigma. Windows has a workaround for the swap to be governed and delegated in moderation (you can untick Let Windows handle the swap.)15:45
rommeli do not think all distros use identical configurations but i could be wrong15:45
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: 17.10, Kubuntu yeah. But the issue was the same on 16 and 14 I believe15:46
OnkelTemAnd on 17.04 too for sure15:46
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, okay, for future reference please lead with the Spin that you are using. I assumed you were under Ubuntu. Ubuntu 17.10 and 18.04 use gnome and gnome has a massive memory leak.15:47
messashmitIts not a hat trick, Takes knowledge of sys and apps, the linux kernel is no "flying toaster". It needs RAM and GNOME and Unity aren't making it a lighter load.15:48
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: ah, I see. Ok. As for gnome... as for my old love... and betrayed one, don't even remind me! (crying to the heart)15:49
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, as for Kubuntu, plasmashell has been known to chew through memory too, especially with widgets running15:50
messashmitStill think the dynamics and potential is great. Yep, i figured he had to be roadtesting 17.10.15:50
pragmaticenigmaOnkelTem, beyond that, I really don't know what else could chew through all your ram beyond the typical Chrome loves ram (and web developers write crappy JavaScript that chews up even more)15:51
skinuxAM I asking a dumb question?15:52
OnkelTemYes, I know that. But I just think about a sort of jail for some untouchable space, i.e. which cannot be used by anything except of root for example. There bascially must be such a thing. Also some space for incoming ssh session maybe with some basic shell15:52
messashmitThe internal periphery get nice and toasty, too15:52
messashmit@!# spell check! Peripherals.15:52
OnkelTempragmaticenigma: exactly to correct some issues15:53
messashmitLOL!! pragmaticenigma..they are encouraged to write crap at high speeds even.15:53
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, please watch the language... even obfuscations. This is meant to be an inclusive channel15:54
messashmitMeet that deadline! Gotta meet that deadline and get the stuff out there.15:54
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messashmitA playpen for RAM!! THis i gotta see.15:55
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, do you have a support question? feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics, the guidelines are the same for all #ubuntu related channels15:55
messashmitThere are apps for windows that regulate how much swap gets alloted but not quite jail.15:56
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, do you have a support question? feel free to /join #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics, the guidelines are the same for all #ubuntu related channels15:57
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=== Effedox is now known as coffeedox
messashmityes, i have a question.16:00
messashmiti'm patient.16:00
messashmitCan i run python code via Xubuntu.16:01
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, you can run Python on all Ubuntu derivatives. Python is installed by default on all derivatives as many of the system supporting tools use Python16:03
messashmitthanks, pragmaticenigma.16:04
messashmiti just wanted to get a RL down to earth explanation. Thanks.16:04
pragmaticenigmamessashmit, Python 2 is no longer installed by default in 18.04, Python 3 will become the default Python environment, though you can still install Python 2.x from the package manager16:05
TJ-OnkelTem: it sounds like your underlying issue is the kernel's memory overcommit value is too high; reducing that may help a lot16:06
messashmitJust saw a little piece about that at sourceforge while u were finishing up with Onkel.16:06
messashmitWell won't bend your ear.16:06
messashmitYou have people to tend.16:07
TJ-OnkelTem: this is a good read on the subject with some pointers https://serverfault.com/questions/362589/effects-of-configuring-vm-overcommit-memory#36262516:09
tomreynjj27: were you able to solve the LVM / disk allocation issue?16:19
jj27tomreyn: Not yet.  I have a plan in place, just trying to finish up this work so I can go play a little bit.  I'm going to boot into gParted and resize the LVM there. It's a fresh install, so I'm not too worried about having to re-install.16:20
tomreynthis sounds like a good approach to take.16:21
TJ-resizing an LVM? is that the PV, the VG, or an LV?16:23
jj27TJ-: All greek to me. Probably the LV.16:25
jj27Needing to go from 120GB -> 40GB16:25
TJ-jj27: the way LVM works is you have the raw block device (maybe a partition) e.g. /dev/sda2 which is marked as a Physical Volume (PV). ! or more PVs are used to create a Volume Group (VG), from where multiple Logical Volumes (LVs) can be created. LVs (which are block devices) are formatted with file-systems and mounted16:27
MagePsycho_Do we have any good free cpanel for ubuntu server?16:27
jj27TJ-: Here's the current setup and allocation.   https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mZRRNGz7mm/16:28
TJ-jj27: resizing LVs uses the lvresize command; to resize the underlying PVs pvresize16:28
jj27I can't do anything with the system booted, because it won't let me umount /dev/nas-vg/root16:28
TJ-jj27: what do you want to achieve?16:28
jj27I want to shrink to 40GB, so I can use the other space to create a partition, ultimately, for SLOG for ZFS.16:29
jj27Not all of the free space, but 4G or so, then whatever else i want in the future on remaining space.16:29
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TJ-jj27: OK, so you would need to 'pvresize' so the PV in /dev/sda5 doesn't use the entire partition, then shrink sda5 to the same size as the PV, which would leave free-space that can be partitioned16:30
jj27Ok, Ill try that.16:31
jj27Thank you16:31
TJ-jj27: but does the system only have 1 disk drive?16:31
jj27TJ-: One SSD for the OS / SLOG, but I have 8x2TB that I will be using for my ZFS raidz2 pool.16:33
TJ-jj27: right, so you want the SLOG on sda for the other drives in the zpool?16:33
TJ-jj27: in which case there's no need to mess with partitioning - you could just create a new LV for the SLOG in your VG nas-vg16:34
jj27oh, well that's pretty handy then. I'll google the syntax on that one. Thanks for the tip.16:34
TJ-jj27: it looks like you've only allocated 40GB of nas-vg but it is about 119GB so that'd be simple to do16:35
jj27TJ-: Yup, that was my intention on install. This LVM stuff is new to me. I figured it would just do one partition of 40GB for the OS and leave the free space, but it consumed it all with the LVM :)16:35
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TJ-jj27: "sudo lvreate -n zfs-SLOG -L 8G vg-nas" (set the size - 8G == 8GB) as appropriate16:36
OnkelTemTJ-: thank you very much, I'll read it16:36
TJ-jj27: if you do "sudo vgdisplay" you'll see the amount of free extents (space) in the VG16:36
TJ-arrrgh, typo above too!16:36
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
TJ-jj27: "sudo lvcreate -n zfs-SLOG -L 8G vg-nas"  (lvCreate not lvreate)16:37
Guest57Hello. A bash script run via a .service file is not working with GNOME keyring. How can I fix the error?16:37
jj27TJ-: Great, thank you! I will let you know how it goes.16:39
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
TJ-jj27: the new LV block device when created will be /dev/mapper/vg--nas-zfs--SLOG and have a link /dev/vg-nas/zfs-SLOG (might be a good idea not to use hyphes in the naming to avoid the '--' being required . That's due to the /dev/mapper/<VG>-<LV> naming scheme16:40
=== timo is now known as Guest55722
jj27TJ-: ty. ill modify name when i get time to create it.16:45

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