leftyfbAdmiralNines: If you had to install it, then it probably wasn't encrypted and it won't work or help00:00
AdmiralNinesyeah, so what else might cause this then? the strange thing is the folder is still there, but there aren't any files in it.00:00
AdmiralNinesOh you know what, come to think of it, it should be a mounted drive....00:00
leftyfbAdmiralNines: was it mounted before?00:00
oerhekscheck those mounted disks for errors?00:00
ravageAdmiralNines, can you paste the outputs of "mount", "df -h", and "fdisk -l" `00:01
ravageplease use a paste service on the topic :)00:01
AdmiralNinesthere it is, /dev/sda. it's got 4.5Tb00:03
AdmiralNineswell now I feel stupid :)00:03
ravagemount /dev/sda2 somewhere and you may find your data00:04
morganuleftyfb, Not a question. I DO notice the difference in attitude to help people online from years ago in #ubuntu, and even more years ago(when I didnt get some 27floppy version of linux, started with the letter s, Didnt ever get it running when they wanted a new person to be hazed first..   Things are much better now.00:08
AdmiralNinesit's back! Whew00:09
AdmiralNinesthank you so much guys. I'm glad it was an easy fix.00:10
AdmiralNinesI'm just coming off of covid and my brain is not what it was before that.00:10
leftyfbAdmiralNines: word of advice, disable the root account00:10
leftyfbAdmiralNines: you don't need to login as root .....  ever00:10
AdmiralNinesthanks for the tip, i'll do that00:11
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lotuspsychjesem: can you please run; apport-collect 1973464 to complete your yesterdays bug?02:08
xheimlichthis isn't really an ubuntu question but I don't know where to start.02:09
xheimlichI have a laptop running ubuntu and an old chromebook that's able to ssh, within a wi-fi network.02:10
xheimlichwhere do I start researching how to set up ssh access from the chromebook to the ubuntu machine?02:11
Crucifyywill need to open port 22 or config it to a diff port as well.  22 is default02:16
xheimlichI'm still on 18.04 but I think I can find something equivalent.02:16
Crucifyyi use PuTTY on my windows machines for SSH02:16
Crucifyyshould be the same commands02:17
xheimlichthis chromebook seems to have a chrome browser extension "crosh".02:17
xheimlichanyway. thanks.02:17
Crucifyyno experience here with chrombook, but im assuming anything similar will be gTg02:18
Crucifyyany time my guy!02:18
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xheimlic1great sucess, thanks!02:29
xheimlic1I just need to get either screen or tmux now.02:31
xheimlic1thanks again, this is awesome.02:31
Crucifyy:) glad its workin!02:31
jhutchinsIs there a way to detect an SSD from the console?03:01
Bashing-omjhutchins: 2) ' sudo fdisk -lu ' ?03:05
jhutchinsI don't wee anything there that would identify it.03:12
jhutchinsOk, lshw -C disk, look up "Product" on the web, it's an SSD.03:14
jhutchinsSo it must be a fan that starts rattling when the load is high.  Sounds just like a drive doing lots of seeks.03:14
Guest459Bonjour, comment allez-vous ? Venez dans ma chambre priv?e - https://shr.li/NVPZ03:15
lotuspsychjeGuest459: this channel is for ubuntu support only03:17
ezra1i had an ssd that made noise. like a crackling very faint03:25
jhutchinsThis sounds just like a thrashing hard drive.03:28
jhutchinsAt some point I'll get serious enough to figure out a reliable test to trigger it and open the case to see what's making the noise.03:29
gambl0reanyone use neovim/vim-plug?03:32
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dVVillyHi all, is there a known problem with the docker repo with 22.04? I'm running a fresh install of 22.04. Installed; ran apt update/upgrade/dist-upgrade and rebooted. All is great. However, once I run step 3 of adding the repo, I then get "E: Method https has died unexpectedly!" when running apt update.04:36
dVVilly(sorry, step 3 refers to step 3 on this guide https://docs.docker.com/engine/install/ubuntu/)04:39
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dVVillyI've been able to manually download the relevant .deb files from the docker repo and install with dpkg -i, however sudo apt update still won't run if the docker repo is loaded. To make sure I hadn't done anything stupid I spun up another brand new Ubuntu 22.04 Server Minimal LTS and had the same problem.05:20
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rfmdVVilly, these seem to be problems with docker not ubuntu, so you probably won't get much help here...05:46
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dVVillyrfm: I wasn't sure - it's sudo apt update that's throwing the error, but only when the docker repo is loaded. I've asked in #docker as well to see where I get traction.05:50
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bad_sect0rhi. i am worried about old imagemagick in the official repos for focal/20.04. I know versioned distro packagers usually take a version during development, and then backport security patches to their package. The upstream project has many new releases, is there a process to verify whether the security flaws fixed upstream are tested in the packaged version?07:50
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uranusi need help08:14
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Guest9197I have a problem with my server installation. After a reboot the webserver is unaccessible. I receive error "This page isn’t working If the problem continues, contact the site owner. HTTP ERROR 599" on all networks (www & lan). I have checked apache and all seem to work. I found the following to test the internet08:56
Guest9197connection-->(https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-test-internet-connection-on-linux), but I don't really know what I'm doing. How can I find out what is causing the problem? Any help is highly appreciated.08:56
neurehow do I fix sshfs mount that used to work but now I get `read: Connection reset by peer` ?08:56
neureboth systems are ubuntu 18.0408:57
neurenvm, turned out to be host identity changed (reinstalled)09:01
noel_grandinhow do I make it so the Remote Desktop Sharing feature always starts up with the password I enter? Instead of some random string09:04
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webchat3Are the docker bug fixes backported to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS? Due to this issue https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/42680 it's impossible to run Ubuntu 22.04 (or any other GLlibc >= 2.24) images from Ubuntu18.04 without CAP_SYS_ADMIN privileges09:35
ubottuIssue 42680 in moby/moby "seccomp filter breaks latest glibc (in fedora rawhide) by blocking clone3 with EPERM" [Closed]09:35
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ivan_does anyone know hpt top enable the tap to click opetion in kubunut? click the touchpad is annoying. i have the option but it is greyed out09:54
ivan_hi, i am new to ubuntu. i need to download an app but i need flatback. when i go in discovery it downloads the flatback backend but it wont install my downloaded file...when i start the downloaded app it says it an install it wituout the flatback backend file11:00
ivan_i am uning kubuntu btw11:01
supremekaiHey guys, I'm using ubuntu 20.04, how can I "map" the services and other relevant stuff (e.g., pip list) of a certain server in order to "clone" it in another one? That is, how to get a sum up of the installed software and its versions?11:28
WeeBeyGood morning! I hope you are all well today.11:40
WeeBeyMy simple question is, if I have everything up to date on 22.04, is there a method for seeing a certain package as a newer version that is not out on the official repo queried when I use apt? Basically, I'm wondering if a package has a newer version that is not "official" yet, in attempt to get rid of a package bug.11:41
Jeremy31WeeBey: Proposed repos11:43
WeeBeyJeremy31, ok! Thanks for this keyword. Let me do a bit of searching on this.11:43
Jeremy31It can be enabled in Software & Updates, Developer options11:44
WeeBeyJeremy31, Found it! It looks like the buggy package has an update! Ok, let's give this a shot.  I think I need to restart. Be back. :-)11:49
idl0rhey, has anybody recently noticed failures like this during a 20.04 setup? https://dpaste.com/35PWFRTWZ11:50
adambishopI updated from 21.10 to 22.04 and my color profile has been affected - grays are all tinged pink. I tried setting another color profile and my screen went black. Anyone know how to safely change/disable/reset the color profile?12:07
adambishopI had to do a fresh install - because I couldn't see in the dark12:07
WeeBeyJeremy31, thanks for the direct answer. I'm not certain if this solved the documented GTK-4 issue, I'll test it for a few days and see.12:11
adambishopUnder "Color" in "Settings" there is a "Laptop Screen" profile enabled. Can I safely disable this? Or do I have to remove it to add another? Which other one should I use?12:11
WeeBeyIn the meantime, I still have weird behaviour with Chrome + the save file dialogue (filechooser?). Every time I save, the window getts bigger. So if I ctrl + s multiple times in a row eventually the save window is maximized. Which is weird!12:12
WeeBeybut the behaviour seems to be gone for other apps at least (e.g., gedit)12:12
BluesKajHi all12:32
* summonner grins13:00
wezGood webite13:03
jr_ Hello, new here13:21
jr_Haven't been on irc for more than 20 years13:21
jr_Installed 22.04 last week and I've been struggling13:21
jr_16.04 was so stable and good13:22
jr_ Anyone with problems with 22.04?13:22
oerheksask your real question?13:22
guivercjr_, this is a support room, if you have a support question please ask it.  Keep to a single line if possible, and use #ubuntu-offtopic for non-support talk13:23
oerheks' anyone'  is not here right now13:23
BluesKajhey oerheks, guiverc13:23
summonnerjr_, did you verify your hardware is fully supported before migrating 16 to 22?13:26
jr_yes, it's a new machine,13:27
jr_it's working, but after configurinf a preparing all my work apps, not as stable as I was used to13:28
jr_My mainly concerns are about vnc13:29
jr_Still uses a 6 digit password. And if I lock the session, I can't get back remotly13:30
summonnerjr_,  double-check all your power management settings, disable everything (including turning off the screen) and try again13:31
oerheksknown issue, for long time on wayland13:34
ubottuIssue 2196 in GNOME/gnome-shell "GNOME running VNC breaks GDM default lockscreen due to rapid refresh" [Opened]13:34
eugenioTI updated ubunto from 21.10 to 22.04, since that moment I 'm not able anymore to save file from the browser (e.g., chrome) to any folder inside /home/user/, do you know why? any workaround?13:50
spantaleevHello! Any reason why most of my /lib/modules would be disappearing after a reboot. After `apt-get install --reinstall linux-modules-$(uname -r)` I have 985 files there. After a reboot, only 331.13:51
alkisgspantaleev: an debsums -s reports these files missing? Only from that package or from other packages too? Maybe bad disk then? Anything in dmesg?13:58
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