monkeystancewhich package manager uses yum?00:04
leftyfbmikubuntu: sorry, I had to step away. Can you copy/paste the output to ubuntu.pastebin.com and paste the URL for it here?00:04
monkeystanceis that redhat/fedora's one?00:04
leftyfbmonkeystance: yes00:04
kk4ewtfedora uses dnf now00:06
daxyeah but then the joke doesn't work00:07
GerowenWhat does "unattended-upgrades" do by default with new versions of configuration files?  When I dpkg-reconfigure unattended-upgrades , the only option it asks me about is whether to enable or disable the feature as a whole.00:11
jacobRD23I was AFK; I didn't get the msg00:12
leftyfb!who | jacobRD2300:13
ubottujacobRD23: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:13
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:14
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:15
tomreynjacobRD23: you wrote "I was AFK; I didn't get the msg", which suggests that you're responding to someoene who contacted you here on this #ubuntu channel before. lefty noticed this and asked our channel bot 'ubottu' to tell you that if you're responding to someone in particular, you should always prefix your response using their nickname.00:17
mikubuntuleftyfb: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tHSC6g9vzT/00:22
leftyfbmikubuntu: ok, so it's not a networking issue00:23
tomreynGerowen: i'm not 100% certain there, but i think that if a configuration file it encounters was manually edited, it would keep the edited file in place, adding another file ${filename}.dpkg-new00:23
leftyfbmikecmpbll: what happens when you try to go to google.com with firefox?00:23
mikecmpbllidk, aint tried it00:23
leftyfbmikecmpbll: ok, so you know your next step00:24
sarnoldleftyfb: do note there's three people in here with 'mik' nicks :) perhaps it's just tab-misfire ;)00:25
leftyfbmikubuntu:  what happens when you try to go to google.com with firefox?00:26
mikubuntuleftyfb: progress indicator just goes around and around and never renders page00:30
leftyfbmikubuntu: in a terminal, try:  curl google.com00:30
mikubuntuleftyfb: installing curl .. lol00:32
leftyfbmikubuntu: if you can install curl, that tells me that http traffic works00:33
leftyfbmikubuntu: have you tried moving your ~/.mozilla directory with all your user settings out of the way to see if it helps?00:34
mikubuntuleftyfb: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/WWrytFgBmR/00:35
leftyfbmikubuntu: mv ~/.mozilla ~/mozilla00:35
leftyfbmikubuntu: Also, close firefox first00:35
mikubuntuleftyfb: ok gimme sec00:36
mikubuntuleftyfb: ok, ff is working again, i wonder if opera will00:40
mikubuntuleftyfb: nope, opera still not connecting just like ff wasn't00:41
Gerowentomreyn: That seems to be what I've found online.  Right now I'm browsing the 50unattended-upgrades config file and checking out what options are in here.00:42
leftyfbmikubuntu: how did you install opera?00:42
mikubuntuleftyfb: can't remember it's been so long00:43
leftyfbmikubuntu: snap list | grep opera00:44
leftyfbmikubuntu: run that in a terminal. Does it give a result?00:44
mikubuntuleftyfb: no output, just went back to prompt00:45
sarnoldtry snap find opera00:46
leftyfbsarnold: I know opera is available in snap. That's not what I was looking for00:46
sarnoldleftyfb: ah! I see. :)00:46
leftyfbmikubuntu: ok, unfortunately, opera is not part of ubuntu repositories so it's unsupported here. You can maybe google around for where opera stores it's settings and wipe them00:47
mikubuntuleftyfb: okey dokes thx for help with ff00:48
leftyfbmikubuntu: it might be ~/.opera or ~/.Opera00:48
mikubuntuleftyfb: sokay, i wouldn't know how to determine that and it's not a mission critical issue here at mission control .. lol00:49
leftyfbmikubuntu: ls -ald ~/.[o,O]pera00:50
Oderushi. id like to install a package that is not in the default repository, but it has many dependancies that i don't want to go through manually. is there a repo i could add to get this? https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/libgtk-3-dev01:03
CodeMouse92Oderus: Are you *running* Disco? That's my first question01:03
CodeMouse92!info libgtk-3-dev disco01:05
ubottulibgtk-3-dev (source: gtk+3.0): development files for the GTK+ library. In component main, is optional. Version 3.24.8-1ubuntu1 (disco), package size 1015 kB, installed size 13169 kB01:05
CodeMouse92Oderus: Is that what you're wanting? ^^01:05
Oderusyes! i am not sure why i can't find it in my repos01:06
CodeMouse92Oderus: Did you run 'sudo apt update' first?01:06
CodeMouse92Otherwise, apt won't be able to see *anything*01:06
zdorovoI'm selling my old laptop and I want to erase all my data from it and install a fresh copy of ubuntu. I did this by plugging in the live usb, running sudo shred /dev/sda, and running the installer. However, the installer is throwing an error as soon as it tries to write to disk. Did I brick my harddrive?01:06
OderusCodeMouse92: i don't know what my problem is but i did now find it.. it is installing /blush01:06
CodeMouse92zdorovo: You can't really "brick" a hard drive, unless you physically kill it. You can try using Gparted to recreate your partition table and go from there (off the top of my head)01:07
CodeMouse92Oderus: Bravo! When in doubt, `sudo apt update` first, and then try `sudo apt search whatever-package-name`01:07
leftyfbzdorovo: what sort of errors?01:08
leftyfbzdorovo: can you screenshot or pastebin?01:08
OderusCodeMouse92: thank you. now to try and figure out why cmake is giving me errors :301:10
CodeMouse92Oderus: If that's C/C++ related, Q probably better suited for a programming channel (e.g. ##c++-friendly or #learnprogramming)01:11
CodeMouse92(P.S. I'm in both)01:11
zdorovoleftyfb: here's a photo: https://imgur.com/a/sZ04bGR01:12
zdorovoCodeMouse92: hmmm, I thought the installer made a partition table for you?01:13
leftyfbzdorovo: open a terminal and type: dmesg   # see if there's any errors there and with which device01:13
CodeMouse92zdorovo: not necessarily.01:13
CodeMouse92zdorovo: Is that an HDD or a SSD?01:13
leftyfbzdorovo: it does. There's no need to check partition tables01:13
OderusCodeMouse92: ok great thanks. I am not necessarily a programmer, just trying to compile an old package heh01:13
zdorovoCodeMouse92: it's an HDD01:13
tomreynzdorovo: just a hint for later (obviously need to solve the write issues first), consider this for a full wipe (read all the warnings): https://ata.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/ATA_Secure_Erase01:13
zdorovotomreyn: gotcha, thanks!01:14
coz_tomreyn, is Dban considerably safe?01:14
CodeMouse92zdorovo: Def look for dmesg errors, like leftyfb said. From the live environment, however, you can also run a SMART test with `sudo smartctl --test=short /dev/sda` (replace /dev/sda with the device name of the hard drive)01:15
leftyfbyes, though it takes a toll on SSD's. As will any "wipe" tools01:15
CodeMouse92You may need to install the `smartmontools` package first01:15
leftyfbCodeMouse92: there's a "disks" util in the live cd that runs SMART tests01:15
CodeMouse92leftyfb: Yes, I know, but the output isn't nearly as useful. (I've used both in the field)01:15
zdorovoleftyfb: CodeMouse92: here's the output from dmesg https://pastebin.com/6hHwngcm01:17
OerHekszdorovo, after shred, did you boot into live and made a new partition table mbr or GPT? the installer will find none..01:17
leftyfbzdorovo: I take it that is the output from booting into a fresh live session? Not from the same session where you tried to install? I see no drive errors in that output01:18
zdorovoleftyfb: hmm, I don't think it's a fresh live session, though it was a couple days ago that I tried installing ubuntu. I'll try installing again and post fresh output from dmesg01:20
leftyfbzdorovo: ok, then I'm guessing it might be your install media/memory issue01:20
RandolfWebcamoid, installed via apt, results in a Segmentation Fault when I try to use it.01:20
RandolfIs anyone using Webcamoid?01:21
tomreyncoz_: supposedly yes (but that's rather off-topic here, maybe try ##linux). personally, if i ever have to pass a storage containing unencrypted data (i use full disk encryption from the first write whereever possible) over to anyone whom i don't want to share the data with, i'd always both null via software and (if the drive states to support it) do ATA SE also.01:21
zdorovoleftyfb: ok, the new dmesg output is at pastebin.com/y2yMhcYT01:24
coz_tom oh sorry I saw your post for secure wipe or delete01:24
zdorovoat the end of that paste, it looks like there's an error reading form the usb...01:24
bn_workhi, if I want to add a sudoers entry to allow user A to sudo -u as  user B to run a set of shell scripts under several dirs that fall under a common parent, where each shell script take java -D params which invoke a java app, do I need to white list the shell script(s), ie: /foo/bar/mysh * ?  or /usr/bin/java * ?  or both?01:25
sarnoldzdorovo: also around line 113201:25
leftyfbzdorovo: that's exactly it. SQUASHFS error. That's the live filesystem01:26
bn_work(man page for sudoers doesn't really specify and yes, edit it visudo :) )01:26
bn_works/edit it/edit it with/01:26
leftyfbzdorovo: it's either the USB or memory01:26
sarnoldmy guess is usb01:26
zdorovoleftyfb: hmmmm ok. Maybe I should rewrite the ISO onto the USB stick?01:27
leftyfbzdorovo: you can try01:27
sarnoldI'd also guess that memory stick is likely at the end of its useful life01:27
zdorovosarnold: It's brand new though :( unless Staples sold me a faulty USB stick....01:28
sarnoldzdorovo: hrm. double-check the iso checksum?01:28
bn_worksudoers 1.8.1601:28
sarnoldbn_work: just the scripts, not the things the scripts call01:29
zdorovosarnold: the md5sum is good01:30
bn_worksarnold: thanks, do I need to do anything once I create my entry?  ie: restart or SIGHUP some service?01:31
sarnoldbn_work: no, sudo will reread the file on every use01:31
bn_worksarnold: or does it immediately take effect?01:31
_Random_need some hardware(Gpu) help, my display keeps crashing. I get white screen with  lines on it. pc unusable when this happens, still under warrantty01:31
_Random_It's just happend again01:31
sarnoldzdorovo: hrm. I guess try re-writing it, but it might just be a bad stick :/01:31
_Random_I've ssh into the pc. I'd like to look at  my logs & see what errors there are. Not sure what to look for & what commands to use01:32
sarnold_Random_: dmesg, /var/log/X* -- there might be others, but I've only ever had intel graphics..01:33
_Random_thanks sarnold: :)01:33
tomreynRandolf: see bug 1766143, bug 165461801:33
ubottubug 1766143 in webcamoid (Ubuntu) "webcamoid segfaults (error 4 in libQt5Core.so.5.9.5)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/176614301:33
ubottubug 1654618 in webcamoid (Ubuntu) "Application crashes on startup due to missing dependency" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165461801:33
user01hi is there a way to play an audio file on my laptop so that it streams to my linux computer across the room which is attached to speakers?01:34
bn_worksarnold: thanks.  is there a way to build off environment vars when specifying a fully-qualified path to the script?01:34
user01kinda like a chromecast i guess via wifi01:34
sarnoldbn_work: my guess is no; that'd probably be able to be abused somehow01:34
user01might have found something: https://superuser.com/questions/432894/pipe-system-sound-to-another-computer01:37
bn_worksarnold: what about brace expansion to specify various names, ie: /path/to/bin/{foo,bar} ?01:39
sarnolduser01: oh nice. I'd always heard that was the motivating factor behind pulseaudio but never seen anyone document how to do it. I wasn't sure it ever got written01:39
sarnoldbn_work: I don't think sudo supports alternations01:39
user01sarnold, yeah i would think that would be the whole point of needing a pulse layer would be to do clever things like that01:40
sarnolduser01: well, apparently alsa doesn't do multiplexing as well as one would like..01:41
tomreynzdorovo: balena etcher (etcher.io, there's also an apt repository, ask me for details if interested, since it's badly documented) is a cross-platform GUI application which writes creates bootable sticks from iso files, and does a verification run (to ensure data was written properly).01:41
bn_worktomreyn: that is the largest app I've seen just to format a USB stick,  a 200MB abomination of an electron (+ node JS) app, but hey at least it looks pretty :)01:43
RandolfThanks tomreyn, I'll take a look at those now.01:44
tomreynzdorovo: "f3" (apt install f3) helps you test that a flash stick is not reporting a different capacity than it physically has01:45
tomreynbn_work: i'm not a fan of electron either, but it seems to work reliably (can't say that about most other GUI utilities doing this sadly) and does a verification run, and works cross-platform. so it can be worth the 200 MB.01:47
tomreynif you have a good alternative covering all of this, i'll be all ears.01:47
RandolfHmm, looks like Qt5 issues are a bit of a problem with webcamoid.  According to something I read on GitHub there's an 8.5 version that resolves all of this, but apt only provides 8.1.01:48
sarnoldI have to imagine it'd be a few hundred lines of C or rust ..01:49
bn_worktomreyn: yeah, cross platform is nice, it's fairly simplistic in how it formats though, ie: only one partition per stick and it will clobber any existing partition(s) on it I believe01:49
tomreyn!who | _Random_01:50
ubottu_Random_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:50
_Random_I'm not much of a techie, I don't know how to identify a hardware fault,01:51
sarnold_Random_: what does sudo canonical-livepatch status report?01:52
OerHeks<_Random_> I susspect its hardware as it also occurs in windows.. use your warranty01:52
sarnold_Random_: oh, I forgot, this is the gpu issue..01:52
sarnold_Random_: maybe it's worth skipping livepatch configuration for now :)01:52
_Random_sarnold: tahsnks, not sure what you mean about livepatch01:53
tomreynbn_work: we could continue this in #ubuntu-discuss for a bit if you like01:54
_Random_patchState: nothing-to-apply01:54
sarnold_Random_: that was just something I saw in your paste and I assumed you wanted it solved :)01:54
_Random_thanks sarnold;01:54
tomreyn_Random_: can you get us some basic information on your system?  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)01:55
tomreynanything after the first question mark is a command you can copy and paste to your terminal. it should return a http address you can then post here01:56
bn_worktomreyn: I don't much else to add but sure, sorry, got a bit OT there :)01:56
_Random_tomreyn:  thanks01:56
bn_worksarnold: thanks for the sudoers tips01:56
_Random_is that 1 command01:57
tomreynyou can copy this as a single line, yes01:57
tomreyn_Random_: thanks. did you see the message ubottu wrote earlier? it's our channel bot  which tried to tell you about addressing others so they don't miss your replies.02:01
_Random_i missed that02:02
tomreyn_Random_: here's the next command, a smaller one - to learn about your graphics hardware:   lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 999902:02
_Random_tomreyn: thanks02:02
_Random_tomreyn: thanks https://termbin.com/i78n02:03
tomreynhmm that's just intel graphics, so sarnold can help, too ;)02:04
tomreyn_Random_: you're not the first one to experience issues with this hardware and this kernel. i'll have to find the bug report, but i think it was not handled, yet02:05
tomreyn_Random_: a likely workaround is !hwe02:05
tomreyn!hwe | _Random_02:06
ubottu_Random_: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack02:06
_Random_tomreyn: installing02:08
zdorovohi everyone, putting a fresh copy of the iso on the USB stick seems to have done the trick. Thanks for all your help!!!02:08
tomreyn_Random_: be sure to install both the linux and xorg package. also, can you share your system log to better analyze this error?   journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 999902:09
tomreynzdorovo: glad you solved it!02:10
_Random_just installed & rebooting via ssh02:10
_Random_thanks tomreyn: Ill log back into the laptop &come back here while on  the laptop02:11
gehnI tend to install latest versions of a few things, for example cmake, usually by hand by downloading binaries and just unzipping them and adding the resulting dir (or */bin dir) to my $PATH, is there a better way? like a package manager other than apt for things that aren't in standard ubuntu repos?02:12
gehnthere are apt repos for some things, like the ubuntu toolchain ppa for newer versions of GCC for example, but I don't think cmake has a ppa or an apt repo02:12
gehncmake is only one example of about a dozen various things like this that I use02:13
tomreynif there are no usable PPAs, a newer ubuntu release may help, or a chroot (or container, or VM) with a newer ubuntu release may help.02:14
tomreyngehn: ^02:14
gehncmake release far more often than new ubuntu releases02:14
gehnalso I chose ubuntu over Arch specifically because I prefer to usually stay on LTS for a while as upgrades tend to be time consuming02:15
tomreynthere also !snap for such use cases, but i suspect there are no snaps for software development tools like cmake.02:15
gehnand I like (mostly) stable versions of many things02:15
tomreynso containers are probably a good match.02:17
Mystified1234tomreyn: thanks this is random.  Ive installed both pkgs..02:17
tomreynMystified1234: and did it help?02:18
tomreynMystified1234: you installed them and rebooted, right?02:18
gehnI'm not going to run a container just for a new version of cmake02:18
gehnit's about a million times easier to just download the zip manually as I mentioned before02:18
gehnbut it's still a bit annoying and time consuming02:19
tomreynmaybe you need automation02:19
Mystified1234tomreyn: it's booted, as per normal, it can crash at any time..02:19
gehnI could probably automate it myself, but it's probably not worth it to me to use my time to do so02:19
gehnthen I have to maintain what I automate02:19
Mystified1234tomreyn: 4.18.0-20-generic #21~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed May 8 08:43:37 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux02:19
tomreynMystified1234: here's the command to share your log from last but one boot:  journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 999902:19
sscoutwhere can I ask about ubuntu 14 lts? trying to get wifi working on an old laptop02:23
Bashing-om!14.04 | sscout02:24
ubottusscout: Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade02:24
leftyfbsscout: install 18.0402:24
sscoutthat laptop won't run 18.04 I think, it had a bunch of errors just loading 14.04 live02:25
Bashing-omsscout: Repos will no longer exist ,,, no help for what has reached End_Of_Life :(02:25
leftyfbsscout: try 18.04, if you have problems, come here and we'll help you with it02:26
sscouthmm, I'm trying to get a broadcom wifi card recognized, askubuntu answers all talk about 10-1602:27
leftyfbsscout: 14.04 is end of life. It's not supported anymore. Try 18.0402:27
sscoutok, ty02:28
Mystified1234tomreyn:  or02:33
Mystified1234if anyone else can help it eould be appreciated02:34
tomreynMystified1234: hmm i'm getting a timeout on dpaste02:35
tomreynok, got it now. plenty of log spam there.02:37
Mystified1234thanks tomreyn: i'm not sure what taht means, I'm no techie02:37
tomreynMystified1234: there are no errors that i can find reagrding your failing graphical display. maybe i'm not looking for the right things.02:39
tomreynMystified1234: you might want this newer laptop /mainboard firmware https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/gb/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-520-14IKB-TYPE-81C8/downloads/DS121264   right now you have BIOS 4QCN48WW(V2.12) 11/23/201802:40
activistI am switching Download mode but fastboot not working. It stuck at "waiting for device" step. Tried on Ubuntu and Windows but no luck.02:45
Mystified1234tomreyn: thanks will install.. what I really want is to take the laptop back & for replacement or repair but with hard evidence that there is a fault.02:46
tomreynMystified1234: since i can't spot it on the logs, a hardware fault may be possible. did you run a memory test and cpu burn in test, yet?02:47
Mystified1234tomreyn: no02:47
Mystified1234again thanks: :)))))))))02:48
tomreynMystified1234: for CPU: https://askubuntu.com/questions/948854/how-do-i-stress-test-cpu-and-ram-at-the-same-time/948865 https://askubuntu.com/questions/948854/how-do-i-stress-test-cpu-and-ram-at-the-same-time/94886502:50
Mystified1234about to boot into windows & install the new bios02:52
Mystified1234tomreyn:  Thank you !02:52
tomreynthere's also phoronix test suite which simulates different workloads for testing02:52
tomreynyou're welcome, Mystified123402:52
* tomreyn zzz02:53
=== dax is now known as ezri
_Random_hi guys back again..03:55
_Random_I updated my bios on my pc, windows boots only.. so disabled secure boot & fast boot in bios.. i have grub, but i drop back to initramfs..03:56
_Random_the same happens with the use of super grubdisk 2.03:56
_Random_i have trie dgoing into ubuntu recovery03:57
_Random_4.18.20 &4.18.5003:57
_Random_end back at the same spot03:57
mr_loublackflow, After lots of searching, I have come to the conclusion that my harddisk issue is an Ubuntu issue. So many online posts can't be wrong. It's a well known bug that has existed for ages.04:08
Randolfmr_lou: What are the symptoms?  (I'm curious to know if I'm experiencing it too.)04:11
_Random_hi guys, I have nvme disk, after upgrading bios. reset bios removed secure boot & fast boot, I'm back at grub, & fail to boot ubuntu, regardless if i'm in recovery or normall start, i drop to shell with initramfs04:12
_Random_ missing modules (cat /proc/modules; ls /dev)04:12
_Random_i treied super grubdis to boot the os, same occurs with that04:13
_Random_blkid does not show any drive, obviously because I have nvme dride04:13
_Random_blkid does not show any drive, obviously because I have nvme drive04:13
mr_louHi Randolf. In this particular case, it's simply slow transfer speeds to an external USB device. Starts off fine, but then drops to insanely low speeds, like 1,5 mbps.04:17
mr_louRandolf, The same device works fine on Windows, maintains a high transfer speed.04:17
mr_louRandolf, There's like a million posts about this issue on various forums online.04:17
mr_louRandolf, It seems to be related to SSD / SD card / flash memory (in my case), while mechanical USB drives seems to work faster for some reason.04:19
Alpha-OmegaIs there a way to create a manual LVM on a disk with Ubuntu 18.04.2 Desktop installer?04:39
Alpha-OmegaI don't see any option for LVM.04:40
bindithink you need the alternate installer for that04:42
bindiwell, not sure about desktop04:43
Alpha-Omegabindi: Makes no sense that they provide an option for LVM for wiping one of the disks, but you can't even select which disk, and if you do manual, won't give you the option...04:45
bindii just know that 18.04 server installer required the alternate installer for lvm :p04:46
Alpha-Omegabindi: I ended up creating it with gparted and LVM commands. If there is the ability to do it with the tools, why not provide the option... Not very inuitive for a user-friendly distro. Not to hate on Ubuntu, but Anaconda provides a nice way to set it up.05:03
Mystified1234anyone around 2 help please, stuck at initramfs. with no way to list/view or cat nvme drives05:03
Mystified1234i update my bios, unticked secure & fast boot,.At grub ubunto is listed, but fails to complete the boot & drops toinitramfs,05:05
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: whats your ubuntu version? are you trying to install, or did you install and try to boot?05:06
Mystified1234grabbing another live iso to acces the pc..   does the ubuntu iso have recovery tools available..05:06
Mystified1234with kernel .20 & .5005:07
Mystified1234oops yes05:07
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: are you trying to install for the first time, or did you install the setup and now trying to reboot?05:07
Mystified1234no cat or nano or fdisk tools05:08
Mystified1234so cant list my nvme05:08
Mystified1234under initramfs05:08
Mystified1234just tried to use rescatux but nothing worked05:08
lotuspsychje Mystified1234: are you trying to install for the first time, or did you install the setup and now trying to reboot?05:08
Mystified1234no.. was a full working dual boot, but upgraded my bios as i was having display issues..05:09
Mystified1234on my laptop05:09
Mystified1234lenova yoga 520 with  i5-8th gen05:09
Mystified1234intel gpu05:10
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: updating bios, can change bios values again, did you check your bios sata/nvme settings?05:10
Mystified1234no.. did not05:10
Mystified1234let me get into bios05:10
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: are you gonna dualboot or singleboot ubuntu now?05:10
Mystified1234need to dual boot05:11
Mystified1234as much as i hate windows05:11
lotuspsychje!uefi | Mystified123405:11
ubottuMystified1234: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:11
Mystified1234its not an issue getting to grub05:16
Mystified1234i have uuid does not exist05:16
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: with dualboot, fastboot & secureboot must be tweaked otherwise then singleboot, see uefi factoid ^05:16
two4teaHi ALl05:17
two4teaI think I made a mistake somewhere with a symbolic link and I'm trying to dig myself out of a hole...05:17
Mystified1234secure & fast boot defineatly disabled05:21
Mystified1234kernel 4.18..-20 generic05:22
Mystified1234from initramfs how can list my nvme partitions05:24
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: please dont repeat05:24
Mystified1234lotuspsychje: then what do i do05:26
lotuspsychjeMystified1234: patient until someone can help you05:27
Mystified1234but still :(((( (lol)05:27
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gimpnixonHey everyone, Coming here to give a little update about a situation I was having. when I would start my system with startx for some reason my cursor would be invisable until I opened a terminal or a GUI window of some sort. couldnt figure it out for the longest and came here asking and didnt really find much info well i'm coming to you all to let you know that i've found a neat little work around if06:15
gimpnixonanyone ever has the same issue. YOu can add the line "xrdb -load ~/.Xresources" to your .xinitrc file and if your .Xresources file if configured corectly then this will make your mouse load at start up.06:16
gimpnixonI haven't testd it, but using the "source" commnad may also have the same effect. Cheers06:17
blackflowmr_lou: bug in what though?06:28
blackflowmr_lou: also consider it the other way around (since there aren't any special drivers for disk brands), that the disk is sensitive to something specific in USB communication with linux.06:29
zambawhat is accounts-daemon and why is it consuming all my cpu?06:32
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Ben64zamba: https://askubuntu.com/questions/685193/what-starts-accounts-daemon06:34
mr_loublackflow, Bug, issue, call it what you will. Poor performance compared to other OS even on the same PC. People all report the same thing: Decent speed at first, then slows insanely to 1,5 mbps. People reply about ram buffer and such, but this doesn't change that transfers are fine on Windows.07:14
mr_louPeople all report the same thing.07:15
mr_louAnd it seems to be related only to flash drives, SD cards, USB sticks, SSD harddisks etc.07:15
blackflowmr_lou: yeah but they report for the same drive model? anyway, without knowing in which subsystem the bug exists, it's still not absolute that it's Ubuntu (or more precisely the Linux kernel's) fault.07:16
blackflowdon't get me wrong, this ain't some blind defense of Ubuntu, it's pragmatical conclusion aimed at eliminating red herrings.07:17
blackflowgood luck for now, I have to flee the office, bbl in an hour or so07:17
* mr_lou is out too07:27
thsnri have definitely observed the same behavior under windows where a copy starts fast and slows down towards the end. you can also find many confirming reports for windows07:35
thsnrit just a question of when the actual syncing happens and how the reported speed is calculated07:35
thsnr(unless of course you have actually stumbled on some issue)07:36
lotuspsychje!chat | thsnr07:36
ubottuthsnr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:36
thsnrmore of a follow-up to mr_lou, but ok07:36
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Mystified1234hey guys how to list nvme disks from a rescue disk08:00
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Mystified1234hey how to fix ubuntu after windows/bios update with ubuntu disk08:11
iceywhoops - sorry :)08:16
MJCDIs there a mini.iso for ubuntu 19.04 yet?08:24
MJCDI can't find it08:25
MJCDalso why is it all -live-server08:27
MJCDnot just -server as usual08:27
MJCDyeah no mini.iso :(08:28
MJCDI will put in an issue08:28
MJCDi'm sure I could reconfigure 18.04's installer to use the 19 repo's ... ?08:29
MJCDits mini.iso08:29
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mehjarihi, can anyone help setting up gui in ubuntu server 18.04? i get to remote desktop screen where it shows me "xrdp - just connecting" popup with session dropdown having multiple options.. i tried alll of them but nothing seems to work :(08:33
lotuspsychjemehjari: join to #ubuntu-server please08:34
jadaxhey, I'm trying to lean my Ubuntu 18.04 install to reclaim some memory so docker can run. What is the minimum that Ubuntu 18.04 would need? ~ 150MB?08:40
jadaxI'm on EC2 AWS instance and I only have 1GB of memory available08:41
Mystified1234need to repair ubuntu on a nvme after bios upgrade08:45
m_ad[m]MJCD: there is a netboot/mini iso of 19.04 and it's been there for a while, look closer on the download site under Alternative Downloads08:45
Mystified1234unable to list the nvme, don't know where to start08:46
MJCDnot listed on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:46
m_ad[m]MJCD: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/alternative-downloads http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/19.04/08:46
MJCDnor is it in http://releases.ubuntu.com/19.04/08:46
m_ad[m]there you go08:46
MJCDok so it just needs updating08:46
m_ad[m]you're welcome :)08:46
boblamontis there any way in Lubuntu to get a sound, flash, or some sort of attention getter when a confirmation dialog comes up?08:49
m_ad[m]better to ask in #lubuntu i guess08:50
boblamontI didn't know there was #lubuntu08:51
m_ad[m]boblamont: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList08:53
Mystified1234how to list nvme drives09:07
Ben64ls /dev/nvme*09:08
Mystified1234Ben64: mo luck from live ubuntu iso09:10
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Mystifiedneed nvme tools for live installer09:40
Mystifiedas the nvme disk is not listed09:40
BluesKajHey folks09:40
ChaekyungHi. How u doin?09:45
Mystifiedanyone around to help09:45
Mystifiedneed to install nvme tools09:45
Mystifiedon live installer09:45
lotuspsychjeMystified: if you repeat your question, please add 'all' details so volunteers can try to help you09:46
lotuspsychje!details | Mystified09:46
ubottuMystified: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.09:46
pwuertzHi, is there a way to downgrade Nautilus in 19.04 to a previous version. Say, the one in 18.10?09:47
lotuspsychjepwuertz: downgrading packages is not how ubuntu works, whats your purpose exactly?09:47
BluesKajpwuertz, what's your real issue?09:48
MystifiedMy ubuntu dual boot was working untill i updated the bios.. now unable to boot, nor can identify the nvme drive, with any commands. so I can try to do a grub recovery09:48
Mystifiedwindows boots from grub09:48
pwuertzlotuspsychje, BluesKaj The real issue is that the latest Nautilus doesn't allow copy+paste file locations to other applications anymore. Like pasting a file path in any editor, terminal etc.09:49
BluesKajMystified, legacy bios or uefi ?09:50
pwuertzIt seems to be a known anti-feature since Nautilus 3.3009:51
lotuspsychjepwuertz: if you find a bug, or want a a wish you can file a !bug or affect on an existing bug. as user you have influence in the ubuntu community09:51
Mystified1234earlier in the day i installed09:51
lotuspsychjepwuertz: is this what you are looking for? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus/+bug/182415709:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826266 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1824157 Nautilus no longer copies file path when a file is marked then copied" [Low,Triaged]09:52
pwuertzlotuspsychje: It's a known anti-feature that was introduced ~9 months ago, bug reports are all there, but as far as I understood the gnome folks are not willing to change that behaviour. So I'm trying to downgrade to the last known working version.09:53
lotuspsychjepwuertz: as said before, downgrading is not how ubuntu works, if you want an earlier nautilus, try another ubuntu version09:54
BluesKajMystified1234, did you try the recovery kernel ?09:55
Mystified1234i'm unable to access the disk to chroot09:58
Mystified1234unable to read it from any iso09:59
Mystified1234or initramfs09:59
Mystified1234no command is showing the nvme drive09:59
jeremy31Mystified1234: any chance BIOS is using RAID mode?10:00
Mystified1234i think so10:01
Mystified1234what should it be10:01
Mystified1234but windows booted from grub10:01
Mystified1234or should i say, its still boots from grub10:02
BluesKajMystified1234, describe what happens when you try to boot ubuntu from grub?10:09
Mystified1234i have grub, ubuntu & windows are listed10:10
Mystified1234i click ubuntu10:10
Mystified1234i have this error10:10
Mystified1234I end up with initramfs. nissing uuid.  initramfs has limited tools & lsblk does not list nvme partitions no cat function10:11
Mystified1234no uuid10:12
EriC^^Mystified1234: are you able to see the disk if you boot a live usb?10:12
Mystified1234thats why I'm tryting to find nvme tool10:12
EriC^^Mystified1234: can you boot a live usb now to troubleshoot10:12
Mystified1234I have ubuntu live installer connected10:12
Mystified1234& booted10:12
EriC^^Mystified1234: type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"10:12
Mystifiedim using the installer now10:13
EriC^^you're installing or just on the live session?10:13
Mystifiedunable to execute /sbin/parted: Input/output error10:13
Mystifiedlive session10:13
MystifiedI wanyt to recover the os10:14
Mystifiedor at least recover the data10:14
Mystifiedparted_devices list only /dev/sdb4022337024SanDisk Cruzer Bladeunknown10:16
EriC^^Mystified: sounds like the live usb is damaged10:17
Mystified? nvme drive the sdb is the live usb10:18
EriC^^Mystified: try "dmesg | grep nvme"10:18
EriC^^Mystified: i'd say the live usb is damaged if it says input/output error on /sbin/parted10:18
Mystifiedbut windows is working fine10:19
EriC^^still for some reason the nvme isnt being picked up10:19
EriC^^Mystified: i said the live usb not nvme damaged10:19
EriC^^the installer10:19
Mystifiedremake the iso10:19
EriC^^use a different usb10:19
EriC^^input/output error is hardware related10:20
Mystified1234ok making another10:21
Mystified1234EriC^^: have a look at this http://dpaste.com/0YA47KH10:22
EriC^^what is that Mystified1234 ? a log from the installed system?10:25
Mystified1234prior to doing the bios upgrade..10:27
Mystified1234i was having display issues10:27
Mystified1234i had ssh open10:27
EriC^^so you installed the hwe packages, then what10:27
Mystified1234still have the terminal open10:27
* EriC^^ pulls a sofa out for Mystified1234 10:27
EriC^^tell me how it all started10:27
Mystified1234thanks EriC^^: :)10:28
EriC^^no problem Mystified1234 :)10:28
EriC^^so did you try restarting after the hwe package update? but prior to the bios update?10:29
Mystified1234my display has been crashing on the laptop & is under warrantty, yet when i returned the laptop, it was stated no faults where found. The issue happens on windows & ubuntu10:29
EriC^^that sucks10:30
EriC^^which manufacturer is it?10:30
Mystified1234EriC^^: yes restarted after the upgrade10:32
Mystified1234then went into windows, as it was also sugested i do the bios upgrade10:32
Mystified1234after that could noot boot into ubuntu, but boot into windows.10:33
YoKeSeh-Any Brackets user been able to solve the typographical problem with "OpenFreeType6" in the current versions of Ubuntu?10:33
Mystified1234I did disable secure boot & fast boot10:33
mousesMystified1234: if no problem was found, perhaps some common setting/app you use is crashing the display driver?10:34
mousesMystified1234: What type of GPU are we talking about?10:34
Mystified1234the issue is both in windows & ubuntu10:34
Mystified1234not just ubuntu10:34
mousesRight - there are settings as well as apps that run in both :)10:34
Mystified1234I'm sure its a hardware issue..10:35
Mystified1234I'm now going to reboot with a new installer10:35
mousesAgain, what type of GPU and are you deviating from stock settings?  What driver version?10:36
Mystified1234I just want stock settings on lenovo intel gpu10:38
Mystified1234again no nvme10:39
Mystified1234parted just shows the usb10:42
Mystified1234no input.output error10:43
EriC^^Mystified1234: did you try booting into ubuntu before doing the bios upgrade by any chance?10:44
EriC^^Mystified1234: ah great, type "sudo parted -ls | nc termbin.com 9999"10:44
Mystified1234I cant see anu nvme tools in ubuntu10:44
EriC^^aha did it work?10:44
Mystified1234ill need to install an irc client\10:44
Mystified1234hang on ill use firefox10:45
EriC^^did you try booting into ubuntu right after the kernel upgrade but before the bios upgrade?10:45
=== Mystified1234 is now known as Mystified
MystifiedEriC^^: i thought it was a definite yes but know im not 100% sure10:51
Mystifiedas I stated I can't  see any nvme tools here10:52
EriC^^Mystified: i think something about the bios update screwed things up, maybe it set some default setting that doesnt allow ubuntu to see the nvme10:52
Mystifiedon the live iso10:52
EriC^^try to look for any settings that are related, or maybe roll back the bios update if possible10:52
Mystifiedif thats the case why is the live installer booting10:52
MystifiedI have noticed that I can stop fast boot10:53
EriC^^this is the same iso installer you used to install the first time right?10:53
EriC^^Mystified: cause it's not nvme10:53
Mystifiedbut new usb10:53
EriC^^the problem is that the nvme drive cant be located, that's why the install stops at uuid not found10:53
Mystifiedi made another usb10:53
EriC^^ok, that means it must be the bios update causing this then10:53
Mystifiedbut there is still no nvme tools10:54
EriC^^or some setting it set10:54
Mystifiedill go into bios10:54
Mystifiedshould the drive be set to raid10:54
EriC^^try setting it to the opposite of what's currently set10:55
Mystifiedthere is an option for "bios back flash"10:56
Mystifiedin storage i have10:56
Mystifiedoptions for10:57
Mystifiedcontroller mode RST10:57
Mystifiednon raid phsical pcie 1.o samsung 238.gignvme10:58
Mystifiedif i try ahci it will erase the data10:59
EriC^^no it wont10:59
Mystifiedthats the only option10:59
EriC^^try ahci10:59
Mystifiedso try that then10:59
EriC^^yes sir10:59
Mystifiedthats all it was11:00
Mystifiedbloody hell11:00

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