Elliot_AldersonIs there a place in /var/log where I can see why my Ubuntu 20.04 freezes randomly?00:33
Elliot_AldersonI can't seem to find the reason why the OS freezes up randomly00:33
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: if you're using gnome try disabling all the extensions00:34
Elliot_AldersonWhat extensions?00:36
Elliot_AldersonI checked Gnome Tweaks and only dock was on00:36
Elliot_AldersonI have turned that off00:37
sarnolda lot of gnome users install things from https://extensions.gnome.org/# and they're quite often the cause of stability problems00:37
Kali_Yugahello somebody did something bad, uhm he typed 'mv /* /var/www/html' <- don't ever type this, and now there is grub rescue apparently, besides telling him to use a live usb to get all his stuff from the hdd and reinstall there is not much more I could tell him.. any way of restoring or is it gone now?00:37
Elliot_AldersonI have not installed any new extentions00:37
Elliot_AldersonIs there a place in /var/log where I might see why the freezing is taking place?00:38
sarnoldKali_Yuga: probably if you can get a 'mv' executable to work: mv /var/www/html/{bin,boot,dev,etc,home,lib,lib32,lib64,libx32,media,mnt,opt,proc,root,run,sbin,snap,sys,tmp,usr,var}  /  -- might just fix it00:40
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: maybe; it depends on why it hung, just how badly hung the machine is, etc..00:41
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: some problems are severe enough the kernel won't write anything to disk for fear of wrecking something00:41
Elliot_AldersonAlt+PrtSc REISUB doesn't even work00:42
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: other times, the system is wedged badly enough it doesn't have any choice in writing or not :) heh00:42
Kali_Yuga@sarnold okay well he's stuck in grub rescue, so..00:42
sarnoldKali_Yuga: ugh. that's not good. it's time to grab a live usb00:43
Kali_Yugasarnold: not much you can do in that00:43
Kali_Yugasarnold: yes that's what I said live usb, back everything up and reinstall00:43
sarnoldyeah; perhaps *someone* can get from a grub shell to sorting it out, but certainly not me :)00:43
sarnoldKali_Yuga: there's probably something less drastic than reinstall00:43
Kali_Yugasarnold: probably but I'm not sure what00:44
sarnoldKali_Yuga: ^^^ that mv command I gave a few lines ago would work from a live image boot, with slight changes00:44
Elliot_Aldersonsarnold: Is there a way to put the OS in a hyper verbose mode?00:45
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: most folks turn towards "observability" tools like pcp or similar to log memory use, swap use, etc etc00:46
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: sometimes you can get more information from the system by using a BMC (idrac, ilo, ipmi) to fake up a serial console, or use a real serial console, to get messages from the kernel after certain classes of problems00:47
Elliot_Aldersonsarnold: I look into "observability" tools. Thank you!00:49
sarnoldElliot_Alderson: good luck :) hopefully you can figure out what's causing your machine to wedge up00:49
Kali_Yugasarnold: thank you anyway00:52
flying_sausagesAnyone know of some good lightweight Android emulators?00:55
flying_sausagesI need to install an App, and then look at the files it creates. I'm on an Intel-based laptop00:55
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dlammmm what can i type to see my 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' worked?   'lsb_release -a' still says my previous version  (14.04)01:38
Bashing-omdlam: "dist-upgrade" is not what you perceive it to be.01:39
Bashing-om!upgrade | dlam01:40
ubottudlam: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:40
dlamokie doke thanks01:40
Bashing-omdlam: :D - If you continue with issues - we are here to help :D01:43
ouyesAre there any elementary tutorial about html, css, js, ajax, dom02:21
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circuitboneouyes:  create a codepen account and prepare yourself a series of examples so you can reference them. Additionally #css ##frontend and ##ebdev for future q's02:31
ouyescircuitbone, thanks!02:32
circuitboneno sweat mate.02:33
circuitboneouyes: steal ideas from my list if you want. https://codepen.io/circuitbone/pens/public?grid_type=list&sort_col=created_at&sort_order=asc02:36
ConjectureAnyone have a good suggestion for small business accounting software?02:47
lotuspsychje!info gnucash | Conjecture02:48
ubottuConjecture: gnucash (source: gnucash): personal and small-business financial-accounting software. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.8b-1ubuntu1 (focal), package size 3482 kB, installed size 23209 kB02:48
ConjectureI will look into it02:49
triplebhelp. I am wanting to try manjaro and so I download etcher balenaEtcher-1.5.100-x64.AppImage location / but it isnt tere. Archive manage shows it but files does not. I am supposed to make it executable. There are not enough detailed steps. I go a little ways then get stopped.04:34
mihaelI'm using Ubuntu 18.04 and I'm trying to set my hostname via the hostnamectl set-hostname but it gets reverted each time I reboot my computer. How do I permanently set my hostname?04:39
triplebnevermind, I hvae got it. I didnt realize ... extract.04:40
mihaelSo I have to disable this cloud init thing, what a waste of time04:48
nb-benhi, for some reason /dev/ttyS0 has mode 0620 (group tty). I wrote udev rules to correct that to 0660. The rule works as expected when I run `sudo udevadm trigger`, but not when booting.04:55
nb-benI'm thinking maybe I am not writing my rules in such a way that would override whatever is in 50-udev-default.rules or maybe there's something besides udev that changes these permissions on boot?04:57
nb-benthis describes my problem: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38163037/ubuntu-default-port-permissions04:59
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nb-benah, looks like I have getty running on it05:03
RapeseedEat my diarrhea05:59
RapeseedJust ate a burger at the sleazy joint05:59
RapeseedNow I gotta take a shit, get to the point05:59
RapeseedSittin' on the toilet, my ass is a blast05:59
RapeseedRunnin' smelly diarrhea outta my ass05:59
mihaeli'm trying out this blog: https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/oops-debugging-kernel-panics-0 but when installing `uname -r`-dbg, I get https://www.linuxjournal.com/content/oops-debugging-kernel-panics-06:03
mihaelI get an error that the "4.4.0-184-generic-dbg" package does not exist06:03
sarnoldyour second link is to the same blog post06:03
sarnoldwell, a broken link to the same blog post :)06:03
sarnoldyou're probably missing a linux- in front of that `uname -r`06:04
konradosHey. To truncate a file, we can do `: > filepath`, ok, but how to truncate multiple files in one command? `: > *log*` didn't work and I do understand why, but then - how? Do we need some sort of a loop?06:41
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konradosok, found it, the `truncate` command :)06:42
lotuspsychjemihael: can we help you?07:01
mihaellotuspsychje: Sorry, didn't noticed I was typing in this terminal.07:02
mihaellinux-4.4.0-184-genneric-dbg package not found. Is there any other package for this one?07:02
mihaelsudo apt install `uname -r`-dbg07:03
AquaL1tecan ubuntu also run on a raspberry pi?08:24
kariDon't see why not08:27
kariUbuntus website has a guide on it08:27
jim90is removing the home folder enough for wiping a computer?08:52
IaMnEwHeRejim90, depends on what you understand by whipe(your measurement of security), it also depends on whether you had anything running working outide of /home/xxxx, the tmp-folder comes to miind08:58
IaMnEwHeRejust take a live-cd boot into it, umount the drive and whack it using dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda ... and then dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sda ... and you are save and sound for 99.x% of the cases, mind you the type of harddrive is also to be considered09:00
jim90basic removal is enough (I'm not a spy). As for the second point, I'm not sure. It's a Ubuntu. From what I gather browser data lives inside home also. I'm leaving my job and I'd like to wipe my station before I go, but I only have ssh access09:00
IaMnEwHeRee.g. a sdd-drive has diverent writing-patterns than a hdd drive09:00
IaMnEwHeRe? you only have ssh-access?09:01
IaMnEwHeReare we talking work-station or server?09:01
ouyesConjecture, I have a suggestion for small business accounting software09:01
ouyesConjecture, Odoo09:01
ouyes!info Odoo09:01
ubottuPackage Odoo does not exist in focal09:01
jim90Yeah. So I was planning on doing rm -rf ~, and then rm -rf / . It's a work computer (the one you sit at, with a screen), not a server (but it was used as a server in some cases)09:02
IaMnEwHeRethen you should have more than just ssh-access09:04
IaMnEwHeRebesides, your employer might not like it.09:04
ouyesjim90, God help the child09:04
IaMnEwHeRe_ALL_ data on the work-machine is property of the company, so they might get you for sabotage09:04
IaMnEwHeRealso consider that rm -fr ~ while in an ssh-session is a ballsy move, dunno how ssh will react to that09:05
IaMnEwHeResame goes for a regular session with gdm, kdm or so working09:06
jim90IaMnEwHeRe I mean, it has personal data on it. The system is due for an update (it's 18.10 i think) anyway. They'll have to reinstall it in any case. I'd just feel more comfortable cleaning up after myself.09:08
IaMnEwHeRewell that is the reason WHY you should not mix workstuff with personal stuff09:09
IaMnEwHeRebut just going in and deleting your personal files should be sufficieant09:10
IaMnEwHeRethere is .local .config .<application> in your $HOME-folder09:10
IaMnEwHeReI would not touch .ssh and the likes09:10
IaMnEwHeRebe as less invasive as possible09:10
IaMnEwHeReand in that case /tmp etc should not matter09:11
IaMnEwHeReand the applications, other than the browser, installed by your company to work on should not contain personal data anyways09:12
IaMnEwHeRealso consider _NOT_ deleting $HOME/Documents as it might hold more than just your documents, and that, since the PC is not in your possession anymore, others might have looked at it, if not bad process on the IT-departments side, and they might recycle the users, so other peoples stuff, and workstuff might now be in the same folder as yours09:13
IaMnEwHeRego to the IT-Department, state your concerns, I am sure they see Eye-to-Eye and help you delete those files09:13
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FatalFUUUIf the company has any sense the would backup that area if its got work in it or advise otherwise09:31
jim90I was the only one who touched this machine from the moment the os was installed. Nobody else has ever had access. All the work I ever did was pushed to repository. I was more concerned with rm -rf going onto mounted filesystems, which might be remote. I haven't mounted anything, I think, but I heard ubuntu mounts SFTP netowork shares automatically09:33
FatalFUUUsetup new user, switch to that, delete old home profile, done09:47
FatalFUUUthere you also leave a new user on the system so it just looks like an empty profile, not that someone has rm -rf'd it09:47
FatalFUUUask your IT if they are going to wipe it? we'd start from scratch always09:47
jim90that's what they did when I came in. I really like your idea ) I a bit worried about data on root. /var and /usr, /snap and /lib. But it seems those are just packages without config or cache.09:55
StephenLynxhey, the gmediarender package is kind of badly written, so it doesn't clean up stuff properly. so now I have a virtual upnp device enabled on boot despite having nothing about it's pulseaudio module enabled on default.pa11:17
StephenLynxi also found out and removed the gmediarender service that was left in the system after uninstall11:17
StephenLynxany idea where it might be enabled?11:18
StephenLynxhow do I read the install script for a package?11:23
TJ-StephenLynx: the package contains pre/post install/remove scripts11:25
StephenLynxyup, already reading those.11:26
StephenLynxthey only seem to call update-rc.d11:26
TJ-StephenLynx: they're run by dpkg and stored in /var/lib/dpkg/*.{pre,post}*11:26
StephenLynxive already e-mailed the mailing list thats on the package page11:27
StephenLynxso i guess ill have to keep manually disabling it11:27
StephenLynxuntil someone figures this one out11:27
TJ-StephenLynx: what specifically is not being cleaned up? uninstalling a package will NEVER affect anything added to user sessions/$HOME and unless you PURGE a package any config files (in /etc/ or /var/) will be left11:28
StephenLynxthe init script on init.d11:28
StephenLynxI removed that package by just using apt-get remove11:28
StephenLynxbut the init script was left.11:28
StephenLynxthe executable it referred was not though.11:29
TJ-StephenLynx: if that is the case, and the script is listed as a normal file in the package, then there's something interfering11:29
TJ-StephenLynx: which Ubuntu release are you using?11:29
StephenLynxthe /etc/init.d/gmediarender file to be more specific.11:29
StephenLynxthe config file was not removed either.11:30
TJ-StephenLynx: right; I see it with apt-file. That should always be removed as it is a normail file11:30
StephenLynx /etc/default/gmediarender11:30
TJ-StephenLynx: I'd expect the config file to remain unless you PURRGE11:30
StephenLynxand I can see a bunch of gmediarender files in the cron directory.11:30
TJ-StephenLynx: looks like "apt purge" is required from my experiment here11:32
StephenLynxthese all seem to be copies of the init script11:32
StephenLynxbut you can see the files are not being removed as they should?11:32
TJ-StephenLynx: if you look at gmediarender.postrm it clearly shows that only PURGE will remove it11:46
TJ-StephenLynx: "all those files" aren't files as such, they're symbolic links to /etc/init.d/gmediarender11:46
StephenLynxah, yeah. I didn't remove them.11:55
StephenLynxnow im looking at a second possibility, it is NOT gmediarender responsible for the device. but the other thing about upnp that I installed that did the other way around: it broadcast upnp instead of rendering.11:55
StephenLynxremoved pulseaudio-dlna, device is still there on boot. time to investigate that one i guess12:01
StephenLynxno files meaningful files left behind it seems. to the install scripts.12:03
coconutHi. I have a situation since yesterday where my wifi is sometimes not detected. Anything i can check? I have ubuntu mate 20.04 with standard repo and anything updated.12:04
StephenLynxnothing there but pycompile to generate bytecode from python.12:05
StephenLynxso, how do I find where this device is coming from?12:05
BluesKaj'Morning folks12:25
semitonestop 'o the mornin to you too12:25
kaddi I'm running kubuntu 19.10. What would be the best way to encrypt a user-account on a dedicated drive? I'm reading that ecrypt is buggy and 'unmaintained' but there doesn't really seem to be a clear alternative12:42
kaddiI would be creating the user-account from scratch. The drive will be removable (but obviously mounted prior to logging in to the user-account12:42
leftyfbkaddi: Ubuntu 19.10 will be EOL in 10 days. Time to upgrade12:51
nb-benI have an arm64 Ubuntu Server 20.04 installation on an RPi 3B+. From what I gather, my options to prevent u-boot from using the uart pins are limited to deploying my own flavor of u-boot built with CONFIG_BOOTDELAY=-2. So my questions are: 1. Is this really the only option?; 2. If so, then seeing that u-boot-rpi package is installed, am I to uninstall it? or should I simply replace the u-boot binaries12:52
nb-benunder /boot/firmware?12:52
lotuspsychjenb-ben: you can try #ubuntu-server if you like for likeminded volunteers12:56
nb-benI'll ask there as well, thank you12:57
lotuspsychjewelcome odp12:57
nb-benI would think that this is unrelated to ubuntu-server though, as the u-boot package is shared12:59
lotuspsychjenb-ben: seems like you are being helped, so it worked :p13:00
nb-benyes it has worked, I don't complain :)13:05
lotuspsychjemagic #ubuntu : )13:05
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kaddi@leftyfb thanks. I'll try do that this week-end. Any idea what the best way to encrypt a user account on a dedicated drive is in 20:04?13:45
leftyfbkaddi: I used LUKS. But that's for the whole drive. I have little experience with the per-user encryption13:45
kaddi@leftyfb if I use LUKS that would mean I'd need to decrypt the drive when mounting it, before being able to access it for the user-account, right?13:48
leftyfbkaddi: correct13:48
leftyfbkaddi: again, this is something I used for my entire OS. IT asks for a passphrase on boot13:49
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coconutAny reason for why my wifi sometimes does not come up when i boot ubuntu mate 20.04?14:22
lotuspsychjecoconut: whats the wifi chipset on wich kernel version please?14:28
coconutlotuspsychje, Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 and 5.4.0-40-generic14:31
lotuspsychjecoconut: did you have this issue on other kernel versions or ubuntu flavours too, or is this a first time clean install mate?14:31
coconutlotuspsychje, only used ubuntu mate 20.04 on this pc, and have it rarely since a week or so ## kernels versions i do not know, but it did not happen when i first installed ubuntu last 06-06-2020.14:34
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok tnx, lets have a look at your dmesg pastebin please?14:35
coconutand i apt update every day too14:35
coconutjust tell me the command lotuspsychje14:36
ubottudmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.14:36
coconutlotuspsychje, https://termbin.com/426n14:38
lotuspsychjecoconut: you have secureboot enabled, that can influence your hardware behaviour, did you try booting secureboot disabled yet?14:39
coconutlotuspsychje, nope i did not14:39
lotuspsychjecoconut: try please, see if your wifi works better that way14:40
coconutok, will do that :)14:40
coconutthnx lotuspsychje14:40
lotuspsychjecoconut: wb14:45
coconuthehe, still online because i needed the last drop i out my battery14:46
lotuspsychjecoconut: could you share your new dmesg to see if the iwlwifi error is still there14:47
coconutlotuspsychje, back i am moment14:47
coconuti am back14:53
coconutthis time my wifi did not come up, using cat cable now14:53
lotuspsychjecoconut: yeah, seems like its still getting firmware error: iwlwifi 0000:52:00.0: Direct firmware load for iwlwifi-cc-a0-50.ucode failed with error -214:54
lotuspsychjecoconut: do you have other kernels in your list still to do a boot test?14:55
coconutlotuspsychje, not looked after that, how do i check?14:56
lotuspsychjecoconut: dpkg --list | grep linux-image14:56
coconuta few, yes https://termbin.com/9gqh14:58
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok, reboot, hold shift at boot to enter grub, boot a previous kernel of your choice as a test14:58
coconutok, any version recommended or should i just choose one?14:59
blasterHi I am trying to start courier-imap-ssl on ubuntu, but it says FAIL each time I try.  I am unable to find any logs about the cause. Can anyone help?14:59
lotuspsychjecoconut: well do you recall wich time it was working well?14:59
coconutlotuspsychje, think i had it only once a week ago, while more once a day since yesterday...15:01
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok, lets try the previous recent kernel then15:01
coconutwill do... which shift key for grub is for this?15:02
lotuspsychjecoconut: left shift should do15:03
coconutok will try, brb15:03
coconutlotuspsychje, left shift did not let me in on grub15:06
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok, maybe ESC then15:06
lotuspsychjecoconut: worked?15:09
coconutnope no workey on 5.4.0-39-generic15:10
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok, meanwhile i found this bug: bug #186958715:10
ubottubug 1869587 in backport-iwlwifi-dkms (Ubuntu Groovy) "WiFi performance is slow" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186958715:10
lotuspsychjecoconut: this could be perhaps a bug that affects all sub numbers of 5.415:11
coconutlotuspsychje, 5.4 is the version used since 20.04 release right?15:12
lotuspsychjecoconut: correct15:12
lotuspsychjecoconut: would this make sense on your case?15:12
coconutlotuspsychje, i do not know whether i had slow wifi performance to be honest15:15
lotuspsychjecoconut: what we could do, is try a 20.10 iso and see if wifi works there as a test15:16
coconutlotuspsychje, i can do if you're still willing to help :)15:17
lotuspsychjecoconut: oh nvm that, its still kernel 5.4 aswell15:17
coconutlotuspsychje, can i add older versions to grub boot menu easily?15:18
lotuspsychjecoconut: older kernels get cleaned up, but you can test things out with newer kernels the !mainline way if you like15:19
lotuspsychjecoconut: just keep in mind to make backups when you test things15:20
lotuspsychje!info backport-iwlwifi-dkms15:21
ubottubackport-iwlwifi-dkms (source: backport-iwlwifi-dkms): iwlwifi driver backport in DKMS format. In component universe, is optional. Version 8324-0ubuntu3~20.04.1 (focal), package size 1530 kB, installed size 9804 kB15:21
lotuspsychjecoconut: can you apt policy backport-iwlwifi-dkms please15:22
lotuspsychjecoconut: ok, sudo apt install backport-iwlwifi-dkms, then reboot and boot back into kernel -40 please15:24
coconutlotuspsychje, i can just install that while running 5.4.0-39-generic ?15:25
lotuspsychjeshould work15:25
coconutok, will do...15:25
coconutreboot. brb15:27
netwaterhi @ all. I try to execute "unminimize" on ubuntu docker container and get an error with "dpkg-query: error: --search needs at least one file name pattern argument". Complete log is here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/V7ZYM2hrvv/ Anyone an idea?15:29
coconutlotuspsychje, you need new dmesg? (see no wifi detection for nm still after reboot on 5.4.0-40-generic)15:31
lotuspsychjecoconut: yes please15:31
coconutlotuspsychje, https://termbin.com/n24615:32
lotuspsychjecoconut: weird, the firmware errors are gone now, but it still gives this error now: iwlwifi: probe of 0000:52:00.0 failed with error -11015:34
Muimiis memtest supposed to go to a screen that looks like an ant war?15:35
lotuspsychjecoconut: so, not sure where to go from here on that, maybe other volunteers might have ideas15:35
Muimigreen, white, black, blue ants?15:35
Muiminot sure what's wrong with this pc.  maybe bad ram.15:36
coconutlotuspsychje, still want to say thanks to you.15:38
lotuspsychjemaybe jeremy31 if he's awake ^15:40
thirashello. is postfix chrooted in 18.04?16:01
tarriewhat do you guys generally do with AppImages? do you place them in /usr/local and create a desktop entry?16:05
tarrie"However, the official recommendation by the AppImage developers is to create an extra directory, ${HOME}/Applications/ (or ${HOME}/. local/bin/ or ${HOME}/bin/ ) and store all AppImages there." for those curious16:07
lotuspsychjecoconut: maybe you should file a bug afterall, i dont seem to find much on your intel chipset + kernel 5.4 -40 yet16:10
TJ-lotuspsychje: coconut  that -110 is a big clue16:12
lotuspsychjeTJ-: what do you suspect?16:12
TJ-lotuspsychje: coconut  let me look a little closer16:15
lotuspsychjesure thing16:15
Guiflehello, does ubuntu currently retain lsb package?16:15
coconut:)  i have a lot of time, so don't hurry16:15
rexwin_when trying to install ssmtp i get E: Package 'ssmtp' has no installation candidate16:16
oerheks!info lsb_core16:16
ubottuPackage lsb_core does not exist in focal16:16
Guifleso the same problem as debian16:17
oerheks!info lsb16:17
ioria!info lsb-core16:17
ubottulsb (source: lsb): Linux Standard Base support package. In component universe, is extra. Version 11.1.0ubuntu2 (focal), package size 2 kB, installed size 32 kB16:17
ubottulsb-core (source: lsb): Linux Standard Base core support package. In component universe, is extra. Version 11.1.0ubuntu2 (focal), package size 10 kB, installed size 73 kB16:17
oerheksah, typo16:18
TJ-lotuspsychje: coconut  the error -110 is -ETIMEDOUT  - " #define ETIMEDOUT       110     /* Connection timed out */ "16:18
Conjectureouyes, Thanks16:19
stompykinsoi #ubuntu o/16:19
rexwin_E: Unable to locate package msmtp16:19
coconutTJ-, ok ok, anything i should do?16:19
rexwin_what is the best email client like ssmtp?16:19
leftyfbrexwin_: best is relative. ssmtp is also still available. As is msmtp16:20
leftyfbrexwin_: msmtp is part of the universe repo16:20
leftyfb!universe | rexwin_16:20
ubotturexwin_: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.16:20
leftyfbrexwin_: also, to be clean ssmtp isn't a client16:21
coconutTJ-, it's a fairly new laptop(1 month) and it had no wifi issues the first three weeks. I hope it is not a hardware failure.16:22
coconutTJ-, i installed ubuntu mate 20.04 on it since 06-06-2020 and updated it almost daily16:24
omnisiphey guys -- I have an X11 issue or such where I can no longer easily focus between windows with the mouse16:24
omnisipkeyboard works fine16:24
omnisipbut the mouse scroll wheel will randomly start acting like alt tab16:25
omnisipand then I can't click in or on any window16:25
omnisiponly thing that I can do to resolve it is to restart X16:25
coconuti did not updated uefi or other firmwares though16:25
TJ-coconut: it looks like a system issue from what I can see there's a 0.5 second timeout waiting for the device to respond to the enable action16:25
TJ-coconut: Has lotuspsychje  suggested the acpi_osi workaround ?16:26
coconutTJ-, no16:26
TJ-coconut: here's the doc I wrote for it:  https://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html16:26
TJ-coconut: no guarantees but it 'feels' like it could be due to ACPI not configuring the hardware correctly16:27
coconutTJ-, need to eat now. Will read that this evening, thnx!16:30
TJ-coconut: let us know if it solves it16:31
Orcs53_Hi guys, running Ubuntu 20.04 on a RPi 3B+, with cwm, xdm, and X11. I've reached some issues trying to use this RPi with an old 720p TV. When I boot the computer I get a "Mode not supported" prompt on the TV. I have had this issue using Raspberry Pi OS, but, to solve this, I just set the resolution to 1280x720 on another display, then once the RPi17:08
Orcs53_has started it displays correctly. The issue using Ubuntu 20.04, is there is no graphical display tool.17:08
Orcs53_I am attempting to set the resolution to something the TV supports in the script "/etc/X11/xdm/Xsetup" which is run before the login widget. See here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/NWmHg9r2D5/17:11
TJ-Orcs53_: how is the TV connected? Is it providing EDID correctly (see Xorg.0.log) ?17:13
Orcs53_@TJ It is connected via HDMI. No, the TV does not seem to provide EDID. I checked this with the "tvservice" command on Raspberry Pi OS just now.17:14
Orcs53_This is the last entry to /var/log/xdm.log, which shows output from the script which configures the resolution. https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9h6sWb2DXW/17:16
Orcs53_Any ideas would be appreciated very much!17:17
minallHello Ubuntu community!, I'm trying to install pgadmin4. I added a repository for this, when installing 'pgadmin4 pgadmin4-apache2' through apt. It installs a dependency it needs named 'pgadmin4-web', which fails to install due to trying to overwrite a previous file... deleting this file doesn't help much... How can I debug this?17:17
TJ-minall: sounds like you've two packages both trying to install the same file? You could use dpkg-divert to correctly divert (and move) the original file so dpkg/apt know about it17:20
minallI uninstalled pgadmin-desktop, another package that was making all the issues, thanks for the help, it is now solved!17:21
pcatineanHi guys, I installed acrobat reader (acrordrc) from snap store which installed wine and the lot. I don't know where the location of My documents in Wine is on my local or why I cannot save files in my /home/ directory on ubuntu17:33
pcatineanAnyone got any advice17:33
quadrathoch2pcatinean make sure that the permissions are set correct (so you can read your home folder)17:34
pcatineanquadrathoch2, I did not change anything, left everything by default17:35
pcatineanJust now discovered that the files are in /home/pcatinean/snap/acrordrdc/common17:35
pcatineanso at least that17:35
pcatineanI also had to manually download windows 7 fonts and place them in /usr/share/fonts/smth to work which I find strange17:35
pcatineanShouldn't wine include them as well?17:35
quadrathoch2pcatinean no they can't (afaik) because of the license17:36

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