* enyc meows crankharder 00:09
enycindeed ubuntu 16.04LTS is out of support00:09
tomreynhi manu_00:22
manu_i need help00:22
manu_i don't know how to use linux00:22
tomreynwith ubuntu? just describe the issue then, or ask your question00:23
manu_I installed obs with snap but installig the plugins or themes is hard because i can't find the paths00:24
manu_like windows00:24
manu_sorry if my english is bad im from argentina00:24
manu_and other things need to execute or install from the terminal and I don't know how to use it too00:25
tomreynyour english is fine, i'm not sure i can help with OBS, but maybe someone else can, if you describe the issue more closely. it's also good to provide some background, such as which ubuntu version you are using.00:26
manu_right now im using lubuntu00:26
ravagemanu_: https://obsproject.com/forum/threads/how-do-i-install-obs-plugins-if-snap-was-used-to-install-ubuntu-20-04.123557/00:26
manu_i can't find obs in the snap folder00:36
tomreynso this, in a terminal, comes back as "does not exist"?   ls -l $HOME/snap/obs-studio00:38
manu_the termina says cannot access '%HOME/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:40
arraybolt3$, not %.00:41
manu_it says the same00:42
manu_cannot access '/home/manu/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:42
sarnoldhave you started obs? maybe you have to run it once to have it created?00:42
manu_obs is open00:43
manu_do i restart?00:43
sarnoldno, I don't think that'll help. I'm not sure what to suggest next :(00:43
tomreynsnap list obs*00:44
tomreyndoes this say "error: no matching snaps installed" or something else?00:46
manu_ manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l %HOME/snap/obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access '%HOME/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:47
manu_manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l $HOME/snap/obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access '/home/manu/snap/obs-studio': No such file or directory00:47
manu_manu@manu-Linux:~$ ls -l $HOME/snap list obs-studio00:47
manu_ls: cannot access 'list': No such file or directory00:47
tomreyndon't paste in here, and you'd need to use this command on its own, on a separate line.00:49
tomreynmanu_: we can read you again now, if you have more to say00:50
manu_it says No such file or directory00:52
tomreynsnap list obs*       would not say this00:53
tomreynyou must have accidentially typed something else00:53
tomreyni need to leave for now, but keep your questions coming. good luck.00:54
manu_ok thsnks for the help00:54
manu_this is what a typed00:55
sarnoldah, it looks like you missed the *00:57
sarnoldoh you know00:58
sarnoldI don't think that even works00:58
manu_you're right it says the same00:58
sarnoldI've got lots of snaps installed that match b* and c* but snap list 'b*' and snap list 'c*' show nothing :(00:59
manu_this is why i say i don't undestand linux, this things happen01:00
sarnoldthe frustrating thing is that the *old* package manager did this kind of thing perfectly :(01:00
manu_but i found a very unconfortable and rare way to find the  obs studio folder01:01

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