BiessieOnce20.04 releases, 19.10 support drops?00:07
oerheks19.10 support will end 20.07, 9 mo00:08
hmmmmhi, i have Xubuntu 19.04 installed, but to get metasploit I added the Kali package repository00:32
oerhekshmmmm, that makes a not-ubuntu installation, good luck with that.00:32
hmmmmthen when i sudo apt update and sudo apt upgrade, it started updating all my xubuntu packages with kali linux packages... when i rebooted it went to a blank black screen with a blinking underscore00:32
hmmmmhow do i undo this?00:33
oerheksreinstall xubuntu.00:33
hmmmmi have a home directory that i don't want wiped out though00:33
oerheksbut take 19.10, that is supported.00:33
Jordan_Uhggdh: The Ubuntu installer will allow you to reinstall while preserving your home directory, even without /home on a separate partition.00:34
Jordan_Uhmmmm: ^^00:34
hmmmmshould i try to back up with a livecd just in case?00:34
Jordan_Uhmmmm: Backups are always a good idea.00:35
hmmmmalso, why is this even possible in the first place?00:35
o0hmmmm: https://github.com/rapid7/metasploit-framework/wiki/Nightly-Installers00:35
hmmmmdoesn't it make sense that you'd add alternate repositories to get one piece of software, not everything?00:35
oerheks"if you have no backup of your precious data, it is not important"00:35
Jordan_Uhmmmm: If you add a repository with packages that are newer than the ones you have installed, they will be installed automatically. There are ways to add repositories without that happening, but it is not the default.00:36
hmmmmthis is ridiculous, it's an apt beginner's trap00:36
exit70also consider whether there is disk/home encryption00:36
hmmmmhow could've i anticipated it would destroy my installation00:37
oerhekserr, you understand kali messes around with privelidges and apparmor?00:37
hmmmmno, did not know that00:37
oerheksit is not ubuntu anymore00:37
oerheksone should run that in a VM, kvm preferrably00:37
oerheksvbox is too easy to escape00:38
exit70or just pick an old laptop00:39
hmmmmhey guys, how do i reinstall ubuntu if it was previously installed with a single LVM partition?01:17
hmmmmi am in the installer, i selected "Something else", and it gives me the screen where you manually edit the partitions.  /dev/mapper/vgxubuntu-root i set the mount point to / with the same ext4 fs, unselected "Format?", didn't need to change anything for the swap partition, and it doesn't give me any options for /dev/sda101:18
hmmmm...is this right?01:19
hmmmmwell i just went for it, the installer gave a warning that the directory structure won't be deleted, so i guess that's reassuring01:20
Jordan_Uhmmmm: Sorry for the late answer, but that seems right. Do you have a UEFI based machine, and did /dev/sda1 end up being a fat32 partition mounted at /boot/efi/ ?01:23
hmmmmi don't remember what i put for the bootloader type in the original installation01:23
hmmmmit didn't say anything for partition type in //dev/sda1 - no details01:23
Jordan_Uhmmmm: Did you choose the option that lets you run other programs while the installer is running? If so, can you open a terminal and pastebin the output of "mount"? That should hopefully clear up how the partitions are being used. Either way, you probably have things setup correctly.01:25
hmmmmoh this doesn't sound good... "Error restoring installed applications - an error occured while restoring previously-installed applications.  The installation will continue, but you may have to manually reinstall some applications after the computer reboots" - actually that doesn't sound terrible01:28
hmmmmoh dammit i forgot to backup the tftp server config01:28
hmmmmbut other than that, we're back!01:30
Jordan_Uhmmmm: Have you successfully rebooted? I don't see any EFI System Partition mounted. Is your computer configured to boot via UEFI?01:32
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hmmmmoh, no, EFI was disabled01:33
Jordan_Uhmmmm: That error likely refers to applications you had installed from Kali's repositories.01:33
hmmmmand yes, i have successfully rebooted01:34
Jordan_Uhmmmm: Great, then sda1 is probably being used as a BIOS Boot Parititon (which has no filesystem, and thus doesn't get mounted).01:34
hmmmmi think i'm mostly back on track now01:37
Jordan_Uhmmmm: You're welcome.01:37
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al_nz1in a dir -l ls drwxrwxrwx+ 1002 65534 users 20480 Mar 30 13:37 - what does the 1002 and 65534 mean?01:49
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exit70uid and gid02:01
rfmal_nz1, number of links to the file (1002 is a lot, what is going on) and uid of owner (numeric because apparently 65534 isn't used in your /etc/passwd)02:02
exit70hmm ignore my answer02:02
al_nz1rfm: thanks. Re the link02:02
al_nz1links - its a file structure created by a NAS - has lots of sub dirs02:03
rfmal_nz1, ok, all those subdirs have the '..' link pointing back up.  (65534 is usually "nobody", btw)02:04
al_nz1what do you mean by .. ? as in when you cdup with cd ../ ?02:05
rfmal_nz1, yes, every directory contains a entry named ".." which is a link to the parent.  That's why "cd .." takes you up a level...02:06
al_nz1so the ".." is related to the 1002?02:11
rfmal_nz1, yes, presumably the directory has 1001 subdirectories, each with its .. link and the parent of the directory you are listing has a link down into it, making 100202:13
al_nz1Thanks rfm02:20
al_nz1rfm: is 0 = root?02:32
al_nz1in the context of chown 65534:002:32
GoneViralal_nz1: no it is not02:53
GoneViralal_nz1: the second parameter is the group ID02:53
Jordan_UGoneViral:nA UID or GID of 0 is root.02:56
Jordan_Ual_nz1: ^^02:56
GoneViralal_nz1: ah yes.02:57
GoneViralisn't it a bit abnormal for nobody:root permissions?02:57
GoneViral(sorry for the confusion, also. I'm used to seeing wheel because I'm old)02:59
jashacharjeeHello, everyone04:42
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YogaRolfHi. I am having problems with my Wifi Drivers. I just installed Ubuntu. My PC Name is LEnovo V145-15AST. Can someone please help?:)06:46
YogaRolfI am connecting Currently Through My Telephones Connection06:47
ktosiekYogaRolf: describe what is the problem and what you've done so far, maybe someone will know how to fix it06:48
ktosiekalso, do you know what kind of Wi-Fi card you have?06:48
mkquistYogaRolf: maybe - https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=29710506:49
YogaRolfI have not done anything. Only it does not work, it does not connect to internet. ok thanks Will try06:50
mkquistYogaRolf: same question that ktosiek asked tho...  wifi card?06:53
mkquistYogaRolf: and do you know if your system 'sees ' it?  like what does lspci give?06:54
YogaRolfnot sure how do i check what i have06:54
mkquisttry opening a terminal and typing 'lspci'06:54
YogaRolfok. i am just waiting for Lutris first installing06:55
YogaRolfI am connected through phone atm06:56
mkquistYogaRolf: or maybe inxi -n06:56
mkquistYogaRolf: 'inxi -n06:56
mkquistYogaRolf: and have you checked to see if any drivers are suggested by mint?.... sorry 2 questions in a quick row... take your time06:57
YogaRolfBut i dont have mint, I have UBuntu though06:58
mkquistYogaRolf: sorry same thing underneath...so it will work too06:59
mkquistYogaRolf: wrong channel but the info is the same... =)06:59
YogaRolfthanks.oki:) ITs updating something now autmatic maybe works after06:59
YogaRolfThanks. Working now. But I wonder how to use Vulkan. And if my computer supports Vulkan? It is supposed to be better graphics I hear. Hmm08:00
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Bomber4Chats7th time or more that I try to install / reinstall linux mint on my MSI comp. and I keep getting to the initramfs console on boot, and when exiting it says it cannot find the UUID of the / partition, even though the UUID mentioned is 1-to-1 what is in the /etc/fstab file...08:21
Bomber4ChatsI am using an /boot/efi partition, or at least I'm trying to do so08:21
Ben64Mint has it's own support channel, #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org08:21
HamiltonIs hibernate disabled by default on 18.04? Then why could I do sudo systemctl hibernate? (but it didn't work on poweron)08:21
Bomber4ChatsBen64 pretty dead channel. I'd like to believe people in the Ubuntu channel might be familiar with this "UUID does not exist" error08:22
Ben64This channel is only for Ubuntu issues08:23
Bomber4Chatslinux mint runs on ubuntu, no? It says on boot that it runs a image08:24
Ben64It isn't Ubuntu, it's based on Ubuntu08:24
lotuspsychjeBomber4Chats: Ben64 just explained you we cant support it08:24
Bomber4Chats ¯\(°_o)/¯   So I don't have linux mint, I have Ubuntu ^_^'08:25
Bomber4Chatsk, nm. hoping someone will be willing to help in private08:25
rory5.0.0.32 sounds like a Linux kernel version, this will be across all distros, Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora... this is specifically Ubuntu only support, because Linux Mint is similar enough to lull you into a sense of false security, then confuse you with a difference.08:27
Bomber4Chatsbut the kernel boots the same across all distros, doesn't it?08:27
Bomber4Chatsjust the boot sequence08:27
roryyes but this is support for Ubuntu, similar to how you can't take your Vauxhall to a Ford garage even though they both use gasoline08:28
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sonnenfinsternisClient: HexChat 2.14.3 • OS: ArchLinux • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with Radeon Vega Graphics (3,49GHz) • Memory: Physical: 3,8 GiB Total (2,8 GiB Free) Swap: 8,4 GiB Total (8,4 GiB Free) • Storage: 11,9 GB / 24,2 GB (12,3 GB Free) • VGA: InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH VirtualBox Graphics Adapter @ Intel Corporation 440FX - 82441FX PMC [Natoma] • Uptime: 1h 41m 35s09:16
sonnenfinsternissorry, didn't meant to send this09:17
juanonymousquestion about cron09:48
juanonymousis this correct?09:48
juanonymousthe bash file contains update and upgrade09:49
juanonymousthen i wanted to reboot every month09:49
juanonymousnot sure im doing it right, just to clarify09:50
BluesKajHowdy folks09:52
Ben64juanonymous: no09:54
juanonymoushow do i do that?09:54
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juanonymoussorry, can you guide me.09:55
Ben64I would suggest rebooting manually, and maybe doing upgrades manually as well, just update and upgrade won't get you everything09:55
MonkeyDustjuanonymous: try     @monthly [command] && sudo reboot now ... https://crontab.guru/every-month09:57
Ben64seems like a good way to lose data, unexpected automatic reboot09:59
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dbuggerHi guys. I have a small crisis here. My PC boot. It shows a message of "recovering journal". What can I do??10:07
dbuggerMy PC won't boot now. I'm in root shell from the recovery mode10:07
dbuggerI tried a fsck -f / but it says "/dev/sda5 is already mounted"10:08
dbuggerWhat can I do??10:08
sixwheeledbeastyou can't fsck a device that's mounted10:12
dbuggerDoes that mean I have to use a live CD?10:14
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juanonymousok Ben6410:15
sixwheeledbeastIf you have a an issue at boot that need fsck I would use a live image and while booting the live image I think you hold Esc to get the splash screen you can select Check disks10:15
sixwheeledbeastEither that or you can just boot the live image and use gparted to run a fsck10:16
dbuggerI will do that10:16
dbuggerLet's see10:16
sixwheeledbeastIf you use gparted make sure it's not mounted and right click then Check10:19
dbuggerIf it was mounted, I wouldn't be able to check it, no?10:20
sixwheeledbeastI think it should tell you and you have to force it, you shouldn't fsck a mounted device you'll cause data loss10:21
dbuggerIt's green10:21
dbuggerThis is what I'm getting now10:23
dbuggerWhen I boot10:23
dbuggerThe message about the journal is gone, but it's still not booting10:23
sixwheeledbeastjust wait a little10:24
dbuggerOk. I will10:25
dbugger15 minutes should suffice?10:25
sixwheeledbeastI was thinking more like a couple of minutes. what does it display now?10:26
dbuggerStill the same...10:26
dbuggerNo change10:31
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sixwheeledbeastdid gparted complete on the correct drive?10:34
dbuggerThere is only one10:35
sixwheeledbeastYou could try to fsck again with the live image, always make sure its not mounted first. You could mount the drive to see if your stuff it there and maybe back it up if that's of concern. After that you could try to manually repair boot or reinstall Ubuntu over the top keeping your documents.10:39
dbuggerI have Timeshift installed. Maybe doing a restore from yesterday could help??10:43
dbuggersixwheeledbeast: isn't gparted going fsdk?10:48
sixwheeledbeastgparted should have done fsck with the check option? yo could run fsck from a terminal manually if you want10:50
itxoCan I install some package from a private repo (specifically https://jitsi.org/downloads/) without actually adding the repo to my sources and trusting their keys, etc.?10:51
itxoI wouldn't mind generally, but I'd like to avoid querying these repos every time I apt update10:51
dbuggersixwheeledbeast: could you confirm me which command exactly should I run?10:52
sixwheeledbeastfsck  and then the partition10:55
dbuggerI mean the exact commands10:55
dbuggerFor the first, I used "fsck -f /dev/sda5". Is that correct?10:56
sixwheeledbeastI have no idea where your partitions are but if you believe its sda5 then "sudo fsck /dev/sda5"10:56
dbuggerYeah, I did that. I get the same message I get when I try to not normally, and it freezes10:57
dbugger(but now it doesn't, obviously)10:57
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juanonymousMonkeyDust thanks11:06
dbuggersixwheeledbeast: someone suggested that it has nothing to do with the file system11:13
dbuggerBut then I have no idea where to look11:13
GemosaI need help. I have Asus notebook PC and hidden partition with OEM Ubuntu. Now i run Win10. I wanna delete Win10 and boot from OEM-ubuntu partition and install. How?11:15
ufki deleted /etc/postgresql directory.. i purge and reinstall postgresql-* packages but still it doesn't re-create that config file. what do i do?11:23
ufkahh never mind i didn't --purge11:25
DbuggerWell, I found a Windows Machine to connect from :P11:47
DbuggerBut still, I need to find a way to restore my Ubuntu :/11:47
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tomreynGemosa: if you have an OEM installation then you'd best seek support with the OEM, since it can differ from standard installations.11:51
tomreynGemosa: alternatively you could do a standard installation by writing the installer to an usb stick and booting off that. but you may end up without vendor specific customizations, software and drivers then.11:52
Gemosaok, thanks11:57
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DwarfAny way of getting OpenSSH 8.2 on Ubuntu without having to compile it myself?13:29
DwarfUbuntu 18.04 that is13:29
erle-What is the simplest way to reset my sources.lst to the defaults?13:34
BluesKajerle-, in your package manager13:36
Hamilton1Is Hibernate *disabled* by default on ubuntu?13:36
erle-maybe if you don't have enough swap13:37
tomreynDwarf: maybe you'll find a newer version on a PPA13:38
tomreyn!ppa | Dwarf13:39
ubottuDwarf: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge13:39
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: Is there a particular reason that you need the latest OpenSSH version installed on your machine/13:40
Dwarfpragmaticenigma: OpenSSH enables usage of U2F security keys with certificate authentication13:52
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: Do you need client support of that feature, or server level?13:53
DwarfIt seems that the server also needs to be version >=8.2 in order to support it, though I couldn't find any documentation on this13:54
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: It sounds like something that both client and server would need to support, correct. I'm trying to understand your usage case, are you trying to connect somewhere, or just looking to harden your personal systems?13:55
DwarfMy client is 8.2, my Ubuntu server is stuck on whatever Bionic ships13:57
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: Bionic is 7.6, it's something I would caution against trying to upgrade as it may break other things on your system13:58
DwarfA shame. Guess I'll have to wait for the next LTS then13:59
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: Eoan (19.10) has 8.0, and the upcoming Focal (20.04) will only go to 8.1 for now. I suspect that the feature your seeking is accompanied by other buggy features which is why Ubuntu is staying a little behind for now13:59
pragmaticenigmaDwarf: you might want to look into the documentation... it's possible the feature has been backported14:01
pragmaticenigmaat least in Ubuntu versions support the 8.x series14:01
spython01good morning/afternoon/evening14:06
spython01What Ubuntu-based distributions do people recommend for young kids?  I know it comes down more to desktop environment but was thinking of repurposing an old Thinkpad for our 6 year old now that she has more online activities to do for school.14:06
sixwheeledbeastDwarf: I think your left with just building it14:06
NyleInvite me to #ubuntu-offtopic, then ban me for talking too much.14:07
NyleYou people are mental.14:07
NyleBan me here too. Go for it, prick.14:07
NyleAbsolutely fscking mental.14:07
NyleGo on. Ban me here too. What are you waiting for? I hope you die.14:07
NyleI really hope you die the worst death an angry god can create for you.14:08
NyleGood day. Ban me here too. Go on. Show me how loving your 'humanity' ubuntu community is.14:08
NyleHurting other innocent people and their minds/emotions. Shame on you.14:08
NyleSeriously. I hope you die soon.14:08
crookseyNyle: chill, this is a community support group, not twitter14:10
sixwheeledbeastDwarf: this guide and PPA maybe useful https://cryptsus.com/blog/how-to-configure-openssh-with-yubikey-security-keys-u2f-otp-authentication-ed25519-sk-ecdsa-sk-on-ubuntu-18.04.html14:10
NyleNo it's okay. Im' done with these racist aholes.14:10
NyleJust done.14:10
NyleHumanity. Ubuntu. What a joke. Nohting more than money making scheme on top of Debian.14:10
NyleShame on you. That's all I gotta say.14:10
NyleDo whatever you want. Ban me. Dont' ban me. I don't care. You've shown me your true colors.14:10
DwarfNyle: If you're only going to rant I suggest you /part and take some time away from the keyboard14:11
NyleWait, I don't you should say anymore after someoen says that they no longer care.14:11
sixwheeledbeastMaybe they'll see the phuny side later...14:13
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malekmaroc7I wanted to try Ubuntu but ran into a Problem/Bug. It boots fine, but after some minutes it freezes all of a sudden. What is the problem?14:47
JumpinJackHi Everyone - I am attempting to remote into VNC on a cloud machine I have setup. The firewall rules on teh cloud side are all correct, but I think that the OS is blocking the ports for VNC. I have disabed UFW and IPTABLES on the OS side. I there somethiing I am missing. I am running Ubuntu 16 LTS14:50
malekmaroc7I wanted to try Ubuntu but it freezes after some minutes all of a sudden. What's the problem?14:53
pavlosmalekmaroc7: how much memory do you have?14:54
malekmaroc7You mean RAM? pavlos14:54
malekmaroc71.8 GB14:55
malekmaroc7(2048 MB)14:55
malekmaroc7...I hope that's not the problem...14:56
pragmaticenigmaThat's a bit low14:56
malekmaroc7Yeah just a bit14:56
pavlosmalekmaroc7: it is the min requirement for ubuntu 18.04 ... More memory would be better14:56
malekmaroc7I wanted to use Ubuntu 19.10 btw14:57
malekmaroc7yeah more would be better though14:57
pragmaticenigmaCurrent recommend system specifications are 2Ghz dual core processor, 4 GiB System Memory14:57
pragmaticenigmamalekmaroc7: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements14:58
malekmaroc7Well, what OS Version could you suggest for me?14:58
pavlosmalekmaroc7: can you run inxi in a terminal? post the output ... inxi -F | nc termbin.com 999914:59
pragmaticenigmaIt's not a matter of versions... those system specifications have the recommendation for awhile now. You might have some luck using a different flavor such as Xubuntu, or Lubuntu. Which do have lower system requirements.14:59
MonkeyDustmalekmaroc7: try lubuntu or xubuntu14:59
malekmaroc7Do Lubuntu and Xubuntu have the same features like Ubuntu?15:00
MonkeyDustmalekmaroc7: i guess they do, you can try it with a live session15:01
pavlosJumpinJack: VNC uses port 5900+n to comm15:02
malekmaroc7Alrighty! I'll try that out and I will say the result.15:02
JumpinJackI did a vncserver :9 to use port 590915:03
JumpinJackwhen I use nmap or telnet to check to see if  port 5909 is open, I am get indiications that the port is close.15:04
JumpinJackIt may still be an issue with the cloud provider (its NOT AWS or Azure, which are VERY straightforward)15:05
pragmaticenigmaJumpinJack: Is there a display for VNC to attach to?15:05
JumpinJackyes, there are NO errors. when VNC starts, All indications are an error with port not eing opened.15:05
pragmaticenigmaJumpinJack: Is the VNC server process seen in "top" or similar process viewer?15:06
pragmaticenigmaJumpinJack: ps -aux | egrep -i vnc15:06
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pavlosJumpinJack: maybe you're running vino-server15:12
pavlosJumpinJack: just tested on a VM ... on server: running vino-server, netstat -at shows 5900 listening, on client: vncviewer <ip> it connects15:17
mustmodifythe roman emporer?15:29
oeuvrealso you guys should start using windows 95 instead15:30
mustmodifyGood morning. I replaced my router and restarted my ubuntu and windows machines. Windows is working but ubuntu machine didn't grab an IP address... I tried `dhclient` and it still does not have an address. What's the next step for troubleshooting?15:30
pragmaticenigmamustmodify: make sure the cables are firmly attached at both the router and the computer15:31
mustmodifyI'll verify.15:31
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mustmodifyverified. One solid light, one blinking light.15:32
pavlosmustmodify: dmesg may have some info enp2s0: link is not ready15:35
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mustmodifyjust out of curiosity, why is it enp2s0 instead of eth0? And where would I have gotten that number?15:47
mustmodifythat identifier?15:47
pavlosmustmodify: udev rules assign those, based on your h/w15:52
pavlosmustmodify: you can modify /etc/default/grub, GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="quiet net.ifnames=0", sudo update-grub, reboot, and you will get eth0, eth1, ...15:54
mustmodifyok. I tend to leave this machine running for months at a time, sometimes tinkering without restarting. So I'm worried I've hosed the configuration somehow.15:54
mustmodifyhere's my lshw: https://photos.app.goo.gl/e3wVR3EQaS8CXG5MA16:00
mustmodifyIt looks right to me. If anyone sees anything out of the ordinary, please let me know.16:00

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