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Mangvakorcan somebody help me getting hidden content from a tomcat server?03:06
Mangvakorthere's a fil that was set to restricted I want to see if I can get access to03:07
MangvakorI suspect it is here <span class="accesshide "> Archive</span>03:08
Mangvakorthe server is apache tomcat03:09
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rboxcd /the/directory/with/the/files03:12
rboxgo to town03:12
ecapirbox, is rascul in that town?03:12
Mangvakorjust inspecting the page it is not possible?03:14
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itu   hi05:33
ituhow to detect others IPs in my LAN  ?05:33
ituhm, parameters?05:40
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itunmap -A -v -v   # ok , but ... slow05:43
ilyaskleineHallo Laurin07:07
ilyaskleineHallo Marius07:08
ilyaskleineHeute Machen wir Physik!07:08
laurinlorkews ist ubuntu07:09
ilyaskleineDas ist das Betriebssystem auf dem du bist07:09
ituoh, an welcher schule nutzt man denn hier ubuntu?07:11
laurinlorkehallo ?07:11
ilyaskleineLeise Laurin07:11
ilyaskleineNa am HSG07:12
itudas hier eigentlich ein englischer kanal07:13
iturichtig seid ihr im #ubuntu-de-offtopic07:14
laurinlorkeokay thank you07:15
itueinfach    /join #ubuntu-de-offtopic  eintippen07:16
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jnth'i upgraded to 23.10 and when i run ffmpeg, it says libnppig.so.11: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory but the exists so.12 in the cuda library09:54
ikoniajnth: looks like ffmpeg came from an external repo that not got the right dependencies for 23.1010:00
jnthwhat should i do? manually compile the newest release?10:01
ikoniaI'd first confirm what I think is correct, if so, remove the packages and either install it from the 23.10 repo directly, or install it from a repo that's compabitle with 23.10, I certainly wouldn't be compiling it10:01
jnthikonia: 7:6.0-6ubuntu1 in mantic repo, this is the one in 23.10, right?10:08
ikoniaI don't know, you'll have to look/check10:08
mauriziohi, I've made a big mistake: I type something like dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda on a ssd disk. Is there any chance to recover the datas?10:13
mjt0kmaurizio: the short answer is "no", or at least "highly unlikely"10:15
mjt0keven if you hit Ctrl+C quickly enough, ssd is fast to be able to quickly erase quite big portion of your data10:16
mauriziomjt0k, so I mistakenly deleted everythin? Even on a ssd?10:16
itudepends on how much was written ...10:16
mauriziothe disk was quite full10:16
mjt0kit *might* be possible to recover second or subsequent partitions - provided you interrupted it fast10:16
mjt0kif it ran for a while - no10:17
itumaurizio: you have to dump the whole device into a file, then run recovery-tool10:17
mjt0kdumping it isn't necessary10:18
mjt0krun testdisk on it10:18
mjt0kif it finds something, - good. if not, - you're out of luck10:18
mjt0konce again: there's a (small) hope *only* if you interrupted the process really quick10:19
ituon ssd chances should be good if not more is zerod then free space was present10:19
mjt0kwell, going to the internal ssd data structures requries much more experience10:20
mjt0kthat's people who do data recovery for living, they will ask quite big money for that (for a good reason)10:21
mjt0kssd is not optimized to keep data you deleted, it is optimized to keep non-deleted data and to be fast :)10:22
mauriziomjt0k, the command was executed very quickly. I didn't stop it10:23
mjt0kah, so it completed10:23
maurizioI runned gpart and it said: part 1 not used, part 2 not used ....10:24
mjt0kwell.. good luck to you10:24
mauriziomjt0k, you mean, there is no chance, right?10:25
mjt0kyou can try to attack internals of ssd, provided the data is that important10:26
mjt0kbut that's definitely not on-topic for #ubuntu10:26
mauriziomjt0k, well there were some pics, some memories. All the work was saved on the cloud10:26
mauriziomjt0k, I see, I'm sorry. Which is the right channel?10:27
mauriziowhat does it mean "attack internals of sdd"?10:28
mjt0kmost likely you'll have to de-solder the chips and read ram chip contents using special-purpose tools10:29
mjt0kknowing all algoritms and data structures of the controller10:30
mauriziook, thank you all for the information. I wish you a good day10:39
lotuspsychjemaurizio: your best bet is photorec, scan the whole drive and see what recovers or not10:46
itu  - i tried all of them - no succes10:46
lagunaloire123hey is anybody awake over there at ubuntu...that last apt update hung on bootup at 94% and refused to boot the computer....something was very wrong with it...so i just thought i would let you ubuntu people know there was a problem with the last most recent 3 programs update12:41
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lagunaloire123it does seem that it was patchable but i can't be sure as it only patched gconf12:42
lotuspsychjelagunaloire123: try to rescue from grub recoverymode12:42
lotuspsychjelagunaloire123: and drop to a rootshell with networking enabled, see if you fix things from there12:42
lagunaloire123lotuspsychje i don't need to ...i keep an old emergency boot kernel to get the system going if all else fails and was able to get it booted and patched but i can't be sure i got all the issues since it only installed 94%12:44
lagunaloire123lotuspsychje...apt was only able to detect a problem with gconf that needed to be fixed but i don't know if some of the apps failed to install12:45
lotuspsychjetry to share some logs with the volunteers then lagunaloire123 perhaps someone might know whats it about12:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:45
lagunaloire123lotuspsychje well i will be glad to do that if you request specific logs for me to give them12:46
lotuspsychjelagunaloire123: the apt errors you getting, and/or dpkg logs to see what installed12:46
lagunaloire123lotus... the apt error said gconf needed to be reconfigured with dpkg...and where are the dpkg logs for me to give them12:47
lagunaloire123are the dpkg logs in /var/log/... with all the others12:49
lagunaloire123lotuspsychje...normally there has never been an issue with any of ubuntu's updates...they have done very well for a long time but this last one was a real problem12:50
BluesKajHi all12:57
lagunaloire123lotuspsychje which log do you want me to send them and is it with the rest of the logs in /var/log/...12:59
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lagunaloire123good things for all the hard and great work that they all do13:12
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BluesKajnutters looking for attention in the wrong places13:49
jailbreakHi all13:54
BluesKajhi jailbreak13:57
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stennosomehow this installer seems to be broken15:16
webchat52Hi there! I have a weird issue that I'm looking for advice on. I'm locked out of my ubuntu forums account and would love to get in touch with someone from there to prove who i am and get it back! Who is that person?15:16
stennothe installation is complete, i pressed 'cancelling updates and reboot'15:17
stennoand its not actually cancelling the updates. it just continues the updates15:17
stennodo i have to do anything more? the button is now grayed out stating 'Rebooting...' (which is not true)15:17
stennoscrew it, i don't have the time for this anymore, this is just broken15:19
jailbreakstenno: what are you trying to do and what's your problem?15:40
jailbreak"this is just broken" doesn't really tell us anything...15:41
stennoi was trying to install ubuntu, and tried to 'abort updates and reboot' after the installation was finished15:41
stennooh maybe you joined in later15:41
stennoi said it above15:41
stennobut it didn't abort the updates15:41
jailbreakWhy would you abort?15:41
stennoit just continued15:41
stennobecause i wanted to reboot15:41
stennoand the button gave me the option to do it15:42
jailbreakShould've left it doing what it was supposed to do...15:42
stennowhy is there a button then15:42
stennothat tells me i can abort updates and reboot, when it doesn't work and i shouldn't do it15:42
jailbreakDoesn't mean you should click it.15:42
stennothen maybe this button should be removed from the installer, if it doesn't work15:43
jailbreakHave some patience 😉15:43
jailbreakIt does work ☺️ source: I've used it. So have plenty of others15:44
stennook so you are supposed to use it?15:45
stennoi deleted the vm image and am reainstalling in minimal mode15:45
stennohopefully this works faster now15:45
jailbreakIf you want to. But yes, you're new to Ubuntu. Have patience 😉15:46
stennoi am not new to ubuntu15:46
jailbreakThen you should know to wait.15:46
jailbreakImagine ignoring someone that's trying to help you lol 😆15:47
webchat52If someone tries to help me I promise not to ignore them :')15:48
Habbiewebchat52, have you tried password recovery via email?15:48
stennook, the minimal installation worked much faster15:48
stennoand it actually finished15:48
stennoso i didn't have to 'abort update and reboot'15:48
stennowebchat52: that person didn't want to help me15:48
ravagewebchat52: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223000415:50
webchat52Habbie  have indeed. It's an old account created way back in 2006/7 and I lost access to the email account it was attached to15:50
ravagethe accounts are ubuntu one sso15:51
ravageif you lost the email its gone15:51
webchat52It was before sso though? Or did it just get deleted?15:52
ravagethat is desctibed on that post too15:52
ravage"If you already have a ubuntuforums account but no Ubuntu One account"15:52
webchat52I saw that option. My problem is that the eircom, who i had the email account  with got privatised and took the email account away. I was hoping that some webmaster at the ubuntu forums would take pity on my and let me present evidence that the account is rightfully mine!15:54
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enigma9o7Was trying to learn about installing ubuntu on sparc64.  Is this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/Sparc still accurate?  ubuntu 6.06 was a long time ago....17:30
leftyfbenigma9o7: the very first line on that page: "SPARC has not been supported since Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)"17:33
enigma9o7doh, i actually missed that, my bad, thanks much.17:35
KadiganHm. I asked over in oftc#debian, but might as well ask here, since the whole thing may be similar enough. Anyone have any luck running nvidia GPUs in PCIe x1 with nvidia-driver? Mine hangs on boot until I get rid of the GPU or put it in the PCIe x16 #1 slot (which disables the NIC in #2, but boots).17:38
leftyfbKadigan: sorry, but we can only support Ubuntu here. Not Debian.17:39
leftyfbKadigan: also try #hardware for your latter issue17:40
KadiganYeah, I know, but they're often similar enough, and *maybe* someone with a similar experience is present?17:40
leftyfbKadigan: feel free to install Ubuntu and we'lll be happy to help you17:41
stennogood day, apt-add-repository installed a repository. now i want to remove it again18:43
stennoyes, apt-add-repository --remove runs into a timeout.18:43
stennowhy does this happen?18:43
leftyfbstenno: just delete the repo file in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/18:44
stennoi tried -v for verbose, but this flag does not exist18:44
ravage(make sure to remove all packages from that repo first)18:44
leftyfbstenno: you can also install and use ppa-purge which will also remove the packages installed from the repo18:45
stennook thanks18:45
stennoso strange that adding works just fine, but removing runs into a timeout18:46
leftyfbI didn't even know there was a --remove option18:46
stennoit might my wrong argument order actually18:47
stennoapt-add-repository --remove <name> instead of apt-add-repository <name> --remove (what i did)18:48
stennoman time for weekend18:53
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ash_worksiis there an apt command to install from cache?19:46
ash_worksior does `apt install ...` already attempt to do that?19:46
Habbieit does19:47
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Guest64i use 22.0421:26

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