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lordlHello! Someone using WeChat?00:07
lordlThe Chinese app.00:07
geniiAre you having an Ubuntu support issue which involves the application WeChat?00:08
lordlgenii, well, no.00:09
lordlgenii, it's off-topic.00:09
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:09
lordlI know.00:09
GerowenIs there a way, post installation, in Ubuntu server, to bring up that little menu that lets you select pre-configured setups for various services like nextcloud, rocketchat, etc.?00:12
GerowenIn olden days it was "tasksel", but I see Ubuntu has moved onto something else.00:12
tomreynGerowen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Tasksel#Usage_.28alternative.29 https://askubuntu.com/questions/252056/should-i-use-tasksel-tasks-in-apt-or-install-regular-metapackages00:15
geniiGerowen: There should still be install images with the old installer00:15
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hexen_16Hello, I have a question. What is the best IDE on Ubuntu?00:26
Bashing-om!best | hexen_1600:28
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, qtcreator00:28
OerHekshttps://www.ubuntupit.com/best-linux-code-editor-top-10-reviewed-compared/ .. there is no single best, depends on your coding i guess00:28
hexen_16I see. I'll check out that link. I need a good one for web development though. Currently using bluefish.00:34
gambl0rehi everyone my computer is extremely almost to the point where its basically frozen00:47
gambl0rehow do i close firefox? my cursor barely moves00:47
traekiligambl0re, if you have a terminal open, pkill firefox00:48
gambl0reno i dont. also my keyboard is unresponsive00:49
tomreyn!sysrq | gambl0re00:50
ubottugambl0re: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key00:50
gambl0retomreyn, tried that. it did nothing00:50
gambl0reis that it? no more solutions?00:51
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tomreynthen you're options right now are waiting until things settle down (which, worst case, *may* never happen) or to power cycle, potentially loossing data.00:51
OerHeksctrl alt f1, login, logout, and back to F6 sometimes helps gaining command again, and you should be able to kill firefox00:52
gambl0reOerHeks, keyboard is not responding to any keyboard commands00:53
OerHeksthen hold power button down, and reboot00:53
tomreynonce you recovered control you should review your system configuration, make sure your swap setup makes sense the way it is, possibly find out what happened there (review logs).00:53
OerHeks1 2 3 4 5 sec and it is off00:54
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gambl0rewill this potentially fuck up my computer if i force shut down00:54
OerHeksoke, then wait00:55
gambl0rethat wasnt my question00:55
gambl0rewill this potentially fuck up my computer if i force shut down00:55
OerHeksno guarantee, but filesystem issues are fixable00:56
tomreynyou'll potentially loose data, you will have to have the file systems checked, but on most systems this happens automatically00:56
tomreynand data loss wont be much, if any00:57
gambl0reok thanks guys00:57
bpordsif its working slowly00:57
bpordsthen you might be able to close firefox00:57
gambl0rebut it wont corrupt my sdd right?00:57
bpordsi had that happen00:57
bpordsmany times00:57
bpordswhere only mouse responds and its super slow00:57
tomreynnot physically, no00:57
bpordsand i was able to close apps and stuff00:57
gambl0resometimes my sdd boots into infrms after a force shutdown00:57
bpordsand go back to normal00:57
bpordsit just takes forever to get the mouse in the right place sometimes00:57
bpordsso you might want to just keep trying that way00:57
bpordsit probably happened because firefox took too much RAM00:58
bpordsmake swap partition larger or buy more ram00:58
gambl0reif any of you do programming, sometimes when you run an infinite loop, it slows your computer down. this is whats happening.. haha00:58
traekiliso there's no condition in the loop to stop it except shutdown pc? lol00:59
gambl0rei guess no programmers in here. anyways00:59
gambl0reim just gonna force shutdown. thanks00:59
OerHeksa good ide makes a shadowcopy any x timeunits01:00
laptophello I am trying to encrypt my hd and it indicates crypt01:27
laptopbenchmark twofish-cbc   128b    64.4 MiB/s    70.9 MiB/s01:28
laptopis this fast?01:28
OerHeksit is not kb, so yes01:28
laptopokay so it is fast enough01:29
laptopI cannot encrypt the hd postfact01:29
josefiglaptop, take into consideration in addition the RPM from your HDD.01:29
laptop5400 this does not do that I am afriad01:29
fleabearddoes hard disk encryption still chew threw disks like in the old PGP days? Especially considering my drives are SSD, lol01:30
laptopluks does not do twofish cbc correct?01:30
OerHeksone sets encryption during creating user indeed01:30
bpordsits worth noting that these days RPM doesnt mean anything for HDD performance01:30
OerHeksbut now it is running, do not hit crtl + c01:30
laptopI have a fijitsu 40 gb01:30
laptopif I encrypt the hd will it be really slow01:32
OerHekswell, it won't be faster01:32
laptoplol true01:32
bpordsbecause nearly all HDDs nowadays are in the 5400-7200 RPM range, but two HDDs with the same RPM can have different performance01:32
OerHeksthat encryption is what i am interesting in01:32
laptopok but how to test without encrypting first01:33
bpordsso benchmarking the read/write speed of the HDD is a better idea than looking at the RPM01:33
newdimensionI'm trying to kill firefox using htop I select the process > press k > press 9 (for SIGKILL) > press enter. But nothing is happening01:38
OerHeksnewdimension, firefox runs 2 processes: pkill firefox # enter01:44
newdimensionOerHeks: I can kill it using kill #PID or killall firefox. I'm just curious as to why I cant kill it using htop. What I did is search for all firefox processes and press space to select them. Then sent the kill signal, nothing happened01:45
OerHekstry kill -9 PID01:47
newdimensionAlso, another more important question. I'm on 18.04.02 running on virtualbox (latest version). I keep running out of memory even though I've allocated 7gb. I only run (1) firefox (2) Pycharm (3) hexchat. I keep seeing xorg using up 43%01:48
newdimensionright now after a fresh restart I'm at 2.71GB. After a while it's going to climb to 6gb :/01:48
newdimensionI'm not sure how to troubleshoot01:48
OerHeksmore important than killing firefox?01:49
newdimensionhaha yes, I find out I can't kill firefox using htop because I kept running out of memory.01:49
fleabeardok, got a real humdinger of a dumb question for you guys. Is it possible to take an 80gb hdd (usb) and put all the different ubuntu distros on it, have it boot into that hdd and you can select which of the distros to either run a livecd session or install from? Does that make sense?01:51
fleabeardbasically have multiple livecd distros all on one external usb hdd01:52
tomreynwouldn't this be a lot more convenient in a VM?01:52
newdimensionfleabeard: Possible yes, makes sense no. Like tomreyn suggested use a VM and connect a sharefolder to it. That way you can have the same data in all distros01:53
newdimension*shared folder01:53
newdimensionIn temrs of how to do what you want, you'd install all distros on the same HDD and configure grub's boot menu01:54
OerHeksall you need is a bootable mini iso, for all desktops01:54
OerHeks& internet01:54
fleabeardnewdimension, so I would have to actually install each os individually (like full install?) or can I just have there livecd functionality available from a grub menu?01:56
newdimensionI meant full install, now that I re-read your question I realize that you probably find something to make a live CD with options. I don't know how to do that01:58
fleabeardreason I ask is I have a lot of pc's in my house and a lot of my family are open to running linux, but there are so many flavors of ubuntu I'd rather not have to fool with them individually and having all the ubuntu distros on one external would make my life easy01:59
dorianhey, wondering if something in 18.04 has changed with respect to sockets in /tmp02:00
doriani just upgraded a vps and now fastcgi scripts that were running as daemons on a unix socket have stopped working in apache02:00
fleabeardI'm guessing my only option is via YUMI02:02
shachafI've always set volume with `pactl set-sink-volume 0 ...`, but suddenly the sink's number seems to be 1 instead of 0. How does this work02:04
shachafI guess it has the symbolic name "auto_null" (?) and I can use that.02:07
R13oseHow do I zip in command line without seeing the file listed?02:25
GerowenR13ose: As in you want to create a .zip archive, or extract one without seeing all the output?02:28
HarlinR13ose: eh?02:28
R13oseGerowen: create a .zip archive of my home folder with all the hidden files too.02:29
R13osehidden files and directories02:29
GerowenReading the help thing.  For future reference you can usually get all kinds of good info from a command by adding --help to it.02:33
Gerowenzip --help02:33
GerowenAnd in this case it has a page 2, zip -h202:33
MrGizmo757Hello. I have a question. I noticed new ISO's of 18.04.2 come with kernel 4.18. But my existing install after updates is still on 4.15. How do i get the newer kernel on my existing install?03:01
krytarik!hwe | MrGizmo75703:02
ubottuMrGizmo757: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack03:02
MrGizmo757Ok. thanks. I was thinking that was the answer. I just wanted to be sure before i did it.03:02
eraserpencil1tomreyn: are you here03:05
chenggegemaybe not03:06
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eraserpencil1In /etc/default/grub,  I have and entry "acpi_osi=! acpi_osi=\"Windows 2015\"".03:09
eraserpencil1However, on boot, it shows as acpi_osi=! acpi_osi="Windows 2015". My escape characters went missing. Would I need to escape my escape characters?03:09
krytarikeraserpencil1: No, that's the expected outcome.03:11
eraserpencil1to facilitate discussion, what do you call the page that appears after pressing 'e' at oot03:12
eraserpencil1grub terminal?03:13
krytarikNope.  Boot editor perhaps.03:13
eraserpencil1So if my boot editor dosent have the escape characters, I dont have keyboard control on my laptop afterwards. I tried adding the escape characters manually in the boot editor and then it works fine.03:16
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eraserpencil1Am i troubleshooting this correctly? Feels so wrong to add an escape character for an escape character to appear in the boot editor, but I dont know of a better way03:17
R13oseI can't zip files in file manager, and says: unable to run the command specified.  the zip does not exist.  How do I fix this?03:21
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: The grub command line should be as - "acpi_osi=Windows 2015" quiet splash" - . In the grub file one must escape that space.03:21
eraserpencil1R13ose: https://askubuntu.com/questions/660846/how-to-zip-and-unzip-a-directory-and-its-files-in-linux03:22
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: correction ,, "acpi_osi=Windows 2012" quiet splash . that final " omited .03:23
R13oseeraserpencil1: if I use command line, will -r let me zip hidden files and folders too?  Also how do I not see all the contents of what is zipping?03:24
eraserpencil1Bashing-om: are we talking in /etc/default/grub or in the boot editor03:29
R13oseI think I figured that out -q03:29
eraserpencil1R13ose: sorry, I was reading the manual for zip. I think you need  "--system-hidden" flag03:30
eraserpencil1but if you got it, then good03:31
R13oseOh okay03:31
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: ^^ is for the kernel boot line in the boot editor. in the /etc/default/grub file escape the space between the quotes: In /etc/default/grub you'll need to *escape* them thus: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX=... \"acpi_osi=Windows 2015\"    because the kernel command line needs quotes around the entire parameter due to the space in the name.03:36
krytarikeraserpencil1: Since by adding the escape characters in the actual boot parameters, you are effectively crippling the "Windows 2015" bit, I wonder though if you really need the parameter at all.03:41
eraserpencil1krytarik: i realised it crippes the WIndows 2015 bit.... and yea i have fought with the laptop for a long time to even install ubuntu on this laptop. Windows 2015 is needed03:45
eraserpencil1Bashing-om: I just realised you meant acpi_osi=! \"acpi_osi=Windows 2015\"03:46
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: The tutorial: http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html .03:50
eraserpencil1i need to bookmark this. TJ was helping me weeks ago and i couldnt find this page. have been trying to make sense of https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.html03:51
eraserpencil1anyway, i have to go soon. but before that, I'd like to get an opinion if I should spend more time on fixing the errors i see in my dmesg03:54
ravenlosI am having issues getting OpenDNS familyshield working03:57
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: I would think getting the correct DSDT would go a long way on resolving the errors.03:58
eraserpencil1Bashing-om: it is wrong?03:59
Bashing-omeraserpencil1: Scooting out here also .. Good luck (study hard).03:59
eraserpencil1krytarik: Bashing-om: alright thanks for the help04:00
fleabeardhey guys, I've got a folder with a ton of files in it that follow a naming convention of 'blah blah - 01-01-1990.doc'. When I view this folder in my File Manager, it's not sorting them from oldest to newest obviously because of the text preceding the date in the filename. Is there a way I can list these files newest to oldest in a termainl perhaps? With some sort of goofy linux terminal switch magic?04:12
fleabeardthe last 10-digits of every file has the date format, so '01-01-1990' (includes the -'s)04:14
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eraserpencil1fleabeard: you could make a backup directory of it first and expriment with the backup04:15
fleabearderaserpencil1, well the directory is 500Gb heh04:16
R13oseeraserpencil1: --system-hidden doesn't work on ubuntu04:16
fleabeardand sadly I don't have enough supplemental  disk space to create a backup of it :(04:16
eraserpencil1fleabeard: or create a dummy folder with a similar naming structure and try04:17
fleabeardalso, I'm not really looking to rename them, just list them in a ascending/descending order if possible04:17
fleabeardsorry if I was unclear04:17
eraserpencil1fleabeard: if you're using the gui, there should be options to sort by modified date/creation date04:18
de-factols -1 | tac | sort -n | tac04:19
fleabearderaserpencil1, yes, but the date I'm trying to sort by isn't a parameter like modified/creation date. It's listed in the filename itself.04:19
de-facto eraswroencil104:20
fleabeardjust at the end of the filename with text that proceeds it, so 'some file 01-01-1990.doc' and 'some file2 01-02-1990.doc' etc.04:20
eraserpencil1R13ose: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12493206/zip-including-hidden-files04:20
eraserpencil1i guess try with or04:20
R13oseYes but can I do -qr?04:21
R13oseI did -qr before a d seems to not have gotten all files and directories zipped up.04:24
de-factofleabeard,  did you try something like "ls -1 | rev | sort -n | rev" ?04:24
R13oseGUI is better but not working.04:24
fleabeardde-facto, that appears to be doing some sort of sort on either created/modified date, yeah?04:25
de-factoit lists one file per line "ls -1" note its number one, then it reverses that string "rev" and sorts them numerically "sort -n" then reverse the strings again back to orig04:26
eraserpencil1R13ose: I tried and it works04:26
R13oseOnly -r or -qr?  Do I need sudo or not?04:27
R13oseeraserpencil1: ^04:27
eraserpencil1zip -qr <name of zip>.zip <file/path/to/directory/>04:27
eraserpencil1what are you zipping up?04:28
R13oseLet me try without sudo04:28
R13oseHome directory04:28
fleabeardde-facto, I think this is close but not quite there yet04:29
eraserpencil1I actually have to run, perhaps someone else could help you04:29
Mystified1234no right click ubuntu applications04:29
Mystified1234how to enable04:29
fleabeardoh wait, that's a 104:29
fleabeardnot an l04:29
de-factofleabeard, if i was you i would copy a small representative portion of your files in a directory to experiment with scripting so its fast and without risk04:30
de-factouse the power of bash, sed, grep ...04:30
fleabeardyeah, I'm still new to linux so I've got a lot to learn lol04:31
de-factoits good investment of time, it will make you much more powerfull/faster with computers :)04:31
fleabeardI'll do as you suggested with a small copy to represent the files and play around some more.04:32
de-factothere is a lot on stackoverflow you can find with google, especially scripting, pattern matching, bash, sed, grep, awk04:36
Mystified1234when right clicking on myRight handed mouse function, nothing pops, in a browser i Can drag a link into the address bar.04:36
de-factoits very nice to learn and many ppl already find examples which you can adopt and tweak to your needs04:36
fleabeardde-facto, here's a small example of the files and how the dates are in the end of the filename > http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/tkGtpp4FSs/04:37
Mystified1234works ok in terminal..'04:37
Mystified1234not raelly anywhere else04:37
de-factofleabeard, so that should work with the sample i gave you i guess, but if its not consitently named you might want to make a list from "ls -1" with sed e.g. "ls -1 | sed '/mach your pattern/build entries with your maches/' | sort -n04:41
de-factothen you have a sorted list with first colum of your matched dates and second colum of the full file names sorted and you can pull the full file names out of the second column04:42
de-factoah yeah you have to put the year first, then the month then the day04:43
fleabeardidk man, I think I may be in over my head with this one lol04:46
fleabeardhere is how I was hoping to have them list btw > https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/DfKWWkcd3C/04:49
fleabeardoldest to newest contingent of the date listed at the end of the filename04:49
de-factofleabeard, something like this maybe? echo "Nightmare LT - 09-14-1935" | sed 's/\(.*\)\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)$/\4-\3-\2\t\1\2-\3-\4/' | sort -n | cut -d"$(printf '\t')" -f204:52
fleabeardlet me give that a try04:52
de-factoits just quickly hacked together with sed04:52
de-factoso you would    ls -1 | | sed 's/\(.*\)\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)$/\4-\3-\2\t\1\2-\3-\4/' | sort -n | cut -d"$(printf '\t')" -f204:53
fleabeardon that last one there I got an error> bash: syntax error near unexpected token `|'04:54
de-factothat matches the date at the end and constructs a list with year-month-day<tab><original name> to sort it and then uses just the second column "cut ..." to get the orig filename04:54
de-factooh yeah there are two pipes04:54
fleabeardgawd, my fam gonna think I'm sort of hacker with all this s/\(.*\) stuffs lol04:55
de-facto ls -1 | sed 's/\(.*\)\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)-\([0-9]\+\)$/\4-\3-\2\t\1\2-\3-\4/' | sort -n | cut -d"$(printf '\t')" -f204:55
de-factoits a regular expression04:55
fleabeardhey that worked!04:55
de-factoglad to hear :)04:55
fleabeardlet me give that a try on the server to see if it sorts them too!04:56
de-factono guarentee though, its just quickly hacked together, so you should be careful with that04:56
fleabearddang, didn't work that well on the server though, hmm04:57
de-factoyou can play with https://regex101.com/ if you like to tweak the regexp04:58
fleabeardoh that's pretty cool, I'll give that a try too04:58
de-factobtw there is also #bash here on freenode :)05:00
fleabeardthanks for all your help, gotta run get my daughter from work05:01
DOSfanI'm using Ubuntu 16.04.5 (newest kernel 4.4.0-142-generic) .. I just finished the UPDATE and it's nice to see a clean up of older linux header files.  the latest upgrade removed like 32,000+ files.  Allot of good things got updated this time too ... impressive :)05:02
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anon19hi i can get help here?05:44
krytarikanon19: Sure, just ask away.05:46
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anon19i have a lenovo z50 which i installed ubuntu on. But i cannot even run commands like sudo get-apt install build essential due to gcc,g++ dependencies05:51
anon19and has no wifi driver05:51
anon19it has no gcc,g++ or dpkg-dev05:53
anon19krytarik, you there?05:53
krytarikPastebin any actual error messages on that.05:53
krytarikAnd knowing what Ubuntu release you are on may help too.05:54
anon19krytarik, https://pastebin.com/RkyRYitk05:56
krytarikTry to install any of the mentioned dependencies and see what that tells you then.05:58
DarkByD3signTo clarify you are using Ubuntu 18.04?05:59
DarkByD3signIs it a brand new install, you've not messed with anything?06:02
anon19its brand new06:02
anon19i have done nothing06:02
krytarikanon19: Run "sudo apt-get update" and then try again.06:05
anon19any thoughts guys?06:05
anon19wont work06:05
anon19will link paste sec06:05
anon19here you go :006:06
krytarikAlso: "sudo apt-get -f install"06:06
anon19nothing happened06:08
anon19anon@anon:~$ sudo apt-get -f install Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded. anon@anon:~$ ^C06:08
krytarikSwitch to the main server for now.06:08
anon19how do i switch to main server?06:10
anon19krytarik, how do i swicth to main server :)?06:10
krytarikanon19: "sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://p80.pool.sks-keyservers.net:80 --recv-keys 11E9DE8848F2B65222AA75B8D1820DB22A11534E" - to try and fix the key error there.06:13
krytarik(Source: https://weechat.org/download/debian/ → Install instructions)06:14
anon19i ran the instruction says imported06:15
anon19krytarik what do i do with debian?06:16
DarkByD3signdebian is the operating system that ubuntu is based on.06:16
anon19so i gotta install debian?06:16
krytarikanon19: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Download_Server06:17
samantaHi could anybody help me out to solve the ssl handshake failed error while launching pulse secure vpn un ubuntu 14.04 64 bit laptop?06:18
anon19kryartik, so i should download repository from a different server i.e the main server which is upto date06:19
DarkByD3signAnon19, to clarify is this a virtual machine or have you actually installed it on your computer?06:19
anon19no vm06:20
anon19btw which is the main server?06:20
anon19is it any server in the US?06:20
krytarikIt's actually called "Main" there.06:20
anon19i opened software and updates06:21
anon19download from06:21
krytarikAnd this is because your Indian mirror seems to have issues currently.06:21
anon19goot it06:21
anon19*got it06:21
anon19tq for not being racist :D, i try to hide my ethnicity as much as possible06:23
anon19ok i have switched to main server06:23
anon19kryartik, it attempted to download some software but that failed06:24
anon19what do i do next?06:24
samantaHi could anybody help me out to solve the ssl handshake failed error while launching pulse secure vpn from ubuntu 14.04 64 bit laptop? It was working fine before a recent update. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.06:24
anon19rerun the commands?06:24
krytarikanon19: Did you "update" afterwards yet?06:24
anon19DarkByD3sign, your name is hard to type :S06:25
DarkByD3signsamanta, if you post your issue I'm sure somebody will come to you as soon as they can.06:25
DarkByD3signJust type Dark then press the tab button :P06:25
anon19krytarik: same issues after i update06:25
anon19DarkByD3sign: ooh06:25
anon19krytarik: would you like pastebin?06:26
krytarikanon19: "-f install" again too.06:26
anon19-f install said 1 not upgraded06:26
anon19krytarik: anon@anon:~$ sudo apt-get -f install Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.06:27
DarkByD3signtry and install something now anon1906:27
DarkByD3signsudo apt install vlc06:27
krytarikanon19: "dist-upgrade"06:28
krytarikDarkByD3sign: Please no.06:28
* DarkByD3sign will be quiet. 06:28
anon19could you say exact command06:28
anon19krytarik: exact command please :)06:29
krytarik"sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"06:29
anon19no errors06:29
anon19krytarik: normal update now?06:30
krytarikWell yeah, now you try again what you wanted to do to begin with.06:30
anon19krytarik: update doesnt work06:31
krytarikDid you fix the WeeChat repo key error yet then?06:31
anon19trying build essential06:31
anon19krytarik: when i ran that command it gave me no errors06:32
anon19krytarik:  i dont know what you mean06:32
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krytarikWell, if you still get any error messages, please pastebin them.06:32
anon19krytarik: build essential did not return any errors06:33
anon19krytarik: but build essential did not fix my wifi adaptor not found issue06:34
anon19krytarik: thats why i was doing it to begin with06:34
anon19krytarik: https://pastebin.com/hJFpcSuW06:35
anon19update errors06:35
krytarikUgh, that's unfortunate..06:37
DarkByD3signCould he just update the sources?06:38
krytarikWhat do you mean exactly?.. >_>06:39
DarkByD3signI'm no expert but the issue is when he is updating and trying to install things and he is getting the hash error, could he update his list of sources so it perhaps looks at more updated list or something.06:40
DarkByD3signAnon19 where did you download this copy of Ubuntu, the website?06:40
anon19DarkByD3sign: yes from the website06:40
krytarikDarkByD3sign: That's what we tried by switching the update server, assuming it's simply the one currently used having issues.06:43
=== Guest66114 is now known as alore
DarkByD3signanon19, are you behind a proxy?06:44
DarkByD3signHi thanos06:45
anon19DarkByD3sign: but it could be my ISP06:45
anon19DarkByD3sign: my ISP uses a login system06:45
DarkByD3signRun this - sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get autoclean06:46
anon19krytarik: i went to the additional drivers tab and selected my wifi driver to install06:46
anon19and its installing unlike before06:46
anon19in software and updates06:47
anon19additional drivers06:47
krytarikWell, that's some progress at least then.. >_>06:47
krytarikAnd yeah, funky ISP can be an issue here.06:47
anon19its 75% done i will update you aas soon as06:47
krytarikhttps://askubuntu.com/questions/41605/trouble-downloading-packages-list-due-to-a-hash-sum-mismatch-error - could also try the answer here though.06:48
anon19i need to restart the computer06:49
anon19says driver was installed.06:49
MJCDI have been messing around for ages06:51
MJCDand i'm basically at the point where i'm making my own ubuntu fork06:52
MJCDit will be based on ubuntu 19 and will just use wayland+swaywm+chrome essentially06:53
MJCDultra-ultra lightweight06:53
MJCDanyone else got any experience with making a fork06:53
MJCDI was thinking if I put some more effort into it I could probably brand it as like wubuntu06:53
MJCDor waybuntu06:53
MJCDswaybuntu? lol06:54
MJCDOh and Qt5 as well06:54
MJCDand all Qt5 applets06:54
anon19_kryartik: a06:55
lotuspsychje_!discuss | MJCD06:55
ubottuMJCD: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!06:55
anon19_guys still here?06:56
DarkByD3signI'm still here, just.06:57
DarkByD3signbbl need sleep.06:58
R13oseeraserpencil1: this worked, thanks06:59
krytarik!tab | anon19_: Learn to tab-complete.. >_>06:59
ubottuanon19_: Learn to tab-complete.. >_>: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:59
anon19DarkByD3sign: your here?07:03
lotuspsychje_!patience | anon1907:04
ubottuanon19: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or https://ubuntuforums.org or https://askubuntu.com/07:04
lotuspsychje_anon19: if nobody knows the answer, you can also re-ask your issue all in one line to the channel, once in a while07:05
anon19my wireless driver is not found07:05
anon19so i cant use wifi07:05
anon19update gives me hash sum mismatch error07:06
anon19i am connected to main server07:06
anon19i have build essential07:06
Ben64"all in one line"07:06
anon19I just installed ubuntu onto my computer, there is nothing else. It cannot find my wireless adaptor and i cannot connect to the internet through wifi.07:07
anon19Any solutions?07:07
lotuspsychje_anon19: ubuntu version? kernel version? wifi chipset please?07:08
CarlFKanon19: this this: apt -o Acquire::http::AllowRedirect=false update07:09
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
anon19lotuspsychje_: 18.04, 4.18.0-15-generic,07:10
anon19lotuspsychje: do you know command to find chipset?07:10
anon19CarlFK: could you write what exactly i have to type?07:11
lotuspsychjeanon19: pastebin: sudo lshw -C network, please07:11
CarlFKanon19: sudo apt -o Acquire::http::AllowRedirect=false update07:12
anon19lotuspsychje: https://pastebin.com/eifBiYhP07:13
lotuspsychje!broadcom | anon1907:13
ubottuanon19: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:13
lotuspsychjeanon19: its unclaimed: meaning it needs drivers installed07:14
anon19CarlFK: hashsum mismatch error07:14
anon19lotuspsychje: ok but my driver doesnt exist on there07:14
anon19bcm 4314207:14
anon19found it07:15
anon19lemem try07:15
anon19lotuspsychje: https://imgur.com/Y5xl0IB07:22
anon19as you can see its already being used07:23
CarlFKanon19: wget http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/main/binary-i386/Packages.xz07:23
CarlFKanon19: md5sum Packages.xz07:23
CarlFKyou should see:  68cb5b5f300a30f34cb2f2fd58a40118  Packages.xz07:24
anon19CarlFK: what do i do after download? i am filthy windows user so i dont know :S07:25
CarlFKanon19: no bashing other OSs.  or yourself.  not nice.  anyway..  do it on your ubuntu box that is giving you the error07:26
CarlFKanon19: or if you missed this:  do this (01:23:52 AM) CarlFK: anon19: md5sum Packages.xz07:27
GlenKcan anyone tell me what I do with a downloaded snap package?  "snap install" seems to be for things in the snap store or whatever it's called07:41
cim209GlenK: waht do you mean what do i do07:47
mobile_chow do i obtain07:50
mobile_cE: Unable to locate package libc6-dev-i38607:50
mobile_cim running "You just created an Ubuntu trusty i386 (20190215_07:43) container." im LXD/LXC07:51
GlenKcim209: so I went to getaether.net and downloaded a .snap file.  I'm not sure what to do with that file so I can run aether.07:52
mobile_cfor https://source.android.com/setup/build/initializing.html07:53
mobile_cas my host is 18.04 which fails to setup the AOSP07:53
cim209GlenK: maybe try sudo snap install /path/to/file.snap07:54
int3lhello everyone, is there an easy way to fix a problem with compilation of kernel modules that have the magic version error07:54
int3lI can't compile modified version of rtl28xxu module under latest ubuntu 18.0407:55
int3lI downloaded linux-source and linux-headers07:56
mobile_cwould it be this instead?  libc6-dev/trusty-updates,trusty-security 2.19-0ubuntu6.14 i38607:56
mobile_cor libc6-dev-x32/trusty-updates,trusty-security 2.19-0ubuntu6.14 i38607:56
mobile_cyea its x3207:58
krytarikmobile_c: So did you fix it?08:09
krytarik!info libc6-dev-i386 trusty08:09
ubottuPackage libc6-dev-i386 does not exist in trusty08:09
krytarikWell, that's because it's only for 64-bit.08:10
krytarik(And the bot only handles 32-bit still.)08:11
krytarikSlightly hilarious though that you need the package while the build requirement is a 64-bit arch..08:14
drownhello all08:15
drownneed some help with kind of embarassing issue, I have a R-PI running Ubuntu Core, and I am locked out from SSH publickey,password08:16
drownIf someone can point me in the right direction I'm not new to bash, just not very versed in SSH keypairs08:18
CarlFKdrown: can you login with a password?08:18
drownI always do, but my password isn't working.08:18
drowncontext: I had ESXI host running Ubuntu VM that I typically SSH from08:18
drowninto the Pi, but the ESXI host hardware has failed08:19
drownThe Pi is local an I get the display information from HDMI08:19
drownI'm fairly sure my id-rsa.pub is correct as it's the one that is linked to my SSO08:20
drownHowever, the passwords that I always use are not working.08:20
drownI encountered this issue from this machine before, and simply SSH hopped into the VM08:21
ducassedrown: post the output of 'ssh -vv user@host'08:22
CarlFKdrown: is your public key (the contents of id-rsa.pub) on the pi?08:22
drownthe public key is on this machine.08:22
drownThe Pi is the host.08:22
drownI log into SSo to get the pub key08:22
drownWill post output..08:23
drownOpenSSH_7.6p1 Ubuntu-4ubuntu0.2, OpenSSL 1.0.2n  7 Dec 201708:23
drowndebug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config08:23
drowndebug1: /etc/ssh/ssh_config line 19: Applying options for *08:24
drowndebug2: resolving "" port 2208:24
drowndebug2: ssh_connect_direct: needpriv 008:24
drowndebug1: Connecting to [] port 22.08:24
ducassedrown: in a pastebin, please08:24
drowndebug2: MACs stoc: umac-64-etm@openssh.com,umac-128-etm@openssh.com,hmac-sha2-256-etm@openssh.com,hmac-sha2-512-etm@openssh.com,hmac-sha1-etm@openssh.com,umac-64@openssh.com,umac-128@openssh.com,hmac-sha2-256,hmac-sha2-512,hmac-sha108:25
drowndebug2: compression ctos: none,zlib@openssh.com,zlib08:25
drowndebug2: compression stoc: none,zlib@openssh.com,zlib08:25
drowndebug2: languages ctos:08:25
drowndebug2: languages stoc:08:25
drowndebug2: first_kex_follows 008:25
drowndebug2: key: /home/drown/.ssh/id_ecdsa ((nil))08:26
drowndebug2: key: /home/drown/.ssh/id_ed25519 ((nil))08:26
drowndebug1: SSH2_MSG_EXT_INFO received08:26
drowndebug1: kex_input_ext_info: server-sig-algs=<rsa-sha2-256,rsa-sha2-512>08:26
drowndebug2: service_accept: ssh-userauth08:26
drowndebug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received08:26
CarlFK(02:26:34 AM) drown left the room (Kicked by TheRedQueen (You are banned from this channel)).08:26
mobile_cthought that said Drone lol08:33
satyamjha112hello everyone08:34
satyamjha112i need a help08:34
satyamjha112i am new to ubuntu and IRC08:34
mobile_caka the Drone spam bot on #ubuntu-unregistered08:34
drownIRC noob here.08:34
drowndid you see the pastebin by any chance?08:35
CarlFKnope - paste the url again08:35
ducassedrown: we just saw the flood :)08:35
drownducasse: lol, idk what I was thinking. Only end up in here when things aren't going my way it seems08:36
satyamjha112i am getting an error when i updated my kernel "started hold untill boot process completes08:36
mobile_caww ubuntu-unregistered doesnt exist anymore o.o08:37
ducassedrown: ok, seems it can't find a matching key08:37
satyamjha112can anyone help me with this?08:37
EoflaOE!ask | satyamjhal1208:37
ubottusatyamjhal12: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:37
drownducasse: Hmm... Okay so the key that I have in id-rsa.pub is the only key i have loaded to my Ubuntu SSO, specifically for the Raspberry Pi08:38
satyamjha112ubottu: thanks08:38
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)08:38
EoflaOEToday when I open my XFCE whisker menu on Xubuntu, it doesn't show categories, only Favorites, Recently used, and All. I know the search function, but I need to use categories to easily find an app08:39
ducassedrown: does ubuntu core retreive the key from the sso service? you haven't added it to authorized_keys?08:39
ducasseEoflaOE: that's probably xfce specific enough to be worth asking in #xubuntu08:40
drownducasse: The way it works is it asks you for your SSO credentials upon first configuration, via direct input to the Pi08:41
drownSo it sort of automates that proccess08:42
drownBut then it also seems to prevent you from logging in directly from the Pi and refers you to use SSH08:42
ducassedrown: ok. i'd verify it's actually in authorized_keys, because it doesn't look like it is08:43
drownOn this machine, I simply created id-rsa.pub via nano and pasted the key in08:43
drownI'm guessing that's not the process08:44
ducasseyou do have the private key as well, right?08:44
drownducasse: No, it seems like I do not..08:44
ducasseyou should have id_rsa and id_rsa.pub, the first being the private key portion08:45
Mystified1234my ubuntu install dows not allow within ubuntu apps or browsers to right click. Right click works in terminal08:45
drownducasse: oh you know what, I do have the private key I beleibe08:45
drownbecause the contents are different08:45
Mystified1234I'm not much of a techies.. not sure how to resolve this08:45
Mystified1234Inbrowsers I can drag into address bar with right click08:46
EoflaOEducasse: Sorry for late response but thanks08:46
Mystified1234Btw I have a touch screen as well as keyboard08:47
ducasseEoflaOE: i've had responses take 12+ hours, so that was nothing :)08:47
drownducasse: so I have the priavte key, but not on this machine.08:47
ducassedrown: ah, you'll need that08:47
ducassethat's what you authenticate with08:48
EoflaOEducasse: OK. I just have one question. Will the librsvg be updated so it no longer works on non-SSE2 processors?08:48
drownducasse: so here's the issue, i coppied the VM from the ESXI host but it's configuration is preventinti me from having networking08:48
ducasseEoflaOE: at some point it might, the kind people in #ubuntu-devel can probably better answer that08:49
drownducasse: just realized, I have an Arch install on a machine that's not working, i can mount that drive and copy the key from there08:49
EoflaOEducasse: I got it. Thanks.08:50
drownducasse: so If I get the key and place it into .ssh will this most likely be the ned of the issue08:50
ducassedrown: afaict08:51
ducassegiven that it's the right key, of course :)08:51
EoflaOEI have to go. See you later.08:52
drownducasse: okay, you've been more help than you know. At least I have a course now.08:52
drownducasse: much appreciation08:53
ducassedrown: just come back if it doesn't solve it, and we'll keep digging08:53
drownducasse: thanks again.08:54
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pfeifferany way to reset xfce terminal font from the command line?09:03
pfeifferI've set it to 'clean' and everytime i try to use the Appearance menu it crashes09:03
pfeiffer.terminalrc doesn't seem to mention font09:03
ducassepfeiffer: maybe -fn option at launch time09:04
pfeifferducasse, how do you mean? sorry...09:05
pfeifferi'm launching terminal from the xfce4-panel icon09:06
ducassepfeiffer: "xfce-terminal -fn fixed"09:06
pfeifferducasse, doesn't seem to work09:08
ducasseok, i thought it mught honor that option. try asking in #xubuntu, then09:09
pfeifferwill do, thanks09:09
foolhardi_Does anyone know how to find programs in /usr that haven't been installed by apt?09:26
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: if you know the package or app name and it is there within PATH than you can use whereis command . dpkg search command also helpful .. it depends how you have installed the app09:29
foolhardi_that is the inverse of my question09:30
foolhardi_to simplify the question, i only install things through apt09:31
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: you have to mention or know which way the package was installed09:31
foolhardi_i'm more or less concerned there's crud that's left behind that the package manager doesn't know about09:31
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: read more about DPKG search command to find installed app details09:32
foolhardi_ok, thanks09:32
=== catalase is now known as Guest49202
EriC^^foolhardi_: you could do a find for files that dont have any proper return for "dpkg -S filename"09:33
foolhardi_thanks eric, that's more helpful, i'll give that idea a try09:34
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: ubuntu uses flatpak , snap etc apart from apt , dpkg etc . Some power users do install packages manually or compiling source codes .. so you may need to read Dpkg , apt and all other available options that used to install or build packages09:34
foolhardi_that's fine, snap and apt are the only ones installed by default09:35
EriC^^foolhardi_: find /usr/bin -type f | while IFS='' read -r i; do dpkg -S "$i"; done09:35
foolhardi_awesome Eric, very helpful09:36
EriC^^with | grep "no path matching" at the end for easier reading09:36
EriC^^foolhardi_: no problem09:36
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: some packages may get installed in your distribution out of the PATH than you may need to read more about other facts09:36
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: example if i do use BREW manager to install packages without configuring the PATH than system search or find feature may not be able to find the packages that installed in your system09:38
foolhardi_nisankhindia, sure. basically i once compiled and installed a few projects and i'm hunting for them now since i can't remember their names09:38
=== ikanobori_ is now known as ikanobori
foolhardi_ok but brew isn't default09:39
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: that was just an example09:39
foolhardi_thankfully linux has no need for brew09:39
nisankhindiafoolhardi_: you can use BREW package manager in some cases , if you want OSx apps that not available in linux repository or packages .09:41
foolhardi_i see09:41
nisankhindiaAnyways ... if you can have a look at  logs that keeps all your manually compiled packages that it can help you09:42
maetthewI'm a little confused about AppImages. Where should I store ("install") apps that are distributed as AppImages? Downloads folder seems like a dumb idea. Should I keep them in my user folder or somewhere else?09:53
nisankhindiamaetthew: create a folder as appimages inside home directory or inside download folder , which will help you to remember09:54
maetthewk i guess ill do that thanks09:55
lotuspsychjewelcome kab0m10:12
kab0mi am trying to get a vm(Ubuntu 18.04) working that shares a vpn connection (openvpn + dnsmasq) to other clients in the network...the problem is that i get dns leaks because dnsmasq not only uses the dns-entries provided by the vpn-tunnel but also the ones that are defined before the vpn-connection is established. can someone help here please?10:14
aliveMy usual approach is to disable dnsmasq10:28
aliveand to rely on the resolv.conf outright.10:28
=== catalase is now known as Guest37688
kab0malive: ok, but i need the dnsmasq-service to share the dns-service to other clients on the network. or do you have another way of doing this?10:55
andrewrsI can't seem to launch Terminal or Files. It pops up on the bar like it's launching, thingy spins, but it doesn't open10:55
andrewrs18.10, gnome 3.30.110:55
andrewrsGoogled, tried to launch xterm after alt + f2 and that didn't work10:56
andrewrsOddly, I ALSO started having an issue with chrome remote desktop AND youtube videos not playing after a reboot10:57
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tripoloskiI have a problem with my Ubuntu11:14
tripoloskiwhen I close my laptop, and open it again the screen changes black11:15
=== ken is now known as Guest28814
nikolamhow do I set resolution on second X session on same display (nvidia graphics)11:31
nikolamIt always set resolution to 1280X1024 on concole 6, (with startx) when resolution on console 7 is real 1920X108011:32
nikolamI want also 1920X1080 resolution on console 611:32
bpordsnikolam: xrandr?11:33
bpordsnikolam: xorg.conf?11:33
nikolambpords, but for the first X session on console 7, it is OK, for console 6 it is not and I suppose it uses same xorg.conf11:37
qwebirc82557drive problem after instalation on login11:47
blackflowlemme fetch my crystal ball...11:48
bpordsnikolam: qwebirc82557 explain11:51
nikolamqwebirc82557, well, problem with what drive11:54
nikolamYou cant't mount USB drive?11:54
blackflow!details | qwebirc8255711:55
ubottuqwebirc82557: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.11:55
qwebirc82557I made a bootable flash of ubuntu v.14 then installed it on my laptop i was using windows & I was getting stuck on blue screen11:55
blackflowqwebirc82557: You mean Ubuntu 14.04? That's almost EOL. Why do you need that one specifically?11:56
EriC^^hi clobato11:59
satyamjha112i am getting error when i updated my kernel(ubuntu 18.04.1) and screen gets freezes after this "started hold untill boot process finishes up"11:59
satyamjha112can someone help me?11:59
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BluesKajHi folks12:06
lotuspsychje!details | tripoloski12:35
ubottutripoloski: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.12:35
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kab0mHow do i force debian to use the dns-servers defined in /etc/network/interfaces instead of the ones in /etc/resolv.conf?12:53
=== catalase is now known as Guest45392
lotuspsychjekab0m: this is ubuntu support here12:54
kab0mi know, but maybe someone knows? are debian questions prohibited here?12:55
lotuspsychjekab0m: freenode has different channels for a reason, ask in #debian please12:55
kab0mlotuspsychje: allright :)12:56
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solsTiCehi. so I installed ubuntu a long time ago because I couldn't bare gnome shell or wanted to switch back to kde. I wanted unity. now that unity is gone and that gnome shell is a little better, there is nothing left to old me back in ubuntu ? isn't it ? so do I go back to archlinux or not ?13:13
jeremybsolsTiCe: I thought Unity could still be installed from a third party13:15
solsTiCenever mind, I am fine with the current state of gnome shell. I even use wayland13:16
lotuspsychjejeremyb solsTiCe unity is still in the official repos13:16
solsTiCewell unity is dead. it's still there but no development on it if I am right13:17
leftyfbsolsTiCe: your question is not a support question and is inappropriate here13:20
solsTiCeoh my13:20
eraserpencil1hi, is there an article on troubleshooting dmesg error messages and knowing what kernel parameters to put in?13:21
solsTiCeI think I am going to begin by leaving #ubuntu. I never got any sort of help here,13:22
egon__!weather rostov13:28
egon__!weather KJA13:29
egon__!weather kgd13:29
urxtnwwhen is lsblk, how come I have all these "loops" dev/loop1, dev/loop2, etc.? they are made by snaps13:31
urxtnwwhen i do lsblk*13:31
leftyfburxtnw: because they are bind mounts for the individual snaps. That's how snaps work13:32
urxtnwwhat is this snaps thing, is it a new package manager?13:33
leftyfblsblk -f -e 713:33
brunt__I'm new here so having trouble getting to a relavent server, but is does anyone here know about the python OS module?13:35
urxtnwleftyfb, thank you13:36
leftyfbbrunt__: you might be better off asking in #python13:36
brunt__how to join #python?13:36
leftyfb /join #python13:36
urxtnwleftyfb, how did you know to exclude 7 and what is 713:36
urxtnwi couldnt find it in the man page13:36
leftyfburxtnw: I looked it up13:37
rdhbrunt__, https://docs.python.org/3/library/os.html13:37
brunt__how to ping someone?13:39
eraserpencil1ping <ip address>13:40
wishieso ive recently installed Ubuntu 16.04.5 (because its an officially supported version for UniFi Video) on a Dell Optiplex, with 2 x 3TB hard disks striped13:40
eraserpencil1like ping google.com13:40
wishiebut according to ubuntu, there is only 1.5T of space13:40
wishieif i look at dmesg output, both sda and sdb are 3TB disks13:40
tomreynwishie: how did you do the raid setup? is this hardware or software raid?13:41
rdhbrunt__, so use python os module to run local command ping ?13:41
wishietomreyn: hardware. intel.13:41
tomreynwishie: do you know the term "fakeraid"?13:41
wishiewell, i guess its 'software' (via BIOS)13:42
tomreyn!fakeraid | wishie13:42
ubottuwishie: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto13:42
tomreynwishie: yes, i'd recommend OS managed software raid over mainboard firmware managed software raid13:42
wishiethe machine is all configured now though13:43
tomreynwishie: the only reason to use intel fakeraid would maybe be that it's supported on multiple OS, including linux.13:43
wishieso there is no way to get proper space, without starting over?13:44
tomreynso if you have a multi boot setup you might want to use it.13:44
wishiei believe its 'striping'13:44
wishiei just dont know why its reporting 1.5T instead of ~6TB13:44
DrakesonWhat is the easiest way to block or honeypot a set of hosts (identified by name, not ip) in a box?  /etc/hosts? local dnsmasq? iptables?13:45
tomreynwishie: i'm not really into using intel's fake raid, but you can read up on how it's supported by mdadm on linux.13:45
DrakesonClarification: by easy I don't mean "point and click".  I mean minimal[ish] config.13:45
wishiei wonder if its because its a UEFI install13:46
eraserpencil1tomreyn, I finally got my Ubuntu installation up and running...more or less the way I expect it to.13:49
tomreynwishie: can you post the url returned by: cat /proc/mdstat | nc termbin.com 999913:50
wishieive just left the location of the machine sadly13:50
wishiei wont be back there for 12-14hrs13:50
tomreyneraserpencil1: i'm afraid i forgot about all the details of the issue you needed to solve there.13:50
eraserpencil1tomreyn: just know im appreciative of the help you gave last few times13:51
tomreynwishiei see. well, you can review the output of "cat /proc/mdstat" yourself later, or use the above command to post it online and share it here13:51
tomreyneraserpencil1: okay :) you're welcome!13:52
wishiei think i can export my unifi video configuration13:52
wishieif so, i might wipe the machine and start again13:52
wishieits just a 16.04 install with unifi-video added, really13:52
eraserpencil1tomreyn: do you know of any resources I can read about kernel boot parameters and what they mean13:52
tomreyneraserpencil1: sure, there's documentation on this on kernel.org13:53
tomreyneraserpencil1: firefox https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v$(uname -r | cut -d. -f1,2)/admin-guide/kernel-parameters.html13:55
eraserpencil1tomreyn: I still have some error messages in my dmesg and I dont have suspend or sleep. Is the correct steps solving it just finding the right parameter?13:56
tomreyneraserpencil1: the correct way solving it is buying hardware where the producer cares about making it standard compliant and linux compatible.13:58
tomreyneraserpencil1: in absence of this, finding the right kernel options to work around firmware bugs is an approach you may have to take.13:59
tomreyn(there is also the situation where hardware is new and no sufficient driver support is in the version of linux you are running, yet)13:59
wishieahh the old "buy hardware from manufacturers that support linux" chestnut13:59
wishiebeen hearing that for many a decade14:00
tomreynas long as they don'T just focus on windows, it'll be fine14:00
eraserpencil1yea... i got an alienware. Seeing how it's basically Dell, and having loved the XPS, i thought, why not....14:00
eraserpencil1regretted getting it as the first computer i ever bought14:01
tomreynbut please note we only do support here, no discussions, we have separate channels for this14:01
ubottuWant to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!14:01
eraserpencil1haha ok14:02
eraserpencil1tomreyn: am I suppose to debug till I see no more error messages in dmesg?14:05
luke-jrIs there a trick to get Ubuntu to boot in qemu these days?14:07
luke-jrgraphics at the CD bootloader are scrambled, and the kernel panics immediately… :/14:08
tomreyneraserpencil1: no. if something doesn't seem to work right that you depend on / are missing, you shoould try to find a workaround / fix.14:10
tomreynluke-jr: note that especially "gaming laptops" not rarely have unusual hardware and firmware customizations which are then tested (and supported, by drivers, software / firmware modifications) against exactly one operating system, which happens to not be linux.14:16
luke-jrtomreyn: I don't see what this has to do with qemu :x14:16
tomreynluke-jr: nothing, and i meant to address eraserpencil1 there14:17
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urxtnwwhat would be the main difference between debian minimal install and an ubuntu minimal install. Just packages and repository?15:21
lotuspsychje!debian | urxtnw15:22
ubottuurxtnw: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!15:22
lotuspsychjewe only support the ubuntu side here urxtnw15:22
lotuspsychjeurxtnw: you could open a poll in #ubuntu-offtopic if you like?15:23
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urxtnwlotuspsychje, I see, thank you15:24
lotuspsychjeurxtnw: on ubuntu, there's 2 ways to go minimal: download a minimal iso, or enable minimal during setup15:25
urxtnwby minimal I mean minimal iso of course15:25
yootHello. I've just installed Ubuntu 17.04 I can't see my Wifi on the list. Why?15:59
blackflowyoot: 17.04 is no longer supported. did you mean 18.04?15:59
yootnope 1715:59
yootThere are a lot of wifi networks on the list but not mine.16:00
yootIt is not about the version I guess.16:01
ubottuUbuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) was the 26th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 13th, 2018. See !eol and https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2018-January/000228.html16:02
tomreynyou're about one year late to upgrade16:02
jeremybyoot what wifi card?16:02
tomreynyoot: just doesnload 18.04.2 - it was just released, and is an LTS release, so you got long term support, too.16:03
yootjeremyb: Don't know. What is the command to find it out?16:04
leftyfbyoot: please install ubuntu 18.04. You will not get support for 17.04 anymore16:04
jeremybyoot> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 net | pastebinit16:04
leftyfbjeremyb: Ubuntu 17.04 is no longer supported.16:04
jeremybI know and certain wifi cards can't access 2.4 GHz channels higher than 1116:05
leftyfbjeremyb: so there's no point in troubleshooting with yoot at the moment. Not until they install a supported version.16:06
blackflowyoot: the solution to your problem is bugfixed and upgraded stack in supported Ubuntu 18.04 or newer.16:07
yootit's broadcom bcm431316:08
jeremybyoot, don't expect it to work on a 2.4 GHz channel higher than 1116:09
leftyfbyoot: The fix it to install Ubuntu 18.0416:09
yootOkay... I'll install 18.0416:09
yoot18.04 or 18.10 Doesn't matter?16:10
leftyfbyoot: I would go with 18.04 since it's supported for 10 years16:10
leftyfb18.10 will be unsupported in a few months16:10
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blackflowbionic is supported for 5 years for general public and community edition16:11
blackflow+5 is for paid Ubuntu Advantage support.16:11
leftyfbah right :)16:11
leftyfbwait, that 10 years they mentioned is for ESR?16:11
jeremybyoot change the router to use channel 1-1116:11
blackflow(but definitely yes, go Bionic. non-LTS ubuntus are beta grade and development/testing editions)16:11
leftyfbjeremyb: They are installing 18.04.16:12
leftyfbblackflow: do you have clarification that the 5 additional years is only for ESR?16:13
blackflowyes, the official news.16:14
yootjeremyb: I'm not at home. I can't :)16:14
blackflowyoot: so you're asking for help for something you can't test the solution you receive, immediately?16:15
jeremybyoot remember it, I haven't seen a Broadcom wifi card work in Linux that was able to use a channel higher than 1116:15
blackflowleftyfb: no, wait, it was the interview with Shuttleworth16:15
ioriabut i'am (quite) sure  it's about server/cloud/iot, not desktop16:22
kab0mWhat is the best way to setup a VM as a vpn-router? has someone a guide on hand?16:27
strivekab0m, interestig.16:27
Mcl0vinhowdy folks16:28
kab0mi have tried but i have problems with dns leaks16:28
leftyfbkab0m: you probably want #ubuntu-server16:28
kab0mleftyfb: i allready tried with ubuntu-server ;) but i have problems get dnsmasq with openvpn running without dns-leaks16:29
leftyfbkab0m: /join #ubuntu-server16:29
kab0mleftyfb: thanks16:30
Mcl0vinUbuntu 18.04 LTS here and i am having issues with my network , when i generate netplan no yaml gets created16:30
leftyfbkab0m: also, you should state exactly how far you have gone as far as settings things up and where you're having trouble. Not start with asking how to set it up since you've already done that and it would waste troubleshooting time and effort.16:31
Mcl0vinand i have to do ip route add default via x.x.x.x to be able to access the internet. otherwise no connection16:31
=== dbugger_ is now known as Dbugger
kab0mleftyfb: i wana start from scracth as im getting nowhere :(16:32
ioriaMcl0vin, if it's a fresh install, you should have a yaml file in /etc/netplan16:34
Mcl0vinioria: there was and it was working ... but for some odd reason it quit working and when i look at my ifconfig i noticed wrong CIDR of /24 but my netowrk is /2616:36
Mcl0vinioria: and made sure that my yaml file reflected that /2616:36
Mcl0vinwhere is the yaml file that get generated after netplan generate command is issued16:38
jeremybMcl0vin: /etc/netplan ?16:39
ioriaMcl0vin, you mean your netmask is ?16:39
Mcl0vinjeremyb: its not there16:40
ioriaMcl0vin,  /etc/systemd/network/ is empty ?16:40
Mcl0vinioria: yes my old yaml was configerd with a /26 but when i do ifconfig a /24 was assigned to my ensXXX interface16:40
Mcl0vinioria: standby checking ...16:41
Mcl0vinioria: yes /etc/systemd/network/ is empty16:42
ioriaMcl0vin,  set a yaml file in /etc/netplan and specify      addresses: [xxx.xxx.x.xxx/26]   ?16:43
Mcl0vinioria: that is the $1,000,000 how do i do that. what is the use of sudo netplan generate if it doesn't generate sample file at least16:45
ioriaMcl0vin,  personally, i have always edited manually that file (just don't use TAB)16:46
LTCDWhen I open Google Chrome at the top in yellow it says it no longer supports the OS I am using. How can I go about fixing this? I did sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:47
ioriaMcl0vin,  you mean you need a sample ?16:47
LTCDWeirdly Software Updater seems to detect a newer LTS.16:47
Mcl0vinioria: let me share my previous yaml file16:47
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:47
Mcl0vinioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/2f5mJXzwwZ/16:48
esemdsguys i have suspend probelm (both suspend & hibernate), is there any way to fix it?16:49
ioriaMcl0vin, looks fine to me16:50
Mcl0vinioria: that is what driving me nuts16:51
Mcl0vinso why do i have to add default route manually :(16:51
yootI've installed Ubuntu 18 and it's still the same. You're right I can't see Channel 13.16:52
ioriaMcl0vin,  maybe add dhcp6: no  ...16:52
yootAre there any solutions to see channel 13? It's Broadcom BCM431316:53
jeremybyoot, not that I know of16:54
Mcl0vinioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/JZQ4YRJ5wK/ see what i mean16:54
ioriaMcl0vin,  paste   ' ip a', it's better16:55
Mcl0vinnetmask is it should be x.x.x.19216:55
Mcl0vinioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/D5cHvrQjZx/16:55
ioriaMcl0vin,  add dhcp6: no    and reboot16:56
jeremybyoot, you could buy an older Intel wifi card on ebay cheap as long as the computer doesn't have a BIOS whitelist16:59
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KrisostoomusHello !!!!!!!!! I need 8 256 million pieces of crystals, gold . ph nr 372 6861327 . e-mail kristjan robam yahoo com . You can come to viljandi !17:22
tgm4883Using 18.04, is there any way to make the "program is not responding" dialog box either A) wait longer before showing up (as the program isn't "not responding) or B) disable it for certain applications all together?17:28
sim64218.04 openjdk-11 still ships openjdk 10 instead but from what I read it was supposed to be properly upgraded to openjdk 11 once out, which has been for many months now. What am I missing?17:29
tgm4883sim642: no news on it recently it seems https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-lts/+bug/179602717:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1796027 in openjdk-lts (Ubuntu) "Update openjdk-11 to 11.0.2 -> Backport it from Ubuntu 18.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:32
sim642Well yeah, found that report too but I'm really confused about why that's still the case17:33
tgm4883sim642: no idea. Honestly this is a really bad precedence to set17:34
sim642It's especially weird because it took less than a month since its release for openjdk 11 to be in 18.1017:42
OerHeksis the bionic openjsk 10.x version backported?17:44
tgm4883OerHeks: no. Version 10 shipped with 18.0417:45
OerHeksoh, the header says 10, but the manifest says 11 .. https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openjdk-lts/10.0.2+13-1ubuntu0.18.04.417:47
OerHeksthat is why i think it is backported, not sure why it is still called 1017:47
tgm4883OerHeks: it's important to note that the package is named openjdk-11, while only including 10 with the express reasoning that version 11 would be backported with the same package name17:48
ioriatgm4883,   might help ? https://askubuntu.com/questions/412917/how-to-increase-waiting-time-for-non-responding-programs18:12
tgm4883ioria: needing to compile it, sad news. I guess it makes sense though18:15
tgm4883I feel like it's happening quicker than 5 seconds, but maybe I need to time it18:16
ioriatgm4883,   confirmed here : https://superuser.com/questions/1051526/how-to-disable-the-is-not-responding-message-on-fedora18:16
OerHekshmm 18.04.2 comes with 4.18 .. but i am still on 4.15, howto obtain the fresh kernel?18:17
tgm4883OerHeks: you need to install HWE18:18
OerHeksi believe we will get that question more often18:18
OerHeksoh, HWE, oke .. but not for a fresh install, right?18:18
tgm4883OerHeks: correct. A fresh 18.04.2 install already comes with it18:18
tgm4883which also means, IIRC, that if you install 18.04.0 you're stay with the shipped kernel while if you install any of the point releases you'll always be upgraded to the latest HWE kernel18:19
OerHekswhere is ubottu when one needs him :-(18:19
OerHekstgm4883, yes, i remember the 16.04.2 situation18:20
LtHummuswhat happened with 16.04.2?18:22
OerHekssudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04 # wopuld do the job18:22
OerHeksLtHummus, same situation, upgrading does not give the newer kernel tree, while fresh install does18:23
OerHeksreboot, brb18:23
OerHeks4.18.0-15-generic #16~18.04.118:27
Mcl0vinwhy on my ubuntu 18.04 LTS after a reboot I have to do sudo netplan apply for my box to be able to access the internet ?18:29
tomreynMcl0vin: what did you install there?18:31
Mcl0vintomreyn: meaning?18:31
tomreyn18.04 LTS desktop, standard server, alternative server?18:31
Mcl0vintomreyn: server18:31
tomreyncan you show some logs?18:32
Mcl0vintomreyn: which log18:32
tomreynthe full journal since reboot, if you don't mind18:32
Mcl0vintomreyn: can you show me how to do that please18:33
tomreynotherwise just anything network related, or -p418:33
tomreyn"journalctl -b" returns the logs since latest boot18:33
tomreyninstall "pastebinit", then you can "journalctl -b | pastebinit" to post it to https://paste-ubuntu.com and get the url18:34
tomreyn* https://paste.ubuntu.com18:34
pi0i updated bashrc but changes did not take effect18:37
tomreynpi0: logout, login18:39
pi0let me restart18:40
Mcl0vintomreyn: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/mWMmFCrh4y/18:41
tomreynMcl0vin: this is your entire log?18:41
tomreynwhats the command you ran?18:42
ioriaho,  christmas log18:42
Mcl0vintomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/byPzBKs8Pr/18:43
Mcl0vin"journalctl -b |18:43
Mcl0vin                 pastebinit"18:43
tomreynMcl0vin: what's the output of "lsb_release -ds"?18:44
tomreynthe second paste you just made contains the same as the last one.18:44
Mcl0vinUbuntu 18.04.2 LTS18:44
tomreynwhch installer image did you use?18:45
Mcl0vintomreyn: honestly i don't recall18:45
tomreynoh this is not a fresh install, sorry, thought you had said so18:45
ioriaMcl0vin, /var/log/installer/media-info18:47
tomreynMcl0vin: can you: ls -alh /var/log | pastebinit18:47
Mcl0vintomreyn: its a lab on a vm18:47
tomreyni don't know what a "lab on a vm" is18:47
tomreynplease don't PM, use the channel. my client is configured to drop personal messages (unless whitelisted), i just receive notifications.18:49
rappscallionhi there, i have a lenovo ideapad 110s running xubuntu and get wifi problems now and then. networkmanager says i am connected, but i cant get any connection. i was opening firefox and was able to reach google, but one second later i could not reach any site with firefox, nor ping to any adress. iw station dump shows signal of -71 dBm, ifconfig shows that i am missing an ip adress. route shows an empty routing table.18:49
tomreynif there is something you cannot share here then just explain why so, or redact the sensitive parts18:49
tomreynMcl0vin: ^18:50
Mcl0vintomreyn: although i have nothing to worry about as i mention this is a testing virtual machine . i don't feel like showing the content of that system18:50
Mcl0vinwhich log are you trying to see18:50
tomreynMcl0vin: you have an almost empty journal, which is unusual. i wanted to see whether you have other current log files.18:51
jeremybrappscallion: see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2354328&p=13614520&#post1361452018:52
Mcl0vintomreyn: in the journalctl -b you wanted to see boot option18:55
Mcl0vintomreyn: should i try just journalctl and see what it gives18:55
=== semeion is now known as mnemonic
tomreynMcl0vin: you can do so, but it won't return more logs of the current boot, unless your system time or systemd-journal logging is broken.18:56
Mcl0vintomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jKGcMrH7HQ/18:57
rappscallionjeremyb: thanks, i am reading right now. btw rebooting fixes the problem temporary18:58
jeremybrappscallion: The first command might fix it then18:58
tomreynMcl0vin: right, as i said. it doesn't help finding out what your system is doing. you could tell whether you have logs with current time stamps in /var/log, and which, or post dmesg instead.18:59
tomreynMcl0vin: also, does your /etc/systemd/journald.conf contain any non comment(ed-out) lines?19:00
rappscallionjeremyb: the sed command changing powersave = 3 to powersave = 2 ?19:02
Mcl0vintomreyn: all commented19:03
jeremybrappscallion: That is the one, it prevents Network Manager from enabling wifi power management19:03
rappscallionokay, thanks a lot! i try it and see if the problem occures again. thank you19:04
pi0i installed ubuntu 18.04 on my surface pro 619:08
pi0but the apps launch with tiny icons19:08
tomreynpi0: ^19:10
Mcl0vinso tomreyn back to my original issue .... my .yaml file is configure with static /26 ipv4 address and when i do ifconfig -a i see my interface is configured with the same address but /24 cidr19:11
pi0tomreyn: hmm19:11
pi0do i need to speficy the app19:11
Mcl0vintomreyn: and my box will not access the internet until i do netplan apply19:13
Mcl0vinhow is networking getting poked when the system boots19:13
tomreynpi0: the gnome.org instructions are generic to gnome-shell19:14
tomreynpi0: other desktop managers may have different ways to configure such.19:15
Kamihay alguien que hable español ???????'19:15
pi0oh wow reddit users are not liking gnome19:15
pi0for scaling19:15
Kamihello pio19:15
tomreynMcl0vin: you should fix your logging issues before you try to understand why other things dont work19:16
pi0hey Kami19:16
Mcl0vintomreyn: what/how do you suggest i do that19:16
tomreynKami: non hablas espanol - /join #ubuntu-es19:16
Kamihow are you pio?19:16
tomreynKami: this channel is just for support (in english). do you have an ubuntu support question?19:17
tomreynMcl0vin: i suggested things above19:17
pi0good, but i will do better once i get this scaling to work19:17
pi0tomreyn:  which desktop manager dod you use19:18
pi0dod = do19:18
pi0gmone is the name of the desktop manager?19:18
Mcl0vintomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g2mHdMg7fc/19:18
tomreynpi0: that's not relevant to your cause. but yes, i use ubuntu 18.04 with the default gnome desktop (with some modifications) currently.19:19
KamiI do not speak English19:19
blackflow!es | Kami19:21
Kamireal name is uxhsijbxnsuwns xd19:21
blackflow!sp | Kami19:21
blackflowoh hell where's ubottu19:21
Mcl0vintomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/GX9S4HsKJt/19:21
Kamiespañol I blakflow19:22
pi0tomreyn: so to understand, sorry i am knew19:23
pi0what exactly should i look into to resolve this?19:23
pi0i wouldnt even know how to change a desktop manager19:23
Mcl0vintomreyn: should i just wipe and install fresh ?19:25
pi0is this still possible in current version of ubuntu19:26
tomreynMcl0vin: looks ok as far as i can tell. except for line 1134 which suggests the system didn't shot down properly previously. does /var/log/syslog have a current timestamp? does it report anything about (systemd-)journald or networking issues?19:26
=== Budgii is now known as Budgii_AFK
tomreynMcl0vin: if a fresh install is an easy decision, this may be a good plan.19:27
tomreynpi0: did you read any of the pages i pointed you previously?19:28
Mcl0vintomreyn: syslog does have current time19:28
tomreynok Mcl0vin19:29
Mcl0vintomreyn: check this http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/9SdQzRQCzd/19:29
Mcl0vin^^ "more /var/log/syslog | grep systemd- | pastebinit"19:30
physpiI need halp19:31
physpiHaving a boatload of screentear on my computer with a monitor19:31
tomreynpi0: as both pages i pointed oyu to try to explain, a "hidpi" (high dots-per-inch) screen is one which provides unusually high (pixel) resolutions. you probably have one like this, since you are reporting that application icons are very small - which is a commonly seen effect of this.19:31
physpiOh yeah, I've also got some applications that don't scale even though I set scaling to 200%19:32
physpiI can get them to scale using command line arguements19:32
physpibut not sure how to do that by default19:32
tomreynpi0: both of these pages discuss approaches (command you can execute in a terminal) to increase the display size of icons and widgets, so that working on this graphical user interface gets easier.19:32
physpitomreyn: can I have those links?19:33
physpias well19:33
pizzaburgerHello all! I am trying to have macchanger spoof my MAC address on boot using a systemd unit. Here is my configuration: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/gHhC6SKnjX/. However, it doesn't work. Could any one help me figure out where the mistake is?19:36
tomreynMcl0vin: lines 53 and 67 state that the ethernet link was properly configured. now i don't know when you rebooted, so i can't guess whether this is the resul of you manually reconfiguring it or whether it was automatically configured at these times.19:36
tomreynMcl0vin: note also line 40 - i'm not sure whether this is standard, you may want to look this message up.19:37
tomreynphyspi: https://wiki.gnome.org/HowDoI/HiDpi https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/HiDPI19:38
tomreynphyspi: if you're looking for help with the sreen tearing issue you'll need to provide more context19:38
um1b0zuhey all19:39
um1b0zuI need help. I'm on 18.04 and I can't seem to connect using my vpn19:39
physpitomreyn: I use a U2718Q with my computer running ubuntu19:39
physpi4K monitor lots of screen tearing whilst watching videos19:39
um1b0zuI used the ovpn file and connected to the wizard on the desktop, but when I check my IP address, my IP address doesn't change19:40
tomreynpizzaburger: in case you use network manager to manage this interface, you could just configure it there.19:40
um1b0zuam I missing something here? How do I check if my vpn is working if my IP address doesn't change?19:40
physpicurl ipinfo.io/ip19:40
physpiis one way19:40
physpiAlso want to check for dns leakaged19:40
physpiMay also want to consider encrypting dns requests19:41
um1b0zuit appears I am. my ovpn file has 'script-security 2'19:41
um1b0zuis that what encrypts dns requests?19:41
um1b0zuI'm not a CIA agent here by the way19:42
um1b0zuI mostly wanted to set up a vpn for a gaming server I'm using19:42
um1b0zubut I just want to make sure I'm actually routing correctly. from what it looks like, I'm still using the same routing and my packets aren't actually coming from the vpn.19:42
physpiAMD processor, no idea what graphics are, something integrated?19:43
um1b0zuthe vpn connection just says, "Connected". but if my IP address doesn't change, how do I actually know it is connected?19:43
tomreynphyspi: lspci -knnv | grep -A10 VGA | nc termbin.com 999919:43
tomreynphyspi: this tells you and us (if you'll post the url herE) what graphics you have19:44
pizzaburgertomreyn: Hi! You mean just going to WiFi settings? Under "Identity" tab I see "MAC address" and "cloned address". I could input a random one under "Cloned Address", but that would mean a static one. I'm trying to figure out how to have it randomized every boot.19:44
tomreynpizzaburger: which ubuntu version did you say you're running?19:45
pizzaburgertomreyn: Ubuntu 18.1019:45
tomreynpizzaburger: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/NetworkManager#Configuring_MAC_address_randomization19:47
OerHeksum1b0zu, did you install openvpn network-manager-openvpn network-manager-openvpn-gnome, and restarted networking after install ovpn ? systemctl network-manager restart19:47
physpiAlright, I set the resolution to be used to 1920x1080 and the screen tearing stopped19:48
physpiWhich is a temporary solution, but not horrible19:48
pizzaburgertomreyn: Thnak you, I'm trying it out!19:50
tomreynphyspi: if it comes back, you could try to see if it is limited to certain video codecs, or whether this also occurs with an ubuntu 18.04.2 live iso.19:50
tomreynphyspi: there are also some intel driver (modinfo -p i915) and X configuration options ("TearFree") which may be of use.19:51
physpitomreyn: I tried looking for the config file, didn't find it19:51
physpiAlso not sure how to set it19:51
physpiexactly, if it doesn't exist do I create one?19:51
physpitomreyn: It only went away because I'm not using 4K19:52
physpinot sure about codecs19:52
tomreynphyspi: it is created in memory on the fly by X when it starts up, unless you created one in /etc/X11/19:52
tomreynphyspi: yeon are server and workstation cpu's which don't usually need strong GPUs, and this one is probably from around 2013/2014, when intel GPU's weren't that advanced, yet (they are still low spec, but got better). so i'm not even sure this GPU can handle a high dpi display well.19:55
physpiI haven't had issues without video19:55
physpiLet me try flicking a window around19:55
pi0tomreyn: shoot i tried different settings to enable scaling19:56
pi0anyone here know how to enable in between whole number scaling within gnome19:56
physpino screen tearing tossing a window around19:56
tomreynthere is also #gnome19:56
physpiOh, good idea19:57
physpiSeems like turning off scaling might stop the tearing issue19:58
physpiNope turning off scaling and it still has the issue19:59
root_Good day. I seem to be having trouble with my PC. I'm using Linux Mint 18.04 with a Radeon graphics card. A few days ago I decided to make use of the graphics card by installing amdgpu.20:01
root_After I rebooted my PC, I started getting an error about Cinammon being in software rendering mode, as it was running without video hardware acceleration.20:01
root_It also says that there could be a problem with my drivers.20:02
root_I think it is because of installing amdgpu-pro accidentally.20:02
root_As in, the proprietary drivers.20:02
jeremybroot_: try on ircs://irc.spotchat.org/#linuxmint-help20:02
root_Thanks :)20:02
tomreynroot_: that's because we don't support linux mint here, just ubuntu20:03
tomreyngood luck20:03
gambl0rei accidently xkill'ed my taskbar. how can i get it back?20:03
root_Write mate-panel in the terminal.20:04
tomreyngambl0re: you could just logout and login again. it surely depend son your graphical desktop20:04
gambl0reim using kubuntu20:04
gambl0relogging out and logging back in will lose my changes?20:05
tomreyngambl0re: root_ was assuming you ran the "mate" window manager, apparently,20:05
gambl0reand i cant event logout w/o the taskbar20:05
tomreyngambl0re: won't loose your changes if you save them beforehand20:05
gambl0rehow do i logout through the terminal20:06
tomreyntry alt-f4 while looking at the desktop20:06
gambl0rei already have the terminal opend up20:06
tomreynor reboot: press ctrl-alt-f3, then ctrl-alt-del on the text login20:06
qwebirc96446Hi, I've tried to create a boot usb and dvd many times now for use on my mid-2010 Macbook Pro. It just won't boot into the LTS build at all. It starts loading up the GUI, then goes back to command line where you see a bunch of stuff that it was doing to load up everything, then eventually stops doing anything other than making the screen blank off and on over and over again until I finally hard power it down.20:06
tomreyngambl0re: "reboot" on a temrinal will also work. save changes first.20:06
qwebirc96446The last USB drive I made did that same thing on the live mode where it wasn't actually installed. When I tried to do a straight install, it just does the bongo noise and freezes up after a little bit.20:07
UbuntuUserSorry guys. I'm too hasty :| . I thought he meant the mate-panel.20:07
qwebirc96446I have 10.10 installed just fine on a partition, but I would like something a little more recent to work with. Any ideas?20:08
qwebirc96446tl;dr, I can't get 14.04 to run on my Macbook pro for some reason.20:09
tomreynqwebirc96446: you could try installing ubuntu server and if this boots fine, see if you can add a gui20:09
tomreynqwebirc96446: why would you want to get 14.04 to run, which looses support in a month?20:09
tomreynuse 18.04.220:09
qwebirc96446I only said 14.04 because I didn't remember the version of the LTS20:10
qwebirc96446that is what I am trying to install.20:10
tomreynsee what i said about server20:10
qwebirc96446Why would I want to go that route? I already have the iso downloaded and would rather just run the desktop version. Would rather not have to go download yet another image.20:11
qwebirc96446What I would like to do is to install the new version from within the 10.10 that I was able to install from the old DVD I have laying around.20:11
tomreynbecause with your hardware and firmware apparently running a current graphical linux desktop seems troublesome20:11
OerHeksuse a more lightweight ubuntu, ubuntu mate or xubuntu20:12
ioriaqwebirc96446, can you tell us your hw specs  ?20:12
tomreyn"mid-2010 Macbook Pro"20:13
qwebirc96446The try option in the bootloader acts like it is going to start fine because I can see the desktop wallpaper with the beaver on it but then it goes back out to the text screen with all the [ OK ]'s on it. That's when it just starts doing the bit where it goes on and off.20:14
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages20:14
ioriaqwebirc96446, have you tried xubuntu or lubuntu ?20:15
qwebirc96446nope. always tried ubuntu in the past (not on this machine, but in general). thought I would just try it again.20:15
qwebirc96446guess that was my mistake for trying the simplistic route20:16
ioriaqwebirc96446, what is 'simplistic route' ?20:16
qwebirc96446downloading an ubuntu distro from the ubuntu website, creating the boot device, and trying to use that???20:17
ioriaqwebirc96446, with no regards at your hw specs ?20:17
tomreynwhat you have there is old, and special purpose hardware/firmware, it won't always work with anything out of the box. linux GUIs also develop over the years.20:18
qwebirc96446Given the fact that the website says "2 GHz dual core processor or better 2 GB system memory 25 GB of free hard drive space Either a DVD drive or a USB port for the installer media Internet access is helpful" I figured I'd be ok.20:18
ioriaqwebirc96446, if you like the pain,it's ok; boot with nomodeset20:19
qwebirc96446I mean, the whole "with no regards at your hw specs" bit is not helpful considering the site doesn't say "Hey, you with the older shit, this probably won't work."20:19
ioriaqwebirc96446, try  nomodeset20:20
qwebirc96446yeah, that doesn't help me much. guess I'll try to figure out where that goes next. Obviously I haven't done this in a very long time, so I am not remembering much about it at all.20:22
OerHeksyeah, please go on with the rant, instead you could try xubuntu on usb20:22
ioria!nomodeset | qwebirc9644620:22
ubottuqwebirc96446: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter20:22
qwebirc96446ok, so nomodeset let the live version boot up.20:25
ioriaIntel Core 2 Duo  is 200620:26
qwebirc96446OerHeks, I haven't tried that or the other one mentioned because I don't know what they are, honestly. I just thought coming in here and asking for help with the base version would be alright to do. Apparently not.20:26
OerHekswe appreciate your asking for help, no worry about that20:27
qwebirc96446well, that isn't really much how it has felt so far. It has felt like general attacks on me for being an idiot.20:27
OerHekssome need a push to get to work :-P20:27
qwebirc96446Pushing is ok, belittling someone isn't20:28
qwebirc96446or making someone feel like a dumbass20:28
qwebirc96446So, if I try to put 18.04.1 LTS over the top of my 10.10, I am likely going to have issues, I'm assuming.20:29
qwebirc96446I guess I just need to give up on this whole idea.20:29
ioriaqwebirc96446, we already told you to use a lighter distro ?20:30
qwebirc96446I was trying this out on this laptop because with MacOS and Windows run really slowly on it. I am thinking it's because I only have 4GB of ram in it.20:30
qwebirc96446ioria, and I'm trying to read up on what that xubuntu is exactly.20:30
ioriaqwebirc96446, it's ubuntu but with a lighter DE env (xfce); that's all20:31
ioriaqwebirc96446, the problem it's not ubuntu (main) but the DE; i run 16.04 with 256mb (lxde)20:32
qwebirc96446DE = desktop environment?20:32
Bashing-omqwebirc96446: I run an old 2007 Athlon dual core - 4 gigs of ram is slow with ubuntu as the DE. Runs well with xubuntu.20:33
qwebirc96446What I remember from this is from about 2006, so you guys have to understand I'm VERY rusty with it. At least that's the last time I remember working with it. I am not sure when I got this 10.10 disc.20:33
qwebirc96446I remember back in the day you had Gnome and KDE.20:34
ioriamaverick is great; it was my first ubuntu version20:34
qwebirc96446I'm guessing it is quite more complex than that20:34
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours20:35
OerHeksand besides these iso's, there are tons of other WM and DE20:36
Bashing-omqwebirc96446: Since the 10.10 release the demands on a GUI have grown tremendously :( Now-a-days ya got to have the hosses to run the top end desktops.20:36
GerowenBashing-om: I haven't fooled with KDE in a very long time, but Gnome 3 isn't too bad.  IIRC, it even has a "simple" mode that turns off all the animations and whatnot.20:39
Bashing-omGerowen: I mess about a lot - presently have 4 'buntu installs. My preference remains as xfce.20:40
qwebirc96446Bashing-om, yeah, apparently. LOL Like I said, I was just hoping to put something on this laptop that made it not so miserable to use. :)20:40
GerowenAh I must have missed that part of the conversation since I just logged in.20:41
Bashing-omqwebirc96446: I do mess abot a lot .. my work flow and thought processes ... xfce for the win .20:41
ioriathe only issue is the support time . 3 y vs 5 y20:42
qwebirc96446My main thing at this point is hoping that linux has matured a lot where you can do pretty equivalent stuff on it like you can on Mac or Windows.20:42
GerowenIf you're having problems with Gnome or KDE, XFCE is probably the best balance between system resources required and usability/features.20:42
Bashing-omqwebirc96446: You may be pleasantly surprised with the Wayland DE .. it does run well on this old hardware .. and is impressive.20:43
qwebirc96446Wayland? Is that what is in xubuntu?20:43
qwebirc96446Seems like there might be a few too many distros to keep up with. LOL20:43
ioriaBashing-om, we have wayland on xubuntu ?20:43
Bashing-omqwebirc96446: Wayland is the Gnome3/18.04 alternative desktop environment available on the default install if ya so choose it.20:46
blackflowThere's no such thing as Wayland DE. Wayland is a protocol. Please people, let's mind technical correctness.20:46
blackflowIt's still gnome. Mutter is a wayland compositor.20:46
Bashing-omioria: Last I was aware .. xubuntu was not going to support Wayland :(20:47
ioriaonly gnome (for now)20:47
blackflowit might, with Mir (another Wayland compositor), which is also considered by MATE.20:47
qwebirc96446So, why is 18.04 LTS and 18.10 just 9 months? Is .10 like a beta version without the beta label?20:48
ioriayes (s a)20:49
compdocLTS only comes out every couple years, but is supported for 10 years now20:50
compdocthe others are for testing new kernels and features, before going into an LTS version20:51
iorianot sure about the 10 y thing20:51
GerowenStupid question20:52
qwebirc96446hey, that's my job20:52
GerowenI set up SSH on my server ages ago and need to change the login message I get.  However, it's not in issue.net and I can't seem to find what file it's in when I read sshd_config20:52
GerowenIt's been so long since I set it up I forgot where I put it, :p20:52
GerowenJust wanting to update that message.20:53
blackflowGerowen: you probably mean /etc/motd20:53
Gerowenblackflow: That's it, thanks, :-)20:53
compdocMark Shuttleworth Reveals Ubuntu 18.04 Will Get a 10-Year Support Lifespan.20:53
blackflowGerowen: note however that on modern 'buntus, motd is dynamic, and /etc/motd is just one component of the entire message.20:53
blackflowcompdoc: yes but not for general public. the extra 5 yrs will be via ESM20:54
OerHeksi wonder who will run a linux version today, older than 3 years, but this is more subject for #ubuntu-discuss20:55
GerowenWell the server is "actually" a Debian and not Ubuntu system, but I figured the location would be the same.  When Debian 9 runs out I'm going to migrate it to Ubuntu server.  It hosts several services, and a few of them I've had to manually pull in newer deps from the backports and whatnot because the stuff in regular Debian stable is SO OLD.20:55
blackflowOerHeks: IoT gadgets primarily and stuff like that.20:56
qwebirc96446crap, I've done something to my grub and now it isn't seeing my windows partition or anything. All it says is error: unknown filesystem followed by grub rescue> on the next line.20:56
blackflowGerowen: as old as Ubuntu LTS after 2 years20:57
tomreynauthorities and companies who have to certify / review software changes also will benefit from 'static' desktop versions.20:58
tomreynand right, this belongs to -discuss, sorry20:59
MalgorathHello, I just installed 18.04 on a HP z620 Workstation. I had Windows 10 on it and everything was good.  My question is I am looking at a RAID partition that should be 14.x TB but it shows it as 2TB. And ideas or pointers?21:00

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