ottoschsarnold: ip a shows eno1:
ottoschip r: default via dev eno1 proto static00:01
sarnoldnice, promising results there00:02
ottoschsarnold: I didn't notice, but no link lights. Does this mean it burnt?00:03
sarnoldottosch: or the cable has come unplugged, or the cat turned one cable into two cables, etc00:04
ottoschsarnold: I have replaced the cable, but I only see lights on the switch side00:07
sarnoldottosch: oh that's weird00:07
ottoschsarnold: is there anything to test if the ethernet port works?00:20
sarnoldottosch: good question. try running dmesg -w   in a terminal and see what happens when you plug and unplug it00:30
sarnoldottosch: I have some messages like this in my dmesg:00:30
sarnolde1000e: enp0s31f6 NIC Link is Up 1000 Mbps Full Duplex, Flow Control: None00:30
sarnoldIPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready00:31
ottoschsarnold: Link is down / Link is up - 1Gbps/Full - flow control rx/tx01:03
ottoschhad eno1 before each line01:04
sarnoldottosch: well, that's promising..01:05
sarnoldottosch: ip route get ?01:05
ottoschsarnold: via dev eno1 src uid 100001:06
ottoschduring this break, I booted into Mint livecd, no network. Got the original SSD with Windows, no network either01:06
dabblerMy system stopped booting successfully. Based on the changes I made it likely goes wrong at the point of mounting filesystems. The problem is I can't see any related error messages because they get pushed off the screen too quickly by some repeated run-init usage messages before I'm dumped into a initramfs shell. I have that and an ubuntu-server ISO to work with. Unfortunately I'm not seeing any modifications to my /var/log being01:07
dabblermade during the boot, so I guess that doesn't get mounted. Can anyone suggest a way of silencing those usage messages?01:07
ottoschif it doesn't have network in Mint livecd/Windows, this can't be a config issue (I guess)01:08
dabblerOr paging or slowing down the output?01:17
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theoshi. is there is a smaller version of the 22.04 LTS iso (not server)? my usb drives are 4GB max and the standard iso is more than 4GB.06:19
dabblertheos: are you aware you can use the server ISO to get a system started, then "convert" it to one of the desktop versions?06:26
theosdabbler yes but the server iso will install unwanted server related packages, no?06:27
dabblerYes, but I don't think there are many. The ones incompatible with the desktop components will get uninstalled automatically06:28
dabblerThere's probably a way to uninstall all packages that aren't dependencies of your desired desktop package06:29
dabblerThat would take care of one's that don't conflict but aren't needed06:30
theosok. i remember there used to be iso's which you could put on a cd. arent they being made now?06:31
maya329It's still around06:32
maya329just that nowadays we flash it to a thumbdrive instead of burning CDs06:32
maya329Most systems dont have discs anyway06:32
theosya i need a bigger thumbdrive it seems06:35
maya329I just have a 64GB one with YUMI installed06:53
akosshHello niko_07:36
niko_Hi, this takes me back a bit.07:36
niko_I'm just poking around, its been ages since I was in a chatroom. :)07:37
niko_hope everyone is well.07:37
theosi will use my usb hdd. make a partition bootable and hope it boots :D07:43
fscholzGood morning, I'm currenetly searching for the git sources of lunar lobsters kernel. I would expect it on https://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ as ubuntu/ubuntu-lunar.git but it's not there.08:26
ducassefscholz: try #ubuntu-kernel maybe08:28
R4v3nHello guys, I'm struggling to import my root CA cert in firefox 113 (ubuntu 20.04) via the /etc/firefox/policy.json file. I need to import it system wide and not through the GUI. If somebody can give me a hint, thanks a lot !08:30
R4v3n(/etc/firefox/policies/policy.json I mean)08:30
antiPoPHi, I just ran apt update and dhcp not longer works. I had to manually assign a IP. How can I fix it?08:31
ducasseR4v3n: try placing it in /etc/ssl/certs/ and run update-ca-certificates08:32
R4v3nducasse, thanks for the advice, but firefox doesn't use the system-wide CA system :( (I already tried)08:38
R4v3nthat's why I'm trying to load it as recommended here : https://github.com/mozilla/policy-templates/blob/master/README.md#Certificates08:38
R4v3nbut it's a fail currently08:39
ducasseah sorry, then i dunno, have you looked for a firefox channel?08:41
R4v3nI just did seconds ago :) I'm waiting and still trying to find a solution :D08:41
oerheks firefox is a snap package..maybe that is your issue08:45
weedmicI had to remove firefox snap because it did not have "install remote module" options to use things like ubikey.08:47
oerheksjups, known issue08:47
ograR4v3n, where exactly does your cert file live ? you need to put it in a place the snap can see ...08:57
R4v3nit's ok, it works, it was a typo in the policies.json file :)08:58
ogralol, okay ?08:58
R4v3nogra, btw i'm not using the snap version, I'm still on the apt/deb currently. BTW I read the snap is able to check /etc/firefox/policies, so I'll test but it should work08:59
ograyes, it should ... but the location in policy.json is important ... else it can not import09:00
ogra(actually it should be policies.json i think FWIW)09:01
weedmicI should do "snap list" to verify that R4v3n.09:02
R4v3nogra, yep it's policies.json, that was my first mistake. weedmic yes yes I know, I already have a script to remove the snap version & install the apt version for 22.0409:03
sima2Hi I can't start X this morning, Xubuntu 22.04 on BTRFS (ZFS used for mounting some of /home/user )09:09
sima2Problem is that I can;t X start even after bringing back previous pre-update system state from BTRFS apt-btrfs snapshots..09:09
sima2Machine is HP 800 G3 SFF i5-7500 , using integrated graphics. Have Virtualbox installed. Really strange that previous system state can't boot till GUI login all of sudden..09:19
sima2Could it be that SNAPS are creating the problem, because they are updating by themselves and are trying to change something upon starting ? (and network is connected)09:34
ograhow would that stop your desktop from starting ?09:36
ogra(and no, this is very unlikely to have any effect but on the snapped apps themselves)09:37
sima2I really wonder.. I get back system state and user is not logged in yet (yet virtualbox is set up from the user account)09:39
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ograinstead of randomly guessing you sould rather take a look at your system logs ...09:47
chilverscI can't find the source for v6.4-rc4 Mainline Test https://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v6.4-rc4/ neither the tag cod/mainline/v6.4-rc4 or the commit 6a3795740a6d0f09f64d07099fb52c1bc042bd29 seems to exist in the repository.09:53
ograchilversc, the kernel guys are in #ubuntu-kernel, i'd try asking there09:55
chilverscok, thanks09:55
oerheksTo obtain the source from which they are built fetch the commit    git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel-test/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/mainline-crack cod/mainline/v6.4-rc409:56
weedmicsima2: when at the konsole and you type "start X" what does it return?09:59
weedmicmeant "startx"10:01
Rabbet_NeilHi,guys, did know how to install clangd 16.0.1 in ubuntu 20.04? My vim plugin youcompleteme dependent it10:08
Rabbet_Neili tried to clone release tar file,but i could exec these bin file10:09
oerheksnope, even next mantis is at 15 https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=clang10:12
ravagethat vim plugin must have like 5 users :)10:13
ravage16 as a requirement is hard10:13
ograstop exaggerating ?10:13
ravagehttps://p.haxxors.com/z3bb57j6.txt so at least on 22.04 the release binary starts just fine10:17
ravageand 20.04 is fine too: https://p.haxxors.com/iqvtq6w0.txt10:20
Rabbet_Neilhow to install clangd in ubuntu 20.04?10:29
Rabbet_Neilcould give a solution?10:30
Rabbet_Neilravage could give me some tips to install clangd16.0.1?10:31
ravagedownload https://github.com/clangd/clangd/releases/download/16.0.2/clangd-linux-16.0.2.zip , unzip10:32
ravageif you want to install it move it to ~/.local/bin for example10:33
ravageand make sure it is in your path10:33
oerhekswhat do they say in #linux?10:34
ravageoh. cross posting.10:34
ravagehave to go anyway10:34
Miles8of9i have 3 sata hdd, same brand, same size, i want to put them on raid 5 to make little nas with some recovery feature if 1 of them fails.... do i need to make partitions first and then join them together?11:27
chilverscMiles8of9: that's the general advice, you can use the whole disk but that can cause issues later when replacing a disk, https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/32342511:32
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sima2weedmic: startx returns: xauth: unable to write authority file /tmp/serverauth.DgGfrvi8YL-n   Fatal server error: (EE) Could not create lock file in /tmp/.tX0-lock (EE) xinit: giving up xinit: unable to connect to X server: Connection refused , xinit: server error12:25
oerhekshow about simply reinstall ubuntu-desktop? sudo apt update && sudo apt install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop12:27
sima2oerheks: juj, no space left on device.. looks like btrfs snapshots have eat up all the / partition space, will try deleting old snapshots12:32
oerheksi have no clue with btrfs, good luck12:33
BluesKajHi all12:34
ograsim642, well, that is your problem then ... if there is no space on the device many bits will not work ...12:38
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hsiktas[m]does https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man8/swapspace.8.html work together with zram?13:32
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hsiktas[m]it works :) I just had to open way more apps than usual and it created a swapspace after zram was nearly filled13:37
weedmicsima2:  read reply from telcom - https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/405400/xauth-is-unable-to-write-to-my-xauthority-file13:45
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lotuspsychjewelcome webchat5914:26
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o|||||ohey y'all when sudo -u is run, does .bash_profile or anything similar execute?14:44
o|||||oi know it does for sudo -i14:45
magic_ninjawhere does snap store its config files when it is unmounted?14:45
magic_ninjaI have an old install, and I want to pull the config files from a couple snap apps14:46
Muligananybody using vaping (smokeping's fork)?15:13
oerheksmagic_ninja, in the ~/Snap folder ?15:14
magic_ninjaoerheks, they are empty, but I didn't wipe my home directory15:17
magic_ninjaI still have my / directory15:18
oerheksmaybe because they are unmounted/not active.15:18
oerhekshere the folders are populated.15:18
magic_ninjathat might be where snap mounts them for sure15:18
magic_ninjaoerheks, so config files are stored in var/snap/<snapname>/common15:20
magic_ninjatalking with you I added "unmounted" to my search string and found the site with the info15:20
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paul424Hello, I want to install ubuntu for my friend , problem is all the data in on one big windows partition C:15:41
paul424how do I shift the data and  create a new partitions for linux OS ?15:41
Muliganfirst, take a backup image of the drive, just in case15:42
marcopolo1can ubuntu interfer with my isp router15:42
paul424probably with the terminal cmds cause those are the most sure15:42
marcopolo1and make it lose connection15:42
Muliganmarcopolo1, sure, if you don't know what you're doing15:42
Muligananything's possible...15:42
marcopolo1i did'nt touch anything15:42
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oerheksshift the data?15:45
paul424defragment the partition15:47
paul424Muligan okey-dokey so what command to rsync the partition onto removable usb disc  ?15:49
oerhekscopy the data with windows?15:49
paul424oerheks windows OS is sick and slow here15:52
oerheksboot ubuntu in live mode, and use the filemanager. any windows partition and inserted usb should show up15:53
paul424yes I am on live mode15:57
paul424hmmm problem is ith Instenso 2.5'' 1 TB drive15:58
paul424it doesn't recognise partition\15:58
paul424wait ,,,, I just pulled usb cable and now it works it work15:59

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