quackgyverI'm installing Ubuntu on a fresh server and the installer is giving me a popup that reads "Daemons using outdated libraries" and the text "Which services should be restarted?"00:32
quackgyverCan someone explain what this is00:32
quackgyverand what Ubuntu is asking me to do here00:32
sarnoldquackgyver: that's probably worth a bug report00:41
sarnoldquackgyver: somewhere along the way a tool was added that would let you know if any of your services are using libraries that have been upgraded00:42
sarnoldquackgyver: so that you would know that you needed to restart those services in order to get security fixes or bug fixes00:42
sarnoldquackgyver: it feels a little silly for it to happen during installation though, there's probably hundreds of updates to install, and you're probably going to reboot as soon as it's done..00:42
quackgyverAlright, thanks for the explanation.01:03
quackgyverDoes this mean I can ignore it?01:03
sarnoldquackgyver: yes; ignoring it is basically the behaviour before it was introduced :) though I suggest considering restarting whatever services it suggests whenever it is convenient01:09
oopsi append a rule to iptables , how to save it and take it effect immediately01:13
sarnoldoops: I think it takes effect as soon as you execute the command01:25
sarnoldoops: saving it is something else, there's an iptables restore tool, it might even be default, but I don't know that very well01:25
oopssarnold: i can't find that rule with "iptables -L -v"01:42
sarnoldoops: which table did you add the rule to? -L defaults to the filter table01:44
oopssarnold: i didn't denote the table obviously , i guess it ought to filter table, i only hope to open 1194 port01:46
sarnoldoops: what command did you run? what's the output from the iptables -L -v? how are you testing that the port 1194 isn't open?01:47
oopssarnold: then i type command " iptables -A input --dport 1194 -j Accept"01:47
sarnolddoes 'Accept' work? I thought it was 'ACCEPT'01:47
oopssarnold: i test using "ss -ltun|grep 1194" , and the port isn't open,, yes, the command hasn't error , only i type on here for conveniently01:48
sarnoldoops: ss -ltun will just show you is a process has that port open already; it doesn't know anything about firewall status01:49
sarnold'sudo ss -ltunp'  may show what I mean.. everything listed there is 'owned' by a specific program that has opened a socket there01:50
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oopssarnoid: the result is the same , and my os information is " 5.4.0-77-generic #86-Ubuntu SMP Thu Jun 17 02:35:03 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:53
sarnoldoops: hmm, you should see a list of which processes own the sockets in the right-most column01:54
oopssarnold: i did , it's the new vps host, and the information is only several rows01:56
sarnoldoops: okay, good ;)01:57
sarnoldoops: what program do you expect to be using 1194?01:58
oopssarnold: i am configuring openvpn , the 1194 are the default port number01:59
sarnoldoops: try starting it :) then check again01:59
oopssarnold: i can open it with UFW, but the ufw will destroy the ssh connection, what's more i am not familiar with iptables02:00
sarnoldoops: it might already be open02:00
sarnoldoops: ss can't tell you if it is open or not02:00
sarnoldoops: ss tells you if a program is using it02:01
oopssarnold: but the problem how to save iptables rule and take it effect at once is still pending02:01
BUSYhello, when i open settings it instantly closes - where can i find a log to see what is happening?02:03
sarnoldoops: heh, I can't find any documentation on the wiki or the server guide that says how to use iptables without ufw *and* without /etc/network/interfaces. heh. :(02:09
Guest38Im using Lubuntu 20.0403:02
Guest38Is 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) substantially cooler?03:02
Bashing-omGuest38: Coolness is in the eye of the beholder - make up a live USB and see what "you" think :D03:04
anonymousHello everyone03:09
anonymousAre we able to speak about anything in this chat.03:11
kirk781I assume so03:11
anonymousHas anyone here ever experienced groupthink abuse dynamics?03:11
anonymousAnyone here know how to get in touch with Edward Snowden?03:17
kongzillaanonymous: twitter?03:18
anonymouskongzilla, He have a channel?03:18
guivercPlease stay on-topic; this is a Ubuntu Support room03:18
anonymousHow do I directly reply to someone?03:19
guivercIf you want to talk off-topic, please use #ubuntu-offtopic03:20
anonymousI would like to know how to talk directly with someone? How do I select a name to reply to?03:20
anonymousnot privately - but where their name is highlighted03:20
guivercjust mention their name in your post, but please stay on-topic03:21
anonymousquiverc - It is not my intention to break rules lolz. I am new here and barely know how to use this03:21
kongzillaanonymous: start with #libera if you don't yet know how to use irc03:22
anonymousSo this is strictly Ubuntu related chat?03:22
anonymousDoes Ubuntu include all Ubuntu Distros?03:22
guivercUbuntu Support chat only (there are many Ubuntu rooms; only official flavors though)03:22
anonymousso like - for instance - if I wanted to chat about Qubes - is that considered a Ubuntu distro?03:23
guivercOnly Ubuntu flavors - ie. https://ubuntu.com/download/flavours03:23
anonymousI am not familiar with all the particulars surrounding linux. What is a flavour?03:24
guivercUbuntu flavors are all Ubuntu, but have a different desktop on top; eg. Lubuntu is standard Ubuntu with the LXQt desktop replacing GNOME (used by Ubuntu Desktop), Xubuntu uses the XFCE ... ie. only use Ubuntu repository packages downloaded from ubuntu etc03:25
anonymousThank you QuiverC - that answers my question03:25
anonymousIs it possible to install an infinite amount of Linux Distros onto the same solid state drive?03:28
anonymous(considering storage space, of course)?03:28
kongzillastorage space is finite, so no, not infinite03:29
guivercinfinite no (you'll run out of space eventually; and partition-tables have limits), but limits are rarely reached03:29
anonymousthakn you03:30
anonymousthank you kongzilla and quiverc03:30
kongzillayou can do a lot with docker or qemu03:30
anonymousDoes that expand the limitations surrounding partitions?03:30
anonymousI've got a triboot now - seems to work fine. I have been told that if I use UEFI / GPT - then I can get more03:31
kongzillaMBR tables only support up to 4 primary partitions03:32
anonymousThank you Kongzilla - So that would mean 4 Operating systems, or/03:32
kongzillaI think it all comes down to what you're trying to accomplish03:33
guivercI had 11 or 13 installed on a pentium 4 test box (using only MBR); you can use an extended partition on MBR which can then be subdivided into more... It's 4 primary partitions (not 4 in total)03:33
anonymousI'd love to install Mint, Kodachi, Qubes, BlackArch, Windows 10, and a few others03:33
anonymousHow large a drive did you use for that?03:34
guivercanonymous, no OS you just mentioned are on-topic here03:34
anonymousquiverc - sorry. I am asking in regards to limitations around Linux Operating systems - sorry if that breaches rules03:34
guivercI can't recall; probably 160gb spinning rust (it was a pentium 4 x86 so old; last used for testing 18.04.5 in sept-2020)03:35
anonymousI love "spinning rust03:35
anonymousWhen was Ubuntu first invented?03:35
* guiverc it also had more than a single drive03:35
G34Hi, looking on how to partition my new install03:36
anonymousG34 - we were just talking about partitions :)03:36
G34I thought 500mg fir boot/efi03:36
anonymous100MB usually03:36
kongzillaanonymous: try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM/Installation03:37
G3420gb root, swap as ram and rest home03:37
anonymousThank you Kongzilla - I appreciate that03:37
kongzillause ubuntu as a host machine and all those others as guests03:37
kongzillathen you are officially *on topic* ;)03:37
anonymoushaha k03:37
anonymousHey Kong - please check your other messsages03:37
guivercG34, the partition scheme is dependant on how you'll use it ; simple is usually best; /boot and /boot/efi are not the same thing usually03:38
anonymousI didn't realize Ubuntu / Linux could use ram as swap!03:38
kongzillalol... what?03:38
anonymousI always thought it had to be encrypted partitions on drive itself.03:38
G34Guiverc i need boot efi for my notherboard03:38
kongzillayou're putting swap in ram? like a swap file in tmpfs? why?03:39
G34So i then don't need onky boot?03:39
anonymousMore secure?03:39
guivercG34, I probably misread what you meant, I took it as boot/efi (boot or efi) and not /boot/efi/ (ie. uEFI partition)03:39
G34On phone so cant type so pre ise03:40
kongzillaanonymous: why not just run without swap?03:40
G34Yeah, i meant this way guiverc03:40
anonymouskongzilla,  I have tried to install Linux Distros without a swap partition - but it never works. Maybe I don't install correctly? Is it merely a matter of NOT creating a swap file? I still encrypt the swap anyways03:41
G34Darn all slashes went away03:41
guivercG34, /boot/efi is required for uEFI boxes yep.  you can then use / for rest; server users tend to want specific partition schemes; for desktop there is little to be gained usually03:41
kongzillaswap isn't required03:41
anonymousI had no idea!03:42
anonymousSo it is the / partition that you want to (generally) make the largest then?03:42
G34Guiverc even when upgrading? How do you keep files intact if everything is on /03:42
anonymousHome can be smaller for storing files ?03:42
G34Plus, can i use askubuntu for kubuntu questions?03:43
guivercG34, Ubuntu installers allow you to install over where only system directories are erased (selected if you don't format) so seperated /home isn't required - but I often still have it (don't usually if encryption is used to keep it simple)03:43
kongzillaanonymous: /home is generally the largest, depending on your needs03:43
anonymousWow you are all teaching me so much03:43
anonymousSo you don't need two separate partitions (home and /)?03:44
anonymousYou can merge them into one?03:44
G34Oh great guiverc03:44
kongzillait is not required to have any more than one partition03:45
kongzillathat said, you should have a backup plan03:45
anonymousUnreal ... Next time I need advice - I will come straight to this chat to ask the pros lol03:45
anonymousOkay - so if I wanted to create a secure Ubuntu install, what would you recommend I do first and foremost? Like stage 1?03:46
anonymousAs in - for anonymous web browsing / etc03:47
kongzillaanonymous: that all depends on your needs, which you should identify03:49
anonymouskongzilla, Thank you03:50
anonymousWhat does /query mean?03:50
anonymousIn Ubuntu?03:50
Bashing-omanonymous: "/query" has no defined meaning in ubuntu - in a irc client however that starts a private conversation with a taged user.03:52
anonymousThank you Bashing - so if I type, "/query Bashing-om" would it then be sent to you only?03:53
Bashing-omanonymous: will open a new window for only you and I to converse in, yes.03:54
anonymousI'll try03:54
Bashing-omanonymous: k03:54
anonymousYay it worked!03:54
anonymousThank you - you are all teaching me so much haha03:56
kongzillawell I guess you'll have to pay it forward someday03:58
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SuperLagHow do you find out why a package is being held back from upgrade?05:30
SuperLagah, figured it out05:38
Bashing-om!yay | SuperLag05:42
ubottuSuperLag: Glad you made it! :-)05:42
tsujpSo I've installed telegraf but it says there is no such plugin `prometheus`.. do I need to manually install plugins? I cannot find any mention of that in the docs06:45
nikolamWhat's the reccomendation OS on a long term for 32-bit machine, for a small server? I have one Asus EeePC 701, pu 2GB RAM in it, 4GB flash, have 32GB SSD, 3USB 2.0 ports, 100Mbit LAN (will put Gigabit LAN on USB) as well as at least 2 additional higher capacity drives on 2 USB ports. What would be OS that I can count of being supported for small server use (mail server etc.) , since everyone is moving away form 32-bit..?06:53
nikolam32GB SD sorry06:53
nikolamUsed to have previously installed Ubuntu server minimal, were harder to install but it worked, now I dunno..06:54
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alkisgnikolam: 32bit? Ubuntu no longer supports these, so you'd need Debian07:37
nikolamalkisg, also opened to other OSes, but yes, Debian acknowledged.07:53
TJ-Having a problem with wifi client failing to connect to AP. AP is on channl 153 (5765MHz). Client's "iwlist scan" can see the AP. NetworkManager also sees the SSID. WPA2-PSK set correctly. On asking NM to connect to the AP the background scan is started but fails with 'ssid-not-found'. Watching logs on the AP shows there is no contact from the client. Client has an Intel 7265 [8086:095a]. No clues07:57
TJ-in kernel logs.07:57
lotuspsychjewich kernel does it happen on TJ-08:08
lotuspsychjeTJ-: wonder if its related to bug #186958708:10
ubottuBug 1869587 in backport-iwlwifi-dkms (Ubuntu Groovy) "WiFi performance is slow" [Undecided, Fix Released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/186958708:10
cart_manIs it possible for Format TOPs output to only show CPU and Memory?08:12
TJ-Found a related log event with debug logging on: wpa_supplicant "Failed to add supported operating classes IE"08:14
TJ-looks like wpa_supplicant on the client doesn't recognise one or more IEs from the AP08:14
lotuspsychjeTJ-: comment 20? https://bugs.freebsd.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=24762508:15
ubottubugs.freebsd.org bug 247625 in Base System "Intel 7260 (iwm) will not connect to access point" [Affects Some People, In Progress]08:15
lotuspsychjesounds like a strange bug you found again08:17
lotuspsychjenikolam: think 18.04 still had 32bit flavours, but like lubuntu 18.04 is prob eol too now08:18
alkisgI would make my phone a hotspot, connect there, then compare the success=phone vs the failure=other-AP logs08:19
TJ-lotuspsychje: bsd report is unrelated08:19
lotuspsychjekk TJ-08:19
alkisgE.g. if that wpa_supplicant message shows up in both cases, it wouldn't be the cause of the issue08:19
TJ-Looks like the version of hostapd I'm running on the AP is sending IEs not known to the version of wpa_supplicant on the client!08:19
alkisgBtw, any special characters in the SSID?08:19
TJ-alkisg: nothing as easy as that, unfortunately!08:20
TJ-basically - wpa_supplicant too old! (was trying to do a d-r-u on a notebook/tablet that hasn't been used in a couple of years and doesn't have Ethernet!08:20
alkisgAnd updating it solved the issue?!08:21
TJ-I wish - got to do an offline upgrade of it I guess08:21
TJ-it's stuck on 19.10 !08:21
alkisgEh at least the next lts is a single upgrade away :D08:22
TJ-to add to the misery, it has a single USB3.0 port which is partially broken from the PCB and VERY flakey so attaching an external Ethernet adapter is hit-and-miss. Been meaning to open the T300CHI and repair it for about 2 years now :D08:22
alkisgI'm just worried that even after upgrading wpa_supplicant, it won't work, and another thing would be the issue; you could test with a live cd if you're not planning to upgrade it otherwise...08:23
alkisgActually, live usb + chroot + upgrade might be faster than offline upgrade08:23
TJ-it'll be upgraded to 20.04 at least; everthing else is on 20.04 currently08:24
TJ-alkisg: the challenge there is the poorly USB port :)08:24
lotuspsychjehow about the iso2grub trick?08:24
alkisg You could somehow put the 20.04 iso inside the hard disk and tell grub to boot from there (loopback); maybe that's what lotuspsychje means with iso2grub, I haven't heard of it08:26
lotuspsychjeyes thats what i meant08:27
lotuspsychje20.04 will prob fix that wifi08:28
TJ-lotuspsychje: 20.04 is fine on all the other systems08:29
TJ-raspi to the rescue! Raspi has a (disabled) AP on it so just brought that online and got a connection, so saved !08:40
TJ-Thanks for the suggestions08:40
lotuspsychjecool TJ-08:46
Modulo5khello - I'm using ubuntu 18.04 and I can't update or install anything with apt because it says dpkg has the front end lock - how do I fix this?09:01
TJ-Modulo5k: likely there's a background update/upgrade going on09:02
Modulo5kI said no to upgrade and there was no prompt for updates09:02
TJ-Modulo5k: often occurs just after logging in09:02
Modulo5kIs there any way to override, TJ?09:02
TJ-Modulo5k: no - just be patient. usually only takes a few minutes, if that09:03
Modulo5kIt always does this to me and it never seems to stop the background process09:03
Modulo5kIf I pskill dpkg, will that fix it?09:03
Modulo5kI'm getting impatient09:04
alkisgModulo5k: if you really really have to kill it, run `systemctl status | grep apt`, see the apt services running (e.g. apt-daily), and stop them with `systemctl stop apt-dialy-or-something-I-dont-remember-the-name`09:10
TJ-Modulo5k: best thing is to discover /why/ it is taking so long - a regular 'apt update' is just fetching the package lists09:11
alkisgIn some cases where my networking had issues on boot, apt-daily hanged forever09:11
TJ-Modulo5k: however, an addtional unattended-upgrades may then be running09:11
alkisgThe names are: apt-daily-upgrade, apt-daily,  unattended-upgrades. Personally I've completely disabled unattended upgrades from software-properties-gtk09:12
Modulo5kalkisg if I could just disable updates of all kinds, that would be best, because I don't want them and I can always run them manually09:14
alkisgModulo5k: run software-properties-gtk and adjust it to your needs09:14
alkisgI have: daily check for updates, and show immediately on security issues, but never autoinstall09:15
alkisgI wouldn't mind autoinstall as long as it shows an icon in the tray, that I would be able to doubleclick and get access to the running apt process terminal09:16
Modulo5kI'm running this in a VM of VBox btw, so I don't really care if I get hacked or have to reset the snapshot09:16
Modulo5kalkisg thanks for the tip09:16
Modulo5kOK, so I see the daily upgrade is running. I disabled it from software properties gtk, should I reboot now?09:18
Modulo5kRebooting solved it. Thanks TJ_ and alkisg09:44
kietoHi! I'm using a Lenovo L13 laptop running ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS and sometimes I'm in a Google Meet meeting with the integrated webcam with around 8 people (lowest quality settings), and my computer reaches critical temperature and shuts down. Has anyone experienced the same? this morning I only had firefox running with 7 tabs including google meet, and it shut down anyway09:44
lotuspsychjekieto: you might want to leave a few things open for testing like; journalctl -f htop and see whats happening to your system09:50
kietolotuspsychje: thanks09:51
lotuspsychjekieto: other tests can be useful like other browser test or a firefox clean launch from terminal09:51
kietoI'm trying chromium now to see differences09:51
neurochromeHey folks!  Since installing the latest kernel updates on 16.04, my nvidia drivers no longer work.  I get to the login screen but everything is huge.  Sometimes it just fully locks up, other times I can login but things are seriously messed up.  If I try and open nvidia-settings then it's just blank.09:52
lotuspsychjekieto: i recently noticed some high cpu on FF without reason, still investigating that myself09:52
neurochromeI can boot into the old kernel ok.09:52
kietolotuspsychje: cool, then I'm not alone :P09:53
neurochromeI've tried purging nvidia packages and re-installing.  I also tried reinstalling the latest kernel too.  No joy. Any ideas?09:53
lotuspsychjeneurochrome: 16.04 is end of life, reccomended to install a supported version from topic09:53
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tuxickhmm, desktop 2004 installer kinda confusing me, why is "new partition table" disabled?10:07
tuxicki really don't like the default lvm "give everything to root"10:08
* ogra does not think we had LVM support in the installer from 2004 ... 10:09
tuxickok, it refuses to deal with new partition because of existing installation10:10
tuxickwhich has vg_ubuntu10:10
TJ-tuxick: for LVM, recently, it defaults to something like -l 80%FREE I seem to recall10:10
tuxickTJ-: ooh that's a start10:10
TJ-tuxick: although that may be the -server installer, not desktop10:10
tuxicki'd start with like 20-30G10:11
tuxickthat's what i did for the autoinstall template i made last week10:11
tuxickfor some reason i installed ubuntu without lvm on this dual boot laptop10:12
tuxickso removing windows and taking the space is ugly10:12
TJ-If I use the installer (rarely - prefer debootstrap!) I pre-configure LUKS and LVM fine-grained with minimal sizes and later use lvresize on-demand if necessary. I use the 'free' space for creating/deleting ephermeral LVs for VMs, containers, builds and so on10:18
TJ-tuxick: it's not /too/ difficult to switch to LVM in-place :)10:18
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=== tomreyn changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: https://ubottu.com/y/gl | #ubuntu supports Ubuntu and official flavors; versions 18.04, 20.04, 21.04 | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here. | IRC info: https://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to https://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: https://ubottu.com/y/dl
tomreyn- "20.10"11:11
neurochromelotuspsychje ok, cheers.  It's End of Standard Support, but doesn't go full EOL until April 2024, but, yeah... I should probably upgrade regardless! :D11:13
lotuspsychjeneurochrome: you can consider paying for ESM thats right11:14
tomreynneurochrome: https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-16-04-lts-transitions-to-extended-security-maintenance-esm11:17
bittinThere will be an Ubuntu Q&A at GUADEC in around 3,5 hours11:19
lotuspsychjebittin: you can use #ubuntu-discuss for announcements like that11:19
bittinlotuspsychje, alright11:19
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tuxickTJ-: actually, never tried11:28
tuxickat this moment i find the installer rather disappointing11:28
tuxickthe rhel/centos lvm/partitioning is messy but at least it won't fail11:29
tomreynthe next release is going to get a new installer11:31
tuxickused the 'live' option to shrink root lv :)11:34
tuxicknope, it still can't handle that11:36
tomreyni think the only scenario in which the current desktop installer handles LVM well is when it does a new (almost) full disk encryption setup.11:39
tomreynyou can do more complex scenarios with the server installer, or, as TJ already suggested, set it up manually and install using debootstrap for the most flexibility.11:40
tomreyntuxick: ^11:41
tuxickin live shrank root to 20G and let it go ahead11:41
tuxickah, fails on that too11:44
tuxickcan't write grub11:44
tuxicki bet it'd even fail if i wipe mbr11:44
lotuspsychjenot here bittin11:51
neurochromelotuspsychje, tomreyn cheers for the heads up.  After reading that (and drinking a strong coffee) I came to the hilarious realisation that it's my office machine that is on 16.04 and this machine I am experiencing issues on is in fact 18.04.  <facepalm> :D11:54
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lotuspsychjeneurochrome: 18.04 desktop is still supported yeah11:55
neurochromeSo, back to the original issue... nvidia problems with the 4.15.0-151-generic kernel11:56
lotuspsychjetry the HWE kernel neurochrome11:56
BluesKajHi all11:56
neurochromelotuspsychje, ok, cheers11:56
lotuspsychjeneurochrome: or re-ask your original question to the channel so volunteers can think along with you11:57
neurochromeOK, sure thing.  So... since updating to the latest kernel (4.15.0-15 generic) my nvidia drivers (470) fail to load.  The login screen is super low res and huge.  Sometimes it locks up at this screen, other times I can login but the OS is slow and frequently locks up.  nvidia-settings show a blank page when I try to open it once logged in.  I can still use the previous kernel without issue.  I've tried purging nvidia12:02
neurochromepackages and reinstalling.  I've also tried reinstalling the newer kernel, to no avail.  Anyone else experiencing this issue, or know how to solve?12:02
lotuspsychjeneurochrome: can you share your dmesg please12:02
tomreynlinux-image-4.15.0-151-generic would be the latest GA kernel on 18.04 LTS12:03
tomreyn(so not 4.15.0-15)12:03
neurochromeCorrect, yeah.  Too many backspaces on my part.12:05
tomreyn"The login screen is super low res and huge." sounds like the nvidia driver did not load properly. logs should help analyze this. dmesg is a command to capture the kernel-only logs from the kernel logging ring buffer and output them.12:08
tomreynyou can pipe its output into something that posts it online, such as:    dmesg | nc termbin.com 999912:09
tomreynif you'd like to also include other logs, you'd use    journalctl -b | nc termbin.com 9999    instead. for logs from the previous boot, you'd use   journalctl -b -1 | nc termbin.com 999912:10
tomreynto limit that to only kernel logs, add -k before -b12:11
neurochromeDoes dmesg only only cover events from the current  boot (into the good kernel)?12:12
neurochromeI couldn't find the /var/log/dmesg log but it looks like it's no longer there.  Guessing it's some binary log now.12:13
tomreyn"kernel ring buffer" - in memory12:13
tomreynbut it's also written to the systemd journal, which is 'binary' (compressed). if you still have rsyslogd installe,d i think it also goes to /var/log/syslog12:16
neurochromeAh, ok.  I can post it, sure.  https://termbin.com/ddne12:16
lotuspsychjeneurochrome: was that the whole dmesg output or was there some text above still?12:21
lotuspsychjejournal logs would be useful too as tomreyn adviced12:21
tomreynneurochrome: this dmesg has lost its initial lines already, so, yes, use journalctl as discussed above.12:23
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Modulo5kHello peeps - can I build and run 32 bit programs on 64 bit ubuntu 18.04?12:46
Modulo5kI'm having all kinds of problems12:46
Modulo5kMy library is only designed for 32 bit architecture12:47
Modulo5kFirst I had problems with type limits and int and std::string::npos as a 64 bit comparison12:47
Modulo5kI changed my library to use -m32 and then everything blew up12:47
Modulo5kI installed gcc and g++ mutlilib libraries for compatibility, but I'm still having conflicts between i386 and x86_64 architecture12:49
tomreynModulo5k: you should probably specify architecture also, not just bitness. most support for x86 (if it refers to this) was removed with 19.10 and 20.04 LTS. https://ubuntu.com/blog/statement-on-32-bit-i386-packages-for-ubuntu-19-10-and-20-04-lts12:50
Modulo5kI'm using 18.04 but I'll note that, thanks tomreyn12:50
Modulo5ktomreyn, would i686 work?12:52
Modulo5kI suppose I should just make my library 64 bit and fix the problems12:54
tomreynModulo5k: not generally, but there are some exceptions / workaround to the general "won't work"12:54
tomreynyou just need to read up on it ;)12:54
Modulo5ksuggested reading?12:55
tomreynyes, you really should make it 64-bit12:55
tomreynthe article i posted above has links to more resources, thopse have links to more resources.12:55
tomreynhttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2019-June/001261.html also12:56
tomreynbut in the end it all comes down to what you already stated: <Modulo5k> I suppose I should just make my library 64 bit and fix the problems12:57
Modulo5kNever an easy way out12:57
Modulo5kIt seems that 18.04 still supports i386 though, is there a proper way to do it?13:03
Modulo5kFor the short term, anyway?13:04
tomreynyou might need / want to    sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386   to be able to   sudo apt install somepackage:i38613:10
tomreynbut you're not really saying what the issues are, so that won't enable anyone to help13:11
Modulo5kModulo5kI installed gcc and g++ mutlilib libraries for compatibility, but I'm still having conflicts between i386 and x86_64 architecture13:11
Modulo5kSpecifically, incompatible architecture leading to undefined references13:11
Modulo5kHere's the first error :13:13
Modulo5ki386 architecture of input file X is incompatible with i386:x86-64 output13:13
Modulo5kNot sure what that means13:13
Modulo5kDo I need to specify a linker flag too?13:14
tomreynhttps://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1071816 looks related13:15
tomreynbut i'm not a developer, so you'll need to wait for someone who is.13:16
Modulo5kThis looks like its more complicated to recompile/reinstall all the deps as 32 bit and specify the output format too13:18
Modulo5kI'll just have to spend a few days converting everything to 64 bit I guess13:18
Modulo5kThanks tomreyn for your help13:18
tomreynyou're welcome13:29
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ilmais1nHello, i installed xrdp-server and xubuntu-desktop. When i log in, i see only a blue background.14:31
t3nj1nno menu bar?14:32
t3nj1nhave u tried startx14:33
t3nj1nmaybe X isn't starting on your remote session14:34
ilmais1nt3nj1n: i have nothing to write startx on14:37
ilmais1nt3nj1n: or should x be somehow already running14:38
t3nj1ncan't pull up a terminal?14:39
ioriailmais1n, you might have another session running14:39
ilmais1nt3nj1n: obv i can't pull up a terminal from a blank screen14:40
kdsrpi 4 (;14:40
t3nj1nctrl + alt + f5 might work14:40
t3nj1ni'm trying to help you out lol14:42
t3nj1nyou cant alt left/right thru the tty sessions to get back to desktop14:43
t3nj1nyou should probably take the opportunity while you're in term mode to change your xinit file14:43
ilmais1nhave you ever used xrdp14:44
t3nj1nto get from win to a linux session? sure14:44
ilmais1nBut i think i figured it out, xrdp package is neglected and i need to do some workarounds14:45
ilmais1nHas been so for years :/14:45
t3nj1nmaybe try a WSL2 -> GUI setup?14:50
tomreynor just vnc14:50
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t3nj1nthe ctrl alt f5 trick does work tho on xfce14:52
ilmais1nI have no idea why they litter the repos with broken stuff like this14:53
ilmais1nt3nj1n: my target machine is a headless vps with no local console14:55
leftyfbilmais1n: why do you need a GUI on it?14:58
ilmais1nbecause i intend to run gui apps, like sandbox14:59
ilmais1nthat's irrelevant, though14:59
ilmais1nBah, i'll nuke the vm and maybe start over again with sth different eventually15:01
leftyfbilmais1n: teamviewer?15:01
leftyfbyeah, you're right. I hate when things "just work"15:02
ilmais1nI hate when i try to install some overengineered proprietary hodgepodge that causes everything to break down15:04
leftyfbI've been using teamviewer on multiple machines for well over 10 years now. I've never had it "break down" or cause any issues at all15:06
tuxickok, this desktop installer is fubar15:06
t3nj1nwhat do you mean no local console15:07
wmorseGood morning, good day and good evening -- depending on your earthly coordinates; My question is about "resetting" name resolution. "It" gets messed up when I switch from work network, to home wifi and to Work network Over VPN -- I need to learn some tools to know what is going on. Also -- I'm using POP21.04 so maybe this isn't the right channel to seek help...15:08
leftyfbtuxick: if you'd like help, you're going to need go give more information than that15:08
leftyfb!popos | wmorse15:08
ubottuwmorse: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)15:08
tuxicklefty: i want proper lvm15:08
t3nj1nif u can send the keystroke it should get you to the tty session15:08
tuxickso not having it take up all space for /15:08
t3nj1nok got it @ubottu15:09
wmorseyeah -- ok ... still like you guys better....15:10
tomreynwmorse: you can install ubuntu and get help with it here. or try #linux15:10
wmorseyeah yeah -- been running ubuntu since Daper Drake -- love it -- just trying something new -- carry on ...15:13
tuxickdownloading 21.04 now, "can't be worse" :)15:17
ilmais1nhttps://tecadmin.net/install-vnc-server-on-ubuntu-20-04/ apparently there are similar problems with tigervnc15:38
leftyfbilmais1n: use x11nc15:39
leftyfbilmais1n: x11vnc -xkb -noxrecord -noxfixes -noxdamage -display :0 -auth /run/user/1000/gdm/Xauthority -usepw15:39
srvlol actually winbuntu exist i just wrote type in my explorer winbunto and i got winbuntou and i start rolling on the floor laughing15:57
davegarathHello everybody! I have a strange problem with audio on my 20.04. I can hear some sound played for example by mplayer or chrome but I can't here youtube sound from firefox or, for example using Test button in sound setting.17:24
davegarathSomeone can help me to understand how investigate this problem ? TY in advance17:25
sixwheeledbeastFor some reason FF will only output on HDMI for me at the moment, everything else will switch over to my headset when connected but firefox continues to be on HDMI. Is it only FF that you have the issue with?17:33
sixwheeledbeastI haven't tried investigating further tbh17:34
davegarathother sw too17:35
davegarathfor example Lutris17:36
davegarathor wine17:36
sixwheeledbeastcheck sound settings and/or pulsemixer?17:40
davegarathI don't have pulsemixer... I'm installing now17:52
davegarathbut I tryied with alsamixer17:52
davegarathalso pulsemixer show me all gain are up17:53
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agvantibosruli, It's prob too late, but you could try to disable these malfunctioning repos temporarily via the gui, `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade` and try again.17:57
agvantiboHelped me in the same scenario with virtualbox17:58
agvantibo(picrelated) https://i.imgur.com/LEIeWn6.png17:59
jose-manuelSoy nuevo. Perdonadme si digo alguna tonteria17:59
tomreyn!es | jose-manuel18:00
ubottujose-manuel: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.18:00

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