Unit193CharlesA: Hey, so ubuntulog is here.  Should I "fix" that?00:59
CharlesAUnit193, As someone who just woke up and has no ide what ubuntulog does (logging right?), I guess?01:00
CharlesAI don't think we had anything doing public logging in here since it's just a general chat channel.01:02
Unit193Right, preferences on freenode were that way since it's social, the ban was in place there too.01:03
CharlesAAhh ok. I didn't remember seeing the ban when the op over there hosed our channel.01:03
CharlesAand I'm misremembering01:03
CharlesAThey removed these: May 25 20:07:49 *ChanServ removes ban on *!*@ubuntu/bot/ubot501:04
CharlesAMay 25 20:07:49 *ChanServ removes ban on $j:#ubuntu-namespace-bans01:04
CharlesAMay 25 20:07:49 *ChanServ removes ban on *!*@ubuntu/bot/ubuntulog01:04
CharlesAidk what the namespace-bans is tho.01:04
Unit193Channel where people that aren't allowed in the namespace are placed, it should be here too.  Only the IRCC has access to this, and hardly ever uses it.01:05
Unit193(Basically only when the CC tell us to.)01:05
CharlesASo that's like anyone who has been banned from #ubuntu, wouldn't be allowed in here?01:06
Unit193No, that's "There's been ongoing harassment in Ubuntu across several mediums, the CC had a meeting and decided that the user is no longer welcome in the Ubuntu community."01:07
CharlesAUnit193, Ahh ok. Thanks for the info.01:08

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