OvenWerksSometimes I get the realtime permisions warning00:29
OvenWerksThen restart controls and it is ok?00:29
OvenWerksEickmeyer: anyway, jack does work again00:31
OvenWerksBut with PW running there is no pulse bridge (of course)00:31
OvenWerksGa! pipewire does not play well with jack for me.00:44
OvenWerksstart jack using an alsa device, pipewire releases it good, pipewire does not make a pseudo device called jack, bad. Now start pavucontrol  :P  the carla running on pipewire jack now shows the alsa device that jacck has on it's graph00:46
OvenWerksbut I can't connect firefox to that alsa device, good00:49
OvenWerksI think I have had enough pipewire for today... will go watch some youtube instead00:51
OvenWerksI will have to turn pulse back on and at least make that work. Later.00:53
EickmeyerSee ya! o/00:56

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