OvenWerksEickmeyer: thats weird, maybe not, it says may 14. I was looking at my jack log file and it says: setting parameter 'drivers':'firewire':'rate' to 15:19
OvenWerkseven more interesting is why do I even have such old information15:27
OvenWerksand can I set jackdbus to not log so much and can I get log rollover deal with files in ~/.log?15:28
OvenWerksI think we should have autojack on start rename the jack log file *.1 (and if there is a *.1 call it *.2 and if there is a *.2 remove it)15:30
studiobot<teward001> stupid other question but have you considered tweaking logrotate?15:31
studiobot<teward001> to rotate daily or such?15:32
studiobot<teward001> ah wait, ~/.log15:32
studiobot<teward001> nevermind15:32
studiobot* teward001 misread15:32
OvenWerksya jack is user sapce15:32
studiobot<teward001> ERR:NEEDMORECOFFEE15:35
studiobot<teward001> I:OBTAININGCOFFEE15:35
studiobot<teward001> E:COFFEENOTAVAILABLE … [Kernel Panic]15:35
studiobot<teward001> anyways.15:35
OvenWerksEickmeyer: nope it is still happening. Setting firewire and dummy backend parameters at every startup15:35
OvenWerksit is no harming anything as it still starts up ok, but it is not right. Anyway that is not the user in #ubuntustudio problem.15:36
EickmeyerAgreed, but if we found a bug, it makes sense to fix it before final freeze for sure.15:38
EickmeyerAs for wonko's issue, that's definitely a sleep with jack running issue. Jack doesn't like to sleep.15:38
EickmeyerBack later, gotta get kid to school15:39
* OvenWerks just found out his son is too sick for school15:39
OvenWerksI think we can actually use logrotate. It can be set to daily but run each time the daemon is started. If it is started more than once a day, it will still only work once and if the session is left open (as I do) it may be a while before it gets rotated. I could even have it run at each jack start.15:57
OvenWerksposted that in the wrong place first time...15:58

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