BrianHechinger[mWhat is a reasonable number for the DSP to be running at under minimal load? (ardour, no other jack plugins/applications)07:32
rghBrian Hechinger: dsp load is how much of the audio buffer is used 08:16
rghSo it totally depends on how you set up your audio backend. 08:17
rghPlease remember that low latency / small buffers is only needed when monitoring your audio during recording. And only that if you don't monitor through your hardware sound device. 08:19
rghSince I hardly record / monitor live audio / midi I use a fairly large buffer (1024) and my dsp load is about 2 to 4 %08:21
BrianHechinger[mI only ask because I'm playing with Liqourix and I can now run 32/3 which uses 20% DSP (64/3 only used 10%) and unless I'm misremembering on the old system even 16/2 wasn't using that much DSP.09:17
BrianHechinger[m12% with 64/3 (had to drop down due to xruns)17:39
BrianHechinger[mso, I guess 20% isn't too far off base.17:39
rghBrian Hechinger: I've never got lower than 256 I think 17:41
BrianHechinger[mI couldn't reasonably get below 256 with USB audio. FireWire FTW. :-D17:43

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