Ubuntitobuenas madrugadas00:29
Ubuntitosoy nuevo en Ubuntu00:29
Gretsh56configure P.A.M.03:46
Gretsh56what to do before configure jack configure P.A.M.?03:57
mobijuboSomething wrong with Jack .. nothing except 2 sources and 2 outputs show up11:09
mobijuboAll I know I did was shutdown, connect USB cables into different ports and restarted11:10
mobijuboI restart the system again. This account is on irccloud so I have persistence over reboots11:10
mobijuboafter reboot qsynth shows up in the patchbay11:19
mobijuboI have snapshots by Timeshift that I can use to revert11:23
mobijubopatchage and carla are showing different views11:23
mobijuboI guess this confusion is due to different USB ports being used11:24
mobijuboseems it got sorted, but I don't know what I did11:36
mobijuboenough restarting things perhaps11:36
mobijubonow making a backup-point11:37
mobijuboWhoaaa.. Now the touchpads that are usually connected to percussion instruments in fluidsynth is connected to 2 sounds. The percussion sound, but also some other instrument is playing when a pad is hit and hit and held11:49
wonkoI'm also having midi issues. :(11:53
wonkoI can't seem to get my control surface to work with ardour anymore11:53
mobijuboI dunno where this behavior is controlled... in fluidsynth or in the midi controller. So to re-cap it for some reason hitting a pad on the midi controller triggers the percussion it _is_ supposed to, but now for some reason the pads are mapped also to playing a certain note of the instrument that the keys of the keyboard are set to.11:54
wonkoso everything is in fluidsynth?11:54
wonkoWhy don't I remember how to do this? It's Ctrl-Middle Click to put Ardour into learning mode, right?11:59
mobijubook. restarting qsynth solved it12:03
wonkoOh, you need to enable MIDI first in preferences. I totally remember that. :)12:04
wonkoHmm, I can't seem to get the fader to work with the knob.12:06
wonkoWell, it works for the master but not the rest. Maybe I can manually tweak that in Ardour's config file.12:07
wonkoAnother day. This is good enough for now. :)12:07
wonkoOvenWerks: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hhBT3dY2Vs/13:00
wonkocrashed again even after the reboot13:00
wonkowonko@deepthought:~/.log/jack$ ps -x | grep autojack13:00
wonko 6613 ?        S      0:00 /usr/bin/python3 -u /usr/bin/autojack >~/.log/autojack.log 2>&1 < /dev/null &13:00
wonko31990 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep --color=auto autojack13:00
OvenWerkswonko: ok, so I am not sure what crashed. There is only one daemon running (good)15:04
OvenWerkswonko: that log file is strange. the second to last startup looks very normal, but the last one looks like it is missing things.15:06
OvenWerkswonko: it looks to me like the USB audio device was disconected and reconnected? Did the machine go to sleep? (laptop lid close or screen blnk?)15:12
OvenWerkswonko: I would suggest  setting your screen blanker to not sleep.15:40
OvenWerksexpect to restart jack after a lid close15:41
OvenWerksI do not remember if you are using the ubuntustudio iso or studio on top of kubuntu so I won't try to tell you how to change those settings :)15:42
OvenWerksI think it is different for each15:42
OvenWerks21M Sep 15 23:00 jackdbus.log15:44
OvenWerksthats a bit big to go searching through15:45
OvenWerksI think we can actually use logrotate. It can be set to daily but run each time the daemon is started. If it is started more than once a day, it will still only work once and if the session is left open (as I do) it may be a while before it gets rotated. I could even have it run at each jack start.15:56

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