studio-0123The software updater is telling me that "something" "requires the installation of untrusted packages". But I have no idea what is triggering the error. Anyone have ideas to troubleshoot this? Repositories look OK, but I have never altered them for the past 2 or so years.03:40
studio-0123If I click OK, the window disappears, and 20 minutes or so later, the Software Updater starts again, as if nothing happened.03:41
studio-0123I am using "xenial", updates are weekly (last update was actually over a month ago). All software update options were checked (security, updates and backports).03:45
studio-0123I found the bug. It didn't like the TOR browser. I am imagining that the package was construed as "untrusted". Maybe reinstall/update by hand.03:48

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