wonkoYeah, I just think the upgrade to 20.10 broke everything. Fresh install of 20.04 and the AudioFire shows up in pulseaudio. Which it didn't before. Haven't setup jack yet.00:12
sirriffsalot_Cool. Ubuntu Studio 20.04 up and running :)01:16
wonkoOvenWerks: well, not sucessful, but at least I have a reasonable environment now to debug. :)01:49
wonko20.04 + backports01:50
wonkocarla is still giving me grief01:50
OvenWerkswonko what happens if Carla never gets started after a fresh boot?01:50
wonkowhat would I be looking at instead?01:51
OvenWerksso reboot, start jack, jack_lsp01:51
wonkoRebooting now01:51
OvenWerksperfect. Open qjackctl and got to settings make sure the two boxes "start jack audio server on application startup" and "stop jack audio server on application exit" are _NOT_ checked :)02:26
OvenWerksopen the connections window and use that for making connections02:27
OvenWerksNote that after any jack restart, you will need to close and open qjackctl again.02:27
OvenWerksBTW jack_lsp -c will show connections as well.02:28
wonkoOk, so02:39
wonkoWalked away02:39
wonkodidn't start carla or qjackctl or anything02:39
wonkocame back to system program problem detected (I get these at every start as well) and now jack is boned and I'm getting:02:39
wonkoError: cannot connect to JACK, jack_client_open() failed, status = 0x2102:39
wonkowhen I run jack_lsp02:39
wonkook, back in ALSA mode and pulseaudio is being crap02:56
wonkoactually, everything is being crap02:56
sirriffsalotwonko: ok?03:04
OvenWerkshuh, I have been using 20.04 solid since before it came out. kubuntu with studio on top I think. Last week I ran the echo audiofire12 with faddo backend for about 5 days at 32/2 with one xrun (that one being within the first half hour)03:45
OvenWerksused firefox with many tabs, two instances of geany, built Ardour (cpus at 99%) and ran it03:47
OvenWerkswonko: have you tried using a higher latency as well?04:06
OvenWerksIs your fw card sharing an IRQ? If your FW card plugged into the slot that uses (heaven forbid)irq 16?04:06
sirriffsalotWith Ubuntu Studio 20.04 I have to actually restart my sound card for jack to be able to send sound to it.. jack/pavucontrol says it's sending it there, but it isn't no matter what I do04:13
sirriffsalotJust restarting my card does the trick04:13
OvenWerkssirriffsalot: firewire? USB? restart how?04:15
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: USB. It's the TASCAM US-16x0804:22
sirriffsalotPower it off and on again04:23
sirriffsalotNever ever had to do that on 19.10, so, real odd..04:23
OvenWerkssounds kernelish04:23
OvenWerksor kernel module04:24
OvenWerkshave youo tried the generic kernel or one of the non-distro kernels out there?04:25
OvenWerks(those ones we don't support ;)04:26
sirriffsalotOvenWerks: this is straight out of the box as it were...04:36
sirriffsalotNeed to get some sleep now, but I'll just power it off when I shutdown for the night, which I should do anyways, and turn it on once ubuntustudio has logged in. If that solves it I won't complain :P04:38

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