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FranoisDeGrandi[I am trying (since 6 hours) to connect my "Novation Impulse 61" MIDI keyboard to Ubuntu Studio.13:16
FranoisDeGrandi[I have read and used all instructions in the Ubuntu Studio Help, the Ubuntu Studio Controls and Carla app are connecting my device to Jack, but it remains unable to connect to audio Backend ALSA : I get the message :"Current audio setup has no outputs, cannot continue".13:22
FranoisDeGrandi[Can anyone help me with this issue ?13:22
FranoisDeGrandi[Anyone with experience connecting a MIDI Keyboard to Jack ?13:22
Iamthehuman12FranoisDeGrandi[: I think I recall that you need to activate the ALSA-to-JACK midi-thingy somewhere and after that the midi controller will show up in JACK patchbay (in Carla). 14:00
Iamthehuman12I don't recall the names precisely14:00
Iamthehuman12FranoisDeGrandi[: It is in Studio Controls -> Audio Setup (tab) -> "Bridge ALSA to JACK MIDI (turn on a2jmidid) (checkbox)14:01
Iamthehuman12oh, rereading that seems you have a different case14:02
FranoisDeGrandi[Iamthehuman12 Bridge ALSA to Jack MIDI (turn on a2jmidid) is on : since the beginning of my tests. The MIDI Keyboard is showing in Carla - in RED (I do not know why in RED).But I still can not get any sound out...14:23
Iamthehuman12FranoisDeGrandi[: midi ports and midi things are coded red, audio blue14:41
Iamthehuman12do you have any audio output?14:42
FranoisDeGrandi[Only the sound from the Browser (Firefox).14:45
FranoisDeGrandi[In Ubuntu Studio Controls : I set up 2 Pulse Bridges :14:45
FranoisDeGrandi[- the  browser sound comes out on pulse-out-214:45
FranoisDeGrandi[- Jack is set to work with pulse-out14:45
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: where did you expect to have audio come out from when you play the leyboard?15:19
kinsouHi. It seems a bit stupid but I cannot login on ubuntustudio after boot on a live usb device... what is the login/password ?15:25
OvenWerkskinsou: there should be none. it should boot into a logged in session and sudo should work with no password.15:25
OvenWerksif the session locks, try using a blank password.15:27
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: from the pulse-out Bridge, auto connected to the system:playback_3 & _415:27
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: so how do you expect to get audio when playing the keyboard?15:27
OvenWerkspulse does not include any kind of synth15:28
kinsouOvenWerks: thanks, but I must have a problem, right after boot I have a login page... strange15:29
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: OK, so I should hook up a synth somehow. How do I do that in this context?15:32
OvenWerkswhen playing a midi key board there are two ways you may get sound, from the keyboard itself (if it includes its own synth) or by connecting the keyboard to a softsynth either running in jack or running as a plugin in some other program like carla or Ardour15:32
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: as you already have some experience with carla, I would suggest loading a synth in there15:32
OvenWerksIn Carla using the Rack tab, click on Add Plugin.15:32
OvenWerksa dialog will open and I would choose the Type set of choises on the left side.15:33
OvenWerksonly select instruments15:33
OvenWerksEickmeyer: we should include a soft link from /usr/lib/ardour*/LV2 to /usr/lib/LV215:38
OvenWerksEickmeyer: or we should patch Ardour to install those LV2s in the correct place so that they can be used by all programs15:39
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: I would suggest a-fluidsynth... a nice GM style synth that loads sf2 sound fonts15:42
OvenWerkshowever, it is hidden from Carla.15:42
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: you can (in a terminal) type:15:43
OvenWerkscd /usr/lib/ardour6/LV215:44
OvenWerksscratch that... rather: cd /usr/lib/lv215:50
OvenWerksthen: sudo ln -s ../ardour6/LV2/a-fluidsynth.lv2 .15:51
EickmeyerOvenWerks: snd packaged that one.15:51
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Including a "debian/links" file is relatively trivial, though.15:52
OvenWerksEickmeyer: we don't include Calf by default and so at least hiving a-fluidsynth available would be nice15:53
EickmeyerOvenWerks: True.15:53
FranoisDeGrandi[I launched FluidSynth DSSI and the Qsynth GUI for it. They are displayed in Carla :15:55
FranoisDeGrandi[- in RED : I could connect the  MIDI keyboard capture to the FluidSynth DSSI playback, as well as to the FLUID Synth playback input port (4182:0)15:55
FranoisDeGrandi[- in Blue : I connected FluidSynth DSSI out_1 to the pulse_in-2 front-left connected to the pulse_out-2 front-left; and the same for the plugin out-2 to the front-rights15:55
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: That should work too.15:55
OvenWerksyou will need to load a sound font15:56
OvenWerksSo setup Soundfonts15:56
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: How do I load a sound font?15:56
OvenWerks/usr/share/sounds/sf2/default-GM.sf2 should work15:57
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: I mean I have none on the system15:57
OvenWerksthere should be some in /usr/share/sounds/sf2/15:58
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: OK Thanks.16:03
FranoisDeGrandi[I loaded the default-GM.sf2 in FluidSynth DDSI channel 0.16:03
FranoisDeGrandi[Clicked the Send Test Note - but still no sound!16:03
OvenWerksI can't find Send Test Note but hitting some keys on the keyboard gets me piano sounds16:05
* OvenWerks is using jack-keyboard in this case16:05
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: Even if Ardour is not open?16:05
OvenWerksArdour is not needed in this case16:05
OvenWerksI have only three applications open: Qsynth, Carla and jack-keyboard (jack-keyboard is faster than me setting up a physical keyboard)16:07
OvenWerksthis is my Carla patch bay setup /usr/share/sounds/sf2/default-GM.sf216:08
OvenWerkstry: https://i.imgur.com/tOKxCmZ.png16:10
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: I opened Jack-keyboard and selected the a2j: FuidSynth DSSI plugin playback16:17
FranoisDeGrandi[and checked the "Grab Keyboard".16:17
FranoisDeGrandi[In Carla, I also connected the midi-out of the jack-keyboard to the FLUID Synth playback.16:17
FranoisDeGrandi[Still no sound from the jack-keyboard16:17
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: Should I restart Jack ?16:18
OvenWerksCan you show me your Carla patchbay?16:18
OvenWerksyou should not need to restart jack assuming audio from firefox is getting through16:19
* FranoisDeGrandi[ uploaded an image: (123KiB) < https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/matrix.org/YTdsmPjVSHAYeIGpqkpniAhq/Screenshot_2021-10-18_18-20-08.png >16:21
OvenWerksyour qsynth outputs should be going to system:playback_1 and 2 rather than to pulse16:22
OvenWerksYou should need no pulse connections at all to get sound from your synth16:23
OvenWerksThe connections to pulse are only there so that desktop applications like firefox will have access to your output and input device(s)16:24
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: right click on the qsynth icon in Carla and select disconnect all. The connect qsynth left to system:playback_1 and right to system:playback_216:26
OvenWerksAlso, I see you have feedback loops: pulse_out-2 to pulse_in-2 etc. I would disconnect anything that goes from a pulse output to a pulse input16:28
OvenWerksThose kinds of conections are always wrong16:28
FranoisDeGrandi[Well : Bravo ! I hear the MIDI KEYBOARD ! and the jack-keyboard,16:28
FranoisDeGrandi[via the FuidSynth...16:28
FranoisDeGrandi[So no need to use the Pulse jack bridge...16:28
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: the general rule is: any application that understands jack should use jack directly. Pulse is used for applications that don't have a way of directly connecting with jack16:30
FranoisDeGrandi[OK. Now I checked the Browser sound, : I have to change the jack-sink to pulse_out-2 to hear it.16:34
OvenWerksok, that would be how the bridges are hooked up in Carla patchbay16:37
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: The sound is quite faint : how can I bring up the volume ?16:39
FranoisDeGrandi[In Qsinth ?16:39
OvenWerksqsynth does have a master gain, also check either qasmixer (from studio controls) or alsamixer (in a terminal)16:40
OvenWerkspulse does some odd things to the alsa mixer on some devices.16:40
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: I found the Gain slider in FluidSynth : it sounds much better now.... (full message at https://libera.ems.host/_matrix/media/r0/download/libera.chat/b87c16fbeb0581e9b1df4c95e3fc98e66a7c8955)16:54
OvenWerksFranoisDeGrandi[: no, Ardour already knows where a-fluidsynth is.16:57
OvenWerksIt is just Carla and other programs that don't16:57
FranoisDeGrandi[OvenWerks: Alright, recordine will be for another day...16:58
FranoisDeGrandi[Thanks again. Bye for now.16:58
OvenWerksyour welcome16:58
Eickmeyerrgh: At your earliest convenience, please test the geonkick package in the proposed repository for impish and comment on bug 194677917:10
ubottuBug 1946779 in geonkick (Ubuntu Impish) "[SRU] lv2 plugin installs to wrong directory" [High, Fix Committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/194677917:10
EickmeyerI'll take care of the tags. :)17:11
rghGotcha 17:11
Mat1010am looking for the musical instrument to send the sound to Qtractor18:18

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