MI6Hello all11:25
MI6ok,I'm new to linux and ubuntu studio as of this moment I need some help...I am reinstalling Ubuntu Studio as I write this however the problem I was having is that I tried changing myresolution in Ubuntu Studio but I only have one choice, 640x480 this needs to be at 1024x768,Just so Im clear, I did all updatingand I have tride numerous ways listed online to change it via term but none seem to have any effect. i've tried xander as w11:32
MI6any help  would be awesome11:32
cfhowlettfirst: stop reinstalling when things go wrong!  this ain't windows!11:32
cfhowlettsecond: bring this to #ubuntu.11:33
cfhowlettask there.  more eyes to see the issue11:33
MI6and thirdly?11:34
MI6Hmm I thought this was Ubuntu SUPPOT and creativity chat.. unfortunately I cant get creative if I cant see the full page on my laptop due to this problem....hence why im here, Ive been everywhere  else. but thanks for your warm welcome and expert help...( which was about as usless as all the other sires I've tried.including #ubuntu...11:38
cfhowlettright.  there are 1500 users currently in #ubuntu.  there are only a few here.  so more eyes would seem to be a benefit.  but, hey, feel free to indulge your snark.11:39
MI6Clarify snark??11:40
MI6Okay... beides the gruff attitude from one cfhowlett, can anyone else offer any real help on my problem?11:46
jdm7dvall I would add to 18.04 or Bionic is CSound, Supercolider, Maxima and maybe Office Office by default15:22

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