ochosithanks pleia2 00:02
pleia2sure thing00:05
pleia2it's really the least I could do00:05
pleia2ok, done twitter, fb and g+00:10
pleia2now I shall take the train home!00:10
bluesabreochosi, pleia2, thanks for taking care of the release announcement :)00:52
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knomeoh right, downloads aren't automated yet04:44
knomeochosi, only the lts id is meaningful04:46
knomefoe lts's04:46
ochosiknome: anyway, it was all a bit best effort last night, feel free to review/check06:34
knomelooks good now06:35
knomeit's not "hard", it's just a bit "hidden" in a way06:35
knomewhich i'm planning to fix "at some point"06:42
knomebut real work and life gets in the wa06:42
knome(and it "works" too, so it's not like there's a rush to fix it)06:42
Spassthanks to everyone involved for a great release07:07
ochosiknome: indeed, i'd say it's not at all horrible or anything13:25

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