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alfedUploaded file: https://uploads.kiwiirc.com/files/d69632288f4b058507ba6b71ededeacf/pasted.txt09:36
alfedHi. have problem with drivers: ethernet 60 mb/c only, wifi 20mb/c only, video too slow in google maps street view. Help09:39
gnrpalfed: Whta do you expect? Actually, 60MB/s is too much for your 100MBit card anyway?09:41
alfedNvidia version 340.108, G86m ge force8400m gs.09:42
gnrpalfed: Wait, what is the issue? That network transfer speed is too slow? Or that your video is too slow?09:43
alfedtime ago was 90 mb/s09:43
oerheks Gforce8400m not a youtube racemonster09:54
oerheksand networking, 100mb and 54 mb wireless, not bad results, 60 mb and 20 mb09:55

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