lunahttps://latenightlinux.com/late-night-linux-extra-episode-19/ Interview with an Xubuntu and XFCE developer08:09
devidhow can I best test the expected battery life, by live boot or by VM ?08:59
diogenes_devid, of course with bare metal live.09:18
deviddiogenes_ all right thank you!09:19
metbsdlaptop fail to wakeup from suspend13:34
diogenes_metbsd, usual problem13:35
metbsdany fix?13:36
Maikfail to wake from suspends is a well known issue on linux for many many years13:54
Maikmetbsd: search for bug reports, there should be lots of them13:55
blue__penquinmetbsd: It's generally an issue with the kernel or one of the drivers etc; fortunately mine works but it pretty much depends on a hardware-to-hardware basis. You might be interested in reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend if you are providing a bug report.14:01

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