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jtthank god  i found this05:00
jtgeforce gt 710 video card driver install05:01
jtjt identify <83humbL3>05:03
jtis thaT BETTER?05:04
jtanybody on here?05:04
xubuntuMarcHello community06:15
xubuntuMarc_Hello community, I have a pb with xubuntu 18.04.1 install on VirtualBox06:18
xubuntuMarc_COuld you check https://pasteboard.co/HSg3Ojn.png06:19
xubuntuMarc_It is a printscreen of the problem. Self expaining06:19
Unit193xubuntuMarc_: Restart lightdm, or flip to tty1 and back to 7.06:23
xubuntuMarcHello community, I have a pb with xubuntu 18.04.1 install on VirtualBox 5.2.2206:25
xubuntuMarcI installed it on a Linux Host No problem.06:25
xubuntuMarcI tryed to install on a Win8 host and it gives unusable graphics at start (first boot after install OK)06:25
xubuntuMarcYou can check https://pasteboard.co/HSg3Ojn.png06:25
ikatamoonshotsnever experienced this, maybe the host?06:25
ikatamoonshotstough found this https://askubuntu.com/questions/868347/graphics-horribly-corrupted-on-ubuntu-16-04-in-virtualbox-showing-random-strips06:25
ikatamoonshotsand this https://askubuntu.com/questions/830242/ubuntu-installed-in-virtualbox-has-blurred-screen06:25
ikatamoonshotsbasically they say drop to shell using ALT + f106:25
xubuntuMarcIt is a printscreen of the problem. Self explaining.06:25
ikatamoonshotsALT + F3 *06:25
ikatamoonshotsmy guess its a host issue - have run xubuntu inside xubuntu on virtualbox and it worked fine all the way06:27
ikatamoonshots16 & 1806:27
xubuntuMarcOk. Thanks I will read those posts06:27
xubuntuMarcOK. It works06:28
xubuntuMarcSimply switching to console then back to graphical and everything is just fine.06:29
xubuntuMarcVery strange.06:29
xubuntuMarcMany thanks !06:29
xubuntuMarcgood day to all community!06:29
ikatamoonshotsno idea whats the root cause06:29
gnrpxubuntu15d: hello07:56
gnrpxubuntu15d: If you have a question, just ask. When somebody is there who knows the answer, he will reply.07:56
xubuntu15dI am new to ubuntu, linux and i would like to condoidate all my files across 5 old hardrives to one hardrive. I also want to insall my geforce gt 710 graphics card. i also need to trouble shoot / diagnose what is going on with my network adapter and my ethernet connection since no one at7t is able to help.08:02
gnrpxubuntu15d: First, you have to expect to wait a bit for the reply. I think most people here are based in Europe where it is still rather early08:34
gnrpxubuntu15d: For the hard drives: Do you want to buy a new one or have just all the five hard drives showing up as one in the system?08:35
gnrpthe GT 710 should actually work without any further installation in Xubuntu, I think. If you want more, you could install the closed source nvidia driver08:35
ubottuFor nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing »08:36
xubuntu15d@<ubottu>in my attempt to install the NVIDIA DRIVERS : the linux dowload is in the wromg language, i attempted to put the  .run into spyder and visual basic studio. I dodn'y know how to modify the code. visual basic states there are bugs.15:04
xubuntu15dthe solution is generic it doesn't work.15:08
xubuntu15di want to put all my data onto 1 drive and wipe the other drives clean. Then do a fresh install. Someone else is manipulating my system and toying with me.15:11

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