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xubuntunoobWow! Hey everybody! I've been playing with Xubuntu for the past month or so and I've been all alone! So cool to see the usernames of so many Xubuntu fans!07:10
xubuntunoobFolks - I wonder if you can help me go back to plain old Xubuntu after I tried installing Kubuntu for a short while. I had an ordinary installation of Xubuntu 20.xxx LTS and I installed Kubuntu ... I think it was with the command "sudo apt install kubuntu-desktop". I tried it, thought it was cool and everything, but decided to stay with Xubuntu's07:16
xubuntunoobinterface. I think I removed all the Kubuntu stuff ... but there's still this gigantic awful login screen that only appeared after I installed Kubuntu. How can I go back to the default login screen?07:16
pmjdebruijnI'm guessing you want to go back to lightdm07:21
* pmjdebruijn has never messed with that07:21
pmjdebruijnstick around someone might know07:21
xubuntunoobArgh - I dunno what happened but I got disconnected07:23
xubuntunoobOne guy responded saying that I probably want to go back to LightDM and that I should wait for someone to help me07:24
xubuntunoobthat's the last thing I saw07:24
well_laid_lawnmaybe try   dpkg-reconfigure lightdm07:24
xubuntunoobI think I tried that last night at like 3am but I'm not sure. Let me try again to see if it does anything07:26
xubuntunoobOkay - I did it and it still gives me an absolutely enormous greeter - I don't think this is the original greeter, either07:28
well_laid_lawnxubuntunoob: that sounds like you have the kdm greeter in action - try removing it in the pacage manager07:50
xubuntunoobi removed all KDE related things07:50
xubuntunoobi think i got back to the default xubuntu greeter07:51
xubuntunoobnow i just need to figure out how to resize it07:51
xubuntunoobI followed instructions here: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/LightDM#Greeter07:51
well_laid_lawnxubuntunoob: so it was lightdm you were using. Well done08:02
xubuntunoobThanks, man! Still can't find out how to resize the greeter - any ideas?08:18
well_laid_lawnnot offhand08:19
diogenes_xubuntunoob, greeter?08:22
well_laid_lawnyes he has a too large greeter and wants to resize it08:23
well_laid_lawnsettings in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf08:24
diogenes_i suspect nvidia driver.08:24
xubuntunoobi don't have an nvidia card - intel graphics08:29
diogenes_xubuntunoob, see if there's anything useful in lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings gui.08:33
xubuntunoobunfortunately resizing is not in there :(08:38
xubuntunoobJust tried this and I can't get in my machine - have to ssh in: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1092699/how-to-adjust-display-settings-for-lightdm-greeter-on-18-0408:38
xubuntunoobhad to reverse those changes via ssh. i'm back in with the desktop whew08:39
diogenes_xubuntunoob, maybe it will make sense to reinstall lightdm.08:40
xubuntunoobhow would you recommend i do that?08:40
xubuntunoobwith: dpkg-reconfigure lightdm08:43
diogenes_sudo apt reinstall lightdm lightdm-gtk-greeter08:44
diogenes_then reconfigure08:44
xubuntunoobI see. thank you08:46
xubuntunoobi'll try this now08:47
xubuntunoobbesides restarting the machine, how do I reload lightdm to reflect these changes?08:50
xubuntunoobsystemctl restart lightdm.service ???08:50
xubuntunoobwell,that was fun09:02
xubuntunoobstill trying to resize the greeter09:02
xubuntunoobthanks for your help so far, diogenes09:02
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coconutyes! xubuntu 20.04.1 got released!17:22

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