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StupidDanboI ran some commands without knowing what they would do, and I'm worried. Should I be worried if my Software Updater says "Unused kernel updates to be removed" "Header files related to Linux kernel version 4.15.0" and "Linux kernel headers for version 4.15.0 on 64 bit x86 SMP"?08:00
StupidDanboI got one to add a repository. and "wget -qO - download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/SveSop/xUbuntu_18.04/Release.key | sudo apt-key add -"08:01
StupidDanboand sudo sh -c "echo 'deb download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/SveSop/xUbuntu_18.04/ ./' >> /etc/apt/sources.list.d/Wine.list"08:01
StupidDanbowould just adding a repository and running those 2 commands do anything harmful?08:02
rud0lfpatience: 0 user: 108:29
lighterowl"I ran some commands without knowing what they would do"10:25
lighterowlI think that's Satan: 666.10:25
well_laid_lawnlighterowl:  probably10:41
astraljavaWell, c'mon. Who here doesn't use products without ever consulting their manuals? :D11:15
Noboru55i just wanted to say: i tried pure debian, slacko (puppylinux), others mandriva based linux, but nothing got close to the xubuntu 18.04 in lightweigth X, memory and cpu usage... its perfetc and really beautifull to use as O.S, better with conky, if someone wanna to see it's my desktop15:02
Noboru55thank you for the help, diogenes and others15:02
Noboru55only 462 memory usage playing znes... and only two cpu.... its really faster than windows 10 of course..my printer and scan works right.. and everything i use.. really happy :D15:03
Noboru55i also tried xubuntu 19.10 but only the 18.04 works in good way, the 19.10 sometimes get slow and stuck when copying or move files.. when open browser all get slow.. it doestn happen in 18.04.. lucky till 2023..15:19
lighterowlNoboru55: yes, that's a common issue with 19.10, sadly.15:55
Noboru55lighterowl really? happy in know it, i was thinking it was guilt of my hardware15:57
lighterowlNoboru55: yes, it's related to the kernel. you can still keep using 19.10, but you'd have to change grub's configuration to use the older kernel (which should probably be 4.15 or something).16:14
Noboru55i see.16:15
Noboru55lighterowl thank you, maybe i will try it16:15
lighterowlat least it works for me on my hardware. :)16:17
Noboru55i guess it is related to the kernel too..  i am sure it will work here too..16:19
Noboru55but need to install the 19.10 and later download and do the linux use the kernel of 18.0416:19
Noboru55ii  linux-image-5.3.0-26-generic           5.3.0-26.28~18.04.1                             amd64        Signed kernel image generic16:21
Noboru55maybe they will fix it in xubuntu fossa 2016:24
Noboru55is the rhythmbox the best option to sync songs from xubuntu to iphone?18:19
Noboru55something like copy files for directories would be better... as android18:19
Noboru55Done with Vlc, but it just send to Vlc folder i cant use the iphone library18:29
Noboru55better than nothing, i can get the habit of use vlc as a player18:29
Noboru55its ok18:29
AlabalisticNoboru55, install a windows virtualmachine in Virtualbox and use iTunes18:38
Alabalisticthere is 30 min of work, I do it like this18:39
Noboru55Alabalistic thank you for your help.. here i use a very old machine, so its kind impossible18:40
Noboru55but i did the wifi sharing with vlc18:40
Noboru55for while i will use this way18:40
Alabalistichow much ram and what cpu18:40
Alabalisticok just to know the option is there.18:41
Noboru553.70 ddr3  video shared...  and cpu its an intel 3060  dual 1.6something18:41
Noboru55Alabalistic if i get bored with vlc i will do what u said ^^18:41
Noboru55yes, it can work18:43
AlabalisticI will try this one, thanks to your hint, I didnt know there is an option on linux18:43
Noboru55the vlc in iphone has the option to share wifi.. so it gives u an ip address, u just need to be in the same network, so.. in browser u just move files to the ip u recieved from iphones vlc anda shazamm18:44

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