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BenCzedd_: apt-get build-dep linux-source-2.6.1512:39
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munzirHi, I downloaded http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/dvd/20060411/dapper-dvd-amd64.iso and it gave me a root prompt after this error: kernel direct mapping tables upto ffff810100000000 @ .... can't access tty; job control turned off.11:03
munzircan I do anything other than downloading another image?11:03
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jmghi all12:58
jmgstraight to the top12:59
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jmghi ppd01:09
ppdhi! If somebody could give me a hint for what package I should file a bug for, I'd be very thankful: Whenever I record TV (bttv -> Leatek Winfast TV2000 XP) via streamer it may happen that the xserver simply restarts oder even the whole system freezes. I got several segfaults in other programs after that. the xserver runs with nvidia. May this be bttv related?01:10
ppdhi jmg01:10
jmgppd: could be, are you using v4l?01:11
jmgoh bttv... hmm01:11
ppdI think so01:11
jmgppd: probably userspace.. kernel panic?01:11
ppdoverlay mode worked once but doesn't anymore. another mystery01:11
jmgpossibly best to file against nvidia-glx? does it happen with nv?01:12
ppdthat streamer issue?01:12
jmgsegfault sounds fun01:13
jmgany kernel panic/oops?01:13
ppdpanics? no. just either a freeze or a xserver restart01:14
ppdthe whole tv watching/recording thing doesn't work well01:15
jmgcan you sysrq?01:15
jmgor ssh in form another machine?01:15
jmgmagic sysrq key01:16
jmgsysrq-k 01:16
ppdIf I get that freeze again I'll use that key combination. But what shall I do if only the xserver restarts?01:18
jmgread the log output, dmesg01:20
jmgtry and get debugging info from the xserver01:20
jmgstrace output01:21
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ppdhi jmg01:53
ppdI had a complete freeze after having set zapping to overlay mode01:54
ppdI was completely unable to save the dmesg output01:55
fabbioneppd: remove nvidia and check if it is still aproblem.01:55
fabbionea tained kernel with binary drivers is undebuggable01:55
ppdok. back in a minute01:56
fabbionejmg: could you please stop posting bugs in here..?01:56
fabbionedo you know that our kernel-package already had xen?01:56
jmgfabbione: did you know that it needs to be updated to support 3.0.2? ARCH=xen is no longer a valid target01:57
fabbioneand that the new series in debian (10.X) was almost rewritten from scratch and that what they are doing is readding things from 0?01:57
fabbioneah ok01:57
jmgi was afraid of that.01:57
fabbionewell anyway dapper+1 business01:57
jmgmanoj did it for me for etch01:57
jmgi'll compare his approach with ubuntus01:57
fabbioneit's still a wishlist..01:58
jmgtbh when i looked at it my first instinct was to rewrite the whole thing in rake01:58
jmgfabbione nonsense01:58
fabbionewe can't sync kernel-package from Debian01:58
jmgill support it myself if i have to01:58
fabbionekernel-package is specific to the kernel build system01:58
jmgi know what kernel-package is01:58
fabbioneand we can't rework our build system to just use debian one01:58
fabbioneso a sync is not doable01:59
jmgthe xen stuff is doable01:59
fabbioneif you can workout a patch on top our kernel-package01:59
jmgyeah thats what im looking at tomorrow01:59
fabbionethen it is easier to get it in01:59
jmgbut i hate makefiles01:59
jmgand i want to rewrite it all to rake01:59
jmgrather than deal with makefile voodoo01:59
fabbionehave fun with that02:00
jmgit is a horrible task02:00
jmga meaningless task02:00
jmgmakefiles are just such rubbish02:00
jmgi suppose i could start from scratch though02:00
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makxfabbione: you once added an klibc sparc patch patch02:08
makxhe has no desc and no changelog entry02:09
makxi would like to get it pushed upstream02:09
makxif you can remember which bug you were hunting that would be great02:09
makxfabbione: speaking of 03-sparc-fix-paths.diff02:09
makxin klibc source02:09
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ppdhello again.  nvidia-glx seems to cause my problems02:10
ppdwith nv overlay mode works perfectly and the recordings are far better02:11
ppdno error so far02:11
jmgwhat needs to happen is we need to support a subarch of i386 called xen02:11
jmgppd: i knew it, post about it in nvidia forums..02:11
zulmmmm.....placenta http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/tm_objectid=16958010%26method=full%26siteid=94762%26headline=exclusive--tom-chews-name_page.htm02:11
jmgmake-kpkg --arch i386 --subarch xen02:14
jmg--arch i386 target is not affected02:14
zulisnt it a bit late in the release cylce for xen?02:15
jmgzul: yes but i want to support it seperately when dapper comes out (not in main)02:15
jmgnot even when dapper beta comes out :)02:17
zulstill i dont think there is much you can do about it right now02:17
jmgzul: not in the main make-kpkg it sounds like :(02:18
jmgzul: i will provide an alternative to make-kpkg02:18
jmgzul: since ubuntu-kernel are not willing to support xen at this time02:18
jmgthanks a02:18
jmgthanks all*02:18
zuljmg: knock yourself out02:18
jmgzul: converting the makefiles to rake seems like a good waste of time to me02:19
jmgzul: and a pointless rdepend of rake sounds like fun too02:19
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fabbionemakx: i don't remember.. let me check03:43
fabbionemakx: oh that one.. man dude... if you need an explanation for that one...03:46
fabbionebut yes.. it should go upstream03:46
fabbioneassuming new upstream still need it03:46
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fabbioneBenC: what can we do to help you hunting down #34065 ?06:00
BenCfabbione: I need some sort of scsiparm or smart output on these things so I can see what I am looking for06:02
fabbioneBenC: sure...06:02
fabbionetell me exactly what cmd line you want 06:03
fabbioneor otherwise send me your ssh key :)06:03
makxfabbione: yeah bash me :-P06:04
BenChdparm -I /dev/sda > hdparm.txt06:04
BenCAlso: hdaparm -C /dev/sda06:06
BenCAlso, see if "hdparm -S 0 /dev/sda" disables the spindown06:08
fabbioneBenC: people.u.c/~fabbione/hdparm.txt and hdparm2.txt06:08
fabbioneyes i can try that too06:08
fabbione setting standby to 0 (off)06:09
fabbioneand disks did spin up again06:09
fabbionei will be able to see if they stop again later06:09
BenCyour sda is in standby mode06:09
BenCand hdh is active/idle06:09
BenCstandby may be a default mode06:10
BenCthis may require that the ubuntu-server metapackage (or whatever it is) sets -S 0 for all drives06:10
fabbionehdh is not idle because i am downloading stuff on it :)06:11
fabbioneand we need to get this fixed n the kernel06:11
BenCmakes sense :)06:11
fabbioneit's a regression from .12 06:11
fabbionei can't even think of how much time it would take to my system to boot if i had to issue hdparm -S 0 /dev/ for the 34 scsi disks in the SAN06:12
fabbionebecause i got a SAN up and running..06:12
zula couple of minutes :)06:12
Mithrandiryou can probably do that in parallell though?06:13
fabbionewell we know what's the IOCTL06:13
fabbionecan't we just check why the default has been changed in the kernel? or why it did start spinning down all of a sudden?06:13
fabbioneMithrandir: yes but come on.. 06:14
fabbionewhat about hotplugged devices06:14
fabbionethis has to be something more dinamyc than just boot06:14
BenCfabbione: One thing you can test is -21, since it pulled in some libata-acpi stuff that might help with this06:14
BenCdoes it only affect sata?06:15
fabbionenope also normal ATA06:15
Mithrandirfabbione: udev rule, then06:15
fabbioneit's kind of scary to hear a raid5 spinning down and up06:15
BenCfabbione: doing it at boot wont take that long since all the disks will be spun up already06:15
BenCguessing it will take all of 5 seconds at most06:15
fabbionewhy don't we just fix where it should be fixed? :)06:16
fabbionethere is one major thing06:16
fabbionehow do we tell the boot that it is a server install?06:16
fabbioneor server boot?06:16
fabbionesuch a change will go into desktop too06:17
BenCisn't there a -server metapackage?06:17
fabbionethere is no need of one06:17
BenCthere should be :P06:17
zulYippe Skippe... https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/dapper-changes/2006-April/009446.html06:37
infinityzul: Is that your first upload to the archive?06:43
zulyou love me you really love me ;)06:43
fabbionezul: now... move your bottom on -motu and starts to fix universe instead of pretending to be a kernel hacker. kthxbye.06:44
zulyes mommy06:45
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fabbionemakx: i was just waiting for hpa to show up on irc :)07:03
fabbionebut that will do too07:03
makxfabbione: ok thx, sorry have no idea about those sparc assembly so my desc was stumble-stumble07:04
fabbionemakx: it's fine. it's nothing to do with sparc asm.. just Kbuild that required a kick07:04
makxfabbione: yup, looked like not building it. :)07:05
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athhi everyone07:19
athi'm asking for some help in resolving a kernel bug in dapper07:19
athmalone bug 3152707:20
athit affects the kernel side of DRI and it results in a complete system crash07:22
atha vanilla 2.6.15 works fine07:23
makxfabbione: sam has a better fix, i would appreciate if you give it a build shot, otherwise i just push into the next debian upload07:24
fabbionemakx: i just powered down all the sparcs for the evening07:32
fabbionemakx: well he is also commenting on the chmod that's not coming from our patches...07:34
fabbionebut yeah i can give it a shot07:34
athwell, thanks anyway07:35
makxfabbione: yes he reworked the sparc/Makefile.inc08:48
fabbioneyes i saw the patch08:48
makxpatch will not apply to unstable klibc due to s/ARCH/KLIBCARCH/08:49
fabbioneyes i need to test it on git08:54
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allenWould this be the proper place to ask a question regarding the latest kernel on amd64. 2.6.15-19-amd-k8 worked fine for me but my system doesn't boot with 2.6.15-20-amd64-k8. 10:41
allenI've been running Dapper for a while and it seems every 2nd or 3rd kernel doesn't boot on my system, I end up running an older version until a newer one starts working.10:42
mjg59BenC: We still don't seem to have the 3945 driver?10:52
BenCmjg59: working on it right now11:00
mjg59BenC: Rocking11:10
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BenCok, ipw3945 is in git now11:59

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