kubuntunewbieTheSayers: i HATE kopete, i would "sudo apt-get remove kopete; sudo apt-get install pidgin"00:00
kubuntunewbieFUD: what kind of smartphone are u workin with?00:00
TheSayerskubuntunewbie: does not change the fact it crashes :)00:00
kubuntunewbieTheSayers: wow, cant help u there.00:00
kubuntunewbieTheSayers: u cant use pidgin either?00:00
DaSkreechkubuntunewbie: Sure do that00:00
supert0nesmmm pidgin00:00
FUDHTC STRTRK, aka Cingular 312500:01
TheSayersI can use pidgin but if it is shipped as 'stable' and doesnt work their is a problem...00:01
FUDkubuntunewbie: it runs WM500:01
supert0nesif only it could dock00:01
DaSkreechTheSayers: run it from the command line it should give you a error when it crashes00:01
kubuntunewbieFUD: it porbably does not help anything that the 3125 is built on windows techmology00:01
DaSkreech!info krecipes00:01
ubotukrecipes: recipes manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0~beta1-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 741 kB, installed size 2320 kB00:01
TheSayersDaSkreech: it crashes X beyond restartable00:01
DaSkreechTheSayers: reproducable ?00:02
TheSayersDaSkreech: It's happened more than once if that is what you mean00:02
supert0nesnot even ctrl alt f1 /etc/init.d/kdm restart00:02
nosrednaekimsupert0nes: it can00:02
supert0nesteach me00:02
FUDkubuntunewbie: Many people with WM5 use synce, but for whatever reason, it just says "waiting for device to connect..."00:02
supert0nesand not for windows by the way00:02
DaSkreechTheSayers: so you know what makes it crash ?00:03
FUDkubuntunewbie: I can't browse any files.  I REFUSE to reinstall windows on a partition just to sync my damn phone, ya know :/00:03
kubuntunewbieFUD: my blackberry works as plug and play and i can just add-remove stuff like a usb drive00:03
kubuntunewbieFUD: but i have not messed with syncing contacts or anything00:03
nosrednaekimFUD: maybe do it via virtulbox00:04
FUDhmmm... kubuntunewbie: how do you browse- just in Konqueror?00:04
supert0nesnosrednaekim: how do you make it dock?00:04
kubuntunewbieFUD: konqueror or Dolphin00:04
nosrednaekimsupert0nes: its a plugin00:04
supert0nesyeah ive searched but only found it for windows00:05
FUDkubuntunewbie: and its under "storage media"?  ... All that shows is my HDD00:05
kubuntunewbieFUD: yup, for me it come up00:05
nosrednaekimsupert0nes: then it must be in it by default...00:05
FUDkubuntunewbie: looks like im SOL for the moment :/00:06
FUDI hate proprietary crap00:06
DaSkreechAs far as I know the official blackberry forums have a linux support section00:06
DaSkreechwith a subsection or Curve00:07
FUDDaSkreech: it's a SmartPhone, IIRC theyre a little different00:08
DaSkreechOk thought that kubuntunewbie had a curve00:08
kubuntunewbieDaSi do have a curve00:08
kubuntunewbieDaSkreech: ^^00:08
FUDThanks guys- I'll check back later00:09
DaSkreechkubuntunewbie: Did you check the offical BB forums?00:09
kubuntunewbieDaSkreech: for what? all i need it to do is work as a USB device and it does that already.  I have no need to sync it.00:10
DaSkreechIgnore me then00:10
kubuntunewbieDaSkreech: haha its all good, its friday night, relax and grab a beer00:10
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eagles0513875*sigh i was my saturday morning now could be like that00:15
eagles0513875i need a gf lol00:15
ardchoilleCan Second Life run on Linux?00:15
ardchoilleNeeds wine?00:15
RogueJediZeroNope, it's native00:15
RogueJediZeroThanks to the good folks at icculus.org00:16
ardchoilleNot lucky enough for it to be in the repos, huh?00:16
LjLnope, but perhaps there's a .deb somewhere00:16
LjLi think someone was talking about it00:16
eagles0513875ardchoille: what a gf in the repos lol00:16
RogueJediZeroLicense issues, perhaps? I can only guess00:16
ardchoilleeagles0513875: hahaha00:16
RogueJediZeroI think it has a loki installer00:17
LjLardchoille: anyway, it installs nicely in your /home without root, so even without a .deb, it's not a big issue00:17
eagles0513875ardchoille: lol hey i found a java os for embedded systems which im goign to try and rework as a normal os system. but i really need adev machine00:17
LjLardchoille: <LjL> steel_lady: second life is in synaptic?  <steel_lady> LjL yes I did it over synaptic00:18
LjLno idea what repository, or if steel_lady was daydreaming, but00:18
ardchoilleLjL: Maybe a 3rd party repo00:20
MagicCowWoohoo! Wifi working.00:20
ardchoilleI don't mess with those00:21
* MagicCow does a little dance00:21
DaSkreechardchoille: It's open source00:21
DaSkreechHi nikkiana00:22
virnikhave somebody link for compiz kdock switcher?00:22
virnikcos one at kdelook.org is useless00:22
underdog5004hmm, can anyone help me with this? When I try to ping from my server to www.google.com (or anywhere else that's not on my lan), ping gets the proper ip address, sends packets, but never receives them. Any ideas?00:24
DaSkreechunderdog5004: can You browse to the site?00:25
underdog5004DaSkreech: lemme check00:25
eagles0513875underdog5004: u might not have ur firewall configured correctly either00:26
* underdog5004 starts up lynx00:26
underdog5004looks good. Well, as good as it can in lynx, ha ha00:26
DaSkreechtry konqueror :)00:27
underdog5004DaSkreech: can't, no gui00:27
DaSkreechunderdog5004: ping cnn.com00:27
eagles0513875underdog5004: have u checked ur firewall configuration00:27
underdog5004ping www.cnn.com00:28
underdog5004PING www.cnn.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:28
underdog5004--- www.cnn.com ping statistics ---00:28
underdog50046 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 5006ms00:28
underdog5004sorry for the spam00:28
eagles0513875its ok damn what kinda connection r u on00:28
underdog5004eagles0513875: dsl, 3 down, 500 up or so00:28
* underdog5004 reads through man page for iptable....00:28
underdog5004erm,...and iptables too00:29
eagles0513875underdog5004: u shouldnt have such a high lag00:29
eagles0513875underdog5004: there is somethign thats restricting ur connection and causing such a high lag00:30
underdog5004http://pastebin.com/m2d439c0f is my iptables chains00:30
underdog5004eagles0513875: when I ping from my desktop box, it works just fine...00:31
eagles0513875underdog5004: what kinda of firewall r u using00:31
underdog5004iptables, I think00:31
underdog5004as far as i know, anyway00:31
BigPickSo whats up all?00:31
underdog5004BigPick: can't ping...00:32
eagles0513875does kubuntu come with a default firewall enabled00:33
eagles0513875underdog5004: do u have port forwarding on ur router00:33
BigPickNo it does not.00:33
eagles0513875underdog5004: do u have it enabled on ur router00:33
underdog5004eagles0513875: hold on00:33
Daisuke_Idocomes with iptables but no rules are set by default00:34
eagles0513875underdog5004: that could be ur problem u dont have it setup on ur wrouter00:34
BigPickWhen you say can't ping, do you mean Unknown Host or no response.00:35
underdog5004ok, back. My gf called.00:35
ardchoilleeagles0513875: yes, kubuntu comes with a firewall, but the rules are empty. There are gui front-ends that can help you enable it, but a firewall on a default install really isn't needed00:35
underdog5004eagles0513875: it's not a port-forwarding issue.00:35
eagles0513875BigPick: he gets 100% packet loss00:35
eagles0513875ardchoille: whats the name of the gui00:36
underdog5004 ping www.no-ip.com00:36
underdog5004PING www.no-ip.com ( 56(84) bytes of data.00:36
underdog5004--- www.no-ip.com ping statistics ---00:36
underdog50044 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 3000ms00:36
BigPickokay, are you able to resolve hostnames? i.e. nslookup00:36
ardchoilleeagles0513875: There are a few: firestarter (gnome), kmyfirewall(kde) and I think the other is guarddog00:36
ubotuUbuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).00:37
* underdog5004 does sudo apt-get install nslookup00:37
eagles0513875ty ardchoille00:37
ubotuChannel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - Logs for LoCo channels are at http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/00:37
underdog5004hmm, nslookup?00:37
underdog5004can I use whois instead to check ?00:37
eagles0513875underdog5004: if u wanna check if a pkg exists do apt-cache search nslookup00:37
bobesponjado I need to add a line to sources.list? I can't get kde4 beta3 packages here00:37
eagles0513875then if it does use the name that is found00:37
kubuntunewbielindsay lohan was hot when she was filming Herbie.00:39
eagles0513875!offtopic lol00:39
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about offtopic lol - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:39
BigPicknslookup isnt a package, its a built in ip utility00:39
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!00:39
underdog5004BigPick: looks like whois can't complete it's lookup...00:39
kubuntunewbieeagles0513875: lol, im in the offtopic channel but no one responded to my comment.00:39
blueyedI've solved why compiz did not work for me anymore: disabling "show icons on desktop" causes it to fail to start (bug 159409)00:39
eagles0513875kubuntunewbie: lol00:40
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BigPickunderdog: Could you binutil the output of 'ifconfig' for me?00:41
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about binutil - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi00:41
anton__My linux is SERIOUSLY bugged. Anyway to like...enter debug mode or anything?00:41
BigPickshit, no sorry00:41
DaSkreechanton__: Seriously?00:41
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:41
anton__...And I thought linux was supposed to be stable...00:41
ubotuPlease watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.00:41
DaSkreechanton__: Has the kernel crashed ?00:41
anton__DaSkreech: Yeah, My programs lose their titlebars, won't close...00:42
anton__sometimes my keyboard won't work...00:42
DaSkreechanton__: Oh00:42
DaSkreechKwin died00:42
anton__I dunno if the kernel has crashed00:42
DaSkreechanton__: nothing would work if the kernel crashed00:42
underdog5004BigPick: how do I use binutils?00:42
DaSkreechanton__: do things have title bars now ?00:42
ardchoilleanton__: kwin is the default window manager in kde00:42
anton__DaSkreech: No, no titlebars.00:42
BigPickNot binutils, sorry, pastebin00:43
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)00:43
DaSkreechanton__: open konsole00:43
DaSkreechtype in kwin --replace &00:43
underdog5004ok, ho00:43
underdog5004erm, h/o, even00:43
anton__Yay, now I can move the windows...00:44
DaSkreechanton__: I used to have that on the desktop so I could just click and get kwin back00:44
DaSkreechanton__: if it dies often come back and let us know00:44
ardchoilleI know you can ctrl+click anywhere in a window and move it, but does that work even if kwin crashes?00:44
Dry_IceI have a little question, hopefully you guys can help me :)00:45
anton__still, I openedI still have troubles.00:45
eagles0513875im back00:45
Dry_IceI have an intel mac00:45
Dry_Iceand im partitioning a 2nd disk for kubuntu00:45
BigPickyour if config looks good. Try running 'nslookup google.com'00:45
anton__I opened a virtuel keyboard before the last reboot, and it's still open at the middle of the screen...I can't close it. Why?!00:45
Dry_Icei cant seem to find what format to format the drive00:45
underdog5004ardchoille: that'd be ALT + left click00:45
ardchoilleunderdog5004: oh, right00:45
DaSkreechanton__: Which virtual keyboard00:46
TheSayersanton__: you can close it and , you need to go to session manager and tell it to open a clean session every boot00:46
Dry_Icebasically, what format does the disk need to be in to install kubuntu?00:46
underdog5004Dry_Ice: ext3, usually00:46
ardchoilleDry_Ice: ext300:46
DaSkreechDry_Ice: What are you using ot format it?00:46
anton__TheSayers: I CAN'T close it... it's in the middle of my screen...really annoying :/00:46
Dry_Iceim on a mac00:46
anton__DaSkreech: Dunno the name00:46
Dry_Iceand the app i usually use to format disks doesn't do ext3...00:47
TheSayersanton__: go into htop or some system monitor and kill it00:47
DaSkreechanton__: How did you open it?00:47
ardchoilleanton__: ctrl+alt+esc   when your mouse cursor turns to an "x", click the offending window00:47
Dry_Iceand i'm formatting the disk00:47
Dry_Icenot using it00:47
anton__kvkbd, it's called00:47
BigPickunderdog5004: Okay, from the information you have given me it appears that you are behind a network firewall. Gateway address
k5ubuntui need help installing java for kubuntu00:47
Dry_Iceare there any mac/linux nerds around?00:48
anton__Thanks ardchoille!00:48
ardchoilleanton__: yw00:48
anton__Now, the big question: WHY did everything start to screw with me? Worked fine before reboot...00:48
BigPickDo you know what kind of firewall?00:48
sweettoothhi there, wonder if anyone could help me out, i lost sound in kubuntu, when i restart the laptop, it seems working, is there anyway i could fix this problem without restarting?00:48
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP300:49
underdog5004BigPick: on my server (box that I'm having problems with), iptables. For the gateway, I'm not sure, but it's some crappy usr router.00:49
nosrednaekim!helpersnack | underdog500400:49
ubotuunderdog5004: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!00:49
k5ubuntucan somebody help me to get java installed on kubuntu please00:49
Dry_IceHow do I format my disk into ext3 format?00:50
ubotuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.00:50
nosrednaekimDry_Ice: "mkfs.ext2"00:50
underdog5004Dry_Ice: or mkfs.ext300:50
Dry_Iceexplain plz?00:50
BigPickunderdog5004: Okay, based on what I'm seeing the only thing I can conclusively say is that NAT (Network Address Translation) is not operating correctly on your firewall box.00:51
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DaSkreechanton__: It has a sense of humor?00:51
BigPickunderdoy5004: If you like, you can pastebin your iptables configuration and I can take a look.00:51
DaSkreechanton__: BTW did you try clicking on the red power button on the keyboard?00:51
Dry_Iceunderdog5004Dry_Ice: or mkfs.ext3 <-- explain plz00:51
=== Horses4Ever is now known as SudoKing
anton__DaSkreech: Probably, pretty much destroyed my confidence in Linux...00:52
anton__Yes, I clicked the button00:52
anton__Didn't work00:52
DaSkreechworks here00:52
DaSkreechwhat did you do before reboot?00:52
DaSkreechExcept reboot?00:52
anton__annoying anyway00:52
underdog5004Dry_Ice: ext3 is a journaling filesystem, so you won't loose data when your power goes out (I think)00:53
anton__Thanks by the way00:53
Dry_Icei know its a filesystem00:53
underdog5004http://pastebin.com/m2d439c0f is my iptables chains00:53
Dry_Icei don't know how to format my disk into ext300:53
DaSkreechanton__: Sure. One other nice thing about linux is that if things break there is always a way to find out what went wrong and fix it00:53
=== frank__ is now known as tallith
underdog5004Dry_Ice: in linux, it would be sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/hda1 , where hda1 will be your root drive00:54
DaSkreechDry_Ice: You can just leave them blank Kubuntu can format them on install00:54
underdog5004root partition, anyway00:54
Dry_IceKubuntu formats on install?00:54
Dry_Icethanks DaSkreech :D00:54
DaSkreechDry_Ice: if you need it to :)00:54
anton__DaSkreech: Yeah. And that's nice, really. I would prefer it wouldn't break, though.00:54
Dry_Iceso basically...you have the cd00:54
DaSkreechanton__: true.00:54
Dry_Iceyou run it?00:54
Dry_Iceand it does everything?00:54
* underdog5004 thinks Dry_Ice is coming from gentoo ;)00:55
underdog5004Dry_Ice: yep00:55
anton__The thought of throwing the comp out the window occured, to be honest00:55
Dry_Icei'm coming from OS X...00:55
Dry_Icei need something simple...00:55
anton__Anyway, if any other problems show up, I'll be back. Thanks for the help. :)00:55
blendtuxwhy did you left heaven Dry_Ice00:55
DaSkreechanton__: Well come in here we can help00:55
Dry_Icei'm a fool...00:56
Dry_Icethat's why00:56
underdog5004Dry_Ice: for simplicity, OS X, ubuntu, pclinuxos, maybe mandriva00:56
Dry_Icedoes anyone know how i can format the partition in terminal anyway?00:56
BigPickunderdog5004: I'm not seeing MASQUERADE of POSTROUTING00:56
Dry_Icei'm a Linux n00b...00:56
Dry_Iceif you can't tell :P00:56
underdog5004BigPick: not quite sure what that means...00:56
BigPickunderdog5004: The best guide I have found for NAT iptables is http://www.howtoforge.com/nat_iptables00:57
underdog5004Dry_Ice: don't worry about it. Just keep learning, lol00:57
DaSkreechDry_Ice: fdisk00:57
underdog5004BigPick: so, you know what the problem is?00:57
tekteenfdisk does not format00:57
underdog5004wait, wait, I don't need to do NAT stuff with my server00:57
=== Gunirus is now known as [Gunirus]
underdog5004tekteen: don't forget to tell fdisk to write the changes to disk00:58
tekteenfdisk is used for partitioning00:58
underdog5004tekteen: I prefer cfdisk00:58
Dry_Icei need to partition/format00:58
Dry_Iceis there a mac nerd here?00:58
underdog5004Dry_Ice: kubuntu livecd will do this for you!00:58
Dry_Icei know, its a linux chanel...00:58
tekteenunderdog5004: u what to talk to Dry_Ice00:58
Dry_Icei'm being impatient and downloading the image...00:58
DaSkreechDry_Ice: oh sorry00:58
underdog5004tekteen: um...what?00:59
BigPickunderdog5004: If you are using it as your network firewall you do.00:59
Dry_Iceafter i have the image00:59
Dry_Icei burn it to a cd00:59
DaSkreechDry_Ice: try man mkfs00:59
Dry_Iceand do i boot up to the cd?00:59
tekteenunderdog5004: Dry_Ice wanted the help. I was helping him00:59
Dry_Iceafter i get the cd all done, i boot up to it right?00:59
DaSkreechDry_Ice: yes00:59
Dry_Icecoz i'm downloading an .iso file right now01:00
tekteenmke2fs will format a partition01:00
Dry_Icei can burn that to the disk01:00
underdog5004tekteen: it's ok, I was too. It's not a competition or anything. Feel free to continue with him01:00
Dry_Iceand boot up to it01:00
Dry_Icetoo bad i only have cable :P01:00
DaSkreechDry_Ice: Want a easy read ?01:00
DaSkreech!install | Dry_Ice01:00
ubotuDry_Ice: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:00
tekteenunderdog5004: No use addressed me with an answer to someone else;s question01:00
underdog5004tekteen: chill out, please.01:01
posingaspopularhey guys Kamerheimer is getting this error on trying to 'sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox" http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43064/plain/01:01
k5ubuntui need help installed java for kubuntu 7.1001:01
Dry_Iceidk if you caught it daskreech...01:01
underdog5004tekteen: I'm sorry if I violated your conduct protocol.01:01
posingaspopulari can't figure it out, maybe someone else knows01:01
Dry_Icei'm on a mac :D01:01
posingaspopular!java | k5ubuntu01:01
ubotuk5ubuntu: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.01:01
DaSkreechDry_Ice: I did01:01
ubotuPowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ01:02
Dry_Icei'm being stupid, leaving heaven, and downloading Kubuntu01:02
DaSkreechIn case it's an old mac :)01:02
Dry_Icenah, i have an intel :)01:02
Dry_Icealthough i prefer PPC01:02
Dry_Icebut i have 200gb of hdd space to waste :D01:02
Dry_Iceso i figured i'd put linux on a partition...01:02
posingaspopulari wouldn't consider a linux partition a waste...01:03
posingaspopularunless we're talking about redhat (lolamirite). jk ;p01:04
underdog5004posingaspopular: kthxbye01:04
=== ronan is now known as bano
BigPickDon't get me started on RedHat01:05
Dry_IceDaskreech: after i get the current version of Kubuntu on my partition, can i just update from the linux system?01:05
Dry_Icecoz i don't mind using one CD to get linux on my computer01:05
posingaspopularDry_Ice: yes01:05
Dry_Ice they're only $.3001:05
DaSkreechDry_Ice: Update?01:05
Dry_Icedownload the new image or whatever01:05
vzduchBigPick: what's wrong w/ Red Hat?01:05
DaSkreechWhat new image?01:05
Dry_Iceafter kubuntu gets updated01:06
underdog5004BigPick: so, why did you point me to that NAT page?01:06
ubotuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes01:06
DaSkreechShort answer is yes01:06
posingaspopularomg i didn't mean to start a flame war. but to be clear, I think yum is an inferior package handler (and i've heard fedore dev say the same thing), but apt doesn't compare to conary. linux is still the best kernel/OS out there01:06
BigPickunderdog5004: Your network firewall needs to have NAT properly configured. Did you send me your current iptable chains or the servers?01:07
posingaspopularback to the question at hand: Kamerheimer needs help installing firefox and gets this error when doing sudo apt-get install mozilla-firefox http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43064/plain/01:07
mark_wie install ich ein prog01:07
DaSkreech!botsnack | posingaspopular I like01:07
ubotuposingaspopular I like: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!01:07
Dry_Icethanks for all your help Daskreech01:07
Dry_Icei'll bbs01:07
DaSkreechDry_Ice: Anytime01:07
DaSkreech!de | mark_01:08
ubotumark_: Deutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de01:08
underdog5004BigPick: my servers iptables chains. The NAT appliance is some crappy USR router/switch/firewall01:08
=== bmk789_ is now known as imbrandontoo
ardchoilleposingaspopular: sudo apt-get install firefox01:09
posingaspopularisn't the command 'mozilla-firefox'01:09
BigPickIf your connection is running through your server, NAT must also be enabled.01:09
posingaspopularKamerheimer: try 'sudo apt-get install firefox'01:09
=== imbrandontoo is now known as bmk789
posingaspopulari might been wrong about that command01:09
tekteenno that was right01:10
ardchoilleThere is no "mozilla-firefox" package, the browser is "firefox"01:10
DaSkreech!info mozilla-firefox01:10
ubotuPackage mozilla-firefox does not exist in gutsy01:10
Kamerheimeri tried that posing01:11
eagles0513875!info firefox01:11
ubotufirefox: lightweight web browser based on Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version (gutsy), package size 8967 kB, installed size 26024 kB01:11
ardchoillelightweight? hahaha01:11
eagles0513875its just firefox u dont need mozilla01:11
ardchoilleSomeon is deluded01:12
Kamerheimeri cant install anything01:12
eagles0513875ardchoille: u talking about me01:12
underdog5004BigPick: my desktop and server both connect via the router/switch, which has a connection to my ISP01:12
Kamerheimercant install java01:12
DaSkreech!info seamonkey01:12
ubotuPackage seamonkey does not exist in gutsy01:12
ardchoilleeagles0513875: No, the bot factoid said Firefox is "lightweight"01:12
eagles0513875underdog5004: have u tried port forwarding on ur router01:12
tekteentype sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-plugin01:13
tekteento install java01:13
eagles0513875Kamerheimer: or u can use adept manager and search for java01:13
underdog5004eagles0513875: it's not necessary, since my desktop is set up the same way, and I have no problems with it.01:13
eagles0513875underdog5004: r u running a previous release of kubuntu on it01:14
BigPickunderdog5004: Is your desktop also behind your server firewall?01:14
underdog5004I'm running edgy on my server and gutsy on my desktop. desktop and server are both behind my ROUTERS firewall.01:14
eagles0513875underdog5004: r they bothing using static ips01:15
Kamerheimereagles i did use the manager and didnt knwo which one to pick01:15
Kamerheimerthe previous commands from tek didnt nto owrk01:15
eagles0513875Kamerheimer: u need the jdk and the jre01:15
underdog5004eagles0513875: yes01:15
ctothejI would like to use rdc with a custom resolution. krdc doesn't have sound when I use it and rdesktop/tsclient won't let me have a custom resolution. What can I do?01:15
eagles0513875underdog5004: then u need to allow an exception for those ip addresses in ur routers firewall01:15
underdog5004eagles0513875: no, I don't, because they're on the same LAN, so the firewall doesn't see any of that traffice.01:16
Kamerheimerok where do i get teh jdk and jre from, sun.java.com maybe01:16
underdog5004traffic, even01:16
ardchoille!java | Kamerheimer01:16
eagles0513875Kamerheimer: they r in adept01:16
ubotuKamerheimer: To install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Enable the backports repository on Edgy to install sun-java6-jre. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu 6.10 (Edgy) or earlier.01:16
eagles0513875Kamerheimer: search java01:16
tekteenKamerheimer: type "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-bin sun-java6-fonts sun-java6-plugin"01:17
BigPickunderdog5004: Is the ip address of your desktop something like 192.168.2.x or 192.168.1.x01:17
eagles0513875tekteen: he needs the jdk and jre or even just the jre01:17
eagles0513875unless u know how to write programs in java then ull need the jdk01:17
underdog5004BigPick: yep, and so's my servers01:17
BigPickWhich one01:17
eagles0513875underdog5004: this is a really random thing but have u tried doing a soft reset on ur router01:17
eagles0513875underdog5004: nm that isnt goign to work01:18
underdog5004BigPick: 192.168.201:18
underdog5004eagles0513875: no, I haven't01:18
eagles0513875underdog5004: try that see if that helps anything01:18
BigPickunderdog5004: Allright, can you ping your router for me? from your server.01:18
underdog5004nvm, I fixed the problem. It was moblock blocking the ping replies. I just did sudo moblock-control stop and now I can ping! thanks for your help BigPick and eagles051387501:19
eagles0513875underdog5004: no problem01:19
eagles0513875im out for the night guys01:19
BigPickunderdog5004: Awesome, I had a funny feeling ICMP packets were being filtered.01:20
underdog5004hmm, gOS has been released: http://www.thinkgos.com/downloads.html01:20
Kamerheimerok i ran those commands and still getting errors01:20
anton__Question: Is there any way to bind my mouse buttons (I have a M$ Habu)? I want to bind the two thumb buttons to work as forward and back.01:20
posingaspopularim thinking that Kamerheimer might be having some dependency issues, because he's not getting any of those programs to install01:20
=== sam64 is now known as Goop2
BigPickunderdog5004: Usually when you are able resolve DNS addresses but unable to ping, ICMP filtering or similar is ocurring.01:21
=== sam64 is now known as Goop2
underdog5004sounds reasonable01:22
Goop2is it normal to have trouble using ALSA with multiple programs at one time?01:23
=== tallith is now known as frankb
BigPickunderdog5004: I apologize for my confusing NAT response, I was under the impression that your setup was WAN->router->server->desktop01:24
=== frankb is now known as bolla
=== bolla is now known as franki
underdog5004no biggie01:24
underdog5004irc leaves much to be desired in way of communication, that's for sure!01:25
* underdog5004 wants an MSPAINT style canvas for irc...01:25
biovoreirc is also from the 80's01:25
biovorethere are ctcp protocols that do things like voip and graphics and stuff..01:26
biovorethat run on irc..01:26
biovorebut there non-standard01:26
underdog5004yeah...I just like to bitchnmoan about stuff, not try to fix them, :)01:26
biovorergr... Its fun so the disgruntled looks on the developers faces :-P01:27
biovore(fun to see)01:27
=== SudoKing is now known as Sudo|Wine
=== Sudo|Wine is now known as SudoKing
* BigPick has a disgruntled look on his face.01:34
nosrednaekimGoop2: turn on full duplex..01:34
ardchoilleirc is just multi-player notepad01:44
lespeadid you steal that from bash?01:45
=== kde-devel is now known as sonic
debian-is-mewhy does kubuntu use more ram than debian with kde?01:49
biovorenaw it's probably about the same.. there both running the same thing really..01:50
ardchoilledebian-is-me: Are you taking into account bufferes/cached ?01:50
ardchoilleMost people fail to do that01:50
debian-is-meOk, kubuntu is using more ram. Debian uses less. I don't think so. And kubuntu is slower too boot.01:51
debian-is-meI don't think so about the buffer cache thing01:51
BigPickThat is likely due to some of the included packages such as NetworkManager.01:52
debian-is-meI'm running knetworkmanager01:52
debian-is-meon debian01:52
biovoreyeah.. there are a couple of extras.. strigi maybe.. its a hoe bag of a program..01:53
debian-is-meso debian is better than kubuntu?01:53
BigPickStrigi is the other thing that immediatley comes to mind.01:53
BigPickI wouldn't say so.01:53
biovorewell there not exactly the same..01:53
biovorekubuntu default desktop comes with more stuff..  it thats a problem.. then maybe its not as good as debian.. I used debian for a long time here.. I still like it..01:54
BigPickIf your only concern is memory usage and bootup time, then there is a difference.01:54
debian-is-mebut debian uses less ram, and uses lower boot time, and have a funnier installer01:54
robinsonhey, running compiz fusion on kubuntu gutsy. Open office doesnt have window decorations. how do i get this?01:54
debian-is-mehow do I get compiz fusion to my debian-box?01:54
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion01:55
biovorethats why compiz is beta.. it does weird stuff with open-office..01:55
biovoredebian-is-me: probably best to download it and compile..01:55
debian-is-meI  hate the compilator01:56
debian-is-meit always complains about errors in line 7201:56
biovorethats why we all use ubuntu..01:56
biovoredebian stable is very stale01:56
biovoregood for servers but not reallty all that good for desktops..  could try debian sid (unstable) to get the newer stuff..01:57
BigPickI would not recommend doing a custom compile. There is likely a very simple answer to this problem.01:57
biovoreuse kubuntu :-P01:57
debian-is-meCan I apt-get install kubuntu?01:58
ardchoilledebian-is-me: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop01:58
ardchoilleThat will get you the kde desktop for kubuntu01:58
debian-is-meBut I have debian01:58
biovore(hes on debian.. note nick)01:59
ardchoilleah, ok01:59
ardchoilleIf I believed all the nicks I see, then there have been dieties and movie starts in here, lol01:59
lespeaubotu: do you still use the feisty repos for the themes?02:00
ubotuI am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:00
keoniHas anyone else experienced not monitor going into suspend/no signal mode when booting off install cd. then after a few minutes yo are at the desktop02:02
wilsonthey should fix adept from crashing randomly or just get rid of it02:02
keoniscratch that not02:03
jake_348what are people getting for sata performance in gutsy?02:05
jake_348I have a 7200 rpm drive and my hdparm is only about 44 mb/s02:05
jake_348should it be higher?02:05
underdog5004wilson: synaptic is a way better frontend for apt than adept, that's for sure!02:08
lespeaI loves me my aptitude :)02:09
stepz_ugh, dist-upgrade failed on linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic02:10
stepz_says that it failed to create initrd image02:11
stepz_any suggestions on how to start fixing this?02:11
BigPickstepz_: start but trying to manually reconfigure the image package. "sudo dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic"02:14
stepz_linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic is broken or not fully installed02:14
BigPickstepz_: If its complains that no such package is installed then try "sudo apt-get install linux-image-2.6.22-14-generic"02:15
lespeaBigPick: does he have to clean it or whatever?02:15
BigPickPossibly, but an inclomplete install can be resumed.02:16
ErtainHello everyone.  Does anyone know about converting mdf files?  Though it's a CD image, K3B doesn't recognize it.  And the program mdf2iso doesn't recognize it, either.  Any ideas?02:16
BigPickIf a resume or a reconfigure fails then a clean\purge would be the next logical step.02:16
BigPickErtain: Hmmm... an interesting problem.02:19
stuffcorpseErtain: there's a program called 'iat' that has worked better for me02:19
stepz_it broke in the configuration phase, if I remove the new kernel version for now, should it be possible to resume configuration of the rest of the stuff02:19
BigPickstepz_: Not recommended. Could you pastebin the output for me?02:21
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)02:21
stepz_the output of what?02:21
BigPickstepz_: Whatever messages are returned from the configuration phase.02:21
stepz_that is after the GUI process froze on me02:23
BigPickstepz_: Allrighty can you pastebin the output of the command "sudo apt-get install linux-generic" for me?02:26
stepz_I already managed to uninstall them, but here http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43070/02:28
stepz_I may have a clue where the problem may be, I now remembered that I'm running on encrypted root, and to get that working I had to do some modification to some initrd scripts02:29
BigPickstepz_: Yeah, initramfs is complaining of an invalid option.02:31
BigPickstepz_: Can you remember what files you had to modify?02:32
stepz_I'm not sure how those modifications could end up passing mkinitramfs that invalid option, but I'll review my changes02:32
jtti know all the warnings but does anyone know where they disabled root login in gutsy  not kdmrc is set that02:32
ardchoillejtt: when you diable the root account, doesn't that automatically disable logins?02:33
stepz_I think I used this howto: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystem02:33
donsdwDoes anyone here know how to edit sudo (visudo) to extend time period?02:33
ardchoilledonsdw: search the wiki for "timestamp_timout"02:34
jttlet me rephrase  i cant login as root at the kde login screen i use to set this up in kdmrc that no longer works02:35
ardchoillejtt: I don't think you're going to get any help inhere about logging in as root.02:36
donsdwardchoille: Thanks, but what wiki? Where is it? What is it's name?  linuxwiki?02:36
ubotuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.02:36
tekstacyWhat's the easiest way to back up the entire system?02:37
donsdwardchoille: I think I found it.  The one ubotu said?02:37
halohunterhey i need help02:37
ubotuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.02:37
ardchoilledonsdw: yeah, wiki.ubuntu.com02:37
donsdwardchoille: Thanks again.02:37
BigPickstepz_: Alright, this is definately the cause of the problem. Could you try running "sudo update-initramfs -u ALL" for me?02:37
ardchoilletekstacy: I use PartImage to do that:  http://www.sysresccd.org02:37
ardchoilledonsdw: yw02:38
halohunteri need help setting up my microphone02:38
halohunteri dont know to find my new sound card02:39
BigPickhalohunter: Do you know what type of soundcard you have?02:39
tekstacyardchoille, cool, thanks.02:39
tekstacythat looks like a handy disk to have around02:39
=== bryan is now known as vafada
halohunteri dont know the command to look at your devices on your cpu02:40
ardchoilletekstacy: The thing with PartImage is the partition you are backing up must be unmounted, so you can't use PartImage in kubuntu to back up kubuntu. However, that url I gave you has a very nice livecd that has partimage and tons of other admins apps.02:40
ardchoilletekstacy: It is, I carry it with my Kubuntu livecd's02:40
vafadahi. in dolphin.. how to enable the 'delete' command in the context menu?02:41
rgreeningyeah, whny is that hidden. And why does the trash can link not work02:41
rgreeningdolphin is not quite ready for prime time02:42
halohunterwhat is the command to look at the devices on your board02:42
BigPickstepz_: Okay... lets see here, after looking at that how-to you posted I might have some ideas...02:42
ardchoilletekstacy: I have an 80Gb partition with my "/" on it, but "/" takes up about 6Gb, PartImage will only copy the used bit (6Gb) and compress it down to a 900Mg tarball.. it takes me about 10 minutes to backup my entire system.02:42
Jucatohalohunter: lspci02:42
vafadasource code shows that it can be enable by setting ShowDeleteCommand to true.. but i have no idea where to set this setting02:43
Jucatorgreening: what do you ean the trash can link doesn't work?02:43
posingaspopularJucato: i can haz help?02:43
rgreeningIn dolphin. YOu cant drag/drop files into the can cause it's a bookmark02:43
Jucatoand Dolphin is quite ready "for primetime"... the Dolphin in Kubuntu isn't Dolphin02:43
rgreeningquite counter intuitive02:43
posingaspopulari can't figure out how to file this documentation bug02:43
posingaspopularrich isn't around02:44
vafadaJucato: huh? then what is dolphin in Kubuntu?02:44
Jucatovafada: D3lphin02:44
k5ubuntui need a good mac dock for kubuntu02:44
rgreeningD3lphin then... 0.9.2 for KDE 3.5 isnt ready... but Dolphin is KDE 4 and KDE 4 isnt ready.. catch 2202:44
ardchoillek5ubuntu: kooldock, it's in the repos02:44
vafadaJucato: yeah make sense since the config fiile is d3lphinrc02:44
halohunteri found it it is called  Ensoniq 5880 AudioPCI02:44
k5ubuntuardchoille: whats repos02:45
ardchoille!repos | k5ubuntu02:45
ubotuk5ubuntu: The packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu02:45
Jucatorgreening: It's a bookmark. of course dragging and dropping to it won't work. I doubt that other people would have thought of doing that02:45
ardchoillek5ubuntu: I remember someone giving you info about the repos not too long ago02:45
rgreeningHmmm... I think it make sense.. It's a trash can. lol02:45
rgreeningWhy even have the bookmark there....02:46
Jucatohi posingaspopular... I'm not good w/ documentation... have you tried #ubuntu-docs ?02:46
posingaspopularof course. all i need help with is LP02:46
ardchoilleposingaspopular: what bug are you trying to file?02:46
Jucatorgreening: for you. for everyone else, it isn't. it's a bookmark!02:46
Jucatoit's a link to a location02:46
k5ubuntuhow can i terminate another program causing my konsole to lock02:46
k5ubuntuwhats the code02:46
rgreeningAnd everyone needs a bookmark to their trash.. do you often dig through your trash :)02:46
Jucatok5ubuntu: Ctrl+C02:46
posingaspopularKDE help center->applet manuals doesn't actually do anything02:47
vafadaso no way to put delete in context menu?02:47
Jucatorgreening: yes. and some users do. otherwise, why would there be a need for the Trash anyway?02:47
k5ubuntudoesnt  work02:47
stepz_BigPick: I'd be glad to hear your ideas, because a cursory review of this stuff doesn't reveal to me who or why would pass that option to mkinitramfs02:47
Jucatovafada: hold on02:47
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=== Daskreech2 is now known as DaSkreech
jacquesk5ubuntu: try ctrl-D ?02:47
ardchoilleposingaspopular: Maybe that documentation hasn't been written yet?02:47
BigPickstepz_: Right, okay, sorry just checking some things. Well we have several options.02:48
rgreeningJucato: meh.. I guess Im not going to win the intuitive vs counterintuitive argument with you. Best I beat my head against a wall. :P02:48
vafadaJucato: here's the code: kdeConfig.readEntry("ShowDeleteCommand", false);.. i just have no idea where to put that ShowDeleteCommand02:48
posingaspopularwell why would it be in gutsy if the documentation isn't up yet02:48
Jucatorgreening: just because you don't do A or A isn't intuitive for you, doesn't mean it's the case for everybody else02:49
ardchoilleposingaspopular: Because documentation is one of the last things on the "To Do" list of almost ever developer02:49
Jucatovafada: I don't think there's a GUI option for it in D3lphin right now02:49
posingaspopularit's it's blank because they want some help with it, they shou02:49
vafadaJucato: yeah.. oh well thanks anyways02:49
ardchoilleposingaspopular: You could always join the ubuntu-docs team and fill it up :)02:50
BigPickstepz_: Since dapper cryptsetup has become the prefered method for setting the kernel up to handle encrypted filesystems.02:50
posingaspopulariam on the docs team02:51
rgreeningJucato: Sorry, I guess I am used to things a bit differently since I have been building and designing Linux apps and systems since 1993...02:51
posingaspopularbut i need help bring it to their attention and no one was talking in the -doc chan02:51
posingaspopulari guess they are talking now02:51
posingaspopularthanks ardchoille02:51
ardchoilleposingaspopular: I'm in the process of joining the docs team myself.02:51
BigPickstepz_: but I am unsure of how safe it would be to try to switch your installation over to the cryptsetup scripts.02:51
Jucatorgreening: that's perfectly understandable. but please don't presume that just because you don't go into Trash, nobody else does. :)02:52
tekstacygoodnight all. thanks for the help02:52
Jucatootherwise, we wouldn't have a Trash location at alll02:52
Jucatoanyway... lunch02:52
BigPickJucato, do you have any experience with encrypted filesystem setups?02:52
rgreeningJucato: you missed my point entirely02:52
ardchoilleJucato: Did you bring enough lunch for everyone?02:52
* ardchoille hides02:52
Jucato<rgreening> And everyone needs a bookmark to their trash.. do you often dig through your trash :)02:52
* tekstacy tips hat, lights cigar and walks away....02:52
Jucatothat was my point02:52
JucatoBigPick: sorry, nope02:52
rgreeningJucato: my point was you should be able to drag/drop onto it and right-click/empty it, because of the way it appears and what it represents.02:53
ardchoilleI don't think I've ever used the trash.02:53
rgreeningJucato: having a bookmark is like having a trashcan with no bottom02:53
rgreeningdoes only half the job02:53
BigPickThanks Jucato. Well, looks like we are on our own stepz_ :P02:54
stepz_could another option be, that some of the required stuff is in half upgraded state_02:54
BigPickstepz_: Yes that is true, but the other stuff is in a half upgraded state because it depends on the successful configuration of the image package.02:55
stepz_ok, another, easier, option is to pump my home dir to an external hdd and reinstall02:56
BigPickstepz_: One more thing we can try before we edit the scripts though. Could you try "update-initramfs -u -k all" for me?02:57
stepz_I was going to change hdd's anyway02:57
BigPickstepz_: Thats not easier, thats just giving up. Come on man, we can fix this!02:58
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion02:59
stepz_ok, you want the -u -k all output?02:59
BigPickstepz_: Yes please. Is it any different?02:59
stepz_nothing caught my eye03:00
needleshas anyone here tried vector linux?03:00
BigPickstepz_: Well that is rather interesting.03:02
BigPickstepz_: Could your run "sudo dpkg --configure all" for me please?03:02
EightiesKanyone know of a package that might help me learn german?03:03
stepz_you mean sudo dpkg --configure -a?03:03
BigPickstepz_: LMAO yeah, sorry I'm too tired.03:03
stepz_exactly the same as the last time03:04
BigPickstepz_: Okay which kernel images do you still have completely installed currently?03:05
EightiesKanyone know of a package that might help me learn german?03:05
stepz_how do I check?03:05
BigPickstepz_: "ls /boot | grep vm"03:07
stepz_2.6.20-15-generic, 2.6.20-16-generic and 2.6.22-14-generic03:08
stepz_theres an initrd.img for each of those too03:08
Caramjoin #edubuntu03:10
Caramfail =(03:10
BigPickstepz_: Sweet, okay...03:10
BigPickstepz_: We are first going to try to clean up some of these older kernel images.03:12
BigPickstepz_: So try "sudo dpkg --purge linux-image-2.6.20-8-generic linux-image-2.6.20-9-generic linux-image-2.6.20-13-generic"03:13
stepz_ok, and then?03:15
BigPickstepz_: try "sudo dpkg --configure -a" again.03:16
stepz_same error03:16
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion03:17
BigPickstepz_: If you could please get me the output of "sudo update-initramfs -u -k -v all" you might want to pipe it to a temporary file. There will be alot of output.03:17
=== zach_ is now known as MagicCow
stepz_is there a simple way to look at what that postinst script is trying to do_03:21
BigPickErm... according to that output that just completed successfully?03:22
stepz_yeah that completed successfully, as before03:22
BigPickstepz_: I'm trying to think of a way to make dpkg more verbose.03:27
BigPickThere is a way I just can't remember... ack!03:27
nathani dunno if ya'll remember me from last night, well i reinstalled kubuntu . ran memtest for 13 hours .. and and faults, started up kubuntu and everything is working!!!03:28
nathanmust of somehow installed corrupted some how03:28
nathanwine installed, vid,nic,sound all good didn't need to touch anything :D03:29
nathanand and faults = and _NOT_ faults ;)03:29
BigPickstepz_: Ah, just got an idea... hang on..03:30
stepz_outputed lots of stuff03:31
stepz_by which I found where the postinst script is03:31
nathan!installing steam03:31
ubotuSteam can be found at: http://www.steampowered.com/03:31
nathan.... noo ! :/03:31
stepz_  my $ret = system("$ramdisk " . ($upgrading ? "-u" : "-c") . " -k " . $version . " >&2");03:31
BigPickstepz_: No its not in the scripts! I just remembered a change that was make to the initramfs-tools that would effect how you setup your cryptography.03:32
BigPickstepz_: remove the line "ramdisk = /usr/sbin/mkinitramfs" from /etc/kernel-img.conf03:33
BigPickDid it work?03:35
stepz_seems so03:35
* BigPick dances around room.03:35
stepz_great success!03:35
BigPickBoy that was a noggin scratcher.03:35
MagicCowHow do you start compiz?03:35
stepz_in hindsight seems obvious03:35
MagicCowI've followed the install instructions, but nothing seems to happen.03:36
BigPickhindsight 20/20 :P03:36
stepz_anyway, how do I resume the rest of the upgrade?03:36
BigPickI realized "-c" is an option passed to update-initramfs, which is now the default setup utility.03:36
stepz_I was inches away from deducing that myself when I saw a comment that said update-initramfs is called differently from mkinitrd03:37
BigPickMagicCow: run "sudo compiz-start"03:37
BigPickstepz_: I am very interested in setting up an encrypted filesystem on this laptop myself.03:38
]glow[Hi, I have a smartphone (Audiovox SMT5600) with a Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system. I have Kubuntu feisty fawn. I installed Raki to try to connect to it via USB, but the phone is not being detected, any tips? any other chat room where to ask this same question?03:38
BigPickstepz_: But I have been heretofore too timid to attempt it LMAO.03:39
MagicCowCommand not found.03:40
stepz_BigPick: I had to change a script in that howto to wait for the hdd module to get loaded before doing cryptsetup03:40
stepz_I had to choose between either attempting to do it or using Windows03:40
lordofthepigsHello! Can amarok record mp3 streamed from online radios?03:40
stepz_managed to weasel my way out of getting cryptsetup working with smartcards03:40
stepz_anyway, encrypted filesystem is pretty much a must have for work laptops, I'm amazed that the installer doesn't support them yet03:41
BigPickMagicCow: oops, sorry I guess its just "sudo compiz" now.03:41
BigPick]glow[: Have you tried ksyncekonnector yet?03:42
=== hexstar is now known as OsamaBinLaden
BigPickstepz_: It was on the roadmap for the gutsy release. However I do not think it made it in.03:43
nathanfrom the desktop whats cmd to navigate to wine c:/ ??03:44
BigPickstepz_: Is you entire filesystem encrypted? Or do you have to have something like the /boot partition unecrypted.03:44
stepz_you need to have /boot unencrypted03:44
stepz_otherwise there isn't any code to do the unencryption03:44
BigPickstepz_: Yeah, that makes sense :P03:44
BigPickstepz_: Wait, yeah... how else could it... I need to go to bed :)03:45
=== OsamaBinLaden is now known as hexstar
nathanwhats cmd to install instmsia.exe which is in drive_c .. wine ?03:49
BigPickSorry, I don't use wine :(03:50
=== ses59 is now known as ses59_
se7en^Of^9does someone know what linux the Asus Eee PC runs?03:52
ses59_i upgraded to gutsy and just wanted to check that what i am running is gutsy but could find how to tell what is running on my machine03:52
ses59_tried uname but it did not show the name just linux03:53
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion03:53
ses59_gave version number but not the kubuntu version03:54
BigPickses59_: I just had to do this a couple days ago... god why can't I remember anything tonight!03:54
anton__Hello there, my screen just turned incredibly dark. Menus and "boxes that come up whern you hover over a file" are bright, though...Any idea why?03:55
posingaspopularlsb_release -a03:55
posingaspopularsorry anton__, i should have refrenced that to ses59_. i dont know how to answer your question. apologies03:56
anton__No problem dude. Does anyone else have a clue? My compiz-fusion seems to have stopped working, also03:57
BigPickses59_: Ack, lemme look it up...03:57
se7en^Of^9does someone know what linux the Asus Eee PC runs?03:57
ses59_ok lsb_release did show what i wanted but -a showed no lsb modules available03:58
anton__Ok, problem solved for now. did the compiz --replace command03:59
ses59_sorry did not test first the lsb_release showed no lsb modules are available but with the -a it listed gutsy as my version03:59
BigPickses59: Ah, I come back and you have already found it. Excelent :)04:01
ses59_thank you posingaspopular and BigPick04:02
BigPickses59_: Yes, lsb_release was how I accomplished that.04:02
BigPickI just had a major brainfart and convinced myself it wasn't... and with that I'm going to go to bed... because I'm just gone...04:03
MagicCow I've been over the forums, none of the solutions helped me.. maybe one of you guys have a clue. When I run Emerald Themer, I double click a theme, and nothing happens. I do not belive that compiz is running, but when I type "compiz" into terminal, I get04:04
MagicCowChecking for Xgl: not present.04:04
posingaspopularse7en^Of^9: xandrox linux04:04
posingaspopularnp ses59_04:04
nathanhow do i load a .msi file it says bad exe ?? its steam.msi btw04:05
nathando i do it through terminal or wine app ?04:07
rgreeningnathan: wine Start file.msi04:07
rgreeningrun this from command line(konsole)04:07
nathanworks great, thanks04:08
nathando i need to install any fonts as i can't see text lol :P04:08
rgreeningYes and no...04:09
rgreeningIf you get the latest wine from winehq, then no. It will work.04:09
rgreeningIf you use the ine in the default repo, you need tahoma font04:09
nathani have latest wine i think, 0.9.4604:09
se7en^Of^9posingaspopular: xandrox is comercial isn't it?04:10
rgreeningnathan: create the file /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list04:11
rgreeningnathan: in it put the following:04:11
rgreeningdeb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt gutsy main #WineHQ - Ubuntu 7.10 "GutsyGibbon"deb-src http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt gutsy main #WineHQ - Ubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy Gibbon"04:11
rgreeningthen update again04:11
rgreeningyou'll get 0.9.48 wine and no need for tahoma font04:11
nathansorry im noob, so do i go into /etc/apt/sources.list/ and create winehq.list ?04:12
Les_Caesarshow do I clear my recent history?04:14
Les_Caesarsrecent documents*04:14
rgreeningnathan: http://winehq.org/site/download-deb04:14
rgreeningnathan: that might be easier to do04:15
rgreeningcomplete step by step04:15
nathanthat was weird, i did wine start steaminstall.msi and it logged ne out04:20
nathanand im still not seeing text :(04:20
posingaspopularhey guys, how do i remove the system beep?04:21
posingaspopularse7en^Of^9: no clue04:21
nathanafter i do: sudo wget http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/apt/sources.list.d/gutsy.list -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list ----- do i restart the computer ? or shouldn't need to ?04:24
Les_Caesarshow do I clear my recent documents?04:24
hydrogennathan: no need04:24
hydrogenjust sudo apt-get update04:24
rgreeningnathan: this isn't windows :) no need to restart (unless something EXLICITLY says to)04:24
nathanok great04:24
ardchoillenathan: Very little will require you to restart the computer.. unless your doing some kind of work with the kernel.04:24
posingaspopularse7en^Of^9: it appears that they are commerical04:25
nathanok well how do i manually add the steam font as the 'wine update' didn't fix it :(04:25
nathanneither winehq.list or sudo apt-get update (neither fixed the no font issue)04:26
ardchoillenathan: kcontrol > System Administration > Font Installer04:27
rgreeningnathan: winserver -k04:27
rgreeningwineserver -k04:27
hydrogenyou need to update wine04:28
hydrogen(sudo apt-get upgrade)04:28
rgreeningnathan: you have to restart the wineserver04:28
rgreeningotherwise, its still running the old files04:28
nathanyeah the version is the same as before ? i restarted wineserver . no luck :(04:29
rgreeningdid you update via package manager04:29
rgreeningor run apt-get update && apt-get upgrade04:29
rgreeningadding the repo only adds new package lists and not update04:30
rgreeningyou have to re-run the updater to get the new wine04:30
rgreeningfrom konsole, if you type wine --version, what do you get04:31
nathanwine --version04:31
rgreeningso, you didn't update yet04:31
hydrogensudo aptitude upgrade04:31
nathanwhen i type apt-get update && apt-get upgrade it says:04:32
nathanE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13 Permission denied)04:32
ardchoillenathan: use sudo04:32
rgreeningnathan: yeah04:32
rgreeningit requires admin rights04:32
rgreeningor run Adept from K-menu04:32
nathanok sweet its updating something now04:32
nathanhehe im such a noob04:33
rgreeningthen don't forget to run wineserver -k after04:33
rgreeningthen you should be fine04:33
nathansweet it is now working all good :D cheers04:34
rgreeninggood stuff04:36
crxyemanyone know where I can get help with konversation irc client ??04:37
biovoretry #konversation04:37
posingaspopularcrxyem: i can try.,..04:38
nathanone more hurdle it seems, "Wine Gecko Installer" wants to install HTML something a rather from mozilla.. says "Steam.exe (main exception): Win32 StructuredException at 7B98EF6D : Attempt to read virtual address 68 without appropriate access rights,04:39
crxyemposingaspopular: Iwas wondering if there were any add-on script sites out there?04:39
crxyemI'm not proficient enough in bash or pearl to write my own04:40
rgreeningnathan: runt this... wine iexplore winehq.org04:41
rgreeningit will install gecko for you04:41
rgreeningthere's lots of info on the winehq page on setting up wine for the first time04:41
posingaspopularah yea, i am SURE there are.04:41
posingaspopulari duno where they are though04:42
posingaspopularso yea maybe irc has it's own IRC chan04:42
posingaspopularit has to, i mean of course it does. it's only logical. they might know in there04:42
stuartmoffatDOTckhaled mardem is probably their04:42
stuartmoffatDOTc#mircofficial irc.mirc.co.uk04:42
stuartmoffatDOTcimagine :P04:43
hydrogenmirc is not irc04:53
hydrogenas much as script kiddies everywhere would like to believe it04:53
nathanwhen i installed steam, it make a Steam.Ink file on the desktop, is it safe to delete it?04:54
KalElIs there a Rapid Application Development tool bundled in Kubuntu?04:57
=== smorg is now known as Smorg|Away
nathanit appears my vid card drivers aren't installed, is there a cmd i should type to install / dl then? vid card is an asus 800 256mb05:03
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about drivers - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:04
nathan!video card05:04
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about video card - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:04
ubotuTo install the Ati/NVidia drivers for your video card, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto05:04
nathannever mind for now :D05:06
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install domino theme?05:06
biovoreI don't think domino works on kde 3.5.805:08
=== ryan_ is now known as Jester45
TACsomeone know some chanel in spanish??05:10
ubotuSi busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.05:11
TACmuchas gracias05:12
cynewaveAnyone else having problems with 7.1 locking up?05:15
cynewaveGood for everyone else - bad for me05:15
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install domino theme?05:15
AT0M1CB0MB3Rcynewave: you have compiz running with gears in cube05:16
biovoreI don't think domino works on kde 3.5.805:16
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbiovore: it does tell me how to install it05:16
Demiwarhelp i installed limewire and now i have no sound05:16
ChaosMachineSo  when is the last tiem you guys hugged someone?05:16
Jester45today why?05:17
Jester45offtopic a bit05:17
biovoreyou sure..  The lastest version won't build for kde-3.5.8 here..  depends on headers that no-longer are around..05:17
cynewaveI don't think I am running compiz05:17
Demiwaron sound need help05:17
Demiwarneed a littel help on audio05:19
cynewaveATOM - I'm not running Compiz05:22
cynewaveMy system locks up when Ithe screen saver starts or if I leave it sitting for a period of time without the screensaver05:22
AT0M1CB0MB3Rcynewave: do you have superkarmaba themes running?05:23
nathananother noob question, how to get my mic to work lol, sound works.. just mic doesn't05:25
cynewaveno - I have the plain jane vanilla install05:25
biovoredepends on your sound card..05:25
nathanits sound blaster audigy05:25
biovorewhich one?05:25
nathanold sound card05:25
cynewaveand here is the kicker - I have installed this on 3 different machines with the same result05:25
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install domino theme?05:25
biovoreyeah.. I have an audigy 2 here..05:25
cynewaveThe only one that psuedo works is my laptop05:26
nathanlooks exactly like this one: http://www.biocomp.net/sound_blaster.jpg05:26
biovorethats a live.. not an audigy05:26
nathanok my bad05:26
biovorethose should work though..05:27
biovoreTo get the mic to work though is kind of a pain..05:27
nathanin cs the mic doesn't work at all, like i press the mic key.. and the icon doesn't even come up05:27
biovorewell got to get the mic working first in the linux mixer..05:27
biovoremake sure you have wine running under alsa05:28
* biovore farts05:34
biovorewrong window..05:35
cynewaveAT0M1CB0MB3R: Are you running 7.1?05:35
cynewaveAT0M1CB0MB3R: with KDE?05:35
cynewaveAre most of the people here running 7.1?05:36
AT0M1CB0MB3Ryeah cynewave05:37
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion05:38
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about domino - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi05:38
biovoregoogle on "kde domino"05:39
biovorebut domino won't build on kde-3.5.8 worked on feisty... not on gusty...  won't work untill there is a domino update..05:40
biovorehehe.. I think I got domino to work..  There headers that are missing are in another package..05:44
biovoreapt-get install build-essential kdesdk kdebase-dev, then download the source for domino, ./configure --prefix=/usr &  make & sudo make install05:46
biovoreExtreamly under-details notes..05:47
nathanwhen i terminal alsamixer, there is no microphone setting (i did unmute all though) so yeah eh *_*05:56
Dr_willisthat mixer often has a lot of settings 'off the screen' to the right side..05:57
Dr_willisbe sure you explore it all. :)05:57
Dr_willismy audigy2zs has like 30+ sliders.. No idea what they all do05:58
nathankk :D05:59
Dry_IceLinux rocks!!!!05:59
nathanawesome, you're right lol05:59
Dry_Icemy rl name is nathan...05:59
Dry_Icebut u stealz it :P05:59
nathankeke :D06:00
nathanif it says MM - that mean's it is muted yeah?06:02
Dry_IceMM in linux?06:02
Dry_Iceor in irc?06:02
nathanin terminal06:03
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion06:04
Dry_Iceidk...i'm a linux n00b06:04
ronin_Any ATI users still up?06:08
ubotuKubuntu can be downloaded in various formats from here: http://kubuntu.org/download.php06:09
xstathello, i have some troubles using traceroute6: it allways says 'unknown host' even if i specify a ip address... ping, nslookup, and internet in general works ok, do you know where the problem could be at?06:10
ubotuKubuntu is Ubuntu with KDE, the K Desktop Environment, instead of Gnome. See http://kubuntu.org for more information - For support: #kubuntu - See also !KDE06:17
]glow[Hi, I'm trying to follow this how-to: http://synce.sourceforge.net/synce/howto.php#usbinfo to connect my smartphone (audiovox SMT5600 with WM5) to my feisty fawn - and I'm stuck06:23
]glow[step 4, in "the driver entry" says: "If you got no output from the modprobe command (meaning it succeeded), restart this HOWTO from the Find out USB information about your device section." I repeat the steps in "Find out Usb info..." and I get the same results as before06:24
]glow[i get "Driver=(none)"06:25
]glow[by the way, i don't care about synching, I just want to copy files manually to my phone =( (txt files)06:26
nathanhey guys, so i copied Live for speed demo(game) from my other pc(win. xp) and the game loads under wine, how do i add a folder + start icon in Start>Wine>Programs - menu?06:30
Dry_Icei'm a linux n00b06:31
Dry_Icei'm only 44.4MB into my kubuntu download :P06:32
Dry_Iceok, i lied...44.5MB06:32
Dry_Iceof 697MB06:32
shadewickhow do I set up a wireless card for the new kubuntu release?06:33
shadewickI have a HP dv2047cl06:33
nathanwhats equivilent(sp) to Vertical SYNC lock in windows xp on kubuntu, as my fps will not go past 50fps in Live for speed (where as before I was exceeding 250fps in windows xp)06:39
nathani unlocked fps lock in LFS06:39
biovorenathan: nvidia card?06:46
biovoreIf you got a nvidia driver.. you can turn of vertical sync by running the "nvidia-settings" program06:48
nathanhow to run it06:50
nathanthrough terminal ?06:50
emuseanybody try the latest amd ati driver?06:50
nathannm got it :)06:50
Dry_Icei feel left out :P06:52
Dry_Icesuch a n00b like me...06:53
nathanwhen i click "Save to X Configuration File" it says "Unable to create new X Config backup file '/etc/x11/xorg.conf.backup'"06:53
Dry_Iceok, night/morning guys :D06:53
Dry_Icecy'all l8er06:54
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)06:54
tuxmaster1988Why does kmix not have mute leds for individual channels06:55
nathanbivore: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43091/ tahts the error i get when i save?06:55
tuxmaster1988really need help with kmix06:58
wilson_what do you mean individial channels ? mine has individual leds ??!?!?07:01
tuxmaster1988I got Master, PCM, wave, ect07:02
tuxmaster1988but no mutes for each07:02
tuxmaster1988in ubuntu i do07:02
tuxmaster1988but not kubuntu07:02
wilson_wel that's weird, on mine there's the output tab, pcm you can't mute, but all the others you can07:03
wilson_Front, Front Mic, Line, etc07:03
tuxmaster1988<<<thats my problem07:03
tuxmaster1988I got an audigy 407:03
tuxmaster1988works great in GNOME systems07:03
tuxmaster1988but on any linux with kde07:03
tuxmaster1988no mutes07:03
tuxmaster1988<<<tried PCLInuxos, yoper, kubuntu,07:04
tuxmaster1988<<<Desktop BSDs kmix has mutes07:04
tuxmaster1988but bsd is a turd07:04
tuxmaster1988so i need to stay in linux07:04
nathananyone know how to increase FPS in games ie; if kubuntu has vsyn on, how to turn it off etc07:04
wilson_there's nothing stopping you from running a kde desktop with the gnome mixer07:05
wilson_just need to install it and figure out the name of it07:05
tuxmaster1988but then i need all those gnome librarys07:05
Daisuke_Idounless you have a SEVERE lack of hard drive space, don't whine about it.07:05
Daisuke_Idonot gnome, it has COOTIES!07:06
emusenathan:need to install the vedio driver correctly, or buy a better vedio card07:06
tuxmaster1988yea but why would i want 2 desktop enviroments07:06
emusenathan:what is vsyn07:07
Daisuke_Idolibraries != gnome07:07
Daisuke_Idoyou don't have to install all of gnome to get a gtk mixer07:07
Daisuke_IdoOR, you could just use alsamixer from a console.  IT has mutes07:07
nathanvertical sync07:07
Daisuke_Idoand there's also no harm in having multiple DEs07:07
nathanbut the thing is, when i was using windows XP i was getting over 250FPS.. now im barely getting 80FPS :/07:07
tuxmaster1988whats the best sound card for linux, that has hardware mixing07:07
Daisuke_Idothat's because XP lies07:08
Daisuke_Idoit won't make the system run any slower, you're only using one DE at a time.07:08
tuxmaster1988<<<i think it might be my audigy 407:08
nathansomehow i think kubuntu us limiting my fps07:08
tuxmaster1988thats causing kmix to go awol07:08
Daisuke_Idothat's possible07:08
wilson_well if it works in gome but not kde there's something fruity going on07:09
tuxmaster1988lol @ fruity07:09
tuxmaster1988so what would be better07:09
emuseDaisuke:maybe the driver in windows get a better performace07:09
tuxmaster1988<<<really likes hardware mixing07:09
Daisuke_Idoemuse: maybe both drivers are based on the same code!07:09
emuseDaisuke:considering ati driver07:10
tuxmaster1988ewwww ati07:10
tuxmaster1988nvidia forever, i figureed out with a quickness that new ati cards dont work so well in linux07:11
Daisuke_Idoemuse: two things.  dai<tab>.  nick completion, it's your friend, and the only way i really pay attention to messages addressed to me.  2) ati's driver sucks in windows as well, it's just that there's less difference between the suckage of the dirver and the suckage of the os.  this is also why nvidia's driver seems flawless in windows.07:11
wilson_ati seem to have better designed gpus, but yeah, the drivers07:12
tuxmaster1988<<<still needs a good soundcard07:13
Daisuke_Idotuxmaster1988: as for you - ati's releasing all of their reference specs to the open source community.  by this time next year, if not earlier, the drivers for ati cards in linux will wipe the floor with nvidia (and that really hurts to say, i've been an nvidia fan since the gf2 line)07:13
tuxmaster1988noooooooo NEVER07:13
emuseDaisuke_Ido: sorry,i am new to irc.now i get it.07:14
tuxmaster1988over my dead body07:14
Daisuke_Idoemuse: no problems, just makes it easier to see messages07:14
tuxmaster1988<<<has a ati 9600 and it runs like crud in linux07:14
Daisuke_Idotuxmaster1988: it runs like crud *right now*07:14
wilson_i dunno the HT Omega STRIKER 7.1 DTS looks ok but I have no idea if it's supported in linux07:14
Daisuke_Idogive it time :)07:14
tuxmaster1988i love my nvidia 550007:14
tuxmaster1988audigy 4 is iffy i think07:14
Daisuke_Ido7600gs :D07:14
tuxmaster1988but i dont no what works better07:15
Daisuke_Idoand do NOT go with an xfi07:15
tuxmaster1988i know lol07:15
Daisuke_Idowhich is a shame07:15
tuxmaster1988linux + bleeding edge hardware = DEATH07:15
tuxmaster1988is the audigy se anygood?07:16
Daisuke_Idotuxmaster1988: again, that's a right now thing.  with ubuntu gaining market share, and one of the largest pc retailers supporting it, you're starting to see vendors take more interest in making sure their hardware works right in linux.  ati's a good first example of that07:16
tuxmaster1988<<<wants to be in kubuntu, but soundcard is being finicky, and i noticed that most of my games dont work in ubuntu so i just dont know at this point07:17
tuxmaster1988in 7.04 everything was great07:18
tuxmaster19887.10 is well, um.......ew07:18
Daisuke_Idoit's new07:18
tuxmaster1988kubuntu 7.04 works with my audigy 507:18
Daisuke_Idothen there's no reason 7.10 shouldn't...  i would recommend enabling the backport and proposed repositories, see what comes of that07:18
wilson_C-media CMI 8788 based cards seem ok07:20
tuxmaster1988hardware mixing?07:20
wilson_there's that thing http://www.auzentech.com/site/products/x-meridian.php07:20
wilson_it won't have the dolby support under linux though07:20
tuxmaster1988dang 70 proposed updates07:21
tuxmaster1988<<<gets a reinstalled disc ready07:21
tuxmaster1988<<<salutes his pc one last time and tells backports to do their stuff (hopefully)07:22
Daisuke_Idotuxmaster1988: may want to check to see if there's an updated kmix in that bunch07:23
tuxmaster1988<<<in ubuntu07:23
tuxmaster1988<<<<still deciding between  mandriva and kubuntu or mayby mepis......i hate the fact theirs a million distros07:23
tuxmaster1988I love at least 10 distros07:23
tuxmaster1988its like picky puppys07:24
tuxmaster1988<<<likes mepis it uses the debian repos... but then mandriva is really solid, but kubuntu is improved debian! errr confusing...07:24
emusetuxmaster1988: i use the kubuntu,it work perfect. so it is enough07:26
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install avant window manager07:32
Daisuke_Idolast i knew, you don't, there are major incompatibilities07:33
eagles0513875how do i fix this07:38
eagles0513875Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch07:38
eagles0513875Reading package lists... Done07:38
eagles0513875E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.07:38
nathanjust wondering why i get "Is LFS currently installed on your hard drive" when i created a submenu / item to load Live for speed(LFS)07:38
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri installed awn but it wont startup07:43
emuseAT0M1CB0MB3R: is there a package called awn,i can't find it in apt-get07:46
AT0M1CB0MB3Remuse: wha?07:46
lespeawtf is awn?07:47
waylandbillAT0M1CB0MB3R: what is awn and where did you get it?07:47
x4245can anyone tell me a smb client, konqueror cant upload files to the share07:48
waylandbillx4245: you can try smb4k07:48
x4245i did07:48
x4245didnt work07:48
=== drag0 is now known as drag0__
x4245i need to upload files to a smb share , share is from a windows machine07:48
AT0M1CB0MB3Rwaylandbill: its avant window navigator07:48
=== drag0__ is now known as drag0
=== ubuntu is now known as ubuntu_
waylandbillx4245: can it be that you don't have write permission?07:51
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i make my icons bigger07:51
lespeax4245: what exactly is the error you're getting?07:51
x4245waylandbill: i have write permissions on the share, when i open the share, it asks for password, i give it and it allows me connection, i can download anything from the share into me hdd, but whenever i create a new folder or copy a file into the share, konqueror tells me that it cant create it. but i can do it fine under a vm.07:52
x4245i have a xp based vm installed, with it i can create any folder into share07:53
AT0M1CB0MB3Rdang vm is to scary for me :[07:53
x4245there are many packages in the repos for smb07:54
x4245is there anyone that can upload files perfectly07:55
AT0M1CB0MB3Rso nobody can help me with making my icons bigger07:55
eagles0513875x4245: i have yet to try my friend has a windows ftp server07:55
eagles0513875i could try right now07:55
mataharii have absolutely no sound in gutsy - using an intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) sound controller....07:56
mataharii already activated the backports and install linux-backports-modules - but still no effort07:56
eagles0513875x4245: his server is down am i have no way of trying anything07:56
x4245eagles0513875: all right07:56
x4245eagles0513875: can u recommend any package from ubuntu repos for me , or from anywhere else?07:57
eagles0513875x4245: is this ur own personal windows  server07:57
eagles0513875x4245: the only thing i can think of is using samba07:58
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT07:58
x4245eagles0513875: as a client?07:59
eagles0513875x4245: u want read write access on a windows machine right07:59
x4245eagles0513875: i aleady have write access, i just cant write into it using konqueror07:59
x4245eagles0513875: also tried smb4k, it didnt work either08:00
eagles0513875x4245: on ur linux box can u see ur windows partition08:00
eagles0513875x4245: can u see the partition u wanna copy stuff 208:00
x4245eagles0513875: yes08:00
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about ntfs3g - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:00
eagles0513875u need to download ntfs3g08:00
x4245eagles0513875: the server ison a different pc08:01
x4245eagles0513875: not my own08:01
eagles0513875x4245: u cant use ntfs3g for different computers08:01
socketbindhi, i have a lock and web browser button on my notebook and i cant make it work : \08:01
x4245eagles0513875: i know, thats why i m asking how can i upload files into my server share, as konqueror does not create folders or copy files into the share08:02
socketbindbut the strange thing is that the mapping is properly set up08:02
raylucan anyone tell me what I need to do to get wireless working on a Acer Aspire 5670? Searching the forums gives me varied results and I haven't even confirmed the chipset yet08:02
eagles0513875raylu: what kinda card08:02
raylux4245, is your "server share" ftp or nfs or...what?08:02
raylueagles0513875, that's what I'm wondering :(08:02
x4245raylu: smb, i.e, windows share08:02
eagles0513875raylu: ur running linux on there right08:03
raylux4245, is the samba host a linux or win box?08:03
x4245raylu: win box08:03
eagles0513875raylu: the open up the command line08:03
x4245raylu: it is using windows's own sharing, i donot have a samba server instaled on it.08:03
raylux4245, i'm guessing you have the share mounted and you're accessing it in konq?08:04
raylueagles0513875, yes?08:04
eagles0513875raylu: then type in lspci it should bring a list of all ur devices and somewhere in there should be ur wifi08:04
x4245raylu: i dont have it mounted per se, i just point konqueror to goto smb://my_machine/08:04
x4245raylu: it can access the share that way.08:05
rayluoh. is this gusty?08:05
raylueagles0513875, ah, right; thanks08:05
socketbindi have successfully mapped my web button keycode to XF86WWW but it never opens a browser window, is there any way to fix it?08:06
rayluintel pro/wireless 3945/abg08:06
nathanim using aMSN and all my contacts text's are blurry / unreadable, how to fix?08:06
=== lander is now known as lg188
raylux4245, the feisty ioslave for smb was kinda messed up; is mounting it an option?08:06
x4245raylu: ill check08:07
lg188hello evrybody08:07
socketbindraylu: both 3965 and 4965 intel wireless works perfectly on my notebooks08:07
raylu=\ by "an option," i mean will you do it?08:07
raylusocketbind, it doesn't even detect it as a device08:07
socketbindraylu: it doesnt need any configuration just works for me08:07
eagles0513875raylu: sry bout that my  java ide hung on me what was the last thing u said08:07
socketbindraylu, is this a clean gutsy install?08:08
raylu<raylu> eagles0513875, ah, right; thanks08:08
raylusocketbind, still livecd, actually08:08
eagles0513875raylu: what kinda card is urs out of curiosity08:08
socketbindraylu, well thats all i can say, it is strange because i have a notebook with 4965 and an other one with 3965 and it works perfectly with gutsy08:08
eagles0513875raylu: and once u get it installed a dialogue should pop up allowing u to enable any restricted drivers08:09
eagles0513875tahts what it did for me and i got my wifi and open gl working out of the box just about08:09
socketbindnope, iwlwifi is not a restricted driver08:09
socketbindand it wont cause the restricted driver manager to pop up08:09
x4245thanks guys08:09
x4245it worked now, looks like i didnt have smbfs installed08:10
x4245i installed it and now konqueror works fine.08:10
eagles0513875x4245: what u have to do to fix it08:10
eagles0513875raylu: u didnt get a box allowing u to enable restricted drivers08:10
x4245didnt know that smbfs was needed for file uploading08:10
socketbindraylu: yeah thats the new wifi driver for these wifi cards with intel chipset, specifically 3965 and 496508:11
raylueagles0513875, haven't installed it yet; i want to make sure wireless works08:11
raylusocketbind, er...what's the package name?08:11
eagles0513875raylu: i think the only way thats goign to happen is if u try08:11
raylueagles0513875, er...no08:11
socketbindraylu, it is part of the kernel08:11
lg188waltzing is a 3 days away sombody knows a reason for it ?08:11
socketbindshipped by default08:11
eagles0513875raylu: lol wait im an idiot forgot u can try live cd08:11
eagles0513875lg188: ?08:12
socketbindcheck your dmesg08:12
socketbindmine reads as:08:12
socketbind[   35.264000] iwl4965: Detected Intel Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN08:12
eagles0513875alot of the intel stuff works out of the box08:12
eagles0513875mine on the other hand lol08:12
socketbindyeah, and so should work raylu's work too08:12
rayludmesg | grep wire said that08:13
rayluthe radio kill switch was on =\08:13
raylu"Kill switch must be off for wireless to work"08:13
rayluso...i turned the wireless switch on...and...yeah...I feel like a moron now08:13
socketbindyeah, and do you have a hardware wireless switch?08:13
socketbind: )))08:13
socketbindahem well glad it turned out well08:14
socketbindnow can anybody answer why kmilo doesn't handle the XF86WWW altogether?08:15
socketbindi got my web button mapped to XF86WWW and it doesnt open even a darned web browser window :\08:15
socketbindxev says that it is recognized as XF86WWW08:15
lg188eagles0513875 he is for 3 days nothing to say that i know sow....08:15
socketbindjudging my kmilo source it gets handled by the generic plugin but why it doesnt work at all?08:16
socketbindi'm starting to lose my sanity with this thing08:17
rayluiirc, there is a khotkeys or something similar08:17
mataharican it be, that kubuntu changed something in my BIOS config?08:18
rayluthat was definitely not the right window08:18
socketbindvolume controls are even better they set the bad channel08:18
raylusocketbind, change your master channel?08:18
x4245hey, anyone know a good streaming server for linux08:19
socketbindchanged, he insists that he must change the "Headphone" channel even after setting master to "Front"08:19
socketbindwhat do you want to stream and through which protocol?08:20
x4245socketbind: udp if possible08:20
x4245socketbind: but tcp if nothing else08:20
rayluso...what do you want to stream?08:20
x4245socketbind: there are many, as i have only been using the streaming server that comes with windows servers08:20
socketbindim not too experienced about that : \ do those thing use the mms protocol?08:21
x4245raylu: files, videos, though, its only for my LAN, so bandwidth is not an issue08:21
rayluo.0 streaming files08:21
lg188wat are jour comments for games ?08:21
socketbindah nope08:21
rayluwhen the gusty installer partitioner tells you it's going to resize a partition in guided mode08:22
rayluis that the size of the old one or of the new one?08:22
socketbinddont you mean a upnp media server x4245?08:22
socketbindlike windows media  connect is?08:22
raylux4245, for video, i used lanovision, but it's a windows thing. then again, it was coded in python...08:22
Repsa_Jihlg188: There are a few good games these days, but it's a little hard to find them08:22
rayluthere's also vls, the vlc server08:22
eagles0513875raylu: if its python it should work08:22
eagles0513875here i dont seey why it shouldnt08:22
lg188Repsa_Jih and wich are they08:22
eagles0513875i really need a dev machine08:23
x4245ok, ill check out lanovision08:23
rayluyou can still code python to work only in windows, though i see no reason why that'd be08:23
x4245problem is that most of my network pc's use windows08:23
rayluthat's not a problem :D well, if you use lanovision, that is08:23
socketbindx4245, what was the name of the stuff you used on windows?08:23
x4245socketbind: its the windows media server, the one that comes with windows 2003 server08:24
Repsa_Jihlg188: see private chat08:24
socketbindi dont think that you need vls or darwin for that08:24
lg188Repsa_Jih kk08:24
socketbindyou need a upnp media server08:24
x4245socketbind: where can i get it?08:24
socketbindthere are multiple implementations and the free ones are pretty bad08:24
rayluwhen the gusty installer partitioner tells you it's going to resize a partition in guided mode08:24
rayluis that the size of the old one or of the new one?08:24
socketbindthere is gmediaserver for instance x424508:25
x4245raylu: i think its the old one08:25
x4245socketbind: ok, ill check it out.08:25
socketbindbut it didnt worked for me with windows media player 1108:25
mataharicould it be, that kubuntu changed something in my BIOS config?08:25
socketbindmatahari: i dont think so08:26
socketbindi could hardly imagine that08:26
mataharisocketbind: it's because my sound here workes out of the box08:26
socketbindand why it would change the bios for that?08:26
x4245socketbind: is there a package for it?08:26
socketbindlinux has many nice drivers so many cards work out of the box08:26
socketbindthere should be08:27
mataharisocketbind: then i used qemu and wanted to emulate a soundcard - and then sound stopped working. now i did a fresh install and sound still doesn't work...08:27
socketbindwell thats pretty bad : \ i dunno08:27
socketbindx4245, personally i use twonkymedia because it worked with windows media player and with the htpc08:27
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install new firefox?08:27
socketbindbut it costs money08:27
socketbindbut apart from that it works very good08:28
socketbindi can access all my movies, pictures on my local net08:28
x4245socketbind: ok, about lanovision, its not for linux?08:28
socketbindit seems so08:29
x4245socketbind: i found flumotion server on the buntu repos, is it good?08:30
x4245socketbind: coz it never worked for me before08:30
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i install new firefox?08:30
rayluAT0M1CB0MB3R, what's the latest version in the repos?08:31
x4245AT0M1CB0MB3R: use the repos08:31
socketbindx4245, well i dont see what does it stream and through what08:31
x4245socketbind: its the only streaming server i could find on the repos08:32
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: just do this in the command line sudo apt-get install firefox08:32
socketbindx4245, how do you want to access your media? for instance i use windows media player 11, yahoo music jukebox as the clients for music08:32
mataharisocketbind: do you know somebody who can help me?08:32
socketbindmatahari: not really : \ but keep asking later maybe some experts arrive :)08:33
socketbindx4245, and for movies tvedia or the htpc08:33
rayluhelp with what?08:33
socketbindhope, it gets fixed08:33
AT0M1CB0MB3Rits not the newest version in repos socketbind08:33
AT0M1CB0MB3Rits not the newest version in repos eagles051387508:34
rayluAT0M1CB0MB3R, if it's not, try backports08:34
socketbindmatahari is having some problems with the soundcard08:34
AT0M1CB0MB3Rno clue what that is08:34
rayluubuntuforums.org, search :D08:34
AT0M1CB0MB3Rim not bout to do that08:34
socketbindx4245, and for my pics or movies i use tvedia or media center in windows08:35
socketbindthey all automatically detect the media08:35
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: whats in the repos08:35
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: mozilla08:35
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: im saying version08:36
pabligenoany can helpme?08:36
eagles0513875!ask | pabligeno08:36
ubotupabligeno: Don't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)08:36
pabligenoi can install dynamips08:36
pabligenoand im download rpm packet08:36
pabligenouse alien to move a deb08:36
eagles0513875pabligeno: thats what u have to do08:36
pabligenoim installing use08:36
pabligenodpkg -i packet.deb08:37
pabligenoand when i have run08:37
pabligenoi have a error08:37
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: ur wanting firefox right08:37
eagles0513875pabligeno: dont post it here08:37
eagles0513875!pastbin | pabligeno08:37
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi08:37
eagles0513875!pastebin | pabligeno08:37
ubotupabligeno: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)08:37
pabligenohere have my pastebin :P08:37
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: yeah08:37
pabligenolook please08:37
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: the latest in the repo is
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: yeah but the latest is
x4245socketbind: well, the client should be windows media player if possible, but an external client will work also08:38
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: u have to download it from the site08:38
eagles0513875x4245: dont mention winblows in here08:38
eagles0513875unless u really need to08:39
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: i did that but i dont know how to install it like that08:39
pabligenoubotu: can you see my error?08:39
socketbindx4245, the you need a upnp media server with DLNA support08:39
eagles0513875pabligeno: ubotu is a bot08:39
icecruncherpabligeno: install libpcap08:39
socketbindto be honest, the ones avaiable on linux are NOCTURNAL08:39
x4245socketbind: i dont need a upnp server, my clients will only be pc's , not devices.08:39
eagles0513875pabligeno: i have never used that before08:39
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: is it an rpm or what08:40
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: no its tar.gz08:40
eagles0513875pabligeno: i have never used what ur talking about so i have no idea08:40
socketbindx4245, upnp is not just for devices, wmp uses upnp too08:40
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: extract it first08:40
eagles0513875ok now whats the format of the pkg08:40
pabligenothe question is08:40
pabligenohow to install libpcap.so.0.9.4 in my system?08:40
AT0M1CB0MB3Rwhat one is the install one?08:41
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: is it a deb or rpm08:41
icecruncherpabligeno: open adpet manager and search it08:41
AT0M1CB0MB3Rill check08:41
eagles0513875pabligeno: check repos08:41
pabligenoi dont find there08:41
x4245socketbind: all right08:41
icecruncherpabligeno: just the "libpcap"08:41
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: let me download it08:41
x4245socketbind: so is there any , how bout darwin server from apple08:41
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: might as well upgrade it while im helping u08:42
pabligenothe packet +++08:42
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: true08:42
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: its goign to take a m in08:42
icecruncherpabligeno: try just searching pcap it's there somewhere08:43
eagles0513875i hate my cable internet provider08:43
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: i need the newest because i cant do my homeowork on older version :[08:43
pabligenodont find :(08:43
pabligenoi need install this library08:44
pabligenoim find08:44
pabligenobut only rpm08:44
pabligenoand alien tell me a error08:44
AT0M1CB0MB3Rpabligeno: what language do you speak?08:44
pabligenosorry by my english08:44
AT0M1CB0MB3R!es | pabligeno08:44
ubotupabligeno: Si busca ayuda en Español por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es, #kubuntu-es o #edubuntu-es, allí obtendrá mas ayuda.08:44
icecruncherpabligeno: just a sec08:44
pabligenono many people there08:45
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: what kinda hw08:45
pabligenothis is discrimination :P08:45
AT0M1CB0MB3Rmath science bunch of junk08:45
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri need it to be done by tomorrow08:45
eagles0513875pabligeno: no its not08:45
AT0M1CB0MB3Rand im sleepy08:45
Q-collectivepabligeno: or you could just talk in english :p08:45
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: :( iill try do my best to get u up and running with it asap08:45
eagles0513875Q-collective: im guessing ur a star trek fan08:45
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: thanks08:46
Q-collectiveI was, but yeah, sticked with the nick08:46
pabligenoi try08:46
icecruncherpabligeno: it's there called "libpcap"08:46
pabligenosorry my english is very pioor08:46
nathanany recommendations on kubuntu download accelerator ?08:46
pabligenoim searching by apt08:46
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: btw how do i uninstall wine?08:46
pabligenoim use the command apt-cache search asdasd08:47
x4245does anyone know how can i remove the samba server name after it is installed08:47
icecruncherpabligeno: and try the backports for the newest version08:47
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: do u know how to compile from source08:47
pabligenowhat is backports?08:47
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: firefox?08:47
Q-collectivenathan: download accelerator? do those even exist in linuxland?08:47
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: for me easiest way is to go into adept manager and search for it08:47
x4245once samba is installed , when i access the server in windows, it shows on the title bar (samba server v.xxx)08:47
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: anyting from source cuz im thinking thats what u gotta do with firefox08:47
x4245how can i remove it08:47
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: no i dont :[08:48
pabligenoicecruncher: look this please08:48
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: actually u dont need to compile it from source08:48
nathanyeah, axel, wxdownload etc etc, but i want to get opinions on which one i should get -_-08:48
Q-collectiveI just use wget and kget08:48
nathanok ima try axel DA08:48
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: so what do i do08:48
pabligenolook this please08:48
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: :( this is actually not goign to be easy08:49
pabligenoi need help08:49
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: im not a total newbie08:49
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: i have never installed the latest version of ff from download before08:49
Q-collectivewhy not just install firefox with apt-get?08:50
mataharisound worked out of the box in gutsy. then i used qemu and wanted to emulate a soundcard - and then sound stopped working. now i did a fresh install and sound still doesn't work... can somebody help me please?08:50
zumpHi. The network settings module in kubuntu really SUCKS ASS. is there any viable replacement?08:50
eagles0513875Q-collective: AT0M1CB0MB3R needs the latest version08:50
Q-collectivematahari: did you unmute the channels in alsamixer?08:51
pabligenoi have a rrer whit alien08:51
Q-collectiveeagles0513875: which one? version 2.x or 3.x?08:51
icecruncherpabligeno: they are only warnings. should still work08:51
matahariQ-collective: yes08:52
eagles05138752.0.0.9 from the firefox website08:52
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: well, it should come up fast enough in apt-get, why do the hassle of compiling by hand?08:52
eagles0513875Q-collective: tried to compile it its not source08:53
Q-collectivematahari: well, I too don't have a working sound on my laptop, so I guess I'm not a big help for you ;)08:54
AT0M1CB0MB3Romg i just want to do my homework08:54
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: why do you need .9? why not just use .8?08:54
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: what about 9 cant u do in 808:54
AT0M1CB0MB3Rill try reinstall it08:54
AT0M1CB0MB3Reagles0513875: how do i delete all the config files for firefox?08:55
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: in the command line do sudo rm -rf .firefox08:55
Q-collectiverm -rf ~/.mozilla08:55
eagles0513875Q-collective: why do iget these msgs08:55
eagles0513875Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/gutsy-updates/main/source/Sources.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch08:55
eagles0513875Reading package lists... Done08:55
eagles0513875E: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.08:55
Q-collectivemirror down?08:56
Q-collectiveeagles0513875: you don't need sudo to rm your own files btw08:57
eagles0513875Q-collective: dont u need that if they r locked08:57
Q-collectivelocked? you should have full permissions over them08:58
eagles0513875Q-collective: lets say an app has them locked09:02
eagles0513875and u wanna remove the config for the app that has them locked dont u need to sudo09:02
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri cant even do my homeowrk on linux09:03
Q-collectiveI don't know any applications that change permissions on config files09:03
AT0M1CB0MB3Rgosh i hate this09:03
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: so, what do you need to do?09:03
AT0M1CB0MB3Rno clue09:03
Q-collectiveand why not use an alternative browser, like konqueror?09:03
AT0M1CB0MB3Rit says i need internet explorer or netscape09:03
Q-collectivebad site09:04
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbut firefox used to work before09:04
Q-collectivewell, back to square one: what exactly is the problem?09:04
AT0M1CB0MB3Rno clue09:05
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri cant login09:05
AT0M1CB0MB3Rit says i dont meeet system requirements09:05
Q-collectiveon the specific website?09:05
AT0M1CB0MB3Rits my homework website09:05
Q-collectiveI see09:05
Q-collectivewhat firefox version do you have currently installed?09:06
AT0M1CB0MB3Rfrom repos09:06
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri dont get it09:07
Q-collectivewhat is the url to the website?09:07
AT0M1CB0MB3Rit used to work before09:07
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbut now it doesnt09:07
AT0M1CB0MB3RQ-collective: i cant tell you because you cant login and it only says i need to download netscape and that when i login and im not giving you my passwor09:07
Q-collectiveI want to see if I get the same error09:08
Q-collectiveif so, tsomething has changed serverside09:08
Q-collectiveand you need to complain to the server admin09:08
AT0M1CB0MB3RQ-collective: i cant tell you the password or username09:08
Q-collectivedo you get the error *after* trying to login then?09:09
tuxwulfHello... Does anybody know a good alternative to tvtme ...?09:09
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: well, there still is ie4linux...09:09
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbut in konqueror it shows tha i dont have system requirments right away09:09
Q-collectiveurl? :)09:09
=== [Gunirus] is now known as Gunirus
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbut anyways09:10
AT0M1CB0MB3Rit works on firefox on my dads computer (win xp)09:10
Q-collectivesame version?09:10
eagles0513875AT0M1CB0MB3R: anything will work on a windows xp comp09:10
eagles0513875or at least just about09:10
AT0M1CB0MB3Rthen why is there linux09:11
Q-collectivehe's talking about firefox09:11
AT0M1CB0MB3Ryes same version09:11
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: well, I guess you should ask in #firefox then09:12
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:13
Q-collectivetuxwulf: what exactly is tvtme?09:14
AT0M1CB0MB3Rim going to quit09:15
AT0M1CB0MB3Rim so tired09:15
tuxwulfQ: I have a tv card in my pc, tvtime is a program that can show me tv with it09:15
AT0M1CB0MB3Rbut i bet when i get in bed09:15
AT0M1CB0MB3Ri wont even be tire09:15
tuxwulfbut tvtime does nto seem to work very well09:16
mohiicewaterman: hi... can you remember me? 3 days ago... about GPRS and konqueror?09:16
Q-collectiveAT0M1CB0MB3R: so, I guess that leaves ie4linux for you then09:16
AT0M1CB0MB3Rwhat ie4linux09:16
Q-collectivegoogle it09:16
Q-collectiveor you could even try netscape (even though it is exactly the same engine as firefox's, lol)09:17
Q-collectivetuxwulf: well, I'm not very familiar on tvcard territory, sorry09:17
xipietotecwhere does kde keep the rc for arts in kubuntu?09:17
tuxwulfQ: is ok, thanks09:22
MinnozzHi, my internet is acting weird for a few weeks now. I want to check all settings / diagnostic tools that are involved with internet / network, can someone help me?09:24
wilson_Minnozz: that's a few broad question09:25
MinnozzYes I know, but it's driving me crazy so I want to fix it for once and for all09:26
=== michael_ is now known as Michael071
RurouniJonesMinnozz: First off you need to specify "Weird"09:29
RurouniJonesConnection dropping randomly? Long load times? network card glowing whenever the moon is blue?09:30
jxxtthats weird09:30
MinnozzRurouniJones: Well, when my PC is on for a few hours (this varies a lot), everything turns very slow (pinging a server takes about 1 second, every try, opening a webpage takes 30 seconds, uploading downloading is very slow), and when I reboot, it is fast again09:31
Minnozz*uploading and downloading09:32
RurouniJonesDoes the entire computer slow down?09:32
RurouniJonesi.e. windows move slowly, mouse pointer moves slowly etc.09:33
MinnozzNo, that just stays quick09:33
jxxtMinnoz, I have a acer with a shared memory graphics card that is doing the same   the tech told me to keep the thing for parts :(09:33
AT0M1CB0MB3Rhow do i make my icons bigger09:34
Minnozzjxxt: The thing is that my PC is only a year old, and I never had the problem before a clean install09:36
MinnozzSo I'm pretty sure that there is a problem with the settings09:36
jxxtMinnoz, Mine is two and a laptop.. I was told that acer are not good on reliable09:37
wilson_what kind of internet connection do you have ?09:37
wilson_does power cycling the modem/router fix the problem ? might not even be the pc that's the problem09:37
Minnozzwilson_: The internet connection is 4096 (down) / 256 (up)09:38
wilson_oh, i see when u reboot its fixed, nevermind09:38
wilson_so are you doing anything in particular when it stuff up ?09:38
wilson_bittorrent ?09:39
wilson_is this wirelessly ?09:40
Minnozzwilson_: KTorrent definatly seems to speed the 'slowdown' up, but after I shut it down it stays slow09:40
MinnozzNo it is wired09:40
=== anonymous_ is now known as sup3rw0p
wilson_hrm, what nic is on that thing ?09:41
wilson_realtek ? intel ?09:41
voicuis there a way to avoid activating windows when clicking on them? there is the setting for not raising them but not for not activating09:41
wilson_marvell ?09:41
Minnozzwilson_: The ASUS site says it's Marvell09:43
wilson_once it's slowed down you can do stuff like checking netstat or iptraf to see if something is using the connection09:44
=== kde-devel is now known as luca_b
wilson_you can see if taking the interface down with ifconfig and then bringing it back up again fixes it09:44
wilson_i dunno, its weird09:44
MinnozzI tried that, that didn't work09:44
wilson_might be a bug in the ethernet driver09:44
contrast83voicu: Not that I'm aware of. Enlightenment has that feature though.09:45
wilson_is anything happening it /var/log/syslog when it happens ?09:45
voicuyeah, ok09:45
contrast83voicu: You just want to focus the window without raising it?09:46
voicuno, i want to be able to click stuff without changing the focused window09:47
contrast83Hmm... I don't know if that's even possible. Is there another WM that does that?09:48
voicui don't know, i only tried gnome and xfce for a little09:48
voicudo widgets need to have their parent window active while doing actions?09:49
voicuif not, it would be an interesting option to have09:49
contrast83I would imagine so.09:49
contrast83You might check out Flux/Openbox, PekWM, Afterstep... There's at least a dozen WM's in the repos. Not sure if any have that feature though.09:50
rand_acsvoicu: you're talking about Qt?09:51
voicuyeah, i think. i'm don't know how kde works internally, but it doesn't seem such a big problem not to activate windows and still be able to click controls in them09:52
voicuor maybe it is...09:52
rand_acsa parent have to be "active" as in initialized, but I don't think it needs to be visible, have not tested this09:52
voicucontrast83: ok, i'll try09:53
voicurand_acs: so it has to have focus?09:53
rand_acsone reason for the parent is that the parent does cleanup after it's children09:53
contrast83voicu: I wouldn't say this is conclusive, but I noticed when a window's not focused, the focus rectangle around its last clicked button goes away.09:54
rand_acsvoicu: that's the thing, I don't think it has to have focus or be visible for that matter, but I can't think of a example now09:54
Minnozzwilson_: I checked that, but iirc there's nothing interesting there09:55
voicuok then, maybe i'll ask on #kde or something09:55
rand_acswhat do you want to do?09:55
contrast83rand_acs: he wants to be able to click something in a window without focusing it.09:56
voicuyeah, so i can still work in another window09:56
voicuor it could be something like click->activate->pass click->change focus back09:57
rand_acsi see09:57
contrast83voicu: I know this isn't the same thing, but have you tried sloppy focus?09:57
rand_acsbut the parent thing doesn't help you there09:57
voicuyou mean focus under mouse?09:57
rand_acsyou'll have to look into focus and mouse events09:57
voicuyeah, but usually i don't see the window i want to remain focused, that's why i need this option09:58
rand_acsbtw, will this all be in one app?09:58
voicurand_acs: i'm not trying to make an app that doesn't need focus. i want to be able to have that option in the kde enviroment09:59
rand_acsvoicu: oh I see what you're getting at10:00
nathanahhh good old rain, pouring down and our roof (light socket) has water coming through it... sounds healthy10:00
tuxwulfOn Kubuntu, how do "unpack" an RPM?10:00
contrast83tuxwulf: you just want to see its contents, or install it?10:01
voicutuxwulf: use alien10:01
tuxwulfContrast : Actually I just want to get 1 pic out of it to install as my background10:02
contrast83can't Ark open RPM's?10:02
voicuyeah, you can use ark10:02
ubotuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs10:02
lg188assultcube can not run10:03
maverickDoes anyone here has problem with kmix master channel in kmix?!!10:03
voicutuxwulf: try right clicking it and extract or open it with ark10:03
contrast83Hmm, maybe not. Ark's not listed as an app for RPM's in Konqueror's file associations.10:03
contrast83maverick: Ellaborate?10:04
tuxwulfvoicu/contrast > ark : "not a suported archive format"10:04
voicucontrast83: does ark open .debs?10:04
contrast83It can, yeah.10:05
voicuhe could use alien to make it a deb and then extract it10:05
maverickcontrast83: i'm uding GUTSY i can't adjust the volume from the master slide bar...i can only adjust it from the PCM..which in turn doesn't allow me to use my laptop volume hotkeys10:05
contrast83Convert it to a deb and then open with ark10:05
tuxwulfA while ago I did see sth about rpms on debian10:05
eagles0513875im having issues with frostwire10:05
eagles0513875can anyone help me it starts to load then quits10:05
voicutuxwulf: alien -d blabla.rpm10:05
tuxwulfvocu > That's the next step..10:05
contrast83maverick: Did you try changing the master channel?10:05
level1__my friend has a broadcom BCM4311... I'm reluctant to to enable the firmware if it might change/break his wireless card, so can someone help me understand exactly how this card works?10:06
lg188repsa_jih i played to long westnoth its a good game10:06
eagles0513875level1__: i have a bcm4306 i enabled it and it works10:06
contrast83!patience | maverick10:06
ubotumaverick: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines10:06
maverickcontrast83: how ?!10:06
contrast83Right-click KMix in the system tray -> Select Master Channel10:07
level1__eagles0513875: did you just creck the button in restricted-drivers-manager or did you have to do anything else?10:07
maverickcontrast83: sorry, i disconnected and i thought u didn't recieve a reply...10:07
TimSI adept on gutsy, there isnt a pre-release updates option, what has it been renamed to?10:07
eagles0513875level1__: when i first logged into gutsy a box popped up and asked me what restricted drivers i wanted to enable and i enabled them restarte my machine and they worked10:08
voicutims: adept_manager10:08
eagles0513875that also besides wifi included open gl for my ati card10:08
maverickcontrast83:  No Luck!10:08
TimSvoicu: In the repositiories option box there isnt a tick box for pre-release updates, only unsupported and a few others like suggested, what has the pre-release option been renamed to10:09
level1__eagles0513875: okay, that sounds cool, if ubuntu intends to flash the firmware, I'm reluctant, but it sounds pretty simple.10:09
contrast83maverick: what'd you change it to? try setting it to PCM10:09
maverickcontrast83: i select the channel to be PCM and this makes the mute button work...but not the volume ones10:09
TimSI eant to make sure I dont accidentaly autoupgrade to the next release10:09
eagles0513875level1__: i didnt have to flash anything10:09
contrast83maverick: weird. not sure, sorry. :-\10:09
maverickcontrast83: thanks10:09
landleyWhat's wrong with knetworkmanager in 7.10?10:09
landleyIt says I have no active network interface.10:10
landleyI opened a root konsole, did iwlist and iwconfig and dhclient to bring the interface up by hand.10:10
landleyThat works fine, but knetworkmanager still says it doesn't exit.10:10
landleyAnd Konqueror agrees with it!10:10
|Cugel|landley: I have the exact same problem.10:10
contrast83landley: you have to edit your /etc/network/interfaces now... or you can just uninstall networkmanager and use kwifimanager instead (which is what i'm doing).10:10
|Cugel|Perfect network, yet knetworkmanager insists there's nothing.10:11
landleyIt worked fine in 7.04...10:11
contrast83yeah, same here.10:11
|Cugel|And I don't have wifi, but no way it lets me set up vpn.10:11
mavericklandley: try sudo /etc/init.d/dbus restart10:11
landleyWhat the heck does dbus have to do with the network interfaces in the system?10:11
landleySigh, why did they insert a single point of failure?10:11
landleyThis was working...10:11
contrast83maverick: that's for when the connection goes out, i think. not when it's permanently not showing up at all.10:11
landleyWhy did I upgrade a working system?10:12
voicutims: you want to upgrade to gutsy?10:12
landleyLured into a false sense of security...10:12
maverickcontrast83: well i did have your problem when i first installed and this worked10:12
contrast83landley: it's not a hard fix at all.10:12
TimSNo, I am on gutsy on one PC and dont want to update to the next release but theres no option like pre-release10:12
contrast83landley: pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces10:12
lg188how to instal libSDL 1.2, ?10:12
contrast83TimS: I don't think Adept will automatically go to a new release. Don't you have to click the Version Upgrade button when it shows up?10:13
contrast83lg188: Are you compiling something?10:13
eagles0513875is anyone having issues with frost wire10:13
lg188contrast83 no a game needs it and i dont have it10:13
contrast83lg188: sudo apt-get install libsdl1.210:14
contrast83lg188: what game?10:14
lg188contrast83 assult cube10:14
lg188contrast83 : the command says : there ar no canidats to instal it10:15
tuxwulfvoicu > That worked! Thanks!10:15
contrast83lg188: erm... pastebin your sources.list?10:16
lg188source ?10:17
dragonrider8bonjour , connaissez vous un moyen d'installer kubuntu sans CD-ROM , sans boot sur clef USB ?10:17
lg188!fr |dragonrider810:17
ubotudragonrider8: Allez a #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr pour de l'aide et de la discussion en francais.10:17
dragonrider8j'ai mon lecteur qui est mort sur mon portable10:18
contrast83lg188: /etc/apt/sources.list10:18
dragonrider8oups sorry10:18
lg188contrast83 kk10:18
dragonrider8well , is there a possibility to install kubuntu with a computer without CD-rom ?10:19
ubotuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate10:19
nathan1111gawd i hate aus internet.. capped 6KB/s for a whole week, this sucks10:19
lg188contrast83 http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43103/10:19
wilson_hehe im with tpg too10:20
contrast83lg188: you're using dapper?10:20
lg188contrast83 yes10:20
nathan1111yah i just got capped right now damn tpg10:20
contrast83just making sure. :-)10:20
lg188contrast83 np10:20
eagles0513875r there any java based dhcp servers or dns servers10:21
ubotuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/ubuntu/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning10:21
wilson_eagles0513875 you are nuts lol10:21
eagles0513875wilson_: im jw cuz i found a java os for embedded divices10:21
vzduchJava-based servers? o010:21
eagles0513875vzduch: ya lol10:21
wilson_java daemonz10:22
eagles0513875im trying to take that embedded java os and convert it into a server os and maybe a fully fledged desktop environment10:22
eagles0513875wilson_: ?10:22
eagles0513875i know u guys think im nuts but hey u never know i might become the next bill gates wiht it lol10:24
contrast83lg188: sudo apt-get install libsdl1.2debian-alsa10:24
lg188contrast83 kk bussy wioth it10:25
lg188contrast83 any idea tot start that game ?10:25
contrast83lg188: Gutsy has *logs* of games in the repos. ;-)10:26
contrast83lg188: it's installed now?10:26
lg188contrast83 yes10:26
contrast83lg188: If it's not showing up in K Menu, Alt+F2 -> assaultcube10:26
lg188cant exucurt it10:27
eagles0513875j/w has anyone else noticed that when u cut something from one location then paste it in another it doesnt disappear from the original location10:28
eagles0513875in gutsy that is10:28
eagles0513875!offtopic | eagles051387510:29
contrast83lg188: you sure it installed properly? that's the name of the executable here.10:29
lg188contrast83 i pretty **********10:29
ubotu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!10:29
contrast83eagles0513875: that's never happened to me.10:29
eagles0513875well its happening to me could it be im using the 64bit version of it10:29
contrast83lg188: where'd you get the .deb for it?10:30
eagles0513875i wish i had the money to build a quad core desktop. that would be a bitter sweet dev machine10:30
emuseanyone can help? does ubuntu remove xdvi, i can't install xdvi using apt-get10:30
lg188contrast83 i cant isntall it i have it like this : d/l from the site /unpack /....10:30
contrast83lg188: ok, that means you're trying to compile it. that's why i asked. ;-)10:31
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about xdvi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:31
eagles0513875!find xdvi10:31
ubotuFound: xdvik-ja10:31
eagles0513875!info xdvi10:31
ubotuPackage xdvi does not exist in gutsy10:31
eagles0513875emuse: it doesnt exist in gutsy10:31
contrast83lg188: if you're not sure what someone means when they ask you a question, you might want to ask them to clarify rather than answer it like you do. :-)10:31
contrast83lg188: there should have been a file named readme or install included with it, which should guide you through which dependencies you'll need to install for it. if not, i'm not really sure.10:33
emuseeagles0513875: so how can i install xdvi,i am using latex-suite and need xdvi to display the result.10:33
eagles0513875emuse: use kile10:34
eagles0513875emuse: there is a package called kdvi10:35
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kdvi - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi10:35
eagles0513875!info kdvi10:35
ubotukdvi: dvi viewer for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 523 kB, installed size 1144 kB10:35
eagles0513875emuse: does that work10:35
emuseeagles0513875: ok,i will try it10:36
contrast83lg188: find it?10:36
eagles0513875emuse: there is no other alternative i checked in adept thats the only thing that came up10:39
emuseeagles0513875: i find kdvi can support inverse search, but does it work well with vim?10:39
eagles0513875emuse: dunno i havent used latex in a while10:40
eagles0513875speaking of ur making me want to get back into using it10:40
eagles0513875emuse: what do u mean by inverse search10:40
eagles0513875does anyone use frostwire in here10:41
emuseeagles0513875: Inverse search is a very useful feature when you are writing a TeX document yourself. If everything is properly set up, you can click into KDVI's window with the middle mouse button (on some systems, when you don't have a three-button mouse, you can simultaneously use the left and the right button). After that, your favorite editor will open, load the TeX source file and jump to the proper paragraph.10:41
emuseeagles0513875: i find these from the help file of kdvi10:42
eagles0513875emuse: so kdvi does that10:42
ubotufrostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire10:42
eagles0513875what other p2p clients r there besides amule which i hate and frostwire which doesnt wanna start for me10:44
ubotuPeer-to-peer filesharing clients are available for several networks/protocols, including !BitTorrent, !Gnutella, !eDonkey, !DirectConnect, !SoulSeek - Multi-protocol engines include !MLDonkey and !giFT - See wiki.ubuntu.com/P2PFileSharing for general information10:44
ubotueDonkey clients: aMule (GTK, stand-alone), mldonkey-gui (GTK, based on MLDonkey), KMLDonkey (KDE, based on MLDonkey) - See also !P2P10:44
nathan1111how do i tell if kubuntu is usin both processors? 64bit10:45
emuseeagles0513875: i use bttorrent only10:45
eagles0513875emuse: even for individual files10:45
eagles0513875whats the best bt program for kubuntu cuz right now im actually using a windows one on wine lol10:45
eagles0513875its so much faster than azureus10:45
emuseeagles0513875: i use ktorrent,transfer speed depond on the network10:47
eagles0513875i was able to download 3 audio albums in about 3 hrs yesterday using utorrent10:47
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:47
eagles0513875can someone tell me why i am getting this error with frost wire http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43105/10:48
eagles0513875im using all the latest java stuff10:48
eagles0513875java 6 jdk and jre10:48
nathan1111well i just downloaded about 5 movies (2007) within a couple of hours using stage6.com :D10:48
contrast83eagles0513875: is that supposed to be fast? :-)10:48
TimSeagles0513875: I use KTorrent or deluge10:48
eagles0513875contrast83: better than what i was getting with azureus10:48
eagles0513875u guys dont have any download limits like my isp does ovr here in europe10:49
eagles051387510gb a monthly download10:49
TimSI dont have a download limit, im in the UK10:49
eagles0513875lucky u10:49
nathan111110GB monthly?? lol how much u pay??10:49
eagles0513875in what currency10:49
TimSGet a decent ISP10:49
eagles0513875lol this is the only cable isp here on the island of malta10:49
eagles0513875anyone have an idea bout my frostwire issue10:49
nathan1111we have 40GB limit but uploads not counted.. right now im capped at 6KB/s for a week, australia blows10:50
nathan1111pay $100 a month for 40GB 8mbit :(10:50
contrast83eagles0513875: not sure, tbh. did you already consult Google?10:50
=== schiste_ is now known as schiste
emuseim in china, no download limit10:50
contrast83eagles0513875: btw, nicotine's quite fast. the version in gutsy appears to be broken, but it's a breeze to compile it since it's python.10:50
nathan1111we have ADSL2+(getting installed in my exchange right now :P) ADSL1 / Bigpond Cable + optus cable /  all in my suburb10:51
eagles0513875contrast83: have not checked google i dunno where to go with frost wire issue10:51
eagles0513875in us where im from 5mb down bout 1.5up no limits what so ever bout 50 dollars a month10:52
eagles0513875reminding me of the us im missing that beast of a computer we got for my dad10:52
nathan11115MB/s down ?10:52
eagles0513875its the ideal dev machine10:53
nathan1111or 500KB/s down10:53
contrast83mB or mb?10:53
eagles05138755 megs down10:53
contrast83bits, right?10:54
nathan1111fark for $50usd no limit......... !!!!10:54
nathan1111puts my 40GB data limit to shame :|10:54
contrast83<- 8mb down $40/mo.10:54
nathan1111wat currency10:54
jxxteagles0513875, will this help?  ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=27314510:54
eagles0513875contrast83: who u with10:55
eagles0513875im with comcast10:55
eagles0513875jxxt: that doesnt really help10:55
eagles0513875jxxt: im getting a java error10:55
eagles0513875contrast83: 40 bucks for dsl10:56
contrast838mb down dsl, yeah. ;-)10:56
jxxteagles0513875, sorry I did not see the error I will search again10:56
eagles0513875with comcast and speed boost i can get to 12mbps down10:56
eagles0513875jxxt: u want to take a look at my pastbin10:56
contrast83eagles0513875: how'd you install frostwire?10:56
eagles0513875contrast83: from the frostwire site10:57
eagles0513875downloaded the deb then installed using command line10:57
contrast83with the .deb package, right?10:57
contrast83k, just checking10:57
nathan1111i got 800k down 386k up, 40GB data limit for $100AUD ($90USD about) am i getting ripped or what haha10:57
nathan11118000k ****10:57
eagles0513875jxxt: here is the pastebin http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43105/10:57
eagles0513875wtf u r getting ripped10:57
eagles0513875ripped badly10:57
eagles0513875i need to ship my desktop machine ovr here cuz i really need a dev machine for this os project of mine10:58
eagles0513875i got a random question for u guy10:58
nathan1111which guy>_>10:59
eagles0513875i have an old hp with a radeon 9800pro for some reason when i try to install kubuntu the video disappears and stops loading10:59
eagles0513875anyone lol10:59
jxxteagles0513875, What about this then?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire10:59
nathan1111how long you let it sit for11:00
eagles0513875i woudl rather use kubuntu then a pirated volume licensed version of winblows server 2k311:00
eagles0513875jxxt: already looked there lol11:00
contrast83eagles0513875: did you try with the alternate cd?11:01
nathan1111i had to leave mine sit for a minute before the monitor came good again11:01
nathan1111cause it said 'no signal' >_<11:01
eagles0513875contrast83: no i didnt11:01
eagles0513875nathan1111: mine doesnt say that11:01
contrast83eagles0513875: give it a shot. that works for a lot of people when the live cd doesn't.11:01
eagles0513875contrast83: lol when i go back to the us for 2 weeks lol11:01
contrast83plus it's much faster.11:01
eagles0513875contrast83: do u still end up with a desktop and all that11:02
jxxteagles0513875, Ok Mate just trying the obvious.. I have no real clues on java11:02
contrast83yeah, it installs the exact same stuff11:02
eagles0513875jxxt: kinda funny im learning java and have the latest java thats out there11:02
eagles0513875java 6 jdk and jre11:02
contrast83from bootup to the end of the human-interaction part, i'm done with the installation on the text-only cd in less than 5 minutes, and it's completely done in ~15 minutes after that.11:03
eagles0513875since im wanting to setup a server would it be better to install teh server version11:03
eagles0513875that seems to work fine with the radeon 9800 its only when i switch to the desktop version11:03
eagles0513875i dunno ill try the alt11:03
contrast83probably so. i would imagine the server version just includes LAMP and no desktop environment, so it should be easy to make either one do both jobs.11:04
eagles0513875im goign ot try the alt11:05
eagles0513875what would be good specs for a dev machine11:05
eagles0513875cuz i have a rather nice desktop that i could use that is also 64bit11:05
eagles0513875can take up to 8gb of ram11:05
contrast83i have no idea, tbh11:05
contrast83wow. i envy you.11:05
rodrigohiii, someone can help me with assembly programming?11:05
eagles0513875its an athlon 64 3200+ 2ghz processor on an asus a8n sli premium mobo which can handel 4 sata drives and has the ability to raid those 4 to another 4 sata drives lol11:06
eagles0513875sli capable11:06
eagles0513875this is the best part11:06
contrast83single core?11:06
eagles0513875if i can find an athlon fx or x2 socket 939 they can work with my borde as well11:06
eagles0513875its the exact same processor i have in this laptop11:07
contrast83i bet you get great battery life. :-P11:07
contrast83my laptop's got a 2ghz p4 and i get like, just over an hour on it.11:08
eagles0513875contrast83: with linux about almost 2 hrs11:08
eagles0513875winblows hr and a half11:08
eagles0513875that is if i turn my screen brightness down11:08
eagles0513875how do i fix this GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com gutsy-backports Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG 40976EAF437D05B5 Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>11:08
rodrigoi have problem with my keyboard layout.11:08
abs0lutek0ldsome people get all the cool gear..  all i have is a server that is the size of an endtable11:08
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: what kinda server11:08
nathan1111ya'll give me some ideas what i can do that doesn't involve the use of internet , in kubuntu (stupid net cap) else im head off sleep11:09
eagles0513875to get anythign installed u need the net all u can really do is work with what u already got installed11:09
abs0lutek0ldsun ultra 3000..  6gigs ram 6 400 mhz 64bit procs 10 9.1 gig hdds11:09
contrast83yeah. i was gonna suggest some games, but i guess that's out.11:09
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: thats kool11:10
abs0lutek0ldand heavy..11:10
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: that would make a sweet dev machine lol11:10
eagles0513875i have abotu 4 comps of my own lol11:10
abs0lutek0ldone day was planning to use it for a storage node in a cluster11:10
eagles0513875im really wanting to setup a cluster with the machiens i have11:11
contrast83i've got 3, plus one that's out of commission (dead power supply)11:11
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: did u use kubuntu to create the cluster11:11
contrast83how hard is it to set up a cluster?11:11
eagles0513875depends if u want the nodes to have diskless boot or not11:11
eagles0513875if diskless u need to configure dns dhcp tftp11:11
contrast83ahh, ok. way beyond my realm. :-P11:11
abs0lutek0ldalso have about 6 sparc e450 with 2 gigs ram and quad 400 mhz procs11:11
eagles0513875and then sym link folders and what not i have a how to cuz at the college i was at back in the state we were working creating one11:12
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: u should join some boinc projects11:12
eagles0513875i need to pack up one of my machines and bring it ovr here as my dev machine11:12
nathan1111is it possible to make xchat minimize to tray ?11:12
nathan1111can't find it in options11:12
eagles0513875i dunno im using konversation11:12
abs0lutek0ldyeah i know but i dont really have the time11:12
contrast83just to make sure i understand, a cluster basically lets you use the power of multiple computers as if they were one, right?11:12
abs0lutek0ldgive the man a prize11:13
abs0lutek0ldbut clustering only works as well as the paraellization of the code written11:13
eagles0513875*puts on announcer voice* contrast u have one a brand new computer quad core amd machine and nice 22inch lcd monitor11:13
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: do u know much about java11:13
* contrast83 wets his pants11:14
abs0lutek0ldi dont like it...  nothing really11:14
eagles0513875damn cuz i was wondering what it means when u say multithreaded programming11:14
contrast83abs0lutek0ld: what you said about parallelization of the code, that would go for multicore procs as well, right?11:15
lg188contrast83 still onlien11:15
eagles0513875contrast83: yep11:15
contrast83lg188: make any progress?11:15
lg188contrast83 is a little adictet to westnoth11:15
lg188contrast83 nope11:15
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: u know much programming regardless of the language11:15
lg188i am adicitet to westnoth sryy^.^11:16
abs0lutek0ldthat is what most developers seem to be going for as multi core units slowly take over the mainstream..  clustering is just the poor mans way of doing it11:16
contrast83oh, heh.11:16
lg188what was the Q ?11:16
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: i dont think so clusters will still be around but just increasing the power11:16
contrast83or if you're a rich man, you could cluster several comps with multicore procs, right?11:17
eagles0513875contrast83: or if ur a rich man just buy a main frame11:17
abs0lutek0ldits just cheaper to go get four old machines and some gigabit nics than a brand new dual quad core system11:17
lg188contrast83 i cnt install it and it is verry not funny11:17
eagles0513875i have an old amd 900mhz machien a p4 1.7 a p4 2.6 and a 2ghz amd11:18
contrast83lg188: i dunno, man. any reason in particular you're still on dapper?11:18
eagles0513875the 2.6 i over clock get it to 3.1 and the 2ghz amd ive gotten up to 2.911:18
eagles0513875contrast83: i think he likes the old school look11:18
lg188contrast83 i got it from a friend i dont care11:18
abs0lutek0ldwhats that smell.  ahh burning electronics..  a geek never forgets11:18
contrast83if he wanted to upgrade to gutsy, he'd have to do dapper->edgy->feisty->gutsy, right?11:19
eagles0513875contrast83: ya11:19
abs0lutek0ldor go burn fiesty and to a reinstall11:20
eagles0513875could do that too11:20
eagles0513875or just burn gutsy11:20
* contrast83 assumed that's what he meant. ;-)11:20
eagles0513875any of u guys have any programming experience11:20
eagles0513875if u go from feisty its rather quite easy11:20
abs0lutek0ldwell if you are going to do it the easy way11:20
eagles0513875took me lest time to get this thing upgraded the 2nd time11:20
contrast83i tried upgrading from feisty to gutsy on two seperate occasions and both of them failed.11:21
abs0lutek0ldanyone work with ftir multitouch displays11:21
=== Surge is now known as Surge_
eagles0513875how did u go about doing it11:21
contrast83eagles0513875: followed the directions on the site to a t11:21
eagles0513875u downloaded the updates11:21
eagles0513875enabled the repos11:21
eagles0513875then what i did was used source o matic to change the source.list to gutsy sources and used the cl to dist upgrade11:22
contrast83hmm... maybe i'll try that next time. seems that works better for a lot of people.11:22
eagles0513875worked fine for me11:22
contrast83my friend's girlfriend's box is still on feisty. i'll give it a shot when i fix hers up.11:23
abs0lutek0ldheh heh heh11:23
eagles0513875:) if u need help and im on holla at me11:23
contrast83will do, thanks11:23
eagles0513875no prob11:23
eagles0513875this was my first successful upgrade lol11:23
contrast83abs0lutek0ld: snickering at the sound of "fixing up her box"?11:23
Surge_Why is the DVD so big if it's only the alternate and desktop installs? It should be about 1.4GB not 3.6GB. What else is on the DVD?11:23
eagles0513875fix up her box lucky u11:24
eagles0513875time to take a stab at getting world of warcraft installed11:24
abs0lutek0ldor screw up her box..  these things are usually only a few keystrokes different11:24
eagles0513875only problem i having is switching from one cd to the next it doesnt seem to find the next cd and auto launch it11:25
eagles0513875and continue the installation11:25
abs0lutek0ld"whoops" is not what you want to hear the person working on your computer to say11:25
eagles0513875any ideas guys11:25
eagles0513875or r we still on the topic of boxes and fixing and screewing11:26
abs0lutek0ldeagles running cedega11:26
contrast83eagles0513875: did you check its entry on winehq.org?11:26
eagles0513875contrast83: what do i have to look for in the app db of wine11:26
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: using wine11:26
contrast83just the name of the game11:26
eagles0513875its on there11:26
eagles0513875ive gotten it to work on feisty11:27
eagles0513875only thing that suxs r the fps11:27
eagles0513875hopefully thats improved11:27
abs0lutek0ldnot shure..  my luck has always been hit or miss.11:27
abs0lutek0ldbeen playing savage earth myself since they released the native linux verson free11:27
contrast83i'm hoping Orange Box will get a native linux version soon.11:29
eagles0513875wow did have one at one point but they got rid of it during beta testing i dunno y11:29
abs0lutek0ldwould worship the gods of valve if hl went native to linux11:29
contrast83abs0lutek0ld: you heard about that job posting they had on their site, right?11:29
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: u use cedega or wine11:29
abs0lutek0ldyeah.  but it isn't native..11:30
abs0lutek0ldno contrast8311:30
contrast83abs0lutek0ld: they were looking for people to port their games to Linux11:30
eagles0513875im lucky i gave my resume to a guy who works for a software company and i think he is goign ot hire me after i graduate in 201111:30
contrast83i'd imagine HL would be one of them11:30
eagles0513875im working on a bsc in Computing and information systems11:30
abs0lutek0ldwould love to be on the project but i just started going back to school and have the programming skill of a limabean11:31
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: im teh same11:31
eagles0513875im a noob when it comes to java11:31
eagles0513875its one of the classes i have to take for my degree11:31
abs0lutek0ldditto though i am more interested in c and python11:32
contrast83^ +111:32
contrast83i want to get just a bit firmer a grasp on bash before i move onto anything more involved than that though.11:33
abs0lutek0ldbut that is still a long way off for me..  not many of the creds transfer from what i was studying so i am back to zip11:33
abs0lutek0ldand my hobbies are the kind of time intensive ones that leave me little time for things like sleeping11:34
contrast83speaking of which, i think i'm gonna go finish this script i've been working on. good chatting, y'all.11:34
eagles0513875contrast83: what kinda script11:35
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: google dive into python11:35
eagles0513875free online book11:35
contrast83a git script for compiz. trying to make one that does some extra stuff the 325235 other ones out there don't do though. :-)11:36
heinerdid anybody get compiz working with nVidia graphics card for the amd64 architecture?11:36
contrast83byte size python is a good start for python also. a little more introductory than diveintopython, i think.11:36
contrast83heiner: did you try compiling it?11:37
abs0lutek0ldright now i'm trying to build a ftir multitouch display.. bouncing ir light around capuring it with a webcam and then projecting my display against it.  large touchscreen monitor yay11:37
heinerdebian "unstable" distribution11:37
contrast83heiner: you might need to go that route11:37
abs0lutek0ldwill have to check it out11:37
contrast83heiner: doesn't same have amd64 debs for compiz?11:38
heinercontrast83: yes, there are packages, but once I get to "compiz --replace &" my window decorations vanish, and that's it :-(11:38
heinercontrast83: "shame"?11:39
contrast83shame maintains a 3rd party debian repo for compiz11:41
contrast83but it sounds like that might not help you.11:41
contrast83heiner: did you already ask in #compiz-fusion?11:41
heinercontrast83: I was not aware of that channel. I'll try it, thanks!11:42
abs0lutek0ldDoes anyone have a clue why sound in k is being pissy. system sounds are fine but sometimes if i am watching something on youtube or playing a game the sound comes back whisper quiet. and then comes back unexpectedly.11:43
abs0lutek0ldhow would i find out what is hijacking alsa11:43
contrast83maybe try keeping an eye on top while it happens?11:44
contrast83or is it too inconsistent for that?11:44
abs0lutek0ldusually i dont see anything different on top..11:45
abs0lutek0ldfirefox will be hogging resources for whatever and nothings else is burnning anything special..  then a minute later its like k goes "oh shit you needed that oh sorry. whatever was i thinking" and my ears start bleeding because i had the amplified volume all the way up11:47
=== schiste is now known as schiste_
LockeI has a problem. Could I have some help with restarting/resetting the internet connection?11:47
=== kevin_ is now known as bbkoos
=== schiste_ is now known as Serein
contrast83Locke: wireless?11:48
eagles0513875what does it take to program in 64bit11:48
contrast83sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:48
contrast83Locke: that should do it11:48
kassThe htaccess is disabled on my apache, I worked hard to enable it but I couldn't ! :(11:49
kassanyone can help ?11:49
LockeDoesn't seem to work. Due to my ISP I get frequent disconnects. In windows I just had to repiar the connection to get it working again11:50
eagles0513875Locke: what kinda card is it11:50
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: whats so different from 32bit programming11:51
eagles0513875Locke: do lscpi and it lists all ur devices and one of thsoe will be ur wireless11:51
eagles0513875mines built in too but that doesnt say much11:51
eagles0513875my exact model is a bcm430611:52
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: what bout programming in 64bit takes balls11:53
=== Serein is now known as schiste_
abs0lutek0ldi honestly dont know.  just was being silly..  it would probably have to do with the increased bandwith i know programming in 64 does eat up more memory11:53
contrast83eagles0513875: it's not a wireless card11:53
eagles0513875contrast83: oh11:53
eagles0513875abs0lutek0ld: it might eat up more memory but its alot faster then 32bit11:54
lg188i kiledf a programm in the bar downside and i have no bar no more !!!!11:54
lg188te bar disapears11:55
lg188any body knows a solution ?11:55
abs0lutek0ldi know that it was a problem back in the day when a few select arch's went 64 because of memory constraints back in the day but today there shouldn't be any reason not to. (is why the memory banks on my sparcs are 16 slots!!!!!!!!)11:55
=== schiste_ is now known as schiste
heinereagles0513875: programming for 64-bit in the easiest case only requires the right compiler ;-)11:57
lg188i aksed somthing11:57
eagles0513875heiner: r there any in kubuntu11:57
ubotuAMD64 and EMT64 are fully supported architectures on Ubuntu. See http://tinyurl.com/jv6tc for more information.11:57
contrast83!patience | lg18811:58
ubotulg188: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines11:58
lg188contrast83 srry i dont lik to wait i such ac situation m srry ^.^11:59
contrast83i don't think anybody does. ;-)11:59
contrast83lg188: could you rephrase your question? i'm not sure what you mean.12:00
lg188i killed a programme with that skull i klicked on kate (i think) in my bar a the bottom of screen and my bar disapears12:01
paglg188, alt+f2 -> kicker12:01
lg188pag i can not use alt+f212:02
pabligenoi need other interface terminal12:02
pabligenodiffer of konsole12:02
jpatrickpabligeno: yakuake12:02
pabligenocan help me please?12:02
paglg188, hmm... alt+space? yakuake?12:02
pagpabligeno, yakuake rocks :)12:03
contrast83alt+space -> exec kicker12:03
pabligenoand vativer terms?12:03
pabligenoand native terms?12:03
pag!info yakuake | pabligeno12:03
ubotupabligeno: yakuake: a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8-0ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 167 kB, installed size 1048 kB12:03
lg188nope nothing find ding like that12:03
funcrushwhat is 'Queue Track' in desktop-dolphin?12:04
contrast83lg188: sounds like you borked your settings, maybe. you might log out and bak in to make sure. if it still happens after that, try deleting ~/.kde/share/config/kickerrc and then logging out/in again12:04
jpatrickfuncrush: probably for amarok12:04
contrast83lg188: just so you know, deleting that file will reset the panel to how it was by default12:05
funcrushjpatrick: ah... thanks!!12:05
lg188contrast83 with alt-space i can run qounceere12:05
lg188or kopnsole12:06
lg188qouncerer and konsole12:07
contrast83lg188: is english your native language?12:07
lg188contrast83 nope12:08
contrast83what is?12:08
eagles0513875are there any 64bit compilers for kubuntu12:09
lg188delet that file12:09
RurouniJonesFrench or Flemish is my bet.12:09
RurouniJonesSince he is in Belgium.12:10
lg188contrast83 my native language?12:10
lg188RurouniJones flemish12:10
RurouniJonesforthe channel language12:10
lg188RurouniJones how knowing my cuntry ?12:10
RurouniJonesIk been in belgie gebooren12:11
RurouniJonesBut I am English12:11
contrast83i don't know the tip for dutch12:11
lg188RurouniJones hehe12:11
RurouniJonestry nl12:11
RurouniJonesthe country code12:11
jpatrick!nl | lg18812:11
ubotulg188: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl12:11
lg188jpatrick just wont to it myslef12:11
lg188but they are not  doing anything12:12
lg188here more people taht in the other12:12
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi12:13
ubotupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)12:13
eagles0513875jpatrick: why am i getting this error with frost wire http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43111/12:13
lg188jhow to log of12:14
lg188? ithout the k menue ?12:14
jpatrickeagles0513875: I don't know everything ;)12:14
eagles0513875jpatrick: i was just asking hoping that u might12:14
contrast83lg188: right-click the desktop? if that doesn't work, ctrl+alt+backspace (that's always a last resort ;-) )12:14
jpatrickeagles0513875: maybe wrong java?12:14
eagles0513875jpatrick: its funny how im getting that error cuz i have the java6 jdk and jre12:14
RurouniJonesI think he managed to logoff...12:15
jpatrickeagles0513875: hmm, I know next to nothing about Java12:15
jpatrickcontrast83: that was evil12:15
eagles0513875jpatrick: if u look under the java vm its saying something about the libc6 could that be the cause of the error12:15
eagles0513875lol having him reset his x12:15
contrast83jpatrick: ? he wanted to know how to log out.12:16
contrast83he didn't have kicker12:16
jpatrickand he's back, wb lg18812:16
eagles0513875i need a dev machine cuz this laptop is no where close to being a good dev machine12:16
lg188jpatrick ty^.^12:16
lg188sombody knows a soure editor ?12:20
lg188for games12:21
heinerjust kidding12:22
jxxthas anyone managed to get a ati mobility radeon 9000 better tha 140fps for glxgears???12:22
lg188yes but with a auto scripting thing that hiligths bugs12:23
lg188witam ?12:24
lg188some polishe thing12:24
lg188jpatrick kate is ther an debug mode for games ?12:24
RurouniJoneslg188: Which language? C++, Java?12:24
lg188i think c++12:25
eagles0513875lg188: for java u have to use eclipse which is a fully fledged java ide12:25
* contrast83 hides12:25
eagles0513875this is getting really frustrating12:25
lg188eagles0513875 kk your doing wierd12:25
eagles0513875lg188: ?12:25
RurouniJonesEclipse can also do c++12:25
eagles0513875wine just has me frustrated12:25
lg188eagles0513875 your ahhh... thing is wierd wat is furstrating ?12:26
lg188eagles0513875 wien ??12:26
eagles0513875i have my seconding wow cd in there and they its not continuing the installation12:26
j_raphaaeclipse can do c++12:26
RurouniJoneseagles0513875: #winehq if you need wine help.12:26
eagles0513875RurouniJones: they r just a bunch of aholes12:26
eagles0513875they just told me to go to the faq12:26
eagles0513875which didnt help at all12:27
RurouniJonesThen phrase the question like "blah blah blah, I have read the faq at * but can't find anything"12:27
lg188eagles0513875 kk it looks like its your first tilme you get angry12:27
jpatrick!language | eagles051387512:27
ubotueagles0513875: Please watch your language and topic, and keep this channel family friendly.12:27
eagles0513875jpatrick: i truncated that lol12:27
jpatrickyeah, but, imagine your niece was here12:28
lg188eagles0513875 put a smile on your face here please12:28
eagles0513875it is on but at same time frustrating when u wanna install something and dealing wiht java that u havent been taught in class yet lol12:28
eagles0513875like how to program applets while trying to figure out why wine wont continue installing12:28
eagles0513875and the wine room being dead isnt helping the situation12:29
lg188it qiut now12:34
=== NetersLandreau_ is now known as NetersLandreau
lg188"it's o so quiet it's o so still" björk -it's o so still12:38
lg18810mniuets nothing to say :(12:38
jpatricksilence is golden12:39
lg188are you talking in some sort àf private srevr that i dont know about ???12:39
jpatrickbut that's not the case with my laptop fan12:40
lg188whein i hve to bee always the  .....(lost the word)12:41
lg188i hav to leav you all tonight for 1month i thnik i have no wlan or internet in my chamebre12:43
lg188sso i vant talk to you for almost a month12:43
lg188thank you for ho helped me for your help and time and patience becaus i dint always have that patienve like you have12:45
lg188but now i have to leave for a to long time12:45
jpatrickcya later lg18812:45
lg188jpatrick ty =)12:46
z1pp3rMy audigy2 card worked in 7.04 kubuntu, but in ubuntu 7.10 i'm having problems. It seems to detect both my onboard soundcard and my audigy, but i hear no sound from my audigy? How to enable it?12:53
TheKingwhat is the command to unlock adept manager's process?12:55
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »12:56
TheKingthank u12:56
BluesKajyeer welcome12:57
=== Smorg|Away is now known as smorg
LockeHi, I'm wondering if there's a command in linux for, like, "repair network" or something?12:57
BluesKajLocke, there is a "manual configuration" option in network manager12:58
LockeI get disconnected on aregular basis due to my isp. Would be nice with a command to "regain network" activity without having to reboot12:58
LockeBluesKaj: Will check.12:59
LockeBluesKaj: Manual config for what?13:00
z1pp3rLocke: you connected through a wired ethernet connection?13:00
Hamrahi all, i changed some of my windows partitions last night, and now grub wont boot, i guess maybe because the partition numbers changed, how can i fix this?13:00
Lockez1pp3r: yes.13:00
z1pp3rLocke: sudo ifdown eth0 && sudo ifup eth013:01
z1pp3rshould work13:01
Lockebrb then, will try13:01
z1pp3rreplace eth0 with the name of your network card13:01
z1pp3rfound in /etc/network/interfaces13:01
Hamrais there a way to reinstall grub? im a complete novice in bootloaders13:02
z1pp3rHamra: search the ubuntu wiki for "recover grub"13:02
ubotugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto13:02
Hamrathnx a lot13:03
Locke"ifdown: interface eth0 not configured. Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0"13:03
z1pp3rLocke: what interfaces do you see in /etc/network/interfaces?13:03
Locke(My interface name IS eth0, though)13:03
BluesKajHamra, I recommend SuperGrub disk , it's a handy bootable bootloader restore app that you burn to a cd ...saved my loader afew times13:04
z1pp3ri always just use the live cd, cant be bothered with burning another cd =P13:04
LockeAnyone know what command to use? :S13:04
BluesKajHamra, it will restore both Windows MBR and Grub if need be13:05
=== max__ is now known as max__h
jpatrick!hello | timri13:24
ubotutimri: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!13:24
donsdwHow do I determine the filesystem of an unmounted partition?13:25
jpatrickdonsdw: tried using qtparted?13:25
Jucato"fdisk -l" perhaps13:25
donsdwjpatrick: No, is that a linux command or someone's software?13:28
jpatrickdonsdw: it's in the repos (apt-get install qtparted)13:29
BluesKajjpatrick, system settings/advanced/disk&file systems13:29
BluesKajif you just want a look13:30
donsdwjpatrick: You know, I think I did look at it once.  Is it a gnome app?13:30
jpatrickno QTparted ;)13:30
timridonsdw: you are confused with GTparted13:31
timriSince my move from Dapper to Gutsy my konqueror wont browse into tar/bzip etc archives anymore. Nor do the archives show up in the treeview. Anyone know how to repair that? (by the way: I removed Ark)13:32
donsdwtimri: You may be correct, sir.13:32
donsdwI'm installing qtparted now.13:33
timriOr, as a more general question: how to I re-associate mimetypes/extensions/whatever with the proper kioslave13:35
emilsedghtimri: you should have Ark...13:35
emilsedghtimri: go to Settings->Configure konqueror->File Associations13:35
timriemilsedgh: I uninstalled it, cant stand it. And anyway, I have never needed it, since konqueror (without Ark) could drill into the archives just fine13:35
donsdwjpatrick: Thanks.  qtparted has the info I need.13:35
timriemilsedgh: File Assocs wont let me associate with kioslaves (at least I dont see how to do it)13:36
emilsedghtimri: no, i think konqueror needs ark to show archives inside itself, lemme see13:36
timriemilsedgh: That was certainly not neccesary in Dapper days.13:36
emilsedghtimri: you should choose 'Embeeded Viewer' instead of 'Seperate Viewer' in top of the window13:36
aleale2I have a problem13:37
aleale2I have a process that starts to eat all my cpu13:37
timriemilsedgh: Will try that, one minute13:37
aleale2but neither top and ksystemguard shows it13:37
drag0ps aux13:37
aleale2I'm sure that eats cpu because a them eof superkaramba shows 100% cpu eating and the fun is always on13:37
vincent_I just tried compiz fusion on kubuntu gutsy. no icons appear on ccsm. all defau;t plugin settings just seem wierd to begin with... is that normal?13:37
aleale2how can I do?13:37
funcrushwhat mean "queue track" in amork?13:38
timriemilsedgh: x-tar was already set to embedded, sadly13:38
emilsedghtimri: i have ark but no embeeded viewer, so let me search a little13:38
aleale2is there a way to show this hidden process that eats all my cpu?13:38
timriemilsedgh: That would be great, thanks13:38
anton_My amarok won't start...any good command to force it or something?13:39
timriemilsedgh: Btw: I CAN browse into the archives if I (manually) prepend the path with the correct protocol (tar:/)13:39
BluesKajfuncrush, it means put track in the active playlist13:39
funcrushBluesKaj, thanks so much!!13:40
emilsedghtimri: dunno, cant find anything :(, but i think there is a missing .dektop file somewhere or something like that, because konqueror can do that, but do not knows itself13:40
timriemilsedgh: yeah, that was what I was afraid of. teaches me a lesson: never fresh install while keeping /home :)13:41
emilsedghtimri: hm, i did a fresh install without keeping home, i havent it to, so maybe feisty+ fault (im on feisty)13:42
timriemilsedgh: Newly created users have the same problem on gutsy13:42
timriemilsedgh: Do you see the archives konquerors treeview?13:42
emilsedghtimri: so maybe its the fault of newer versions of ubuntu or kde13:43
timriemilsedgh: Thats what I am starting to think. Iam gonne diff the dapper and gutsy skeleton settings this evening, perhaps I can find the culprit that way13:44
emilsedghso if you found something, please send a patch or fill a bug report to devs :)13:44
timriemilsedgh: Will do, and thanks for your time.13:44
emilsedghnp timri13:45
ubuntu_usercould someone please tell me how to change from using kdm to gdm?13:45
hoscheeehi all13:46
tobyWhen I mount a newly formatted hard disk via a USB-IDE converter I see a directory called lost+found. What is this?13:48
vbgunzdoes Kubuntu have a font browser?13:50
MarcCI upgraded to Gutsy last week and haven't had any upgrades available from Adept since. Is that normal?13:51
tobyvbgunz: Point Konqueror at a fonts directory.13:51
tobyvbgunz: It does thumbnails for them.13:51
tobyvbgunz: If you type ttf into the address bar, locate will show you where they are all kept.13:52
llutztoby: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/Linux-Filesystem-Hierarchy/html/lostfound.html13:53
benpiccoHi, i installed the fglrx driver for my X1950, but i can't get direct rendering working - here is my xorg.conf, any ideas what to change?13:54
=== bio_ is now known as Bugzilla
vbgunztoby: thanks, konqueror insist though on searching google for ttf. I enabled locate in web shortcuts, not sure what the problem is. I may go to console with locate if I cannot get it to work :)13:56
foxhound31its a question about symbolic links from MY documents to home/keith/desktop13:56
foxhound31linux doesnt seem to recognise my documents as one directory13:56
timriMarcC: http://www.ubuntu.com/usn13:56
foxhound31which makes it a little difficult13:56
Bugzillaanybody speak russian?13:57
foxhound31any advice on how I should do this?13:57
ubotuПожалуйста войдите в #ubuntu-ru для помощи на русском языке  /  Pozhalujsta vojdite v #ubuntu-ru dlq pomoshchi na russkom qzyke13:57
timrivbgunz: web shortcuts-> default search engine13:57
=== bucatoamano is now known as sbucatino
vbgunzI get something with locate:\ttf13:57
vbgunzactually nothing13:57
vbgunzheh, maybe a wildcard13:57
MarcCthanks timri...I just did apt-get upgrade and I got the compiz thing...I guess I'm concerned that the Adept tray icon isn't working right.13:58
vbgunztimri: I got something with locate:\*.ttf13:58
tobyllutz: Thanks.13:59
vbgunzI don't get previews though. I changed my default view mode from detailed to a bunch of others. I do not see previews :/14:00
foxhound31does linux recognis directories like MY Documents or do they have to be my.documents?14:00
vbgunzfoxhound31: it'll recognize anything14:01
foxhound31yeah then thats more confusing14:01
tobyvbgunz: In Konqueror, you have view/previews in the menu... everything enabled?14:01
vbgunzfoxhound31: but linux is case sensitive so MY DOCs is different from my docs OR My Docs14:01
vbgunztoby: checking14:01
foxhound31yeah remember that now from university14:02
timrifoxhound31: Linux even lets you put question marks etc in filenames14:02
vbgunztoby: if I hover I get a preview14:02
foxhound31the symbolic link seems to think that My Documents is 2 directories14:02
vbgunztoby: e.g., I do not have view > preview14:02
foxhound31can I enclose it in quotes or something to get around that?14:03
llutzfoxhound31: My\ Documents    or "My Documents"14:03
foxhound31ok cool14:03
timrifoxhound31: Or use the tab key in konsole14:03
tobyvbgunz: Set view mode toIcon view.14:03
vbgunztoby: yeah I tried that. I just see big icons of ttf... no preview though... maybe my preview settings are interfering here, I'll check for them14:04
foxhound31and just to be sure I do ln source target14:04
foxhound31or is ln -s target source?14:04
timrifoxhound31: Open konqueror, type #ln in the location bar (# opens the manpage)14:05
foxhound31ok thanks14:05
vbgunztoby: I enabled previews14:05
vbgunzon fonts files that is :)14:05
vbgunztoby: it looks good, thank you for your help :)14:05
livingdaylighthow come kubuntu took 1/2 hr longer than Ubuntu?14:07
livingdaylightsince kde is soooooo konfigurable... can i have the workspaces in a single row instead of a square?14:08
timrilivingdaylight: make your taskbar less tall14:09
vbgunzlivingdaylight: you're going to be asking a ton of questions like that. experiment. yes14:09
llutzlivingdaylight: settings rows 114:09
livingdaylightyes, i'm new to kde and kubuntu... i want to make it look as nice possible14:09
timrivbgunz: :)14:09
livingdaylightvbgunz: do you get alot of people ask alot of questions like that?14:10
vbgunzlivingdaylight: I asked a lot of questions like that :)14:10
vbgunzafter a while, you'll get it :)14:11
livingdaylightvbgunz: maybe you can help me then... i probably have alot of questions like you did14:12
foxhound31just back to say thank you for the help I got it to work14:12
foxhound31bye for now14:12
timrifoxhound31: cool, cya14:12
vbgunzlivingdaylight: do you know about kcontrol?14:12
vbgunzlivingdaylight: thats probably the heart and center blood of KDE configurations14:12
livingdaylightvbgunz: no... i just see 'K's' everywhere... its disturbing14:13
timrivbgunz: And it got shoved to the background by Kubuntu in favor of ksystemsettings brrrr14:13
livingdaylightwhere is K Kontrol?14:13
timrilivingdaylight: alt+F2 kcontrol14:14
vbgunztimri: imho, that is retared... instead of making modules that'll fit right into kcontrol, they duplicated the effort... I can only imagine how much wasted time went into that :(14:14
timrivbgunz: I concur, and instead of what the usability folks say, it is a LOT harder to use for my parents (switched to kcontrol their computers)14:15
vbgunzheh, I remember that being one of the first things I did. i changed the shortcut to point to kcontrol14:15
timrivbgunz: Same here. I also removed dolphin (or d3lphin as it is apparently called)14:16
MarcChow can I view where my HD partitions are mounted to (/dev/sda, etc)?14:16
timriMarcC: kinfocenter14:16
MarcCthanks timri14:16
vbgunzI used Ubuntu for a long time. then tried PC-BSD. PC-BSD came with KDE and after a lot of experimenting it got me hooked to KDE. when I switched to Kubuntu, I could not find kcontrol in the menus. I got burnt. I eventually found it and paid my homage to the great app :)14:16
livingdaylightllutz: settings rows 1? can you tell me where?14:17
timrivbgunz: (whispers) I prefer the non-fouled up version of debian14:17
llutzlivingdaylight: rightclick on switcher-applet, settings ->14:18
vbgunztimri: I am considering that. dolpin is freaking scary. I mean, if over time, more and more apps are swapped out for simpler ones. Gnome just might end up the more configurable OS out of the box :(14:18
* vbgunz shutters14:18
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!14:19
livingdaylightllutz: switcher-applet?14:19
* timri has to go to14:19
livingdaylightllutz: when i right click on it i don't get settings?14:20
llutzlivingdaylight: if you move the mouse over it, you should see a small arrow appearing. rightclick there14:20
livingdaylightllutz: i get configre desktop14:20
vbgunzlivingdaylight: right click the virtual desktop applet -> pager options14:22
livingdaylightvbgunz: where is virtual desktop applet?14:24
vbgunzit is called pager14:24
livingdaylightllutz: i don't get any arrow14:24
vbgunzlivingdaylight: to get the arrow on the left of any applet, you'll need to unlock your panels14:24
livingdaylightvbgunz: pager options... yes, thx14:25
vbgunzthey might not show depending on your settings, but a grippy should be on the left of every applet14:25
Jester45can you add something to a shortcut to have the window open in the upperright hand corner of my screen with it having no boarders and is on top of all the other windows?14:25
livingdaylightnow how can i make panel single row?14:25
vbgunzlivingdaylight: right click it -> pager options14:26
vbgunztake your time14:26
vbgunzJester45: kcontrol > Desktop > Window-Specific Settings14:27
vbgunzJester45: or Alt+F3 on the Window, Advanced > Special * and save the settings there14:28
vbgunzgotta go, have fun!14:28
zarathHi, klipper seems to remember by default everything that is selected. Is there a way to make it remember only what I manually decide to copy?14:31
ardchoillezarath: yes, right click on clipper.. choose "configure klipper", check "ignore selection"14:34
livingdaylighti click on pager option and want to remove numbers of window switcher but they're still there?14:35
zarathardchoille, duh! it was there all along! stupid me. thanks for that :)14:37
ardchoillezarath: yw :)14:38
resaksehi..anyone know how to share a ntfs partition using samba? keep getting permission denied in log files...I remember on gnome fiesty, I dont have that problem14:46
resaksei can share directory in my home folder, no problem..14:46
livingdaylightanyone know any howto's to beautify kubuntu?14:48
livingdaylighti'm not happy with my default look here at all14:48
resakselivingdaylight: check kde-look.org14:49
livingdaylightnothing kubuntu specific?14:49
ubotuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy14:49
resakseanyone know how to fix my problem?14:50
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livingdaylightDragthat's all for Ubuntu14:51
MarcCis it possible to run KDE4 alongside 3.5.8?14:52
Dragnslcrlivingdaylight- Kubuntu is just Ubuntu with KDE as the default instead of Gnome14:52
JucatoMarcC: currently? yes.14:52
ardchoilleMarcC: See the topic14:52
MarcCDoes KDE4 require compositing?14:52
Jucatonot unless you want kwin effects14:53
Dragnslcrlivingdaylight- and I would assume that kde-look.org and kubuntu-art.org have KDE themes14:53
Jucatoer.. if you want kwin effects I mean14:53
MarcCok, so plasmoids should work OK without compositing?14:53
MarcCI want to do some theming work14:53
MarcCbut I don't want to break my desktop :D14:53
resakseanyone know how to share ntfs partition using samba?14:53
Jucatotheming work this early on?14:53
livingdaylightcan someone tell me how i can switch to a different menu?14:53
MarcCJucato: just for the clock plasmoid :)14:53
resaksegot permission denied in samba's log files14:53
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kbox? - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi14:54
JucatoMarcC: heh. ok.. #plasma would be the lace to ask for guidance14:54
ardchoillelivingdaylight: there's kbfx in the repos14:54
MarcCthanks Jucato14:54
livingdaylightardchoille: ok, i'll try that14:55
Jucato!changethemes | livingdaylight14:55
ubotulivingdaylight: To change your themes, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu users should visit https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu.14:55
livingdaylightJucato: sanx14:56
resakse[2007/11/03 22:29:29, 0] smbd/service.c:make_connection_snum(1003)14:57
resakse  '/media/hda5/Limewire' does not exist or permission denied when connecting to [LIMEWIRE] Error was Permission denied14:57
resakseanyone can help me with this pls...14:57
ardchoille!patience | resakse14:57
uboturesakse: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines14:57
resaksewell...what good thing about kde4 ? cant find any video/screenshot about it14:59
thomax_hi, I'm trying to get a list with "ls" recursively, but only 2 directories deep, I can't seem to find it in the manual :/, I know I have to do "ls -R" but I can't find the missing statement to get it only to go 2 directories deep14:59
livingdaylighthaving isntalled kbfx how do i implement it?15:01
jameswf-homethomax_:  i think you want to use find15:01
ardchoillelivingdaylight: It's a panel applet.. add the applet to the panel.15:01
thomax_jameswf-home: ok I'll try that15:01
resaksethomax_: or 'ls -R | more' then ctrl-c to break15:02
jameswf-homewow that would be painfull15:02
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=== markus_ is now known as m4rku5
m4rku5hey guys I have some problems with my wlan card - it doesnt show up on lspci or lspcmcia :( (pcmcia module is loaded)15:06
thomax_jameswf-home, resakse: i'll try to explaint what I want to acomplish, I want a list of the directories (1st level) and their content (2nd level) and I want the output to be stored in a text file (I know how to do this) and I like the layout of the output of ls more than find's15:06
Jucatoresakse: you can just press Q inside "more" instead of Ctrl+C15:06
thomax_jameswf-home: you mean tee?15:07
resakseJucato: thanks man...never knew i could do that15:07
Jucatoresakse: and you might want to use "less" instead of "more"... has more features afaik... "less is more than more"15:08
Jucatoor "less is more" as the *nix joke goes15:08
jameswf-homeno sudo apt-get install tree15:09
resaksethomax_: ls -R > filename.txt15:09
thomax_resakse: yeah I knew that ;-)15:09
thomax_my only problem is getting ls to go maximum to level 2 of subdirs15:10
jameswf-hometree -L 2 /path/to/dir > file15:10
thomax_jameswf-home: installing now, gonna try in a sec15:10
m4rku5I have a problem with my wlan card - it doesnt show up on lspci or lspcmcia :( http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43125/ << can you please look at that ?15:11
jameswf-homemaybe -R -L 215:11
hdevalenceis there a thing like filelight but that shows how much ram each program is using?15:12
thomax_jameswf-home: thanx m8, exactly what I needed, '-R' seems not to be nessecary15:12
Daisuke_Idohtop maybe?15:12
Daisuke_Idonope, not quite15:13
snikkerhow can i paly .3gp files with audio? with mplayer i can see only the video. can you help me?15:13
ShapeshifterAfter installing kubuntu I'm left with a {initramfs} promt after rebooting. I've read about it in the forums but there was no solution that worked for me, what should I do?15:14
jameswf-homesnikker: vlc15:14
snikkerjameswf-home: same thing :-(15:14
jameswf-homei dunno my phone plays 3gp :)15:14
resaksesnikker: install realplayer15:15
snikkerresakse: ok, i'll try with it. thanks15:15
livingdaylighti wonder if its possible so that when i switch to a different workspace the panel is empty and not cluttered with everything that was/is in the previous workspace; afterall, that is part of the reason for switching right?15:16
TheKingHow do I multiboot Windows and Kubuntu 7.04?15:16
Jucatolivingdaylight: right-click on the panel -> Configure Panel -> Taskbar options -> uncheck "Show windows on all desktops"15:17
ShapeshifterHow can I get rid of the vista bootloader and use grub again? I tried reinstalling grub on (hd0) (find..., root (hd3,0), setup (hd0) but there's still no grub showing up but that same old vista bootloader.15:17
livingdaylightJucato: sweet15:17
ShapeshifterTheKing: Which windows version?15:17
TheKingWindows XP15:17
ShapeshifterTheKing: have you got windows installed already? or kubuntu?15:17
ubotuDual boot instructions:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo (x86/AMD64) - MACs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MacBookProFeisty15:18
ubotusamba is is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT15:18
ShapeshifterTheKing: Yeah, look at those guides, I think the easiest way for you is to isntall XP, then boot from the kubuntu live cd and reinstall grub15:18
TheKingah ok15:19
ShapeshifterTheKing: it's easy, don't worry, else just come back here15:19
TheKingif i do that, will the GRUB menu load or will XP boot directly into it?15:20
ardchoilleTheKing: If you reinstall grub, the grub menu should load15:20
TheKingWill there be a Windows option in GRUB?15:21
ShapeshifterTheKing: After installing XP grub will be gone, so you boot the live cd and reinstall grub15:21
ShapeshifterTheKing: I can give you a link on how to reinstall grub15:21
TheKingplease do15:21
ardchoilleShapeshifter: I was just about to ask for that15:21
jesterhey, so im using feisty and adept doesnt want to allow me to update to gutsy. any ideas?15:22
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ShapeshifterTheKing, ardchoille : http://pastebin.ca/75981115:23
newsense07anyone know how i can add something to every filename in a dir at once with one command ?15:23
Jucatonewsense07: if you want a GUI app, you can try kfilereplace15:24
newsense07have 17 directories i need to do this for with multiple files15:24
newsense07Jucato: in prefer commandline if ya know of something15:24
ardchoilleShapeshifter: ty15:24
ShapeshifterTheKing, ardchoille: Important thing is to use the right partition, I said (hd2,0) as an example, you will most likely get something else.15:24
m4rku5newsense07: you could write a bash script15:24
livingdaylighton window switcher i click pager options and untick or try to untick Desktop number, but the numbers are still there?15:24
jesternewsense07, i agree with Jucato  on this one...15:24
simisaHi everybody, somebody know wich kind of software is similar to symantec pcanywhere ?15:24
TheKingsee i have only 1 hard drive, will it still work?15:24
Jucatonewsense07: unfortunately.... nope... needs bash magic15:24
newsense07yeah i got no time i guess ill try that, thanks jucato15:25
* Jucato tries to practice bash-fu...15:25
TheKingwith proper partitioning15:25
m4rku5newsense07: bash wouldnt be that long like for FILES in $(ls /dir) do mv ${FILES} ${FILES}bla done15:25
simisaHi everybody, somebody know wich kind of software is similar to symantec pcanywhere ?15:26
livingdaylightcan someone tell me how i disable konqueror as default browser?15:26
bazhangsimisa: what does that do?15:26
ShapeshifterTheKing: yes, for grub, the first, and in your case only disk will bi 0, and the partitions, if you have two, will be 0 and 1. So if you have two partitions, first kubuntu, then XP, you will have to use >root (hd0,0) which is the partition kubuntu is installed.15:26
simisaremote connection to another pc with symantec pcanywhere protocol15:26
livingdaylightis it possible to purge konqueor or is it part of kubuntu default setup?15:26
newsense07yeah than id have to modify it evertime i , wait maybe that aint as time consuming15:26
ShapeshifterTheKing: Make sure you use primary partitions for both kubuntu and XP, that will safe you some trouble15:27
TheKingso my steps are:15:27
TheKing1) Install XP first15:27
TheKing2) Load Live CD and install to HDD15:27
m4rku5newsense07: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43127/ << take that as a starting point and repalce <tab> with a real tab ;)15:27
Jucatolivingdaylight: I think it's possible. but some parts of KDE might expect KOnqueror to be there. it's more than just a file manager or just a web browser... it's both :)15:27
TheKing3) Reinstall GRUB15:27
tuxwulflivingdayight > I just did thatrecently15:27
m4rku5newsense07:  $1 and $2 and the 2 parameters15:28
ShapeshifterTheKing: do you have kubuntu installed already?15:28
TheKingyes i do15:28
tuxwulfliving > as jucato says, better not completely -urge konqueror, but you can set up a different default browser15:28
livingdaylightJucato: i  would be happy to make Dolphin the file manager and use opera for browsing or kazehasake even15:28
livingdaylighttuxwulf: sweet, lets do that already then15:28
* Jucato shudders15:29
ShapeshifterTheKing: have you done your partitioning already? or are you planning on wiping the whole drive (with your kubuntu) and seting everything up from zero?15:29
livingdaylightJucato: heh?15:29
Daisuke_Idoamen, Jucato15:29
newsense07m4rku5: cool, been a while since i wrote any shell scripts and id like to start doing it more when i need to15:29
posingaspopularhey Jucato how was your date?15:29
livingdaylightwhat's wrong with Dolfin?15:29
Daisuke_Idolivingdaylight: have you actually *used* dolphin?15:29
TheKingShapeshifter: from scratch15:29
Daisuke_Idothunar is better.15:29
Jucatolivingdaylight: specially the version of dolphin on Kubuntu 7.10... it's D3lphin.. and it's very... finicky to say the least15:29
tuxwulfliving > system settings -- default applcations15:29
livingdaylightDaisuke_Ido: not really, i've got fresh kubuntu here first time15:29
ShapeshifterTheKing: well then it's really easy, just: 1) Wipe everything, 2) Install XP, 3) Install Kubuntu. Kubuntu will handle grub, and there will be a XP entry automatically15:30
Jucatolivingdaylight: better try using D3lphin first before you make a decision :)15:30
m4rku5btw I still have a problem with my (damn) wlan card - it doesnt show up on lspci or lspcmcia :( http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43125/ << can you please look at that ? i mean it shows up when booting a knoppix CD :( (its some atheros chip with windows drivers only) so i must have done something wrong here :S15:30
Daisuke_Idoplay with dolphin for a bit then decide15:30
TheKingwell i will be back in maybe 40 mins to do this15:30
Jucatolivingdaylight: and it's the default file manager in Kubuntu 7.10 anyway15:30
livingdaylightJucato: why then is it part of default kubuntu install, Do i really need konqueror and dolphin file managers?15:30
ShapeshifterTheKing: good luck15:30
Daisuke_Idoyou're better off with konqueror15:30
TheKingYes, ill need it15:30
m4rku5Daisuke_Ido: i prefer konqueror too ;P15:31
Jucatolivingdaylight: Konqueror is still there because it's the default web browser installed.15:31
TheKingtotal newbie15:31
TheKinghere goes...15:31
ShapeshifterTheKing: wait15:31
Daisuke_Idom4rku5: anyone that's touched d3lphin for any length of time over 10 seconds prefers konqueror15:31
Jucatolivingdaylight: Do you really need konqueror and dolphin as file managers? why don't you try out first and find out for yourself. use if for a week and see15:31
ardchoillelivingdaylight: speaking as someone who has used *buntu for years, d3lphin took too much getting used to and didn't have much of the functionality of konqueror, so I don't use it.15:31
=== emilsedgh_ is now known as emilsedgh
Daisuke_Idoeven nautilus is better :)15:32
livingdaylightardchoille: coming from ubuntu i was very happy with nautilus15:32
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: nah! D3lphin is better than Nautilus on at least 2 areas15:32
m4rku5Daisuke_Ido: yeah i saw it the first time when i installed kubuntu on this laptop (im usually a gentoo user but i didnt have lots of time to get this box setup lol)15:32
ardchoillelivingdaylight: Nautilus is cool, d3lphin is.. just too much of a change all at once.15:32
Daisuke_Ido1) it's kde and 2) it's not gnome?15:32
livingdaylightthis seems like bloat again... i suppose that's kde though15:32
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: D3lphin is KDE, and it has a funky breadcrumb toolbar (unlike GNOME's)15:32
Jucatobloat is subjective15:33
Jucatoone man's trash is another man's treasure15:33
ShapeshifterTheKing: you still there?15:33
Daisuke_Idohow does nautilus not have a breadcrumb toolbar?15:33
ardchoilleJucato: Exactly15:33
Jucatocoming from GNOME, you'll consider everything functional as bloat! :)15:33
* Jucato runs and hides15:33
livingdaylightwhere is Add/Remove Applications so i can add my non-free codecs n stuff?15:33
Jucatolivingdaylight: K Menu -> Add/Remove Programs15:33
livingdaylightJucato: har har15:33
Jucatoit's right there15:33
ardchoilleDaisuke_Ido: the breadcrumb toolbar in d3lphin is much different than that of nautilus15:34
livingdaylightJucato: gots kbfx now15:34
Daisuke_Idohowever, i think the being able to click on the 'crumbs' and select a different directory at that level is cool15:34
Jucatolivingdaylight: your problem then :P15:34
Daisuke_Idoyou may not like kbfx15:34
Jucatolivingdaylight: j/k. just type in Add and see the results15:34
livingdaylightJucato: had to... K Menu is toooo ugly.... just a fact15:34
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: yeah. that's my reason #2 :)15:34
Jucatobeauty is in the eye of the beholder :)15:34
Daisuke_Idolivingdaylight: then go for kickoff15:34
Daisuke_Idoor beerholder, as the case may be15:35
Jucatothe most beautiful krap will still be krap though :)15:35
livingdaylightJucato: sweet, that worked15:35
Jucato(not saying kbfx is krap.. but needs work)15:35
* Daisuke_Ido sips a coffee15:35
m4rku5anyone here familar with PCMCIA cards ? anything special i need to do on (k)ubuntu ? its just now showing up the damn card and i know that the card is compatible with this controller :(15:35
ardchoilleDaisuke_Ido: I had too much trouble getting kickoff to work.15:35
Jucatoardchoille: really? poor you :P15:35
Daisuke_Idoinstall deb, all done :)15:35
livingdaylightDaisuke_Ido: kickoff another one?15:35
Jucatoyeah :)15:35
Jucatolivingdaylight: there are 3 K Menu alternatives: kbfx, kickoff (originally from SUSE), and tasty menu15:35
Jucatotake your pick :)15:36
Jucatooh wait, livingdaylight, have you even tried Katapult yet?15:36
Daisuke_Idolivingdaylight: kickoff is to kbfx as excellent beer is to contaminated water15:36
ardchoillelivingdaylight: tastymenu is pretty cool too15:36
tuxwulf....bit too husy here for me...15:36
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: can you customize/theme/plugin kickoff (aside from adding/removing favorites)?15:36
livingdaylightDaisuke_Ido: oh... gotz to try it then... in repos?15:36
livingdaylightJucato: hrmmm... so many options15:36
bazhangkbfx is nice15:37
Jucatotuxwulf: yeah.. there are times it does :)15:37
* Jucato heres "bloat" comment coming again...15:37
livingdaylightbazhang: i agree.. kbfx certainly is preferable to K Menu imo15:37
ardchoillelivingdaylight: tastymenu is not in the repos, but there is an ubuntu.deb for it15:37
* livingdaylight wonders what tasty menu looks like15:37
Jucatounfortunately kbfx development has all but stopped... because of raptor...15:37
=== home_ is now known as bluebeat
Daisuke_IdoJucato: it's not infinitely customizable, but it's better than kbfx in stability :D15:37
Jucatolivingdaylight: search in kde-apps.org and find out :)15:37
livingdaylightJucato: raptor?15:38
bazhangJucato: raptor will replace it?15:38
Jucatobazhang: not really15:38
livingdaylightis kickoff in repos?15:38
JucatoRaptor is the KDE4 "successor" of kbfx15:38
Jucatosame devs15:38
ShapeshifterEh... I downlaoded a 7.10 gutsy Kubuntu CD, installed it, and now I was updating some stuff and now it tells me that there's a new version "7.10" available... what is this? It's already installed!15:38
Jucatobut completely different15:38
Daisuke_Idohopefully less krappy15:38
Daisuke_IdoShapeshifter: known bug, fix is upstream, yadda yadda15:39
JucatoDaisuke_Ido: hopefully also going to even reach beta soon :)15:39
ardchoillelivingdaylight: Look at the download options here:  http://www.kde-apps.org/content/show.php/Tasty+Menu?content=4186615:39
Jucatolivingdaylight: again, have you tried katapult?15:39
livingdaylightJucato: whats katapult?15:40
posingaspopularlivingdaylight: i left Jucato a message on his blog that simply read 'katapult' over and over again15:40
Jucatolivingdaylight: katapult is a fancy launcher, like Quicksilver for Mac OS X.15:40
Jucatoposingaspopular:  :)15:40
Jucato!katapult | livingdaylight15:40
ubotulivingdaylight: katapult is the new application launcher for KDE, to be used with applications, bookmarks, and Amarok playlists. Once you have installed, hit Alt+f2 -> katapult, then hit Alt+Space, and type what you want.15:40
ardchoilleJucato: Why does konqueror try to open a .deb in kate instead of downloading it?15:40
posingaspopularalt+space+program name/musicfile/folder name etc15:40
Jucatolivingdaylight: you can skip the part with Alt+F215:41
Jucatolivingdaylight: katapult is installed and running by default15:41
Lenaud01anyone know why my browser would still try to download .php files instead of view them? I have apache and php5_mod installed on kubuntu15:41
Jucatoardchoille: server bug. workaround, use kget :)15:41
ardchoilleJucato: Ah, thanks15:41
Jucatoprobably related to Lenaud01's problem as well....15:41
Jucatoor not..15:42
Lenaud01what is Jucato?15:42
Jucatonvm :)15:42
Jucatolivingdaylight: press Alt+Space right now, you'll get a fancy box. type a part of the name of a program you want to run, then when the correct program name or icon shows up, press Enter15:43
Jucatoyou don't even have to type the full name of the program. it will try to autocomplete based on the characters you've typed15:43
Jucatoand now I'm gone :)15:43
livingdaylight ok, i gotz some scrolling up and catching up to do... i was installing kubuntu restricted and the phone went its ALL too much! :D15:44
navets_if I upgrade to KDE 4, will it upgrade my kernel?15:44
resakse  my alt-space didnt do anything after loading katapult...maybe due to compiz?15:44
navets_beta that is15:44
Daisuke_Idonavets_: KDE != kernel15:44
Daisuke_Idoso no15:44
=== bluebeat is now known as Jukali
navets_Daisuke_Ido: how can I upgrade my kernel15:44
Daisuke_Idothe two have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other :)15:44
navets_Daisuke_Ido: or reinstall it15:44
Daisuke_Idonavets_: you running gutsy?15:44
Jukalihmmm...in Wind*ws it's called "Extended Desktop" in KDE it's called ...?15:45
navets_Daisuke_Ido: yes I tried to update my sound drivers, now I have no sound at all and no mixer15:45
Daisuke_Idothat's not the kernel15:45
JukaliI think Gome is "Twinview"?15:45
navets_Daisuke_Ido: from what I could figure out I am missing snddevices15:45
Daisuke_Idoit would be twinview in kde as well...15:45
Daisuke_Idonavets_: cat /dev/dsp15:45
Jukalicool - thanks for clarification15:45
livingdaylightJucato: nice very nish!15:45
Daisuke_Idothat may not work15:45
Jukaliprobably Ktwinview tho :)15:45
Daisuke_Idoit's part of X, not gnome15:46
navets_Daisuke_Ido: cat: /dev/dsp: No such file or directory15:46
Jukaliok, so I have twinview working15:46
=== vladimir_ is now known as ss-88
Jukalithat took a while15:46
navets_Daisuke_Ido: from what I understand I have to run the snddevices script. The thing is i have no idea where it is15:47
Jukalibut I have a real niggle...when I go full screen it tries to go across both windows15:47
Daisuke_IdoJukali: that's how twinview works.15:47
JukaliI got it working nce but it didnt retain the settings15:47
Jukalinot in Windows and I have had it working correctly in Gnome, briefly15:47
smorgdoes adept's repository manager store its settings somewhere other than in /etc/apt/sources?15:47
Daisuke_Idonavets_: lspci | grep audio15:47
Jukaliwhen you maximise it maximises to the window it is in15:47
Jukalialso the menus try to stretch across both screens15:48
Jukaliso the bottom one actually drops off15:48
Daisuke_IdoJukali: there's no twinview in windows, therefore it can't work that way in windows15:48
navets_Daisuke_Ido: does not return anything when I do that15:48
Daisuke_Idowell them15:48
Daisuke_Idolet me take a look here...15:48
smorgadded a package using adept and it doesn't show up15:48
JukaliIn Windows that's how "extended desktop" works it is also how I have had it working in Gnome15:48
Daisuke_Idosmorg: /etc/apt/sources.list15:49
ozehkaFirefox can't be closed properly. When I try to restart it, it says another firefox process is still running...15:49
Daisuke_Idois your sources list15:49
Jukali@ozehka is it in your list of running processes?15:49
ozehkaYes, I can kill it of course15:49
Lenaud01there anything you can do if when I try to remove apache it says that its a broken install and wont do anything in adept15:49
Daisuke_Ido /var/cache/apt/archives/15:49
ozehkabut why can't i close it properly15:49
Daisuke_Idois where the packages get stored15:49
Jukalidoes it happen every time?15:50
ozehkaAlso, I am having the problem that pages would only show their contents if I change the windows' size15:50
Jukaliis it built in Firefix or latest build?15:50
ozehkalatest i think15:50
Daisuke_IdoLenaud01: sudo apt-get -f install15:50
Jukalithat wasn't clear15:50
newsense07Jucato: im trying to append 01-  to all files in a dir using kfilereplace but im having no luck,  how would i do something like that if ya dont mind ?15:50
Lenaud01ty Daisuke_Ido15:50
navets_Daisuke_Ido: do you think that it has something to do with snddevices since lspci | grep audio does not return anything?15:50
Daisuke_Idonavets_: i don't know enough about sound to know for sure15:51
navets_Daisuke_Ido: do you know where I could run that script? A few forums said to run it, but i have no idea where it is.15:51
Lenaud01when i try that Daisuke_Ido I get this E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)15:51
Daisuke_Idonavets_: i'm not finding it...15:52
Rebelyouthhi guys15:52
Daisuke_IdoLenaud01: that could be an issue that i'm not sure how to fix :\15:52
Rebelyouthi need ah help15:52
navets_Daisuke_Ido: damn, is there a way I can redo the gutsy upgrade?15:52
Daisuke_Idomake sure adept isn't running15:52
Lenaud01its not15:53
navets_Daisuke_Ido: when i went from fiesty to gutsy the sound worked (very poorly)15:53
Rebelyouthhow I can conf the open with menu on konq?15:53
hdevalencevirtualbox is awesome15:53
Daisuke_Idonavets_: you could back up your /home and reinstall from scratch15:53
BluesKajnavets_, you could try ,'sudo asoundconf list'15:53
Daisuke_Idoprobably have the best luck that way15:53
ubotuKickoff is a new KDE menu replacement developed by openSUSE. See http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/233115:53
Rebelyouthpls :(15:53
livingdaylightguys, where do i get kickoff?15:54
navets_BluesKaj: that says names of abaliable sound cards: then it returns nothing15:54
BluesKajok, navets_ to choose which souncard you want to use , sudo asoundconf set-default-card "name of soundcard"15:55
Daisuke_IdoBluesKaj: i think he means it doesn't return any available sound cards15:55
Daisuke_Idoin which case, there's a definite problem15:55
navets_BluesKaj: yes it does not return any15:55
navets_this sucks15:55
navets_i wish i didn't upgrade to gutsy15:56
livingdaylightif i already have konqueror or any browser open for that matter, how do i get each weburl to openin a new tab rather than a whole new browser altogether?15:56
navets_it broke everything15:56
Rebelyouthsomebody know the file rc to conf?15:56
hdevalencelivingdaylight: it's in koinqueror's configure module15:56
hdevalencelivingdaylight: 1 min let me find it15:56
hdevalencelivingdaylight: do configure konqueror>web behavior> tabbed browisng15:57
livingdaylighthdevalence: thx bro15:57
Rebelyouthhdevalence: can u help me pls?15:58
hdevalenceRebelyouth: ok15:58
Rebelyouthhow I can conf the open with menu on konq?15:58
livingdaylighthdevalence: actually it was already set to that... but from konversation everytime i open a link i get a new browser open... do i need to configure konversation?15:59
hdevalenceRebelyouth: the one you get from rightclicking?15:59
newsense07anyone here familiar with kfilereplace that can help me ?15:59
hdevalencelivingdaylight: I have no idea. for me when I open a link in konversation it opens in the same window16:00
hdevalencelivingdaylight: are they on the same desktop?16:00
livingdaylighthdevalence: yes16:00
hdevalencelivingdaylight: weird...16:00
hdevalenceRebelyouth: what happens when you do open with... and then do "remember application association"16:01
livingdaylighthdevalence: also weird is that when you type my name konversation doesn't light up red as it usually does when i'm away16:01
BluesKajnavets_, have you checked all your alsa and kmix settings ?16:02
navets_BluesKaj: kmix doesnt detect a mixer16:02
navets_BluesKaj: kmix doesnt detect a mixe16:02
hdevalencelivingdaylight: You could try asking in the ubuntu forums, they have lots of talented people there16:02
Rebelyouthhdevalence: I remove firefox for swithfox and now when i want to open a page with swithfox the links gone16:02
navets_BluesKaj: when i do alsamixer in konsol it gives me an error saying its not there16:02
navets_BluesKaj: i need to run an snddevices script or something like that, but i have no idea where it is16:03
Rebelyouthi need all the time to do open with > other > write swithfox16:03
hdevalenceRebelyouth: like, you have an html file on your computer and are trying to open it?16:03
BluesKajand of course sound system in system settings16:03
livingdaylightwell, its kde related so, i dunno16:04
hdevalenceoh and btw does anyone here know anything about virtualbox?16:04
livingdaylightwhere would i find kickoff by the way? hdevalence d'you know?16:04
BluesKajnavets_, try this : k-menu/system settings/sound system/enable sound system,then choose hardware tab/select the audio device/Advanced Linux Sound Architecture, click apply16:04
Rebelyouthhdevalence: no some page  don't work well so i right click on the open page on konq and with open with open firefox with the same page16:05
navets_BluesKaj: it already has those settings16:05
hdevalencelivingdaylight: no idea.16:05
Rebelyouthhdevalence: now i change with swithfox and the voice in the menu is dissapear16:05
BluesKajwhich souncard do you have , navets_ ?16:06
navets_BluesKaj: intel hda16:06
hdevalenceRebelyouth: does it appear in the Location menu16:06
navets_BluesKaj: i think16:06
Rebelyouthhdevalence: no16:06
Rebelyouthhdevalence: I have open with links2 and that it16:06
hdevalenceRebelyouth: not sure how to fix it, sorry..16:07
navets_BluesKaj: 00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 02)16:07
Rebelyouthhdevalence: I see all the browser installed in my pc have a voice in location and open with but why not swithfox?16:08
Rebelyouthnobody know what file I need to mod?16:09
navets_does anyone know where the kernel sourcetree is16:10
Dr_Willisif installed in /usr/src/linux i belive16:11
* asktoby is about to run a dist upgrade... fingers crossed!16:11
Ange|uscan someone help me, im getting this error/notice when im trying to compile wine on kubuntu gutsy http://rafb.net/p/M1edOF24.html16:11
asktobyAny last minute warnings? I've done a backup of /home, /etc and my MySQL dbs.16:11
asktobyI'll be going via Adept's route.16:11
ardchoilleasktoby: are you doing "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"?16:12
ardchoilleasktoby: nvm, you should be ok16:12
asktobyardchoille: I was planning on pressing the big blue Version Upgrade button in Adept.16:12
ardchoilleasktoby: ok16:13
Rebelyouthsomebody know how can configure the bookmarks on konq to don't take all my screen?16:13
BluesKajnavets_, check this out : http://thio4linux.wordpress.com/2007/10/06/intel-hda-intel-corporation-82801g/16:13
posingaspopularJucato: okay i got these core.numbers files in my /home/user folder and when I opened up uped using 'file core.18431' I got this message: core.14831: ELF 32-bit LSB core file Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), SVR4-style16:13
ardchoilleRebelyouth: Sounds like you need to reorganise your biikmarks, use folders16:13
posingaspopularor anyone really that knows that answer16:14
Rebelyouthardchoille: I use but I have much bookmark16:14
navets_BluesKaj: :) that is what I was doing to fix my sound, but it broke it completly16:14
ardchoilleRebelyouth: Even the best organising skills won't help if you have too much content16:15
Rebelyouthardchoille: so when i click bookmarks a old style panel (like the old menu of win95)16:15
BluesKajnavets_, I assume lspci lists your card tho ?16:15
Rebelyouthardchoille: take all my screen16:15
navets_BluesKaj: yes16:16
ardchoilleRebelyouth: reorganise to have folders within folders?16:16
Rebelyouthardchoille: is possible to have like firefox a single menu i can go up and down?16:16
ardchoilleRebelyouth: With too much content, even a single menu would require you to scroll too much16:16
BluesKajnavets_, so it's a matter of installing the correct driver16:16
lillobyte91spik italian16:17
Rebelyouthardchoille: i show you16:17
navets_BluesKaj: no, I re-installed the drivers about 10 times, I found out I am missing OSS and MIXER16:17
livingdaylightdoes synaptic not feature in kubuntu anymore at all?16:17
navets_BluesKaj: a script called snddevices is supose to be able to fix this, but i cannot find it16:17
debian-is-meWHen should alsa be started?16:19
ardchoilleRebelyouth: http://img135.imageshack.us/img135/2304/bkmrlsuu1.jpg16:19
BluesKajnavets_, apt-get install module-assistant alsa-source16:20
navets_BluesKaj: k16:20
navets_BluesKaj: dling16:20
navets_BluesKaj: do i have to do anything when this is done?16:21
ubotuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP316:21
Rebelyouthardchoille: yes, but why i can't conf like firefox?16:21
Rebelyouthardchoille: to scroll the contest?16:21
ardchoilleRebelyouth: Because konq isn't firefox?16:21
navets_BluesKaj: still no mixer, same error16:21
navets_BluesKaj: alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device16:21
bazhanghi ardchoille16:22
debian-is-meAlsa isn't working, I configured it not to start. Hiow to make it start?16:22
Rebelyouthardchoille: :) I khow , but there is some pacth around or some hidden conf file?16:22
crimsun_keep in mind that alsa-source is older than using linux-backports-modules-$(uname -r)16:22
ardchoilleRebelyouth: Not that I know of16:22
ardchoillebazhang: Hi :)16:22
bazhangjoin #ubuntu-doc?16:23
Rebelyouthardchoille: so I can't scroll eh?16:23
compu73rg33kSo I'm looking to install Kubuntu 7.10 on some new partitions I've created. I just encrypted them all first with cryptsetup, including swap, but left a 1GB partition unencrypted for /boot. I already made the filesystem for all the partitions as well, used ext3 except used swap of course for the swap partition. Now I've double clicked the "install" to start the graphical installer. I'm at the prepare partitions part and I'm not sur16:25
compu73rg33ke what to do now, how to use my already created partitions. If I assign mount points to them, I have to select a filesystem, and this ends up checking the "format" box, which is uncheckable thereafter16:25
navets_BluesKaj: this snddevices script is impossible to find16:25
Dr_Willissounds like some old tool. thats not used any more.16:27
Dr_Williscompu73rg33k what do you mean by 'use' ? you can easially mount allready made partitions to Other 'non system' places and not format them.16:28
Dr_Willisbut the install will want to format / and swap and perhaos some other spots16:28
navets_I think i got the snddevices script16:28
navets_how do I run it16:28
Dr_WillisYou dont normally install 'over' your old / and so forth16:28
ShapeshifterHow can I have two taskbars for my dual screen setup, one for each screen, which only displays the applications currently on that screen?16:28
Dr_Willischmod +x ./snddevics  ./snddevces16:28
timriRebelyouth: You could use the panel instead (F9)16:28
ShapeshifterI have already enabled twinview and the restricted drivers16:28
navets_Dr_Willis: thank you16:29
Dr_WillisShapeshifter not sure the kde  panels  applicaions panel. has that feature16:29
Rebelyouthtimri: yessss16:29
Rebelyouthtimri: d.. i forgot F916:29
Rebelyouthtimri:  I hope in kde4 somebody fix this problem16:30
newsense07anyone here familiar with kfilereplace ?16:30
Rebelyouthtimri: tnx16:30
Dr_WillisShapeshifter you may try the 'only show apps on current desktop' setting (i think)  Been ages  since ive explored the kde tools16:30
compu73rg33kDr_Willis, yes, but I'm looking to do a fresh install on these encrypted partitions. I've partitioned so that I have a root, usr, home, and swap partition, all encrypted. I also have a 1GB unencrypted boot partition. I'm just wondering how to go about this grahpical installer to use these encrypted partitions b/c at hte partition manager, it doesn't have a filesystem attached to the partitiosn and if I give it one then it's going16:30
compu73rg33kto reformat it16:30
timriRebelyouth: You're welcome16:30
Rebelyouthtimri: i can remove the bookmark menu?16:30
compu73rg33kI just want it to USE the partitions, not do any partitioning for me. heh.16:30
Dr_Williscompu73rg33k  they allredy got system data on them?16:31
compu73rg33kNope, fresh install Dr_Willis16:31
|dthacker|hi channel, I finally got around to updating my desktop, and the kubuntu installer is not finding any disks at step 4 of 6.  Seems to be a bit lost.  Any tips?16:31
timriRebelyouth: Iam not sure (anyway, that should be done by editing some rc file16:31
Rebelyouthtimri: mmmhhh16:31
timriRebelyouth: I useually browse without menu (Ctrl+M)16:31
=== travis_ is now known as RLoggia
Dr_WillisSo its asking to format  'empty' partitions. :) I though the instller could set up encrypted filesstems. Ive never used that feature  - so not sure what things to watch out for,16:31
ShapeshifterDr_Willis: Thanks, I found that option, it worked16:32
z1pp3rI have a Logitech MX518 mouse, but i cannot use all of it's buttons in kubuntu 7.10. Anyone know of a guide i could follow?16:32
timriDr_Willis: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EncryptedFilesystemsInstaller16:32
Dr_Willisencrypted filesystem for the truely paranoid.16:33
livingdaylightdoes compiz get installed by default in kubuntu?16:33
Dr_Willis The easy way would be to let the installer format/encrypt/set them up. :)16:33
Dr_Willislivingdaylight No.16:33
ubotuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion16:33
ardchoilleDr_Willis:  I've never understood encrypted file systems.16:33
RLoggiawhats the command to make a backup of your xserver-xorg conf?16:34
timriardchoille: You mean the usefulness ? If so, you evidently haven't got your laptop stolen yet.16:34
compu73rg33kWell it doesn't look like the kubuntu 7.10 has encryption built in16:34
ardchoilleRLoggia: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup16:34
compu73rg33kunlike the ubuntu 7.10, at least I heard it has that16:35
ubuntu_'ve got kubuntu 7.10 but there isn't compiz-fusion... why?16:35
ardchoilletimri: Well, if it's something I don't want the world to see, I don't put it on my computer :)16:35
cloakable!compiz | ubuntu_16:35
ubotuubuntu_: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion16:35
timriardchoille: And your emails, account passwords etc ?16:36
RLoggianevermind i got it16:36
livingdaylightDr_Willis: that suits me as my computer doesn't support 3D and therefore compiz, but with ubuntu it was installed nonetheless even though xrender must have detected my system16:36
compu73rg33k!EncryptedFilesystemsInstaller | ubuntu_16:36
Shapeshiftercloakable: that guide is with feisty repos16:36
cloakableAh :)16:36
NyleI have 2.6.22 on and I have the bcm43xx_injection_2.6.22.patch applied to the source file bcm43xx_main.c.  The online resource says compile the modules with make modules and make modules_install.  I was wondering, is there a way to generate the .ko file for JUST the patched bcm43xx and not everything?16:36
RLoggiaanyone using ATI graphics?16:36
ardchoilletimri: emails you can't control, the email server itself can be hacked.. account passwords should be memorised.16:37
compu73rg33kSo there's no way of bypassing the partitioner setup on the graphical installer?16:37
BluesKajRLoggia, what's yer question about ati ?16:38
k5ubuntui need help installing java on kubuntu 7.10 can somebody guide me threw it16:39
Dr_Willisk5ubuntu i normally install the kubuntu-restricted-extras package. It included java16:40
timrik5ubuntu: aptitude install sun-java6-jre16:40
timrik5ubuntu: It is in multiverse repo btw16:41
k5ubuntuwhats a console command that unlocks my konsole16:41
BluesKajRLoggia, trouble with connection too as well as ati ?16:41
k5ubuntuits says a program is locking up my adept manager16:41
Dr_WillisThats not locking the console. :) close out any other package manager tools you got running16:41
Dr_Willisand then if it still says its locked.16:41
ubotuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:41
k5ubuntuthank you dr willis16:42
z1pp3rI have a Logitech MX518 mouse, but i cannot use all of it's buttons in kubuntu 7.10. Anyone know of a guide i could follow?16:43
asfakwhy does adept download duplicate files.? I never had such problem in previous version.16:43
=== travis_ is now known as RLoggia
RLoggiai swear linux hates me /sigh16:46
llutzRLoggia: Linux is user-friendly, it's just a little picky, who his friends really are" :))16:47
RLoggiawhy is it booting me from server ??16:47
asfakwhenever i try to install any application either from konsole, synaptic manager or adept (in my both pc), alongwith a package, similar file get started downloading but stops when earliest file reaches 100%. Is that a bug ?16:47
OuZohi, i have a ATI radeon X700, when i click to enable the restricted driver then restart i dont get anything on my display, i have to do a rescue to get X back16:48
timriasfak:No, it downloads simultaniously16:48
OuZois that normal?16:48
BigPickGood morning all :)16:48
Jucatoposingaspopular: oops sorry... you seem to need me whenever I'm not here :(16:48
Jucatoposingaspopular: I have no idea what those are either :(16:48
Dr_WillisOuZo given how much a hassle ATI can be.. sadly - it often is.. HOWEVER.. ati released new linux drivers after gutsy was released.. so they are looking better.16:49
asfakit been 2 year i have been using kubuntu but never had such problem16:49
k5ubuntuits saysThere was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.16:49
Dr_WillisOuZo i dont use any ati cards any more. So i dont know what fix's are needed for their newer cards16:49
=== theking is now known as Theking
=== Theking is now known as TheKing
OuZothanks Dr_Willis16:49
RLoggiaBluesKaj: you have 3D rendering working on 7.10?16:49
TheKingTo those people who helped me with the multibooting, it worked16:49
posingaspopularJucato: apparntly they are crash reports for core dumps that dev use16:50
posingaspopulari deleted them16:50
BluesKajDr_Willis, the new recommended driver doesn't work all that well with lower end onboard graphics , most ppl with X200 cards ahave to revert to the restricted driver for 3D and DRI16:50
k5ubuntuwhen i try to install the restricted package set it says There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.16:50
Jucatoposingaspopular: ah ok :)16:50
RLoggiathis is rediculas16:50
OuZoDr_Willis: i had it working in 64bit gentoo... i thought (k)ubuntu would be easire, could it have something to do with acpi?16:50
posingaspopulari just deleted them, they aren't exciting or very intersting16:51
BluesKajRLoggia, sort of , not a sgood I'd like...google earth is slow and clunky , but it works on my X200G card16:51
k5ubuntucan anybody help me when ever i try to install something it says There was an error commiting changes. Possibly there was a problem downloading some packages or the commit would break packages.16:51
Jucatoposingaspopular: or useful :)16:51
BluesKajdid you get that RLoggia?16:52
Dr_WillisOuZo  Its just some of the quirks with ati drivers from what i gather.  May be some easy fix. But I dont mess with ati any more.. and proberly wont for a long time16:52
BluesKajdid you get that RLoggia?16:52
|dthacker|hi, trying to debug install problems.   Should I be able to see the hard drive from the live CD?16:53
posingaspopularwell im not a hardcore dev, so no ;) notyet16:53
timrik5ubuntu: get out of adept and run aptitude from a konsole, gives more info16:53
k5ubuntuhow do i run aptitude16:54
Jucatosudo apt-get install <package name> or sudo aptitude install <package name>16:54
carbon_monoxidejust type "sudo aptitude install"16:54
Dr_Willisk5ubuntu its a terminal command, similer to 'apt-get'16:54
Jucato(replace <package name> with the package name, without the < >""16:54
Jucatoin Konsole of course16:54
Dr_Willis|dthacker| 'see' with sudo fdisk -l   - Should work. :)16:55
timrik5ubuntu: Alt+F2 konsole16:55
carbon_monoxideI have read some posts sayting aptitude was recommended upon apt-get16:55
Dr_Willis|dthacker| they may not be mounted by default - so you wont 'see' them in the gui16:55
Jucatotimri: or K Menu -> System -> Konsole, or Alt+Space, "Kons" :)16:55
timriJucato: Yeah, but I have modified the &%^&% out of my system, and cant remember de defaults :)16:56
|dthacker|Dr_Willis: live cd doesn't see it with sudo fdisk -l, which may be why installer doesn't detect it.   This is a working SuSE 10 install that I'm trying to Kubuntize.16:56
|dthacker|SuSE says it's /dev/hda16:56
Jucato|dthacker|: fdisk sees everything16:57
DownixHello from Kubuntu-on-SPARC.  I'm trying to get it set up atm.16:57
Jucatoor should...16:57
carbon_monoxidehey buddies! which do you use? "apt-get" or "aptitude"? and why?16:57
timricarbon_monoxide: aptitude, better dep handling16:57
timricarbon_monoxide: and dep resolver16:58
|dthacker|Jucato: I wish! ;) maybe time for the alternate install CD16:58
DownixI use apt-get out of familiarity16:58
carbon_monoxidetimri: *wink*16:58
Downixbeen running Debian since '9716:58
timriDownix: debian is my favorite distro16:59
carbon_monoxideI like Debian too16:59
Downixtimri: I have debian on my other SPARC box.16:59
posingaspopularapt-get because it's easiest to run16:59
DownixIt's a 32-bit SPARC vs this SPARC6416:59
Dr_Willisive had aptitude do some really... odd things. befor17:00
Jucatoapt-* depending on the purpose. aptitude -R install for most installations17:00
carbon_monoxidedoes aptitude make any trouble? I use it like apt-get17:00
Dr_Willislike remove 300 packages.. then reinstall them17:00
Downixthat reminds me, I need to get this box to auto-dhcp17:00
Downixhaving to enter it manually is ok, but a bit annoying17:00
|dthacker|goes to burn an alternate install CD17:01
timriDr_Willis: That was a looong time ago, right?17:01
Dr_Willistimri a few mo ago. :)17:01
timriDownix: Tried the new project indiana yet?17:01
timriDr_Willis: WHoa, thats strange, never happened to me.17:01
ackbahrHi there! I'm in an early stage of my system's setup, and my USB drive won't automount.... Can somebody help?17:02
Downixtimri:  yes, but the guys in #solaris have been less than friendly.  Just because you're a true SysV doesn't mean you have a right for ego.  I have a Sys V on a Commodore Amiga.  8)17:02
carbon_monoxidebut some articles on the internet is saying that "aptitude" and "apt-get" is making no different on installing and removing dependency packages17:03
Dr_Willisaptitude rembers things and makes removing packages easier - I hear...17:03
timriDownix: get of my lawn!17:03
Jucatocarbon_monoxide: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/aptitude17:03
carbon_monoxidestarting from Edgy17:03
timriDr_Willis: Yep, but dont press - on the installed section :)17:03
DownixCommodore had the first SysV OS, never forget.  AMIX, running on the Amiga 3000.  8)17:03
Dr_WillisI used Minix on my A50017:04
DownixRandom Trivia Man strikes again17:04
timricarbon_monoxide: afaik apt-get does not have a ui a la aptitude, nor a dep resolver17:04
Dr_Willisaptitudes 'ui' is a little... odd :)17:05
Downixbut in any case, Indiana does look sweet.  I have it on the other HD for this machine here.17:05
|dthacker|hehe, that's an understatement.17:05
timriDownix: Trie to get the running on a vic20 and we'll talk17:05
* Dr_Willis lives in Indiana :)17:05
carbon_monoxideDr_Willis: this article is demonstrating 6.06 and earlier releases17:05
Downixtimri: didn't someone do that once?17:08
timriKonqueror does not show the +/- signs next to folders when browsing samba shares mounted with fusesmb of smbnetfs, WHY?17:08
timriDownix: Not that I know of, and it would be tough, I imagine17:08
=== sunrise is now known as cedur
DownixSomething I've always wondered, could I use a non-OpenFirmware card in this machine...17:08
CobaltHi want to know if there is a way to listen to Yahoo radio stations from gutsy ?17:08
=== sunrise is now known as cedur
timriCobalt: what site is that?17:09
Cobalttimri: music tab from yahoo.com17:10
ubotuVirtualBox is open-source virtualization software for x86, with a proprietary "enterprise" version sporting additional features. Packages for Ubuntu are provided by the makers at http://www.virtualbox.org/ - Setup details at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/VirtualBox17:11
timriCobalt: have a url? yahoo doesnt like my konqueror17:11
timritimri: and I am loath to install ff17:11
ubotuAmarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.3 for Dapper and 1.4.5 for Edgy and packages are  available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok17:11
Rebelyouthold descrip17:12
|dthacker|how are factoids updated?17:13
RLoggiaanyone know how to get frostwire?17:13
carbon_monoxideFinally, ALSA 1.0.15 is released.17:13
llutzRLoggia: sudo aptitude install frostwire17:13
Jucato!amarok | Rebelyouth17:14
ubotuRebelyouth: Amarok is an audio player for Linux with an intuitive interface. The latest version is 1.4.7 (1.4.3 for Dapper LTS). Packages are  available for Kubuntu at www.kubuntu.org See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Amarok17:14
RebelyouthJucato: why ubotu give me an old desc?17:15
JucatoI Just updated it right now17:15
|dthacker|How are factoids update = Jucato17:15
Jucatobot editors update them17:15
DownixAnyways, yay, have a SPARC I can develop with17:15
Rebelyouthlets see17:16
ubotuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . Latest KDE version is 3.5.8 for Gusty and Feisty, 3.5.6 for Edgy, and 3.5.5 for Dapper. See http://kubuntu.org for more information.17:16
ubotuKDE 4 is the next major release of the K Desktop Environment. For more information see <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KDE_4>. The Release Schedule is available at http://techbase.kde.org/Schedules/KDE4/4.0_Release_Schedule. Beta 3 packages can be found at http://kubuntu.org/announcements/kde4-beta3.php17:16
Rebelyouthis beta 4 now17:16
Downixthis box still impresses me.  Missing DMA on the hard drive it still blows away my sons Pentium 3, despite surrendering half of the Mhz of the P317:16
JucatoRebelyouth: Kubuntu doesn't have beta4 packages yet. so that's still true17:17
Rebelyouthoh yeah  is for debiana n opensuse17:17
Rebelyouthyou right17:17
eljefe_eeh, the Launchpad bug reporter is broken17:17
|dthacker|no bugs for you!17:17
timriCobalt: yahoo radio doesnt work for me either17:17
eljefe_OOPS-672D998 is my error or something, but i have to be a subscribver to a mailing list to let anyone know  :(*17:18
KalEleljefe_, you mean the bug reporting system itself is broken??17:18
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about kwin - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:18
Rebelyouthhow i can share the XV on various player open?17:18
eljefe_yes the bug reporter itself isn't working, KalEl17:19
sea4everI have a windows floppy, how can I get the stuff on it?17:19
KalElgreat gods of linux! how do we report bugs now?!17:19
llutzseause mtools /mcopy, mdir/17:19
Rebelyouthsea4ever: yes17:19
eljefe_sea4ever: put it in the drive?17:19
Jucatoeljefe_: #ubuntu-bugs please.17:19
sea4everIt's taking like 20 minutes so far to mount17:20
Jucatohttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ loads fine though17:20
ubotuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone17:20
llutzsea4ever: use mtools /mcopy, mdir/17:20
OuZowhats the deal with dolphin? what was wrong with the old window manager?17:20
eljefe_Jucato: will do17:20
llutzOuZo: was not simple enough for some gnome-freaks :)17:21
timriOuZo: filemanager17:21
eljefe_yeah it loads, but once I give a summary and click Continue, it errors out17:21
FisherPriceis the user in the floppy or disk group?17:21
Jucato!d3lphin | OuZo17:21
ubotuOuZo: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.17:21
timriOuZo: I use konqueror with konqsidebartng it (pardonnez moi le mot) totally rocks17:21
FisherPricei have a question about kwin --replace... it doesn't work :(17:22
Jucatollutz: fwiw, the original dolphin, and the decision to switch to (the real) dolphin in KDE 4 was driven by KDE users' feedback and requests. so to say that it's because of gnome-freaks is totally unfair and insulting for those KDE users17:22
llutzJucato: ok, sry17:23
timriJucato: what is the insulting part "gnome" or "freaks" ? :)17:23
Jucatothe "gnome" of course :)17:23
OuZothanks guys, dolphin sux17:23
JucatoOuZo: d3lphin sucks. dolphin doesn't17:24
Jucato(or at least not as much)17:24
OuZotimri: what is konqsidebartng?17:24
JucatoKONQueror SIDEBAR The Next Generation17:25
timriOuZo: it is the part where traditionally the network shortcuts were stored, however you can use it to make shortcuts to anything (local folders etc)17:25
OuZois there a screen shot anywere?17:25
Jucatoactually you can use the metabar for that17:25
timriOuZo: I could upload one, but dont know where.17:25
Jucatotimri: imageshack.us17:25
Jucatotimri: you might be confusing it with the Metabar though17:26
BluesKajdolphin is a PITA17:26
Jucatothere is not sidebar applet named "konqsidebartng"... that is part of Konqueror17:26
timriJucato: nope, I edit the stuff manually, it is in knqsidebartng/virtual_folders iirc17:26
Jucatotimri: what I meant is that konqsidebartng is not a separate app. it's a built-in part of Konqueror17:27
Jucatoyou can also do it all in the GUI...17:28
Jucatoright-click on the sidebar -> Add new ->17:28
eljefe_anyone have any luck with k9copy in 7.10?  i get constant crashes when i try to use it. I had upgraded my FFMPEG but thought that was the culprit, so I reverted back to the official package, but I still have the same issue.17:28
timriJucato: hence the "sidebar" part in its name :)17:28
Jucato<timri> OuZo: I use konqueror with konqsidebartng it (pardonnez moi le mot) totally rocks <--- you make it sound like it's a separate app that needs to be installed and enabled into Konqueror :)17:29
livingdaylighti've opened k3b but its not detecting the fact that there is a blank cd in drive17:29
OuZoi cant understand why the konsole does not have color :< which file do i edit to get color in konsole?17:29
BluesKajeljefe_, try launching it from the konsole ...check the output errors17:29
livingdaylightwhy not make kubuntu a little more like pclos for eg, with konqueror as dedicated file manager and firefox as default web browser.. much more clean and tidy17:30
eljefe_~/.bashrc for colour; you have to comment out (add a #) like 5 lines, and uncomment (remove the #) another set of lines.  Its documented in there, if you read it you'll see.17:30
|dthacker|ok, here goes with the alternat install CD.  Wish me luck.17:30
livingdaylighti can't seem to install an iso here on k3b17:30
eljefe_livingdaylight: install an ISO on k3b??17:31
Jucatolivingdaylight: 1. Kubuntu doesn't want to be like PCLOS. 2. The head devs want Konqueror to be the default, to promote Konqueror. 3. Disk space limit (OO.o already takes up a lot)17:31
timriOuZo: http://img211.imageshack.us/my.php?image=konqsidebartngir0.png17:31
=== anonymous_ is now known as sup3rw0p
|dthacker|I have done 20 installs since Gutsy dropped and this is the first one I had problems with....17:31
flickwhen can i see the even faster and even more better looking kde4 update in my kubuntu?17:31
nosrednaekimhey everyone!17:31
FisherPricedoes anyone care to help me with my kwin --replace issue?17:31
* |dthacker| glares at his hardware17:31
Cobalttimri: thanks for trying I left for a moment to fix myself some lunch17:32
JucatoFisherPrice: what's the problem?17:32
FisherPricety Jucato17:32
BluesKajeljefe_, did you install k9copy with a pkg manager or the cli ?17:32
timriFisherPrice: Care, yes. Able, no :(17:32
Jucato(not that I can help 100%)17:32
timriCobalt: ah, ok17:32
sup3rw0pHi, I'm trying to install a theme and I run into this problem. when I run make I get this error at the end. Nothing to be done for `all-am'17:32
eljefe_BluesKaj: adept17:32
Jucatosup3rw0p: what theme are you trying to install?17:32
eljefe_actually with the CLI17:32
FisherPricejuc I've just tried compiz-fusion and want to replace kwin.. but it crashes X and get compiz back17:32
eljefe_BluesKaj: with the CLI, I had a list of packages and installed it with "sudo apt-get install < packages.txt"17:33
livingdaylightJucato:not about being like pclos exactly, but just an example where they strike a balance to give a clean overall look... Keeping Konqueror as default file manager still showcases Konqueror... but Konqueror overwhelm i'm not sure appeals to anyone in the 21 Century for desktop market... imho... but devs know best17:33
Jucatosup3rw0p: I believe there's a .deb Domino package for Kubuntu. use that instead17:33
livingdaylighteljefe_: yes an iso in k3b17:33
JucatoFisherPrice: and "kwin --replace" doesn't work?17:33
FisherPriceJucato: I duno if it's a compiz issue or a kwin issue17:33
eljefe_livingdaylight: but you don't install ISOs with k3b; you don'ty install ISOs really at all, you burn ISOs and then install from the CD...17:34
FisherPriceJucato: no, it just crashes X17:34
Jucatokwin almost never crashes. I bet it's a compiz issue17:34
flickhmm it seems to work for me17:34
livingdaylighteljefe_: yes, of course...17:34
JucatoFisherPrice: might want to ask in #compiz-fusion17:34
FisherPriceJucato: ty, i didn't know the irc addy17:34
flickby the way thanks i did not know i could run compiz on kubuntu also17:34
OuZotimri: thanks, thats what my gentoo looked like17:34
eljefe_ok livingdaylight so you want to burn an ISO?  what happens when you right-click the ISO and select "Burn CD with K3b" ?17:34
Jucato!compiz | flick17:34
livingdaylighteljefe_: cant burn kubuntu iso... i think  my current kubuntu cd is faulty17:34
ubotuflick: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion17:34
FisherPriceflick: ya u can... but i think it's got problem17:35
BluesKajI know it shouldn't make any diff whetrher you use adept apt or synaptic ., the repos are all the same , but I wonder about the install process in adept , sometimes17:35
FisherPriceflick: just make sure that u have your system backed up17:35
JucatoBluesKaj: Adept uses apt17:35
timriOuZo: I always have my windows maximized, no border, no menu, overlapping kicker17:35
eljefe_BluesKaj: so you think i should reinstall with Adept?  or you think Adept is worse?17:35
flickFisherPrice, ahh... i've seen ur problem, but i just did kwin --replace (before posting the previous comment) and it seems to work fine17:35
BluesKajI'm aware of that17:35
* |dthacker| mumbles phrases not appropriate for kubuntu, becuase his install hung disk detection.17:35
nosrednaekimFisherPrice: do you have desktop icons turned off?17:35
Werenerdhey all, has anyone else had problems with USB keyboards and (K)Ubuntu since updating to 7.10? My keyboard keeps cutting in and out17:35
flickFisherPrice, i installed compiz-kde and emerald too btw17:36
timriOuZo: that way, I can bring up the taskbar by yanking my mouse to the leftbottom corner of the screen17:36
livingdaylighteljefe_: it check md5sum but it still says cd rom is empty17:36
FisherPricenosrednaekim: no, i have desktop icons17:36
FisherPriceflick: yah i have them too17:36
eljefe_livingdaylight: can you try a different CD?17:36
flicksorry i did compiz --replace17:36
FisherPriceflick: lol17:36
|dthacker|how long should text install take to detect a disk?17:36
flickwell... let me try kwin --replace17:37
BluesKajeljefe_, the cli /apt & aptitude seems to do better with some video apps17:37
|dthacker|good grief, it can't find it.17:37
livingdaylighteljefe_: the cd is fine, when i first put it in it was detected but i chose ignoer because it only offered to open k3b for data or audio and since iwanted to burn iso(image) i ckicked ignore17:37
eljefe_well, i used the CLI apt-get so i guess I should be 'safe'17:37
eljefe_i filed a bug report but no action yet, its been a few days17:37
flickit works17:38
BluesKajeljefe_, k9copy was clunky on feisty , but i find it works better on gutsy17:38
eljefe_ok so livingdaylight, try to remove the CD and close k3b; then put the CD in and select Audio or whatever, and then try to do it in k3b with the menu17:38
FisherPricei'll wander over to the compiz chanel17:38
donsdwI have a partition, ext3, that does not show any directories when I ls.  Is it possible they are still there, but I did something wrong?17:38
Downixok, this is odd17:38
delioushi what is the difference between cd and dvd images of kubuntu?17:38
eljefe_donsdw: is it possible that the partition didn't mount into the dir?17:39
DownixI run a configure script and it says that the c compiler cannot create executeables17:39
|dthacker|ok, both live cd and alternate cd fail to detect hd.  Hd is working on another distro.  What should I try next?17:39
flickdonsdw, what does ls -a show17:39
Downix|dthacker|: Does it see the HD controller?17:39
timriDownix: installed build-essentials ?17:39
WerenerdDoes anyone know a good place to get support on keyboard issues maybe?17:39
livingdaylighteljefe_: did that too... again go through the process as it checks sum but it still says: 'please insert an empty cdblah blah'17:39
rickympldoes kcron use a config file or does it edit the crontab directly?17:39
|dthacker|Downix: how can I tell?17:39
eljefe_BluesKaj: ok so k9copy crashed again; the CLI is filled with VOBU: Read Error!!!  (VOBU : 1313496 Read Error !!!!  ==>  1313940)17:40
Downixtimri: Doh!  Knew I forgot something17:40
deliousi need help with choosing the right iso-file17:40
Downix|dthacker|: Is your HD on the same controller as your CD-ROM?17:40
Q-collectivewow, k9copy looks so much better than dvd::rip17:40
nosrednaekimrickympl: if it did have a config file, it would be in ~/.kde/share17:40
eljefe_livingdaylight: no idea then, that is odd.  Just for giggles, have you tried a different CD?  Are you using a DVD when it needs a CD?17:40
BluesKajeljefe_, does k3b read the dvd?17:40
donsdweljefe_, flick: ls -a shows many hidden directories and Desktop.17:41
|dthacker|Downix: unknown, will have to reboot to find out.17:41
anton__ hi ive update my feisty to gutsy now the schortcut Fn+F10/F11 for Display Brightness doesnt work. but gutsy must recognize it native on my lenovo n10017:41
eljefe_BluesKaj: yeah K3b can see it17:41
livingdaylighteljefe_: i wish ... but alas no...17:41
livingdaylighteljefe_: thx anyways..17:42
delioushi what is the difference between cd and dvd images of kubuntu?17:42
livingdaylighteljefe_: there's something wrong with this install hence why i'm trying to burn a new kubuntu to cd17:42
Downix|dthacker|: Is it IDE, ATA, SATA, RAID or SCSI?17:42
Downix|dthacker|: or SAS, almost forgot that one17:42
flickdonsdw, if it is mounted on the directory you do ls -l, then that's what u got in the ext3. to see if it is mounted, type cat /etc/mtab17:42
eljefe_livingdaylight: a reboot perhaps? :( i know, its a Windows-type fix, but it worked for an issue I had last night, so its worth a shot i guess...17:42
BluesKajeljefe_, uninstall k9copy , reboot, sudo apt-get update and reinstall it17:43
eljefe_eh..  ok17:43
Downixtimri:  it cannot find any package or instructions for that.17:43
livingdaylighteljefe_: i suppose, sheesh... i hoped kubuntu would be more stable than that though17:43
BluesKajuse the cli , eljefe_17:43
rickymplnosrednaekim:> ok thx, found a config file but its only pertinent to general options like window size, what i'm looking for is the tasks itself, maybe it doesnt save that info in another file other than the cron file17:43
eljefe_livingdaylight: agreed17:43
donsdwflick: I was afraid of that.  It's mounted, but all directories are gone.17:44
flicklivingdaylight, eljefe_: agreed, waiting eagerly for KDE 417:44
timriDownix: ??17:44
angelonon so come funziona quest'affare. qualcuno mi legge ?17:44
donsdwflick: At least they are not showing up.17:44
nosrednaekimrickympl: should be in share/apps17:44
Zvezdichkoafter many sys upgrades a lot of kernels were installed17:44
eljefe_flick: also waiting but its not going to bring stability improvements, especially for kde 4.0...17:44
OuZoeljefe_: pls can u pm me with your color part of .bashrc - mine is empty17:44
Zvezdichkohow to remove unneeded kernels?17:44
livingdaylightflick: kde 4.1 maybe... everyone says kd34 is not gonna be all that17:44
flickdonsdw, how could that be, did you do an rm * .*?17:44
nosrednaekimOuZo: certainly... just a moment17:44
eljefe_OuZo: that means it is using the system .bashrc but i'll get you my onw, one moment17:45
timriDownix: you mean like aptitude install build-essential ?17:45
donsdwflick: I am capable of doing that.  :(17:46
angeloma se volessi parlare con qualcuno, come dovrei fare ?17:46
flicklivingdaylight, eljefe_: yeah, i had a few problems, but i have fixed some of them and sent the patch in the KDE4 trunk, so hopefully they will be comitted in that release17:46
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!17:46
flickdonsdw, if u or somebody inadvertantly deleted it from the GUI, it should be there in the Trash17:47
Downixtimri: right17:48
eljefe_OuZo: http://pastebin.ca/759973  that is the default .bashrc, the only change being to make bash in colour.  save it in your home as .bashrc17:48
flicklivingdaylight, eljefe_: also i know of several developers who are holding the fixes for KDE4!17:48
timriDownix: I take it, it is working now?17:48
donsdwflick: I can't blame anyone else.  I think I looked in Trash.  /tmp/Trash?  But that is at leat a ray of hope.  Thanks!17:48
timrisuperfluous comma guy strikes, again17:48
rickymplnosrednaekim:> no luck, i did a fresh install of kubuntu backing  up my /home, thinking that kcron would have such a file, but it seems it doenst, thx for your help17:48
Downixtimri:  trying it again incase I misspelled it17:49
donsdwflick: Oh wait, no /tmp either. :(17:49
timriDownix: I added an s initially17:49
OuZoeljefe_: um that paste doesnt load for me, it the url correct?17:49
nosrednaekimrickympl: ah... kron probably does save to the crontab17:49
Downixthat did it17:50
eljefe_yeah... pastebin kinda stinks some times tho17:50
|dthacker|Downix: Disk Drive is /dev/hda, how can I find the device the CDROM is attached at?17:50
eljefe_where can I get dvddecss, i wonder if that is the issue for k9copy17:50
rickymplnosrednaekim:> right, next time ill know better17:50
flickdonsdw, no /tmp ?!17:50
BluesKajeljefe_, libdvdcss2 ?17:51
samuk1aki eh br?17:51
Downix|dthacker|: should be /dev/sd or dev/cd17:51
flickdonsdw, i am really sorry... but if you are sure that the files have been deleted you can try the "unrm" command17:51
donsdwflick: Not is this partition.  I still have my Kubuntu partition.17:51
eljefe_OuZo: try again?  it loaded for me, but not always...17:51
eljefe_BluesKaj: yeah17:51
flickdonsdw, it can be installed as "sudo apt-get install tct"17:51
OuZoeljefe_: no its just blank17:51
Alarmi tried to install kwin-style-metal4kde , but it wants some dependecies. kdelibs4 , i got kde 3.5.7 is that a problem ?17:52
eljefe_well its there man :(  lemme see if i can put it elsewhere17:52
Cobaltwhere to go to get the image files for this virtual machine ?17:52
flickbut it can be hard to use.17:52
eljefe_samuk1: whaaaaat17:52
timrisamuk1: F117:52
BluesKajeljefe_, it's in the restricted debs , check yer source.list to uncomment them17:52
eljefe_hmmm i though ti w as fully open for all of those...17:52
Downix|dthacker|: any sign?17:52
donsdwflick: I don't know what tct is, but I will look it up.  Thanks for your help.17:53
samuk1irc brasileiro?!?17:53
OuZoeljefe_: can you please paste it here? http://pastebin.div0.co.za/17:53
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:53
flickdonsdw, tct is a package of forensic related utilities17:53
|dthacker|Downix: CD is on /dev/hdc, so a different controller, I think17:53
samuk1what is channel br?!?17:53
ubotuPor favor use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.17:53
BluesKajeljefe_, you still have to install it yourself17:53
Downix|dthacker|: no, same controller.  Likely the second channel on a PATA or IDE controller.17:54
eljefe_all of my repos are open3ed up and its not showing on the Adept list17:54
donsdwflick: Oh.  Install and then maybe unrm will help?17:54
Downix|dthacker|: ok, can you fdisk the HD?17:54
flickdonsdw, maybe... just may be!17:54
timrisamuk1: :)17:54
|dthacker|Downix: isn't it hda/b  hdac/d?17:54
BluesKajeljefe_, did you update the repos ?17:55
Cobaltubotu: where can I get image files for other OSs ?17:55
eljefe_BluesKaj: nope, default, and i did add medibuntu tho17:55
eagles0513875Cobalt: ubotu is a bot17:55
eljefe_OuZo: http://pastebin.div0.co.za/results/E2BG71752.html17:55
donsdwflick: Another ray of hope.  Thanks again!17:55
Downix|dthacker|: Most PATA have hda/b on the first channel and hdc/d on the second.  And most onboard controllers have 2 channels.17:55
samuk1! not ready...=/17:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about not ready...=/ - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:55
timriCobalt: distrowatch.com17:55
samuk1!br not ready...17:55
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about br not ready... - try searching on http://ubotu.ubuntu-nl.org/factoids.cgi17:55
Cobalttimri: thanks17:56
eagles0513875timri: u got to love it when people thingk the boto is real17:56
timrieagles0513875: hehe, happened to me as well17:56
OuZothanks eljefe_17:56
BluesKajeljefe_, do the source-o-matic thing to regenerate your sources.list17:56
eljefe_no prob17:56
eljefe_BluesKaj: "Package libdvdcss2 is not available, but is referred to by another package."17:56
eagles0513875timri: happened to me in the beginning too lol17:56
BluesKajeljefe_, http://www.ubuntu-nl.org/source-o-matic/17:58
|dthacker|Downix: I've verified that CDROM and HD are on separate ide ports on MB17:58
eljefe_yeah i am there17:58
eljefe_nbot many options tho!17:58
OuZowhats the command line way to search the apt-get database, like emerge -S in gentoo? thanks18:00
eljefe_BluesKaj: same message, not available but referred to by another package18:00
jpatrickOuZo: apt-cache search18:00
eljefe_OuZo: sudo apt-cache searc _packagename_18:00
eljefe_OuZo: sudo apt-cache search _packagename_18:00
jpatrickeljefe_: no need for sudo18:00
eljefe_oh?  cool.18:00
Downix**sees what else is missing to get AROS to build18:01
samuk1algum br aki... no outro ninguem ajuda18:02
BluesKajeljefe_, you have to add some of the nonstd repos to get the libdvdcss2 app18:02
samuk1i need permison to acess hda5... only root can...18:03
timriDownix:  you mean like http://aros.sourceforge.net/documentation/developers/compiling.php#getting-the-needed-packages18:03
carbon_monoxideI wait for ALSA driver 1.0.15 for long, but its Ubuntu package doesn't come out18:03
eljefe_BluesKaj: i thought so also but not seeing them; all my repos are commented out.18:03
eljefe_rathe, are NOT commented out18:03
eljefe_carbon_monoxide: yeah, i feel like a lot of apps weren't updated.  Create a bur report/wish.18:04
eljefe_carbon_monoxide: thats about the best we can do i think, or compile it yourself18:05
carbon_monoxideeljefe_: compiling it does no good  :(18:05
carbon_monoxideeljefe_: so you have to compile the next release yourself if you compile the current one18:07
eljefe_carbon_monoxide: correct.  and you get constant bugging about reverting back to the official one, so each update forces you to unselect your manually-compiled apps... its  a pain, agreed.18:08
carbon_monoxideeljefe_: isn't that the charm of Debian and Ubuntu as "aptitude install" can do the whole works?18:08
BluesKajeljefe_, I'm using the 64 bit repos , but i also have 32bit apps enabled , maybe these might conatian the file: http://www.pastebin.ca/75999818:09
eljefe_with Debian, for sure.  *buntu isn';t so handy IMHO.  but i don't really know anything about aptitude itself, only apt-get.  i hear aptitude is better somehow tho18:09
Goliath23does kubuntu do anything to the default kdm config? (i try to add a session by copying /usr/share/xsessions/kde.desktop to kde4.desktop and change some path's, but the new session doesn't appear in kdm)18:09
flickhow can i change the size of the subtitles in Kaffeine player?18:09
jpatrickGoliath23: have you restarted kdm?18:10
jpatrickshould be fine (works here)18:10
BluesKajaptitude uninstalls take out unrequired dependencies18:10
eljefe_BluesKaj: same error, referred but not found :(18:10
eljefe_allright all, thanks for the help but i have to go now, see yas later!18:10
jpatrickBluesKaj: you can do that with apt-get autoremove18:10
asktobyWell, I just survived my dist-upgrade (just).18:11
BluesKajdid you apt-get update after adding the repos18:11
newguysshi, how do I get more fonts for my machine18:11
eljefe_search for 'font' in Adept and install them18:11
BluesKajjpatrick, autoremove takes out apps that you need in my experience , especially xorg editsd18:12
eljefe_ok see yas18:12
FisherPriceflick: i've sorted my problem out with compiz... i had to completely unintall it :(18:12
Goliath23jpatrick: yes, of course18:12
Downixya know, this x86-centric nature of program-makers really ticks me off18:12
nosrednaekimFisherPrice: and reinstall?18:12
timriDownix: explain18:12
BluesKajeljefe_, the app should be there18:12
FisherPricewell i'm dling the latest version, gunna try to compile it18:13
Downixtimri:  Well, Flash was designed to be able to be run from any system... but then Adobe cans the non-x86/PPC Linux ports....18:13
flickFisherPrice, i have completely uninstalled it too - seems it doesn't flash your taskbar for programs like Konversation or Kopete!18:13
timriDownix: ah, ok18:14
eljefe_BluesKaj: Agreed but it isn't, today at least...  now that i think about it, my "sudo apt-get install <packages.txt" command made me remove it also, it wasn't there then either (right after the install of a fresh Gutsy,. a few weeks ago)18:14
FisherPriceflick: nosrednaekim i think i might try a different ui with it... a friend has got it up and running nice in something else.. can't remember what18:14
harmentalwhy did kubntu sticked to the gimp release candidate version? will it be updated in the repos any time soon?18:14
flickFisherPrice, and no body seems to be able to point a direction on which direction i should look, atleast superficially there's no way to fix it - and i am too tired to look into compiz-fusion code today18:15
flickFisherPrice, for me it works with Gnome properly though18:15
timriharmental: security updates only, I think18:15
flicktoo bad Gnome belongs to my past.18:15
eljefe_i have a feeling that Compiz is made to be much more Gnome compatible18:15
flickeljefe_, i concur18:15
* Rebelyouth 18:15
harmentaltimri: what do you mean? we should stick to a RC??18:16
=== Rebelyouth is now known as Rebelyouth|NotHe
eljefe_which toi me means its unusable; plus KWin has too many benefits for me18:16
FisherPriceflick: lol yah i might use it once in a while... it's more pretty than functional atm18:16
timriharmental: or wait 6 months for 8.04 to come out18:16
FisherPriceflick: would be nice to show my friends and ask "Does WinXP or Vista do this?"18:16
flickFisherPrice, i can understand and empathasize!18:17
harmentaltimri: its weird....why would they freeze a package that is rc?18:17
timriharmental: the better question would be: why would they include it?18:17
FisherPriceflick: it's good though I do like the way Linux had advanced. :D18:17
harmentalbecause 2.4 has a FINAL version...18:18
flickflick, the word is empathize not empathasize you moron!18:19
=== Moonra is now known as Necrobyte
flickflick, oh sorry18:19
DownixFisherPrice: I've used Linux since '95 or so18:19
Downixok, need to find pngtopnm for Ubuntu now18:19
|dthacker|Downix: I have no way to change BIOS settings for the hard drive, now grasping at straws and trying an Ubuntu disk.18:19
FisherPriceDownix: '95, hrm yah i think i was about that time too18:19
FisherPriceDownix: though only in ernest from about 200218:20
Downix|dthacker|: Which northbridge do you run?18:20
DownixFisherPrice: Slackware 3.0!18:21
|dthacker|Downix: I have no idea.  How can I tell?18:21
timriDownix: packages.ubuntu.com18:21
podliakHow can I set auto net connection (adsl) in a moment when I login ?18:21
Downixtimri:  just seeing which module has it included18:21
timriDownix: you can find that out on packages.ubuntu.com18:22
FisherPriceDownix: Caldera Linux was first, I think RH 6.218:22
Downix|dthacker|: That is really something you should have known from the day you boughty it.  Check your BIOS is my guess18:22
FisherPricefollowed quick after18:22
timriDownix: "search the contents of packages"18:22
harmentalwhat happens if i change my repos to hardy???18:22
eljefe_Downix: which brand heater coil does your toaster use?  really you don't know?  you should have known that since the day you bought it.  lol ;)18:23
nosrednaekim|dthacker|: you can ussually tell with a lspci18:23
newguyssguys I really got tired, I need to install font called bank gothic and I dont know how or what to do, help please18:24
* flick deep dives into compiz code18:24
timrinewguyss: in control center "system administration" then "font installer"18:25
newguysstimri: where is system administration?18:26
timrinewguyss: Alt+F2 then kcontrol18:27
supert0ne1why kcontrol is not on the menu is just strange18:27
podliakCan I set auto connection on net at startup ?18:28
samuk1what copies and paste in shell?!?18:28
timrisupert0ne1: Because kubuntu thinks the new settings manager is easier :(18:28
newguysstimri: thanks, do I have to go find the font on the net first?18:29
timrisamuk1: I use the mouse18:29
supert0ne1meaning less useful in my opinion18:29
samuk1no... copies and paste folder18:29
supert0ne1all the good options are hidden and tier design is pretty efficient18:29
timrinewguyss: Err, yeah, at fonts.com its 102 dollar18:29
timrisupert0ne1: Yeah, I prefer kcontrol18:30
=== SudoSu is now known as SudoKing
timrisamuk1: select the text right click in the selection, and copy18:30
|dthacker|nosrednaekim: on the northbridge question, please see http://pastebin.com/m757dee9818:30
timrisamuk1: to paste, use shift+insert18:30
samuk1no is text is folder18:31
Downixnow, time to learn how to create a SPARC header so I can compile this app....18:31
timrisamuk1:  ??? if you want to open a folder from the konsole, you could use "konqueror ." (dont forget the dot)18:32
intExDKI'm trying to burn an .img DVD image, but found out that k3b doesn't support that format. Anyone knows a way?18:32
Downixand am I the only guy here on a non-80x86 based CPU?18:32
biovoreI have a alpha18:33
biovoreand arm based computer..18:33
|dthacker|Downix: I play with Power5 all day at work, but not on Ubuntu18:33
Downix|dthacker|: Oh cool18:33
timri|dthacker|: drool18:34
nosrednaekim|dthacker|: I would guess that this is the relevant line18:34
nosrednaekim00:00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82845G/GL[Brookdale-G]/GE/PE DRAM Controller/Host-Hub Interface (rev 03)18:34
Downixbiovore: Alpha was nice, ARM's are fun.  I'm running a SPARC here, first 64-bit since my Alpha died.18:34
nosrednaekimmight want to google that18:34
timriDownix: As soon as the OLPC comes to europe, I will have a non-x86 machine too18:34
Downixtimri: OLPC is x86.18:35
=== ubuntu_ is now known as jb44
Downixtimri:  It uses a Geode, which is a renamed MediaGX CPU, the last of the Cyrix 6x86 CPU's.18:35
timriDownix: oops, never knew that the Geodes were x8618:36
Downixtimri:  My ex-fiance worked for NatSemi when they owned Cyrix.  She got to see the first Geode/MediaGX's come off the assembly line.18:36
timriDownix: My router is certainly non x86, does that count :)18:37
DownixI still can't believe I picked up a SPARC for $50.  8)18:37
timrisupert0ne1: nope18:38
timriDownix: Holy cow!18:38
supert0ne1i was skeptical of dd-wrt but after using it for a few months i couldn't live without it18:38
tekteenwhat is dd-wrt?18:39
Alarmi just downloaded some themes from kde-look , but the files are inside a gz, so i cant open them from the theme manager, how do i install those themes?18:40
timrisupert0ne1: I have a dg834gv2, and it runs great as-is. (Texas Instruments AR7 proc)18:40
timriAlarm: and if you doubleclick in the filemanager, it opens Ark?18:40
Downixtimri:  barebones Ultra 5's and 10's are cheap.  They lack integrated DMA controllers so they go for really cheap.18:41
Alarmand i can see many folders in it18:41
Alarmlike buttons arrows and stuff like that18:41
timriDownix: Shipping them to france kinda sucks tough>)18:41
Downixtimri:  Buy em from Germany or France then.  France was Sun's #4 customer.18:42
timriAlarm: you could extract that gz file (it is like a zip)18:42
Alarmi know i can extract that, thats not the problem18:42
Alarmthe point is i dont know how to set it up :)18:42
timriDownix: We use and re-use ad infinitum here, hence prices are somewhat less friendly18:42
timriAlarm:  And if you point the theme manager to the extracted files?18:43
Alarmdoesnt work18:43
Alarmit cant locate any .theme file18:43
timriAlarm: ah, ok18:43
Downixtimri:  Hmm, dangit.  I still hope the SPARC S1 ships soon tho.  Embeddable 64-bit multi-threaded SPARC core18:45
timriDownix: yeah, sun sells some great hardware (and software)18:45
Downixtimri:  who mentioned Sun?  SPARC is a licenseable architecture, there are more makers than just Sun out there.18:46
Downixtimri:  did you know that half of the CPU's in Sun boxes are made by Fuji?18:46
timriDownix: true, I was just drooling over the ultra 45 workstation, so...18:46
timriDownix: didnt know that, but it's not really a surprise18:47
DownixTimri:  I tinker with hardware designs.  Trying to make a more cost-friendly version.18:47
timriDownix: cool18:48
Downixtimri:  http://www.opensparc.net if you want to look at the source of the T1.18:48
timriDownix: been there, done that :)18:48
Downixtimri:  Basically my thought was to drop it to a single core paired with a DDR2 controller, FPU, and put it on a Hypertransport bus, so you can use commodity chipsets such as those from VIA or nVidia.18:49
timritimri: A bit rusty on the verilog, though18:49
Downixtimri:  in theory18:49
Downixtimri:  Same here, was always a VHDL man myself18:49
* timri changes topic to: Hi, welcome to #kubuntu, feel free to drop by and discuss the merits ov verilog and VHDL18:50
kubuntunewbielinux is sick on battery life for lappys.  I just ran my computer for almost 4 hours using wireless internet and browseing the web18:51
kubuntunewbiepretty sick. windows gives me about 2 hours18:51
nosrednaekimkubuntunewbie: is that good?18:51
nosrednaekimoh... ah... so sick=awesome18:52
kubuntunewbiehaha, yes18:52
Downixtimri:  my thought was to get a basic design working first, then expand it to 2 cores + FPU + DSP functions.  That way you can make a more entry-level workstation that should perform similarly to an Athlon x2 without the legacy crap.  8)18:52
foxhound31hello the problem I have is that the MY Shared Folder on a fat32 partition isnt recognised properly so I cant change the permissions on it single word named folders work great18:54
bassmacI'm getting this error with adept saying the database is locked...how should i fix this?18:54
timriDownix: explain how "VIA or nVidia" is being "without legacy crap"18:54
foxhound31can change permissions on them no problem18:54
timrifoxhound31: But it worked earlier for you with My Documents18:54
nosrednaekimfoxhound31: fat doesn't support permissions18:55
Downixtimri:  most of that legacy is in the northbridge, which is onboard the CPU in this case.  All you'd be getting from VIA/nVidia is the southern-half of the equasion, over HT.18:55
lespeabassmac: that means something else is using apt, are you installing/upgrading something in a different window / comand prompt?18:55
bassmacI just booted18:55
Downixtimri:  while some legacy there, a lot less than before18:55
timriDownix: ok, true. You would need specs though18:56
foxhound31nosrednaekm yeah thats right18:56
DownixI would, but one step at a time.18:56
foxhound31ahh dont know what the problem is18:56
foxhound31tlmrl yeah that was an ntfs18:57
foxhound31amule keeps saying I need to change permissions on that folder18:58
lespeabassmac: in a comand prompt go 'ps -aux|grep apt'18:58
bassmacI did a dpkg --configure -a18:58
anton__hi is it possible to reconfigure my ubuntu automatic?18:58
foxhound31which is why I'm confused since fat32 doesnt have permissions18:58
timrifoxhound31: Ah, and fat32 doesnt support that18:58
bassmacI had to do something from a previous install I guess18:58
=== warren_ is now known as TheWozA
anton__cause i updated my feisty to gutsy and now displaybrightness doesnt work, but it schould automatically do on my laptop18:59
ubuntu_Hello, how do I unmount partitions in KDE?18:59
Downixtimri:  it's just an object lesson for me, and as it'll be gpl'd, maybe someone will use it18:59
timriDownix: great! Do you have a site so that us mere mortals can check on you progress ?19:00
DownixNowhere to put one atm19:00
Downixhad a spot I never used then let it lapse19:00
foxhound31plan b now that I can get linux to work the way I like I will migrate everything and change the partitions to linux ones that should solve all my problems19:01
timrifoxhound31: yep19:01
Downixtimri:  the irony as I work for a web company... 8)19:01
timriDownix: hehe19:01
foxhound31plus there is a util for windows that can recognise linux partitions should i ever need to do that19:02
ubuntu_How do I unmount partitions in KDE?19:02
Downixfoxhound31: wouldn't recommend it.  Windows likes corrupting the filesystems19:02
timriDownix: ?? the ext2 ifs ??19:03
livingdaylightwhat is it called kcontrol? i can't find it in kbfx menu or even when i do alt+space19:03
kubuntunewbieanyone remember the name of the program that monitors your internet usage and docks in the "system tray" of KDE?19:03
foxhound31Downix thanks for that I'll only use it for emergency19:03
kubuntunewbiei think it was called something like knet.....19:03
timrilivingdaylight: Alt+F2 kcontrol19:03
Downixtimri:  tried ext2 for Win and it corrupted my gentoo install19:03
=== niclas is now known as nicboi23
timrilivingdaylight: You could also add it to your kmenu manually (right click, edit menu, insert item, kcontrol)19:04
livingdaylighttimri: wonder why when i did at+space it didn't come up??19:04
foxhound31anyway great help channel19:04
livingdaylighttimri: thx19:04
timriDownix: weird, never heard of that before19:04
TheWozAhey guys im using a ATI radeon card and im wondering what video drivers i should use19:04
foxhound31think kubuntu in this version really is consumer linux i havent had to touch the command line much at all19:04
Downixtimri:  now, Windows corrupted it's own filesystem a month later, so it's as likely to be windows fault as anything, but it made me gunshy19:05
foxhound31brilliant effort19:05
spingwerdare you going to run compiz?19:05
DownixTheWozA: Which Radeon?19:05
foxhound31see you19:05
kubuntunewbiefoxhound31: i agree, i recently made the switch and kept windows shitsa on my computer.... I have not touched winblows once since i put kubuntu on.19:05
timriDownix: hw problem?19:05
spingwerdQ. Since I uped to gutsey my system is about 25% slower where do I look?19:05
=== miaviator is now known as t00lzf0nt
kubuntunewbiespingwerd: are u using a lappy?19:06
kubuntunewbiespingwerd: no clue then. sorry19:06
timrispingwerd: strigid indexing?19:07
spingwerdah could be19:07
=== t00lzf0nt is now known as miaviator278
spingwerdtimri: hwo do I check19:07
TheWozA9800 pro19:07
spingwerddaemon is not running19:08
timriAlt+F2 konsole19:08
timrispingwerd: then: top19:08
DownixTheWozA: The proprietory ATI drivers.19:08
Downixtimri:  windows update was run w/o authority (the stealth update) and lost power in the middle.  Caused a serious problem as it killed part of the HAL for HD controll19:09
spingwerdtimri: not on the top list19:09
timrispingwerd: mmm, I have no idea what it could be then19:09
spingwerddopez: but they wont work with any beryl stuff corredc?19:09
ArPharazonHi, how do I unmount partitions?19:10
timriDownix: I have still one Xp laptop here, (because I cant get suspend/resume right) it is a maintenance nightmare19:10
TheWozADownix i have these drivers but how do you run a .run file :S19:10
sysnemohi.i have dapper drake and i want to upgrade my distro to feisty..what do i need to do?19:10
christianeI try to make my HP LaserJet M1005 MFP SCAN with Kooka - doesn't work! (printing with the same device works) Any ideas?19:10
timrisysnemo: fresh install19:11
sysnemois there n command19:11
timrisysnemo: dapper->feisty is not supported in one step19:11
=== ola_ is now known as Aartix003
sysnemoa ok19:11
spingwerdTheWozA: cant you open the repositorys and add that way19:11
sysnemoso can i install beryl on dapper?19:11
TheWozAill try19:11
timrisysnemo: havent got a clue19:11
Downixtimri:  I have one XP machine, and as soon as I can get my MMO to run w/o issue on Linux, bye-bye.19:11
sysnemook..thank u19:11
spingwerdsysnemo: dapper > feisty > gutsey19:11
DownixTheWozA: chmod +x (the file)19:12
timrispingwerd: In theory that works.... have seen some depressingly bad results though19:12
kubuntunewbieDownix: whats a MMO?19:12
spingwerdtimri: worked for me but I wouldnt use the propierty cand do 3d19:13
timrikubuntunewbie: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MMO19:13
spingwerddo you still have to turn on DMA in gutsey?19:14
kubuntunewbieDownix: what game is it?  do you know if its possible to get everquest to work on linux?19:14
christianeHow do I get a HP LaserJet M1005 MFP scan with Kooka? (printing with the same device works) Any ideas?19:14
ArPharazonAnyone? QtParted says my partition is busy but how do I stop it?19:15
timrispingwerd: sudo hdparm -i /dev/hdc  tells me it is turned on by default19:15
draremi have the nvidia 6800gt, is there something better that is in price range of $100 and is agp?19:16
timriArPharazon: sudo umount (partition)19:16
=== bmk789_ is now known as bmk789
NickPrestadrarem, the 7600 GT should be about that price, and is much better...19:16
ArPharazontimri: Anyway to do it from the GUI?19:16
timriArPharazon: I have no idea.19:17
draremok thanks19:17
kubuntunewbiecan anyone recomend a PCI wireless card that will interact well with linux and work on a 500 mhz p3 compaq19:17
spingwerdis there a gui to mount disks?19:18
timrikubuntunewbie: PCI wireless is almost certainly 2.0 or up, does your compaq support those?19:18
kubuntunewbietimri: no clue, what do u mean 2.0 or up?19:18
timrikubuntunewbie: pci 2.019:18
timrikubuntunewbie: older motherboards do not support it19:18
kubuntunewbietimri: ahh, good question, do you know how i would check? it was made in 1999 and is p319:19
=== andrea is now known as ndrea
spingwerdkubuntunewbie: robably not19:19
ArPharazonspingwerd: There are twi `mount` options in Storage Media, but they both give me crazy errors.19:19
kubuntunewbiedoes that mean i am SOL when it comes to geting a PCI wireless card?19:20
christianeHow do I make a HP LaserJet M1005 MFP scan (feisty)?19:20
spingwerdArPharazon: what program19:20
timrikubuntunewbie: very likely19:20
germanAnyone sync PDA, Avantgo with Kpilot?19:20
kubuntunewbietimri: so my only option would be USB? that would suck, i hate USB wireless devices.19:20
ArPharazonspingwerd: Dolphin, I suppose.19:21
timrikubuntunewbie: dunno, no experience with those19:21
spingwerdArPharazon: other idsk isnt listed in storage media19:22
timrichristiane: Perhaps: http://www.linuxprinting.org/show_printer.cgi?recnum=HP-LaserJet_100519:22
=== german is now known as bufalo
christianetimri: thanx, I'll try19:23
ArPharazonspingwerd: What do you mean?19:23
timrichristiane: Good luck (it's way out of my area of competence :( )19:23
bufaloKpilot, dont have conduit to Avantgo, exist a lib, but not in Kubuntu or ubuntu repositories19:23
spingwerdArPharazon:  the device /dev/sda1 isnt listed in storage media19:23
bufaloThe PDA work fine with Kpilot and integration with Kontact, only te Avantgo conduit19:24
timrichristiane: ohoh, according to http://hplip.sourceforge.net/supported_devices/unsupported.html it wont work... at all :(19:24
ArPharazonspingwerd: Well, it is for me. I have 3 disks listed there, which makes sense as I have three partitions. I'm running from the livecd, maybe it's that?19:25
Mac40DOHi! The screensaver does not start, when I lock the screen. How can I change that behaviour?19:25
NickPrestaMac40DO, are you running Compiz-Fusion?19:27
Mac40DONickPresta: No just Standard KDE19:27
Mac40DOKubuntu Gutsy19:27
lespeaMac40DO: use xscreensaver :P19:28
timrichristiane: Debian is working on it: http://lists.alioth.debian.org/pipermail/sane-devel/2007-June/019390.html19:28
Mac40DOlespea: does xscreensaver start, when I lock the screen?19:28
bufaloAnyone use PDA, Kpilot and Avantgo???19:28
lespeaMac40DO: sort of, you have to over-ride the lock command to use xscreensaver19:28
lespeaMac40DO: i'll find the guide quick...19:28
Mac40DOlespea :-)19:29
|dthacker|Downix: solved it. The drive needed to be master on the channel.19:29
lespeaMac40DO: http://www.jwz.org/xscreensaver/man1.html#1019:29
Mac40DOlespea: Thanks, I will try it!19:29
lespeaAce2016: except for the startup change 'Exec=xscreensaver' to 'Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash'19:29
lespeaMac40DO:  except for the startup change 'Exec=xscreensaver' to 'Exec=xscreensaver -no-splash'19:30
lespeaMac40DO: good luck :)19:30
ArPharazonspingwerd: So how do I unmount my partitions?19:30
Mac40DOlespea: yeah, thx19:30
lespeaMac40DO: np, oh take the time to config xscreensaver... a lot of cool ones are not setup to run and there are a lot of stupid ones that are (run xscreensaver-demo to config)19:31
lespeaAce2016: miss tell, sorry19:31
Ace2016oh ok, whats that for anyway?19:31
=== SudoKing is now known as Polar|Bear_
Mac40DOlespea: thanx. I think that xscreensaver is better than than kde-screensaver. so I will be quite happy with xscreensaver19:32
=== Polar|Bear_ is now known as Polar|Bear-
christianetimri: thank you, I think I'll have to follow the thread...19:33
bufaloPDA, Kpilot. Avantgo?? anyone?19:33
lespeaAce2016: telling Mac40DO how to disable kscreensaver (sucks balls) ot xscreensaver19:33
duaneto upgrade to gibbon from feisty you just have to do full upgrade in adept right? I dont get the upgrade option after I do that19:33
|dthacker|Is there any way to get to LVM from the graphical installer?19:34
lespeaduane: did you change your sources list?19:34
MidMarkduane: because you have to enable pre-released updated too19:34
MidMarkadept is buggy and need to be updated19:34
spingwerdduane: did you change the check list like it said19:34
MidMarkthen will show you the update after you updates adept from -proposed19:35
zarathHi, I've got kmail configured to go straight to the newest message when I open a folder, but it ignores that and always goes to the last selected message. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?19:35
=== Polar|Bear- is now known as Polar|Beer-
duaneI though gibbon was released now lol19:35
lespeaduane: it is....19:35
=== Polar|Beer- is now known as TAD__2423123-
duaneok then still save to upgrade too lol19:36
bufaloPDA, Kpilot, Avantgo? some experiences?19:36
duaneprerelease stuff bugs just ring in my head lol19:36
ingridwhat package do i need so k3b can make audio cd's from mp3's?19:36
=== TAD__2423123- is now known as Polar|Bear_
spingwerdingrid: restricted packages19:38
duanespingwerd: I thought the recommended way was to open armok it will download it for you19:38
TimSI cant add samba users. Everytime I do, and click OK, next time I come back, they are gone19:39
ingridspingwerd: xine codecs?19:39
spingwerdduane: I sit by what I said19:39
lespeasudo aptitude install kubuntu-restricted-extras19:39
duanethats fine not saying it wont work19:39
duanejust saying the way kubuntu has it documented is to use armok19:39
lespeaalso, http://www.medibuntu.org/19:40
spingwerdduane: ok then do that ...then you wil lbe back19:40
ingridthanks guys.19:40
duanethanks MidMark I now have the option to upgrade version :)19:40
ingridlespea: i only see ubuntu-restricted-extras in the repos. is that the one?19:40
=== Polar|Bear_ is now known as Polar|Bear-
lespeaoh, i assumed you were using kde19:41
TheWozAeverytime i type su in my terminal and type my password it says authentication failed why19:41
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
spingwerdTheWozA: sudo19:41
lespeaingrid: i guess so, you enabled all the extra repositories right19:41
MidMarkduane: the funny thing that first adept release for Gutsy had the opposite problem -> once updated to Gutsy still offer to you upgrade :D but it's just fixes19:41
ingridlespea: xubuntu with some kde and gnome apps. using k3b for burning19:42
ingridlespea: they are all enabled19:42
TheWozAahhh thx spingwerd19:42
lespeaingrid: oh, well i dunno which one will work for you... do an aptitude search restricted-extras19:42
lespeaingrid: if ubuntu is the only one then try it19:43
lespeaingrid: i highly recommend the medibuntu repo though -- w32codecs ftw19:43
ingridlespea: i did. :) will try ubuntu-restricted-extras. thanks for the help.19:43
lespeaingrid: cool, let me know if it works19:43
ingridwill do19:44
ardchoilleThe KDE Media Manager isn't getting started when I reboot, but it is "checked" as "start with kde" in kcontrol. I was thinking I could put a shortcut to it in ~/.kde.Autostart but I don't know the app name.19:48
ardchoilleHow can I get the KDE Media Manager service to start on log in? Or, what do I need to put in Autostart?19:49
ashmaushow do I stop kubuntu from booting to x?19:51
Carnage\Remove the kdm initscript from the respective runlevel19:51
fdovingardchoille: tick the 'use' box in systemsettings -> advanced [tab] -> service manager19:51
fdovingCarnage\: rename it from S* to K* is smarter, that way it survives upgrades of the kdm package.19:52
dave_i changed my  log in resolution yesterday and today my graphics settings say I either have orphaned control module or a old third party module lying around.19:52
ardchoillefdoving: It's already ticked19:52
ashmausI made some bad changes to x and now, I get the progress bar, then blackness....19:52
Carnage\fdoving: Right you are19:52
fdovingardchoille: then it should be loading, check19:52
=== administrator is now known as administrator_
ardchoillefdoving: But it isn't19:53
atillano english19:53
ardchoilleThat's why I asked19:53
dave_and cant access my video and monitor settings now19:53
atillano englsih19:53
atillaarkadaşlar odada Türk varmı ???19:54
fdovingardchoille: you can check ~/.kde/share/config/kdedrc for the section '[Module-mediamanager]' and the key 'autoload=true'19:54
newsense07anyone here familiar with kfilereplace ?19:54
atillaI'm a overclocker19:55
atillado you know overclcok19:55
ardchoillefdoving: It's in kderc as well19:56
ardchoillefdoving: All things point to it being loaded, but it doesn't get loaded19:57
ardchoillefdoving: However, thank you for the hint of kderc :)19:57
atillaplease help me19:57
ardchoille!patience | atilla19:57
ubotuatilla: The people here are volunteers, your attitude may determine how fast you are helped.  Not everyone is available all the time, likewise not every answer is available instantly. See also http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines19:57
fdovingardchoille: does kded start at all?19:57
atillaI say19:57
atillahow to overclcoking in ubuntu19:58
atillavgs overclcoking19:58
lespeaatilla: overclocking has nothing to do with the os you are using, you have to do it in bios19:58
ardchoillefdoving: ps aux | grep kded returns "kded [kdeinit] --new-startup" so it's started19:58
atillavhere is the gpu and ram clocks19:58
dave_isnt this getting off topic?19:59
ardchoilledave_:  what?20:00
atillavgs overclcoking on os20:00
dave_the overclocking conversation20:00
* ardchoille thought he was getting ot again20:00
atillaany body dont know where is the gpu and ram clcoks20:01
atillawhy use this os20:01
atillaevery body dont know anythink20:02
dave_atilla, this is a kubuntu chat, the question you have has nothing to do with the operating system.20:02
lespeaatilla: also hard to follow what you're trying to ask :(20:02
=== fernando is now known as Nando
atilladave: no20:03
=== Nando is now known as dimmi
lespeaatilla: no? lol20:03
dave_no what?20:03
atillaplease wait20:03
dave_for what?20:03
atillaı use a turning programme20:04
newsense07anyone know of an easy way i can add a number to the beginning of all filenames in a directory ?20:04
dave_i have a kubuntu prob, help?20:04
fdovingatilla: i suggest a google search for 'overclock ubuntu ati/nvidia'  or something like that.20:04
fdovingnewsense07: can you give me an example?20:05
lespeaatilla: lol20:05
ardchoillenewsense07: use a for loop20:05
atilladave: why use this os20:05
dave_ITS AWSOME!11!20:05
lespeanewsense07: like this:: find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0|xargs -0 -I{} mv {} 1{}20:06
newsense07fdoving: i have a few cds in mp3 format all starting with 1- songname.mp3 etc... and i want to add something to the beginning of all filenames20:06
fdovingatilla: the answer to why we use this os, is probably that we do other things than overclock vga cards and ram.20:06
lespeanewsense07: an incrementing number or a constant one?20:06
ScorpKingatilla: please go to www.google.com20:06
dave_wheres an op when you need them?20:07
intExDKHi everyone. I just restarted my computer, and now it won't load X. It says (EE) AIGLX: Screen 0 is not DRI capable. Anybody who can help?20:07
newsense07lespea: constand might just use album name appended to the front of all filenames20:07
ScorpKingdave_: they are here20:07
atillavga's core and memory clcoks save in a file in ubuntu20:07
newsense07lespea: am i explaining it ok ?20:07
atillaI want to find this20:07
lespeanewsense07: do yo understand the command i posted above?20:07
atillaall of them20:07
lespeanewsense07: i think so20:07
newsense07lespea: no20:07
dave_scorpking, i dont see an op in the chat nick listing20:08
atilladave_  vga's core and memory clcoks save in a file in ubuntu20:08
ScorpKingdave_: lol. that doesn't matter. :P20:09
cloakableatilla: Oh, what file? Never heard of this file.20:09
lespeanewsense07: well, 'find .' means find everything in the current directory20:09
ardchoillenewsense07:  y=0; for i in *; do y=$((y+1)); mv "$i" "$y-$i"; done20:09
dave_scorpking, iguess not20:09
lespea'-maxdepth 1' means don't descent into any folders20:09
ubuntuhi.. some1, i need help :/ i spent this last 3 days installing kubuntu 6.(something) after this i installed 7.10 and than ubuntu 7.10.. in all the 7.1 versions it came out fine, exept my computer berely moved.. so now i m back to kubuntu 6.(something) the only problam is.... after installing in the boot it says grub error 18... and i can only boot from cd... can some1 tell me what to do...?20:09
lespea'-type f' means only files not folders20:09
newsense07lespea: lets say i want to append the word file to the beginning of all filenames in a dir, what would be the command ?20:09
cloakableatilla: I know the memory clocks are set in the bios, though. Linux has nothing to do with that.20:10
atillacloakable: already everybody dont know this file20:10
dave_atilla, so your trying to overclock just the graphics?20:10
lespeanewsense07: this should do it: find . -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0|xargs -0 -I{} mv {} file{}20:10
=== ubuntu is now known as winterelf
newsense07lespea: let me try it20:10
stefanoItalian people ??20:11
atillaI overclcoking all parts bu vga just overclocking with os20:11
lespeanewsense07: wait20:11
winterelfany1??? :(20:11
ubotuVai su #ubuntu-it o su #kubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie!20:11
newsense07lespea: ok20:11
=== Polar|Bear- is now known as SudoKing
lespeanewsense07: i forgot find appends ./ to the filename... 1 sec20:11
newsense07lespea: say i wanted to append the word file to all files in directory /home/user/dir/20:11
atilladave_ gpu-ram-mobo-vga20:12
ScorpKingwinterelf: i think the problem might be with the UUID's in /boot/grub/menu.lst and /etc/fstab.20:12
atilladave_ CPU :D20:12
ardchoillenewsense07:  http://ardchoille.pastebin.us/4297720:12
newsense07lespea: appreciate it, been trying this all morning20:12
* ScorpKing will be back soon..20:12
atillaI use ubuntu in windows20:12
winterelfyes but what should i do?20:12
MidMarkguys I have process that eat all my cpu20:12
MidMarkbut top doesn't show it, what can I do?^20:13
newsense07ardchoille: thanks for the nice example of what that does, im still a little confused but im gonna give it a try20:13
* karola regreso20:13
lespeaardchoille: that will break because his file names have spaces20:14
winterelfin the console i wrote grub than "root (hda0,1)20:14
atillaI want to vga overclcoking for  compiz fusion20:14
winterelfnothing is up20:14
winterelfjust error20:14
ardchoillelespea: Oh, ok20:14
lespea(the for loop part)20:14
fdovingnewsense07: you can do that pretty quick, cd into the dir, then: for i in *;do mv $i file-$i;done20:15
winterelfdamn it, i thing i have a bigger problam... if it can't boot, than i'm stuck with boot from cd (and talking to myself)20:15
ErtainHello everyone.  I'm trying to get the Xpenguins program to run.  When I do run it, no penguins show up.  No error messages pop up, nothing.20:15
atillalespea: say me how to overclcok vga in ubuntu20:15
dave_atilla, have fun with the fire20:15
newsense07fdoving: thanks i think i finally understand20:15
atilladave_  yes20:15
ardchoillelespea: The command I gave works with files with spaces too20:16
newsense07thanks everyone, few different examples helped a lot20:16
atillawww.hardwarena.vom this is my overclcoking web site20:16
ardchoilleatilla: I think you're in the wrong channel to talk about overclocking20:16
atillaı want every body do overclocking20:17
dave_i tried  to tell him that but he dosent want to listen20:17
lespeaardchoille: oh i was thinking of for i in ls20:17
atillafor performance20:17
fdovingatilla: chances are that noone here knows the answer to your question as you have asked it several times without getting any usefull answers. Please be patient or go search the web or some forum. Staying around here asking again and again will not help you to anything but beeing removd from the channel. thanks for understanding.20:17
lespeaardchoille: good call20:17
ardchoillelespea: :)20:17
atillacheap card hihg performans20:17
atillafdoving : shut up dont do show20:18
ardchoilleatilla: Be nice or leave the channel.20:19
atillaI want to be nice20:19
atillabut somebody not be nice20:19
lespeaatilla: you don't overclock in any os, you do it in the bios -- it has nothing to do with ubuntu20:19
ardchoilleSeveral people have told you this isn't the place for what you're asking20:19
lespeaatilla: and what's with the attitude?20:19
dave_hes Waaay off topic but theres no admin willing to stop him20:19
atillaoveclcokers use windows xp20:19
atillaI want to use linux20:20
lespeaatilla: sigh20:20
atillaI say how to overclcoking in linux20:20
* ScorpKing is back..20:20
Alarmi just downloaded some themes from kde-look , but the files are inside a gz, so i cant open them from the theme manager, how do i install those themes?20:20
lespeaatilla: do you even read what i'm typing?20:20
ardchoillefdoving: ty20:20
ScorpKingdave_: see? :D20:20
LjLatilla is not entirely wrong, overclocking a graphics card doesn't necessarily have to be done in the BIOS. there is a tool at least for nVidia i think that's available in Ubuntu.20:21
dave_scorpking,THANK YOu!!!!20:21
LjL!info nvclock20:21
ubotunvclock: Allows you to overclock your nVidia card under GNU/Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8b2-1ubuntu1 (gutsy), package size 45 kB, installed size 176 kB20:21
LjL!info rovclock20:21
uboturovclock: utility to control frequency rates of your Radeon card. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6e-5 (gutsy), package size 8 kB, installed size 68 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 hurd-i386 kfreebsd-i386 kfreebsd-amd64 alpha ia64 arm armel armeb)20:21
NickPrestaLjL, I believe it's nvclock[-qt|-gtk] and rovclock20:21
NickPrestaah, beat by LjL :)20:21
ScorpKingwinterelf: what is your disk? /dev/hd?20:21
ardchoilleLjL: It was his attitude and the "shut up" that I wasn't comfy with20:22
lespeaLjL: well that works too, but he still has issues with his attidude / listening to what people have to say20:22
newsense07fdoving: when i ran the command ya gave me it complains the files arent directories20:22
winterelfscorpKing what do u mean (i'm noop)20:22
LjLardchoille, lespea: i would suspect that's why a mute is in place.20:22
fdovingnewsense07: did you add any slashes?20:22
lespeaLjL: :)20:23
ScorpKingwinterelf: run ls /dev/ | grep hd - and tell me what it say20:23
newsense07fdoving: changed the word file- with 1972-20:23
fdovingnewsense07: are there subdirectories in your directory?20:23
newsense07fdoving: not in my working dir where the files are at, no20:23
dave_help, my graphics went haywire and i cant get up!!!20:24
fdovingnewsense07: then it should work.20:24
winterelfscorpKing: how can i check my disk?20:24
ScorpKingwinterelf: type ls /dev/ | grep hd in konsole20:24
newsense07fdoving: guess im getting closer, gotta figure this out now20:24
LjLnewsense07, i haven't followed the discussion really, but i think you want to batch-rename files... have you tried 'rename'?20:25
newsense07LjL:say i wanted to append the word file to all files in directory /home/user/dir/  you know how i could do that ?20:25
newsense07LjL: basically what i want to do and never done it before20:26
newsense07LjL: im clueless20:26
LjLnewsense07: cd /home/usr/dir ; rename ’s/^/file/’20:26
LjLnewsense07: cd /home/usr/dir ; rename ’s/^/file/’ *20:26
lespeatry krename?20:26
fdovingnewsense07: i'm pretty sure 'for i in *;do mv $i 1972-$i;done' should do it.20:27
newsense07i tried it and found it cryptic20:27
dave_i changed my login resoloution last night and when i woke up the graphics are gosting and the grapgics setup says i possibly have orphaned control module or old third party modules laying around, how do i fix this, thankss20:28
LjLfdoving, that won't work in the filenames contain spaces20:28
lespeanewsense07: install krename (sudo aptitude install krename)20:28
fdovingLjL: ah, yeah. spaces are evil.20:28
NickPrestanewsense07, could you explain your problem again (if it's long, can you pastebin it) so others can look over it?20:28
atilladont talk anybody20:29
lespeaLjL: i tried it and it did because its file globbing.... for i in ls doesn't work20:29
newsense07im gonna pastebin it20:29
LjLwhy not just use rename?20:29
makuseruhi, im having a problem with my microphone, i can hear it through the speakers, so i know its working, but none of my applications pick it up, gtkguitune wont pick it up, neither will audacity, does anyone know how to fix this or whats wrong?20:29
newsense07its hard to explain not too complicated if ya know the right commands and arguements i would think20:29
fdovingnewsense07: i'm pretty sure 'for i in *;do mv $i "1972-$i";done' should do it. then.20:29
ardchoilleLjL: krename?20:29
LjLardchoille: rename. man rename.20:29
ardchoilleah, ok20:30
LjLfdoving: perhaps quote both $i's ;)20:30
LjLmakuseru, is it checked *for recording* in kmix?20:30
ScorpKingwinterelf: ?20:30
fdovingLjL: yeah, i'll just go get a haircut. you tell him :)20:31
makuseruLjL: i dont see where that is at20:31
LjLmakuseru: the "Input" tab in KMix. the red "LED"20:32
fdovingnewsense07: 'for i in *;do mv "$i" "1972-$i";done' as ljl corrects me, then.20:32
Dr_Willis!find qmv20:32
ubotuFile qmv found in renameutils20:33
Dr_Willis!info renameutils20:33
uboturenameutils: Programs to make file renaming easier. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-4 (gutsy), package size 80 kB, installed size 268 kB20:33
dave_guess its not m day to get support:(20:33
LjLi still maintain that « rename 's/^/1972-/' * » is simpler though :P20:33
Ange|usif i use a 32bit pre-compield program on kubuntu 64bit, will it work??20:33
newsense07fdoving: yay20:33
ScorpKingwinterelf: did you type those commands?20:33
Dr_WillisThe qmv command gives you a list of all filenames, you can edit with a text 3ditor.. then whenya quit - it changes the filenames like you edited. :)20:33
makuseruLjL: i still dont see "for recording"20:33
Dr_Willishandy in some cases20:33
LjLmakuseru: ...20:33
lespeafind . -maxdepth 1 -type f -print0|xargs -0 rename 's/^.\/(.*$)/test$1/'      (replace 'test' with whatever you want)20:33
makuseruLjL: oh, i get what you mean20:33
LjLthere is no label saying "for recording". that was an english phrase i used.20:33
newsense07fdoving: cool that worked, im gonna have to read up some things cause im still not sure what the command does exactly but it worked20:33
newsense07thanks everyone20:34
LjLlespea: ...20:34
lespeaLjL: ? :D20:34
atilladave_ what is your vga20:34
LjLlespea: why not add a couple of "cat" and "grep" to that? :P20:34
winterelfi don't see any commends...20:34
dave_atilla, hes back20:34
LjLonce again: rename 's/^/prefix/' *     or       rename 's/$/suffix' *20:34
winterelflinux is on sda720:34
ScorpKingwinterelf: go to konsole20:35
LjLadd a / to the latter20:35
atilladave_ what???20:35
winterelfi mount it to /dos20:35
dave_atilla, i give up20:35
makuseruLjL: ok, i checked it, but it still dosnt work20:35
winterelfcause i booted from the disk20:35
lespeaLjL: what's wrong with the way it works... it will work 100% of the time20:35
winterelfi m in the konsole20:35
emtiI/O all !20:35
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fdovingnewsense07: for i in *, tells for to loop over * (which expands to all files and driectories in the current folder, and run the next command 'mv $i bah-$i' once per file/dir, so the files are $i one at a time., then done.20:35
LjLlespea: so will mine, and it doesn't involve a redundant find and xargs, since 'rename' *already* deals with "*" ;)20:36
ScorpKingwinterelf: run uuidgen /dev/sda7 and compare that number with the one for sda7 in /etc/fstab20:36
newsense07thank god for this channel20:36
lespeaLjL: and that's for sure 100% compatable with all filenames (including weird spaces and such)20:36
lespeaLjL: print0 ensures it will always get the correct filename20:36
LjLlespea: so is rename20:36
fdovingLjL: rename requires perl. too many depends :)20:36
LjLfdoving, lespea's command line uses rename as well20:36
ScorpKingwinterelf: /dos/etc/fstab :)20:37
LjLand perl is installed on any APT system as APT *uses* perl :)20:37
lespeaLjL: mine is easily adaptable to recursively rename :P20:37
lespeaLjL: and also to regex the filenames if you want (-regex)20:37
LjLlespea: true enough, yet not relevant to the case at hand. write a C program to do it - that's even more adaptable :)20:38
lespeaLjL: :p20:38
lespeaLjL: I love find -print0 ;)20:38
dave_how do i delete old third party modules in kubuntu?20:40
_3mti_rm :]20:40
winterelfscorpKing: /dev/sda7 is some wierd number... but /dos/etc/fstab can't find20:40
_3mti_rmmod modulename20:40
_3mti_ /dos/etc ?.. /etc/fstab !20:41
dave_3mti, how do i find what modules are old?20:41
LjLdave_: module - you mean kernel modules? and "third-party" in what way?20:41
ScorpKingwinterelf: where did you mount it?20:41
winterelfho w8 i got it20:41
ScorpKingok :)20:42
dave_jlj,its a error message my video settings are giving me20:42
winterelfthey r both not the same at all20:42
winterelfcrapy numbers20:42
_3mti_what video gfx u have dave_20:42
_3mti_nvidia chipset ?20:42
dave_ljl, 3dfx voodoo 320:42
Dr_WillisHeh heh..20:42
Dr_WillisI got one of those.20:43
ScorpKingwinterelf: make the number in fstab the same as the one you got from uuidgen /dev/sda720:43
_3mti_VooDoo is old... drivers is included for voodoo20:43
winterelfhow can i do that...20:43
dave_it says the module monitor&display could not be loaded20:43
_3mti_dave_: what module U want to load ?20:43
ScorpKingwinterelf: kdesu kate <mountpoint>/etc/fstab20:44
LjLdave_, the voodoo Xorg driver is installed by default -- like all other video drivers. it should *not* give you errors, though, if you are *not* using it. are you using it?20:44
dave_the one that was there before20:44
LjLdo you have it as your driver in xorg.conf?20:44
_3mti_read Documentation of xorg.conf20:44
_3mti_man xorg.conf20:44
dave_ljl, yeah i am using it20:44
dave_ljl, or was before last night20:45
LjLdave_: then why would you want to delete it, if you need it?20:45
atillawho use 8800 ultra20:45
_3mti_not me20:45
dave_ljl, i adjusted my login graphics  settings yesterday and today the graphics are gosting and it would not let me load the graphical settings panel20:46
_3mti_are U using nvidia chipset  ?20:47
dave_no, 3dfx20:47
LjLdave_: so you want to *fix* it, not *delete* it...?20:47
dave_fix it20:47
winterelfscorpKing: "canot connect to x server20:47
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dave_i dint knowe what happened20:47
_3mti_check in /etc/xorg.conf line DRIVER "3dfx" (u have it?)20:48
dave_3mti,ok just a sec20:48
ScorpKingwinterelf: you have to edit the file as root.20:48
_3mti_dave_: your X-win don't want to getup ?20:48
ScorpKingwinterelf: do you know how to use vim?20:49
dave_3mti,something like that20:49
_3mti_read log messages for debugging/analise20:49
winterelfi know how to use pico as edit file20:49
winterelfno vim20:49
TurtleNZ85Hello all, can someone help me perminately mount a second hard drive?20:49
ScorpKingwinterelf: sudo pico <mountpoint>/etc/fstab20:50
_3mti_TurtleNZ85: type in console: dmsg | grep "hd"20:50
winterelfscorpKing: when u say <mountpoint> do u mean /dos?20:50