szakulechi- my tv capture card has s-video and coaxial, but my only option for audio is the coaxial- can I use S-video for video and coax for the audio?00:13
Dr_willis_Cant use the PC's sound card for Audio In?00:14
szakulechadn't thought of it00:14
szakulecthere doesn't seem to be a way to get the audio from the settop box to the computer without using coax00:17
sungany of you know how to debug xvmc?00:41
dmandellIs there documentation on how to upgrade a Feisty myth frontend/backend to Mythbuntu?01:01
sungif it's not broken, don't break it!01:01
dmandellWell, I'm at least going to upgrade to Gutsy, I'd like to be able to upgrade my mythbox as updates are released so that it doesn't become a pain somewhere way down the road.01:02
dwf_starbanddo you know how to adjust the memmory settings in php so that mythweb will work properly?01:05
MythbuntuGuest34Anyone know how to get Mythbuntu working with avi files?01:05
dwf_starbandyou want to play avi files?01:06
dwf_starbandyou can do that through the mythvideo plugin01:06
MythbuntuGuest34not installed by default?01:09
dwf_starbandi dont remember, just open your mythbuntu control centre and go to the applications and plugins tab and select the plugins you want to install and then apply01:09
MythbuntuGuest34they are all enabled...01:10
MythbuntuGuest34wounder if its a video driver problem01:10
dwf_starbandok have you set up the folder where your videos are stored?01:11
dwf_starbandthen went to Media Library then Watch Videos on the frontend?01:12
MythbuntuGuest34yeah...trys to open then closes imediatly01:12
dwf_starbandcan you play them in mplayer?01:13
MythbuntuGuest34or xine01:13
MythbuntuGuest34the only file it plays is ISO01:13
dwf_starbandthen you probably dont have the codecs downloaded or something01:13
dwf_starbandhave you selected all the codecs in the mythbuntu control centre?01:14
MythbuntuGuest34nope...just did though01:15
dwf_starbandim just learning myself, but it is my understanding that myth uses mplayer as the default player with the mythvideo plugin01:17
dwf_starbandso if it doesnt play in mplayer, it wont play wth mythvideo01:17
MythbuntuGuest34well its taking its time to update packages....01:18
solarbabyI have 5 full beans on the ubuntuforum now..  Im becoming a God02:00
dwf_starbandWOW!  I was impressed by the bean titles everyone had on there untill I read that they are randomly generated and have nothing to do with the nuber of beans anyone has02:01
solarbabyMy beans are refried02:04
dwf_starbandmmmmmm... just add cheese02:05
solarbabyHaggas Beans and Rice02:06
solarbabyW All American Cheese, sure ya why not02:06
dwf_starbandi like the 3 cheese blend from costco, the cheapest cheese per pound and its already grated! what more could a man ask for?02:07
solarbabywhere are you from?02:08
solarbabyIm practicly in Las Vegas, Nevada02:08
dwf_starbandi havent been to town since january, so i buy ALOT of cheese when im at costco02:09
solarbabyso your living out in the middle of nowhere eh?  same here02:09
dwf_starband150 miles by plane, there are no roads to get here02:09
solarbabyLas Vegas is the closest big city to me, and thats 80 miles away02:09
solarbabymy house is completely electric..  we have a water pump that taps into the natural water underground02:10
solarbabyand a ceptic tank02:10
solarbabyinternet is Satalite, and we also get Dish Network02:11
dwf_starbandsounds like me02:11
dwf_starbandwhere do you get your power?02:11
dwf_starbandI heat with fuel oil though02:11
solarbabytheres an electric company close by..  our town is big enough to have a phone company and electric..  and 2 whore houses02:11
solarbabythe phone company wont support dsl though.. that really pisses me off02:12
dwf_starbandour village has an electric co-op that runs generators big enough for everyone02:12
solarbabyright on02:13
solarbabysome people like Alaska..  I still haven't figured out the attraction but its enough to keep people living there by choice02:13
dwf_starbandthe phone company has a houge dish here and underground wires through the village02:13
dwf_starbandwhat is the temp there right now?02:14
solarbabyits evening now..  I'd say 6502:14
dwf_starbandthats why people live here02:14
dwf_starbandthats a good summer temp02:14
solarbabythis afternoone could have been in the low 80's02:14
dwf_starbandyou cant realy work comfortably it its over 8002:15
solarbabyAm I nuts or does Alaska have unusually long days?02:15
dwf_starbandwhere i am the days are about 23 hours long in the summer and 5 in the winter02:16
solarbabythats what I thought..  man I could totally get used to that ;)02:16
dwf_starbandwhat company do you get your satalite internet from?02:16
solarbabyWild Blue02:16
dwf_starbandthe cool thing in the summer, is the days are long but since its never dark, you dont get tired, you can live on 5 hours of sleep a night for 3 months02:17
dwf_starbandive got starband, but an older model modem and its pretty flakey02:17
solarbabyWhen its dark here, the Stars can sometimes look amazing..  but I dont really like nighttime in the desert cause of all the snakes and scorpians and other creepy stuff02:18
dwf_starbanddo you know anything about mythweb giving an error when searching for shows, about excedig the memory limits?02:18
dwf_starbandthe northern lights are pretty cool here sometimes02:18
solarbabyYeah..  if you leave your search query blank then it overwelms it02:18
dwf_starbandbut what about for their preselected searches, like "movies"02:19
solarbabythat seems to work fine for me..  I get 7 days of EPG data..  if you have more then that, you might run into problems I never see02:19
dwf_starbandi dont think i ever set any setings, but it seems like about 2 weeks from scheduals direct, what is epg?02:20
solarbabyEPG is that TV programming information you download from Schedules Direct02:21
dwf_starbandoh, ok02:21
solarbabyEpisode Program Guide I think is what it stands for02:21
dwf_starbandyou into the solar scene? is that what your name is about02:21
solarbabynot so much as you would think..  there was a movie I saw when I was a little boy.. a really badly rated movie at that.. called Solarbabys..  I really liked it02:22
dwf_starbandoh, ok02:22
solarbabynot a bad nickname either..  I've come across a few of them on the internet but its not over used02:23
TheQuankHi, anyone else had their computer radomly freexe and the caps and scroll lock lights on the key board start blinking?02:24
solarbabythat happend to me in windows02:26
TheQuankstrange huh? This thing doesn't seem to be under a huge load either...02:27
solarbabyyou might have some hardware going bad.. ram doesn't last forever02:28
dwf_starbandI have an external drive that seems to be kind of flakey, sometimes when using it the computer will freeze, but I dont remember any flashing lights02:28
solarbabyflashing lights might be an error code you could look up02:28
dwf_starbandi use a wireless keyboard though so i wouldnt (there arent lights except a low battery)02:28
TheQuankgoogling now, but all this gear is only a couple years old...02:29
solarbabyYour motherboard might have certain error codes that it will use in cobination with blinky lights and beep codes02:30
solarbabybad ram would certainly be something it would want to convey to you02:31
TheQuankhummm, apears I am not the only one: Bug #13024702:31
solarbabythe reason I mention bad ram so often is because ram is cheap and easy to test02:31
TheQuankyes....and at that I only have 512 in this box.02:32
TheQuankonly have one tuner for now though...02:32
solarbabyyou could easily have a bad hard drive cable too..  it could be many inexpensive possibilities02:32
TheQuankAre all the Transcoding defaults supposed to be set to RTjepg?02:38
MythbuntuGuest32does mythbuntu supports capturing hd video from a hd video camera?04:24
foxbuntuMythbuntuGuest32 you could prob make it work over a connection like the std inputs or via Firewire...however directly no..04:25
MythbuntuGuest32i do have firewire but does has software to capture hd video04:26
foxbuntuwhat do you mean? MythTV can do HDTV04:27
troy_shd from dv is fine as long as you dont get into dvc50 or dvcpro10004:28
MythbuntuGuest32like in windows i use sony  vegas or adobe software to capture hd video? is there similiar software in mythbuntu?04:30
MythbuntuGuest32or in linux general04:30
foxbuntuMythTV handles all of that04:30
foxbuntuit does not do editing and its not a capture suite like those softwares however04:31
MythbuntuGuest32oh i see04:31
MythbuntuGuest32thank you very much for help then04:31
CCB0x45im trying to build vlc04:44
CCB0x45and when I configure I get error: C compiler cant creat executables04:44
foxbuntuCCB0x45, why are you building it from source?04:44
CCB0x45I wanna add the streaming options so I can try to get mythstreamtv to work04:45
CCB0x45I really wanna stream live tv04:45
foxbuntuCCB0x45, are you working from trunk?04:45
CCB0x45just off vlcs site04:46
CCB0x45the latest source04:46
CCB0x45it says it after checking for C compiler default output file name04:46
foxbuntuCCB0x45, I think the the TV streaming in Myth only works in Trunk04:46
CCB0x45well im not using built in streaming04:47
CCB0x45im using myth stream tv04:47
CCB0x45its a module04:47
CCB0x45I just need to compile vlc with streaming enabled04:47
CCB0x45it uses vlcs streaming04:47
CCB0x45I have the options to configure vlc04:49
CCB0x45but when I configure it says that04:49
foxbuntuCCB0x45, you can try this, however we don't provide much support for Trunk or Plugins not provided via Mythbuntu04:49
CCB0x45im not using trunk man04:50
CCB0x45and that site just says configure vlc04:50
CCB0x45I know the configure options04:50
CCB0x45its failing because it says C compiler cant create executables04:50
foxbuntuCCB0x45, Streaming via Mythweb is part of 0.21-trunk04:51
foxbuntudo a pastebin and I will look at the error04:51
CCB0x45im using mythstreamtv04:51
CCB0x45its a plugin for mythtv and myth web04:51
CCB0x45not the trunk04:51
CCB0x45mythstreamtv is an older plugin designed for .1904:51
foxbuntu!pastebin | CCB0x4504:51
ubotuCCB0x45: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)04:51
CCB0x45I am trying to hack it together so I can post how for other people04:52
CCB0x45please dont tell me what pastebin is lol, I pasted you the error but I can give you more04:52
foxbuntuCCB0x45, I was giving you the link04:53
foxbuntuCCB0x45, if you want to act like that I can not offer any help at all04:53
foxbuntuCCB0x45, please post your config.log as well04:53
CCB0x45its huge and the bottom just says config error: 7704:54
CCB0x45but I can paste it if youd like04:54
Dr_willisHmm. Testing out the 'archive recordings' feature. Using the keyboard. I can arrow around and select a few recordings.. but cant seem get to the 'OK' Button.   I hit escape and it goes up one menu.. Am i missong somthing here. or is the UI just a little confusing?04:54
superm1install it04:54
superm1CCB0x45, you sure the VLC with ubuntu doesn't have streaming support?04:55
superm1CCB0x45, i dont see why it would have been disabled if it is04:55
CCB0x45superm1, ah build-essential04:55
superm1CCB0x45, a bug should probably be filed about that if its not already04:55
CCB0x45thanks, I forgot I hadnt installed build-essential04:56
CCB0x45superm1, I just assumed it wasnt04:56
superm1CCB0x45, why?04:56
CCB0x45I didnt really know how to test if it was or not04:56
CCB0x45because all the new wikis on how to get mythstream working said you had to recompile it04:56
superm1and they referred to ubuntu?04:57
CCB0x45and Nikas said that he had to recompile it04:57
CCB0x45but he was running a little older04:57
CCB0x45no none of them refer to ubuntu at all04:57
superm1well i wouldn't say thats a safe assumption then :)04:57
superm1i know at least personally i try to add as much support to any packages i touch in ubuntu04:57
CCB0x45oh ok04:58
CCB0x45well hmm04:58
superm1i'm touching mplayer 1.0~rc2 right now, and adding at least 6 more build deps to add more support to it particularly04:58
superm1and there are plenty of people like me, so its very possible vlc has that support04:58
CCB0x45mythstream is giving me a link04:59
CCB0x45but vlc wont open it04:59
superm1well what is the link?05:00
superm1well i'd look at the log that mythstreamtv creates05:01
superm1when you clikc that link05:01
superm1see what command it is issuing to try to start a streaming server05:01
CCB0x45which command mythweb is trying05:02
CCB0x45or mythstreamtv?05:02
CCB0x45you mean?05:02
CCB0x45or what command my mac is trying/05:02
superm1what command the backend is issuing05:02
superm1when you click that link05:02
superm1that starts some sort of streaming server05:03
CCB0x45 /usr/bin/vlc -I http --http-host=:8002 --sout-transcode-fps=$FPS --sout-transcode-deinterlace $1 ":sout=#transcode{vcodec=$VCODEC,acodec=$ACODEC,vb=$VB,ab=$AB,scale=$SIZE}:std{access=mmsh,mux=asfh,url=:8001}05:03
CCB0x45it wrote this too hmm05:03
CCB0x45[00000282] main interface: creating httpd05:03
CCB0x45[00000288] stream_out_transcode private error: cannot find encoder ((null))05:03
CCB0x45[00000288] stream_out_transcode private error: cannot create audio chain05:03
CCB0x45[00000301] main packetizer error: cannot create packetizer output (mpga)05:03
superm1so it didn't choose a good encoder05:03
superm1choose a different one05:03
CCB0x45I have no idea where it is picking that05:05
CCB0x45let me look around05:06
CCB0x45ah wait05:10
CCB0x45may have found a fix05:10
superm1what'd you find?05:13
CCB0x45damn still didnt work05:14
CCB0x45this looks like the section05:14
CCB0x45     if [ $PROTOCOL = "mms" ]; then05:14
CCB0x45        /usr/bin/vlc -I http --http-host=:8002  --sout-transcode-fps=$FPS --sout-transcode-deinterlace $1 :sout="#transcode{vcodec=$VCODEC,acodec=$ACODEC,vb=$VB,ab=$AB,scale=$SIZE}:std{access=mmsh,mux=ogg,url=:8001}"05:14
CCB0x45      elif [ $PROTOCOL = "http" ]; then05:14
CCB0x45        /usr/bin/vlc -I http --http-host=:8002  --sout-transcode-fps=$FPS --sout-transcode-deinterlace $1 :sout="#transcode{vcodec=$VCODEC,acodec=$ACODEC,vb=$VB,ab=$AB,scale=$SIZE}:std{access=http,mux=ogg,url=:8080}"05:14
CCB0x45      fi05:14
CCB0x45ah wait05:22
CCB0x45superm1 do you know the name of an encoder05:22
CCB0x45I should try?05:22
superm1for vlc?05:22
superm1i have only ever used the gui05:22
superm1to do it05:22
CCB0x45to encode something?05:22
CCB0x45I think ffmpeg05:24
CCB0x45would be the encoder right05:24
superm1i'm really not sure what it wants at this point.05:24
superm1ffmpeg is an encoder05:24
superm1so is mencoder05:24
superm1but vlc can do this kind of stuff without them05:25
CCB0x45I tried the command05:29
CCB0x45it is streaming it in like ascii05:29
CCB0x45that is weird05:29
CCB0x45do you have an mms player?05:32
CCB0x45that you know will play streams?05:32
superm1doesn't vlc?05:32
superm1i'm pretty sure VLC does05:33
CCB0x45I thought so05:33
superm1do you have a stream you wanted me to try?05:34
superm1or something?05:34
superm1but nothin there05:36
CCB0x45I need to figure out where these variables are coming from05:38
CCB0x45hey superm105:57
CCB0x45could you try this command for me if possible?05:58
CCB0x45this is what its trying to run05:58
CCB0x45youd have to try with your own .mpg file05:58
CCB0x45[00000294] stream_out_transcode private error: cannot find encoder ((null))05:58
CCB0x45wrong paste05:58
CCB0x45ill pastebin it one sec05:58
superm1i dont have an mpg file with me atm05:59
superm1i'm not at home...05:59
CCB0x45ah shit05:59
CCB0x45ah well05:59
superm1someone else in here might be able to?05:59
CCB0x45it would be sweet to get mythstreamtv working05:59
CCB0x45could add it to mythbuntu06:00
CCB0x45its a really nice plugin06:00
superm1yeah it would06:00
superm1if you do end up to sort it out, i can help you get it into a proper deb06:01
superm1and push it to hardy and all06:01
CCB0x45im trying06:01
CCB0x45I know thats the command its trying to run06:01
CCB0x45but I dunno why vlc is saying the encoder is null06:02
CCB0x45I have tried 3 different encoder values06:02
CCB0x45that doesnt look good06:05
superm1CCB0x45, does that have to be a mpg file for that to work?06:05
CCB0x45superm1 no06:22
CCB0x45I think it can be any file06:22
CCB0x45vlc would be transcoding it anyways06:22
superm1well it appears to be missing other options06:23
superm1i tried it with a xvid file06:23
CCB0x45I think vlc06:23
superm1and got the same problem06:23
CCB0x45needs to be recompiled06:23
superm1i've done this in the GUI06:23
superm1with that same file though06:23
superm1and didn't have any issues06:23
CCB0x45how do you do it with the gui?06:24
superm1file  Wizard06:29
CCB0x45one sec06:30
CCB0x45ok that works06:33
CCB0x45so this thing can stream...06:34
CCB0x45its using ASF there06:34
superm1look at the command line it issued to do it06:34
superm1because it does show you in the window i believe06:34
CCB0x45k one sec06:35
CCB0x45I dont see it?06:35
CCB0x45superm1 is there any way to stream the capture card input through the gui?06:35
superm1yeah i believe you can do that too06:36
superm1its a little more complicated06:36
superm1since you cant use the wizard06:36
superm1but more or less file->open and choose the V4L tab06:36
superm1and use the advanced options at the bottom06:36
CCB0x45the window is too big06:37
CCB0x45to see the bottom06:37
superm1you can move it around by holding alt06:37
superm1and then clicking on it06:37
superm1and dragging it06:37
CCB0x45ah wow06:37
CCB0x45never knew that06:37
CCB0x45that really helps06:38
CCB0x45ah this gives you the command06:38
CCB0x45I think06:38
superm1or at least the options it was using on the command06:39
=== nothlit_ is now known as nothlit
CCB0x45you do advanced options06:39
CCB0x45and stream, right06:39
CCB0x45it worked when I loaded an mpg but not from there06:40
CCB0x45do you use http?06:40
superm1i did it via a multicast actually06:41
CCB0x45let me try that06:41
superm1that isn't good for the purpose you want06:41
superm1it is really only good on a local network that you can create a multicast address for people to connect to06:41
CCB0x45ah ok06:41
CCB0x45so I should use http06:41
superm1and you'd have to read up a little bit on how multicast works06:41
CCB0x45maybe its not /dev/video06:41
superm1to understand it06:41
superm1no its not06:42
superm1its like /dev/video006:43
superm1or /dev/video106:43
CCB0x45it is06:43
CCB0x45its video0 I just checked06:43
CCB0x45but is my sound dsp?06:43
superm1um what kind of card is this?06:43
superm1a PVR-XXX ?06:43
superm1then use the PVR tab06:44
CCB0x45just saw that06:44
CCB0x45when you mentiond it06:44
CCB0x45holy shit06:44
CCB0x45I think its working06:44
CCB0x45except its all static06:45
CCB0x45this is weird06:45
CCB0x45ok wtf06:46
CCB0x45myth tv stopped working06:46
CCB0x45nm its working again06:47
CCB0x45vlc had a hold of the video device06:47
CCB0x45but why is it static...06:47
CCB0x45now I played it again06:47
CCB0x45and it works fine06:47
CCB0x45this is sweet06:47
superm1okay so if you can figure out how to fix up that command as its issued in mythweb, you'll be set now06:48
superm1since you can see the "good" one passed in vlc06:48
superm1now aren't you glad you didnt go and recompile vlc?06:48
CCB0x45yea except06:50
CCB0x45I still think the reason its not working is because vlc needs to be recompiled06:50
CCB0x45I dont think vlc has either the right version of ffmpeg compiled into it06:50
CCB0x45so it doesnt have the mpeg encoder06:50
CCB0x45when its doing this streaming its using a different encoder06:50
CCB0x45jesus it streams at good quality06:51
CCB0x45the other thing is06:51
CCB0x45it doesnt give you the whole command06:51
CCB0x45just the end options06:51
CCB0x45ah there is transcoding options06:53
CCB0x45how can I get that command06:53
CCB0x45this is sweet06:55
CCB0x45superm1 it only gives like the second half of the command06:56
superm1well who needs that first half.06:57
CCB0x45I think I figured it out06:57
CCB0x45well crap06:59
CCB0x45trying to run what it runs doesnt work07:01
CCB0x45from what I can tell this is the command it is running when it does that07:02
CCB0x45vlc pvr:// :pvr-device="/dev/video0" :pvr-radio-device="/dev/radio0"07:02
CCB0x45:pvr-norm=0 :pvr-frequency=-1 :pvr-bitrate=-1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,vb=192,scale=0.5,acodec=mpga,ab=64,channels=1}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=asf,dst=:8080}}07:02
CCB0x45but when I run it from the command line I get this07:02
CCB0x45I could make mythstream tv work sweet if I get this to work07:02
CCB0x45but only for pvrs07:02
solarbabysuperm1: Hey, I forgot to ask you for that url again so I could make that comment on the forums for you07:03
superm1solarbaby, which url?07:04
superm1solarbaby, the one to the mythbuntu forums?07:04
solarbabysuperm1: the patch for 35007:04
superm1oh right.07:04
superm1that's on launchpad07:04
solarbabysuperm1: I've tested this thing completely07:04
superm1and it works right?07:04
solarbabysuperm1: couldn't be better07:04
superm1speaking of which, i need to find out why the archive admins haven't released my update yet to proposed07:04
superm1solarbaby, once i get it released i'll get you the url to comment on07:05
solarbabysuperm1: sure thing, just let me know whenever07:05
superm1ok will do07:05
solarbabysuperm1: I even got this thing to play avi files, but it does a sucky job of it07:06
superm1solarbaby, well mplayer has some accelerated support for this sort of thing, but i'm not sure if that's in gutsy07:06
solarbabysuperm1: so I still need my xbox frontend for that kinda stuff.. but I think thats a limitation of the hardware and nothing else07:06
superm1i'm working on the new mplayer package for hardy07:06
superm1but for avi, i'm not all that sure either way07:07
solarbabysuperm1: I'll test out what I can07:07
solarbabysuperm1: I wouldn't work too hard on getting avi's to work right with the 350..  I have a feeling it just wont work well07:07
superm1well i'm just saying in the process of merging the new mplayer hardy package07:07
superm1i saw the added support for ivtv cards07:08
superm1so it may help07:08
superm1may not07:08
solarbabysuperm1: although I do have an idea.. if your willing..  you could create an option for mythtv to transcode avi to mpg on the fly using ffmpg or something07:08
solarbabythats how GBPVR makes it possible to play avi's through the Hauppage MVP07:09
superm1solarbaby, well a method to automate that i'm not sure07:10
superm1let alone if it would help enough07:10
solarbabyworks sweet on GBPVR..  just an idea..  dont know if its worth all the hassle..  although to anyone with hardware limitations they'd be pretty stoked07:11
CCB0x45superm1... this is so weird07:11
CCB0x45I really think this is the command its running07:11
CCB0x45vlc pvr:// :pvr-device="/dev/video0" :pvr-radio-device="/dev/radio0" :pvr-norm=0 :pvr-frequency=-1 :pvr bitrate=-1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,vb=192,scale=0.5,acodec=mpga,ab=64,channels=1}:duplicate{dst=std{access=http,mux=asf,dst=:8080}}07:11
solarbabythat was the 1 reason I didn't wanna switch to MythTV07:11
CCB0x45when I run that from the command line07:11
CCB0x45it starts playing my tv in ascii07:11
CCB0x45which I think is the vlc ascii player I guess07:12
CCB0x45but when I do it with the gui07:12
CCB0x45it doesnt play it just creates the stream07:12
superm1CCB0x45, hm07:14
superm1CCB0x45, you are missing more options07:14
superm1see the thing is the duplicate bit07:15
superm1it is showing it on the option listed for duplicate07:15
CCB0x45whats duplicate?07:15
superm1as well as whatever frontend it can find (be it ascii or xv etc)07:15
CCB0x45it was the duplicate07:20
CCB0x45this command works:07:20
CCB0x45vlc pvr:// :pvr-device="/dev/video0" :pvr-radio-device="/dev/radio0" :pvr-norm=0 :pvr-frequency=-1 :pvr bitrate=-1 :sout=#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,vb=192,scale=0.5,acodec=mpga,ab=64,channels=1}:std{access=http,mux=asf,dst=:8080}07:20
CCB0x45but myth stream is such a POS right now07:22
CCB0x45its gonna take a lot of hacking to make this work right07:22
CCB0x45but its so awesome07:22
CCB0x45my thing is a slingbox now07:22
CCB0x45oh crap07:23
CCB0x45that command wasnt working07:23
superm1the reason i never packaged it was because it looked like quite the hack in the first place07:24
superm1and i didn't know whether it was worthwhile to sort out07:24
CCB0x45it is a hack07:24
CCB0x45its basically a small interface07:25
CCB0x45to run a vlc command07:25
CCB0x45really funny watching this in ascii over terminal07:25
CCB0x45im just happy that I can stream it at all right now07:26
CCB0x45im gonna try to fix it up07:33
CCB0x45so it if I could get this command right07:34
CCB0x45I could probably fix it up in a couple hours so it could stream your tv and recordings07:34
CCB0x45since the command is the hard part for me07:38
CCB0x45editing the php is easy for me07:38
superm1well keep track of your changes07:40
superm1as long as you can have a set of changes against a base package, this can be made into a deb07:40
CCB0x45ok I will07:42
CCB0x45it would be a lot of changes to the php stuff07:42
CCB0x45is there a way to get the clipboard from vnc?07:45
CCB0x45but it does write channels=107:45
CCB0x45in the settings07:45
superm1i dont know about the vnc07:47
CCB0x45its so annoying07:47
CCB0x45im used to ARD07:47
CCB0x45where you can get the clipboard and just drag stuff across07:47
stuckshuthey guys, I'm encountering a crash in the mythbuntu installer. at about 83% it fails and says Timezoneapply failed with code 107:48
stuckshutanybody else been having that problem?07:48
CCB0x45try a different time zone07:48
stuckshutI've tried a few now, same problem07:49
superm1stuckshut, what other options did you pick?07:49
CCB0x45superm1 probably knows more07:49
stuckshutare there any particular options that would make a difference?07:51
superm1stuckshut, well just people have found very odd bugs07:51
superm1from options that we would have never thought to test07:51
superm1it can be stuff ranging from languages07:51
superm1to removing a plugin07:51
stuckshuthrm. well, i've tried both english and no localization for language07:52
CCB0x45im so stoked that vlc gui streams like that07:54
CCB0x45this thing is a slingbox nw07:54
stuckshutit's a primary backend + frontend, the plugins i've kept at everything installed so far. i've added the mythtv service, and chosen the appropriate options for a hauppauge 350 and it's associated remote07:54
superm1hm okay well nothing out of the ordinary there.07:58
superm1can you pastebin your /var/log/syslog?07:58
superm1!pastebin | stuckshut07:58
ubotustuckshut: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)07:58
stuckshutsure. i'm trying it again with different options so i'll just wait until it crashes again ...07:59
tazgodxif i have an LVM set up, and i just remover one of the LVM drives from the machine, what happens?08:15
superm1the lvm doesn't owrk08:16
superm1or work even08:16
stuckshutholy crap, i think it worked08:16
stuckshuti had been setting a root password for mysql during the install process, apparently it didn't like that08:17
tazgodxbut will the drives that are still plugged in show up? or will nothign show up?08:17
superm1stuckshut, hm well that's odd, in my tests root pw for mysql worked out fine08:18
superm1wonder what sort of corner case you hit08:19
stuckshutno idea, that was the only option i changed this time though. very strange08:19
superm1can you file a bug with a list of all the options you picked, and we'll try to reproduce it at some point this cycle?08:20
superm1try to be as specific as you can08:20
solarbabyalright so I for the very first time flagged my commercials manually..  that took longer then I thought it would take.. even with a keyboard instead of using the remote control08:31
solarbabyim starting to think that even though this is supposed to be a convenience its probably the long way08:32
solarbabyalthough I kind of got a kick out of doing it on the TV08:33
solarbabyalright well cool transcoding works..  tomorrow I'll have to look into transcoding to avi and see how that works out08:45
solarbabyAuto Gordian Knot works so well for Avi's I find it hard to believe I can do better, but hopefully it wont be any worse either08:46
tazgodxsolarbaby: are you setting up jobs to transcode?09:08
MythbuntuGuest68hello everyone12:24
=== MythbuntuGuest21 is now known as Cenwesi
Cenwesianyone up?12:31
MythbuntuGuest01Is someone out there that can help with a problem?16:39
dwf_starbandive got to go to work, but if its quick and easy i might be able to16:40
MythbuntuGuest01I think I messed up the MySql aspect.  On the MCC MySQL service is gray and I can't enable/disable it.16:40
dwf_starbandits greyed out on mine as well, but everything works16:42
dwf_starbandI think you change that stuff with the Launch MythTv setup,16:42
dwf_starbandyou will have to ask one of the experts here if that doesnt help, though16:43
dwf_starbandgood luck16:43
MythbuntuGuest97Hi all! Quick question.... I have a copy of mythbunto from a month or so ago - not sure what build. I have to run mythfilldatabase manually every so often or my listings are not retrieved. It works fine when run manually.19:12
MythbuntuGuest97Any ideas?19:12
KjetilKI'm trying to figure out if I should go for a light frontend or a everything in one box solution19:16
KjetilKIt would be important that the TV card (probably a simple Hauppauge PVR-150) is in the living room box, since it would be a pain to get the antenna to the backend box19:17
KjetilKhow much would that complicate the front?19:17
KjetilKAlso, I want to try out amarok as music player, I guess that would mean a normal thin client thing, but I guess that could also complicate a light front setup?19:19
rambo3ama troll19:28
MythbuntuGuest78When i try to run mythstream i get an error saying that it was compiled against a different libmyth then what i have, what can i do?19:34
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest78, is this on mythbuntu?19:36
=== MythbuntuGuest78 is now known as dattas
tgm4883_laptopMythbuntuGuest78, how did you install mythstream?19:39
dattasusing the control center19:40
tgm4883_laptopand this is an install from the final release?19:41
dattasyes it is19:41
tgm4883_laptopthats strange19:41
tgm4883_laptopany other errors?19:41
dattasbut i added your guyses trunk build, but i guess that does not include the mythstream?19:41
tgm4883_laptopthat would be the problem19:42
tgm4883_laptopafaik unofficial plugins are not covered in trunk19:42
dattasah, so how do i rebuild mythstream with the newest libmyth?19:42
Davieytgm4883_laptop: could this be a PPA issue?19:45
tgm4883_laptopDaviey, i'm not even sure if mythstream is in the PPA19:46
DavieyAh, you've already caught it19:46
Davieytgm4883_laptop: yeah, but if the rest of my gets upgraded and leaves mythstream, would cause version mismatch19:46
tgm4883_laptopIt shouldn't, until you upgrade to .21 (or .20.3)19:47
Davieydattas: why did you enabled trunk?19:47
Davieytgm4883_laptop: he's running trunk..19:47
dattasi like the features that are in it19:47
Davieydattas: what new ones?19:47
tgm4883_laptopDaviey, this is true.  Perhaps it just needs compiled with .21 which i would suggest downloading the source package ten19:48
dattasupdated mythweb, being able to watch the shows over mythweb in flash19:48
Davieydattas: that's the only thing that is tempting me to upgrade my production system19:49
dattasthats why i upgraded19:49
dattasbeacuse when i go home on the weekends i like to be able to watch my shows :D19:49
DavieyWhen i go home, i turn on the TV - streaming is surely better used when *not* at home19:50
dattasmy mythtv box is in my dorm19:50
dattasso i like to watch tv when i am at home cuz we don't got cable at home19:51
dattasdorm = free cable lol19:51
dattasdoes the trunk made the libmyth-dev?19:53
dattasdoes the weekly trunk build make the libmyth-dev? so can i build mythstream?19:57
haffiHi, where do I set the "Master server settings" in my mythtv frontend?20:12
MythbuntuGuest91Hello all, I'm having trouble playing avi files through my video lists, I have tried using both Mplayer and Xine, my video card is x1250 onboard. Are there pluggins I need to download?22:40
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, what happens when you try to play them?22:41
superm1_and you tried them from a command line ?22:41
superm1_or juts in mythvideo?22:41
MythbuntuGuest91Ive tried them through Ubuntu gui and mythtv, they open and close imediately22:41
superm1_can you try on the command line?22:42
superm1_it will tell you waht it happening22:42
superm1_why they won't play22:42
MythbuntuGuest91sure, how might i do that22:42
MythbuntuGuest91Mplayer filename.avi?22:42
MythbuntuGuest91says "it seems there is no Xvideo support for your video card availible."22:44
MythbuntuGuest91running "xvinfo" says "no adapter present" OK seems like a driver issue I suppose22:45
superm1_do you have a proprietary driver installed?22:46
superm1_or not22:46
MythbuntuGuest91Yes I did allow its installation22:47
superm1_what kind of driver?22:47
MythbuntuGuest91It was asking about allowing it after install of Ubuntu,22:47
superm1_well i mean which card22:47
superm1_we can double check that it really is activated22:48
MythbuntuGuest91"ATI accelerated graphics driver" is in restricted drivers22:48
superm1_and something didn't go wrong22:48
MythbuntuGuest91the card i have is ati x125022:48
superm1_okay can you open up mcc22:48
MythbuntuGuest91built into asus MB22:48
superm1_and then click on proprietary drivers22:48
superm1_and choose the amd control center button?22:48
superm1_and see if that has any information about the driver not working properly22:48
MythbuntuGuest91it does nothing when I try to load the Catalyst Control Center form Mythbuntu Control centre22:49
superm1_okay so something is going wrong there.22:49
MythbuntuGuest91There is a driver availible from AMD/ATI22:49
MythbuntuGuest91should i try to install it?22:49
superm1_how about you check out a few low level things first22:50
superm1_can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:50
superm1_and your /etc/X11/xorg.conf22:50
superm1_!pastebin | MythbuntuGuest9122:50
ubotuMythbuntuGuest91: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the #ubuntu channel topic)22:50
superm1_hopefully its just a small configuration error22:50
MythbuntuGuest91how do I copy all when using nano?22:54
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, well i'd recommend you install a more featured editor22:54
superm1_like geany,gedit,mousepad22:54
superm1_leafpad maybe22:54
superm1_(they're gui editors)22:55
MythbuntuGuest91ok i have it pasted, log address is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43470/22:58
superm1_okay that looks sane22:59
superm1_can you post the xorg.conf too?22:59
MythbuntuGuest48there isn't a mythstream type thing that will run on the mythbackend is there?23:02
MythbuntuGuest91ok i have it pasted, log address is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43471/23:02
=== MythbuntuGuest48 is now known as dattas
superm1_dattas, someone was investigating it yesterday23:03
superm1_but hasn't got it all properly setup23:03
superm1_mythstreamtv is what its called23:03
dattasoh? any website?23:03
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, okay so you don't have Xv setup for your card23:03
superm1_did you say you installed this "in the installer" or after the reboot?23:03
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, how did you install the proprietary driver then23:05
MythbuntuGuest91its just the defaults that came with Ubuntu23:05
superm1_fglrx doesn't come with ubuntu?23:05
superm1_you activated it with restricted drivers manager?23:05
MythbuntuGuest91probably since im not sure what that is23:05
dattassuperml_ , so it will download podcasts without the frontend?23:05
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, okay23:06
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, well here is how to solve it23:06
superm1_from a command line, type this:23:06
superm1_sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv23:06
superm1_and then reboot23:06
MythbuntuGuest91got it done23:08
MythbuntuGuest91superml, when trying to run an avi file, i get the same error, "Error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo) device23:11
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, and you rebooted?23:11
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, hm23:11
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, did that command give you any errors23:11
superm1_when you ran it to turn on that overlay23:11
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, if its stlil doing that, one more to try:23:12
superm1_sudo aticonfig --initial sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv23:12
superm1_that should overwrite your xorg.conf with an Xv enabled one rather than just enable the one line23:12
MythbuntuGuest91superml, says "found fglrx primary device section, nothing to do, terminating"23:14
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, well you can manually add the section that is missing then23:15
jargonjustinI'm migrating a system previously used as a Samba server (Debian Etch) over the a Samba/Media server running Mythbuntu.  The current setup uses LVM for it's main storage (non root) partition, which the installers partitioner doesn't seem to support.  Should I just tell the installer to ignore these partitions, and setup LVM post install?23:15
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, if you edit that xorg.conf, you can add these two lines to the section that includes Driver "fglrx"23:15
superm1_        Option      "VideoOverlay" "on"23:16
superm1_        Option      "OpenGLOverlay" "off"23:16
superm1_jargonjustin, yeah23:16
jargonjustinAlright, /var/lib should also be setup on LVM probably, right?23:16
superm1_jargonjustin, well just don't setup a mount right now for it i'd say23:17
superm1_because if you mount it at /var, the installer has a tendency to want to format it23:17
jargonjustinsuperm1_, ah, of course.  Thanks23:18
jargonjustinThe only thing MythTV should be hitting the disk for is recording, which it looks like I can map to somewhere outside of /var, right?23:19
superm1_well yeah you can23:19
superm1_if you do i'd recommend making /var/lib/mythtv/recordings a symlink to wherever you put it23:19
superm1_so that you dont have to change a few other areas that would depend upon it23:20
jargonjustinsuperm1_: Sounds like a better solution, thanks23:20
jargonjustinIs the LIRC setup testable off the LiveCD?23:21
superm1_jargonjustin, yeah it is in live frontend mode23:21
superm1_assuming you have a backend installed somewhere else23:21
superm1_i've only tested it with a few remotes though, so hopefully it works for others :)23:21
jargonjustinOkay, lastly, Mythbuntu can use the regular Ubuntu package repositories, right?23:22
superm1_matter of fact it does :)23:23
superm1_all but one of our packages are in the repositories23:23
MythbuntuGuest91superml, looks like I need to buy a Nvidia card...23:23
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, not really.23:24
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, once this option is in place23:24
superm1_it should work out as expected23:24
superm1_i've got ati in 3 of my machines23:24
MythbuntuGuest91I have that file edited and still same symptoms23:24
dattasis there anyway to make mythVideo auto scan the video collection?23:25
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, you rebooted right?23:25
superm1_dattas, there is a way to let it not have to scan23:25
superm1_but not autoscan23:25
dattaswell, what about scan when i go into the videos?23:25
solarbabyI can't wait for the day that MythVideos can be replaced with XBMC23:26
dattaslol xbox23:26
superm1_dattas, do into mythvideo settings23:26
solarbabyunfortunately I dont know if thats ever going to happen23:26
superm1_and there is an option for that23:26
superm1_for browse mode23:27
dattasis it the "video gallery browses file" ?23:28
superm1_yeah something like that23:28
superm1_sounds right23:28
dattasah rockin'23:29
dattasit works as a makeshift podcast watcher :D23:29
dattasjust have miro download it23:29
dattasand put it in the videos directory23:30
MythbuntuGuest91superml, I will double check the xorg.conf23:31
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, yeah pastebin it if your not sure23:32
MythbuntuGuest91ok i have it pasted, log address is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43475/23:34
MythbuntuGuest91seems to be in there twice..lol23:34
superm1_yeah that's correct23:35
superm1_it should be activating the Xv overlay now23:36
superm1_( as long as you've rebooted )23:36
Davieysuperm1_: any ideas on an fglrx i can use with kernel 2.6.23+23:36
* superm1_ checks something23:37
superm1_not officially23:38
superm1_as of yet23:38
MythbuntuGuest91superml, yeah still same problems23:38
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, hm23:39
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, well that is "the way" to turn on video overlay23:39
superm1_we can check the Xorg.0.log now23:39
superm1_to see if it has changed23:39
superm1_and has an error hwen trying to turn on the overlay23:39
MythbuntuGuest91ok i have it pasted, log address is http://paste.ubuntu-nl.org/43477/23:41
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, according to that your VideoOverlay turned on properly23:43
superm1_does xvinfo do any justice now?23:43
MythbuntuGuest91Xvideo Extension version 2.2 screen #0 no adapter present23:43
superm1_well then at this point, i'd recommend trying the drivers from AMD directly (the newer ones)23:44
superm1_and see if that helps23:44
superm1_this is all particularly odd.23:44
MythbuntuGuest91im not sure how to run it...has a .run extension23:44
superm1_MythbuntuGuest91, go the aticchtml wiki23:45
superm1_it has directions on how to install and build it from that driver.23:45
superm1_i'm gonna be afk for a bit but have a ghost here so ping the ghost superm1 if you still run into troubles23:46
haffiHi, I've got some sound problems with mythtv. I have a backend server w/ a PCTV Pro video card but when I connect with a frontend I can't hear any sound23:53

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