JazzvaRemoved old lists from the FF3Extensions... just to clean-up a bit :).00:07
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gnomefreaktesting connection00:09
asacgnomefreak: you are here ;)00:11
gnomefreakmaybe for a while00:11
gnomefreaki think it was me00:11
gnomefreakno loliung either00:12
gnomefreakthese damn wall adaptors00:12
gnomefreakbrb smoke while im on hold00:12
gnomefreakha fuck them its not me00:15
gnomefreakok he said should be fixed00:19
JazzvaNot gonna have Internet access on Sunday and Monday... Forgot to pay it for the next month, and it's Easter, so nothing is working. Why can't they make automated on-line paying system...00:34
ubotuMozilla bug 407211 in Administration "Update service needs tests to verify processing of AppOs" [Normal,Assigned]01:34
Jazzvajetsaredim suggested that Mozilla Extensions team needs an icon. I'll set up a temporary wiki page for the icon suggestions, how should it represent the team, ... , and leave a notice on the team's page. Sounds good? :)01:48
JazzvaWhat's the one we have? Ubuntu version is 1.2~b21+svn..., is that 1.2.0a21 or something else?02:02
JazzvaAnd can Mozilla Extensions use some of Mozilla logos? Just to put a notice, if it can't.02:03
ftadonno, ask [reed] :)02:04
Jazzva[reed]: ^^ :)02:04
VolansJazzva: for the logo I have an idea... the mozillateam logo (firefox logo) with the puzzle logo of extensions that is in the addon window in firefox02:04
Volansif you wait 10 minutes I can made a draft version02:05
JazzvaVolans: Of the logo? :)02:05
JazzvaSure, just put it on wiki page :).02:06
Volansyou think I can use the FF extension logo or is better a GPL alternative?02:08
JazzvaDunno ... http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/policy.html and http://www.mozilla.org/foundation/trademarks/faq.html were not helpful...02:09
Volansbut here https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam .... ?02:09
JazzvaFF and TB and stuff are official Mozilla products, most of the extensions aren't. Maybe we should wait for [reed], asac, ...02:10
JazzvaInitial version: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Logo02:12
gnomefreakhold that thought02:12
gnomefreaksomeone changed the logo iirc02:14
Jazzvathe logo?02:14
gnomefreaki dont htink i have the source anymore though02:14
gnomefreakmozillateam logo02:14
gnomefreakthat isnt official logo02:15
Jazzvait's still a default ff logo.02:15
gnomefreakyeah i think it is :(02:15
gnomefreaki swore hjmf or alex made it02:15
JazzvaI think it's just an older version (see the difference in FF3 "About" logo, and on the mt page02:15
gnomefreakwe had a meeting and we decided on a logo and they sent me the source02:16
gnomefreaki had logos that were unofficial still do i think :)02:16
JazzvaIt would be great if you could find them :)02:16
gnomefreakyep still have ff and tb logos that were experimental02:17
gnomefreakif you give me your lp page ill email them to you02:18
Jazzvajazzva@gmail :)02:18
JazzvaThanks. I'll post to the wiki as logos that can be used :)02:21
Jazzvabrb phone02:21
gnomefreaknp :)02:22
gnomefreakwe dfont package this? QuickRestart add on02:22
JazzvaI don't think we have it02:24
* jetsaredim just catching up - what did i miss other than a new team being formed?02:26
Jazzvajetsaredim: Well, the new extension maintaining process is currently being discussed, and I think that's mostly it. Bugsquashing and the usual going on... Oh, and there's a page for the logo of the new team ;).02:28
JazzvaChanged the team's page.02:28
gnomefreakis ther ea list of mozilla mailing lists somewhere there are a few maybe 10 i need02:28
VolansJazzva: pvt link if you want to see want I was meaning above ;)02:30
gnomefreakthink i found them02:30
Volansstrange thing here: https://addons.mozilla.org/it/firefox/ the "puzzle" logo is 90° rotated in respect to the favicon and much less rounded02:33
Jazzvagnomefreak: Are we free to use those? :)02:36
gnomefreakcheck with asac they are not from mozilla (atleast i didnt get them from them02:36
JazzvaI haven't seen them before, I'm sure they're not from mozilla :)02:37
Volansmaybe from here? http://iconpacks.mozdev.org/02:38
gnomefreakno they were on one of the theme sites02:39
gnomefreakgnome-looks or the other gnome one02:39
gnomefreaklooks at link02:40
gnomefreaki see them here02:40
gnomefreakmy pack did have yellow ones too but yuck02:41
gnomefreakGuidance: To the extent that a project creates new, copyright works of authorship, the copyrights to that new work will be owned by the contributors to the project by operation of law. As an open source project, the code is made available by the project owner and other contributors pursuant to an open source license.02:43
gnomefreakand now alot more mailing lists02:44
Volansgnomefreak: you or Jazzva will publish these usable log on the wiki page?02:51
JazzvaVolans, sorry... I will in few minutes.02:51
Volansno problem just to say :)02:51
gnomefreakVolans: yes but i think checking with asac first is best idea but what i read sounded good to me02:52
VolansI have found a "puzzle" svg icon under GFDL good for my idea of the logo02:52
JazzvaVolans, 3/4 posted02:52
Volansand you call these firefox logos??? aaargh02:53
Volansunwatchable :)02:53
JazzvaVolans, I suppose you can submit those icons on wiki page for now and we'll see if they're ok later... They'll easily be removed if they violate the policy.02:59
Volansok, I'll find some minutes if I found somethingbetter03:00
Volansthen the mozillateam logo is not correct?03:01
Volansdue to mozilla policies?03:01
JazzvaVolans, I'm not sure as FF and TB are Mozilla products...03:02
JazzvaWe would need someone more competent on the issue :).03:02
Volansok, but I see in wikipedia that also they do not have a real firefox logo03:03
Volanssee here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Template_talk:User_browser:Firefox/Archive_1#Which_image.3F03:03
Volansi'm usig that one, I think is simpler but better in respect to that of the wiki page03:03
gnomefreakuse a mix of icewesle and ff icons03:05
gnomefreakif you can get svg for them03:05
gnomefreaki am thinking about getting a meeting together for mozillateam we can add this to ageda if i ever get there03:06
Volansgnomefreak: these ones? http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immagine:Iceweasel.png03:07
gnomefreakmaybe instead of the globe they have put yours in there03:07
gnomefreakmozilla cant bitch and neither can debian03:08
Volansremember that the logo is also in 14x14px version... there isn't much space to make something complex ;)03:08
* gnomefreak doesnt do svg's yet03:08
Volansthe first yes03:08
Volanssee at the bottom03:09
gnomefreakyeah i was thinking another view of globe but it works as well03:09
gnomefreakmake the wiki with all options that you can find and toorrow or when everyone is around next we can come up with one im sure :)03:11
JazzvaAgree :)...03:11
gnomefreakwhat one does debian use?03:11
JazzvaIceweasel, I think...03:11
gnomefreakim thinking a mix of them since the team is just that its a mix of extensions03:11
gnomefreakor see what icons they have for "most popular" extension03:12
JazzvaBut not overstuffed... :)03:12
Jazzvaand as long as it's legal to use them :)...03:12
VolansJazzva: I have to attache to the wiki only the three version or also the svg?03:12
Jazzvathree version?03:13
gnomefreakpersonally i like the iceweasle one but using it will have people guesing on what we are doing to seperate ourselves and alot of gossip IMHO03:13
Volans 14x14, 64x64 (<=50KB) and 192x192(<=100KB) logos03:13
JazzvaJust attach the svg :). It will be easily adjusted if needed.03:13
Volansbut in this way there isn't the preview on the wiki page... svg are not shown03:16
JazzvaA suggestion ... maybe we could migrate extensions-related stuff under the MozillaTeam/Extensions/, when we start the wiki clean-up. But, we can discuss that tomorrow, when more people are around...03:16
JazzvaVolans: Hmm, then use the png/gif/jpg/whatever_is_supported...03:17
gnomefreakif someone wants to make the mozilla-extensions-dev wiki feel free to so i can get started on other things like the other 33 things on my to-do-list03:17
Volansmy question because I remebered this page: https://help.launchpad.net/logo/submissions ;)03:18
Jazzvagnomefreak: I'll go around MozillaTeam wiki, and look for stuff tomorrow... Will be going to bed soon.03:18
gnomefreakJazzva: thank you im heading to bed soon too i hope just want to get started ont he 8 chroots03:19
JazzvaVolans: Maybe provide all three... 14x14 ones can get unrecognizable, so it's good to notice at the beginning :).03:20
JazzvaNo problem...03:21
gnomefreakhow long until dapper EOS?03:21
Jazzva!info dapper03:21
ubotuPackage dapper does not exist in hardy03:21
ubotuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. See !lts for more details.03:21
ubotuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server.03:21
gnomefreaknect year03:22
JazzvaRemoving those FF/TB icons from wiki... If we post them, we might post any other FF/TB work too, so it's a bit unfair to the rest of the icons :). I will add some more info to the wiki page (legal stuff, ...).03:34
Volansok, I have see your lock03:35
Volanson the page03:35
Jazzvaand just bumped on this ... Nice :) http://www.flickr.com/photos/20995805@N05/2436225528/03:35
gnomefreakthat is sweet03:36
gnomefreakok im gone i started 4 chroots for now03:37
gnomefreakmaybe be back but i doubt it until weekend or monday03:38
JazzvaOk, done...03:39
Jazzvaoff to bed, see you later...03:40
Volansok bye bye, I will publish in 2 minutes ;)03:40
JazzvaGreat :)03:40
JazzvaOh, I forgot :)... Add your LP/IRC/... nickname/contact with the submission :)03:41
Volansof course03:41
Volansi add in the example03:41
JazzvaSure :)03:41
Volans== NameSurname proposal ==03:41
Volansor omething like this03:42
JazzvaNot sure if we need the full name ... maybe just use "Contact proposal"03:42
VolansJazzva: GPL icon + GFDL icon = ??? icon ?03:47
Volansmaybe GPL?03:47
JazzvaNot good on licenses. Maybe mention that some parts are licensed under GPL, and some under GFDL. And wait until someone with more experience comes around :).03:48
VolansJazzva:  done :)03:55
Volansthe small one is not so good...03:55
Volansmaybe tomorrow I can make a better version03:55
JazzvaLooks nice :)...03:55
Volansis the simplest one03:55
JazzvaWell, continuing this tomorrow :)... Good night...03:56
Volansnow I can really go to sleep03:56
Volansgood night too03:56
[reed]Jazzva: what's the question?04:46
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Jazzva[reed]: Is it OK to use any of Mozilla logos for Mozilla Extensions team logo, or their mix, such as Firefox+Puzzle logo?12:29
Jazzvaasac: ping12:37
VolansJazzva: I have made some more experiment on the logo: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Logo ;)12:47
JazzvaVolans: Great :)...12:49
JazzvaI'm still waiting for the answer on legal question. So, we'll see soon.12:50
Volansthere are surely free, I'm not sure undet what license... but GPL + GFDP surely is != mozilla copyright12:50
JazzvaOk. I was more thinking about the Mozilla logos and if it's ok to use them.12:51
VolansOh if we can use the original one can be surely better, having an SVG of the firefox logo, I can remake the ones in the wiki page with the official logo in some minutes12:52
ftai like Proposal 2, but all tiny logos are unreadable12:59
JazzvaI was thinking that maybe only a puzzle logo could be used for 14px. Just a suggestion :)13:00
Volansthanks fta, maybe the proposal 3 have the better 14px logo...13:01
Volansjes Jazzva can be a possibility13:01
Volansmaybe with a simple circle blue or orange in the center13:01
VolansJazzva: you know id there is some other LP team using the puzzle logo?13:02
Volansor a smart way to search ;)13:02
JazzvaVolans: Not sure...13:02
JazzvaDamn that "List all teams" skips showing logos13:03
* Volans go to launch... see you later13:11
Jazzvaasac_, here?13:38
* Volans is back14:16
VolansJazzva: just added your suggestion to the wiki along with the puzzle only icon for 14x14px size14:38
JazzvaLooks ok :)14:39
Volansprobably 14x14 is too small for a sovrapposition of two different logos14:39
JazzvaLooks like it is...14:40
Volansbetter only one if enough representative of the team14:40
Jazzvabut let's wait for the others :)14:40
Volansof course, I've done my 2 cent, now is turn for other, only waiting news for official logos14:41
Volansyou have some doubt Jazzva? :)14:47
JazzvaVolans: No...14:47
JazzvaOnly about Mozilla policy :).14:48
Volanswith my very short experience packaging my extension I have see an ocean of ambiguity in free licenses...14:48
Volansand I love much this blog post that dktrkranz has given to me http://blog.ganneff.de/blog/2008/03/22/write-a-new-license-every-day.html ;)14:51
JazzvaThe guy made a point :)14:52
gnomefreakdamn its quiet16:09
VolansI have to go, maybe come back later or tomorrow16:27
Volansbye bye :)16:27
gnomefreakim going to cut grass in a minute i should be gone most of afternoon with yardwork16:39
gnomefreakhi jen16:42
Jazzvagnomfreak: Found some pages that would be moved to MozillaTeam/Extensions, if that's ok... I'll wait for the upcoming meeting, so we can discuss it... or whenever when there are more folks around :)16:52
armin76Jazzva: hi, whats up with the alignment stuff?16:52
Jazzvaarmin76: Just a second, to find the bug.16:53
Jazzvaarmin76: bug 16198716:54
ubotuLaunchpad bug 161987 in firefox "Firefox Bus Error & Segfault on Sun Blade 100 (UltraSparc)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16198716:54
Jazzvaasac said you would know more if we have the patch for that, or if we need to apply the patch provided on mozilla bug 161826 (I think)...16:55
ubotuMozilla bug 161826 in Layout: Fonts and Text "nsTextFrame::MeasureText()'s fast text measuring codepath crashes on RISC machines" [Critical,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=16182616:55
Jazzvamozilla bug 289394 might also be related to this16:56
ubotuMozilla bug 289394 in XSLT "Double.cpp causes unaligned accesses" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28939416:56
Jazzvaarmin76: ^16:56
armin76its been a long time..16:56
armin76let me see which patch works for me...16:57
JazzvaOk, if that's not a problem for you... Thanks :)16:57
armin76Jazzva: yes, i'm using the patch i attached on the first bug17:00
armin76you apply another patch that is in that bug as well17:00
Jazzvaarmin76: And what is the name you use on b.m.o? :)17:03
armin76Raúl Porcel17:03
armin76https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/attachment.cgi?id=294901 <- this one is the patch i'm using17:03
JazzvaOh, ok. I was looking for Armin...17:03
armin76you are applying a different patch, but that shouldn't cause a bus error, though :/17:04
Jazzvaafaics, the second patch looks like the first one + some other changes. So, that one should be applied?17:05
armin76yeah, but not sure if that will fix the issue the guy is having17:06
armin76i didn't use safemode, though17:06
JazzvaI know less then you. I'll report to asac what you said...17:07
JazzvaWe can at least ask the reporter to test the patched version...17:07
* armin76 creates an ubuntu chroot17:09
armin76heh, didn't know ubuntu dropped sparc release17:23
Jazzvait did?17:23
armin76now its only a port17:23
armin76i wonder why they even compromised, just two years? ew17:25
* Jazzva sighs...17:27
JazzvaThey dropped PPC arch too...17:27
armin76but thats since 7.0417:28
armin76The PowerPC and SPARC architectures no longer receive commercial support from Canonical for new releases of Ubuntu (PowerPC as of 7.04, SPARC as of 8.04), and accordingly these architectures have been moved to ports.ubuntu.com. Users of these architectures should take care to update /etc/apt/sources.list17:33
armin76lol :D17:33
armin76guess nobody used commercial support for those arches :)17:34
JazzvaSince there's not much around, I'll start working on my first project for this semester. I need to write a functional assembler :). Sounds really good to me17:35
armin76Jazzva: uh, interesting17:43
armin76got a bus error, using an ubuntu chroot, gutsy17:43
JazzvaHmm, suppose that doesn't fix the bug and is not related to the reported mozilla bug :/17:43
armin76eh? why not?17:44
Jazzvawell, doesn't fix the whole bug... maybe it should be split to two bugs17:44
JazzvaFixes the crashing, but not the bus bug :). That's what I meant...17:44
Jazzva(then again, I have no clue why the bus error happens)17:45
* mib_sngj4x waves17:46
JazzvaHello ...17:46
mib_sngj4xJazzva: well, that sucks then :/17:46
mib_sngj4xas you see, it doesn't segfault here, so maybe the patch needs to be updated, yep17:46
JazzvaAhh... armin76 :)17:47
mib_sngj4xand the bus error looks like the same i had if i didn't apply the patch, takes a bit to give the bus error17:47
mib_sngj4x30 seconds or so17:47
JazzvaAham. Do you know what's wrong?17:48
armin76dunno, i can provide a backtrace, is it built with debug symbols or something?17:49
armin76i don't know ubuntu stuff17:49
JazzvaI think that firefox-dbg should be replaced with firefox-2-dbg, since that's the new package name17:50
armin76E: Couldn't find package libcairo2-dbg17:52
armin76where is libcairo2-dbg? multiverse or something?17:54
JazzvaMaybe it doesn't exist :/... Checking17:54
Jazzvalibcairo2-dbg is in main17:54
Jazzvaso far, Architecture: i38617:54
Jazzvanot a good sign17:55
Jazzvalooks like it's only for amd64, i38617:56
armin76okay, i'll skip it meanwhile17:57
armin76okay, i have the bt18:00
Jazzvagreat, can you attach it to the bug report?18:00
armin76you do it :P18:00
JazzvaOh, not registered :)18:00
JazzvaThans a lot for this :)18:00
armin76i think i am registered, but you do it :P18:02
armin76so yeah, seems like its because of the patch18:03
armin76i never used that one, so i can't say18:03
JazzvaAttached bt18:04
JazzvaThanks for the help :)..18:04
[reed]Jazzva: you can probably use the puzzle piece22:42
Jazzva[reed], thanks for the answer :). Official puzzle piece, or the one at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MozillaTeam/Extensions/Logo ?22:43
[reed]pretty sure you can use the official one... it's not trademarked, afaik22:44
[reed]I will confirm that, though22:44
JazzvaOk, thanks...22:45
rzrJazzva: hi thx for adding me to the team23:16
Jazzvarzr: No problem. Welcome to the team :)...23:16
rzryes the green puzzle piece is a brand everyone know now23:16
rzrthe puzzle piece has been turned isnt it ?23:18
* rzr is running iceweasel tough23:18
rzrflipped vertically23:19
Jazzvaoh, I don't know. The pins are pointing left and up in ff23:19
JazzvaAlthough, the one Volans used is also used in instantbird (go to www.instantbird.com -> addons)23:19
rzrwho that's not important :)23:21
JazzvaI just thought they would also check if it's legal :).23:21
* rzr liked the early "sovietic design" of mozilla23:21
Jazzvaheh :)... mozzila.org/party23:21
Jazzvaa little more eu-like ... http://www.mozilla.org/images/mozilla10th.png23:24
rzryea it sucks23:24
Jazzvaheh :)23:25
rzrwhen did jwz left mozilla ?23:26
rzr2000 ?23:26
[reed]rzr: why would you want to use iceweasel? ew23:26
rzri run debian23:27
rzri have a tvout issue with latest xorg23:27
rzronce its fixed i'll probally switch23:28
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Sergeant_Ponymuch better23:52

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