helpyMetaMorfoziS: i want to add google toolbar so that i can one click loginto my gmail00:00
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MetaMorfoziSI don't think that you want google toolbar...00:01
prodigyi am back helpy00:01
MetaMorfoziSi hate "toolbars" :/00:01
MetaMorfoziSyou can add a simple bookmark to your bookmark toolbar00:01
helpyopen ccsm00:01
MetaMorfoziS(that's firefox's built-in toolbar)00:01
MetaMorfoziSand then you just click on it:)00:01
MetaMorfoziSto get to google.00:01
helpyi dont get it00:02
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* MetaMorfoziS screenshots.00:03
prodigyhelpy: in settings manager of comiz enable rotate cube, it works for me00:03
helpyok hang on00:03
helpyits under desktop ?00:03
prodigyhelpy: yes it is00:03
helpyok hang on00:04
MetaMorfoziSthe second line is the bookmarks toolbar view -> toolbars -> bookmark toolbar00:04
helpywell its rotating but not as a cube00:04
helpyits just window rotate00:04
frojndDoes anyone here uses pure-ftpd ? I've checked network and from network isn't anything wrong. Problem is one or more files of config dir. When I try to login from another computer that's what I get: http://pastebin.com/m219cc861 Anyone who uses pure-ftpd welcome and don't feel afraid to reply my q. :) Thanx in advance00:04
th_shdwcan I boot off an usb?}?00:04
prodigyyou will have to put 4 desktops in general settings00:05
prodigynot two plus two, just 400:05
MetaMorfoziSth_shdw > yes, i'm doing that now:)00:05
helpyhuh ?00:05
MetaMorfoziSand messing with encryption:)00:05
th_shdwcan Iinstall off a usb?00:05
Mr_Panhow to start kmix on boot   ?00:05
MetaMorfoziSMr_Pan > link it to your .kde/Autostart00:05
prodigyhelpy: on settings manager, click general00:05
darrickhello again... is there a way other than wine to run flash (adobe flash to make games)00:06
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: how u doing it?00:06
helpyMetaMorfoziS: i dont get it. i want google TOOLBAR00:06
prodigyhelpy: on desktop size tab, put 4 horizontal desktops00:06
helpyyea i am in general prodigy00:06
prodigyhelpy: and one vertical.00:06
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: u unpacked the iso in the usb stick?00:06
MetaMorfoziShelpy > i just telled you an alternative. i don't trust in google toolbar, thats all.00:06
MetaMorfoziSth_shdw > i bought a 8gb pendrive:)00:06
helpyoh ok00:06
MetaMorfoziSAnd just installed it to that00:06
prodigyhelpy: does it work? it works for me.00:06
helpycan you screen shot prodigy?00:07
MetaMorfoziSboot up an installer cd, select you rpendrive and install00:07
MetaMorfoziSeven alterante or desktop can doo that00:07
prodigyhelpy: yep. just a moment...00:07
MetaMorfoziSthe problem starts at when you want encrypted lvm (that you may want, because other way it will be unsecure)00:07
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: MetaMorfoziS do I have to uspack the iso??00:07
MetaMorfoziSth_shdw > how big your thumbdrive?00:08
helpyi dont get my mic working in skype MetaMorfoziS00:08
helpyany idea ?00:08
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: 4GB00:08
th_shdwthe cd is 700MB-00:08
MetaMorfoziShelpy > play with skype's settings00:08
MetaMorfoziSth_shdw > and 2.4 when it's extracted00:08
MetaMorfoziSso 4gb is well00:08
MetaMorfoziSjust get any install cd00:08
MetaMorfoziSand boot that up, with your pendrive plugged in00:09
MetaMorfoziSthat's all, the installer detect that as a drive00:09
prodigyhelpy: uploading...00:09
MetaMorfoziSyou can select it...00:09
helpyok prodi00:09
helpyMetaMorfoziS: its an older version and adept repository doesnt have latest one00:09
prodigyhelpy: http://img260.imageshack.us/my.php?image=snapshot3tf1.png00:09
MetaMorfoziSthen get skype from skype.com00:09
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: I will try now, thanks00:10
helpythats where i got that from MetaMorfoziS00:10
prodigyhelpy: does it work?00:10
helpythats not what my ccsm look like prodigy00:10
MetaMorfoziSthen what about adept? why you tell that to me?00:10
prodigyi thought you need cube effect:)00:11
MetaMorfoziSi think finish with prodigy, then discuss about it:) Because we get messy a bit00:11
helpygot it prodigy00:11
helpyhow do you zoom in and zoom out desktop ?00:11
helpyi am very fast in multitasking MetaMorfoziS dont worry00:11
prodigywinkey plus nubers 1 2 300:12
MetaMorfoziSbut not exact what you say:)00:12
helpyok hang on00:12
MetaMorfoziSi don't get where adept cames to our scope:)00:12
helpygreat prodigy00:13
helpydo you know all these effects ?00:13
helpyerr wait00:13
prodigyletgs see..00:13
Odd-rationaledoes anyone know how kde4 kwin compositing compares to compiz-fusion in terms of speed and memory/cpu usage?00:14
USMarineanyone from south dakota?00:14
Daisuke_Idothat depends, are you going to try to influence my vote?00:14
prodigyhelpy: that is my screenshot:)00:14
USMarinejust wanted to know if the polls closed already?00:14
helpyno the link after that prodigy00:15
tininpoliticians suck00:15
prodigyhelpy: that video is a very advanced compiz setup, i never made it that far, but read some forums, and you could make it...:)00:15
prodigyhelpy: cool, awesome, neet, grat... wow00:16
MetaMorfoziShelpy > and don't forget there are #compiz00:16
MetaMorfoziSand other rooms, specified for compiz:)00:16
helpyoh thanks MetaMorfoziS00:16
helpyawesome. hail linux00:17
prodigycompiz-fusion is the coolest thing that came out of linux world.00:17
helpyyea it beats vista by far00:18
MetaMorfoziSprodigy > i think linux has a lot of better stuff imho00:18
tininAdobe Flash suck with compiz-fusion enabled :S00:18
Daisuke_Idooh yes, go bloat and cruft00:18
prodigyit blasts vista aero to smithereens, vista alredy sucked hard, but hardy made it look lame, too!!!00:18
MetaMorfoziSflash sucks everywhere...00:18
prodigyMetaMorfoziS: liek what?00:19
Daisuke_Idocompiz is nice for showing off a "hey, look at me, i'm cool!" desktop, but completely and utterly useless when it comes to actually working on a pc00:19
darrickis there a way other than wine to run flash (adobe flash to make games)00:19
MetaMorfoziSlike it's unavailable for 64bit00:19
prodigyi like my linux to look kool00:19
MetaMorfoziSlike ff crashes 99% caused by flash00:19
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: i can proove you wrong, mate00:19
MetaMorfoziSlike it eats up your cpu (at least mine)00:19
tinina nice trick is to zoom in the small flash embeded videos with compiz, instead of using them at fullscreen00:19
prodigyMetaMorfoziS: you are r8! flash sux hard:)00:20
Daisuke_Idoprodigy: how does compiz improve productivity00:20
helpybut you can't watch youtube without it00:20
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: i use compiz to ease up my work with viewports.00:20
MetaMorfoziSthats true:)00:20
helpyDaisuke_Ido: its more navigable00:20
Daisuke_Idoyou are aware that virtual desktops aren't new, right?00:20
Odd-rationalei like compiz tab windows feature... although fluxbox already had that...00:20
MetaMorfoziSBut adobe stated that they do the development paralell with other versions now00:20
helpyjust do tilt windows and see whats in back ground00:20
MetaMorfoziSso new versions came out at the same time in the future00:21
Daisuke_Idocompiz offers nothing every distro doesn't already have00:21
darrickcan you get virtual desktops free00:21
MetaMorfoziSso they become good:)00:21
darrickeven if its a trial?00:21
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: as many viewports as you like, just a keyboard shortcut away., and it looks kool too., plus seeing the content of widow while win+tab or alt+tab...00:21
Daisuke_Idodarrick: what?00:21
MetaMorfoziSi mean, flash player00:21
prodigyetc etc00:21
Daisuke_Idoprodigy: "cool" - we try to use big boy language here00:21
Rioting_pacifisttinin: the result of that varies, on gutsy with ATI it sucked on hardy still with ATI its good :s00:22
darrickim not sure...00:22
Rioting_pacifistbetter than kwin fullscreen00:22
MetaMorfoziSDaisuke_Ido > no, i try to use english here... i has some difficulity as you can see:D00:22
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: what is wrong in some koolness in your computer using?00:22
tininFlash 10b, has 3d aceleration, but only if compiz is not running00:23
prodigyit looks crispy, and helps me speed up my work. that is why i use it. p.s. i say kool, because i like KDE ;)00:23
tininblame on adobe00:23
prodigyand hate gnome00:23
Daisuke_Idoso otherwise you would have said "gool"?  you make no sense00:24
prodigyno, man, i say kool, konsole, etc. what do you have against me ssaying kool?!00:24
Qsterhow do you use viewports?00:24
prodigyQster: use them for what?00:25
Qsteri dunno was just wondering what they are really00:25
prodigyQster: they are a part of compiz, replacing virtual desktops00:25
Daisuke_IdoQster: fancy name for "virtual desktop"00:25
Daisuke_Idocompiz has its place, and i won't deny anyone their shiny00:26
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: are you a no X user?00:26
Qsterhow do i use it tho?00:26
Qsterit says its enabled00:26
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: i bet you prefer typing a comand rather that clicking on an icon...00:26
Daisuke_Idoprodigy: i use X, i just prefer not to use compiz00:26
minhaajcompiz is awesome00:26
darrickok why wont some programs open, they just go to loading aplication and then dissapear00:26
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: ok.00:26
Daisuke_Idoprodigy: and would that be an issue?  if i did prefer to use a command line?00:26
minhaaji have seen windows vista users stop blinking watching what compiz can do00:27
minhaajbut true, linux isnt about eye candy00:27
minhaajits more than that ?00:27
Qsteryou cant run gui programs from a command line tho00:27
prodigyDaisuke_Ido: not at all, i just know some ppl that hate X and everything about it, compiz too.00:27
Daisuke_IdoQster: BS - open a terminal and type konqueror00:27
minhaajhow do i install this theme ?00:27
prodigyminhaaj: hard work...00:27
minhaajwhy ?00:28
MetaMorfoziSminhaaj > i think it has a readme00:28
prodigyminhaaj: just a second...00:28
Qstersays unable to access x server00:28
minhaajok lemme see00:28
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
MetaMorfoziSbut that isn't hard00:28
prodigyminhaaj: yes, it has a readme, it is pretty too much work to build it, but it looks breathtaking...00:29
MetaMorfoziShmm, it's nice00:29
MetaMorfoziSi try to install that00:29
helpyi am downloading it00:29
prodigyactually, it is a windows blinds theme, ported to  kde.00:29
helpyits in .tar.gz00:29
Daisuke_IdoQster: if you're in a pure text environment (say, a TTY) then no, you won't be able to run gui programs, because there's not a gui00:29
helpyi just have to unzip it ?00:29
prodigythe coolest theme i found so far.00:29
Daisuke_Idobut that's not what you said00:29
MetaMorfoziShmm helpy i think you need cp -r .kde .kdeBackup00:29
MetaMorfoziSand me too00:29
helpythats a konsole command ?00:30
MetaMorfoziSfor the case if we mess up :D00:30
prodigyhelpy: no. unzip it, install window sdecoration, colours, icons i think etc00:30
Firefishehello hello00:30
helpynot working MetaMorfoziS00:30
prodigyyou have to install every separatething manually. but it looks so nice...:) ahhh00:30
prodigyhello Firefishe00:31
helpyhow do install window sdecoration ?00:31
Firefishehi prodigy00:31
prodigywindow decoration.00:31
helpyhow ?00:31
prodigysorry, a typo00:31
Qsterwell i thought thats what you mean Daisuke_Ido00:31
prodigyhelpy: you have to build it in konsole.00:31
helpywhat command ?00:31
Qsterhow do i use the viewport switcher? it says to initiate its button2?00:32
Qsterim using cube tho is that the same thing?00:32
prodigyi think the standard ./configure && make && make install00:32
helpyis this the command ?00:32
slinkercheckinstall might be better easier to uninstall if needed00:32
prodigyhelpy: azenis theme has a nice readme file that exxplains what you have to do in order to install it.00:32
Qsteri did have a question about 32bit vs 64bit if you guys knew... i currently have 3gigs of ram would i see any increase in 64bit?00:32
helpyok lets see00:33
prodigyi have to restart to update my kernel. see ya in a minute or so...00:33
th_shdwlinux pwnz00:33
prodigylinux l33t hax0rz00:33
MetaMorfoziShelpy > there are a HowTo.pdf00:34
MetaMorfoziScan you read in swedish?00:34
helpyyea got it00:35
helpylol no but i can figure out00:35
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: how to boot off usb using the alternative?00:35
MetaMorfoziSWhat you don't understand?00:36
MetaMorfoziSI said it 3 times to you00:36
helpywhats kicker ?00:36
MetaMorfoziSjust get a kubuntu alternate install. burn it. plug in your pendrive (And maybe plug down your other hdds to prevent problems and grub errors). boot the cd00:36
MetaMorfoziSthats all.00:37
MetaMorfoziSyour bios need to setup correctly to boot from usb00:37
MetaMorfoziSi can't help in that00:37
MetaMorfoziShelpy > kicker is the panels00:37
MetaMorfoziSthats light grey by default00:37
MetaMorfoziSwith time, systray taskbar...00:37
helpyyea got it00:37
helpyok i am lost00:38
helpyany ideas ?00:43
helpycan't get theme to work00:43
hollais there a good audio progam on kubuntu-or even ubuntu- where I can loop and audio file?00:45
helpydid you try audacity ?00:45
MetaMorfoziSaudacity is a sound editor program00:45
NickPrestaYou might try rosegarden00:46
hollano, actually.  I tried with what cam in Gutsy.  I will try those and see how they work. Thank you!00:47
Rioting_pacifistive done something horrible to my keyboard settings, how can i restore them to defaults00:53
NickPrestaRioting_pacifist, what have you done?00:54
Rioting_pacifistnot entirely sure i was playing around all day to get acer hotkeys to work, but i got them worknig another way, now my right control doesnt work in X but is shown as being down by the keyboard status applet00:55
helpyi dont get it. i can't install this theme00:57
NickPrestaRioting_pacifist, you can go into System Settings > Keyboard and change it back to US Default or what ever it was before00:57
Rioting_pacifisti have, its wierd ctrl + click is picked up but not ctrl + a01:00
Rioting_pacifistwell my system just got an flgrx update so im going to reboot and hope this stupid keyboard thing automagically goes away :s01:03
helpydo i have to restart to get the theme working ?01:03
Rioting_pacifistnope, infact ignore my panic alogether it was compiz wierdness, stupid decorations working means i never know if im in compiz lol01:04
NickPrestahelpy, you have to restart X, I believe. Close any applications, log out, and then select "Restart X" from the login menu. Then log back in.01:04
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ard_hello, can anybody help me install epsxe?01:30
=== marine is now known as USMarine
ubuntuAlguien aqui habla español?01:32
coreymon77!es | ubuntu01:33
ubottuubuntu: Aquí solamente hablamos inglés. Para Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es - allí obtendrá más ayuda.01:33
th_shdwdeos the usb need to be bootable or something??01:45
TreefireHowdy guys. I'm still learning about getting leopard and kubuntu to communicate, and eh, it's not going so well. How do I get both leopard and kubuntu to be able to play music from a music partition?01:55
TreefireLeopard keeps wanting to not read it because it isn't a mac filing system, but of course when I reformat it into a mac filing system linux doesn't even know it exists01:56
NickPrestaTreefire, you can mount the partition and have Amarok play the folder like it would any other folder. I'm not sure about Leopard. I would consult their support options01:56
NickPresta!mount | Treefire01:56
ubottuTreefire: Partitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter01:56
TreefireSo it's a leopard fault, not an ubuntu fault01:56
TreefireThat's kinda cool01:56
NickPrestaWhat file system is the partition?01:57
TreefireUh... whatever standard mac osx filing system there is... I forget the name of it, kds+ or something01:57
TreefireI'm a recent convert to anything unixbased01:57
Treefireand i wasn't very technologically literate beforehand for that matter01:57
NickPrestaapparently, Leopard is using ZFS01:57
TreefireNo manual entry for mkfs01:58
TreefireDid I break it?01:58
TreefireWait, kubuntu can just plain old mount my music partition?01:58
TreefireRofl, wow01:58
TreefireSo I have no need to change its filing system01:58
TreefireI can just keep it the way it is, so mac osx is happy01:58
NickPrestaTreefire, if you can view the partition (/dev/sda1 or what ever) then you're good01:59
Treefireand still be able to play from it in kubunku01:59
TreefireWow, that's cool guys01:59
TreefireThanks :D01:59
NickPrestaI do something similar. I have all my music/videos on a 500GB USB hard drive (that is formatted to NTFS)01:59
TreefireI was thinking a different format that both OSes could read would work02:00
Treefirebut the only thing I know anything about is fat16 and 3202:00
Treefireand i don't really want to make a fat16 partition on my hd02:00
FirefisheCan kubuntu read/write to NTFS yet?02:00
Odd-rationaleFirefishe: yes it can02:01
NickPrestaGNU+Linux can read/write to FAT file systems, can read NTFS native and with a bit of help, write to NTFS. Any of those are fine02:01
NickPresta!ntfs-3g | Firefishe02:01
ubottuFirefishe: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions02:01
Firefishethanks NickPresta02:01
TreefireSo uh02:02
Treefireanother thing02:02
TreefireWhat do I need to do to get kubuntu to recognize my wireless card?02:02
NickPrestaStart at the wireless docs02:02
NickPresta!wireless | Treefire02:02
ubottuTreefire: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:02
Treefireah, thanks. I had browsed the forums and all I found were people who had already done the basic steps that i don't know about, and those steps didn't work02:03
FirefisheTreefire: If you have a Broadcom 4306, I may be able to be of service....barely ;) hee02:03
TreefireI do :)02:03
* mr--t wonders is that the real bot back02:03
FirefisheTreefire..okay if I /query ya?02:03
TreefireUh, sure. I'm not quite sure what that does02:04
Firefishealso known as a private message, as in:   /query Firefishe02:04
Firefishetry it02:04
Treefirelol durr02:05
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TreefireOh, btw, guys. Any way I can mount my kubuntu home directory in mac osx? Or is that a question better asked of #macosx?02:09
PiciTreefire: Probably better for that channel02:09
NickPrestaTreefire, I'm sure there is some way for OSX to mount an ext3 file system02:09
NickPrestaYou should ask in the respective channel though. Most of us here don't have a Mac02:09
MetaMorfoziShi all02:24
MetaMorfoziSi has the same problem as he: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=3774748#post377474802:24
MetaMorfoziSis there anybody who has any idea how to solve this?02:24
th_shdwthe usd booting didn,t work02:24
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: didn't work02:25
frybyeHi - with hardy, despite the default browser set as firefox - OpenOffice Impress -links open konquerer  - where/how to change to firefox??02:25
MetaMorfoziSthe booting works02:25
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: no02:25
MetaMorfoziSas you can see here: http://webjegyzet.hu/p/DSC00106.jpg02:25
MetaMorfoziSbut the encryption drives me mad02:25
th_shdwis not doing it here02:25
MetaMorfoziSso, anybody has done this problem?:)02:25
MetaMorfoziSth_shdw > did you get grub error?02:26
MetaMorfoziSif you aren't disconnected your other hdds before the installation02:26
MetaMorfoziSthen your grub will be broken on the pendrive02:27
MetaMorfoziSreplace the hd(1,0) or what to hd(0,0) in menu.ls02:27
MetaMorfoziSas described here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/a-much-easier-way-to-install-ubuntu-on-a-usb-device-stick-or-hd.html02:27
freethinker hi!can anybody help me put rosegarden dislpaying sound? i have installed,and also sox,and sndfile02:28
freethinkercan anybody help me?02:31
nosrednaekimfraid not...02:31
nosrednaekimask in #ubuntu-studio02:31
freethinkerthanks !!02:31
* mr--t wonders why frybye isn't in off topic02:32
BunnyRevolutionwith kubuntu, is there a way to do an install with encryption and still preserve some of the drive partitions?02:34
th_shdwMetaMorfoziS: that's NOT what I am trying to do. I want to boot the LiveCD off the USB and from the USB install it on the IDE harddrive02:36
th_shdwI guess I didn't explain myself very clearly02:36
MetaMorfoziSamybe you need: http://www.debuntu.org/how-to-install-ubuntu-linux-on-usb-bar02:37
nosrednaekimth_shdw: lookup a tutorial for installing ubuntu on the eeepc02:37
ubottuInformation about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC02:37
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th_shdwwhat's a usb look like for grub?02:40
freethinkernobody anwser me on #ubuntustudio02:41
th_shdww00t that mean?02:41
=== micky is now known as frybye
freethinkeror ##linuxaudio02:42
nosrednaekimI don't know02:42
MetaMorfoziSIf i boot up the livecd, and i upgrade a package02:42
BunnyRevolutioni have two partitions i want to keep.  i've booted with the kubuntu alternate disk, and would have like to chose encryption for particular partitions, but save others from encryption.  is there a way to do this?02:42
MetaMorfoziSthen it isntalls that to the hdd?02:42
MetaMorfoziSif i click on install?02:42
MetaMorfoziSOr it installst still the old version?02:42
MetaMorfoziSwhat does interpid means?02:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 195464 in cryptsetup "cryptsetup fails to find encrypted volume on a USB storage device (dup-of: 164044)" [Medium,Triaged]02:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 164044 in cryptsetup "Gutsy: cryptsetup fails for encrypted rootfs on slow devices (USB)" [Low,Fix released]02:45
MetaMorfoziShow can i get a package from that?02:45
nosrednaekimMetaMorfoziS: Intrepid if the next release02:45
MetaMorfoziSokay, and how can i get a package from interpid's repo?02:46
nosrednaekimand you have to chroot into your install if you are on a liveCD to make any changes to it02:47
MetaMorfoziSnosrednaekim > thats just chroot /mnt not?02:48
MetaMorfoziSis that enough?02:48
nosrednaekimMetaMorfoziS: with a sudo, yes... if your install is mounted ot /mnt02:49
MetaMorfoziSI have an installed version of kubuntu on my pendrive02:49
* MetaMorfoziS hopes that a long story gets near it's end:D02:49
=== recover is now known as effie_jayx
MetaMorfoziSnot a userfriendly thing is the encrypted lvm stuff02:49
MetaMorfoziSi think i will write a howto if i get it...02:52
minhaajhow do i install widget for time and cpu usage in kubu ?02:56
freethinkernow something hapenn starnge, here on konversation, an user named Luisa in channel Luisa said to me to go to an site said this :" Hi!  I found best mp3 site! http://muslander.com/?lymahairwlyi"03:04
nosrednaekimfreethinker: ignore it03:04
freethinkerok, thanks !!03:05
TreefireWho was that guy I was just talking to?03:05
nosrednaekimhe's gone apparently03:05
nosrednaekimfreethinker: there are spammers on here like anywhere else03:06
MetaMorfoziSanyone on hardy upgraded to th enew kernel?03:12
MetaMorfoziSi have gone my cdrom...03:12
some_dudeI think I do03:12
MetaMorfoziSand? has you cdrom detected?03:12
some_dudeI don't really know03:12
MetaMorfoziSput in a cd03:12
MetaMorfoziSor startup k3b03:12
MetaMorfoziSthat's puts an error in the front of you if not founds any cdrom03:13
some_dudeit shows both of my cdroms03:13
MetaMorfoziSyou are on that kernel?03:13
MetaMorfoziSthen no03:14
MetaMorfoziSand check:)03:14
MetaMorfoziS18 is the latest on hardy at me:)03:14
some_dudenot if my cd roms are going to disapear03:14
MetaMorfoziSjust try out03:14
MetaMorfoziSthen go back to 1703:14
MetaMorfoziSi do that too03:14
MetaMorfoziSjust i need to install that again because i removed03:14
some_dudeI cant reboot now, I'm running other xservers against this machine, and if I reboot they all go down03:15
MetaMorfoziSops sry03:15
MetaMorfoziSwrong window03:15
some_dudewhen everyone logs off I'll reboot03:15
MetaMorfoziSi hav eno linux-ubuntu-modules-2.4.24-1803:18
MetaMorfoziScanbe that this is the problem03:18
MetaMorfoziSit gets a try:)03:18
some_dudeI would think the ide drivers would be in the kernel03:18
MetaMorfoziSat ubuntu... who knows...03:19
minhaajwhat do you use for msn MetaMorfoziS?03:21
MetaMorfoziSnothing because i hate msn03:21
MetaMorfoziSanyways i was used msn03:21
MetaMorfoziS* kopete03:21
MachinTrucChoseHi. Can someone tell me why adding a new language using the Regional setting' "Install New Language" option installs Thunderbird?03:24
MachinTrucChoseI don't see how the two are related03:24
MetaMorfoziSthe problem is pebkac...03:30
MetaMorfoziSi messed up something03:30
MetaMorfoziSi has no crom at all 17/18 not matters03:30
=== david_ is now known as DaveTheAve
minhaajMetaMorfoziS: i have lost my taskbar widget. can you help me get it back ?03:38
minhaaji can't see time, battery, wallet and speakers in bottom right03:38
MetaMorfoziSrightclick on panel03:39
MetaMorfoziSadd applets03:39
minhaajoh that was easy03:39
deitarionIs libao not working a known issue in Kubuntu Hardy? My brother's ZSNES audio gets silently discarded somewhere between ZSNES and ALSA unless I use the SDL output driver for libao.03:40
deitarionMy first impulse is to blame it on Ubuntu apparently using PulseAudio and Kubuntu apparently not.03:41
theFATMANok, my flash just stopped working for some reason, any suggestions?03:43
robotgeektheFATMAN: stopped working, as in no video at all?03:44
theFATMANrobotgeek: not even flash ads03:44
MetaMorfoziShow can i undo in nano?03:44
theFATMANeverything else on my system is tops03:44
robotgeektheFATMAN: normally, that would be a good thing :)03:44
robotgeektheFATMAN: which flash were you using. adobe/gnash?03:45
theFATMANrobotgeek, yeah no kidding! but when you're on youtube it's a bitch03:45
theFATMANrobotgeek, you know, I think both are installed to be honest03:45
robotgeektheFATMAN: how about removing one?03:46
theFATMANhmmm...is there a way to update flash itself?03:46
theFATMANin cli03:46
robotgeektheFATMAN: what do you mean, update? dont you have the latest version already?03:47
theFATMANrobotgeek, yeah, but i thought maybe it would work the kink out03:48
sakuihi hi ^^04:00
=== sakui is now known as Sakui
tinin I found this to translate krecipes http://l10n.kde.org/stats/gui/trunk-kde4/po/krecipes.po/04:01
tininwhat I'm supssed to do?04:01
tinin Is there a web interface to translate there?04:01
tininI'd like to translate it into spanish, what could I do?04:02
Sakuihey wthf04:02
andyho623hello all! can someone try and help me fix my broke ass system? LOL! I upgraded to Hardy and keep getting a seg fault04:03
andyho623I already tried fsck as someone suggested on the forums and it shows as clean04:05
=== luis_ is now known as tigremx
andyho623trying rescue with the disc now.. fingers crossed...04:11
andyho623uuuggghhh this is so flippin retarded04:12
Sakuiin kubuntu: how do I remove all packages except the packages when I first installed it?04:16
andyho623sakui: you mean just getting back to the default settings?04:16
Sakuiyes and the packages.04:17
andyho623Sakui: I don't know the command off the top of my head, but I know it's possible since I had to do it before.. sorry right now I'm trying to rescue my system before I kick it across the room or I'd look real quick!04:19
Sakuiwhat's your issue?04:20
andyho623I upgraded to Hardy and now I got segmentation fault issues.. tried fsck and it comes back clean.. checked my hard drive, no errors.. I know its something retarded, I just cant figure it out!04:21
andyho623I've tried rescue with the live cd and alt cd and no such luck :(04:21
|Toadi need some quick help in VLC.  i go to the transcode wizard and i want to cut a few seconds out of a wav file, so i tell it to transcode, and partial extract from 0:03:59 to 0:04:05, but it still does the whole file.  can anyone help me?04:21
idefis there anyway to just hide the mouse pointer, I want to use it as a display machine, and not have the mouse pointer show up, as there are no input devices for my machine04:21
Sakuibuggy hardware or bad device drivers?04:23
andyho623If I had to guess it's my stupid nvidia card again, it's been a pain since I started using Ubuntu with edgy.. but usually I just change out the drivers and all is good.. I was just dumb and did the upgrade through synaptic rather than cd... duh....04:24
andyho623right now I get... cd:33: can't cd to /var/cache/pppconfig04:25
andyho623segmentation fault04:25
andyho623init: rc2 main process (5097) killed by segv signal04:25
andyho623I can kill x and login to a terminal though04:26
andyho623though it does give me -bash: /dev/null: permission denied04:26
Sakuiif you kill X, it will respawn itself.04:26
andyho623sometimes.. LOL! depends on which kernel I boot into04:27
nikkeHey when i start kde it "hangs" can't open any programs, it opens but nothing happens..04:28
nikkei got an crashreport before i restarted x it was the panel04:29
nikkeso now im in a terminal04:29
andyho623YEEEEEAAAAAA!!!!!! well at least everything is still showing in my home folder!!!04:34
nikkewhere can i found kde errorlogs?04:36
cyluxDoes kubuntu use kdm by default?04:45
haryonoi still cant run my webcam04:46
haryonoany one can fix it?04:47
flaccid!webcam | haryono04:48
ubottuharyono: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:48
flaccidharyono: did you check support above and in google?04:48
nikkehey i think my x is the problem?04:51
nikkexfce doesnt work either...04:51
nikkewhere can i see x log?04:51
Remo-Conif you don't want noobs04:51
flaccidnikke: /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:51
jd_can anyone here help with a problem i have with grub or tell me somewhere where i can get help04:51
flaccid!grub | jd_04:51
Remo-Conit's there..04:51
ubottujd_: grub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:51
deamon3Recomendations --------------Freebsd or opensolaris ?¿04:52
Remo-Conbeing british and all >_>04:52
flacciddeamon3: freebsd unless you have solaris/sparc hardware04:52
deamon3BSD entonces04:58
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=== david_ is now known as rabiddachshund
rabiddachshundI'm trying to enable dual monitors but kcontrol keeps crashing05:14
sakuihow do I manually change the resolution?05:22
Remo-Conbring3: sudo: gparted: command not found05:22
flaccidsakui: /etc/X11/xorg.conf or dynamically with xrandr05:24
sakuiflaccid: can I change it in text mode?05:27
flaccidwhat is text mode?05:27
sakuithe command line05:27
haryonoany one use kubuntu here?05:31
haryonoyes i need some help05:31
sakuidon't we all05:32
djdarkmanhey whats up with the strange kernel update?05:36
djdarkmanyou mean this kernel is a mistake?05:37
djdarkmanos all of this update?05:38
Shiver23i need a new IM client.. Konversation SUCKS!  any sugestions??05:40
Shiver23i liked the one that came with ubuntu 805:40
ubunturosShiver23: Konversation is not a IM client. It is an IRC client05:41
Remo-Conim talking about harry potter05:41
ubunturosShiver23: Kopete and GAIM are good ones, Shiver2305:41
* flaccid is back from crash05:41
Shiver23yeah... ok thanks05:45
Shiver23bye bye05:45
djdarkmanShiver23: don`t flame an irc client because you don`t like it, write a better one, or take the source and fork it05:48
flaccidi'll bbs/05:48
djdarkmanwhat`s with this update?05:49
claytonHow do I have gtk match qt in KDE4?05:50
yaccAny idea what package contains the DOM tree viewer plugin?06:45
flaccidplugin for?06:45
yaccgoogling around for it, it seems to have been part of kdeaddons 3.5.2 ;(06:46
flaccid!info kdeaddons | yacc06:47
ubottuyacc: kdeaddons (source: kdeaddons): add-on plugins and applets provided with KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 4:3.5.9-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 20 kB, installed size 72 kB06:47
yaccflaccid, yeah, but it's not there in kdeaddons/konq-plugins nowadays it seems.06:47
flaccidi will have a look06:48
flacciddoesn't look like its in any of these: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?suite=default&section=all&arch=any&searchon=names&keywords=konq+plugin06:49
yaccflaccid :(06:49
yaccflaccid, it seemed like the best shot at extracting the URL of embbeded objects in konq (adblocking).06:50
flaccid!privoxy | yacc06:51
ubottuFactoid privoxy not found06:51
flaccid!info privoxy06:51
ubottuprivoxy (source: privoxy): Privacy enhancing HTTP Proxy. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.8-1 (hardy), package size 1304 kB, installed size 2912 kB06:51
yaccOk, it's there in konq-plugins alright, now I wonder how to use it.06:51
yaccflaccid, I know about privoxy. Still nothing like the user friendlyness of Adblock+06:52
flaccidinstall it i gues it should come up in menu06:52
yaccflaccid, found it, you need to enable it explicitly in Extensions ;)06:54
flaccidah rightio coolio06:54
vltHello. How can I tell kdm to use only as much pixels as X is currently displaying? When I the mouse pointer now reaches the edge of the visible 1280x1024 area the content "scrolls", it seems to be at least 1600x1***. Any idea?07:05
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=== us is now known as moj0rising
moj0risinghi, there.07:26
=== moira is now known as akallabeth
alexandrehi room07:34
alexandresalam alikoum07:34
latCan ubuntu packages not be used with Kubuntu? I'm having problems with the Synaptic Package Manager  locking up when trying to install what turns out to be a package with the Gnome front end.07:46
theFATMANwhat is the easiest way to delete a file in cli?08:12
claytonAll my sound works fine, except for in amarok. It's randomly putting all output through my second soundcard, even though my default is the first soundcard. how can i fix this?08:12
claytontheFATMAN: rm <file>08:13
theFATMANclayton, thought so08:13
theFATMANman, i love the cli08:14
claytonAll my sound works fine, except for in amarok. It's randomly putting all output through my second soundcard, even though my default is the first soundcard. how can i fix this?08:16
flaccidclayton: might be able to config it in amarok config | engines and use alsa08:18
claytonflaccid: Ah ok.08:19
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=== vecciora is now known as Ajaxmd
ct529I am looking for rugged palmtops. Any clue?08:22
minhaajmy kubuntu keeps getting stuck08:27
minhaajany idea ?08:27
sakurahow do I enable nvidia drivers?08:28
flaccid!nvidia | sakura08:28
ubottusakura: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto08:28
flaccidubottu: restricted/hardware drivers08:28
ubottuflaccid: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:28
flaccidthat was sakura08:28
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
eritrea_my kubuntu freezes when i have compiz fusion enabled08:34
helpydont play too many effects eritera08:35
flaccideritrea_: kubuntu version, kde version please08:35
eritrea_8.04 kde 308:38
eritrea_i have  a pentuim 4 prossisor08:38
rrichiehi all08:40
rrichieno release date for kubuntu kde4.1 beta 1 packages ?08:40
emmanuepsalut a tous09:02
emmanuepJ'ais un problème de boot sur ecran noir09:02
emmanuepsur un DELL XPS 1730 sous kubuntu hardy09:02
emmanuepéquipé d'une nvidia GeForce M 870009:03
Daisuke_Ido!fr | emmanuep09:03
ubottuemmanuep: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr09:03
FSHeroHI... could anyone tell me which nvidia-glx package I should use for a Geforce 6700?09:03
FSHeroDaisuke_Ido: Thanks!09:04
level1hi, I have the nvidia drivers from the nvidia website and somehow I managed to install nvidia-glx... now apt is complaining about conflicts and refuses to do anything.  Is there a way to have apt pretend that the driver is not installed without it having to change anything on disk?09:04
Daisuke_Idolevel1: no09:05
flaccidfix it up properly09:05
FSHeroBy the way, isn't it a bad idea for the package maintainers to call it nvidia-glx-new? because what about when NVIDIA releases the next set of drivers? They should have numbered it.09:05
helpyi can't see toolbar on my browser and other apps09:05
helpyi have done somethng with appearance09:05
helpyit won't show toolbar09:05
flaccidFSHero: that wont give it contextual difference09:06
level1flaccid: fixing it properly means not fixing what aint broke!09:06
flaccidlevel1: that doesn't make sense09:06
Daisuke_Idolevel1: if it's not working, it's broke, that's what broke means09:06
level1flaccid: the only thing that doesn't work on my system is apt... I don't see why I have to fsck up my driver set up to get apt working when its just apt being obstinate09:07
FSHeroflaccid: What do you mean?09:07
flaccidlevel1: i don't know what that has to do with it. there is file conflicts here. pretty basic. its either manual or from package, not a combination09:08
flaccid!doesntwork | level109:08
ubottulevel1: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:08
flaccidwe can't help if you are vague09:08
helpyhow do i get my appearnce back ???09:08
level1flaccid: there are no file conflicts.  Its just apt won't do anything because it thinks there are problems, but there is none09:08
Daisuke_Idolevel1: it's you not doing it right - if you had installed through apt in the first place, this wouldn't be happening.09:09
flaccidlevel1: don't see how you can conclude that. all this talk and you can't show us the apt error. what did you expect?09:09
flaccidlast time i saw apt lie was um.. never09:09
level1dpkg-divert: rename involves overwriting `/usr/lib/xorg/modules/libwfb.so' with \   different file `/usr/lib/nvidia/libwfb.so.xserver-xorg-core', not allowed09:10
helpyis my question to hard to answer ?09:10
Daisuke_Idolevel1: try this: sudo dpkg -r nvidia-glx09:10
Daisuke_Idohelpy: if you were making any sense, it would be easier to help you09:10
flaccidlevel1: can you pastebin the whole thing including the command you did09:10
helpywhats so hard Daisuke_?09:10
helpyi can't see toolbar on top of my windows09:11
helpyits just gone09:11
helpyi can't close any window through top toolbar09:11
Daisuke_Idohelpy: are you using compiz?09:11
maggohelpy: did you activate "osx like toolbar"?09:11
flaccid!enter | helpy09:11
ubottuhelpy: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:11
helpyhah ?09:11
Daisuke_Idohelpy: for having a nick like that, you're not helping us to help you.09:11
helpyi did something with appearance maggo09:11
Daisuke_Idoyou did "something"09:12
helpyDaisuke_Ido: if you could focus on question than sarcasm that'd be great help09:12
helpyyep i did Daisuke_Ido. just wanna undo09:12
Daisuke_Idosorry, i can't help you until you can be a little more specific09:12
helpyin system settings > appearance09:12
Daisuke_Idoso go to system settings > appearance09:12
helpywhat do you need Daisuke_Ido?09:12
Daisuke_Idoand change it back09:12
helpyi have. it doesnt work09:13
* Daisuke_Ido facepalms09:13
Jucatohelpy: what toolbar is missing?09:13
* Jucato is guessing it's not a toolbar at all09:13
maggodid you press "Strg+M"?09:13
Daisuke_IdoJucato: his titlebars are missing.  he changed "something" and isn't disclosing what that something is09:13
helpythe top toolbar09:13
helpywell dont you see on top right a x sign to close the window ?09:14
helpyand to maximize it or minimize it ?09:14
Jucatoif it's the one with the window title and minimize, maximize, close buttons09:14
Jucatothat's not a toolbar09:14
helpyi am not having those signs09:14
helpyyep that Jucato09:14
Jucatothat's your window border.09:14
helpyoh ok sorry :(09:14
Jucatochances are you can't move windows either09:14
helpyyep i cant09:14
Jucatoare you using compiz-fusion (desktop effects)?09:14
helpyyep, and it doesnt have anything to do with it09:15
Jucatoof course it does09:15
helpyit was working fine with it before i tampered with appearance09:15
Jucatowhy do you think it wouldn't?09:15
helpybut it doesnt!09:15
JucatoCompiz fusion is a window manager, it's the one responsible for drawing those window borders09:15
maggohelpy: your window manager crashed!09:15
Jucatoif window borders are gone, then there's something wrong with the window manager09:15
Jucatoso it does have something to do with compiz09:15
helpyyea and it was working before i changed settings in appearance09:16
helpyok lets see09:16
Jucatoyea but it's still compiz that is not working.09:16
helpycompiz is working09:16
Jucatotry asking in #compiz-fusion what to do09:16
Remo-Conand votes should be weighted according to test scores09:16
JucatoI'm guessing, as maggo said, compiz crashed09:16
flaccidhelpy: so this only occurs with compiz on?09:16
maggohelpy: that happens sometimes when changing the window dekoration09:16
helpyit has NOTHING to do with compiz09:17
HollowPointhelpy open a console and type emerald --replace &09:17
flaccidhelpy: how would you know?09:17
helpybecause compiz was working fine with borders before i screwed up with apearance in system settings09:17
Jucatohelpy: how are you sure compiz is working *right now*!?"!?09:18
flaccidhelpy: that doesn't conclude anything at all. that is merely an assumption. so what you can do is do this kwin --replace and see if you get them back.09:18
maggodo you use kwin or ermerald as window-dekorator?09:18
flaccidhelpy: you might also want to see the wiki on compiz fusion which details loss of window decs09:18
flaccid!compiz-fusion | helpy09:18
ubottuhelpy: Kubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion09:18
* Jucato sighs...09:18
Jucatoyou guys can have this09:18
helpyok you guys dont understand09:19
Daisuke_IdoJucato: if you hadn't noticed, i gave up already09:19
Daisuke_Idohelpy: pay attention - he knows more about this than you do09:19
flaccidhelpy: we do.09:19
flaccidhelpy: pastebin ps aux | grep kwin; ps aux | grep compiz please09:20
Daisuke_Idoyou're the kind of person that p***es off tech support.  there are steps that need to be gone through to determine the problem - 99% of the time, the user is WRONG09:20
Jucatohelpy: no. *you* don't understand. *It has something to do with compiz*!! whether you changed something in system settings that caused it not to work properly is irrelevant. it is compiz that isn't working properly.09:20
helpyDaisuke_Ido:  yea but thats not good enough.09:20
Daisuke_Idoit's not good enough?09:20
helpycompiz is still good.09:20
helpyi can use effects09:20
Daisuke_Idofine, figure it out yourself.  don't come here for help and then whine when you get it09:20
helpyand short keyes09:20
Jucatosure. but where are your borders?09:20
helpythat was nice Daisuke_Ido09:20
maggohelpy: changing the window-dekoration may result in a crash of emerald/kde-window-dekorator09:21
Jucatothat's part of copmiz too09:21
helpythats something i need to figure out Jucato09:21
flaccidthis is all free and its not good enough :)09:21
helpyhow to undo it maggo ?09:21
helpyhehe yea flaccid and theres nothing wrong with that.09:21
* Jucato has pointed to #compiz-fusion09:21
helpyppl like Daisuke_Ido so to miss the humor09:21
flaccidyes there is.09:21
Daisuke_Idowhat humour?09:21
maggohelper: restart the window-dekorator09:21
flaccidand helpy im still waiting for your co-operation to help you ie. pastebin request09:21
helpyhow maggo?09:21
Daisuke_Idoyou're making my iq drop every second09:21
Daisuke_Idoi don't find that humorous09:22
helpyflaccid: i told you what i could09:22
* Daisuke_Ido needs sleep09:22
HollowPointmaking your iq drop?09:22
HollowPointnow thats one SERIOUSLY bad user09:22
flaccidhelpy: we can't help you if you don't diagnose with us.09:22
Daisuke_IdoHollowPoint: haven't been following, have you?09:22
flaccidhelpy: [18:20] <flaccid> helpy: pastebin ps aux | grep kwin; ps aux | grep compiz please09:23
helpywhat do i have to do flaccid ? you keep poiintng me to compiz09:23
flaccidhelpy: no i don't. please read above.09:23
helpypastebin aux ? i dont get it09:23
yinung_jesus or i should say buddha ...09:23
HollowPointI had someone tell me today that her new laptop was broken because the only resolution that looked sharp was the highest but with that resolution the fonts were too small, she insisted she deserved a refund, and this is a corporate client, not retail lol09:23
flaccid!pastebin | helpy09:23
ubottuhelpy: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)09:23
helpywhy are you telling me that ?09:23
HollowPointand yeah I've been following Daisuke_Ido09:23
helpyi know pastebin09:23
Daisuke_Idohelpy: then do what he's asking09:23
flaccidhelpy: run the command in konsole and pastebin it09:23
maggohelpy : execute "emerald --replace &" or "kde-window-decorator --replace"09:23
HollowPointhelpy did you type emerald --replace & into a konsole window?09:23
flaccidhelpy: if you know it then do it.09:24
helpyoh ok09:24
helpyhang on09:24
HollowPointit's back!09:24
flaccid!enter | HollowPoint09:24
ubottuHollowPoint: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!09:24
Jucatoum HollowPoint please don't do that again09:24
flaccidthats bloody annoying09:24
HollowPointwhy do you guys end up finding that annoying? Do you have really loud sound on or something? it's a couple of lines from the same person. They won't jump out and kill you ya know.09:25
yinung_i am so helples please help me09:25
helpyoh thanks09:25
nainefhey guys... where does one find info on 2.6.24-18-generic09:25
helpyits back :)09:25
helpygreat work maggo09:25
Daisuke_Idoit was a compiz issue09:25
Daisuke_Idoas you were told about a dozen times09:25
helpybut not created through compiz09:25
Daisuke_Idonext time, help us help you09:25
Daisuke_Idoyes created through compiz09:25
helpyDaisuke_Ido:  work on your attitude or learn from flaccid and maggo09:26
flaccidits back, for now.09:26
flaccidhelpy: stfu and show respect.09:26
maggohelpy: try using fusion-icon09:26
helpyhow do i do that maggo ?09:26
HollowPointsudo apt-get install fusion-icon09:26
=== avihayb_ is now known as avihayb
JucatoHollowPoint: it's annoying to be reading something only to see it go up numerous times because of senseless flooding09:27
yinung_i can't google please help09:27
helpyE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)09:27
helpyE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?09:27
flaccid!adeptfix | helpy09:27
ubottuhelpy: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »09:27
helpyand btw its gone again09:27
maggohelpy: close adept if it's open09:27
HollowPointlol you're obviously easily annoyed, if it was 10 lines or so yeah, and yeah yeah I know more than 3 lines should be in pastebin yada yada yada but it was a joke and you got annoyed because I used more than one line. Doesn't that seem the slightest bit petty to you? lol09:27
Jucatohelpy: if you have Adept Manager or Add/Remove Programs running, close it09:27
flaccidhelpy: i expected that.09:28
helpyok done flaccid09:28
JucatoHollowPoint: no09:28
lgucomtechi can't update using sudo apt-get update, i think there's a problem on my proxy settings..09:28
flaccidhelpy: which is why i didn't suggest just replaceing the window decs09:28
helpystill no windows borders09:28
HollowPointlol do my job for a day and you'll have a little more patience and not be quite so easily annoyed, if I let something that small anger me every day I'd be dead from a heart attack by now09:29
HollowPointanyway must stop the idle chat, it's a support room after all09:29
yinung_i can't help i cant read09:29
flaccidhelpy: there won't be any until you listen to us :)09:29
helpyok now what flaccid ?09:29
maggohelpy: with fusion-icon you can restart compiz, change window-dekorator and so on with a right click on the symbol in the systray09:29
flaccidhelpy: i'm still waiting for my first request from you09:30
JucatoHollowPoint: this *is* my job (not that I get paid) and there are channel rules which say "don't flood". and yes it is idle chat09:30
maggohelpy: before you have to start fusion-icon :-)09:30
helpyand thats is flaccid ?09:30
flaccidhelpy: i've repeated it at least 2 times already09:30
* Daisuke_Ido weeps09:30
flaccidyou might want to scroll back09:30
helpy:s ok09:31
lgucomtechit wont works, update failed09:31
lgucomtechcant update using sudo apt-get09:31
flaccid!doesntwork | lgucomtech09:31
ubottulgucomtech: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.09:31
flacciderrors are required to know what the um error is09:31
helpyfusion icon installed09:31
yinung_the one who can read is lucky and gets fast helpy09:31
flaccidhelpy: that wasn't my request :)09:32
helpywho said that ?09:32
flaccidyeah reading, listening and co-operation usually is required to fix your problem :)09:32
helpyyou all are flooding the channel09:32
helpyi can't concentrate :(09:32
helpyi have closed adpet manager09:32
helpyif that was your request09:33
flaccidhelpy: konversation has a scroll so you can scroll back09:33
* helpy scroll backs and tries to read from the deluge09:33
flaccidhelpy: here is the request for the 3rd and last time: [18:20] <flaccid> helpy: pastebin ps aux | grep kwin; ps aux | grep compiz please09:33
lgucomtechthanks dude..09:33
lgucomtecheverythings fine..09:33
helpyi have to write it in console ?09:33
flaccidif you can't do it then what you are expecting is magic to fix your problem, which doesn't actually exist :)09:33
helpywith please in the end ?09:33
flaccidhelpy: command is this: ps aux | grep kwin; ps aux | grep compiz09:34
flaccidnow you paste the link to the pastebin here so we can check it out09:34
lgucomtechone more questions.. can i installed my Starcraft Brood War on Ubuntu/Kubuntu? any plugins?09:35
flaccidi don't see a link helpy09:35
helpyhow do i get that ?09:35
flaccidyou copy it from your browser window and paste it here.  however you did say [18:23] <helpy> i know pastebin09:36
HollowPointyou in Aus flaccid?09:37
helpybash: pastebin: command not found09:37
helpyminhaaj   5942  0.0  0.0   1696   368 ?        S    12:27   0:00 kwrapper ksmserver --windowmanager /usr/bin/compiz09:37
helpyminhaaj   5944  0.0  0.8  27276  8444 ?        S    12:27   0:00 ksmserver [kdeinit] --windowmanager /usr/bin/compiz09:37
helpyminhaaj   6071  0.0  0.0   1772   536 ?        S    12:27   0:00 /bin/sh /usr/bin/compiz --sm-client-id 10e9d7756e00012125354550000006010000009:37
helpyminhaaj   6131  1.5  2.5  41092 26644 ?        S    12:27   1:02 /usr/bin/compiz.real --ignore-desktop-hints --replace --indirect-rendering --sm-client-id 10e9d7756e000121253545500000060100000 core ccp09:37
helpyminhaaj  11138  0.0  0.0   3008   772 pts/1    S+   13:36   0:00 grep compiz09:37
flaccidhehe. we were right from the start 1) you are a troller 2) you are ignorant and 3) the problem is compiz as its running atm!09:37
helpyyou want me to shut down compiz at all ?09:37
flaccidusers who come for help then claim they know what the problem is and isn't always amuses me :)09:38
flaccidhelpy: yes that was the second thing i asked you to do lol09:38
nainefis there a way to check for package updates from the command line?09:38
helpyok how do i undo that ?09:38
HollowPointnainef sudo apt-get update09:38
maggo<- spinning around on his chair :-)09:38
helpyhow do i shut down compiz ?09:38
nainefok thank you09:38
flaccidhelpy: [18:18] <flaccid> helpy: that doesn't conclude anything at all. that is merely an assumption. so what you can do is do this kwin --replace and see if you get them back.09:39
flaccidhelpy: also don't repeat.09:39
helpyyea got em all09:39
* helpy hugglifies flaccid09:39
flaccidright so now helpy have you learnt any lessons today?09:39
helpyyep, but trust me i was also flooded with all of you09:39
helpyi kinda flipped out09:40
flaccidthere is always the scroll and logs09:40
HollowPointyou were flooded with 4 people telling you to do the same thing at one point and you refused so I see flaccids point\09:40
flaccidso no need to worry, just take your time reading people's messages. like i just demonstrated if you had of done that with the first 2 things i asked, you would not of gone through any of that..09:40
flaccidhelpy: now if you decide to run compiz again. keep in mind the problem is with that if it doesn't give you window decorations. also if you read the wiki link which i also showed you earlier it will tell you how to make sure you get window decorations in compiz-fusion on kde..09:41
HollowPointflaccid he's gone mate09:42
flaccidyeah, i did it for logging purposes09:42
HollowPointlol ok09:42
flaccidand anyone else interested in reading my vent09:42
HollowPointare you in Aussie flaccid?09:43
flaccidyep in sydney mate09:43
HollowPointah right09:43
HollowPointnoticed earlier when you pasted something your time stamp was exactly 2 hours behind mine09:43
minhaajsorry had to reboot09:43
minhaajgot your point flaccid thanks :)09:44
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
flaccidno worries helpy09:44
flaccidi'll just pm you my last response as it tells you why it occured in the first place etc.09:44
helpyi have just switched from windows09:44
helpy2 days ago09:44
helpyand i have fallen in love with kubuntu09:45
HollowPointwe all do eventually :D09:45
yinung_someone know how to open .esp vector graphic files ... inkscape doesn't09:45
helpyyea its ages ahead of vista09:45
helpymy last OS that i have come to hate more than anything09:46
kuilhi all.. any java users/developers here using (k)ubuntu hardy?.. I seem to have a lot of crashes while running java programs.. (netbeans, maven compilation, etc)....09:46
nainefisn't openjdk still a  werk in progress?09:48
kuilnainef: I think it is yes...09:49
kuilsome parts are still not finished09:49
nainefis the normal jdk from sun still an option?09:49
PennycookYes it is.  I found OpenJDK to be rubbish, threw compilation errors for perfectly valid Java.09:50
kuilnainef: why would'nt it be? I have installed jdk6.0 here... (by hand though)09:50
Pennycookkuil: I've been having problems with NetBeans and menubars, but everything else seems to be fine.09:51
kuilhmm.. .. netbeans just 'dissapears' on me09:51
PennycookDid you install kubuntu-restricted-extras?09:52
kuilPennycook: yes09:52
nainefthat package is always the first one I install09:52
Pennycookkuil: OpenJDK is installed as a part of kubuntu-restricted-extras; even though you've got JDK6 installed there might be a few problems with conflicting jdk's and whatnot.09:53
* nainef smacks head......09:53
nainefThe idea behind openjdk is a great one but it still needs a lot of work09:54
kuilhopefully that's the problem...09:54
Pennycookkuil: Run java -version.09:54
kuilnainef: I agree09:54
kuilPennycook: that returned my 'manually' installed jdk version09:54
kuiljava version "1.6.0_009:54
kuilbut openjdk is far from perfect as I understood :(09:55
kuilhopefully this will work.. wait and see .. thx!09:55
PennycookYeah, I can only recommend getting rid of OpenJDK09:56
flaccidsun java is the only 1 i end up trusting and even then i get the odd exception on stable apps which is very annoying (v6)09:57
minhaajis there a way to get google toolbar working with firefox in kubuntu ?09:57
kuilflaccid: 'the odd exception' ?09:57
flaccidyeah java exception09:58
kuilflaccid: where java just crashes?09:58
flaccidno um i guess you don't know what an exception is in computing09:59
flaccidkuil: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exception_handling09:59
kuilflaccid: I do know java (and exception handling).. just don't understand your problem with jdk6 (in coparison with jdk 5?)10:00
HollowPointminhaaj what do you want the toolbar for exactly?10:00
HollowPointthere is a search bar in the top right of firefox in Kubuntu and it searches google directly10:01
flaccidkuil: it was throwing exceptions  on some routines that it shouldn't. i compared it to java5 and other platforms.10:01
flaccidjava5 and other platforms did the same .java fine10:01
kuilflaccid: ah..10:01
kuilwe have skipped java5 here.. moved from 1.4 to 610:01
flaccidwhich makes you throw something out the window or at least want to10:01
kuilI understand10:02
flaccidwell on the desktop im thinking stuff java now and simply build for different archs/platforms. days are different now10:02
kuilflaccid: it's hard to move an existing application to a different platform though10:04
flaccidyep. i wonder if someone has thought about making some sort of java to c++ interpreter/wrapper10:04
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
ocsHi. there's something wich conflicts with the serial port. In fact, when i ifdown eth0, the serial port goes sensibly faster.. but NOT as faster as i expect. so, the serial port conflicts with something else... how can i check that ? thnk10:20
JackWinteri just set up a virtual desktop with webcams of places around the world which i love.  at the moment i have them in several konqueror windows, but was wondering if there was a better application for the purpose, especially one where i could set the update frequence, since many cams stop streaming the jpeg after a while10:25
ircleuseranyone know if ftp can upload a file in the background?10:27
=== ircleuser is now known as asdf
=== balazs is now known as castaway
mooperwhy is the copy and paste so utterly usless on kubuntu10:32
JackWintermooper: what's useless about it ?10:33
mooperActually I fixed it. I was trying to copy something from Adobe reader to an email in thunderbird and it wouldnt go into clipper. I  cleared the clipbead history and it worked10:34
mooperJackWinter, so its not that usless, merely annoying10:35
JackWintermooper: ok, my self i didn't really have any probs with it sofar ;)10:35
Haza1Morning folks!10:38
steve555Morining Hazal10:38
Haza1I gotta say... im LOVING kubuntu! :D10:39
steve555did you manage to get compiz to work?10:39
Haza1steve555: Me?10:39
Haza1steve555: Heheh, i din't realise i way trying. I think you may have me mixed up :)10:40
HollowPointtis evening for me10:40
HollowPointbut morning10:40
steve555Yeah I think I have,I'm sorry10:40
Haza1steve555: No problems mate!10:41
steve555I'm glad you like kubuntu anyway.10:41
HollowPointjust switched from Windows?10:42
needhelphi, is there a command line to ftp upload a file over? just like rsync file server://location/ -avP ?10:42
steve555I haven't personally,I'm still dual-booting with Windows XP Professional.10:42
HollowPointah right10:42
Haza1I have just switched from windows on my laptop10:43
Haza1the machine i use on a daily basis10:43
HollowPointneedhelp are you trying to ftp a file to an ftp server you have a username and password for?10:43
Haza1my server is Ubuntu10:43
Haza1but i can avoid doing much on the server so i didn't really learn much10:43
Haza1Now that i have no choice but to use *nix im finding it really really good10:43
needhelpHollowPoint: yes10:44
HollowPointmy home machine is Kubuntu, my work laptop was Kubuntu until my boss made me put Windows back on because he doesn't understand Linux and I have several servers on this home machine in the form of VMs10:44
HollowPointneedhelp have you tried download filezilla from the repos?10:44
Haza1HollowPoint: There is not much turning back here. I removed my "factory reset" windows partition :D10:44
HollowPointlol so did I on my Work Laptop, just re-installed Windows from scratch when I needed to, factory reset partitions are usually crap anyway, HP by any chance?10:45
needhelpHollowPoint: I have filezilla..but is there a command line which do the job?10:45
blivoriHow do I autologin an account10:45
Haza1HollowPoint: IBM. and i have to say... the factory reset on this lappy was REALLY good too10:46
Haza1press a button wait a while, windows is back with all drivers ect working10:46
Haza1although this lappy cost me £2500 about 2 years ago10:46
HollowPointneedhelp it should just be ftp /path/to/file ser.ver.add.ress username password10:47
HollowPointif you need more pointers just type man ftp in the command line, that will give you the manual page10:47
steve555is it an anonymous login?10:48
HollowPointsteve555 no he has a username and password for it10:48
HollowPointHaza1 sounds like a nice laptop mate10:48
Haza1Its still running pretty well. I think the resolution had something to do with the price10:49
HollowPointneedhelp type ftp ser.ver.add.ress and press enter in console, it should give you a username prompt10:50
HollowPointfrom there is relatively easy if it's a linux box that the ftp server is running on10:50
=== ibrahim__ is now known as Opai
HollowPointneedhelp did it work?10:53
steve555I think you might need samba as a "go-between" between linux and windows.I'm pretty sure you need something that will bridge between the two different platforms.That is my guess anyway.10:54
Haza1This might be a silly question. but is there an easy way to define ODBC conncetions to MS ACCESS .mdb files in Kubuntu?10:59
HollowPointdefine ODBC connections for what reason? From what program?11:00
Haza1I need to define a ODBC connection to use with my ETL tool11:01
flaccid!odbc | Haza111:01
ubottuFactoid odbc not found11:01
flaccidHaza1: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ODBC11:01
flaccidgoogle is handy :)11:01
Haza1heheh, Cheers!11:01
Haza1Back soon11:01
_Angelus_E: Archive directory /var/cache/apt/archives/partial is missing.11:01
_Angelus_how can i fix this?11:01
flaccid!info mdbtools11:02
ubottumdbtools (source: mdbtools): JET / MS Access database (MDB) tools. In component main, is optional. Version (hardy), package size 52 kB, installed size 184 kB11:02
yinung_sudo mkdir /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/ _Angelus_11:02
_Angelus_thanks bro11:03
=== ubunturos_ is now known as ubunturos
frybyehi all - lag??11:33
ubunturos!hi |  frybye, ;)11:39
ubottufrybye, ;): Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu!11:39
frybyenothing much happening or lag?11:43
=== castaway is now known as balazs
FSHeroI have a question, if you are willing to answer! :)11:48
ubunturos!who | FSHero11:49
ubottuFSHero: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)11:49
FSHeroRight sorry! I want to move my kubuntu installation to another partition. (I didn't plan my installation as well as I should have...)11:50
FSHeroI was reading: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35409511:50
FSHeroCould I just confirm: should I run kdesudo konqueror and then literally _copy_ the contents of / to the partition I want the Kubuntu to be on?11:50
flaccidFSHero: yeah if its not in use ie. use livecd. you also have to make sure you copy all the files (hidden files included)11:53
flaccidactually i can't be 100% sure but11:53
FSHeroflaccid: can I use Knoppix 5.3.?11:53
FSHeroflaccid: * Knoppix 5.3.111:54
flaccidnot sure if that will retain unix perm ids correctly but i guess it should. i would usually tar11:54
flaccidFSHero: yeah11:55
flaccidid probaby google a bit more and ask in #ubuntu and #linux . could be something im missing11:55
FSHeroflaccid: ok thx11:55
FSHeroflaccid: I shall do so later11:55
vltHello. How can I set the umask kmail uses when saving attachments to the file system?12:03
=== jmp_ is now known as i486
=== ubuntu_ is now known as cryingtux
cryingtuxi have installed kubuntu now, should i add the multimedia repos now or do i need to get all the upgrades first?12:20
ActionParsnipcryingtux: either way is fine, I always update and upgrade new installs12:21
bazhangcryingtux, your choice; kubuntu-restricted-extras is what you want though12:22
ActionParsnipbut thats personal preference12:22
cryingtuxyes and somebody gave me a link for adding win32 codecs12:23
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org12:23
cryingtuxbazhang: once i have set my system, can i make a custom remaste of it??12:23
bazhang!uck | cryingtux12:24
ubottucryingtux: UCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/12:24
cryingtuxbazhang: is uck there in repo? or do i have to manually install it?12:25
bazhangapt-cache search uck cryingtux12:26
Truehi guys12:28
Truei ve got a question12:28
Trueany native speaker from North America ?12:29
Truewhat does "Wortsel Grinder Mark 4" mean ?12:29
Truei cant even find it in google12:29
chalcedonyTrue: sounds like a brand name12:29
chalcedonyi read and understand English .. was born here12:30
TrueOnly the other day, for example, I ran into an old Wortsel Grinder Mark 412:30
True(with the filigreed flanges and reverberating notchet tattles). I didn’t have12:30
Truea clue what to do with it, so you can only imagine how foolish I felt.12:30
Truethis is the context12:30
bazhangthis is offtopic True12:31
Truei cant find even the word "notchet" in dictionary12:31
Truei know this is off topic but just question12:31
chalcedonyTrue: wonder what notchet tattles relate to.. some type of machinery .. a mechanical forum might look12:31
bazhangTrue, not for here12:31
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!12:31
ActionParsnipnotchet is like a little indented hole, like on a fife12:33
haryonoany one can help?12:40
ActionParsnip!ask | haryono12:40
ubottuharyono: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)12:40
steve555what's the problem haryono?12:40
haryonoAction I want to know how to run webcam in kubuntu, how to make my YM online in Kubuntu and how ti make my kontact appear in kubuntu12:42
steve555is YM Yahoo Messenger?12:42
haryonosteve Yes12:42
steve555I can answer that one,you need to install the program called pidgin via adept.12:43
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) is supporting MSN, Jabber, AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and IRC. See also !Pidgin12:44
haryonoIt was connect to YM but only the contact list appear no online contact  appear signed12:45
haryonoubottu i had open http://kopete.kde.org...what next..?12:46
ubottuharyono: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:46
Dr_willisI would say read the docs :)12:47
Dr_willisthat site is the  the homepage for the Kopete IM client. It can tell you what features it has.12:47
steve555Ah you need to launch pidgin,select the buddies drop-down list,then,show,then make sure the offline buddies is ticked.12:47
Dr_willispidgin is also a popylar IM client. that may do what you want. I dont use either one.12:47
DragnslcrKopete supports webcam in YIM12:48
steve555I wan't sure if kopete did.I think I did try it once,but didn't have much success with it.It was sometime ago since I last tried it.12:49
PennycookPidgin doesn't have webcam.12:51
ubottuFactoid pate not found12:52
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:52
Truehi guys12:55
Truei was banned from perl channel a year ago12:55
Trueim still banned :)12:55
Truewhat do i need to do ?12:55
Dr_willismsg the channel ops i guess12:55
Truei have gone to military service i ve completed it and im back still banned :)12:56
Trueso funny12:56
Dr_williscould just be a wide ban thats including your isp/mask12:57
bandit_systemsettings Than it is a command Differs from kcontrol ?12:59
yakuziguys, i've a problem concerning the 24-18 kernel. after a booted, i saw some updates to do so i did them, one of them was (again) a new kernel (i'v installed this laptop with the 24-16, updates shortly ago to 24-17 and now it gave me an update to 24-18)13:04
_Angelus_Warning!!  Unsupported GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected. Use GNU Parted.13:04
_Angelus_what can i do to fix this?13:04
yakuzilast time i got a message the update could break something and that it stopped or something, this time, the same...but now the new kernel doesn't appear in grub (dual boot pc by the way)13:04
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. Like other APT front-ends, it can install/remove packages and their dependencies (on Dapper and earlier, however, only aptitude keeps track of unused dependencies). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptitudeSurvivalGuide13:04
Dr_willisrun the gparted tool like it suggests?13:04
ubottuFactoid fix not found13:05
ubottuFactoid fix_lock not found13:05
hwHmm, how do I fix "Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)" errors?13:05
_Angelus_Dr_willis: ... the thing is, it only suggests that, and nothing more13:05
yakuziif i look on my /boot i see that i've only 2.1 MB free, that or all 3 kernels all files are there execept for the 24-18 there's a gzip file missing13:05
Pennycook!apt-fix | hw13:05
ubottuhw: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:05
yakuziis there a safe way to clean up or getthe new kernel working?13:06
haryonoDragnstcr My kopete cant perform YM Webcam why?13:06
hwPennycook: Thx!13:07
Dr_willis_Angelus_,  have  you actually ran the tool yet? Ive seen it 'suggest a fix' when it finds bad setups.13:07
ubottuTo install a Java compiler/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java5-jre or sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository. Please don't use Adept to install Java if you are on Kubuntu !Dapper13:08
_Angelus_Dr_willis:  i just want a way to change the disk from GPT to MBR13:08
prinzubuntuuucan anyone help me with the installation of my wacom graphic tablet?13:08
Dr_willis_Angelus_,  ive never heard of 'gpt' befor.13:08
_Angelus_Dr_willis: not used on normal pcs, usually used on maca13:09
ubottuFactoid kcontrol not found13:09
ubottuFactoid systemsettings not found13:09
ubottuFactoid thx not found13:10
hwOk, thx to ubottu13:11
yakuzi!kernel update13:11
ubottuFactoid kernel update not found13:11
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages13:11
drmarwatcan i have kubuntu 8.04 repositories list here please?13:15
Dr_willis_Angelus_,  i would imagine you will have to delete the partitions,  or perhaps dd it to zero it out. then repartition13:15
drmarwati wanna change the repos to some faster mirrors13:15
haryonoany one can fix my problem?13:18
KR-datawhen I open some applications such as eclipse, it tells me that I use an unknown locale, what can I do about that?13:21
haryonoany one caaaan fix my problem13:24
KR-dataharyono, I didn't see your question (entered after you asked)13:25
haryonodta my question is how to open webcam in kopte YM?13:26
Pennycookharyono: http://wiki.kde.org/tiki-index.php?page=kopete%20webcam%20support&comzone=show13:26
KR-dataharyono, sorry, can't help you there :(13:26
haryonoPenny cook t5hanks i try13:27
hwDoes anyone what eclipse version is used in hardy? Gutsy still uses 3.2.2 even when eclipse 3.3 is out13:27
nosrednaekim!info eclipse13:27
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.2-5ubuntu2 (hardy), package size 126 kB, installed size 416 kB13:27
hwIs anywhere documented why eclipse 3.3.x is not used?13:29
KR-datahw, why don't you just download it as a tar unpack it in a folder and execute it from there?13:29
haryononosred can i ask you now?13:31
hwKR-data: Cause eclipse provided by ubuntu and when I'll do the next upgrade (as I did today) I'll be sure that my system is fine13:32
KR-datahw, I've never experienced trouble with eclipse installed that way, but when installed via the package manager I had a lot of trouble with the update manager in eclipse13:33
hwKR-data: You just need to use the correct JVM then eclipse is no problem at all13:35
KR-datahw, well it might have change, but there was some things I couldn't install because of permission issues with the update manager13:36
hwKR-data: Not on my site =)13:37
KR-datahw, hehe ok :) well I just decided to decompress it in a folder local to my user, problem solved ;)13:38
mooperthe toggle keys have stopped working on my kubuntu install. has anyone encountered this before13:39
moopercould this be slow keys/13:39
drmarwat! uck13:39
ubottuUCK is a tool that helps you customise official Ubuntu Live CDs (including Kubuntu/Xubuntu and Edubuntu) to your needs. See http://uck.sourceforge.net/13:39
mooperif so, how do i disable cos i cant use capitals13:39
PennycookGiven that Netbeans is free and Open Source, why is there no package for Netbeans 6 in the repos?13:39
_Angelus_Dr_willis: how can i do that?13:40
mooperit is very annoying, show key seems to be doing the business.... i cant for the life of me work out what is going on13:44
_Angelus_Dr_willis_:  how can i do that?13:44
hdevalenceWhen I try to launch mplayer from the command line, it says AO: [pulse] cannot connect to server: connection refused. And I don't get any sound running speaker-test either.13:48
Dr_Willis_WithALLovely How My ISP is acting this week.13:48
hdevalenceis there a way to reboot the sound system13:48
Dr_Willis_WithALhdevalence,  set mplayer to use some other audio system. not Pulse13:49
Dr_Willis_WithALset it to ALSA13:49
mooperwhere do i controll my keyboard settings/13:53
hdevalenceSo I set mplayer to use alsa and get no error but no sound13:54
mooperas in system, properties, keyboard13:54
nosrednaekimhdevalence: set it to alsa in systemsettings->sound13:54
Dr_willisMy lovely ISP..  every so often it just goes berzerk and lags me to death. :(13:56
xt828_i dunno how often people refer to comcast as 'lovely'13:59
xt828_so, every time i insert my USB stick it mounts itself again, but never removes the previous mounting, leaving me with atm 5 different mounts of which only one is correct14:00
xt828_how do i refresh it and remove the spurious mounts?14:00
nosrednaekimxt828_: thats a known bug... look for it on launchpad14:00
nosrednaekimmy freind had that problem14:00
xt828_oh, okay14:00
xt828_will rebooting remove the extras?14:00
nosrednaekimI don't think so IIRC14:01
xt828_how annoying14:01
xt828_is there a walkthrough that you know of on how to install windows onto a system that has linux without buggarising the bootloader thingy?14:02
xt828_all the dualboot walkthroughs seem to be install windows then linux14:02
=== xt828_ is now known as xt828
nosrednaekimxt828: what you do is install windows, then boot a liveCD and reinstll grub14:04
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto14:04
xt828ah, sweet14:04
maltedik^livehi. what the hell is wrong with ubuntu 8.04? hda became sda and sda sdb! i'm scared!!!14:05
nosrednaekimmaltedik^live: thats normal14:05
maltedik^liveso hdx is dead?14:05
maltedik^liveand its save to install on sdb if i want to install on my one and only s-ata-drive?14:06
Dr_willis!libata | maltedik^live14:07
ubottuFactoid libata not found14:07
Dr_willismaltedik^live,  thats due to changes in the way the IDE drives are handled. Many disrtos are doing it that way also.14:07
maltedik^liveDr_willis: so this new nomenclature is done by libata. ok. im reliefed14:08
Dr_willismaltedik^live,   teeres a factoid on  the topic but i forget what it is.14:08
Dr_willismaltedik^live,  something like that.14:08
Dr_willismaltedik^live,  just done accidently format sda that USED to be your ide drive.. like i did once14:08
voontewhat's the recommended way in kubuntu to install a package that's not yet in the repo? i need strigi v0.5.9 instead of v0.5.714:09
maltedik^livethat happens when everything works too nicely and you stop reading the hardcore-news14:09
nosrednaekimvoonte: first, try to find a deb in a PPA/getdeb , if you can't find it there, go compile it :)14:09
maltedik^livevoonte: you might aswell compile it directly as debian-package. if you just do it for yourself, its not hard at all14:10
teh-molehey all14:10
maltedik^liveDr_willis: yeah. i think ill do a backup first :D14:10
voonteok, i saw that the intrepid repository had the version I needed, but how do I take just strigi without getting all the other upgrades?14:11
maltedik^livemaybe pull the package and install it with dpkg?14:11
voontemaltedik^live, i'll try that thanks14:12
maltedik^livedpkg -i package-blalanaldfda.deb14:12
hdevalenceI set the KDE sound system to ALSA and  even rebooted the computer but it still doesn't work, with or without running X14:14
voontei suppose I could get it through packages.ubuntu.com but then I have to manually get all files I need. can't I just tell aptitude somehow to use the intrepid repository for the strigi packages?14:15
thompahi all, problem with dvd drive noise here on a toshib. satellite notebook14:16
thompaif i put in data dvd no problem, dvd movie makes drive run like a truck14:17
farhad_hfmy dvdwriter is powered off i think... it does not eject even with eject -m . i had this problem once before. i restarted and it solved. but how can i solve it for ever? (kubuntu hardy)14:19
farhad_hfand sorry for my poor english!14:20
thompafarhad_hf: can you just unmount it14:20
gianlucagy guys this error : no 80 conductor cable installed can be give by alimentation?14:21
gianlucathis comes out after ceck of ram14:22
thompafarhad_hf: im having dvd drive problems, runs too loud with movies14:22
farhad_hfthompa: i unmounted it and ejected it about 15mins ago. but it does not eject now.14:22
thompafarhad_hf: did you try another dvd application to run it?14:23
thompasee if its same in all dvd apps14:23
teh-moleyou sure your dvds arnt just dirty?14:24
farhad_hfi can not eject it to insert a disk!14:24
teh-molelol oh yeh14:24
x_linkI just installed xmms214:24
x_linkCause there is no xmms in hardy.14:24
x_linkBut when I right-click on a mp3-file and choose Open With I can't see xmms214:25
x_linkWhy is that?14:25
thompafarhad_hf: what application is running dvd?14:25
farhad_hfit is turned off i think.14:25
farhad_hfthompa: hm?14:25
thompafarhad_hf: sudo eject14:25
farhad_hfthompa: tnx. it ejected14:28
thompafarhad_hf: what opens it when you put it in?14:28
thompafarhad_hf: there is some way to check what is locking it up with tail command, not too sure14:29
x_linkSo nobody can help me?14:29
thompacan anyone help me? my dvd drive sounds way too loud when playing14:30
geniix_link: Please restate your issue, I've only just arrived14:30
x_linkI just installed xmms2 in hardy, cause there is no xmms.14:30
x_linkBut I can't right-click on my files and choose to Open With xmms214:31
x_linkWhy is that?14:31
thompax_link: type in the command14:31
x_linkthompa: Type in the command? How do you mean?14:31
thompax_link: does xmms work in terminal?14:31
KR-datais there a way to log all files a program comes into contact with?14:31
=== emonkey-t is now known as emonkey
thompax_link: accessories: terminal   try first xmms214:32
thompasee if it even comes up14:32
x_linkAhha okey14:32
maggoKR-data: lsof -p PID14:33
maggoKR-data: or strace -p pid -e trace=open,read,write,close14:33
KR-datamaggo, but won't that just return what files it uses at the moment?14:33
karolinaHi all:)14:33
thompax_link: there should be something like right click open with . then type command xmms214:33
x_linksedde@sedde:~$ xmms214:34
x_linkxmms2: error while loading shared libraries: libxmmsclient.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory14:34
KR-datamaggo, strace, sounds like something for my problem (I hope)14:34
x_linkI can't even find xmms214:34
x_linkBut isn't there any other mp3-player?14:35
thompax_link: there are lots14:35
x_linkSomebody told me to install a program last time I was here, but I don't remember the name of the player.14:35
x_linkStarts with "a"14:35
farhad_hfthompa: i dont know how. but i think you can solve it by using hdparm14:35
thompax_link: amarok14:35
x_linkthompa: No, not that.14:35
x_linkaudioci-something I believe.14:36
thompafarhad_hf: thanks, in think thats what i was looking for14:36
thompax_link: audacity14:36
x_linkthompa: Exactly =)14:36
x_linkthompa: Are you happy with Hardy?14:36
thompax_link: well in add remove programs are many players, install mp3 support or kubuntu restricted first14:37
thompax_link: im using rythmbox to play mp3s14:38
x_linkHurmm...  audacity didn't look like this the last time.14:38
x_linkThe one I tried looks just like xmms14:38
x_linkMaybe it was something else thenm.14:38
thompax_link: not audacity14:39
thompax_link: are you trying to listen to music? or do you want to edit sound14:39
thompax_link: audacious14:40
thompax_link: i think yuo are looking for audacious14:40
thompax_link: its winamp style14:41
x_linkthompa: Yes audacious14:41
geniiaudacity ?14:41
thompaaudacity is sound editor and also records sound card14:42
=== arnie__ is now known as arbec
thompax_link: sudo apt-get install audacious14:42
=== arbec is now known as arne
Haza1Hey folks. Another question... How comw ehen i plug in an external usb (500gb) HD i cannot find it on my system. Should i not get a nice popup to "explore" the new USB storage device?14:42
x_linkthompa: Already did that =)14:42
x_linkI use aptitude.14:42
x_linkthompa: Thanks alot!14:43
=== arne is now known as arne-rm
thompax_link: do you have mp3 support installed?14:43
x_linkthompa: libk3b14:43
thompax_link: ok no problem,   i got dvd nois problem here14:43
x_linkthompa: Alright =/14:43
x_linkI hope it will work out for you =)14:43
x_linkI just HATE that I can't use ksensors anymore =/14:44
x_linkNot with my new CPU =/14:44
x_linkIt worked just fine with my Intel Dual-Core E2200, with that CPU I could see my CPU-temp in ksensors14:44
souheilhello people14:44
thompax_link: i got a new laptop and vista is awful, ubuntu makes me feel like i at least own this machine14:44
x_linkthompa: When I installed lm-sensors I just had to modprobe it87 and modprobe coretemp.14:44
souheili don't think so14:44
x_linkBut with my new CPU I can't run modprobe coretemp.14:44
souheilvista is so ###########14:45
thompax_link: you dont need to do that14:45
x_linkthompa: When I installed lm-sensors it stod that I had to put in it87 and coretemp and the end.14:45
x_linkBut with this new E8400 it only says that I have to do modprobe it87, not coretemp.14:45
arne-rmHi there. My problem is: I want to delete a file. Sounds simple? As root I issued "rm file_id.diz", result: "rm: cannot remove `file_id.diz': Operation not permitted"14:45
arne-rmThese are the mount options:14:46
x_linkThe thing is that I NEED coretemp for ksensors to be able to show my CPU-temp.14:46
souheildoes anyone know where can i find a good tuto for linux konsole14:46
arne-rm /dev/sda2 on /mnt/m type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)14:46
arne-rmtried getfacl14:46
x_linkthompa: But that has nothing to do with Kubuntu, but still it's annoying.14:46
arne-rm getfacl file_id.diz14:47
arne-rm# file: file_id.diz; # owner: 500; # group: arnie;user::rw-;group::r--;other::r--14:47
souheil behi14:47
thompax_link: there is computertemp apet i use, but its gnome14:47
llutzarne-rm: lsattr file_id.diz14:47
arne-rm-----a-A--Z-E--tT- file_id.diz14:47
x_linkthompa: Shame =/14:48
x_linkthompa: You know anything else for KDE except for ksensors/lm-sensors?14:48
llutzarne-rm: sudo chattr -a file_id.diz14:48
thompax_link: go into synaptics or whatever search computer temp14:48
x_linkaptitude search computer-temp maybe=)14:48
arne-rmyup, worked. Thanks :-)14:49
thompax_link: gdesklets should work14:49
x_linkOkey, I will install it.14:49
* arne-rm is off reading the chattr manpage14:49
flaccidgo immutables :)14:49
x_linkthompa: I found computertemp, but it's for gnome.14:49
thompax_link: what about ksysguard?14:50
thompax_link: its installed already, just add the new worksheet14:51
x_linkI will try it.14:51
arne-rmOnly question remaining, how did that flag get there. Maybe some problem with the windows-ext2fsd...14:51
x_linkthompa: It doesn't show any temps.14:51
USMarinewhen the bios doesn't recognize an hard drive as bootable, grub must be reinstalled?14:52
flaccidUSMarine: thats not going to help14:52
llutzarne-rm: possible driver issue14:52
flaccidit needs to read and bios and they are very separate14:52
USMarinei can mount the /boot using a livecd14:52
flaccidif it doesn't read in bios, something wrong with hard disk, connection or bios14:52
USMarinethe kernels are there14:52
USMarinegrub also14:53
thompax_link: in ksysguard should be hardware sensors14:53
USMarinei don' know what's wrong14:53
flaccidUSwhats the actual problem14:53
thompax_link: im in gnome so cant check14:53
BiteyBitehow do i make real player default player to play diff media files in my FF3 beta 5 on kubuntu 8.04 kde3?14:53
USMarineflaccid the bios detects the disk, but still asks for a bootable device14:53
flaccidBiteyBite: ask in #ubuntu or #firefox as its a non-kde app14:53
x_linkthompa: There is something called sensors, but it doesn't show anything.14:53
flaccidUSMarine: you said it didn't recognize it14:53
x_linkthompa: gdesklets is 280MB =)14:53
flaccid!grubfix | USMarine14:54
ubottuFactoid grubfix not found14:54
ubottugrub is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost grub after installing windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows - Making GRUB floppies & other GRUB howtos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto14:54
USMarine(14:51:59) (USMarine) when the bios doesn't recognize an hard drive as bootable, grub must be reinstalled?14:54
flaccidUSMarine: reinstall grub yeah14:54
flaccidand then you go on to say it does detect it :)14:54
thompax_link: you got lm-sensors installed right?14:54
USMarinethought so14:54
x_linkthompa: Yes.14:54
flaccidwhat it means is that the mbr is missing on the disk and it needs grub or another mbr like windows mbr for example, so install grub via livecd ^14:54
x_linkthompa: But I need coretemp for it to work.14:55
farhad_hfis there any application like ypops (in windows) to revert yahoo! webmail with a mail client like kmail?14:55
farhad_hfis there any application like ypops (in windows) to revert yahoo! webmail with a mail client like kmail?14:55
flaccid!fetchyahoo | farhad_hf14:56
ubottuFactoid fetchyahoo not found14:56
flaccid!info fetchyahoo | farhad_hf14:56
ubottufarhad_hf: fetchyahoo (source: fetchyahoo): Retrieve mail from Yahoo!'s webmail service. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.11.2-1 (hardy), package size 41 kB, installed size 192 kB14:56
flaccidfarhad_hf: there is also also a linux versin of ypops: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=52835&package_id=61134 . google is handy :)14:59
farhad_hfflaccid: it didnt work about 6mounts age when i tried too use15:00
flaccidwhy didn't it work?15:01
farhad_hfi dont remember! i'll check it now again15:01
flaccidthe date on this current release is (2006-08-01 09:56) which would be quite different to the 6months old version whatever it is15:01
USMarineflaccid grub was seemed to be the problem15:04
USMarinesystem is now bootinh15:04
flaccidUSMarine: according to your error grub was not installed nor any mbr15:04
flaccidyeah sweet15:04
flaccidproblem was no mbr :)15:04
USMarinecause i didn't change anything15:05
USMarineexcept leaving the pc off for some days15:06
USMarinehow's the weather in australia?15:06
flaccidrainy and shiz, not ideal15:07
USMarineoh :|15:07
VotaguzAnybody has tested amarok2 ?15:10
USMarine110 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 4 not upgraded.15:12
USMarineNeed to get 117MB of archives.15:12
USMarinethat much? :S15:12
flaccidnot compared to 100GB15:12
Votaguzflaccid: i have added this repository deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-members-kde4/ubuntu hardy main but i can't find amarok2 package15:12
flaccidits only much if you dont have the space :)15:12
USMarinewho the hell has 100gb of installed software? :S15:12
flaccidVotaguz: its in amarok-nightly - google amarok nightly neon15:13
flaccidi have had it before. i was demonstrating relativeness :)15:13
farhad_hfflaccid: libssl.so.0.9.7: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory . but in repositories the only version is 0.9.8 and it is installed15:13
flaccidfarhad_hf: what is asking for that?15:14
farhad_hfflaccid: ./ypops15:14
flaccidfarhad_hf: well you have to satisfy it or you could symlink to the new version and hopefully no issues15:14
flaccidie. it might be  libssl.so.0.9.7 > libssl.so.0.9.815:15
farhad_hfflaccid: how?15:16
flaccidfarhad_hf: using ln -s15:17
farhad_hfflaccid: ok. tnx15:17
flaccideg. sudo ln -s /usr/lib/libssl.so.0.9.8 /usr/lib/libssl.so.0.9.715:18
Votaguzflaccid: Thx Installing :)15:23
farhad_hfflaccid: i found it : http://www.ubuntugeek.com/free-pop3-and-smtp-access-to-yahoo-mail-using-ypops-in-ubuntu.html15:27
farhad_hfflaccid: i think it is a better way!15:27
farhad_hfflaccid: but thanks alot15:28
flaccidfarhad_hf: well you found a repos which means you ended up searching, so cool15:28
flaccidi've never used it or any yahoo stuff :)15:29
farhad_hfflaccid: :(( but : W: Failed to fetch http://tskariah.000webhost.com/ubuntu/dists/ubuntu/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  302 Moved Temporarily15:29
grendal_primehey i removed gnome from this machine now..for some reason it totally messed ut the taskbar of my kubuntu ...I seem to have been able to recreate the things i need with the acception of the...area where docable apps goes?15:29
flaccidfarhad_hf: the repos no longer exists.15:29
nosrednaekimgrendal_prime: system tray?15:30
grendal_primewhats the name of the app that handles docable apps on the kick15:30
grendal_primeahhh there it is thank you15:31
Jerenmyehi, anyone of you ever noticed ugly font rendering of latex pdfs in kpdf in ubunut? (I tried in openSUSE and it was ok...)15:41
BiteyBitehow do i change konqueror back to its default settings?15:54
adz21cdelete the config file i guess15:55
PolitikerNEUwhich should be: rm ~/.kde/share/config/konquerorrc15:55
adz21cyea, make sure konqs not open while u do it, it might resave when u next close or something annoying like that lol15:56
setuid_w00tWill the nvidia-glx-new packages be updated to the latest versions provided by nvidia before the next release of kubuntu?15:57
amigraveI know desktop effects are not official supported, but anyone could tell me which package I should install/use in order to change compiz settings under kubuntu ?16:01
MetaMorfoziShow can i monitor disk usage?16:01
MetaMorfoziSi mean that currentyl how it operates (bandwith/etc)16:02
USMarineamigrave compizconfig-settings-manager16:02
adz21cMetaMorfoziS: ksysguard can produce lil graphs for stuff like that, as long u wanna see up to moment data not record the info16:03
MetaMorfoziSand from cli?16:03
adz21cMetaMorfoziS: dunno what does it for cli, ksysguard is gui app16:04
amigraveUSMarine: thanks16:04
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=== nix is now known as _nix_
yogialoo...ada orang indonesia...?16:10
_nix_hi! I was updating from clicking on adept notifier, however, I think I closed the window that was showing the download progress (bad habits from amarok) but the lights are still blinking. anyway to bring back that window? coz clicking on the system tray icon brings up the adept updater again..16:12
_nix_which complains that another process is using the database etc.16:13
flaccid!adeptfix | _nix_16:14
ubottu_nix_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »16:14
_nix_that worked! thanks.. I think I'm more comfortable with apt-get update/upgrade route.16:15
_nix_hehe imho gui still sucks16:17
ubottuFactoid lm_sensor not found16:21
ubottuYou might find something useful at: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto16:21
dru thanks nosrednaekim16:23
=== dowgaia is now known as v0idnull
geniiyogi: I do not accept PM.16:28
VermuxI tried to edit a file in Konsole but it ssays that it is in use. However, I dont have any other session of Konsole on the screen. any idea?16:31
minhaajwhy does konversaton, firefox and skype start up when i boot kubuntu ?16:32
minhaajhow do i take them out of start up ?16:32
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
geniiVermux: That would likely mean the file you are trying to edit is being used by some other application.16:33
Vermuxgenii: I try to edit smb.conf16:33
=== Daisuke-Laptop is now known as Daisuke_Laptop
Vermuxgenii: if anything is using it, it was konsole from yesterday, but today I didnt c any session open. I started konsole16:34
geniiVermux: sudo /etc/init.d/samba stop; sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf; sudo testparm;sudo /etc/init.d/samba start16:34
adz21chelpy: did u ever log off with them still running? cos it could be the session restoring or something like that16:34
helpyhow do i fix that ?16:36
helpyi want clean boot, no programs on start up16:36
alesansince an update last night, bluetooth has ceased to work16:36
adz21chelpy: u need to go to session management, u on kde3 or 4?16:36
alesanit seems the system does not see the bluetooth device anymore16:36
helpyhardy heron16:36
adz21chelpy: yea but is it kde3 or kde4, they are both in hardy16:37
adz21cnot that i know if it makes a different16:37
=== jimmy__ is now known as jsolis
helpyand my tabs are stacked over one and another in bottom panel16:38
helpyhow can i spread them horizontally ?16:38
adz21chelpy: for session issue, go to System settings, then the advanced tab, select session manager, and start with an empty session, then apply16:39
Vermuxgenii: Im getting the same message again with a process number16:39
helpyyou've reached the limit of maximum number of sessions possible ???16:40
helpywhats that ?16:40
geniiVermux: Please say exact error16:40
geniihelpy: That means you need to close a bunch of those windows you have open of Konsole or such16:40
Vermuxgenii: I afraid that the laptop didnt shut down properly16:40
helpyi have no windows open16:41
helpyjust konversation and firefox16:41
helpyi do have google, msn and skype running16:41
helpybut why should that matter ? in kubuntu you can't multitask ?16:41
geniihelpy: Do alt-tab to open each window you may have opened. See how many there may be. Close the ones which are not important16:41
helpyi told you. there are just two windows16:42
helpyKonversation and firefox16:42
Vermuxgenii: http://pastebin.com/mc3f101716:42
geniihelpy: Especially in kde4 there may not be a system tray associated with your open applications. eg: they do not show on your bar16:42
helpyi dont have system tray16:42
helpydo have16:43
helpybut why is there a limit on processes?16:43
helpythis sux :s16:44
geniiVermux: Are you using SWAT ?16:44
Vermuxgenii: I think that the laptop was out of batteries so it didnt shut down properly while smb.conf was opened with Vim16:44
Vermuxgenii: no16:44
geniihelpy: ..16:44
geniibah impatience16:44
minhaaji couldnt do anything genii16:45
minhaaji had no option16:45
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
geniiVermux: Well, you could rm it. Perhaps copy it out someplace for examination later.16:45
drunosrednaekim: how would i go about installing for a dual core16:46
drucollect2: ld returned 1 exit status16:46
nosrednaekimdru: the installation is exactly the same16:46
Vermuxgenii: whatis rm it?16:47
geniihelpy: What application is saying "session limit" ?   You may have too many concurrent logins someplace online for instance, not to the local box16:47
geniiVermux: rm=remove16:47
helpyhuhh ?16:48
geniiVermux: I would suggest also if there was a hard shutdown... to boot to Recovery Mode kernel and to run the fsck on your drive.16:48
helpyi couldnt launch any applicaton16:48
helpykonsole, system settings, process manager16:49
nosrednaekimhelpy: woah... what have oyu been doing?16:49
geniihelpy: Some IRC places for instance will tell you "session limit" also some cookie-based email places if you have too many logins happenng there. Etc16:49
nosrednaekimhelpy: what do you have open?16:50
helpyi dont know but my kubuntu hangs if i do robust work16:50
helpylike playing music, surfing, IMs, torrents16:50
helpyits strange16:50
Vermuxgenii: delete the file? I tried to kill the process ID but it didnt kill anything16:50
helpyother than that, i love kubuntu16:50
Vermuxgenii: oo, so u suggest to remove the swap file16:51
geniinosrednaekim: My first thought is he's on kde4 and removed one of the systray widgets or something, causing every time konsole opens to make a new instance resulting in overflow since to tray shows any app running. But I could be way off.16:51
=== tburdick is now known as bfrog
geniiVermux: Yes.16:51
Richardis www.debian-administration.org down?16:51
helpyhow do i check which kde i am using ?16:52
montel_u loook16:52
montel_ur as16:52
* helpy is stunned16:52
helpyi am sorry ?16:52
nosrednaekimhelpy: ignore him16:52
pimI think you're using 3.5.916:53
* helpy blinks16:53
pimIf you've got the latest version16:53
helpyis there a command line to update it ?16:53
Vermuxgenii: but where do I find this swp file?16:53
nosrednaekimhelpy: try dragging your panel to the top of the screen16:53
helpylike sudo apt-get install something ?16:53
redd0thelpy: it should be in the help program under about KDE16:53
nosrednaekimhelpy: nope... just a sec, we'll firgure this out.16:53
helpyyep it works nosrednaekim16:53
nosrednaekimhelpy: ok, you an move it back if you want... you are running 3.5.916:54
helpyits good ?16:54
juliani haqve a problem.16:54
nosrednaekimhelpy: kinda :P16:54
nosrednaekimhelpy: ok, can you start system settings->advanced->sessions and select start new session on login?16:55
helpyi have :)16:55
theFATMANi am trying to run an ip trace, but i'm getting nowhere, any suggestions?16:55
juliani want to join german irc servers from a german browser game , but i can not join them because of the network?can somebody help me pls :)16:55
geniiVermux: eg:        sudo rm /etc/samba/.smb.conf.swp16:56
theFATMANwhen running an ip trace, it keeps telling me i need the inet prefix16:57
juliancan someone help me pls?16:57
Steve_Wilkosshes good16:57
=== julian is now known as Noni|da
Richardis www.debian-administration.org down?16:57
helpyhow do i upgrade to kde 4 ?16:57
Steve_Wilkoscharbucks: graphics cards fan dying?16:57
nosrednaekimhelpy: log out and log back in then... (or did you do that too?)16:57
helpydo i have to ?16:58
nosrednaekimhelpy: yes :)16:58
Noni|dahello?can someone help me, i want to join on german servers , but i am a linux nooby :(16:58
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de16:59
Noni|dathx ^^16:59
Vermuxgenii: this is wiered, is it a hidden file?16:59
geniihelpy: If you're having problems with kde3 I doubt you'll experience less aggravation with kde416:59
minhaajok great.16:59
geniiVermux: Yes anything beginning with a . is hidden16:59
Vermuxgenii: and waht is the dot16:59
minhaajclean session this time16:59
nosrednaekimminhaaj: working?17:00
TreefireSo uh, I'm running kubuntu on a macbook pro. I don't understand why people are having trouble with it, I love it, it works perfectly with almost no tech skill necessary, just have to partition your disk correctly and omg it just works17:00
Steve_Wilkosmonkeybox: xdpyinfo17:00
TreefireI can't figure out how to disable trackpad tapping as a clikc17:00
minhaajbut still tabs are stacking each other17:00
Steve_Wilkosdoes any one have problems using cedega with 8.04?17:00
minhaaji want them horizontally aligned like in windows17:00
Treefireis there a program I can install to give me more control over mouse configuration?17:00
=== josep is now known as josep_
TreefireOr a config file I can edit myself?17:00
nosrednaekimminhaaj:  in what application?17:01
Vermuxgenii: why the os created that file? because of hard shutdown? or because I was in a middle of editing the file?17:01
minhaajno no you dont get it17:01
minhaajin my kubuntu when i open up windows, it stacks over each other17:01
Steve_Wilkosadamt: don't insult users of this channel17:01
nosrednaekimminhaaj: oh... in the taskbar?17:01
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
nosrednaekimhelpy: you can resize your panel, make it just a bit thinner and they CAN"T stack :P17:02
geniiVermux: Both. The editor made the hidden file when it opened the one you were editing. Then it stayed when the power went off17:02
helpyyea but my icons are big17:02
helpybig enough for two vertical tabs17:03
helpyand i can't even get the themes for kubuntu ?17:03
helpydont know how to install :(17:03
Vermuxgenii: and what was the purpose of that swp file? backup?17:03
nosrednaekimhelpy: if you shrink the panel... the icons will shrink :)17:03
geniihelpy: Rightclick on bar. Choose "Configure Panel" Reduce "Size" from 48 pixels to 32 or so. This will force them across17:04
geniiVermux: Yes, in case a revert was needed.17:04
helpyok hangon17:04
Vermuxgenii: so if I opened that file it would have the same content as the edited file+ new stuff that havane been saved yet?17:05
helpyworked :)17:05
helpyand my facebook shows up without graphics in ff17:05
helpyany ideas ?17:05
helpyno images17:05
emilsedghFirefox == Fx, not FF17:05
helpyshall i upload a screen shot ?17:06
nosrednaekimdid you adblock them?17:06
helpyit won't just load17:06
nosrednaekimplease do17:06
helpyok hang on17:06
Daisuke_Laptopemilsedgh: is it that important a distinction?  i've never heard firefox abbreviated Fx, only FF17:06
geniiVermux: If you opened that file it would contain whatever was in the file at the time you originally opened it17:07
Steve_Wilkoswhen you right-click it should say something like17:07
emilsedghDaisuke_Ido: according to wikipedia, devs prefer Fx, and i think its really important to respect what they want17:07
Vermuxgenii: so what's the purpose of it?17:07
Steve_Wilkosim going through a playlist17:07
helpysee no buttons and graphics17:07
nosrednaekimuhh please.... not a porn site17:08
helpythats not17:08
Daisuke_Laptopemilsedgh: you make a good point then :)17:08
helpyits just where i have uploaded image17:08
nosrednaekimhelpy: use imagebin.ca17:08
maltedikPAIN. sdb is the new sda, BUT NOT IN GRUB. consistency ftw :/17:08
maltedikthx f lisnin17:08
=== sakura is now known as Sakui
Daisuke_Laptop!coc | helpy17:08
ubottuhelpy: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/17:08
geniiVermux: <sigh> eg: you open a.txt  .a.txt.swp is made.  You change and save. The changed file is a.txt    then a file called something like a.txt~ is made by copying .a.txt.swp to that. So a backup is there.17:09
Daisuke_Laptopimagebin, imageshack, imagevenue, but not a porn host.  a lot of people here are at work when they help, and you could potentially have cost them their job :)17:09
Steve_Wilkosyatas: because you need a credit... oh, are you asking if other kinds of credit cards work?17:09
Daisuke_Laptopby the by, that's CSS not being used17:10
Daisuke_Laptopweird thing to see17:10
jonaskoelkerhi all.  Could someone help me get scim/skim/anthy working, so I can type japanese in my xterm?17:11
geniiAFK, getting lunch17:11
jonaskoelker(and, preferably, kiten)17:11
ubottuDeutschsprachige Hilfe fuer Probleme mit Ubuntu, Kubuntu und Edubuntu finden Sie in den Kanaelen #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #xubuntu-de und #edubuntu-de17:13
minhaajcomputer crash17:13
minhaajmy kubuntu is so unstable17:13
Vermuxgenii: so if the backup file is mad only after I save the file, it is not backing up unsaved changes17:13
=== julian is now known as noni|da
nosrednaekimminhaaj: <_<17:13
minhaajor is it firefox3b5 ?17:13
nosrednaekimIt could be firefox...17:13
nosrednaekimtry using firefox 217:13
jonaskoelker... those lunatic backup files ;)17:13
nosrednaekimyou can get it with "sudo apt-get install firefox-2"17:14
minhaaji think i have it hangon17:14
minhaajok good17:15
minhaajthere are alot of extensions and toolbars that i can't use with ff3b517:15
minhaajwow even facebook is fine in ff217:16
minhaajthanks nosrednaekim17:16
nosrednaekimhopefully thats stabler as well17:16
=== effie is now known as effie_jayx
minhaajwhy dont i get options under tools in ff ?17:17
Steve_Wilkoshmm, not many good linux options there really17:17
nosrednaekimminhaaj: I think its edit->preferences17:17
minhaajok hang on17:17
minhaaji hope kubuntu will be stable now17:19
minhaajnosrednaekim:  can you help me set themes ?17:19
minhaaji have been trying earlier today17:19
minhaajcouldnt get it to work17:19
nosrednaekimin kde?17:20
Steve_Wilkosso, instead of calling sig_handled, can i just delete the in the sig_child handler?17:20
minhaajbtw which is the program to crop a picture?17:21
jonaskoelkerminhaaj: I think you can use krita...17:21
nosrednaekimminhaaj: gimp and digikam can both do it17:21
minhaajkirta ?17:21
minhaajwhats that ?17:22
jonaskoelkeran image editing program17:22
nosrednaekimminhaaj: alt+f2->kcontrol->appearance&themes0->theme manger17:22
jonaskoelkerminhaaj: sudo aptitude install krita; krita & # :)17:22
minhaajwhats that ?17:23
nosrednaekimminhaaj: thats the theme installer :)17:23
minhaajok hang on17:23
jonaskoelkercommunity support my foot...17:24
Treefirespeaking of themes, is there like, an apt-get install themespackof20000 themes?17:25
nosrednaekimjonaskoelker: maybe ask in the japanese channel?17:25
Treefireor do i have to go find a bunch online, individually untar them all etc17:25
OrthodoXhello to all17:25
minhaajomg help17:25
minhaajmy settins are gone17:25
nosrednaekimTreefire: there are some in the repositories17:25
minhaaji was trying to change themes17:25
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい17:25
minhaajand no windows borders and graphics are gone17:25
TreefireDo I have to name them by name, nosrednaekim?17:26
nosrednaekimTreefire: ?17:26
Haza1Hey there folks. What is a good (and not too complex to use) Java IDE?17:26
TreefireInstalling them17:26
Treefireoh, you mean17:26
nosrednaekimHaza1: eclipse17:26
Steve_Wilkosgenii: so what's the purpose of it?17:26
Treefiremanually go there17:26
minhaajwhat doi do ?17:26
Haza1nosrednaekim: Okay. I use Eclipse as it is for other things already :)17:26
nosrednaekimminhaaj: that would be a compiz crash17:26
minhaajkwin --replace ?17:27
nosrednaekimminhaaj: do "alt+f2" kwin --replace17:27
nosrednaekimyep :)17:27
nosrednaekimminhaaj: don't change themes while running compiz...it can crasht eh window decorator17:27
minhaajoh ok17:27
Vermuxwhat is a printcap file and where is it located?17:27
minhaajbut still i dont get my old them17:27
nosrednaekimsorry, forgot to tell you that17:27
Steve_Wilkosfahadsadah: echo17:27
minhaajand hey its back to that17:27
=== sport|timeout is now known as sportman
minhaaji still cant get to my old settings17:31
Steve_Wilkosat least slart recognises that someone made a bummer with the kernels :p17:31
=== bambach is now known as Dontkillmeimabeg
minhaajhow do i get my default kubuntu theme back ?17:31
nosrednaekimminhaaj: thats what happens when you mess around with themes  :|17:31
minhaajthemes dont work with compiz ?17:32
minhaajhow do get to default ?17:32
Steve_Wilkosi think that was 817:32
justin_i'm running compizfusion with emerald and around all of my windows It is adding these grey lines.  I assume it is supposed to be artistic, but it sucks.  What do I do?17:32
Steve_Wilkoscentral exams17:32
nosrednaekimjustin_: turn off shadows17:32
=== mads_ is now known as madsJ
minhaajwhat do i do ?17:33
Steve_Wilkos13 att is not a lot for naughty nature17:33
justin_turn off shadows in emerald?17:33
nosrednaekimminhaaj: themes do work with compiz... and once you change theme, you can't change back unless you had saved it17:33
nosrednaekimjustin_: yes, I think you can do that17:33
minhaajwhat is that supposed to mean ?17:33
=== Dontkillmeimabeg is now known as Dontkillmyimabeg
frojndWould anyone know how can I make a name for a new media label ? with growisofs: growisofs -dvd-compat -speed=2 -Z /dev/dvd -R -J -pad /muska/   where in this command could I use a flag for naming dvd ? Now its just DVD17:33
minhaajkubuntu came with that theme17:33
Steve_Wilkosi needed a random screename17:34
minhaajdid i have to save default theme too ?17:34
nosrednaekimminhaaj: yeah... since its not an offical theme of KDE17:34
nosrednaekimminhaaj: oh well, go download a theme you like and use that instead :)17:35
minhaajyea but i have to have xfce to use themes ?17:35
minhaajor this one would work fine ?17:35
nosrednaekimnot if its an xfce theme17:36
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy17:36
nosrednaekimgo to kde-look.org17:36
minhaajyea there are xfce themes out there17:36
ubottuTo change gnome themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy.  Kubuntu themes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizeKubuntu. Xubuntu users should /msg ubottu xfce-themes17:36
minhaajwould that work with kde theme manager ?17:37
nosrednaekimminhaaj: it should, yes :)17:38
minhaajok hang on17:38
=== effie is now known as effie-jayx
minhaajits in .tar.gz17:39
minhaajits ok ?17:39
nosrednaekimyep, thats fine17:39
minhaaji simply go to kde install new theme and navigate to tar.gz ?17:39
Steve_Wilkoshow do i change konqueror back to its default settings?17:39
nosrednaekimminhaaj: yep17:39
=== effie-jayx is now known as effie_jayx
minhaajget rid of it Steve_Wilkos use firefox17:40
=== brad_ is now known as some_due2
=== yacc_ is now known as yacc
=== some_due2 is now known as some_dude2
snorishi ..17:44
snorisgot a question17:44
snorisamarok /kubuntu17:45
minhaajits not detecting the tar.gz file nosrednaekim17:45
Tesla|Homesnoris: proceed :-)17:45
minhaajsnoris:  please ask17:45
snorisIts hard to explain.. but i'll try :)  ..   The track information text at the bottom of the window isn't displaying properly17:46
snorisits showing <B> song title by <b> artists17:46
Tesla|Homei have this problem all the time :-)17:46
Tesla|Homenot the same tho17:46
snorisSee it used to happen.. but then it cleared itself up17:46
snorisand now its back17:47
minhaajwhat player do you use?17:47
nosrednaekimminhaaj: ok, untar the tar.gz with ark17:47
snorisamarok 1.4.7  kde 3.5.817:47
minhaajok then ?17:47
TreefireSo i'm trying to install flashplayer to firefox, but when terminal asks for the install location of firefox... well, i'm not very adept with CLI. Anyone give me a hand?17:47
TreefirePlease enter the installation path of the Mozilla, Netscape,17:48
Treefireor Opera browser (i.e., /usr/lib/mozilla): opt/firefox3.017:48
TreefireWARNING: /home/gofg/Desktop/install_flash_player_9_linux/opt/firefox3.0 is not a directory.17:48
snoris i set mine to /usr/bin   -- not sure if that was the right thing to do but it worked17:48
Treefirewhat do I have to do to get out of install_flash_player_9_linux?17:48
Treefirestarting up the install told me that would simply abort the install17:49
=== braulio is now known as Rill
nosrednaekimminhaaj: now try going into that folder and see if there is a .kth file17:50
minhaajnavigate to that ?17:50
minhaajit has alot of things splash, karamba17:51
minhaajcan you plz download it ?17:51
nosrednaekimmmhm, sure17:52
=== reckah is now known as ReckaH
minhaajit has a how to file17:54
minhaajbut its in swedish17:54
minhaajatleast the important things17:54
minhaaji can't figure out17:54
minhaajhave you downloaded it nosrednaekim ?17:55
nosrednaekimyeah... but lol, can't find the actualy color scheme, etc17:55
minhaajare you using firefox 2 ?17:56
minhaaji am getting an error when i install an addonor theme17:56
minhaajit won't work17:56
nosrednaekimno... I use konqueror17:57
chef_Hi, Im trying out KDE4 from the kubuntu repository. and Konqueror highlights some text in red I write in textboxes ... and I cant see any pattern in it, and dont know why it does this. Could anyone please enlighten me on this one ?17:57
minhaajoh my god, it doesnt have back and forward arrows too17:57
nosrednaekimchef_: its spelled wrong :)17:58
minhaajcan you get me some theme nosrednaekim ?17:58
minhaaji want to get rid of this :s17:58
nosrednaekimminhaaj: why don't you make one yourself? there are some nice color schemes, widget styles etc17:59
nosrednaekimtweak to your hearts content :)17:59
minhaajoh too fast for me17:59
minhaajplus i am not a designer17:59
nosrednaekimminhaaj: ah... this way you can make it look exactly the way you want it...17:59
chef_so how can I actually use the corretion ? It doestn give me any alternatives to my typos17:59
minhaajok :)17:59
minhaajhow do i do that ?18:00
minhaajdo i have to shut down compiz first ?18:00
nosrednaekimchef_: right click doesn't work?18:00
nosrednaekimminhaaj: yeah.. that might be a good idea18:00
chef_i tried testt18:00
nosrednaekimchef_: then I don't know18:00
chef_kk thx anyway18:00
minhaajhow do i do that nosrednaekim ?18:01
nosrednaekimminhaaj: alt+f2, kwin --replace18:01
minhaajno i mean design my own theme18:02
nosrednaekimoh, right, go into systemsettings->appearance and start changing stuff18:03
minhaajoh ok. hope i dont screw up again18:04
=== elkin is now known as elkin_
nosrednaekimyou can't screw this up :P18:04
=== elkin_ is now known as elkin
KomiaPoikai have installed flashplugin-nonfree but firefox 3 beta 5 can't play flash videos, why?18:05
KomiaPoikahuh nvm18:05
nosrednaekimblech... firefox 3... I don't use that...18:05
minhaajwhoa got back my settings :)18:06
minhaajuse ff218:06
minhaaji was using ff3b5 about 10 mins ago :)18:06
elkini have the same problem18:06
chrismirWhat is wrong with ff3?18:06
nosrednaekimminhaaj: heh :)18:06
nosrednaekimchrismir: not enough plugin support18:06
RurouniJonesSpeaking of FF3, can anyone view this page without it crashing? http://github.com/madrobby/scriptaculous/wikis/draggable18:06
chrismirah, problem of every new major release :)18:06
josefhi guys. where can i find a list of dcop commands? i need the one to unlock the screen after locking it with blueproximity18:07
marcus_I think a lot of people disliked that about KDE 4 as well.18:07
minhaajnow thats cool. got all my settings back nosrednaekim18:07
minhaajwhere are you from nosrednaekim ?18:07
marcus_Have you tried the man-pages? I can't think of anywhere else.18:07
elkinin google are these commands18:07
chrismirmarcus_: That is why I installed 3.x on my new computer. I've tried 4, but I can't use it for my daily work18:08
nosrednaekimminhaaj: NJ, USA18:08
josefhmm.. ok. ty18:08
minhaajoh ok18:08
nosrednaekimjosef: try running "kdcop"18:08
chrismirRurouniJones: I've loaded that page in konq and ff3. No crash here18:08
josefnosrednaekim: awesome. thats the one i was looking for :D18:09
alexeyhow to restart x server18:11
chrismircrtrl - alt - backspace18:11
nosrednaekimalexey: ctrl+alt + bckspace, but make sure you closed any important docs... etc18:11
RurouniJonesthanks chrismir18:12
minhaajhowcome firefox doesnt have a back button ?18:16
minhaajor its just ff 2 ?18:16
marcus_It does?18:16
minhaajits not even letting me use addons18:16
nosrednaekimminhaaj: you may have to add the button bcak18:17
marcus_If you had Firefox 3, you may have to delete the configuration folder...18:17
minhaajabout:config ?18:17
minhaajand now its stuck ?18:18
marcus_I'm not sure which file does it, but deleting ~/.mozilla/firefox works.18:18
minhaajwhat is that ?18:18
marcus_It's a folder...18:18
nosrednaekimminhaaj: nah.... right click on the toolbar and select customize18:18
nosrednaekimmarcus_: thats erases bookmarks too18:18
chrismircan't you just use 'View - toolbar - customize" to add the back button?18:19
marcus_I know, but I can't remember exactly which file stops you using plugins...18:19
minhaajwth, i am sick of these you have reached the limit of process18:19
minhaajwhat the hell is that ?18:19
chrismirhmm, at first I was pleasantly purprised that konqueror automatically loaded flash, but already had several crashes with it :/18:23
JackWinteri just set up a virtual desktop with webcams of places around the world which i love.  at the moment i have them in several konqueror windows, but was wondering if there was a better application for the purpose, especially one where i could set the update frequence, since many cams stop streaming the jpeg after a while18:26
JackWintermaybe some kind of viewer where is could place the different jpg side by side ?18:27
alexeyUnable to create new X config backup file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf.backup'(( when try separate x screen mode18:29
=== Vermux is now known as vermux
=== vermux is now known as Vermux
JackWinterah, to answer my own question, it might be smart to write a webpage and place the different streams on it ;)18:42
andyho623hello y'all who may be in the room18:42
=== moira_ is now known as akallabeth
=== akallabeth is now known as Akallabeth
nosrednaekim!dolphin | minhaaj19:04
ubottuminhaaj: Dolphin, or more properly D3lphin, is the new default file manager for Kubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon. If you would like to make Konqueror your default file manager again, go to Konqueror - Settings menu - Configure Konqueror - File Associations and change the association for inode/directory and inode/system_directory to Konqueror at the top rather than Dolphin.19:04
muskogeerabbitHow do I get Kmail to envoke Forefox, instead of Konqueror, for URLs in emails?19:06
KRFmuskogeerabbit, run kcontrol -> errmm.. i dont know19:09
KRFstandard programs or something19:09
emilsedghmuskogeerabbit: System Settings->Default Applications19:09
KRFum, sounds more reasonable, yes19:11
=== holla is now known as deyknow
pimAnyone knows why Amarok could read data from a NTFS partition and now can't anymore?19:14
Sammy_Food_Runminhaaj: that would be a compiz crash19:15
deyknowwhat is the best way to install firefox on kubuntu19:15
Sammy_Food_Runfree yet everyone i met has jacked up grills19:15
PolitikerNEUsudo apt-get install firefox19:15
deyknowright, on the command line19:15
duanehi I got the update icon today and then when i did restart says new restricted drivers in use ??19:16
Sammy_Food_Runwe have a 4vs1 map which gives like 5k per battle!!19:17
mauroalain: LOST?19:20
andyho623uuuggh!!! why won't rescue work?!?!19:22
andyho623damn it's time for a smoke before I kick this machine19:26
pimSmoking is bad for your health.19:26
engineersmoking kills you19:28
pimHow do I manually mount a harddrive?19:28
engineerhi finish19:28
engineersudo mount /dev/sda1 partition/19:28
engineersda1 should be the partition you want to mount19:29
pimsda1 = the harddisk you mean?19:29
engineersda1 should be the partition you want to mount19:29
engineerdon't rephrase me19:29
pimhow do I find out which partitions I can mount?19:29
engineer/dev/sd +tab19:30
engineeror hd if it's ide19:30
engineersd for sata19:30
pimIt doesn't give me any results19:30
Sammy_Food_Runfound: quake2-data, quake3-data19:30
FirefisheDoes anyone here use VirtualBox in Kubuntu 7.04 for WinXP virtualization?19:31
engineerpim put mount before19:31
Sammy_Food_Runthen sub sig_child };19:31
engineerFirefishe vmware19:31
FirefisheI'm already in #vbox, so this is an ancillary question...and it's dead there right now ;)19:32
pimengineer it still doesn't work.19:32
nikkeis there a way so i can burn .iso images in terminal?19:32
Firefisheengineer: I'm evaluating it.19:32
engineernikke yes19:32
nikkeengineer: how?19:33
Sammy_Food_Runlinuxkrn, hmm it seems to be giving it in 129x126... how can i convert that to a single number (ie, 96dpi)19:33
engineerpim try mount /dev/hd19:33
pimengineer that also doesn't work19:33
Sammy_Food_Runi had 3 exams this afternoon19:33
ubottuPartitioning programs: !GParted or QTParted (also "man mkfs" for formatting) - Mounting partitions in Kubuntu, go to System Settings -> Advanced Tab -> Disks & Filesystem. See also !fstab and !DiskMounter19:33
pimengineer hm it should have found sda519:34
engineernikke i don't know which command it is19:35
engineerbut i've done it before19:35
tdnHow do I upgrade to 8.04 when I do not have X? Can I do this entirely from console?19:37
tdnIs there any way to change from Ubuntu to Ubuntu Server?19:37
Sammy_Food_Runbasically, my grub file went bad around the same time that i lost my cd rom. so i had to reinstall using a stick drive. now none of my usb drives will automount.19:37
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.19:37
nosrednaekimtdn: yes, there are CLI instructions19:37
tdnnosrednaekim, ok.19:38
=== deamon3 is now known as No0b
No0bi need help with hotmail19:40
No0bi forgot my password19:40
Sakuigoto #wincrap :P19:41
* Sakui doesn't do hotmail.19:41
=== No0b is now known as deamon3
dru hey guys ...is there a sort of interactive tool to build ... segments of a .theme file....i have a bunch of code ....but the placement is mathematicly "tough"....anyone have an idea?19:42
tdnnosrednaekim, I cannot seem to find CLI instructions anywhere.19:42
Sammy_Food_Runit displeases19:42
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes19:43
tdnnosrednaekim, yes. This is where I am looking. There is nothing on CLI instructions.19:44
druman man19:44
druterminal man man19:44
druor man help19:44
druor man "application"19:45
Sammy_Food_Runarthurarchnix: he doesnt know, because hes responding to some other channel19:45
=== jabrams is now known as jonny_eh
=== jonny_eh is now known as jabrams
tdndru, ?19:45
dru(application refers to the program you would like to know more about from the cli19:45
druwhat are you trying to do19:46
tdndru, please read in the buffer above. This is about upgrading from CLI. I know man pages, thank you.19:46
Sammy_Food_Runyou're probably better off timid/modest but as you're sring you may be less picky19:46
druapt-get install dist-upgrade ...after you have edited apt/source/list* to contain the hardy repository....if you dox installed then it should go pretty smothlynt have19:47
dru*dont have x19:48
nosrednaekimtdn: follow "network upgrade for ubuntuservers"19:48
steve555to edit the sources file,try sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list19:48
druchange all *gutsy to *hardy ....pretty simple actually19:49
tdnnosrednaekim, ok. I thought of that one, but it would be nice if it said something like "command line only upgrade". There is nothing on the page that indicates that this procedure will be CLI only.19:50
druthen :apt-get dist-upgrade....do your normal updates after that and cross your fingers so nothing goes wrong19:51
tdnnosrednaekim, also, this is not a Ubuntu Server. This is regular Ubuntu, installed on a server. I would like to change it to Ubuntu Server. How do I do this. I am aware that the difference might only be some packages that are installed/removed, but I would still like to know how to do it then.19:52
Sammy_Food_Runmre was i right or not dammit19:52
drutdn....dude server is just a live minimal edition without the fancy gui ...its exsactly the same as a full cd19:53
druwith the alternative cd you can also install a "non X" system .....but certain packages like ssh mysql or other server software are not set up by default19:54
druserver edition contains server software .... and yes as usual non gui ...:D19:55
nosrednaekimtdn: the difference is really just the kernel19:55
tdnnosrednaekim, thank you.19:55
tdnnosrednaekim, for the info on the kernel.19:55
tdnnosrednaekim, but I still would like some instructions on how to change to it.19:56
tdnnosrednaekim, if this is possible.19:56
nosrednaekimtdn: just install the server kernel19:56
tdnnosrednaekim, how do I remove everything Ubuntu Desktop related?19:57
nosrednaekimI don't know really....19:57
tdndru, please, if you have nothing constructive to contribute, then just stay out of this.19:58
drutdn : your asking us to walk you thru in stalling a system ....here ill help you19:59
drui think that second one is the one your looking for20:01
druthis may also be of use to you http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/can-one-switch-gui-onoff-in-ubuntu-server-6.06-want-to-learn-server-but...-576783/20:02
tdndru, I'll look through it. Thanks.20:03
_Soulanyone triedthe kde4 version of konqueror?20:04
_Souli've noticed the search-field is gone :20:04
_Soulany way to get it back20:04
nosrednaekim_Soul: not that I know of20:05
_Soulhmm, ok :\20:05
nosrednaekimdo you just use it for google?20:05
nosrednaekimentering "google: search term" in the main bar works :)20:05
_Souloh, ok :)20:06
zmj|Blokhmenok, so I can't remove kio-umountwrapper and it's messing up my package manager.20:16
zmj|BlokhmenI can't remove the kio-umountwrapper, anyone know how to help?20:19
_Soulhow to remove kde3 after installing kde4?:P20:24
minhaajkde4 is cool _Soul ?20:27
nosrednaekim_Soul: I'd keep it around if I were you20:28
_Soulbut now i have double up of every application20:28
nosrednaekim_Soul: edit them out of the menu20:29
minhaajcan't you upgrade kde3 ?20:29
gottabeandrewi just installed 8.04 of kubuntu with kde3. on desktop effects, i have it set to custom. i also have "advanced desktop effects settings" installed but when i change the settings on compizconfig (e.g. wobbly windows), the effects don't happen. why not?20:32
engineerwith compiz?20:33
gottabeandrewwhat do you mean?20:33
minhaajwhat effect do you want gottabeandrew ?20:34
gottabeandrewok, compiz stuff i have installed:20:34
gottabeandrewadvanced desktop effects settings (ccsm)20:34
gottabeandrewdesktop effects20:34
engineersome effects don't work if wobbly is enabled20:34
gottabeandrewnone of the effects work, i want them all work20:35
engineermake sure none is blocking that20:35
gottabeandrewthey're not20:35
gottabeandrewnone of the effects work20:35
=== Wolf is now known as sandor
minhaajdid you change appearance of your desktop ?20:35
minhaajor did you type kwin --replace ?20:35
Carutsuif i need a package which is not updated in kubuntu but in debian is, may I just install it?20:35
minhaajwhat is the file ext Carutsu ? .deb ?20:36
ubottuKubuntu is not shipping with compiz installed or enabled by default. You can still install it and have your eyecandy goodness. The instructions are at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager/CompizFusion - further help in #compiz-fusion20:36
Carutsu.deb yes20:36
minhaajread this gottabeandrew20:36
steve555gottabeanview,can I ask which drivers are you using?20:36
minhaajCarutsu:  you can install any package with .deb20:36
gottabeandrewno, i don't have a clue20:37
Carutsuminhaaj: ok, thanks I was worried I might break something20:37
CarutsuI'll remove the previous library just in case (it's an update)20:38
steve555Can I ask which graphics card you've got?20:38
gottabeandrewnvidia geforce go 740020:38
engineergottabeandrew type compiz --replace20:38
gottabeandrewok, i typed it. now what20:39
steve555hit return20:39
engineernow compiz should be taking over enabling the effects20:39
gottabeandrewlol, i know, i did that too20:39
gottabeandrewok, i'll give it a go20:39
gottabeandrewnope, still not working20:39
minhaajyou sure your drivers are installed ?20:40
minhaajyou should ask that in #compiz20:40
gottabeandreweverything is installed20:40
minhaajno idea. have you checked the effects that you want in ccsm ?20:41
steve555I'm assuming you haven't got either the nvidia binary,or the propriety driver from the kubuntu repo's.I would try and install the latter via adept first.20:41
gottabeandrewi didn't have to do that with ubuntu20:42
Carutsui cannot install it, the dependencies are not met... it ask for libc6, which I have installed so I guess the problem is that is outdated, I'm afraid I'll get into a dependency hell, is it safe to just add the debian repostory? (for the record I'm trying to download libclucene0.9.20 which i need to compile KDE4.1)20:42
nosrednaekimCarutsu: better compile libclucene manually20:43
gottabeandrewok, no offense but i'm just trying kubuntu out, this is the second chance i gave it and it's pretty rubbish at the minute with various things not working properly. i think what i'm gonna do at this point is give up on it and go back to ubuntu. i like the ability to hide the menubar and make it different lengths at each end. does anybody know if i could do that in ubuntu? then it would be fine.20:43
gottabeandrewoh, and can i install that clipboard program in ubuntu? thats good. and the notes program.20:44
gottabeandrewknotes and klipper20:44
nosrednaekimyeah... there is glipper... and tomboy might work20:44
gottabeandrewook, thats cool20:44
gottabeandrewwhat about changing the taskbar so its not full length?20:44
minhaajhave you updated kubuntu's packages steve ?20:45
minhaajmaybe he is missing dependencies20:45
nosrednaekimdunno about that20:45
gottabeandrewoh, and i like the login screen20:45
gottabeandrewand the ability to change that20:45
gottabeandrewif i could have that stuff or similar stuff in ubuntu then i'm set20:45
Carutsuerr, is the update question for me?20:45
gottabeandrewright, going now20:48
=== SSJ is now known as SSJ_GZ
the-ermI'm thinking about getting a lap top, I'd like to be able to run kubuntu with it, but I'm not sure if the wireless card in it will work, which is the main reason why I want the laptop.  Is there a site where I can look it up?20:49
the-ermIt's an acer T2370 if that makes any difference.20:49
the-ermI googled it but ... well I figured I'd check in here.20:49
mneptokT2370 is an Intel CPU20:50
mneptokdid Acer really choose the same thing for a model name?20:51
mneptokanyway, just get the Kubuntu Live CD, boot off it, and see what works.20:51
the-ermoh ok my bad then.20:51
minhaajthe-erm:  wireless card works smoothly20:51
minhaajatleast mine did.20:51
minhaajif it can detect your eth0 it can detect wireless too20:52
the-ermminhaaj: are you sure ... what kind of laptop did you have.20:52
=== |hfsdo| is now known as hfsdo
minhaajdell inspiron 6400 with ati radeon X140020:52
the-ermEvery time I've had didn't work quite right.  But that was a usb wireless card.20:52
minhaajcompiz works with even ati20:52
mneptokminhaaj: that's not true. the wired and wireless chipsets are usually very different.20:52
minhaajyou can also make sure it works when you go to buy laptop20:52
mneptokthe-erm: try a live session.20:52
minhaajmneptok:  dunno, in my network it shows both are enabled20:53
minhaajand i did nothing.20:53
the-ermI'm not too sure if they'd like me poping in linux and booting from it.20:53
minhaajkubuntu is the most smooth installation i've ever had of linux20:53
minhaajwho ?20:53
mneptokminhaaj: because both wired and wireless chipsets have drivers20:53
the-ermcircuit city.20:53
minhaajdunno mneptok no complaints for me though :)20:53
minhaajyou dont have to tell them. test it yourself20:54
minhaaji am sure they have trial periods after sale20:54
the-ermOh you mean after I get home.20:54
minhaaj:) you can get another one if that didnt work.20:54
minhaajmost new laptops are compatible with linux20:54
minhaajinfact if you want, you can buy dell's new series that ships with ubuntu20:54
the-ermUnfortunately I'm not one of these people that returns things.  If I don't want it I don't buy it.20:54
mneptokthe-erm: you don't have a laptop yet?20:55
the-ermIf I want it I buy it and live with the decision unless the product is so crappy ...20:55
minhaajunfortunately there is no other way you can test linux on it before you buy it :)20:55
the-ermmneptok: I haven't needed one, they are vanity items.20:55
Pennycookminhaaj: Unfortunately, whilst its true lots of things "work" with Kubuntu, they don't necessarily work as well as you'd like them to.  And in terms of testing before you buy, you can use Google.20:55
minhaajyou can test live cd at shop, no ?20:55
Raleskhi all20:55
minhaaji am not buying anything Pennycook. its the-erm20:55
=== minhaaj is now known as helpy
mneptokthe-erm: make Intel CPU, grpahics, and wireless a priority. look for the 3945 and 4965 Intel mobile platforms.20:56
PennycookI know, but I was talking to you.20:56
helpyi know what you told me :)20:56
helpyi have just switched from windows, and kubuntu is like a dream come true.20:56
Raleskusing KDE3 at the moment and Hardy -- Kopete kinda refuses to mark my task bar in Kicker (running kwin as window manager)... :/20:56
helpyLinux is still pretty complex but its certainly worth learning and your time20:56
Raleskand the notifications are set to mark the taskbar entry20:57
Raleskand other apps don't seem to have this problem.20:57
chef123hello i am a newbee to linux and ubuntu where can i get help and support from please20:58
Carutsunosrednaekim: i cannot compile it manually, libclucene depends on libc6 >=2.5 which I'll have to compile too20:59
steve555Ralesk,for a start,there is :http://ubuntuforums.org/ and the #ubuntu channel on freenode.net21:00
CarutsuI think I'll just try Arch I've heard it's harder to set up but easier to manage this kind of cases, oh well21:00
chef123i play guitar and have been using the powertab software under a windows os.  is there a linux equivelent i can install21:00
Ralesksteve555: why #ubuntu if this is a kubuntu/kde/related issue?21:00
matsdbchef123: you can try to run it under winemaybe21:01
matsdbwine maybe*21:01
chef123what is wine21:01
Raleskubuntuforums, okay, that's a valid point, I tried launchpad and bugs.kde.org to see if there's been a report yet21:01
steve555I thought he was using ubuntu,not kubuntu,so if I had caused offence.21:01
matsdbimplementation of the win32 api on linux21:01
chef123where can i get it and how do i install it21:02
matsdbsudo apt-get install wine21:02
nosrednaekimCarutsu: yeah... or get Intrepid21:04
brsHi all. I'm trying to chroot into my system from a hardy boot dvd, but all I get from chroot is "Bus error". Google only turns up unanswered questions AFAICS. Can anyone here help?21:04
Carutsunosrednaekim: intrepid? isn't it kind of new?21:05
nosrednaekimCarutsu: oh yeah :)21:05
chef123thank you for your help21:06
=== Pici` is now known as Pici
CarutsuI'm in Gutsy... I'll have a look if it's in hardy21:06
nosrednaekimoh yeah... definately go to hardy21:09
podr0znik'evening all21:10
Carutsuweird, packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/allpackages, hangs konqueror and firefox over here! lol21:11
RaleskCarutsu: I had a similar issue when I once tried to browse Fedora's similar page!21:13
Raleskway too big for these browsers :P21:13
CarutsuRalesk: yep, it seems I solved it21:13
Raleskdid you use elinks of w3m? :P21:13
matsdblynx is teh shit21:14
ScorpKing-Laptophmm.. how do i use checkinstall again?21:19
ScorpKing-Laptopmatsdb: then it might not smell to well ;)21:19
* ScorpKing-Laptop loves google..21:21
helpyi wonder where is my superkaramba i have just installed21:23
helpystrigi desktop search is pathetic21:23
ScorpKing-Laptophelpy: press alt+f2 nd type in superkaramba21:24
wolfspfotehi there...21:27
helpyi can't find superkaramba, where is it gone :(21:30
nosrednaekimhelpy: there should be a blue icon on your panel21:31
ScorpKing-Laptophow do i change ./configure path= ???? i get "changing permissions of `/usr/local/lib/libta_lib.a': No such file or directory"21:32
jouelletteHas anyone been able to compile Google Gadgets using QT4?21:32
navetz_hey can someone help me with dualscreening with xrandr21:33
jouelletteScorpKing-Laptop: try ./configure --prefix=/usr21:33
ScorpKing-Laptopthanks jouellette :)21:33
jouelletteScorpKing-Laptop: did it work?21:34
ScorpKing-Laptopone sec21:34
navetz_hey can someone help me with dualscreening with xrandr, I have a 22" widescreen "1680 * 1050" and my laptop which is "1200*800", is there a way to set them up to both work at the same time?21:34
jouellettenavetz_: Patience....21:34
navetz_jouellette: sorry just adding more details21:35
jouellettenavetz_: Did you try krandrtray ?21:35
nosrednaekimnavetz_: yeah there is a way... but I am by no means an expert at it :P21:35
minhaajsorry i got dc nosrednaekim21:35
minhaajwhat did you say i can find super karamba ?21:35
jouellettenavetz_: the Gui might be an easier way to try to get it to work21:35
nosrednaekimminhaaj: is there a blue button in your system tray?21:35
navetz_jouellette: no, I have never been able to get krandrtray to work.21:35
ScorpKing-Laptopjouellette: configure didn't spit out any errors. i'll see what happens when i run make install. it will take a while for make to finish running though21:36
jouellettenavetz_: you might need to setup your display drivers correctly, what video card are you using?21:36
minhaajonly konversation21:36
navetz_jouellette: intel i81021:38
jouellettenavetz_: if you go to your Monitor & Display settings, what's the driver used?21:39
jouellettenavetz_: actually, are you using kde3 or kde4?21:39
navetz_jouellette: kde3 and it says driver: intel21:40
jouellettenavetz_: on a laptop?21:40
jouelletteof course, and you've played with the CRT/LCD button?21:40
jouellettedid you boot with the monitor pluged in?21:41
jouellettealexander: oi!21:41
navetz_jouellette: yes laptop, and yes I boot with the monitor plugged in21:41
alexandercan someone help me fix my video card to work again?21:41
ScorpKing-Laptopalexander: only if you explain the problem ;)21:41
alexanderHm... thats probably too much work for me. need you to just fix it.21:42
minhaajScorpKing-Laptop:  how can i find my installed superkaramba on my computer21:42
minhaaji can't find it21:42
alexanderJust kidding :)21:42
navetz_jouellette: thanks for the help, I am gonna give something a try then come back alter21:42
jouellettealexander: if it worked before, you can look in /etc/X11/ there should be backups of your older xorg.conf21:42
ScorpKing-Laptopminhaaj: run it from konsole and see if it's installed21:42
minhaajhow to run it from console ?21:43
nosrednaekimjust run "superkaramba"21:43
ScorpKing-Laptopopen konsole and type in superkaramba and press enter21:43
jouelletteminhaaj: alt-F2 then type supekaramba21:44
jouellette* superkaramba21:44
minhaajit doesnt work21:45
ScorpKing-Laptopjouellette: i get http://paste.ubuntu.com/16969/ when i run sudo checkinstall21:45
ScorpKing-Laptopminhaaj: sudo aptitude install superkaramba21:46
alexanderOk. Here is the descriptions: Its a intel card. At first it didnt work when i installed ubuntu (no signal on screen) had to use VESA. Then, i down-clocked my motherboard (its integrated gfx) to original values, and suddenly it worked. I got it working with the intel driver, everything was fine. But then suddenly it didnt work anymore. i dont know if i did anything, i think not, but maybe a system update or something like that. This21:46
alexandertime the computer wasnt dead with no signal to screen. but the screen now flashes repeatably and says "out of range". when i CTRL ALT F2 it goes into console though. everything works nice in Vista. So my guess is that a system update of the driver fucked up or something, but i dont really know. so now im using ubuntu with VESA driver... boring! help?21:46
ScorpKing-Laptopminhaaj: run that in konsole21:46
minhaajbtw i dont get the syntax of linux commands21:46
minhaaji can use sudo apt-get install superkaramba too ?21:46
minhaajis there a good book on ubuntu ?21:46
ScorpKing-Laptopwtf! alexander21:47
prodigyminhaaj: try ubuntu documentation.21:47
alexanderScorpKing-Laptop ???21:47
ScorpKing-Laptopalexander: do you see the splash screen?21:47
minhaajit isn't very coherent prodigy21:47
ScorpKing-Laptopalexander: please watch your language21:47
minhaajits good for specific problems, but it doesnt give starter-to-pro tour of linux21:47
alexanderScorpKing-Laptop:  i see the loading bar... until the login should have come. then it starts flashing !21:47
nosrednaekimScorpKing-Laptop: your's ain't all that much better :P21:48
prodigyminhaaj: oh. i thing there are some real books, try the amazon.com21:48
* ScorpKing-Laptop puts nosrednaekim in a box..21:48
minhaaj<ScorpKing-Laptop> wtf! <=== right nosrednaekim21:48
minhaaji'd go with torrents prodigy.21:48
ScorpKing-Laptopalexander: the resolution settings seems to be out21:48
alexandermy language?? :P21:48
Raleskso... I guess no one is having any problems with kopete?21:49
alexanderScorpKing-Laptop:  yeah... how do i fix fix that? it should be 1920X160021:49
minhaajthere are alot of messengers if you want to switch Ralesk21:49
prodigyminhaaj: i think that is illegal. those books cost, if you download them over torrents, it is illegal21:49
RaleskI don't21:49
minhaajtry apt get manager21:49
Raleskpidgin sucks, all the alternatives suck too :/21:49
ScorpKing-Laptopalexander: open konsole and run sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.broken then reboot and the file should be created again21:49
minhaaji dont believe in piracy and copyright bs21:50
Raleskmy humble apologies to all the developers, but eh.21:50
ScorpKing-Laptopwhere's the bot today?21:50
geniialexander: PErhaps back up your /etc/X11/xorg.conf then run the reconfigure -phigh    choosing some lower resolution for the top setting.21:50
minhaajan average book is say about $50 on amazon21:50
Raleskanyway, kopete refuses to flash my taskbar for new entries today21:50
prodigyminhaaj: me neither, but this is not the place of discusing that ;)21:50
geniiScorpKing-Laptop: You need the ! before the factoid name :)21:50
prodigyonly legal things in official support irc21:50
minhaajfor some people its half month's expense21:50
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.21:50
minhaajfor example me :)21:50
* ScorpKing-Laptop is blond21:50
prodigyminhaaj: i live on 150-200$ a month:)21:51
geniialexander: The driver name should likely be either: intel            or: i81021:51
minhaajheh slightly richer than me :)21:51
alexandergenii:  it used to work with intel21:51
minhaajwhere you from ?21:51
alexanderso i guess the resolution is the problem21:51
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!21:52
minhaajdo you see questions around ScorpKing-Laptop ?21:52
geniialexander: "out of range" normally can also mean video card is putting out some setting the monitor just physically can't do21:52
prodigyi would spend less, but i live in belgrade now, renting a place untill i finnish studies.21:52
ScorpKing-Laptopminhaaj: i'm trying to get there ;)21:52
minhaajheh atleast dont stop introductions then21:52
ScorpKing-Laptopi'm trying to compile soething but get http://paste.ubuntu.com/16969/ when i run sudo checkinstall21:53
alexanderim using DVI21:53
minhaajnothing wrong with that. ubuntu is humanity, so let humans interact :)21:53
minhaajoh ok prodigy21:53
minhaaji am almost done with my MBA here too.21:53
alexanderhow can i make the intel graphics driver to output a safe resolution for me? (not using vesa)21:53
minhaajbtw i am getting kde4 .. would that effect my kde3 ?21:53
minhaajany problems ?21:53
prodigygreat, minhaaj ... i am finishing a bachelor degree IT management...21:53
minhaajI teach and collaborate online too :)21:54
prodigyminhaaj: i do not think so, they suppose to be separate.21:54
alexanderand by the way21:54
alexandermy graphics does work with VGA21:54
Carutsuhow can I watch an encrypted DVD with Kaffeine?21:54
minhaajoh ok, how do i uninstall kde3 ?21:54
prodigyi think i do to.21:54
alexanderjust not DVI... (but it used to)21:54
prodigyCarutsu: use vlc21:54
Carutsui tried it crashed...21:54
minhaajvlc is awesome21:54
prodigyminhaaj: from adept.21:54
geniialexander: I just told you. Back up the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf   first.    Then to run:      sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg   and choose some saner resolution. If you want to change also the driver and other stuf omit the -phigh part21:55
prodigyCarutsu: if it does not play, install kubuntu restricted extras...21:55
Freddy2is there any way to add 32-bit dev packages in a 64 bit system?21:55
Carutsui think it's unrelated21:55
navetzhey, where can I go in kde to find the amount of ram my computer is using?21:55
Carutsui stand by this laptop and now it's acting weird...21:55
nosrednaekimgenii: that doesn't work on hardy21:56
alexandergenii: it doesnt work for me. i only get keyboard settings etc.. but no graphics...21:56
alexanderi have the newest ubuntu21:57
geniinosrednaekim: No? PErhaps kxgenerator still works then?21:57
* genii wonders when this change happened21:57
nosrednaekimnever heard of that...21:57
nosrednaekimgenii: with hardy and xorg7.321:57
geniialexander: You could try the gui way, by installing kxgenerator. You can modify xorg settings from it.21:58
alexanderapplications --> add/remove ?21:59
geniialexander: Yes. Or otherwise by apt-get like:   sudo apt-get install kxgenerator21:59
alexanderoh sorry22:00
alexanderim in a wrong channel22:00
alexanderi have ubuntu, not kubuntu22:00
geniiI need to leave in order to depart this workplace and arrive at my other workplace on time. I'll be back online in about 40 minutes22:00
nosrednaekimalexander: s'ok22:01
alexanderi tried sudo apt-get install xgenerator -didnt work. kxgenerator worked. but i have gnome so it didnt show up22:03
=== linux_ is now known as Guest43768
tininHow could I create a mime tipe?22:07
tininI asociated *tbt files (tablatures) to open with wine and a program22:07
tininnow they open right, but I always get an error in konqueror saying, "could not find mimetipe application/octet-stream"22:08
ScorpKing-Laptopwhat package has /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf ?22:17
nosrednaekimhi node_22:19
ScorpKing-Laptop!find qmake22:19
ubottuFile qmake found in cdbs, kdeartwork-theme-icon, kdeartwork-theme-icon-kde4, kdevelop, kdevelop-data (and 6 others)22:19
node_ubuntu is great guys22:19
node_i just love it22:19
node_any of u guys know where i can find a progy that makes me surf annonyomosly?22:20
nosrednaekim[geebee:michael]~> dpkg -S /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf22:20
nosrednaekimlibqt4-dev: /usr/share/qt4/mkspecs/common/g++.conf22:20
ScorpKing-Laptopnosrednaekim: thats handy. thanks22:21
node_any of u guys know where i can find a progy that makes me surf annonyomosly?22:21
ScorpKing-Laptopnosrednaekim: tis makefile gives me loads of errors - http://paste.ubuntu.com/16978/ maybe installing that will help22:21
coreymon77node_: out of curiosity, is there a reason you need to be annonymous?22:23
dadhi all is there a program available similar to 'Dragon Dictate'?22:23
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)22:24
ScorpKing-Laptopnosrednaekim: aptitude search libqt4-dev gives me "i A libqt4-dev - Qt 4 development files" what package has qmake?22:24
nosrednaekimlibqt4-dev I think22:24
ScorpKing-Laptopah yes22:24
coreymon77dad: you mean dragon naturally speaking?22:24
dadsorry yes22:25
coreymon77there are dictation programs probably22:25
coreymon77of that one in particular and of that high callibur, no clue22:25
jhutchins_wkI think festival is speech synthesys, not recognition...22:26
ScorpKing-Laptopjhutchins_wk , nosrednaekim: i've been at this for hours but still get http://paste.ubuntu.com/16982/ when i try to compile qtstalker 0.3622:26
coreymon77jhutchins_wk: dragon naturally speaking is dictation, not recognition afaik22:26
ScorpKing-Laptopany ideas or pointer?22:26
neofaxAnyone here using HD-DVD in ubuntu?22:26
dadsearched adept for dictate and voice but no joy thanx for your response have to trawl through google then22:27
jhutchins_wkcoreymon77: Same thing.22:27
jhutchins_wkdad:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_speech_recognition_software22:27
jhutchins_wkSays you can run dragon via wine, and they're working on OS recognition.22:27
coreymon77jhutchins_wk: not really, recognition is usually meant for system control with speech programs, dictation is purely for speech to text22:28
dadthanx youve given me some where to start22:28
jhutchins_wkcoreymon77: Recognition is the first step - where you put the recognised text is a second layer.22:28
coreymon77dad: general rule for finding linux apps, 1. try apt, 2. check google/wikipedia22:30
dadthanx coreymon7722:33
dadnew to this22:33
coreymon77dad: another soul salvaged from the dark side :P22:33
dadnot quite there yet but getting closer each day22:37
neofaxAnyone using HD-DVD?22:40
coreymon77neofax: i thought that was a dead format by now22:41
neofaxNot when you have movies in that format.  Plus, most movies are cheap now.22:41
neofaxThe ubuntu help wiki says you can get it to work on edgy.  I was thinking it would be included in the kernel by now.22:42
navetzdoes anyone know how to find out what the max virtual resolution you video card will support with xrandr?22:45
neofaxnavetz: xrandr will support what your card is telling it along with the edid of your monitor.  However, you can push it past the edid of your monitor if your monitor does not tell X correctly.22:50
jhutchins_wknavetz: When you say virtual resolution, you mean where the desktop is larger than the window, right?22:53
navetzjhutchins_wk: yes , I want to use xrandr22:53
jhutchins_wkxrandr is a resizing tool.22:54
neofaxnavetz: That didn't answer the question.  I think what jhutchins_wk is asking is the ability to show what your card can handle and everything else offscreen and you can "scroll" to the other portions of the screen.22:54
jhutchins_wkRight, that's a virtual desktop or virtual resolution.22:55
navetzneofax: oh ok rightm yes I want to know what my maximum virtual resolution is22:55
jhutchins_wkFor instance, I can have a 1280x1024 desktop and view it with a 640x480 window/resolution.22:55
neofaxnavetz: Theoretically, you can have any virtual resolution, but you may need to scroll a while22:55
jhutchins_wkThere has to be a limit, probably system RAM though.22:56
Broadcomkubuntu keeps freezing randomly. anybody have any idea why?22:56
neofaxWhat is happening is X is only drawing what your card can handle until you scroll and it then draws that portion of the screen.22:56
jhutchins_wkEssentially the same thing as multiple desktops, just different access method.22:56
nosrednaekimBroadcom: maybe your nick has something to do with it?22:56
Broadcomnosrednaekim: nope22:56
neofaxBroadcom: Are you using firefox 3 b5?22:57
jhutchins_wkBroadcom: Anything in particular that seems to trigger it?22:57
Broadcomneofax: i was for a while, but stoped22:57
navetzjhutchins_wk, neofax: I am trying to set up dual screen monitors, I think that my video card cannot support a max virtual resolution that I am setting, It works for lower resolutions but not for a resolution this high. Also I have plenty of ram, (I just bought it)22:57
neofaxHave you tried looking in /var/log/messages?22:57
neofaxnavetz: What is the resolution you are trying?22:58
neofaxnavetz: Also, please post your xorg.conf at pastebin.22:58
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jhutchins_wkubottu: dual-head | navetz23:00
ubottunavetz: Information about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama23:00
navetzneofax: I am trying maximum 1680 x 1850, I am putting my new 22" above my laptop monitor. Also it works when I use a virtual resolution of 1280*1600, but then my new 22" monitor has a ugly resolution. 1 sec to post my xorg23:00
jhutchins_wknavetz: USE PASTEBIN!23:00
Broadcomneofax: trying that, cant figure out where there startup info starts23:00
navetzjhutchins_wk: I will23:00
navetzjhutchins_wk: line 9423:01
Broadcomthat is right before it crashed23:02
steve555Broadcom,I think it could your graphics card,I had a similar problem a few days ago.Previously,I was wondering why both my Kubuntu and Windows was locking up after an hour or so.I solved it by shutting down the system,opening the case,taking out the graphics card,and putting the graphics card back in again.The problem had gone away for me after that.23:04
Broadcomsteve555: hmm, im not sure how comfortable i am with doing that. were you getting those errors?23:04
navetzdoes anyone know where the logs go when you do xrandr23:04
engineer/var/log ?23:05
neofaxnavetz: /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:05
navetzneofax: ah ok thanks.23:05
neofaxnavetz: I am not that great with xinerama, but by cloning, aren't you essentially making a copy of the laptop screen to the 22" monitor?  Or does it put the screen above the laptop and incorporate it as one smooth screen?23:07
navetzneofax: by cloning, I am able to see both screens at the same time when my laptop starts up. Then because of the virtaul line, I can execute the command xrandr --output VGA --above LVDS to make my 22" go ontop of my laptop screen.23:08
steve555I wasn't getting any errors as such,as both the dessktops(kubuntu and windows)just totally froze on me.I couldn'nt move the mouse or input the keyboard,I couldn't even do a alt+ctrl+del.I had to either press the reset switch several times,or do a complete hard shutdown with the power switch and wait a few minutes.23:09
navetzneofax: it works for a virtual line of 1280 * 1600, but the my 22" uses a resolution of 1280*80023:09
Broadcomhttp://ge.ubuntuforums.com/showthread.php?t=705267&page=4 look at spaetz's comment any idea what i should do?23:10
neofaxnavetz: That is what I thought.  I think the problem is the 1680 lines of horizontal resolution.  It may be a xinerama thing.  I will check google.23:10
navetzneofax: hum ok, do you think that may be to big?23:10
neofaxBroadcom: That is the fix if you are running a imac23:12
Broadcomneofax: im on a Powerbook, But i dont get the fix23:13
navetzneofax: humm: Virtual screen is limited to 2048x2048 for intel,23:13
greendingbatnavetz: there is a way to fix that23:14
navetzgreendingbat: how?23:14
greendingbatnavetz: all virtual machine emulators use a virtual tool kit thing23:14
greendingbatit makes sure that the res of the VM matches that of the host23:14
greendingbatwhat emulator are you using?23:15
navetzgreendingbat: humm ok. I am using xrandr23:15
greendingbatk, well, go to the menu, usually under the virtual machine tab23:15
greendingbatlook for something that says install virtal tools or something like that23:15
greendingbatit installs in the guest OS23:16
greendingbata VM emulator i found that works really well is VMware server23:16
navetzgreendingbat: I think we may be misunderstanding eachother23:16
greendingbatit's free and you can get it here23:16
jhutchins_wkxrandr is not a virtual machine!  It's a video control utility!23:16
navetzgreendingbat: this is not for a virtual machine, it is for my desktop to be able to dualscreen.23:16
jhutchins_wkX Rotate and Resize!23:17
jhutchins_wk!info xrandr23:17
ubottuPackage xrandr does not exist in hardy23:17
greendingbati see23:17
jhutchins_wk!find xrandr23:17
ubottuFound: libxrandr-dev, libxrandr2, libxrandr2-dbg23:17
navetz:) thanks though.23:17
greendingbatno prob23:17
greendingbatim running kubuntu in a VM23:17
greendingbatdidn't want to have to reformat the comp to install23:17
navetzI have to restart X, brb23:18
=== Broadcom is now known as BCM43
greendingbatwhat does xrandr do?23:19
greendingbatand why does it not exist in the latest ver of Kubuntu?23:20
greendingbat!find mozilla23:21
navetzhumm ok I lied I think23:21
navetzI use to have my old crt monitor plugged in a dualscreening23:21
ubottuFound: libmono-mozilla0.1-cil, liferea, mozilla-devscripts, mozilla-thunderbird-enigmail, totem-mozilla (and 87 others)23:21
navetzI just got my new 22" and i plugged it in and dualscreened without restarting X and it worked.23:21
navetzI cannot get it to work again23:21
navetzand I cannot get it to go 1680 1050 resoltuion23:21
greendingbattrying to dual-screen w/ linux?23:22
greendingbati was not aware that kubuntu supported dualscreen23:22
navetzgreendingbat: it is getting better.23:22
greendingbaton second thought, i guess it could, just would need some extra software23:22
navetzi am going to restart my computer now, brb23:24
neofaxnavetz: OK, check out these two sites:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=4003194&postcount=584  and http://fvwm.lair.be/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=2060&view=previous23:24
navetzneofax: alright thanks23:24
neofaxThese basically say you will need to add the horizontal and vertical res and set your virtual to that.23:24
navetzneofax: oh I see, I don't have a mode for "1680*1050" makes sense. Brb 1 min23:25
neofaxHowever, here is where things get strange.  You can use a MegedFb setting and have the laptop run at its optimal res and the 22" at its so you wouldn't need to scroll anything, it would just fit.23:25
BCM43where do i file a bug for a ppc on kubuntu?23:26
neofaxnavetz: What are the optimal res's for the laptop and the 22"23:26
Daisuke_IdoBCM43: you pretty much don't23:26
neofaxBCM43: Launchpad23:26
Daisuke_IdoPPC is no longer supported23:26
BCM43ok, thanks23:26
navetzneofax: man thanks a lot, ill brb in  min, also the optimal rez for the laptop is 1280*800 and for 22" is 1680*105023:26
Daisuke_Idoif you're using 6.06, then you can use launchpad23:26
neofaxnavetz: So, your virtual res should be set at min 3760x185023:27
BCM43oh, ok, im on 8.0423:27
BCM43i guess im up the river without support23:27
nwtechguyhello all...i've installed KDE4 on ubuntu 8.04 on my tablet. my apt/sources.list has all the ubuntu sources, no kubuntu sources...are there kubuntu-specific sources?23:27
nosrednaekimnwtechguy: nope23:27
neofaxnavetz: Sorry, I mean 1280x185023:27
Odd-rationalenwtechguy: no, they use the same repos23:28
navetzneofax: I think you mean 1680 * 185023:31
prodigythere is in adept i686 optimised libgl1-mesa-swx11. should i install that one?23:31
prodigyinstead of normal?23:31
connorhello everyone23:31
Daisuke_Idois that even a real resolution?23:31
connorwhats the question23:32
Daisuke_Idoah, i see now23:32
connori may be able to be of assistance23:32
neofaxnavetz: Yes, that is what I meant.23:32
Daisuke_Idovirtual, spanning23:32
Daisuke_Idonevermind :D23:32
navetzconnor: I am trying to dualscreen on my 22" acer and my laptop with xrandr and a virtual line in my xorg.23:33
connoroh ok23:33
prodigyi use intel i915 gpu and have libgl1 dri and glx installed. should i install i686 optimised swx11?23:33
connorwhats the problem23:33
prodigyi want to speed up my kde.23:33
connorhow slow is it23:33
prodigynot too much.23:34
navetzconnor: It is not working, but I think we might have a solution so I am gonna restart x and come back.23:34
connordo you have aim?23:34
navetzno I don't23:34
navetzhumm that did not work :(23:36
connori cant switch desktops23:36
navetzahh i managed to turn on my laptop screen though.23:36
navetzBut the resolution is messed up :S23:37
connorhow could you not turn on your laptop screen23:37
navetzI used xrandr --output LVDS --auto23:37
connorif my resolution ever gets messed up, there is an auto adjust button my monitor that fits the screen perfectly in resolution23:37
navetzconnor: but I am trying to dualscreen23:38
connori was just saying :V23:38
connorif i had ubuntu on my dad's laptop23:38
connori would totally help you23:38
connorubuntu on a 52 inch lcd tv23:38
connorthat would be SWEET23:38
navetzconnor: yup23:39
connori may be able to help23:39
connoridunno yet23:39
connorwhat exactly is happening?23:39
minhaajhow to get adept notifier23:39
connorminhaaj: whats the problem23:40
minhaaji get adept notifier23:41
minhaajwindow in taskbar23:41
connoryou want it?23:41
connorexplain what is happening23:41
minhaajit is a notifier i dont want23:42
minhaajit appears, a green bulb comes up23:42
nosrednaekimminhaaj: and?23:43
minhaaji want to get rid of i23:43
Daisuke_Idoyou want to get rid of notifications that there may be important updates you need to install?23:44
minhaajno no23:44
minhaajyou dont get it. its a bug23:44
Daisuke_Idoi'm not doing this again23:44
nosrednaekimminhaaj: wait... it appears as a window in the corner of your screen?23:44
PiciIts a bug?23:44
minhaajyea its not a program23:45
minhaajit doesnt open up23:45
minhaaji have to kill it everytime23:45
nosrednaekimminhaaj: thats a compiz bug23:45
minhaajagain ?23:45
nosrednaekimcompiz causes a ton of bugs :P23:45
navetzI got it working!!!!!23:45
minhaajwhy do ppl use compiz :s23:45
nosrednaekimminhaaj: cause its pretty :P23:46
minhaajcan't it run normally without screwing up like george bush23:46
axelapropos compiz: which packages are installed by the Kubuntu Desktop-Effects-Dialogue (K-Menue > System Settings > Desktop Effects)?23:47
axelI want to remove them.23:47
navetzhaha ! I now have dualscreen with my 22" and compiz spinning cubes and everything awesome23:48
navetzman thanks for all the help guys.23:48
nosrednaekimaxel: justa  sec, let me check23:48
axelnosrednaekim: OK. Thanks!23:48
connorspinning desktop cube on dual monitors? O_O23:48
nosrednaekimaxel: compiz-kde compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra23:48
nosrednaekimaxel: and their dependencies23:49
axelThe following packages were automatically installed and are no longer required:23:50
axel  libcompizconfig0 libdecoration0 linux-headers-2.6.24-17-generic libx11-xcb123:50
axel  compiz-plugins compizconfig-backend-kconfig compiz-core23:50
axel  linux-headers-2.6.24-1723:50
axelnosrednaekim: The linux-headers cause a strange feeling.23:50
nosrednaekimprobably an old version23:51
_eMaX_apparently I got a new kernel today and now linux doesn't start up as it thinks my root partition is xfs while it is ext3. anyone knows where to change that?23:53
axelnosrednaekim: A look in the /boot/grub/menu.lst showed that the kernel 2.6.24-17-generic is used.23:53
nosrednaekimyeah... but what version?23:53
nosrednaekim_eMaX_: 0.o23:53
axelnosrednaekim: how to figure this out?23:53
_eMaX_nosrednaekim: that's what I thought :)23:53
nosrednaekimaxel: do "uname -a"23:54
axelnosrednaekim: Linux schlepptop 2.6.24-17-generic #1 SMP Thu May 1 14:31:33 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux23:55
nosrednaekimoh! heh23:55
nosrednaekimdon't remove it then :)23:55
axelnosrednaekim: well, it's suggested. Strange.23:55
nosrednaekimwell, headers aren't required23:57
axelnosrednaekim: I thought the headers-packages were some "meta-packages" for the kernel.23:58
ign0ramushey all. this weekend, i will *finally* get to install kubuntu on my parents' computer.  not having done a fresh install in a long time, what packages should i install out of the box?23:58
axelnosrednaekim: Semms, that I was wrong.23:58
nosrednaekimign0ramus: I'd suggest firefox and kubuntu-restricted-extras23:58
axelign0ramus: Risky. Did you prepare your parents for that step?23:58
ign0ramusaxel: not risky at all.  all they do is email and internet23:59
ign0ramusfirefox, restricted-extras, build-essential... what else?23:59
szakulecI'd install Yakuake- it's very easy to get to, and if for some strange reason you need them to type in a command, it's easy to say "Press F12"23:59

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