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mptjam, success!00:07
jammpt: so does bzr check on your original branch work?00:10
poolielifeless: can you join us if you're still around?00:12
mptjam, I'll get back to you on that, it's checking revision 117/38124 :-)00:12
jammpt: if it didn't fail right away, that is, indeed a good sign00:12
mptjam, however, "bzr log" gives me a KeyError in a different branch00:12
jammpt: well, then you need to do the 'bzr branch' with *that* revision, too :)00:13
mptthis could be a long night00:14
mptthanks for your continued help jam00:15
jammpt: I'll be off in a bit, but you can poke at spiv or igc I think00:16
pickscrapeWell, I've got bzr diff --stat working00:21
tuflocis there a way to enable user authentication for the dedicated bzr server?00:27
mneptoktufloc: serve the branch over ssh/sftp00:45
tuflocI'm starting to miss svn00:47
tuflocthe dedicated server doesn't allow write operations?01:01
mwhudsonit can do01:03
bob2pickscrape: yay01:05
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jmligc: <301:47
nhandlerCould someone explain to me how to modify the email address that is used by bzr? It shows up as username@host (where username is my current username and host is the host of my computer).01:53
cody-somervillebzr help whoami01:53
nhandlerThanks cody-somerville, that did it01:54
tuflocany idea what's wrong here? when I try to init-repo the central repository I get this error "bzr: ERROR: No such file: '/dir': [Errno 2] No such file" (using sftp)02:06
mwhudsontufloc: what was the command line ?02:08
tuflocbzr init-repo --no-trees sftp://dir02:08
lifelessspiv: ping; any idea what would trigger InvalidURL: Invalid url supplied to transport: "2e/%2554%2552%2545%2545_%2552%254f%254f%2554.kndx"02:11
lifelessonly happening on remote tests. ..02:11
lifelessoh; punicode02:11
lifelessjam: ping02:12
tuflocmwhudson, nevermind02:13
lifelesstufloc: you want sftp://host/absolute_path02:14
lifelesstufloc: or sftp://host/~/homedirpath02:14
lifelessok, fetch.py converted02:45
lifelesswell, nearly02:46
igclifeless: wrt the Development1 format, currently it says "(needs bzr.dev from before 1.3)" and ...02:56
igc"This format should be retained until the second release after bzr 1.2."02:56
igcWhat do you want those strings to say now?02:56
lifelessthe idea is they roll02:56
lifelessso if this lands in 1.6 it will say from 1.602:57
lifeless(from before 1.6)02:57
igcand retain until 1.6 + 2?02:57
lifeless1.5 + 202:58
lifelessso we delete it after 1.7 is released02:58
lifelessthis gives users of a dev format 2 development cycles to toy with it02:59
igclifeless: so what's the relationship between development1 and BzrBranch7 if any?02:59
lifelessdevelopment1 incorporates BzrBranch702:59
lifelessas well as the new pack format03:00
bob2does dev1 support rich roots atm?03:00
igcis development1 needed for stacked branches to land (sorry if that's a dumb Q)?03:00
lifelessdev1 *is* stacked branches03:00
igcI wasn't sure if one was a copy of the other or dependent on the other03:01
igc(yet to look at the code in dpeth)03:01
lifelessdevelopment is an alias to the tip of the dev series03:01
lifelessdev1 is the first dev format to support stacking03:01
lifelessdev refers to branch7 and packs-that-stack03:01
lifelesssorry, last line should read dev1 refers ....03:01
lifelessbob2: no it doesn't - we do need to stack on existing non rich root repos03:02
lifelessdevelopment-rich-root however should (I think I skipped that for development-subtree, this should likely be fixed)03:02
bob2ah, right - just hanging out for the unification ;)03:03
lifelessthere won't be a unification, but there will be a pivot on the default03:03
pickscrapeI'm looking at getting --stat working as an option to bzr log, but can't find an obvious way to hook it in03:04
pickscrapeThat is, without copying and pasting the code from cmd_log, which doesn't strike me as being at all clever :)03:05
lifelesspickscrape: you may well need to change log to be more hookable03:06
pickscrapeWhat I really need is a hook that is called after each log entry, which passes the revision and/or tree that can be worked with03:07
pickscrapelifeless: so I'd need to hack on bzr itself and send to the mailing list etc?03:07
pickscrapeIt jsut occurred to me that such a hook would allow glog -p (patch) to be implemented as a plugin also.03:08
spivlifeless: hmm03:12
lifelessis enough for me03:12
spivlifeless: I don't recall off the top of my head03:12
lifelessI don't know if 'sorted()' has the same guarantee, but I happen to have a list03:12
spivlifeless: it would, yeah03:12
lifelesswould or does :P03:12
spivI would be shocked if sorted() was not stable but list.sort() was.03:13
lifelessgiven the impact is more than your shock :)03:13
lifelessI will use list.sort03:13
* spiv nods03:14
lifelessalso pydoc sorted blows03:14
spivpydoc blows.03:14
spivfile:///usr/share/doc/python2.5/html/lib/built-in-funcs.html#l2h-68 is where it's at.03:15
spiv(although even that doesn't mention stability)03:15
lifelessyah, thus my not depending on it03:16
lifelesspydoc has the potential to be extremely useful, it is saddening that it is not03:16
pickscrapelifeless: how would you recommend making cmd_log more hookable? Using a mechanism like post_push etc or something more raw like an overridable method of cmd_log?03:16
lifelesspickscrape: well, I think the general concept here is that log -v, log --diff, log --stat all need the same minimum data: a tree delta03:17
lifelesspickscrape: so I'd think of it as selecting which filter to pass tree deltass through during log03:18
lifelesspickscrape: -> a registry of filters, and the core code calls into that03:18
pickscrapelifeless: Bearing in mind that the user might be asking for more than one filter at the same time.03:18
pickscrapeCould quite legitimately want to do bzr log -p --stat03:19
lifelesspickscrape: sure. may need some infrastructure work to allow selecting multiple items from a registry03:19
pickscrapeThe existing formats could also be rewritten as filters in this registry too.03:20
lifelesspickscrape: the ones that do tree deltas yes - thats exactly what I'm suggesting03:20
lifeless--line vs the default is already registry based03:20
lifelessthey select what revisions are shown and ordering; somewhat different part of the code path for log03:21
pickscrapeI'll have a think about that then. It certainly seems that log --stat is impossible without it.03:22
kumi_Just curious, what benefits does rich-root have over pack-0.92?03:32
kumi_Or rich-root-pack (what's the difference with rich-root?)03:32
pooliekumi_: this format puts a unique id on the root directory, so it can be used with versioned subtrees (like svn externals) and split/join-03:33
* kumi_ looks up svn externals03:34
pooliebasically so that you can link an external library into a subdirectory of your project03:35
kumi_Nice. I can think of several places where that would be useful to me03:38
* igc lunch03:41
lifelessabentley: around?03:41
abentleylifeless: Hi.03:41
lifelessI have a question about rich root root id generation during fetch03:42
jfrohey all, quick question, is there a way to edit a file in a past revision, like say if you accidentally committed a hard-coded password in your code =P03:42
abentleylifeless: Okay.03:42
lifelessthe parents list for the new root text is the revisions parent list - revisions with different root ids, and including ghosts03:42
lifelessdid you consider looking up the root id in the revision tree of revisions with different roots, to find root-renames done in those trees?03:43
abentleyThat doesn't sound like a good idea.03:43
lifelesswhich line are you replying to :)03:43
abentleyThe first.03:43
abentleyI wasn't considering root ids changing.03:44
lifelessthe first was a paraphrase of the comment in the existing code03:44
abentleyOh, well maybe I was.  I don't remember that...03:44
lifelessfetch.py line 390 in bzr.dev03:44
kumi_Is it possible to try rich-root in version 1.5?03:45
lifelessanyhow, It seems to me that running reconcile after generating these texts could find mismatched parents with the current code, because it does look at the full inventory of each tree03:45
abentleylifeless: That says we *drop* parents with different file_ids.03:45
lifelessabentley: yes, I meant drop with my use of '-', sorry for confusion03:45
abentleylifeless: It looked like a dash to me.03:46
lifelesskumi_: it is, there are some caveats: its a one way conversion03:46
lifelesskumi_: we plan to make it the default soon03:46
kumi_I think I'll wait, thanks lifeless03:46
lifelessabentley: ok, with the confusion sorted, the next line was my actual question: did you consider looking for that id elsewhere in the other tree03:47
kumi_btw I fixed that windows problem you helped with yesterday. thanks again03:47
lifelesskumi_: excellent03:47
lifelesskumi_: I saw the comment in the bug; I wonder if we can make the error nicer/more clear03:47
abentleylifeless: I don't think I did.03:47
kumi_lifeless: yes, if it mentioned where the error came from "plink.exe", that would be enough03:48
lifelessabentley: ok. I'm not going to change this code, I just wondered while looking. Could you think about it at some point?03:48
lifelessabentley: (well, I have to rephrase the code to new apis,but I'm not changing the intent of the code)03:48
abentleyWhat I was aiming for was a conversion that was reasonably hi-fi, but definitely with good performance.03:49
abentleyAnd definitely reproduceable.03:50
lifelessright, which we have. It seems a shame if (and I think it does) reconcile and check were to find things to do post-conversion ;).03:51
abentleylifeless: Not a tragedy, though, since only experimental versions of Bazaar could get into that situation.03:53
lifelessabentley: couldn't converters ? e.g. arch could have an id be root one commit elsewhere another in theory03:55
abentleyI don't think converters touched root ids.03:55
abentleyNot until bzr-svn went dirstate-with-subtree on us.03:56
lifelessmmm, I'd need to check03:56
lifelessanyhow, I'm not fussed, you know the implications at least as well as I do03:56
lifeless19 references to weave_store in bzrlib/*.py to go03:57
lifelessweave_modifed_revisions = set(file_weave.versions())03:57
lifelessall-of-history calls die die die03:57
poolielifeless: we need something stronger than -Devil i think04:21
pooliecutely name though it is04:21
lifelesspoolie: what d you mean by stronger?04:21
lifelessbut we have one04:30
poolielifeless: i mean one that's harder to ignore04:33
lifelesspoolie: e.g. output to console not just log?04:34
pooliei guess the only thing is to actually fix them then make them fail the tests04:35
lifelessI think thats the only workable approach04:38
lifelesssome O(history) operations are necessary04:38
lifelessI really should tackle log at some point04:38
lifelessbut I want to cry when I see the code04:38
mwhudsonlog.py needs a lot of love04:49
mwhudson(also, revision numbering)04:49
beuno+1 to revision numbering  :)04:50
lifelessusers seem to really like it04:58
igclifeless: is there a reason why add_falback_repository in repository.py checks for format compatibility but ...04:58
igcthe one is remote.py does not?04:58
lifelessigc: yes04:58
igcand it is ...?04:59
lifelessits only a proxy object05:00
thumperpoolie: I just want to make sure you are aware of the bzr client side stacking policy stuff that abentley has and its need to be in 1.6 with the other stacking stuff.05:00
lifelessor perhaps its oversight. But I think that was my thinking in february05:00
igcthumper: your alias patch is merged to bzr.dev now05:24
thumperigc: w00t05:24
igcpqm seems much faster today. Thanks to whomever enabled the 'go-fast' option.05:40
* igc pick up kids05:46
lifelessabentley: I plan to add a file_id parameter to PlanMerge, does that seem ok? (vf is now a VersionedFiles so we need a prefix05:57
kumi_Hmm, I have an error when I try bzr st: KeyError: 'pop(): dictionary is empty'05:59
lifelesskumi_: there was a bug in merge, it is fixed in mainline I believe06:00
lifelesskumi_: you have just done a merge haven't you ?06:00
kumi_oh dear06:00
kumi_yeah I just did06:00
lifelessjust revert06:00
kumi_Is there any way to get around this?06:00
lifelesswell, you probably did merge and then merge --force?06:01
kumi_Nope, just bzr merge -c 16106:01
abentleylifeless: That makes sense.06:02
lifelesskumi_: its probably already merged; I think grabbing the latest bzr.dev may be the most straight forward solution06:02
abentleylifeless: At some point, if we're brave, we might allow multiple file ids :-)06:02
lifelessabentley: I'm trying to balance scope creep, and updating apis towards that as I go06:02
lifelessbut yeah :)06:02
kumi_lifeless: unfortunately I can't do that (on Windows and I don't know how to compile)06:03
lifelesskumi_: oh, there is no need to compile06:03
lifelesskumi_: if you have python already installed you can just branch bzr and run it; if you don't then its more tricky. Do you have python installed ?06:03
kumi_Yeah, I have Python 2.506:03
lifelessthen bzr branch http://bazaar-vcs.org/bzr/bzr.dev <some-path-here>06:04
lifelessI think there is a bzr.bat included in there by default06:04
kumi_Cheers, I'll try that06:04
kumi_is bzr.dev usually in a stable state?06:05
lifelessif there isn't say so and I'll help you06:05
lifelesswe run all our regression tests before every merge - we try to keep it immediately releasable06:05
kumi_nice :)06:05
lifeless(except for occasional massive feature drops, they tend to cause issues no matter how hard we try - but even then its still passing tests)06:06
kumi_Out of curiosity, is there a way to branch the point releases?06:12
lifelessI think there are tags, there are also separate branches for each release06:12
kumi_I branched bzr.dev and I put it in a directory away from my 1.5.0 files. If I run C:\bin\Python25\python.exe G:\temp\bzrdev\bzr version, it's not using it's own path for bzrlib06:25
kumi_I will try the start_bzr.bat that is in bzr.dev (have to modify it because it uses bzr.exe)06:27
poolieabentley: hitchhiker is very cool06:28
abentleypoolie: thanks.06:28
* jml was thinking the same thing.06:28
abentleypoolie: I deliberately left out write commands for now.06:29
abentleyI'm not sure any good would come of that.06:29
kumi_Where is the BZR_HOME environmental variable supposed to point to?06:30
bob2kumi_: normally it's unset and HOME is used06:30
spivkumi_: generally you don't want to set it06:30
kumi_the location of bzr, tools, doc, contrib, etc? Or the location where bazaar.conf etc are located?06:30
pooliekumi_: if it's not set it defaults to ~/.bazaar on unix06:32
poolienot sure where on Windows but bzr --version should show it06:32
kumi_That's why I asked, it doesn't explicity mention "home"06:33
kumi_only "Bazaar configuration" and "Bazaar log file" directories. All looks fine, though06:33
pooliei think it's the first06:34
abentleypoolie: It looks like it defaults to ~/ on unix06:35
kumi_me too06:35
kumi_On Windows, if you set BZR_HOME to c:\foo, it will put configuration files in c:\foo\bazaar\2.0, and the log file in c:\foo\.bzr.log06:41
poolielifeless: a text-mode client for bzr transports06:52
kumi_lifeless: it worked! Thanks a million07:00
lifelesskumi_: cool07:01
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kumi_hm, automirror doesn't seem to work when a revision is pushed07:09
lifelessigc: you have removed the use of chain, but kept the import :P07:13
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igclifeless: o damn - I'll fix that07:26
igclifeless: any further thoughts on that RemoteRepository check of fallback issue?07:27
igcI'm just wrapping up my review of the Development1 thread and the rest is ok  I think07:28
lifelessI don't think we want to merge the formats just yet, because they are so limited07:29
lifelessbut perhaps I'm wrong07:29
igcas in the development1 formats?07:30
lifelesslets start at the bottom and work up07:31
lifelessget them fully ready to merge at minimum07:31
igclifeless: so some quick Qs if you have time07:32
igcthe new init method in BzrBranch6?07:33
igcit's saving development1... as the metadir07:34
* igc pulls up the diff07:34
igc    def __init__(self):07:35
igc        super(BzrBranchFormat6, self).__init__()07:35
igc        self._matchingbzrdir.repository_format = \07:35
igc            RepositoryFormatPackDevelopment1Subtree()07:35
lifelessthats for testing07:36
igclifeless: any side-effects from that?07:36
lifelessyes, tests run with old branches, new repositories. Its good :)07:36
pooliei'm trying to page back in the countedlock refactoring07:37
pooliewhich is meant to eventually help Remote objects stay in sync with their vfs objects07:37
pooliewant to finish it off anyhow07:37
igclifeless: and is all_revision_ids() still meant to return a list? Or just a sequence now?07:38
* igc wondering why check.py needed the list() added around all_revision_ids()07:39
lifelessigc: well, if you remove it and it fails, it needs it ;P07:39
igcsome tests were updated to put set() around things which is fine of course07:39
igclifeless: the code change is harmless enough but I'll update the al_revision_ids docstring if it's no longer correct07:41
lifelesswhat does it claim ?07:41
igcI guess it would need to be added to API CHANGES/BREAKS as well if it no longer aways returns a list07:41
igc"Returns a list ..."07:41
lifelessyeah thats false now, lists are very slow at duplicate detection07:42
igcok - I'll tweak that docstring07:43
igcand update NEWS07:43
igcpoolie, spiv: is one of you able to review the external_references tests patch please?07:48
lifelessigc: I can review your changes if they are busy07:49
igclifeless: in this case, they had already reviewed that code07:49
lifelessigc: ah, k07:50
pooliei can07:50
igcpoolie: thanks. you had voted tweak earlier though it may need some more given spiv's comments07:50
poolieit's a good time, i just worked out what patch i want to do but haven't started07:50
poolieis this07:50
poolieigc hm the only patch about that i see was in february07:51
poolieok i see it07:51
pooliehttp://bundlebuggy.aaronbentley.com/request/<48474354.1040103@canonical.com> right?07:51
igcpoolie: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/bazaar/2008q1/037703.html is the earlier thread07:51
igcpoolie: that's the one07:51
poolie+from bzrlib.tests import (07:53
poolie+                          adapt_modules,07:53
poolienot a big deal but can you make them just indented by 4 spaces in future, as the others are07:54
poolie(might not even be your code)07:54
lifelessI think the rest of the others were deep07:56
lifelessor something07:56
pooliei wish the boilerplate in load_tests wasn't proliferating the way it is08:02
poolieigc, sent08:09
igcpoolie: thanks08:17
igclifeless: please let me know if you have any comments on poolie's requested tweaks08:18
lifelessso, they seem fine08:20
lifelessthe scenario tuple is name, dict_of_things08:20
igclifeless: and vila has voted resubmit08:20
pooliei'll reply to vincent08:20
lifelessthe multiply_ method is different, I did look at reusing but its at the wrong level08:20
lifeless- it does too much08:21
igcpoolie: thanks. Did you mind submitting this to pqm as well, once tweaks are agreed?08:22
lifelessvila: ping; please look at bzrlib/tests/*_implementations/__init__.py08:25
vilalifeless: regarding adapt_modules ? or regarding defining adapter classes ?08:27
lifelessregarding the need08:27
lifelessto adapt many modules identically08:28
lifeless(we do it *all the time*)08:28
vilaI'm fine with using adpat_modules, I'm not with gettind rid of adapter classes08:28
lifelessvila: I want to nuke them all08:29
vilathe adpater classes ?08:29
lifelessyes, there should only be one08:29
lifelessapplication and generation of scenarios are different responsibilities08:29
lifelessthis became clear some time after first creating the ability to adapt at all08:30
lifelesstests.TestScenarioApplier is meant to be used as an instance, not subclassed; its subclassable for historic reasons onl08:30
vilahence my tendency to call the classes adapters not appliers :)08:31
lifelessits fine to have a class for generating scenarios that you reuse and extend, but it shouldn't subclass the applier08:31
lifelessinstead have it provide the scenarios and use them with a stock applier08:32
vilalifeless: I never thought about it but I fully agree, just apply that sentence to my comments08:33
vila..with the stock applier of course ;)08:33
lifeless(which it uses :P)08:33
vilaso adap_tests and adapt_modules will become methods ? Sounds coherent.08:34
lifelessI'm scrambled now08:35
lifelessthis is 4 month old code and I'm deep updating merge08:36
lifelesscan I come back to this?08:36
pooliehello vila08:38
vilahi poolie ;)08:38
pooliei sent mail wihch i think robert will agree with08:39
pooliebit i can never tell08:39
poolieoh the scrollback does make it look like he would agree08:39
lifelessthats why there is you, and me, vive la difference!08:39
poolievila, i may be missing the point somehow08:43
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vilapoolie: well, I'm waiting for your mail, but seeing Robert comments, I think I need to re-read the code with the idea of separating scenario generation and application, I'm deep into other subjects right now. I remember being uneasy with the adap_test and adpat_modules functions but not *why* I thought subclassing applier was the best solution08:50
vilaI remember it vastly simplified the http tests where many combinations were required between transport implementation/proxy/auth schemes with tests needing various combinations08:51
vilabut may be that's specific to http08:51
lifelessvila: I think you would find the repository_check_reconcile permutations enlightening08:54
lifelessthey do a cross product test permutation08:55
lifelessnearly done08:56
lifeless17 references to go outside of tests08:56
* jml always wants to say "cartesian product" not "cross product".08:57
jmlbut I guess the latter makes sense.08:57
* vila always translate 'cross product' into 'produit cartesien' ;-)08:58
jmlheh heh08:58
RAOFNot to be confused with the _actual_ operation 'cross product' :)08:58
* vila also has no trouble translating applier into 'adapteur' hence he missed lifeless point ;)08:59
vilalifeless: url ? grep repository_check_reconcile bzr.dev gives no matches :)09:00
lifelessand __init__.py09:02
lifelessin repository_implementations package09:02
lifelessback soon -> atm09:02
lifelesspoolie: ringing you for brief chat09:02
pooliejml, hm, Cartesian product seems more correct09:03
jmlpoolie: especially since the ordering doesn't matter, since they are unit tests.09:04
poolielifeless: ready whenever09:04
jmliirc, cross product makes sense if you define multiplication as 'cons'09:05
spivAh, I just accidentally found the bug in the test suite that allowed bug 237067 to happen.09:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237067 in bzr ""bzr check" on bzr+ssh:// branch returns ObjectNotLocked error" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23706709:08
pooliespiv, good for you09:13
lifelessmobiles work better with battery power09:16
* igc dinner09:26
vilalifeless: class RepositoryTestProviderAdapter(TestScenarioApplier): explains my confusion I would say :) Or are you referring to a newer, yet unknown to me, implementation ?09:31
vilalifeless: hmm, no, I think you meant:     broken_scenario_applier = TestScenarioApplier()09:31
vila    broken_scenario_applier.scenarios = broken_scenarios_for_all_formats09:31
vilawhich better illustrates your point09:31
vilapoolie, igc, lifeless: I just realized I did  class ServerAdapter(tests.TestScenarioApplier): in my local_test_server plugin just to define a dict :-)09:35
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lifelessvila: yes :)09:47
lifelessvila: this is the point really09:47
lifelesscrying tiger++09:47
vilalifeless: consider me enlightened then :) But not for the tiger though...09:49
lifelessits thai food09:49
awilkinsIt's the new filem "Crying Tiger, Sulking Dragon"10:27
proppyHi, I get the following when installing bzr on ubuntu-hardy10:30
proppyis this a known problem ?10:30
PengI don't think scrollkeeper is related to bzr.10:32
poolieproppy: please report a bug against scrollkeeper10:33
proppypoolie: thanks for the direction :)10:33
proppypoolie: https://edge.launchpad.net/scrollkeeper/+filebug ?10:34
proppyor scrollkeeper package in ubuntu ?10:34
pooliethe second is better but either will do10:35
proppypoolie: reported https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/scrollkeeper/+bug/23757910:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237579 in scrollkeeper "/usr/bin/scrollkeeper-update: corrupted double-linked list on apt-get install bzr" [Undecided,New]10:41
strkis this the #bzr branch ? :)11:21
strkok, serious question: does bzr support aliases for locations ?11:22
jameshstrk: there is a bzr bookmark plugin you might want to try11:22
PengOoh, you were just barely too fast for me.11:22
nasloc__anyone know how to update partial (like only doc directory) in a checkout?11:23
nasloc__I wanna update part of working tree, not full of them.11:24
Pengnasloc__: I don't think you can do that.11:24
Pengnasloc__: You can revert only parts of a tree, but that doesn't help if you want to update to a new revision..11:24
nasloc__Peng, oh :(  because svn can do that and my partner says he would use bzr over svn if bzr supports that.11:25
nasloc__Peng, thanks anyway.11:26
Pengnasloc__: With Bazaar, you'd finish your work and commit, then merge new changes. Not sure how that translates to checkouts though..11:26
jameshnasloc__: you can always use multiple branches11:27
jameshif you generally edit a subset of a tree as a unit, then perhaps it should be its own branch11:27
nasloc__jamesh: ok I'll check if that works. thanks11:30
james_wyay! Bazaar shirt.12:05
gourjames_w: where, what, how...12:23
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james_wgour: it just arrived in the post.12:33
james_wthey were a gift for all contributors to celebrate the 1.0 release. Mine just took a bit of time to arrive.12:33
gourheh...next time let's think to better contribute...well, we're still news with bzr12:37
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j^jam, regarding the bzr_access cleanup, i put a patch at http://oil21.org/~j/patches/bzr_access.permission_fix.bundle13:23
strkwe're doing some tests with bzr. I get:13:31
strk  Path conflict: a_silent_test_file / RENAMED_TEST13:31
strkhow to resolve such conflicts ?13:31
james_wstrk: put the file that you want at the path and then "bzr resolve <path>"13:36
james_wI've never had to deal with one, so I can't be more specific, sorry.13:36
strkmm, I did bzr resolve a_silent_test_file13:37
strkresolved, but kept the other :)13:37
igcabentley: if you're around, can you help me with some subtree Qs?14:28
abentleyigc: Okay.14:29
igclooking at sprout() in bzrdir.py, what's the recurse_branch bit about?14:29
igcthe variable isn't used ...14:29
igcwhich might well be a bug14:29
igcAlso, do you think shallow=shallow ought to be passed?14:30
igc(in lifeless' branch that is)14:30
lifelessigc: I would say shallow should propogate to child trees, yes.14:33
igcthanks. I could see why they wouldn't14:34
abentleyigc: Nesting generally requires a tree and a branch.14:34
abentleyBecause the location of the nested tree's branch is determined by the current tree's branch.14:35
abentleySo it looks like the loop at 1009 may be buggy.14:37
abentleyIf buggy, it's buggy for a scenario where a lightweight checkout is being sprouted.14:39
abentleyActually, I'm not sure source_branch can ever be None when branching.14:42
abentleyIn the lightweight checkout scenario, I think it would be set to the lightweight checkout's branch.14:43
igcabentley: I'd expect so.14:43
igcSo do you think recurse_branch can be safely deleted?14:44
abentleyI think so.14:44
igcme too. It looks like it was going to be used by then wasn't needed ... or something like that.14:45
igcabentley: thanks.14:45
abentleyigc: What's the purpose of your branch for shallow branch support?14:46
igcI'm just reviewing Robert's work and making any minor tweaks as I go14:46
abentleyAre you working with Robert's prototype or the final one based on VersionedFiles?14:48
igcthe one lifeless asked me to merge bzr.dev into14:49
igcI've run export-loom and I'm working my way up the stack14:49
igcreviewing each thread14:49
igclifeless has agreed to review my tweaks and then I'll merge the pieces, giving him time to continue on the VersionedFile stuff14:50
abentleyigc: Would it be appropriate to land my stacking policy stuff on that?15:28
igcabentley: sure15:29
igcI'm just putting up the next patch now fwiw15:29
abentleyigc: Are you in Sydney?15:34
abentleyWell, that's dedication.15:39
igcand deadlines :-)15:40
igcthat's it from me today - night all15:51
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barryhi bzr hackers.  i'm having some trouble integrating setuptools_bzr with looms.  i'm wondering if anybody is available to lend some help16:15
* khaeru bleats16:30
khaeruAnyone home?16:30
abentleybarry: I can help later, but I'm putting out fires right now.16:32
barryabentley: thanks!  no rush, i have a hackaround in place right now.  ping me when you're free?16:33
abentleywill do.16:33
barryabentley: thx!16:34
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proppyregarding testing deferToThread addition17:05
proppyhere is the failing test17:05
proppyand the patch that make test pass http://proppy.aminche.com/hg/service-test/rev/1c871667793017:05
proppysomeone care to parse it ?17:05
proppyoops wrong channel17:08
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abentleybarry-away: What can I do for you?17:22
plexqhow do I list what changes where in a revision?17:37
Kinnisonhow do you mean?17:43
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barryabentley: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/setuptoolsbzr/+bug/23765218:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 237652 in setuptoolsbzr "setuptools_bzr does not work with looms" [High,Confirmed]18:09
abentleybarry: from bzrlib.plugin import load_plugins; load_plugins()18:10
barryabentley: that'll load the loom plugin and install any necessary hooks?18:10
abentleybarry: Right.  Especially, in this case, it will register the loom branch formats.18:11
barryabentley: awesome, thanks18:11
* barry is trying it...18:11
barryabentley: works like a charm.  thanks!18:16
abentleyYou're welcome.18:16
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radixStacked branches sound awesome. It sounds like it'll make using launchpad code hosting much more practical.19:18
gourradix: they won't be in 1.6?19:24
radixgour: what?19:24
gourstacked branches19:25
radixgour: Was that meant to be a statement?19:25
radixI don't understand the question.19:26
gourstacked branches will not be ready for bzr-1.6, right?19:26
radixgour: I don't know, I'm not a bazaar developer.19:27
radixgour: I just read jam's blog about them.19:27
gouri'm speaking based on what i heard here, iirc19:27
pygishhh gour again :)19:28
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gourpygi: ;)19:29
jamgour: well, we are reviewing the changes to hopefully get it landed today19:40
jamat least as a dev format19:41
gourjam: great. you working tirelessly to improve bzr19:54
gouri'm waiting to finish some written assignments (still under darcs) and then we'll conduct a big darcs --> bzr migration19:55
jamwe try, I do get tired sometimes :)19:55
kumi_wow, more sexy new features :)19:55
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pickscrapeThe rate and quality of work done on this project astounds me.19:56
gourjam: hopefully you don't code too much when getting tired ;)19:57
* gour agrees with pickscrape 19:57
pickscrapeI think that's testament to the tool too, which presumably helps a great deal :)19:57
jamnaw, that's when I review code :)19:57
jampickscrape: well, we have some decent processes in place. Though honestly as a developer it is a slightly different view19:58
jam*big* changes are easy because of our process19:58
jam*small* changes end up with a lot of process overhead versus their actual impact19:58
* gour hopes to become somewhat familiar with python to be able to help a bit in the future. for now we're busy working on a haskell (project)19:59
jam11,000 unit tests can be a great thing, and can be a bit of a pain at the same time :)19:59
pickscrapeOur developers have a simple solution to that problem: don't write them and don't bother to run them.20:04
schierbeckyou guys know if there's a bzr-svn ppa?20:40
Pengbzr-svn is in the main bzr PPA.20:41
beunoAFAIK, that version doesn't work the bzr 1.5, which is the version in PPA20:42
beunobut jelmer would know best20:42
schierbecki was hoping there was a more recent version20:42
PengYeah, ppa compatibility sucks.20:42
PengWell, in this case, it's not the ppa's fault really, but still. :P20:42
jelmerbzr-svn isn't in PPA anymore20:42
PengWhere is it?20:43
jelmerthe only packages available are my packages for Debian Sid (http://samba.org/~jelmer/debian)20:43
schierbeckwhat about bzr-avahi?20:48
schierbeckcan't find a ppa for that either20:49
jamnew this week post21:12
jamfor those who want there news right away21:13
pickscrapejam: an interesting read, and something for us to think about when we come to migrate to bzr21:21
bimberijam: Thankyou.  I look forward to seeing how Elliot is described each week. ;)  You've invented "pair-blogging"!21:29
jamyeah, statik is pretty creative in that regard21:30
jamIn our case, the pairing is mostly out of necessity, I tend to write too much or too little21:30
jamstatik is good about helping to make sure it isn't all just a stream-of-consciousness out of me21:31
jamand he is certainly better about humor21:31
statikaw shucks21:32
pickscrapeI tend to ramble bit time when I write.21:37
pickscrapebig time21:37
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* beuno hugs bzr shelve/unshelve22:46
* pickscrape wonders why the shelf isn't core22:47
beunomwhudson_, howdy    :)23:05
mwhudson_beuno: i hate my isp23:05
beunomwhudson_, I think most people here do   :p23:05
beunoever thought about irssi on a server somewhere stable?23:06
mwhudson_as of this morning, we're moving house though, hopefully the connection will be more stable there23:06
mwhudson_beuno: yes i have, but not done anything about it23:06
beunomwhudson_, if you don't like irssi, there is ircproxy, which is client-agnostic23:06
beunobut, if you're moving, that may help23:06
bob2irssi_proxy is quite spiffy23:07
beunomwhudson_, anyway, I've been poking at loggerhead from a "clean it up" point of view, and I've found that it uses args/kwargs quite inconsistently. I'd like to mode everything to kwargs, unless you have something against me doing thath23:08
mwhudson_beuno: you mean in urls?23:08
beunomwhudson_, yes23:08
beunoin some cases, it uses /revision/, and, in some /revision?values=random23:09
mwhudson_yeah, it's not great23:09
mwhudson_beuno: on a call now, i'll get back to you in a few minutes23:10
beuno(as a side effect, using args let's you use wget/curl, but there has to be a better way around it)23:10
beunomwhudson_, sure, no hurry23:10
lifelessbeuno: ? is less likely to be cached in general23:13
lifelessbeuno: and you can use wget/curl with ? just fine23:13
beunolifeless, in respect to ?, do you mean that as a good thing, or as something bad?23:16
beunoand, I can't seem to get loggerhead to recieve any ? parameters from wget/curl23:17
beunoactually, looking deeper into it23:19
beunoI only get the first parameter23:19
beunonot the subsequent ones with &23:19
lifelessbeuno: put '' around the url23:21
lifeless& is a shell metachar23:21
mwhudson_beuno: i bet this is a shell issue or something23:21
beunolifeless, argh, thank, works. mwhudson_ told me yesterday, but it didn't seem to work, so I may of had a problem in the code23:22
beunook, good, back to more reliable benchmarks now  :)23:23
mwhudson_beuno: so, i actually quite like having the revision, at least, in the path part of the url23:27
mwhudson_if i was starting again, i'd probably have:23:28
mwhudson_ /branch/path -> changelog view23:28
mwhudson_ /branch/path/$revno -> revision view23:28
mwhudson_ /branch/path/$revno/path/to/file -> annotate view23:28
mwhudson_ /branch/path/$revno/path/to/dir -> inventory view23:29
mwhudson_i think having the "restrict to revisions that touch some file" as a query arg makes some kind of sense23:29
beunook, 3 sec to generate a 36k line diff in bzrlib, 20sec to apply the template and return. It outputs a 7mb file, which is considerable. We should be able to cut that down with proper CSS/HTML.23:30
beunomwhudson_, that sounds like a good structure, and add kwargs for any filters we may want/need23:31
mwhudson_beuno: what are the comparable numbers for trunk?23:32
mwhudson_(if you have the RAM to repeat the benchmark...)23:32
beunomwhudson_, well, I can't compare, since trunk generates a diff for each file, twice23:32
lifelessnested trees23:32
beunomwhudson_, my PC chokes at ~20k diffs with trunk, if that serves for comparison23:33
mwhudson_beuno: heh heh23:35
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beunothe diff uses 100-150 RES memory, and it's mainly the templating engine23:37
beunowe could probably improve it a *lot* if, instead of a per-line loop, we had a per-column loop  (3 columns)23:37
beunobut I'd expect some work would need to be done in order to get CSS to show that properly in many scenarios23:38
beunoanyway, lots of room for improvement, but, the current branch is a major improvement over trunk, in resource usage23:39
mwhudsoni'm sure our admins would like a three orders of magnitude improvement more than a three fold improvment23:42
mwhudsonbut they'll be happy with what we've got already, i'm sure23:42
beunomwhudson, I have many ideas, so it's hard not to drift away. I'll focus on getting this approach cleaned up for review, and plan the next step after that23:43
beunoI even have the html/css for the new theme partly ready, which I will play around with until we can adapt it's current design to what will actually be used23:44
mwhudsonso why does bzr push-ing a new branch very very occasionally create a branch reference instead?23:49
lifelessmwhudson: bleep, it shouldn't because you can't actually open a branch reference23:55
lifeless(they resolve at open)23:55
lifelessthere was, once, a bug23:55
mwhudsonlifeless: yeah, it certainly shouldn't23:56
mwhudsonlifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/5889/ (apologies for the private url)23:57
lifelessyou should apologise for openid instead23:57
lifelessyour bash history may help reproduce23:58
mwhudsoni deleted the branch and pushed again, it worked fine this time23:58
pooliegood morning lifeless, all23:58
mwhudsoni know this happened to thumper a week or so ago23:58

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