genii_786soul: So long as your bios supports booting to the USB00:00
_786soulgenii: Alright that sounds good enough. I'll be doing this on an eeepc so hopefully the partitioning will go smooth!00:00
genii_786soul: There is also an eeepc channel, #eeepc00:01
DavidCanariasCan anyone guide me with VLC for copying DVD videos??? I get so far and stumble!!! I need help to get over the stumbling point plse!!!00:01
TheZealotAnyone know which package I can apt-get that comes with dig and other networking tools?00:02
the_lost_oneTheZealot, i guess its bind-tools ?00:02
unavailableasus m70vm intrepid mic not working00:03
TheZealotthe_lost_one: thanks a lot00:03
unavailableim in ubuntu+1 too00:03
the_lost_oneTheZealot, np mate :)00:03
NWSmartHi - got a small prob with Pidgin - can someone tell me which channel I should use to ask for assistance?00:03
unavailablehow do i enable conference mode in x chat?00:03
geniiNWSmart: Possibly #pidgin00:04
NWSmartcheers genii - much appreciated00:04
geniiNWSmart: You're welcome. If it's an Ubuntu-specific issue just report back here afterwards00:05
Rideh slapd restart yeilds tls init def ctx failed: -1  any ideas?00:06
=== andrijeski is now known as DRNK-E
TheZealotthe_lost_one: doh, doesn't look like bind-tools works, nothing found... I've been searching for this for 2 days, I'm not sure why it's so hard for me to find00:07
DavidCanariasDoes anyone know if there is a manual available anywhere on how to use VLC for copying DVD videos to the computer?00:07
bloodscorecan anyone help me with getting my wireless internet to work on my laptop?00:09
Ridehis there another channel for ubuntu server?00:10
_786soulWhat adapter are you using?00:10
akuma55i need some help installing mbuni. i got a error saying that it wont compile?00:10
lucaxi added cairo-dock to startup programs, and i dont know why it comes up a configuration window before starting the dock... can someone tell me how to just run the dock?00:10
bloodscorebroadcom is the company that makes it00:10
bloodscoreb43 i beleive00:10
Rideh slapd restart yeilds tls init def ctx failed: -1  any ideas?00:11
TheZealotthe_lost_one: ahh, it looks like the tools come in the package dnsutils00:11
kwyjiboanyone know of an X font that looks exactly like the vga text mode font when booting up?00:11
DavidCanariasNobody knows how to use VLC for copying DVD videos?? Can't believe it!!!!00:11
kwyjiboDavidCanarias: vlc isn't a dvd ripper00:12
Glad1While attempting to enable Lojban as a language, I checked the 'Support' checkbox for Lojban in Language Support. When I clicked 'OK,' then re-opened it, the checkbox had a line in it (rather than a check mark), and I am unable to set it as the default language. I have tried this all several times and have been unable to find any documentation online. Does anyone have any Ideas that may be able to help?00:12
onrekwyjibo, dunno if there's one readily made, but it wouldn't be that hard to just dump those off the character rom, if you know what you're doing. they're bitmaps, after all.00:12
kwyjiboonre: i don't know what i'm doing :<00:12
DavidCanariaskwyjibo: I was told yesterday that you could put in a DVD and copy it with VLC.00:12
akuma55DavidCanarias: use songbird00:13
kwyjiboDavidCanarias: i doubt it00:13
onrekwyjibo, then all i can suggest is googling for 'rom font' or something.00:13
DavidCanariasakuma55: What is songbird????00:13
dholbertDavidCanarias: Mozilla-based jukebox program00:14
dholbertDavidCanarias: (Google is your friend)00:14
bloodscorei need to manually install a driver. anyone able to help me? i have no idea here, i'm new to this00:14
DavidCanariasdholbert: akuma55: Thks I will google.00:15
RidehAnyone mind trying to help me with some ldap problmes?00:15
DavidCanariasakuma55: It's a jukebox. What I need is something to copy a DVD film video, not music. Someone suggested VLC yesterday and it does look it works, but can't find out how to do it successfully!!!! Any ideas guys???00:16
magnetronDavidCanarias→ i'd use any of the dvd backup/ripping tools in the repository00:17
magnetronDavidCanarias→ dvd:rip for instance00:17
deroCan anyone help me out with a little issue I'm having?00:17
_786souldero: what is this 'issue'00:18
DavidCanariasmagnetron: I have been using libdvdcss2 but had problems. Ripping isn't working for me.00:18
deroWhen I boot up my icons on my desktop appear for a second and then my home folder proceeds to open and close like 5 times00:18
deroAnd then my icons disappear and I can't access my home folder00:18
magnetronDavidCanarias→ you need a tool to rip, just plain libdvdcss2 will not help. try thoggen or dvdrip or any of the other fine dvdripping tools in the repos00:19
DavidCanariasdero: I had a similar problem last week and lost the icons. If you can get access then try adding a new user this resolved my problem.00:19
kushalsejwaldoes anybody uses Gambas here?00:19
DavidCanariasmagnetron: At one stage I could click on the DVD I had in my trap on the desktop and had the choice to copy disc. By copying disc it went into a folder with an iso. I didn't have to rip etc.,00:20
bloodscoreanyone know how to manually install a driver?00:20
smil3ybloodscore>  what driver?00:21
deroDavidCanarias Just ad another administrator in User and Groups?00:21
bloodscoresmil3y: driver for wireless adapter made by broadcom00:21
DavidCanariasdero: Yes when you boot normally it asks for a user right. Well create a new one and try this00:21
deroIf I make a new admin account will I still have access to all my files on this user?00:22
smil3ybloodscore>  you want restricted drivers for your kernel00:22
cabrioleurbloodboy, wireless drivers "made" by broadcom? That's suspicious.00:22
bloodscorethe adapter was manufactured by broadcom00:23
bloodscoreand what do you mean, smiley?00:23
kusanagi_ive got installed flashplugin-nonfree_10.0.12.36 but when i reopen ff, i go to complements and the plugin tab in ff it says i have installed shockwave flash 9.0 r999 gnash 0.8.4. The question is how do i install flash 10 in ff?00:23
smil3ybloodscore>  system> admin> hardware drivers, and enable broadcom driver00:23
deroDavidCanaris If I make a new admin account will I still have access to all my files on this user? Sorry I'm a n00b to ubuntu00:24
smil3ybloodscore>  if its not there, then search in synaptic for restricted drivers for your kernel which can be told by uname -a in a terminal00:24
bloodscorei get "While this driver itself is free software, it relies on proprietary firmware which cannot be legally shipped with the operating system. Your hardware will not work without the firmware."00:24
DavidCanariasdero: No you won't have access to the files of another user. The reason I suggested it is that there is an error. By creating another user then your desktop may go back to normal and the other user at the same time. At least it did for me. Give it a try. Good luck00:25
smil3ybloodscore>  yeah, enable it, its just telling you ubuntu doesnt maintain the driver so if theres bugs your out of luck00:25
bosky101anyone here got the xvfb to run on hardy?00:25
RaceDrv709I have an XP Pro/ Ubuntu Hardy dual boot and want to install Vista over XP.00:25
bloodscorei click enable, but it doesn't enable it00:26
smil3ybloodscore>  you have to reboot00:26
RaceDrv709Will I lose Ubuntu, or would I just have to reinstall GRUB00:26
DavidCanariasdero: Did you get my message? Do you know how to create a new user?00:26
bloodscorewhen my ATI driver did the same thing, it said "Needs restart to take effect" or something like that. the wireless driver doesn't say that00:27
Ridehhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/SingleSignOn error in documentation step 3.2.4 step 2 -outserver.pem -keyout server.pem need to be differnt files00:27
Azhi_DahakaHmm... I installed texlive-latex-extra but \includepackage{soul} doesn't work00:28
smil3ybloodscore>  well what does it say then when you click enable?00:28
chaquihello :-) im looking for the source code so I can install a patch in wine, I can't tell what subdir its in, or what the file is called00:28
bloodscore"not in use"00:29
smil3ybloodscore>  are you on 8.04?00:29
bloodscorei beleive so00:29
bloodscoreyep, 8.0400:29
chaquiis makefile.in the source?00:30
Azhi_Dahakado i need to add a path or reload something?00:31
smil3ybloodscore>  well if youve enabled and rebooted, then i guess your card isnt supported, i dont know, i stick with atheros myself, someone else jump in here00:31
bloodscoreits telling me i need firmware i dont have, and i was told by a friend that i need to manually install the driver00:32
smil3ybloodscore>  yeah your going to have to google your card type, i have no experience with broadcom00:33
smil3ybloodscore>  from a terminal type lspci and look for your card type there00:34
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bloodscorewhat does that command do?00:35
smil3ybloodscore>  then express your frustration to broadcom in email form00:35
smil3ybloodscore>  lists pci bus00:36
bloodscoreah. and could i express my frustration with a bat and their employees knees? usually that way is more soothing. hehe.00:37
smil3ybloodscore>  yeah a bat is nice.00:37
shiloh7_sounds like my attitude when i tried to return the laptop i bought with Vista00:37
bloodscore"Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 02)"00:37
=== akuma55_ is now known as akuma55
shiloh7_it runs ubuntu perfect00:38
smil3yshiloh7_>  yeah lemme guess, you dual booted it, and they wont take it back00:38
blueeyezsomebody danish in here that is involved with amarok?00:38
shiloh7_no, none of my stuff worked on vista, camera, printer, etc00:38
shiloh7_so i tried to return it00:38
shiloh7_when that failed i wiped out vista00:39
akuma55if i have a server with 6 hotswap bays do i need lvm and what is it00:39
shiloh7_runs ubuntu only00:39
smil3yshiloh7_>  lol, and everything worked out of the box with ubuntu right00:39
shiloh7_including the wireless that didnt work with vista00:39
the_lost_oneshiloh7_, that´s amazing haha00:40
bloodscorethis is completely off topic, but i just wanna say that the best zelda rap out there is the one called "ganon slayer" by madhatter00:40
shiloh7_the_lost_one, yeah im still snickering00:40
niallNeed some help with a printer issue00:41
smil3yniall> you check openprinting.org to see if its supported or not00:42
crazyb0yanyone using wlassistant in gnome ?00:43
predator363hello i have taken intrepid off and installed hardy but now i cannot get my ar5009 to pick up wireless networks and my resolution will not go above 800x600 in 61hz i have a cq50-115nr with an atheros ar5009 and geforce 8200m on a generic pnp built in lappy monitor and dont know how to solve these problems00:43
crazyb0ypredator363: come to #madwifi i will help you00:43
Ridehtls init def ctx failed: -1   on slapd restart    openssl resonpse errno=29 connection refused following instructi]ons from00:44
predator363on my way00:44
predator363do i need to stay in here for the resolution problems?00:44
bloodscorehey smiley, should "driver bcm4318 ubuntu" find what i need through google?00:44
crazyb0yjust come there00:44
smil3ypredator363>  have you enabled the restricted driver for both of the cards?00:45
smil3ybloodscore>  yeah or even just broadcom firmware ubuntu00:45
predator363smil3y on the graphics card i d/led the newest nvidia drivers and installed them now i get the option to configure it when i first boot but to no avail as the screen hickups and then boots into ubuntu in 800x60000:46
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sandailiI have a stupid question00:46
sandailihow do I know if my monitor is digital or analog LOL00:46
skorzenhello guys00:47
Azhi_DahakaGetting this error with the Soul package on latex...00:47
Azhi_DahakaI can't find file `ectt100000:47
Pulpie_inlovesandaili: do you have a VGA or DVI input/output?00:47
skorzensomething strange is happening to me00:47
smil3ypredator363>  theres no need to download from nvidia, the drivers are already in the restricted driver package you just need to enable it00:47
Azhi_DahakaSeems like the installation is botched?00:47
csilksandaili,  what type of monitor you got/ flat screen or old style crtc (like a tv)?00:47
sandailium....no it's an LCD00:47
skorzenif i try to read an original dvd with mplayer, it's all ok00:47
csilkit's digital lol00:47
Pulpie_inlovecsilk: not true00:47
skorzenbut when that dvd is a copy, it won't read00:47
whileimhereIs there a faster, smaller footprint, secure browser alternative to Firefox?00:47
Pulpie_inlovecsilk: i have an LCD that does both and i use anoglog00:47
csilkwell, maybe, do you connect via vga or dvi?00:47
Pulpie_inlovesandaili: what video card do you have?00:47
Pulpie_inlovecsilk: he said he doesn't know00:48
skorzenhere's the output00:48
csilkPulpie_inlove,  did he sau he doesn't know how he plugs it in?00:48
aaronorosensandaill: lspci | grep vga00:48
sandailiit's okay guys I'll find out just a sec00:48
Pulpie_inlovecsilk: exactly00:49
bloodscorei think i may have got it, i'll be back.00:49
csilkPulpie_inlove,  yeah sorry.. me being short sighted, thinking everyone has ditched vga just because I have00:50
sandailiI'll bbiab :)00:50
Pulpie_inlovecsilk: :( just because my KVM switch doesn't support DVI i haven't00:50
d2tehpso anyone know why i cannot seem to build the vmware tools modules under 8.04.1, ive got all the nessicary tools00:50
Pulpie_inloved2tehp: define build00:51
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Pulpie_inloveiceman_: hey00:51
ubuntu__hi hm, is there ANY way to improve the image if you use an external output (dvi) on your notebook?00:52
=== voisin_ is now known as crimepoff
ubuntu__image quality*00:52
ubuntu__that is00:52
sandailiit's just weird because I have a diamond point nxm76lcd and it says they sold it in analog and digital which is why i'm confused00:52
Pulpie_inlovesandaili: check on the back of your computer.00:52
sandailibut it looks like the same kind of end as an older computer cord would be for a monitor00:53
Pulpie_inlovesandaili: then take it off00:53
d2tehpPulpie_inlove trying to run sudo ./vmware-install.pl and it always fails when it gets to the point of compiling vmxnet and others00:53
terrestrethere's a easy way to trasnform a lot of .odt files into .odt?00:53
Pulpie_inlovesandaili: get a picture of VGA and DVI and remember then unplug it00:53
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: huh00:54
sandailiis vga analog then :) thanks00:54
Pulpie_inloved2tehp: you mean compile00:54
d2tehpyea i guess00:54
Pulpie_inloved2tehp: USE PASTEBIN to give us a log of the compile00:54
terrestrethere's a easy way to take a lot of .doc files and change it to .odt?00:55
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: lol rename them.00:55
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: linux doesn't depend on file exts00:55
w0ls0n18K people in ubuntu LOL00:56
the_lost_onewe rock00:56
Pulpie_inlove18k? more like 1.3k00:56
w0ls0nI am setting up an nfs share and I am trying to mo0unt the share in EXSi. It won't allow me to mount it. My showmount -e shows Export list for ubuntu-backup:00:57
* w0ls0n was being sarcastic00:57
Pulpie_inlove1.3k isn't alot when you take away idle bots00:58
w0ls0nwhat are the default permissions supposed to be on that folder?00:58
w0ls0nyea true00:58
f|ukeHelp? I'm sharing my server:/home/user/ via NFS. I've mounted a 500gig drive in /home/user/drive/. I can access the contents and subdirs of /users/, but cannot see /drive/00:58
ARCKEDAI have have dreams you know.  Visions.  Nightmares.  Whatever you want to call them, they're there.  Artifacts of a part of my past long since buried, fragments of memories lost.  They're constant, woven in between my thoughts and actions, though try as I might I can never grasp them, they slip away as soon as reach out.  And try as I might I can never ignore them, they will always be there, like a splinter scratching against the back o00:59
ARCKEDAf my mind, driving me insane.00:59
f|ukethat is, all i get is an empty /drive/ directory00:59
ARCKEDACrap, sorry, ignore that, wrong channel.00:59
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the_lost_onef|uke. you must share also /home/user/drive as a unique export also00:59
Pulpie_inlovef|uke: define server how are you runing nfs on a linux server and why are you not mounting in /media ?00:59
DrXif your drive fails, do u have to repartition ur new or existing drive exactly the same way in order to restore the dd partition images?01:00
f|ukeWhy mount in media? its handy to have everything in my home dir.   the_lost_one,. I was going to try that, but i thought i might be able to fix it in /etc/exports/01:00
the_lost_onef|uke, and that´s because its a diferent mount point that /home/user01:01
f|ukewhen sharing in shfs, i dont have that problem01:01
d2tehpthe_lost_one i prefer to mount in /mnt and symlink to my home directory01:01
the_lost_onef|uke, its a not problem, its just how works :)01:01
f|ukethe_lost_one: haaaa. right ;) well thanks m8.01:02
the_lost_onef|uke, no prob, enjoy nfs :)01:02
w0ls0nI am setting up an nfs share and I am trying to mo0unt the share in EXSi. It won't allow me to mount it. My showmount -e shows Export list for ubuntu-backup:01:02
w0ls0n /backup/nfs ubuntu-backup01:02
w0ls0nany ideas ?01:02
bloodscoresmil3y, are you still here?01:03
the_lost_onew0ls0n, whats EXSi ?01:03
smil3ybloodscore>  yup01:03
w0ls0nVMWare without the host OS01:03
deathtechgot an issue with grub on my ubuntu install on a latitude C600, it takes an inordinate amount of time to actually get past grub, it sits there forever, then eventually boots, i dont see any odd flags, any thoughts ?01:03
deathtechOther Distros using grub oddly enough dont do this, only ubuntu....01:03
terrestrePulpie_inlove, i want those files get indexed by tracker01:03
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: what?01:04
bloodscoresmil3y, i got an error message that said i need to run "dpkg --configure -a"01:04
the_lost_onew0ls0n, the problem should be in /etc/exports, something like IP adress, or read write flags (rw)01:04
mgromanMay someone show me their config.h for dwm v5.2 please?  My rules[] are all fawked up01:04
bloodscoreit only gives me a message sayin i need superuser privelege01:05
D3RGPS31I'm on a remote machine, how do I launch a GUI application on my host machine?01:05
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: so rename them... tracker will update its self01:05
w0ls0nthe_lost_one /backup/nfs     ubuntu-backup(rw,no_root_squash)01:05
terrestreyou think tracker would be able to read the contents of those files?01:05
kexmanis ubuntu like kubuntu ?01:05
kexmani have a very veryvery big DISLIK about kubuntu right now01:05
deathtechUbuntu is Kubuntu with KDE rather than gnome :01:05
smil3ybloodscore>  yeah sudo dpkg --configure -a    means that everything downloaded didnt install yet, go ahead and run it in a terminal01:06
the_lost_onew0ls0n, that machine resolves properlly the network name ubuntu-backup?01:06
Pulpie_inloveterrestre: of course01:06
terrestrelets see01:06
w0ls0nno I am typing the ip address in the hostname01:06
the_lost_onew0ls0n, try setting up the Ip adress01:06
terrestrewhat is the command to do that? :)01:06
deathtechAnyone else ran into this ridiculous long grub boot time ?01:06
w0ls0ndeathtech what hardware?01:06
bloodscore"user is not in the sudoers file. this will be reported"01:07
kexmanso i managed to install kubuntu01:07
ubuntu__yay, thanks!01:07
kexmanhow do i install some additional programs now ?01:07
xiamxkexman, use aptitude01:07
Frogzoo_kexman: click on "add programs" in the menu bar01:07
geniideathtech: Yes, basically Kubuntu is just a different desktop but it can use the core of Ubuntu underneath01:07
kexmanFrogzoo_: cant find wine nor mozilla in there01:07
kexmanxiamx: i did01:08
ubuntu__hi hm, is there ANY way to improve the imagequality if you use an external output (dvi) on your notebook, with a nvidia go 7400?01:08
smil3ybloodscore>  try gksudo or sudo -s01:08
kexmanand i pressed update01:08
kexmanis that bad ?01:08
FloodBot1kexman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:08
deathtechw0ls0n: its a Dell Latitude C600. Not the fastest but its like 180 seconds before it actually looks like its booting the kernel. This has happend so far only on ubuntu oddly enough, I had ARchlinux, used grub no issue01:08
Frogzoo_kexman: use synaptic01:08
kexmanFrogzoo_: no synaptic installed by kubuntu01:08
xiamxkexman, you want wine, just apt-get install wine01:08
Frogzoo_kexman: and enable the multiverse repo01:08
w0ls0nthats after grub loads?01:08
kexmanxiamx: did that01:08
deathtechi select it and then get a nice blinking cursor01:08
kexmanwas told that wine (package) doesnt exists01:08
deathtechthen like forever later the kernel aactually starts booting01:08
kexmanall i did now is run aptitude and pressed "u"01:09
kexmanno idea what it does :P01:09
w0ls0nno idea there01:09
kexmani have gentoo01:09
kexmanfriend asked for linux01:09
kexmani recommended kde01:09
bloodscoresmil3y, i got a bunch of commands now.01:09
deathtechthe first message i see is some kind of K_init resume, so im wondering if it has something to do with the resume function ? i also heard that i could try compiling grub with -nofloppy and that has worked, but im unsure how to do so01:09
kexmannow he was one but we want to install mozilla and pidgin and wine and stuff like that on it01:09
smil3ybloodscore>  what do you mean01:09
jrib!enter | kexman01:09
ubottukexman: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:09
xiamxkexman, try to build from source, the package version is buggy when running something in 3D01:10
jrib!repositories > kexman01:10
ubottukexman, please see my private message01:10
jrib!wine > kexman01:10
bloodscoreit came up with different commands i could use to do different things. e.g. --login --prompt01:10
D3RGPS31how do i run a GUI application from TTYx to TTY7?01:10
LjLD3RGPS31: DISPLAY:0 applicationname01:10
Commie_Carywhats the command to remove broken packages01:10
LjLD3RGPS31: DISPLAY=:0 applicationname01:10
jribD3RGPS31: set DISPLAY to match what it is on TTY701:10
D3RGPS31wooo \o/ thanks LjL01:11
smil3ybloodscore>  not sure what your talking about, you were suppose to run gksudo dpkg --configure -a01:11
bloodscorei did. got a message "unknown command --configure"01:11
=== LBSources- is now known as LBSources
xiamxIs there a precomplied version of mono in dpkg package?01:12
Ades holaaaaaaaaaaaaaa01:12
jribxiamx: yes01:12
xiamxIs there a precomplied version of mono 2.0 in dpkg package?01:12
smil3ybloodscore>  did you put a space before --configure?01:12
xiamxjrib, i don't see 2.0 in the repo01:12
jribxiamx: where are you looking?01:12
bloodscoresorry, it was unrecognized option, not unknown command01:13
xiamxjrib. ,mono2.0 dkpg package01:13
smil3ybloodscore>  no idea then, you have bigger problems than wireless then, you need to fix sudo first01:13
smil3ybloodscore>  that dpkg command works fine here01:13
jribxiamx: I'm on intrepid.  Let me check hardy01:13
mgromansmil3y: no01:13
xiamxjrib, ok thx, massage me later01:13
Ades che cual carjo hera el canal de argentina01:14
bloodscorehow would i fix sudo?01:14
jribxiamx: http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/mono-2.0-devel is that what you want?01:14
cabrioleurbloodboy, visudo01:14
jribbloodscore: how exactly is it broken?01:15
xiamxjrib, ehmm, no, i want mono, not mono-dev01:15
bloodscorewhy do some see me as bloodscore and some as bloodboy?01:15
bloodscoreand i'm not sure how its broken. just not running a command that it should01:15
cabrioleurbloodscore, because of tab :-)01:15
smil3ybloodboy>  there not hitting tab enough times01:15
jribxiamx: mono-2.0-service then?01:15
smil3ysorry i just did it ;lol01:15
cabrioleurbloodscore, does it run everything else?01:16
jribbloodscore: you need to be more specific01:16
Dar1usAnyone know how I can get the kernel to reset tcp connections?01:16
Dar1usie on resume I want it to nuke all the previous tcp connections01:16
smil3yhes saying that --configure says not an available option for dpkg01:16
Dar1ustcpkill doesn't DTRT01:16
jrib!cn | siqi01:17
ubottusiqi: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:17
xiamxjrib, i got it01:17
xiamxsiqi, join ubuntu-cn01:17
siqijoin ubuntu01:18
cabrioleurSlack quit? Heck, Pat was here :-D01:18
geniisiqi: /join #ubuntu-cn01:18
=== AskHL_ is now known as AskHL
siqizen me qu cn?01:18
bloodscorehold on... i will be back. sometimes restarting the computer helps for no apparent reason. just telling it to behave or it will sit in darkness forever, i guess.01:18
xiamxsiqi, 打 /join #ubuntu-cn01:18
adessq q cores for me you got against the Argentine vos01:18
jribadess: what?01:18
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adessNo q resin corieron me a channel for q soi Argentine channel # apache01:19
jrib!es | adess01:20
ubottuadess: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.01:20
adessche q used with deep01:21
break_freeum, when I try to sudo a command it gives me: timestamp too far in the future: Oct 20 22:48:13 2008.... which is now. How is that the future?01:25
the_lost_onei whas to answer that one :(01:29
the_lost_onehey break_free01:29
break_freesorry, i lost connection01:29
the_lost_onetry this01:29
the_lost_one1. Check the timestamp sudo reports (will look something like below).01:29
the_lost_onesudo: timestamp too far in the future: Jun 17 08:17:55 200601:29
the_lost_one2. Use Adjust Date & Time to set the date/time to the sudo timestamp or later.01:29
the_lost_one3. Execute the 'sudo -k' command. (Clears the timestamp).01:29
the_lost_one4. Use Adjust Date & Time to set the date/time back to the correct values.01:29
zumeHey everyone <301:29
FloodBot1the_lost_one: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:29
kitchebreak_free: looks like your system time and your hardware time is different actually if sudo is complaining about that01:30
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break_freekitche, but the sudo time and the date/time in ubuntu are the same01:30
CuteKitten*raises hand*01:30
LjLbreak_free: try "sudo -k"01:30
terrestrethreres a commando to rename several files?01:31
LjLterrestre: it's called "rename"01:31
the_lost_onebreak_free, you can follow this thread that solved the problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=17350501:31
terrestrethanks LjL01:31
break_freethe_lost_one, thanks01:31
the_lost_onebreak_free, np :)01:32
d2tehptrying to compile vmware tools on ubuntu 8.04.1, i have all the nessicary tools afaik (gcc, binutils, make, my kernel sources) keeps erroring out on the kernel compile though...heres the output http://pastebin.com/fab573a601:32
bloodscoresmil3y, you here still? :P01:32
d2tehpmy kernel headers ***01:32
LjLbreak_free: please don't change your system time unless you find no other working solution. try "sudo -k" and "sudo -K" first.01:32
CuteKittenCan someone quench my query. I'm curious about TextToSpeech in Ubuntu/Gnome. Orca makes me want to bash my screen in with a moose.01:32
break_freeLjL, i tried that and it kept saying that it's too far in the future01:32
LjL!cn | philo01:32
ubottuphilo: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:32
break_freeLjL, actually, the timestamp in terminal is 15 minutes ahead01:33
LjLbreak_free: then it'll probably fix itself in 15 minutes ;)01:33
bloodscorehow do i make myself a superuser?01:34
sicentIt is so noisy and crowdy, here, always, hehe01:34
d2tehpmake it http://paste.ubuntu.com/60324 sorry about the goofy characters in the last link, once again vmware tools install on ubuntu 8.04.101:34
LjL!sudo | bloodscore01:34
ubottubloodscore: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome), or !kdesu (KDE)01:34
kudakhey guys01:35
thinkl00pare there any repositories with the updated version of gtk-gnutella?01:35
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wartalkermy gconf has corrupted, how to recover it?01:35
sicentFloodBot is busy, heihei01:35
bloodscoresudo is what is giving me the trouble. wont let me run a --configure command01:35
LjLsicent, try to stay on topic01:36
jribbloodscore: what *exactly* are you running?01:36
LjLbloodscore: what's a --configure command?01:36
sicentLjL, no worries, nothing serious01:36
bloodscoredpkg --configure -a01:36
LjLah, so the command is dpkg.01:36
jribbloodscore: there is no sudo in that command01:36
LjLbloodscore: what exactly does it tell you?01:36
bloodscoredpkg: requested operation requires superuser privilege01:37
thinkl00pis there any fast way of installing a .tar.bz2 in ubuntu?01:37
jribthinkl00p: what do you want to install?01:37
LjLbloodscore: err, you do need to put "sudo" in front of it. "sudo" won't magically know you're invoking it.01:37
LjLbloodscore: have you read the link at all?01:37
the_lost_onethinkl00p, are you sure you cant install that with apt-get ?01:37
Commie_Caryapt-get dosnt apear to be workering for this reason01:38
thinkl00pjrib: trying to install the latest version of gtk-gnutella. But through synaptic it only gets me an older version01:38
LjLthinkl00p: a .tar.bz2 file is merely a compressed archive (like a .zip, which you might have encountered). there's no way to "install" it without knowing what it contains01:38
LjL!latest | thinkl00p01:38
ubottuthinkl00p: Packages in a released Ubuntu version may not be the latest. Post-release updates are only considered for inclusion if they are: Fixes for security vulnerabilities, High impact bug fixes, or Unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit and very low risk. See also !backports.01:38
Commie_Carydose anybody know whats wrong?01:38
kudakguys, where can i view/edit the links between commands and path to execute ?01:38
bloodscorei was told by smil3y to put gksudo infront of it, and i was getting a bunch of stuf01:38
jribkudak: why?01:38
bloodscoreadmin@chris-laptop:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a01:39
bloodscore[sudo] password for admin:01:39
bloodscoreSetting up java-common (0.28ubuntu3) ...01:39
thinkl00pso what if its not the latest version... i have to manually install it?01:39
bloodscoreis what i just did01:39
jribbloodscore: then it is working01:39
Commie_CaryLjL: http://paste.ubuntu.com/60326/01:39
sabauadear mak, PLEASE put OO.o3 into Itrepid!!01:39
bloodscorethen that worked? awesome01:39
adessAs che sell pendrai of 8g in U.S.01:39
adessAs che sell pendrai of 8g in U.S.01:39
kudakjrib: python open the 3 version, and i want it to open the 2.5v in /usr/bin/python, i dont feel like tryping the whole path every time :)01:39
bloodscore<-- complete linux nooblety\01:39
terrestrePulpie_inlove, thanks youe, now tracker read the doc renamed odt files01:39
bloodscoreand typing, too, apparently01:39
thinkl00pis there something else u can use besdies gtk-gnutella for getting mp3s then in ubuntu?01:39
guineapigwhat's a simple mail transport I can use? i want to send some mails to remote addresses from the command line or from cron jobs. Is exim or sendmail overkill?01:39
CuteKittenHow can I replace "distributor-logo.png"?01:39
Commie_Carycan someone help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/60326/ <--- fix this prb01:39
jribkudak: what version of ubuntu is this?  python 3 isn't even released yet01:39
the_lost_onethinkl00p, try nicotine01:40
kudakjrib: i installed the source01:40
adessAs che sell pendrai of 8g in U.S. ???01:40
kudakjrib: and 8.0401:40
the_lost_onethinkl00p, it just rocks01:40
jribkudak: uninstall the source01:40
break_freeLjl, i set the hardware time to the correct time, but it still gives me the too far into the future thing01:40
kudakjrib: they are working independet, i can have both, i just want the 2.5 as default01:40
CuteKittenHow can I replace this, it wont let me: "/usr/share/icons/hicolor/48x48/apps/distributor-logo.png"01:40
thinkl00pok thank you01:40
guineapigis there something easier to use than exim?01:40
jribkudak: yeah.  You need to install it correctly.  Use make altinstall, not make install01:40
the_lost_onethinkl00p, np01:40
LjLbreak_free: have you tried just rebooting?01:41
break_freeno, i'll try that and if it doesn't work I'll come nag you some more. :)01:41
guineapigis postfix the default ubuntu mail transport?01:41
Commie_Carycan someone help me? http://paste.ubuntu.com/60326/ <--- fix this prb01:41
kudakjrib: i have both 2.5v and 3v running and working perfectly, all i want is 'python' to go to v2.5 instead of 301:41
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jribthinkl00p: apt-cache search gnutella   will give you other gnutella clients01:41
ReaperErr... Can someone please inform me how to replace that dang .PNG menu logo.01:42
jribkudak: I understand.  And I recommend that you uninstall 3 and install it using altinstall. In any case, where did you install it to?01:42
LjLCommie_Cary: try "sudo apt-get --reinstall install binfmt-support"01:43
jribthe_lost_one: there's also frostwire (google, they have an ubuntu deb)01:43
LogicalThoughthey i was setting up my email in ubuntu for gmail the sending msg server is smtp.gmail.com01:43
LogicalThoughtis this correct?01:43
wartalkerhow to recorve gconf01:43
kudakjrib: tbh, i dont remember :), dude, i just need to konw how to make python go to /usr/bin/python2.5, i can make a script to do that and just write py or something, but i prefer to know how to change it for future uses..01:43
the_lost_onejrib, thank´s, i´ll check it :)01:44
jribkudak: 'which python' will tell you01:44
marshaliumanyone able to print from NetBeans?01:44
LjLwartalker: how is it broken?01:44
kudakjrib: wahh nice command, thx :), and /usr/local/bin/python01:45
ReaperSomeone mentioned FrostWire, but I don't see it in Add/Remove.01:45
WintervenomI can't figure out why Catalyst 8.10 does screen corruption in full-screen apps and games.  It goes away if I put them back in Windowed mode.01:45
LjLReaper: that's because it's not there. but there's a third-party .deb somewhere.01:45
LongbowSirOk I have cruised through the intro,but I still don't see clear instructions for how to add servers to th elist on here01:45
wartalkerLjL: i did it, i do not know what it does?01:45
WintervenomIt does this in both the new and the old X.org.  I have a Radon HD 3100 (IGP).01:45
jribkudak: rename it then.  I'm not sure if altinstall does more though.  So you would be better off just uninstalling and reinstalling using make altinstall as it's meant for this situation01:45
LjLwartalker: sorry?01:45
LjLyou did what?01:45
LjL!ar | adess01:46
ubottuadess: La comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe01:46
ReaperDo install badges (The diamond shaped blue icon) work yet in ubuntu beta?01:46
LordMetroidthe symbolic link I just created has a mode of 777 can I change it, I tried chmod -c 755 but it stayed the same01:46
jribLongbowSir: add servers to the list on where?01:46
jribLordMetroid: symlinks are always 77701:46
dulakLordMetroid: symlinks are always 777, since they just pass through to the perms of the target01:46
adess<LjL> GRAXXXX CAPO BUT I see q What are deep by aki01:46
LjLadess: parse error on line one01:47
wartalkerLjL: i delete .gconf/system/networking/wireless when i config network-manager?01:47
LordMetroidok, but doesn't that mean that unintended people can rewrite them?01:47
LongbowSirto add to the server list on xchat01:47
jribLordMetroid: try it out01:47
the_lost_oneLjL, lol at parse error01:47
ReaperWoohoo the FrostWire homepage has a huge Ubuntu logo!01:48
LordMetroidjrgp, good, I can't delete it from another user... *phew*01:49
jribLogicalThought: http://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1328701:49
LordMetroidthank you jrib for explaining it all01:49
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=== ANTI-EMO is now known as Ades
Reaper*Does the FrostWire-just-installed-super-easy dance*01:52
td123Hi, what's the easiest way to set up dual monitors on a laptop?01:52
ReaperDuel monitors of different resolutions in Ubuntu? Scary -_-'01:53
turkoi registered my nick but didn get the email to confirm, is there a way to re-send it?01:53
ReaperI gave up on Duel monitors :P01:53
td123Reaper: ya01:53
the_lost_oneturko, i think there´s no email to confirm01:53
td123Reaper: its not scary, its just boring..01:54
turkobut i cant join some channels because i am not registered....01:54
turkoand when i go to info on the nickserv it says my registrarion needs confirmation01:54
the_dudeturko, so do it :)01:55
turkobut i didnt get the email01:55
turkoso i cant confirm01:55
the_dudeturko, have you checked garbage and spam?01:55
the_dudeturko, so change the email maybe...01:56
the_dudeturko, whats the email service? yahoo? hot?01:56
turkocant do it either01:56
the_dudeturko, so i dont know man, what channel do you wanna get in?01:56
turkowhen i try to change it says i need to confirm the email first01:56
the_dudeturko, are you from the forum?01:57
pillow_ofdoomI have never been to an IRC. And i am confused as hell..01:57
turkoi need to register on the forum to access?01:57
pillow_ofdoomI had no fucking clue what an IRC was when some guy mentioned it.01:58
the_dudeTurko, i dont think so, but im from the forum, and i can maybe tell then this problem01:58
the_dudeturko, whre r u from?01:58
the_dudeturko, k wait a sec ill create a topic.01:58
turkook thx01:58
the_dudeturko, go to the another window01:59
stankilsAnyone knows of a gui firewall(like firestarter, but not) that can set up rules based on application, let's say allow only firefox to access any host but only on port 80? Is that possible to do manually using netfilter?01:59
Adessos de brasil02:03
Ades yo argentino02:03
hlfshellis there a package i have to install ot be able to open/deal with RAR files?02:08
dr_willis!rar | hlfshell02:08
ubottuhlfshell: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free02:08
hlfshellthank you dr_willis !02:08
dr_willishlfshell,  unrar is in the repos02:08
jken146rar is in medibuntu02:08
dr_willishlfshell,  ivve had to use wine with winrar.exe inthe past for some bad-behaving rars'02:08
hlfshelldo i have to add repositories to get the rar stuff?02:08
jken146unrar (for unpacking rar files) is in the ubuntu repos02:09
hlfshellactually nm found it in synaptic. thanks for the help guys.02:09
hlfshellill keep in mind the wine tip too02:09
jken146but if you want to make rar files you'll need the package rar (see medibuntu.org)02:09
guineapiganyone know a good guide on how to relay my outgoing mail through dreamhost's smtp?02:10
kunwon1guineapig, there's a #dreamhost on this network, with lots of people who know a lot about dh02:11
passivei receive an error while removing glom/postgres02:11
predator363anyone in?02:12
SpinachHeadhow to run archive manager as root?02:12
jken146gsku file-roller02:13
jribSpinachHead: why would you want to though?02:13
jken146indeed. why?02:13
dman777anyone here use slocate?02:13
SpinachHeadwont let me ectract to usr/local02:13
CapTechI do.02:13
guineapigkunwon1: thanks02:13
kunwon1np guineapig02:13
dman777CapTech, i can't get the -e flag to work for me. i want to exclude the /usr directory in my search02:14
predator363madwifi chat is dead can anyone help me and this guy crazyb0y were working to get my wifi working but he had to go can anyone help me?02:14
user_i have an eeepc with a 4GB sdhc card. i formatted it as ext3 but when i mount it in terminal, even with -w its read only. how do i make it read/write02:14
CapTechdman777: You have to: sudo slocate -u -e /usr02:14
CapTechdman777: That should work for you.02:15
CapTechdman777: You don't actually exclude it in your search.  You have to exclude it from your database build.02:15
jken146user_: check the permissions on the mount point.02:15
CapTechdman777: However, in order to readd it, you have to: sudo slocate -u again.02:15
SpinachHeadah, thx gksu worked02:16
dman777CapTech, so if i want to exclude a dir, i have to recreate the slocate database everytime?02:16
CapTechdman777: Correct.02:16
DILi want to add a login banner so i edited /etc/issue but i dont see the banner when i login what am i doing wrong02:17
dr_willisUsers can create ther own locate databases I recall..02:17
dman777CapTech, isn't that time consumeing defeating the whole purpose of slocate?02:17
jribdman777: just grep the output?02:17
CapTechdman777: Read the help file...02:17
CapTech   -e <dir1,dir2,...> - Exclude directories from the slocate database when using the -u or -U options.02:17
dr_willisDIL,  i was thinking /etc/issue got 'generated' at each boot up.  I forget what makes it however...02:17
dman777CapTech, i didn't have that last part in mine02:17
CapTechdman777: It only works with the -u or -U commands.02:17
user_jken146, its 77702:17
CapTechdman777: Which means when building the databases.02:17
dkulchenkoi've connected a pocket pc to ubuntu one, it was recognized and detected. then I unplugged it, tried plugging it again, but it is not detected as anything other than a USB device. what's wrong?02:18
user_jken146, but after i mount it hos 75502:18
alesanhi, how do I enable root login in gnome? which file should I modify. I know how to do that in KDE but I don't remember in gnome02:18
predator363madwifi chat is dead can anyone help me and this guy crazyb0y were working to get my wifi working but he had to go can anyone help me?02:18
jken146user: check mount options.  type 'mount'02:18
CapTechdman777: Sorry, that wasn't meant as a RTFM, I was trying to help you see what it shows for the -e flag.02:18
bloodscorei've another problem. when i play a music file (mp3 in this case)  it opens with movie player and it plays no sound. i have heard it play system sounds before though. what should i do?02:18
xomp!ask | predator36302:19
ubottupredator363: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)02:19
predator363i dident ask to ask a question wtf i streight up asked if somone could help me02:19
user_i have an eeepc with a 4GB sdhc card. i formatted it as ext3 but when i mount it in terminal, even with -w its read only. how do i make it read/write02:20
xomp!u | predator36302:20
ubottupredator363: Unless you're Dutch or Flemish, or a government officer, the letter 'U' is not a pronoun.  If you want to be taken more seriously, please bother to type out the extra letters in "you".  The same goes for "are", "why", "because", "anyone", and so on..02:20
alesanxomp: why the government officers are exempt?02:20
LjLalesan: why don't you ask us how to open up your network to hackers, destroy your data, and make the monitor explode? it would probably be swifter02:20
CapTechdman777: Did that answer your question, or do you need further help with slocate?02:21
chaddyalesan: like M and Q in James Bond02:21
dman777CapTech, kinda. i am doing a slocate rc -ue /usr and it is giving me nothing back even though there is a /etc/rc.conf file02:21
xomp!caps | predator36302:21
ubottupredator363: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:21
LjLpredator363: calm down, and drop the caps.02:21
alesanLjL: so you really thing that closing a graphical login in gdm will stop "hackers" (have you ever read the jargon file?)02:21
chaddypredator363: try writing in english02:22
Aquahallicj #ubuntu-mythtv02:22
alesanLjL anyway, it was simple, /etc/gdm/gdm.conf -> AllowRoot=True02:22
bloodscorecould anyone help me figure out why my sound isn't working when i try to play a song?02:22
user_can someone please help me02:22
predator363im getting gryped at from the chat bot and i dident even do the crap its saying i did02:22
user_i have an eeepc with a 4GB sdhc card. i formatted it as ext3 but when i mount it in terminal, even with -w its read only. how do i make it read/write02:22
dkulchenkopredator363: calmly ask the question02:22
jribpredator363: just state the issue or ask your specific question on a single line.  If someone can help you, they will02:22
LjLalesan: good, you found that out by yourself. now don't ever ask for support here if anything goes wrong.02:22
kitchepredator363: asking for help isn't really asking a question for support since most just ask the real question02:22
predator363i did omg you are all compleate retards02:22
CapTechdman777: Okay... one bit at a time.  The slocate -u is only used to build a database, not to search it.02:22
eeliotthekinghello all02:22
CapTechdman777: To search it, simply type: locate rc02:22
alesanchaddy: I am not familiar with those characters...02:23
FezzlerWhere do I find an old nvidia driver that is 100.14.19?02:23
eeliotthekingcan anyone help me? im having a couple of problems with GRUB02:23
dkulchenkoThank god predator363 left02:23
dman777CapTech, ok, now i am getting somewhere thanx. i thought locate was an alias/variable for slocate?02:23
Fezzleror nvidia-linux-x86-100.14.19.pkg1.tar02:24
alesanLjL: ok I will leave the channel before you ban me also, because I ask "taboo" questions02:24
CapTechdman777: It is, you could do: slocate rc02:24
jken146Fezzler: the nvidia-glx-legacy package?  does that work?02:24
CapTechdman777: But the -u is only used to build a database.  As such, the -e will only work to eliminate directories when building it, not while searching it.02:24
FezzlerI need that specific one02:25
Pulpie_inloveNew to linux, check out http://fushi.sf.net A program to help people to learn linux.02:25
dman777CapTech, ok. nextime i do a updatedb is that going to wipe out my exclude directory option i sat before when i did slocate -ue /usr?02:25
user_i have an eeepc with a 4GB sdhc card. i formatted it as ext3 but when i mount it in terminal, even with -w its read only. how do i make it read/write ?02:25
LjLPulpie_inlove, advertisement is not welcome here.02:25
eeliotthekingi know you guys probably get tired of helping people all the time, but may someone please assist me?  im having problems with GRUB even after re-installing it.02:25
samferryHello, CapTech :)02:25
CapTechdman777: Nope.  When you updatedb, it will update the db using the last settings you used when you ran the slocate -u command.02:26
jribuser_: did you set proper permissions on it?02:26
CapTechHello, Sam.02:26
bloodscoreanyone know why Movie Player would be outputting no sound?02:26
user_jrib yes02:26
engemec_whats you ubuntu version?02:26
Pulpie_inloveLjL: its not advertising its suggesting a way to learn which is endorsed by ubuntu.02:26
CapTechdman777: It will continue to use the last slocate -u settings until you run slocate -u again.02:26
kunwon1bloodscore, you're trying to play mp3s right? do you have ubuntu-restricted-extras installed?02:26
dman777CapTech, ok, great. also, i did a which for locate and slocate and they appear to be two spereate executables. how is this?02:26
jribuser_: pastebin the output of 'mount' and 'ls -ld /path/to/mount/point'02:27
bloodscore8.04. mp3 and wma02:27
eeliotthekingi continue to recieve the "error 17" error even after re-installing GRUB and following directions on the site02:27
kunwon1!mp3 | bloodboy02:27
ubottubloodboy: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:27
kunwon1oops, bloodscore see above02:27
Pulpie_inlovekunwon1: lol you think they would get that thing to notice or pm you02:27
Fezzlerit may be on my system.  how do i find it?02:27
CapTechdman777: technically slocate is a "security" enhanced version, however, I've never searched using slocate, I only build the DB's with it.02:27
eeliotthekingand im somewhat new to ubuntu still02:27
CapTechdman777: To each his own.02:27
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, what?02:28
CapTechdman777: You can search with either.02:28
bloodscoreubuntu restricted extras are the codecs that it asked for when i tried to play a song at first, right?02:28
dman777CapTech, can i assume they use the same database?02:28
CapTechdman777: Correct.02:28
kunwon1bloodscore, yes, most likely02:28
bloodscorethose are installed.02:28
jken146bloodscore: could have been gstreamer-plugins-bad02:28
Pulpie_inlovekunwon1: the bot, it should pm people instead of flood the channel its used to oftend to not02:28
unopdman777, slocate only lists files that you have permissions to access02:28
kunwon1bloodscore, do you have the package ubuntu-restricted-extras installed? that's what you need02:29
dman777CapTech, will this work also? slocate -u -e /*/i_don't_want_dir02:29
jken146bloodscore: not that it really matters (sorry)02:29
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, the bot offends you?02:29
bloodscorewhere would i find that at, kunwon1?02:29
Guest15839como se yama el canal02:29
jrib!es | Guest1583902:29
ubottuGuest15839: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:29
kunwon1bloodscore, you can install it with aptitude, sudo aptitude install ubuntu-restricted-extras02:29
Pulpie_inlovekunwon1: it just makes a mess of an already crowded channel02:29
kunwon1bloodscore, it takes some time02:29
eeliotthekinganyone please?  i am running ubuntu off of a 500 GB external firewire Hard drive, and i have Black XP installed on my main hard drive02:29
Omikanecan someone help me setup my samba sharing?02:29
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, the bot is used as an aid to help inform people about things they need help with, which is the purpose of this channel02:30
jrib!samba > Omikane02:30
ubottuOmikane, please see my private message02:30
jribOmikane: I just right click -> properties -> share02:30
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, and this is probably offtopic02:30
user_jrib mount output: /dev/sdb on /media/disk type ext3 (rw) other command output: drwxr-xr-x 3 root root 4096 2008-10-20 19:56 /media/disk/02:30
dman777CapTech, i tried it but slocate did like the wildcard for the first dir02:30
jribuser_: only root has write permissions02:30
jrib!permissions > user_02:30
ubottuuser_, please see my private message02:30
CapTechdman777: Actually, that's how it is supposed to be used: slocate -u -e /path/to/exclude.  As to whether or not you can use a wildcard, I don't think so.02:30
Pulpie_inlovekunwon1: Im just saying they should follow in the foot steps of #debian like usual and have their bot pm/notice someone instead of spam in the channel.02:31
dman777CapTech, thanx. you've been alot of help!02:31
kunwon1bloodscore, I had to reboot after installing that, before my mp3s would play. you probably will too02:31
user_ok fixed it thanks02:31
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CaptainMorgancrtoe, my laptop has a memory max of 4 gigs... our discussion over the weekend concerned my laptop that had currently only had 2 gigs... I installed the remaining to 2 gigs today and the vm along with the general ubuntu system itself have shown *dramatic* improvement.... the vm was previously only allotted about 748 mb - 1024 mb worth of memory, now it gets the full 2048, the issue with heat and performance are nearly gone... t02:31
CaptainMorganhe battery discharge also shows sign of reduced speed in discharge... memory, appears to solve vm issues too :)02:31
dman777CapTech, i'm using gentoo :) but i come here because the following is so large i can find good support for CLI questions02:31
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, why is it spam? If it's in the main channel, others can learn from it too, other than the single recipient of a private message02:31
CapTechdman777: Thanks.  Please let me know if you need any more help.  :)02:31
After_MathWould it be ok to install VirtualBox that was intended for 8.04 on 8.10?02:31
Denisewhere is david02:31
kunwon1Pulpie_inlove, if you want to continue this conversation let's go to #ubuntu-offtopic02:31
geniiAfter_Math: No02:32
CapTechdman777: Best of luck to you.  :)  I love the CLI.  CLI FTW!02:32
After_Mathgenii, why not?02:32
After_Mathgenii, would I build it from source then. Oh propably because of the kernel?02:32
Pulpie_inlovekunwon1: no thanks02:32
geniiAfter_Math: Because basically it is for another distribution and kernel version02:32
eeliotthekinganyone know where i could go for help then?02:32
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After_Mathgenii, I could make it from source though right02:33
=== xk001 is now known as xk002
geniiAfter_Math: Yes, you could02:33
After_Mathgenii, k thanks02:33
eeliotthekingnvm then02:34
Deniseeliot the king02:34
MordocaiDoes anyone know if ubuntu works well with the zd1211rw driver?02:35
Denisehow r u02:35
Pulpie_inlovesee at least im not like that guy.02:35
td123wow, I was stupid enough to click and that stupid link provided by ades02:35
eeliotthekingum pretty good02:35
eeliotthekingjust trying to get help with my problem02:35
Omikanejrib I get to properties and there is no share option. was at that website but was confused. That's why I came here02:35
geniieeliottheking: she spews nonsensical things here all the time, don't let it throw you02:35
jribOmikane: what version of ubuntu?02:35
Omikanejrib hardy 8.04 I think02:36
jrib!version | Omikane02:36
ubottuOmikane: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:36
Mowkhey, i recently purchased a External hardrive. I wouild like to partition it to have a few linux based operating systems on it, so i could boot off of it. How would one accomplish somthing like this.02:36
Omikanejrib yep hardy 8.0402:37
jribOmikane: it should be the last tab when you click properties02:37
adubwhats a good email server02:37
jaypurturko, pronto02:38
EnissayI have troubles with Amarok ==> There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE. The message returned by the system was:  Could not open network socket  Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!02:38
After_Mathcan anyone tell me how I could get VirtualBox to run on 8.10?02:38
jken146Mowk: take about 10 GB for each distro.  You can partition in the installers of most distros, or beforehand using e.g. gparted.02:38
jribAfter_Math: #ubuntu+1 for help with intrepid02:38
After_Mathjrgp, forgot thanks :)02:38
Mowkjken146: Yes but how would i boot off of my external hardrive?02:39
Mowkand choose what linux one i wanted to use at the time, say if i had 3 on the same one.02:39
After_MathMowk, Bios02:39
jken146Mowk: install the bootloader to the first partition of that drive.  Then look in your BIOS settings to allow USB boot.02:39
MowkWhich bootloader.02:40
jken146Mowk: GRUB (bootloader) should automagically make a list of all the OSs installed.02:40
MowkThannks boss;)02:40
jken146Mowk: The process of how to do this differs between distros02:40
jken146MOwk: but for the popular ones it's quite easy and automatic(ish)02:41
Mowki can fool around, Even if i make a mistake its easy to reverse the prossess with a external drive with nothing to losse on it, correct?02:41
jken146Mowk: yes02:41
eeliottheking(01:25:49 AM) eeliottheking: i know you guys probably get tired of helping people all the time, but may someone please assist me?  im having problems with GRUB even after re-installing it.02:41
karab44what are gnome-build-1.0?02:42
karab44I need it but theres no package02:42
jken146eeliottheking: What problem?02:42
yoyonedeeliottheking: like what?02:42
Omikane_I got the share tab but it's still not showing up in my windows computer.02:43
eeliotthekingim getting the generalized error 1702:43
eeliotthekingafter installing it02:43
eeliotthekingand re-installing grub02:43
jrib!who | Omikane_02:43
ubottuOmikane_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:43
jribOmikane_: what options did you choose?02:43
eeliotthekingi have ubuntu installed02:43
eeliotthekingon a 500GB external firewire drive02:43
jrib!enter | eeliottheking02:43
ubottueeliottheking: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!02:43
zelrikriandohey what is  .lyxpipe.in02:44
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ubottuYou can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:44
eeliotthekinganyway, i have ubuntu installed on a 500GB external firewire drive.  I also have Windows XP (BlackXP) installed on my main hard drive (internal)  which is also 500GB02:45
Omikane_jrib I keep getting this "Ask the administrator to add the line "usershare owner only = False" "02:45
sancho21I see that I can request ubuntu cd now. But there is no option about choosing the architecture. Why?02:45
sancho21all is now in amd6402:45
jribOmikane_: right.  You can't ignore errors and expect things to work :)  I assume you are trying to share something that your user does not own then?02:45
eeliotthekinganyone know what i could do to possibly solve my problem?02:46
Flannelsancho21: Are you looking at shipit.ubuntu.com?02:46
Omikane_jrib trying to share some drives on this computer to all the other computers in the house inc the windows ones.02:46
sancho21Flannel: yes02:46
jaypurHi, may i help someone?02:47
jribeeliottheking: you want to state the problem on a single line with all the details (use paste.ubuntu.com if you have errors or logs) so people can actually see if they can help you02:47
jribOmikane_: pastebin the entire error02:47
jrib!pastebin > Omikane_02:47
ubottuOmikane_, please see my private message02:47
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:47
Omikane_jrib http://pastebin.com/m75bfdfbf02:48
jribOmikane_: k, so now you have to do as the error says: add the line "usershare owner only = False" to the [global] section of the smb.conf to allow this.02:49
Flannelsancho21: Hmmm, if it doesn't give you the option, file a bug report against it.  I don't want to accidentally request a CD to verify it.02:51
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eeliotthekinghttp://paste.ubuntu.com/60341/ - Alright, i have summed up my problem.  Can anyone think of what could be possibly causing this?02:52
Flannelsancho21: https://bugs.launchpad.net/shipit  I didn't see a bug like that already reported02:56
musikgoateeliottheking: what is your bios set to boot to first, the internal disk or the usb connection?02:56
Omikane_jrib lol I can't find it02:56
jribOmikane_: can't find what?02:56
Omikane_jrib  smb.con02:57
Omikane_jrib  smb.conf*02:57
Flanneleeliottheking: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation#Installing%20on%20external%20or%20RAID%20hard%20disks  might be of some help02:57
eeliotthekingmusikgoat:  I have it set to boot to the internal disk first, but ive attempted to boot from both the firewire drive and the internal drive02:57
jribOmikane_: oh.  You can just do 'locate smb.conf', but it should be /etc/samba/smb.conf02:57
EnissayI have troubles with Amarok ==> There was an error setting up inter-process communications for KDE. The message returned by the system was:  Could not open network socket  Please check that the "dcopserver" program is running!02:58
sancho21Flannel: So, you've checked the shipit site by yourself and assume that it must be a problem?02:59
MadneXanyone here heard about boxee?? i have invitations for the alpha test.. i wanted to try but its no working on my distro yet www.boxee.tv02:59
FlannelMadneX: Please don't do that here.02:59
Flannelsancho21: I have not, no.  But if its not working for you, its a bug.  It'll either get confirmed, or someone will show you where the secret option is hiding.03:00
Happydoes 8.04 sometimes freeze keybord input? i had this 2-3 times today03:01
Happyby close an application, and re-open it, key input wakes03:01
MadneXFlannel, ???????? sorry i just want to be polite.. since i wait for 2 weeks until receive the invitation, and is only working on ubuntu, i'm a slackware user, anyway.. sorry03:02
mercutio22how can I find out if I have bluetooth on my pc?03:02
FFEMTcJmercutio22: read the manual03:02
FlannelMadneX: This is a support channel, your topic would be better off in #ubuntu-offtopic03:03
mercutio22FFEMTcJ: the manual is generic. I don't remember If I chose a bluetooth module when I bought mine03:03
FFEMTcJmercutio22: what make and model?03:04
mercutio22dell m173003:04
mercutio22FFEMTcJ: Dell M173003:04
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eeliotthekingalright, ive made a few changes.  im going to attempt to re-boot and see if its been fixed.03:05
jribOmikane_: you sort it out?03:06
kc8hfiis there not a search param to apt-get?03:06
Flannelkc8hfi: apt-cache search foo03:06
FFEMTcJmercutio22: i believe you should be able to log into dell's site and enter your computers serial number and find out03:06
eeliotthekingpossibly, if not ill go back to the site and read some more information03:06
eeliotthekingthank you guys for your help03:07
musikgoatkc8hfi: apt-cache search03:07
kc8hfiFlannel: what happens if the cache is out of date? tehre a command to make sure its up 2 date?03:07
the_found_onekc8hfi, apt-get update03:07
Flannelkc8hfi: sudo apt-get update03:07
mercutio22FFEMTcJ: ok, I will try that out. Isn't there a way for me to list devices I have on linux?03:07
Jordan_Umercutio22: lspci or lshal03:08
kc8hfithanks Flannel, the_found_one, and musikgoat03:08
passivecan anyone help me with setting permissions to postgres ? http://pastebin.com/d4f625f5003:08
=== the_found_one is now known as the_lost_one
Omikane_jrib well, I got the shares setup but it's still not showing up in my windows network places.03:09
passivehello ?03:10
jribOmikane_: no errors and you clicked "create share"?03:10
the_lost_oneOmikane_, whats happens if you type \\ip.of.linux.box ?03:10
FFEMTcJpassive: if someone knows or can help you they will.03:10
mercutio22Jordan_U: thanks03:10
Omikane_jrib  yeah, no errors this time around03:10
jribOmikane_: I would check "network places" in ubuntu to make sure they are setup right and then try what the_lost_one said on windows03:11
Omikane_the_lost_one bash: \ip.of.linux.box: command not found03:11
karab44how it goes with that install --prefix usr  ?? !!03:11
jribkarab44: huh?03:12
the_lost_oneOmikane_, hey, i mean on windows, start -> run03:12
karab44installation directory03:12
the_lost_oneOmikane_, and type the real IP, numeric :)03:12
jribkarab44: -ENOCONTEXT03:13
genesismachineI'm trying to start from scratch with apache, and I cannot seem to clear out all the config files with a remove... am I doing something wrong with apt-get remove? That should remove *everything* associated with the package right?03:13
karab44when it changes from local to usr03:13
karab44--prefix /blehblehbleh03:13
jribgenesismachine: you need to purge apache2.2-common (or similar)03:13
jribkarab44: what are you installing exactly and why are you not using the repositories?03:13
Omikane_the_lost_one bash the network path was not found with bash: |\ip.of.linux.box03:13
karab44i am installing anjuta with subversion and many other very usefull plugins. In repo is a crap03:14
the_lost_oneOmikane_, where are you typing that?03:14
karab44just compiled, trying to checkinstall that03:15
jribkarab44: erm, "in repo is a crap"?  You should be filing bugs if something is broken.  What's your question about --prefix?03:15
jrib!who | karab4403:15
ubottukarab44: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:15
Omikane_the_lost_one it prompts me for a password and it doesn't accept my login and password. I'm typing it in start>run03:15
karab44jrib: its not a bug, anjuta is configured... unfortunetly not good for me03:16
jribkarab44: you are contradicting yourself03:16
Omikane_jrib I check my ubuntu network and it all seems right.03:17
the_lost_oneOmikane_, try with \\ip.of.linux.box\share03:17
karab44jrib: no, i am developer and need tools03:17
karab44jrib: You are user and never understand my needs03:17
niallhey all, i have a quick question about sound output in ubuntu03:18
Omikane_the_lost_one same, it prompts me for login/pass03:18
jribkarab44: do you have an actual question?03:18
niallCan only one program at a time play sound?03:18
=== ircleuse1 is now known as jkoce
mneptokniall: it is a known shortcoming of PulseAudio in Hardy03:18
jribniall: no.  But some programs will hog the sound card (like flash on hardy)03:19
the_lost_oneOmikane_, you have added a user and password for login into samba shares?03:19
jkoceanyone want to help a total noob?  i got ubuntu installed, and downloaded a bunch of updates...now it won't boot03:19
nialljrib, thanks. Any known work arounds?03:19
predator363i have an ar5009 atheros card and it does not seem to be recodnised by ubuntu how may i get this card working and connected?03:19
mneptokjrib: that PA, not Flash, sadly03:19
Omikane_the_lost_one I don't think so given I have no idea how. lol03:19
karab44jrib: yes03:20
the_lost_oneOmikane_, then you must follow some guide mate, lol03:20
jribniall: it's apparently fixed in 8.10, so when that is released at the end of the month, you shouldn't have the issue anymore03:20
jribkarab44: then ask it please03:20
jkoceanyone want to help a total noob?  i got ubuntu installed, and downloaded a bunch of updates...now it won't boot03:20
Flannelpredator363: It seems that it's likely a bug in the atheros driver.  Try doing this: echo "blacklist ath_pci" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:20
predator363flannel: just a sec ill do it03:21
nialljrib, great. Thanks  a lot, have a good nite03:21
Jordan_Ujkoce: What version of Ubuntu did you install?03:21
gwinbeehello, wubi user with a probably-dumb question.03:21
Flannelpredator363: once you reboot, that should disable the Atheros driver, and enable the free one.  See if that works.  If not, we'll remove that line and check about other stuff.03:21
jkoceJordan_U let me check, it was the most recent (dl'd it sunday)03:21
joe_chatthis conversation with karab44 is incredibly amuzing03:21
gwinbeehad some kind of catastrophe, had to chkdsk from windows, booted back up, should i force a fsck as well?03:22
gwinbeeand if so how?03:22
predator363flannel: it started a new blank line like it was going to do something but all it did was have a blinking box03:22
kc8hfihow do I list all the updates, but not install them?03:22
jkoceJordan: 8.0.4 desktop03:22
the_lost_oneOmikane_, follow this one https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpSamba03:22
Flannelpredator363: What command did you give?03:22
jkoceright now it's stuck at "running local boot scripts"03:22
predator363blacklist ath_pci" | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:23
Flannelkc8hfi: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -s dist-upgrade03:23
karab44jrib: i compiled sourcecode into .deb and it installs into /usr/local and want it to /usr/03:23
Flannelkc8hfi: the -s means "simulate"03:23
jribOmikane_: in share properties you set access.  It should be the user account you shared from by default03:23
Flannelpredator363: Right, you missed the echo and the first "03:23
predator363oh sorry lemme try again03:23
jrib!packaging > karab4403:23
ubottukarab44, please see my private message03:23
karab44jrib: some gyu says that it should be done before compilling..03:23
jribkarab44: I imagine you want to pass --prefix /usr/  when you ./configure03:24
Jordan_Ukc8hfi: Use update-manager or run "sudo apt-get update" and then choose not to install ( it will ask before actually upgrading )03:24
Flanneljrib, karab44: you mean /usr/local/, yes?03:24
karab44jrib: yes so ... now its too late?03:24
gwinbeeor is chkdsk alone sufficient03:24
predator363flannel: it said blacklist_athpci03:24
Flannelpredator363: Er, blacklist ath_pci, right?03:24
* jkoce has taken a number03:24
predator363flannel: lol yea03:24
karab44Flannel: yes, it installs into usr/local/  and I want it into /usr/03:24
Flannelkarab44: that's not really recommended.  Why do you want that?03:25
jribkarab44: "too late?"  just edit debian/rules to call ./configure properly03:25
Jordan_Ujkoce: Have you done anything other than install and update?03:25
Flannelkarab44: Oh, packaging.03:25
jkoceJordan: not really,  just installed flash plugin for firefox03:26
karab44jrib: but everything will be compiled once again i presume03:26
jribkarab44: yeah03:26
karab44jrib: You see03:26
bobpaulwhat package provides the /var/lib/gconf/defaults/%gconf-tree*.xml files? many of mine appear to be corrupt (apt-get/dpkg give parsing errors)03:26
predator363flannel: is that all i was suposed to do?03:27
karab44jrib: so its exactly ./configure --prefix /usr/    ?03:27
Flannelpredator363: reboot, see if it works, yeah.03:27
jribkarab44: yes03:27
predator363ki brb03:27
karab44jrib: thank You mate03:27
mineraleDoes ubuntu offer drivers for the verizon expresscard? (Kyocera V740)03:27
MrPocketshow to print to shared printer?03:28
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: CUPS03:28
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: Common Unix Printing System03:29
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: point a browser to localhost:63103:29
dmotdhello, testing the ubuntu 8.10-deskop bootcd, fails to find screens on an old toshiba-satellite-a10.03:29
the_lost_oneMrPockets, you mean shared with NETBIOS?03:29
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Flanneldmotd: #ubuntu+1 for Intrepid support, thanks.03:29
D4RIU5anyone use synce to sync smartphone?03:29
MrPocketsthe_lost_one, a windows baching03:29
MrPocketssharing a pritneR?03:29
dmotdFlannel, no probs, thanks03:29
zhanxminerale http://www.evdoforums.com/thread1256.html03:29
Pulpie_inloveD4RIU5: I sync a palm tx03:29
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the_lost_oneMrPockets, i guess you need samba then03:30
jkoceJordan_U: any suggestions?  i could reinstall or is there some type of recovery startup?03:30
MrPocketsI've got sambe03:30
=== Tniffoc^Away is now known as Tniffoc
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: you dont need samba03:30
D4RIU5actually looking for wm6 sync...03:30
ArrPirateIf I choose to install the Intrepid beta now, in ten days will it be updated to any changes the official release has and therefor be just as good as the official release?03:30
MrPocketsbut i've got it anyway03:30
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: you have ubuntu with a printer already right?03:30
predator363Flannel: my light is still red and i dont seem to be able to get a wifi signal03:30
D4RIU5can sync with ubuntu, but messes up my activesync on win.03:30
Omikane_jrib what do you mean user account?03:30
FlannelArrPirate: yep, but for further questions regarding intrepid, #ubuntu+1 is the place.03:30
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: which computer has a printer, the windows or linux one?03:31
jribOmikane_: your user on ubuntu03:31
MrPocketsprinters on the XP machien03:31
D4RIU5most win users can't answer since they just use win03:31
MrPocketsi wanna print FROM the ubuntu machine03:31
Flannelpredator363: alright, what does this give you? lsmod | grep ath03:31
predator363flannel: just a sec03:31
ArrPiratethank you Flannel03:31
Pulpie_inloveMrPockets: oh then #samba if its easier if its on the linux machine which doesn't require Samba03:31
gwinbeeso uh, fsck on a wubi install?03:31
bobpaulMrPockets: Have you tried this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsXPPrinter03:32
gwinbeenecessary after hard reboot? not?03:32
predator363flannel: ath_pci               226880  003:32
predator363wlan                  253600  1 ath_pci03:32
predator363ath_hal               303520  1 ath_pci03:32
MowkHey, So im trying to partition my external HD to ubuntu but Gparted wont let me Make a new partition because tis already partitioned into NFTS what do i do03:32
gwinbeei've already run chkdsk03:32
Flannelgwinbee: You could try it, it ... shouldn't... hurt anything03:32
gwinbeeFlannel: fair enough, how do i force a fsck?03:32
Flannelpredator363: in the future, use pastebin (paste.ubuntu.com), but, we can see that we're not successfully blocking ath_pci to load.03:32
Flannelpredator363: er, from loading.03:32
MowkHey, So im trying to partition my external HD to ubuntu but Gparted wont let me Make a new partition because tis already partitioned into NFTS what do i do03:32
Flannelgwinbee: `sudo touch /forcefsck` then reboot03:32
gwinbeeas i recall, that'll cause a fsck at every reboot, correct?03:33
predator363flannel: sorry about the big paste wont happen again03:33
gwinbeeif so, how do i make it quit doing that after i've done it once?03:33
Flannelgwinbee: Nope, it removes that file after/during/whatever03:33
rspktany app that locks down the session at certain times?03:33
gwinbeeah, thanks.03:33
MowkHey, So im trying to partition my external HD to ubuntu but Gparted wont let me Make a new partition because tis already partitioned into NFTS what do i do03:34
Flannelpredator363: How big is the output of this: cat /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:34
the_lost_oneMrPockets, look this http://www.watchingthenet.com/connecting-to-shared-printers-on-windows-computers.html03:34
gwinbeethank you flannel, you're helpful and your name reminds me of my favorite kind of shirt. now i'm off to reboot.03:34
predator363flannel: just a sec03:34
bobpaulAnyone know what package provides the /var/lib/gconf/defaults/%gconf-tree*.xml files? 'dpkg -S' and 'dpkg-query -S' both return no results O_o03:34
hvgotcodeshey i installed artwiz fonts and can use them with conky, but the i cant select them in the gnome configuration dialog or in the gnome-terminal font selector -- what gives?03:34
predator363flannel: huge03:34
geniiMowk: Do you want to keep the ntfs data or not?03:34
=== Guest14027 is now known as Brucee
Mowkcouldnt care lessjsut abit of movies, guessm it would eb nice03:35
aflackcan someone help me view my windows files from ubuntu? like the windows partition?03:35
Mowki jsut want to have a 10gb ubuntu partition03:35
Omikane_jrib I don't know what that means03:35
geniiMowk: If not just delete it then and re-partition03:35
jribOmikane_: what is your username in ubuntu?03:35
Omikane_jrib nickolaus03:36
jkoceanyone want to help a total noob?  i got ubuntu installed, and downloaded a bunch of updates...now it won't boot03:36
Mowk i jsut want to have a 10gb ubuntu partition03:36
Flannelpredator363: hmmm, is there a line "blacklist ath_pci" at the end of that?03:36
aflackmowk, tried wubi?03:36
jribOmikane_: you can log in with that username and your ubuntu password when you connect to the share from windows03:36
Kr0ntabHeya Flannel03:36
geniigah wubi03:36
aflackwhats wrong with wubi03:36
predator363flannel: yes03:37
FlannelHowdy Kr0ntab03:37
Kr0ntabhow ya been?03:37
aflackanyone help me view my windows partition in ubuntu?03:37
Flannelpredator363: alright, apparently we're supposed to use another file.  So, go ahead and open that up in an editr with sudo (alt-f2, then type: gksu "gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist") then remove that last line, and save it again.03:38
Kr0ntabaflack: how many hard drives do you have?  one with multiple partitions?03:38
bobpaulaflack: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions/ThirdPartyNTFS3G03:38
aflackive got one yes03:38
=== ferox is now known as feroxjb
Omikane_jrib oh, I've tried that. It just keeps prompting me.03:38
Kr0ntabaflack: you can take a look at the url bobpaul just recommended...03:39
Kr0ntabaflack: cool...03:39
jribOmikane_: hmm.  don't know then.  Never used a share from windows.  You could load a live cd on the windows machine and see if the share worked fine there.  Then you would know it was an issue with windows03:40
riegersnwhats the difference between the normal kernel-source and the kernel-source-2.6 ?03:40
=== blood_ is now known as blood_su
jkristhekinghey i got one simple question. why are java apps so slow on linux i mean sys specs are : intel celeron @ 2.4ghz/ 1gb drr/ geforece fx 5500 / 20gb hdd (OS) / 250 gb external03:40
Omikane_jrib yeah, I recall the last time I set it up I edited the smb.conf file.03:40
riegersnjkristheking, not sure but i doubt you 20gig hd and external drive have anything to do with java speed issues03:41
jribOmikane_: personally, I just used the gui on ubuntu and was able to see the shares on other ubuntu and osx machines03:41
jkristhekingha i know idk why i listed them -.-03:41
predator363flannel: it said can not open display when i typed gedit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklis03:41
Flannelpredator363: Alright, go ahead and do this then: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist03:42
jribriegersn: you mean "linux-source"?  linux-source just depends on the latest linux-source-* package03:42
riegersnpredator363, nano /etc/modprobe.d......03:42
riegersnjrib, yea... what about the 2.6 source03:42
rspktany idea on how to schedule a time when ubuntu automaticly locks up?03:42
riegersnjrib, how can i decide what would be best for me?03:42
the_lost_onepredator363, thats because gedit is a graphical editor and needs X window03:43
jribriegersn: erm, linux-source probably depends on linux-source-2.6 or whatever03:43
predator363flannel: k its open03:43
Flannelpredator363: scroll down to the very bottom and remove that line, then save (ctrl-o)03:43
Flannelpredator363: We're following the instructions on this page, by the way: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.24/+bug/18248903:44
hvgotcodeshey i can use the artwiz fonts in xfontsel and with conky via xft, but i cant see any of the fonts in gnome apps (the gnome appearance program, terminal, etc) -- how can i get gnome to see the fonts03:44
GoanHi. I am getting this error "The custom vm you have chosen is not a valid executable" when I open eclipse on my kubuntu machine. Anyone knows how to correct this error?03:44
predator363flannel: should i just falllow these or am i better off with you?03:44
jkocehey if anyone wants to help a noob...i can't get my GUI to start (says unable to connect to x server)03:45
Flannelpredator363: If you'd like to follow that, you can.  Be sure to read the full thing before starting (because the earlier workrarounds aren't necessary now that proper fixes are in place).  In a nutshell: The fix has been applied to the backports (hardy-backports) repository, so you need to install that package, and then apparently also get rid of the ath_pci module (intsructions are in that near the bottom) to allow the backported one to work.03:46
aflacki tried the link for the viewing of the windows partition in ubuntu, and im kind of lost... can you give me the link again03:47
=== Tniffoc is now known as Tniffoc^Away
Flannel!away > Tniffoc^Away03:47
ubottuTniffoc^Away, please see my private message03:47
jribaflack: the link should just tell you to install and run ntfs-config03:47
jrib!ntfs > aflack03:47
ubottuaflack, please see my private message03:47
Wickedusing xinerama is causing xorg to use 90% cpu....anything i can do?03:47
joe_chati lovve xmms and it is not on03:49
predator363flannel: i think i'll just stic with you man now im just confused03:49
predator363did flannel go bye bye?03:51
Wickedjoe_chat, yea xmms was good. but check out audacious...its just like xmms...ive actually grown to love it more...and i was a die hard xmms fan03:51
mlinsSo, I'm looking to setup some automated backup.03:51
mlinsCan I use the backup user?03:51
mlinsor should I create my own user for backup?03:52
the_lost_oneGoan, its seems that eclipse its complaining about your java Virtual Machine which is setup by JAVA_HOME variable, i googled a bit and you can make it work with the -vm paremeter03:52
joe_chati did and really miss xmms03:52
FFEMTcJmlins: check out rsnapshot03:52
Goanthe_lost_one, I know about the workaround too03:52
Tniffoc^Awaysoz for the away msgs I only thought it would affect the channel I was in...  soz03:52
judojohnnydoes anyone know if u can add files to a ubuntu distro03:52
mlinsFFEMTcJ: I'm user rdiff-backup03:52
the_lost_oneGoan, oh k :)03:52
Goanbut i am looking to fix my eclipse link in programs menu03:53
mlinsjust trying to figure out if I can user the built-in backup user to03:53
FFEMTcJjudojohnny: you can create your own distro03:53
willwhhi folks - does anyone have Teamspeak working & able to play at the same time?03:53
Flannelwillwh: There's some howtos in the forums regarding teamspeak, they might be a good place to look03:53
judojohnnyhow hard is that, im really only lookin to add a few flash files for my school comp03:53
willwhFlannel: really? I will check it out thanks03:53
predator363how do i install the atheros ar5009 drivers?03:54
Flannelpredator363: First we'll install the backports package, then we'll see about blacklisting.03:54
wczimmermanGot a question: I'm getting a "Bus Error" when trying to run wireshark on Hardy-anyone seen that before?03:54
predator363flannel: ok how do i do that?03:54
willwhwczimmerman: nope03:55
Markosis there any software to control fan speed on ati cards in linux03:55
willwhwczimmerman: http://wiki.wireshark.org/Development03:55
Markosdamn thing is loud03:55
Markosrivatuner like application out there or am i sol?03:55
willwhwczimmerman: looks like its glib and gtk+ version issue03:56
wczimmermanI'll check that03:56
willwhthat took me like 2 secs in google? :P03:56
willwh"wireshark bus error03:56
Flannelpredator363: Ugh.  Ok, we're going to enable backports, even if its not my favorite idea, but that'll be the best future proof way.... actually...03:56
|chiz|_is there a way I to troubleshoot resuming after suspend?03:56
Flannelpredator363: You could try Intrepid.  This is a fresh install, right?03:56
wczimmermanreinstalled gtk already but forgot glib03:57
predator363flannel: yes and i tryed intrepid but i worked even less than hardy so im waiting for the official release03:57
Flannelpredator363: Its only a development version, but it's due out in two weeks, and would probably be a lot simpler for you.03:57
Flannelpredator363: Alright, we'll go with Hardy then.03:57
Flannelpredator363: go ahead and enable backports.  Go to Administration > Software sources and check then hardy backports repository03:57
predator363flannel: took me a week and 6 distro's to find one that worked03:58
Flannelpredator363: This fix should work by default in Intrepid, as I understand that bug report.  Or at least, once intrepid is final.  As for your other stuff, I'm not sure.03:58
willwhFlannel: great aoss works a treat03:58
willwhonly issue being...03:58
willwhmy teamspeak sound jittery now03:59
willwhargh, can't type for toffee tonight :(03:59
predator363flannel: i dont see any kinda backports anything to check03:59
Flannelpredator363: alright, lets just do this then: echo "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hardy-backports main restricted" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list04:00
^Cheekyhey what programs as in chat wise, pidgin and such support web cam, ?04:01
the_lost_oneamsn, kopete, konversation04:02
predator363flannel: i did it04:02
predator363now what?04:02
^CheekyKonversation ?04:02
kindofabuzzI have scrot setup as a launcher, srot screen.png -s, how can i set it to store screen.png to Desktop? I tried putting ~/Desktop/screen.png04:03
kindofabuzznet split?04:05
Kr0ntabkindofabuzz: nah...04:06
Kr0ntabkindofabuzz: just a busy channel04:06
kindofabuzzi see no one talking though04:06
predator363flannel: ?04:06
MTeck|MoreMePitykindofabuzz: it's been a slow week all over the internet04:06
m3thodhi there. How do i update to firefox 3?04:06
=== MTeck|MoreMePity is now known as MTecknology
Flannelpredator363: Sorry, I can't seem to find backports packages listed, so you're going to have to be my eyes for a bit.04:07
kindofabuzzm3thod, are you not on Hardy?04:07
jribm3thod: what version of ubuntu?04:07
predator363flannel: sure how?04:07
Flannelpredator363: sudo apt-get update, and then apt-cache search linux-backports-modules, and pastebin the output of the apt-cache search please.04:07
GMWeezelhow can i run a script when my screensaver is executed?04:08
predator363flannel: k i pasted it04:09
Flannelpredator363: Give us the URL ;)04:09
predator363http://paste.ubuntu.com/60352/    sorry04:10
UbubeginIn my terminal console, currently i can only scrollback to maybe 100 lines or so.. How can i double that...04:10
JenjenI looking for someone who can give me a hand on a problem I have. Im on a windows-pc and read that gimp should have a function that I'm was searching the last hours. Is someone kind enough to help me out?04:10
jribUbubegin: edit -> current profile04:10
JenjenI wanna know if the result of an filter in gimp has the affect I hope it has04:10
copprook, I'm trying to upgrade early to Intrepid04:10
Flannel!upgrade | coppro04:11
ubottucoppro: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes04:11
Flannelcoppro: Also, see #ubuntu+104:11
jribJenjen: ask #gimp04:11
copprowell, it's really a package manager issue04:11
copproI'll see if it's on the notes04:11
Jenjenthx, I will try04:11
Ububeginjrib: cool.. found it.. thanks04:11
MTecknologyGMWeezel: I don't know of anything to do that. What do you want to happen?04:12
MowkHey guys, i went to install ubuntu on my external hd and partitioned it to 10 gb of it. i insaltled it and it installed grub also. now even when i dont have my external hd up it comes to grub and theres an error i cant boot in windows now.    How can i uninstall ubuntu please04:12
copprothe issue is, I'm using the newer PPA versions of KDE404:12
MTecknologyMowk: what's the error?04:12
copproand apt is thinking it needs to uninstall them all04:12
Mowk232 i belive04:12
copprois there any way to downgrade packages to the repository versions?04:13
GMWeezelMTecknology: Well, right now it's so I can dismount certain encrypted volumes I don't want mounted when they aren't in use. I have a solution but it's one I don't like; I'll rename gnome-screensaver to gnome-screensaver-bin and replace the original with a shell script more than likely is what i will do04:13
copproas a batch command?04:13
Mowkcan i jsut remove ubuntu its not even workin...04:13
predator363flannel: did i paste it right?04:13
Mowkim running from a live cd04:13
Flannelpredator363: Aye.  Alright, what kernel are you running? (uname -a) it's only one line, so you can go ahead and paste it in the channel04:13
MTecknologyGMWeezel: that's not a horrible option. The other thing you could do is have a cron task that checks if the screen saver is running every 5 min04:14
MowkHow can i remove ubuntu?04:14
FlannelMowk: What would you like to end up with?04:14
ransommowk: rm -rf /* always worked for me04:14
MTecknologyMowk: xp or vista?04:14
Markosfound the solution, if anyone wants to set ati fan speed04:14
Flannel!danger | ransom04:14
ubotturansom: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!04:14
Markosaticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 40"04:14
predator363flannel: Linux ubuntu 2.6.24-21-generic #1 SMP Mon Aug 25 16:57:51 UTC 2008 x86_64 GNU/Linux04:14
MowkIts not letting me boot in vista..04:14
Markoswhere 40 is percentage of fan speed04:14
ransomi got in trouble04:14
Flannelransom: Please don't *ever* do anything like that here.04:14
MowkI dont get how grub is running i dont have my external disk in where i installed it.04:14
MTecknologyMowk: 232 isn't a grub error.04:14
ransommy apologies04:15
MowkI dont want grub to run either.04:15
GMWeezelMTecknology: well maybe not horrible but it seems like there should be something in place to do that already. ive skimmed all the config files to no avail too. hadnt thought to check to see if the screensaver was running. i prefer that.04:15
FlannelMowk: grub installs to your MBR, you'll need your Vista disk, and then you can replace it.04:15
GMWeezelMTecknology: the reason i dont like to do "Wrapper" scripts is because it complicates uninstalling programs if i forget ive wrapped them later on.04:15
FlannelMowk: as far as Ubuntu is concerned, just remove the partition (after dealing with GRUB) and re-absorb the space04:15
MTecknologyMowk: grub installed to your first hd. It's not finding entried in your /boot though. You can boot to a vista install cd and have it restore itself to the MBR04:15
nicle_yanganybody know how to query the glibc function "open" with info04:16
nicle_yang"info open" just tells how to use the shell command open04:16
MowkHow would i restore it to the mbr04:16
MTecknologyGMWeezel: I'd do the cron if I were you - easy check04:16
Flannelpredator363: alright, install this package: linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-19-generic  with, sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-2.6.24-19-generic04:16
Mowkreinstall windows?04:16
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:16
MTecknologyMowk: in the install cd, click next, then there's a repain option04:16
MTecknologye-frame: not grub04:16
predator363flannel: any way we can get this done in about 15 mins? iv got to leave and if we cant finish i may have to use vista untill tommorow when i can come back for help04:16
MowkWould a recovery disk work?04:17
Mowkthe ones you make.04:17
MTecknologyMowk: probably04:17
Flannelpredator363: This?  Perhaps.  But Just keep that bug in your bookmarks or whatever and then ask about it tomorrow.04:17
GMWeezelMTecknology: yeah, that's probably what i will end up doing. thanks. i was trying to think of how to do it with cron but it never dawned on me to check to see if the screensaver was running. too much time on windows. anyway, thanks a lot.04:17
Mowkhow do i delete the partition of ubuntu04:17
predator363flannel: its d/ling04:17
e-frameMTecknology: doesn't Mowk just want to have his vista back ?04:17
bubuntuhello, how can i run CSS on ubuntu? i see the menu at the beginning but the letters are absolutely illegible and it is choppy. i havent even played the game yet04:17
GMWeezelmowk: why would you want to do such a thing?04:17
MTecknologyMowk: for more help, you should go to ##windows. You're just trying to restore the vista mbr04:17
FlannelMowk: Use your favorite partition manager.  Partition Magic, or whatever.04:18
predator363flannel: done04:18
Mowkits not working04:18
MTecknologye-frame: he wants the original boot loader back04:18
MTecknologyGMWeezel: don't ask him that - i hate that question04:18
e-frameMowk: if u want to dual boot, we'll help. but if u want to get rid of ubuntu, u should gtfu04:18
Flannelpredator363: Alright, now we need to blacklist that module.  We do it by editing: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist04:18
AussieGuyhi, im getting a weird error. I have about 30,000+ hard links and now I get .... /bin/ln: creating hard link to `/home/robbie/shared_file': Too many links04:18
MTecknology!u > e-frame04:18
ubottue-frame, please see my private message04:18
MowkIm not getting rid of it. im getting it off and re installing correctly.04:19
Flannelpredator363: and then at the end, type "blacklist ath_pci" (without the quotes), save, reboot... and... I think we're done?04:19
predator363flannel: sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist then what?04:19
predator363flannel: oh sorry hold on04:19
GMWeezelMTecknology: well, i ask because i always like to understand why people want to uninstall ubuntu. helps me with converting more people. also, ive had people phrase questiosn poorly and not really want to uninstall ubuntu but rearrange their boot settings, things like that.04:19
bubuntuis there a specific room for ubuntu gaming?04:19
MTecknologyMowk: then read above about grub. I'd suggest getting everything working with grub since it's more flexible04:19
MTecknologyMowk: but we need to know the error it's throwing04:19
predator363flannel: k brb gonna reboot04:20
=== Guest14027 is now known as Brucee
e-frameif Mowk has problem about booting, doesn't mean he has to reinstall everything, right?04:20
EruditeHermithi, does anyone know how jockey-gtk detects hardware to see whether restricted drivers for a system can be installed?04:20
MTecknologyGMWeezel: sounds good - usually the reason i hear it is "you're an idiot, you suck if you want to do something like that"04:20
MTecknologye-frame: no04:20
MowkThen what shall i do?04:20
Mowkrecovery disk?04:21
e-framethen just tweak the boot04:21
MTecknology!grub | Mowk (Read through this)04:21
ubottuMowk (Read through this): GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:21
MTecknologyfirst link04:21
e-framei've told ya all04:21
MTecknologyMowk: but you should install /boot to your main hard drive04:21
GMWeezelMTecknology: no, im not the linux-elitist type and if i were i would probably be criticizing him for using "winbuntu." not my style; everyone has preferences, needs. also, i just realized gnome-screensaver is a daemon and there.fore always runnings so ive hit a wall for using cron.04:21
Mowkim confuzed:(04:22
MTecknologythe reason you're getting an error (most likely) is that you have /boot on a different drive and it's not being seen. /boot needs to be read to boot anything.04:22
predator363flannel: still no wifi04:22
GMWeezelMTecknology: ok, think i just figured out the fix-- check to see if it's sleeping or active.04:22
e-framemowk, you want a dualboot or what?04:22
predator363flannel: but now i have a thing that sais i have a bunch of updates04:23
MTecknologye-frame: ya he does - but he wants ubuntu on an external drive04:23
MowkI want to jsut get so i have vista working normally again then start over04:23
MTecknologyso /boot needs to exist on the first drive04:23
e-frameMTecknology: no problem, just plug and tweak the grub, according to device map / partition table04:23
MTecknologyMowk: then use the vista install cd and it has an option right away to fix problems with booting04:23
Flannelpredator363: right, those are backports, not supported (and this is why I didn't want to enable backports).  Unfortunately, I think we'll have to sit tight until tomorrow.04:24
predator363flannel: it sais its doing a distro upgrade but it sais it's upgrading to hardy. how can hardy upgrade to hardy?04:24
MowkIl be back if other problems occur04:24
predator363ok see you tommorow04:24
HoNgOuRuis there any way to install flashplayer for x86_64 architecture?04:25
e-framedeftone: mowk lefts04:25
MTecknologydeftone: he's fixing grub04:25
HoNgOuRuis there any way to install flashplayer for x86_64 architecture?04:25
deftoneah there's an easier way04:25
deftonehe said he wanted to start over04:25
jribHoNgOuRu: visit http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/ and click on the yellow bar04:26
MTecknologydeftone: I think he's going to sit frustrated until he's back inside vista04:26
deftoneI want to delete the kde 4 folder so that my desktop is the default like when i first installed ubuntu04:27
MTecknologydeftone: he did everything fine except he needed /boot on sda04:27
deftonecan i do it while i'm in kde considering i have kubuntu and kde is the default?04:27
deftoneMT: so he can't boot vista at all right now?04:27
MTecknologydeftone: you can do it, just log out right away - some settings might get stuck04:28
MTecknologyhe'll be ok04:28
deftonehe need to insert his vista cd and repair the mbr04:28
deftonetakes like 1 min04:28
=== family is now known as GamerZFX
MTecknologyonce in a while... it actually works04:28
deftonei did it last night04:29
e-framehe may use easybcd04:29
deftoneblew away fedora 904:29
deftoneand installed kubuntu04:29
deftonei like it much better04:29
GMWeezelMTecknology: ok so that didnt work. any suggestions on checking if the screensaver is running?04:29
MTecknologywhat app?04:29
MTecknologygnome-screensaver ?04:29
MTecknologyGMWeezel: what screensaver are you using?04:31
the_lost_oneGMWeezel, you cant just check it with ps aux?04:31
GMWeezelthe_lost_one: it's always running-- it's a daemon. i tried that.04:31
GMWeezelMTecknology: gnome-screensaver04:31
MTecknologygnome-screensaver-command -q04:31
MTecknologythat's exactly what ya need ;)04:32
GMWeezelMTecknology: wow thanks. that's so simple04:32
MTecknologyusually is - just need to find it04:32
the_lost_oneah, do query04:33
MTecknologyGMWeezel: now that I think about it - your wrapper idea wouldn't have worked :P04:33
kc8pxyhow much does it matter if i i do an ltsp install to/from ubuntu vs. edubuntu?04:34
GMWeezelMTecknology: yeah because the program isnt invoked since it's a deamon04:34
GMWeezelMTecknology: well, i could have wrapped each screensaver binary but that would be a huge pain.04:34
MTecknologyyou would have to have wrapped gnome-screensaver-command04:34
the_lost_oneah, does anyone know why the video screen of any player i tryed does not moves properlly while the compiz cube is moving?04:37
MTecknologythe_lost_one: videa card a little slower?04:37
the_lost_oneMTecknology, no its  not that, i meran i get a black screen inside the player if i move the cube04:38
MTecknologythe_lost_one: could be the same reason... direct rendering enabled?04:39
the_lost_oneMTecknology, glxinfo says yes04:39
MTecknologythe_lost_one: could be justa  copmiz thing. I don't use compiz though04:40
the_lost_oneMTecknology, for example webcam dysplays properlly while moving the cube04:41
the_lost_oneMTecknology, its really a strange efect04:41
MTecknologythe_lost_one: more than likely, it's just an issue with the application and compiz04:41
MTecknologyand your hardware most likely04:41
redDEADim trying to install ubuntu from the alternative CD via a usb drive. its hung up on the detect and mount cd-rom04:41
the_lost_onesure, will fix it someday04:41
MTecknologythe_lost_one: you could file a bug against it if you want - or search launchpad04:42
FlannelredDEAD: I've heard of that before.  Get the minimal CD instead, it won't need to mount the CD04:42
Flannel!minimal | redDEAD04:42
ubotturedDEAD: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:42
MTecknologythe_lost_one: there's a good chance there's a work-around out there04:43
MTecknologyredDEAD: Do you have a cd drive?04:43
the_lost_oneMTecknology, yes, i just find this thing today, i dont googled nothing :)04:43
semanticpcmy laptop speakers wouldn't cut off when i connect my headphones in my Sony Vaio Laptop04:43
redDEADMTecknology, no its a netbook. no cd drive04:43
MTecknologyredDEAD: how did you make the usb install?04:44
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent04:44
redDEADMTecknology, with my desktop04:44
root______semanticpc that's normal, mute the speakers.04:44
MTecknologyredDEAD: doesn't answer the question - what method did you use04:44
semanticpcit mutes my headphones as well04:44
redDEADMTecknology, usb-creator04:45
semanticpcroot______, there a key S1 for mute but it is not mapped04:45
MTecknologyredDEAD: 8.10 or 8.04?04:46
redDEADMTecknology, both04:46
root______semanticpc is that intel hda ?04:46
MTecknologyredDEAD: exact same problem?04:46
redDEADMTecknology, yup with the regular and the alt04:47
semanticpcroot______, yes04:47
root______semanticpc this might help    https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto04:47
MTecknologysemanticpc: I have a VGN-FZ240E - I've been working on the hardware support for 8.10. It had been making leaps and bounds... more of that works for me and some others04:47
kindofabuzz!intrepid > kindofabuzz04:48
ubottukindofabuzz, please see my private message04:48
MTecknologyredDEAD: so you've tried regular and alt of both 8.10 and 8.04?04:48
the_lost_onethat reminds me i had to rebuild alsa to get the internal mic working on the acer one04:48
MrPocketsif i stopped my samba service04:51
MrPocketshow do i start it again?04:51
LoneShadow|workI am getting "Ubuntu is running low graphics mode" when I boot with the 8.10 beta livecd, I have Nvidia 7050pv chipset, whats the best way to move forward ?04:51
MrPocketsLoneShadow|work, install it...04:51
semanticpcMTecknology, does the S1 and AV Mode keys work for u ??04:51
Jenjenjoin #gimp04:51
MTecknologywhat are they supposed to do again?....04:52
LoneShadow|workMrPockets: the GUI options are confusing, do I need to install the drivers from alt-f1/f2 console ?04:52
MrPocketsyou're running on a live CD you say?04:53
LoneShadow|workyea, was trying to check out the 8.10 livecd04:53
MrPocketsinstall it04:53
MrPocketsto the HDD04:53
MrPocketsthen install the restricted drivers for the nvidia card04:53
semanticpcMTecknology, S1 mutes the volume of laptop speakers when headphones is connected04:54
MTecknologysemanticpc: I don't have any headphones to test with - I might be able to check later04:54
vaquerohi!i'm looking some information.does anybody can help me?04:54
e-frame!ask > vaquero04:55
ubottuvaquero, please see my private message04:55
the_lost_oneMrPockets, maybe the fast way is typing "sudo /etc/init.d/samba start" or whatever is called the samba daemon04:55
root______S1  ?04:55
root______S1 = !   ???04:55
MTecknologyroot______: vaio specific key04:55
semanticpcroot______, S1 is a specific to Vaio04:55
MTecknologysemanticpc: what's the other key supposed to do?04:56
semanticpcMTecknology, i don't remem ..... its useful in windows but i don't use Windows at all04:56
MTecknologyI see my cursor disappear when I press it04:56
predator363flannel: you in here still?04:57
semanticpcMTecknology, those keys are not interpreted by acpi04:57
Jenjenseems like the guys from #gimp doint have time. Is someone here who has gimp installed and can do a 20 second procedure for me (because im on a window system)04:57
MTecknologysemanticpc: I'm gonna figure it's a safe bet they're both working04:57
the_lost_onethe aspire one comes with no windows key, instead it cames with a nice home icon... lol04:58
grizlo42E: /var/cache/apt/archives/nvidia-glx-96_96.43.05-0ubuntu10_i386.deb: trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libGL.so.1', which is also in package libgl1-mesa-glx04:58
grizlo42what does that mean?04:58
MTecknologyif I was talented - I'd make the thing into a tux icon04:58
grizlo42im using intrepid04:58
predator363flannel: i just realised i dident thank you before i left04:58
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu04:58
zigzagsmy music skips and hangs every few seconds, for a few seconds, thru all of my audio players, but only for files played over my local network.  How can I get them to stop skipping all the time??04:58
semanticpcMTecknology, is there any way to cut-off laptop speaker output when headphones are connected ???04:58
copproquick, what's the lightest-weight PDF viewer I probably have installed, not KDE04:58
LoneShadow|workMrPockets: It fails while loading X, if I try to install it04:58
e-framecoppro: evince04:59
MTecknologycoppro: I use either xpdf or evince04:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about evince04:59
MTecknology!info evince04:59
ubottuevince (source: evince): Document (postscript, pdf) viewer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.22.2-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 861 kB, installed size 6276 kB04:59
the_lost_onezigovr, maybe you must increase the cache of your players04:59
coppronot installed :(04:59
=== blood_ is now known as blood_su
root______coppro xpdf would be, but you probably don't have it installed   (yet)04:59
the_lost_oneops, i meant zigzags04:59
copproI'm upgrading to intrepid, so my KDE viewers are broken, so I need one that will work while my KDE upgrades04:59
copproI recall something really lightweight for PS...04:59
root______coppro xpdf05:00
copprocould be05:00
copprounfortunately, that's not installed either05:00
copprono command-line ones or anything05:00
zigzagsatm its at 2000ms (2 seonds, right?) and the audio skips usually every 8-12 seconds, rarely less than that05:00
LinuxFanhow do I restart the indexing daemon?05:01
zigzagsis it bad to set the cache at 5 minutes?05:01
SoldierXI am interested in setting up ubuntu server on a dual opteron server and need some help getting started. I want to have a virtual machine setup with 2 vms, one for a Lamp config, and a second for a Nexuiz Game server. Where can I get help?05:01
willwhhi folks - anyone have any tips for stuttering sound when using aoss? (alsa-oss)05:01
SoldierXI am familiar with Linux, just not ubuntu Server edition05:01
willwhSoldierX: that seems pretty straightforward05:01
willwhSoldierX: aptitude (the package manager) is your friend05:01
SoldierXyes, i know what I want, i just want to get some information before I tackle the job05:02
willwhSoldierX: you'll want virtualbox installed for VM's05:02
LinuxFanhow do I restart the indexing daemon?05:02
willwhsudo apt-get install <package-name>05:02
willwhif you'd like a GUI for your server, apt-get install ubuntu-desktop05:02
MTecknologyuse aptitude not apt-get05:02
root______zigzags only bad if you want to use 800mb ram to play a 3m audio file05:02
SoldierXthat was goignn to be my next qustion05:02
LinuxFanwhat MTecknology said05:02
MTecknologyit's slower but more stable05:03
=== blood_ is now known as blood_su
SoldierXonce I get everythign up can I turn off the gui?05:03
willwhsimply remove the package, yes05:03
root______zigzags err don't want too ^05:03
SoldierXwhat do I use for remote access?05:03
root______SoldierX ssh and yes05:04
willwhjust make sure to make it run on a non-standard port05:04
willwhotherwise people will just hammer your box with login scripts05:04
zigzagsroot____: do you know how i can get my network audio files to stop freezing for a few seconds at random intervals?05:04
copprowait, I probably have pdf2something installed05:04
the_lost_onewillwh, i use denyhosts for that05:04
root______zigzags no. sorry.05:04
SoldierXwould it be good to setup ssh on the local and the vms?05:04
the_lost_onezigzags, you must increase the cache of your players05:05
root______coppro so type in pdf[tab][tab]05:05
zigzagsThe_lost_one it doesnt skip every 2 seconds, which is that the cache is set at05:05
zigzagsits completely random05:05
MTecknologySoldierX: "sudo aptitude install openssh-server denyhosts" us a good first step on any server05:05
ferfactorwhat is the name of windows fonts?05:05
root______SoldierX you mean sshd? (the server)05:05
f|ukezig, the cache sets a buffer, to make skipping less likely05:05
the_lost_onezigzags, which player u have normally?05:06
copproferfactor: ms-ttf-corefonts or something like that05:06
f|ukezig, are you playing mp3's over a network?05:06
zigzagsbut it happens in VLC as well05:06
willwhzigzags: what is your hardware like?05:06
the_lost_onezigzags, i have amarok, vlc and mplayer05:06
willwhmemory etc05:06
ferfactorcoprro thanks bro05:06
f|ukezig: how are you sharing? nfs? over ethernet?05:06
copproferfactor: zigzags was correct05:06
copprocredit him :)05:07
SoldierXwhen buying a server for a use as mine, is it best to get a rack type server or just any desktop?05:07
zigzagsi mount it as CIFS05:07
SoldierXi was looking at this one for its price http://www.geeks.com/details.asp?invtid=E326-R&cat=SYS ??05:07
root______SoldierX most linux installations come default with ssh (the client)    if you want the server you can either call it speciffly or use the meta package "ssh" <name of client and meta package for both client and server.05:07
gunzniperhow do i get started on ubuntu with a nvidia 7900 geforce05:07
f|ukezig: is it a local share?05:07
ferfactorthanks :D05:07
zigzagsim not sure, do you just mean is it on my own local network? then yes05:08
SoldierXroot______: so Ubuntu Server has ssh server already installed05:08
zigzagsim connected thru eth to my router, the other comp is connected using a wireless setup05:08
_786soulHow can I install two OSs on an SD card. Will grub automatically be installed?05:08
f|ukeYes. Not over the internet. CIFS =Common Internet File System05:08
f|ukeYou should use NFS or samba05:08
gunzniperi think i installed the drivers for my 7900 geforce, but i still can only access an extremely low resolution. any help?05:09
root______SoldierX actually i'm not sure if ubuntu-server comes with sshd or not.  but it's as simple as "sudo apt-get install ssh"  on any ubuntu* system05:09
gunzniperalso im a complete noob to linux05:09
SoldierXwhen working with Apache remotly, is it best to setup an ftp client to update your website??05:09
zigzagsto use NFS or samba, do I only need ot change 'cifs' to 'NFS' or 'samba' in the mount command?05:10
the_lost_onezigzags, i can tell you for mplayer, adding the option --cache05:10
SoldierXor does apache handle that?05:10
willwhyou mean an FTP server?05:10
root_______786soul on an sd card ?    can your system boot from an sd sloot ?05:10
SoldierXoops yes, server05:10
f|ukeyou need to install the NFS or Samba server / client files05:10
deftonehas anyone reset to the default desktop sucessfully in kubuntu?05:10
willwhyou need to install an FTP server05:10
_786soulroot_______:Yes I use an eeepc it can boot from the sd card slot05:10
_786soulHow could I get it to work?05:11
bimberiSoldierX: Apache doesn't handle that.  Yes an FTP server, or use SFTP (provided by a SSH server)05:11
f|ukezig, let me get you the howto i used a few days ago05:11
willwhsftp = win05:11
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.05:11
root_______786soul ah, ok,   well any "normal" install should also install a boot loader (grub by default on ubuntu)05:11
zigzagsah f|uke I will try to do that....which do you think is better, NFS, or samba?? ill look at both, but im new to both as well05:11
SoldierXis virtualbox difficult to setup?05:12
Azhi_DahakaHmm... everytime Synaptic installs something, my computer gets ultraslow05:12
root______!install > _786soul05:12
ubottu_786soul, please see my private message05:12
MTecknologyincredibly easy05:12
_786soulSo would it matter if for example I install ubuntu first, then Backtrack 3? Or would I be better off doing it the other way around?05:12
SoldierXthe server im looking at doesnt have a cd drive, how would I setup initally? via usb?05:12
gunzniperis there a step by step installation guide for a nvidia 7900 geforce on linux?05:12
MTecknologyI'd suggest vmware server over virtualbox though if it's for server use05:12
f|ukezigzags: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/nfs-server-and-client-configuration-in-ubuntu.html05:12
Azhi_DahakaIs there a way to... tame it?05:12
f|ukezig - use Samba for Windows compatability05:13
root_______786soul general rule.  most reliable, trouble free, and flexable systems should be installed last05:13
zigzagsthanks fluke05:13
michaelwilliamcagot a question to ask about tweeking a slow ubuntu box05:13
lancerockehi all05:13
willwhgunzniper: nvidia-xconfig05:13
willwhif you have the drivers installed05:13
the_lost_onezigzags, if you have 800 mhz and you watch over nfs or samba, you shold try mplayer with -cache kBytes and -framedrop options, that shuld do the trick05:14
LinuxFanhow do I restart the indexing daemon?05:14
gunzniperwhat does taht mean05:14
rahali have a weird problem :   make  : unset  command unknown in kubuntu while running a makefile05:14
_786soulroot_______: so are you implying I install Backtrack 3 first? then ubuntu? that makes sense to me I guess?05:14
root_______786soul general reasoning behind that is that if one is going to puke, let it puke alone, and not on it's mate.05:14
willwhgunzniper: system > Administration > Hardware Drivers05:14
michaelwilliamcaany one good with tweaking slow computers ??05:14
willwhgunzniper: also, refrain from saying "wtf" when people are trying to help you.05:14
gunzniperya it says in sue but my resolution is still extremely low and i cant turn it up05:14
willwhor, they simply won't bother to help you05:14
willwhopen a terminal05:14
lancerockei remember there was an app for gnome that would allow me to control the style of all kde application i run on it globally. sort of like a kde config kinda thing. anyone know what that was?05:14
willwhand do; nvidia-xconfig05:15
zigzagsthe_lost_one: ok but I havent set up either of those yet, atm ive been using CIFS mout type05:15
michaelwilliamcaany one good at tweaking slow ubuntu setups ??05:15
michaelwilliamcasend me a PM if you can help at all05:15
root______michaelbuckbee no.05:15
f|ukezig: btw, dont forget to open your firewall (assuming you have one). That was the problem I had setting it up.05:15
csilkgunzniper, your grfx card is supported in "hardware drievrs"05:15
emendoI found some good battery time extension tips from this site http://sheehantu.wordpress.com/2007/06/21/saving-battery-life-in-ubuntu/    Does anyone have others they can share with me?05:16
gunzniperit doesnt seem to be working with any drivers05:16
michaelwilliamcahelp needed tweaking a slow linux box05:16
gunzniperand i don't know how to properly unpack the drivers from teh nvidia website05:16
csilkgunz does it list your driver or card?05:16
gunzniperin the terminal when i entered that command?05:17
csilkwhat command?05:17
the_lost_onezigzags, cool, come here when ya tested, and tell us how it goes :))05:17
gunzniperit said this after i entered that05:17
gunzniperWARNING: The CorePointer device was not specified explicitly in the layout;05:17
gunzniper         using the first CorePointer in the config input list.05:17
gunzniperWARNING: The CoreKeyboard device was not specified explicitly in the05:17
gunzniper         layout; using the first keyboard device.05:17
gunzniperERROR: Unable to write to directory '/etc/X11'.05:17
FloodBot1gunzniper: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:17
mib_f91pa435michaelwilliamca: try using xubuntu05:17
zigzagsokey I will05:17
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:17
=== SunWuKung|away is now known as SunWuKung|away|a
gunznipernvm apparently taht would be flooding05:18
csilkyou think?05:18
root______michaelwilliamca three things. 1) turn off all un-needed services. 2) dont load un-needed modules. 3) don't use highend graphics in lowend boxen.05:18
rahalHow to unset a variable set with export in a makefile ( inside the same makefile )..  is it possible ?05:18
Azhi_DahakaSeriously, it'sa HUGE pain in the ass... isn'there a way to make Synaptic less greedy?05:18
root______rahal unset05:19
rahalroot______:  doesn't work05:19
gunzniperive tried guides on how to unpack the downloadable nvidia driver but it never seems to work05:19
the_lost_onemichaelwilliamca, and maybe compile the most used apps05:19
root______Ralfm set it to '' and export it ?05:19
gunzniperhow should i install ti from the terminal?05:19
rahalroot______:  also tried MYVAR='' , MYVAR=   ..05:20
root______rahal ask in #C++  ?05:20
rahalexport also but the variable doesn't seem to change05:20
csilkgunzniper, doesnt "hardware drivers" insatll the driver for you?05:20
jim_pcan someone suggest me an alternative to network-manager? some guy told me yesterday about one, and i lost the damn link05:20
gunzniperbut that didnt work05:21
csilkso whats the prob?05:21
rahal no regular makefile using /bin/sh05:21
csilkgunzniper, please be more specific05:21
theDochey all, quick question. I have a lenovo x61s and for some reason, the stock install of Ubuntu heron goes well but the graphics looks like crap. Anyone could give a hand?05:21
gunzniperit says it installed, but my resolution only goes up to 640x48005:21
root______rahal unset should work.05:21
root______rahal what var is it ?05:21
theDocIt's more of a when I move my windows around, the time it takes to redraw the windows are way too long and it's looking very jerky05:21
csilk!resolution > gunzniper05:22
ubottugunzniper, please see my private message05:22
bushidoalgun dominicano por aca?05:22
clocksysis there a tool to change the control/font looks of non-gnome apps ?05:22
rahalroot______:   JELIX_CONFIG  ( a php framework  specific var )05:22
zigzagsf|uke i just reread our convo and saw you said somethin about using samba for windows shares.  are you saying NFS wont work if the other computer that has the (music) fileson it wont work?05:22
Azhi_Dahaka!es | bushido05:22
ubottubushido: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:22
root______rahal test    unset JELIX_CONFIG05:23
binMonkeymy sound is going funny.  after one app using sound, say runescape, the next app, say amarok, has no sound.  how can i fix this?05:23
rahalroot______:  it's inside a target in my makefile ( can this be a probleme ) ?05:23
SoldierXI want to thank MTecknology root______  and willwh for helping me out05:24
rahalalready tested  unset ( the command is unknown ) , but works outside my script :(05:24
SoldierXand answering my questions05:24
root______rahal subprocess can not affect parents    if that's what you mwan05:24
willwhSoldierX: not a problem mate, that is why the community rocks.05:24
theDocAnyone might have an idea to the x61s jerky graphics when redrawing windows?05:24
SoldierXtrue that05:24
root______SoldierX welcome.05:25
rahalroot______:  my var is initialised before targets , and i need to unset it before  some commands ..05:25
K_DallasGood evening! I installed 8.10 and had a look at xorg.config and it looked to much lighter than what I had seen previously. Does it keep some of the config data in another file or that generic monitor and ... are really all i am getting? Thanks05:25
Azhi_Dahakatried renice synaptic and no luck05:25
K_Dallasand is there an xorg.config tool to run?05:25
paul68!8.10 |K_dallas05:26
ubottuK_dallas: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu05:26
gunzniperhey its asking me to enter my password to restart the x window system, in i think im entering it right but it keeps coming out as wrong.05:26
gunzniperdo i need to include a seperate word before my password?05:26
willwhgunzniper: is your capslock key on?05:26
gunzniperlol no05:26
copproare you on a separate terminal?05:26
K_Dallasubottu, sorry my bad05:26
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sorry my bad05:26
jim_pK_Dallas: itd smaller because the stupid xorg developers are trying to make it obsolete05:26
K_Dallasoops, i meant paul6805:26
K_Dallasjim_p, i see05:27
paul68k_dallas no problem05:27
GoanHow can I use google talk05:27
binMonkeymy sound in firefox is working funny.  after youtube runescape sound won't work.  i have to reboot to get sound.  any have ideas?05:27
Azhi_DahakaGoan: you don't need to05:27
jim_pGoan: though pidgin05:27
willwhguys - anyone know how to fix stuttering sound when running things with aoss? (specifically teamspeak) - rhythmbox plays fine :)05:27
Azhi_DahakaPidgin handles Google Talk chats05:27
willwhit does indeed05:27
GoanPidgin does not allow me to voice talk05:28
jim_pGoan: then you need to look for some other app. skype for instance05:28
Azhi_DahakaHmm... there's Skype and Meebo I think05:29
copprogtalk has voice now?05:29
Azhi_DahakaI guess it does05:29
willwhSkype works very well (the native linux client)05:29
willwhgoogletalk howto; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24671705:29
willwhGoan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=24671705:30
willwhin fact, wait, that is for dapper (:O)05:30
r_hi everyone05:31
=== r_ is now known as Guest34331
Azhi_Dahakano ideas?05:31
Azhi_Dahakai can't even browse properly...05:31
GMWeezelMTecknology: so ive run into another problem with my script. when it's running as cron, gnome-screensaver-command is run from a terminal and not the X server and therefor does not function properly.05:31
Grueliussilly question but does anyone know hwere i could get scripts that would play music tracks through the pc speaker/system beep?05:32
Grueliusive been given shell access to a mates PC he has in his bedroom.... muaauahaha >:)05:32
danielm_mchey i'm having a problem with my x61 atheros driver after the latest updates.  it won't connect to my router anymore and says that "authenticating with AP <mad addr> timed out"05:33
Grueliusits headless but i sold it to him and i know its got a pc speaker :D05:33
danielm_mcbut it doesn't seem like it's trying05:33
Azhi_Dahakahow can i freeze a process?05:34
Grueliusazhi_Dahaka: in a console?05:34
Azhi_DahakaI know the Ctrl+Z, but it works if it's currently running05:34
Azhi_DahakaI want something similar to renice05:34
Azhi_Dahakayes, console05:34
zigzagsquestion about using Samba as a file sharer: I want the server to be my windows machine.  Do i need to install some sort of samba software on the windows XP comp, or simply make the folder shareable, and then install the samba Client in this(ubuntu) machine??05:35
Grueliusno need to install any software on the xp comp05:35
zigzagssweet thanks05:36
Azhi_DahakaGruelius: Yes, in a console05:36
Azhi_DahakaBut not a process running on a console... from the cli05:37
Azhi_Dahakalike renice or kill05:37
willwhguys can people have a look at this thread? (do you think the third post is correct? (I'm sceptical) - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=59664105:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ttf05:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about truetype05:38
badfishwhat's my truetype font directory?05:39
Azhi_Dahaka.ttf? (Wild guess)05:39
danielm_mcanyone ever troubleshoot an ath5k module issue?  after upgrading my thinkpad won't connect to my AP anymore..05:39
badfishi'm pretty sure it's in the filesystem somewhere05:39
willwhbadfish: you might need to create it05:39
willwhif it doesn't exist05:39
willwhI didn't have a .fonts after a fresh install last time05:40
Azhi_DahakaAh... .fonts05:40
Azhi_Dahaka~/.fonts it is05:40
Azhi_Dahakathat's the system's ttf folder, not yours05:41
gunzniperi restarted the x  window system and it left me at a black screen saying it ran some scripts,etc. so i had to restart and nothing changed05:42
badfishthat's what i just added my new ones to to get it to show in the oo dropdown menu05:42
Azhi_Dahakait should work with the fonts added to yout .font folder05:43
Azhi_DahakaAnyone knows how can i freeze a process?05:43
Azhi_Dahakanot Ctrl-Z (the process is not running on a console), something on the same lines that renice or kill??05:43
willwhAzhi_Dahaka: « Windows: you failed at failing [pic]05:44
willwhBash shell FAQ »05:44
FloodBot1willwh: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:44
michaelwilliamcai agree floodbogt05:44
willwhsorry, mis-clicked ;/05:44
willwhAzhi_Dahaka: use CryoPID05:44
Azhi_Dahakanice... i need to freeze synaptic05:45
Azhi_Dahakaeverytime it runs, it makes my computer super sluggish05:45
Azhi_Dahakai can't browse!05:45
Azhi_Dahakatried renice and no luck05:45
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: are you running an update with synaptic? plus, chech what app does the most memory or cpu usage in top/htop/gnome-system-monitor05:47
Azhi_Dahakait's installing texlive-complete05:48
Azhi_Dahakait's hdd bounded, i guess05:48
Azhi_Dahakamemory usage is not on the critical numbers05:48
Azhi_Dahakaand cpu usage is cool05:49
Azhi_Dahakaso, it should be hdd05:49
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: the only time i notice some sluggish effect is when it has downloaded all packages and it installs them. loads of reads and writed on the hdd you see05:49
Azhi_Dahakathat's why i need to freeze it05:50
Azhi_Dahakai want to be able to at least, check mail05:50
danielm_mcahh probably linux-restricted-modules05:51
zigzagswhats the command to make a file, like mkdir for files05:52
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: wait until its done with installing. how many MB was the installation/download05:52
owen1any vaio user that can't use the video-out button?05:52
Kr0ntabzigzags: touch filename05:52
Azhi_Dahaka1 GB05:53
Kr0ntabzigzags: no prob05:53
zigzagswhy is it 'touch' ?  that sounds strange05:54
Azhi_DahakaLucky me... :D05:54
lancerockei remember there was an app for gnome that would allow me to control the style of all kde application i run on it globally. sort of like a kde config kinda thing. anyone know what that was?05:55
Kr0ntabzigzags: that's just one of the easiest ways to create a file... its actually used to modify timestamps on files...05:55
Azhi_DahakaThat's blasphemy... kde apps running on gnome... what madness would follow, uh?05:56
jim_pzigzags: i think because the developer wanted to imitate god's touch and make stuff out of nowhere :P05:56
Kr0ntabyou can also create files by redirecting output... for example:  cat /dev/null > newfile.txt05:56
Kr0ntabbut touch is simpler.  :-P05:56
apathadeuscat dev null05:57
jim_plancerocke: qtconfig-qt3 and qtconfig-qt4 for qt3 and qt4 aps respectively05:57
paducahguyis there an rtorrent channel I can go to for support ?05:57
jim_plancerocke: qtconfig-qt3 is inside the polymer package. i dont remember where qtconfig-qt4 was05:58
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=== GinTonic is now known as Badfish69
lancerockethanks again bro05:59
zigzagspaducahguy what torrent program? or are you lookin for info about torrents in general?05:59
paducahguyrtorrent actually is the name of the program zz..06:00
Daft_Punksometimes when i open FLV files in totem (mplayer) it will use 100% cpu even after i turn the video off... how to kill it? i tried 'sudo killall totem' and ive tried using htop as sudo06:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rtorrent06:01
omkarhello guys06:02
=== Robb_M is now known as Alan_M
omkarI have install RedHat Enterprize Server 5 at my pc06:02
omkarn I had windows Xp n Ubuntu in my System06:02
omkarnow I can access Windows but I can't access Ubuntu as the Grub has been newly installed06:03
omkarof my RedHat Server06:03
omkarany one who can help me  a bit06:03
omkarI knw there has to be some changes to be done in /etc/grub.conf06:03
paducahguyzigzags .. the program is like irssi.. a txt based torrent program with all the whistles and bells that the major programs have....06:03
omkarUbuntu is of Version 8.10 Interprid06:04
omkaranyone there?06:04
=== droog4 is now known as hogdog
paducahguyomkar go to http://www.supergrubdisk.org/ and burn the iso ... then follow it's instructions to restore ur original mbr and or add all of the operating systems you want to a grub boot list and it will write it to your mbr ;)06:05
majortoolOne of life's great questions: Does Totem Video Player actually do anything or is it meant to be as lazy as my brother, Doug.?06:05
riegersnis there a way to (in bash script or something) to exec a command when the network reconnects?06:05
jim_pomkar: i am not sure, but i think redhatr uses lilo, right? if this is the case, grub overwrote it06:05
riegersni would like to remount my nfs drives when network goes down and comes back up06:06
Azhi_DahakaTotem is one fine player when you don't want to bring out the Heavy Weaponry06:06
gleesond_I'm not sure what flags to pass fsck in order to fsck my root partition.06:06
kindofabuzzman fsck06:06
majortoolAzhi_Dahaka, gedit does a better job than totem06:06
gleesond_yeah I already read the man page06:07
hogdoggleesond_ just keep passing random ones until you get the desired result.06:07
omkarhmm hey jim06:07
Azhi_Dahakaanyway, VLC rules over every single video player in this side of the Galaxy, so...06:07
omkarI suppose Red Hat uses Grub not LILO06:08
omkarn ya i Wrote the Grub on MBR06:08
nikhil_join #foss06:08
Azhi_Dahakawho ordered his Intrepid disc today?06:09
majortoolAzhi_Dahaka, yes, it is the jesus of video players06:09
zigzagsf|uke: i got samba working and shit aint skipping anymore!! thanks!  sidenote: its not possible to use NFS with a windows comp as the server, is it?06:09
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: definitely not me, i am not moving to inteprid until ati fixes fglrx06:09
zigzagsomg its still skipping :(06:10
majortoolzigzags, yes it is.  you have to get unix tools for windows06:10
jim_pzigzags: you probably need an extra app to do the file sharing06:10
Azhi_DahakaCrappy Intel Video Cards FtW!06:10
majortoolzigzags, it's an actual microsoft product06:10
omkarjim my case was I had Ubuntu n Windows running 5n06:10
majortoolzigzags, comes with my student msdn subscription06:11
zigzagsmkay ill try that if I need to, using samba ATM though06:11
omkarbut I am n RHCE student so I wanted Red Hat Enterprize Edition to be installed in my System06:11
majortoolzigzags, samba should be fine in most cases where permissions aren't needed06:11
omkarSo I installed it n I overwrote the RHEL 5 Grub over the Ubuntu one06:11
omkaron MBR06:11
jim_pomkar: cant you use virtualization/06:11
omkarI didn't wanted Virtualization06:12
omkarI wanted a new fresh OS on my System06:12
omkarI have very less memory of just 1GB06:12
omkarso wasn't in a mood to have Virtualization06:12
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:12
zigzagsI switched to Samba because my music was skipping or freezing for multiple seconds when played over my local network.....and it still is, at random intervals.....anyone know what might be causing this?06:12
=== willwh is now known as willwh|afk
jim_pzigzags: low samba transfer speeds and huge traffic on the network06:17
majortoolzigzags, lack of buffering06:17
majortoolprobably the music client06:17
user__anyone know how to install the latest wine? where do i get the source file wine 1.1.6? and how do i compile it?06:17
zigzagsno traffic on the network atm,except pidgin(IM client), and the audio im trying to play06:18
jim_pzigzags: for the low samba speed, windows sharing and asmba are responsible. for the trafic, install a 1Gbps card on that server06:18
jim_puser__: wine is in the repos06:18
zigzagsmajortool: how can I set up buffering06:19
user__yes but it's version 1.0.106:19
user__i need 1.1.606:19
=== jake__ is now known as zebs
majortooljim_p, a one gig card?  ... he should have no problem playing the music on a 10mb connection06:19
user__hasn't been released yet as stable06:19
user__it's in development06:19
TimeFXHello ALl06:19
majortoolzigzags, what client are you using?06:19
zigzagsin audacious I have the buffer set at 2000 milliseconds,and its freezing every 15 seconds or so, not 2, and freezing for a long time06:19
jim_pmajortool: in case other pcs draw data from the server06:19
zigzagsyou mean for music? Audacious, and this happens in VLC as well06:20
majortooljim_p, still 100mb would have no problems06:20
jim_puser__: then wait06:20
TimeFXI setup my samba share for a linux partition to be used on my Laptop running Windows, now the share is visible but I cant connect to it, it says connection failed both from the Windows PC and even locally from this box, what might that be?06:20
user__i'll be 100 when it gets out06:20
majortoolzigzags, can you copy the file to your desktop, then try to play it?06:21
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
jim_pmajortool: i have a friend that stores all his photoshop works on a server and at the same time he draws songs from it and plays them on winamp. that is insane traffic usage, although its only 1 user06:21
jim_puser__: let me look at wine repo06:22
majortooljim_p, how is that a lot of usage?06:22
Azhi_Dahakaphotoshop files can get really big, really fast06:23
zigzagsit seems that every once in a while the local network stops responding entirely.  i just opened up the shared folderand it hung on a blank screen, and my network activity was at 0 bytes/second for about 6 seconds, then it shot up to 2mbs/s o load the folder06:23
majortooljim_p, for a 3meg song on a 10 mb connection you're looking at about 5 seconds to transfer the entire file.06:23
majortoolzigzags, then you have a problem with the network06:24
majortoolzigzags, ping -t yourrouter06:24
jim_pmajortool: well he always complains about sluggish photoshop performance and sound stoppping. he is on 10M and the server is on 100M i think06:24
majortoolzigzags, ... sorry just ping yourrouter06:24
jim_pzigzags: do you use static ips?06:24
majortooljim_p, then the fastest connection is 10m06:24
user__i think i've managed do get it06:25
jim_puser__: i fount it in deb http://wine.budgetdedicated.com/06:25
majortooljim_p, i don't think this is a reverse dns issues.  he says he gets connected, it says 0kbps ... then it goes06:25
jim_puser__: you need this Ubuntu Hardy (8.04): 1.1.6 i38606:25
razelhello everyone what is the #channel for postgresql?06:25
zigzagsjim_p: i cant remember.  my router uses a dns thingy to give me 192.168.0.*** addresses locally, external hasnt changed in a few months06:25
zigzagsi think itcan be changed ifi bitch to comcast06:26
majortoolzigzags, dhcp06:26
Azhi_Dahakahmm, is there a nice pidgin replacement on the same vein that irssi?06:26
majortoolzigzags, ... ping
zigzagsoh and by ping is 220-240 ms06:26
jim_pmajortool: i dont care of what he does. i told him to make a nfs share there and stream music to the network with mpd and connect there with media player. what he did is to install win200006:26
zigzagswait, nvm thats 0.220 or 0.24006:27
majortoolzigzags,  what is your max ping?06:27
zigzags0.409 so far06:27
majortoolzigzags, no problem there06:27
jim_puser__: ok now?06:27
user__i've installed it06:27
nclifehey. How can I mount a hard drive with the cl? I unmounted it and I don't know how to remount it.06:27
user__trying to get war3 running and garena06:27
zigzagsmajor what did you mean by 'dhcp'06:28
Azhi_Dahakanclife: is it on yout fstab?06:28
majortoolzigzags, i was correcting you.  you said dns, i said dhcp06:28
user__how do i find which version of ubuntu i have? 8.04/8.10 ?06:28
user__and can i upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10?06:28
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, how can I check that?06:28
Azhi_Dahakacat /etc/fstab06:28
jim_puser_: uname -r will give me a clue to tell you what version you have06:29
DrUnKnMuNkYuser_: lsb_release -rd06:29
majortoolzigzags, your issue is a bugger06:29
jim_puser__: uname -r will give me a clue to tell you what version you have06:29
Azhi_Dahakajim_p: uname will give you  the kernel ver, not Ubuntu ver06:29
user__so i have 8.0406:29
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, there is a hda2 listed06:29
zigzagsknow any tests or stuff I could run that could help identify the problem06:29
majortoolzigzags, say you transfer a very large file ... does it stop several times in the middle of the file?06:30
user__8.10 is available?06:30
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: well if he has 2.6.24, it means he is on hardy and so on. ubuntu does not change kernels in mid release06:30
Flanneluser__: Not yet, no.06:30
user__can i upgrade from 8.04?06:30
Flanneluser__: yes06:30
kunwon1Azhi_Dahaka, finch06:30
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, deaults,errors=remount-ro 0  106:30
user__when will it be available?06:30
zigzagsno it went smoothly,max of 2.9 MB/s06:30
jim_puser__: yes, but not now. wait until 30th october06:30
Azhi_Dahakajim_p: actually, i got a kernel update the weekend06:30
razelhow can i createuser at postgresql?06:31
Azhi_Dahakaanyway... check the mount point06:31
kunwon1Azhi_Dahaka, finch is a non-gui IM client06:31
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: i mean a major kernel update, eg  2.6.24 to 2.6.2506:31
=== blood_ is now known as blood_su
majortoolzigzags, i bet the other drive is shutting down from inactivity ... or something along those lines .. the process might not be getting enough attention06:31
binMonkeyhi guys.  my sound in firefox is working funny.  after youtube runescape sound won't work.  i have to reboot to get sound.  any have ideas?06:31
majortoolzigzags, is the computer you're getting from really old?06:32
Azhi_DahakaAh, ok06:32
jim_phow can i see the dependencies of wicd without installing it? this is the repo http://apt.wicd.net06:32
user__anyone here plays war3 ?06:32
zigzagsnot at all, upgraded itlast december06:32
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, mount /dev/hda2 says that it cant be found in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab06:32
user__on ubuntu that is06:32
=== willwh|afk is now known as willwh
Azhi_Dahakanclife: did you catch the mount point of your disk06:32
majortoolzigzags, os?06:32
=== blood_ is now known as blood_su
jim_puser__: hosstest does :P06:32
yao_ziyuanhow does System Cleaner work?06:32
zigzagsand I bought it about 6months prior to that06:32
zigzagsXp pro06:32
TimeFXI dont know if anyone can pleae look at my log of Samba and tell me whats going on and how I can fix my samba share so that I can access it from my Laptop running windows http://pastebin.com/m688b5f3206:32
yao_ziyuanit seems to remove some useful packages06:32
Azhi_Dahakaok, so you manually need to set it or modify yout fstab...06:32
user__and is there someone that plays war3 on garena?06:32
majortoolzigzags, what is your current cpu usage?06:33
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, oks. How can I do that?06:33
user__that's a program that enables people to join and play games together across internet without needing the battlenet channel06:33
Azhi_Dahakawell, it depends of the type of partition that you have06:33
Azhi_Dahaka!fstab | nclife06:34
ubottunclife: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:34
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, ext3?06:34
zigzagsmajor: about 48%06:34
chakrilogmein in ubuntu?06:35
=== Tegal^Cape-Kerja is now known as Tora
zigzagsnope, cpu1 is goibn between 18-26%, cpu 2about the same,but not exaclty the same as cpu106:35
majortoolzigzags, up your audacious buffer to 10 seconds06:35
TimeFXI dont mean to be an annoyance but why is no one answering my question about how to fix my Samba share, is it because I asked wrong or is my English that bad that no one understands me?06:35
nclifeAzhi_Dahaka, thank you06:35
zigzagsok i dont know if itl help though06:36
majortoolzigzags, you smoke?06:36
zigzagsonly weed06:36
zigzags>.> why06:36
binMonkeyhi guys.  my sound in firefox is working funny.  after youtube runescape sound won't work.  i have to reboot to get sound.  any have ideas?06:36
TimeFXbinMonkey: outside of firefox the sound doesnt work or just in general no sound in any app?06:37
majortoolzigzags, can i get a pack of white ziggys is something i've said many times in my life06:37
hogdogbinMonkey hmm, were you watching semi-erotic vids?06:37
zigzagslol are ziggy's cigss?06:37
majortoolno white zigzag papers06:37
munichlinuxis there any tool to monitor cpu, memory, i want to load the application and see the amount of CPU, memory that the application consumes.06:37
binMonkeyTimeFX: sometimes it's only in ff, sometimes it's all apps.06:37
binMonkeyhogdog: semi-erotic is for wusses.  i go for the hardcore.06:38
majortoolzigzags, ziggys = zigzag papers06:38
zigzagsoh sometimes the music hangs for so long that audacious will jump to another player instead of trying to load more of the current song06:38
jim_pI LOVE wicd. not only it is a perfect install, it conflicts with network-manager piece of crap! its written in python though :/06:38
zigzagsi see i havent heardof em but I dont even know how to properly rolla joint. i can but i like bowls, especially since ive made all but 1 of my bowls06:39
zigzagsand audacious is still hanging at random-ass intervals06:39
majortoolzigzags, you say that when you transfer a file with what program does it hang at 0%06:39
Azhi_Dahakaliar, binMonkey... there's no hardcore on youtube06:39
hogdogAzhi_Dahaka exactly.06:40
majortoolAzhi_Dahaka, http://hardcoretube.com06:40
Azhi_Dahakathat's not youtube06:40
binMonkeyAzhi_Dahaka: i was watching the other you.... site.  then i had to go to you tube to watch vids of kittens to settle mysefl down.06:40
majortoolAzhi_Dahaka, you're not youtube06:40
hogdogwhat sort of a person would smoke joints over cones/bowls?06:41
zigzags0% what?  imjust transferring with nautilus, and it nevr hangs there, only  once did it hang when i was trying to look at the shared folder06:41
Azhi_Dahakaalso, tube8 owns 'em all06:41
hogdogsome sort of animal.06:41
binMonkeyany ideas on the sound problem?06:41
hogdogthe bong is the finest cannabis delivery technology available today06:41
binMonkeyAzhi_Dahaka: but the kittens, man...the kittens.06:41
majortoolzigzags, when you copy a file from a samba share does it hang at all at the beginning?06:41
binMonkeyany help with sound?06:42
zigzagsi tested with multiple files too, and some large ones06:42
majortoolzigzags, did you try to copy a file and play it locally?06:42
Azhi_Dahakaah, you're a fellow youlolcat visitor06:42
zigzagsyeah it worked perfectly06:42
zigzagswith 3 files06:42
binMonkeyi will buy you hopheads smoke if you help me with sound.06:42
majortoolzigzags, maybe someone in #samba knows.  sounds like it should be a common issue06:42
manguyI have a vps set up with an ssh key, everything working fine and dandy.  Today I signed up for another vps and would also like to set that up with an ssh key login; however, apparently if I call the key a different name (the first server is using id_rsa, so I named the new one id_rsa_test), I get a Permission Denied (publickey) error.  Where am I going wrong?06:43
zigzagsits def some stupid network prob, cuz when audacious lags, the network use drops to nothing, or maybe a few kb/s for some internet crap but thats it06:43
zigzagsok ill check it out06:43
zigzagsthanks for the help majortool06:43
Azhi_Dahakathat's a weird issue, zigzags06:44
majortoolzigzags, i would doubt it if large files don't hang over a longer period06:44
Azhi_DahakaI stream movies from XP all the time... :S06:44
zigzagsif i mount a share with /etc/fstab  using a CIFS type, that is different than installing the samba client and then using Places >> Connect to server...   correct??06:45
=== Doc|LOLCode is now known as Indoctrine
bonchubuntu live cd does a great job autoconfiguring my video card, and i'd like to use the configuration for a non-ubuntu distro.  however, xorg.conf is nearly empty.  is there a way to extract the configuration X is using?06:45
binMonkeyAzhi_Dahaka: hogdog, zigzag, any ideas on my sound problem?06:45
jim_pzigzags: fstab is permanent solution06:45
Azhi_Dahakaare you using pulseaudio?06:45
zigzagsbin, completely exit out of firefox, then run your video06:45
zigzagsi have to do the same with opera after watching youtube, to get any sound to work06:46
binMonkeyAzhi_Dahaka: no it's alsa.06:46
binMonkeyzigzags: i've tried that and no luck.06:46
Azhi_DahakaI had this issue, sound stopped working after playing flash audio (deezer) and then, no luck with sound with Totem or VLC06:46
majortoolzigzags, binMonkey, i had the same issue in gentoo.  fixed it by reading the output from firefox -v06:46
Azhi_Dahakamoved to pulseaudio and the error went away06:46
binMonkeyhow do i move to pulseaudio?06:47
VonGuardnetwork manager doesn't list any wireless networks on my laptop, and the manager crashes when i play with wireless settings. won't let me hit OK to change the settings either.06:47
VonGuardin hardy06:47
zigzagsjim_p: what i meant is, is CIFS different from samba06:47
zigzagscuz i as using CIFS prior to SAMBA, but they both skip the same way06:47
zigzagsso i dont think its the way i mount the file system06:48
binMonkeyVonGuard: try wicd.  add the repo, update, and it'll take care of any dependencies.06:48
=== rogan_ is now known as rogan
jim_pzigovr: no i think its not different06:48
byonixhi, i'm trying to update my system from the main online repository, i think is very (7X) slow, are there problems with the repos06:48
zigzagsagh damn06:48
Azhi_DahakabinMonkey: I followed this thread -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78957806:49
zigzagsgonna try NFS then.  are there any other ways to mount??06:49
jim_pbyonix: change the server to another less packed one06:49
Azhi_DahakaI'm not saying that it would fix your specific issue, but that fixed mine06:49
byonixjim_p: I use the default one06:49
binMonkeyAzhi_Dahaka: so pulseaudio is not dependent on hardware/06:50
jim_pbyonix: change it to one closer to you06:50
jim_pbyonix: i am greek and i use a german one06:50
majortoolzigzags, have you tried to create a local share, then mount it and play a file06:50
=== unitedpotsmokers is now known as thaigirlshow
majortoolzigzags, try that with both computers06:51
zigzagswhat do yu mean by local share06:52
majortoolzigzags, try to mount a share at localhost06:52
zigzagsi dont get it lol06:53
majortoolzigzags, create a directory in windows like c:\share, share it, then assign it through network neighbourhood to z:\, then try to play a song from z:\06:54
majortoolzigzags, make a share on the same computer you're trying to play the song from06:55
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
majortoolzigzags, test it with both computers06:55
bullgard4/etc/init.d/module-init-tools starts with the message: 'log_begin_msg..." * Loading menual drivers...".' What are 'manual drivers'?06:55
zigzagswhat is network neighborhood?  you mean the 'map network drive' option in windows??06:55
majortoolzigzags, essentially what you're doing is using the loopback to mount shares06:55
majortoolzigzags, that's one way to do it06:56
majortoolzigzags, go to start/my network places/and browse for your own local share in there06:57
zigzagsyou want me to make a shared folder on windows comp, then on the windows comp, map it to drive z:, then use the windows comp to play a file thats in the shared folder on the windows comp??06:57
zigzagsessentially testing to make sure the shared folder isnt being stupid or something06:57
majortoolzigzags, exactly .. then do the same thing with linux to make sure samba isn't being a whore06:58
goOKdobro jutro/ bonjour toutes et tous06:58
zigzagsi see i see06:58
Azhi_Dahaka!fr | goOK06:58
ubottugoOK: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr ou #kubuntu-fr06:58
majortoolzigzags, you don't always have to map a drive to access the share in windows06:58
BruteFrceinjected leaf meat of fruit scales?06:59
majortoolbadfish, tell me are you a badfish, too?06:59
jim_pdebian will release 25GB BLUE RAY isos that will contain the entire, massive, debian repo. 1 iso per arcjhitecture!06:59
=== badfish is now known as Badfish69
BruteFrceya long live bradley06:59
pJupiterthat's like trying to burn dvds of wiki06:59
jim_ppJupiter: lol06:59
majortoolBruteFrce, damn skippy07:00
pJupitersort of loses that "living document" feeling07:00
Azhi_Dahakathat would fit in a DVD9 if they compress audio and cutscenes07:00
BruteFrcei love feelings of cream07:00
jim_pAzhi_Dahaka: lol07:00
jim_pactually, the entire debian repo is so big thet it needs 4 DVDs to fit now07:00
BruteFrceor a fraction of a blue ray07:01
zcat[1]only 4 ?07:01
BruteFrcevery small fraction07:01
BruteFrceespecially with 100gb blieray now07:01
anon1hey anyone?07:02
BruteFrcehello... is there anyobody out there....?07:02
xman_anybody here can help me installing opensolaris in vmware????????07:02
majortoolmy place is not a home, don't make no difference, but i have found, that i neeeeeeEEEEEeeed a place to stay, i never listen what the landlord man say07:02
BruteFrcewere just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year....07:02
anon1yeah i need some quick help07:02
anon1if anyone would oblidge07:02
jim_pBruteFrce: well, 4*4.7 GB = ~20GB !07:03
Azhi_Dahakadon't ask to ask07:03
anon1yeah mine is network realted07:03
Azhi_Dahakajust ask07:03
majortoolyou shoulda seen all the flops in my house, we was jumping on walls and kicking ceilings.  now a days people listen to me, when i say, "GET OUT!"07:03
anon1my other laptop07:03
anon1has an atheros card07:03
AussieGuyhow do you give other users permission to access your X server?07:03
BruteFrcejust soot... as my wife says07:03
anon1it is a toshiba satellite u405d07:03
anon1and the problem is that when i go into network manager (i run hardy heron)07:04
anon1there is no connection information07:04
anon1and it says there are no devices07:04
anon1so what can i do to get wireless07:04
Badfish69is there a terminal command to empty trash?07:04
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed in 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash07:05
zcat[1]Badfish69: rm .local/share/Trash/* -rf07:05
Rinderwahnzigzags here, on windows comp.  playing files thru the shared folder is working fine, no hanging07:05
anon1can anyone even see what im typing07:05
anon1thank you07:05
jim_p:O debian repo is 5 dvd isos!07:06
zcat[1]anon1: no07:06
anon1anyone got any ideas as to my problem07:06
anon1im sorry to be impatient07:06
majortoolBadfish69, rm -rf /07:06
anon1i know that07:06
bonchwhen i start the ubuntu live cd, is there a way to see what settings X has autodetected?07:06
majortoolBadfish69, that's a joke if you don't know07:06
anon1dont do it07:06
majortoolBadfish69, don't do that ..07:07
Badfish69majortool: what is going on?07:07
Badfish69dear god07:07
Rinderwahnmajortool: this is zigzags.  im playing files fine thru the shared folder07:07
Rinderwahnno laggin/haning/skipping07:08
majortoolRinderwahn, you're my hero07:08
Rinderwahnglad to uh....be of service07:08
majortoolRinderwahn, lol ... yes ... i don't know what's going on yet07:08
anon1so anyone?07:08
Oprtzi want to watch a streaming video ( http://www.santabanta.com/video.asp?video=1627 ) but ubuntu firefox dont play the video, which softwares to install for this ?07:08
majortoolRinderwahn, i can play em just fine07:08
anon1can anyone help me out07:08
anon1with my network issues07:09
BruteFrcehow did ubuntu come out of nowhere, copy mostly all od ubuntu, and the become easily the most popular distrobution?07:09
IndoctrineIs there any way to see what's using my flash drive? It won't unmount and nothing is opened with it but it says it's in use.07:09
majortoolanon1, what do you think the chances are that he actually did that?07:09
anon1he hasnt typed in a while07:09
majortoolBadfish69> majortool: what is going on?07:09
majortool<Badfish69> dear god07:09
zcat[1]Oprtz: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:09
fat_rat!enter | anon107:10
ubottuanon1: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:10
majortool* Badfish69 has quit ("Hi, I'm a quit message virus. Please replace your old line with this line and help me take over IRC.")07:10
Oprtzzcat[1]:  okie07:10
anon1err my bad07:10
anon1i will try07:10
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
majortooloh my god im such an ass07:10
BruteFrcei squirted you with thick information.07:10
Oprtzzcat[1]:  its done, but i cant play the video :(07:10
anon1so guys can you guys help me out?07:11
e-frameany tricks to fix bad sector ?07:11
anon1ive been beating m head over this wireless issue for so long07:11
Azhi_DahakaHmm... is there a cli web browser that shows images and css?07:11
anon1its the only reason why i dont delete winblows07:11
BruteFrceanon1 i love all camels07:11
majortoolseriously .. if he did that ... well it's the funniest thing that has ever happened ... but i feel soooo bad07:12
anon1yeah i feel bad too07:12
zaggynle-frame: yes, and the best one is buying a new hdd :(07:12
BruteFrceazhi and how could you show an image in framebuffer?07:12
majortoolim posting that to bash07:12
zaggynlfilesystems can mark bad sectors though e-frame07:12
bonchwhen i start the ubuntu live cd, is there a way to see the settings that X has autodetected?07:12
BruteFrcein acsiih07:12
e-framezaggynl: so what's the solution ?07:13
zcat[1]Oprtz: weird. It plays fine here07:13
Oprtzzcat[1]:  :(07:13
zaggynle-frame: backup your data, run a fsck I think07:13
jim_pbonch: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf07:13
zcat[1]Oprtz: did you restart firefox after installing the plugin?07:13
bonchjim_p: on the livecd, xorg.conf is nearly empty and has no settings07:14
e-framezaggynl: it's an ntfs partition. i'm dualbooting. can i run fsck to ntfs ?07:14
Oprtzzcat[1]:  do i need to uninstall from my computer? because i follow instuction of guys and install a hell of codecs for firefox07:14
BruteFrceseriously how could you expect something that runs in framebuffer to show images?07:14
renzcoldsunbonch: you can try less-ing /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:14
zaggynle-frame: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1085107:14
jim_pbonch: in ubuntu 8.04 live cd?07:14
e-framezaggynl: no space left to make a backup :D07:14
paul68!wireless > anon107:14
ubottuanon1, please see my private message07:14
Azhi_DahakaThat's the question, BruteFrce07:14
OprtzNO i dont restart it, let me close  forefox and then cheke it07:14
bonchrenzcoldsun: ah, i hadn't thought of that07:14
bonchjim_p: yeah07:14
joshualanyone running flock browser? every time i play something with sound in flock browser, i cant use an application that requires sound outside of flock without rebooting first...07:14
XavuraOk, so I use gnome (ubuntu-desktop)07:14
XavuraI just installed xubuntu-desktop and kubuntu-desktop07:15
BruteFrceumm hi uhh is there like a cli movie player...07:15
Xavurabut when I try either, the fonts are HUGE covering the whole screen07:15
zcat[1]Oprtz: no, they should be causing any problems.. they just probably won't help either.07:15
jim_pbonch: then i dont know any other way. do you have a specific problem that i can help you?07:15
XavuraI can't find anything on Google for it07:15
XavuraThe fonts literally take up the full 1280x1024 screen07:15
Xavuraon both kubuntu and xubuntu07:15
zaggynlI mean, boy that's gotta be annoying07:15
Azhi_DahakaI want big fonts... :(07:15
Xavuraso I can't navigate through menus07:15
bonchjim_p: X autodetects the settings for my intel integrated card and enables decent acceleration.  i'm actually trying to set up X on a non-ubuntu system and wanted to borrow the X settings07:15
=== iratsu is now known as bork
XavuraIt's totally unusable.07:16
majortoolwhat's wrong anon107:16
bonchjim_p: X autodetects on the Live CD, i mean07:16
XavuraAnyone know how to fix that?07:16
anon1so major07:16
anon1my wirless on my other laptop is busted, its a new toshiba satellite u405d07:16
anon1and the network manager says no interfaces detected07:16
zaggynlXavura: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/22426207:16
jim_pXavura: dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig07:16
anon1idk if it needs drivers07:16
anon1or what07:17
jim_pbonch: what do you use as a driver there?07:17
bonchjim_p: the "intel' driver07:17
Xavurajim_p: Will that fix it for Kubuntu and Xubuntu? Gnome 'tis fine obviously, using that now07:17
XavuraI want to try all 3 ;D07:17
majortoolanon1, lspci -v ... does your card show up there?07:17
XavuraErr Xfce and KDE07:17
anon1kk one sec07:17
bonchjim_p: i have to use Option "NoAccel" to get X up.  but when i run the ubuntu live cd, X is able to display compiz effects.  so i'm trying to figure out what settings it has detected07:18
anon1it shows up as an atheros card07:18
abstortedmindshow do i change the order of which the kernels are specified upon startup07:18
Xavurajim_p: Do I need to run that command from in KDE and XFCE or from here? Although KDE is 100% unusable, but XFCE I think I can manage to get a terminal07:18
jim_pbonch: because i have to leave for an hour, do you mind if we do it later?07:19
renzcoldsunbonch: try copying ubuntu live cd's xorg.conf to your /etc/X11, but make a backup first07:19
zcat[1]absheva: /boot/grub/menu.lst07:19
jim_pXavura: on any terminal, even outside x07:19
Xavurajim_p: so I can do it now on my Gnome session?07:19
bonchjim_p: oh, no problem, i'll figure it out07:19
jim_pXavura: yes07:19
jim_pok brb07:19
paul68absortedminds you can adapt the /boot/grub/menu.lst07:20
bonchrenzcoldsun: the live cd's xorg.conf has no settings.  X is using autodetection07:20
anon1yeah major, it shows up07:20
majortoolanon1, iwconifg07:20
renzcoldsunawwwwwwww ok07:20
majortoolanon1, iwconfig07:20
bonchi have the livecd booted up.  i'm going to check xorg.0.log now07:20
anon1lo   no wireless extensions07:20
e-framezaggynl: fsck doesn't work. it says fsck: fsck.ntfs: not found07:20
abstortedmindsthanks got it07:21
anon1yeah major, "lo      no wirless extensions"07:21
zcat[1]e-frame: try ntfsfix ?07:21
e-framei did07:21
paul68anon1: http://hamzakc.wordpress.com/2006/12/11/atheros-wireless-setup-ubuntu/  read this07:21
e-framezcat[1]: it's still remain07:22
anon1thanks paul ill try that07:22
majortool!madwifi | anon107:22
ubottuanon1: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:22
paul68anon1: and this one to http://www.stchman.com/ath_drv.html07:22
e-framezcat[1]: i'm gonna shrink the partition and move to avoid the bad sector. but how to find out where the bad sector is?07:23
anon1thanks ill try both and get back to you07:23
Xavurawhat's the package name for the nice looking new shiny KDE?07:23
Xavuranot kubuntu-desktop, that's v3 or whatever07:23
zcat[1]e-frame: seriously, if a drive is showing bad sectors it's dying.. get a new drive and trasnfer all the data over while you still can.07:24
LVis there a wizard to re-init sound settings?07:27
LVi'm using hardy07:29
CruX|hello all07:33
CruX|why kcheckpasswd is always broken ?07:33
CruX|after KDE update ?07:33
Azhi_DahakaKanji in console looks cool07:35
VonGuardbuh, i can';t get the damn wireless card up07:35
VonGuardhave the driver, used ndiswrapper07:35
VonGuardbut nothing else likes to see it07:35
ubottu日本語の場合は #ubuntu-jp または #kubuntu-jp を参照して下さい07:35
ubottujoin ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:36
VonGuardnetwork manager is so broken!07:36
Azhi_DahakaWell, kinda07:36
VonGuardwhere can i erase the configs in network manager07:37
Azhi_DahakaWhich wireless card do you have?07:37
=== Mordocai is now known as Mordocai_away
VonGuardit's a dell broadcom chiopste07:37
tiglionabbithey guys, how do I get ytalk to work?07:38
Azhi_DahakaVonGuard: lspci | grep -i broadcom07:38
=== Badfish is now known as Badfish69
stodanhi, how can i disable compiz for another user? it seems to crash display07:47
TraceRouteanyone running 8.10?07:48
macvrhi all... does anyone know the SED stream editor? im tryin to get an output correctly?07:49
hateballTraceRoute» they're in #ubuntu+107:49
macvr hi all... does anyone know the SED stream editor? im tryin to get an output correctly?  ${execpi 60 DKV=`date +%_d`; cal | sed '1d' | sed '1e' | sed '/./!d' | sed 's/^/ /' | fold -w 33 | sed -n '/^.\{21\}/p' | sed /" $DKV "/s/" $DKV "/" "'${color1}'"$DKV"'${color0}'" "/} this output doesnt get fully printed... i'm not sure if sed is cutting it short or if the cal command is doing it!07:52
krishnaanyone to help me configure sendmail on webmin to manage windows boxes?07:54
=== chad is now known as kai696
=== Mendnwngs_ is now known as Opr8Ive
ziroday!webmin |  krishna07:58
ubottukrishna: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.07:59
anon1hey how do i add a cd rom as a software source07:59
zirodayanon1: go to System > Adminstrator > Software Sources07:59
Flannelanon1: Do you already have the CD? or you're creating one?07:59
anon1i have a cd07:59
Flannel!caps | krishna07:59
ubottukrishna: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.08:00
krishnaoh sorry08:00
Flannelanon1: Then yeah, software sources can handle it.  Or theres a CLI command (apt-cdrom add) to do it as well.08:00
anon1ut when i do sudo apt-cdrom add -d /media/"Ubuntu 8.04,1 amd64" it says cannot stat mount point08:00
anon1no such file or directory08:00
=== erich is now known as erna
=== erna is now known as erich
Flannelanon1: Just "sudo apt-cdrom add" should be fine08:02
anon1ok so when i do that it says mounting cd rom then it says failed to mont08:03
ogzyi have a problem with my fn keys, i defined the setkeycodes and Xmodmap file, when i enter xev i can see that the key combination is assigned to a some keysyms like XF86Launch3, i add a file that define global keybindings for the keysyms under /usr/share/gconf/ but it is not working somehow am i defining it at the wrong placa?08:04
anon1Flannel: ok so when i do that it says mounting cd rom then it says failed to mont08:08
casdfhi; i just dist-upgraded to 8.10beta, and now firefox crashes when loading most anything08:09
casdfknown issue? or did i screw up?08:09
kai696Hey, I kinda need someone advanced in using Ubuntu/Linux. Is anyone availabe?08:09
nyaaI have a bit of an odd question08:09
csilk!ask | kai69608:09
ubottukai696: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:09
ttmrichterIs there a trick to making trackerd and the tracker applet never, ever start up no matter what?08:09
kai696^^ sorry,08:10
casdfi think you can disable it via sessions?08:10
SammyHi all08:10
kai696My issue, I need to rewrite Linux GRUB, and enable my vista machine to be shown from vista08:10
SammyI'm A new guy here08:10
nyaaIf I go to system > administration > Login Window, and then to the Local tab, it gives an option to set the position of the window, but both x and y coordinates are capped at 100.. and it moves them in pixels instead of %'s. Is there a fix for this?08:11
kai696Hey Sammy08:11
Azhi_Dahakasee ya, guys08:11
kai696shown from the boot list****08:11
Sammyhi all08:11
scuserhi all, does any one know how to force a linux box not to use simple bind when trying to login ?08:12
kai696..wrong place! sorry!08:13
marc1975EN UBUNTU08:13
kai696Mac1975, English only08:13
nyaaIf I knew what lans was I'd have that sentence down =(08:14
ghalebhello, how can I echo a statment at the top of a file ?08:14
marc1975Hello I would like to know where I can can see in ubuntu my lan configuration?08:14
marc1975Hello kei69608:17
=== viviersf{gone} is now known as viviersf
kai696Hey marc1975,08:18
casdffirefox crashing a lot since i distupgraded to 8.10 beta. any ideas?08:19
=== Julie_ is now known as antoine[maison]
csilkcasdf,  mine does that an 8.04 -_-08:20
StylesHow do I install KALarm?08:20
kai696casdf, I have noticed this as well, Althought most of the time it was while running java/flash08:20
pamchique tal??08:20
csilkmainly flash08:21
csilkit's a bug08:21
scortit happens to me on 64bit08:21
scortflash works about %50 of the time now08:21
pamchihello, i'm new over heare...08:21
halyconHey everyone I am trying to get this bluetooth syncing program with thunderbird working and it says I require libopensync.so.1 and libxpcom.so does anyone have these files or know where I can obtain them I have tried installing a package called libopensyncgnokii and a whole bunch of the opensync stuff but I am not having any luck08:22
kai696scort, I hear your pain, I am running x64 as well.08:22
anon1ok so i need some help too08:23
anon1i keep trying to install build essentials08:23
anon1but i have no internet, and the disk wont mount for some reason08:24
Tankadohow can i make chmod work recursively on a dir?08:24
anon1( no internet on other comp)08:24
Tankadolike want to change the mode for all files/dirs in that dir08:24
node357Tankado chmod -R08:24
anon1i need to add the cdrom as an installer08:24
anon1but its not working08:24
kai696Anon1, USB stick?08:24
StylesHey I need an alarm clock, I read KAlarm is the best, but how do I install it?08:24
anon1dependency hell08:24
csilkanon1,  cant you set it in software sources?08:25
anon1i try but it wants to connect to the internet08:25
anon1which i dont have08:25
hischildStyles, sudo aptitude install kalarm?08:25
node357anon1, sudo apt-cdrom add08:25
anon1cannot mount disk08:25
node357damn :(08:26
acp_Styles: or you may use Add/Remove program08:26
Stylesacp_, I can't find it though08:26
hischildanon1, try this, as it may give us a clue on whatś wrong ---> sudo aptitude install pastebinit && dmesg >> tmp.log && cat tmp.log | pastebinit && rm tmp.log08:26
StylesI looked08:26
Styleshischild, sudo aptitude install kalarm, aptitude isn't found08:27
casdfkai696: any idea if this is going to be fixed on release? cuz it worked for me on 8.04...08:27
hischildStyles, wait what? no aptitude? o.O08:27
acp_Styles: how about apt-get?08:27
acp_use apt-get install kalarm08:27
casdfany non-K alarmclocks that dont leak memory? the one i am using now does :|08:28
acp_strange you don't have Add/Remove if you have a gui installed08:28
anon1ok: pastebinit is not found08:28
anon1no command08:28
anon1it says can be install by typing sudo apt-get install pastebinit08:29
Styleskalarm isn't found :(08:31
bsusahello all08:31
XinuXehm.. what topic is today gay?08:31
zhuzhixinhello, will some one please tell me the command of creating a launch of some applications, as there is something wrong with my nautilus08:31
hischildanon1, yeah i have jst been told that aptitude apparently is no longer installed by default .... so use apt-get then.08:33
Styleswill Xmms wrok as an alarm clock?08:33
acp_Styles: check your /etc/apt/source.list may be its empty08:33
hischildanon1,  sudo apt-get pastebinit && dmesg >> tmp.log && cat tmp.log | pastebinit && rm tmp.log08:33
bsusaim having abit of trouble changing my resolution in 8.04 it only likes the maximum resolution 1400x1050 every time i change to any different resolution it becomes distorted and shows 2 seperate distorted desktops. Could someone help please?08:33
acp_Im mean its commented08:33
zhuzhixincan some one help me,08:34
acp_Styles: its possible but I think you need to right a script08:34
csilkzhanx,  your first question doesnt make sense08:34
csilkbe more specific08:34
csilkzhuzhixin, ^08:34
anon1invalid operation pastebinit08:35
zhuzhixini want to create a launch for certain app, i know i can right click on the desktop and then choose "create a launch"08:35
zhuzhixinbut there is something wrong with my nautilus08:35
anon1i just want to install build essential XD08:35
zhuzhixinso i want to popup the dialog with command line08:35
hischildanon1, apt-get install build-essential08:35
zhuzhixincsilk: can you help me08:36
hischildanon1, with sudo ofc08:36
joshzarhi, i'm stuck trying to install my broadcom 43 wireless network driver08:36
csilkzhuzhixin,  yes i can08:36
hischild!broadcom | joshzar08:36
ubottujoshzar: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WifiDocs/Driver/Broadcom43xx08:36
ganeshow to pass the grub prompt output to any file08:36
acp_Styles: I know try to read about cron its a scheduler run a script that will run xmms on your desired time08:36
anon1it keeps asking me for the disk and when i press enter08:36
anon1it does nothing08:36
zhuzhixincsilk: howto do this08:36
csilkzhuzhixin, I'm still not sure what you want to do08:36
zackerooI need help to sort out a Pidgin issue ...08:37
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm08:37
kraft__can anybody help me with [al]pine?08:37
hischild!ask | kraft__08:37
ubottukraft__: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)08:37
zhuzhixincsilk: ^_^ I want to create a launcher of certain app.08:37
zackeroocan someone help me sort out a Pidgin issue?08:37
csilkzhuzhixin, right click desktop "create launcher"08:38
zhuzhixincsilk: usually i can just right click on desktop and choose "create a launcher",08:38
zhuzhixincsilk: yes, but there is a bug with my nautilus, so i close it08:38
hischildzhuzhixin, then please tell us why that doesnt work08:38
zhuzhixincsilk: every time i open nautilus, the usage of cpu will grow up to 100%08:38
magnetronzackeroo→ don't wait for anyone to offer their assistance, just ask straight out until someone answers08:39
hischildzhuzhixin, what do you use then to control your desktop? by default that will eb nautilus08:39
hischildzackeroo, but dont spam ofcourse08:39
Sammydear all, please help me how to configure my wifi acer 452008:39
bsusaim having abit of trouble changing my resolution in 8.04 it only likes the maximum resolution 1400x1050 every time i change to any different resolution it becomes distorted and shows 2 seperate distorted desktops. Could someone help please?08:39
csilkzhuzhixin,  I have no idea why that happens, I'd ned to know way more info about your system and previous activity to even begin to guess why that is happening08:39
zackeroocan someone tell me where the fix is that's suposed to be here : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pidgin/+bug/17388608:40
zhuzhixinhischild: I do not use my desktop, almost i do everything with command08:40
hischildzhuzhixin, Are you in graphic mode or text mode?08:40
hischildSammy, you need to tell us a bit more about your system. Which wifi card does it have?08:40
joshzarhmm, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Hardy this is great, but doesn't tell me what to do08:40
zhuzhixinThanks all. I am in graphic mode, but without file-manager which is nautilus.08:40
casdfso any idea on when the firefox crashing on loading java/flash bug will be fixed? i think its an issue introduced in 8.10...08:41
zhuzhixinI close the nautilus for its bug on my computer08:41
hischildzhuzhixin, ok. The graphical background is being controlled by nautilus.08:41
Sammyhischild the card is Atheros AR500708:41
csilkcasdf,  it wasnt introduced in 8.1008:41
casdfcsilk: i see. well, i had less issues with it in .0408:42
casdfcsilk: any suggestions on what to do?08:42
hischildSammy, an Atheros AR5007EG by chance? then i would like to point you to --> http://www.ubuntugeek.com/atheros-5007eg-with-madwifi-on-i386-platform.html08:42
=== beilabs is now known as Guest32920
zhuzhixinhischild: yes I know this. so i wonder if i can visit the dialog which when create a launcher by command line08:42
joshzari tried installing ndiswrapper following the instructions here: http://invaleed.wordpress.com/2007/11/20/install-bcm94311mcg-wlan-mini-pci-ubuntu-710/ but that didn't work08:42
Stylesthere is NO good alarm clocks that work!08:42
StylesI'm crying inside!08:42
hischildzhuzhixin, it would open up the very same graphical screen you get by opening it via the cbackground.08:42
=== jonathan_ is now known as beilabs
zackerooStyles: is that true?08:43
csilkcasdf, sorry I have none, I just totally abandoned firefox yesterday, I won't be using it again until it's fixed08:43
joshzari get an error message when trying to install ndiswrapper from source08:43
casdfcsilk: mind telling me what you're using then?08:43
zhuzhixinI just close Nautilus. As i know it just a file manager.08:43
hischildjoshzar, it does actually tell you what to do. Please read more carefully what the text says.08:43
casdfcsilk: im on opera atm, dunno if thats optimal08:43
Styleszackeroo, I'm guessing I can't find any! Kalarm, I can't get to work so... yea08:43
hischildzhuzhixin, it also controlls your background and sorts.08:43
csilkcasdf,  same08:43
hischild!find kalarm08:44
ubottuFound: kalarm08:44
zhuzhixinhischild: Yes. ^_^ but i do not need the background08:44
Sammyhischild you are my hero thank man...08:44
acp_Styles: How about Symanaptic do you have its under System -> Administration08:45
zackerooStyles, I too have been looking for something easy to use ...  but have not had any real luck ...08:45
hischildzhuzhixin, Gnome depends on nautilus iirc ..... perhaps a reinstall of nautilus and its packages might fix it for you.08:45
legend2440casdf: i had problem with firefox that every time i would start a you tube video firefox would close completely. flash 10 fixed it for me08:45
hischildSammy, i am by no means some1 his hero ... im merely offering my assistance wher ei can08:45
Stylesacp_, I don't have deb, dkpg how can i install .deb files?08:45
hischildacp_, *synaptic08:45
OmoikaneI'm trying to ssh into a computer of mine and I keep getting this error Host key verification failed how do I clear the keys?08:45
acp_why not use crontab as an alarm clock08:45
purehello, i have a question for all master in this room. how to refresh my ubuntu?08:46
pureim newbe08:46
casdflegend2440: no i think i do have flash1008:46
pureyes like in windows08:46
casdfShockwave Flash 10.0 r1208:46
hischildOmoikane, in your home folder there is a hidden folder called .ssh. Use Ctrl + H to make it visible.08:47
joshzarhischild, I read over the text and still don't know what to do to make my network card work08:47
pureis it common in all the world?08:47
acp_stand corrected its synaptic08:47
zhuzhixinOh, sorry, i don't like nautilus for long time. and i seldom use it08:47
Indoctrinepure: As in refresh a folder in Ubuntu?08:47
Omoikanepure what?08:47
Indoctrinepure: F5 works, if your folder doesn't automatically refresh.08:47
pureoh okay, all off you is good08:48
DDTПривет всем!!!08:48
Omoikanepure you do ctrl+alt+backspace? did that work?08:48
hischildOmoikane, then you can remove the offending key in known_hosts08:49
acp_Styles: dpkg -i <packageName.deb> but first you have to go to there site and get the package08:49
hischildjoshzar, the first part of the text talks about which packages are needed to make certain cards work.08:49
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
hischildjoshzar, it is under New b43 and b43-legacy Drivers08:49
Omoikanehischild I opened it in gedit and it's almost unreadable. Looks like compiled code.08:49
Indoctrine!ru | DDT08:49
ubottuDDT: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:49
hischildOmoikane, itś not compiled code. Its the way that a computer is identified via SSH.08:50
Omoikanehischild but how do I tell which bit of it is the offending key?08:50
pureand how to end task?08:51
hischildOmoikane, if you connect it tells you which key is the offending one. You have to count from the top down and start with 0 being the first one.08:51
Omoikanesystem > admin > sys mon08:51
purei meant when any trouble had08:51
hischildOmoikane, note that this only happens if the PC youŕe connecting to has its ip changed.08:52
FloodBot3serge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:52
hischildserge, please dont spam08:52
DJones!ops | serge08:52
ubottuserge: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu, imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, ompaul, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!08:52
puremaster in the room, how to end task if any trouble08:53
Omoikanepure system > admin > sys mon08:53
scuserhi all, does anyone know where is the login authentication file ?08:54
FloodBot3serge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
Omoikaneserge please stop08:54
acp_pure: open a terminal the type kill -9 <PID of the job/task>08:54
jjulian_hi i got a problem with sound on my laptop, the problem is i hear no sound at all from speakers and just from the first jack very ow crackling sound. can anybody help? here is what alsa-info.sh says: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=2eb65cdd85337cebe12255d3ed31fbaff7e51f1b and here what tsalsa says:  http://pastebin.ca/123254408:54
hischildacp_, please dont use kill -9 on first sight.08:55
john_how to uninstall ubuntu?08:55
hischildFor now i say farewell to you. untill soon08:55
acp_pure: do a ps -auxx or -ef to know the pid of the job or use System monitor if you have a gui08:55
joshzarhischild, following the document tells me that bcm43xx driver (via manual install) is now considered to be deprecated. there is no instruction as to what to do instead. could you please help me install the wireless network card?08:56
pureok i have write all of suggestion08:56
acp_pure: System ->Administration -> System Monitor08:56
joshzarhi all. i'm still having trouble getting my wireless network card to work, could someone help me?08:57
faria_khanhi every one09:00
faria_khancan i install gui mode for server edition ???09:00
ianRGgreets gents. any applications on ubuntu that can make me download youtube vids?09:01
purei had use ctrl+alt+bckspce and the result is my desktop turn off immedietly, like restart09:01
robertw__sound stopped working in Firefox for flash movies09:01
ianRGpure: that's xserver restarting. very normal09:01
robertw__I'm using the non-free flash plugin, I've tried reinstalling it, restarting X and rebooting09:01
robertw__sound works in other applications09:02
purebut all of my running application is lost09:02
mgolischrobertw__: do you use pulseaudio? if so try installing libflash-support09:02
mgolischor so09:02
robertw__mgo: no, I don't - when I installed pulseaudio was off by default09:02
nyaaIf I go to system > administration > Login Window, and then to the Local tab, it gives an option to set the position of the window, but both x and y coordinates are capped at 100.. and it moves them in pixels instead of %'s. Is there a fix for this?09:03
robertw__could it be firefox _thinks_ I'm using pulseaudio?09:03
jointmanXubuntu is so moody. There are days when it reads my router just fine, and other times it just doesn't work. But when I use Windows XP it works just fine. What the heck's the problem?  Why does something so simple as connecting to the internet such a hassle?09:03
misteralexanderI'm wondering if anyone knows how to "reboot" my sound system, in Ubuntu.  Every once-in-awhile audio in Amarok & VLC will just stop.  The only solution (thus far) is to reboot my laptop.  Does anyone have a better, quicker solution?09:03
mgolischrobertw__: no unless you install libflashsupport flash plugin allways tries to use alsa directly09:03
mgolischrobertw__: sure you haz no pulse?09:03
mgolischit should be enabled by default09:04
=== nick_ is now known as nich^
robertw__$ ps ax | grep pulse -> nothing09:04
pureianRG, is any way to refresh my desktop?09:04
robertw__mgo: it either wasn't, or went way when I installed XFCE and xubuntu-defaults09:04
ianRGpure: xserver restart closes the running applications afaik09:05
ianRGpure: and there's no way to reopen them. unless they were background processes, you've lost your unsaved work.09:05
ianRGpure: merely speaking from experience here, i`m not fundi09:06
magnetronhi, i was wondering if there are any tools designed to for making you own "services". something that can restart a software if it disconnects09:06
mgolischrobertw__: if you dont use pulse, it might just be that the alsa device is blocked by something elese09:06
pureim newbe, so i guess is like the way right click+refresh on windws09:07
robertw__mgo: nothing else is running, and if I e.g. start Kaffeine I get sound, or start Rhythmbox I get sound09:07
mgolischrobertw__: hm, what output plugins do those use?09:08
=== SoulSlayer is now known as anewbie
mgolischmaybe you have installed libflashsupport and thats why flash doesnt try alsa..09:08
robertw__mgo: Kaffeine uses auto, I set it to ALSA and it works09:08
mgolischi see09:08
pureany suggest to chose mp3 player?09:09
robertw__mgo: I've done apt-get remove --purge libflashsupport - I did install it  but only after the problem started09:09
mgolischi see09:10
koshar1misteralexander you could prolly rmmod and then modprobe your osund module09:11
misteralexanderkoshar1:  You might as well be speaking latin there . . . could you break that down for me?  LOL.09:11
robertw__got it!  I create a .asoundrc to swap my stereo channels around09:12
robertw__removing it gets me sound in flash again09:12
koshar1misteralexander if you know the name of the module your sound hardware loads, (it will be listed if you run lsmod) you can unload that module/ rmmod and then reload the module /modprobe09:13
misteralexanderkoshar1:  Ah-ha . . . okay, I understand that.  I'll give that a try . . . THANKS!09:14
koshar1you will need to use sudo09:14
=== sean is now known as Guest76955
zllanghow install grub in scsi hard disk09:16
MTecknologyanybody know much about grub?09:16
ikoniazllang: same as any other disk09:17
ikoniaMTecknology: what's up09:17
=== rogan_ is now known as rogan
zllangikonia, no i couldnt use root sda09:17
ikoniazllang what ?09:17
ikoniazllang: grub references disks as HD09:17
SpudzI just modified /etc/network/interfaces.  Do I have to reboot to implement changes?  Or is there another way?09:18
ikoniazllang: eg: hd0,0 for first disk, first partition09:18
ikoniaSpudz: stop/start the networkingi nit script09:18
spidlaSpudz: /etc/init.d/network restart09:18
SpudzMTecknology: Be more specific09:18
MTecknologyikonia: I want to install grub to my sd card. I made an ext2 partition on it and then I used rsync to copy everything from /boot to the sd card. Now I want to install the MBR on the SD card so I can boot off of that instead.09:18
MTecknologySpudz: how's that?09:18
spidlaSpudz: sorry /etc/init,d/networking restart09:18
Spudzspidla: ikonia: thanks09:18
MTecknologySpudz: I type slow ;)09:18
ikoniaMTecknology well, it should be treated as any other disk09:19
ikoniaMTecknology: just be aware you bios has to be able to boot from the SD card first09:19
ikoniaMTecknology: is that possible ?09:19
MTecknologyit can09:19
zllangikonia, when use "root hd0" it say unrecognizde device string09:19
ikoniazllang: are you in the grub shell ?09:19
MTecknology# /dev/mmcblk0p109:20
ikoniazllang: the command is root (hd0,0) (assuming first disks and first partition09:20
ikonia!grub > zllang09:20
ubottuzllang, please see my private message09:20
koshar1zllang use hd,009:20
ikoniakoshar1: no09:20
kc8pxyi need some help  deciding which ubuntu cd iso to download. anyone up to help me decide?09:20
ikoniakoshar1: that is not correct09:20
zllangubottu, thanks09:21
ikoniakc8pxy: wht's the issue ?09:21
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)09:21
zllangkoshar1, i try09:21
MTecknologykc8pxy: Personally, I'd wait 9 days until 8.10 is released or just get the beta now and trust it will be reliable09:21
spidlazllang do you see your disk in the dmesg ?09:21
nyaaIf I go to system > administration > Login Window, and then to the Local tab, it gives an option to set the position of the login window, but both x and y coordinates are capped at 100.. and it moves them in pixels instead of %'s. Is there a fix for this?09:21
MTecknologybut I don't know the details either09:21
scuserhi all, any help with this error "pam_ldap: error trying to bind (Server is unwilling to perform)09:22
koshar1root (hd?,?) it is actually from a grub shell09:22
ikoniascuser your system can't bind to the requested ldap server09:22
scuserikonia: so how to change the bind method ?09:23
koshar1zllang setup from the grub shell uses setup (hd0)09:23
ikoniascuser you don't need to chagne the bind method09:23
ikoniascuser: you need to debug why it can't bind09:23
MTecknologyikonia: any ideas how to get it all installed on the sd card?09:23
=== JewingGum is now known as HideousNashimoto
ikoniaMTecknology what part are you stuck on ?09:23
MTecknologyinstalling the mbr on the sd card I think is what I have left09:24
kc8pxyikonia:  I'm installing a ubuntu to be a ltsp server, on an amd64 (64-bit is a given) but it has a nvidia 8800 in it, so I'm thinking of going desktop.  thoughts?09:24
zllangspidla, excuse me what mean?09:24
scuserikonia: it can't bind because the server disallows simple bind, and the client is trying to use simple bind, I can't change the server configuration but the client09:24
ikoniakc8pxy well, if you want to support the graphics card I'd advise the desktop version unless you have more than say 16 gig ofr ram installed09:24
kc8pxyMTecknology:  it's going to be a production box, I'd rather not roll the dice, and it's needed ASAP.09:24
spidlanothing .. sorry misunderstanding09:24
ikoniascuser so what do you want to use ?09:25
ikoniakc8pxy: production box = 8.04 for LTS support and stability, no question09:25
MTecknologykc8pxy: then get 8.04.109:25
zllangkoshar1, my harddisk is scsi ,i couldnt use hd009:25
MTecknologywow - I need to read what people post before me09:25
=== HideousNashimoto is now known as JewingGum
ikoniazllang how many hard disks do you have09:25
JewingGumSay 609:26
JewingGumsay Six09:26
zllangonly one09:26
ikoniazllang: in total, scsi/sata/ide09:26
misteralexanderkoshar1: CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE did it for me.09:26
ikoniaJewingGum: what ?09:26
zllangikonia, only one09:26
MTecknologyikonia: if I try to use the find command in grub to see where the disk is located it says error 15: file not found09:26
kc8pxyMTecknology: ikonia: so verdict is hardy, 64, desktop,     jury still out on alternate? or should i not bother unless i plan to possibly raid?09:26
Spudzcan anyone help me set up a wireless access point from my debian-laptop? it's getting internet thru a usb-modem-thingy.  I'm finding all the guides too confusing.  I don't know this stuff.  Please help on #spudz - appreciated!09:26
scuserikonia: any method other than simple bind, perhaps SASL with kerberos09:27
unitedpotsmokerswhat is instant messenger can support webcam?09:27
MTecknologykc8pxy: for raid - get either alternate or server09:27
JewingGumSpudz, why don't you try #debian?09:27
ikoniazllang: scuser well thats your ldap.conf09:27
ikoniazllang: how many partitions on that disk ?09:27
SpudzJewingGum: good idea.  I will now!09:27
scuserikonia: great then what should I do with that file :) ?09:27
=== LSD|Ninj1 is now known as LSD|Ninja
zllangikonia, one09:27
zllangit,s be format with ntfs09:28
ikoniazllang: what ?09:28
ikoniascuser: first determain what your ldap server needs09:28
ikoniazllang: why are you trying to put grub on it09:28
Deadboyscan anyone help me, i cant seem to get my atheros AR5009 network card to work09:28
ikoniazllang: you don't have ubuntu installed on this disk09:28
scuserikonia: SASL09:28
kc8pxyMTecknology:  kk,  seeing as it's on a a8n sli premium mobo, with 8 sata connectors, i thin kyou hooked me on alternate.09:28
zllangi want install to mbr09:28
ikoniascuser: not use that config myself09:28
ikoniazllang: why - you don't have a grub setup09:28
ikoniascuser: not used that should read09:29
ikoniascuser: let me se if I can find some docs, it's normally just a few options int he ldap.conf to change the bind options/method09:29
zllangikonia, yeh,i want use livecd install it to mbr09:29
edlvmy 5.1channel speakers arent working. only front speakers working. help please.09:29
ikoniazllang: you can't do that09:29
ikoniazllang: you don't have any grub data on the disk09:29
scuserikonia: do you think so :?09:29
ikoniazllang: you only have one ntfs partition09:29
zllangikonia, yeah09:29
ikoniascuser: normally, the kerberos stuff I've done is just a few lines and that was quite complex09:30
ikoniazllang: so you can't do it09:30
ikoniazllang: why do you want grub on your mbr if you have nothing to boot with it09:30
MTecknologyikonia: ya - my issue is figuring out how to install grub on the sd card... I've only ever done it to hd0,0 or 0,109:30
ikoniaMTecknology: give me a second09:30
MTecknologyok - ty09:30
zllangikonia, i want use grub to install ubuntu with a iso file09:30
ikoniaMTecknology: the disk is seen as a sca disk (thanks libata) so the options should be hdX,X the same as another disk09:30
kc8pxyMTecknology:  touch a file on the sd card. then use find to get the grub drive syntax.09:31
ikoniazllang: it doesn't work like that09:31
Deadboyscan anyone please help me ive been searching for solutions and trying to figure this out for days and im truly stuck surly one of you knows the solution to my problem09:31
zllangikonia, oh ,thanks09:31
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo09:31
ikoniaMTecknology: in your /boot/grub/ directory is there are reference tot he card in device.map09:31
ActionParsnip1sup Deadboys09:31
Deadboysim just trying to get my Atheroths AR5009 wireless card to work09:31
zllangikonia, thank you very much ..09:31
MTecknologyikonia: I doubt it. It wasn't present when I installed Ubuntu09:31
spidlaDeadboys: do you have proper module loaded ?09:32
kc8pxyDeadboys:  madwifi?09:32
zllangikonia, i try other method...good bye09:32
koshar1zllang as ikonia said all grub drives are hd, look as your devices file, it will give you the correct hd entry for your sd09:32
ikoniaMTecknology ok, so my suggestion is use fdisk to find out what device it is currently assigned to and add an enty to the device.map09:32
ubottuIntrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu09:32
spidlaDeadboys: paste your dmesg09:32
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=929012 seems complete09:32
ikonia!pastebin | dexem09:32
ubottudexem: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:32
click170Ok so in a lot of those videos of vista versus beryl/compiz you see wobbly windows and all that, and then theres how the windows dissappear in what looks like very colorful fire.  I can't find that one though, the only fire one I can find is all orange... anyone know what I mean?09:32
ikonia!pastebin | Deadboys09:32
ubottuDeadboys: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)09:32
MTecknologyikonia: (hd0)   /dev/sda09:32
erossanyone play with the cairo compiz manager?09:33
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: you seen that page?09:33
ikoniaMTecknology I find that most unusual09:33
MTecknologywhy's that?09:33
ikoniaMTecknology: your %100 your sd card is /dev/sda09:33
Deadboysyeah ive seen that09:33
ActionParsnip1eross: head over to #compiz09:33
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: seems spot on...no good?09:33
Deadboysim fairly new to linux09:33
Deadboysnot really sure what to make from that09:33
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: gksudo gedit /etc/modules09:34
MTecknologyikonia: no - my hard drive that I installed ubuntu to is /dev/sda - I also have a /boot on sda2.... I'm trying to move it to an sd card09:34
Deadboysthen just download and install that pakage?09:34
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: add the line it specifys at the bottom, did you do that?09:34
Deadboysalso will that work in Inrepid ibex09:34
ikoniaMTecknology ok, so we need to find out what device your sd card is09:34
Deadboyswill that work in intrepid?09:34
=== ntinos_19 is now known as ntinos_
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: ALL interpid help is in +1, no intrepid help here09:34
ikonia!ibex > Deadboys09:34
ubottuDeadboys, please see my private message09:34
MTecknologyikonia: I have it opened w/ fdisk09:34
kc8pxyikonia:  touch and find is more likeely to be right..  been there,  never found the needle in that haystack.09:34
ikoniaMTecknology so what device is it09:35
Deadboysi tried asking in that channel09:35
MTecknologythis is the closest i see - Disk identifier: 0x58aeca1d09:35
Deadboysnobody responds09:35
ikoniakc8pxy: yes, touching a file is an easy example09:35
ikoniaMTecknology: are you able to mount your sd card ?09:35
ikoniaDeadboys: then wait it out09:35
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: intepis is not officially released so is not officially supported in the official room.09:35
Deadboysseriously can you just forget the rules for one second and specify yes or no09:35
ikoniaMTecknology: ok so what device /dev/sd* is it ?09:35
Deadboyswell then pm me09:35
ikoniaDeadboys: no09:35
MTecknologyikonia: it's mounted to /boot now09:35
ActionParsnip1Deadboys: try later on when someone is in there09:35
ikoniaDeadboys: please ask for support in #ubuntu+109:35
MTecknology/dev/mmcblk0p1 on /boot type ext2 (rw)09:36
ikoniaMTecknology: what DEVICE FILE is it09:36
MTecknologysorry, it's late and i haven't been sleeping much - I'm kinda tired :P09:36
ikoniaMTecknology: right so before you sync grub put an entry in your device.map file on your boot partition09:36
ikoniaMTecknology: putting the entry in your device.map file will make it a static map so that a removable device like your sd card is will be ok09:37
MTecknologyikonia: should I map to hd0 or 1?09:37
ikoniaMTecknology soemthing not already in use int hat file09:38
ikoniain that file09:38
binMonkeyhi guys.  i run a command to check my load cycle count and send  it to a txt file using >>.  how do i make it add a couple of spaces everytime i run it?09:38
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: echo "   " >> <file name>09:39
MTecknologyikonia: k - I mapped it to hd109:39
ikoniaMTecknology ok, so now sync your grub /boot partition and the /boot parttiion on your sd card09:39
=== JewingGum is now known as systat
MTecknologyikonia: did that. the sd card is mounted at /boot now and has all the files09:39
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: have a play with a test file09:39
ikoniaMTecknology ok so now enter a grub shell09:40
=== systat is now known as JewingGum
MTecknologycould take a bit to load up09:40
ikoniaMTecknology: the options root (hd1,0) and setup (hd1) should now work09:40
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: > means put this in the file. >> means add it to the existing file contents09:40
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: sorry i meant add c couple of enter lines.  blank lines between entries.09:40
MTecknologyikonia: ty09:40
binMonkeyActionParsnip1:can i echo an enter keystroke or an end of line?09:41
MTecknologyikonia: the best part is... I'm not modifying grub on my primary hd so I can do this safely :)09:41
mgolischbinMonkey: yeah echo -e "\n" should work i think09:41
MTecknologystill waiting fot grubby to loady :P09:41
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: echo '\n' >> <filename>09:41
skurakai1hi. which e-book reader application you prefer?09:41
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: as i say make a test file to experiment09:41
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: i'm trying it now.  thanks.09:42
BruteFrceis there an alternative to gcc?09:42
MTecknologyikonia: http://pastebin.com/d3b83066309:43
mgolischBruteFrce: why? what bad about gcc?09:43
nyaaIf I go to system > administration > Login Window, and then to the Local tab, it gives an option to set the position of the login window, but both x and y coordinates are capped at 100.. and it moves them in pixels instead of %'s. Is there a fix for this?09:43
ActionParsnip1BruteFrce: g++09:43
MTecknologyikonia: Error 15 seems to pop up a lot for me when I'm in grub....09:43
ActionParsnip1BruteFrce: gcc is a very standard compiler09:43
BruteFrcemgolisch i dont like monopolies lol im just wondering if there is anything else.09:44
legend2440nyaa: what version of ubuntu?09:44
sirMajid!hp wireless09:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hp wireless09:44
sirMajiddoes anybody know how to install hp wireless driver on ubuntu?09:44
J-_!wireless | sirMajid09:45
ubottusirMajid: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs09:45
MTecknologyikonia: This too - http://pastebin.com/d7ad06ae209:45
sirMajidj-_: tnx09:45
BruteFrcehp wireless driver... can you be more specific... im pretty sure hp uses more than one wireless card09:45
=== Oric_ is now known as Oric
||arifaXsirMajid: which *buntu on which hardware09:46
ikoniaMTecknology: ok so thats seelcted parttiion is not valid09:46
ActionParsnip1click170: head to #compiz09:46
ikoniaMTecknology: so can you should me your device.map please.09:46
Sammyhai all09:46
ActionParsnip1gah @ lag09:46
sirMajidit is ubuntu 8.4 and I think there is only one wireless card that hp uses09:46
Sammyhow to set path java09:46
BruteFrcelol no theres not09:47
click170ActionParsnip:  Thanks, actually just got the solution from there ;)09:47
ActionParsnip1BruteFrce: what does lspci and lsusb say it is?09:47
sirMajidso how do I know the model09:47
MTecknologyikonia: http://pastebin.com/d682d281a09:47
BruteFrcethey use a wide variety of hardware09:47
sirMajidok...how should I know what model is mine?09:47
BruteFrceAcTionparsnip1 what?09:48
legend2440nyaa: what version of ubuntu? i am using hardy and i dont see that option in Login Window09:48
J-_sirMajid:  type, "lspci". See if the card is listed in there.09:48
ikoniaMTecknology can you please show me "ls -la /dev/mmcblk0"09:48
pureany suggest player for mp3, flv and mpeg09:48
J-_sirMajid:  In terminal09:48
MTecknologyikonia: brw-rw---- 1 root plugdev 179, 0 2008-10-21 02:03 /dev/mmcblk009:48
BruteFrceif not read the fcc id from the card and look it up09:48
ClimDanwhich is the best CEO program?09:48
ikoniaMTecknology ok, that looks reasonable09:48
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: sorry.  i have egrep in there and it's trying to read the echo command.  it goes "smartctl -a /dev/hda | grep '(load cycle count)' >> count.txt"   i can't figure out where to put the echo to make it \n.09:49
ActionParsnip1!best | ClimDan09:49
ubottuClimDan: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:49
ikoniaMTecknology ok so use grub with root (hd1,0)09:49
sirMajidI found it09:49
pureany suggest player for mp3, flv and mpeg09:50
J-_sirMajid:  What is it?09:50
BruteFrceso gcc is the only c compiler ever mde for linux?09:50
koshar1pure vlc09:50
MTecknologyikonia: same outpyt as before - just echos what i put w/o complaint09:50
ikoniaBruteFrce no there are others09:50
sirMajidit is Atherus communication Inc . AR242x 802.11avg09:50
ikoniaMTecknology thats most odd09:50
BruteFrcewhats another well supported one?09:50
MTecknologyikonia: is it supposed to say something else?09:50
mgolischBruteFrce: none09:50
ikoniaBruteFrce: have a google, there is a solid one from intel09:50
BruteFrceyoull need to use a wrapper09:51
mgolischBruteFrce: allmost all software is made to work with gcc, you will just have pain using something else09:51
BruteFrcei have googled im here foropinions09:51
BruteFrcefor opinions09:51
MTecknologyikonia: I assumed that was what was supposed to happen :P09:51
sirMajidJ-_: ok, I can't find the driver09:51
koshar1MTecknology did you sudo grub?09:51
BruteFrcewhat software are you talking about?09:51
J-_sirMajid:  Hold on, I'm googling.09:52
MTecknologykoshar1: I'm doing it as root09:52
sirMajidJ-_: tnx09:52
yugohi,guys~~~How to edit read only keys in gconf-editor?09:52
BruteFrcei dont need it to work with any software, just build source09:52
MTecknology Checking if "/boot/grub/stage1" exists... no      Checking if "/grub/stage1" exists... no09:53
sirMajidJ-_: sorry it is Atheros and it is abg09:53
MTecknology-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 512 2008-10-21 03:53 stage109:53
MTecknologyis that right?09:53
J-_sirMajid:  pastebin your lspci09:54
BruteFrcedoes ubuntu supoert enlightenment as a wm/dm at all?09:54
mgolischMTecknology: but where is that file?09:54
mgolischBruteFrce: why not?09:54
J-_!pastebin > sirMajid09:54
ubottusirMajid, please see my private message09:54
legend2440yugo: you could try in terminal  gksudo gconf-editor09:54
BruteFrcewhy not what?09:54
MTecknologymgolisch: ls -l /boot/grub/stage109:54
mgolischMTecknology: and this is realy the partition you have as root ?09:55
zigzagshe means yes, brute09:55
MTecknologymgolisch: heh?09:55
zigzagsi think09:55
mgolischMTecknology: if grub searches for that on the partition you have as root (hdX,Y)09:55
guyvdb_I am trying to set up traffic shaping in the kernel. How can i tell if htb & dsmark are supported in ubuntu 8.04 server kernel?09:55
omkarguys I want a help09:55
MTecknologymgolisch: ya - that's the right partition as per devices.map09:56
zigzagshow about 2 helps09:56
omkarI had Installed RHEL 5 server at my place09:56
omkarI had Ubuntu previously09:56
binMonkeyi'm running "smartctl -a /dev/hda | grep '(load cycle count)' >> count.txt"   i can't figure out where to put the echo to make it \n.09:56
BruteFrceaw i see, meaning you guys will help a user with any desktop manager they decide to use, but i meant.. is there a project like kubuntu for kde?09:56
mgolischMTecknology: just do a find /boot/grub/stage1 in the grub shell09:56
omkarnow Ubuntu is not on the grub09:56
erUSULguyvdb_: grep in kernel config? /boot/config-*09:56
mgolischMTecknology: and see what devices it returns09:56
J-_sirMajid:  are you running a 32 or 64bit system?09:56
guyvdb_erUSUL: thx09:56
omkarI tried to mount the partition which is for linux Ubuntu09:56
MTecknologymgolisch: comes back file not found - error 1509:56
MTecknologymgolisch: that was happening before this though09:57
omkarbut I am unable to find grub.conf file09:57
sirMajidJ-_: 64 bit09:57
sirMajidJ-_: why? you found something?09:57
omkarcan anyone help me to put the entry of grub.conf of ubuntu in Redhat Server's grub.conf09:57
J-_sirMajid:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76616909:57
omkarthe MBR was overwritten by Redhat's Server09:57
pureai @yahoo09:57
mgolischMTecknology: yeah then something is wrong, did you chroot properly? are you in the system right now? or on a livecd?09:57
pureai @yahoo09:58
MTecknologymgolisch: I'm in the ssytem09:58
sirMajidJ-_: tnx, let me read it...09:58
yugolegend2440, it does not work~~~a  key is locked by myself and now I can not unlock it.09:58
J-_sirMajid:  It may work with the AR242x. It was just a google.09:58
ikoniaMTecknology: it's supposed to work from that, I can't understand why that wouldn't find it, more so after you've specificed a static map in device.map09:58
legend2440yugo: which key?09:58
edlvmy 5.1channel speakers arent working. only front speakers working. help please.09:58
binMonkeyis -e  the same thing as echo?09:58
mgolischMTecknology: maybe the map is wrong ?09:58
ikoniaMTecknology: your %100 your device.map on your original and sd partitions are in sync09:59
Cyr4xhow to redirect a port with iptables?09:59
MTecknologyikonia: eh....09:59
Cyr4xi want to redirect 443 to 2209:59
MTecknologyI missed that part09:59
sirMajidJ-_: ok I'll try that tnx09:59
Ohmu_why does iwconfig report wifi0 and wlan0?  I have only one wireless card.09:59
Cyr4xi've tried iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 443 -j REDIRECT --to-port 22 but doesn't work09:59
mgolischMTecknology: is this sw raid?09:59
ikoniaCyr4x: join #netfilter or #iptables09:59
ikoniamgolisch: it's just an sd card09:59
BruteFrcehow do i build a toolchain for ARM?09:59
MTecknologyI just unmounted /dev/sda2 , copied everything to /dev/we , mounted /dev/we to /boot09:59
ikoniaBruteFrce: thats quite a complex process10:00
MTecknologyand I've been working from that10:00
Robroynewbie here ... ubuntu is great10:00
ikoniaMTecknology: give me a minute to walk this through in my head,10:00
BruteFrceokay well google isnt helping much so some one wanna help with it?10:00
RazorWolfhooo ubuntu channel10:00
ikoniaBruteFrce it's too complex for an IRC chat, there are tons of docs on the web10:00
yugolegend2440, /apps/panel/general/toplevel_id_list ~~~it was set as blank10:00
RazorWolfwhere is da warez channel10:01
BruteFrceikonia nothing is  complex for someone to help with it, i have googled and cant find anything i can follow10:01
=== Bracki_ is now known as Bracki
ikoniaRazorWolf thats not funny and not a dsicsuion to have in this channel10:01
J-_!piracy > RazorWolf10:02
ubottuRazorWolf, please see my private message10:02
ikoniaBruteFrce it's quite hard to spell out on irc, there are a lot of "depends on" what you want to do10:02
RazorWolfthat was the comment  wanted10:02
Cyr4xhow it goes? #net-what?10:02
ikoniaRazorWolf: if your trying to provoke something - stop now10:02
RazorWolfI dont care about private msg -still ubuntu rulez10:02
BruteFrcethis guy is taking stuff a lil to seriously10:02
ikoniaCyr4x: #netfilter10:02
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about csop10:03
Cha0sOSjust installed 8.04 i was using 7.04 berly isnt supported to 8.04 if not i cant get my cude effect to work with compiz to work anyone know why all other settings work10:03
Cha0sOSi have cube reflection but it only has 2 desktops behind each other10:05
BruteFrcelike i said i need someone to elp me if you cant dont weat it, but your not helping anyone by aying rtfm10:05
jointmanhow do i make xubuntu detect my modem/router?10:05
erUSUL!ccsm | Cha0sOS10:05
ubottuCha0sOS: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion10:05
BruteFrcei hate the keypad on my phone, im not even correcting my typos anymore10:06
ikoniaBruteFrce: I'm not telling you to read the manual, map out what you want to do then ask specific question10:06
scuserhi all, does anyone know how to make a script that runs automatically and renews a kerberos ticket in certain time every day?10:06
koshar1Cha0sOS use fusion10:06
BruteFrceikoni just dont "help" me anymore, thanks.10:06
ikoniaBruteFrce: then listen to what's being said10:07
MTecknologyikonia: is there any chance there's an issue w/ grub in 8.10 and I would be better off doing this exact same thing on a live cd by first mounting the partition to /boot in the live environment and then using root(hd1,0) setup(hd1) ??10:07
koshar1scuser could you crontab the script?10:07
ikoniaBruteFrce: this sin't a 2 minute discussion, what do you want to do, a tool chain ON arm, or a tool chain FOR arm on a different arch, what version of a toolchain, your own, your own compatible, or the ubuntu one10:07
scuserkoshar1: what's the meaning of crontab?10:07
BruteFrceno, your the only one saying it, and i dont care your your lazy crude methods, so dont talk to me anymore, undersand?10:07
ikoniaMTecknology really shouldn't matter10:08
e_eHow do I disable the gnome login on startup and go straight to terminal whenever I boot up my OS?10:08
MTecknologyikonia: k - Oh... I also encrypted my whole system except for /boot - although that shouldn't matter ether10:08
MTecknologyikonia: what time is it for you?10:08
koshar1scuser its a cronological tool that deploys events such as scripts and programsat curtain times10:08
ikoniaBruteFrce: that attitude and insulting is not welcome, but just please listen to waht's being said, I've built many toolchains in the past so I'm trying to find out what you want10:08
ikoniaMTecknology: 10:0010:08
ikoniaMTecknology: the encyption shouldn't matter as it only wants info from /boot10:09
e_ekoshar1 was that a reply to my question?10:09
MTecknologyif I go to sleep now, would you be around in 5hr?10:09
BruteFrceikonia quit telling people what to o and stop addressing me.10:09
fariai am using server edition10:09
BruteFrceto do10:09
ikonia!attitude > BruteFrce10:09
ubottuBruteFrce, please see my private message10:09
scuserkoshar1: great thanks a lot I'll search for crontab :)\10:10
fariaand i install blackbox gui interface10:10
ikoniaBruteFrce: I'm trying to get more info from you to suggest what is needed10:10
koshar1e_e sorry my replay was for scruser10:10
fariabut i cant execute the blackbox plz tell me how can i run blackbox ???10:10
BruteFrceikonia quit making me repeat myself, quit adressing me.10:10
ikoniaBruteFrce then don't ask the question, because more info is needed to help10:11
mechaanyone know what the command would be to mount my bluetooth hub on auto so i dont have to unplug/plug it in every time i reboot?10:11
koshar1faria use startx10:11
MTecknologyikonia: it's 4:15am - I have class at 9:30am - will you be around then if I get some sleep now?10:11
BruteFrcedude, i dont care for your advice, this isnt your channel. i can sk whtever i want.10:11
sirMajidJ-_: IT WORKED...10:11
ikoniaMTecknology I'll be around all day, I'm just checkign for something specific at the moment as what you have should work10:11
e_ehow do I disable the automatic x-win startup? I want to go straight to console when I boot my OS10:11
sirMajidj-_: TNX MAN10:11
J-_sirMajid:  wooo hooo10:11
rkalittanågon som pratar svenska här?10:12
MTecknologyikonia: aight - thanks for looking. Sleep and a break often helps :)10:12
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup10:12
sirMajidj-_ : TNX MAN Bye10:12
MTecknologyikonia: I'll see ya in a short while ;)10:12
koshar1e_e do you mind using gdm?10:12
fariai am using server edition n i install blackbox gui mode for server now how can i execute blackbox ???10:12
notdkwe_e: change your run level to 3.10:12
e_ehow and where exactly?10:13
zambahow do i create the appropriate video dvd files from a .mpg?10:13
koshar1faria if blackbox is your only window environment startx should do it10:13
notdkwe_e: edit /etc/inittab10:13
zambathe mpg is encoded using the correct audio and video codecs for dvd video and the same with dimensions10:13
fariaok koshar110:13
=== nutella_ is now known as adac
zambaso now i just need the vob files10:13
farialet me try10:13
unopnotdkw, that file does not exist on ubuntu10:14
rkalittacan anybody help a novis with nautilus?10:14
=== ntinos_19 is now known as ntinos_
notdkwunop: must be my redhatness coming through... :)10:14
fariakoshar1 it asked to install xinit ?10:14
koshar1faria btw you may need to have xorg installed but i would assume it would be taken care of with the blackbox metapackage10:14
e_enotdkw: I can't find such file on my OS. this is a fresh install I just installed it10:14
unope_e, you have to disable the GDM (or KDM) service10:15
unop!startup | e_e10:15
ubottue_e: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot10:15
truehi to every one10:15
binMonkeyi'm getting closer to figuring this thing out.  thank you to actionparsnip and mgolisch.10:15
e_ethanks I will check it10:15
binMonkeygood night, guys.10:15
koshar1faria blackbox is a graphical app like all WMs so there may be xorg related dependencys10:15
unope_e, actually see !boot10:15
zambadvdauthor, found it10:15
ubottuBoot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto10:16
fariabit how can i found that koshar110:16
koshar1e_e or you could create a new gdm entry with your requirements10:16
unopfaria, you might have to install the xserver-xorg package10:16
rkalittacan anybody help a novis with nautilus?10:17
fariaok unop10:17
nyaarkalitta no one will know until you ask =)10:18
K10hi @ll10:18
K10wie kann ich ne bootable-cd von einem usb-stick starten?10:18
=== johnson is now known as Guest1887
ikonia!de > K1010:18
ubottuK10, please see my private message10:18
nyaanon sprecken zie deutsh?10:19
K10ubottu, thank you ;)10:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about thank you ;)10:19
rkalittanyaa: I want to sign e pdf, but someting isn't right.10:19
hischildnyaa, wir sprechen deutch, aber das deutsche channel ist am #ubuntu-de10:19
edlvhow i do i make the cube thing to appear.?10:19
driftwood_@whois nyaa10:20
hischildedlv, install your graphical drivers and compizconfig-settings-manager. Then you can edit your settings under system -> preferences10:20
jointmanis there any terminal command which can reread my ip address? similar to window's ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew10:20
hischildjointman, sudo dhclient10:20
koshar1edlv you need advanced effects enabled10:20
hischildkoshar1, doesnt give me the cube, need to enable it manually\10:21
binMonkeyI FIGURED IT OUT!!!!10:21
edlvyes. i have done that. but the cube doesnt appear.10:21
binMonkeywill someone look at what i've done to see if maybe there's a better way to do it?10:21
hischildedlv, what have you done?10:21
binMonkeyi was able to add blank lines to a text file using a script.10:22
koshar1edlv you need to select the cube plugin10:22
binMonkeyn00b stuff, to you maybe.  but to me, i feel like superman.10:22
edlvi have enabled extra effects. and selected cube option.10:22
koshar1aftr you install advanced desktop effects manager and select the plugin,10:22
hischildedlv, also enable rotate cube plugin10:22
ignu_anybody is there who will works for drupal10:23
koshar1edlv then use cont/alt left mouse to rotate the cube10:23
sam__hi, need a simple firewall, want to setup a basic iptables + squid transparent proxy & gateway box10:23
hischildsam__, firestarter perhaps?10:23
binMonkeywill anyone look at what i did?10:23
hischildbinMonkey, there's no need to spam it.10:24
sam__have tried firehol, but don't like that it routes all "LAN" to squid..10:24
binMonkeyhischild: i'm sorry.10:24
legend2440!paste | binMonkey10:24
ubottubinMonkey: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)10:24
edlvthe desktop rotates. but a big cube appears rite? that isnt coming.10:24
sam__even the request for the local webserver sitting on the gateway..10:24
sam__hischild: does firestarter work without X?10:25
hischildsam__, not sure. \10:25
erUSULsam__: shorewall; firehol ?10:25
hischildsam__, otherwise you can setup a box with iptables manually ...10:25
bullgard4/etc/init.d/module-init-tools starts with the message: 'log_begin_msg..." * Loading menual drivers...".' What are 'manual drivers'?10:25
TechN9ne1730I have installed dual boots of WinXP/ubuntu before, but is there any difference when duall booting vista and ubuntu?10:26
hischildTechN9ne1730, no10:26
TechN9ne1730hischild, thanks10:27
ikoniabullgard4: perhaps modules you have manually specfied that are not part of the kernel, or thignsl ike the nvidia ones (just guessing)10:27
koshar1edlv and rotate cube as well?10:27
hischildedlv, middle mouse button on the background10:28
jointmanNo DHCP offers received, No working neases in persistent <-- this is what i saw with sudo dhclient10:28
hischildjointman, then there's no dhcp server active on the network10:28
bahaa2008_i want to move from wubi installtion to real installtion10:28
jointmanhischild: what should i do?10:28
hischildjointman, i dont know what your situation is ...10:28
jointmanhischild: what info do you need?10:28
hischildjointman, the whole situation and what's wrong10:29
BruteFrceso im trying to build a vanilla kernel to run on my phone i have the screen and keyboard patches but i have no clue how to setup a toolchain for the arm architechture, can anyone tell me the first step?10:29
jointmanhischild: do you mind if i PM you so its easier?10:29
hischildjointman, go ahead. Thanks for asking.10:29
binMonkeyok.  sorry i got so excited before.  i wanted to add a blank line after i ran this command.  is there a better way than this to do it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/60431/10:29
ikoniaBruteFrce: is this a toolchain on an arm for an arm, or is this an a toolchain on another arch FOR an arm10:29
edlvkoshar1: yes.10:29
ikoniaBruteFrce: is this an ubuntu toolchain, or a generic toolchain10:30
magnetronBruteFrce→ wow, that would be very system-on-chip related. there are some good books on the subject, try asking in #edeb10:30
magnetronBruteFrce→ i mean #edev10:30
cbrodehlcan i ask some questions about a webcam?10:30
BruteFrceokonia i thought we talked about this...10:30
edlvhischild: middle button not working10:30
ikoniaBruteFrce: respond to the questions if you want advice10:31
ActionParsnip1yo yo yo10:31
ikoniaBruteFrce: is it on an arm for an arm, or on another arch for an arm, is it an ubuntu toolchain or a generic one, what host are you using (hostOS)10:31
BruteFrcemagnetron i have been reading alot, everything says i ned this custom toolchain first so thats what i am doing10:31
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: take a look at this http://paste.ubuntu.com/60431/10:31
magnetronBruteFrce→ #edev is the channel for you10:31
BruteFrceikonia i dont want your advice, for the 5th time please leave me alone, thanks.10:31
cbrodehli have a microdia webcam,,,10:32
nyaaIf I go to system > administration > Login Window, and then to the Local tab, it gives an option to set the position of the login window, but both x and y coordinates are capped at 100.. and it moves them in pixels instead of %'s. Is there a fix for this?10:32
ikoniaBruteFrce: then this is nothing to do with ubuntu if you can't respond to teh questions as we can't determain your host and target system, please join a more appropraite channel10:32
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: is it good?10:32
hischildedlv, i'm not sure how to get it then.10:32
cbrodehlekiga has a video... but in skype ther isn't a video there is only a green screen10:32
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: instead of /home/rich1 you can put ~/10:32
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: it works but i wanted to know if there's a better way to do it.10:33
BruteFrcemagnetron im doing this on an ubuntu box, #htc-linuc is even more specific but no one is alive  there or the channel you mentioned10:33
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: if it works, dont fix it10:33
ActionParsnip1cbrodehl: is skype set to use the correct video device?10:33
ihtarlikHey guys!  I am trying to install Intrepid Beta, and Xorg refuses to load.  Does anyone know how to access the expert installer (if it exists)?10:33
ikoniaBruteFrce: what arch is the host, and what is the target arch, is it an ubuntu or a generic toolchain you require ?10:33
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: thanks for the help!!!!!10:33
BruteFrceikonia, i am answering the questions just not your, again dont address me anymore.10:33
cbrodehli hope so... it is set to /dev/video010:33
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: nice scripting skills10:33
mgolischikonia: just give up, that guy is a fag10:34
XavuraWhere are my bookmarks in Thunar?10:34
ActionParsnip1cbrodehl: compare it to ekiga to see whats different10:34
cbrodehlbut camorama could load video device /dev/video010:34
ikoniamgolisch: thhats uncalled for10:34
XavuraThey seem to have disappeared.10:34
Ohmu_BruteFrce: You are hilarious.  You have no chance of getting any help on this channel with the way you behave.10:34
cbrodehli think ther is a problem with v4l210:34
ikoniaOhmu_: guys just leave it please.10:34
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ActionParsnip1!ohmy | mgolisch10:34
ubottumgolisch: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.10:34
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: i'm learning and it's cool.10:34
cbrodehlcould it be?10:34
magnetronBruteFrce→ your ubuntu box is working just fine, we can't provide support for your from-scratch ARM builds. good luck.10:34
XavuraAnyone use Thunar as their file manager?10:34
hischildXavura, yes.10:35
_sawWhy isn't openoffice3 in repositories jet ?10:35
ActionParsnip1Xavura: i used to, then i just ditched file managers and used cli10:35
nyaaI'll head out and try a few more tweaks to see if I can fix it, good luck in here10:35
BruteFrcei mean seriously obviously the host system is a regular x86 arch and im building for the phone, which has the arm arch10:35
Xavurahischild: Where are all my bookmarks? I have bookmarks for FTP etc. but I can't find them10:35
bahaa2008_i want to move from wubi installtion to real installtion10:35
ActionParsnip1_saw: it may be on a different repo you dont have10:35
ikoniaBruteFrce it is not obvious your host is x86 0- hence why I was asking10:35
Ohmu_ikonia: I think its needed.  Otherwise he will think it is something personal.  If he hears it from 3 places he may learn.  I don't feed trolls.  Thats my last word on the topic.10:35
hischildBruteFrce, the problem is that your target system isn't ubuntu specific. The host system is of no concern, you could even run windows for it10:35
ikoniaBruteFrce: this is beyond the scope of this channel, so I rquest you drop the topic10:35
Xavurahischild: Like if you go to Places > Bookmarks, why aren't they in Thunar?10:36
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ihtarlikHey guys!  I am trying to install Intrepid Beta, and Xorg refuses to load.  Does anyone know how to access the expert installer (if it exists)?10:36
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: if you put that in a script in /usr/bin you can call it anytime you like10:36
ikoniahischild: his host is relevant as it's going to be a cross compile, hence why I was trying to get that info, as a straight and cross compiled toolchain are different10:36
ikonia!ibex > ihtarlik10:36
ubottuihtarlik, please see my private message10:36
BruteFrceikonia no its not past the topic, im using an ubuntu dstro, im sking questions regaurding the gcc that came on my ubuntu install10:36
_sawActionParsnip, I tried like this apt-get install openoffice.org3. Is this correct ?10:36
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: sorry to bother you, but what does the -e after echo do?  it's some kind of switch, right?10:37
ikoniaBruteFrce your asking about cross compiling toolchains, which is beyond the scope of this channel, please drop it,10:37
ActionParsnip1_saw: try tab completing. If its not there then try finding another repo that it is on and add it to /etc/apt/sources/list10:37
milligan_I'm using vacation.pl for my postfix installation. The problem is that the autoreply cache is never emptied it seems. This implies that an autoresponse is only sent to a user once. How can I prevent this from happening, and clear old cache etc ?10:37
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: man echo10:37
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: thakns!10:37
dusty_Hey guys I have a Mobile Broadband USB stick (E160 HSDPA USB Stick).   It works fine in windows, but under ubuntu nothing happens.  I have scoured the internet and forums for answers and it should be configurable from network manager, I cannot seem to do it in there.  I am running Ubuntu 8.04 any ideas how to get this to work ?10:37
ikoniamilligan_: what are you using to enable/disable the script10:38
ActionParsnip1dusty_: what does lsusb say?10:38
milligan_ikonia, postfix checks the vacation table upon receiving email.10:38
ikoniamilligan_: so you've enabled it by default10:38
dusty_ActionParsnip1, I will have to unplug it from here ( and disconnect ) then plug it into my ubuntu machine, while i do that is there anything else you would like me to run ?10:39
milligan_ikonia, I don't follow. Postfix will send the email to the perl script, if the user has an active vacation status.10:39
ActionParsnip1dusty_: use pastebin for the output10:39
ikoniamilligan_: yes, but how is teh active status being set10:39
ActionParsnip1dusty_: lsusb and lspci10:39
milligan_ikonia, through postfixadmin... a webbased interface.10:39
ikoniamilligan_: the reason I asked is that I've seen teh cache not get cleared when a user removes the status but it doesn't actually remove it10:40
bullgard4ikonia: Your answer triggered me to examine the /etc/init.d/module-init-tools shell script's source text. 'Manual drivers' simply are all drivers stored in /etc/modules.10:40
edlvmy 5.1channel speakers arent working. only front speakers working. help please. it was working previously before i installed ubuntu.10:40
ikoniabullgard4 so "manually loaded" ones, that makes sense10:40
ActionParsnip1edlv: what sound card?10:40
rampageoberonHi, I want to learn more about the u32 extension in iptables and tc but can't find any proper documentation out there. Could someone please point me in the right direction10:40
cbrodehldoes anyone can help me with my webcam?10:40
ikoniarampageoberon http://www.netfilter.com10:40
dusty_actionParsnip i wont be able to pastebin, but i can type it out, ill be right back.10:40
binMonkeyActionParsnip1: thanks for the help.  i really appreciate it.10:41
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ActionParsnip1edlv: run lspci to give the hardware, then paste the single line for the device10:41
rampageoberonikonia: couldn't find much about u32 on there unfortunately10:41
ActionParsnip1binMonkey: np man, you might help me one day10:41
roxancbrodehl, whats the problem?10:41
ikoniarampageoberon try #netfilter or #iptables channel10:41
rampageoberonthanks ikonia10:41
roxananybody here use screen?10:41
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rampageoberonroxan yes10:42
jokeusaHello guys and grrls10:42
hischild!ask  | roxan10:42
ubotturoxan: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:42
cbrodehlthank you10:42
edlv00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801G (ICH7 Family) High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01)10:42
ActionParsnip1hi jokeusa10:42
cbrodehli have a microdia webcam10:42
cbrodehlin ekiga i get a video10:42
cbrodehlbut in skype i only get a green oicture10:42
cbrodehlno green video just a green screeen10:43
XavuraAnyone use Thunar?10:43
roxanrampageoberon, my screen blinks . how can i stop it in screen10:43
roxan!ask | Xavura10:43
ubottuXavura: Please don't ask to ask a question, ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely answer. :-)10:43
Xavuraroxan: I asked like 3 times.10:43
milligan_ikonia, it's a problem in postfixadmin? It doesn't empty the cache upon setting a new away message?10:43
MiLK_MaNhello, im using ubuntu intrepid, and was presented with a question asking if i wanted a combined status and logout button. i chose yes, but it spat out an error. any way on manually trying to do it?10:43
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ikoniamilligan_ I have seen that10:43
rampageoberonroxan: what application are you running?10:43
ikoniamilligan_: that doesn't mean it's your problem10:43
milligan_ikonia, it does seem like it.10:44
ikoniamilligan_: the guys on postfixadmin support know about it10:44
cbrodehlis 4vl2 the reason why skype is only green=?10:44
roxanMiLK_MaN, for intrepid i think there is another channel10:44
ikoniamilligan_: maybe check with them, see if it is the same issue10:44
roxanrampageoberon, like terminal10:44
milligan_ikonia, cheers10:44
MiLK_MaNroxan: i tried #ubuntu-intrepid, noone is there10:44
MiLK_MaNahh i see the topic10:44
mgolischisnt it ubuntu+1 ?10:45
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:45
cbrodehlno one here, to help me?10:45
rampageoberonroxan: no idea, doesn't blink for me10:45
roxanrampageoberon, instead of beeps my screen blinks.10:45
rampageoberoncheck your terminal profile roxan10:46
cbrodehli think no one could help me with my webcam?10:46
spantherhttp://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php   <--- still working with 8.10 ?10:46
hischildmilligan, still worked for me even though it gave an error.10:46
DVS01if i make a user's shell be a script that establishes an ssh connection to another machine, authenticating using ssh keys, would logging on as this user be equivalent to performing the ssh connection manually?10:46
Ohmu_guys, is there a better channel to ask about setting up a wireless access point?  I happen to be using ubuntu, but I guess it's not really a ubuntu specific thing...10:46
ikoniaOhmu_ ##networking ?10:47
XavuraOhmu_: All the network gurus are in ##linux :P10:47
Ohmu_ikonia: thx10:47
hischildOhmu_, perhaps ask the question? there might be an easy solution ...10:47
Guillem__my laptop's CPU temp rises up to 73 deg Celsius when compiling.... is that normal????10:47
Ohmu_Xavura: thx10:48
ortsvorsteherin evolution i will get a sound when new mails come in. how do i modify this?10:48
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ikoniaGuillem__ cpu is busy - so it will get hot10:48
hischildGuillem__, mine went up to 83 .... it's rather intensive for ur laptop ..10:48
Ohmu_hischild: the problem is I don't understand enough about the topic to even follow the internet guides.  I really want to learn.  But it's all too much for me.  I need some help on the basics.10:48
roxanGuillem__, its cpu consuming task10:48
mgolischortsvorsteher: try gconf-editor if there is no setting in evolution itself10:49
ortsvorsteheri try mgolisch10:49
hischildOhmu_, aight, so what are you trying to accomplish?10:49
Ohmu_hischild: I'm getting internet thru a usb modem thingy.  I want to share thru my wifi, so my housemates can get it.10:49
Guillem__ikonia, hischild , roxan, I don't remember it getting so high...  the peak has been around 79-80. At which temp should I get worried?10:50
ikoniaOhmu_ so you wantt o make your ubuntu laptop a wirless ad-hoc access point10:50
ikoniaGuillem__ you shouldn't your bios should kick in if there is a problem10:50
dusty__ActionParsnip1, Ok back, got the ifno.10:50
roxanGuillem__, your computer takes care of it.10:50
ljsoftnetGuillem, what temperature is that for?10:50
Ohmu_ikonia: exactly10:50
ActionParsnip1dusty__: hit me10:50
hischildGuillem__, bios should kick in10:50
ljsoftnetGuillem__, what temperature is that for?10:50
Guillem__ikonia, hischild , roxan, Oh, OK.10:50
Guillem__ljsoftnet, is CPU10:51
ikoniaOhmu_ there is a doc for that on https://help.ubuntu.com but I don't think it's %100 stable/accurate and it depends on the card model10:51
`TonYhello all10:51
dusty__ActionParsnip1, Bus 002 device 002: id 12d1:1003 Huawei Technologies Co, LTD. E220 HSDPA Modem <-- that is the output of lsusb, lspci mentions nothing about the device, when i do wvdialconf it finds the modem on /dev/ttyUSB0 and config is written /etc/wvdial.conf10:51
Guillem__my Nvidia GPU is stabilized around 60 degrees because of compiz.10:51
roxanOhmu_, its pretty simple actuaylly. click your nm applet and choose create a nework connection10:51
dusty__ActionParsnip1, I also see info about modem usb in dmesg.10:51
cbrodehlany idea if the webcam microdia?10:52
cbrodehlin skype online green screen10:52
cbrodehlbut in ekiga a good video10:52
ActionParsnip1dusty__: as long as you have info about the device we can websearch10:52
Guillem__ikonia, hischild , roxan, I'm using a kernel from backports (or proposed, I'm not sure). If the kernel was wrong, I can trust the BIOS so will shut down the machine, Isn't it?10:52
ljsoftnetGuillem__, in my CPU manual for Pentium 4 it recommends to limit it to 70 degrees, and its suggested temperature is 3210:52
dusty__ActionParsnip1, i am doing that just now, let me know if you find anything interesting10:52
Ohmu_roxan: have done. And other machiens can see my box.  but they cant eg ping google.com or fetch a webpage. and the ips look fishy.  169.254.blah iirc10:52
ikoniaGuillem__ thats down to your bios - not the kernel10:52
hischildGuillem__, the bios should not be affected by your kernel10:53
heath|OTGanyone know how to restart the usb subsystem ?10:53
Guillem__So the kernel does not take any decision about cooling, then....10:53
roxanOhmu_, you need to seup ip manually or use dhcp server in ur system10:53
heath|OTGafter my laptop wakes up usb won;t sork10:53
ljsoftnetGuillem__ if it gets more than 32 degrees it will lower its processing speed10:53
spantherhttp://www.medibuntu.org/repository.php   <--- still working with 8.10 ?10:54
hischildGuillem__, the kernel can try to affect those decisions, but the ultimate choice is up to the bios10:54
Ohmu_roxan: which ip do you mean?  The ip for each machine that will use the network?10:54
darenHELP! Please..... I am new to linux I have downloaded  "pharosc 8.4 tat but how do I install it??10:54
Astral_Projectiothere's a beep sound when i shutdown on restart my comp. how can i turn this off?10:54
ganeshow to pass the grub prompt output to any file10:55
bimberispanther: seems so - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu#Adding%20the%20Repositories10:55
ActionParsnip1dusty__: i need your info dude10:55
debasysibex coming around end of this month right?10:55
Guillem__ikonia, hischild , roxan, ljsoftnet, I thank you very much.10:55
heath|OTGdaren, did you download a .deb ?10:55
darennot sure10:56
ljsoftnetGuillem__ ok10:56
bimberiyes debasys10:56
heath|OTGwhat's the extension?10:56
ActionParsnip1debasys: absolutely10:56
darenI will have a look at what it's called10:56
roxan!intrepid | debasys10:56
ubottudebasys: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu10:56
debasysActionParsnip, bimberi  :)10:56
ActionParsnip1debasys: if hardy works 100% for you then i wouldnt upgrade as theirs no reason to10:56
roxanOhmu_, you need to use some private ips10:56
darenthe file is just called "pharosc_8.4"10:57
roxanActionParsnip1, debasys i feel intrepid is faster10:57
Ohmu_roxan: theres 2 housemates.  So my ubuntu box needs to create 2 private ips?  How to do this?10:57
debasysActionParsnip, yeah though it works fine, i am having hanging issues with my laptop's touchpad/keyboard since ages10:57
ActionParsnip1roxan: might be slower for other users10:57
heath|OTGdaren, where did you download it? Do they have any install instruction for linux10:57
debasysroxan, then gr8, coz i have only 512 MB RAM on a celeron laptop10:58
ganeshow to pass the grub prompt output to any file10:58
darenI just need a file like winrar or winzip10:58
heath|OTGapt-get install zip10:58
darenhag on I will get the address10:58
heath|OTGapt-get install unzip10:58
ActionParsnip1!rar | daren10:58
ubottudaren: rar is a non-free archive format created by Rarsoft. For instructions on accessing .rar files through the Archive Manager view https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression. There is a free (as in speech) unrar utility as well, see !info unrar-free10:58
DVS01daren, use the 'file' command on your file10:58
heath|OTGapt-get install rar10:59
ndoHi guys. I have a question. How do you do "ipconfig/all" in linux? i know "ipconfig" command but it doesnt show me a Gateway. Anyone? plz. ty. :)10:59
heath|OTGdaren, what distro are you running10:59
ActionParsnip1daren: heath|OTG: sudo apt-get unrar10:59
e-framendo: ifconfig -a10:59
TheFillerAfter a fresh install of Ubuntu, my network device (eth0) worked flawlessly, but after I have restarted just once, it fails to work. I cannot even ping my own router anymore. What can I do to get it working again?10:59
=== automatix is now known as ortsvorsteher
roxanndo, netstat -rn10:59
darenI got it from here10:59
DVS01daren, use the 'file' command10:59
roxanOhmu_, i think you need to read some tutorial. its little complicated if you dont know the basics11:00
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: if you run ifconfig eth0 does it show a valid ip address?11:00
ndoe-frame: ty11:00
ndoroxan: ty11:00
ljsoftnetTheFiller, try to turn off your rounter for 2 minutes and turn it on again11:00
heath|OTGits a tar file11:00
DVS01oh what you got is a .tar.gz file, which you could have figured out using the 'file' command i mentioned previously11:00
DVS01however, the filename you gave us is NOT the filename thats on the site.. you didn't include the .tar.gz when you told us11:00
TheFillerActionParsnip1: Yes, both IPv4 and IPv611:00
ActionParsnip1tar zxvf <file>.tar.gz11:00
idefixwhat is wrong when programs in ubuntu are starting up but stop that after a while?11:00
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: are you using static ip?11:00
TheFillerljsoftnet: I don't think it's a router problem, since I can access the internet via this computer over this very same router11:01
roxanidefix, which program?11:01
TheFillerActionParsnip1: Yes11:01
Ohmu_roxan: how to find one?  sorry for being hopeless but I'm a bit lost here.11:01
debasys  11:01
DVS01daren: you can extract the file using 'tar -zxvf filename' and then go into the subdirectory that's created, and compile the source. usually the steps are: ./configure ; make ; sudo make install11:01
idefixcamorama webcam viewer but also jin chess player11:01
ljsoftnetTheFiller, ah ok11:01
roxanOhmu_, area 3 machines ubuntu?11:01
DVS01each step has to work properly, so its better to say ./configure && make && sudo make install11:01
DVS01thats the simplest way of doing it, but each package should have its own instructions11:01
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: well if you cant ping your router you have a bad ip / subnet, the routers port is down, the router is off, the cable has a break or the computers interface is down11:01
e-frameany link about huawei e220 in ubuntu hardy ?11:02
darenI think I have it extracted to my desktop but I cant find out what to do with it now?11:02
Ohmu_roxan: no, mine is ubuntu.  others are a macbook and an xp11:02
DVS01i also recommend reading up on how to package a .tar.gz install into a .deb11:02
idefixroxan? camorama webcam viewer but also jin chess player11:02
bahaa2008_i want to move from wubi installtion to real installtion11:02
DVS01you get the benefit of an easy uninstall and managing the package from apt11:02
roxanOhmu_, do you know how to setup ip on xp and mac?11:02
TheFillerActionParsnip1: The router works perfectly, I'm using it to send this message to you right now using a windows PC. I guess it's more of a configuration problem.11:02
roxanidefix, you mean?11:03
jokeusaAnybody that could help me with setting port forwarding under ubuntu? I need to forward traffic to transparent Squid3 proxy. I know Squid is running ok because when i set firefox to connect through proxy ip:[Localhost] port:[3128] it works according to what i set in /etc/squid3/squid.conf (dehashing and hashing http_access allow localhost). I tried with "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT --to-port 3128", but it doesnt se11:03
Guillem__e-frame, I use that one11:03
Ohmu_roxan: I was hoping to use dhcp on ubuntu box, so I wouldn't need to worry about that.11:03
nyaais there an easy way to move the login window so that it doesn't block a picture I put as the login picture? (I just want to move it to the lower left corner)11:03
idefixroxa, the two programs that don't work anymore11:03
e-frameGuillem__: firefox runs flawlessly with huawei e220, but pidgin not.11:03
Guillem__e-frame, oh. I've not tested that11:03
Ohmu_roxan: I don't know how to set ip on mac or xp, no11:03
idefixdamn,, it is twelve o'clocl already11:04
boguhhi, how can i see if an ethernet device has a 100 or 1000 mbit connection?11:04
dusty__ActionParsnip1, any luck ?11:04
heath|OTGdaren, what does it do11:04
roxanOhmu_, obguh ethtool11:04
ActionParsnip1dusty__: ive not had any of the outputs from you as far as i can tell, can i have a pastebin of them please11:04
roxanboguh, ethtool11:04
roxanOhmu_, sorry it wasn't for you11:04
ActionParsnip1boguh: ifconfig11:05
boguhroxan dont have ethtool11:05
hischildboguh, also shows in dmesg  iirc11:05
boguhActionParsnip1 cant see, which lines shows me the conenction?11:05
TheFillerActionParsnip:  /etc/network/interfaces seems like it is configured (I have given it a static IP), sudo ifup eth0 tells me it is already configured and it worked before the last restart. ifconfig -a shows the device, with both a static IPv4 and IPv6 address, but a very high number of dropped packages.11:05
roxanboguh, then ifconfig11:05
ActionParsnip1boguh: if its usb , websearch for the id codes11:05
roxanOhmu_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=66794711:05
DVS01is it possible to combine deep packet inspection using something like snort, and make it invoke a transparent squid proxy to that specific connection, effectively making http connections to any destination port get transparently proxied?11:06
darenit's just a yellow folder on my desktop  with about 10 folders & one file inside11:06
e-frameGuillem__: it works on win***s, but not fully here in hardy. there must be a way11:06
e-frameGuillem__: coz firefox run well.11:06
hischilde-frame, that 1 thing works does not mean that the other will also run perfect ...11:07
Guillem__e--frame I have to set firefox "online", and also happens the same with evolution11:07
Guillem__e-frame, I mean, manually11:07
darenthats what is inside the folder11:07
ActionParsnip1Guillem__: theres a hack for the firefox offlineness11:08
e-frameGuillem__: at first, firefox run in offline mode, so that i have to untick the "work offline" checkbox11:08
hischilddaren, you can't link us to a local file on your pc ...11:08
ActionParsnip1Guillem__: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+faq/9611:08
e-frameGuillem__: it's always like that11:08
ActionParsnip1e-frame: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+faq/9611:08
Ohmu_roxan: thanks! reading...11:08
darenok mate thanks I didnt know11:08
idefixroxan, if you want to help reply, if you don't don't11:09
e-frameActionParsnip1 says: Guillem__: theres a hack for the firefox offlineness, but this is not about it11:09
Guillem__e-frame, perhaps pidgin happens to go somewhat offline as well but seems not to have an option to online it.11:09
e-frameActionParsnip1: pidgin is the one11:09
e-frameGuillem__: i think so11:09
ActionParsnip1e-frame: "Guillem__: e--frame I have to set firefox "online", and also happens the same with evolution" .... I saw that and figured it was an issue11:10
ActionParsnip1e-frame: hence the link11:10
e-frameActionParsnip1: read, know what we are talkin about, then give the relevant answer11:11
ActionParsnip1its a simple mistake...chillax winstan :D11:11
idefixwhat happens behind the screens when you have a starting up indication in your panel?11:11
dareninside the folder it has :  aliance-bin-gif-html-magic-synopsys-xcurcit-help.html-license.txt-readme.txt * revisions.txt ???11:11
idefixwe all want to help ubuntu, but we can't if we don't help each other11:12
Guillem__e-frame, ActionParsnip1, I find that link useful11:12
koshar1how do you place tiling in the background of a nautilus applet lie this, http://www.xshot.org/files/screenies/20080912140925screenshot.png11:13
e-frameGuillem__: then what's the solution? i still can't use pidgin with the modem11:13
jokeusaSooo..anyone able to help me with that forwarding/iptables issue?11:14
idefixok, I'm going back to windows...11:14
nnullwhen i try maximise flash movies (eg youtube) it goes fullscreen for a second then goes back, cant get it to go fulscreen.. do you think this would be java related?11:14
nnullkoz it was working11:14
Guillem__e-frame, probably to force a dummy network interface so the machine thinks is always online. Not sure, though11:15
Guillem__e-frame, I don't use pidgin when I use the modem....11:15
ActionParsnip1e-frame: usful is good :)11:15
Guillem__so I've not tested :(11:15
magnetroni'm using xubuntu and have installed a gtk2 theme by unzipping it into the ~/.themes folder. now how do i start using it? i can't find the theme manager11:16
idefixyou'r not easily impressed, are you?11:16
ActionParsnip1e-frame: so with pidgin yu have to make your account online each time yu load it up?11:16
idefixI'm going back to WINDOWS!!11:16
ActionParsnip1idefix: its your computer, use what you wanrt11:17
idefixunless you help me11:17
Guillem__idefix, calm down11:17
nnullyea idefix lets not do anything rash11:17
idefixwhat happens when you see a 'starting-up-indication' in your panel?11:18
roxankoshar1, its very easy11:18
e-frameActionParsnip1: pidgin cannot connect with the modem11:18
nnullidefix¬ usually means something is starting up.11:19
roxankoshar1, , edit, background and preferences11:19
idefixso what happens and what does not when that just goes away after a while?11:19
ActionParsnip1e-frame: try making a script to make the modem dance before loading pidgin11:19
MaximB1 I have adsl 5/512 connection, and it disconnects at least 1 time a day, the command "sudo /etc/networking restart" doesn't help at all, restarting the router sometimes helps, but all I can do is restart ubuntu. what can I do ?11:19
e-frameActionParsnip1: i have to untick "work offline" in firefox11:19
Sammydear all how to check my USB modem?? please11:19
roxanMaximB1, are you sure its ubuntu's fault?11:19
roxanSammy, lsusb11:20
e-frameActionParsnip1: then firefox works well11:20
ActionParsnip1e-frame: not with that hack i gave ;)11:20
nnullidefix¬ the last thing you said was in too much of a riddle for me to understand11:20
idefixwell, it just goes away after a while, that indication11:20
e-frameActionParsnip1: what hack u gave ?11:20
ActionParsnip1e-frame: you need to trigger the modem to dial before you do anything11:20
bahaa2008_i want to move from wubi installtion to real installtion11:20
nnullwhat does it say is starting up11:20
MaximB1roxan:  no, but the command sudo /etc/networking restart should have allowed my connection to go up again without restarting ubuntu, like "service network restart" works in redhat11:20
idefixnnull, so then what is wrong? how can I debug?11:20
ActionParsnip1e-frame: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+faq/9611:20
e-frameActionParsnip1: of course yes, i know that11:20
e-frameActionParsnip1: u just don't get what i mean11:21
idefixknowledge is power11:21
ogzyi need to run a script at each run but with user privilidges, how can i do it?11:21
heath|OTGMaximB1, check your routes11:21
nnullidefix¬ dunno, id use htop "sudo apt-get install htop" have a look through your processes see whats having a whinge11:21
ActionParsnip1e-frame: you have a usb modem that must dial to get a connection. Its not connected so your apps go offline?11:21
roxanMaximB1, does it gives any error sudo /etc/init.d//networking restart11:21
MaximB1heath|OTG:  how ?11:21
heath|OTGtype route in the cli11:21
idefixhow is htop different from top?11:21
heath|OTGit will give you a list... make sure you only have 1 default11:21
nnullidefix¬ its got sexy F1 shortcuts and such lawler ;)11:22
e-frameActionParsnip1: no11:22
MaximB1roxan:  it gives me no errors, but it seems very very fast (the restarting networking process) so I don't know if it really worked out11:22
nnullidefix¬ just easier..11:22
Sammy/dev/ttyUSB3: No such file or directory11:22
roxanMaximB1, whats the error?11:22
ActionParsnip1e-frame: then whats the deal?11:22
idefixis it worth the time to install!?11:22
heath|OTGMaximB1, it sounds to me like your routing table is getting messed up...11:22
MaximB1roxan:  no errors, I just can't ping to nothing , not by ip and not by name11:23
nnullidefix¬ yea its worth the whole 1second it takes to install imo.11:23
e-frameActionParsnip1: the modem works, i can ping anywhere, but to browse, i have to untick the "work offline" in firefox, because firefox always run in "offline mode".11:23
roxanMaximB1, do you get any error while restarting11:23
e-frameActionParsnip1: and pidgin can't connect to server11:23
e-frameActionParsnip1: so the connection is established11:23
idefixnnull but you can damage your system by installing junk11:23
e-frameActionParsnip1: got it ?11:24
idefixif it is junk that is11:24
SammyI cant detect my usb modem.Please help me guys11:24
nnullidefix¬ trust me htop wont break anything11:24
e-frameActionParsnip1: i think it's bug about firefox or network manager11:24
nnullidefix¬ its tiny.. its like a little utlilty11:24
heath|OTGSammy, lsusb should show the model11:24
nnullidefix¬ or just use top..11:24
e-frameActionParsnip1: and i'm trying to find out the solution11:24
idefixhtop reminds me a bit of DOS11:24
ActionParsnip1e-frame: yeah, are the pidgin settings correct? The firefox behaviour you are decribing I have seen in here thousands of times and I always give that same link. its even in my favourites11:25
heath|OTGMaximB1, have you tried the route command yet?11:25
idefixwhy do you not all have beards?11:25
e-frameActionParsnip1: i use the same setting and it works everyday in my office LAN11:25
ActionParsnip1idefix: i have a beard11:25
roxanMaximB1, i dont think its ubuntu's problem11:25
idefixwhy.. the program is in htop but I cannot see it11:25
roxanMaximB1, whats the reply of ping11:25
MaximB1maximb@maximb-home:~$ route11:26
MaximB1Kernel IP routing table11:26
MaximB1Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface11:26
MaximB110.0.0.0        *            U     0      0        0 eth011:26
MaximB1default         UG    0      0        0 eth011:26
FloodBot3MaximB1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:26
idefixis there a command for making visible some process if you have the PID?11:26
heath|OTGMaximB1, pleae repaste at pastebin.com11:26
ActionParsnip1idefix: ps -ef | grep <pid>11:26
RaynesIf you want more direct help, use the forums. It's not as hectic.11:26
idefixActionParsnip1, do you have just a weekend beard or a really long Santa Claus beard?11:26
ActionParsnip1e-frame: with pidgin i'd check yur proxy settings if you use any at any place and check the server settings for the account type as well as verify username and password11:26
MaximB1maximb@maximb-home:~$ route Kernel IP routing table Destination     Gateway         Genmask         Flags Metric Ref    Use Iface        *            U     0      0        0 eth0   default         UG    0      0        0 eth011:27
Guillem__idefix, also, gnome-monitor lets you search processes, and so on11:27
JacobSinghMy Sound is not working! No errors, everything looks like it should be playing11:27
Guillem__idefix, gnome-system-monitor11:27
roxanMaximB1, what is the output of ping to the router?11:27
idefixit is running 'behind the scene' or so11:27
RaynesAnd threatening to go back to window only harms yourself.11:27
Sammydear all how to install JAVA?? please11:27
JacobSinghbut nothing comes out of the speakers, both laptop speakers and external11:27
idefixhey, did I start a hype?11:28
roxanSammy, sudo apt-get install java...11:28
MaximB1roxan:  the replay is "destination host unreachable"11:28
JacobSinghany ideas where to look?  It worked yesterday...11:28
roxanMaximB1, ethtool eth0?11:28
heath|OTGMaximB1, is that the entire table getting pasted11:28
heath|OTGor is it getting cut off11:28
MaximB1roxan: eth011:28
idefixSammy, using synaptic doesn't work?11:28
Sammydear all how to install mysql?? please11:28
enovativhello to all11:28
MaximB1heath|OTG:  I used "route" command ,11:28
idefixwe all have to be satisfied11:28
roxanMaximB1, what is the output of ethtool ?11:29
roxanSammy, its sudo apt-get install package_name11:29
idefixGuillem__ the program is in a system monitor but I cannot see it, not with alt-tab not with ctrl-alt right etc. :(11:29
ActionParsnip1idefix: http://photos-a.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v286/243/74/656121613/n656121613_1039456_7212.jpg11:30
ActionParsnip1idefix: my hair is braided now and i have no tash11:30
MaximB1roxan:  what option should I use with the " ethtool" command ?11:30
roxanMaximB1, ethtool and your interface11:31
balrogi cannot get sound to come out of my laptop.  it sees my soundcard, and it could play music on the last boot, but evidently it decided to be tempramental and quit making sounds.11:31
roxanMaximB1, ethtool eth011:31
=== xB4 is now known as xB4s1Cx
edlvhow do i burn multisession disks?11:31
balrogoh, i forgot to ask a question.  anybody know how to get sound to _consistently_ work on an hp 2710p?11:31
Ohmu_roxan: from that page I learned that I have to install dhcp3-server (which I did), and edit the /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.con file, (which I have - with the example text on the page).  Now I've run sudo dhcpd3, and it says it's not configured to listen on any interfaces.  What does this mean?  What's an interface?11:31
idefixwhat's a tash? (it's not in my dictionary)11:31
=== deniz is now known as Guest73879
ActionParsnip1idefix: moustache11:31
roxanbalrog, does it play only or doesn't even play also11:31
MaximB1root@maximb-home:~#  ethtool eth0 Settings for eth0:         Supported ports: [ TP ]         Supported link modes:   10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full                                 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full                                 1000baseT/Full         Supports auto-negotiation: Yes         Advertised link modes:  10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full                                 100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full                                 11:31
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: do not flood the room, use pastebin11:32
roxanOhmu_, try the name of your wireless interface11:32
roxanMaximB1, what is the ouptu of link detected?11:32
MaximB1ActionParsnip1:  it's pastebin11:32
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: its not or itd be a hyperlink11:32
onrehi folks. anyone installed sk98lin driver on ubuntu? sky2 driver fails with my other network card, and this is an office router... i put in an old 100Mbps Intel as a temporary fix, but i'd like to get the other card working, too.11:32
balrogroxan: thank you in advance.  some music players look like their loading the files (album artwork changes, etc), but the progress bar doesnt move.  some music players load and move the status bar, but nothing comes out.11:32
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)11:33
ubottushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Hardy (8.04) CDs11:33
Guillem__idefix, if you know what program is it, you could just launch it from command line to see if you see any messages there11:33
onrefails, as in, it works for some time, then spits out a message about hardware malfunction. however, earlier this card worked for months with solaris 10.11:33
MaximB1roxan:  the output is "yes"11:33
roxanbaldur_, there is some uglyplugin. try installing that11:33
Ohmu_roxan: as a param?  sudo dhcpd3 wlan0?  I have wlan0 and wifi0 ... duno why I have 211:33
balrogroxan: i have double checked that its not muted, but i could still be wrong because its very early in the morning here and i just finished writing a paper.11:33
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: http://paste.ubuntu.com/60452/11:33
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: thats what itd be if it was a pastebin11:33
jronhas anyone been having major problems with the default network manager with pretty much anything more advanced than dhcp?11:33
Guest73879did shipit stop shipping 64 bit discs?11:33
roxanbalrog, please be sure.11:33
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: as i said, dont flood the room11:33
roxanbalrog, there is some ugly plugin11:33
ikoniajron what do you mean more advanced11:33
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: and fyi, logging in as root is a REALLY bad choice11:34
Sammyhow to set path java incase javac??11:34
idefixgerman food make you nauseous11:34
roxanMaximB1, what ip are you trying to ping as a gateway?11:34
jronit seems like that application and my interfaces config fight for dibs to the network11:34
balrogroxan: holy crap.  skreemr makes noise.  wtf?  could the problem be flash?11:34
ikoniajron what application ?11:34
ikoniajron: what are you trying to do ?11:34
jronikonia: static IP with a bridge for virtualbox11:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about path11:35
roxanbalrog, i dont know. which player you use?11:35
MaximB1ActionParsnip1  1. so I just need to give the links to pastebin with my output ?11:35
MaximB12. I login as regular user, but when I open a terminal I can change to root, no harm there11:35
ikoniajron: ok, so the static IP should be set in network manager and should just "stick"11:35
idefixwhat would you all be doing if the computer had not been invented?11:35
ikoniaMaximB1: yes that has potential harm11:35
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: yes the link, notice how i didnt make the page scroll like crazy11:35
ikoniaidefix: offtopic please11:35
irfanused IFS11:35
ActionParsnip1MaximB1: just so you know. I assume nothing in here :D11:35
balrogi usually use banshee-1.0, but i also tried rhythmbox (ha, like that ever works for anything), amarok, noatun, and vlc11:35
jronikonia: I had my network working perfectly by using the interfaces config file then after a reboot everything was busted again.... so I uninstalled the network-manager11:35
idefixikonia but not you all listen to offtopic..11:36
irfani am gonna use it11:36
irfanand wonder if it is stable11:36
spantherLinDVD isnt downloadable. Any other player which looks like a nice DVD GUI Player?11:36
Ohmu_roxan: gtg thanks for the help11:36
roxanOhmu_, ok11:36
=== Ohmu_ is now known as Ohmu_bbl
balrogroxan: and now banshee thinks its playing away, but all i hear is the music from flash on skreemr.com...11:36
ActionParsnip1Sammy: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-43923.html11:36
MaximB1roxan:  I don't think it really matters in this cease, I pinged to www.google.com11:37
roxanbalrog, try playing form only one app11:37
roxanMaximB1, it matters a lot11:37
irfanExt2 IFS driver  ?????11:37
MaximB1roxan:  I should have reached it IF my connection was ok11:37
roxanMaximB1, pinging something inside your network and outside your network are two different thing.11:37
grillmorning ya'll11:37
roxanMaximB1, if your connection was ok you would not have been here. now you are do what i suggest11:38
idefixwhen I enter the comman at the command line it doesn't respond11:38
idefixthe command11:38
ActionParsnip1spanther: xbmc is ok11:38
MaximB1I just can't understant why do I need to restart ubuntu and not restarting the networking11:38
balrogroxan: i closed the skreemr tab, and restarted banshee.  its progress bar is not moving,  but it did load a song and try to play it (loaded album art too)11:38
Guest73879spanther, doesnt totem play dvds?11:38
roxanbalorg try installing ugly plugin11:38
spantherGuest32920, it does :-)11:39
Ohmu_bblroxan: Will you be here in 2 hours?  I'll be back then...11:39
ActionParsnip1!info xbmc11:39
ubottuPackage xbmc does not exist in hardy11:39
roxanbalrog, or try playing with sound in preferences11:39
ActionParsnip1ok so its 3rd party but its glossy to the max11:39
roxan!info uglyplugin11:39
ubottuPackage uglyplugin does not exist in hardy11:39
roxanOhmu_bbl, i cant say11:39
jroncan anyone find anything wrong with my network config? http://pastebin.com/m695a7dfc11:39
roxan!info ugly-plugin11:39
ubottuPackage ugly-plugin does not exist in hardy11:39
ActionParsnip1!find ugly11:39
ubottuFound: elisa-plugins-ugly, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-multiverse-dbg, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly, gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly-dbg (and 1 others)11:39
ziroday!msgthebot > roxan11:39
ubotturoxan, please see my private message11:39
TheFillerAfter a fresh install of Ubuntu, my network device (eth0) worked flawlessly, but after I have restarted just once, it fails to work. I cannot even ping my own router anymore. /etc/network/interfaces seems like it is configured (I have given it a static IP), sudo ifup eth0 tells me it is already configured and it worked before the last restart. ifconfig -a shows the device, with both a static IPv4 and IPv6 address, but a very high number of dro11:39
jronthe above config use to work before my reboot. =(11:40
idefixwhat happens if you don't have a chance to ponder the answer to one of your questions?11:40
MaximB1roxan:  any suggestions ?11:40
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: try sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:40
jronit seems like settings are being stored somewhere other than interfaces11:40
roxanMaximB1, please ping your router and tell me the output11:40
TheFillerActionParsnip1: didn't work11:40
TheFillerActionParsnip1: already did that11:40
TheFillerActionParsnip1: I also did this:  http://www.pastebin.ca/123262511:41
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: sudo mv /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces_old11:41
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: then reboot11:41
roxanjron, can you remove the bridge stuffs11:41
balrogroxan: the ugly plugins for gstreamer are installed, and do you have any suggestions as to what particular preferences i should fiddle with?  the main volume, the microphone volume, etc?11:41
jronroxan: right now i'm running dhcp so it is removed ;P11:41
MaximB1roxan:  offcourse it works now as my connection is now ok, buy it will disconnect today for sure11:41
roxanMaximB1, i believe its not problem with ubuntu.11:42
idefixActionParsnip1, you look cool on the picture, I'm halfway to your length of hair..11:42
roxanMaximB1, maybe your cable goes loose or router dies11:42
roxanjron, so you dont have any problem?11:42
Sammybro how to send mail with mailx?? please11:42
bahaa2008_i want to move from wubi installtion to real installtion11:42
roxanbahaa2008_, so11:42
jokeusa<sigh> guess ill try once again: Anybody that could help me with setting port forwarding under ubuntu? I need to forward traffic to transparent Squid3 proxy. I know Squid is running ok because when i set firefox to connect through proxy ip:[Localhost] port:[3128] it works according to what i set in /etc/squid3/squid.conf (dehashing and hashing http_access allow localhost). I tried with "iptables -t nat -A PREROUTING -i eth0 -p tcp --dport 80 -j REDIRECT 11:42
jronroxan: mind if I pm you my story? hehe11:42
ActionParsnip1idefix: its in braids right now so i can get dreads11:42
roxanjron, no i wont mind11:43
veroshow is ubuntu different from debian?11:43
balrogveros: ubuntu is a heck of a lot more friendly to new converts11:43
roxan!debian | veros11:43
zirodayveros: we have a release cycle instead of rolling release is one of them11:43
ubottuveros: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/relationship - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!11:43
balrogveros: and i tell you this as somebody who learned part of his stuff on debian before being turned on to ubuntu11:44
ActionParsnip1veros: http://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/debian11:44
ActionParsnip1veros: at the end of the day if you can use one you can fairly easily use t'other11:44
veroswhat if I was a pro? would debian be better for me?11:44
zirodayveros: only you can decide that11:45
ActionParsnip1veros: all distros have advantages and disadvantages11:46
ActionParsnip1veros: if you think you're pro try gentoo or slackware11:46
balrogveros: if you want to become a pro, i would start off with ubuntu.  if you are currently a pro and want to setup a server, i suggest debian.  if youre a pro and you want to setup a user workstation (ie: desktop), i suggest ubuntu with landscape.  and no, i dont work for or anybody affiliated with Canonical11:46
MrD1Hi could some one let me know if i download the new version of ubuntu today and install, will it update to the stable version in 9 days, or is it best to wait 9 days thanks in advance.11:47
veroswith landscape?11:47
verosI'm not english, sorry, what do you mean by that?11:47
roxanMrD1, dont wait if you have good internet11:47
zirodayMrD1: it is highly recommended to wait the 9 days when it becomes stable, alot of changes are still going on11:47
stankilsMrD1; it will update to the stable version when it comes out11:47
MrD1ok so who is right then11:48
zirodayMrD1: basically it means that its your choice :)11:48
ubottuПожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:48
verosok, I think I'll stick to ubuntu, because I like easy gui inerfaces=)11:48
MrD1ok thanks for the advice11:48
balroganybody have any insight on how i can get sound to consistently work on my hp 2710p?11:48
=== kiosk is now known as coinvisible_chn1
roxanbalrog, maybe you have used pulse and the daemon isn't up yeat11:49
=== kiosk is now known as coinvisible_chn1
roxanbalrog, did you see the sound preferences?11:50
roxanbaldur_, or alsa-mixer11:50
roxan!info alsa-mixer11:50
ubottuPackage alsa-mixer does not exist in hardy11:50
balrogroxan: yes11:50
dennda!info memaker11:50
ubottumemaker (source: memaker): MeMaker is a program that alows you to create themed avatars. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.4-0ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 118 kB, installed size 1280 kB11:50
ziroday!sound | balrog you might want to go through this11:51
ubottubalrog you might want to go through this: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:51
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk11:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about th11:51
roxanits ok ubottu11:52
sawyer_hello guys and gals11:52
e-frame!hello | sawyer_11:53
ubottusawyer_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!11:53
sawyer_my brother just moved to ubuntu from windows (congrats!) but he's having trouble11:53
sawyer_basically we have a Western Digital usb hard disk11:53
sawyer_that it recognized and mounted automatically (through HAL, i'm guessing)11:53
sawyer_but suddenly today it won't do it11:53
sawyer_it says it cannot mount the volume11:53
sawyer_because he's not superuser11:54
AdvoWorkhi there, just installed wine, i can get to drive_c from the terminal, but not the file browser, its not listing .wine in my home/user dir, any ideas please?11:54
zirodaysawyer_: can you pastebin the exact error message please11:54
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine for more information, and see !AppDB for application compatibility.11:54
sawyer_now, this happened with an SD card but i wrote him a shell script that mounts it and put it in the netbook remix interface as a button in the menu11:54
Sammydear thanks for help me. I have to go. bye all see ya11:54
roxanAdvoWork, because its hidden folder11:54
ziroday!botabuse > e-frame11:54
ubottue-frame, please see my private message11:54
roxanAdvoWork, press ctrl+h in nautilus11:54
sawyer_ziroday, sure give me a sec11:54
AdvoWorkcool, thankyou11:55
roxanAdvoWork, cool indeed11:55
greensuni am trying to open a a network folder with a $ sigin how do i do that11:55
sawyer_ziroday, http://pastebin.ca/123264011:56
sawyer_i've read online that its caused because the HAL doesn't recognize it or something - which is weird since it at least did it yesterday11:56
balrogroxan: thank you for showing me those, but none of those addressed my problem.  do you have anything else that i can try?11:57
zirodaysawyer_: that link doesn't seem to be working could you try a different pastebin site please. I will also need the output of sudo fdisk -l when the drive is plugged in as well as its model11:57
sawyer_ziroday, my brother took out the SD card and now the hard disk is recognized again and automatically mounted11:58
coaxCan any of you point me in the way of some decent software to get access point functionallity, it needs to do at least WPA1 for encryption11:58
zirodaysawyer_: that is most odd11:58
sawyer_i think the problem starts with the SD card...11:58
roxan!sound | balrog11:58
ubottubalrog: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP311:58
zirodaysawyer_: can you pastebin the copy of your shell script please?11:58
zirodayroxan: I gave balrog those links before11:59
sawyer_it's just "mount /dev/sdb1 /media/sdcard"11:59
sawyer_er... gksudo mount... whatever11:59
coaxsawyer_, i once had a problem booting with an SD card, due to the fact that the SD-card was detected as sda and the HD as sdb...11:59
zirodaysawyer_: okay, can you plugin both items, pastebin the output sudo fdisk -l11:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about parallels11:59
sawyer_coax, the hard disk here (eee pc) is a solid state, it's sda, the sdcard is recognized as sdb11:59
zirodaysawyer_: and not run your script12:00
roxanziroday, i was practiciing :P12:00
sawyer_not mount any of them?12:00
sawyer_which order do you want them?12:00
zirodaysawyer_: if they automount thats fine, any order will do12:00
sawyer_sd card goes first12:00
coaxsawyer_, i dit'nt catch all the conversation... i just thourght it was the same problem...12:00
sawyer_holy shit it mounted it12:00
sawyer_err.. sorry for swearing12:01
indian_munndacan any one tell me how do i coinfigure parallels according to my running kernel???12:01
roxandoes anyone know how to disable screen blinking12:01
ziroday!language | sawyer_12:01
ubottusawyer_: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:01
sawyer_yeah sorry12:01
roxan!info screen12:01
ubottuscreen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-7ubuntu1 (hardy), package size 576 kB, installed size 980 kB12:01
zirodayroxan: its a compiz settings, its called visual bell I believe12:01
ziroday!msgthebot | roxan please read this12:01
ubotturoxan please read this: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".12:01
sawyer_ziroday, this is weird12:02
magnetronhi, i'm trying to set my eth0 speed to 100 but it won't change from 10 Mbps when using mii-tool or ethtool. since i have a 100/10 internet connection, this is  a loss to me. need advice12:02
sawyer_i think i'm starting to grasp what's going on here12:02
zirodaysawyer_: care to explain12:03
sawyer_yeah sure, sorry12:03
sawyer_if i enter the SD card first it recognizes12:03
sawyer_then the HD (elements), it doesn't12:03
sawyer_if i switch the order (first Elemented - the HD), then the SD card - it shows the elements but not the SD12:03
sawyer_which means that it recognizes the first but not the second - whatever it may be12:04
zirodaysawyer_: that is odd, please try to keep your responses on one line. Did you manage to pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l12:04
sawyer_yeah okay i'll do that now12:04
indian_munndamagnetron: i think it is not in your control it can only be done from the ISP's end12:04
balrogwell, so much for sound tonight.  thanks for your help roxan.12:05
magnetronindian_munnda→ i'm speaking of the mode used in my NIC. auto-negotiation is disabled.12:05
sawyer_ziroday, fdisk -l what?12:05
sawyer_each one?12:06
roxanmagnetron, i dont think you have more than 10mpbs internet connection?12:06
zirodaysawyer_: no, you just need to type in sudo fdisk -l and pastebin the output12:06
zambai want to duplicate my whole system over to new drive.. how can i do this? and especially the part about grub12:06
zirodaysawyer_: note the sudo at the front12:06
stankilsmagnetron; your ethernet card says it supports 100 in ethtool output?12:06
WDCIs there a command to see how big a file is?12:06
zambaWDC: 'du'12:06
magnetronrodimus→ i have a 100Mbps internet connection12:06
ActionParsnip1WDC: do /path/to/file12:06
magnetronstankils→ yes12:07
zirodayzamba: take a look at a program called clonezilla12:07
DanskmandJim_p - are you there ?12:07
WDCzamba: ActionParsnip1 Thanks!12:07
ActionParsnip1WDC: du -h is better (-h == human readable)12:07
magnetronroxan→ i have a 100Mbps internet connection12:07
zambaziroday: not a package in ubuntu repo?12:07
zambaziroday: ah, i see what it is and does12:08
roxanmagnetron, that must be your network speed12:08
zirodayzamba: yes basically its an open source version of norton ghost12:09
magnetronroxan→ no, i pay for 100Mbps downstream12:09
zambaziroday: hm, ok..12:09
idefixhave you used that word 'lother' I suggested to add to English language the other day?12:09
jron_roxan: just wanted to let you know that my bridge is working again. I removed network-manager (or network-admin) whatever that POS is called. :P added my etho settings and all is well.12:09
zambais it recommended to run swap off a ssd?12:09
ziroday!offtopic > idefix12:09
ubottuidefix, please see my private message12:09
jron_network-manager should really work off the config files instead of trying to take things over. it just creates confusion.12:09
roxanjron_, nice will it work after the reboot then?12:09
roxanmagnetron, you might not be getting a 100mbps from other end too.12:10
jron_roxan: i'll find out in min. brb =)12:10
magnetronroxan→ exactly, but my CARD is set to 10Mbps12:10
roxanmagnetron, try calling your isp too12:10
roxanmagnetron, what is the medium of your internet?12:10
TheFillerActionParsnip1: Whoa, it works now, after I have uninstalled the network manager... I guess it messed up with my network configuration12:11
jaymhelp... running mplayer or totem on a quicktime video it opens and i get no error but video never starts12:11
magnetronroxan→ but the problem is on my end. in the network card. this is a straight 100base-Tx to the apartment, fiber to the house12:11
zirodayzamba: you might want to read this regarding swap http://wiki.eeeuser.com/ssd_write_limit12:11
=== FrozenFire_ is now known as FrozenFire
sawyer_ziroday, http://pastebin.com/d24a71c5012:11
jaymi can also move videos position within its timeframe and i see that part of the clip but it never continues12:11
ActionParsnip1TheFiller: you could use another like wifi-radar maybe12:12
roxanmagnetron, media converter could be problem too12:12
magnetronroxan→ it's just a cable, no converters or hubs or routers12:12
emorrishi, is there a way to get commands to run on shutdown? Like /etc/rc.local, but for shutdown12:12
roxanwell you need a media converter between fiber and ethernet12:12
roxanemorris, yes12:12
magnetronroxan→ but i don't have fiber to my apartment. it's 100Base-Tx , that is copper!12:13
ActionParsnip1emorris: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=43634612:13
roxanmagnetron, where do you get that copper from12:13
magnetronroxan→ it's an outlet in my apartment. my ISP put it there.12:13
ActionParsnip1emorris: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/1288412:13
jron_roxan: still working. =) For anyone having issues with their "advanced" network config, just uninstall network-manager. =)12:13
jaymi have tried running mplayer and totem from commandline as well no errors12:14
indian_munndamagnetron: i have mostly seen at homes that the connection which are not having routers, hubs etc they only get 10mbps but in vice versa case they get 100 mbps12:14
ActionParsnip1magnetron: your modem connects to that12:14
ogzyhow can i run a script at the gnome desktop startup, i am looking for the settings file not the system->preferences->session thing, i want to globally set a script that will run for every user when they initialize the desktop12:14
zirodaysawyer_: thanks12:14
jron_magnetron: what trouble are you having?12:14
emorrisActionParsnip1: ok, thanks, I'll have a look at them12:14
ActionParsnip1!startup | ogzy12:14
ubottuogzy: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot12:14
magnetronActionParsnip1→ no, i have no modem. i don't need one, since i have a 100base-tx into my home12:15
sawyer_ziroday, thank you, for assisting me :)12:15
ActionParsnip1magnetron: then grab a cable modem and put that line in the wan port12:15
zirodaysawyer_: okay both drives are detected, do icons for them appear on in nautilus?12:15
zambaziroday: page not loading..12:15
zirodaysawyer_: no problem :)12:15
roxanmagnetron, they auto negotiate . your end with the other one.12:15
magnetronActionParsnip1→ you have no clue12:15
ogzyActionParsnip1, you didn't read what i wrote12:16
magnetronroxan→ the first thing i said was that i already tried that12:16
roxanmagnetron, your end will say lets work on 100 and if the other end agres then they will12:16
zirodayzamba: ah, lemme see if I can find another link12:16
zambaziroday: i see 2.6.27 has support for the ubifs filesystem.. could this be something to look into?12:17
ActionParsnip1ogzy: for all users?12:17
sawyer_ziroday, yes, an icon for each driver.12:17
zirodayzamba: basically the root of the matter was that you shouldn't have swap, ask in #eeepc for more in depth discussion12:17
Enissayhey, i want to upgrade VLC to 0.9 but in synaptic i found just the 0.8.6!!!! how can i do it please?12:17
magnetronjron_→ my NIC won't go into 100Mbps mode, it just chooses 10Mbps half duplex. neither mii-tool or ethtool can change it to 100, neither will they enable auto-negotiation12:17
zirodaysawyer_: and you can click on them and they mount just fine?12:17
sawyer_the SD card i can. the Elements hard disk i can't.12:17
ogzyActionParsnip1, yes is there any settings of Gnome that i can set startup programs globally?12:18
zirodaysawyer_: so when you click on it nothing opens up?12:18
magnetronroxan→ i already told you that auto-negotiation can't be enabled. that is my problem12:18
sawyer_ziroday, exactly.12:18
zirodaysawyer_: does a folder appear in /media for it?12:19
ActionParsnip1ogzy: http://ubuntu.wordpress.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/12:19
zambaziroday: i'm rarely ever using my swap on this machine anyway, so12:19
zirodayzamba: don't get a swap partition :)12:20
LilinallteHi. I can double-click a .bin file in XNC to execute it, but not from the 'normal' filemanager. What's an easy way to create a desktop icon to this .bin file, so that i can open/run it from the desktop?12:20
sawyer_ziroday, now i've noticed something. /media/disk is usually where it mounts the Elements. and it appears, but the content is of SD card. so it seems like that's where it mounted the SD card.12:20
zambagood, good12:20
sawyer_perhaps that12:20
ogzyActionParsnip1, but update-rc.d makes the scripts run with root privilidges. I need to run it as a user12:20
sawyer_.. perhaps that's why it couldn't mount the Elements HD?12:20
ActionParsnip1ogzy: hmmm12:20
zirodaysawyer_: it should then mount it to /media/disk2 or something similar. Try deleting both drivers12:21
zirodaysawyer_: I mean the /media/disk folder12:21
sawyer_ziroday, i should umount it first though, right?12:22
ActionParsnip1ogzy: how many users do you have, a per-user basis may be needed12:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about port_forwarding12:22
ActionParsnip1ogzy: i think you can edit the default profile somehow so all future users will get the setting12:22
ubottusquid is a caching proxy for the Web.  See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SquidGuard  See: http://www.squid-cache.org12:22
ogzyActionParsnip1, so where if this profile?12:22
ActionParsnip1jokeusa: read your routers manual12:22
ActionParsnip1ogzy: i believe its /etc/skel12:23
jokeusaActionParsnip - there is no router...12:23
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about nat12:23
Lilinallteyou need a router or routing firewall to do nat:)12:23
sawyer_ziroday, when i "eject"ed the SD card (which was mounted to /media/disk), it removed the /media/disk folder.12:23
ActionParsnip1jokeusa: so how do you plan to portforward?12:23
jokeusaI want to forward traffic to squid3 installed on the same machine.12:24
jokeusa(which doesnt work as a router btw, stand alone machine)12:24
bahaa2008_guys i want to move wubi partations to real partations12:24
e-frame!wubi > bahaa2008_12:25
ubottubahaa2008_, please see my private message12:25
ogzyActionParsnip1, so if i put my script to /etc/skel/.profile will it run for every run time as a user ?12:25
ActionParsnip1bahaa2008_: you could create iso's of the partitions then write them to real partitions in a live environment12:25
ActionParsnip1ogzy: for every future user when they pick up the skel profile12:25
e-framebahaa2008_: can do it with lvpm12:25
ogzyActionParsnip1, picking up the skel profile? so do they ned to open terminal ?12:26
bahaa2008_but how to use ubuntu after that12:26
ActionParsnip1ogzy: no, when a user first logs in they get a default profile created. This is a copy of the skel profile12:26
bahaa2008_how to mount the partions again12:26
ActionParsnip1!mount | bahaa2008_12:27
ubottubahaa2008_: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted or !QTParted - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap12:27
bahaa2008_or it'll be mounted automatic ?12:27
ogzyActionParsnip1, ok will try it and also this one http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/5012:27
ogzyActionParsnip1, /etc/X11/Xsession.d can be a right place to put the script12:27
StasOnneed help! How to configure VPN in ubuntu 6.06?12:28
jokeusaHmm..are there any specific things i need to do before i run 'iptables REDIRECT{forwarding ports}' ?12:28
bahaa2008_e-frame, how to mount the partions again or it'll be mounted automatic ?12:28
bahaa2008_e-frame, i mean when i use lvpm12:29
ActionParsnip1ogzy: just remember to backup the file so you can rollback if you come unstuck12:29
* omolina is away: en la U!12:31
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Pici!away > omolina12:33
ubottuomolina, please see my private message12:33
=== deployer is now known as biggyla
Keloreni keep getting "build not found" when trying to compile a driver, on the server disk, what do i need to apt-get from the disk to get build to work ?12:35
hischildKeloren, build-essential is installed?12:36
Kelorenhischild: yeah first thing i did when i first saw the error12:36
F-3000Hi! How I change the keymapping which is loaded while booting? I can't login to Ubuntu due to this problem, as the keyboard-setting doesn't match my alphabets.12:36
AdvoWorkanyone here use kompozer?12:36
hischildKeloren, can you pastebin the entire error please?12:36
SlartF-3000: have you checked in system, administration, login window?12:37
hischildAdvoWork, ask the question and perhaps someone will know the answer.12:37
Kelorenhischild: i wish, [network driver is what im trying to build], ill pastebin it manually12:37
AdvoWorkhischild im trying to open a shared drive,its only listing normal locations, anyway I can get it to work?12:37
F-3000Slart, login window is the problem. And if I go into the terminal before login-window loads, there's same thing.12:37
hischildKeloren, does it give you any clue on what's wrong, like a file or program that went wrong?12:38
hischildAdvoWork, i didnt mean directly to me :-) the channel might know.12:38
hischildF-3000, you should be able to change those settings from in there.12:38
F-3000hischild, how? That's what I'm asking. :)12:38
rocksknock knock anybody is there???12:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dictionary12:39
ikoniarocks yes, a support cahnnel of 1300 is here12:39
saniNeed some help installing / enabling Java12:39
aghaIman!dictionary for ubuntu12:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:39
SlartF-3000: if you click on system, administration, login window you'll find all kinds of settings for the login window12:39
Kelorenhischild: http://pastebin.com/m51712f1112:39
hischildF-3000, what you can do is reboot into recovery mode, use startx to get a graphical window .... then change the settings12:39
SlartF-3000: if you're using regular ubuntu, that is12:39
hischildSlart, he can't even login ...12:39
rockscan u help me about views12:39
fewi installed texlive 2008 from the texlive-dvd. my problem is that i can't install kile because it wants to install texlive-2007. how do i tell synaptic that texlive is already installed?12:40
ikoniarocks view's in regard to what12:40
SlartF-3000, hischild: oh.. didn't realise..12:40
hischildKeloren, are the kernel headers installed?12:40
rocksi have created the calendar clone12:40
hischildSlart, me neither ... until he said how ...12:40
Kelorenhischild: proberlly not12:40
rocksi want it to display it in page content12:40
F-3000Slart, hischild: I'll try the recovery mode.12:40
hischildKeloren, you might want to install those as well.12:40
SlartF-3000, hischild: then.. well.. I have no idea... don't you get questions about localization during the install?12:41
hischildfew, 2007 and 2008 may be very different. You will probably have to install both.12:41
ikoniarocks what are you talking about ?12:41
hischildSlart, F-3000 i recommend using recovery mode and use a graphical view from there. Then change the settings. Slart your opinion please.12:41
F-3000Slart, you do, but those settings are screwed up, it seems.12:41
knut_is there a software for mounting all drives on startup (fstab) without using the terminal or a text editor?12:41
hischildknut_, /etc/fstab is the location for it.12:42
hischild!fstab | knut_12:42
ubottuknut_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions12:42
hotkingI can get eps file with "pdf2ps filename.pdf"12:42
gms3gri have trouble installing my webcam drivers12:42
ikoniaknut_ no, fstab is a text file, you just edit it with a text editor12:42
hotkingand "ps2eps filename.ps". But how can I get12:42
hotkingeps file without ps file with these two commands in a single command line?12:42
gms3grcan anyone help plz?12:42
cyberixJust updated to the new beta release12:42
Kelorenhischild: yeah, now antoehr error but thats the driver itself errroring12:42
ikonia!ibex | cyberix12:42
ubottucyberix: Intrepid Ibex is the code name for Ubuntu 8.10, due October 30th, 2008 - Warning lots of broken software between now and October 30th! - Use #ubuntu+1 for support, *NOT* #ubuntu12:42
Kelorenhischild: thanks12:42
SlartF-3000, hischild: recovery mode will get you to a root shell without doing the login prompt... perhaps startx will work, I've never tried it that way12:42
hischildKeloren, yw12:42
rocksdo u know that?12:43
hischildF-3000, Slart, startx will work yes.12:43
knut_ikonia: i a lil afraid editing the fstab that way, is there a program with a gui to mount the drives?12:43
Pici!enter | rocks12:43
ubotturocks: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!12:43
ikoniaknut_ no12:43
fewhischild, from what i ready it shouldn't be possible to install both. the texlive is already working, i can compile things with texmaker. the only problem is that kile has texlive as dependency.12:43
rocksikonia are u there?12:43
ikoniaknut_ it's a plain text file - what are you not certain about12:43
ikoniarocks: yes, I am here but your questions don't make any sense12:43
hischildfew, if texlive is the dependency, then it should just work without needing 2007.12:43
Picirocks: You need to ask your qeustion all on one like, we don't know what you are asking.12:43
SlartF-3000: what keeps you from logging in at the regular login prompt? speciel characters in login name or password? keyboard settings making it impossible to input username/password? something else?12:43
rockswel will explain u12:44
rockssee i have calendar module k12:44
ikoniarocks what sort of calander module ?12:44
hischildrocks, your question on 1 (one) line.12:44
F-3000Slart, "keyboard settings making it impossible to input username/password".12:44
knut_ikonia: i dont know what happens when i do something wrong, for example: forget some letter12:44
ikoniarocks: an application, a web page, a dock applet ?12:44
ikoniaknut_ it doesn't mount that line12:44
rocksits simple calendar12:44
ActionParsnip1knut_: can we have a pastebin of your fstab file, maybe we can advise12:44
* sber ERC Version 5.3 (IRC client for Emacs)12:45
ActionParsnip1!paste | knut_12:45
ikoniarocks what type of application12:45
StasOnneed help! how to configure vpn in ubuntu 6.06?12:45
rocksa web page12:45
jim_pi want to say a big "excuse me" to anyone in here that i promised to return in an hour and i returned in ~6. i am terribly sorry guys12:45
ikoniarocks: it's a web page - ok12:45
ActionParsnip1!vpn | StasOn12:45
knut_ActionParsnip1: ok just a moment12:45
rocksya ofcourse12:45
carreraGreetings!  :)12:45
fewhischild, yes it probably would work if synaptic would install it. but it won't because it wants to install texlive-2007 (which will probably overwrite my texlive-2008) and my question i: how do i make it install kile while ignore the dependency12:45
knut_ActionParsnip1: whats the command?12:45
ubottuknut_: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)12:45
ubottuStasOn: From more information on vpn please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Gaming_VPN_Using_PPTPD12:45
ActionParsnip1knut_: open /etc/fstab and use pastebin to give us the text12:46
SlartF-3000: it isn't possible for you to create a starting user with a very international username and password? (only a-z and so on) and then try to create another user with the username/password you really want?12:46
hischildfew, you can probably dl the .deb yourself and force it to install while skipping all deps .... but i doubt that'll work ...12:46
paul68ActionParsnip1: for a second I thought that ubottu was in lunch break :-)12:46
carreraI've an Asus P5E with onboard sound card, but don't get any sound whatsoever12:46
hischildknut_, use this command --> sudo apt-get install pastebinit && cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit12:46
fewhischild, will try that12:46
ActionParsnip1paul68: me too, thats why we need to abuse him sometimes. keeps him on his toes12:47
gms3grplz i need help12:47
paul68!sound |Carrera12:47
ubottuCarrera: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP312:47