Laneymeant to ask that in -motu, pleae move to there00:00
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TheMusofor a sec I was sure I had the time wrong. :)16:02
MootBotMeeting started at 11:02. The chair is robbiew.16:02
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]16:02
* robbiew was in too many irc concurrent conversations16:02
robbiewso not much of an agenda this week16:03
robbiewfew topics16:03
robbiew[TOPIC] BetaFreeze16:04
MootBotNew Topic:  BetaFreeze16:04
robbiewit's tomorrow, correct?16:04
robbiewokay...figure everyone knows this...so moving on16:05
cjwatsoncheck for unreleased stuff lying around your hard disk, if you're anything like me16:05
slangasek(I'll send out a quick reminder to u-d-a this morning about the impending freeze)16:05
liwhm, I have a bugfix to python-fstab that might be nice, if anyone wants to sponsor an upload tonight16:05
robbiewpoor liw...no upload rights :(16:06
TheMusoIs the beta freeze starting at 0UTC?16:07
liwI'm not poor, I am rich in opportunities to talk people into helping me, it is quite fascinating :)16:07
slangasekTheMuso: probably not, in practice16:07
robbiew[TOPIC] Sponsorship Queue16:08
MootBotNew Topic:  Sponsorship Queue16:08
robbiewjono is now sending platform managers monthly stats16:09
robbiew"These stats are not intended as a name and shame, but to instead provide  some insight on which members of your team are not meeting the expected  requirements of the queue."16:09
Keybukthat sounds like naming and shaming ;)16:09
Keybuk"these don't incriminate, they just tell you who's guilty"16:10
robbiewFWIW, I'm not keeping score month to month16:10
* Keybuk hasn't done any sponsoring16:11
slangasekthe stats probably aren't very accurate anyway, since "work on the sponsorship queue" != "uploading", particularly during freezes16:11
robbiewbut I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't notice significant droughts :P16:11
robbiewslangasek: yep16:11
slangasekwhich is not to say that I've been keeping up appropriately16:11
* mvo coughs16:11
robbiewwell...understandably these numbers will fluctuate depending on where we are at in the release cycle16:12
robbiewI'll just use it mostly to show how much our team kicks a$$16:13
mvowe have james_w, we can not loose :)16:13
robbiew[TOPIC] Allhands16:14
MootBotNew Topic:  Allhands16:14
robbiewJust a reminder to start booking travel16:14
slangasekPortland is booked16:15
slangasekour charter jet will be arriving at noon on Tuesday16:15
Keybukslangasek: need a pilot? :p16:15
robbiewthe Austin Cartel travels separately to protect the organization from a single point of failure16:16
robbiewfolks should update https://wiki.canonical.com/AdminTeam/Travel/Barcelona200916:16
robbiewonce travel is booked16:16
slangasek"Austin Cartel", isn't that the name of some DJ on MTV?16:16
robbiewheh...I wouldn't know...don't watch MTV :P16:16
robbiewthat's really all I got16:17
robbiew[TOPIC] AOB/Good News?16:17
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB/Good News?16:17
slangasekDebConf paper submissions? :)16:17
GrueMasterActually, federal travel regulations specificly state that Texans shouldn't co-mingle.16:17
* robbiew follows up now...sent an email16:18
liwdebconf wants papers?16:18
robbiewliw: heh16:19
slangasekwell, talks16:19
cjwatsongood news: oem-priority bug list down to 1, which is not ours16:19
cjwatsonhave been beating on it a bit16:19
robbiewliw: a pre-req for doing a talk is to register...but we are to wait for registration16:19
robbiewcjwatson: whoot!16:19
evandbad news: still suffering DNS issues, requesting that IS move my forward to my other domain now.16:20
robbiewevand: heh...yeah, you're bouncing mail all over the "internets"16:20
robbiewslangasek: randa is checking with marketing...hopefully we get an answer soon :/16:21
liwrobbiew, what's the issue with talk registration?16:21
robbiewliw: the issue is that we are supposed to wait to register16:22
robbiewliw: I think we get some sort of discount as a sponsor16:22
robbiewliw: but if you want to submit your talk proposal...you need to register :/16:22
slangasekwell, I've already failed at the "wait" part, I assume randa will be able to clean it up after the fact anyway ;)16:22
liwah, ok16:22
slangasekmy question is whether I have a green light to submit my talk16:22
robbiewslangasek: heh...I wouldn't worry too much about it16:22
cjwatsonrobbiew: travel for debconf: I'm planning on bringing the family, so I'm not sure how booking is going to work yet16:23
robbiewslangasek: yeah...waiting on that16:23
robbiewcjwatson: ok16:23
slangasekmvo: so is the conflict checker no longer live?16:23
cjwatsonrobbiew: I'm also not sure yet whether I want to ask to go on Canonical's time but pay my own travel+accommodation, or just ask to go entirely on my own time :)16:23
robbiewcjwatson: heh16:24
mvoslangasek: unfortunately not, there are some migration issues with the new storm version :/16:24
cjwatsonI suspect the former is probably more sensible, but I'm planning to go to some of debcamp as well16:24
slangasekmvo: okie16:24
robbiewcjwatson: I agree16:24
cjwatsonbut anyway, that's what I'm stuck on before doing anything cromulent about debconf16:25
robbiewanything else?16:26
mvoslangasek: I can try to give it some love, but the issue was a bit tricky16:26
Keybukcjwatson: I'm not sure that's a valid use of the word "cromulent"16:26
* mvo looks up "cromulent"16:26
MootBotMeeting finished at 11:26.16:26
cjwatsonKeybuk: it's a perfectly cromulent use16:27
Keybukmvo: "valid" roughly ;)16:27
Keybukthus my punny response to colin16:27
randarobbiew, to submit papers for Debconf we have time until 15th April. I will try Marketing to give me an answer this week16:27
slangasekmvo: some love would be good, I was asking for purposes of mentioning it in the beta freeze pre-announce, which I won't then16:27
GrueMasterSo, exactly what was this meeting about?  It isn't on the fridge schedule.16:27
KeybukGrueMaster: things tend to fall off the fridge16:28
Keybukit's a remarkably good metaphor16:28
Keybukthis was the weekly meeting of the Ubuntu Foundations Team at Canonical16:28
Keybuka BBC Production16:28
Keybukthe Producer was...16:28
GrueMasterIt would be nice if startmeeting had a subject line.16:28
Keybuk(it is on the new fridge calendar, of course)16:28
GrueMasterStill getting used to PDT time change (happened while I was in Oxford).16:29
robbiewranda: thnx16:30
davmor2Hello :)16:56
henohey everyone16:58
* ara waves16:58
davmor2hello again16:58
* ogasawara waves16:59
pedro_salut cr317:00
cr3pedro_: hey hey! by the way, I must apologize for not having found time to participate in that samba hug day. just too darn busy :(17:01
henosbeattie, ping17:01
henook, let's start17:01
pedro_cr3: no worries :-)17:01
MootBotMeeting started at 12:01. The chair is heno.17:01
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]17:01
henoagenda as usual: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Meetings17:02
heno[TOPIC] UbuntuBugDay highlights -- pedro17:02
MootBotNew Topic:  UbuntuBugDay highlights -- pedro17:02
pedro_Last Thursday we celebrated the Samba hug day, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/2009031217:02
pedro_lot of bugs were triaged as you can see per the graphs https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20090312?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=samba-1day-triaging.png17:02
pedro_The server team helped us a lot solving questions we had (thanks ttx and mathiaz!)17:03
pedro_and they made a pretty good marketing as well17:04
pedro_blogging about it and remember it on the server meetings17:04
henoas we talked about earlier pedro, we should make a point of bringing future bug days to other team meetings17:05
henoso that they can plan their participation17:05
pedro_yes that'd help a lot to improve the participation from their side17:06
henowhat's the next theme?17:06
pedro_Ill add that to the organizing page17:06
pedro_heno: cups17:06
pedro_ok so our bug days heroes: paulduf, jgoguen and bigal50, thanks a lot guys for helping out and keep up the great work!17:07
pedro_tomorrow is the cups hug day https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20090319 and jgoguen already started to work17:07
pedro_so be fast or he is going to squash them all17:07
bdmurrayAlso keep an eye out for new apport bug reports as they'll include the new printing hook which has lots of information.17:08
henopedro_: is Till in the loop?17:08
heno[TOPIC] New bug control members! -- bdmurray17:09
MootBotNew Topic:  New bug control members! -- bdmurray17:09
pedro_heno: haven't pinged him yet, isn't clear who is responsible for the package just looking to the changelog, but i'll do it and ping pitti as well he's doing some work there too17:10
pedro_heno: will start adding the hug days to the meetings for the next one then (xorg)17:10
henopedro_: excellent, thanks17:10
bdmurrayWe have one new bug control member this week - Andres Mujica. Andres is particularly interested in kernel bug reports.17:10
bdmurrayWe also have one application, Joel Goguen, currently under review.17:11
henocongrats Andres!17:11
heno[TOPIC] Next Testing day topic & highlights from last UTD17:12
MootBotNew Topic:  Next Testing day topic & highlights from last UTD17:12
henoara? ^17:12
araIn the last Testing day we were testing notify-osd17:12
arathere was a good communication in the u-testing channel during european times17:13
aralow points: MacSlow didn't show up in the end, but eeejay was a great help17:13
araalso, people start testing, but there is no way to track their testing a la Litmus17:14
araso, if they don't find any bugs, they cannot show any where that they were there17:14
davmor2ara: attendees page17:14
cr3ara: what's Litmus?17:15
henoI'm planning a meeting next week with Shaun and Nigel to look more at result tracking17:15
davmor2cr3: paper used to test acidity ;)17:15
aracr3: https://litmus.mozilla.org/17:15
cr3davmor2: that's with a lower case17:15
araheno: great17:16
aranext week topic is beta smoke testing, davmor2?17:16
henoin the old days we used wiki pages for this :)17:16
davmor2Yes beta smoke17:16
cr3heno: could you suggest using Launchpad for this? they already get test results from checkbox, perhaps they could have an interface for either displaying or at very least querying test results17:16
henodavmor2, fader: can we have a call tomorrow about Beta ISO testing?17:17
faderheno: Absolutely17:17
henofader: we can tack it on to our existing call17:17
faderSounds good :)17:17
heno13.00 UTC17:18
henodavmor2: I'll send you connection details17:18
davmor2heno: for the call?17:18
henodavmor2: yes, does that work?17:18
davmor2yes that's fine17:18
henocr3: LP is an option but probably not flexible enough17:19
cr3heno: the advantage of LP is that it could potentially create bugs based on failed test results17:20
henoback to ara's question: what should be the testing day week after next?17:20
davmor2could this not be integrated into tracker as it is a regular occurance now17:20
henoshould we do a server day?17:20
henoalternatively audio17:20
araif you see the Calendar, we are running out of topics: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/UbuntuTestingDay/Calendar17:20
cr3davmor2: it would require openid integration and all that, possible but not trivial17:21
araheno: server is a good idea17:21
henoara: can you coordinate something with the server team?17:21
araheno: sure, will do17:21
henoperhaps we'll all be testing in the cloud for one day :)17:22
heno[TOPIC] Bug gravity - bdmurray17:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Bug gravity - bdmurray17:22
cr3heno: checkbox-satellite integration with ec2 is something I would like to discuss during uds17:22
stgraberhey there17:23
cr3satellites go in the clouds anyways, so how appropriate17:23
aracr3: poet!17:23
henohey stgraber17:23
bdmurrayLast week I mentioned the bug gravity report and showed some demos of it.  I've added the script that generates the report to the ubuntu-qa-tools bzr branch if anyone wants to use it.17:23
henobdmurray: remind us of the link?17:24
MootBotLINK received:  http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/tmp/gravity/17:24
heno(esp those of us who were not here), thanks17:24
bdmurrayThose are some sample reports, not updated, from last week17:24
bdmurraypedro_: did you have a chance to look at any of the desktop ones?17:25
henois the weighting formula simple, would it appear in a legend?17:25
pedro_bdmurray: i did some work with it during the last week, find it pretty useful17:26
bdmurrayheno: it adds gravity for tags, bug privacy, then duplicates, subscribers and users affected17:27
bdmurrayheno: I could add in a legend of sorts17:27
henobdmurray: great, good to be transparent about these things :)17:28
sbeattiebdmurray: it might be interesting to explore adding the webpage hits stuff to that as a low-level weighting, too.17:29
henois the plan to eventually add gravity to assignment lists?17:29
heno(I forget if we covered this)17:29
bdmurrayWe hadn't really covered a use case for it.  I think it is helpful when you have a large amount of bugs needing triaging.17:30
henoor fixing17:30
bdmurrayTo find out which ones should maybe be triaged first17:30
henobdmurray: what would you like from the group - using the list and give feedback?17:31
bdmurrayShouldn't the importance be the gravity when looking at bugs to fix?17:31
bdmurrayheno: yes, last week I was looking for feedback to see if it would be useful for us to run the report on qa.ubuntu.com for some packages.17:32
henotrue. gravity can perhaps be a guide in setting importance17:32
henolinked from the status pages perhaps?17:33
henoYes, I think we should try a few on qa.u.c17:36
bdmurrayThat seems reasonable and then maybe remove the more than 2 duplicates and other reports17:36
henomakes sense17:36
henook, next17:36
heno[TOPIC] Patch testing workflow - bdmurray17:37
MootBotNew Topic:  Patch testing workflow - bdmurray17:37
henosee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/PatchTesting17:37
henoThat looks very useful!17:37
bdmurrayBased on some community interest I documented how I test patches that are attached to bug reports at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/PatchTesting.  I wanted it to be approachable so it glosses over a couple of things like building virtual machines and setting up a package build environment.17:38
bdmurrayI've walked through it a couple of times myself so could use feedback on the process.17:38
henoThis would be a good developer week session17:39
arabdmurray: great doc!17:39
henoor bug/testing day theme even17:39
davmor2bdmurray: if it's okay I'll have a look through it tomorrow and see if I can follow it.  I figure if I can anyone can :)17:39
bdmurraydavmor2: thanks!17:40
henoat the very least worth a blog post :)17:40
heno[TOPIC] Mozilla landing page - ara17:40
MootBotNew Topic:  Mozilla landing page - ara17:40
araOK. I am just concern about our landing page17:41
MootBotLINK received:  http://quality.mozilla.org/17:41
pedro_the one at qa.ubuntu.com ?17:41
araif a person is thinking in participate in either mozilla qa or ubuntu qa, their page beat our http://qa.ubuntu.com/17:41
arapedro_: yes. if you google for "ubuntu qa", that's the first result17:42
araI like the way Mozilla QA landing page starts with a general question "how do you want to get involved?"17:43
arait is very likely that, if you're already part of the qa team, you skip the landing page and go to wherever you need in that moment (reports, testcases, ...)17:43
arabut if you're new, and want to get involved, the first thing that you try is qa.ubuntu.com, isn't it?17:44
ogasawaraara: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Specs/QAPortal17:44
henostgraber: is it easy to edit that page from the drupal backend (given content)?17:45
jcozensI came in originally from ubuntu.com following the "Get Involved" link.17:46
araheno: is there any plan to push the development of the landing page?17:47
henoI suspect we have over-engineered it and should step back and just write a decent landing page by hand17:49
henolot's of good ideas on that spec but we should just get a better page up17:49
henoschwuk: you like writing things :) Can you do one based on the mozilla page?17:50
henoI'll speak with stgraber tomorrow about posting it17:51
schwukheno: sure17:51
heno(if you write a book you get picked on to write stuff :) )17:52
henothanks ara for bringing that up17:52
heno[TOPIC] Checkbox 0.7 - schwuk17:52
MootBotNew Topic:  Checkbox 0.7 - schwuk17:52
araheno: it could also be a topic of a summer internship17:52
henoara: the more extended portal, yes17:53
schwukheno: I guess I deserve that...17:53
schwukSo, Checkbox 0.7 has been released, and uploaded to Jaunty!17:53
schwukPlease prod, poke, test, and use it.17:54
araschwuk, cr3: congrats!17:54
ogasawaraschwuk: nice!  so I can run the supend/resume test using checkbox now right?17:54
henoyes, please try the suspend script esp!17:54
henosee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/SuspendResume17:55
schwukogasawara: Yes!17:55
schwukara: thank you17:55
cr3ara: thanks, but it doesn't have the new shiny logo yet :)17:55
aracr3: yes, the most important feature, just left out, ouch!17:56
henoany other topics?17:56
davmor2I got a question17:56
davmor2all these feature using scripts will they eventually end up in lp itself?17:57
cr3davmor2: what do you mean by "feature using scripts"?17:57
sbeattiedavmor2: you mean the greasemonkey scripts?17:58
davmor2Like bdmurray's gravity stuff17:58
davmor2sbeattie: yes17:58
henodavmor2: unlikely17:58
henothough they may adopt some metrics and lists17:59
bdmurraysome of the greasemonkey scripts are scheduled to end up in LP18:00
davmor2cool :)18:00
henook, let's wrap up!18:01
MootBotMeeting finished at 13:01.18:01
henothanks all!18:01
schwukthanks heno18:01
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