spmmaxb: almost always will be @ 2200 UTC. Sometimes 2400 UTC, but that's the exception.00:16
kwahhi all00:20
kwahsimple question00:21
kwahare there any plans on localization of Launchpad?00:21
jml(simple answer)00:21
kwahjml, too bad. any simple reasons why?00:30
jmlkwah: yeah. we've planned so many other things already; making even more plans is counter-productive.00:32
kwahdamn, I was kind hoping that LP may be suitable as a bug tracker for people not really knowing English, which I discussed here other day.00:36
jmlkwah: there is some localization support in our answer tracker00:36
jmlkwah: but not in bugs.00:37
kwahI see.00:38
kwahWill look further for possible solutions.00:38
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wgrantShould I be concerned when almost the entire last screenful of a Launchpad bug is milestone deferrals?04:49
nhandlerwgrant: What bug?04:52
thumperwgrant: it means it isn't urgent enough04:53
wgrantnhandler: Bug #20452504:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 204525 in soyuz "Error message when uploading packages with invalid epochs could be less useless" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/20452504:54
wgrantIt's certainly not urgent.04:54
nhandlerIt even has a "trivial' tag. I wonder why they haven't fixed that.04:56
jmlnhandler: without looking at the bug, it could be any number of reasons: lack of time, lack of headspace, uncertainty over correct solution...05:10
jmlforgetfulness even.05:11
jmlperceived difficulty05:11
jmlstacks of potential reasons :)05:11
* nhandler likes the reason that nobody in a position to fix it is affected enough by it to care about fixing it right now05:12
jmlthat's partly it.05:12
jmlbut "in a position to fix it" is pretty broad05:13
jmlif you just mean "with access to the source code", well, plenty of open source projects have bugs like this that are much older.05:13
nhandlerThe difference is, for those projects, I can go and fix a bug like this.05:14
jmlalthough I would wager they'd have fewer such bugs, once you got over the difficulty of defining fewer.05:14
wgrantThere are so many little bugs that I'll hopefully be able to fix in a few months.05:15
SamBor at leat fewer users frustrated over the fact that they aren't authorized to attempt a fix ;-)05:15
wgrantBut not that one :(05:15
wgrant(even if it does get deferred again, it's not being released...)05:15
nhandlerWell, I personally don't care about that bug too much. I rarely am adding epochs to my package versions05:16
* nhandler -> bed05:16
jmlSamB: I dunno, I always manage to find something to get frustrated about :)05:17
wgrantjml: Not in that area in any open source project, I hope.05:18
jmlwgrant: not access to code, no.05:19
jmlwgrant: but often "my patch is being ignored" or the review process or code opacity or lack of test suite or some core devs major branch blocking work or ...05:20
wgrantjml: I hope we won't see that with LP.05:21
jmlwgrant: so do I!05:21
jmlreview processes in particular are a trade-off that directly (obviously) affects the ease of getting a patch landed.05:23
wgrantBut if not, I guess you'd get a fork. And I imagine you *really* don't want that.05:23
wgrantBut review processes can't really be done without...05:23
jmland different people value the trade differently -- not much that can be done about that.05:23
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RicardoPerezadiroiban: Hi! About the bug #352770, may I need to change the description for explicitly say it's a .desktop file issue? Thanks!11:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 352770 in computer-janitor "Computer Janitor uses computerjanitor.mo, but .desktop uses computerjanitorapp.mo" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/35277011:24
bromic94how do i close a bug report in launch[d12:17
intellectronicabromic94: you set its status to Fix Commited, Fix Released, Invalid or whatever other status is appropriate12:19
bromic94how do i remove a bug12:19
intellectronicabromic94: you can't remove bugs12:19
bromic94it says on the site about converting stuff from 1 bug tacker to another12:21
bromic94how is that done and how much is it?12:21
intellectronicabromic94: we can import bugs from some bugtrackers for you, if you wish to move your project to launchpad, or you can link bugs in launchpad to an external bug tracker. using lauchpad is completely free for open source projects. proprietary products pay a modest fee12:25
bromic94so other/open source would be free12:27
bromic94yea i have one i am not sure if you guys have heard of it12:28
bromic94its called flyspray12:28
intellectronicabromic94: ah yes, just saw the bug report about it12:29
bromic94what do you mean the bug report about it12:30
intellectronicabromic94: unfortunately we don't currently support flyspray for bug watches. if there's a way to export bugs from it in some format we can still try to import them12:30
bromic94what format would you need12:31
intellectronicabromic94: well, i think we only currently support the bugzilla format, but what i meant is that if the bugs are exported to _any_ format which is easily readable, it shouldn't be hard to write a script to import them12:32
intellectronicain fact you can even do this yourself using the REST web service API12:32
bromic94i can export them in .sql format12:32
intellectronicabromic94: well, that's not really easy to read, since you need an SQL parser. maybe something like JSON or XML12:33
bromic94yes ic an do that12:33
intellectronicagmb: do you remember what formats of bug dumps we currently know how to import?12:33
bromic94if xml is def on i just did that12:34
bromic94where would i send it or where can i find the REST web services API12:34
wgrantintellectronica: We can't impersonate using the web service.12:34
bromic94wgrant: can you guys use XML format/12:35
gmbbromic94: We have a standard XML bug interchange format. If you can coerce your flyspray data into that format, we can import it.12:35
intellectronicawgrant: no. that sort of solution would only be appropriate for some projects. if you have lots of history you want to preserve you'd want to do it at a lower level12:35
bromic94gmb i just did xml12:37
bromic94where would is end it to get it converted?12:37
gmbbromic94: Well, what normally happens is that we give you a copy of the format schema and you're responsible for transforming your XML into that format. If you'd rather we did that, it's going to take longer. You can open a question at answers.launchpad.net and we'll take it from there.12:38
gmb*what I mean is: "If you'd rather we did the transformation work for you"12:39
intellectronicabromic94: it would be best if you could file a question with the details. today everyone's busy readying tonight's release, but after that youre request will be dealt with promptly12:39
bromic94tonight's release of what?12:40
bromic94of updated launchpad?12:41
gmbbromic94: Launchpad.12:41
bromic94whats new in this version?12:41
intellectronicabromic94: vastly improved capture and display of bug activity, official bug tags and lots more :)12:42
* wgrant loves the new activity display.12:42
gmbbromic94: There'll be a blog post about it at blog.launchpad.net later with more details.12:42
bromic94how much later just curious?12:42
intellectronicabromic94: http://blog.launchpad.net/notifications/launchpad-update-april-1st-maintenance-window-increased-to-3-hours12:43
bromic94so my questions just post it at answers.launchpad.net?12:43
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gmbbryce: answers.launchpad.net/malone12:44
gmbSorry bryce12:44
gmbthewrath: answers.launchpad.net/malone12:44
thewrathwhats does the malone mean?12:44
thewrathsorry gmb i just saw taht my name was not right12:45
thewrathbromic94 was my log in name to the server i ssh into and not for freenode12:45
gmbthewrath: malone is the codename for the Launchpad Bug Tracker. So by going to answers.launchpad.net/malone you're filing a question *about* malone.12:45
gmbthewrath: No worries. I fail at IRC anyway ;)12:45
thewrathuts = gmt right?12:46
gmbthewrath: UTC == GMT, yes.12:48
thewrathmaintenance is 5pm est - 8pm est right?12:51
gmbthewrath: Yes.12:53
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[pablo]is there any way to get a list of all the coments i've written?14:25
[pablo]i see the activity log with my comments but it doesn't say in which bugs it was14:26
ahasenackI'm not sure how to phrase my question... I basically need some help in understanding what would be the best way to manage multiple projects' bugs, that affect each other, but have different release schedules. I have an example bug that we could use to discuss it15:15
ahasenackhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/landscape/+bug/307314 my issue is how to track the different states for each project. There is the main one, then the client code, then the client package in each ubuntu distro15:16
ubottuUbuntu bug 307314 in landscape-client "Landscape client can't handle multiple graphs" [Critical,Fix committed]15:16
ahasenackso it's committed, but not yet released everywhere. Also, the fix was in the client, so I don't think having "committed" on the server is right, but it does affect the server, so...15:16
ahasenacksomeone available for a brainstorm or to give me a few hints?15:17
kwahhi all15:43
kwahwhat is normal reaction time on inappropriate content reported on help@launchpad.net ?15:44
marsherb, ^ ?15:44
herbmars: no idea.  I don't get help@15:45
leoquantik ook niet15:45
leoquantkwah spam gerelateerd?15:46
marskwah, just to be clear, you mean the mailing list help@launchpad.net, and not the help.launchpad.net wiki?15:46
kwahnope, dirty wording in acc.name15:46
kwahmars, yep15:47
marskwah, the fastest way is to go to https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion, and not the inappropriate content there15:48
marskwah, thanks15:51
kwahSo help@ on the page https://help.launchpad.net/HelpRotation is not really useful in such cases?15:54
kwahAlthough page mentions: "Each week day, a member of the Launchpad team is available to help you with _any Launchpad-related requests_."15:55
marskwah, well, It's more like help triage.  I've forwarded your request to someone who can handle it.15:57
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kwahmars, thanks16:00
vadi2If I commit a branch to junk, can I move it to a project later easily?16:27
marsvadi2, one quick way is to use $ bzr push --remember lp:~user/project/branchname16:29
vadi2right, thanks16:29
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skiqueldoes vcsimports only support importing CVS HEAD?17:20
rockstarskiquel, yes, as far as I know.17:23
skiquelI put that in the whiteboard on my request17:24
skiqueldidn't see the option in original form17:25
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mdzConjoinedBugTaskEditError: This task cannot be edited directly, it should be edited through its conjoined_master.<br />18:06
beunothat sounds awful18:07
intellectronicamdz: url?18:07
mdzit logged an oops18:07
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Ubuntu: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/353263/+text)18:08
mdzit looks like what happened was that I loaded the page, then someone else added a bug task, then I submitted +editstatus18:08
intellectronicamdz: ok. the behaviour is sane, but it should be helpful rather than oops18:09
matsubaraintellectronica, mdz: looks like bug 106338. we're waiting the oops to be synced to devpad to confirm18:22
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/106338/+text)18:22
intellectronicagee, we must update ubottu to use the API. this is bad PR :)18:23
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mdke does the fact that Launchpad sets bugs as "Fix Released" when a source package is uploaded, not when it has been built or published already constitute a bug report somewhere? I couldn't find it18:53
maxbmdke: I would suggest it's not a bug. How would you choose which architecture mattered?19:01
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thewrathcan i set it up for what different bugs affect different things?19:10
thewrathhow do i create tehm>19:10
thewrath*how do i create them?19:10
marsthewrath, sorry, I don't understand the question?19:11
thewrathhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/wasdats/+bug/351851 if you go there mars19:18
ubottuUbuntu bug 351851 in wasdats "Incorrect Links on pages" [Medium,Confirmed]19:18
thewrathi haev affecting the entire package19:18
thewrathwhy is that coming up ubuntu bug 35185119:19
thewrathhow can i create sub pieces of that19:19
thewrathbc i know ubuntu has it for like alda or sound or something like that that is not the entire thing with ubuntu but a sub peice19:20
marsthewrath, do you mean splitting the project up into smaller projects? like how awn has "awn-core", and "awn-plugins"?19:24
thewrathor have it apply to a certain series19:25
marswell, you can have a bug nominated to be /fixed/ in a specific series (Ats2 or Trunk, in this case)19:26
mdkemaxb: I don't know, I think you'd need to wait until it was built in all architectures19:26
thewrathoh ok19:27
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thewrathhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/wasdats/+bug/351865 <-- Like that?19:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 351865 in wasdats "undefined constant usergroup modifyassets.php" [Medium,Fix committed]19:28
marsthewrath, yes, that's assigned to a milestone within the Ats2 series.19:29
thewrathis mentoring a big thing that people use?19:30
thewrathand the maintenance today should not take longer than 3 hours?19:30
thewrathand how do you close a bug report again or od you do that by fix release?19:31
marsthewrath, I trust that it should be done inside of 3 hours - I'm sure our sysadmins gave themselves enough time19:31
mars"fix released" closes the bug19:31
thewrathif i have it in the wasdats/ats2 will it be fix released in both if i only set fix release in series ats19:32
marsI think it will only be fixed in the one.19:33
marsmost projects assume that "fix released" means "fix released in the trunk/ series"19:33
thewratha team is not necessary correct19:34
maxbmdke: I think, overall, that would be less desirable than the current situation.19:35
marsafter all, fixing it in 3.X trunk/ doesn't mean that it has been fixed in the 2.X and 1.X series.  The bug should be closed for trunk/, but open for the other two.19:35
maxbPersonally, I regard "Fix Released" on source upload to be the right thing to do, as at that point it's out of the hands of humans and merely waiting for automated processing19:36
maxbIt's worth noting that builds on some architectures lag hugely behind19:36
mdkemaxb: I've seen a lot of confusion today because the fix wasn't actually "released" but the bug was marked as such19:36
thewrathhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/wasdats/+bug/351865 once again i have it in the main project then under ats2 so if i haev it say fix relreased under ats2 it could still not be fixed under WASD Asset Tracking System (WASD ATS)19:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 351865 in wasdats "undefined constant usergroup modifyassets.php" [Medium,Fix committed]19:37
mdkemaxb: ideally, "fix committed" should relate to the source being uploaded, and "fix released" when it is published. It's a simple matter of plain language19:37
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maxb"Fix committed" means fixed in the packages's VCS - the fix isn't necessarily in the archive at that point19:38
mdkemaxb: it only means that because you know that that is how it is used19:38
marsthewrath, that's true.  And the same idea is true whether you use series for different versions of the software, or projects for different versions of the software.19:38
mdkemaxb: as a matter of language it could mean either19:39
mdkemaxb: but it's more important that "fix released" is used accurately, because that is what takes the bug out of search results19:39
marsthewrath, fixed in one version does not necessarily mean it was fixed in the other19:39
mdkemaxb: and taking a bug out of search results before it is released means duplicate bugs and confused users19:40
maxbI see your point, *but* upload is a single discrete point that is actually definable. "available to users" is much more nebulous. Built? On which architectures? Accepted? Published? It still might not be on any given user's local mirror.19:40
mdkemaxb: obviously mirrors are out of our hands, but when it is published is a good milestone19:41
maxbagain, the which architectures question19:41
mdkemaxb: I've answered that though19:42
thewrathbc i am using the series as sub portions of my project19:42
maxbNo. You haven't accounted for the fact that a package may FTBFS on some lesser-used ports architectures and remain so for months19:42
mdkemaxb: ok, but that can be accounted for. I'd say that a fix which hasn't been released on supported architectures hasn't in fact been released19:43
maxbOnce the source is uploaded, there's no more developer action required to fix *that bug*. (FTBFS may be another bug) So there's a real point to having *some* sort of state transition there. I agree that hiding it from the default search results immediately isn't good, though19:43
mdkeI might raise this on a mailing list19:45
marsthewrath, if the project is small, but you still want to label compoenents like "ui", "database", "website", then it is usually best to use bug tags19:46
mdkefor reference, mpt has made some good related points on bug 163694, even if it's not quite the same thing19:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 163694 in malone "Fix Committed/Released distinction is inconsistent and unproductive" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16369419:46
thewrathmars: how do i use bug tags19:47
thewrathlike this mars : https://bugs.launchpad.net/wasdats/+bug/35186519:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 351865 in wasdats "undefined constant usergroup modifyassets.php" [Medium,Fix committed]19:47
marsthewrath, to use tags, click on "Update description/tags" under the bug summary, the Tags input field is under the summary on the page that shows up.19:49
marsthewrath, series were originally intended for stable/unstable versions of the software, or other similar flavours of an entire software package19:50
marstags can be used to group bugs together for individual components, among other things19:51
marson Launchpad we use "ui", "javascript", and "database" tags, for instance.19:51
thewrathwhere can i see hte tags that i use19:52
marsthey'll appear under the summary of individual bugs, and on the project's overall "Bugs" page, in the right-hand column19:54
thewraththey are to be seperated by a space right19:55
marsthewrath, so https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/wasdats19:55
thewrathi see that on the main page19:56
thewrathbut not for the specific bug report19:56
marswhich report did you apply the tag to? 351865?19:56
thewrathi am blind as a bat19:57
thewraththank god i am not driving a car today19:57
marsthewrath, they are faint at the moment.  That's because of the "official tags" feature we are rolling out for larger projects and ubuntu.19:58
thewrathcan you show me an example of that?19:59
marswe may have to look at it being an "opt-in" thing, because it really doesn't matter for projects with small teams.19:59
thewrathright now the people who report bugs are the users19:59
thewraththe people who fix them are me19:59
marswell, for large projects, people will start tagging bugs with incorrect spellings, or categories that the main project doesn't use20:00
thewrathwhat are some of the new features that are coming out tonight that affects small projects20:01
marsthewrath, I can't say I know myself, beyond what intellectronica said earlier.  LP is a big project, and I don't know what all the teams have in the pipe.20:03
thewrathi mean it is okay that i using this as a bug tracker for a system for a school but i am willing to give the source code to people who want to use the system and adapt it to their needs right?20:04
intellectronicathewrath: anything you're interested in in particular?20:08
marsthewrath, as long as the project has an open source license it should be fine.20:08
thewrathhow can i release it under an open source licence20:08
thewrathi was just curious intellectronica20:08
jsmidtcprov, were you ever able to see what was wrong with launchpad reporting the git ppa build failed when the build log says build successful?  Hardy still shows a failure: https://launchpad.net/~git-core/+archive/ppa20:08
intellectronicathewrath: see https://edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-project/+milestone/2.2.320:09
thewrathits under no licence right now. i would like to do it under an open source licence20:09
thewrathright thanks intellectronica20:09
thewrathany suggestions on how i do this20:09
cprovjsmidt: I will check.20:09
thewrathmars: is creative commons licence okay?20:09
thewrathor what licence would is better to release it under20:10
thewrathi have to get going here in about 5 minutes for class20:10
cprovjsmidt: fixed.20:10
jsmidtcprov, thanks20:10
marsthewrath, Creative Commons is OK, the academic licenses, MIT and BSD, are also popular20:11
marsas is the ever-present GNU GPL20:11
cprovjsmidt: the problem causing all this mess (dispatching builds twice) is already fixes in production.20:11
thewrathhow do i release it under any of those open source licences?20:12
* mars grabs the OSI page20:12
thewrathbc really the only people wanting to use it is the district20:12
thewrathi doubt anyone else would like to use my code20:12
thewraththey might but who knows20:12
marsthewrath, the Open Source requirement is for hosting the project itself on Launchpad.  There is a for-pay option for closed-source proprietary software.20:13
marsthewrath, http://opensource.org/licenses/category20:14
thewrathsince this is my senior project i have to release it under open source20:14
mars".:: Licenses that are popular and widely used or with strong communities ::."20:14
marsoh, well, easy answer then :)20:14
thewrathwhat licnece do you tihnk20:15
thewrathI am thinking MIT20:15
marsI like MIT personally.  I release my own software under that.  A simple, no hassle license.20:15
thewrathhow do i register it under there though?20:15
thewrathi haev to get going and would like to here soon after class get it "officially registered"20:17
marsthewrath, go to the "Change details" link on the project home page, upper right corner (https://launchpad.net/wasdats)20:18
thewrathoh ok20:18
thewraththat is how i register it20:18
thewrathi was not sure if there is anything more than that?20:18
thewrathi mean like when you register with microsoft i was not sure if there anything like that20:19
marsthewrath, that's how you change the license.  on the OSI page, you'll find instructions for releasing the code under the license20:19
thewrathcould you point me into the right direction20:19
thewrathif i would want to take it off of launchpad how do i do that?20:19
marsdeleting projects is not as simple.  We can deactivate it, and a warning will be displayed on the project's landing page20:20
thewrathcoul you ppoint me in the right direction for the osi page for releasing code under the MIT20:21
marsand we ask that people update the project description with a notice and link to the new project home20:21
thewrathor another licence20:21
marsjsmidt, ?20:21
thewrathmars:  bc i think i have maybe not needed to do launchpad20:22
thewrathhey mars i got go to class so i will talk to you later i will be on later20:22
jsmidtmars, sorry, I was saying okay to cprov20:22
marsah :)20:22
barrymthaddon: let's chat about bug 325962 when i get back in town on monday20:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 325962 in launchpad-registry "lp-mailman startup is blocking on a pid file in the wrong directory" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32596220:54
mthaddonbarry: sounds good20:54
=== mthaddon changed the topic of #launchpad to: Launchpad is going down from 22:00 UTC April 1st until 01:00 UTC April 2nd for a code update | https://launchpad.net/ | Help contact: mars | Join https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-users | Channel logs: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com
thewrathhey all21:27
thewrathi have a project i am not sure what licence i want/require to use21:28
thewrathit is used by the school district and really anyone who wants to use it i give them the code21:28
thewrathso i would like someoen to deactivate my project here21:28
thewrathwho can i talk to me21:28
thewrath*who can i talk to21:28
beunowgrant, hi21:28
thewrathbeuno: do you have any idea21:29
thewrathi was in here earlier talking with someone but i forget who htat was21:29
thewrathmars:  you here sir21:29
beunothewrath, bac or sinzui are your guys21:29
marsthewrath, yep.  Just looking up one of the OSS license pickers, should help you with the decision21:29
thewrathis it time consuming, etc to be officially open source?21:31
sinzuithewrath: I can deactivate it, but that may not be necessary if you know what who should use your project and the origin of your source21:31
marsthewrath, regardless of the license you pick, the minimum requirement is to take the text of that license and place it in the project root, usually in a file called COPYRIGHT21:31
thewrathsinzui: it is my sneior project that i am doing for college21:31
thewrathit is for a school but if a school wants to use it tthey are more than welcome to21:32
thewrathi knwo there are better ones than mine out htere21:32
sinzuithewrath: what's your project's name21:32
thewrathon launchpad21:32
thewrathhold on21:32
thewrathi would like to change hte wasdats to something else21:33
jpdsthewrath: File a question at http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad asking for a change and an admin will do it for you.21:34
thewrathhold on21:35
thewraththank you though21:35
marsthewrath, regarding picking a license, you can go with MIT if you want, or you can follow a questionnaire to help you pick: http://blogs.zdnet.com/Burnette/?p=13021:35
thewrathhow do i ofifically register my code to be open source21:36
sinzuithewrath: The free licenses strive to ensure that anyone who distributes your applicaiton also distribute the source for others to review and modify. They ensure you get credit. Most, maybe all, state you are not guarananteeing ths code21:36
marsthewrath, you just have to add the copyright and license.  There is no official registration.21:36
thewrathokay so where is the copyright and licnece in for MIT21:37
sinzuithewrath: licenses list BSD License (revised) or MIT are very relaxed, where are GNU GPL v3 strive to ensure the code is not used with closed code21:38
sinzuithewrath: if you want to use the MIT license, you only need to check MIT / X / Expat License for your project21:39
thewrathi was just reading that21:39
thewrathI want to do GPl21:39
thewrathso i would have to get the licence and the copyright?21:39
marsthewrath, http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html21:39
sinzuithewrath: You generally need to copy and paste the license code into a file in your project21:40
marsthewrath, in a nutshell: put /* Copyright (c) 2009 my-name-here */ at the top of your source files, and copy-n-paste the GPL license text into a file in the project root called either LICENSE or COPYING21:41
marserr, /* Copyright (c) 2009 my-name-here.  All rights reserved */21:42
thewraththat is all i ahve eto do21:42
thewrathis do those two things?21:42
thewrathmars: what about the copying permission?21:42
marsthat's handled by the GPL21:43
marsthe copyright states you own the code.  The license are the terms under which others may modify and copy it.21:43
thewrathso i only have to create the LICENCE.txt file and comment all of my source files21:43
wgrantmars: You also need GPL headers in each file.21:44
thewrathwhere can i find those wgrant ?21:44
marswgrant, ah true, for the GPL you do21:44
wgrantI note that parts of LAZR are bad in that respect21:44
wgrantmars: For any license.21:44
thewrathi am using the GPL21:45
thewrathwhere can i find the GPL licence headers21:45
marswgrant, I thought that was just to get the warranty into the file?21:45
wgrantmars: No, it's also to specify that the file is under that license.21:45
marsthewrath, it's all explained well on the GNU page: http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-howto.html21:45
wgrantIn Ubuntu we require it to be explicit, and most other distros do too.21:45
marswgrant, cool, didn't know that21:46
marsthewrath, forgive my ignorance, follow wgrant's advice :)21:46
thewrathwgrant: i have the LICENCE.txt file that i need to edit21:46
thewrathwhat else do i need21:46
wgrantthewrath: See the link that mars gave you a few lines ago.,21:47
beunowgrant, hi again21:49
wgrantbeuno: Hi.21:49
beunowgrant, I'm fixing up the dev.lp.net and help.lp.net themes21:50
beunois there anything you'd like fixed specifically21:50
wgrantbeuno: Besides their obesity, I can't think of anything... but let's see...21:51
thewrathwgrant or mars: could you please verify this information taht i ahve to do and make sure that i dont need to do anything else: http://pastebin.com/m64f02a0f21:52
wgrantthewrath: I don't think you need mars' initial 'All rights reserved line'21:52
thewrathis everything else correct21:52
thewrathand do i have to do anything else?21:52
wgrantFor one thing, that's implied by at least one of the global copyright conventions.21:53
wgrantI think that should do.21:53
wgrantYou should make sure that you are actually able to relicense the whole thing - you'll be fine as long as you haven't copied in source files from other projects.21:53
* mars wonders if it's just an anachronism21:53
thewraththis is all original owrk that i ahve done21:53
thewrathwgrant: thsi is all original work for this proejct21:54
wgrantmars: Are you sure it didn't just stay there from when the code was proprietary?21:54
wgrantthewrath: That's fine then.21:54
thewrathso what is int he pastebin is all i have to do then wgrant then change hte licence under details for my project on launchpad correct21:54
wgrantbeuno: I'm currently running at 1024x768 due to a broken laptop LCD, and some things in the header wrap.21:54
thewrathwhen does maintenace begin in est21:54
wgrantthewrath: To the best of my knowledge, yes.21:54
wgrantI believe it's around one hour until the start of the downtime window.21:55
thewrathwas the to the best of my knowledge, yes to which quesiton21:55
thewrathmy frist question or second question at 16:54?21:55
thewrathwhere can i upload my source files to host at?21:55
wgrantthewrath: The first question.21:56
wgrantthewrath: If you have a code branch, you can push it to Launchpad.21:56
wgrantIf you have released files, you can also push it to Launchpad.21:56
wgrantBut I have to go and have breakfast now.21:56
thewrathwhat do you mean code branch or released files anyone since wgrant is leaving21:56
marsthewrath, he probably meant Launchpad's code hosting service: https://help.launchpad.net/Code21:57
marsthewrath, he also was referring to the docs on how to publish downloadable files on Launchpad: https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/FileDownloads21:59
thewrathmars: i acn ask my question to change sometihng from /wasdats to /mikesATS21:59
thewrathis at answers.launchpad.net21:59
thewrathwhat if i just put it all in a zip file mars21:59
beunowgrant, ok, doesn't sound too bad. Just wanted to see if there was any major pain point22:00
marsthewrath, then feel free to zip it up, and follow the publishing guide22:00
thewrath9 < thewrath> mars: i acn ask my question to change sometihng from /wasdats to /mikesATS22:01
thewrath16:59 < thewrath> is at answers.launchpad.net22:01
=== barry is now known as flufl
marsthewrath, yes, you can ask a question requesting the rename at http://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/22:02
thewrathso 1 hour to maintenance22:02
marsyes, it's 2103 UTC now, downtime starts at 220022:03
thewrathi forgot you guys dont do DST, etc22:04
marsno, it wouldn't work for a team spread across 19 countries22:04
thewrathi forgot when we did that then for me its -4 instead of -522:04
* wgrant hates services which give downtime only in PST - lots do.22:06
thewrathokay i am back22:07
thewrathso i will do all of that22:07
thewrathcan i provide updates in .zip files as well?22:07
marswgrant, I've come to expect it from web companies.  Kinda like how many web frameworks would blow up if you stepped outside ASCII.  Makes building a site in French tough :/22:07
=== salgado is now known as salgado-afk
wgrantmars: Get a new web framework.22:08
thewrathhow hard is it to use bazaar22:09
thewrathshould i use that or sourcefoge22:09
marswgrant, it's call Pylons ;)22:09
intellectronicathewrath: use bzr. it's a lot of fun to use. very user friendly and very flexible22:10
thewrathi ahve downloaded the .exe file22:10
thewrathi tried to run it but it doesnt like me22:10
thewrathbut i have to go here soon to meet my gf for dinner22:10
thewrathcan i get some help with it when i get back?22:11
marsthewrath, it may be best to ask in the #bzr channel if you have Windows installation issues22:11
thewrathi would not call them issues but how to set up, etc22:11
thewrathif i get lost which i am22:11
thewrathbc it is all command line based correct?22:11
marsthewrath, nope, there are some nice GUI programs for using it22:12
thewrathwhich are?22:12
thewrathi really do not have a lot of time to do this as in learn bazaar22:12
thewraththat is why i was wondering abotu sourceforge22:12
marsthewrath, http://bazaar-vcs.org/TortoiseBzr22:13
thewrathso i have to use a SVN client?22:13
marsfor which?22:13
thewrathfor bazaar22:13
marsnope, you'd be using Bazaar, not SVN22:14
thewrathits insatlled22:14
thewrathi have to installt he GUI correct?22:15
thewraththe instructions after this for windows is confusing22:16
thewrathso you say go tot he #bzr channel now for helP mars ?22:16
marsthewrath, that would be best, they can refer you to Bazaar-specific help22:17
marsI just handle the Launchpad side of things22:17
thewrathi am going to dinner22:18
thewrathhere soon and yea22:18
marsthewrath, btw, I'll be signing off soon.  Good luck!22:19
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thewrathi tried to install the dependency and it said python not installed22:20
thewrathwrong channel22:20
thewrathty mars22:20
thewrathhow do i change the stuff for sourceforge22:26
thewrathmars: they are really no help over thre22:31
thewrathhow hard is it to zip it and put it on launchpad?22:32
kikothewrath, what's the problem you're having?22:32
thewrathtrying to set up bazaar22:32
thewrathin windows22:32
kikothewrath, try #bzr then :)22:33
thewrathbut i am headed to dinner here soon so i may need to come back and set it up later with you guys but22:33
thewrathi did22:33
thewraththey are no help with windows atm22:33
thewrathand i would like to get this up asap22:33
kikoah, bad timezone maybe22:33
kikoI'll be back in about 2h if you are22:33
kikocan help you then22:33
* kiko waves22:33
thewrath2 hours ill be back here22:33
thewrathhow long does it take usually to get bazaar up and running22:34
wgrantI can install it on a new box in about 10 seconds.22:34
wgrantBut I'm not sure about Windows.22:34
thewrathnew box being what22:35
wgrantOr almost any other distro.22:35
thewrathi can do it under ubuntu22:35
thewrathwhen i get back to my dorm22:35
thewraththat would be like 45-60 minutes22:35
thewrathwould you be able to help me there wgrant22:35
wgrantthewrath: Just install the 'bzr' package. Then you are done.22:36
thewrathi did that22:36
thewrathbut nothing was working22:36
thewrathlike i didnt know what to do at that point22:36
kikothewrath, at that point you just need to read the documentation at bazaar-vcs.org :)22:36
wgrantThat even gives instructions for Windows.22:37
thewraththanks wgrant22:37
thewrathdo i need python installed though in windows22:37
wgrantI don't think so - it looks like the standalone installer includes it.22:38
thewrath$ bzr whoami "John Doe <john.doe@gmail.com>" <= is command i dont understand there22:38
wgranthttp://launchpad.net/bzr/1.13/1.13/+download/bzr-setup-1.13-1.exe is the file you want.22:38
wgrantYou should tell bzr your name and email address, so the logs show who you are.22:39
wgrantSo replace 'John Doe' with your name, and 'john.doe@gmail.com' with your email address.22:39
thewrathhow do i run that command22:40
wgrantthewrath: On a command line, I suppose.22:40
wgrantI don't know how Windows does these things.22:40
thewrathi got it22:42
thewrathi have to cd into the directory of bz.exe22:42
thewrathand then bz.exe22:42
thewraththen it works22:42
thumperbz.exe or bzr.exe ?22:43
UrsinhaI always suggest cygwin to windows users22:44
Ursinhabut then I don't know how to use bzr with that22:45
wgrantYou don't need cygwin, unless you want a sane shell.22:45
Ursinhawgrant, who doesn't? :)22:45
wgrantthewrath: Note that you can probably do most day-to-day bzr operations using TortoiseBZR in Windows Explorer.22:45
wgrantUrsinha: People who are still using Windows, maybe.22:45
wgrantI tend to hope that once people realise that the shell is important, they leave Windows.22:46
Ursinhawgrant, I disagree, had to use windows for a long time against my will.22:46
thewrathi am using command line22:46
thewrathis it better to do that22:46
wgrantthewrath: If you don't have violent objections to the command line, use the command line.22:46
thewrathi dont22:46
* kiko winks at wgrant 22:47
wgrantkiko: I replied to your email on launchpad-users a few minutes ago, but it hasn't appeared on the list. Did you get it?22:47
wgrantOr is LP being nasty and silently holding members' posts?22:48
kikoI got it22:48
kikoit's a very good idea22:48
wgrantBut is it sufficiently good for those who make the decisions?22:48
vorianwhy am i getting import emails again for uploading language binaries?22:49
kikowgrant, good enough for me to try talking about it :)22:49
wgrantvorian: You should get failures, but not successes, AFAIK.22:49
wgrantkiko: Excellent.22:49
vorianHello Steve Stalcup,22:49
vorianOn 2009-04-01 19:03+0000 (47 minutes ago), you uploaded a translation22:49
voriantemplate for desktop-kdebase in Ubuntu Jaunty package "kdebase" in22:49
vorianThe template has now been imported successfully.22:49
vorianThank you,22:49
wgrantkiko: But why is my email not on the list?22:49
vorianThe Launchpad team22:49
voriani have several hundred more I can show, if you like22:50
kikowgrant, not sure about that -- maybe it's the launchpad rollout which is happening? :)22:50
wgrantkiko: Ah, that's a good possibility.22:50
* wgrant will see in a few hours.22:50
thewrathwgrant: i have a directory on my computer with my files how do i import them in bazaar22:51
wgrantkiko: Wasn't the success email fix cherrypicked?22:51
wgrantWeeks ago?22:51
kikowgrant, it was yeah22:51
wgrantthewrath: In the directory with the files: 'bzr init' then 'bzr add'22:51
wgrantThe guide I linked you to earlier probably explains most of what you need to know.22:52
MTecknologyso - 3hr down time now?22:54
beunoMTecknology, a lot of fun things happening22:55
wgrantIt looks that way...22:55
MTecknologysounds like it22:55
MTecknology2.3.1 - right?22:55
MTecknologyheh - 2.3.1 was something else :P22:55
wgrantThe DB changes for always-up SSO are in 2.2.3, aren't they?22:55
thumperI think so22:56
thumperbut don't hold me to it22:56
thumperas it isn't my area22:56
wgrantSo we can at least have auth in the world while LP is down.22:56
magciusI assume only the web is down, not the bazaar server.22:56
Snovamagcius: I dunno. I pushed a few revisions a while ago today and they aren't available to others.22:57
beunowgrant, yes, that's one of the big changes22:57
wgrantmagcius: bazaar.launchpad.net is usually gone as well.22:57
beunoSnova, what's the link to the branch?22:57
magciusI seem to be pushing and pulling just fine...22:58
wgrantbeuno: I guess the puller cron job is off?22:58
Snovabeuno: lp:~snova/+junk/PyIRCD-R2 -- recently pushed 1122:58
spmwgrant: exactly22:58
spmwgrant: branch scanner to be precise22:58
SnovaAt last I thought so...22:58
beunoSnova, there you go22:58
Snovaleast* I'll check anyway.22:58
wgrantspm: Blah. I never remember what is what.22:58
beunoSnova, it will take a few hours to update while we upgrade launchpad22:58
SnovaI've been uncommiting the last revision several times... nope, says No new revisions to push.22:58
spmwgrant: when it's opensourced, you'll be able to look it up ;-)22:58
wgrantCould the downtime announcement mention that LP will misbehave in mysterious ways before the upgrade?22:58
savvaswhen is launchpad scheduled to come back?22:58
wgrantspm: No I won't...22:58
wgrantspm: That code is staying proprietary, to the best of my knowledge.22:59
savvasah topic :P22:59
spmwgrant: gah. yes. you are correct. pls to be ignring me.22:59
beunowgrant, that part is boring anyway22:59
beunothis is actually a fantastic time to stop working for a while23:00
wgrantbeuno: It's probably not boring to the significant number of people who want to fork Launchpad and give it git support. I'm not one of them, but I'm sure there are lots, and that's probably part of the reason behind keeping it.23:00
beunowgrant, ok, so boring to you  :)23:01
wgrantbeuno: This is true.23:02
savvasso launchpad is not going open source all at once?23:03
beunosavvas, most of it is23:04
savvasthanks :)23:05
beunook, bbl23:05
savvassoyuz.. soyuz is the bug reporting?23:06
wgrantSomebody subscribed to launchpad-users replies to each email with spam.23:06
wgrantsavvas: Soyuz is the package manager.23:06
wgrantsavvas: Launchpad Bugs (previously known as Malone) is the bug tracker.23:07
savvasah ok23:07
wgrantkiko: When LP comes back up, can you please kill rodolfop-o from launchpad-users?23:08
=== savvas_ is now known as savvas
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