ftado you still have the command you typed?00:00
gnomefreakfta: i should00:00
gnomefreaktar -zcvf back-up.2009.17.05.tar.gz back-up.2009.17.0500:00
ftashould work00:00
gnomefreaki know that is where the problem is :)00:01
ftadoes 'file back-up.2009.17.05.tar.gz' say it's a gzip compressed data?00:01
micahgsee if: tar -jcvf back-up.2009.17.05.tar.bz2 back-up.2009.17.05 is any better00:01
gnomefreakfithe file is not a gz opening properties says it is a file00:02
gnomefreakfolder (inode/directory)00:02
gnomefreak1,521 items, totalling 4.1 GB00:02
gnomefreakback-up.2009.17.05.tar.gz: gzip compressed data, from Unix, last modified: Sun May 17 13:25:58 200900:03
gnomefreaktrying bz200:03
gnomefreakmay be a while00:03
gnomefreaklinux used to keep folder/file siz even when files are removed. AFAIK that is no longer00:04
* BUGabundo1 goes to bed00:05
gnomefreaknight BUGabundo100:07
gnomefreaki hate the idea of trying a backup app since it shouldnt be needed00:08
gnomefreaklooking for one just in case00:08
gnomefreakDescription: Backup utility D00:10
gnomefreakare you kidding00:10
gnomefreakthat is the whole description00:10
gnomefreaki will look at it in a few i going to install a few to try00:11
ftait's in universe00:12
gnomefreaki saw that with show. im pretty much locked up atm trying to open00:13
micahgare the open file and upload boxes governed by the same rules?00:19
micahgbug 279193, should that be redirected to the firefox gnome support package?00:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 279193 in firefox-3.0 "Unable to upload files from GVFS sources" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27919300:29
gnomefreakive seen that bug before a while ago00:29
gnomefreakmicahg: i think it should be gnome-support but look for a duplicate unless we closed it it should still be out there00:31
micahgah, in LP, it's all under FF3 apparently00:31
gnomefreakmicahg: make sure ither browsers are tested like eiphany-webkit00:31
gnomefreakim not confident it is strictly firefox00:32
micahggnomefreak: there seem to be a couple for opening smb links00:33
micahgI can't find one like this00:34
gnomefreakas i recall the problem was related to gvfs but it was a while since i saw it00:34
micahgthere's also one for saving files00:34
micahgthis one's for uplaods00:34
gnomefreakmicahg: bug 23122100:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 231221 in xulrunner "Saving a file from Firefox to a gvfs resource fails silently" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/23122100:34
gnomefreakthat close to the same?00:35
micahgyep, saw that00:35
micahgno, I think this is different00:35
micahgUser says in that bug that upload fails but can see the share00:36
gnomefreakok just making sure00:36
micahgcurrent bug can't see the share00:36
gnomefreakfta: would that be xulrunner bug?00:36
gnomefreaki dont play with gvfs and have no plans to00:37
gnomefreakill be back time for a smoke00:37
* gnomefreak wonders if i removed SM2 tarballs00:42
gnomefreakmicahg: have it tested on epiphany-gecko epiphany-webkit and can you do that with nautilus alone?00:42
gnomefreakyep i removed them00:43
gnomefreakfta: i just firefox and xulrunner daily updates did tbird not build yet?00:44
ftagnomefreak, all green: https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-daily/+archive/ppa00:44
ftagoing to bed, i'm tired00:44
micahggnomefreak: I don't even see an epiphany-webkit00:45
gnomefreakfta: night00:45
gnomefreakmicahg: i am fairy sure that is name but let me check00:45
micahgI asked the user to try in epiphany00:45
micahggnomefreak: here's why00:47
gnomefreakDepends: epiphany-gecko | epiphany-webkit00:47
micahgit only existed in intrepid00:47
gnomefreakif it depends on it we have it00:47
gnomefreakmicahg: right00:47
micahgnot necessarily00:47
micahgit still depends on it in jaunty00:47
micahgbut it's an or00:47
gnomefreakmicahg: i have it installed or at least did00:47
micahgand we don't have the second option00:47
gnomefreakyeah i know what | is00:48
kmkzrecently installed Ubuntu 9.04, one of the features that I can find in my firefox is the middle CLICK drag/scroll (the one that kinda creates a small circular up and down arrow), middle click once and move mouse to scroll... any suggestions ?00:48
micahgof course00:48
gnomefreakun  epiphany-webki <none>         (no description available)00:48
gnomefreakdpkg -l epiphany* shows it00:48
micahggnomefreak: could bug 153716 be the original?  or is it too old?00:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 153716 in firefox "Bad gnome vfs support" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/15371600:49
gnomefreakthis mornings tbird update was latest firefox xulrunner did another update i guess00:49
gnomefreakmicahg: looking00:50
micahgI read something about gnome moving from gnome vfs to GIO00:50
micahgyou would know more00:50
micahgas I use xubuntu :)00:51
gnomefreaklets make sure that bug is still valid first change to -3.0 and find out if valid00:51
micahgXfce is also moving00:51
micahggnomefreak: that bug only has FF2 listed00:51
gnomefreakbut yes im thinking they are related00:51
micahgshouldn't I check if they upgraded before moving?00:51
micahgand should I remove mozillateam froma ssignee?00:52
gnomefreaki did it :)00:52
gnomefreakoops forgot that but just did it00:52
micahgWhen was the last time new FF3 bugs was under 600?00:53
gnomefreakah tbird == 2009-05-15 where as firefox xul are the 17th00:54
micahggnomefreak: are you subscribing to that old gnomevfs bug or do you want me to follow up?00:54
gnomefreakmicahg: i dont remember i try to get to ff2 bugs more than 3.0 when i have my bug days00:54
gnomefreakmicahg: i get all firefox bugs00:54
gnomefreakall mozilla bugs00:55
gnomefreakthat is the perks of owning a team :(00:55
micahgyou own the team?00:55
gnomefreakmicahg: yes00:55
micahgcan I become a member?00:55
micahgdo I want to become a member? :)00:56
gnomefreakmicahg: its not all that important to be a member other than to upload to MT PPA. ask me again if im here tomorrow and either i will ping asac or you can and we will talk about it. I have seen you do a crap load of bugs so i have no objections00:57
* gnomefreak tries not to look at every bug since i get 200-300 bugs a day normaly00:58
micahgok, well I'm not ready to upload yet, so maybe I'll hold off00:58
micahgand I joined Ubuntu-MozillaSquad00:58
gnomefreakmicahg: thats pretty much the perk of being a member.00:58
gnomefreakmicahg: good that would be the one we look at for contributions00:59
micahgcan you look at a private crash report for me gnomefreak00:59
micahgoriginal bug 36955200:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369552 in firefox-3.0 "Firefox segfaults on most webpages" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36955200:59
micahglast comment has private bug #00:59
gnomefreakits public and the other is marked as a dup01:03
gnomefreaksorry took so long people use !ops for no reason :(01:04
micahganything private in there?01:04
gnomefreaki didnt see anything01:04
gnomefreakif you find something i midded let me know01:05
micahggnomefreak: and reasone why the thread trace would show glibc 2.3.2?01:07
micahgon Jaunty?01:07
gnomefreak!info glibc01:08
ubottuPackage glibc does not exist in jaunty01:08
micahg!info libc601:08
ubottulibc6 (source: glibc): GNU C Library: Shared libraries. In component main, is required. Version 2.9-4ubuntu6 (jaunty), package size 4366 kB, installed size 10904 kB01:08
micahggnomefreak: I don't know how to really read this stuff yet01:09
micahgbut the ProcMaps show the proper libc lib01:09
micahgbut the thread trace shows this01:10
micahg#1  0xb803c412 in pthread_cond_timedwait@@GLIBC_2.3.2 ()    from /lib/tls/i686/cmov/libpthread.so.001:10
gnomefreakit should be right01:10
gnomefreakthis looks like a xul crash but asac is the master crash guy :)01:11
gnomefreakthat is i dont think it is libc bug01:13
gnomefreakok asked for some helpful info to start with01:14
gnomefreaklibc6 2.9-4ubuntu601:16
micahgwell, I found that he;s using adobe's flash plugin01:16
gnomefreakthat is from http://launchpadlibrarian.net/26857050/Dependencies.txt01:16
micahgnot ours01:16
gnomefreakmicahg: 64bit or 32 bit?01:16
micahghe';s on 32 bit01:16
micahgI read it in the stacktracee01:16
micahgit's in /usr/lib/adobe-flashplugin/01:17
gnomefreakflash isnt the cause of the crash or we wouldnt get any useful crash info01:17
micahgright, but it might be conflicting01:17
micahgit might be the monkey wrence01:18
gnomefreakmicahg: ask him to post his about:plugins  he can print to file and push file to bug01:19
micahgdon;'t we have an apport hook for that?01:19
gnomefreakmicahg: i thought it was automatic but its not there01:19
gnomefreakto call it himself there might be but im not up on my apport01:20
gnomefreaki think the compression doesnt want to continue :(01:21
micahgbz2 takes a long time01:21
gnomefreakit stopped at one point and has been there for well over 10 minutes01:21
gnomefreakre running it01:21
micahgcould you have a recusive symlink somewhere?01:22
micahgbug 303269, should that be Wishlist -> Traiged?01:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303269 in firefox "Automatically select language for spell check based on user input" [Unknown,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30326901:22
gnomefreakit stopped on muisic so i can guess why01:23
gnomefreakmicahg: let me look at that01:23
gnomefreaki hate the workds closer almost the same ect...01:24
gnomefreakthat upstream bug needs to be confirmed on linux as well as windows or the user needs to file his own01:26
gnomefreakwindows/linux dont act the same (fairly sure that goes for lang as well01:26
micahggnomefreak: It's marked as all as well as Win XP01:27
gnomefreakthat shouldnt be like that :( ther should be a , or something betwen them01:28
gnomefreakto me all windows xp means 64 32 pro home ect.... but i guess you are right01:29
gnomefreaki would like a comment saying linux or mac all at this time are windows or not mentioned01:30
gnomefreakand if this was blocking 2.0 than an updated bug would be great01:30
micahgno more work on 2.0 :)01:31
gnomefreakthank god01:31
gnomefreakbrb g/f01:31
dtchenfta: what audio parameters is sauerbraten configured to use vice openarena?02:19
dtchenfta: they both seem SDL-based from a cursory glance02:20
micahgIs there a javascript expert in here?03:13
micahgshould bug 318361 be merged into 27201003:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318361 in firefox "ubuntu plugin finder service database iSSUE" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31836103:25
micahgbug 27201003:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272010 in totem "Some plugins lack proper ubufox integration (Was: confusing plugin selection dialog)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27201003:25
micahg^^^ doesn't have any flash mention in it03:25
micahgbut it seems generic03:25
asacstefanlsd: hi11:00
stefanlsdasac: heys :)11:00
asacstefanlsd: so could we use system png/jpeg as well?11:01
asacstefanlsd: also ... i think a better approach (easier to maintain or even upstream) for system gecko would be to11:01
asaccreate links for the gecko_sdk/ hierachy11:01
stefanlsdasac: i spend like pretty much the whole of yesterday trying - all those combinations. doesnt work with system png / jpeg11:02
stefanlsdasac: with system png, jpeg. it builds and installs, but doesnt actually work11:02
stefanlsdasac: how do u mean with the links...11:03
asacstefanlsd: http://paste.ubuntu.com/174823/11:03
asacthat was an experimentish thing11:04
asacalso that part i think11:04
asacstefanlsd: ok so for gecko:11:05
asacstefanlsd: what they currently do is to create a hierarchy with $(GECKO_SDK)/gecko_sdk/...11:05
asacin the build tree11:06
asacif we could - instead of copying/linking the sdk from third_party just link to the system one that would be better i guess11:06
asacidea would be that we dont ened to touch all the in #includes which probably is a pain to maintain in the long run11:07
asacstefanlsd: how didnt he system png/jpeg thing fail/not work?11:07
asacdid it crash?11:07
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
stefanlsdasac: no crash. just clicking on gears settings in the menu doesnt display the menu, and using google offline mail says gears is not installed...11:08
asacstefanlsd: do you see anything on the console where you start firefox?11:08
stefanlsdasac: ok, will have a look at the copying/linking11:09
stefanlsdasac: dont think so, need to double check11:09
asacstefanlsd: or maybe there is something in tools -> error console11:12
stefanlsdasac: kk. check that again11:12
asacstefanlsd: great. thanks a lot for working on gears ;)11:13
stefanlsdasac: hehe. np. its been a nightmare :)11:13
asacnightmare is negative ... challenge is better ;)11:14
BUGabundolike managing NM, right asac?11:14
asacnah ... thats fun ;)11:14
asac(if there werent so many bugs i cannot follow up as much as i like)11:15
BUGabundoasac: can you help jagadeesh?11:23
BUGabundohe is requesting help configuring a Globespan modem11:23
jagadeeshThanks BUGabundo11:23
BUGabundoand now we wait eheh11:24
jagadeeshactually I am using D-Link's GLB-802C ADSL Router.11:24
BUGabundoasac as just here 10 min ago...11:24
BUGabundoso your problem is with the usb dongle right?11:24
BUGabundohave you tried to debug it according to the wiki?11:25
jagadeeshpointer to wiki please11:25
BUGabundotrying to find it myself11:25
BUGabundo !networkmanager11:25
ubottunetworkmanager is an application to make (wireless) networking Just Work. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/NetworkManager11:25
jagadeesham connecting modem via USB11:26
BUGabundojagadeesh: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingNetworkManager11:26
BUGabundoI got this wrong11:26
BUGabundoso you are trying to connect to the adsl modem directly via usb?11:27
BUGabundoits not wifi ?11:27
jagadeeshyes I am connectiing modem via USB11:27
BUGabundolets see if asac can help you out11:28
asachmm he is gone11:32
BUGabundoseems so11:37
BUGabundoI could memoserv him11:38
asacwell .. if he shows up again tell him to not leave after 5 minutes ;)11:41
BUGabundowill do11:46
BUGabundoasac: then again I may have left to go try to debug and make it work11:47
* asac lunch12:51
fta2https://code.edge.launchpad.net/chromium-browser   funny :)13:36
jcastrohi fta213:37
jcastrowhat's going on in chromium land?13:37
fta2the "funny" thing was the "last modified" tiny graph13:54
fta2debian bug 52263014:17
ubottuDebian bug 522630 in icedove "icedove: New upstream version (" [Wishlist,Open] http://bugs.debian.org/52263014:17
=== asac_ is now known as asac
gnomefreakasac: bug 376715  is that even worth it?14:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 376715 in mozilla-thunderbird "Thunderbird - feature request - nest in toolbar" [Wishlist,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37671514:47
asacgnomefreak: i think moz-traybiff is available as an extension?14:48
asachunderbird-traybiff - traybiff - new mail alert for thunderbird14:49
gnomefreaki think so let me check14:49
asacthunderbird-traybiff - traybiff - new mail alert for thunderbird14:49
asaccould be that it doesnt prevent tbird from closing if used, if so reassign the bug14:49
gnomefreakif that is new mail alert than not what he wants14:49
* gnomefreak doesnt get it. he doesnt want it to close than he shouldnt close it14:50
gnomefreaklet me ask a few things14:50
asacgnomefreak: he wants that ttbird doesnt shut down if you close it14:52
asacinstead only the newmail notification icon should stay there from what i understand14:52
asaclike pidgin and other apps that live in the tray14:52
gnomefreakasac: yeah well guess what it should chut down if you shut it down14:52
gnomefreakthat is what he wants but i have a feeling that tbird is going to use a good amount of mem/proc to do that.14:53
gnomefreakwe cant do this for tbird2 anyway in hardy14:53
asactell him to look at traybiff14:55
gnomefreaktofix the bug make a panel launcher (same result as clicking on the applet. except that maybe its faster since it is always checking email. I know here i cant have that happen and im sure others cant as well. it would lag way too much and i get way too many emails to make it worth it14:55
asacand if that doesnt work as expected traybiff is probably the right place to fix/file this14:56
gnomefreakasac: speaking of the above. mozilla 477757 however it seems to be an addon to the bug when it should be its own bug15:08
ubottuMozilla bug 477757 in General "Shredder blocks logout under Ubuntu" [Minor,Resolved: invalid] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47775715:08
asacgnomefreak: not sure. ask him if he still sees the problem with tbird 3 to be sure15:12
asacfrom what i understood the users didnt want shredder to close at all15:12
gnomefreaki dont want firefox to crash but it happens15:14
gnomefreaklooks like different users15:15
gnomefreakasked him if its the same so lets see what he says15:16
* gnomefreak smoke15:26
* asac out to run some errands15:41
gnomefreakok now i can o smoke15:54
fta2jcastro, about barcelona, do you know if it is possible to buy a weekly ticket/pass for the metro/tram? and if it's worth it.16:20
jcastrofta2: I don't know, however on the /UDS page there is a link to the loco guys from the catalan team who probably know16:21
jcastrofta2: jpds is local and he's in a bunch of ubuntu channels, he might now16:21
jcastrofta2: I am heading to barcelona today, as we find out things like that we'll update the /UDS pages16:22
fta2jcastro, great, thanks16:22
* gnomefreak will be in and out today. I'm taking the day to cook at least for most of it16:44
gnomefreakrest of time its the tarball issue16:44
micahgasac: do I need to do something to join bug control?17:02
gnomefreakmicahg: i sent a email to list for him since he is gone17:02
micahggnomefreak: how's your tarball?17:02
gnomefreakmicahg: still woprking on it :)17:03
micahgit's amazing how much a new profile helps people17:03
gnomefreakim goigng to be in and out today17:03
micahgthey figure out their extensions are messed up17:04
gnomefreakmicahg: people screw thiers up by either running sudo package or crap from mozilla addons or any other extensions17:04
gnomefreaki got one person that refuses to try a new orofile so see what i can do outside of that but im 95% sure it is profile related17:05
gnomefreakok be back17:05
micahgwhat's the deal with backporting extensions to older versions of ubuntu?17:06
gnomefreakdepends on what bugs are filed for it. How much testing has been done (will be done once in PPA) and who feels like working on it. and some other things that i can no tthink of atm17:13
* gnomefreak is against any extensions mozilla releated apps being backported for Hardy17:14
gnomefreakmicahg: if you can email me a list of them i can at least set them in my PPA. since they change so often backporting them are kind of bad/too much work. ok back to stove17:16
micahgwell, for example, bug 377392 had a problem with Ad Block Plus17:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 377392 in firefox-3.0 "i was locking a web tv of sport, ther's 30seconde of image and sound and after a message that's a program is agressiv and blocking de loading of the page" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37739217:18
micahgbut it's packaged in ubuntu17:18
micahgand the user is running the packaged version AFAIK17:18
micahggnomefreak: actually, can we chat later tonight?  just let me know when is good17:19
micahgI have to go to work17:19
micahgand won't be avaialble for much17:19
fta2jcastro, i have my answer: http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/transport/barcelona-metro.html  the T10 is better than 10 one way tickets, and the Barcelona Card is too expensive and limited to 5 days. I'll go for 1 or 2 T10.17:22
gnomefreakadblock+ has way too many bugs to even think about backporting17:36
micahgok, is there a time later tonight I can chat with you gnomefreak?17:37
gnomefreakmicahg: i dont know but you can always email me if im not here at gnomefreak at ubuntu dot com17:38
micahgany plans to backport ubufox?17:38
gnomefreakmicahg: that is asac's baby :)17:38
micahgI'll ask him17:39
micahgbug 37439817:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 374398 in firefox "Glitches around checkboxes in Firefox" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/37439817:39
micahgnot sure what to do as user is having problems in other apps17:39
micahgmove to compiz?17:39
gnomefreakmost likely but give me a minute17:40
gnomefreakask if it happens without compiz if it doesnt move to compiz or even search our firefox bugs with compiz there are a few17:41
gnomefreakok gone17:41
gnomefreaktaking care of other things today cooking cleaning dogs hair and other shit g/f wants me to do17:59
micahgoff to work for me18:00
asacoh dear ... i hate travel preparations ;)18:52
asacactually i think i dislike travelling ;)18:52
asacmicahg: hi19:47
asacanything you needed?19:47
micahgI was wondering about bug control membership19:48
micahgif I need to do anything19:48
micahgasac: ^^^19:48
asacmicahg: i dont know for sure, but i think not20:38
asaci will meet the right folks tomorrow, so we will probably just add you20:38
mbanaanyone having problems rendering woflfram|aplha?20:53
micahgasac: cool, thanks20:56
BUGabundoguud evening21:02
gnomefreakasac: shouldnt you be leaving for UDS at end of week? it normaly starts on sun or mon21:02
gnomefreakni BUGabundo21:04
* gnomefreak really really hates aim21:06
BUGabundognomefreak: easy: don't use it ?21:08
gnomefreakBUGabundo: try like hell not to but im looking for someone that needs a wack in the back of the head21:08
micahggnomefreak: aim client or service?21:09
gnomefreakmicahg: both i hate the sevice most21:09
gnomefreaki can get along with pidgin21:10
micahgI prefer it to MSN or YIM21:10
gnomefreaki agree. be back21:10
BUGabundoI prefer XMPP21:12
BUGabundoits OPEN21:12
asacgnomefreak: no leaving tomorrow21:13
asacwe have a company meeting up-front21:13
micahgBUGabundo: XMPP is great if you have people on that network, or you run your own21:13
asaci ignore folks on other networks ;)21:14
micahgasac: did you hear about the hugday for FF?21:14
asacill be at this company event, but i hope i can be on at least half of the day21:15
micahgI'll try to watch the bugs channel on thursday21:17
BUGabundomicahg: XMPP is federated!21:17
BUGabundono need to make islands21:17
* BUGabundo asac only uses IRC and identica21:17
BUGabundooh and mail21:17
gnomefreakasac: ah ok21:24
* gnomefreak needs to find a bot for aim to log rooms21:25
gnomefreakasac: have a nice trip :)21:27
gnomefreaki am so glad i dont deal with these people for more than 2 days a year21:32
gnomefreakmy dvd writer is clicking at me :(21:41
gnomefreaki thought clicking == spinning but disk doesnt wan tto mount or burn or anything of the like21:42
BUGabundofta_: .............................. ping21:43
BUGabundoFF still crashes on every open from another app21:43
BUGabundohow long more will this last?21:43
gnomefreakBUGabundo: disable your 300 extensions21:44
BUGabundo40 or less now21:44
BUGabundoI clean them21:44
BUGabundomade a new profile21:44
BUGabundolet me count them again21:45
BUGabundoI miss many a lot21:45
BUGabundo25 now21:45
BUGabundobut its not that21:45
BUGabundoeven on safemode it happens21:45
gnomefreakim neither sorry21:45
gnomefreakoops damn21:45
BUGabundoI have my syslog filed with those segfaults21:45
gnomefreakBUGabundo: do you get a backtrace worth a damn?21:47
BUGabundoI have apport crashing on it21:47
BUGabundoand there are at least two old bugs from ff 3.1 on LP21:48
gnomefreak3.5 3.6?21:48
BUGabundoI could send a new for 3.621:48
BUGabundobut daily doesn't have gdb21:48
gnomefreakno you cant, apport doesnt know 3.621:48
BUGabundognomefreak: please... do I look like I would use a stable version? you know me better then that21:48
gnomefreakfile it with 3.1-3.5 and it will mark it as a dup if it has one21:48
BUGabundoit just did21:49
gnomefreakstabe/unstable doesnt matter its what the official repos think21:49
BUGabundolet me click on a link on pidgin and reproduce it21:49
gnomefreakoh god not that one21:49
gnomefreakIIRC it didnt cause crash it just didnt open link. ok good wrong one21:50
BUGabundono no21:50
BUGabundothe link is opened21:50
gnomefreakBUGabundo: give me a link or 2 i will see if i can crash 3.621:50
BUGabundobut it just logs segfaults21:50
BUGabundoguess it losses the parent pid or something21:50
BUGabundohttp://google.com ?21:50
BUGabundonot all clicks fire it21:50
gnomefreakoh that is too easy21:50
* gnomefreak goes to try to make sure21:51
BUGabundoI could give you the shortest google link21:51
BUGabundoit happens once and then apport will not fire again for that app21:51
gnomefreakok i mere what do i need to click on21:51
BUGabundolet me try from gwibber21:51
gnomefreakBUGabundo: is it just when opening links posted? or can you get it to happen by typing in the link?21:52
=== fta_ is now known as fta
BUGabundofirefox is brought to foreground21:52
BUGabundolinks are opened21:52
BUGabundobut it logs a segfault21:52
BUGabundoand life goes on21:53
BUGabundoMay 17 15:45:08 blubug kernel: [ 8760.532786] firefox-3.6[31479]: segfault at 7f27ec1153e2 ip 00007f27efbf4f78 sp 00007fff1737e580 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f27efb7c000+168000]21:53
BUGabundohey fta21:54
BUGabundofta: discussing that 8 months old bug21:54
BUGabundowhere FF segfaults when pressing on links on other apps21:54
gnomefreakthat is a kernel bug not firefox. I got same thing on shutdown with the jaunty kernelbefore proposed kernel21:54
BUGabundoI took the ignore from apport blacklist21:54
BUGabundoand now I get them again21:55
gnomefreakand the 8760.* changes every crash?21:55
ftaBUGabundo, i created a bug upstream for that a long time ago, they ignored it :021:55
BUGabundoI know fta21:56
BUGabundoI'm cc to it21:56
BUGabundowant another?21:56
gnomefreakbug number?21:56
BUGabundopressing enter on FF awesome bar after a timeout21:56
BUGabundodoes nothing21:56
ftahm, you're not21:56
ftamozilla bug 47362921:57
ubottuMozilla bug 473629 in jemalloc "crash on exit in glibc memalign with jemalloc statically linked" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47362921:57
BUGabundoI need to hit the refresh icon :(21:57
* BUGabundo hates to use mouse21:57
BUGabundofta maybe another ...21:57
BUGabundoI remember that text from somewhere21:58
gnomefreakhow do i add myself to CC without typing a comment?22:00
gnomefreakthe box is checked22:00
ftaleave the text empty, don't touch anything except the Cc box, submit22:01
gnomefreakok thanks22:01
BUGabundoso it aint a kernel bug, right?22:01
BUGabundowhy do logs say so then?22:02
BUGabundognomefreak: you are not used to use bugzilaa?22:02
gnomefreakBUGabundo: it is more of a glibc bug by the comment on it since it is not touching jem....22:02
gnomefreakBUGabundo: i am just little thing s like that i dont nomrally do22:02
dkg0hey folks-- i've been getting segfaults with icedove (i know: it's debian, not ubuntu), and i've captured a bunch of coredumps.  but the backtraces i get from the coredumps are useless.22:15
dkg0they have a couple lines only and don't show me much detail22:15
dkg0but i suspect there's something about the way the package uses threads that means i'm not pulling the right info.22:16
dkg0do you have suggestions i can use to get useful info out of the coredumps?22:16
dkg0i'm reluctant to post them raw because they probably contain confidential info (passphrases and correspondence at least)22:17
dkg0any suggestions welcome.22:17
dkg0example single-line bt from gdb:22:17
dkg0#0  0xb7f1e424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()22:17
dkg0but this is prefixed with a bunch of lines like22:17
dkg0[New process 4349]22:18
dkg0the only extensions i have installed are Enigmail and Toggle Word Wrap22:18
* BUGabundo really likes to speak to him self22:19
BUGabundome fail! :\22:19
gnomefreakdkg0: are you getting "no symbols found" or something like that?22:20
dkg0hrm, yes: (no debugging symbols found)22:20
dkg0but i have icedove-dbg installed.22:20
gnomefreakdkg0: on ubuntu or debian?22:20
dkg0debian, but i think this advice should make sense for either.22:20
gnomefreakdkg0: there are alot more you need like pango and such22:20
gnomefreakdkg0: debian should have the list of debugging packages needed. i dont think it uses apport22:21
dkg0i don't see a pango-dbg or anything22:21
gnomefreakdkg0: it was example i dont have list handy or i would have wrote up the how to for tbird22:21
gnomefreakthe libs that are used for it should have -dbg22:22
dkg0gotcha.  i'll dig around there.22:22
gnomefreakpitti never did package apport for debian or use a ddebs repo so its hard for me to tell you off hand. but i would guess that the build-deps should give you an idea on som eof the -dbg packages22:23
gnomefreakor better yet the depends22:24
dkg0yup.  i can also see what's linked into an active process with "lsof -p $(pidof icedove-bin) | grep mem"22:24
dkg0gnomefreak: icedove-dbg contains /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin22:26
dkg0and when i do this:22:27
dkg0echo bt | gdb -c tmp/coredumps/core.4342 --symbols /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin22:27
dkg0it doesn't say "no symbols found" anymore.22:27
gnomefreakand it gives output of useful symbols?22:27
dkg0but the bt is still only one element in length22:27
dkg0i feel like the "[New Process NNNN]" lines are a clue that i'm looking at the wrong thing22:28
dkg0but i don't know how to get to the backtraces from thse other processes (or whatever they're indicating)22:28
* dkg0 feels very clumsy, stumbling around in the dark22:28
gnomefreakBUGabundo: see if you crash on this site http://lady.mail.ru  im not getting a crash22:29
BUGabundognomefreak: since I already have it22:30
BUGabundoapport won't fire so soon until I close both apps22:30
BUGabundobut the logs catch it22:30
BUGabundoso should apport log22:30
gnomefreakBUGabundo: use it without opening the link copy and paste it22:31
BUGabundoMay 18 22:30:32 blubug kernel: [ 6614.569740] firefox-3.6[23086]: segfault at 7f52ea016042 ip 00007f52edad9f78 sp 00007fff88a65930 error 4 in libc-2.9.so[7f52eda61000+168000]22:31
BUGabundofrom your link22:31
gnomefreakBUGabundo: sdee the #'s keep changing22:31
gnomefreakBUGabundo: what kernel are you on?22:31
ftaBUGabundo, is apport still active in karmic? i'm not sure, my /var/crash is empty, yet, i'm getting a few crashes.22:32
gnomefreakBUGabundo: try 2.6.28-12-generic #4322:32
gnomefreakfta: yes it is active22:32
BUGabundo!uname -a22:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about uname -a22:32
gnomefreaki just had greasmonkey crash today during update22:32
BUGabundoLinux blubug 2.6.30-5-generic #6-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 11 20:46:57 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:32
gnomefreakBUGabundo: try the one i gave above im betting crashes go away22:32
gnomefreakthis sob weants to crash peoples browser :(22:34
BUGabundogotta love pidgin crashes22:36
BUGabundorunning on gdb now22:37
BUGabundognomefreak: Linux blubug 2.6.30-5-generic #6-Ubuntu SMP Mon May 11 20:46:57 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:37
gnomefreak2.6.30 gave me a buntch of issues not one is the crashing but it was as well as 2.6.28-11.42 were causing those errors on shutdown so i boot up to 2.6.28-11.43 and all is fixed please try that kenrel see if it helps22:39
dkg0hum, looks like echoing bt into gdb isn't useful.22:43
dkg0if i do gdb -c core.1787 --symbols /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin22:43
dkg0and then run bt within that22:43
dkg0i do see a 6-item backtrace22:44
dkg0but most are ?? .22:44
dkg0last two lines are:22:44
dkg0#5  0x0805799e in nsProfileLock::FatalSignalHandler (signo=-1210036236) at nsProfileLock.cpp:20622:44
dkg0Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC22:44
gnomefreakdkg0: new profile help? just asking22:44
dkg0new icedove profile you mean?22:45
dkg0the crash usually happens after icedove has been running for several days22:46
asacdkg0: do you have icedove-dbg installed?22:46
dkg0i can't really afford to run a new profile for that long with real activity.22:46
dkg0i do.22:46
gnomefreaki figured it wouldnt help but i didnt know the several days uptime22:47
asacdkg0: that means the backtrace is corruped .. .though i would try to use /usr/lib/icedove/run-mozilla.sh /usr/bin/gdb -c core...22:48
asacdkg0: if you can reproduce start icedove like: icedove -g22:48
Sevenhillasac: hello22:49
dkg0re: timing: i always have icedove open, and rarely quit it.  since the beginning of April, i've been collecting coredumps, and i have 8 coredumps to review.22:49
Sevenhillasac: are you the one who is responsible to wpasupplicant ?22:50
asacSevenhill: more network manager, but whats the prob?22:50
asacdkg0: yeah. then try the command i gave22:50
dkg0asac: i tried "/usr/lib/icedove/run-mozilla.sh /usr/bin/gdb -c core.1787  --symbol /usr/lib/debug/usr/lib/icedove/icedove-bin", and it did the same thing.22:50
SevenhillThe current version of wpasupplicant has some problems about connection22:50
dkg0i'll try it against my other coredumps22:51
asacthat should work without --symbol afaict22:51
asacyeah ... coredumps are often corrupted22:51
Sevenhilli couldn't connect lastest version of it with plasma-widget-networkmanager/managment (i'm not sure about its name )22:51
asacSevenhill: define latest version22:51
Sevenhillby the way i'm using kubuntu9.1022:51
asacSevenhill: chipset/driver?22:52
Sevenhillhow can i check ?22:52
dkg0asac: every coredump looks the same under that command.22:52
Sevenhill01:04.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)22:52
dkg0#0 is __kernel_vsyscall()22:53
dkg0#1->#4 are all ??()22:53
dkg0#5  0x0805799e in nsProfileLock::FatalSignalHandler (signo=-1210306572) at nsProfileLock.cpp:20622:53
dkg0Backtrace stopped: frame did not save the PC22:53
Sevenhillasac:  the definition of lastest version of wpasupplicant  0.6.9-222:54
dkg0asac: are you suggesting that i should run icedove with the -g flag for some reason?  what does that do?22:55
asacSevenhill: how are the symptoms?22:55
Sevenhillasac: but i had downgraded it to 0.6.4-322:55
asacSevenhill: have you tried to boot into the old jaunty kernel?22:55
dkg0(no man page, and --help doesn't explain it) :(22:55
asacSevenhill: that helped?22:55
Sevenhillnow i'm connected :)22:55
Sevenhillbut that is not the only thing i did22:56
asacdkg0: -g runs idedove in the debugger22:56
Sevenhilli also downgraded the plasma-widget-networkmanager/management22:56
dkg0meaning that i'd just have a gdb process open during my long-running icedove session?22:56
asacSevenhill: ok ... so try upgrading wpasupp again22:56
Sevenhilli installed this files :22:57
dkg0so if icedove crashes, i'll have an active gdb to inspect?22:57
Sevenhillplasma-widget-networkmanagement_0.1~svn951801-1_i386.deb  wpasupplicant_0.6.4-3_i386.deb22:57
asacSevenhill: yeah. upgrade wpasupp again22:57
asacbut keep plasma22:57
asacat the old version22:57
asacdkg0: right22:57
Sevenhillok but i need to restart after i upgrade to test22:57
asacdkg0: thats why i asked if you can reproduce22:57
Sevenhillwill you be here ?22:57
asacSevenhill: unless that takes > 40 minutes ;)22:57
Sevenhill:) no it will take only 2 min :)22:58
Sevenhilli don't have a 486dx :D22:58
dkg0asac: it's not reproducible in the sense of "i do X, then Y, then Z"  but it's reproducible in the sense that i haven't been able to run icedove for > 7 days straight.22:58
dkg0so i'll see what i can get.22:58
asacdkg0: hmm. ok. gdb probably will make it slower22:58
asacbut well22:58
asacif that helps its worth it i guess22:59
dkg0urg, it's *way* slower.  it hasn't even spawned a window yet.22:59
dkg0and i launched it 2 minutes ago.22:59
asacstartup is slow22:59
SevenhillPreparing to replace wpasupplicant 0.6.4-3 (using .../wpasupplicant_0.6.9-2_i386.deb) ...22:59
asacbut once thats done its ok22:59
asacat least here ;)22:59
Sevenhillnow i will restart and try to come back22:59
dkg0i'm on a netbook :(22:59
dkg0any reason i should keep around these old coredumps then?23:00
asacSevenhill: you dont need to restart23:00
BUGabundobrb reconnecting 3G modem23:00
asacthis bluetooth is annoying for sure ...23:00
asacwonder how crappy things can be ;)23:00
asacdtchen: whats up with bt in jaunty pulse ... big problems?23:01
asacor am i just too dump ;)23:01
asaci guess that means i am ;)23:01
micahgasac: any plans to backport ubufox?23:02
gnomefreakmicahg: thanks for the bug help :) i cleaned up a few you might have been working on23:03
gnomefreakBUGabundo1: kernel change things?23:04
micahggnomefreak: I noticed :), thanks23:04
dkg0so i'm now running icedove under gdb, thanks, asac.23:04
* gnomefreak here way too late23:04
dkg0if it crashes, i'll ask it for a bt.23:04
micahggnomefreak: what tz are you in?23:04
dkg0any other pointers in case this happens?23:04
gnomefreak-0400 i think now23:05
micahgwhy is this late then?23:05
gnomefreakeast US23:05
gnomefreakfor me its late to be online23:05
BUGabundo1gnomefreak: ah?23:05
asacmicahg: backporting which ubufox to where?23:06
micahgintrepid or hardy23:06
asacmicahg: is that a request?23:07
asace.g. by a bug?23:07
micahgwell, when troubleshooting "FF" issues, the different distro versions have different versions of ubufox to assist23:07
asacbut yeah ... should be rather trivial23:07
micahgand it's a little harder to troubleshoot23:07
micahgespecially flash and choosing the right plugin23:07
asacright ... thats available sine intrepid23:08
asacwe probably wont get proper descriptions for those packages that dont have them though23:08
micahgbut that we can solve in karmic or maybe jaunty23:08
asacif there are bugs about that, you can just close them as fixed in jaunty23:08
micahgI'm more concerned with the ability to choose plugins than their descr though23:09
asacmicahg: jaunty is released ;) ... but afaik most "missing description" issues should be fixed23:09
asacso if they report that against jaunty, we want to know ;)23:09
asacso we can fix that in karmic23:09
asacso seems Sevenhill couldnt connect with wpasupplicant updated23:10
asachopefully the issues are not too devastating ;)23:10
micahgwanted to ask you about bug 27201023:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 272010 in totem "Some plugins lack proper ubufox integration (Was: confusing plugin selection dialog)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/27201023:10
micahgthere was a flash bug as well, but this one seemed to deal with java23:10
micahgshould I merge in?23:10
micahgor is it fixed?23:10
asacmicahg: yes, thats the bug for the "missing description" i talked above23:10
asacmicahg: java was one of the package set that didnt have all the meta data required in intrepid23:11
asacso thats why i filed that bug23:11
asacso seems sun-java6/5 still isnt fixed ... hmm. too bad23:11
asacmaybe doko just forget to close that bug though23:11
micahglooks like it's solved23:12
micahgI just checked in jaunty23:12
micahgI get descriptions for all three flash players23:12
asacfta: in the past apport wasnt eneabled in the first few weeks, when heavy transitions were going on ... maybe its the case at the moment as well23:12
asacmicahg: yes, flash is definitly solved23:13
ftaasac, i know, that's why i asked23:13
asacmicahg: there is a bug left for flashplugin-nonfree though ... but thats a different one.23:13
asacfta: ah. ok ... ;)23:13
micahgasac, sun-java6 isn't fixed23:13
micahgin jaunty23:13
asacmicahg: yeah. thats expected then23:13
asaci guess i need to kick doko ... or upload on my own23:13
micahgI have to go close a whole bunch of bugs for the hugday tonight23:14
micahgthe ones I"m already working on23:14
micahgso people can focus on untouched stuff23:14
asacmicahg: can you paste a dpkg -L of the sun-java6 plugin package?23:15
asacmicahg: nevermind23:15
asaci have it23:15
micahgI was going to say, you can see that on packages.ubuntu.com :(23:16
asacall plugins have that23:17
asactoo bad23:17
asacguess we might want to check whether we can just rename the .so so it has a different filename than the java5 package23:17
asacwelcome back ;)23:18
asacseems you had issues23:18
Sevenhill:) yep23:18
Sevenhilli found the murderer23:19
asacSevenhill: you dont need to reboot to just restar wpasupp23:19
asacyou can just do a sudo killall wpa-supplicant23:19
Sevenhillthe plasma-widget-networkmanager23:19
asacyeah thats what i guessed ;)23:19
asacSevenhill: what do you get in syslog when you try to connect?23:19
asac(and it fails)23:19
Sevenhilli don't check it23:19
Sevenhillbut if is it logged under /var/log i can check it23:20
asacSevenhill: yes its in /var/log23:20
Sevenhill2 sec23:21
Sevenhillwhere can i upload this file ?23:23
=== BUGabundo1 is now known as BUGabundo
asacSevenhill: please copy the parts out and paste to paste.ubuntu.cokm23:23
BUGabundoSevenhill: want a UbuntuOne ? LOL23:23
SevenhillBUGabundo: :) no you miss understand me23:23
BUGabundoSevenhill: it was a joke23:24
Sevenhilli couldn't see upload file in paste.ubuntu.com23:24
BUGabundoeheh since you wanted to share a file23:24
Sevenhilli will just add neccesity parts23:25
Sevenhill2 sec23:25
asac... 4 minutes later  ...23:29
Sevenhillit is much longer than you think :)23:29
asactoo bad my laundry stuff is still wet ... i need to pack my bag soon :(23:29
asacSevenhill: what time?23:30
Sevenhill:) if i remember correct time  i can paste that time :)23:30
Sevenhillthats the why i  copied almost all :)23:31
asacok lets see23:31
asacSevenhill: what do you have in wpa_supplicant.log?23:33
Sevenhilland this is the correct connection after new widget and restart :http://paste.ubuntu.com/175238/23:33
asacSevenhill: how did you setup the connection in plasma network manager? maybe creating a new one helps?23:33
Sevenhillto test i delete whole .kde and recreate it23:34
asacSevenhill: so the one that worked was with same wpasupp, but with old knetworkmanager stuff?23:34
Sevenhillit still don't connect with new plasma-widget23:34
Sevenhillnow i'm connected with newest wpasupp but older widget23:35
asac00:33 < asac> Sevenhill: what do you have in wpa_supplicant.log?23:35
Sevenhillwpa_supplicant log only gives me the log after my restart23:36
Sevenhillso i need to ungzip the olderone23:36
Sevenhillcoming 2 sec23:38
asacwhat log is that?23:38
asacthe one the didnt work?23:38
asachow does the one that worked look?23:39
SevenhillTrying to associate with 00:18:fe:d0:f0:ed (SSID='Fatih-Yurtlar' freq=2417 MHz)23:39
SevenhillAssociated with 00:18:fe:d0:f0:ed23:39
SevenhillWPA: Key negotiation completed with 00:18:fe:d0:f0:ed [PTK=CCMP GTK=CCMP]23:39
SevenhillCTRL-EVENT-CONNECTED - Connection to 00:18:fe:d0:f0:ed completed (auth) [id=0 id_str=]23:39
asacSevenhill: it would be really important to be sure that both logs are from the same wpasupp version23:40
Sevenhillasac:  let me try another new thing23:40
asacone log uess TKIP23:40
Sevenhillcould you give me an url which has all versions of plasma-widget-networkmanager ?23:40
asacthe other CCMP23:41
asacas you can see23:41
asac!info plasma-widget-networkmanager23:41
ubottuPackage plasma-widget-networkmanager does not exist in jaunty23:41
asachow annyoing23:41
Sevenhillits name changed23:41
asac!info plasma-widget-network-manager23:41
ubottuplasma-widget-network-manager (source: plasma-widget-network-manager): KDE plasma applet for controlling NetworkManager. In component main, is optional. Version 0.0+svn930811-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 447 kB, installed size 1456 kB23:41
asacno link ;)23:41
asacannoying too23:41
Sevenhillbut this one is working one23:42
Sevenhillthe ubottu says old version23:42
Sevenhill0.0+svn930811-0ubuntu2 this is working23:42
Sevenhilland also this one is working too23:42
Sevenhill( 2sec )23:42
Sevenhillbut this one is not23:42
Sevenhill(2 sec )23:42
Sevenhillwhich means svn 951801  working but svn 966653 is not23:44
Sevenhilldo you know the svn url of this plasma widget ?23:45
asacyou mean 811?23:45
asacnot 801?23:45
mbanahi asac do you know where the default .fonts.conf is installed23:46
asacso this is the diff http://launchpadlibrarian.net/26783077/plasma-widget-network-manager_0.0%2Bsvn930811-0ubuntu2_0.0%2Bsvn966653-0ubuntu1.diff.gz23:46
asac50k ;)23:46
micahgmbana: locate .fonts.conf?23:46
Sevenhill:) then i need to check more newer version of plasma-widget-network-manager23:46
* BUGabundo s/locate/mlocate/23:46
Sevenhilli mean newer than  96665323:47
mbanathanks, but i've looking for the system version.23:47
mbanai don't tihnk it's called .fonts.conf ;)23:47
Sevenhillasac:  is that in kde trunk ?23:47
asacSevenhill: no thats the debdiff of the two packages23:51
asacyou can find that in the link above23:51
asacmbana: default .fonts.conf ... in what sense?23:51
Sevenhillasac: i mean where is the original project23:51
asacthe default font configs are in /etc/fonts/conf.d/23:51
asacand your use _can_ setup a $HOME/.fonts.conf23:52
asacbut you dont nee that file at all23:52
Sevenhillin kde tree or it is an external project ?23:52
asacSevenhill: no idea ;)23:52
asaci am not really kde ;)23:52
asachmm. cannot find it there23:53
Sevenhill:) you have to learn to live with it :)23:54
asacshould be in debian/copyright23:54
asacThis package was debianized by Anthony Mercatante <tonio@ubuntu.com> on23:54
asacMon, 19 Jan 2009 05:53:06 +0100.23:54
asacIt was downloaded from http://websvn.kde.org/trunk/playground/base/plasma/applets/networkmanager/23:54
asacyeah ...playground23:54
asacthat feels like it ;)23:54
asacok i have to iron a bit ... will look in a bit again23:55

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