hou5tonedbian:  thanks anyway ... I apprecaite the effort00:00
sagredohttp://pastebin.com/m3e62257f alright why can't I install openssh-server on the Live CD00:00
doyoxmy amarok won't play any songhow do i fix that?00:00
edbianhou5ton: NP00:00
FloridaVotersagredo: whats the problem more specifically00:00
SyphonSilentdo i video drivers or something?00:00
edbiandoyox: What type of song file?  Will it play anything at all?00:01
doyoxno, it doesn't play00:01
sagredoFloridaVoter what do you mean00:01
sagredoI can't install openssh-server00:01
sagredothat's a pretty significant problem00:01
doyoxbut still i can use rhytmbox00:01
ikoniasagredo: what's the issue ?00:02
edbiandoyox: rhythmbox will play the mp3 but not amarok?00:02
doyoxyes edbian00:02
edbianCan amaroke play other sound files?00:02
doyoxi haven't tried it yet00:02
FloridaVotersagredo: segmentation fault00:03
edbiandoyox: but rhythmbox can play mp3's?00:03
FloridaVoteris what that dpkg error 1 means00:03
doyoxyes edbian00:03
Dimitriiddoesn't amarok require xine?00:04
edbianyes it does00:04
theyetiAmarok can to play mp3 files and any other file that any of the other media players can play00:04
edbiandoyox: Do you have xine?00:04
flpwchWhat exactly is the process indicator-apple?00:04
theyetiJust for mp3 support you have to install libxine1-ffmpeg00:04
edbianthere ya go doyox00:04
doyoxthank you edbian00:05
edbianThank theyeti!00:05
sagredoikonia I cannot install openssh-server in the LiveCD00:05
FeasibilityStudySome guy was in here last night who said all sound worked fine, but Amarok would not play any sound..00:05
trbleI have made a partition with gparted, and i have mounted the drive how do i gain permissions to write on the partition ?00:05
flpwchFeasibilityStudy: that would have been a problem with phonon probably00:05
edbiantrble: Where did you mount the drive?00:05
FeasibilityStudyflpwch thats what I thought..He tried everything and couldnt get it working00:06
edbiantrble: Go to that dir in the terminal00:06
theyetiFeasibilityStudy: he probably had his pulse audio fubared or he didn't have any codecs installed.  Or what flpwch said00:06
trbleedbian:  i  in /dev/sda500:06
SyphonSilentwow my connection is insanely slow on ubuntu for some reason...00:06
SyphonSilent2kb/s download wtf00:06
edbiantrble: Where in your filesystem? /media/...00:06
=== Miranda is now known as Guest75321
flpwchFeasibilityStudy: odd, could have been alsa/etc. as well00:06
trbleedbian: i made it ext300:07
qcjnhi, i'm running an rsync, and it s stuck..??00:07
stepanstasI have a confusing issue.  Long story short, I was out of the country and someone broke my Ubuntu install.  I am running on a live cd (Kubuntu) right now.  I want to do a fresh install, but i want to recover the files from previous.  I can't see it in the browser.  Can anyone assist?00:07
doyoxsigning off..00:07
edbiantrble: yeah.  When you mount a partition you take all of it's files and place it in a folder in your / (root) filesystem00:07
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testbottuqcjn try to explain more what's happening?00:07
flpwchstepanstas: you open the file browser and can't find the file system?00:07
edbiantrble: This is usually done in /media00:07
* theyeti <3's flpwch. Every time I try to type a response he beats me by 5 seconds.00:08
qcjntestbottu, i ran it , to show progress, but now it s stuck at one file at 16 %00:08
Guest98622where can I find  lightest ubuntu installation vm ?00:08
trbleedbian:  well i mounted it, and i can view the  inside it, but i cannot write to it00:08
flpwchtheyeti: i'll let you answer if you tell me what indicator-apple is :300:08
qcjnok, the hd is filled00:08
stepanstasflpwch: I had 2 drives on my pc.  I can see one of them, but that was just a data drive.  I also see two more partitions which were attempted installs of Kubuntu.  But i cannot see the old Ubuntu partition.00:08
flpwchGuest98622: you can use unetbootin to make your own00:08
edbiantrble: So it shows up in "computer" correct?00:09
ikoniasagredo: have you tried removing the package from the cache directory and try re-getting it ?00:09
trbleedbian: yes it does00:09
stepanstasflpwch: my hopes are that it was not formated00:09
qcjntestbottu, the hd is filled , i made an error in my path00:09
testbottuqcjn: lol ok.. try to clear some HD space then :)00:09
flpwchstepanstas: so you tried installing kubuntu over the ubuntu?00:09
qcjntestbottu, it must had made a second directory00:09
edbiantrble: Go into it and then press the up arrow (not the back, the up)  Where do you land?00:09
destructionanyone available for media private chat help?00:09
testbottuqcjn:  :) hope you get it solved now00:09
sagredohttp://pastebin.com/m3e62257f alright why can't I install openssh-server on the Live CD00:10
ikoniadestruction: if you ask the channel, the channel will help00:10
ikoniasagredo: have you tried removing the package from the cache directory and try re-getting it ?00:10
trbleedbian: i land in /media00:10
sagredoikonia that won't do anything00:10
ikoniasagredo: why ?00:10
theyetiflpwch: I didn't want to answer anyway.  And ummmmmmm, it tells you some sort of indication?  Heck if I know.  it's an indicator applet but what it is indicating is beyond me00:10
stepanstasflpwch: when i was out of the country, someone tried to install Kubuntu over the Ubuntu.  They have not recovered the files thought, I am hoping I can do that.00:10
sagredoikonia I believe the issue lies in the fact that the OS is running off the CD, not off of memeory thus I'm not able to add new packages on the fly00:10
qcjntestbottu, i didn't put the ending /, that is what i think i should have put00:10
sagredodo you understand?00:10
edbiantrble: One of the folders in /media contains your new harddrive partition, which is it?00:10
ikoniasagredo: that's wrong00:10
destructionalright sounds good thanks00:10
sagredoikonia alright what do you want to try00:10
ikoniasagredo: you can add packages to the livecd session as it's stored in memory00:10
flpwchstepanstas: i'm going to assume you've lost the headers to the files00:10
trbleedbian:  i named it backup00:11
flpwchthey *might* still be there,00:11
sagredoikonia the cursor blinks at your command, what would you suggest?00:11
trbleedbian: so in the list its backup along with the others00:11
ikoniasagredo: there is a possability you may not have enough ram to uncompress/run it but that's very unlikley00:11
edbiantrble: Awesome! so /media/backup correct?  go to /media in a terminal.  Do you know how to do that?00:11
qcjntestbottu, cause the destination folder is /media/hdmusique   , and i've put it like that00:11
sagredoikonia this laptop has over a GByte00:11
ikoniasagredo: remove the package file from the cache directory and then re-get it00:11
flpwchif the install was canceled, you the drive is still written, sort of like when you empty the recycle bin the files still exist, stepanstas00:11
sagredoikonia apt-get purge?00:11
trbleedbian:  yes i know using cd command00:11
ikoniasagredo: no - manually remove the file00:12
edbiantrble: good00:12
trbleedbian:  im there00:12
sagredoikonia the .deb?00:12
edbiantrble: I'm going to give you a command but I'll explain it first00:12
destructionI am having problems after upgrading to jaunty with mp3 play back - i have the typical media codecs installed and the files will play in rythymbox but i still get a warning trying to find the correct play back during play of a file00:12
ikoniasagredo: var/cache/apt/archives/openssh-server_1%3a5.1p1-5ubuntu1_i386.deb00:12
trbleedbian:  thanks explaining it does help learning about it00:12
testbottuqcjn: yes i think you're right00:12
flpwchthere's software that recovers those files, but i can't think of the names. you might try googling for a live cd with some file recovery software.00:12
edbiansudo (give you root power) chown (changes the owner of a file) trble (you) /media/backup (the folder)00:12
flpwchthere is a chance, though stepanstas that its lost for good00:13
edbiantrble: So the whole thing is "sudo chown trble /media/backup"00:13
flpwchif the data was written over by the kubuntu install attempt00:13
qcjntestbottu, :(   that is what i was afraid, from the beginning....thanks00:13
testbottuqcjn: good luck00:13
trbleedbian:  thanks alot :)00:13
flpwchtheyeti: indicator-applet is being run by conky. i see now.00:13
qcjntestbottu, thanks00:13
flpwchim not a fan of that one bit.00:14
edbiantrble: NP!00:14
SyphonSilentguys i cant install xchat00:15
SyphonSilentI use the ./compile command00:15
SyphonSilentand then I write make00:15
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flpwchwhy are you compiling it SyphonSilent00:15
theyetiflpwch: Yea, only thing I could find from my google-fu was that it is an applet to indicate stuffs and things.  used by like pidgin and email programs and such.   And that some people reported that it tried to eat existance on their system00:15
SyphonSilentand it says no target specified and no makeilefound. stop.00:15
ikoniasagredo: that's not how you install xchat00:15
SyphonSilentsorry ./configure00:15
SyphonSilentnot compile sorry00:15
destructionI am having problems after upgrading to jaunty with mp3 play back - i have the typical media codecs installed and the files will play in rythymbox but i still get a warning trying to find the correct play back during play of a file - anyone??00:15
ikoniaSyphonSilent: open your package manager (synaptic) search for xchat then mark for install00:15
theyetiSyphonSilent: I assume that you are trying to do something funky with xchat else you would have just installed it from synaptic or aptitude?00:16
vixushey i'm trying to mount my SD card but I get "can't read superblock"00:16
ikoniaSyphonSilent: the ubuntu developers have built and packaged xchat for you00:16
SyphonSilentI dont know how to install lol, I download the tarball from the xchat site00:16
destructionsudo apt-get xchat00:16
theyetiIt's okay SyphonSilent. Keep fighting the power!00:16
SyphonSilenti didnt need to do that?00:16
ikoniadestruction: apt-get install xchat00:16
sagredoikonia Retuend the same error code as anticpated00:16
abhoriel<SyphonSilent>: sudo apt-get install xchat00:17
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sagredodestruction sudo apt-get install irssi00:17
ikoniasagredo: did you do an apt-get update first ?00:17
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sagredodestruction you'll thank me later00:17
destructionlol thanks00:17
sagredoikonia no00:17
destructionany help with the media codecs?00:17
ikonia#seaphor thats worth checking00:17
ikoniadestruction: ask your question00:17
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:17
brklynRednekhello all, having problems with my sound on a compaq c751nr00:17
ikoniasagredo: that's worth doing first00:17
ikoniasagredo: make sure your repo data is up to date00:17
sagredodestruction https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats00:17
sagredoikonia I just downloaded the LiveCD from the web...00:18
destructionok so i followed those steps00:18
destructionand i am still getting a search for codec prompt00:18
SyphonSilenthow do you open the package manager?00:18
ikoniasagredo: yes, so the repo data will have changed since it's been packages00:18
ikonia!synaptic > SyphonSilent00:18
ubottuSyphonSilent, please see my private message00:18
sagredoikonia and that would affect my being able to install openssh-server how?00:18
sagredoikonia no that didn't make a difference00:19
ikoniasagredo: if the package is out of date it may fail the unpack00:19
vixuscan anyone help me mount my sd card?00:19
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h3r3tichai, i need some help enabling the patented byte code interpreter for font rendering in jaunty. from what i've read this is normally done using dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig and dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config, yet these don't ask any questions as they should, even when using --force and -fgnome. any ideas?00:20
ikoniasagredo: this is ubuntu 9.04 ?00:20
sagredoikonia yes00:20
sagredoikonia LiveCD00:20
ikonia!info openssh-server00:20
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 278 kB, installed size 764 kB00:20
sagredoalls I need to do is get that sssd running00:21
sagredoand I'll be right as rain00:21
unoph3r3tic, try  dpkg-reconfigure -plow fontconfig fontconfig-config00:21
ikonia!info openssh-server00:21
ubottuopenssh-server (source: openssh): secure shell server, an rshd replacement. In component main, is optional. Version 1:5.1p1-5ubuntu1 (jaunty), package size 278 kB, installed size 764 kB00:21
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Guest91563for those of you that did not know.. you can install "gyach" for voice/vid compatible with yahoo's mail.00:21
toto24__hello.i have problems with the image of my screen in ubuntu. My video card is onboard. The photos are blue for example. In xp there is no such problem00:21
ikoniaversions match up ok00:21
destructionikonia: Mabey i am better off starting on a fresh install - i have never had this many issues with codecs, if i click search for codec in rythym box i loose all audio...00:22
sagredohttp://pastebin.com/m3e62257f what would be causing dpkg to fail to install openssh-server ??00:22
ikoniasagredo: I'm working it through00:22
sagredoikonia let me know if any lights turn on :)00:22
* sagredo is in the dark00:23
sagredoI'm using Windows Xp right now00:23
sagredoit's been at least 3 years00:23
ikoniasagredo: how where you doing the tests I was asking if you're using windows xP ?00:23
sagredoOperator I need an exit00:23
ewsubachanyone here use swatch for log monitoring?00:23
sagredoI fired up this machine to chat while troubueshooting00:24
ikoniasagredo: how where you doing the tests I asked00:24
sagredoI've been meaning to throw it to recyling00:24
sagredoikonia I have 2 machines00:24
sagredoa laptop running the live CD and a this one I'm talking on now00:24
Mxhello people00:25
sagredowhere are all the opers at00:25
sagredonoramlly there's a couple genius' around these parts00:25
ikoniasagredo: why ?00:25
Mxwho knows how to get zend frameworking working on 9.0400:25
=== osxdude__ is now known as osxdude
ikoniasagredo: can you please check if "sshd" is actually installed on your system please.00:26
MxI meant zend on 9.0400:26
ewsubachanyone here used swatch before??00:26
ikoniasagredo: no it's not, or no you can't check ?00:26
sagredoaccording to ps there's no sshd00:26
ikoniasagredo: I didn't ask if it was running00:26
ikoniasagredo: I asked if it was installed on your system00:26
sagredoikonia Nope no programs are autocompleteing with tab00:27
ikoniasagredo: that just checks the path00:27
ikoniasagredo: please do "sudo find / -name sshd -print 2>/dev/null"00:27
ikoniasagredo: it will take a few minutes, but worth checking00:27
ikoniasagredo: the error message is contradicting it's self00:27
sagredoikonia locate is normally a much faster command00:28
ikoniasagredo: locate only checks pre-defined paths00:28
vixusupdatedb first then00:28
ikoniasagredo: hence why I'm giving you specific commands00:28
sagredoikonia that returned nothing00:28
ikoniasagredo: it can't have run that fast00:28
sagredoikonia my cursor is blinking00:28
sagredoit's a 60GB disk00:29
ikoniasagredo: your running from the livecd00:29
ikoniasagredo: the disk size has nothing to do with it00:29
ikoniasagredo: hence how I KNOW it can't have completed that quick00:29
lakotajamesI'm trying to install e17, and failing miserably.  I've got the http://debian.alphagemini.org/ repo, but it will not let me install because dependencies aren't met.  But the dependencies are also in the repo, but they can't be installed because of more dependencies.  Most of them are each other.  Is there an easier way to do it than using that repo?00:29
sagredoikonia nice, let's get working towards a solution here then00:29
ikoniasagredo: I am working towards a solution with you00:30
sagredoI think I'm just going to tranfer myself source00:30
mibbsyi'm trying to call a url in firefox remotely from a different user, and seems i'm doing something wrong. i'm using this command: sudo  sudo -H -u username firefox -remote= openurl 'http://the.url' --display=:0.000:30
ikonialakotajames: I'd be the dependencies conflict with the installed ubuntu ones00:30
=== cabrey_ is now known as cabrey
ikonialakotajames: "I'd bet" sorry00:30
mibbsyit tries to open a new instance instead of opening the url in the already opened browser. what am i doing wrong?00:30
lakotajames ikonia:  So how do I go about fixing it?  is there a guide to installing e17 somewhere?  I've found some but they are pretty outdated, it seems/00:31
trey__When you install a package through aptitude, is the source download as well, or do you have to get that elsewhere?00:31
cabreytrey__, use apt-get source package_name00:31
ikoniatrey__: just the binary00:31
vixusso i take it no one reads sd cards on ubuntu :P00:31
cabreytrey__, that's to download the source code of a package00:31
sagredovixus I have yet to :(00:31
ikoniavixus: I have one in my laptop00:31
vixusikonia: same here, but it refuses to work since upgrading to jaunty00:32
trey__ok, when you do apt-get source *****, where does it download the source to?00:32
cabreyvixus, i also use sd cards00:32
cabreytrey__, to the current working directory00:32
ikoniavixus: what's the problem ?00:32
trey__ah thanks00:32
trey__i'm used to freebsd00:32
vixusikonia, on attempting to mount I simply get "can't read superblock"00:32
mibbsyvixus, still on LTS on my laptop here. which works well *knocks on wood*00:33
cabreytrey__, i have always loved the ports system ;), but offtopic for here00:33
ikoniavixus: what file system is on it, and what mount command are you using00:33
trey__anyone use dwm?00:33
vixusikonia: fat16, so I use sudo mount -t vfat /dev/mmcblk0 /media/sd00:33
vixusI have an fstab entry setup too, but that results in the same thing obviously00:33
mibbsywhat's in dmesg | tail?00:34
vixusvarious block I/O errors.. I'd have to boot back into ubuntu to give you the exact details00:34
cabreyvixus, i would use at least fat32, if not ntfs00:35
cabreyvixus, that might be one of the issues00:35
vixuswhat's the type for fat32? (tried ntfs -- no luck)00:35
vixusi thought vfat covered both00:35
cabreyvixus, well i meant format the card to fat3200:36
mibbsyvixus, the same card works on the same hardware on a different OS?00:36
vixushmm, i tried a format with mkdosfs, but I got an error for that too..00:36
Tigerboystrange thing with networkmanager on a 9.04 workstation after a recent update it failed.  Just ran sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager start which started it but still failed then went to the networkmanger icon and was able to get set auto and get it back working00:36
vixusand then when i did parted -l, I got "/dev/mmcblk0 bad device label"00:37
cweilemaHas anyone ever tried to lock an xsession over ssh?00:37
h3r3ticunop: thanks for the suggestion, though it didn't work. it updated some configs, cleaned up some others, regenerated the fontconfig cache and quit without asking me for hinting options00:38
unoph3r3tic, then it appears that these two packages have no debconf questions00:39
vixusmibbsy, something to do with modules I'm missing out on?00:39
mibbsycweilema: not really, but should be something for dbus/dcop?00:40
h3r3ticunop: thing is, folks on the internets give instructions on how to answer their questions to enable the patented bytecode interpreter xD00:40
h3r3tici'm hacking fonts.conf but it doesn't seem to help00:41
cweilemamibbsy: Word.  Never heard of those but I'll goog it. Im trying to get two independent xsessions linked via synergy to lock at the same ti00:41
mibbsyvixus: i'm not sure since i haven't tried jaunty yet, but the "bad device label" msg could be a hint00:41
vixusmibbsy: What might it mean? It only appears if my SD card is inserted..00:41
=== Martineo_ is now known as Martineo
unoph3r3tic, these folk working on ubuntu and have the same version of fontconfig as you?00:42
h3r3ticthey don't mention :<00:42
getxsickhi, how to get gtk to looks similar to gtk2?00:42
h3r3tici'm beginning to think that the freetype in jaunty doesn't have the patented byte code interpreter enabled00:42
sagredoikonia what do you got00:43
sagredoikonia I'm tyring to compile from source00:43
h3r3tici guess i could recompile freetype and hope for the best ;)00:43
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
mibbsyvixus: my google-fu is no match for this secret block device technique - can you actually access the card from another OS on the same hardware?00:45
Hasanibrahimhello,  am usnig notebook and display (monitor) is now looking a bit at right00:46
Hasanibrahimhow can i fix this00:46
Hasanibrahimis there anybody here ?00:47
Hasanibrahimplease help :(00:47
vixusmibbsy: If I'm honest, no... even my WinXP install isn't working with it.. not sure why though, it was working before plus it's built in. Tried installing the proprietary drivers on WinXP but then it wouldn't boot anymore.00:47
mibbsyalso, has anyone an idea what could be going wrong with my attempt to open a URL in firefox run as a different user? sudo -H -u username firefox -remote= openurl 'http://the.url' --display=:0.0 tries to open a new firefox instance, while the same command (sans sudo) run from a shell run as the user FF runs under, it works00:47
cabreymibbsy, use gksu for graphical applications00:48
redorangewhenever i  start my pc it asks my wireless' password  even i have saved the password00:48
coopihey, i have a samba server running and sometimes the whole pc freezes when i delete files on it... anyone know?00:48
mibbsyvixus: tried reformatting it from XP yet? and yeah as someone said earlier, try fat3200:48
vixusmibbsy, the device won't run.. I get a Code 10 error in device manager. Like I said, when I installed the relevant drivers, Windows wouldn't boot anymore :/00:49
rcrcmibbsy: try adding -no-remote00:50
vixusmibbsy: That's why I was hoping Ubuntu could do it..00:50
unopmibbsy, why would you ever want to run firefox as the superuser anyway?00:50
vixusunop, he wants to run it as ANOTHER user, not necessarily su.00:51
unopvixus, oh, my bad .. btw, su can run commands as other users too not necessarily root.00:52
lakotajamesWhat repo should I be using for e17?00:52
cabreylakotajames, i don't think e17 is in the repos00:53
Flannellakotajames: e17 isn't stable yet, so its not in the repos00:53
cabreylakotajames, a PPA might host it tho00:53
=== ubuntu is now known as duler
=== duler is now known as ruler
mibbsyunop: exactly, i want to call an url in an already open instance of FF running under a different user00:53
redorangewhat should i make to save my wireless password00:53
speedboyi was just installing something in synaptic when my laptop powered down all of a sudden. now i get an error when i want to use apt-get (http://pastebin.ca/1459425)00:54
lakotajamescabrey: Oh, sorry, I'm not good with terminology.  What PPA should I be using?00:54
rulerwhat type of virus may affect ubuntu00:54
redorangeevery time it asks00:54
vixusgrr. grr. grr. what's happened to this damn sd reader?00:54
unopmibbsy, my guess is the -remote option only works on firefox processes running as the same user.00:54
cabreylakotajames, you'll have to search for it, there are tons of PPA's00:54
mibbsycabrey: i've just tried the same using gksudo, getting cannot open display: :0.000:54
lakotajamescabrey: I can't find one on the enlightenment site00:54
cabreylakotajames, btw:00:54
Daraelruler: there are very few viruses that can affect Linux-based or other unix-like operating systems00:54
cabrey!ppa | lakotajames00:54
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:54
ubottulakotajames: With Launchpad's Personal Package Archives (PPA), you can build and publish binary Ubuntu packages for multiple architectures simply by uploading an Ubuntu source package to Launchpad. See https://help.launchpad.net/PPAQuickStart.00:54
unopmibbsy, i'm not sure tho - you could find a firefox channel (on irc.mozilla.org) and ask the folk there00:54
vixusmibbsy: uh, ok.. it seems the problem is with a single sd card.. windows xp mounts another one fine :|00:55
Flannelmibbsy: use sudo (with -u)00:55
think_linuxhow can i restart ubuntu without rebooting please?00:55
mibbsyunop: that's why i'm trying sudo/su to run the firefox -remote command as the target user00:55
rulerdareal: how can i prevent ubuntu from  those00:55
StormWingedhi guys... does anybody know a better version of logwatch? i want a real time monitor :P00:55
StormWingedi mean... other tool than logwatch00:56
gartralhow do I play a cd (audio) from the terminal00:56
vixusmibbsy: Ok, windows has got itself in gear and is loading both sd cards.. back to being an ubuntu issue :p00:56
mibbsyvixus: i've had spontaneous flash memory death happen before. it was puzzling.00:56
shipitkthxi'm decoding a bunch of FLAC files to wav using "FLAC -d *.flac", whenever I do this any other program i'm running basically becomes useless, my conky scripts on my desktop show FLAC only taking up 6-25% of CPU and almost no memory, this also happens if i'm using LAME to encode them, this is on Jaunty desktop btw00:56
shipitkthxany ideas?00:56
cabreylakotajames, hmm can't seem to find a e17 ppa myself, but i know there are derivative distros with e1700:56
VCooliolakotajames: here is a howto I used on Jaunty, works fine; http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=916690&highlight=howto+install+enlightenment also check the OzOs site00:56
kados_Can someone give me insight to this issue : I am trying to access a tty sesssion using CTRL - ALT F1 - F6 and I get a black screen without any text. Just completely black. What do you think the cause would be?00:56
rulerhow can i run c program in ubuntu i have indtall gcc00:57
lakotajamesVCoolio:  Thanks00:57
Daraelruler: well, since there's a firewall built in, just obey a few simple rules: don't install randon apps from the web as opposed to a repo unless you really trust the source,  run only what you must as root (ie with sudo) and never run an app in wine with sudo.  That's about it00:57
think_linuxhelo guys,how can i restart ubuntu without rebooting please?00:57
ldleworkHow can I find out what my parition landscape looks like for my laptop's drive? I have Ubuntu dualbooting with Windows and I need to know the extact layout and names for the partitions.00:57
gartralthink_linux: what is it that you need too restart?00:58
mibbsythink_linux: you mean the GUI?00:58
jeremiah__how do i erase ubuntu00:58
Flannelldlework: `sudo fdisk -l` (thats an L)00:58
Polarinajeremiah__: dd00:58
ldleworkHey thanks for the quick response.00:58
Flanneljeremiah__: What are you going to do with the space Ubuntu is currently using?00:58
think_linuxgartral,  mibbsy, i heard u could update it without rebooting00:58
jeremiah__i have ubuntu on laptop00:58
jeremiah__keeping that00:58
cabreythink_linux, just update & you're done00:58
jeremiah__but putting windows on desktop00:58
cabreythink_linux, well loging out and back in would actually help00:59
gartral!init.d | think_linux00:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about init.d00:59
think_linuxgartral,  mibbsy, for example i made some change in some config files, they asked me to reboot, but i know i dont have to00:59
kinseijeremiah if you need to install windows just put the windows installation disk in, reboot, and follow the menus00:59
mibbsyunop: i'll try asking the ff people. but i think it's an issue with the way sudo/sudo handles passing the command to the other user's shell. i just can't wrap  my head around it00:59
ubottuPLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.00:59
AnRkeyhow can i check if a partition is a primary partition?01:00
think_linuxgartral,  i made some researches, and i got this" sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart", what do u think?01:00
Flanneljeremiah__: Just run the windows installer, it'll overwrite linux01:00
cabreythink_linux, that restarts X, which is the graphical system01:00
jeremiah__its not booting from the cd01:00
jeremiah__i changed it in bios but itsnot working01:00
theyetithink_linux: If your trying to restart gdm just logout and log back in.  Or hit Ctrl+Alt+Backspace01:00
gartralthink_linux: run it, and your gnome will restart, bringing you too your login screen again (the alternative i alt-sys rq (prnt scrn)-k01:01
think_linuxgartral,  cabrey, thank you guys01:01
StormWingedsomeone work with conky? i want to add /var/log/messages in it01:01
mibbsythink_linux: you need to restart pretty much never except for a kernel upgrade. just restart the program/service you updated.01:01
AnRkeythink_linux, you might want to log out before running that command01:01
gartraltheyeti: ctlr-alt-back doesn't work in jaunty OOTB01:01
AnRkeythink_linux, run the command from a shell after you have logged out, it works fine01:01
AnRkeythink_linux, /etc/init.d/gdm restart01:02
gartralhow do I play a cd (audio) from the terminal01:02
think_linuxAnRkey, thanks i will :)01:02
cabreytheyeti, you can reenable ctrl-alt-backspace tho :)01:02
theyetigrrrr, I hate it when keystroke combinations gets disabled01:02
sagredosomething seriously f'd happened with my ubuntu install01:02
ubottuTo re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.01:02
AnRkeythink_linux, u should only need a reboot for your kernel and low level stuff like that01:02
sagredohow can I mount a HD01:03
AnRkeyhow can i check if a partition is a primary partition?01:03
sagredoin the liveCD01:03
cweilemasorry all - disconnect - any additional thoughts on locking an xsession via ssh?01:03
think_linuxAnRkey, oh i see, but i dont undersand why they asked me to reboot after modifying a config file...01:03
StormWingedsagredo you mean HDD?01:03
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount01:03
sagredoStormWinged Yes HDD01:03
sagredoStormWinged My laptop totally just went kaput01:03
AnRkeythink_linux, what file was updated?01:03
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
sagredoand now I need to make all my data01:03
PolarinaWhat does Alt+SysRq+K do?01:03
sagredoand reformat01:03
cabreyPolarina, that restarts your system01:04
think_linuxAnRkey, some privoxy file..i dont think im supposed to say that01:04
AnRkeyPolarina, push it and let us know01:04
cabrey^ don't01:04
PolarinaOk, one moment.01:04
sagredowhat is SysKey01:04
theyetiPrntScr I think01:04
AnRkeythink_linux, just restart privoxy01:04
cabreysagredo, google Magic SysRq key01:04
think_linuxAnRkey, alright!!01:04
PolarinaAnRkey: Cool. :)01:04
gartralhow do I play a cd (audio) from the terminal01:04
sagredocabrey do you know how to mount an HDD from the liveCD?01:04
AnRkeyPolarina, what's it do?01:04
think_linuxAnRkey, thanks man01:04
sagredogardar mplayer01:04
=== jacob_ is now known as Guest46876
PolarinaAnRkey: It logs me out.01:05
cabreysagredo, use the mount command01:05
StormWingedsagredo:  you have to make a couple of things01:05
Daraelsagredo: it ought to show in places->removable media01:05
AnRkeyPolarina,  rofl, ok now we know01:05
StormWingedsagredo:  can i pm you?01:05
cabreysilly me, i said reboot01:05
sagredoyou gus01:06
sagredoand girls01:06
sagredoim starting to go nuts for real01:06
FloodBot2sagredo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:06
sagredowhat's holding up dpkg?01:06
jeremiah__is there a partition editor01:06
gartralsagredo: looking into it now01:07
sagredogartral thanks, let me know if you have any ideas01:07
cabreysagredo, i thought you were just asking about mount?01:07
sagredogartralI can't even boot into recovery console01:07
jeremiah__oops wrong window01:07
sagredoso I'm trying to install OpenSSH-server fomr a LiveCD01:07
sagredoto suck out my HD01:07
sagredoand perserve my data before a reformat01:07
StormWingedsagredo:  is a couple of things you have to make01:08
StormWingedi have to pm you to explain01:08
sagredoStormWinged woot :D01:08
gartralsagredo: i diengage01:08
gartralsagredo: i diengagedisengage01:08
sagredogartral 10 401:09
gartralhow do I play a cd (audio) from the terminal01:12
cabreygartral, you have to rip it first01:13
gartralcabrey: thats what im trying too do..01:14
cabreygartral, play is different from ripping01:15
gartralcabrey: and xmms2 *can* play from terminal... xmms2 addpls cdda://media/cdrom0 (or 1, in my case) will play the cd... but i want to play to a file.01:16
=== marko-_-- is now known as marko-_-
q0_0phow do i ICS through ad-hoc?01:16
cabreygartral, hmm thats interesting, but never have used xmms2. what do you mean 'play to a file'?01:16
q0_0pi have two wireless cards01:16
q0_0pone that has internet and the other does not01:17
chachindoes anyone know how to bring a services bot from 1 IRC server to another01:17
ChaorainI NEED TO recover data from an xfs partition. It got deleted when I reinstalled Ubuntu 9.04. Please HELP!01:17
gartralprogram > out.wav01:17
=== Vindemiatrix is now known as Vndmtrx
gartralcabrey: program > out.wav01:18
cabreygartral, why would it be in wav? and is it working?01:18
geirhagartral: man cdparanoia01:19
CodeWarhow do I control the default startup window size on a per application basis. On windows you could right click ->properties -> window size is there something similar01:19
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php01:19
gartralcabrey: I can aplay /path/to/foo.bar > foo.wav fine01:20
q0_0pwhat does the > mean ?01:21
cabreyq0_0p, it is a unix operator01:21
gartral!redirect > q0_0p01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about redirect01:21
geirhaq0_0p: I/O redirection of the shell01:21
gartral!redirectiob > q0_0p01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about redirectiob01:21
q0_0pfor example cat file.* > finaloutput.avi01:21
gartral!redirection > q0_0p01:21
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about redirection01:21
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:21
=== Vndmtrx is now known as Caeryn
cabreygartral, i was thinking you would want to use a cd ripping app that would just rip cds01:22
geirhaq0_0p: the advanced bash scripting guide has a chapter on it. http://tldp.org/guides.html01:22
q0_0pk thx01:22
gartralcabrey: no.. I want an untouched WAV for a base01:22
cabreygartral, for example, i just found ripit in the ubuntu repos01:22
cabreygartral, so then whats wrong with the current strategy?01:23
JangalI am running minimal ubuntu installation (from alternative install cd). I have set up jaunty installation sources. What packages do I have to install to get full ubuntu desktop?01:23
cabreyJangal, ubuntu-deskotp01:24
gartralcabrey: aplay refuses to play :)01:24
cabreyJangal, ubuntu-desktop*01:24
geirhagartral: Did you check cdparanoia?01:24
Jangalthere is no ubuntu-desktop in jaunty. I think01:25
cabreyJangal, have you tried? because there is :)01:25
Jangalor maybe is01:25
gartralgeirha: yea, reading its manual now, thanks you01:25
Jangalthank you!01:25
cabreyJangal, you realize that installing ubuntu-desktop will defeat the purpose of the minimal install?01:25
JangalI had minimal install only to setup drive encryption01:26
cabreyJangal, oh ok, just making sure :)01:26
SyphonSilentis installing beryl hard?01:26
gartralgeirha: looks like cdparinoia -B ./foo/ will work01:26
JangalHad some problems installing ubuntu desktop from installation itself\01:26
cabreySyphonSilent, it is built in and called compiz fusion now01:26
Jangalcabrey: thank you for your help! :)01:27
=== DukkaN is now known as ftp
cabreyJangal, np01:27
SyphonSilentHow do I enable compiz?01:27
cabreySylphid, System > Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects01:27
Chaorain!recover data01:28
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about recover data01:28
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:28
SyphonSilenthow do I make the cube thing?01:28
cachedwhat does it mean that lshw says that my cpu clock is 200MHz?01:28
quizmedoes anybody know how to install Flash on Wine ?01:29
cachedisn't that off by a factor of 10? or am i mistaken?01:29
q0_0pwine installer.exe01:29
liamo1what command do I use to create a link to a directory?01:29
cachedliamo1: ln -s01:29
cabreySyphonSilent, did you follow my instructions?01:29
cachedliamo1: (that creates a soft link)01:29
cabreyquizme, flash runs horribly in wine01:30
liamo1thanks cached01:30
cachedliamo1: I believe cp -s works as well01:30
cabreyquizme, but try winetricks01:30
q0_0pwine is a pain01:30
quizmecabrey what's wrong with it ?01:30
gartralcabrey: you can currtail that sentence too "Flash runs Horribly"01:30
cabreySyphonSilent, which one did you enable? normal, extra?01:30
cabreygartral, try01:30
cabreyquizme, it doesnt run well at all01:31
q0_0phow do i ls on a server seeing everything because it list too much things01:31
ubuntuhow can i cinvrt a video into different format01:31
q0_0pcan't scroll01:31
quizmecabrey what do you mean?01:31
cabreySyphonSilent, well i guess they didnt enable the cube in extra O.o, install simple-ccsm01:31
=== ftp is now known as https
cabreyquizme, just that, it doesn't run well01:31
gartralquizme: for me..flsh... just.. .*does NOT* run... Period.01:31
cabreyquizme, 4-5 fps, choppy01:31
SyphonSilentCabrey: what buttons trigger the cube though? alt tab?01:31
geirhaq0_0p: ls | less01:32
quizmecabrey do you ahve a fast comp ?01:32
cabreySyphonSilent, oh you didn't try? hold down ctrl-alt-mouse button one01:32
gartralSyphonSilent: ctrl+alt+left mouse01:32
gartralSyphonSilent: or press your scroll wheel.. if you have one01:32
cabreyquizme, it really doesnt matter how fast your computer is, it doesn't run well and this is known, but it is a netbook01:33
quizmecabrey: what is a netbook ?01:33
cabreyquizme, ~ 9" laptop01:33
SyphonSilenthmm ctr alt mouse 1 doesnt do anything01:33
quizmecabrey: oh01:33
SyphonSilentsame with middle wheel01:33
racecar56what is the latest radeon 9xxx to be supported with an open source driver01:33
cabreySyphonSilent, you have to hold then down all together and move the mouse01:34
SyphonSilentyeah Ive tried01:34
cabreyracecar56, full 3d support?01:34
SyphonSilentim trying to install simple ccsm now01:34
racecar56cabrey: yeah01:34
cabreyracecar56, 9200 series01:34
=== https is now known as Kick_Bruninho
Guest60812hi i guys i'm new with linux system and i wanna to know how to download programs using shell command ...?01:34
racecar56cabrey: :( i have 9200SE and i want something better without having to go with non-open source01:34
cabreyGuest60812, apt-get and aptitude01:35
cabreyracecar56, in my experience everything worked. whats wrong?01:35
racecar56cabrey: any other agp cards that you may know of that work with open source drivers + full 3D?01:35
=== Kick_Bruninho is now known as voadora
racecar56cabrey: blockland lags horribly on 9200SE01:35
trey__how can you set a wallpaper for an x session if you are using an alternative window manager such as dwm?01:36
cabreyracecar56, what is blockland?01:36
racecar56cabrey: some game01:36
cabreyracecar56, 3D?01:36
racecar56cabrey: yeah01:36
xbisonthi all01:36
=== Guest60812 is now known as root
cabreyracecar56, keep in mind your card is *old*01:36
racecar56cabrey: 200301:36
=== root is now known as Guest23558
racecar56cabrey: i need old support while not having terror lag01:37
=== Guest23558 is now known as noname
cabreyracecar56, is this linux native?01:37
=== noname is now known as Guest29555
Guest29555hi  guys i'm new with linux system and i wanna to know how to download programs using shell command ...?01:37
racecar56cabrey: no :{01:37
magciusIs there a way from dpkg to tell what package a file belongs to?01:37
geirha!apt | Guest2955501:37
ubottuGuest29555: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome) or !Adept (KDE)01:37
cabreyracecar56, thats another reason01:37
racecar56cabrey: i either have to use wine -or- use windows (sorry for offtopic)01:37
trey__any ideas for setting the desktop wallpaper in dwm?01:38
geirhamagcius: dpkg -S /path/to/file01:38
magciusgeirha, does the package have to be installed?01:38
cabreyGuest29555, i gave you an answer. do you need additional help?01:38
Guest29555ubottu : thanks bro ...i'm gunna chech the link01:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:38
=== john is now known as Guest67848
magciusgeirha, I'm looking for a generic something that will locate the package for this library I don't have.01:38
geirhamagcius: Yes, for uninstalled packages you can search at http://packages.ubuntu.com01:38
Guest29555ubottu : anyway thanks01:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about anyway thanks01:39
xbisontI have a nVidia GeForce Fx 5500 video card, which blinks from time to time (black screen and then displays whatever I'm using) but when try to see a video or play some game it spends most of the time in the black screen01:39
cabreyracecar56, wine is gonna be slower (but sometimes it is actually faster)01:39
magciusDamn... no results.01:39
q0_0pcould never get games running on wine01:39
racecar56cabrey: even though i like to use a certian addon which wine + the addon = crashy blockland01:39
=== Guest29555 is now known as noname
=== Caeryn is now known as Vndmtrx
racecar56cabrey: but it dosen't work with the current version yet :P so ill give wine a try01:40
iameliteGrub Question: how do i add a drive with windows, to the boot menu, if the windows partition is on the same drive?01:40
xbisonthave anyone had this problem and maybe a fix?01:40
=== noname is now known as Guest29500
magciusMy friend can't start OpenTTD without it.01:40
cabreymagcius, you need IBM’s ICU Unicode support library01:41
cabreymagcius, try installing libicu3801:43
trey__any ideas at all for setting a desktop wallpaper?01:43
|Chaorain|Guest29555, Ubottu is a computer.01:43
racecar56cabrey, im on linux now01:44
|Chaorain|oops sory01:44
cabreyracecar56, you can have different profiles for wine01:44
racecar56cabrey, k01:44
theyetiiamlite: did you ever get an answer to your question?01:44
=== Guest29500 is now known as noname
cabreyracecar56, like one wine dir for your game + another one for your addon01:44
racecar56cabrey, by the way im about to be officially be using ubuntu for a year01:45
racecar56cabrey, july 200801:45
racecar56cabrey, :D is right01:45
=== noname is now known as Guest73772
=== Guest73772 is now known as psy
cabreypsy, pick a name and register it01:45
racecar56cabrey, plus, i WISH blockland was linux-native, there is a winblows and mac version and thats it D:01:45
cabreyracecar56, wine is getting better all the time. new versions are released on average every 3 weeks01:46
racecar56cabrey, yeah, it sure is01:46
racecar56cabrey, i wonder how bad 1.0.1 is :P01:46
racecar56cabrey, it came out quite a while ago01:46
quizmei want to install windows xp on my other partition, do i need to reformat my other partition or repartition my HD ?01:47
cabreyracecar56, i never use wine stable01:47
racecar56cabrey, same01:47
racecar56cabrey, i'm on the development versions all the time01:47
racecar56cabrey, i'm NEVER going to use stable again01:47
cabreyquizme, just install xp on it, windows will format it01:47
psyhey guys can somone tell me how to download using cmd ?01:47
cabreypsy, apt-get & aptitude01:47
quizmecabrey: will it wipe out my linux ?01:47
cabreypsy, wget for downloading files01:47
=== ubuntu is now known as siva
racecar56cabrey, =_= still installing01:48
racecar56cabrey, i thought the download was long01:48
cowgardencan I hide/unhide desktop-icons by a shortcut/command?01:48
psythank you cabrey01:48
racecar56cabrey, tada01:48
sivahow can i convert different type of video &audio files into different format01:48
cabreyquizme, not if you select the right partition for xp to go on01:48
cabreysiva, ffmpeg01:48
quizmecabrey ok01:48
cabreycowgarden, what icons?01:48
cowgardencabrey, I want to hide/unhide all the stuff on my desktop01:49
cabreycowgarden, you can disable the desktop completely01:49
cowgardencabrey, by a command?01:49
cabreycowgarden, using gconf-editor01:49
cowgardencabrey, yes, but than I cant toggle with a hotkey01:50
racecar56cabrey, yuck its kind of laggy01:50
sivaany software to put password for particular folder01:50
racecar56cabrey, but better than winblows01:50
cowgardensiva, really secure?01:50
racecar56cabrey, i set all quality to medium and it acts pretty nice01:50
cabreysiva, right click -> encrypr01:50
racecar56cabrey, resolution 1024x768 =_= and i have a 1680x1050 monitor01:51
cowgardensiva, use truecrypt. oh ok. cabrey might be right too01:51
cabreyracecar56, well thats good01:51
racecar56cabrey, it's better than 640x480 :P01:51
SteveHillI am running Jaunty on an HP DV6000 laptop.  About 2 revs back, the volume/mute buttons stopped working.  When I use the buttons, I get a little pop-up, but no changes in sound.  I CAN adjust with Volume Applet 2.26.1 but I'd like to have the physical control.  Any idea how I can effect it?01:52
cabrey!pm > siva01:52
ubottusiva, please see my private message01:52
racecar56cabrey, btw it really dosen't look too bad either in spite of trading quality for speed01:52
cabreyracecar56, it usually doesn't, but the crazy gamers want everything up high01:52
geirhacowgarden: gconftool-2 /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop -t bool -s false01:53
cabrey^ that works too01:53
racecar56cabrey, yay it dosent lag when i go out the window in the tall (well not really, my avi is small as always :P) grass01:53
cowgardengeirha, thank you very much!01:53
racecar56cabrey, actually it does =( ah well its better than windows01:54
=== faldo is now known as Kkobain
hacker07hey I have a question. What are the dangers of running as root as a normal user01:54
Flannelhacker07: What do you mean?01:54
hacker07if I am running as root all the time is it bad?01:54
cabreyhacker07, damage to your system & systemwide malicious software01:55
Flannelhacker07: It is bad.  You shouldn't be doing it.01:55
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)01:55
cabreyhacker07, why do you need it?01:55
Flannelhacker07: because anything that gets executed by you can affect the whole system01:55
racecar56cabrey, it crashes my login when i set alll quality to low to see if it gets faster01:56
SteveHillHacker07: You can do some REALLY bad things as root, and if you connect over a network there is a slight possibility that someone else can do bad things for you.01:56
hacker07Idk I am using backtrack 4 which is based off of ubuntu 8.10 and I am using root on it because it is the default user01:56
cabreyracecar56, major bug, submit a bug report to wine or go to #winehq01:56
Flannelhacker07: The default Ubuntu user isn't root.  ubuntu doesn't even use the root account.01:56
Flannelhacker07: so the backtrack 4 people must've really screwed something up01:56
cabreyhacker07, that is a security system distro01:57
hacker07backtrack is a security distro01:57
cabreyFlannel, no its designed that way, but its only a live cd01:57
hacker07I am running root right now but this irc client is not... so am I doing something safe01:57
SteveHillIs backtrack used for forensics, hacker07?01:57
hacker07yeah and other pentesting stuff01:58
cabreyhacker07, but why do you insist on using root in ubuntu?01:58
hacker07i do not. I am not using ubuntu01:58
cabreyhacker07, this is a ubuntu support channel01:58
hacker07I know but I use ubuntu A LOT01:58
Lucifer_Catquestion: How do i make ubuntu ask me to select a user and enter password on startup? right now it logs me in automatically as user 1. but what if i want to log in as user 201:58
=== Vindemiatrix is now known as Vndmtrx
cabreyLucifer_Cat, System > Administration > Login Window01:59
Lucifer_Catcabrey: any way to do it via command line? my desktop environment is blown apparently01:59
cabreyLucifer_Cat, that sounds like the more pressing issue. what happened?02:00
Lucifer_Cati can only see the taskbar and icons like volume and date. nothing else comes up. no menus nothing02:00
BeatlesFanhi all02:00
hacker07just add the stuff back02:00
Lucifer_Cati mean i do get "preferences, about" and things like that when i rightclick but thats it02:00
cabreyLucifer_Cat, sounds like you removed the menu, you can add it back02:00
Lucifer_Cathacker07: cabrey: how?02:01
hacker07can you right click on the docks02:01
cabreyLucifer_Cat, right click -> Add to panel02:01
Lucifer_Catthe main problem was, i switched from the "netbook environment" to the regular desktop. it worked fine at first, then things went to hell02:01
Lucifer_Catcab. hmm lemme try that. i ignored that option02:01
fennngany calendar program under  console? better can import google calendar.02:01
cabrey!tab | Lucifer_Cat02:02
ubottuLucifer_Cat: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:02
dsdeizhow does ubuntu handle its sessions?02:03
Lucifer_Catthere is no add to panel option. theres only "preferences, about, remove from panel, move and lock to panel"02:03
cabreyLucifer_Cat, right click on open space, not an icon02:03
SteveHillhacker07: what do you use the for?  Work or play?02:03
hacker07use the for?02:03
cabreydsdeiz, what do you mean?02:04
cabreyhacker07, that for probably02:04
SteveHillhacker07: "use the" == "use the backtrack"02:04
Lucifer_Catcabrey: there are no icons anywhere. just the taskbar on top and the empty desktop (okay there are system tray icons, but they dont count)02:04
hacker07well the backtrack 4 is not for work nor play02:04
Lucifer_Catrightclicking on the desktop does nothing, and rightclicking on the taskbar brings that little menu up. thats it.02:05
cabrey!panels | Lucifer_Cat02:05
ubottuLucifer_Cat: To reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:05
q0_0pwhen will official release of backtrack4 released?02:05
q0_0pwrong channel sorry02:06
Lucifer_Catcabrey: okay, i did that. no feedback02:07
=== karlito is now known as ydratziel
Lucifer_Catcabrey: switching back to desktop shows no difference. should i restart?02:07
cabreyLucifer_Cat, what do you mean no feedback?02:07
cabreyLucifer_Cat, where did you run the commands?02:07
Lucifer_Catcabrey: it hit enter, and it went to the next prompt02:07
Lucifer_Catcabrey: did Ctrl Alt F1 and in the console02:08
dsdeizcabrey: i installed fluxbox, and then it was automatically added in the options during the login screen. i wonder where i could find those02:08
cabreyLucifer_Cat, any errors? also did you run killall gnome-panel?02:08
geirhaLucifer_Cat: Hit Alt+F2, run "gnome-terminal", then run the gconftool command in there02:08
cabreydsdeiz, in the sessions menu02:08
sagredoWho wants to try and tackle the oddest most exotic bug to hit Ubuntu yet?02:08
texasjackubottu, what's the key combination of "«"?02:08
ubottuI am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:08
dsdeizcabrey: is there like a config file?02:09
texasjackubottu, all right...02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about all right...02:09
sagredoubottu: never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down02:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:09
geirhatexasjack: Alt Gr+z on my keyboard02:09
texasjackubottu, don't sorry, man.  You're cool.  You help everyones.02:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:09
Lucifer_Catha didnt know about Alt + f202:09
texasjackgeirha, «» yep. Thanks... ;)02:09
cabreydsdeiz, sessions should work, but look in /etc/gdm02:10
sagredohttp://pastebin.com/m4867fec6 My ubuntu system is completely fried, can't even boot into recovery console ... can anyone help?! http://pastebin.com/m4867fec602:10
cabreysagredo, thats a hardware issue02:10
cabreysagredo, "Buffer I/O error on device sr0"02:10
texasjackAnyone running an 100% shell Ubuntu?02:11
cabreysagredo, not a bug, it is telling you02:11
cabreytexasjack, go to #ubuntu-server and most will say yes02:11
Gneatexasjack: yes, server carries that02:11
Lucifer_Catcabrey: did that. things blinked and came back, but still the same result02:12
texasjackcabrey, thanks.  I have some doubts about UTF-8 support in shell and apps...  Not so lucky about this.  Yesterday I'm freaked out.02:12
cabreyLucifer_Cat, mind taking a screenshot? don't know what you mean02:12
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. See also !imagebin02:12
netyiresay, does anyone have personal experience with getting a linksys wusb11 to work on ubuntu? It's nutty, buggy and all my attempts are fail so far :-(02:13
cabreynetyire, you have to use ndiswrapper02:13
ubottuWant to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add and link it from the channel.02:13
Lucifer_Catcabrey: what program do i use to save the screenshot?02:14
=== gustavo is now known as gubuntero
* netyire tries ndiswrapper02:14
cabreyLucifer_Cat, a box should pop up after pressing prt scr button02:14
Lucifer_Catok now it did02:15
Lucifer_Catprolly didnt hit it right the first time02:15
texasjackcabrey, and how can I setup the resolution at console?  I tried vga=318 and vga=o, but neither works...02:15
nevada1920press print screen02:15
cabreytexasjack, what is your resolution?02:15
lstarnestexasjack: try vga=0x31802:16
texasjackcabrey, I can choose among various, but I'm trying to put at 1024x768x32.02:16
texasjacklstarnes, hummm.... Hex code.  Right.  And thank you.02:16
cabreytexasjack, you need to put that on the kernel argument line02:16
texasjackcabrey, I putted...  But they always tells me that was an invalid resolution...02:17
whiplash===WALL OF TEXT===02:18
whiplashHey everyone got a question about installing ubuntu 9.04 with windows 7 installed to the hd. I can't get grub to load after installing ubuntu. No matter what commands I try, I cannot get grub installed. Every time I run setup (hd0,1) in grub, the vista bootloader still appears. I checked the bios for boot sector protection and set the boot flag to partition 1 in gparted, but nothing works...02:18
cabreytexasjack, hold on, why do you need a high res frame buffer?02:18
FloodBot2whiplash: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:18
texasjackcabrey, only with « ask=vga », and then choosing among the resolutions to make it work.02:18
cabreywhiplash have you seen these articles?02:18
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:18
HowardWCampbellI'm trying to get the TV-Out (through S-Video) to work on a compaq presario v2000, would love any advice or steps to troubleshoot02:18
emeshow can I delete a hidden restore partition that doesn't seem to show up in any utilities?02:19
Lucifer_Catcabrey: http://imagebin.org/5236202:19
texasjackcabrey, I was making some tests with UTF-8 at console.  But they all failed.  I'm using 'TerminusBold' font @ 20x10...02:19
whiplashdid that still, i have the windows bootloader02:19
dotblankemes, it should still show up in fdisk -l02:19
cabreyLucifer_Cat, what happens when you click the ubuntu icon?02:19
Lucifer_Catcabrey: the minimizes the window02:20
Tomassohow do I configure keyboard layout, symbols are messed02:20
emesdotblank: if it doesn't?02:20
NkZGreetings. I have Ubuntu on a PC with 2 HDs (Both EXT3), how could I set up ubuntu to install "progam files" on the 2nd disk? (Assuming 1st one is nearly full)02:20
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ok log out and switch to a virtual console again (ctrl-alt-f1)02:20
Lucifer_Catcabrey: im running the netbook remix. does that change things?02:20
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ohhh02:21
cabreyLucifer_Cat, have you tried to enable compiz?02:21
=== Guest92454 is now known as xpipa
texasjackcabrey, and to use console, in my opinion, jut in those resolutions; to see, for example, images, .pdfs, and stuffs like that.02:21
Lucifer_Catcabrey: no.02:21
whiplashanyone know what to do? i cannot overwrite the windows bootloader no matter what i try02:21
dotblankemes, are you sure that the 'hidden' partition exists... many bioses will display recovery regardless if the partition is there or not.. and will usually result in an error when selected when it has been deleted02:21
cabreyLucifer_Cat, i'm not sure what you mean by the minimizes the window?02:21
texasjackcabrey, I like the console a lot, but I'm stuck with the UTF-8 compliant stuffs...02:22
Lucifer_Catcabrey: if the terminal window is in the foreground, it minimizes. basically does the same thing as "show desktop"02:22
NkZWhiplash, did you try this?  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows02:22
Sarthoron my ubuntu server, how can i see real time speed graph of ethernet?? possible?02:22
NkZThat allways works for me.02:23
cabreyLucifer_Cat, i assume you're using a 2nd computer, correct?02:23
cabreySarthor, /join #ubuntu-server02:23
Lucifer_Catcabrey: speaking of which, the tooltip on the ubuntu logo says "click here to hide all windows and show the some screen". and yes, using the second computer.02:23
JonyBlazeSarthor: use conky02:23
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ok log out and switch to a virtual console (ctrl-alt-f1)02:24
whiplashnkz: i'll give it a shot i didn't do the part after grub02:24
Sarthorcabrey, #ubuntu-server is an empty room.02:24
whiplash"overwriting the windows bootloader"02:24
* texasjack agree with Sarthor...02:24
cabreySarthor, 176 people02:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about conky02:24
texasjackcabrey, they're all mute...02:24
Lucifer_Catcabrey: it doesnt have a logout option when i do "ctrl alt del" is it okay if i go to the console directly?02:24
stephen87 i recently installed xubuntu 9.04 everything is working great except randomly my computers fans will kick on for about 10 min and then the computer shuts down02:24
Sarthori copy pasted your /join #ubuntu-server02:24
Sarthorand there was no one02:25
cabreyLucifer_Cat, go to the console and type sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop02:25
dotblankstephen87, sounds like an overheating issue02:25
darthanubisSarthor, there are 177 people in that channel02:25
NkZGreetings. I have Ubuntu on a PC with 2 HDs (Both EXT3), how could I set up ubuntu to install "progam files" on the 2nd disk? (Assuming 1st one is nearly full)02:25
texasjackdarthanubis, all zombies...02:25
Lucifer_Catcabrey: stopped02:25
stephen87dotblank: thats what i figgured, but i cannot figgure out how i can control the fans, heck i dont mind if theyre on at full blast all the time this computer is in a basement02:26
Sarthordarthanubis, i really cant see any one there02:26
JonyBlazeSarthor: http://conky.sourceforge.net/02:26
darthanubisme being one of them, what could possible the problem where you can't get into the channel?02:26
metaphlexi downloaded a program called knowledgeroot through synaptic, but there isn't a knowledgeroot to run (like in term). how do i find how to execute this program?02:26
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ok, not as sudo, type rm -r ~/.gconf/apps/panel02:26
darthanubisSarthor, now your 178th02:26
Sarthordarthanubis, yes. you ppl are right there are people, i am Sorry.02:26
dotblankstephen87, You should be able to specify the temperature threshold for fans in the bios02:26
* darthanubis rolls eyes02:26
Lucifer_Catcabrey: i did that a while ago. that led me to this situation.02:27
stephen87dotblank: i am running xubuntu on a ppc(mac) so there are no bios02:27
Lucifer_Catcabrey: though i might have tried something different. for one i think i did sudo...02:27
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk02:27
dotblankstephen87, oh... well you could try clocking your cpu below max.. that should keep it from getting too hot02:28
qcjni want to copy the content of /ma musique into /ma musique,  other disk, with the delete option using rsync. Could someone tell me if my command is ok ?02:28
stephen87dotblank: using one of those cpu utlities from synapatic?02:29
qcjnrsync -a --delete --progress --log-file=/root/rsynclog.txt /mnt/sda1/Ma\ musique/ /mnt/sdb1/Ma\ musique/02:29
Lucifer_Catcabrey: "rm cannot remove /home/zaphod/.gconf/apps/panel no such file or directory."02:29
texasjackcabrey, if I could write those chars on my console... God, please, take me to heaven, and my done here... Until then...  Living on...02:29
acedioQuick sanity check #ubuntu: When installing a new distro, what files (other than /home, fstab, and xorg.conf) are good to keep copies of?02:29
Lucifer_Catcabrey: i think that might be the problem right there.02:29
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ok run mkdir -p ~/.gconf/apps/panel02:29
dotblankstephen87, there is even an applet you can add to the panel that should let you change the frequancy (if the cpu/bios is support) but I do not know much about ppc02:29
=== texasjack is now known as texasjack[away]
Lucifer_Catcabrey: done02:30
metaphlexi downloaded a program called knowledgeroot through synaptic, but there isn't a knowledgeroot to run (like in term). how do i find how to execute this program?02:30
stephen87dotblank: that you ive been hanging around in #ubuntu-powerpc but its a pretty dead channel as far as i can tell02:30
cabreyLucifer_Cat, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start02:30
mgolischmetaphlex: dpkg -L packagename?02:32
mgolischmetaphlex: it lists all files in the package02:32
mgolischshould be easy to find the executable name that way02:32
RoyallEvery time I try to change the keyboard shortcut of launching a terminal to Windows - T, whenever I hold down the Windows button, it automatically sets it to Super + L02:32
Lucifer_Catcabrey: it started up in the exact same state02:33
Lucifer_Catas in. the running programs are gone, but the behavior is the same02:33
wolf23help me please!02:33
cabreyLucifer_Cat, ok now run the reset gnome panels command again02:33
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »02:33
metaphlexmgolisch: thanks. there's a lot of files, which extension is an executable?02:33
lstarnesmetaphlex: there is no extension02:33
lstarnesmetaphlex: but look for anything in /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, or /usr/sbin02:34
sagredoThe system utility fsck (for "file system check") is a tool for checking the consistency of a file system in Unix and Unix-like operating systems such as Linux.02:34
sagredohow can I manually do this02:34
sagredomy system does not turn on02:35
FloodBot2sagredo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:35
sagredoI need to fix it02:35
lstarnes!fsck | sagredo02:35
ubottusagredo: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo shutdown -F -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot02:35
sagredohow am I supposed to run sudo shutdown -F -r now02:35
sagredowhen my system cannot even start?02:35
sagredoI cannot even load the recover console02:36
lstarnessagredo: do you have a live cd?02:36
dotblanksagredo, also define does not turn on. no power?02:36
sagredodotblank I get some exotic memory errors02:37
sagredowhen the cyclon looking loading screen starts02:37
sagredoit just keeps going back and fourht02:37
sagredoand then02:37
sagredoit never starts the load screen02:38
sagredoand says something like 111.10010101010 EDC ERR {}02:38
Lucifer_Catcabrey: same result. but i just found out, Alt + F1 brings up the context menu with all the "accessories, favorites" etc. i think i can make something work with that. i see preferences and administration too.02:38
sagredoblah blah blah02:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about memtest02:38
sagredoI tested the memory02:38
sagredothat's the only thing that does work02:38
dotblanksagredo, how old is the drive02:38
cabreyLucifer_Cat, that is really weird, you can't add something to the panel?02:39
sagredodotblank drive is from... 200502:39
whiplashhey everyone still can't install grub to my hard disk... vista's bootloader refuses to be overwritten...02:39
whiplashtried everything...02:39
Lucifer_Catcabrey: not by right clicking on the taskbar.02:39
Lucifer_Cattheres a way to do the same from the sysyem > menu?02:39
dotblanksagredo, 4-5 years of a fairly used drive will reliably fail02:39
carpiior 8 months if its a maxtor02:40
SteveHillhich settings?02:41
sagredodotblank it it failed kindly direct me towards the nearest pier02:41
gabriel__Hi everyone02:41
sagredoso I can jump off into data abyss02:41
sagredoI'm not elite enough to physically copy that shit off like data detectives02:41
gabriel__I have a Logitech quickcam Connect in Ubuntu 9.04 but I cant make it work, somebody here knows how to do it?02:42
dotblanksagredo, you could use the live cd and mount the filesystem read only and copy what you need or *Attempt* to copy the entire drive with dd02:42
Ambidextrousjam it into a friends computer with slave set on the pins, and cross your fingers sagredo.02:43
JoesephDoes anyone one know about how many leaps and bounds it will take after the linux kernel is ported to the itouch before Ubuntu MID edition can run on it too?02:43
carpiigabriel, did you try to google for this?   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31871202:43
gabriel__on that website it says that is for Edgy, not Jaunty02:44
carpiiyes, but quite often its worth trying anyway02:44
gabriel__ok, thanks02:44
metaphlexwhat kinds of note-taking, knowledge management, or similar tools does everyone use? I'm trying to create a good system to organize many diverse infomation02:45
=== J is now known as Guest5274
cabreymetaphlex, tomboy is a simple note taking app02:45
carpiii never found a nice one for linux, so i use ZuluPad, a personal wiki which runs in wine02:45
RoyallIs there a way to eliminate the text on the panel window manager, like in Windows 7?02:46
onyxhow can I change the onyx@desktop to onyx@something02:46
ussermetaphlex, mediawiki is one solution02:46
=== Guest5274 is now known as J-_
lstarnes!hostname | onyx02:46
ubottuonyx: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab02:46
dotblankmetaphlex, http://thedailyubuntu.blogspot.com/2009/06/save-your-amazing-ideas-with-basket.html02:46
gabriel__I tried with the drivers but it gave me error 2 and error 102:46
carpiilinux gui's always look like sh*t :(02:46
metaphlexyeah i've looked into that. i guess going with something more simple might be best.02:46
dotblankcarpii, I take offense to that02:47
=== john is now known as Guest35259
Ambidextrouscarpii, your out of your mind.02:47
texasjack[away]In section « Shadow RAM» of the Ubuntu Installation Guide for i386, it says that "shadow RAM" and "BIOS caching" must be tottaly disabled. My BIOS have the options 'Enabled', 'Disabled' and 'Cached' for BIOS caching. Should I must 'Disabled' it?  (Isn't so obvious for me... Sorry.)02:47
netyirelinux guis look like penguins in heat02:47
carpiidotblank, i dont see why02:47
carpiiim entitled to my opinion, no?02:47
brklynRednekcarpii, as if proprietary gui's are any better02:47
metaphlexI liked basketnotes but i really want something where i use tags and linking02:47
whiplashi can't write grub to my hard disk... it runs successfully but when i reboot i'm greeted with the vista bootloader02:47
carpiiwell i didnt want to start a OS war here, im just saying i think linux has a long way to go before its apps are consistently usable02:48
whiplashif only linux had a tf2 port i'd leave windows in a heartbeat02:48
SteveHillI am running Jaunty on an HP DV6000 laptop. About 2 revs back, the volume/mute buttons stopped working. When I use the buttons, I get a little pop-up, but no changes in sound. I CAN adjust with Volume Applet 2.26.1 but I'd like to have the physical control. Any idea how I can effect it?02:48
dotblankI think linux guis are fine... the only time it looks bad is when developers dont upgrade to newer library versions... imagine running windows 3.1 apps in vista?02:48
whiplashalso help me02:48
usserwhiplash, tf2 works fine in wine02:48
brklynRednekcarpii, the same can STILL be said of m$ and OS/X apps02:48
whiplashi don't get nearly the same framerate as windows02:48
whiplashlast time i checked anyway02:49
onyxlstarnes, ubottu, thx :D02:49
whiplashi'd love to find out now with 9.04 but i can't boot the damn thing!02:49
Ambidextroushey whiplash, you tried adjusting your TF2 through steam?02:49
=== defcon is now known as Guest50339
Lucifer_Catcabrey: i was able to switch over to the "netbook mode" which as icons and menus right on the desktop, so its all good for the time being. I will have to investigate about getting those menus back though in the normal mode. and thanks for the help on the login thing as well. :)02:49
carpiibrklynRednek, sure. Im currently running Ubuntu, a vista laptop and a macbook, so I knw about all of them02:49
dotblankLinux doesnt really have versions like windows does and all of its guis (the old and ugly) get muddled together.. I think its great the old still works02:49
cabreyLucifer_Cat, file a bug report on launchpad02:50
whiplashamni...both-hands-man: i can't even boot ubuntu02:50
cabreyLucifer_Cat, nobody should have to experience that02:50
Guest35259is netbook remix behaving good on an eepc?02:50
cabreyGuest35259, depends, which one?02:50
Lucifer_Catcabrey: lol. valid point.02:50
cabreyGuest35259, 1000HE?02:51
gabriel__ I have a Logitech quickcam Connect in Ubuntu 9.04 but I cant make it work, somebody here knows how to do it?02:51
hacker07will someone test this for me webjunk2.no-ip.org02:51
cabreyGuest35259, should work out of the box02:51
dotblankhacker07, test02:51
hacker07that is what you see02:52
Guest35259oooooh cool02:52
dotblankhacker07, yea02:52
usserGuest35259, screw netbook remix install moblin 2 on it02:52
Guest35259and is netbook remix recommended to use on netbooks?02:52
sagredoit's the ignition remix02:52
Guest35259i will check out moblin 202:52
sagredopopping fresh out the kitchen02:52
sagredomomma rolling that body02:52
sagredofsck fixed my bug02:53
sagredoin case anyone was wondering02:53
sagredomy life isn't over02:53
Guest35259rkelly is gay02:53
* hacker07 is leaving 02:53
cabreyGuest35259, it will work, but i don't like the netbook remix personally02:53
sagredorkelly pies on girls02:53
sagredothat's just02:53
sagredoout of this world02:53
FloodBot2sagredo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:53
Guest35259uim gonna check out moblin 202:53
Ambidextrousguest25259, netbook remix is damn fine, especially compared to things like linpus that is usually ships with, throw it on a usb stick and live boot it, give it a go02:53
Jck_trueCan you request updates of packages in the repositories? I'm interrested in aria2 (Version in repos is 1.1 and most recent is 1.4.102:53
cabreyGuest35259, thats still beta02:53
cabreyJck_true, you can contact the maintainere02:54
Guest35259okay i will just test both02:54
Jck_truecabrey: Not to sound rude but how do I find him?02:54
cabreyJck_true, make a request on this mailing list: ubuntu-motu@lists.ubuntu.com02:55
gabriel__ I have a Logitech quickcam Connect in Ubuntu 9.04 but I cant make it work, somebody here knows how to do it? Please Help02:55
Jck_truecabrey: Allright thanks alot02:55
cabreygabriel__, has anybody directed you to the webcam support page?02:55
Guest35259gangsters are gay therefore rkelly is gay02:55
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:55
gabriel__I have searched a lot on google but no answer02:55
cabrey!webcam | gabriel__02:56
Guest35259rkelly is a poser02:56
ubottugabriel__: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras02:56
Ambidextrousanyone here handy with conky? its not flattened on my desktop like it usually is, and appears above any maximized windows, which is odd considering i havent changed any of its settings in .conkyrc02:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about notifications02:56
carpiiambi, you changed any kde settings for that window ?02:57
carpiilike right click title bar -> advanced02:57
Ambidextrouscarpii, im on gnome, so i dont think so, i havent made any changes other than adding it to start on boot through sessions in system>prefs (8.10)02:58
denardoIs there a way to configure the notifications in Jaunty? They're hard to see on my Eee 701. I would like them to use a larger font and or stay up longer.02:58
carpiiambi, if you kill it and restart conky manhually, does it have same problem ?02:58
cabreydenardo, not yet02:59
cabreydenardo, really? wow i'm using a 900 and i can see them clearly02:59
Ambidextrouscarpii, thats solved the problem, is there any way i could have conky on boot without it hitting the same issue?03:00
carpiiim not sure, maybe its something to do with the order its being loaded ?03:00
juan-pabloi cant see youtube03:00
denardocabrey: The screen's a bit smaller on the 701. I think getting them n view with my bifocals, when I hve the Eee on my lap, takes more time than they allow.03:00
carpiii know kde has some offscreen desktop buffer, and you have to config conky to use it else you get strange effects03:01
carpiibut its been a while since io bothered with conky, so its all a bit vague03:01
juan-pablohi there03:01
juan-pabloi cant see youtube03:01
denardojuan-pablo: Can you tell us more?03:01
juan-pabloill do all that i can03:01
juan-pabloi put flash03:02
juan-pabloi put java03:02
Ambidextrouscarpii, my conky config is fine, its just odd that it does this on startup, but its ok mate, its not too hard to throw up a terminal when i startup :) thanks for the simple, but effective solution. im kinda stupid for not trying that first ha.03:02
juan-pablon still dont work03:02
carpiihehe np, good luck automating it :p03:02
juan-pablothanks denardo03:02
denardojuan-pablo: What version of Ubuntu are you running, and on what kind of system (PC, etc)?03:03
juan-pabloubuntu 9.0403:03
imsjuan-pablo: install medibuntu repo, search google03:03
juan-pablopc intell 48603:04
juan-pablook inm but i already do it03:04
oovoovale merga03:04
onyxhey I have a opened port 32824 / service unknown03:04
onyxis that good03:04
onyxor bad03:04
denardojuan-pablo: What happens when you try YouTube?03:04
oovooalguien habla español?03:04
lstarnesonyx: check netstat -alp03:05
=== texasjack[away] is now known as texasjack
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:05
TehFlashcould some one explain to me how to install jdk and jre03:06
texasjackjuan-pablo, don't install «swfdec-gnome» with «flash»... Your desktop will be all messed up.03:06
ubottuTehFlash,: To install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository03:07
texasjackTehFlash, «sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk»03:07
juan-pablothanks texas03:07
juan-pablowhen i try youtube it dosnt show me the video03:07
texasjackjuan-pablo, just install the «flash» package.03:08
imstexasjack: synaptic w/build essential will get rid of one if another is intalled (just my thoughts?)03:08
juan-pablothe links yes but the videos dont03:08
texasjackims, don't know... I'm just trying to help...03:08
juan-pabloi got the flash install now im installing one new03:08
texasjackjuan-pablo, so, like ims said: install «build-essential» too.03:09
texasjackjuan-pablo, what 'flash-install'?03:09
juan-pablobuild-essential on synaptic03:09
juan-pabloa package from medibuntu03:10
texasjackjuan-pablo, no te compreendo... =)  Can be more specific?03:10
juan-pablohablas español03:10
texasjackjuan-pablo, no.  Just brazilian portuguese and english.03:11
juan-pablook im going to try youtube again03:11
imsjuanpablo,texasjack, please speak english,please....03:11
texasjackims, I'm speaking english...03:11
=== john is now known as Guest71797
bsmith_Hi, can anyone direct me to either a channel or someone who can answer questions about setting up a ubuntu server to use dyndsn.com?03:12
Guest71797hi ,there03:12
imstexas, thanks.03:12
juan-pablothis the error that send me youtube "Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. "03:12
usserbsmith_, you'll need ddclient03:12
racecar56is there drivers for a ati radeon 9800 pro from hardware drivers? dont care if they arent open source03:12
texasjackims, always welcome, brother tux.03:12
Ambidextroustexas is working hard to get round the language barrier ims, please, let him keep at it ;)03:12
bsmith_usser:  is that it? because I don't have a static ip address03:13
texasjackjuan-pablo, what browser are you using?03:13
hambeefhey i just installed freeware client SUBJECT OF DISK IN "VOM LIBRARY CUSTOM" -x -d -er -f -ggr /hd -eu /ldk /wiw -99ie03:13
usserbsmith_, the setup is pretty straightforward, change the username/password that you use with dyndns and domain, and run the script it will keep your ip updated03:13
usserbsmith_, yea03:13
hambeefand now i cant play CORRIDOR 7 anymore03:13
juan-pablobut epiphany dosnt worrk too03:13
usserbsmith_, i think ddclient is even in the repos03:13
racecar56usser, it is03:13
hambeefhow can i play corridor 7 on ubuntu03:13
usserhambeef, dosbox03:14
poboy975hello, I got a eth0 network question, I got my wireless network running fine. but now my wired network is not working. ifconfig does not show an eth003:14
hambeefi tried installing SUBJECT OF DISK IN "VOM LIBRARY CUSTOM" -x -d -er -f -ggr /hd -eu /ldk /wiw -99ie freeware but it doesnt work03:14
juan-pabloi receive help from everybody thanks03:14
bsmith_usser: just to clarify.  install ubuntu server, update to latest edition, install ddclient, and then it will work?03:14
imsjuan-pablo, what do you mean by epiphany doesn't work too?03:14
racecar56is there drivers for a ati radeon 9800 pro from hardware drivers? dont care if they arent open source. i want to make sure i won't be buying something non-working for ubuntu03:15
hambeefcan someone help me03:15
texasjackjuan-pablo, go to 'synaptic' and uninstall all 'flash' stuff. Then just install the «flash» and «build-essentials» packages, NOT the «flash-installer» one...  I think that's gonna work.03:15
usserbsmith_, yea, but you'll have to do some configuration for ddclient i dunno if ubuntu will give you some sort of gui to set your usernam/domain etc. last time i did it i had to modify the ddclient script manually03:15
bsmith_bsmith: should i even use the server version or should i just use the 32bit?03:16
qcjnrsync error: some files could not be transferred (code 23) at main.c(977) [sender=2.6.9]      <-- i have this error and don't know what it si, made a text log of the operation03:16
usserracecar56, you're buying something non-workiing, not only in ubuntu but in pretty much every other OS, as ati drops support for not so old cards, and 9800 is no longer supported03:16
usserbsmith_, ddclient will happily work on a desktop03:16
texasjackims, I think that flash is not working at all for juan-pablo.  Not in firefox, nor any other browser...03:16
racecar56usser, k thanks for the info03:16
juan-pabloepiphany is working03:16
racecar56usser, i want to find a decent video card that has support for old stuff WHILE not being cheapo like a 9200SE03:17
texasjackims, I'm wrong... Bzzzz. o.O =)03:17
juan-pablobad but works03:17
usserracecar56, buy nvidia, their drivers and support are superb03:17
texasjackjuan-pablo, strange... If works at epiphany it should works at firefox.03:17
bsmith_usser: am I able to use ddclient for LAMP, media, print, and FTP server03:17
usserracecar56, any nvidia03:17
racecar56usser, btw it -has- to be agp and i don't think nvidia won't work03:17
racecar56usser, *nvidia won't work03:17
juan-pabloit has problems between audio n video03:17
usserracecar56, why not, nvidia has still plenty of agp cards on the market03:18
juan-pablothanks guys03:18
racecar56usser, :| because what i use dosen't like nvidia03:18
racecar56usser, but i WISH.....03:18
usserbsmith_, ddclient doesnt care what services are installed all it does it makes sure that your hostname can be resolved to a real ip.03:18
juan-pablosome times go quick n some times slow03:18
usserbsmith_, so yea all those will work as long as the hostname resolves to ip properly03:18
racecar56usser, i know to stay away from the geforce 7100 (it's pci-e anyway...)03:19
juan-pablolooks that i put tooo adds on on firefox03:19
usserracecar56, what doesnt like nvidia?03:19
noxtaais there a list anywhere of the events/programs that will prompt those new little black box notifications to appear?03:19
racecar56usser, stuff03:19
usserracecar56, i used 5200 with no problems03:19
racecar56usser, i use things that lag with nvidia cards03:19
usserracecar56, thats interesting, just out of curiosity what things are those?03:19
bsmith_usser:  isn't there also code I need to edit to update the IP address when dyndns.com changes it?03:19
racecar56usser, you shure things from around 1998 will just work?03:19
texasjackjuan-pablo, you installed some add-ons on firefox?03:20
siebelI got a grub error 17 - Can anyone tell me what I have to reconfigure03:20
usserracecar56, 1998?? geez. if you can call it working, you probably wont even drivers for that, oss or not it wont make much difference03:20
racecar56usser, yeah but they ARE 3D03:20
juan-pabloyes i put a lot of ads on on firefox03:20
usserbsmith_, yes, you have to change the script so it uses your dyndns account03:20
usserbsmith_, which ddclient should tell where the script is located03:20
juan-pablonow  i cant see redtube with epiphany03:21
texasjackjuan-pablo, maybe that's your problem...03:21
usserracecar56, sure opengl 1.0 and directx 5.003:21
juan-pablowhat i supposst to do03:21
racecar56usser, what about dx 6 and opengl 2.x?03:21
bsmith_usser: Thank you very much you have been extremely helpful. just one last question, how secure would this server potential be?03:21
ussernot watch so much porn03:21
racecar56usser, that sounds good03:21
evil3_What is the best video capture i can install?03:22
juan-pablobut its strange03:22
siebelGrub error 17 | anyone?03:22
usserracecar56, to be honest i've played openarena on a pretty old ati 7500, with opensource drivers with no problems03:22
=== knoledgesponge is now known as Sithis
getxsickguys, i installed 9.04 today and noticed a problem with a sound for example i move a window and hold pressed mouse button for a while and music stops till i will release a button03:22
usserracecar56, still i dont like ati03:22
=== Sithis is now known as wandering
usserbsmith_, what do you mean secure?03:22
racecar56usser, i have to admit i don't like amd at all really03:22
juan-pablohow do i clear adds on03:22
bsmith_usser: how easily can the server be hacked?03:22
* evil3_ What is the best video capture i can install?03:22
imsjuan-pablo, disable03:23
wanderinghey guys, I am encountering alot of lag...and according to the forums that would point to my video driver. However, I am only using a generic onboard with an intel chipset03:23
texasjackjuan-pablo, just «firefox» and «flash»: all sites works perfectly.  Now, uninstall this add-ons, and see if you get a better experience. If not... Just do what I said before... I'm gonna play some poker...03:23
racecar56usser, well a nvidia is ok but it -HAS- to work for things from as old as dx4 to as new as around dx7 and opengl 2.x03:23
usserbsmith_, well that depends on how strong your admin password is, what type of services you run, if your current with latest security updates etc, has nothing to do with people being able to get to your server by hostname03:23
=== texasjack is now known as texasjack[away]
racecar56usser, seriously i'd take anything as long as it dosen't suck with old stuff03:24
usserbsmith_, i know i get about 200 ssh scans a day and i dont even advertise my server anywhere03:24
racecar56usser, this computer im using is from ~2005 and it only has an agp slot (K8S-LA mobo)03:24
bsmith_usser: Im sorry, ssh scans?03:24
usserracecar56, my experience with nvidia was great, its all backwards compatible, i dont know what problems youre having but if it runs nexuiz or openarena fine it shouldnt have any problems with earlier stuff03:25
=== rocky|_ is now known as rocky|
racecar56usser, hoping that it wont suck like a 7100, only has new support03:26
usserbsmith_, if you have  ssh server installed. what script kiddies do is they scan entire ip ranges for machines that have ssh installed and then try repeatedly to bruteforce the username/password.03:26
racecar56usser, whatever 'it' is03:26
usserbsmith_, if your password is not strong enough chances are it'll be hacked in a matter of days03:26
usserracecar56, again im not sure what the problem was, did you install drivers from nvidia site for your card. what didnt work?03:27
wanderinghey guys, I am encountering alot of lag...and according to the forums that would point to my video driver. However, I am only using a generic onboard with an intel chipset. Does anyone have any suggestions?03:27
racecar56usser, drivers came from hardware drivers (a.k.a. jockey(-gtk))03:28
racecar56usser, the ones from nvidia site always make xorg freak out03:28
racecar56usser, i must at least have support for dx4 to dx603:28
poboy975hello, I lost my eth0, not showing up in ifconfig. wireless works. could use some help03:29
racecar56usser, and opengl 2.x, i believe 1.x support isn't needed for me but the more the merrier :)03:29
usserracecar56, get radeon 9800, dont bother with ati drivers just use opensource ones03:29
racecar56usser, you shure the opensource one is AVAILIBLE for a 9800?03:29
Kalistoi wrote a shell script and added the location to a item in the menu launcher. its not starting correctly.. any ideas? the launcher command is: /bin/bash /home/Kalisto/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Ventrilo/vent.sh03:29
usserracecar56, opengl and directx are bacwards compatible03:29
Johnathanhey is this the place to ask for newb help?03:30
racecar56usser, btw im on the opensource driver with a 9200SE at the moment, this thing is cheeeaaaaaaaaaaapppppp03:30
usserracecar56, im absolutely positive03:30
Kalistoi made sure to do chmod +x on vent.sh but no luck03:30
racecar56usser, but better than my builtin :P03:30
racecar56usser, okay so get 9800, right?03:30
racecar56usser, also this must work for winblows too03:30
usserracecar56, if you have opengl 2.0 you have opengl 1.0 and directx you wont get on linux anyhow03:30
usserracecar56, it does03:30
racecar56usser, k03:30
=== floopsie is now known as Floops
racecar56usser, yaay03:30
racecar56usser, but it better not lag blockland :(03:30
usserracecar56, i have radeon 9800 myself03:30
racecar56usser, kk03:31
bsmith__usser:  I'm sorry i got booted.03:31
racecar56usser, maybe you could test blockland for me and see how it works on your side?03:31
myselfi am myself03:31
usserbsmith_, if you have  ssh server installed. what script kiddies do is they scan entire ip ranges for machines that have ssh installed and then try repeatedly to bruteforce the username/password.03:31
racecar56myself, lol03:31
usserbsmith_, if your password is not strong enough chances are it'll be hacked in a matter of days03:31
Johnathanhey guys im trying to install some new software from getdeb.net and none of the jaunty software works on my jaunty ubuntu install.  anyone have tips?03:31
robin87hello, i am using jaunty and i am having trouble getting a port to "open" when i run a game server...the port is forwarded correctly through my router and the port is visible as "closed" from the internet, i need it open so ppl can connect...can someone help?03:31
ussermyself, maybe you should try being yourself NOT on irc03:31
racecar56Johnathan, you have i386 and you picked i386, correct?03:31
bsmith__usser: thanks, can passwords consist of numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and symbols?03:32
myselfusser i'm myself a lot.03:32
Johnathannope it says jaunty software so I picked that03:32
racecar56Johnathan, 'picked i386' = told getdeb that you ran i386 a.k.a. x8603:32
wanderinghey guys, I am encountering alot of lag...and according to the forums that would point to my video driver. However, I am only using a generic onboard with an intel chipset. Does anyone have any suggestions?03:32
Johnathannaw I said I had 32bit jaunty03:32
usserbsmith_, passwords should be alfanumeric at least 6 simbols, with at least one special character like ! they should be mixed case too03:33
danskuim having trouble installing phpmyadmin, its says it cant connect to mysqli ,does any one knows how to fix this?03:33
* evil3_ What is the best video capture i can install?03:33
evil3_What is the best video capture i can install?03:33
bsmith__usser: excellent, is it easy to change the password?03:33
usserbsmith_, changing passwords is as easy as typing passwd on the terminal03:34
bsmith__usser: so the password to ubuntu is also the password to ddclient, and dyndsn.com?03:34
racecar56usser, if you want to see if blockland works on your side the site is www.blockland.us (btw it's winblows, so you either should use winblows OR at your own risk use wine, which the current version of blockland is a disgrace with wine)03:35
usserbsmith_, no, the password for ddclient is whatever you set when you setup your hostname03:35
Johnathanhey racecar can I talk to you in private chat?03:35
racecar56Johnathan, shure03:35
bsmith__usser: which is the password that I should be most concerned about?03:35
robin87hello, i am using jaunty and i am having trouble getting a port to "open" when i run a game server...the port is forwarded correctly through my router and the port is visible as "closed" from the internet, i need it open so ppl can connect...can someone help?03:35
usserbsmith_, both :)03:35
poboy975hello, so how do i install a wired network card in my laptop? how do I get ubuntu to load the drivers for it?03:36
bsmith__usser: ddclient and dyndns?03:36
usserbsmith_, ddclient is dyndns03:36
racecar56poboy975, lspci will help you find what it is possible03:37
racecar56poboy975, lspci will help you find what it is possibly03:37
usserbsmith_, ddclient is a program that monitors your current ip address and reports to dyndns so it updates its records so your hostname points to the correct ip03:37
bsmith__usser: ah now it makes sense.  but I should really update them both03:37
=== vincent is now known as Guest28658
poboy975lspci shows me the card, but its not in ifconfig03:38
wanderinghey guys, I am encountering alot of lag...and according to the forums that would point to my video driver. However, I am only using a generic onboard with an intel chipset. Does anyone have any suggestions?03:38
bsmith__usser:  with ddclient do I have to remember the new ip if I want to access it, or do I just remember my hostname?03:38
jeevescan someone tell me how to troubleshoot why my screen keeps blanking?  (as if it's going into powersave mode)03:40
unikonusing Ubuntu 8.04 LTS  im having an issue  with programs stil showing on application menu even after i uninstalled them using synaptic the programs im wanting to be rid of are wine & Vlc03:41
robin87hello, i am using jaunty and i am having trouble getting a port to "open" when i run a game server...the port is forwarded correctly through my router and the port is visible as "closed" from the internet, i need it open so ppl can connect...can someone help?03:41
Flare-Laptoprobin87: Are you connecting to the internet via DSL?03:42
robin87Flare-Laptop, yes03:42
robin87Flare-Laptop, well, DSL via a router03:43
Flare-Laptoprobin87: Then, its your DSL Modem that is the problem. You need to setup your DSL modem to where it will also port forward the ports03:43
* Flare-Laptop knows from Experience03:43
robin87Flare-Laptop, the ports are already forwarded03:44
Flare-Laptoprobin87: On both the router and the modem?03:44
Guest28658the game isn't launch?03:44
robin87Flare-Laptop, the router and modem are the same box03:44
Flare-Laptopnvm then03:44
wanderinghey guys, I am encountering alot of lag...and according to the forums that would point to my video driver. However, I am only using a generic onboard with an intel chipset. Does anyone have any suggestions?03:45
robin87Guest28658, the game is launched, yes03:45
jeevesFlare-Laptop, can you give me a hand to find out what I'm overlooking for this video issue?  I have an nvidia card, and if I use the releases from Ubuntu, it locks up my laptop03:45
* wandering prods the room03:45
jeevesFlannel, are you here today?03:45
wanderingI would prefer not to continue c/p'ing that every 5 minutes if anyone actually has any ideas :/03:45
robin87hello, i am using jaunty and i am having trouble getting a port to "open" when i run a game server...the port is forwarded correctly through my router and the port is visible as "closed" from the internet, i need it open so ppl can connect...can someone help?03:46
dr34mc0d3ranyone help with ssh tunneling ?03:46
Guest28658so you don't have forward the good ports? or your game listen only on localhost?03:46
edbianrobin87: Your ISP might be blocking the port.  What number?03:46
Guest28658closed port meens the ports is forward, but nothing is listening..03:46
edbiandr34mc0d3r: Yeah I can help.  What specifically are you trying to do?03:47
robin87Guest28658, the ports are forwarded fine...the game doesn't appear to be listening...the port is 27960, it shouldnt be blocked, i have a business ISP that states they dont block ANY ports03:47
dr34mc0d3redbian i have 2 boxes - one is my ssh server and the other is my desktop - both ubuntu 8.1003:48
edbiandr34mc0d3r: yeah...03:48
robin87if i do, netstat -an | grep LISTEN the port doesnt even appear03:48
dr34mc0d3redbian on my desktop i issue ssh -v -N -L 8181:localhost:80 chris@2advent.com -p 6012203:48
Xpistoshey fellas. Can anyone tell me where I can get the default XML for obmenu in openbox03:48
XpistosI messed it u03:49
dr34mc0d3rand then i modify Firefox to use this proxy03:49
ccfontesI can't find linux-image 686 for my pentium 4. what's happening?03:49
dr34mc0d3rssh -v -N -L 8181:localhost:80 chris@2advent.com -p 60122 but Firefox just returns a blank page when requesting a web address03:49
recursionSo, I'm trying to edit my display properties and I get an error about RANDR not being present.03:49
edbiandr34mc0d3r: Please start your posts with my name I'll miss them otherwise (cause of my colors)03:49
brandonhowdy, im running jaunty, and my wireless won't connect at all. network manager picks up my network but it just keeps asking me for the wpa key. i couldnt enter the damn key 100 times perfectly correctly but it still prompts for it. Do the support-givers have any clues?03:50
recursionI do the whole thing VNC BTW.03:50
dr34mc0d3redbian ok - in my terminal window to the ssh server it states channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused03:51
ccfontesbrandon, im not sure of this, but did you use the right format? for example, it perhaps only supports entering in hex format, and you probably entered the ascii/passphrase stringg03:51
artzymamahow can I automatically change my display settings?  I like using 1280x1024 or 1280x768, but I can't use either of them since I "upgraded" to 9.04...any thoughts?03:51
artzymamaI'm having trouble with xrandr03:51
edbiandr34mc0d3r: Why are you trying to ssh into localhost?  Are you trying to change ports or something?03:51
xiaoranedbian, i'm running jaunty, i 've just installed Vuze from apt, but it is version 3, i want to upgrade to ver4, Vuze client downloaded a jar for me, how do i install it?03:52
skeletali have installed a Host Based IDS in my Linux. But, i would like to test my security. How can I do it then?03:52
recursionartzymama, apperently I am too.03:52
edbianxiaoran:NO idea buddy03:52
edbianxiaoran:.jar is a java file03:52
dr34mc0d3redbian - im trying to hide my port 80 browsing from the network admin03:53
brandonccfontes: i def didn't enter the passphrase. i never made one.03:53
xiaoranedbian,yeah, there is no executable file whne i unjar it03:53
ccfontesbrandon, then you just made an hex key?03:53
edbianxiaoran: .jar is executable? I think?  Honestly dude no idea.03:54
edbianxiaoran: Maybe try googling how to install .jar in ubuntu03:54
recursionXiaoran: look at this: http://www.javaworld.com/javaworld/javatips/jw-javatip127.html03:54
xiaoranthank you guys03:54
brandonccfontes: i use the key that the (isp?) gave me03:54
oopshi, i hope someone can help. i have antecedently removed my start icon in the netbook remix. is there anyway too get this icon back to the launcher?03:54
brandonccfontes: i dual boot with windows and the key works fine for it03:54
Dr_WillisYou dont install a .jar you tell java to run the jar03:54
ccfontesbrandon, just to be sure. the key you entered cant have literals higher than "F" in hex mode03:55
jac0bI am having a problem with my laptop not saving my volume settings03:55
jac0bhow does ubuntu save current volume settings03:55
artzymamaI need assistance with xrandr...I like resolutions 1280x1024 and/or 1280x768, but I can't use either of them since I "upgraded" to 9.04...any thoughts?03:55
ccfontesbrandon, please confirm if you have those literals before making conclusions03:55
recursionAnyone have any RANDR ideas?03:55
L3dPlatedLinuxis there a way to find out when I last updated03:55
Dr_Willisjava -Xmx128M -jar FreeCol.jar   (for example)03:55
brandonccfontes: im going to get on to my wireless router and check it out03:56
ccfontesbrandon, we can also confirm this if you say how many characters it has03:56
ccfontesok, check it03:56
oopshi, i hope someone can help. I accidentally removed my start icon in the netbook remix (9.04). is there anyway too get this icon back to the launcher?03:57
lancerockei thought i installed firefox 3.5 from synaptic but im not sure how to launch it. does anyone know?03:57
Flannellancerocke: What version of Ubuntu are you running?03:57
brandonccfontes: kind of embarrasing. its not a wpa key, its a wep64 bit key03:58
lancerockeFlannel, the l8st03:58
theyetilancerocke: Applications -> Internet -> Shiretoko Web Browser03:58
brandonccfontes: 10 characters03:58
Flannellancerocke: 9.04 doesn't include firefox 3.5, unless you've added additional repositories.  Are you talking about Karmic Koala? the alpha?03:58
lancerocketheyeti, thanks03:58
L3dPlatedLinuxis there a way to find out when I last updated03:58
lancerockeFlannel, i guess so. i just launched it03:59
brandonccfontes, the key works fine when i boot in windows, and network manager does pick up my network04:00
ccfontesbrandon, that has to be wpa04:00
theyetiFlannel: Actually, it does include 3.5 in the repositories.  firefox-3.5 in the repositories from the universe repository04:00
ccfontesbrandon, has to be passphrase if wpa04:00
BobPenguinHey guys, my firefox stopped working since I installed the latest updates. I googled the thing and got to a blog with this code to solve the problem: "sudo xulrunner-1.9 --register-global". Is the code OK? Would that code harm my system?04:00
ccfontesbrandon, Im sure wpa doesnt have only 10 characters in hex representation04:00
lancerockethanks again guys.04:00
lancerockeuhhh quick question. does anyone use emerald and the old emerald themes anymore or...?04:01
brandonccfontes, yeah sorry man its not a wpa key its wep64 bit key04:01
recursionBobPenguin - what exactly happened?04:01
lstarnesBobPenguin: it may be something in your ~/.mozilla/04:01
ccfontesbrandon, network manager may not accept that you enter that if it is passphrase. again, confirm if it has literals higher than "F" please04:01
gggdoes rsync have the option04:01
lstarnesBobPenguin: or maybe ~/.mozilla/firefox/04:01
BobPenguinrecursion, my firefox says "Could not find compatible GRE between version and 1.9.0.*." when I try to start it up04:02
ccfontesbrandon, wep 64 in hex representation is 10 characters. you are in hex repr04:02
RoyallI can't seem to manually add gnome panel applets04:02
theyetiggg: rsync -z04:02
recursionah, okay. Different them mine.04:02
gggrsync -z??04:02
lstarnesggg: yes04:02
RoyallI do every step the website says but when I go to 'add to panel' it's never there04:02
recursionWhich reminds me. Anyone have any RANDR help?04:02
robin87hello, i am using jaunty and i am having trouble getting a port to "open" when i run a game server...the port is forwarded correctly through my router and the port is visible as "closed" from the internet, i need it open so ppl can connect...can someone help?04:02
ccfontesbrandon, then the opposite may be happening. your network manager may not accept hex repr by default. convert it to ascii/passphrase and then try04:03
recursionrobin87: how are you opening the port?04:03
recursionrobin87: which port?04:03
brandonccfontes: ok, so just convert my wireless routers encryption to ascii/passphrase?04:03
gggcan rsync backup a 80GB partition into 4GB?04:04
robin87recursion, just by running the server..? 27960 is port04:04
gggor below 4GB?04:04
ccfontesbrandon, im so sorry, I mistake, what you have is passphrase or ascii.. very sorry. im a little sleepy now04:04
lstarnesggg: it depends on the data, but that level of compression seems rather unlikely04:04
jeeveshow do I find out why my screen keeps flickering (ie. going into sleep mode)04:04
totohola.Tengo problems with the image of my screen in ubuntu. My video card is onboard. The photos are blue for example. In xp there is no such problem04:04
recursionrobin87: You need to go into your router, and forward the port.04:04
ccfontesbrandon, 10 characters in wep 64 is for sure in passphrase. im sure of this04:04
gggyes,i think rsync does not have any compression04:05
ccfontesbrandon, hold on. ill give you something04:05
gggi did this rsync -avpoglr --delete --delete-excluded --exclude-from=./excludes / /media/disk-1/rsync.004:05
ccfontesbrandon, http://centricle.com/tools/ascii-hex/04:05
BobPenguinOk guys, I runned the code "sudo xulrunner-1.9 --register-global" and my firefox works now. I just hope the code does not harm my system in any way04:05
ccfontesbrandon, after converting, take of the "%"04:06
jeevesccfontes, can you give me a hand with this nvida video issues04:06
robin87recursion, i have already forwarded the port, the port would be stealthed otherwise...the traffic is reaching the OS...i think it is a problem with security in the OS, not letting the server "listen"04:06
lstarnesggg: it does have compression, but I think the compression with -z is for compression during transfer04:06
Krine11Hi, How can i log into ubuntu without it asking for password for all my account's?04:06
gggok,i am trying with rsync -z04:07
recursionrobin87: how do you know it's reaching the OS?04:07
robin87recursion, i have a port forwarded in the same way for my torrent client and that works fine04:07
recursionrobin87: okay...04:07
gggi'm trying to backup with rsync04:07
gggin local pc04:07
ccfontesjeeves, all of a sudden I dont know. tried google? most people wouldnt know, because they would have to know that "flickering" word exists ;)04:07
Krine11Hi, How can i log into ubuntu like i logged into to windows (in windows you just click on your account and simply log in)04:07
brandonccfontes: so, im kinda blank as to what to do with the number i now have04:07
lstarnesKrine11: you are aware that that is unsafe, right?04:07
robin87recursion, because the port shows as "closed" when the OS is running, and "stealth" when the PC is off04:07
Krine11How is this unsafe?04:07
ccfontesbrandon, use it has the key in the network manager?04:08
lstarnesKrine11: other people can access your account without knowing the password04:08
Krine11I trust the people who use the computer.04:08
brandonccfontes; yeah lol sorry04:08
edbianKrine11: You can set up ubuntu so you don't actually have to log in at all (auto login) it is considered unsafe because anyone can walk up to your computer and log in.  Would you like to know how to set it up?04:08
recursionrobin87:try out http://www.canyouseeme.org/04:08
jeevesccfontes, yes, I've checked google.  hence why I'm here asking what I should be looking for04:08
recursionrobin87:what does it say?04:08
Krine11yes cause my parents and my little 10 year old brother will only use it04:08
ccfontesjeeves, sorry man.. doesnt occur anything to me04:09
Krine11i have my own sepearte laptop04:09
scuniziKrine11: they can use the guest account or you can create accounts for them.. that way your data and setup won't change04:09
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.04:09
Krine11no seperate accounts are better04:09
robin87recursion, Error: I could not see your service on on port (27960) Reason: Connection refused04:09
Krine11because my brother basiclly has loads of documents saved and my dad saved most of his office work04:09
edbianKrine11: Do you want to setup auto login??04:09
ccfontesso, anyone knows why I cant find any linux-image-x-686 for my pentium 4 in the repositories?04:09
robin87recursion, it appears the server isnt "listening"04:09
JesusCake[BoT]Question: I am new to ubuntu, how do I change my resolution?04:09
Krine11please look at this image04:09
recursionrobin87: there you go. Has nothing to do woth the OS.04:10
jeevesccfontes, basically, the screen is going into power save mode (the blacklight turns off), then when I move the mouse, etc, it turns on again04:10
Krine11http://www.pcguide.com/byop/diagrams/figure150.png       >> this is how you log into windows04:10
Loungeccfontes: isn't linux-image-x-68604:10
Loungedebian only?04:10
ccfontesLounge, then what it is?04:10
edbianKrine11: Thanks for that ha ha ha04:10
recursionrobin87: the server doesnt even need to listen. it should at least it the router.04:10
Krine11i want to log in like that04:10
Krine11simply by clicking on the account04:10
robin87recursion, so it is a problem with the server itself?04:10
recursionanyone have XRANDR help?04:10
recursionrobin87: no, the port forwarding, I believe.04:11
JesusCake[BoT]is there a way to change resolution?04:11
ccfontesjeeves, yeah.. something like that happened once in a while, while switching from tetty to X. but I dont remember how I solved. maybe just restarted X04:11
edbianKrine11: Then install windows XP04:11
robin87recursion, but the port forwarding is fine...my router stealths all ports that aren't forwarded04:11
Krine11why you telling me this nonsense04:12
Krine11i am not going to windows agan04:12
FloodBot2Krine11: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:12
Krine11i basiclly just used a screenshot captured by someone..04:12
lstarnesJesusCake[BoT]: try system > preferences > screen resolution04:12
edbianKrine11:  Alright alright, that was rude, you're right.  I don't know of a way to get GDM (or any DM) to get a setup like that.04:12
recursionrobin87:Well, all I know is that website can't see it.04:13
bill-e1hi all, I'm running eeeubuntu on a 1000HE and I'm trying to watch a DVD using VLC player and the Asus slimline USB dvd and I'm not getting any video or audio  only broken video which is mostly digital noise with some recognizable video every once in a while.  Any ideas?04:13
jeevesccfontes, I know when I install the nvidia drivers (the offical release), I get a flickering screen, video glitches, white bars across the width of my screen, etc04:13
edbianKrine11: Sorry bud.04:13
ccfontesJesusCake[BoT], there is. are you using ubuntu? then that desktop has its system tools to change it. search in the settings category04:13
Krine11it is ok04:13
Krine11just wanted to fix it04:13
Loungeccfontes: pentium 4 would be 2.6.28-11-generic04:13
=== theyeti_ is now known as theyeti
jeevesccfontes, what's the newest desktop release?04:14
recursionRobin87:sorry I cant help more.04:14
robin87recursion, ok, thank you04:15
JesusCake[BoT]woo hoo04:15
JesusCake[BoT]it worked04:15
JesusCake[BoT]thanks buddy04:15
recursionSo... RANDR? Nobody? :(04:15
JesusCake[BoT]but i do not think it is supposed to be doing what it is doing now04:15
ccfontesLounge, Supports Generic processors, it says. so what happened to 686? xD04:15
lstarnesrecursion: you may need to try a more specific question04:16
andresjHello; I am planning to install a new graphics card alongside my integrated graphics card (Nvidia, but that should be out of the question—I think). Will the two graphics cards (and their attached monitors) work as expected? I am using Ubuntu Jaunty04:16
recursionIn my error Log, I have "xlib: extension randr missing on display 1"04:16
recursionIt's really messing with my desktop when I VNC in.04:16
lstarnesrecursion: in which version of ubuntu?04:17
recursionFirefox is a mess. Cant change display settings.04:17
JesusCake[BoT]i am having a problem ehre.04:17
JohnathanSo to install software from getdeb I have to install tons of different packages?04:17
recursionlstarnes: Jaunty04:17
edbianmib_1mfkl577: Hi04:18
theyetiandresj: As long as you don't get any conflicts between the onboard card and the integrated they should be fine.  especially if they are both nvidia and you install the drivers04:18
andresjtheyeti: what kind of conflicts? that is what im worried about.04:19
lstarnesrecursion: I'm not sure which packages would provide that extension04:19
recursionI'm relatively sure it's installed.04:19
JeanLucPicardQuestion, I did an iptables port forward of port 5190 to port 16667, how do i remove that iptables rule?04:19
lstarnesJeanLucPicard: what command did you use to set it?04:19
ccfontesJesusCake[BoT], im sure everyone in the world stopped guessing what your problem is now :p04:20
lstarnesJeanLucPicard: if it had a -A in it, replace that -A with -D04:20
edbianJeanLucPicard: sudo iptables <chain> -D <rulenumber>04:20
JeanLucPicardlstarnes one sec :)04:20
edbianJeanLucPicard: -A is for apped -D if for delete04:20
theyetiandresj: I was thinking more along the lines of BIOS conflicts04:20
mib_1mfkl577I'm seriously new with Unbuntu and Linux. I tried to install http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu, how do you run CineRella? (or build it?)04:20
Johnathanis jaunty the worst ubuntu version?04:20
JesusCake[BoT]Can somone help me once again?04:20
andresjtheyeti: hum... idk what you mean—i'm not big on hardware :P04:20
JesusCake[BoT]This is what my screen looks like: http://mail.google.com/mail/?ui=2&ik=c69dfdf837&view=att&th=121dcc71490616c9&attid=0.1&disp=inline&zw04:21
lstarnesJohnathan: I would say 5.04 was04:21
edbianJohnathan: It got rave reviews.  I think it is one of the best04:21
JeanLucPicard iptables -t nat -D PREROUTING -p tcp --destination-port 5190 -j REDIRECT --to-ports 1666704:21
JeanLucPicardthat worked, thanks.04:21
mib_1mfkl577I'm seriously new with Unbuntu and Linux. I tried to install http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu, how do you run CineRella? (or build it?)04:21
recursionlstarnes: have you heard of Xinerama?04:21
JeanLucPicardI'm trying to get IMSpector to work, but it's a no-go.04:21
Johnathaned, I cant seem to install any new software from get deb04:21
lstarnesrecursion: yes, but I know little about it04:21
Johnathandoes everyone have to install 50 libraries just tareo install softw04:21
lstarnesJohnathan: it depends on the program04:21
recursionlstarnes: do you know how to disable it?04:21
edbianJesusCake[BoT]: Your screen looks like google mail?04:21
lstarnesrecursion: I don't think so04:21
JesusCake[BoT]hold on04:22
JeanLucPicardlstarnes: that worked - thanks! :)04:22
theyetiJesusCake[BoT] Try using something like tinypic or something or moving the picture to a picassa album.  Not in your gmail account04:22
Johnathanthat makes sense, but I get the same error on all installs04:22
recursionlstarnes: dang nabbit.04:22
ccfontesJesusCake[BoT], man, I dont believe what you just did.. you paste a link from inside your e-mail? how are people supposed to know your password?04:22
theyetiOh yea, this picture is password protected.  What is the password?04:22
edbianJohnathan: I don't get dependency errors at all when I install software.  What are you trying to install??04:22
JohnathanError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libqt4-webkit (>= 4.5.0~+rc1)04:22
JesusCake[BoT]uploading to photobucket04:22
Johnathanthat is my error04:22
lstarnesJohnathan: what are you installing?04:23
edbianJohnathan: Log out and log back in04:23
Johnathanhttp://www.getdeb.net/category.php?id=11     any of these :(   ok04:23
theyetiSo you won at freecell?04:24
JesusCake[BoT]those are windows04:24
JesusCake[BoT]that wont leave the screen04:24
JesusCake[BoT]they are frozen there04:24
ccfontesJesusCake[BoT], its completely lagged your desktop04:24
theyetiI would say turn off desktop effects for starters.04:24
JesusCake[BoT]its just wierd. the whole desktop background will not fill the entire screen04:25
ccfontesJesusCake[BoT], run top, look whats hanging it04:25
JesusCake[BoT]this is a fresh install04:25
edbianJesusCake[BoT]: You changed your resolution right?  Log out of ubuntu and log back in.  (Maybe even restart)04:25
bill-e1hi all, I'm running eeebuntu on a 1000HE and I'm trying to watch a DVD using VLC player and the Asus slimline USB dvd and I'm not getting any video or audio  only broken video which is mostly digital noise with some recognizable video every once in a while.  Any ideas?04:25
ccfontesyep, edbian is 120% right04:25
JesusCake[BoT]k ill try a restart. but i have dual monitors, i took off the mirror hmm.. let me see04:25
JesusCake[BoT]ill do updates first04:25
ccfontesok, cya ppl -> gone04:26
vossNothing major in the updates Firefox 3.0.11, slight kernel change thats about it04:27
Johnathanok im back04:30
edbianJohnathan: You can't install conky?04:30
JohnathanI did not try that one....04:30
Johnathanlet me see04:30
edbianJohnathan: It was in your list of things you couldn't install04:30
axisysis there a cli client for mapi?04:31
JesusCake[BoT]is there a way to get into the files from my windows partition on here?04:31
edbianJesusCake[BoT]: Absolutely!04:32
JohnathanError: Dependency is not satisfiable: libqt4-webkit (>= 4.5.0~+rc1)04:32
edbianJesusCake[BoT]: First you must install ntfs-3g (it's a package do you know how to install it???)04:32
Johnathanim opening the files with Gdebi package installer04:32
edbianJohnathan: ok ok,  If you install things from the repos it goes a lot easier.  Do you know what I'm talking about??04:33
JesusCake[BoT]and no i dont, i have even get wine figured out04:33
Johnathancould you tell me? edbian?04:33
MyrttiJohnathan: you don't need to download and manually install your software04:33
edbianJohnathan: If you run System -> Admin -> Synaptic that is your window to the repos :)04:34
bootupOK, so I just placed a bad hd connected via USB and the syslog recognized it04:34
MyrttiJohnathan: there's an application called Add/Remove or Synaptic which you can use to search and install stuff04:34
bootupbut how do I know which /dev it is?04:34
Johnathanohhh neat04:34
Johnathanand it will do it a lot easier?04:34
Myrttibootup: dmesg04:34
MyrttiJohnathan: very, very much easier04:34
JohnathanThank you all!   This is Great news04:34
edbianJohnathan: In there are some 20,000 software packages.  Including everything that is installed on your computer already (their boxes are marked green). YES ABOUT 1000% easier04:35
mankashI restarted my pc my screen went low(800x600). I tried to change but can't go higher, how to fix04:35
bootupMyrtti, [  202.793295]  sdb: sdb1 sdb2 <--- is that sdb2?04:35
lstarnesJohnathan: there may be some things that won't be in there, but always check there first04:35
Myrttibootup: does it have two partitions04:35
xso232Yay for 5 hour partition resizes!04:35
bootupit may04:35
bootupMyrtti, i think so actually04:35
xso232thank god liveCD has tetris04:35
lstarnes!fixres | mankash04:35
ubottumankash: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution04:35
bootupMyrtti, its an ipod hard drive04:35
Myrttibootup: if those are the last lines dmesg prints, then yes, that  would be the harddrive04:36
bootupso its got two partitions most likely04:36
L3dPlatedLinuxis there a way to find out when I last updated04:36
bootupMyrtti, so what would the "/dev/<x>" be?04:36
Unpredictablewhat is a good msnger like yahoo for ubuntu04:37
TheBraynUnpredictable: pidgin04:37
Myrttibootup: the device would probably be /dev/sdb, the partitions /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb204:37
UnpredictableI tried to get yahoo for linux /deb version but error on install about lib 1.2 or something04:37
bootupMyrtti, http://pastie.org/51122804:37
bootupMyrtti, ahh ok04:37
Unpredictablethebrayn: can I find it in synaptic?04:37
bootupMyrtti, trying to use dd_rescue ;) so id do the partitions yah?04:37
Unpredictablek thx04:37
TheBraynit's probably installed already04:37
L3dPlatedLinuxI am only wondering cause I only have sound from the headphone jack and nothing else was wondering if a update I may have done could of had this effect?04:37
Myrtti!cn | jackyfung04:37
ubottujackyfung: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:37
cleptoim having a few problems finding some packages for my architecture can anyone help?04:38
AtiberiusCan someone help me fix the fan speed on Jaunty? My computer keeps overheating and shutting down.04:38
Unpredictablethebrayn: it is thx04:38
hemanthNAUTILUS_SCRIPT_SELECTED_FILE_PATHS  equivalent in KDE is ?04:38
thedarkhello everyone04:39
thedarkI have Ubuntu 9.04 and I cannot get my Logitech USB headset to work04:39
AtiberiusCan someone help me fix the fan speed on Jaunty? My computer keeps overheating and shutting down.04:40
thedarkno input sound, no output sound04:40
cleptoim having a few problems finding some packages for my architecture can anyone help?04:40
xso232Yay Ubuntu!04:41
TheBraynclepto: this is one of those imprecise questions that nobody will ever answer :>04:42
netyireAtiberius: http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/ACPI_fan_control_script04:42
thedarkokay I know everyone will say to check the forums, but I did...04:42
cleptoi am trying to download this package "lib64asound2-plugins" and i cant find it on synaptic or apt-get04:42
cleptoand this one too lib64asound204:42
Atiberiusnetyire: I looked at that but I wasn't sure if it was appropriate from my system, since everyone who referenced it seemed to be using a Thinkpad04:42
thedarkI set everything to ALSA USB (it detects my headset), and set my sound preferences to my Headset04:42
thedarkbut still sound comes out of the speakers!!!!04:42
cleptoand it is not finding them04:42
xso232http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/3759/testpdw.jpg  <--- this is also one of thouse questions that nobody has ever answered for me04:43
JesusCake[BoT]k i restarted and disabled effects04:43
Atiberiusnetyire: Additionally, I've never installed a script before, will it be complicated or should I Be able to figure out it04:43
JesusCake[BoT]but it will not let me move a window to more than 3 inches to the edge of the screen04:43
mubuHey guys, how should i install the server kernel to see more than 3.2 GB of ram in ubuntu 9.04 32 bit? thanks04:43
cleptoi look on the repository package lists on the web but it only shows them in i386 not in amd6404:43
cleptois that precise enough?04:43
Unpredictablewhat is that program called thats sorta like mac, that has your icons ect down at the bottom 3d glass effect ect. I forgot04:43
JesusCake[BoT]its called a dock04:44
lazarus_lupineavant navigator04:44
lazarus_lupineor cairo dock04:44
Unpredictableavant is it04:45
lazarus_lupinethere are several04:45
Unpredictableis cairo better?04:45
thedarkso in Summary: Using Ubuntu 9.04 I have it set to ALSA.... I restarted the drivers... it detects my headset... I have it set to use my headset with ALSA... but sound comes out of the speakers04:45
lazarus_lupinegnome-do has a dock mode now also04:45
Unpredictablewhere can i find avant? avant.com?04:45
Flannel!awn | Unpredictable04:45
ubottuUnpredictable: Avant Window Navigator is a dock-like navigation bar for the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. Homepage http://wiki.awn-project.org/ Awn-Manager can be found the Gutsy !backports repository and in Universe in Hardy04:45
edbianUnpredictable: REPOS04:45
mubuAny idea?04:45
mubuHey guys, how should i install the server kernel to see more than 3.2 GB of ram in ubuntu 9.04 32 bit? thanks04:45
lazarus_lupineshould be in the repositories04:45
AgentBlairquestion: can ubuntu work on 128mb ram? like for watching online videos?04:46
AgentBlairjust wondering... in your guys experience04:46
edbianAgentBlair: It will run04:46
AgentBlairlike how well?04:46
cleptomubu install 64 bit becuase 32 bit limit is 4 gigs of system ram that includes your  graphics card and cache too04:46
AgentBlairi have a 600mhz 128mb ram inspiron 4000 dell04:46
MyrttiAgentBlair: it will be horrible04:46
edbianAgentBlair: Decently.  I had it on an ancient laptop once (less ram than that) and under 1Ghz processor and I was watching you tube videos on it04:46
AgentBlairhmm cool04:47
MyrttiAgentBlair: it'll run, but it will be horrible. Atleast use Xubuntu04:47
edbianAgentBlair: yes definitely use Xubuntu04:47
AgentBlairi tried xubuntu04:47
AgentBlairon live cd04:47
AgentBlairtook 30 minutes to load04:47
AgentBlairor boot04:47
MyrttiAgentBlair: live cd is live cd04:47
FloodBot2AgentBlair: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:47
edbianAgentBlair: That is probably due to the 2x drive.  Installing the OS should make it usable.04:47
MyrttiAgentBlair: you could try ubuntu minimal, and build up from there04:47
spursncowboysJust reinstalled Ub9.04. Where is the website for initial steps.04:47
cleptoseriously anyone i am trying to find the lib64asound2 packages for amd64 bit install of ubuntu 9.04 i can not find them in synaptic i have found them on the web repositories but it only shows them in i38604:47
edbianspursncowboys: The initial steps?  Is it already installed?04:48
AgentBlairi currently have puppylinux.... unfortunately it's half-installed and needs the CD to boot it up.... for some reason the harddrive won't accept the install04:48
AgentBlairbut that's all I tried... just puppy linux, not ubuntu yet04:48
Myrtticlepto: why are you searching them instead of a program needing them pulling the dependencies?04:48
Myrtticlepto: is there software that complains about lack of them?04:49
Unpredictableok I tried sudo apt-get install avant-window-navigator but I get resource tem unavail. why?04:49
cleptomyrtti: becuase i am trying to get my onboard mic working.04:49
spursncowboysedbian: I mean the website to do the initial customizations04:49
Unpredictablecould not get lock04:49
cleptomyrtti and someone recommended i installed them04:49
AgentBlairpuppylinux didnt take so long to boot from live-cd... problem is FLash 9 won't work on puppy, so I was hoping ubuntu it would work04:49
edbianspursncowboys: oo, sorry I don't use any of them.  I'm happy with ubuntu pretty much outta the box04:49
AgentBlairill try installing it... does it delete my puppy stuff though?04:49
edbianAgentBlair: If you tell it to04:50
AgentBlairand if i don't it'll still install?04:50
Cry__BabyI installed Ubuntu using alternative install and CRYPT.  So ubuntu always asks me for a password to load Ubuntu..  So is there a way I can remove the need to enter a password at login screen as I dont want it?04:50
spursncowboysoh ok. Thanks04:50
edbianAgentBlair: IDK how big that HDD is but you can install along side puppy just fine if there is room.04:50
ggghow to change the hostname globally and permanently?04:50
Cry__Babyis there a way to remove the need to enter a password at the login screen?04:50
edbianAgentBlair: Depending on how much personal stuff you have that's more than enough for 2 OS's04:51
AgentBlaircook thank you04:51
thedarkgaaaaaaaahhh I don't know what to do04:51
edbianCry__Baby: Auto login in System -> Admin -> Login Screen04:51
AgentBlairwhich live-cd is best? should I use xubuntu? to install it on my HDD04:51
edbianLogin Windoww*04:51
AgentBlairlast question :p04:52
Cry__Babyedbian: ok brb04:52
edbianAgentBlair: Use the Xubuntu live Cd cause that's what you want to install.  (THe best really depends on preference KDE vs. Gnome vs. XFCE)04:52
erpoI'm looking for a program similar to OpenOffice.org Base. Recommendations?04:52
Cry__Babyedbian: I dont have a System -> Admin -> Login Scree04:52
Cry__Babyedbian: System -> Admin -> Login Screen doesnt exist04:52
erpoLogin Window?04:52
edbianyeah login window maybe??04:53
Cry__Babyedbian: no04:53
vosserpo, openoffice is very similar to openoffice base hehe04:53
edbianCry__Baby: KDE?04:53
Cry__Babyedbian: are you a noob?  cause under ADMIN, there is no such thing as "Login Screen".. Using 9.04, Ubuntu, gnome04:53
erpovoss: I'm looking for a graphical database builder that is not openoffice.org base. I'm not sure if that's the right term for that genre of product.04:53
Dr_Willisi have system -> admin -> login window04:54
Cry__Babyanyone else know how to disable the need to enter a password at login screen?  I dont need it as I encrypted the whole filesystem using alternative install.04:54
edbianCry__Baby: No I'm not a noob.  I'm on debian right now and I thought I remembered a "login window" GUI tool there.  in a terminal run "gksu gdmsetup"04:54
Dr_WillisIt could be one has to install the gdm-theme config tool for the to appear.04:54
vosserpo, the openoffice database program is not called base, there is actually a module called openoffice base which is not a database thing, you confused me thats all04:55
Julian__Hello, I hate capitalism and microsoft so I want to switch to Linux Ubuntu. I have a netbook - HP mini 2133, but read that it is not usable with 9.04 because of weak VIA video card support. Any other alternatives?04:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gdm04:55
Cry__Babydrwillins maybe cause im not logged in as admin?04:55
Cry__Babyim logged in as other added user04:55
erpovoss: On my system it's called Base.04:55
Cry__Babyedbian: maybe thats why04:55
synapsys 04:55
erpovoss: The title of the window open right now is: "bdb.odb - OpenOffice.org Base"04:55
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  YOU DONT login as the root user. :)04:55
chachinhow to set co-founder on a channel.04:55
erpovoss: bdb.odb is a file I created to contain a database.04:56
edbianCry__Baby: You should never have to log in as root (gui login that is)04:56
Cry__BabyDr_Willis why then dont I see "Login Window" under ADMIN?04:56
Dr_Willisthat menu item launches ---> gksu /usr/sbin/gdmsetup04:56
edbianCry__Baby: gksu gdmsetup04:56
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  perhaps theres a gdm  config package that needs to be installed04:56
JesusCake[BoT]sudo apt-get install wine : thats how you get wine, correct?04:56
Cry__Babyedbian: im logged in as another user I added.. maybe thats why i dont see System -> Admin -> Login Screen04:56
edbianCry__Baby: Did you run the command?04:56
Julian__Hello, I hate capitalism and microsoft so I want to switch to Linux Ubuntu. I have a netbook - HP mini 2133, but read that it is not usable with 9.04 because of weak VIA video card support. Any other alternatives?04:56
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  thats NOT the reason. :)04:56
edbianDr_Willis: You have Login Window right?04:57
Dr_WillisJulian__:  Theres dozens of disrtos and several that target netbooks.. try them all.04:57
Dr_WillisI have a 'system -> administrion -> login window' icon that launches gdmsetup. it lets me tweak the gdm config stuff04:57
Cry__Babyedbian and Dr_Willis: Ahh I was right.. Login Window appears under ADMIN when I log into ubuntu using the main username I created when installing Ubuntu04:57
edbianCry__Baby: Really?04:58
Cry__Babyedbian and Dr_Willis: but Login Window DEOS NOT appears under ADMIN when I log into ubuntu using this username I added after install04:58
Cry__Babyedbian: really. yes04:58
Dr_WillisI see it under all my users.04:58
Unpredictablecan someone please help me with the sun-java installation.. I get an error and it won't install and my ubuntu is telling me about broken applications or something..04:58
Julian__Dr_Willis: You mean other than Ubuntu?04:58
Dr_Willisnot that the others can run the tool since they dont have sudo rights04:58
edbianCry__Baby: As do I04:58
Cry__Babymaybe cause you added privildges to all those users Dr_Willis?04:58
Dr_WillisJulian__:  yes. theres several netbook specific variants04:58
Cry__Babyedbian: I didnt add all privs to this username04:58
Cry__Babymaybe thats why04:59
Julian__Dr_ Willis: Of ubuntu, or other linux things?04:59
Dr_WillisJulian__:  of all the above. :)04:59
edbianCry__Baby: That's probably why.  Anyway go to the security tab and turn on "auto login" it's pretty straight forward04:59
Dr_WillisJulian__:  go try them out. see what you like.    Depends on your needs. Ubuntu works great on my AceraspireOne04:59
Julian__Dr_ Willis: I'll tyr 8.10, is it very different compared to 9.04?04:59
Cry__Babyedbian: so anyway, I login to the main username and then choose "Login Window" and then what I do?04:59
Dr_WillisJulian__:  try it and see. i guess.. i dont keep notes on the changes. 9.04 works fine for me.05:00
edbianCry__Baby: Go to the security tab and it's pretty straight forward05:00
Cry__Babyedbian: ok becaus I dont need it.. as I encrypted the whole filesystem using alternative install.. RIGHT?05:00
edbianCry__Baby: whoa whoa05:00
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest9024
vossjulian, some differences , things work better, new splash screen, nothing extreme05:00
Dr_Willisencrypted filesystems - for the truely paranoid :)05:00
edbianCry__Baby: If you turn this on people will be able to walk up to your computer and login without a password.  That is the danger.  Encryption will not protect you from what auto login exposes you to.05:01
MyrttiDr_Willis: or to those who are required it05:01
Cry__Babyedbian: when I first load ubuntu, a message appears saying "sda_crypt, enter password"... so thats why I dont want login to ask me to enter a passwrd again05:01
Odameyerdr willis that is very true05:01
edbianCry__Baby: OOOO05:01
Cry__Babyedbian: you are wrong05:01
edbianCry__Baby: I didn't understand before.05:01
Odameyerjoin #ubuntu-us-oh05:01
edbianCry__Baby: You understand everything.  I didn't temporarily.05:01
Cry__Babyedbian: When I first load ubuntu, a message appears saying "sda_crypt, enter password".. and unless you enter password, you dont proceed anywhere05:01
edbianCry__Baby: Yeah,  I get it.  So yeah go ahead and turn off you account login05:02
Cry__Babyedbian: so they would need to crack my crypt password to get to the login page05:02
Cry__Babyedbian: yes :)05:02
vossWhen I load ubuntu, it plays "Play that funky music white boy" Is that a bug?05:02
frog93hello. i have an almost off-topic licensing question: under the GNU GPL, you are allowed to compile a (GPL'd) dll of (modified) open-source code and use it in an otherwise proprietary app. is this correct?05:02
exo232where do the files for Ubuntu Live CD get placed? is it a RAMDrive?05:02
edbianvoss: No it doesn't...05:02
Cry__Babyedbian: ever installed using alternative CD and encrypting the whole filesystem?05:02
MyrttiCry__Baby: you can store the encryption key to one of your unencrypted partitions, or to a usb stick, but you cannot remove the encryption itself. I've not done it myself before, so I can't help, but there's some guides in the Internet05:02
edbianCry__Baby: No but I do have a harddrive password on my laptop05:02
Cry__BabyMyrtti: what are you talking about? :P05:02
JesusCake[BoT]how ddoes getting programs via wine actually work?05:03
edbianvoss: You didn't set it up that way?  It just does?05:03
Cry__BabyMyrtti: i am only going to remove the login password and auto login.. as I dont need it.. When I first load ubuntu, a message appears saying "sda_crypt, enter password".. and unless you enter password, you dont proceed anywhere05:03
vossedbian, Im just kidding :)05:03
edbianvoss: Oh too bad :(05:03
macvr!wine | JesusCake[BoT]:05:03
ubottuJesusCake[BoT]:: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:03
vossedbian, wouldnt that be the coolest thing ever?05:03
MyrttiCry__Baby: correct. If you want to get rid of that as well, then you need to set up a keyfile to an unencrypted device05:04
edbianvoss: Only if the developers put it in there ha ha ha05:04
Cry__Babydont install WINE,. it makes your FAN go crazy05:04
frog93second attempt at asking question: under the GNU GPL, you are allowed to compile a (GPL'd) dll of (modified) open-source code and use it in an otherwise proprietary app. is this correct? anyone?05:04
Cry__BabyMyrtti: i dont want to get rid off the filesystem password., only the login password as its annyoing and not needed05:04
Myrttifrog93: none of us are lawyers and this isn't Ubuntu support05:04
Myrttiquestion you're asking05:04
JesusCake[BoT]hmmm my firefox froze when i said set this picture as desktop background haha05:04
Cry__BabyMyrtti: even if I remove the login password, nobody can login anyway05:05
edbianfrog93: That is my vague (and non-laywer) understanding of it yes.05:05
Polarinafrog93: No, you're not allowed to do that.05:05
Myrttifrog93: try to study differences of LGPL and GPL.05:05
edbianfrog93: ^ ^ ^05:05
kenitoshave a question related to configuring a monitor settings05:06
kenitosany help would be appreciated05:06
frog93yah i'll have to read those carefully again. thank you all.05:06
macvr!ask | kenitos05:06
ubottukenitos: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:06
JesusCake[BoT]my fucking firefox will not start :(05:06
exo232We are now approaching the 6th hour of the partition resize! after Kubuntu decided to destroy my partition tables on 2 drives!05:06
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:07
macvr!language | JesusCake[BoT]05:07
ubottuJesusCake[BoT]: please see above05:07
frog93JesusCake[Bot]: will your regular firefox start?05:07
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: what happens when you open a terminal and type "firefox"05:07
edbianJesusCake[BoT]: yes do that! ^^05:07
kenitosmy labtop screen broke so I bought a desktop monitor to use as the replacement but sometimes my screen still blinks like it will black out then come back05:08
JesusCake[BoT]nothing is happeneing05:08
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: it just hangs? Ok. open up the gnome system monitor05:08
unikon using Ubuntu 8.04 LTS  im having an issue  with programs stil showing on application menu even after i uninstalled them using synaptic the programs im wanting to be rid of are wine & Vlc05:08
frog93kenitos: not that i have any idea how to help you, but may i ask what graphics driver you're using?05:08
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: you'll find it in system>administration>system monitor05:08
JesusCake[BoT]where is that at05:08
vossedbian, That should be the ubuntu theme song05:08
JesusCake[BoT]now what05:09
mykolago to the tab for processes05:09
JesusCake[BoT]firefox is sleeping?05:09
edbianvoss: !!!!05:09
mykolahit the tab for process name to make them alphabetical05:09
edbianvoss: Def.05:09
Myrttivoss: keep the offtopic chatter elsewhere05:09
mykolaand close every firefox you see05:09
mykolaclose them all :P05:09
JesusCake[BoT]so kill the processes?05:09
mykolawhen firefox doesn't end right, it sometimes gets stuck in the background and prevents more firefoxes from opening... dunno how it happens to be honest. anyway05:10
frog93anybody using ubuntu on an eee?05:10
mykolawhen they're all closed, try firefox again05:10
JesusCake[BoT]so try again05:10
kenitosgraphics monitor from labtop or the desktop monitor05:10
razerblkany good recording progs out there05:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mapi05:11
tonsofpcsrazerblk: what for?05:11
JesusCake[BoT]its not doing anything05:11
mykolatry logging out and logging back in? (alt+sysRq+k)?05:11
tonsofpcsrazerblk: what type? midi data or waveforms or ?05:11
mykola(it will close irc)05:11
razerblkaudio wave05:11
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.05:11
tonsofpcsrazerblk: audacity05:11
mykolathat's awesome voss05:11
macvrvoss: haha05:12
ubottuThe women and men of the Ubuntu women project hang out in #ubuntu-women. Encouraging women to use linux? Read http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/Encourage-Women-Linux-HOWTO/ for some suggestions compiled by women who use Linux on how to do so effectively.05:12
frog93rofl @ voss05:12
ultramarinгде мне получить полную потдержку русского языка?05:12
DaenyathosI have a somewhat low powered machine and I'm trying to find a version of Ubuntu for it.  What would work? I tried 8.04 but it said it had a wrong processor.05:12
mykolaDaenyathos: specs?05:12
vossdaen, what is the name of the machine05:12
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:12
JesusCake[BoT]its working now05:12
Daenyathos2gigs memory, has 2.3ghz Intel celeron05:13
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: so somewhere it was still sleeping... hmm.05:13
vossDae, make sure you are using 32 bit ubuntu not 64 bit05:13
razerblkhow good is audacity compared to pro tools?05:13
frog93on behalf of ultramarin: is there a russian language ubuntu channel?05:13
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: that is inconvenient, and I have no clue how to fix it without re-logging in. but at least you have firefox again :D05:13
JesusCake[BoT]can i get google chrome?05:13
DaenyathosHm... I feel i got the 64-bit version (used the CD from my own machine)05:13
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: errm. don't05:13
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: it's quite unstable05:14
JesusCake[BoT]i love chrome though..05:14
tonsofpcsrazerblk: not sure, never got into pro tools; it's similar to CEP/Audition05:14
JesusCake[BoT]i use it on windows05:14
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: hehe... we all do. try swiftfox05:14
frog93mykola: chrome is out in alpha?05:14
vossDae, 64 bit version wont work with older celerons. Just go get the 32 bit version05:14
bullgard4razerblk: Please put your question more specifically. For me, Audacity much better.05:14
JesusCake[BoT]why doesnt it work on ubuntU?05:14
bullgard4razerblk: Please put your question more specifically. For me, Audacity is much better.05:14
mykolafrog93: yeah, articles on slashdot say it is anyway05:14
mykolaJesusCake[BoT]: lemme find the article05:14
exo232JesusCake: They are in development of a new version of Google Chrome for Linux, it should be released soon - its not out yet but there is a open version avalible for download that is quite unstable like they said05:14
frog93i've seen those but havent been able to find a download05:14
vossI use 32 bit ubuntu with my quad core just because its supported better.05:15
DaenyathosThanks alot.  I forgot about it. lol05:15
razerblkah i am totally familiar with with adobe audition ....thanks !!!!!!!!05:15
DaenyathosAlright.  Thank you very much for your help!  Kudos!05:15
mykolaso yeahj05:15
supercom32If I run Ubuntu servers or anything like an air conditioner or something that uses lots of power in my apartment (we don't pay electricity) is there really any way for them to monitor energy usage per apartment? (We live in a big apartment)05:15
frog93not that i plan to install pre-rc chrome, but that's all vwery interesting05:15
mykolait will be cool when it comes out05:15
mykolaaccording to google, it's hard to merge it well with all of the distros and desktop environments / window managers05:16
bullgard4Who would test Ekiga together with me?05:16
JesusCake[BoT]oh okay05:16
whiplashHey everybody i'm trying to install the latest nvidia driver (185.18.14) on 9.04 x86 and always get an "unable to load kernel module" error. Does anyone know how to install this properly?05:16
exo232its probably the best browser I've ever used as a developer - the developer tools built into google chrome are outstanding05:16
kenitoosmy labtop monitor is cracked, using a desktop monitor as replacement but sometimes screen still blacks out then comes back any ideas on how to get this fixed right05:16
mykolawhiplash: how are you trying to install it?05:16
vosssupercom, its possible,05:16
whiplashi ran NVIDIAxxx.run05:16
whiplashafter killing x05:16
=== bruenig_ is now known as bruenig
mykolawhiplash: go into System>Administration>Hardware Drivers and use that. it will give you the latest stable w/ ubuntu05:17
frog93@ mykola: i hope its soon... i cant wait for it... firefox is like molasses on my eee... and i dont like opera and refuse to use epiphany or konquereor. lol05:17
whiplashwell i know about that one but this one seems much, much newer05:17
whiplashand it's stable too05:17
vossGoogle Chrome its like IE for linux...wait that doesnt sound so good ;-)05:17
cabreyvoss, O_O05:17
frog93no it doesent. lol05:17
mykolafrog93: I found konquerer ok... try swiftfox, it's a fork of firefox with optimizations for linux. will work a little faster05:17
cabreyfrog93, you experience the same thing with your eee?05:18
frog93ty, mykola. googleing that right now.05:18
whiplashanyone know how to install this?05:18
cabreymykola, doesn't do anything for the atom processor05:18
macvrmykola: do the firefox plugins work with swiftfox?05:18
vossfrog93, which model eeepc do you have?05:18
mykolaaah... cabrey i think you're right05:18
kenitooscan anyone help me with some monitor settings05:18
exo232I dont like firefox either, what I find important in a browser is the most largest possible viewing space, and the fact that firefox dosent let me handle file downloads myself by default really just makes me angry05:18
mykolawhiplash: did you go to that application?05:18
cabreyfrog93, chrome preview FLIES on the eee05:19
whiplashthe .run file came straight from nvidia and it's much newer than the one in ubuntu05:19
cabreyfrog93, i have the 900ha05:19
mykolaand for the record, the best web browser is links :)05:19
tonsofpcsmykola: which version? links? elinks? links2? xlinks?05:19
cabreywhiplash, chmod +x file.run, sudo ./file.run05:19
Cry__Babyedbian: you here?05:19
edbianyeah why?05:19
mykolathere's different versions? :D I must go try them all.05:19
vossfrog93, I use a Dell Mini 9 but I use Ubuntu netbook remix05:19
tonsofpcsmykola: yup05:19
tonsofpcsthen theres lynx [different]05:20
mykolawas going to say something witty about w3m fans... but now i must go try all the links's05:20
whiplashhmm? it runs and installs fine, the kernel module doesn't load, that's my problem05:20
mykolaerrm... links is basically rewritten lynx05:20
JesusCake[BoT]how do i get one desktop background picture for each one of my screens05:20
Cry__Babyedbian: now ubuntu auto logins to one of my users.. good... but when I switch to main user and back to other, then ubuntu asks me to enter password.. any way to get rid of that too?05:20
whiplashwhen i reboot05:20
mykolawhiplash: that's odd... what hardware are you using?05:20
frog93cabrey: nice.do u use anything like almurato's scripts or the array kernel?05:20
whiplashi have fairly standard hardware05:20
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  gdm configs have a 'auto login as a specific user aftger X seconds  setting'05:20
edbianCry__Baby: What do you want to happen when you choose logout?05:20
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest1538
Cry__Babyedbian: switching between users always asks me to enter password for "tommy".  But I dont want tommy to ever be asked for password..  Any way?05:20
mykolacan't help you :( you could try using modprobe to load it yourself. i can't give you instructions tho (would have to google it)05:21
whiplashi read in some places that ubuntu's built-in driver interferes with this one, but i have no idea how to disable that05:21
edbianCry__Baby: OOO.  Quick switch?  IDK I don't think so05:21
cabreyfrog93, i use the array kernel05:21
cabreyfrog93, and eee-applet05:21
whiplashwell thanks anyway05:21
chronographerhello. I think I did something really dumb: I tried to create a symbolic link from all the files in one folder to another folder, ended up with an '*' and would like to know how to get rid of it: lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root   31 2009-06-14 14:19 * -> ../../python2.6/site-packages/*05:22
Cry__Babyedbian: let me explain..  when I turn on Ubuntu, tommy loads without need to enter password.. Perfect, thats what I want..  But then in tommy session I switch to "crybaby" which is my main account and enter password. Good so far... but then when I switch back to tommy, im asked to enter password for tommy.. Any way of having tommy NEVER needed to enter password?05:22
exo232its acctuallt that you have to log in to a terminal and run the config from the terminal AFTER you login05:22
chronographerif I use sudo rm * it will kill all the folders in there... right?05:22
frog93cabrey: any trouble with turning wireless on/off. do you end up having to use the pciehp_force boot options?05:22
exo232this is why the Nvidia settings do not save05:22
mykolaafter reading the wiki (in links) i have decided that links2 is the text html browser for me :D05:22
cabreychronographer, try moving it first then use rm \*05:23
edbianCry__Baby: I don't know of a way :(05:23
edbiansorry dude05:23
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: any ideas?05:23
chronographersuod mv * ./this05:23
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  you could set a null password.. or just dont use that switching stuff...05:23
frog93Cry_baby: are you using GNOME?05:23
cabreychronographer, probably sudo mv \* file05:23
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  i dont bothet with such insecure things.05:23
Cry__Babyedbian: i switch between tommy and crybaby all day long.. I dont want tommy needing a password.. any way?05:23
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  set a short password. :)05:23
cabreyfrog93, wireless on/off has never worked, but i dont care05:23
chronographerah nice05:23
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: is that why you had sex with that woman without a condom? LOL05:24
edbianCry__Baby: Why do you want 2 users at all?05:24
mykoladoes passwd allow you to enter a blank string?05:24
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: you have ubuntu secure, but not your own penis lol05:24
mykolathat could solve your problems05:24
chronographerNow is it possible to use the python 2.6 libraries (like numeric) with 2.4 ?05:24
MyrttiCry__Baby: please keep the offtopic and the random stuff elsewhere05:24
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  i imagine the ops may be warning you soon....05:24
Cry__Babyedbian: because the main user is used for netbanking etc.. the other is for general browsing.05:24
jeremiah_my dvd player isnt working05:24
Dr_Willisit pays to heed the ops warnings05:24
frog93@cabrey. i've been really OCD-percetionist about that... spent countless hours trying to fix it. had to reinstall 3 times. don't recommend ever caring about it :-/05:24
mykola(passwd will not let you change to a null password)05:25
Cry__Babysorry I was only joking to Willis.. nothing meant05:25
MyrttiCry__Baby: you can differentiate those with browser profiles05:25
jeremiah_i put a cd in and its not displaying cd on desktop05:25
Dr_Willistheres Secure, then theres paranoid.. and then theres Tinfoil hat paranoid.05:25
jeremiah_is there a way to open cd05:25
Dr_Willisi doubt if that practice is making you any safer Cry__Baby05:25
edbianCry__Baby: I think that if you want that added measure of security than you're going to have to deal with passwords05:25
cabreyfrog93, nothing will ever be perfect, but this release was fantastic. btw, do you have that trackpad mouse issue?05:25
Cry__BabyMyrtti: im worried using one account, because when I login to Netbank, im worried Ubuntu may be infected with something beause I visit every website known to man05:25
exo232I have decided to allow you all to see my amazing KDE default layout http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/3759/testpdw.jpg which I have been unable to fix simply because the text is TOO small and I cant read the files I have to edit to fix it05:25
MyrttiDr_Willis: and then there's people who are required to encrypt their filesystem due to NDA05:26
JesusCake[BoT]i think imma head bac onto windows to see if i can just do a vm of linux05:26
Cry__BabyMyrtti: so I have one main account, thats only used for netbanking.05:26
cabreyexo232, ...05:26
mykolaDr_Willis: interestingly enough, Richard stallman distributed tinfoil at one of his speeches in order to cover the little magnetic tracking necklaces the venue handed out. Also, does anyone know anything about the program Bastille on ubuntu?05:26
Dr_Willismykola:  bastille was popular ages ago.. but ive not seen/heard much of it in ages....05:26
mykolaI know it's a network hardener... but i'm not quite sure what you accomplish with it05:27
Dr_Willismykola:  Tinfoil hat paranoid does suite him :)05:27
mykolaah. thx05:27
Cry__BabyMyrtti: know what I mean?05:27
edbianCry__Baby: Ubuntu is very immune to most anything on the web (and by that I mean 100% of everything)05:27
jeremiah_may some one help me, i dont know why but i cant read cds05:27
Cry__BabyMyrtti: you mean there may be a solution, using just one user?05:27
cabreyedbian, it isnt immune to human error05:27
mykolaDr_Willis: the same man who is for abandoning passwords at his workstations :) because passwords close people off from sharing and building05:27
exo232cabrey: pretty isnt it? thats why when I installed Kubuntu it partitioned the wrong drive, because the INSTALLER had the very same text issue05:27
exo232making it impossible for me to see the drive name05:28
MyrttiCry__Baby: try starting firefox with the command "firefox -ProfileManager"05:28
Cry__Babyedbian: so you mean I could visit every website in the world and still be able to use firefox for netbanking and not be worried?05:28
taylor_Does anyone know the command that selects an ip on ubuntu that solves the "eth0 is not ready" problem on firestarter05:28
Dr_Willismykola:  we need the new ToungePrint1000 usb adaptors.05:28
cabreyexo232, i use gnome and ubuntu's font rendering system is great05:28
resonateHello there05:28
edbianCry__Baby: I would05:28
mykolajeremiah. sudo mount /dev/cdrom /your/location/here05:29
edbianCry__Baby: Linux is fundamentally more secure than windows05:29
mykolatell us what happens if it doesn't work05:29
Cry__BabyMyrtti: I just had any idea.. what if I use Opera for my netbanking and login to my credit card account, and use firefox for everything else?05:29
edbianCry__Baby: Research it!  Google is your friend05:29
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  theres 1000000+ people that do it every day05:29
MyrttiCry__Baby: one of the options05:29
mykolaDr_Willis: hehe05:29
edbianCry__Baby: You could create two firefox sessions as well05:29
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  thats  doable also...05:29
exo232cabrey: yes I know i'm on it right now - Acctually im running a live CD right now to fix my partition tables, and its been going for 6 hours (yay Gnomtris)05:29
supercom32Is there a way of converting a NTFS partition to EXT3 without data loss?05:29
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  or get out the tinfoil hats.05:29
cabreysupercom32, no05:29
usserCry__Baby, wow! i take of my hat sir. how ppl never thought of that before :)05:29
mykolasupercom32: create an EXT3 of the same size and move the data :)05:29
Cry__Babyso how do I now merge the 2 users into the main one?05:30
taylor_Does anyone know the command that selects an ip on ubuntu that solves the "eth0 is not ready" problem on firestarter05:30
Cry__Babyusser: thought of what?05:30
Dr_Willissupercom32:  resize.. move stuff to the newly made ext3.... delete ntfs.. resize ext3 :)05:30
mykolajeremiah_: did it work?05:30
usserCry__Baby, using two browsers05:30
cabreyDr_Willis, if there is data taking up more than half, that wont work05:30
resonatedoes anyone know of a good console/terminal based irc client?05:30
supercom32Dr_Willis: implies that I have space on the same drive to do the moves.05:30
Dr_Williscabrey:  do it in several steps :) (and YES i have done it.. took ages)05:30
=== usser is now known as mourice_mauss
Cry__BabyMyrtti: you mean I can visit p0rn websites and every other type of website using firefox.. and still be able to safely use Opera to access my credit card website and bank website?05:31
exo232although I'm having a bit of a problem getting firefox to load the AdobeFlash player on the LiveCD lol i can either decode video OR audio05:31
cabreyDr_Willis, or no space at all05:31
MyrttiCry__Baby: yes.05:31
cabreythats awkward05:31
mykolaCry_Baby: basically yeah05:31
Dr_Williscabrey:  delete all the porn? :)  if your drive is full.. time to go buy a new drive.. or restore from backups.05:31
mykolaCry__Baby: just don't tell us what you're doing :P  please05:31
Cry__BabyMyrtti: wow this will save me heaps of time, always switching between 2 users.. its annoying05:31
cabreyDr_Willis, tell supercom32 that not me :)05:31
Cry__Babymykola: lol ;)05:31
Cry__BabyMyrtti: how do I now merge the 2 users, so I dont have to start again?05:32
Dr_Willisstart what again exactly Cry__Baby ?05:32
cabreydoes anybody know of a way to stop my hdd spinning down?05:32
mykolacabrey: hmm?05:32
cabreyit is incredibly annoying when music pauses for a second while the hdd spins back up05:33
dotblankcabrey, hdparem?05:33
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: i have tommy setup perfectly,,, but I am now only going to use crybaby user... how do i merge tommy to crybaby?05:33
cabreyi use mpd btw05:33
Cry__Babycabrey: can you live with it?05:33
cabreyCry__Baby, no lol05:33
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  if by merge you mean COPY all settings from tommy to crybaby. use the cp command to copy all the users setting files to the other user.. then set the proper permissions on the files.05:33
Cry__BabyMyrtti: what exactly is firefox allowed to write to my HD?05:34
mykolaCry__Baby: whatever your user can05:34
mykolaCry__Baby: so if you start it as root... then everything05:34
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: ouch, seems loike a lot of work :(  Ill just remove tommy and start again05:34
mykolaCry__Baby: if you start it as crybaby... then it can only touch /home/crybaby05:34
mykolaCry__Baby: just copy over what you want from tommy (themes and whatnot... they should all be somewhere in tommys home)05:34
Cry__BabyMyrtti: shall I then login as crybaby and remove tommy?  is that all I need do?05:35
mykolaCry__Baby: and set them up for crybaby05:35
Cry__Babymykola: ok05:35
Cry__Babymykola: do I then remove tommy from ADMIN/users?05:35
mykolaCry__Baby: i've never removed a user before... but that sounds right.05:35
Cry__Babymykola: hehe ok :)05:35
Cry__Babybrb removing tommy boy :)05:36
dotblankAnyone know how to start x programs inside a chrooted environment?05:36
Cry__Babyhow do I totally remove a user?05:36
jon5001hello folks.  I want to enable scrolling on my touchpad.  gsynaptics has the item checked. but it doesnt work05:36
mykolauserdel -r username05:36
mykolathat's what google pulled up anyway05:36
mykolawould do a05:36
mykolaman userdel first tho05:36
Cry__Babymykola: can I do it through admin/users?05:36
mykolajust open up a terminal and type05:37
mykolaman userdel05:37
mykolathen learn :P05:37
jon5001hello folks.  I want to enable scrolling on my touchpad.  gsynaptics has the item checked. but it doesnt work.  Can anyone help?  it used to work fine.05:38
DnShi. I have a problem with mount flashdrives. error: cannot get volume.fstype.alternative. anybody can help me?05:39
mykolaDnS what filesystem is on the usb drive?05:39
mubuHey guys, how can i run a certain sudo command (wondershaper, to throttle and unthrottle a NIC) at  a specific time, only once, not every day or week, etc? thanks05:40
DnSmykola, once I set fs ext3... and this is a reason of problem, I think.05:41
mykolaDnS: ok... how many hard drives do you have (just want to know for the mount command... sda, sdb, etc)05:42
mykolaDnS: should be "sudo mount -t ext3 /dev/nextharddriveinthelist /choose/a/mount/point"05:44
DnSmikola: actualy, problem with cerdreader.. ok< I will tey do it..05:44
mykolaDnS: i've got 2 hard drives... so if i wanted to manually mount a usb drive with ext3 to ~/tmp i would do "sudo man -t ext3 /dev/sdc ~/tmp"05:44
mykolaDnS: actually... do whatever you think it is first :D I'm just guessing05:44
mykolaDnS: i'm looking for more error output tbh05:45
mykolaDnS: if it's a problem with the reader then that command will give you nothing05:45
cabreymykola, sudo man? don't you mean mount?05:47
gum76mount not man05:48
mykolacabrey: that was a mistype :P05:48
mykolagot it right the first time (scrolls up) ^_^05:48
cabreyman would freak out05:48
gum76is the -t mount option 'file (T)ype'?05:49
cabreyfile system type05:49
mykolai was mixed up because i had "man mount" open just to make sure i was giving the right options :P05:49
gum76file system type, right05:49
mykolafat32 is vfat so i wanted to make sure ext3 wasn't silly that way05:49
Proceduredi read somewhere that ext4 will be in use next ubuntu ?05:50
gum76ext3 is like ext2 but with encryption?05:50
mykolaext3 has a journal05:50
cabreyProcedured, yes it will be05:50
gum76what's a journal?05:50
mykolaa backup, basically. so if you turn off your computer by the power switch it won't fubar everything05:51
cabreygum76, it logs everything that happens05:51
gum76ok, thanx05:51
Procedureddont forget the logs!05:51
ubottuOfficial channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/05:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about womens05:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hammertime05:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about geese05:51
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.05:51
ubottuSaying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.05:52
chronographerhello. Can someone tell me why python 2.6 is the default python, but that Numeric and other extersions/packages are located in 2.5/site-packages?05:52
Procedured!quantum mechanics05:52
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about doughnuts05:52
mykola!yer mother05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about yer mother05:52
mubuHOw can i run a sudo command with crontab or gnome-schedule? i mean so that it doesnt ask me for a password or inputs it automatically? thanks05:52
ubottuSo, you wanted to lure me into saying I don't know anything about anything? Yeah, that would be funny, of course. Now leave me alone.05:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about computers05:52
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chronographermubu: sudoers ?05:53
mykolathis is spam05:53
exo232how long does it take for this to get old?05:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam05:53
Procedured<mubu> HOw can i run a sudo command with crontab or gnome-schedule? i mean so that it doesnt ask me for a password or inputs it automatically? thanks05:53
mykolait never gets old ^_^05:53
Proceduredi see05:53
mubumykola, what?05:53
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:53
mubuchronographer, how?05:53
mykolamubu: unrelated. i don't know how you would run a root command with cron w/o being root. srry05:54
exo232 !linus torvalds05:54
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about linus torvalds05:54
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository05:55
kapilmubu: why don't you just install the entry in root's crontab?05:55
chronographermubu: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=91708705:55
chronographerkapil: genious!05:55
exo232ooo thats a strange sound thats comming from the 1.5 TB drive05:56
Proceduredsee any smoke?05:56
mykolaexo232: start running :(05:56
exo232 lol...05:56
exo2321 hour till i found out if its messed up completely!05:57
cabreyoh heres a good one05:57
ubottulife is something very few people know about in this channel - and anyway, it's probably offtopic, perhaps you want to try #ubuntu-offtopic05:57
mykolaso i just learned that portable hard drives (the pocketsized ones in the nice cases with little usb cables attached to them) are just laptop hard drives with a little usb adapter on them. i felt so cheated when i first learned that :( can anyone offer a good hard drive integrity checker besides fsck that i can use on ubuntu?05:58
cabreysadly ubottu is right05:58
mykola!good taste05:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about good taste05:58
cabrey!having good taste05:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:58
kapil^^ isn't there still a game of life (Conway) toy somewhere in the distro?05:58
mykolait's called golly05:59
mykolait comes with a ton of prebuilt stuff :)05:59
kapilso how is it that ubottu knows nothing about life! :-)05:59
mykola!conway's game of life05:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:59
exo232Did you know that Linus Torvalds - the creator of Linux uses a system running OSX as his main desktop work computer now-a-days05:59
exo232isnt that a tad bit funny05:59
cabreyno he doesnt05:59
mykolathought he used kde05:59
cabreyhe uses fedora05:59
mykolaon fedora05:59
cabreyno kde, he got rid of it06:00
cabreyuses gnome now06:00
mykolahe would hate OSX06:00
exo232from what im reading his box is OSX on this article http://www.builderau.com.au/news/soa/Linux-creator-Torvalds-switches-to-an-Apple-Mac/0,339028227,339180280,00.htm06:00
cabreyosx isn't bad06:00
mykolahe wrote an article bashing gnome about being to user friendly and giving up freedom (tho now i remember he switched because of KDE's 4.0 fail)06:00
mykolanot saying osx is bad06:00
Proceduredyeah 200506:00
mykolajust saying linus torvalds wouldn't be caught dead using it06:01
mykolaplus how can he keep developing kernel stuff w/o a linux box?06:01
cabrey"My main machine these days is a dual 2GHz G5 (aka PowerPC 970) - it's physically a regular Apple Mac, although it obviously only runs Linux, so I don't think you can call it a Mac any more ;)"06:01
mykolamac is alot different than OSX :P06:01
mykolayou said a system running osx06:01
mykolaoh wait... that was exo23206:02
mykolasrry cabrey06:02
cabreyi <3 os x however06:02
=== keres is now known as keres`zzz
mykolai <3 that the bash shell works on it :) bash and vi and python ^_^ make you feel right at home06:02
Proceduredg night keres!06:02
cabreyit is real UNIX06:03
mykolait's darwin... based on BSD06:03
cabreyits also real UNIX06:03
mykolai guess since BSD is what unix has become...06:03
cabreyit's certified06:03
mourice_maussmykola, make u feel right at home my ass, file system is case insensitive by default06:03
cabreyUNIX 03 certification06:03
* Dr_Willis is certified06:03
Dr_Williscertified insane.06:04
cabreymourice_mauss, that can be considered a plus06:04
mykolamourice_mauss: for what i was using it for @ my friends house, i didn't have to deal with filenames being uppercase. was just a python programming project :)06:04
* cabrey is certifiable06:04
mourice_mausscabrey, eh, no it cant06:04
cabreymourice_mauss, why not?06:04
Cry__BabyI am about to remove a user... what is the best way so as to make sure everything about that user, all their files etc is 100% removed?06:04
Dr_Willisi was thinking it was the apople os-x gui that was case insenestive.. bash on os-x is still case senestive and so forth.06:04
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  its all in their home dir.. if thats gone its gone.06:05
cabreyHFS is not case-sensitive by default, tho you can make it that way06:05
Proceduredi think unix and linux woill remain related06:05
exo232Mac OSX Leopard06:05
exo232is what i was refering to06:05
mykolaCry__Baby: everything about a user is in home06:05
Cry__BabyAdmin/Users and groups.. if I remove a user through there,will it totally remove EVERYHING that user has, all their files, all their settings etc?06:05
cabreySelf-contained apps > *06:05
mykolauserdel -r username will06:05
Dr_Williscabrey:  i dont reall that on my imac - but last i used it was several years ago. its a doorstop now.06:05
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: ahh ok.. so nothing they have is anywhere outsode of theur home?06:06
mykolaCry__Baby: that's how linux works :)06:06
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  perahps some stuff in /tmp/ but proberly not much. thats  one of the joys of linux.06:06
Cry__Babyso "sudo userdel -r username" will 100% delete them and their files etcc?06:06
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  try it and see06:06
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  you worry too much about trivial things.06:06
cabreyif not sudo rm -rf /home/user06:06
mykolaCry__Baby: unless you've been secretly using admin powers to change their personal files to thing in random directories...06:06
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: every user has their own /tmp/ folder?06:06
mykolacabrey, no06:07
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  users can put things in /tmp/ thats whats tmp is for.06:07
mykolacabrey, userdel removes references from other config files as well06:07
cabreymykola, huh?06:07
Cry__Babyit didnt work06:07
Cry__Babythis is what happened:06:07
Cry__Babyuserdel -r tommy06:07
mykolacabrey: then try deluser06:07
Cry__Babyuserdel: unable to lock password file06:07
mourice_maussCry__Baby, have to superuser06:07
ggga question with with xchat06:07
cabreymykola, what are you talking about?06:07
mykolaCry__Baby: are you currently logged in as tommy?06:07
mourice_maussCry__Baby, sudo userdel -r tommy06:07
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  logic --> to do 'admin' type tasks one has to use root permissions. :)06:07
exo232!why my life sucks06:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:08
gggif i connect to ubuntu server06:08
Cry__Babymourice_mauss: so type "sudo userdel -r tommy"?06:08
mykolayou must be logged out of tommy06:08
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  rember that mantra. :) admin tasks -> gotta be root.06:08
Cry__Babyok brb06:08
mourice_maussmykola, not really06:08
mykolaand any program running under tommy must be closed06:08
gggwhich will be displayed06:08
gggsomething like this "petsounds (n=Lennon@ has joined #ubuntu"06:08
cabreymourice_mauss, just like you don't have to run AV on windows06:08
Cry__Babymay Ubuntu is solid :)  my problem is that I am looking at Ubuntu from a windows persepetive and windows mind-set06:08
mykolasudo userdel -r tommy should work06:08
Cry__Babyman rather06:09
ggghere petsounds_ (n=Lennon@ has joined #ubuntu06:09
cabreyCry__Baby, you're thinking of the registry aren't you06:09
Myrttiggg: you can't hide it from the client06:09
ggghere where does  "n=Lennon@" come from?06:09
Cry__Babycabrey: im thinking a user has their files all over the place.. but its only in their home :)06:09
Cry__Babyremoving now. brb06:09
Myrttiggg: hiding it is possible depending on the IRC network you're connecting to06:10
mykolaCry__Baby: magic, aint it? :)06:10
Myrttiggg: it can be done in freenode, but probably not in many others.06:10
Myrtti!register > ggg06:10
ubottuggg, please see my private message06:10
Cry__Babywoohooo, I typed "sudo userdel -r tommy" and now tommy is no longer being displayed :)06:10
|unjustice|Hi, I am trying to mount an external usb hard drive with this command sudo mount /dev/sde -a -t msdos /home/username/Desktop/folder but I cannot get it to mount, it says the device has "32" as a filesystem on it06:10
Myrtti!cloak > ggg06:10
Cry__Babymykola: :)06:10
|unjustice|does anyone know how I can write a fs to this thing?06:10
mykola|unjustice|: try sudo mount /dev/sde -a -t vfat /home/username/Desktop/folder06:11
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  its VERY likely you really mean to use /dev/sde1  not sde06:11
Cry__Babyso now I will use firefox for everything.. but use Opera for netbanking and login to my CC website.. is that safe?  Opera safe for that?06:11
mykola|unjustice|: try sudo mount /dev/sde1 -a -t vfat /home/username/Desktop/folder       heh06:11
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: but there is no sde1 in /dev06:11
mykola|unjustice|: yes there is.06:11
mykola|unjustice|: yes there is. sde1 is the first partition of the 5th hard drive06:11
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  you some how parttiuoned the thing with an unusual partiion layout? try 'sudo fdisk -l /dev/sde' and see06:12
ggghere "mailto:n=porphyri@d122-105-91-59.meb11.vic.optusnet.com.au"06:12
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  you worry about way too many things. :)06:12
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: there is no partition06:12
Myrttiggg: did you read the stuff ubottu gave you?06:12
mykolaCry__Baby: firefox will work for you :P06:12
gggwhat is "porphyri@" ?06:12
Myrttiggg: or what I said, for that matter?06:12
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  you do realize that the way you were doing things earlier could also been done by just running the other browser as the other user. :) no need to do the swtching of users..06:12
gggis it the user account06:12
JohnathanDoes ubuntu create its own partition size?06:13
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: not worry, precaution.. theres a difference.06:13
exo232|unjustice|: Dr_Willis: there is no partition (very zen statement)06:13
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  paranoia.06:13
mykolaJohnathan: you can specify it06:13
kapilCry__Baby: you can also use different profiles for the same browser.06:13
Myrttiggg: depends.06:13
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: if everyine was precautious like me, there wouldnt be billions of dollars of fraud each year, cause nobody would be stung06:13
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: no paranoid, precautious06:13
jooGooHello. Is here anyone playing World of Warcraft on ubuntu? (jaunty 9.04) -or knows how to install it. I've been trying to install it for quite some time now but been having problems. I hope this is the right place to ask such a question.06:13
|unjustice|what should I use to parition? hdparm or something?06:13
Dr_Willisexo232:  :) i noticed the ubuntu netbook remix image file also goes to the usb drive with NO XxX1 partiion. :) which really can confuse things06:13
Johnathanis there a way to change the partition size after install?06:13
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: theres a difference..  nothing wrong with getting the most secure setup possible06:13
mykolaCry__Baby: remember our tinfoil hat conversation? ;)06:14
cabreyJohnathan, use the live cd and gparted06:14
Johnathanyou mean use the ubuntu install cd?06:14
Cry__Babymykola: i rather talk about your sister ;)06:14
exo232I've been using the liveCD with Gparted for 6 hours and 15 mins thus far06:14
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  you are using linux allready. :) anything else you are trying to do is like hireing a Little toy poodle to guard the  Large rabid guard dog. :)06:14
luisaCould a very smart person help? :-P I am connected to my wireless network (86% strenght), and I can connect to anything, like, xchat, my games, AIM, YAhoo... But I can't browse web pages!  When I was connected by ethernet cable (now im wifi)  I could browse the web!06:14
richjJohnathan, the live cd is required because the partitions you want to edit must not be mounted06:15
mykolaCry__Baby: you can have her... along with an FBI agent, she's 606:15
Johnathanwhat is live cd?06:15
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: so there is no way at all that I can login to my bank website and be stung?06:15
jooGooHello. Is here anyone playing World of Warcraft on ubuntu? (jaunty 9.04) -or knows how to install it. I've been trying to install it for quite some time now but been having problems. I hope this is the right place to ask such a question.06:15
Cry__Babymykola: thats ok, im only 7 :)06:15
cabreyJohnathan, the ubuntu cd06:15
Johnathanok thanks, brb guys06:15
mykolaJohnathan: a live CD is a cd that you can boot an operating system from and run as if it were installed06:15
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  your time would be better spent learning linux basics then trying  odd security things that may or may not be any more secure then the defaults.06:15
mykolaCry__Baby: and you're doing online banking. I think you need a medal! or at least a cookie.06:15
exo232Johnathan: its the ubuntu install CD only instead of selecting "Install Ubuntu" you select "Try Ubuntu without any changes to your computer"06:15
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: do you have a Doctorate, or you trying to impress? :)06:16
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  ive not heard of any bank expoits in ages.. and those i recall all relied on IE bugs.06:16
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about liveccd06:16
ubottuThe Ubuntu Desktop CD is a "LiveCD" which can be run without altering existing files on your harddrive. Especially useful for testing your hardware's compatibility, it also includes an install option.06:16
Johnathanthen what do I do after I chose ubuntu without install?06:16
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: how do I partition /dev to make /dev/sde1?06:16
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  I got my Degree in Loveology.. I am the Dr of Live.06:16
Dr_WillisCry__Baby:  I got my Degree in Loveology.. I am the Dr of Love06:16
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: yeah, IE bugs. eek06:16
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: I mean /dev/sde to /dev/sde1 and /dev/sde206:16
Cry__BabyDr_Willis: :)06:16
jooGooHello. Is here anyone playing World of Warcraft on ubuntu? (jaunty 9.04) -or knows how to install it. I've been trying to install it for quite some time now but been having problems. I hope this is the right place to ask such a question.06:16
mykolaJohnathan: if you click on the "install" icon of the ubuntu live desktop, you will get a very nice installer to guide you through the steps06:16
richjJohnathan, when it boots up to the desktop, run gparted06:16
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  normally you dont.. if fdisk -l shows no sde1 on the drive  then  you would mount /dev/sde not sde106:17
mykolarichj: the installer runs gparted for you06:17
cabreymykola, no he wants to resize06:17
FloodBot2mykola: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:17
richjmykola, yes it does, so? :)06:17
cabreyhaha mykola got banned06:17
exo232jooGoo I have successfully installed this software in the past using Wine - theres acctually a Youtube Instructional video06:17
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: right, but /dev/sde1 does not exist06:17
Johnathanok guys, I will see you soon06:17
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  optical disks normalkly are partioned that way :) you CAN partiion hard drives and usb drives that way.. but its odd.06:17
mobi-sheep!git > mobi-sheep06:17
ubottumobi-sheep, please see my private message06:17
mykola*quiets down*06:17
jooGooexo232: Hey, Could you provide me a link to this clip. Is this for The expansion sets also?06:18
* cabrey peds FloodBot06:18
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: I have partitioned ipods in that way to get rockbox on them, but I have not had to do this for a hard drive06:18
cabreypets* lol06:18
cabreystupid netbook keyboard06:18
trubuntuhyou damn foot fetishist06:18
mykola|unjustice|: I'm pretty sure that using /dev/sde1 will get you what you want. it will have a partition table on it (even though there's only one)06:18
trubuntuhleave our fb girls alone06:18
|unjustice|mykola: nope06:18
exo232JooGoo acctually what I did was Installed Wow on a windows machine,  and then I copied the folder with pre-installed files and used "Wine" simply to launch it06:19
mykola|unjustice|: then just try using /dev/sde and seeing what happens! :)06:19
richj|unjustice|, what are you trying to do?06:19
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  last i noticed the 'feature' was when i dd'd the ubuntu netbook remix image to a flash drive.. its a 1gb image.. so it made a single partition (sdb) and no other partitions.. thus wasteing 7gb of my 8gb thumbdrive :006:19
taylor_Does anyone know the command that selects an ip on ubuntu that solves the "eth0 is not ready" problem on firestarter06:19
luisaCan anyone help me figure why I can use my internet to chat with you, my friends, and play online games, but i cannot browse pages?06:19
mykolamount a usb drive with a wierd fs :P06:19
cabreyDr_Willis, you can restore that you know :P06:20
exo232Joogoo its on youtube though, im sure you can find it, unfortuantly I'm on LiveCD right now and I dont have AdobeFlash06:20
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  you can still mount the thing using /dev/sde  not /dev/sde1 for example.06:20
|unjustice|I did, it does not work06:20
Dr_Williscabrey:  i just used it to install then reformated it. :)06:20
jooGooexo232: I've tried the same. Copied the Wow folder from my friends machine to a usb memory stick and then pasted it into my own hardrive. (programfiles/Worldofwarcraft  -in wine folder)06:20
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  then you mayu be doing somthing else wrong.06:20
richjtaylor_, connection sharing?06:20
cabrey!appdb | jooGoo06:20
ubottujooGoo: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help06:20
cabreycheck there06:20
|unjustice|it will not mount with /dev/sde or /dev/sde106:20
mykolawhat command are you running unjustice?06:21
unikonjoogoo  try eve-online instead06:21
cabreyjooGoo, also what version of wine?06:21
bishopout seeya06:21
mykolaeve online stole my christmas. it's incredibly addictive06:21
jooGoocabrey: 1.0.106:21
mykolalike crack06:21
richj|unjustice|, what does fdisk -l show?06:21
mykoladon't do it06:21
cabreyjooGoo, thats a problem06:21
|unjustice|richj: sde06:21
mykola|unjustice|: what file type?06:21
jooGoocabrey: ah, should I update it for the development version?06:21
cabreyjooGoo, that version of wine is ancient06:21
mykolafat32? ntfs? etc...06:21
[t0rc]how can I start a process as a daemon from a shell? Or at least how can I run a program at the command line but not have it take over my shell?06:21
richj|unjustice|, is this something i can replicate?06:22
cabreyjooGoo, the 'unstable' version is pretty stable06:22
Dr_Willis[t0rc]:  bash basics.. use the &  at the end of the command.06:22
jooGoocabrey: instaleld it via synaptic :P06:22
|unjustice|mykola: I only get a fs when I type mount "32" which is not valid, hence the bad fs error06:22
mykolat0rc: & i think. like, conky&06:22
Dr_Willis[t0rc]:  read up on bash job controll in the various bash docs/books/guides06:22
cabreyjooGoo, http://www.winehq.org/download/deb06:22
mykola|unjustice|: try mount -t vfat /dev/sde /mountpointwherever06:22
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  whats the exact commandyou are using to mount?06:22
richj[t0rc], & ampersand runs process in the background06:23
moDumasshey all, i just purchased a seagate 1Terra usb drive, but ubuntu doesnt see it06:23
jooGoocabrey: Thanks for the help. I'll check this out. You got the game working with the new version? -keep in mind thou that im relatively new user. So I've might been failing at some simple point06:23
|unjustice|sudo mount /dev/sde -a -t msdos /home/username/Desktop/JDrive06:23
richj[t0rc], try ls&06:23
|unjustice|and vfat06:23
Dr_WillismoDumass:  did you mount it? :) try mounting it via hand?06:23
moDumassif i sudo fdisk -l it doesnt show06:23
mykoladon't think msdos is a fileytype06:23
cabreyjooGoo, no i dont play WoW but i know it works with newer versions06:23
|unjustice|mykola: I tried vfat too06:23
Dr_WillismoDumass:  if fdisk -l aint showing it.. then theres some bios/other issues going on06:24
moDumassDr_Willis, how would i manually mount it?06:24
|unjustice|mykola: msdos was the instruction with the hard drive06:24
cabreyjooGoo, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=1415406:24
chronographermoDumass: well unplug it and plug it in again06:24
chronographermoDumass: when it is plugged in type: "dmesg | tail"06:24
Dr_WillismoDumass:  unplug/plug it in check  the end of the 'dmesg' command output :)06:24
mykolamsdos is a filetype06:24
richj|unjustice|, can you repeat the problem / question. Are you trying to mount a new drive?06:24
chronographerDr_Willis: :-D06:24
jooGoocabrey: Thanks alot. I'll try this out. If I encounter any problems I'll be back =)   ...(hope no need for it)06:24
mykolayou sure it's /dev/sde ?06:24
mykolado you reall have 4 other hard drives? :D06:25
|unjustice|richj: I have a new hard drive, I am tryin to partition and put a filesytem on it, but I cannot mount it to add a fs06:25
|unjustice|mykola: yes06:25
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  you normally partition it and format it.. BEfor you mount it....06:25
mykolatry lsusb06:25
richj|unjustice|, you cant mount it before the partioning06:25
mykolasee what happens06:25
|unjustice|mykola: tis, this is actually a friend's06:25
moDumassDr_Willis, what am i looking for in the end of the message?06:25
richj|unjustice|, you make the partitions BEFORE mounting it06:25
mykolajust wanna see if it's detecting at all06:25
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  gparted should make that an easy task.06:25
|unjustice|richj: I know06:25
Dr_WillismoDumass:  mention of new usb devices gettting added.06:26
|unjustice|richj: I need to know how to partition it06:26
|unjustice|richj: hdparm? I did this last week and forgot it already06:26
mykola|unjustice|: wait... is there data on it?06:26
richj|unjustice|, gparted is easy, or fisk to do it by hand06:26
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  use gparted, or the fdisk command..06:26
moDumassDr_Willis, [1227863.381047] usb 1-5: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 1806:26
mykolathere's an easier fdisk06:26
|unjustice|sudo fdisk...?06:26
chronographeruse gparted, fdisk is too hard!06:26
Dr_WillismoDumass:  now about 10 sec later... try the command again and look  see if it says some other stuff.06:26
mykolacfdisk instead06:26
moDumassDr_Willis, would that be it?06:26
mykolauses curses... easier :D06:26
mykolaor gparted06:26
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  you may want to learn  some basics on partitioning disks...06:27
|unjustice|I have used fdisk to partition disks06:27
richj|unjustice|, sudo fdisk /dev/sde06:27
Dr_WillismoDumass:  if it succedes it will mention what device its set to be...06:27
|unjustice|the fs is small enough that I will only need 206:27
|unjustice|one being tiny06:27
moDumassDr_Willis,  this is what its saying now [1227863.381047] usb 1-5: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 1806:27
moDumassoops sorry06:27
moDumassDr_Willis,  this is what its saying now [1227958.486546] Inbound IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=01:00:5e:7f:ff:fa:00:0d:3a:c5:19:a1:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=176 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=16331 PROTO=UDP SPT=1030 DPT=1900 LEN=15606:27
|unjustice|the total number of cylinders is 60801, I am not sure how many to put for this though06:28
chronographerMAC and eth means its a network card saying that06:28
luisaCan anyone help me figure out why I can do everything online, except browse the web?06:28
Dr_WillismoDumass: pay attention to the messages. :) that one is  about your network card....06:28
richj|unjustice|, where are you?06:28
chronographerluisa: DNS?06:28
Zimm3rI have a problem, whenever I turn on my computer the monitor starts flashing then whites out and I have to restart and it does it again, it has been happening for about 12 hours now, why is this happening it never happened in win2k?06:28
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  fdisk supports the use of sizes like +12G for 12gb :) and so forth.06:28
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  or use gparted. (i think this has been suggested like 10 times now)06:29
moDumassDr_Willis,  ah, [1228052.273850] sd 11:0:0:0: [sdc] Result: hostbyte=DID_ERROR driverbyte=DRIVER_OK,SUGGEST_OK06:29
moDumass[1228052.273863] end_request: I/O error, dev sdc, sector 006:29
moDumass[1228052.273873] Buffer I/O error on device sdc, logical block 006:29
exo232Where do files go when u run the live CD?06:29
|unjustice|wtf is gparted?06:29
ProceduredZimm3r it might be fusion06:29
richjexo232, ram06:29
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  a tool you should learn about. :)06:29
chronographerluisa: try going to this in your browser
moDumassDr_Willis, although that doesnt mention usb06:29
|unjustice|yeah, but how do I run it06:29
chronographerluisa: if it works you need to add DNS settings to network config06:30
|unjustice|gparted is not a recognized command06:30
richjgksudo gparted06:30
luisachronographer,  doesn't load. Just says "Loading........."06:30
richjsudo apt-get install gparted06:30
chronographerluisa: th ip doesn't load?06:30
Dr_WillismoDumass:   looks like its having some  issues on the sde drive.. is there any data worth keeping on the drive?06:30
luisachronographer, it doesn't.06:30
chronographerwell you not connected to the internet06:30
moDumassDr_Willis, what does this mean? reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 1806:30
chronographercan you see your router (use routers ip)06:30
Dr_WillismoDumass:  its sendign a reset command to the usb device.06:30
|unjustice|okay, here is where I stand06:30
moDumassDr_Willis,  the USB? no its brand new, out of the box, pre formated to NTFS06:30
luisachronographer,   but, if I load a browser inside of a *game*,  it loads it06:30
|unjustice|I have no internet on the computer that this SATA drive is plugged in06:31
chronographera game?06:31
luisachronographer,  it took me to google06:31
Dr_WillismoDumass:  you may want to use gparted to repartition/reformat it to whatever filesystem you want to use.06:31
chronographercan you ping www.google.com06:31
moDumassDr_Willis,  thanks06:31
chronographerwhat game?06:31
|unjustice|but I  am in fdisk ready to create the two partitions necessary for the hard drive, but I don't know how big to make the primary partitions06:31
Dr_Willisremember people.. partiion, format. then mount. :)06:31
chronographerthe ip took you to google?06:31
|unjustice|Dr_Willis: thanks06:31
ownerif i download something useing the add/remove built in app, where can i find the file, the source code not the executable ?06:32
Dr_Willis|unjustice|:  depends on your needs.. how can we know if you dont?06:32
chronographerowner: apt-source ??06:32
luisachronographer, ..... it was just epiphany... firefox works fine ! :O   Thats too bad, I likED epiphany :P06:32
luisaWell guess my problem is fixed, ditch epiphany :P06:33
Zimm3rProcedured: what is fusion?06:33
chronographerowner: man apt-get gives "sudo apt-get source pkg "06:33
=== evilgeek_ is now known as evilgeek
|unjustice|fuck you guys06:33
chronographerluisa: epiphany should work if firefox works06:33
SandGorgonanybody using Steam on linux... any idea how well it works ?06:33
Dr_WillisSandGorgon:  it works.. :)  barely06:34
tv7497guys when i try sudo taskel install lamp-server i get couldnt find package taskel !06:34
moDumassDr_Willis, I thought linux could read NTFS... but my ubuntu seems to be saying NTFS cant read it.. - did I lose that ability on upgrading distros?06:34
chronographerSandGorgon: in wine it works ok. some games work06:34
Dr_WillismoDumass:  i read ntfs all the time...06:34
chronographerYou are better of dual booting for games IMHO06:34
Dr_WillismoDumass:  you wanting to use the thing for linux? or windows? try accessing it from windows if you want to use it in windows..06:34
richjmoDumass, ntfs-3g06:34
moDumassDr_Willis, i do to, or I used to, I havent interacted with windows for a while06:34
chronographer|unjustice|: sudo apt-get install gparted   then go to system | admin | gparted and you have a GUI for partitions06:35
Dr_WillismoDumass:  i found it best to ditch ntfs whenever possible,06:35
moDumassrichj, thats it, thanks06:35
mubuHey guys im in 9.04 and after modifying and saving the sudoers file, whenever I run a command with sudo I get the following error: >>> sudoers file: syntax error, line 25 <<<06:35
mubusudo: parse error in /etc/sudoers near line 2506:35
Dr_Willischronographer:  i think he left mad....06:35
chronographermoDumass: if you are keen I have started using LVM for my partitions!!06:35
chronographerDr_Willis: =)06:35
Dr_Willischronographer:  his loss i guess...06:35
moDumassDr_Willis,  yeh but its a USB so i dont want to have to force all my windows friends into using ext3 just to get files of my hdd06:36
chronographermoDumass: make it ntfs then06:36
Dr_WillismoDumass:  its your drive :) do what you want.06:36
chronographeryou don't want a large HDD formatted with FAt, ntfs can be read by all OSs06:36
Dr_WillismoDumass:  see if you an access it from windows.. it would suck to spend 3+_ hrs in linux trying to access a drive thats dead....06:36
mubuWhat should I do? thanks06:36
chronographermubu: fiz the syntax06:37
moDumasshaha, will do Dr_Willis06:37
richjmubu sounds like a syntax error near line 2506:37
=== heywheresmypants is now known as runningwithsizzo
richjmubu, paste bin the file and ill have a look06:37
lucian!get |lucian_06:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about get06:37
lucian!get |lucian06:38
muburichj thanks but I cant open it since i cant get sudo/admin privileges anymore.. I get that error whenever i run ANY command with sudo in it06:38
lucian!apt-get  |lucian06:38
ubottulucian, please see my private message06:38
richjmubu, boot into single user mode - so you automatically get root06:39
slak_How come there is no /dev/input/kbd device in Ubuntu?  What is the equivalent?06:39
Flannelmubu: You obviously didn't use visudo06:39
richjmubu, you can then change the file back to the original06:39
chronographermubu: don't do that06:39
moDumasscool, Dr_Willis I can see into the drive if I plug it into my nas, but the permissions are all over the show, so i can write if going through nas, or cant even see if going through ubuntu machine06:39
HawkzHi, I'm trying to install jaunty onto my nslu2, but oom keeps killing the detect disks stage. Any ideas?06:39
mubuflannel i used nano06:39
muburichj how do i boot into single user mode?06:39
Flannelmubu: And ignored the giant warning at the top of the file warning you to use visudo?06:39
chronographermubu: go to http://pastebin.com/ and paste the contents of your sudoers file06:40
richjmubu http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/grub-boot-into-single-user-mode/06:40
Flannelmubu: At the GRUB menu, choose "recovery console"06:40
richjmubu although there may be a keyboard shortcut, f6?06:40
chronographerwhy single user mode?06:40
gregh7470hello all -  greets06:41
Flannelchronographer: Because he can't sudo06:41
chronographernot at all?06:41
Flannelchronographer: Nope06:41
chronographeroh i see!06:41
Dr_WillismoDumass:  huh?? that wasent what you was saying earlier...  You mean to say you 'see' the drive iconon the desktop and can access it - but just cant write to it?06:41
chronographeryou could su - still right?  need to set a root passwd06:41
richjchronographer, No06:41
richjchronographer, it is sudo su on an ubuntu box06:42
chronographeroh yeah... "sudu su -" heh! oops06:42
Dr_Willisdont use sudo su :) or vafiants thereof.. it can cause .. issues. :)06:42
chronographerwell mubu: with great power...06:42
Dr_Willis'sudo -s'  is normally used06:42
gregh7470question - just installed qtparted on ubuntu hardy-heron and when I launch it I get an error message: Could not launch menu item. Failed to execute child process "qtparted-root" (No such file or directory)06:42
moDumassDr_Willis, in ubuntu, it does not exist, but if I brows to my nas, which has 2 ext3 drives and a usb port, and i plug the usb into the nas, then i can navigate to the usb, but cant write to it06:42
mubuim going to try and fix it in recovery mode06:42
mubuwish me luck guys!06:43
Procedured!sudo su06:43
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sudo su06:43
aaab77Please can somebody give software messenger with camera06:43
ubottusudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)06:43
Dr_WillismoDumass:  for NTFS you need to have ntfs-3g set up properly to allow users to write to a ntfs filesystem.06:43
chronographeraaab77: skype, emesene, cheese06:43
chronographermoDumass:  ntfs-config I think06:44
exo232Does anyone know of a linux app that can connect to a ventrilo server?06:44
moDumassDr_Willis, I didnt realise you could configure it, il give it a whirl, thanks06:44
slak_You can use... ventrilo...06:44
chronographerexo232: http://www.justfuckinggoogleit.com06:44
richjchronographer, thats not friendly06:45
=== joshthecoder is now known as joshthecoder_afk
Flannelchronographer: No.06:46
Flannelchronographer: That's not how things work here.06:46
gregh7470ok...what command do i use to make an app ask me for root password when i launch it from the menu?06:46
GunbladeIVgregh7470, gksu?06:47
rohani am running akregator 1.4.4 from within gnome on ubuntu 9.04. all the feeds fetch correctly, but none have them have favicons. what should i do?06:47
Cosmo1exo232: there is one some guys are working on called spux but its not to the alpha stage yet, the other option is running vent in wine06:48
gregh7470when I edit the menu item it should read gksu qtparted ?06:48
chronographergregh7470: that should work06:48
exo232Thanks Cosmo106:48
gregh7470thx GunbladeIV  :)06:48
GunbladeIVgregh7470, for example, if you want to run qtparted with root privilege then just 'gksu qtparted'06:48
gregh7470thx chronographer06:48
exo232I have gotten Vent to work with Wine, but I haven't liked it on wine lol06:48
Cosmo1exo232: took me 3 day of fighting with it before I got it to work though06:49
gregh7470gksu /usr/sbin/qtparted is what i'll try06:49
gregh7470Boom!!! it worked - thx guys06:50
Zimm3rAnyone else experiance this, my lcd flickers then whites out and the laptop becomes unusable till I hard restart it and then 30 seconds later repeat, how do I fix this?06:50
david__How do you register?06:50
=== ectodozing is now known as ectospasm
exo232btw whoever told me to "JFgoogle it" is grouped to my #1 hate bracket.. because if you ever google something it takes HOURS to find the correct answer 90% of the time06:51
lwizarldhow would I setup a linux firewall/router that would also let me view the desktops connected to the local network ? the network uses linux and xp06:51
richjexo232, he appologied :)06:51
exo232if everyone JFGoogled then there'd be no #ubuntu channel06:51
wolf23Help please!06:51
coz_wolf23,  what's the problem06:51
Zimm3rAny help this is driving me crazy to no ends I about in tears ;) :'( still any help?06:52
Dr_Willisexo232:  and that would be bad? :)06:52
wolf23coz_,  thanx06:52
mintuxwhy ctrl+c doesn't work in terminal for close a command or process ?06:52
exo232Dr_willis : yes because then there would be no more Ubottu06:52
coz_wolf23,   well tell me the problem and lets see what can be dont before you thank me :)06:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Dr_Willis06:53
petsounds_hello, what is the shortcut to capture screen? thank you06:53
richjpetsounds_, the print screen button06:54
petsounds_richj : where?06:54
richjpetsounds_, on my keyboard, next to f1206:54
Dr_Willisthe one that says 'print screen' on the keyboard. :)06:54
lwizarldkeyboard "prtsc" or "print screen"06:54
Cry__Babywhats the best program to play mpeg, avi, wmv, 3gp and flv files?06:55
Cry__Babymust have 3gp support06:55
netyirehi all! I've just upgraded to 9.04 and am cheerful to report that firefox uses ~100% CPU.06:55
petsounds_thanks richj06:55
lwizarldCry__Baby, i use vlc06:55
Cry__Babynetyire: mine doesnt06:55
richjCry__Baby, i would try vlc also06:55
Hawkzi've googled tons, can't seem to find anyone with a successful jaunty nslu2 install06:55
Cry__Babynetyire: how do you tell the CPU uses 100%?06:55
Dr_WillisCry__Baby: vlc and gmplayer can play most anything ive ever found.06:56
netyireCry__Baby: top06:56
Cry__Babylwizarld: does VLc play 3gp?06:56
Dr_Williswith the proper codecs installed of course.06:56
netyireCry__Baby: about:blank must have been improved greatly, I see06:56
recursionHello room. I'm getting this error: Xlib: Extention "XInputExtention" missing on display 106:56
lwizarldCry__Baby, mine does06:56
Cry__Babyi ran top, but where does it say total CPU usage?06:56
recursionand it's destroyed firefox06:56
Dr_WillisAbout the onlky thing i find that i cant play in gmplayer or vlc are those 'malware-codec-porn-things that some how  get on my system'06:57
richjCry__Baby, 9th column06:57
Cry__Babyrichj: you add up every number in 9th column?06:57
recursionDoes anyone know anything about this?06:57
lwizarldDr_Willis, exactly everything else plays in vlc06:57
netyirehmm... weird, it doesn't *seem* to be doing anything06:57
richjCry__Baby, thats total for each process06:57
* netyire blames global warming06:57
Cry__Babymy firefox is using 3% CPU06:58
recursionDon't want to have to reinstall...06:58
richjCry__Baby, maybe you want to look at system / administration / system monitor06:58
* netyire restarts firefox06:58
Dr_Willislwizarld:  i think i had to use gmplayer for rmvb.. or was it vlc.. only one could play rmvb for me..06:58
mubuHi guys I just fixed my sudoers file. Can anyone help me out so that any user can use the "sudo wondershaper" command without being asked for a password? Thanks06:58
Cry__Babyrecursion: sorry i never seen that error before.. Seveas will know06:58
netyireoh... it's 1% now06:58
recursionWhere's Seveas?06:58
* netyire blames aliens06:58
Cry__Babynetyire: cool :)06:58
netyirethanks anyways06:58
Nomad22Hey everyone, like some help if anyone is interested, I'm running a virtual machine of ubuntu and need some wireless networking help06:58
Cry__Babyrecursion: not sure where he is arm06:59
Nomad22ubuntu wont recognize my network06:59
Nomad22or even my card06:59
exo232Nomad22: what version of windows are you running06:59
Cry__Babynetyire: so your firefox is only using low CPU now?06:59
moDumassDr_Willis, when i open ntfs-config and enable read and write to both internal and external i get this error "** (ntfs-config:7246): WARNING **: Can't find device with uuid = 934bbca2-4867-4d6b-8aad-e2ff00ac390706:59
recursionCry__Baby: gotcha, maybe I'll try later...06:59
netyireCry__Baby: amazingly, yes06:59
razerblki love ubuntu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!06:59
* netyire scratches head06:59
richjNomad22, if ubuntu is running in a virtual machine, it doesnt have access to wireless internet, that should be configured by the host os06:59
Zimm3rin ubuntu is there a way to take the image save it to you computer boot with a live cd and then have ubuntu read the file on the hard drive Only READ but right anything to a flash drive?06:59
Cry__Babynetyire: just one of those things :P07:00
exo232Nomad22 you want to have a seperate network for your Virtual Machine? or you want to share an internet connection07:00
richjNomad22, the internet connection will be through a simulated lan, i.e eth007:00
Dr_WillismoDumass:  No idea on that.  i normally just add the proper ntfs entries to my fstab by hand these days.   sounds like somthing may be confuseing with that ntfs drive.07:00
Nomad22gotcha okay so itll be through an ethernet to the host os07:00
Cry__Babynetyire: my firefox is using 0.4% CPU now :P07:00
richjNomad22, yes07:00
mubuHi guys I just fixed my sudoers file. Can anyone help me out so that any user can use the "sudo wondershaper" command without being asked for a password? Thanks07:00
=== nicolas_ is now known as Guest69729
razerblkyeah ubuntu studio wouldnt recog my wireless network so i had to go with regular ubunto07:00
Dr_WillismoDumass:  good luck. its bed time for this Dr.07:00
* netyire treads carefully07:01
Nomad22thanks I'll give that a try07:01
exo232Nomad22: You should right click the Virtual Machine and goto settings, edit the settings to run NAT or Bridged Connection, this will share your internet connection and provide you with a 100MB connection to and from your virtual machine07:01
lwizarldanyone know if it would be hardware or software that i would need to have so i can view the incoming traffic on the network07:01
netyireCry__Baby: it likes you ;-)07:01
moDumassDr_Willis, thanks for your help though - adios07:01
Cry__Babynetyire: who wouldnt like a crybaby :)07:01
Cry__Babywhat IRC clients are you guys using? Im using Pidgin07:02
MoLootCry__Baby, xchat currently - I also like irssi07:02
Cry__Babylwizarld: does xchat support alll the funny smileys?07:02
exo232Pidgen FTW on LiveCD07:02
lwizarldnope mine doesn't07:03
Cry__Babydo you see my smiley, in shades? 8-)07:03
exo232yea baby07:03
Cry__Babylwizarld: ah ok. so what did you see when I put the smiley up?07:03
lwizarldnope i see a 8 then - and a )07:03
richjCry__Baby, not in xchat07:03
Cry__Babyexo232: :)07:03
Lost-ArtHello people, Im trying to install GVim on my system but cant resolve dependencies because my vim-common preinstalled is newer than the dependencies, can anyone help me out?07:03
Cry__Babyrichj: ok07:03
exo232WooT! for emoticons07:03
MoLootIt's really up to the user's client whether the user sees a funny picture or a 8 and - and )   really...07:04
Lost-ArtI use crunchbang Linux which is based on ubuntu and uses the ubuntu minimal package07:04
richjLost-Art, Can you purge the newer vim-common, install an older deb, then go from there?07:04
MoLoothehh.. I said really twice..07:04
exo232I'm so excited to find out if I've been waiting 3 hours for this phase of the partition resize to be the last one!07:04
calvinIs there a browser in linux where FLASH wont make my browsing experience all CHOPPY?07:05
exo232if its not i'm gunna be so sad07:05
Cry__Babywhoever told me to get VLC to play 3gp, thanks, works great :)07:05
richjexo232, lol are you moving data to make the partition bigger?07:05
lwizarldCry__Baby, np your welcome07:05
richjexo232, i feel your pain07:05
exo232Richj yes... I am... and its a 1.5 TB drive, thats 1/2 full07:05
Cry__Babylwizarld: thanks :) VLC rocks, plays everything well without jerky sound07:05
calvinIs there a browser in linux where FLASH wont make my browsing experience all CHOPPY?07:06
Cry__Babycalvin: firefox07:06
* mobi-sheep makes the jerky noises.07:06
calviniam using firefox07:06
lwizarldCry__Baby, yeah i only use vlc and mplayer07:06
calvinthats the problem07:06
Cry__Babymobi-sheep: behave :)07:06
richjcalvin, the flash implementation for linux is not as good as for windows07:06
Fixofirefox 64 bits?07:06
zzbevlc isood pretty g07:06
Cry__Babycalvin: tried Opera?07:06
calvinnot yet07:06
calvinwill give it a shot now07:06
mobi-sheepCry__Baby: Did you get two windows when opening VLC?07:06
Cry__Babycalvin: i use Opera  and Firefox07:06
Fixofirefox 64 bits works fine here07:06
richjcalvin, there is nothing you can do about it07:06
calvini know richj just frustrated07:07
Cry__Babycalvin: good luck, hope opera works07:07
calvinafter all these years07:07
calvinlinux is making great progress07:07
Cry__Babycalvin: did you install flash properly?07:07
calvini believe so..07:07
zzbewhat ubuntu u guys use 64 or 32?07:07
richjcalvin, im using the 64bit alpha and even on a powerfull machine its bad07:07
calvini dled it the tar07:07
mobi-sheepzzbe: Depends on our hardwares.07:07
calvinand followed instructions07:07
calvinits all macromedias fault07:07
exo232After this parition finishes resizing i'm gunna have to decide what distro to run07:07
Cry__Babycalvin: did you sudo apt-get install it?07:07
calvingonna try opera right now07:07
calvincry baby07:07
calvini done both ways before07:07
calvinsudo apt get and manually installing it too07:07
cruital_threadzzbe, i use 32bit on 32bit hw and 64bit on 64bit hardware07:08
Cry__Babycalvin: ok try opera07:08
zzbeif u have 64 bit hardware what would you use?07:08
zzbei see07:08
calvin32bit browser zzbe07:08
richjCry__Baby, you are giving bad advice... its not a fixable problem07:08
exo232I want to run Kubuntu so bad, cuz I like KDE interface :/ but its so buggy and a pain to run07:08
zzbehow about the drivers?07:08
lwizarldkde reminds me too much of windows gui07:08
Cry__Babyrichj: how is recommending to try Opera, bad advice?07:08
exo232Fixo: Buggy as in the default text size is 1pt07:08
zzbeSo should I change from 32 to 64?07:08
richjCry__Baby, because the reported problem is flash, not a browser07:09
zzbecurrently  i'm using 32 on 64 hardware07:09
Fixouse 6407:09
Cry__Babycalvin: did you type this:: " sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree" ?07:09
seginexo232: KDE4 is the worst rip-off of Windows Vista I have ever tasted my own vomit over.07:09
lwizarldif you ave 64 hw i would use that version07:09
FixoKubuntu works fine07:09
Cry__Babyrichj: stranger things have happened,, lets see how it goes.07:09
exo232fixo: see http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/3759/testpdw.jpg (task bar)07:09
calvincry baby and richj    i actualyl used the non macromedia flash stuff on mandriva/fedora it was a much better expierence07:10
calvinbut on ubuntu..i accidentally installed the offical macromedia flash07:10
calvinnot sure how to revert back07:10
richjcalvin, its gnash. I dont use it because there is little flash 9,10 support07:10
Cry__Babycalvin: ahh i thiougfht so, thats why I said, did you try  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:10
Cry__Babycalvin:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree works perfect for me07:10
calvinyes gnash07:10
=== Cosmo1 is now known as Cosmo1|sleeping
calvinthere we go07:10
Fixoexo232 wtf?07:11
Cry__Babycalvin: that explains it07:11
exo232fixo: thats what I said07:11
Cry__Babycalvin: try this anyway...  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:11
richjCry__Baby, he is using flash plugin non free07:11
Cry__Babyrichj: no his not07:11
exo232U should have seen the isntaller it was worse07:11
calvinhows this guys07:11
calvinhow do i CHECK07:11
calvinwhich one im currently using?07:11
anonbadgersudo ./flashinstaller and then selecting the firefox3 directory within the installer works too07:12
Fixoexo232 I see... maybe is your system fonts...07:12
Cry__Babycalvin: go to a flash testting website?07:12
bullgard4Some GNOME icons have two different shapes: The second has a small addition in the lower right to the first to indicate a modification in state. I found additions as a white skew cross in a red square, or an exclamation mark in a red circle. What is GNOME's name for such an addition?07:12
exo232Fixo: acctually its a problem with running 2 monitors durring setup, if you unplug one of your monitors it wont bug out like that07:12
Cry__Babycalvin: never ever install anythging outside the repos, unless you have made a image first using something like Acronis Trueimage07:12
richjsp :p07:13
bullgard4Who would test Ekiga together with me?07:13
FixoI never tried 2 monitors heheh07:13
richjcalvin, about:plugins in firefox07:13
calvin    File name: npwrapper.libflashplayer.so07:13
calvin    Shockwave Flash 10.0 r2207:13
Fixogoodbye alll :)07:14
calvini think im still using the offical one07:14
richjcalvin, yes that is adobe07:14
e0n`damn, i need to find a way to resize this partition07:14
calvinfrom macromedia07:14
calvinyeah adobe07:14
e0n`the guide on the forums is retarded07:14
calvinbut i alreaady did the install non-free07:14
calvinit didnt overwrite it07:14
FloodBot2calvin: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:14
richjcalvin, the non free IS the adobe version07:14
Cry__Babycalvin: sounds like a conflict07:14
ggg"gregh7470 (n=greg@clec1086.customer.centurytel.net) has joined #ubuntu"07:14
e0n`http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=4530641 step 3 on the "Enlarging an encrypted"...07:14
calvinthats what i thought..ok so cry baby meant the adobe one07:14
Cry__Babycalvin: learn from the experience and reinstall ubuntu?07:14
cgkadesyou know... i have to say.. ubuntu made my laptop last at least 4-5 years longer then it would have normaly07:14
ggg"gregh7470 (n=greg@clec1086.customer.centurytel.net) has joined #ubuntu"07:15
e0n`If you know anything about fdisk this fucks up the crypt mapping if you change the start point of the partition with the crypt on it07:15
ggglike that what do u see for me?07:15
calvini think i misrepresented what i had to say07:15
Cry__Babycalvin: I only did this and flash works:  sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:15
richjcalvin, cry baby seems to be trying to ruin the support irc07:15
calvini know exactly what im doing, im jus venting how adobe still cant get it right for linux...07:15
ggghow to register nickname in xchat?07:15
richjcalvin,  yeah i feel your pain07:15
cgkadesadobe + java = a pain07:15
Cry__Babyrichj: why are you being so harsh on me? I am doing my best to help as I genuinly want to see calvin get a solution07:15
mobi-sheep!register | ggg07:15
ubottuggg: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode07:15
calvincrybaby i appreciate it i do07:16
lucianhey does borland c++ work under wine?07:16
calvinbut richj is right, we cant do anything...even if our computer is quadcore07:16
exo232Everyone I have great news07:16
calvinrichj: what browser u using then?07:16
Cry__Babyrichj: are you always so harsh on peple, making false accusations against others?  You need to stop that or you will die a very lonely death and alienate people07:16
exo232my 7 hour partition resize.. IS COMPLETE07:16
cgkadeslucian, why use borland? there are so many other good c++ apps07:16
richjCry__Baby, you recommended reinstalling ubuntu to solve the problem.07:16
cgkadeslucian, netbeans or eclipse to name a few07:17
luciani can't stand the gcc compiler07:17
cgkadeslucian, u use g++?07:17
Cry__Babylucian: but its free )07:17
Myrttiggg: I told you earlier what to do to get your hostname hidden in freenode, did you not listen?07:17
luciancant's stand g++ to07:17
cgkadeslucian, thats all borland uses... but borland can do some strange character things07:17
Cry__BabyMyrtti: you can hide your hostname on irc?07:17
MyrttiCry__Baby:  on freenode07:17
cgkadeslucian, i've had some programs work perfectly in everyting BUT borland07:17
lucian the borland c++ compiler(turbo c++) it's easyer to rite07:18
cgkadeslucian, including microsoft stuff07:18
Cry__BabyMyrtti: is it hard?07:18
Myrtti!register > Cry__Baby07:18
ubottuCry__Baby, please see my private message07:18
anonbadgermytell me too pl0x07:18
Myrtti!cloak > Cry__Baby07:18
richjcalvin, maybe try mozilla-plugin-gnash07:18
Cry__BabyMyrtti: how do I see my ip?07:18
MyrttiCry__Baby: /Whois Cry__Baby07:18
Cry__BabyMyrtti: why use a cloak anyway?07:18
lucianso it's not so good idea to install borland c++ under wine no?07:19
SandGorgonrichj, are u guys having problems on 64-bit.. did u guys try the flashplayer 10 64-bit release? it works quite well for me07:19
MyrttiCry__Baby: if you don't want your hostname to be seen, or if it has some other value to you07:19
Cry__BabyMyrtti: it says , /Whois Cry__Baby  ,  Unknown command.07:19
MyrttiCry__Baby: latter applies to me07:19
cgkadeslucian, you can try.. i'm just saying there are other good options in linux07:19
MyrttiCry__Baby: which client are you using?07:19
richjSandGorgon, yes I am. Full screen playback is not of a high quality. Still choppy07:19
Cry__BabyMyrtti: am I at risk if everyone sees my hostname?07:19
lucianlike what i have anjuda IDE installed07:19
Cry__BabyMyrtti: Pidgin07:20
cgkadesCry__Baby, only if you have a crappy firewall07:20
lucian but the syntax diference is to big07:20
tech0007pidgin always crashes07:20
SandGorgonrichj... oh... didnt try that too much. anyway with Firefox 3.5, it is quite usable imho07:20
luciani have to modify the program to much07:20
cgkadeslucian, synatx differece between c++ compilers??07:20
anonbadgeraMSN works well07:20
Cry__Babycgkades: ok07:20
richjSandGorgon, yes just the full screen video playback it cant handle. Especially hd video07:20
lucian i have source code riten under borland c++07:21
dotblankrichj, let me guess flash?07:21
wolf23which module supports ubuntu?  1- camara quickcam logitech connect usb   MM720LOG70 2- camara genius videocam eye 312 300k 1.3 mega pixel (microfono) 3- webcam 480 pixel de resolucion usb 2.0 Markvision07:21
SandGorgonrichj, if only more people start using 64-bit ubuntu.. then there would be pressure to fix this07:21
Cry__Babyin GUFw, it says "firewall enabled" and it is ticked.. Is that I need to do to be secure?07:21
cgkadeslucian, borland sucks... dunno.. i've had nothing but problems with it.. i had in instructor issiant give me crap because my program wouldnt compile in his beloved borand... but it compiles in EVERTHING else07:21
Cry__Babyand I see a GREEN SHIELD07:21
osxfr33kdoes anyone know where the server.list or conf file are kept for Konversation are?  I looked in the .kde/share and gnome/share and cannot find them07:22
cgkadesCry__Baby, are you using a router?07:22
richjSandGorgon, it will happen eventually :) Finding the video url and watching with vlc works for now :p07:22
osxfr33kare they somewhere else?07:22
Cry__Babycgkades: no, i use a USB stick for wireless broadband07:22
Cry__Babycgkades: why?07:22
wolf23Help please! which module supports ubuntu?  1- camara quickcam logitech connect usb   MM720LOG70 2- camara genius videocam eye 312 300k 1.3 mega pixel (microfono) 3- webcam 480 pixel de resolucion usb 2.0 Markvision07:22
Cry__Babycgkades: how can I tell my fireall is working properly?07:23
luciani love borland c++07:23
Cry__Babylucian: :)07:23
cgkadeslucian, alot of people do :)07:23
lucian it's frendly IDE07:23
Cry__Babycgkades: ?07:23
richjCry__Baby, https://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?bh0bkyd207:23
cgkadesCry__Baby, what are you using as a firewall.. most routers are ok at being firewalls07:23
Cry__Babyrichj: ty, brb07:23
Cry__Babycgkades: I diont have a firewall, only Ubuntu07:23
luciani love lots of things  you dont need to ad the std namespace07:24
lucian to right even the most naive program07:24
Cry__Babycgkades: im testing now at the website richj gave, brb with results07:24
Cry__Babyrichj:  it says:  Your Internet port 139 does not appear to exist!  and Unable to connect with NetBIOS to your computer.07:25
luciancgkades tell me what's the better choice unde l;inux?07:25
MyrttiCry__Baby: excellent07:25
richjCry__Baby, good07:25
lucian something that doesn't use gcc07:25
Cry__Babyrichj: it also says 'Your Internet connection has no Reverse DNS".. is that good or bad?07:25
cgkadeslucian, i have had great results with eclipse, you shouldnt have any problems with your code07:25
macvrhi all... anyone using swiftfox...?07:25
richjCry__Baby, let it finish, then read07:26
cgkadeslucian, i also like netbeans07:26
Cry__Babyrichj: shall I now check ALL PORTS?07:26
richjCry__Baby, yes07:26
Cry__Babyrichj: ok brb07:26
=== D3xter is now known as Dexter
luciani'll try my luck with netbeans  although  bouth are ritten with java x(07:27
lucianyou have any idea what's the package name?07:27
nevada1920hi world07:28
Cry__Babyrichj: it finished, it says "Your system has achieved a perfect "TruStealth" rating. Not a single packet — solicited or otherwise — was received from your system as a result of our security probing tests. Your system ignored and refused to reply to repeated Pings (ICMP Echo Requests). From the standpoint of the passing probes of any hacker, this machine does not exist on the Internet. "07:28
richjlucian, sudo apt-cache search ^netbeans07:28
richjCry__Baby, one of the advantage of a good Gnu/Linux Distro07:28
Cry__Babyrichj:  :-)07:29
Cry__Babywoohoo, im stealthed07:29
gggwhat do you see about me like "nevada1920 (n=114kju--@d205-250-51-200.bchsia.telus.net) has joined #ubuntu"07:29
lucianok thx07:29
gggfor me?07:29
Cry__Babyggg: Username: n=ggg@
cgkadeslucian, you can get a .deb (debian) package from netbeans itself07:29
lucianhey isn't code::block suported under linux to?07:30
Cry__Babyggg: thats what I see about you07:30
luciani use a x64 vrs ubuntu07:30
lucian and almost all.debs from net are x3207:30
Cry__Babyggg: (16:27:17) ggg [n=ggg@] entered the room.07:30
UrsaXPAnyone here play Diablo II on Wine?07:31
Cry__Babyggg: what did you want it to say?07:31
cgkadesooo been a while since i've palyed diablo II07:31
cgkadesgood game though07:31
Cry__BabyUrsaXP: did you know Diablo means satan?07:31
UrsaXPYes. Yes, I did.07:31
UrsaXPAnyway, every time I get to a certain point in Act 4, the whole thing crashes.07:32
richjlucian, what about compiling it yourself?07:32
gggdid you really see this?"ggg: (16:27:17) ggg [n=ggg@] entered the room."07:32
cgkadesUrsaXP, crappy place to crash07:32
omid8bimoguys, anyone knows a simple tool to monitor system resources like cpu/disk/mem and stuff like that from a web interface? something like mrtg07:32
Myrttiggg: YES.07:32
gggthere is nothing like "entered the room" when someone joined07:33
cgkadesggg, [ggg] (n=ggg@ ggg07:33
Myrttiggg: it's what the client makes it look like07:33
UrsaXPYeah. I'm trying to rush people through on battle.net, and every time I get in the Chaos Sanctuary to go fight Diablo, BOOM, the whole thing dies.07:33
Myrttiggg: depends on what client you use07:33
cgkadesggg, i see that in /whois07:33
Myrtti[09:27] ~~~ggg [n=ggg@] has joined #ubuntu07:33
tripppyhi, all07:33
gggyes,this may be correct07:33
UrsaXPIt says to get a newer version of Wine, but I just updated the blasted thing, and I'm on Jaunty.07:34
gggi always see something like this "tripppy (n=trippppy@60-242-11-223.static.tpgi.com.au) has joined #ubuntu"07:34
gggwhen someone joined07:34
Myrttiggg: good for you.07:34
gggwhich client do you use?07:34
jeeveshow can I remove ALL the functions that will turn off my LCD backlight on my laptop?07:34
tripppyis there a way to automatically  receive files from bluetooth devices? using OBEX PUSH? instead of accept of denie07:34
tripppyggg, what?07:34
gggirc client07:34
Myrttiggg: irssi07:35
tripppywhay you always want to see what you saw07:35
Myrttiggg: Cry___Baby was using pidgin07:35
cgkadesirssi is the best07:35
UrsaXPI'm using pidgin too, lol07:35
eNHASAjeeves: There's something called Caffeine out there that basically emulates a keypress every 59 seconds to prevent automatic backlight shutdown, etc. I don't know if it's got a Linux release, but you could take a look there..07:35
eNHASAPidgin is good times, but I'd rather connect to irc with xchat07:36
jeeveseNHASA, ok, I didn't know if it was a setting issue.  All I know is that it's getting annoying07:36
AcedipI couldn't install Glib 2.16 exiting with some make errors http://www.pastebin.be/19128, any help would be appreciated ??07:36
wolf23Help me please! which module supports ubuntu?  1- camara quickcam logitech connect usb   MM720LOG70 2- camara genius videocam eye 312 300k 1.3 mega pixel (microfono) 3- webcam 480 pixel de resolucion usb 2.0 Markvision07:36
mobi-sheepeNHASA: Inhibit Applet?07:37
UrsaXPAnyone know how I can get D2 working so it doesn't crash every time I get to the end of act 4?07:37
richjAcedip, can't read Firefox/glib-2.19.10/glib/libglib-2.0.la seems to be the problem07:37
MyrttiUrsaXP: have you asked in #winehq07:37
uriolhisto_, gnoamd2 doesnt recognize my mp3 player when i plug it into the usb drive, but ubuntu it recognize and mount the folder07:37
UrsaXPGod, I hate being the new guy.07:37
UrsaXPWith the passion of a thousand error messages.07:38
uriolbut when i upload files into it , the player doesnt find new files07:38
calvinusing gnash07:38
calvinnot much better07:38
richjcalvin, no :/07:38
ggg"Cry___Baby was using pidgin" how did you know this?07:38
bullgard4Welche Dienste laufen über Port 80?07:38
Myrttiggg: because he said so07:38
calvinrichj, just interesting to me how there arent major complaints about this07:38
urioli don't know what can i do07:39
Myrttibullgard4: apache and similar http servers07:39
Myrttibullgard4: also, english :-)07:39
richjcalvin, i think everyone is annoyed about it07:39
ggghe said only you?07:39
uriolwhen i plug it the gnomad2 it say the player is not in the usb07:39
bullgard4Myrtti: Thank you.07:39
uriolbut the system it says what you d like to do ?07:39
ggghow can i use pidgin to be here? #ubuntu07:39
uriolit recognize it07:39
tripppyggg accounts. add. irc07:40
Myrttiggg: look at his messages at 20 past the last full hour07:40
Myrtti[09:20] < Cry__Baby> Myrtti: Pidgin07:40
xmedexhello all07:40
xmedexany ideas on ltsp multiple server???07:41
quibblerwolf23-> try luvcview (found in synaptic) or wxcam found here: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=200261&package_id=237741&release_id=67826907:41
richjxmedex, http://www.ltsp.org/?07:41
gggMyrtti:did you mean this "ggg: (16:27:17) ggg [n=ggg@] entered the room." ??07:41
gggwhat is 16:27:17 there??07:42
UrsaXPOkay, #winehq is dead.07:42
richjUrsaXP, just install the most latest stable version of wine07:42
eNHASAUrsaXP: Don't feel bad, I'm just getting my feet wet with linux in general. :x New guys are everywhere.07:42
Myrttiggg: look up further, 16:20 or so07:42
tripppyUrsaXP, D2?07:42
UrsaXPYeah, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.07:42
tripppyu in xp or ubuntu?07:42
UrsaXPAnd I installed the latest version, I think.07:42
richjUrsaXP, either by compiling it yourself, or by finding a ppa07:43
UrsaXP9.04, Jaunty.07:43
Myrttiggg: anyway, did you have problems with your ubuntu?07:43
UrsaXPWhat's a ppa?07:43
richjUrsaXP, the version in the repository is not the latest version07:43
uriolwhy the gnomad didn't recognize my mp3 player samsung yp-u3 ? can you help me ?07:43
Myrtti!ppa > uriol07:43
tripppyok. well i can say, that when i played d2 on some older hardware. when i got to the boss's and when there were alot of mobs on screen. my pc (winxp) would crash07:43
ubottuuriol, please see my private message07:43
richj!ppa > UrsaXP07:43
ubottuUrsaXP, please see my private message07:43
tripppybut it would be fine throughtout the game07:43
gggadd irc07:44
tripppycow level stopped me from even moving07:44
tripppyggg, ?07:44
UrsaXPno, it's not lag, it's a flat-out error, and it crashes the game.07:44
ggghow buddies>add chat  ?? in pidgin07:44
Myrttiggg: accounts > manage07:45
UrsaXPAlright, so what is it I'm supposed to upload to the Ubuntu site?07:45
uriolMyrtti, this is not what i am asking07:45
Myrttiuriol: I know, mistabbed nick07:45
gggi have account07:46
ggghow can i connect here?07:46
gggin ubuntu server07:46
gggfrom pidgin07:46
tripppyggg in your pidgin window it should have a irc.freenode.org listing07:46
Myrtti!enter | ggg07:46
ubottuggg: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:46
UrsaXPAlright, I'm not doing that PPA thing, or compiling anything myself, since my coding knowledge is minimal at best.07:47
myselfit's okay..07:47
MyrttiUrsaXP: you can use the PPAs as normal repositories07:47
gggi'm using xchat now07:47
gggnothing really in pidgin like "irc.freenode.org"07:47
Myrttiggg: use xchat then07:48
Myrttiggg: no need to use pidgin really, it's *not*  a good irc client07:48
UrsaXPMyrtti: It's working just fine for me.07:48
uriolwhen i connect my mp3 player on usb drive, the ubuntu recognize and mount, but the gnomad2 aplicattion which i used to use to transfer mp3 file to the player don't recognize the player, but before i installed the 9.04 version of the ubuntu it used to recgnize perfectly07:48
MyrttiUrsaXP: of course mileage may vary ;-)07:49
UrsaXPDepends how long you've been using the client.  ;P07:49
randabisyou could always use irssi07:50
gggi created a new user account in ubuntu 9.0407:50
gggbut can't install anything now07:50
Acediprichj, even building it with sudo failed. http://www.pastebin.be/1912907:50
richjAcedip, it looks like you dont have all of the files07:51
gggcreating new user account logging into that account can't install anything now07:51
randabisggg new user may not have sudo privileges07:51
gggerror : "user1 is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported."07:52
ggghow can i solve this?07:52
Acediprichj, well i extracted from the source tarball07:52
wolf23Help me please! to buy one of these webcams!!! which module supports ubuntu?  1- camara quickcam logitech connect usb   MM720LOG70 2- camara genius videocam eye 312 300k 1.3 mega pixel (microfono) 3- webcam 480 pixel de resolucion usb 2.0 Markvision07:52
=== simon_ is now known as Guest18496
randabisyou have to give the user sudo07:52
richjAcedip, Firefox/glib-2.19.10/glib/libglib-2.0.la07:53
aatacan anyone help? I keep booting up into low graphics mode and nothing I do seems to change that!07:54
uriolSOMEBODY can HELP me, please ? When i connect my mp3 player on usb drive, the ubuntu recognize and mount, but the gnomad2 aplicattion which i used to use to transfer mp3 file to the player don't recognize the player, but before i installed the 9.04 version of the ubuntu it used to recgnize perfectly07:54
BesogonFrom one version gnome to other I see icons at top & bottom panel are springing everytime. In other word, I can't stick them to definite palce...07:54
DoozerEvenin' gents.07:54
richjAcedip, this might help? http://lists.ximian.com/pipermail/glade-users/2004-July/001967.html07:54
=== PuKa is now known as D34DH34D
DoozerI'm hoping someone can help me out with a dmraid/gparted/installation question :P07:55
DoozerI have an nvidia "fakeraid" and dmraid shows me the following:07:55
ggghow to add sudo privilages?07:55
Doozerubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dmraid -tay07:56
Doozernvidia_hfbacfae: 0 1953546240 striped 2 128 /dev/sdb 0 /dev/sda 007:56
Doozernvidia_hfbacfae1: 0 1953520002 linear /dev/mapper/nvidia_hfbacfae 6307:56
player0kWhat command can change gtk+ styles?07:56
DoozerWhat is the "linear" one?07:56
=== D34DH34D is now known as BR41ND34D
DoozerI can use gparted to correctly see the first one, but the one with the appended "1" is wierd07:56
DoozerI just want to make sure I know what they both mean so that I don't mess anything up.07:56
Flannelggg: Add the user to the admin group.  The easiest way to do this is: sudo adduser username admin07:56
sherl0kDoozer, gnome-appearance-properties07:57
sherl0kerr, player0k07:57
gggi'm in new user account now07:57
luisaCan someone direct me to a flash fix in Jaunty? (skipping, going too fast at times, randomly stopping) I'm sure there's been a fix ^_^ I hope so anyway! Just can't find one07:58
gggcan i modify this new user account with "sudo adduser newuser admin" or can i use "System>Administration>User an Group"??07:58
randabisyou'll need to log out of ther user account ggg and login to the original account, then do sudo adduser username admin07:58
Flannelggg: You can use Users and Groups, yes.07:58
randabisor use Users and Groups07:58
dieMasjienall: morning all, we're busy finalising our ubuntu server installation but before we continue, does ubuntu also have a group restriction application like Windows Server edition where you can edit group user rights ect?07:59
sherl0kdieMasjien, i'd suggest installing usermin, creating a new group, and then assigning group permissions through that07:59
=== BR41ND34D is now known as Su1c1d3Fl4G
FlanneldieMasjien: You might also try asking in #ubuntu-server08:00
player0ksherl0k,i mean: it is a command , which call to small window where is only names of gtk+ styles ...08:00
=== pepito_ is now known as metal1369
=== Su1c1d3Fl4G is now known as SoggyPeenut
sherl0kplayer0k, sounds like a custom app not installed by default08:01
=== SoggyPeenut is now known as Bl4CkC0D3D
dieMasjiensherl0k: so if I understand you correctly, by default, there is no application where we can create user groups and then set the users desktop restrictions on that? "fixed backgroun image, cannot download onto desktop, hide the "c" drive ect?08:02
=== Bl4CkC0D3D is now known as C0d3D
sherl0knot that i know of08:03
sherl0kthat's not to say one doesn't exist08:03
sherl0ki just haven't heard of it08:03
bradly1 /join #ubuntu08:04
IgramulHi, I want to change the default permissions of a specific USB-disk. I figured out, that it's possible to create a symlink in /dev using udev and make a according fstab entry. But I don't know how to retrieve the serial number of that USB disk.08:04
=== slaytani1 is now known as slaytanic
=== C0d3D is now known as BruteForced
=== BruteForced is now known as LawLz
nafunuIm running Ubuntu Jaunty on a Toshiba Satellite a105 S4284 with a Intel 945GM chipset...  Im having trouble with flickering during video playback and significant performance loss during 3d rendering...08:08
nafunubrussel sprout?08:08
bradly1I'm korean user of Ubuntu08:09
nafunuNice to meet you Korean Ubuntu User08:09
cyziewhat software to compress video file?08:09
simplyubuntucan anyone help I keep booting up into low graphics mode in 8.04!08:10
Krummbeini´m sry i would like to talk with Fussel, was he seen?08:10
nafunuwell I was playing Hulu.com,08:10
bradly1Yes.. I am..08:10
snake_hey...can i do video chat on my ubuntu machine using msn??08:11
Krummbeinthen i can close the windows where we talk about them ?08:11
simplyubuntusnake_ try aman08:11
nafunucyzie Im having trouble with playback in Hulu08:11
bradly1I don't know.08:11
nafunuwould it be a codec issue do you think08:11
snake_simplyubuntu, are u talking about amsn?08:12
simplyubuntusnake_ yup08:12
snake_i have used it ....its too buggy08:12
dieMasjienbradly1: North or South Korea?08:12
simplyubuntuI know I hate it :D but I think it's the only way08:12
snake_simplyubuntu, is there any other way?08:12
ggglogging into new user account, System>Administration>user and group ,i got a message "The Configuration could not be loaded",Why is it ?08:12
simplyubuntusnake_ not that I know of08:12
lintelanybody using 9.04 with AR242x (AR5007EG) - and power-LED works? It worked for me with 8.10 Backports though...08:13
snake_simplyubuntu,   :(08:13
bradly1South Korea..08:13
bradly1<dieMasjien> Why??08:13
fixplzhi bradly108:13
simplyubuntusnake_  I know :(08:13
dieMasjienbradly1: Cause im sure if ur from the north, ur probably doing something illegal in ur country now (accessing the internet, chatting on a chatroom ... u know :))08:14
ggglogging into new user account, System>Administration>user and group ,i got a message "The Configuration could not be loaded",Why is it ?08:14
gggdoes anyone have any idea?08:14
bradly1oh... that's funny..08:14
snake_simplyubuntu, i hope pidgin will add this feature in their next release08:14
gggI created a new user account,logging into new user account, System>Administration>user and group ,i got a message "The Configuration could not be loaded",Why is it ?08:15
simplyubuntusnake_ know anything about graphics in ubuntu?08:15
lucianhow can recommand me a programing book that will cover all the basic and advance linux c++ ENV08:15
snake_simplyubuntu, which type of graphics?08:15
bradly1I use Ubuntu to 1month ago.. So I didn't know manything..08:15
lucianand how can recommand me a assambly emulator for linux 208:15
snake_simplyubuntu, xorg type or gimp type or nvidia type08:16
hanasakiI need to install ubuntu on its own partition for a machine that already has win xp and will continute to have xp + ubuntu (dualboot) what needs to be done for grub and the ms OS boot on the partition and also the disk itself????08:16
Igramullucian, most C++ books will do. It depends on what linux-specific stuff You want to do (kernel hacking, gui, ...).08:16
eNHASAMan. We've got a #ubuntu but not a #tomsrtbt .. :B08:16
lucianbadic dos aplication08:17
lucianand kernel 208:17
lucianknow some ?08:17
hanasakiis there a good linux checkdisk for ntfs like fsck does for ext?08:18
simplyubuntusnake_ xorg type08:19
snake_simplyubuntu, nope...srry08:19
dieMasjienSo from a logical server perspective, there is no built in application in ubuntu server which does desktop policies?08:20
dieMasjienserver -m irc.debian.org08:20
pawanhow to upgrade manully08:20
Krummbeini´m sry i can´t speak english verry well; i would like to install ubuntu9.04 but after the chice of Language the system hangs08:20
pawanhow to reconfigure dpkg08:21
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.08:21
AcedipI have installed Glib 2.19.10 from source but the older version 2.18.2 still lingers in the system here http://www.pastebin.be/19130 , how to remove the older version ??08:21
Krummbeintwo tries with 2 cd/dvd, and an original DV ist also worry08:21
allisterhow do i get ubuntu to be able to play dvds?08:22
Taunixplease /join #ubuntu-de Krummbein08:22
allisterive installed vlc but itll start up then the program closes08:22
Krummbeinokay, thx08:22
DsBoyi cant changge the revokution from my screen08:23
=== eNHASA is now known as justjohnny
pawancant upgrade to 9.0408:24
=== DsBoy is now known as Ubunto
=== ^biNuN_giRL^ is now known as ayu_ajah
=== san is now known as Guest73631
Ubunto> i cant changge the revolution from my screen08:26
shafi_Please some one help me with this hql exception , its urgent , thank youhttp://pastie.org/51131208:26
justjohnnyYeesh. Finally registered a nick. Can't imagine how eNHASA was already taken.08:26
chachini wish itunes would work on ubuntu08:27
Ubunto> i cant changge the revolution from my screen08:27
AcedipI have installed Glib 2.19.10 from source but the older version 2.18.2 still lingers in the system here http://www.pastebin.be/19130 , how to remove the older version ??08:28
Acedipany help with that??08:28
billybigriggerthrow it in the trash08:29
=== rocky|_ is now known as rocky|
MyrttiUbunto: revolution?08:29
billybigriggerim sorry, thats not helpful information08:29
billybigriggeri think he means resolution08:29
KrummbeinTaunix: ?08:30
Gnea!resolution | Ubunto08:30
ubottuUbunto: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:30
shafi_sorry wrong channel08:30
gggI created a new user account in ubuntu 9.04 ,logging into that account then System>Administration>User and Group,i got a message "The configuration could not be loaded" why is it?08:30
Taunixjaps Krummbein08:30
Gneaggg: probably because you're new user doesn't have privelages08:31
allisterwhy can i not get DVDs to play on my system?08:32
gggbut with that account i have the privilage to install and remove ,i added administration privilage from the main user account,08:32
=== Ubunto is now known as DsBoY
hanasakiwhat package  has fsck.ntfs  ?08:33
gggand there is an orange icon at left in System>Adminitration>User and Group ,why is it ?08:33
gggorange circle icon08:34
=== andira47 is now known as andira
=== saulus_ is now known as SauLus
DsBoY!user aand group |ggg08:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about user aand group08:34
mobi-sheep!dvd | allister08:35
ubottuallister: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:35
gggmay be the group for the newly created user account is the main user account08:36
bradly1At.. Korea.. Korea Ubuntu team has many members..08:36
bradly1But not other team..08:36
=== rusty is now known as Guest79225
Guest79225i just installed epiphany but i cant find the launcher...08:36
allisteri have a dvd that i rented from netflix, i just want to watch it on here08:36
=== bradly1 is now known as bradly1_ko
mobi-sheepGuest79225:  Look under Games?08:37
Guest79225i have08:37
rosepetalhi .. i upgraded to 9.04 .. and mysql no longer works ... has anyone had this problem before?08:37
Guest79225the files are the08:37
Guest79225in usr/lib08:37
ondarunhow would i get the latest inkscape. i added the karmic deb's in my soucelist and updated it but apt-get install -t karmic doesn't work. how do i do this in ubuntu?08:38
quizmewhat's the command to comput the SHA1 of a file ?08:38
mobi-sheepGuest79225: And how did you install epiphany08:38
EsluHi, i'm wondering how i could make Transmission and Mediatomb run as a service?08:38
Guest79225just through Synaptic packet manager08:38
Guest79225im a noob08:38
ondarunhow do i install one package from 9.10?08:39
mobi-sheepGuest79225: You're trying to install web browser or a game?08:39
Guest79225web browser08:39
Guest79225it installed fine08:39
mobi-sheepGuest79225: It should be under "Internet"08:39
Guest79225i just cant find the launcher for it :D08:39
Guest79225its not08:39
Guest79225i will reinstall08:39
FloodBot2Guest79225: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:39
gum76try .epiphany from a terminal08:40
quizmewhat's the command to compute the SHA1 of a file ?08:40
mobi-sheepGuest79225: epiphany-browser is installed?08:40
=== _alex is now known as aleXx-xx
=== aleXx-xx is now known as aleX-xx
mobi-sheepGuest79225: Run "killall gnome-panel" in the terminal.08:40
ondarunnobody knows how to install one package from 9.10?08:40
Guest79225what is that gonna do?08:41
ikoniayou don't install one package from 9.1008:41
ikoniait doesn't work like that08:41
mobi-sheepGuest79225: Self-explanatory.  It'll kill the gnome-panel.  (It'll refresh and gnome-panel will run again).08:41
ondarunwell it does in straight debian ikonia08:41
ikoniaondarun: you're not using debian08:42
Guest79225thanks so much man08:42
mobi-sheepondarun: You're trying to run Karmic.deb in Jaunty? :|08:42
Guest79225peace till next time :D08:42
mobi-sheepGuest79225: Glad I can hold your hand for you. :D08:42
mobi-sheepGuest79225: Take care. ;)08:42
bobbie4i like the ubuntu08:43
kj4the ubuntu ruleth08:43
ondarunikonia: yes i know. mobi-sheep in debian i would add experimental to my /etc/apt/sources.list and apt-get install -t experimental <package>. that doesn't work in ubuntu?08:43
chachinmeh im gona go back to windows :( i miss itunes08:43
kj4chachin, thats just so sad08:44
=== san is now known as Guest36139
kj4itunes misses you more than you miss it08:44
kj4itunes knows all about you. and reports to its masters.  they are saddened and angry at your absence08:45
kj4go to them now08:45
EsluHow can i make applications run as a startup application?08:45
ikoniakj4: please stop with the pointless rambling, this is a support channel for ubuntu08:45
ondarunguess not!08:45
ikonia!startup > Eslu08:45
ubottuEslu, please see my private message08:45
mobi-sheepondarun: It's true that Ubuntu is a fork project of Debian.  However, the forking part implies that "Somebody is sick of the way a project is being run and is trying to do a better job." --> In a way, it's not same. ;)08:45
=== martin_ is now known as test
Guest79225is there any app that comes close to photoshop for ubuntu?08:45
ikoniaGuest79225: gimp08:46
Guest79225is it just as good?08:46
justjohnnyDecades upon decades in the future, a tremendous anomaly in space will slowly approach the earth, known only as I'unes. It will seek to merge with the creator.08:46
bitsbamhey all08:46
ikoniaGuest79225: pretty much, some limitations, try it08:46
testhallohallo tets1208:46
=== test is now known as Guest67170
ikoniajustjohnny: as I've just said, this is a support channel for ubuntu, please keep the offtopic ramblings out of this channel08:46
=== Guest67170 is now known as guanoundliebe
Sancsengoanybody can tell me how can i change my CRT monitor Hz number? cause its only 85 :S08:48
mobi-sheepSancsengo: It's not in "Display" ?08:48
Sancsengo85 is the max :\08:48
Sancsengoand i know it can 100 Hz08:48
ikoniaSancsengo: depending on your videocarc/monitor it may be a limitation of the linux/xorg module that drives it, however it may also need to be hardcoded into the /etc/X11/xorg.conf file, or it could be easy enough to use the "Display" menu in "system->administration"08:49
uble_hai mat kenal08:49
Sancsengothx ill try it08:50
bitsbamsomeone highlight my nick so i can test a notification script?08:50
ikoniabitsbam: hi08:50
bitsbamikonia: hi, thanks, did not work, back to drawing board08:51
Sancsengo<ikonia> theres nothing interested in this conf file08:53
mobi-sheepNothing interested?  Heh.  It's funny how you look at the file like that. :|08:54
Sancsengoi look with gedit08:54
ikoniaSancsengo: it's dynamic by default so the config file will be empty, so you have to put in additional info that you want to hard code08:55
guanoundliebehello, does ubuntu 8.10 from the usb stick notice the windows vista on the machine and will know what to do? i cannot make a recovery of windows because i dont have a cd drive08:55
mobi-sheep!x | Sancsengo08:55
ubottuSancsengo: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution08:55
Sancsengoi just want an 1152x864 res with 100 Hz :$08:56
lucianhey witch is the better way to get install kopete and costumize it?08:56
ikonialucian: in what way customise it ?08:57
ikonialucian: and what do you mean a better way, what way are you using ?08:58
lucianreformulate :D08:58
ikonialucian: reformulate ? what is that08:58
lucian how to install a complete skin in kopete08:58
lucianby complete i mean is there a wai to skin the entire Kopete apl08:59
EsluDo Vino's VNC Server support the Windows remote desktop thing :p?  I can't get it to work with Vista's remote connection atleast.08:59
ikonialucian: there are themes available on kde-look.org, for example player0k09:00
ikoniafor example http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Sakahagi+kopete+theme?content=2264009:00
lucianye and how to install it?09:00
ikoniasettins -> configure - appearence09:01
vladtsepeshhi guys i have a big problem....i have ubuntu 9.04,i have changed an old crt monitor with a new lcd .....but now after the ubuntu initial logo the screen goes off like if there isn't no signal....i think is an ubuntu problem because booting with xp all went ok.....09:01
vladtsepeshi have also tried to run "automatic graphic fix" but doesn't work09:01
ikoniavladtsepesh: do you mean the boot splash, or the gdm login logo ?09:01
lucianikonia does this theme apply tothe entire interface?09:02
ikonialucian: I don't know, try it09:02
mobi-sheepEslu: I think you want something under "Internet" -- It's Terminal Client Service -- Something like that.09:02
lucianwhat IM client do you use?09:03
doudouHi, can i use same xorg for multi users : i mean keep sessions from user one and be able to change to user 2 when i want09:03
luciani use that to but i hate the interface OMG09:03
ikonialucian: don't use it then09:03
vladtsepeshubuntu splash i think.....the first after grub menu09:03
guanoundliebecan i install ubuntu8.10 from usb stick to my notebook that didnt come with vista cd? will it guide me through grub et cetera and will install without harming the vista?09:03
ikoniadoudou: xorg is global09:03
ikoniavladtsepesh: what video card do you have ?09:04
chocobananadoudou: certainly!09:04
vladtsepeshhum....i don't remember is an integrated card on the matherboard09:04
luciancan you recommand me one best  IM for yahoo?09:04
chocobananadoudou: By default, Ubuntu comes with fast user switching enabled and you can switch users quickly without having to logout any of the sessions09:04
doudouwhat tools should i install?09:04
ikonialucian: no, because it's what YOU like !09:04
vladtsepeshbefore i change the monitor....all went ok09:04
chocobananalucian: Pidgin is great09:04
kenyon!best | lucian09:05
ubottulucian: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:05
vladtsepeshafter the monitor switch....i have the problem09:05
chocobananalucian: it works with Yahoo, MSN, AOL, GTalk and even IRC09:05
luciani know that09:05
ikoniachocobanana: he just said he didn't like pidgin09:05
Dhanadacan some one tell me the best info on web about connecting to internet in ubuntu09:05
chocobananaikonia: woops. then lucian can try Synapse09:05
lucianbut it's not costumizable09:05
vladtsepeshikonia: could u help me?09:06
Dhanadai am having trouble switching between wired, wireless and dsl connections at work and home09:06
ikoniaDhanada: check the new user guide it walks you through the basics09:06
chocobananadoudou: you don't need to install any tools. Just set up your users09:06
ikoniaDhanada: https://help.ubuntu.com09:06
jp_first time on here how is everyone09:06
chocobananalucian: http://synapse.im/09:06
doudoumaybe my system is not ubuntu09:06
ikoniadoudou: you don't know what distribution you installed ?09:07
Dhanadathanks - i am through with the basics in the help files and the general help on the net09:07
chocobananajp_: Great! Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here :)09:07
jp_thank you chocobanana09:07
guanoundliebeis there a way to create an usb install from jaunty without installing jaunty?09:07
ikoniaDhanada: so what's the problem then ? you're asking for what guide contains the info you want, and I'm telling you where it is09:07
draveni'm looking to rebuild a raid 0, both of the drives are fine but the mobo is dead and needs to be replaced09:07
chocobananadoudou: when you start the computer, doesn't it show the Ubuntu logo when starting up?09:07
Untouchab1eBeen installing so many linux distros on my desktop now only to find that my problem exists on all of them..09:07
Untouchab1eThe internet connetion si dead slow, resulting in endless errors when updating or installing anything that involves an internet connection09:07
jp_so where is everyone from?09:07
Dhanadaikonia - thanks09:07
mobi-sheepvladtsepesh: http://ask.metafilter.com/63558/How-do-I-get-ubuntu-to-recognize-my-monitors-proper-resolution-again ?09:07
Untouchab1eThe internet connection works perfectly fine in Windows on the same computer..09:07
ikoniajp_: this is a support channel, not a chat channel, #ubuntu-offtopic is for general chat09:08
Dhanadai was looking for more advanced help on network configuration as the tips in help files giving me problem09:08
jp_newbie sorry09:08
doudouno when i start i have a dark screen asking password09:08
vladtsepeshikonia: thank u....i'll try09:08
ikoniaDhanada: 1.) you've not explained the problem 2.) that guide I gave you has some good information in it09:08
chocobananaUntouchab1e: what kind of connection do you use to connect to the internet?09:08
guanoundliebecan i talk to someone of you in private please? just click me thx09:09
Untouchab1eWired.. The computer is conneted to a 802.11n WLAN router through wire..09:09
Dhanadaok  - thanks - let me explore help.ubuntu.com more in depth and come back with specifics09:09
wildc4rdmorning all09:09
doudouthis computer have been installed a long time ago by someoneelse09:09
kenyon!pm | guanoundliebe09:09
ubottuguanoundliebe: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:09
chocobananaUntouchab1e: hmmm 802.11n may still not be as stable as 802.11g. Are you just connecting to the internet or you also have a home network with other computers?09:10
Untouchab1e802.11n or g og b is irrelevant since im connected with a cable..09:10
chocobananaoh right09:10
Untouchab1ebut yeah.. the router is connected directly to a laptop which shares its wireless internet connection09:10
Drikanggg: what program did you create the account with?09:11
Untouchab1eand as mentioned, it works perfectly fine in Windows without problems..09:11
Drikanggg: Never mind09:11
ikoniaUntouchab1e: working with windows has no relevance to ubuntu other than proving the hardware is working09:11
Drikanggg: was way far back in the chat log09:11
chocobananaUntouchab1e: so you're relaying the internet connection from your computer to others?09:11
Untouchab1eWell, it doesn show that the problem lies not in the network but in fact in Linux..09:11
Untouchab1ebut yeah..09:11
Untouchab1eA laptop is picking up a wireless network and relaying it to a WLAN router..09:12
aceruserI did mke2fs.ext -c -c, now it it is checking with the 0xaa pattern, followed by the 0x55 pattern... how many of those patterns are there in total? my hd has been formatting for 10 hours now!! this is not good for a hd!09:12
ikoniaUntouchab1e: what wirless network card is in your laptop/machine09:12
guanoundliebei think noone replied to my questions yet, should i wait?09:12
ikoniaguanoundliebe: ask a question09:12
Untouchab1eIntel 5100 Wifi Link09:12
ikoniaUntouchab1e: check with lspci see what ubuntu recognises it as09:13
Untouchab1ebut that laptop isnt running linux09:13
s3r3n1t7aceruser, you specified the -c option twice. This means a much slower read/write test is performed. If your HD is large, this will probably take a lot of time.09:13
Untouchab1eIl try to explain again..09:13
guanoundliebei want to install ubuntu 8.10 from usb. does it guide me through installation ..because i have vista installed and no cd drive to make a recovery of it, thx09:13
acerusers3r3n1t7 but how many patterns?09:13
mobi-sheepguanoundliebe: Use Wubi?09:13
s3r3n1t7aceruser, i don't know.09:14
Untouchab1eThe laptop is relays the internet connection to a WLAN Router.. my desktop computer is connected directly to that WLAN router (so is 2 other computers which work perfectly fine with Windows in terms of internet connection speed)09:14
chocobananaguanoundliebe: yes, it has an installation wizard09:14
guanoundliebewubi ok, i will try to find some info09:14
Untouchab1ethat desktop computer is the one running linux (tried Ubuntu\OpenSUSE\Mandriva, all the same problems)09:14
ikoniaUntouchab1e: ok, so your laptop is acting as a proxy/router09:14
Untouchab1eand that is where the ethernet connection is just dead slow and just results in endless errors09:14
s3r3n1t7aceruser, why are you using this slow test?09:14
ikoniaUntouchab1e: and your desktop is not able to connect, correct ?09:15
Untouchab1eWell.. technically yeah.. sure09:15
chocobananaUntouchab1e: you could try and configure a static IP for the desktop09:15
Untouchab1eYeah, I tried.. :/09:15
ikoniaUntouchab1e: ok, so what network card is in your desktop ?09:15
mobi-sheepguanoundliebe: Running via Wubi would be a bit slow in read/write.  Although I prefer pure linux myself.  You don't want to lose your data so Wubi is one way for you to experiment around with linux / Ubuntu. ;o09:15
xy|oxUntouchab1e, your problem could be related to 1) correct network card driver 2) mtu problems, may be you need to adjust mtu values09:15
Untouchab1eWell, in the desktop computer I have a NVIDIA nForce 590 Ethernet card09:15
Untouchab1eWoulndt MTU be set to 1500 by default=09:16
ikoniaUntouchab1e: if you do an "ifconfig -a" how many "ethX" devices do you see ?09:16
Untouchab1eRight now, Im in windows though..but i get eth0 and eth1 as far as I can remember, which is likely because my motherboard (ASUS M2N-SLI) has two networks cards09:16
* JoN^BoN^JovI * ManOwaR - Tatko (Bulgarian).mp309:16
ikoniaJoN^BoN^JovI:  please disable that script09:17
chocobananaoh dear09:17
ikoniaUntouchab1e: on the desktop do an "lspci" and see what ubuntu identifies your networks as09:17
Untouchab1eRight now I dont have Ubuntu installed, but let me connect to #ubuntu on my laptop and then boot into mandriva on my desktop09:18
ikoniaUntouchab1e: if you're not using ubuntu - we can't help you09:18
ikoniaUntouchab1e: take it to #mandriva09:18
Untouchab1eBut the problem exists on all the linux distro's Ive tried09:18
ikoniaUntouchab1e: that doesn't matter09:18
xy|oxUntouchab1e, your mtu, in your case, as you explained your connection goes wireless through a laptop, then you need to set the mtu to the value of the laptop mtu to pass it through, or simply activate mtu discovery on, wich is activated by default on windows09:18
BesogonWhat the command for rename files with F3 should I add?09:19
ikoniaBesogon: with F3 ?09:19
ikoniaBesogon: what's f3 ?09:19
Untouchab1eOk thanks.. Il check it out09:19
chocobananaxy|ox: the desktop from Untouchab1e is connected with a wire connection09:19
Besogonikonia, F3 on keyboard09:19
ikoniaBesogon: you don't rename files with F309:19
Besogonchocobanana, but in Windows Im doing that with f309:20
ikoniaBesogon: you're not using windows - so it won't be relevant09:20
chocobananaBesogon: strange because with Windows it should also be with F209:20
Besogonsorry. :) I foregot that09:21
FlashGordon2000/msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER FlashGordon2000 wrxmkbzagcnh09:22
MyrttiFlashGordon2000: fail09:22
dravenraid 0 rebuild, any takers?09:25
ikoniadanopia: what type of raid, hardware/software/fakeraid09:25
dravenikonia, software raid 0, the mobo failed09:25
ikoniadraven: linux software raid, as in mdadm ?09:25
vladtsepeshikonia: i have tried the solution that you suggests to me but doesn't work....the xorg.conf file have neither resolution entry nor color dept entry ( as your link says) and also renaming xorg.conf and running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't work.....what can i do??09:26
dravenyeah mdadm, 2 disks the mobo burned out and the drives are good but need to be transferred09:26
ikoniavladtsepesh: as I said, it's dynamic, if you want to add functionality to it, you'll need to add parameters to the config file09:27
luciandoes KDE interfaces are suported on ubuntu?09:27
ikoniadraven: ok - what file system was using raid0 ?09:27
dravenikonia, ext309:27
chocobananalucian: yes. What are you looking for specifiacally?09:27
ikoniadraven: no, I mean /home / /var ?09:27
ikonialucian: yes09:27
lucianKopete interfaces09:27
dravenikonia, / root the boot was outside of it09:28
eros289SHUTTA FUCKA09:28
vladtsepeshikonia: sorry but i have not understand you.....i'm not so good with linux....could you explain me?09:28
chocobananalucian: yes, you can run Kopete on Ubuntu's Gnome desktop09:28
chocobananavladtsepesh: what was the original question?09:29
lucianno i ask if i can aplay a kDE interface theme to kopete and how do i do that09:29
ikonialucian: eros28909:29
ikonialucian: http://amazing-development.com/archives/2007/07/20/install-new-themes-for-kopete/09:29
ikonialucian: there is a lot of documentation on the web09:30
un|matrixwhen is Vinagre going to be fixed? :S09:30
lucianyou just bacame my best friend :))09:30
un|matrixis noone else bothered that the VNC doesn't work on Jaunty?09:31
un|matrixVNC *server that is09:31
BesogonWhy AcetoneISO don't inklude in gnome-app-install? That is cool program.09:32
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, what do you mean doesn't work? I gave a workshop @ school 2 weeks ago, where they would use VNC on a jaunty server.09:32
maddhathey everyone. anyone know how to resize the amount of "reserved-blocks-percentage" without wiping the data on the drive?09:32
maddhatmaybe its not possible..09:32
vladtsepeshchocobanana: the question is....i used an old crt monitor and all went ok....now i have change the crt with an lcd one...after the "ubuntu loading screen" the monitor become black and the led flashing like there is no inout signal.....09:32
hanasakiyou folks generally perfer to use grub as the boot loader to a dual boot win/linux system or the windows one?09:32
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: it doesn't update the view. this didn't happen on intrepid09:32
dravenhanasaki, you need grub09:32
Seveasmaddhat, tune2fs -m09:32
maddhatthanks :-)09:33
hanasakidraven:  why is that?09:33
tgpraveenhi today only I upgraded09:33
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, doesn't update the view? You mean that it doesn't refresh the whole screen, but only the part where you did something?09:33
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: it's reported in bug #367682, but it was marked as a dupe to some weird non-related thing09:33
hanasakidraven:  with the chainloader or another way?09:33
chocobananavladtsepesh: is it a secondary or primary screen? What graphics card you have and which Ubuntu version?09:33
lucianikonia i have a question why in my kopete aplication doesn't exist settings>configure>aperence09:33
dravenhanasaki, windows will need to be installed first. the windows bootloader won't recognize windows09:33
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: the whole screen09:33
dravenhanasaki, ugh i mean linux09:33
ikonialucian: I'm pretty sure it does09:33
dieMasjienHi everyone. Can I conclude that Ubuntu server does not have a management console to control client and group policies like Microsoft Active Directory? We want to forced certain policies (certain resolutions, background images ect on each client (desktop user) at our office)09:33
tgpraveenhi today only I upgraded to jaunty final from alpha 5.09:33
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, that's a server configuration iirc. Let me see that bug though, maybe i'm wrong.09:33
SeveasdieMasjien, not exactly09:33
hanasakiwin is installed already .. I cannot reinstall it. need to modify the system to be dual boot09:33
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: all you see is like a screenshot09:34
ikoniadieMasjien: you need to use the policy kit and ldap09:34
tgpraveenone thing that was different was that now whenever someone comes online in pidgin09:34
tgpraveenalso the messaging indicator flashes09:34
dravenhanasaki, if you left space and partitions for linux you'll be fine09:34
tgpraveenis this a bug ? should it not get that green dot when I receive a message09:34
tgpraveenis there a way to change it09:34
lucianikonia its just settings>configure>chat window09:34
hanasakidraven:  the plan is to boot the desktop cd and resize the partition.  however, what do I put in menu.lst to get win to boot as well?09:35
lucianthe aperence  stage it's missing09:35
dieMasjienikonia, Seveas: Is this server side and when the employee logs onto the domain these settings will be forced on their pcs?09:35
nperryIve setup an fstab for my external drive, still isnt mounting at boot, Where would i see the error if it fails mounting?09:35
dravenikonia, any idea on the recovery of the raid 0?09:35
SeveasdieMasjien, I'm searching for the app you need, can't remember its name. Policykit and ldap as ikonia suggested are for authorization/authentication management only09:35
dravenhanasaki, in a normal install ubuntu will recognize your windows install and put an entry into grub for you09:36
ikoniadraven: sorry, forgot about that, your going to have to boot into a livecd - start the raid array, get the new uuid's and update your mdadm.conf file09:36
hanasakidraven:  the current system is windows only.. so umm does that mean that there is no sector to boot on the windows aprtition? only on the mbr?  and thus it will be overwritten with the grub loader which is a problem09:36
SeveasdieMasjien, pessulus09:36
amaureaIs there an easy way to convert between date formats? I think "date" should be able to do it, but I can't seem to make it recognize my input format09:36
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, ah, you use Vino as VNC server?09:37
guanoundliebei am installing xubuntu over Wibu now. but it says "xubuntu-9.04-desktop-amd64.iso.torrent even i have a intel centrino. is that fine? thx09:37
dravenhanasaki, windows always tosses it's boot loader to the mbr. grub may be installed elsewhere but should include your windows install and put it as a boot selection09:37
vladtsepeshchocobanana: can u help me?09:37
Seveasguanoundliebe, no.09:37
guanoundliebeoh oh09:37
amaureaI tried this: date -d 20090524003952 +%Y%m%d%H%M%S, but the format string there is interpreted as the output format, not input format09:38
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: yeah the default in ubuntu... it's really simple to enable/configure, which i like very much09:38
chocobananavladtsepesh: yes, but I dind't see your answer to my questions09:38
Seveasguanoundliebe, unless the centrino is 64bit09:38
Guest79225hi again09:38
=== redarrow_ is now known as redarrow
guanoundliebeSeveas, so i break up the download?09:38
vladtsepeshsorry i have read your answer....so this is my first and only screen09:38
guanoundliebeoh i see09:38
Guest79225is there any way to reset my panels to the default ubuntu ones?09:38
guanoundliebei dont think so09:38
Seveasguanoundliebe, I thought all centrinos are 32bit, so better grab the 'i386' version09:38
dravenikonia, thanks. room night all09:38
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, hmm yes. I used vnc-server to set it up, not vino.09:38
guanoundliebether wibu did it automatically Seavas09:38
racecar56any way possible to reverse video (make it backwards)? i think ffmpeg may be one way but i'm not too good with it09:38
lapwookif i set up an ubuntu server as followed by this guide: http://rubbervir.us/projects/ubuntu_media_server/ is there a way i can access this externally outside my network?09:38
vladtsepeshthe graphic card is an integrated video card but i dont remeber wich model....however it is neither nvidia nor ati09:39
s3r3n1t7vladtsepesh, intel maybe?09:39
mistereverywherehowdy all09:39
racecar56vladtsepesh, most of the time integrated vid cards are intel09:39
vladtsepeshyes intel i think09:39
hanasakidraven:  ok so right now the mbr is the windows mbr / bootloader. this I know.  it has the code to start windows on the 2nd partition (first is the dell hidden partition)  so If I overwrite the mbr and windwos bootloader with grub the windows bootable that the windows bootloader uses will be gone.. this is a problem I think.  what do you think?09:39
un|matrixGuest79225: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/panel09:39
zalunI have problem with the bcm431809:39
guanoundliebeSeavas: the Wibu installer maybe made the right decisiion?09:39
racecar56hanasaki, no, grub dosen't kill winblows mbr09:39
chocobananavladtsepesh: Ubuntu version? Is the new screen primary or secondary?09:39
zalunI don't have other connection than wireless09:40
hanasakiracecar56:  how so?09:40
racecar56hanasaki, if you boot winblows in grub it boots the winblows mbr09:40
dieMasjienSeveas: Thank you, just for clarification, when using pessulus, it forces certain desktop settings specifically for gnome, but does it also allow us to change e.g. access to the hard drive, disable the ability to install applications ect?09:40
racecar56hanasaki, :)09:40
vladtsepeshnew screen is primary....i have switch the two screen....ubuntu is 9.0409:40
dravenhanasaki, no that is not a problem. as i mentioned before grub will detect and put an entry into it for windows09:40
hanasakiracecar56:  there is only one mbr09:40
zalunI managed to get the b43 module loaded, bot to no change on the iwlist scan09:40
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: how do i change to vnc-server without screwing up something?09:40
zeeblehi. i installed azureus on ubuntu, and i have sun-java6-bin installed, but azureus wont run09:40
zeebleexec: 11: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java: not found09:40
SeveasdieMasjien, 'access to hard drive', well to parts of it, is done with file permissions. No users by default have the ability to install packages and this is controlled through standard permissions/groups/sudo09:41
racecar56hanasaki, :\ i know it's confusing but i can boot winblows or ubuntu with grub, no problems there09:41
Igramulzeeble, any error message?09:41
zeeblehow do i fix that?09:41
racecar56hanasaki, but im glad grub can do that =>09:41
zalunthere is ssb, mac80211, led_class and ssb using the b43 module09:41
zeebleIgramul: i tried running it from CLI, and i got exec: 11: /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java: not found09:41
zalunit's ampd64 if that helps09:41
JanhouseHow can I make Ubuntu's keyring store more passwords?09:41
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, as far as my knowledge goes, it's just a different program. You can disable vino in the menu, install vnc-server, and then start it from command line.09:41
hanasakiracecar56:  can you walk through your process that setup the dual boot?09:41
chocobananavladtsepesh: what's the new screen native resolution?09:41
racecar56hanasaki, ?09:41
SeveasdieMasjien, so you'll need 1) pessulus for gnome-y things 2) Correct file permissions 3) ldap for account management 4) something like puppet to synchronize files like /etc/sudoers09:41
zeeblei run transmission on ubuntu usually, but there are some torrents i was downloading in windows that i want to continue here09:42
* zalun is frustrated09:42
vladtsepeshi don't know but in windows xp it works on 800x60009:42
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: by 'menu' you mean Synaptic?09:42
vladtsepeshis an old lcd screen09:42
Igramulzeeble, try "java -version" to check, if the OpenJDK is used.09:42
* zalun has to use his daughter eee to ask for help09:42
SeveasdieMasjien, and you're correct in concluding that this isn't as integrated as the windows AD console. Personally I consider that a good thing :)09:43
chocobananavladtsepesh: and did you try to type the following in a terminal:    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg09:43
zeebleIgramul: java version "1.6.0_14"09:43
zeeblenope, the proper version09:43
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, you configured vino from the configuration menu in system didn't you? i thought there was a menu for it ..09:43
zalunb43 is not working for  me - or it is and I don't know how to make it connect09:43
zalunit was working fine on the 8.10 (ndiswrapper probably)09:43
vladtsepeshno...i'll try it now....so i have to run sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg and reboot?09:44
hanasakiracecar56:  draven I keep seeing all this about copying mbrs ...  http://oreilly.com/linux/archive/dual-boot-laptop.html?page=309:44
mistereverywherehello all im trying to install ubuntu on a computer and it is booting into a command prompt type display09:44
mistereverywhereany help would be nice09:44
chocobananavladtsepesh: yeah09:44
zeeblemistereverywhere: what do you see in the command prompt?09:44
gum76choco what does the -phigh do?09:44
Igramulzeeble, is there a file /usr/lib/jvm/java-6-openjdk/jre/bin/java ?09:44
zalunmistereverywhere - what is the X sayingabout it?09:44
tgpraveen today I upgraded to jauand now in pidgin whenever someone comes online the messaging indicator shows a green dot and this is annoying should it not highlight itself whenever someone sends a msg right?09:44
tgpraveen?? is this a bug or this is the intended behaiviour09:45
mistereverywhereit says initramfs zeeble09:45
zeebleIgramul: nope.09:45
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: yeah but there's no option to change the vnc server in that menu09:45
vladtsepeshi'm rebooting09:45
hanasakidraven:  and racecar56 can you put your grub menu.lst boot in  pastebin please?09:45
mistereverywherezalun: the x?09:45
s3r3n1t7un|matrix, ah no there isn't. But you can disable vino in there can't you? vnc-server is command-line based.09:45
zeebleIgramul: maybe i need to link my installed java version to what azureus wants09:45
chocobananagum76: man dpkg-reconfigure09:45
racecar56hanasaki, k ill send link09:45
lapwookif i set up an ubuntu server as followed by this guide: http://rubbervir.us/projects/ubuntu_media_server/ is there a way i can access this externally outside my network?09:45
zalunmistereverywhere - you didn't came to this - it didn't actually boot up09:45
rameshwoproblem with pidgin  ... whenever i add contact and after the person acepts it  then the next time  i get all contacts .. ( you want to add ? question .)09:46
mistereverywhereit says busybox v1.1.3 built in shell ash09:46
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: great, i bet something will break and i'll end up googling some weird vnc error -_-09:46
vladtsepeshit doesn't work......now??09:46
* zalun looks for some experience with b4309:46
rtsi have to ask09:46
rtswhat is ubuntu kernel new version ?09:46
mistereverywherezalun i hit power and choose to boot into ubuntu and it comes to that line09:46
chocobananarts: 2.6.2809:46
mistereverywherethat is it09:46
* zalun looks for some experience with b43/09:47
zalunf*&^% eee keyboard09:47
rtsi have to 2.6.30 version09:47
chocobananarts: latest update: 2.6.28-1109:47
IgramulHow can I check to which package a file belongs to?09:47
zalunmistereverywhere - is there a login prompt?09:47
chocobananarts: ubuntu version?09:47
rtsyes ubuntu kermic09:48
mistereverywherezalun nope, its booting from the disc im trying to install for the first time09:48
chocobananarts: but which version do you have installed? Karmic?09:48
un|matrixs3r3n1t7: lucky... it worked; well thanks i guess09:48
rtsyes karmic09:48
rts is shit ?09:48
chocobananarts: lol. Not necessarily if you're willing to live with experimental stuff....09:48
rameshwohow can i check with kernel versoin i have ???09:49
zeeblekarmic has more updates happening everyday than your average stuff09:49
zeebleuname -a09:49
luisaAnyone can help? Using Jaunty; when I go to google maps, and select Street View, I only see black :P09:49
icerootIgramul: apt-file search yourfilename09:49
EsjuHello, im trying to get VNC Server to work, and it does. But on the client side it wont show droplists and such, menus. It only respons to clicks with my mouse.09:49
EsjuThe screen doesn't refresh.09:49
rameshwozeeble : was that for me ??09:49
chocobananarts: you should then ask for help at the #ubuntu+1 channel09:49
zeeblerameshwo: yes09:49
rtsyes, he is beta test version ?09:49
acerusers3r3n1t7: I am using the slow test to be sure the badblocks are properly recognized!09:49
chocobananarts: alpha09:50
icerootIgramul: first you have to install apt-file with sudo apt-get install apt-file and then do a "sudo apt-file update"09:50
chocobananaluisa: which browser are you using?09:50
mistereverywhereim trying to install it for the first time on this computer and its going straight to a initramfs command line09:50
rameshwoi've order ubuntu 8.10 from canonical....... can i again order 9.04 ?? or probably server edition ??09:50
racecar56hanasaki, http://racecar56.pastebin.com/f49a32f7609:51
un|matrixrameshwo: there's no limit on the orders09:51
racecar56hanasaki, there are 2 XP's be careful, ones my recovery partition (im on a compaq)09:51
luisachocobanana,  I have tried with Firefox 3.0.11   and Opera 9.64 Build 2480    ~  Also Epiphany09:51
hanasakiracecar56:  can I see the boot menu?09:51
racecar56hanasaki, ?09:51
zeebleluisa: if google maps needs flash or some other plugin, you might need to install it09:52
luisazeeble, if I can watch youtube videos, and see Google Maps  normal view, I got flash, right?09:52
zeebleluisa: yeah, you got flash.09:52
zeebleluisa: dunno, never used google maps. let me check if mine works proper09:53
moDumasshey all, i have an eeepc with ubuntu, and its got 2 internal ssd drives, a small one and a big one, how do i move the home mount from the small to the big?09:53
tavishi get Stale NFS file handle error whenever i try to access some files. fsck doesnt find any errors. i cant read delete, rename chown etc to those files09:53
chocobananaluisa: yes, you may have a flash player but it may be no be the one from Adobe09:53
chocobananaluisa: can you open Synaptic?09:53
bitsbamwhat can i do to get notifications working in awesome wm like in gnome?09:53
zeeblethere's a WM called awesome?09:53
dravenhanasaki, quit being paranoid.09:54
luisachocobanana, yes, *opens* :) Go ahead  (Yay, instructions! :D )09:54
bitsbamzeeble: yeah, a tiling WM, pretty cool one too09:54
zeeblebitsbam: hehe, ok09:54
hanasakilol @ draven09:54
chocobananaluisa: search for Flash09:54
mistereverywhereim trying to install it for the first time on this computer and its going straight to a initramfs command line, it also says something about busybox v1.1.3 (debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12) Built in shell (ash)09:54
EsjuHello, im trying to get VNC Server to work, and it does. But on the client side it wont refresh. Using Vino's VNC Server together with RealVNC's Viewer.09:54
bitsbamzeeble: know what might help me?09:55
bitsbamzeeble: kinda new to it09:55
zeeblebitsbam: what sort of notifications do you mean?09:55
jtajiEsju: I would try something besides realvnc... tightvnc is good09:55
rameshwowhen i try to request a cd  i get ( page not available ) why ??09:55
luisachocobanana,  I got + Adobe Flash  +  Mozilla plugin for SWF files (Macromedia Flash) + SWF (Macromedia Flash) decoder library   installed. Are there supposed to be 3 of them? ^_^;;09:55
chocobananaluisa: and from the results list tell us which packages are installed09:55
jtajiEsju: as a first step09:55
koshariEsju are you using compiz on the serverside?09:55
zeeblerameshwo: which city are you from? find out if someone close to you already has ubuntu CDs and borrow frm them. mail order CDs are a pain, and reach a long time later anywaqy09:56
Esjuim just using normal gnome.09:56
bitsbamzeeble: well, like in irssi, the perl script that notifies me when my nick is highlighted, that is the main one09:56
racecar56hanasaki, got what u wanted?09:56
hanasakiracecar56:  ah.. so windows always puts what is needed on the partition it is installed on?  the mbr and windows boot loader is just to get to the partition and load the boot code for win?09:56
koshariEsju ok cos there is a known bug with nvidia drivers and compiz09:56
racecar56hanasaki, yah09:56
bitsbamzeeble: and the pop up notifications like in gnome when pidgin does something09:56
rameshwozeeble: not many people aware of ubuntu around me. i got 8.10 in 3 weeks n i can wait for that time..09:57
EsjuHm maybe i have it installed from ubuntu install.09:57
zeeblehm. sounds like the equivalent of what growl does on macosx09:57
EsjuBut i havent installed it myself09:57
=== rts is now known as rts-eemal
=== rts-eemal is now known as rts
hanasakiracecar56:  hmm windows boot loader can read the boot.ini  I guess that means it read the ntfs filesystem directly to get the boot.ini?09:57
chocobananaluisa: Close all browsers. Then uninstall (Mark for complete removal) those three packages. Check if there are more installed in that results list (there shouldn't be) and remove as well. Then reinstall only the flashplugin-installer09:57
zeeblerameshwo: which city are you in, that's what i asked.09:57
racecar56hanasaki, hmm09:57
racecar56hanasaki, idk09:57
zeeblerameshwo: if you get onto the linux-india mailing list and asked, you could find out09:57
bitsbamzeeble: yeah, like growl09:57
hanasakiracecar56:  huh?09:57
EsjuNah i dont koshari :/09:57
mistereverywhereim trying to install it for the first time on this computer and its going straight to a initramfs command line, it also says something about busybox v1.1.3 (debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12) Built in shell (ash)09:58
racecar56any way possible to make a video play backwards? i think ffmpeg may be one way but i'm not too good with it09:58
zeeblenot sure how you would do it with a different window manager, bitsbam09:58
racecar56hanasaki, i don't know09:58
racecar56hanasaki, IDK = I Don't Know09:58
chocobananaluisa: let us know how did it go :)09:58
zeeblelet me check if there are any apps that handle notifications and then you can start it up too09:58
bitsbamzeeble: gnome in the new Ubuntu Jaunty has a really cool jazzed up notify system, don't know if i can do it in awesome09:58
bitsbamzeeble: any will do09:59
luisachocobanana, install the  flashplugin-installer?   The same I just had installed?09:59
hanasakiracecar56:  thanks.  just a quick recheck.. ok?  you had win installed?   partitioned to have space for a linux partition... installed linux with a grub mbr and it finds the windows partition and boots fine?10:00
chocobananaluisa: yes. Just follow my above instructions to the letter10:00
luisaYou're the boss.10:00
rameshwocan i set up server edition in 160gb hard disk. 1.7 Ghz dual core.. 2.5 gb Ram ?? just to learn ... ??10:00
racecar56hanasaki, yes i had winblows installed10:00
racecar56hanasaki, all works good10:00
racecar56hanasaki, here is what i did:10:00
hanasakiracecar56:  what if you ever want to take out linux and just have win?  what do you do with he grub?10:01
bitsbamzeeble: just noticed my download complete notification works in awesome, so maybe i have my irssi config messed up.10:01
racecar56hanasaki, i did a recovery when i fixed this clunker (and rescued it from the dumpster =D), so i got winblows10:01
bitsbamwill be right back10:01
zeeblebitsbam: oh. super. let me install that WM and see how it works10:01
moDumassracecar56, dont have a dig and windows, it knows it gets all depressed10:01
racecar56hanasaki, then i installed ubuntu10:01
chocobananaluisa: lol10:01
moDumassracecar56, just let it be10:01
rameshwo zeeble:  can i set up server edition in 160gb hard disk. 1.7 Ghz dual core.. 2.5 gb Ram ?? just to learn ... ??10:01
racecar56rameshwo, that is good hardware, dont see anything wrong10:02
luisachocobanana, geez, this whole time you are making me suffer because I cannot browse the web until i install this.  It's killing me slowly :P  JK10:02
rameshworacecar56 : ok....thanks..10:03
mistereverywhereim trying to install it for the first time on this computer and its going straight to a "initramfs" command line, it also says something about "busybox v1.1.3 (debian 1:1.1.3-5ubuntu12) Built in shell (ash)" any help would be very welcome10:03
chocobananaluisa: hehe. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to do all this10:03
luisachocobanana,  *done installing*10:03
chocobananaluisa: :) now open Firefox and see if it works10:04
rtschocobanana: i have to kubuntu 9.04 install CD :D10:04
chocobananarts: www.kubuntu.com10:04
rtsi dont want new installing my computers10:05
luisachocobanana,  *hi5*   Good job, thank you! I no longer get the black out :P10:05
rtsi want to download and upgrasde10:05
chocobananaluisa: :D fantastic10:05
luisaThat was easy enough ^_^_10:06
dravenrts, you want to upgrade from what to what?10:06
cube_hey there10:06
cube_i'm having troubles with my eee pc10:06
tavishheres the o/p of ls -al .mozilla/firefox/tn.... http://codepad.org/Bdt5K7Sc  i cant access these files with -???????? in front of them10:06
rtsdraven: i have to karmic version linux10:06
chocobananaluisa: great that you liked it! Just to let you know what was the problem, you seemed to have at least two different flash players installed, therefore, you had a *conflict*10:07
TOGGI3cube_, i dont own an eee10:07
TOGGI3but shoot10:07
TOGGI3maybe we can help10:07
luisachocobanana,  yeah, two flash players don't think better than one, do they?10:07
=== MadMax is now known as Guest40833
chocobananaluisa: less is more10:08
IgramulHow can I configure the host sound device that VirtualBox will use?10:08
norpan111I just got a little question for you, do the major of you have compiz enabled? or what are your oppinion in this10:08
norpan111Does the desktop function better with compiz/desktop effects enabled?10:08
zeeblerameshwo: yeah, you can install the server edition on that comp. more than enough config.10:08
norpan111I dont want to miss some important features of ubuntu if i disable it10:08
zeebleit will function slower. more eye candy10:08
Igramulnorpan111, in my opinion, there is no benefit in it.10:08
zeebleno, you wont miss any feature disabling compiz.10:08
norpan111thanks =)10:08
chocobanananorpan111: disabled here because it doesn't play nice with my dual screen configuration. Otherwise you can gain in usability or eye candy10:09
luisachocobanana,  and I can actually watch YouTube videos without it being wacky :P (person talking slow...then too fast like you are fast forwarding)     I will remember this fix, in case someone asks the same thing I did ^_^10:09
norpan111Now, is there a way to disable those ugly black borders that traces a window when minimized?10:09
pankohello, is there any pidgin plugin for mass messaging?10:09
zeebleits like dark chocolate packaged in shiny wrapper10:09
cube_TOGGI3: alright. well i installed easy peasy on it. and with that comes this sftware called eee-config. now i wanted to install eee-control, but i cant, because that requires to uninstall eee-config, and uninstalling that uninstalls the package easy peasy, which i believe would totally screw up my system. what i want to do eventually is to be able to turn on/off wifi and bluetooth10:09
zeeblein which application do you see an ugly black border?10:09
chocobananaluisa: yea, you should be able to browse pretty much any Flash website now10:09
dravenrts, what are you upgrading from and why do you need karmic? it's alpha and should only be used if you're participating in the alpha/need the changes included10:09
norpan111chocobanana,  yes i noticed the same when trying to connect me tv to my computer..compiz mess it up10:09
TOGGI3most likely you should be fine removing it and installing eee-control10:09
TOGGI3I dont see a reason the system would fail to work without eee-config10:10
norpan111zeeble,  every window i minimize, there is black tails after window10:10
TOGGI3but again keep in mind I dont own an ee10:10
TOGGI3I dont think theres anything too special about htem10:10
rtsis karmic10:10
zeeblenorpan111: huh weird. never saw it10:10
TOGGI3in terms of things breaking10:10
rameshwoguys...  its only for 64 bit . will it work in 32 bit ? probably not ????10:10
norpan111zeeble,  try minimize a window, wich ever.. and youll see it :P10:10
rameshwoi mean the server edtition..10:10
chocobanananorpan111: those black borders trailing the minimizing are from metacity... Not sure how to get rid of them. Probably in gconf-editor10:10
cube_TOGGI3: yeah yeah. but, when i wanna deinstall eee-config in synaptic, it wants to remove "easy peasy" as well.10:10
norpan111chocobanana,  but you have them as well?10:10
TOGGI3try with aptitude?10:11
zeeblenorpan111: no idea. i dont see any dirty black border10:11
chocobanananorpan111: that's standard in any Gnome installation with Compiz disabled10:11
zeeblewell, not unless you post a screenshot and tell what10:11
TOGGI3I would just let it10:11
TOGGI3as long as it doesnt touch anything that makes the system work10:11
TOGGI3and I dont think any of htat does10:11
norpan111chocobanana,  yeah, can it be disabled somehow?10:11
zeebleuse a different metacity theme then10:11
zeebleyou can find a bunch at gnome-look.org10:11
dravenrts please post in channel, no karmic is not a bad version, its just not stable yet. a normal end user shouldn't use it yet.10:11
zeeblewhich doesnt have borders10:11
rameshwo guys...canonical says  its only for 64 bit . will it work in 32 bit ? probably not ????10:12
=== elad is now known as elad`
zeeblerts: karmic is NOT for use yet. things break. today, audacity is broken, i think10:12
norpan111zeeble,  what is metacity? is it just the theme of the window boarders?10:12
cube_TOGGI3: hmm idk. i already screwed up my system yesterday by updating the 8.11 underneath my easy peasy to ubuntu 9.04, and i had to reinstall everything all over again10:12
zeeblenorpan111: metacity is the software that takes care of the GUI. the window borders, etc10:12
zeeblenorpan111: you can apply multiple themes. and metacity will take care of all the looks, minimizing, etc10:13
TOGGI3not sure then, you may want to post on the forums10:13
TOGGI3theres bound to be another eee user10:13
norpan111zeeble,  ok. cus no mather the theme, the trace is still there.. but i will check it out.. BAThroom brb10:13
cube_yeah alright10:13
chocobanananorpan111: http://www.harshj.com/2007/11/16/tip-to-speeden-up-metacity-in-gnome/10:13
chocobanananoropan: FYI, that came from: http://www.harshj.com/2007/11/16/tip-to-speeden-up-metacity-in-gnome/10:14
rohanhow do i get the original pidgin icon back in the system tray, in ubuntu 9.04? the mailbox icon is quite ugly and irritating10:14
=== Acedip_ is now known as Acedip
chocobanananorpan111: woops. FYI that came from: http://www.google.com/search?q=gnome+disable+black+borders+minimizing&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=com.ubuntu:en-US:unofficial&client=firefox-a10:14
lucianbt.lucian@live.com <-- looking for more geek ubuntu user firends :D10:16
norpan111chocobanana,  try to click on first link there10:17
chocobanananorpan111: ?10:17
zeeblethat's kinda sad, lucian10:17
lucianwhy's that?:))10:18
zeeblenow i will use that email to subscribe you to all the pr0n email lists10:18
lucian:)) if you say so10:18
norpan111chocobanana,  on your google link, try to click the first link in the search results10:18
lucian alredy subscribed with it on all the porn sites10:18
lucian so it's all usles10:18
norpan111chocobanana,  thank you soo much for the link!10:19
hoo-hahhi guys. is there a tool to scan for samba shares on network (ie Windows shares) ?10:19
chocobanananorpan111: you're welcome! Did it answer the question for you? :)10:19
Crazy|Onemorning all, i have a query regarding partitioning my hard drive, i currently have ubuntu installed onto a external hard drive, is it possible to partition this hard drive into 2 80G partitions, one for my ubuntu installation and the other partition to be used as a storage device for music/videos etc which can be access through my ps3?10:20
ThorsonBRarw! @ Everyone, Hi! I hope they are people in here to help y out ALOT , cuz im  newbie to Ubuntu, and i migt get you a bit fustrated :D10:20
soniumCrazy|One: I think this should be possible10:21
ThorsonBfirst let me se what all i need and read a few stuss over it10:21
norpan111chocobanana,  it sure did =)10:21
chocobanananorpan111: Great! :D10:21
* ThorsonB will change his name to Jay10:21
=== ThorsonB is now known as Jay
Crazy|Onesonium should i read up partitioning on ubuntu for more information?  i have searched on google for more information, but my searching sklills are very limited10:21
norpan111chocobanana,  do you live with the black borders? or did you also disable it?10:21
* Jay will change his name to JayZ10:22
=== Jay is now known as JayZ
soniumdo you know what filesystem you ps3 requires?10:22
chocobanananorpan111: I actually like them because they help in show where did the window go to in the task bar10:22
norpan111chocobanana,  I miss the zoom effect and so on =/10:22
Crazy|OneFAT32 i believe sonium10:23
chocobanananorpan111: Me too, that would be my preferred choice but I need the 2 screens more than that10:23
=== JayZ is now known as iPhone3G
norpan111ugly wireframe when moving around a window also10:23
=== iPhone3G is now known as iPodTouch
chocobanananorpan111: That's an unfortunate trade-off10:23
norpan111Ill just disable compiz when i connect an extra screen...10:24
norpan111i just find compiz kinda buggy..10:24
brochahay q onda q asen10:24
norpan111maybe its my drivers10:24
=== iPodTouch is now known as ThorB
chocobanananorpan111: which graphics card do you have?10:24
SandGorgoni have two windows partitions  - now depending on which one i mount first, they get pathnames of "/media/disk" and "/media/disk-1". I want someway of assigning paths which are constant, so that my scripts dont break down. How do i do this?10:25
norpan111chocobanana,  geforce 8200M10:25
norpan111Its an integrated card10:25
chocobanananorpan111: which driver are you using?10:25
soniumCrazy|One: the problem is that you can't use the ubuntu system on your external drive while modifining it's paritiontion. So you have to boot from an ubuntu CD and use gparted to shrink the partition. In the now empty space create an new fat32 partition then10:25
un|matrixwhat's the best RSS reader for Gnome?10:25
norpan111chocobanana,  the recomended (180) Nvidia10:25
gartralhow do i encode too flac from console? I can use ogg... but i'de like flac10:26
norpan111chocobanana,  it does not says any more than "NVIDIA version 180"10:26
chocobanananorpan111: but is that the latest or the one from the Hardware drivers configuration thingy?10:26
ThorBHow Do I uninstall the games that comes with Ubutnu Jaunty? * & @10:26
soniumCrazy|One: the one thing you have to care is to never move the partitons starting position. So just reduce it at the partition's end10:26
norpan111chocobanana,  its the one from hardware drivers config...10:26
norpan111I tought that was the newest10:26
Crazy|Onesonium i have the gparted live cd which i believe would also be able to do the job, will try it out, thanks for the information.10:27
gartralThorB: sudo apt-get remove (or purge) gnome-games10:27
un|matrixgartral: Audacity10:27
soniumyou're welcome10:27
gartralun|matrix: *from console*10:27
un|matrixgartral: why would you want to do it the hard way10:27
ThorB@ gartral that removes all the games?10:27
norpan111chocobanana,  do i have 8M series or 2M serieS?:P i really hate nvidia right now10:28
gartralun|matrix: because i'm bulding a program that wraps two flac files into one.10:28
chocobanananorpan111: that's the latest stable avaialble when Jaunty was released. The very latest is: 185.18.1410:28
chocobanananorpan111: 8M10:28
un|matrixgartral: you do realize that converting ogg to flac won't improve quality?10:28
gartral!info gnome|games ThorB10:28
ubottu'ThorB' is not a valid distribution: dapper, dapper-backports, hardy, hardy-backports, intrepid, intrepid-backports, jaunty, jaunty-backports, karmic, karmic-backports, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, medibuntu, partner10:28
gartral!info gnome-games | ThorB10:29
ubottuThorB: gnome-games (source: gnome-games): games for the GNOME desktop. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.26.1-0ubuntu2 (jaunty), package size 1145 kB, installed size 2928 kB10:29
norpan111chocobanana,  are you sure?:P10:29
norpan111chocobanana,  is it to my benefit to install the new unstable drivers?10:29
ThorB@ gartral thanks :D10:29
chocobanananorpan111: I'm sure. The official latest is not necessarily unstable.10:29
``CubeI installed compiz10:30
norpan111chocobanana,  im so confused right now, there is 200M drivers and 8M and 2M ...10:30
``Cubeand turned on blur windows10:30
EsluARGG, the whole damn os makes me angry. Can't get VNC to work properly. Screen wont refresh, heard about problems with nvidia drivers. But uninstalling that driver didn't solve anything -.-10:30
``Cubeand that screwed up everything10:30
gartralun|matrix: you mis understand... I have two mono FLAC files that I want to wrap into one... I *can* wrap into OGG.. but i want Flac10:30
``Cubehow do I remove everything related to compiz?10:30
``Cubewhat packages would that be?10:30
chocobanananorpan: You have an 8M series chip10:30
chocobanananorpan111: you can trust10:30
rikki_max``cube: apt-get remove compiz-*10:30
norpan111chocobanana,  Ok. Ill download that one then10:30
ThorB@ gartral Questions, is there a GUI for Ubuntu Server?10:30
``Cubeyou rock rikki_max10:30
ThorB!Info Ubuntu Server10:31
gartral!server > ThorB10:31
rikki_maxwell i will go check the packages names10:31
ubottuThorB, please see my private message10:31
norpan111chocobanana,  should i disable the recommended driver for nvidia before i install? or does it do this auto?10:31
gartralThorB: the short answer is "No..