seekerwhile runnig the instance using eucalyptus on Ubuntu, I am facing problem. Can some one help me in this?05:35
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Guest98393help me pleaseeeeee05:49
Guest98393can someone tell me how to install themes on xubuntu 9.1005:50
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy05:50
ubottuThemes for Xfce4 are simply GTK2+ themes which means Gnome themes are also compatible with your xfce4 desktop. To install themes, unpack it in ~/.themes/  To install icons, unpack them to ~/.icons/ - Visit http://www.xfce-look.org/ for all kinds of eyecandy for your Xfce4 desktop! - See also !themes for other GNOME theme sites05:50
Guest98393where is that ~/.themes/  ???05:51
Guest98393i dont see any .themes05:54
knomein thunar, press ctrl+h so you can see hidden files and folders (starting with .)05:55
knomeif you still don't see .themes, feel free to create that directory05:55
Guest98393help. how do i change the panel theme06:11
Guest98393thanks again06:13
genoobieIf I'm going to use xubuntu exclusively do I need a boot loader?06:26
knomegenoobie, it's not mandatory, but i wouldn't suggest ripping it off either06:27
genoobiefair enough06:28
genoobieI'm excited to start using xubuntu06:28
knomegenoobie, :) have fun06:28
genoobiethe thing that used to piss me off about linux was the software management aspect06:30
genoobieI didn't feel like compiling something every time I wanted a bin06:30
knomelol :)06:30
genoobieI was okay with "non-optimized" software06:31
genoobieseems like the xubuntu install is taking some time06:49
knomea bit06:50
Humbucker:P Of course ubuntu is a big operating system06:50
knomeless than windows, though06:50
genoobiewell is xubuntu?06:50
genoobieyeah, funny, they seem comparable in installation time06:50
knomegenoobie, xubuntu shares the base of ubuntu06:50
genoobieI suppose I can strip it down afterward06:50
HumbuckerYes, it is almost the same as ubuntu but without gnome.06:51
knomegenoobie, so yes, even xubuntu is partly "big"06:51
genoobieI like the fact it detected the touchpoint mouse w/o trouble06:51
genoobiehopefully it will do the same for the wireless card06:51
HumbuckerI dont have any experience with wireless & ubuntu :P06:52
HumbuckerBut I think it should work06:52
genoobiewe'll see06:52
genoobieeven XP didn't like WPA in the beginning06:52
HumbuckerI managed to get it working on Arch and arch seems somewhat harder than ubuntu06:52
knomeeverything is solvable. genoobie, did you try the livecd?06:52
genoobieI wanted to install it, I'm done with XP on this machine06:52
genoobietoo slow.  XP can run on 256MB ram, but it's a dog06:53
Humbuckerxp isnt slow, itself ...06:53
HumbuckerMaybe your virus scanner xP06:53
genoobienah, no anti-vir06:53
genoobieit's an old machine06:53
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genoobieI was debating whether or not to dump another $20 into it for more ram06:54
knome$20 is a little.06:54
Guest56366How do I restore the default settings in Xubuntu?06:54
knomeif you go up from 256, you will get *lots* more than worth $20 :)06:54
Guest56366I messed up my desktop in installing themes help06:54
genoobiebut figured I would try xubuntu first and see if I can get some mileage with a PIII 800 / 256MB06:54
genoobieyeah, but is it *really* worth it?06:55
Humbuckerxfce is much wuicker than gnome, believe me :P06:55
knomegenoobie, yes. :)06:55
genoobieI'd only be going up to 51206:55
HumbuckerI like xfce very much06:55
knomeit is still worth it06:55
knomegenoobie, with 512 you can go few more releases ahead at least06:55
genoobieI installed xfce on an old bsd system06:55
knomeGuest56366, what about going to the theme interface and restore the default theme? (albatross)06:56
HumbuckerWhat means hrm?? xP06:56
knomeHumbucker, "he remains mysterious"06:56
Guest56366ok, theres one more problem06:57
knomeGuest56366, yup?06:57
Guest56366MY PANELS ARE GONEE06:57
knomeGuest56366, press alt+f2 and run "xfce4-panel"06:57
knomeagain, np.06:57
knomegenoobie, seriously, more ram NEVER hurts.06:58
genoobieis 133 usually backward compatible with 100?06:58
knomegenoobie, i don't know. depends on the ram and also if the motherboard wants to play with both 100 and 133 at the same time, even if the other was "downgraded"06:59
knomebut then again, i'm no hardware expert :)06:59
knomei just know how it accets usability, and between 256 and 512 there is quite a bit difference07:00
genoobiewell I'll see how it goes with 25607:01
genoobieif it's a dog07:01
genoobiethen I'll consider 51207:01
Guest56366whats the hotkey for restart?07:01
genoobieI saw some on ebay for $10, but now I can't find it07:01
knomeGuest56366, there's no such key unless you specify one yourself, and i don't suggest that.07:01
knomeGuest56366, use the "action buttons" applet (an arrow + a door)07:02
knomeGuest56366, only takes 2 clicks07:02
genoobieokay I'm looking for wireless settings07:06
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:06
genoobieknome, supposedly works out of the box...07:09
genoobiebut no lights are on the card...07:09
knomegenoobie, have you checked if it's enabled in the bios?07:09
genoobieit's not a bios option07:10
knomeokay. is it a laptop?07:10
knomeis the wlan adapter builtin?07:11
genoobieit's a PCMCIA card calling for the acx driver07:11
genoobieit appears to be07:11
genoobieI mean the site calls it "out-of-the-box"07:12
knomeis there any buttons to enable/disable wlan?07:12
genoobieit's a separate PCMCIA card07:13
Humbucker0.o Doesn't ubuntu offer out-of-the-box wlan support??? With arch I could activate it in the installer :P07:13
HumbuckerThat's strange in my opinion07:13
knomeHumbucker, it does, but there is problematic cards07:13
genoobieI mean ordinarily the lcds are lit up on the card07:14
genoobieLike i said, it's a ACX driver, and according to the page, I'll need ndiswrapper07:15
genoobiefor wpa support07:15
knomeoh, okay..07:15
genoobiebut the card is not responding07:15
knomei have no experience on pcmcia wlan cards, sorry07:16
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:16
knomemaybe just browse the forums07:16
genoobieknome, do you have a link?07:35
genoobieor a suggestion on how to get this stupid card to work?07:35
genoobieI'm stuck, I'll admit07:38
knomegenoobie, ubuntuforums.org07:44
knomegonna get a few hours of sleep now ->07:44
samuelshey guys. strange problem. i inserted a dvd which usually is fine in windows but here its mounting as a blank disk. its a data dvd.  i tried dmesg | tail and the output is exomount:segfault11:49
samuelsany ideas on whats happening?11:49
samuelshere is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/348062/11:51
_Pete_is it burned overtime or something?11:53
_Pete_line 811:53
samuelsnope its got almost 200mb of blank space11:54
_Pete_well if it only *usually* works in windows11:54
_Pete_maybe there's really something wrong with disc/drive11:54
_Pete_or both11:54
samuelsit does work in windows11:54
samuelsother dvd's are working fine so the drive is fine i suppose....11:55
samuelsif there is a problem with the disk will it mount as a blank or will it not mount at all????11:56
samuels_pete_ ?11:58
_Pete_no idea11:58
samuelsok _Pete_ thank you for your time11:59
hyatthi i'm using xfce 4.6.1 and want to use xfce4-globalmenu. in order to get rid of the gtk menus in the windows i wrote "export GTK_MODULES=gnome-globalmenu" into my .profile but after a relog nothing happened. any idea?13:24
jeremiahi there13:52
jeremiamy i ask question about ubuntu laptop and problems with the keyboard13:53
_Pete_!help ask13:54
_Pete_or what it was13:54
_Pete_just ask13:54
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:54
jeremiaia grrenorn on irc13:54
jeremiathe poblem i have since karmic my laptop keyboard doesent work well13:55
jeremiai have to write slow13:55
jeremiaor i have lotts of keys that didn't seem to work13:56
jeremiastarting win xp on the same laptop everxthing is fine with the keyboard13:57
_Pete_what keys exactly ?13:57
jeremiasometimes the "a" "e" "t" sometimes othe13:57
_Pete_never heard that before13:58
jeremiaif tryed to google but found only infos about totaly not workg keyboards13:58
_Pete_suggestion: google <your laptop exact model keyboard problems linux>13:58
jeremiaanyone know if there are some parameters in xorg.conf which afects keyboard beavior14:03
jeremiain that way14:03
jeremiaso i could try to solve the problem that way14:04
jeremiagoogle wasnt very helpful14:04
ubottuTo switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts14:15
memetmorning all15:16
memetI'm trying to get apturl to work with FF315:16
memetgood morning15:39
memetI just installed xubuntu and I'm having some small problems15:39
memet1) the performance is terrible15:39
memetI thought the OS would outperform windows15:39
knomememet, with what hardware are you running xubuntu?15:45
memetknome, 256MB ram + PIII 800 MHz, S3 graphics15:47
memetwinxp runs faster than this15:47
knomememet, 256 ram is somewhat little. do note that xubuntu 9.10 is an OS from 2009, xp is not15:47
memetthat's true, but even still15:47
knomethere's not but :P15:48
memetwell, then I need a different OS15:48
memetor just switch back to XP15:48
knomehave you got any chance to upgrade your ram?15:48
knomememory is cheap now.15:48
memetI'm sure I could15:48
memetbut why would xp >> this OS?15:48
knomeeven upping to 512 would make a difference15:49
knomesorry, can you rephrase?15:49
memetwell, it seems strange that winxp would run better than a linux + xfce15:49
knomesome linux distributions will run faster on that hardware, i suppose15:50
knomelike damn small linux or puppy linux15:50
knomethe drawback is that they are not as easy to use15:50
memetit just seems strange that launching an app is taking minutes instead of seconds15:52
memetrt-click on the desktop is *slow*15:52
memeteverything is slow15:52
knomei'm sorry, but complaining doesn't fix it.15:52
memetno I know, I'm just not sure where to look to fix it15:52
knomeinstall an older version of xubuntu, eg. 8.04, they work better with 256 ram15:53
memetwhat does version 9 give you that 8 doesn't15:53
memetI need WPA for instance15:53
knomeyou could also try the minimal cd, where you can select what software to use, and might be able to slim down the system a bit15:53
memetit's still 2.6, correct?15:53
knome(x)ubuntu has 2.6.2415:54
knomewpa should work in 8.04, however, the hardware compatibility list is smaller15:54
memetyeah, it just is slow15:54
knomeif you don't need to upgrade, you can consider installing even older versions, but that is totally NOT supported nor suggested.15:55
memetyeah, that's fine15:55
memetI can't use this desktop15:56
knomeconsider the possibility of buying some new memoery15:56
memetI suppose I could just buy the ram and reinstall xp15:56
knomewell, once you buy the ram you should test xubuntu first. if it is fast enough then15:56
knome(at least as you already have it installed)15:57
* Ov3rf10w brb16:17
halxubuntu must be real good. nobody is asking questions16:53
Sysiyou say that with 2 minutes experience?16:54
_Pete_hal: art of ZEN16:54
_Pete_only drar sword when it is needed16:54
_Pete_so you have question or not ?16:55
halnot right now16:56
_Pete_I have 20v ZEN and 15 or so in linux16:57
_Pete_so mind your question16:57
_Pete_Ov3rf10w: that doesnt include you16:58
_Pete_Ov3rf10w: you can ask what ever you like16:59
Ov3rf10w_Pete_, go to #ubuntu there is a lot of questions for you :D17:02
_Pete_I wont17:02
Sysixubuntu and #xubuntu ♥17:03
_Pete_for real17:03
_Pete_there are too many morons17:03
_Pete_.. not for me17:03
Sysiyea, here's just me17:04
_Pete_I like this channel17:04
_Pete_... even I dont anymore use xfce17:04
_Pete_but coz the ones who come here17:04
Sysii have xfce, no ubuntu :P17:04
_Pete_seems to know something17:04
Ov3rf10wSysi, you mean not gnome xD17:05
_Pete_otherwise they wouldnt chose xfce at all17:05
SysiOv3rf10w: no, not any *buntu17:05
Ov3rf10wwhat linux you using?17:05
Sysiexept older netbook17:06
haldoes xfce have a live cd or do you have to install?17:06
Sysifedora and centos17:06
_Pete_I am using 9.10 with kde317:06
Sysithere are xubuntu livecds17:06
_Pete_and on servers debian17:06
Ov3rf10w_Pete_, 9.10 is shit xD17:07
Ov3rf10w9.04 is the best version17:07
_Pete_Ov3rf10w: works for me17:07
Sysiit works in some cases yeah17:07
halwhat is the difference of xfce vs xubuntu?17:07
_Pete_hal: xfce vs gnome17:07
Sysixubuntu in ubuntu with xfce17:08
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels17:08
Ov3rf10wi tryed 9.10 and do not like it17:08
halxfce is less bloated i imagine17:08
_Pete_hal: thats the purpose of it17:08
Ov3rf10wxfce is maked for performance17:08
Sysibut it seems to fail a bit :/17:09
_Pete_but as a developer17:09
halon what?17:09
_Pete_they both use same code base17:09
Sysixubuntu could be lighter17:09
_Pete_what can really be difference17:09
hali tried puppylinux. now thats is lighter, and DSL but they are missing much17:10
_Pete_with my quadcore/8G&/some nividia card17:10
_Pete_there is no difference17:10
Sysii may get 10.04 if it's great, otherly i wouldn't like to use apt17:10
_Pete_except with KDE417:11
_Pete_that is noticably slower17:11
halKDE is nice but bloated17:11
halfor my system anyway17:11
_Pete_I like kde317:11
_Pete_it has ALL the tunes youn can twiddle with17:12
Sysii've never liked any kde17:12
halso do i..but my unit is a little old17:12
Sysixfce is easy to get look good and be nice to handle17:12
Ov3rf10wkde is kde is sucks17:12
_Pete_but me being HC nerd17:12
_Pete_no wonder17:12
hali may try xfce17:13
Sysireal nerd use openbox :b17:13
Sysihal: how old?17:14
TheSheepreal nerd write their own wm17:14
_Pete_does they also use n900 ?17:14
Sysilubuntu or crunchbang should be good17:14
hal05 i think. dell 24017:14
Sysi_Pete_: some of them17:14
hal1gig on ram17:14
_Pete_Sysi: what about those who got one for free coz they did excellent coding job?17:15
halit can handle ubuntu, but sluggish17:15
halxubuntu is better on it17:16
Sysi_Pete_: that sounds nerd17:16
_Pete_Sysi: 5p hint17:16
_Pete_I am the one of those17:16
halcan xubuntu use openoffice?17:17
Sysiyou just have too much time :P17:17
Sysihal: of course17:17
hal9.04 is better you said right?17:17
Sysiwell, for me it was17:18
_Pete_hal: for your particular problem17:18
_Pete_no idea17:18
_Pete_what is so funny?17:20
halyou drew a sword, when it wasnt needed17:20
halthink about it. your smart17:22
haltime for me to make like a cow paddy..and hit the trail.  have a great day17:22
twilightningHow can I open desktop items in a single click in Xfce?17:36
Ov3rf10wgo to thunar17:40
twilightningthis is only for file management17:50
twilightningI am talking about desktop icons17:50
Aquinahy! I wanna upgrade one of my personal systems from K7 (MSI KT6 Delta FISR w. AMD Athlon XP 2600+ and DDR-SD-RAM) to K8 or K9. Everything else will be the same. Do you think my cusomized Xubuntu 8.04.3 will handle that?18:07
AquinaAre all drivers in kernel? Should I uninstall the non-free ATI driver for my Radeon 9550 Pro in case I choose a new Mainboard with onBorad graphics? What about my audio chipset. I'm using some AC97 VT82?? chip. Will I have to reconfigure lots of things regarding that?18:22
nik_Hi all there19:05
djura-sanjust aks your question19:06
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:06
djura-san( Sysi was faster :) )19:06
nik_I had installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a dual boot with windows xp. It ran for around 2months and today I just tried installing Via chipset drivers on it. Some errors appeared but I still rebooted the system after it  finished. After rebooting, the GRUB appears when I select Linux a text login screen apears which continously blinks and i m not able to enter linux GUI19:09
nik_is anyone there?19:13
nik_I had installed Ubuntu 9.10 on a dual boot with windows xp. It ran for around 2months and today I just tried installing Via chipset drivers on it. Some errors appeared but I still rebooted the system after it  finished. After rebooting, the GRUB appears when I select Linux a text login screen apears which continously blinks and i m not able to enter linux GUI19:18
Sysimaybe no one just knows19:18
Aquina_Pete_ have you read my question from 19:22 (GMT+1:00)?19:23
Aquinanik_ that sounds strange since it implies a modification of you Ubuntu installation on an ext4 partition.19:24
nik_I probably can work out if i am able to login to the GUI19:27
nik_but even with the live cd m not able to mount the linux partition19:27
nik_it gives error19:27
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knomehey, anybody has experience on setting a working vnc server up on ubuntu?20:03
=== diib is now known as dbdii407
Aquinaah... nik_ so you're probably in the GRUB gui.20:17
AquinaAehm ... GRB CLI20:17
AquinaSometimes major drive changes regarding GRUB cause what you described, nik_ The following commands can be issued to recover the system (make volumes available again).20:18
Aquina1] "ls -a /dev/disk/by-uuid" / "ls -slap /dev/disk/by-uuid"20:19
Aquina2] Write down / copy the output of the command given above.20:19
Aquina3] Then reebot and enter GRUB (ESCAPE), issue 'p' and edit.20:19
Aquina4] Modify GRUB ("sudo nano /boot/grub/menu.lst") with UUID.20:19
Aquina5] Modify fstab ("sudo nano /etc/fstab") with appr. values.20:19
Aquina6] Issue "sudo update-grub" to enable all the changes made.20:19
Aquina7] Issue  tune2fs with switches -C1, -c<INTd> and -i<INTd>.20:19
Aquina(7 only in case you like it)20:20
Aquina(3 requires you to correct what is listed with the content of 1]/2])20:21
Aquina(after 3] follows 4] - no reboot or something!)20:21
Aquina(you correct 5] the same way you corrected 3] with the data from 1]/2])20:22
AquinaI hope it's just the ID association... ;-)20:22
kidkoHey all, I'm running Xubuntu 9.04. Had to re-install it, and now all of a sudden I have no system bell once logged in. On shutdown it works, and it worked before I reinstalled, but now 'echo -e "\a"' does nothing20:44
oorahhowdy yall22:55
oorahwhere's balsaq?22:55
oorahhey emma22:55
nickybattsHey guys23:06
nickybattsWhat's a good ftp client?23:06
TheSheepinstalled by default23:06
Ov3rf10wnickybatts, filezilla23:06
nickybattsfilezilla... yea23:06
nickybattsI've heard of that23:06
nickybattsOkay cool23:06
Ov3rf10wsudo apt-get install filezilla23:07
nickybattsDoing it now... thanks :)23:07
nickybattsAnybody here gotten EVE online to work with Xubuntu?23:07
SiDiHi there23:09
SiDinickybatts, you may want to ask for help in #wine23:09
SiDiit should basically be all the same than under another distro23:10
nickybattsThought so, not too familiar with WINE however23:10
nickybattsOkay, I will check it out thanks23:10
SiDinickybatts, EVE online used to have official support but it doesn't anymore, so this may mean its not working for everybody anymore. ANyway I advise you to have a look at appdb.winehq.org23:10
nickybattscool thanks23:11
nickybattsHa.. I have so many desktop.ini pics in all my backed up files23:11
SiDiits files automatically created by windows23:12
SiDienjoy :/23:12
nickybattsCan I delete them easily>23:13
SiDifind -name desktop.ini | xargs rm23:13
SiDiit will go through your whole home23:13
SiDimay take a while23:13
nickybattsI did a seach using the built in app, but I can't interact with them23:14
SiDiI prefer the command line way xD23:15
nickybattsIs that the exact command?23:15
SiDifind -name desktop.ini will search through your whole home directory for all files named desktop.ini23:17
SiDi | xargs <appname> will take the result of the command on the left and give it as a parameter to <appname>23:18
SiDiso | xargs rm will remove the files that were found23:18
SiDi(that works only if the files dont have spaces in their names though - there's an extra bit to do for files with spaces)23:18
SiDiThe correct command would then be: find -name desktop.ini -print0 | xargs -0 rm23:19

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