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kosaidpothe today's class guna be at 6 gmt ight ?14:23
kosaidpohello guys the class is  about an hour right16:10
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Kljaver20 minutes remains16:39
kosaidpoim countin : D16:46
zkriessekosaidpo: ten mintues16:50
zkriessehehe pleia216:51
FenBotried to start phpmyadmin got this: Not Found  The requested URL /phpmyadmin/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at localhost Port 80   ... when i look at config.inc.php ii is empty. How do I setup phpmyadmin16:55
zkriesseFenBo: I'll get you that info in just a minute16:55
zkriesseOk class time!17:00
zkriesseAnyone have any questions before I start?17:00
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ClassBotSlides for Launchpad GPG Basics: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lyz/slides/Launchpad_GPG_Key_Basics.pdf17:01
zkriesseIf you have questions please ask them in #ubuntu-classroom-chat and put QUESTION: infront of it17:01
zkriesseOk Let's start17:01
zkriesseWhat this class will cover is making a GPG/PGP Key on your pc, importing it to Launchpad, and if you ask about it, signing something such as the Code Of Conduct with it17:03
zkriesseYes please as kosaidpo asked, please login to your launchpad accounts17:04
zkriesseOk after you've logged in you'll then need to go to your Applications -> Accessories -> Passwords & Encryption Keys on your desktop17:05
zkriesseJust in case you didn't get the link for the slides ^^17:06
zkriesseAfter you open that up click File -> New -> PGP Key I've included a screenshot of what you should be seeing17:06
zkriesseAfter you click File -> New -> PGP Key Choose continue17:08
zkriesseAfter that you should see a window similar to this:17:08
zkriesseEnter in your info and then click "Create". Note, you can click the "Advanced key options" tab and then choose the key's encryption17:08
zkriessetype, it's strength, and if and when it expires. Usually the defaults are ok to accept.17:08
zkriesseAny questions before I move on?17:09
zkriesseAnd a little note: For those of you who don't use Thunderbird as your email program of choice do not fret, as we will be using the Terminal do decrypt the email sent by the key latter down the session17:10
zkriesseAfter you click "Create" you'll have a window in17:10
zkriessewhich it will ask you to enter a "Passphrase". Choose one and then click "Ok". NOTE: Either save or write your chosen passphrase17:10
zkriessedown as there is no way to recover it if lost thereby making the key useless/invalid. After you're done click create and it will generate17:10
zkriessethe key. Now to push it to the keyserver and then to Launchpad!!!17:10
zkriesseAnd I stress, severely stress: SAVE OR WRITE THAT PASSKEY DOWN!17:11
zkriesseAs there is no way at all to recover it if lost17:11
zkriesseUnless you remember it...17:11
zkriesseIt will take either a few seconds or a few minutes for the key to generate depending upon the key strength you chose17:12
zkriesseSo any questions before I move on to the next section?17:12
zkriesseIf I'm moving too fast just feel free to stop me in #ubuntu-classroom-chat17:13
ClassBotJoeMaverickSett asked: if we reinstalled the whole OS, there is no way to recover the PGP, am i right?17:13
zkriesseNo there is no way to recover the key UNLESS you previously saved it off to an external drive, USB Flash drive or something to that effect...but to what end I'm not entirely certain at this time17:14
zkriesseOk so now that you've made your key what we need to do now is push it to the keyserver.17:14
zkriesseTo do that we're going to use the Terminal. The Terminal can be found by going to17:14
zkriesseApplications -> Accessories -> Terminal. Open that and then type in the following without17:14
zkriessequotes. " gpg --list-keys " If it's successful it should display something similar to17:14
zkriessepub 1024D/12345678 2010-08-2517:14
zkriesseuid Zach Kriesse (My Test GPG Key) <test@zachkriessetest.com>17:14
zkriessesub 2048/9ABCDEF1 2010-08-25"17:15
zkriesseMake a note of the public id which in this case is "1024D/12345678" Specifically the last17:15
zkriessepart "12345678" Now because Launchpad doesn't automatically store your key(s) we have17:15
zkriesseto add them to the keyserver. To do that we run the following in the Terminal " gpg --send-17:15
zkriessekeys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com 12345678 " The 12345678 being your own public17:15
zkriessekey ID. If its successful it should display som17:15
ClassBotkosaidpo asked: and how we can save the key to another support?17:18
zkriesseFor saving a key off somewhere else I'd look into this http://www.gnupg.org/documentation/faqs.en.html17:18
zkriesseIt has just about any answer on that as I'm not ENTIRELY positive if you can or can't. I don't want to say yes or no for fear of misleading you guys!17:19
zkriesseOk so after you get your public ID via " gpg --list-keys " and you import it there should be this being displayed to you If its successful it should display something similar to "gpg: sending key 1234567817:20
zkriesseto hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com"17:20
zkriesseOk everyone doing ok so far/following along easy?17:21
zkriesseEveryone ok then?17:22
zkriesseOk....moving on17:22
zkriesseOk so now that we've added our key(s) to the Ubuntu Keyserver we now need to import it17:22
zkriesseinto Launchpad. This part is pretty easy and fairly quick. Ok so for Launchpad to know that17:22
zkriessethe key you just imported is actually yours and belongs to you it needs it's personal17:22
zkriessefingerprint. Much like your own fingerprint it's the unique identifier for that specific key and17:22
zkriesseit alone. Ok so open up your terminal....yes again you gotta open just one more time!17:22
zkriesseCome on you can do it! Ok, in your terminal type " gpg --fingerprint " It should output17:22
zkriessesomething akin to, " pub 3584R/12345678 2010-08-0617:22
zkriesseKey fingerprint = 3D5A 45BC D847 2509 59RT 29TQ 3214 1234 ABCD EFGH17:22
zkriesseBilly Bob (My test key for the session...it may be deleted after this is over.)17:22
zkriessesub 3584R/123456FG 2010-08-06 " What you'll need is the Key fingerprint. Copy that and17:23
zkriessethen go to your Your GPG Key Page and paste your Key's fingerprint into the fingerprint17:23
zkriessetext box and then click import.17:23
zkriesseIn the example above the Key's "Fingerprint" is 3D5A 45BC D847 2509 59RT 29TQ 3214 1234 ABCD EFGH17:23
zkriesseYou will of course replace that with your own17:23
zkriesseAnd for those who are having a bit of trouble with this do not worry. After I finish giving the session itself I will be sticking around to answer any questions you have until the hour is up17:24
zkriesseAnd what I mean by You GPG Key page i mean this page https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editpgpkeys17:25
ClassBotkosaidpo asked: where i can find that gpg page ?? on launchpad ? i dont see it17:27
zkriessehttps://launchpad.net/people/+me/+editpgpkeys is the page you will need17:27
zkriesseJust drop the Key fingerprint into the Text Entry box which is labeled "Fingerprint"17:28
zkriesseAfter that you'll get a message stating that an email has17:28
zkriessebeen sent. You'll have to decode this email with the Passphrase you gave for the key back17:28
zkriessein the first part of this session. NOTE: If the key fingerprint reports an error stating that the17:28
zkriessekey is either invalid or not acceptable don't worry. All you'll have to do is type it in manually.17:28
zkriesseMake sure to put only ONE space between each set of the letters/numbers. Now for the17:28
zkriesseemail part.17:28
zkriesseEveryone with me so far?17:30
zkriesseGet the key imported?17:31
ClassBotkosaidpo asked: what to do with that mail now ?17:31
zkriesseOk if you've got your email it's going to look a little, jumbled up17:31
zkriesseWhich means it's encrypted with your key!17:32
zkriesseNow that in itself has gotta be a cool feeling. You have just encrypted your very own email17:32
zkriesseOk so to decrypt your email copy the part that starts with " -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- " and17:32
zkriesseends with " -----END PGP MESSAGE----- " and save it to your desktop as a .txt file.17:32
zkriesseMake sure that you only copy the part that starts with " -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE----- " and17:33
zkriesse<zkriesse> ends with " -----END PGP MESSAGE----- "17:33
zkriesseAfter you've saved the file off to your desktop as a .txt file17:34
zkriesseOpen up that terminal again17:34
zkriesseIn the terminal type WITHOUT QUOTES: " cd ~/Desktop "17:35
zkriesseWhat that will do is change the direction to your desktop where that .txt file should now reside17:35
zkriesseThen type " gpg --decrypt17:35
zkriessefile.txt " File being the name of the file itself. After typing that you will be required to type in your passkey for the PGP/GPG17:35
zkriessekey and then hit enter. The message should now be decrypted and at the bottom of the message there will be a link. Click17:35
zkriessethat, choose confirm on the Launchpad page which is displayed and your key is now imported!17:35
zkriesseFor the --decrypt file.txt make sure to replace "file" with the name you gave the .txt file17:36
zkriesseAfter you type that all in hit enter and you will be required to type in the passkey you gave the key back in step 1/217:37
zkriesseAfter that your email should be decrypted and you should have actual understandable text with links in there17:38
zkriesseThe one you want is at the bottom. It'll say something like, "Click this link to verify your key" or something to that affect17:38
zkriesseThat's it!17:39
zkriesseYou have just made your very own GPG Key17:40
zkriesseNow that I'm done giving the session itself I'm going to stay for the last 20 minutes of the session and answer any questions/problems you might have17:40
ClassBotThere are are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.17:50
ClassBotThere are are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.17:55
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zkriesseKljaver: ?18:08
Kljaveri want to learn Packaging18:08
Kljaveri missed package training18:09
Kljaverwhat training will be next?19:47
pleia2Kljaver: we don't have anything on the schedule right now20:01
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