* devildante is bored01:12
micahgdevildante: about 80k bugs need work :)01:17
rickspencer3devildante, then maybe you could look at this hideous cheese bug!01:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 610600 in cheese (Fedora) (and 5 other projects) "Serious video performance regression in cheese (2.28.1->2.30.1) (affects: 2) (heat: 16)" [Unknown,Unknown]01:17
rickspencer3it's bumming out everyone who uses GNOME01:17
devildanteproblem is, my webcam doesn't work01:17
rickspencer3dang it01:17
devildanteand I'm too lazy to make it work :p01:18
devildantedon't you have something to code/fix? (other than that)01:19
devildante(once again, I'm too lazy to search :p)01:20
rickspencer3for sure!01:20
* rickspencer3 looks01:20
rickspencer3devildante, what kind of things do you like to work on?01:20
TheMusosomeone who is involved with free software and is bored? That is an oximoron IMO.01:20
devildanteTheMuso: :p01:21
devildanterickspencer3: desktop/python related01:21
devildantebut I can do with C/C++ :)01:21
devildantebut desktop is required, I can't stand kernel :p01:21
rickspencer3devildante, software-center interest you at all?01:23
ubot2Ubuntu bug 599046 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Side pane navigation are read "Page" (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 88)" [High,Triaged]01:23
ubot2Ubuntu bug 594833 in software-center (Ubuntu) "Hidden packages reveal feature not working correctly in "Canonical Partners" view (affects: 1) (heat: 63)" [Low,Triaged]01:24
ubot2Ubuntu bug 609000 in software-center (Ubuntu) "software-center crashed with SystemError in open() (affects: 1) (heat: 158)" [Low,Triaged]01:24
devildanteoh software-center is buggy :p01:24
rickspencer3well, those are 3 triaged bugs, in Python code, on the desktop01:25
rickspencer3devildante, there's always bug triaging as well, that always helps01:25
devildanteoh no, an orca bug, and orca freezes my desktop :p01:25
devildanterickspencer3: thank you :p01:25
devildanteI meant ;)01:26
rickspencer3either way :)01:26
rickspencer3RAOF, your fix for my webcam widget worked just fine on my Dell mini too!01:31
rickspencer3thanks man01:31
RAOFrickspencer3: Awesome.01:49
RAOFMmm.  Hurray for front verandahs, and winter sunshine.  And laptops.01:50
rickspencer3too much work today01:50
* rickspencer3 hits the showers01:50
rickspencer3later all!01:50
TheMusoRAOF: Sounds nice. I have sometimes thought of sitting out on my balcony in the winter sun and working, but I wouldn't be as comfortable. Still, its worth giving a shot at one point before winter is truely over.02:13
RAOFYeah.  I'm only doing it for a while.  Untill I get nice and warm!  :)02:17
saras_what meerkat iso hase btrfs03:29
saras_has btrfs03:29
TheMusosaras_: The alternate installer for both amd64 and i386 allows you to choose btrfs.03:31
saras_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ i don't see it here03:35
RAOFsaras_: That's because that's the livecd, not the alternate cd.03:36
pittiGood morning05:10
TheMusoHey pitti.05:24
RAOFpitti: May I enquire of your udev and/or upstart knowledge?  bug #615549 is a race condition between DRM loading and X starting due to vesafb's /dev/fb0 being tagged as PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY and hence triggering gdm's start condition.07:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 615549 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "Dell Studio XPS 13 no video (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61554907:28
RAOFActually, the simple solution would appear to be ensuring vesafb's /dev/fb0 doesn't get tagged as primary.07:33
RAOFBecause gdm will then just start after udevtrigger has finished.07:43
RAOFIn fact… why are we tagging the framebuffers *at all*?07:44
pittihello RAOF07:52
pittiRAOF: I'm not entirely sure, but I think it might be for plymouth?07:53
RAOFpitti: Hi.  I think I may have talked myself into the belief that just dropping the PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY udev logic for /dev/fb? will make that bug go away and won't have any unwanted side-effects.07:53
pittiRAOF: this is really a question for Scott, I'm afraid07:53
pitti./plymouth-splash.conf:          and (graphics-device-added PRIMARY_DEVICE_FOR_DISPLAY=107:54
RAOFOh, boo.07:54
RAOFCurse plymouth and it's continued foiling of otherwise damn-fine plans!07:54
pittiRAOF: so what we want is "if there's only fb*, then use that, but if there's something else, then ignore fbdev"07:55
pittiwhich is of course a bit tricky to do without a device to look 3 secs into the future07:55
RAOFOr, hey!  Just not start gdm on framebuffer appearance.07:56
pittiit doesn't explicitly start on fb07:56
pittioh, it does07:56
pittifb0 | card007:56
RAOFSo it should just drop fb007:57
pittiRAOF: hm, so if we wait until "stopped udevtrigger", then we know about all devices07:57
RAOFBut loose some boot speed, probably.07:57
pittiright, so drm-added card0 | stopped udevtrigger should DTRT07:57
pittiRAOF: *shrug* real men have machines with DRM these days :)07:58
pittibut better a tad slower boot which actually works than a really fast black screen07:58
RAOFI thought you meant dropping everything but udevtrigger.07:58
pittiRAOF: do you see somehting wrong with drm-added || udevtrigger?07:58
RAOFThis particular case has *two* drm devices, and I think X actually wants to start on card107:59
pittiif we have a /dev/drm/card0, it can go ahead, I think?07:59
RAOFNot necessarily.08:00
pittiRAOF: is that configured in xorg.conf?08:00
pittior what defines "wants to"?08:00
pittiso, only stopped udevtrigger would be the safest option?08:01
RAOFYeah.  Then we know that *all* the cards are up.08:02
pittiRAOF: could you ping Scott about that as well? He wrote all this and might have a better option for this08:02
pittiRAOF: like a magic "all-graphics-devices-are-up" or whatnot08:02
pittibut for now it seems the bug should be reassigned to gdm08:03
RAOFMaybe I should assign the bug to Scott for his opinion?08:11
=== almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan
robert_ancellwhy is it when all the europeans wake up the servers melt down...08:18
dpmhey, good morning pitti! I'm in the process of requesting a full language pack export for Maverick (waiting for an export bug to be cherrypicked in LP). Once it's finished, may I ask you to help me to get langpack-o-matic to package it up and upload it to the archive?08:22
pittidpm: of course, please do; I can start the builds and uploads08:36
pittidpm: and good morning! how are you?08:36
pittiRAOF: sure08:36
pittiRAOF: we could also upload gdm with just "stopped trigger" now, and then optimize it again later on?08:37
RAOFpitti: Absolutely.  Want me to do the relevant bzr mangling?08:37
dpmpitti, great, thanks. I'll ping you when the export is finished. I'm very well, thanks :) Enjoying a bit of cooler weather after last week's heat in Valencia, so it's all good.08:37
RAOFValencia has one of the coolest names in Europe.08:38
pittiRAOF: if you want to, please do; I can upload it for you, please ping me08:39
pittiRAOF: do you have such a machine where you can test it?08:39
RAOFNone that trigger that bug, no.08:39
RAOFHm.  Is code.launchpad.net throwing 405 errors at bzr for anyone else?08:40
pittiRAOF: I just did a bzr pull in lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gdm/ubuntu, and that worked08:47
RAOFAh, yes.08:47
RAOFdebcheckout doesn't work though.08:47
RAOFRight.  I'm taking that gnome-terminal crash to indicate that it's time to clock off for the day.  Evening all!09:34
seb128hey RAOF, 'night09:35
seb128RAOF, I need to chat with you this week, I will catch you tomorrow when I start ;-)09:35
seb128RAOF, just trying to figure what will still change on xorg this cycle09:35
seb128or drop me an email during you day tomorrow to tell me that if you want ;-)09:36
seb128'night RAOF09:36
RAOFI shall!  Have a good day!09:37
seb128RAOF, I'm interested to know what version will still change and the status of the specs concerning xorg09:37
bdrungseb128: talking about patches: there are 16 open requests for ubuntu-desktop packages: http://qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/10:33
seb128bdrung, I will try to review some10:34
seb128the categories are somewhat wrong though10:35
seb128ie valgrind is not a desktop thing ;-)10:35
bdrungseb128: that's dholbach's fault ;)10:35
bdrungnigelb: we have a separate channel for it?10:39
nigelbbdrung: not yet, but if public insists...... :p10:39
and471nigelb, will they be arch enemies of #hug-dholbach ?10:42
nigelband471: nah, probably the same people :p10:42
bilalakhtarnigelb: I won't join #blame-dholbach10:44
bilalakhtarPeople make mistakes10:44
nigelbbilalakhtar: hahaha, I figure there'd be a lot of takers for #blame-nigelb :D10:44
bilalakhtarand no software is free of bugs10:44
nigelboh, we're in -desktop and we're offtopic.  Sorry folks.10:45
bilalakhtaryup ^^ just !stop the discussion10:45
seb128sparc build record... is sparc still building anything nowadays?10:57
bilalakhtarseb128: all of my builds are failing for sparc.. I don't think so builds are going on properly there11:03
chrisccoulsoni don't bother looking at any build failures for sparc now ;)11:03
bdrungbilalakhtar: your response to "and no software is free of bugs": "we're in -desktop and we're offtopic". Wow, our desktop is bug free. :D11:10
bilalakhtarbdrung: I didn't understand you. ?11:11
vishbdrung: our desktop has free bugs???  ;)11:15
bdrungbilalakhtar: with saying that it's offtopic, you could have applied that "no software is free of bugs" doesn't apply to -desktop and therefore that the desktop packages are free of bugs.11:19
bilalakhtarbdrung: I got you now, but one thing: nigelb said that offtopic sentence and not me!11:19
bdrungvish: yes, the bugs are free. you don't have to pay for them.11:19
bilalakhtarfixing the bugs as well as filing them is free11:20
bilalakhtarbut triaging them is not11:20
bilalakhtaryou need to pay for it, through hard word11:20
vishbdrung: heh , i meant it as a replacement for your sentence :)11:20
bdrungbilalakhtar: ups, s/bilalakhtar/nigelb/ in my joke.11:20
bilalakhtarbdrung: BTW, I have lined up a few merges. Free to review?11:21
bdrungbilalakhtar: we have enough motu sponsors. i let them do it. i concentrate on main bugs.11:22
bilalakhtaryup, bdrung is a core-dev :)11:22
bdrungbilalakhtar: that was not my main point11:22
bilalakhtarI know11:23
bilalakhtarbdrung: I understand11:23
bdrungwe have 68 main sponsor requests open, but only 14 universe ones11:23
bilalakhtarbdrung: there is a shortage of sponsors for main packages, so you want to sponsor main requests11:23
* chrisccoulson wishes he had some spare time to do sponsoring11:26
pittiseb128, chrisccoulson, bilalakhtar: sparc and ia64 will die next week11:26
bilalakhtarpitti: support will cease?11:27
bdrungseb128: are you indirectly subscribed to bug #595248?11:27
ubot2Launchpad bug 595248 in example-content (Ubuntu) "Presenting_Ubuntu incorrect transition time (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/59524811:27
pittibilalakhtar: nobody stepped up to care about those ports, so we will remove them for maverick11:27
seb128bdrung, no, I just review the sponsoring list every now and then11:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - thanks. so, i don't need to spend effort getting firefox to build on those :)11:27
bdrungchrisccoulson: one open mozilla request: https://code.launchpad.net/~clint-fewbar/ubuntu/maverick/mongodb/add-xulrunner-wrapper/+merge/3250411:27
pittichrisccoulson: no; I think xulrunner hasn't built on sparc for a while11:28
bilalakhtargood news for me as well :) no more unnecessary FTBFSs for my packages :) pitti11:28
bdrungseb128: i recommend to subscribe to commented sponsor request bugs (to get the response)11:29
* vish hopes chrisccoulson would soon upload the gst string change before UIF :)11:40
mdzdoes anyone know how the panel decides which screen to display on, in a multi-screen setup?12:19
seb128mdz, I think it uses the xrandr primary monitor but vuntz would know better12:30
seb128bdrung, ok12:30
seb128bdrung, btw are you sure that gnome-media bug is fixed? the upstream one bug is still open12:31
bdrungseb128: yes (tested it). https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=616011 -> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59585712:31
ubot2Gnome bug 616011 in gnome-volume-control "when volume is on 0 and moved up the volume doesn't update" [Minor,New]12:31
seb128bdrung, do you have a GNOME bugzilla account to comment on #616011?12:33
mdzseb128: ah, interesting. I didn't know xrandr had a notion of a primary display12:35
mdzseb128: xrandr --output <foo> --primary changes it, thanks12:35
seb128mdz, you're welcome12:36
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bdrungseb128: ok, it's commented12:39
seb128bdrung, thanks12:40
dpmpitti, the full export for the next maverick langpacks is still running, but I hope it will be ready tomorrow morning. We were planning a Kubuntu Translations Day on Friday to QA Kubuntu translations. So if the language packs would start to be built tomorrow morning, do you think they could be ready by Friday, or would that be too tight?13:17
dpmRiddell, ^13:17
pittidpm: they usually take a day, so that shold be fine13:17
pittidpm: right now the buildds are pretty crammed, but they should have caught up by tomorrow13:17
dpmthanks pitti. Riddell, I think we should be ok with announcing the Kubuntu Translations Day, then13:18
Riddelldpm: will you be able to have the output of the upstream vs downstream cheching tool available?13:20
bdrungRiddell: talking about kde: we have two open sponsor request for kubuntu.13:22
dpmRiddell, I should be able to, I'll set it up for the day13:23
Riddelldpm: groovy, I'll do an e-mail and blog post13:24
Riddellbdrung: ack, thanks for the reminder13:24
dpmRiddell, ok, ping me when you've done that. I'll do a blog post as well and I'll link yours, then.13:25
seb128kenvandine, did you meant to move your gwibber test suite items to beta as a target?13:27
seb128asac, hey, could you get bug #618757 on your review list?13:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 618757 in libgwibber (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libgwibber (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61875713:32
asacseb128: yes.13:35
seb128asac, thanks13:36
bdrungRiddell: ubuntu-sponsor should be subscribed after the FFe is granted.13:38
kenvandineseb128, yeah, although they don't really need to be tied to a "release" but i want to make sure we make some progress on it13:38
seb128kenvandine, http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.10-beta.html13:39
seb128kenvandine, see ;-)13:39
seb128kenvandine, you have half of the team items count13:39
kenvandineyeah... i'll drop the milestone on them13:40
kenvandinei am tracking it and it is just noise13:40
seb128kenvandine, just change back to maverick13:40
seb128kenvandine, it doesn't mean you can't do the work for beta, just that we don't track those as beta tasks13:40
seb128kenvandine, thanks13:40
kenvandinebefore they had no milestone... should i change them to ubuntu-10.10?13:41
kenvandineor drop the milestone from the work items?13:41
Riddellbdrung: mm, hassle13:41
kenvandinei think it means the same thing13:41
seb128kenvandine, just "Work items:"13:42
bdrungRiddell: ?13:42
kenvandineseb128, done13:43
seb128kenvandine, or "Work items for ubuntu-10.10:" if you prefer, that's the same since the spec is approved for the maverick cycle13:43
seb128kenvandine, thanks!13:43
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rickspencer3seb128, good morning14:23
kenvandinegood morning rickspencer314:23
seb128hey rickspencer314:23
seb128rickspencer3, how are you?14:23
rickspencer3seb128, I'm okay14:24
rickspencer3but ...14:24
rickspencer3I have to take my daughter to a doctor's appointment this morning14:24
seb128not available for the meeting today?14:24
rickspencer3I'm not sure I'll be back in time for the team meeting :(14:24
seb128I hope she's ok14:24
seb128don't worry I can handle the meeting ;-)14:24
seb128I sent the reminder earlier already14:25
seb128did you have anything you wanted to cover this week?14:25
rickspencer3seb128, she's ok, she has troubles with her ears, and we take her to a special hearing doctor, who is not easily available14:26
rickspencer3but it's routine14:27
rickspencer3seb128, I saw you sent the reminder, thank you <314:27
seb128don't worry about the meeting just make sure your daughter is ok14:27
seb128pedro_, hey14:35
seb128pedro_, it's worth trying to ask people to get gdb stacktrace for new crashers14:35
seb128the retracers are broken so we don't get any automatic crash bug recently14:35
pedro_seb128, Ok , is there any way to receive automated notifications when the retracers are broken?14:36
seb128not really14:36
seb128you usually notice it because no crash bugs are coming14:36
pedro_alright, just wondering14:37
pedro_thanks for the heads up seb12814:37
seb128I'm concerned we miss some common crashers due to that14:38
tedgchrisccoulson, Hey, do you know if the thunderbird support for the messaging menu is in Ubuntu?  Is it recommends from the Thuderbird package?14:44
chrisccoulsontedg - it's funny you should ask about that ;)14:44
chrisccoulsonthere is no support for it yet, but this is something i have started to plan for next cycle already14:45
tedgchrisccoulson, http://www.andreasn.se/blog/?p=14014:45
chrisccoulsoni was going to write an extension, but someone has already written an extension for it already14:45
chrisccoulsonyeah, that's the one14:46
chrisccoulsoni contacted the developer of the extension this morning, as there's a few things i'd like to change in it before shipping it in ubuntu14:46
chrisccoulsonbut if we can fix those things, then we'll probably put it in the archive14:47
chrisccoulsonit's currently running a python helper all the time to interface to the messaging service, which i want to fix before we consider having thunderbird recommend it14:48
chrisccoulsonit will be able to use ctypes in TB3.1, which will make the need for an external helper go away14:48
tedgAh, okay.  Cool, I didn't realize there was that much work going on :)14:48
chrisccoulsonwell, i've not done much on it yet, but i'd started to plan to add support for this before i realised someone had already written an extension14:49
chrisccoulsonit's something i'm quite keen on getting working14:49
chrisccoulsonso, it will happen soon :)14:49
jcastrohi chrisccoulson, can you fwd me your mail with the guy? I was just about to mail him this morning14:50
tedgWoot!  Thanks chrisccoulson!14:50
tedgchrisccoulson, I'm all for getting this working as I can't convince sabdfl to switch to Evolution ;)14:50
chrisccoulsonjcastro, sure14:52
chrisccoulsonjcastro - actually, i sent it though LP :/14:52
chrisccoulsoni'm not sure if i can retrieve a copy of that14:52
jcastroheh no worries, just wanted to make sure I didn't step on your toes14:53
chrisccoulsoni've not had a response yet, but i'll let you know when i do14:53
chrisccoulsoni've offered to help to address some of my concerns with the extension14:53
chrisccoulsonso, thunderbird will be in the messaging indicator for sure next cycle ;)14:54
ronocbl8: hey14:56
=== bjf[afk] is now known as bjf
kiwinotehi mpt15:54
mpthi kiwinote15:55
kiwinotempt: I've got the show/hide stuff nearly working atm15:55
devildantekiwinote, mpt: hi :)15:55
mptkiwinote, oh, sweet15:55
kiwinotempt: what are the precise strings you want displayed?15:55
mptkiwinote, maybe just "_Show 17_ technical items" <-> "_Hide 17_ technical items". What do you think?15:57
vish  /join #software-center15:58
kiwinotempt: yep, that sounds reasonable.15:58
kiwinotempt: can I get rid of the enlarging that happens on hover, or is that there on purpose?15:59
mptkiwinote, I don't think it's on purpose15:59
mptI haven't noticed it before15:59
mptoh, it goes bold15:59
mptkiwinote, yes, please get rid of that15:59
devildantekiwinote: while you're at it, can you fix the number? it seems the number of technical items is in fact the number of all items15:59
kiwinotempt: thanks16:00
kiwinotedevildante: yeah, there was some weirdness going on there which I think I may have been able to solve as well16:00
devildantekiwinote: thanks :)16:01
* mpt finishes tweaking aptdaemon's PolicyKit text, ready for glatzor to review16:01
kiwinotedevildante: but I need to sit down and test what I've written and make sure it doesn't give any performance regressions :/16:01
kiwinotempt: nice, we'll also need to fix aptdaemons deb file error messages before string freeze16:02
mptkiwinote, while you're there, ;-) if you can give the top of that bar an outline so it looks like a solid object, that would be fabulous16:03
mptkiwinote, fixing the error messages is a much longer task, I started work on it with glatzor at UDS Lucid but we only got about 5% through it.16:03
kiwinotempt: sure, that should be easily doable, (I hope.. ;) )16:04
vishnjpatel: hi, didrocks said i should poke you once i had a gdb/valgrind for Bug 616997 so that you could take a look at it.., so poke ;)16:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 616997 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[RV515] Unity keeps reloading with a white background (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61699716:04
kiwinotempt: yeah. We may not be able to get them all perfect this cycle, but at least making them slightly nicer would be good16:05
* kiwinote has already seen a forum post about trying to decipher the error messages16:06
kiwinote(gdebi uses them as well now)16:06
njpatelvish, thanks for the poke, it looks like a crasher in libdee, I'll point the maintainer (kamstrup) at the bug, we'll try and get it fixed this week16:08
mptglatzor, https://code.launchpad.net/~mpt/aptdaemon/language-fixes/+merge/3288016:09
vishnjpatel: neat, thanks :)16:09
vishSarvatt: ^^ the crash we were looking at this weekend16:11
=== pitti_ is now known as pitti
seb128rodrigo_, hey, do you plan to work on the tomboy update?16:18
rodrigo_seb128, on updating to the new version you mean?16:18
seb128rodrigo_, yes16:19
seb128rodrigo_, I'm just checking if you want to do it before start on that16:19
seb128so we don't duplicate work16:19
rodrigo_seb128, I wasn't planning, but I'm working on fixing the ubuntu sso patch, so I can do it, to make sure my patch applies correctly16:19
and471mpt, hello, have a look at these (not mockups) http://jump.fm/TBRNA16:20
seb128rodrigo_, well as you want, I can do the update and you can rebase later on16:20
seb128rodrigo_, or if you want to do the new version update that's works for me, less to do ;-)16:20
rodrigo_seb128, if you want it sooner, do it yourself, if not, leave it to me, I should have it in a couple of days or so16:20
rodrigo_so, if you don't mind and want less work, leave it to me :)16:21
seb128rodrigo_, ok, let's see if I get my other tasks done today or not16:21
seb128rodrigo_, ok thanks16:21
rodrigo_ok, you're welcome16:21
mptand471, crikey, the "Save file to your PC: _click here_" link is *so* much smaller than the big shiny "Download" button that turns out to be an ad :-]16:22
and471mpt, yeah sorry about that :)16:22
and471mpt, maybe you could send them a redesign ;P16:23
mptand471, excellent start16:23
and471mpt, some stuff will not be correct, I need to read the spec a bit more16:23
and471mpt, but it is a start for the GUI16:23
glatzorhello mpt16:24
mpthi glatzor :-)16:24
mptglatzor, I just pushed a fix for a typo of my own in the branch16:27
glatzormpt, I think about introducing high level PolicyKit privileges, manage-software and upgrade-system16:28
glatzormpt, if the user e.g. wants to add a repository aptdaemon would check if the user could obtain the manage-software privilege16:28
mptglatzor, so that you don't need to re-enter your password to remove the thing you just installed, for example?16:28
glatzormpt, if so it would request for it interactively otherwise it would fallback to the add-repo privilege16:29
glatzormpt, right.16:30
mptglatzor, it makes Ubuntu look a bit smarter if the alert says "To install software, you need to authenticate." or "To remove software, you need to authenticate.", instead of saying "To install or remove software, you need to authenticate." Is there a way to keep that while sharing the same privilege?16:32
glatzormpt, manage-software would include (adding, modifing, removing of packages and repositories)16:32
glatzormpt, upgrade-system would allow to update the cache and upgrade packages16:32
mptThe update vs. upgrade privilege distinction doesn't matter in the same way, though (partly because you can't upgrade more than twice a year)16:34
glatzormpt, No, I can only provide details for the authentication, but those are hidden by default in the dialog.16:39
mptglatzor, ok, I guess the precise language doesn't matter as much as having the alert come up less often16:40
glatzormpt, "Keep system up-to-date" "To check and install updates for your computer, you have to authenticate"?16:41
and471mpt, am I correct that all the forms of the dialog on this page have no close/maximize buttons ever? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareUpdateHandling#Launching16:42
mptglatzor, where is that <_description> shown, if anywhere?16:42
mptand471, yes16:42
mptminimize only16:42
glatzormpt, "Modify software" "To install, remove software including from new sources, you have to authenticate"16:42
glatzormpt, It is just a suggestion16:43
and471mpt, except in some situations where there is no minmize either?16:43
glatzormpt, it is written nowhere - it just came out of my head :)16:43
mptand471, that one was a mistake, I left it out :-)16:43
chrisccoulsonhmmm, Setting up xulrunner-1.9.2 ( ... Inconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/x86_64/dl-machine.h: 466: elf_machine_rela_relative: Assertion `((reloc->r_info) & 0xffffffff) == 8' failed!16:43
chrisccoulsoni've not seen an error like that before :/16:44
and471mpt, ok cool :)16:44
glatzormpt, "to be allowed to install, remove software, you have to authenticate" is to complex?16:44
mptglatzor, heh. :-) What I meant was, I can see that the <message> is shown in the PolicyKit alert. But is the <_description> shown anywhere?16:44
and471mpt, should any be resizable?16:45
mptand471, good question. I guess the expanded dialog should be resizable, the others should not.16:46
and471mpt, okey dokey16:46
and471mpt, the issue is that when we set resizable to True, we show a maximize button - is this okay for the expanded dialog?16:46
mptand471, sure, that's fine16:49
glatzormpt, AFAIK there isn't any admin tool PolicyKit-1. So suspect you cannot see it anywhere16:50
glatzortool for PolicyKit-1. So I think ...16:50
mptglatzor, if we were just merging install-packages, remove-packages, and install-file, the text could be: "To install or remove software, you need to authenticate."16:53
mptglatzor, but if we merged change-repository into it as well, I don't think there's a way we could word it that wouldn't be either clumsy or wrong16:53
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mptIt could alarm people by making them think they were accidentally installing or removing something when they weren't16:55
mptglatzor, so maybe have install-or-remove = install-packages + remove-packages + install-file16:57
mptand change-repositories = add-vendor-key + remove-vendor-key + change-repository16:58
and471mpt, I have coded that behaviour but metacity only updates the maximize button when the window is refocused, is this ok?16:59
mptglatzor, and update-software = upgrade-packages + upgrade-system ... but leave the others separate, so that they can have understandable messages.16:59
mptand471, fine by me.17:00
and471mpt, just get ready for the bugs about 'weird moving buttons!' :P17:01
mptand471, none of them will move. Minimize will always be in the corner, and maximize (whenever it's there) will always be second from the corner. :-)17:02
mptglatzor, and471, sorry, I need to get home now. Thanks for your work, and see you later17:04
glatzormpt, see you!17:04
dpmpitti, according to https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/maverick/+language-packs the full export has completed. Can you start the process of getting the language packs built? I guess langpack-o-matic should do the builds and uploads automatically, but I think Arne stopped it for the A3 freeze17:07
seb128hey there, meeting in 1 minute?17:29
kenvandinewell, now :-D17:30
seb128chrisccoulson, kenvandine, Riddell: hey17:31
kenvandineshort list today :-D17:31
seb128waouh, not lot of people this week ;-)17:31
seb128I don't think there was remaining items from the last meeting17:31
Riddellwhere is everyone?17:31
seb128Riddell, holidays ;-)17:32
seb128anyway, let's get started, will be a short meeting17:32
seb128kenvandine, partners update?17:32
kenvandineMight request a FFE for ubuntuone-preferences, tomboy, and u1music for desktop SSO use17:33
kenvandinehowever, i think u1-preferences and u1music are already using it17:33
kenvandineso just tomboy17:33
kenvandinecan't confirm because it is broken for me17:33
kenvandineInclude a default message in evolution, explaining how to effectively use UbuntuOne bug 61587417:33
ubot2Launchpad bug 615874 in evolution (Ubuntu) "Add Ubuntu One email to Evolution fresh install (affects: 1) (heat: 590)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61587417:33
kenvandinethere is a solution for handling translations17:34
kenvandineshould land this week17:34
kenvandineso a win win there17:34
kenvandineindicator-me - ported to libgwibber, will be in this week's release17:34
kenvandineindicator-sound - no playlists support for maverick, mpris2 is too late17:34
kenvandineindicator-appmenu updates including Desktop menu support17:34
seb128desktop menu for unity or will that work on GNOME as well?17:35
kenvandineand some alternative or other solution for unity which doesn't use nautilus for the desktop17:35
kenvandineseb128, i think they are trying to figure out what works best for unity17:35
kenvandineindicator-network and dependencies will get MIR bugs filed this17:36
kenvandinethat is it for the partner update, questions? comments?17:36
kenvandineRiddell, how is U1 in kubuntu working now?17:37
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i won't be able to sponsor kvalo's uploads anymore ;)17:37
kenvandinethose branches get merged?17:37
kenvandinei know there was a review done, and some comments on one of them17:37
Riddellkenvandine: not sure, pencils down was yesterday and I need to review it all17:37
Riddellbut haven't found time today so far17:37
seb128chrisccoulson: right, when do you apply for having rights for those?17:38
seb128kenvandine, thanks17:38
chrisccoulsonseb128 - soon :)17:38
seb128seems some of the change are a bit late but we will deal with it17:38
seb128kenvandine, try to make clear to all those ffe requesting people that it's this week or they can stop thinking about asking an exception ;-)17:39
seb128let's move on17:39
seb128Riddell, kubuntu update?17:39
Riddell - Amarok 2.3.2 beta about to be released, putting into beta PPA for probably FFe inclusion in maverick on release17:39
kenvandineseb128, will do17:39
Riddell - kopete gcall support added back with separated package17:39
Riddell - evan committed major ubiquity changes then ran away on holiday, have been porting them to KDE frontend17:39
Riddell - qt4-qws needing review and approval in New queue by friendly archive admin17:39
Riddell - lucid.1 images looking good to me17:39
Riddellthat archive admin bit was a hint to seb128  :)17:40
seb128I can do that ;-)17:41
seb128thanks Riddell17:41
seb128anybody having comments or questions about Kubuntu?17:42
seb128seems not17:42
seb128so let's move on17:42
seb128no UNE update nor software-center one this week17:43
seb128next is the release status update17:43
seb128we are a bit behind as you can see17:43
seb128(ignore the jump yesterday, kenvandine tried to move a spec to beta ;-)17:44
seb128http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team.html is on track though17:44
seb128your features changes should have landed by now17:44
seb128we switch to bug fix mode now17:45
seb128so make sure you spend time on stabilization and not extra changes17:45
seb128I think that's about it from me for this week ;-)17:45
seb128 17:45
seb128anybody having extra topics, questions, comments?17:45
* kenvandine has something to mention17:45
kenvandinethere will be changes to twitter, which we have been kind of expecting17:46
kenvandinethat will need SRU and to land in maverick... but the solution isn't clear yet17:46
kenvandinethey are basically shutting down auth for open source clients at the end of the month17:46
seb128do they have a time estimation for the changes?17:46
seb128that's short timeline for a such change17:46
kenvandinethat is a little harse... but they haven't provided a good solution for open source clients17:46
kenvandinethey have been postponing it for quite some time... they decided to just do it now17:47
seb128is anybody talking to them?17:47
kenvandinei am trying to get an official response from them17:47
kenvandinetheir solution is to make every user go to dev.twitter.com and register their own twitter app17:47
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kenvandineand provide that to the client they are using for auth17:47
seb128that seems suboptimal17:47
kenvandinewhich is clearly not good for end users17:48
kenvandinethey say they want to find a better solution17:48
kenvandinebut nothing yet17:48
seb128seems weird that would stop the service before finding a solution17:48
kenvandinei am trying to directly work with someone there17:48
kenvandinethey say basic auth is too much of a risk17:48
kenvandineand just need to do it... been getting pushed back and back for months17:49
seb128risk? it's tweeting, not confidential datas...17:49
kenvandinewell their argument is people use the same password for twitter as many other things17:49
seb128how much time do you think you will have to take to work on that?17:49
kenvandineand people shouldn't be sharing their passwords17:49
kenvandineunclear.. ryan already has done the work to make oauth work17:50
kenvandineso not too much if we can use that17:50
rickspencer3seb128, the risk is that people can easily make accounts and use IDs to spam17:50
kenvandinewe might end up needing to just disable twitter, which won't be much17:50
rickspencer3it's not so much a risk to the user, as a risk to the network17:50
seb128hey rickspencer317:50
kenvandineseb128, yeah they want to be able to shutdown "apps" instead of accounts17:50
kenvandineif every user registers an app... it is just like creating more accounts :)17:50
rickspencer3what ever17:51
kenvandinei am working it...17:51
* rickspencer3 ducks back out17:51
kenvandinewill keep you posted17:51
kenvandinethat is all17:51
seb128thanks kenvandine17:51
seb128any other topic?17:51
seb128seems not17:52
seb128thanks everybody17:53
seb128let's go back to getting maverick to rock ;-)17:53
jcastrowhat's the process for an upstream asking to be in "Featured" or whatever for Maverick? Is it just the same what we did for Lucid?18:25
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seb128jcastro, I guess it is18:30
seb128jcastro, the software-center maintainers are on holidays though so not easy to check18:31
lucidfoxHow does the featured process work? As in, who determines which applications are featured?18:36
jcastrois how we did it last time18:37
lucidfoxWhile we're at it...18:38
lucidfoxIs it still planned to remove the notification area in UNE Maverick?18:38
seb128it was not a maybe18:40
seb128it was a maybe thing18:40
lucidfoxWhat about Maverick+1?18:44
kenvandinelucidfox, i think that will be discussed at UDS18:47
kenvandinelucidfox, but i think the idea was we want to be able to do that18:48
lucidfoxRight, as always... the most important decisions are going to be done in person and I cannot attend (not that my opinion would matter anyway)18:48
kenvandinewell you can always participate remotely18:49
jcastrolucidfox: you can participate remotely!18:49
kenvandinewe really try to encourage that18:49
kenvandinehey jcastro18:49
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kiwinotebug 61885519:24
ubot2kiwinote: Bug 618855 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/618855 is private19:24
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micahgis update-manager supported to warn if some repos have not been polled for 7 days?22:39
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