hikuandaluz: you mean something like itunes?00:00
ActionParsnipandaluz: make sure the songs are legal to download via torrents etc00:00
LetsGo67How do I use my Telus Huawei E182E Mobile Internet Key in Ubuntu 10.04 please?  It doesn't show up in my network list, even after entering the network manually!00:00
andaluzhiku: I never used it, but something like that. On windows I used Limewire, but that's on big spyware dumping garbage on my disk.00:01
andaluzActionParsnip: I bought CD's but they are either scratched or lost somehow.00:01
ilovefairuzandaluz: most p2p networks are just garbage now00:02
ilovefairuzandaluz: use a bittorent search engine like isohunt00:02
LetsGo67Oh I want my Telus stick monkeys fishes hippopotamus to work please pretty please!00:02
hikuandaluz: oh ok so you don't want to pay for the music.., hmm transmission is a good place to start, and use any torrent site like hehe piratebay or something00:02
andaluzilovefairuz: thnx00:02
jb12how do i install java in ubuntu00:02
rwwubottu: java | jb1200:03
andaluzhiku: I already payed it...00:03
ubottujb12: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:03
ActionParsnipandaluz: i'd check the legality, lost CDs don't mean you can download stuff for free00:03
jb12Package sun-java6-jre has no installation candidate00:03
rwwubottu: partner | jb1200:03
ubottujb12: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »00:03
andaluzActionParsnip: leave the legality, it's my responsible for that.00:04
nakhlawintr0py: did you try to remount?00:04
ActionParsnipandaluz: just covering the channel rules00:04
nakhlawintr0py: with the correct flags that is.00:04
andaluzActionParsnip: keep on-topic00:05
mneptok!piracy | andaluz00:05
ActionParsnip!legal | andaluz00:05
ubottuandaluz: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o00:05
hikuandaluz: I believe he is.00:06
LetsGo67* Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus * How do I get my Telus stick to work? * Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus Telus *00:06
mneptokLetsGo67: stop that please00:06
DaekdroomLetsGo67, No need to repeat like that00:06
ntr0pynakhlawi: i tried "sudo mount /dst -o exec,loop,remount" without any difference the files still are "-r--r--r--"00:07
nakhlawintr0py: then I think those are the creation flags, you cannot change them.00:07
nakhlawintr0py: If the file was created having the executable flag, then you will see it executable00:08
nakhlawintr0py: if you have a re-writable CD, then you can chmod those files. (I think).00:08
ntr0pynakhlawi: you think the permissions are set inside the iso?00:08
LetsGo67What about Huawei E182E how do I use that in Ubuntu?  It makes me sad because I can't find it in the Novell Network Internet Manager and so I don't know where it hid.  It must be small like a mouse and so I can't find it anywhere that I look because it is so small and hidden.00:09
andaluzubottu: please read my first question before blaming of piracy...what a bunch of fools00:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:09
andaluzaaah that explains everything00:09
nakhlawintr0py: Yes. That is why you can change permissions on a hard disk, but not on an ISO. It is read only.00:09
nakhlawintr0py: you cannot even change the contents of those files once you burn it.00:10
jgornickhey guys, is there a way that i can pass my audio from line-in out to my speakers?  using ubuntu 10.0400:10
ntr0pynakhlawi: thats very uncomfortable, i really miss an mount option to overwrite those... guess then ill have to cpy them in a local folder...00:11
nakhlawintr0py: Yes, do that and try.00:11
nakhlawintr0py: ISO filesystems usually are not writeable once you burn the CD.00:12
MeXTuXI wanna install Ubuntu on Core 2 Duo T8400. Do I need a 32 bit Ubuntu or is it a 64 bit processor?? :)00:12
barritoilovefairuz: ok i installed the drivers restarted my computer....now it tries to access the network...i type the password and it just tries to connect00:12
ntr0pynakhlawi: thx for helping me and explaining the details...00:12
ilovefairuzbarrito: but it doesn't succeed? is the password correct?00:12
|eagle1967|MeXTuX: i have a core 2 duo 6600 and installed the 64bit00:12
nakhlawintr0py: no problem.00:12
barritoilovefairuz:yes it is but the wifi indicater just goes up and down as if it were trying to connect the even minute or so it asks for the password again00:13
ActionParsnipbarrito: you may have more luck with wicd00:13
hikuMeXTuX: you can install 64bit. Do you have more than 2GB of ram?00:13
barritoActionParsnip: wicd?00:14
MeXTuXI have 2 GB of RAM00:14
castinstall 64bit anyway00:14
ActionParsnipbarrito: its an alternative to network-manager00:14
barritooh ok00:14
tarutaruquestion ~ is there a better way to edit the ~/.ssh/known_hosts (in case of remote host key change) other then pico/vi blindly?00:15
kill3r3khi, I'm using ubuntu 10.04 server, when I try to run it with vga=775, 793, 794, 795 I get garbage on the screen00:15
ilovefairuzbarrito: i think you should make sure the password is correct, did you try it with another machine?00:15
hikutarutaru: rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts =)00:15
Touristkill3r3k: Then clean it off00:15
ActionParsnipMeXTuX: 32bit is still more supported by 3rd party sources but you can use either. If you have less than 3Gb ram and only need "normal" desktop stuff then I'd shoot for 32bit00:15
barritoilovefairuz: yes the password is correct it hasen't changed in 3 years00:15
kill3r3kTourist, nobody likes smartass00:16
Tourist /wrists00:16
cast32bit has among other things, have the number of available registers and no NX bit support00:16
casthalf the number*00:16
ActionParsnipkill3r3k: use the commands here, you can use the framebuffer driver: http://idyllictux.wordpress.com/2010/04/26/lucidubuntu-10-04-high-resolution-plymouth-virtual-terminal-for-atinvidia-cards-with-proprietaryrestricted-driver/   stop at the embedded video00:16
ilovefairuzbarrito: what encryption type does the router use? wep or wpa?00:17
RichardRaseleyHello all, I have an Ubuntu (10.04) server running under Hyper-V. I am going to be using it as a router to handle traffic between 3 subnets on my network. During the setup, it detected the first network card without issues and once I logged in I was able to edit /etc/network/interfaces to configure the static IP address. However, when trying to mirror the settings and configure the other nics (Just by adding sections for eth1 and eth2) in00:17
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slidinghornhaving trouble having ekiga send sound to my headset (logitech "premium notebook") on 10.04 UNE.00:17
SwistaczekWhich file is loaded when system start up? I would like add custom script while system loading00:17
ilovefairuzbarrito: try changing it00:17
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ActionParsnipcast: if the user owns a brother printer and wants to print from ubuntu s/he will NEED to use 32bit as brother only make 32bit driver debs00:17
mneptok!away > eternalswd_work00:17
ubottueternalswd_work, please see my private message00:17
jk_kill3r3k, Apparently the 10.04 packages do that with "vga=" if you have nvidia drivers. The cure is to not use the vga= option any more. Use "GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1024x768" or whatever resolution you want, in /etc/default/grub, instead.00:17
nakhlawiSwistaczek: you need to check the run level scripts00:18
castActionParsnip: given ubuntu is marketed as a free operating system, i don't see why we should make concessions to non-free garbage.00:18
Swistaczeknakhlawi: not exactly, I want run my ruby script when all systems goes up, when user get logged00:18
Swistaczeknakhlawi: I have automatic login enabled00:18
mneptokActionParsnip: i have a Brother printer and use 64-bit. there are FLOSS PPD files for most Brother printers included by default.00:18
kill3r3kjk_, thx will try it! but I dont have nvidia card00:19
casti find the best way to deal with crap hardware is to not own any00:19
nakhlawiSwistaczek: if the login is using bash, then you can use the bash configuration files.00:19
ActionParsnipcast: its a constraint of the poor support, yes but if thats what the user has bught into then they must play the game00:19
Swistaczeknakhlawi: for example .bashrc in profile?00:19
sebsebsebcast: indeed its a good idea to buy Linux compatible hardware, if going to run it00:19
ActionParsnipcast: either way telling users to always install 64bit OS just because they have a 64bit cpu is impractical00:20
Swistaczeknakhlawi: How I can run system command via bash ?00:20
nakhlawiSwistaczek: Your users are logging in through which means? CLI or GUI?00:20
Swistaczeknakhlawi: in `` ?00:20
Swistaczeknakhlawi: GUI00:20
castActionParsnip: why is it impractical when using free software?00:20
wentori want to install the nvidia drivers but i need to reboot without X, how i do that?00:21
nakhlawiSwistaczek: then you need to check the login scripts of the GUI itself, bash scripts won't help you.00:21
jk_kill3r3k, It works for me with an old ATI card; be sure to run update-grub after making the change though. It won't have any effect until you do.00:21
Swistaczeknakhlawi: http://embraceubuntu.com/2005/09/07/adding-a-startup-script-to-be-run-at-bootup/ thanks ;)00:21
kill3r3kjk_, I will run update-grub ;-)00:21
sebsebsebcast: I haven't been following the whole convo, but sometimes 32bit works better than 64bit,  maybe thats the point ActionParsnip is trying to make00:21
ActionParsnipcast: its not, but you don't know 100% of the situation so making a solid decision on partial data is immature, if you present the user with the details then they can see what they have etc and make a choice that way00:21
nakhlawiSwistaczek: Sure.00:21
castActionParsnip: just going off the front page "Ubuntu is, and always will be, absolutely free."00:22
Swistaczeknakhlawi: but I dont want write init.d for this ;p00:22
Swistaczeknakhlawi: I would ordinary do `screen -dm ruby asa.script`00:22
ActionParsnipcast: sure, but parts of the OS a user needs or wants may not be00:22
eternalswd_workanyone ever configure vsftpd to authenticate via active directory?  I know it uses pam.  ssh and smb logins work fine, but ftp fails to log in.  Local accounts do work.  I'm on lucid server edition.00:22
sebsebsebcast: sometimes a propritary driver will be needed for example, for full graphics card support00:23
welehello,  i have problem with every restart icons changing position00:23
castthis sounds like 'absolutely free' is a load of BS?00:23
RichardRaseleyWould anyone be able to assist me with an Ubuntu routing issue? I don't want to SPAM the channel with my long winded description. =X00:23
ActionParsnipcast: in some cases, yes, in others no00:23
nakhlawiSwistaczek: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=5330800:23
sebsebsebcast: if you want a distro that makes it a bit harder to install propritary codecs and such, there are quite a few out there00:23
casthmm, so has anyone filled a bug report to fix the front page of ubuntu.com?00:24
hikucast: ? why00:24
sebsebseb!freedom | cast00:24
ubottucast: freedom is important. Ubuntu is as free as we can make it, which means mostly free software. See http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/licensing00:24
hikuoooo keywords = "which means mostly"00:25
RichardRaseleyNo software is free, unless your time is worthless. =P00:25
hikuRichardRaseley: =) totally00:25
castyou see the problem, the front page says absolutely00:25
hikucast:  have you submitted the ticket?00:25
scottjon my second drive I made it encrypted with disk utility, how do I have it automount? I have to go into disk utility, unlock it and then mount it each boot00:25
ActionParsnipcast: the default install is, its only when users add stuff it becomes not00:25
Axz<RichardRaseley> No software is free, unless your time is worthless. =P < there is free00:26
nakhlawiSwistaczek: actually, that is a bit outdated. It is "startup applications"00:26
RichardRaseleyI have an Ubuntu (10.04) server running under Hyper-V. I am going to be using it as a router to handle traffic between 3 subnets on my network. During the setup, it detected the first network card without issues and once I logged in I was able to edit /etc/network/interfaces to configure the static IP address. However, when trying to mirror the settings and configure the other nics (Just by adding sections for eth1 and eth2) in the interf00:26
LetsGo67How do I get my Dell Inspiron Mini with the right graphics drivers?00:26
Swistaczeki see00:26
casthiku: no00:26
hikucast: then why ask someone to do it when clearly you can type.00:26
ActionParsniphiku: nice00:26
hikucast: being this is a support channel,who are you supporting? your own thoughts and ideas about the word "free" when it comes to linux/ubuntu/fedora or are you here to troll?00:27
hikuActionParsnip: ty bro00:27
jk_RichardRaseley, Does your VM have three network adapters installed? I could do that with VirtualBox but I don't know anything about Hyper-V.00:27
LetsGo67How do I get my Dell Inspiron Mini with BETTER video drivers?  So I can watch movies and use external screens?  Right now video is choppy.00:27
paddy_melonhiku, stop feeding the troll, ignore it00:27
casti'm addressing the 64 bit vs 32 bit issue00:27
RichardRaseleyjk_: Yes it does, they are connected to 3 different VLANs via 802.1Q00:28
LetsGo6732 BITS WON!00:28
ActionParsnipLetsGo67: run: lspci | grep -i vga    websearch for the output00:28
LetsGo67In 2032 all computers stop working!00:28
hikucast: #ubuntu-offtopic might be a better place for your opinions on that. they really aren't needed in this channel.00:28
LetsGo67ActionParsnip: Thanks for the advice.  Let me see00:28
RichardRaseleyjk_: So eth0 works fine after I configured its properties in /etc/networking/interfaces00:29
RichardRaseleyjk_: That is the one NIC that has a default GW.00:29
hikupaddy_melon: I'm done. you know when you have a thought, you just have to get it out. =)00:29
paddy_melonhiku, I understand00:29
kill3r3kjk_, GRUB_GFXPAYLOAD_LINUX=1280x1024 and it works as a charm, thanks!!!00:29
jk_RichardRaseley, Then /etc/network/interfaces should work provided each adapter comes up with the same "eth" number every time. You can create udev rules to force this; I use that on my own router box.00:29
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley:  I can't tell completely your issue, but make sure ifconfig -a shows all of the devices, and you may want to look at /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules00:30
RichardRaseleyjk_: The other two didn't get picked up (or at least no settings created by default) during the install. So I just created the settings in the interfaces file.00:30
lahwranhow do I install java on ubuntu? I want the official sun version00:30
jrib!java > lahwran00:30
ubottulahwran, please see my private message00:30
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: Thank you, ifconfig -a does show all devices00:30
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.00:30
ActionParsniplahwran: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-install-sun-java-runtime-environment-jre-in-ubuntu-10-04-lucid-lynx.html00:30
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley:  what if you do sudo ifup eth100:30
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: It says that interface eht1 already configured.00:31
lahwranis there a oneliner on the command line to enable a repository?00:31
jk_RichardRaseley, check the udev rules file that eternalswd_work mentioned. You may have to do some digging to get the MAC addresses for the other adapters, though.00:31
jriblahwran: yes, the one you were just told about...00:31
edbianlahwran, To add repos you edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list00:31
lahwranedbian, I know. I would prefer a oneliner >.>00:31
srohello errbody00:32
ActionParsnip!hi | sro00:32
ubottusro: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:32
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edbianlahwran, echo 'new repo' > /etc/apt/sources.list00:32
sroi have a question. i installed couple of programs from ubuntu software centre i but i dont see them00:33
ActionParsnipedbian: will need sudo, users dont have write access to sources.list00:33
lahwranI mean ... yeah nevermind. I know there is a way to do it and I just need to write a sed -i to do it00:33
RichardRaseleyjk_, eternalswd_work: I am looking at the file now, it looks somewhat like gibberish to me, but I can see each of the 3 "PCI" devices and their names - eth0, eth1, and eth200:33
edbiansro, Type their names at the cli.00:33
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edbiansro, What programs were they?  Not all programs show up in the system menu.  Not all of them even have a gui.00:33
edbianActionParsnip, True00:33
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley:  are they the same mac address, or different?00:33
edbianlahwran, That command as root.00:33
jpdsedbian: sudo add-apt-repository 'deb ....'00:33
jriblahwran: no, that's not the way... (you can, but there's an easier way).  Both ActionParsnip's link and the info ubottu gave you, tell you how to do it.  Read what people take the time to send you please00:33
RichardRaseleyjk_, eternalswd_work: They all have their respective (different) MAC addresses there.00:34
edbianlahwran, See what jpds said?00:34
Raiinyo how do you check how much ram you have00:34
sroone waqs antivirus scanning for nautilus00:34
ActionParsnipsro: if you press ALT+F2 and start typing the name, does it suggest the apps you installed?00:34
jriblahwran: don't run what edbian said as it will destroy your sources.list :)00:34
ActionParsnipRaiin: free -m00:34
lahwranedbian, yes. now I feel bad for being lazy.00:34
edbianRaiin, free -m00:34
Raiinthank u00:34
lahwranjrib, I figured.00:34
edbianActionParsnip, You beat me to it! :(00:34
edbianjrib, It00:34
edbianjrib, It won't append?00:34
jpdsedbian: That's >>00:34
edbianjpds, Oh!  That was at typo! :P  Whoops00:34
edbianlahwran, Sorry about that I'll be more careful next time.00:35
jk_RichardRaseley, what the file does is to force the eth names during the boot process, so that if the numbers change from one boot to the next -- which they can and often do -- they will remain corrected. It's strange at first and takes some getting used to, but I find it great in practice, since I can swap eth0 and eth2 just by editing the file and re-booting.00:35
hiexpolahwran, or go to system < admin < software sources on your bar00:35
lahwranhiexpo, this is for a kde luser friend of mine.00:35
edbianhiexpo, He wanted a "one-liner" on the cli.00:35
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley: so you can't ping the ip address you set from within /etc/network/interfaces for eth1 or eth2?  maybe try uninstalling network-manager if it's installed00:35
lahwranapparently, kubuntu doesn't come with software sources.00:35
RichardRaseleyjk_: Makes sense, thanks for the info. In this case I can see the MAC addresses and match them up to what I think they should be based on the Hyper-V manager.00:35
hiexpoedbian,  lahwran  oh ok sorry00:36
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: I can ping the IP address that is assigned to the adapter from the Ubuntu box itself.00:36
RichardRaseleyBut nothing else on that network00:36
geohackerI have an issue with creating a wiki page at wiki.ubuntu.com. It says "Unknown timezone error". what is the way out?00:37
hiexposure it does00:37
jk_RichardRaseley, can you ping the box in question from any other place on each network?00:37
LetsGo67Will Ubuntu crash in 2032?  How do I stop that?00:37
srothanks fellas i figured it out00:38
sroone more question... whats a good software to repair a hard drive00:38
RichardRaseleyjk_: I can ping the box on the IP address associated with the NIC that I configured first (during setup).00:38
hiexpoLetsGo67, let us know when it occurs in 203200:38
RichardRaseleyjk_: But not from any of the other networks.00:38
edbianLetsGo67, It's 2038 btw00:38
edbianLetsGo67, I have a feeling the problem will be fixed by then.00:38
ActionParsnip geohacker https://wiki.ubuntu.com/geohacker      then click edit page ;)00:38
RichardRaseleyjk_: SO I have 3 NICs, one on the / 24 network, one on the /24 network, and one on the / 24 network00:39
hiexpoLetsGo67, let us know when it occurs in 203200:39
jk_RichardRaseley, Network Manager is supposed to ignore any interfaces that are defined in /etc/network/interfaces and in my experience, it does. You can add a couple of files in /etc/default to totally disable Network Manager, though. I can tell you how if you want to do so; both are one-liners.00:39
ActionParsnipgeohacker: or whatever page you wish00:39
geohackerActionParsnip: but this is where I'm stuck. I need to login, during the login process it displays Unknown TImeZone Error00:39
RichardRaseleyjk_: The one on the 1.0 network was configured on install as DHCP, then I went and set it to a static IP, it is the only one with a default gateway00:40
RichardRaseleyjk_: Sure, it might be worth a try... I appreciate your time & help.00:40
LetsGo67How do I block the Internet from going over a certain amount of MegaBytes bandwidth in Ubuntu?00:40
sroi need a software to repair bad sectors.. any suggestions?00:40
hiexpomight as well fix it now 28 years early00:40
geohackerActionParsnip: UnknownTimeZoneError'Asia/Kolkata'00:40
ActionParsnipgeohacker: hmm00:40
hikuLetsGo67: usually you would use your router/gateway QoS for that purpose.00:40
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley: so / 24 works but the others don't?00:41
infidhow can i mount an iso image?00:41
geohackerActionParsnip: no what? :(00:41
ActionParsnipgeohacker: could try in #ubuntu-meeting maybe00:41
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: Yes. Only things of note are that it was the first interface configured during setup and the only interface that has a default gateway defined.00:41
geohackerActionParsnip: #ubuntu-meeting ?00:41
hikuLetsGo67: you can also check out - http://www.ubuntugeek.com/use-bandwidth-shapers-wondershaper-or-trickle-to-limit-internet-connection-speed.html00:41
ActionParsnipinfid: sudo mkdir /media/iso; sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /media/iso00:41
jk_RichardRaseley, The file names are Network-Manager and Network-Manager-Dispatcher and each contains the single word exit. I used this initially on 8.04 but it seems to work on 10.04 also.00:41
infidActionParsnip: thanks00:42
ActionParsnipgeohacker: it's where I got my cloak when i became a member :D00:42
RichardRaseleyjk_: Forgive me lack of familiarity with Ubuntu - but what are you suggesting I do with those two files?00:42
ActionParsnipinfid: also http://www.ubuntugeek.com/mount-isos-easely-in-gnome-nautilus.html   can be used in nautilus :D00:42
LetsGo67hiku: But it is a 3G modem stick.00:42
infidActionParsnip: nice00:42
LetsGo67For Wi-Fi I would use OpenDNS.00:42
ActionParsnipinfid: the command line is pretty simple though00:43
jk_RichardRaseley, The command I used was "sudo echo "exit" >/etc/default/Default-Manager" and the same thing with different filename for the other. Takes effect at the next re-boot.00:43
geohackerActionParsnip: No response from the channel00:44
hikuLetsGo67: ah, no idea...00:44
edbiangeohacker, They don't know what you're talking about.  Not everybody in there is in here reading this too.00:44
LetsGo67Hiku: This is wonderful for slowing down the Internet, if need be.  However, how do I count my megabytes?  Is there a widget?00:44
edbiangeohacker, In fact I'm probably the only person that is.00:44
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley: are you sure the other two NICs are bridged properly in Hyper-V?  Make sure they are External and not Internal or Private00:44
icerootjk_: sudo echo is not working correctly imo, you have to use tee00:44
RichardRaseleyjk_: So do that for both Network-Manager and Network-Manager-Dispatcher00:44
hikuLetsGo67: screenlets or conky have ways to sum up and watch your network traffic00:45
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: Yes, I am sure they are connected to the proper external network with the proper 802.1Q tag associated with them.00:45
jk_RichardRaseley, yep; I didn't use sudo to put them into 10.04, just copied from my 8.04 installation.00:45
hikuLetsGo67: or better yet, install iftop..00:45
RichardRaseleyjk_ Hmm.. it says permission denied when I run: sudo ech "exit">/etc/default/Network-Manager00:46
jk_eternalswd_work, RichardRaseley : very good point!00:46
ActionParsnipgeohacker: could try #freenode , not very freenode related but they may be able to point you someplace nice00:46
miniuseryaeh : )00:46
LetsGo67Hiku: Can I add it to the menu bar, just like the time?00:46
LetsGo67The clock?00:46
ActionParsnipRichardRaseley: sudo doesn't traverse the > character00:46
eternalswd_workRichardRaseley: have you tried running /etc/init.d/networking restart or restarting the server?00:46
hikuLetsGo67: not iftop00:46
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: I have tried restarting network, but not a full server reboot00:47
hiexpo^ 3g card00:47
edbianhiexpo, hi btw00:47
hiexpohey edbian00:47
HabstinatHey, probably easy problem to fix here, but none of the images sent in emails are showing up for me in Empathy. I just recently set Empathy up, and they all show in Gmail, but images in Empathy just show up as that little red circle with a cross on a photo background.00:47
hikuLetsGo67: iftop runs in a terminal. conky is a widget, an screenlets has a bunch of widgets that just float around on your desktop whereever you place them00:47
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edbianLetsGo67, To install any one of them you run "sudo apt-get <theirName>"00:48
RichardRaseleyActionParsnip: So how should I try to run that command?00:48
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eternalswd_workRichardRaseley, jk_ you can always "sudo -s" to get a root shell, run the one command without sudo, then exit the root shell.00:48
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: OK, will try that.00:48
LetsGo67hiku and edbian, let's see...00:48
ActionParsnipRichardRaseley: echo something | sudo tee /path/to/file00:49
edbianLetsGo67, conky is hard to set up.  You need to manually write an exhaustive config file.  Many people copy / paste someone elses.00:49
edbianLetsGo67, screenlets is probably the easiest.  The entire setup is gui driven.00:49
RichardRaseleyActionParsnip: Thank you for the info.00:49
LetsGo67Edbian: thanks.  Conky scared me!00:49
edbianLetsGo67, What was the third choice?00:49
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work, jk_ : OK, so I did that - now I will try to restart the server00:49
edbianLetsGo67, Conky is powerful.  Just not easy to set up.00:49
LetsGo67iftop but terminal.00:50
hikuLetsGo67: yeah conky is a bit nuts.00:50
hiexpoi love conky00:50
edbianLetsGo67, Oh yes.  iftop.  Iftop is entirely cli.  It's kinda nice though00:50
ActionParsnipLetsGo67: edbian pretty good conky file here: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/conky-a-light-weight-system-monitor-for-ubuntu-linux-systems.html00:50
hikuActionParsnip: that url paste you just did is broken... 2 lines00:51
edbianActionParsnip, That one is pretty on 8.0400:51
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work, jk_ : Well, after a server reboot I have the same symptoms.00:51
edbianhiku, It worked for me.00:51
welehello,  i have problem with every restart icons changing position how i fix that00:51
hikuedbian: hmm, let me try agian =)00:51
hikuedbian: doh! my weechat window wasn't open large enough... odd00:52
hiexpowele,  right click on them than lock to panel00:52
edbianhiku, That's a bug!00:52
ActionParsniphiku: http://pastie.org/1121547   is the file on its own00:52
welebluetooth and wireless icon and langauge bar00:52
LetsGo67edbian: I'm confused.  Screenlet won't actually track, even after changing to wlan0.00:52
jk_RichardRaseley, you did make the change to /etc/sysctl as described earlier today, didn't you? If not that might have something to do with this...00:52
edbianLetsGo67, I'm not sure.  I didn't write that software nor am I using it.00:53
RichardRaseleyjk_: I don't recall those changes mentioned, sorry about that...00:53
welehow i change position00:53
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hikuActionParsnip: nice bro... thank you. Mine looks very close to that... but I like the one you sent better00:53
ActionParsniphiku: its ubuntugeek s/he's usually on the money00:53
RichardRaseleyjk_: It appears that /etc/sysctl doesn't exist...?00:53
ilovefairuz!away > zz_slidinghorn00:54
ubottuzz_slidinghorn, please see my private message00:54
LetsGo67Edbian: Thanks.00:54
edbianLetsGo67, Good luck with it!00:54
LetsGo67Edbian: Thank you for the info.  :)  Not too sure about luck.  ;)00:54
LetsGo67Edbian: But I will use XP less, now that the Huawei stick works in Ubuntu.  :)00:55
jk_RichardRaseley, It was to enable ipv4 forwarding; the line in /etc/sysctl is "net.ipv4.ip_forward=1" and it's originally commented out. Remove the comment, then run "sudo sysctl -p" to reload and enable forwarding between the different interfaces.00:55
edbianLetsGo67, Glad to hear it.  Linux is great!00:55
hiexpowele, i have always noticed that the volume and network manager are not stable they flip but try right click and move than lock to panel00:55
jk_RichardRaseley, sorry, that's /etc/sysctl.conf -- my bad!00:56
RichardRaseleyjk_: Oh, I recall now - from a while ago.00:56
RichardRaseleyOK - thanks00:56
LetsGo67Edbian and Hiku: Thanks, and see you next time in #ubuntu!00:56
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=== ricky_ is now known as Guest85545
fcuk112trying to install guest additions in virtualbox (kubuntu) - anyone know where it mounts the iso?  it's not in /media/ or /mnt/00:57
RichardRaseleyjk_: Completed that - same symptoms.00:58
ActionParsnipfcuk112: i recommend you power off the guest, set the iso to be mounted at boot in the VM config and power on00:58
=== zz_slidinghorn is now known as slidinghorn
RichardRaseleyjk_: I appreciate your help, but I might have to pick this up tomorrow / Monday.00:58
RichardRaseleyjk_: Thanks again00:58
RichardRaseleyeternalswd_work: I appreciate your help as well! Thanks a bunch to both.00:59
fcuk112ActionParsnip, thanks will give that a try.00:59
bluLDG12345can i upgrade a previous ubuntu version to become the latest 10.4 just via the synaptics?00:59
jk_RichardRaseley, understood! I had to fiddle with the settings for almost a week before I got my router box set up to do what I wanted -- and then had to reformat and do it all over again. I do have gateways set up for each interface in the route table, btw. That might make a difference.01:00
bluLDG12345no CDs involve..01:00
edbianbluLDG12345, Yep!  That's the point of the package manager!01:00
edbianbluLDG12345, Provided you're on the internet.01:00
iwobblesTrying to run KLinkStatus but have forgotten the command from terminal, I tried serching for it on the hard drive but can't seem to locate it, software center tells me it is installed, I just don't know where or how to start it01:00
bluLDG12345so there's not that much breakage and such?01:01
edbianbluLDG12345, Very very little if any.01:01
edbianbluLDG12345, Would you like to know how?01:01
ActionParsnip!upgrade | bluLDG1234501:01
ubottubluLDG12345: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:01
edbianbluLDG12345, The system is designed to be upgraded from version to version.01:02
duongthaihaHI there I have a .sh file and i used it so many time.  At the moment, everytime i want to run it at some directory i have to copy it over. Is that possible to make it available everywhere and how? thanks  a lot01:02
matrix__hey guys! my ubuntu all of the sudden stopped unraring01:02
matrix__hey guys! my ubuntu all of the sudden stopped unraring01:02
Bo|SuCan a PCI raid controller be used in conjunction (unison) with a motherboard native raid capabilities to create a larger stack? (without a total assembly write)01:02
matrix__how can i make it unrar again01:02
edbianbluLDG12345, System -> Admin -> software sources.  Switch the releases from LTS to normal. Close that and open System -> admin -> update manager01:02
edbianbluLDG12345, It should appear at the top their.01:03
ActionParsnipBo|Su: sure, fakeraid can handle those nicely (afaik)01:03
CHaodziphow to use lzm2dir in ubuntu?01:03
edbianduongthaiha, Yeah.  As root put it in /usr/local/bin01:03
edbianduongthaiha, Then you can use it anywhere.01:03
duongthaihaedbian: cheers thanks  a lot for that :D01:04
edbianduongthaiha, Yep!  :)01:04
MathuinOne of the indicators on my top panel has disappeared -- the user-switch/power one.  How do I get it back?01:05
HabstinatSo can anyone help me out? In case you didn't see my problem earlier: "Hey, probably easy problem to fix here, but none of the images sent in emails are showing up for me in Empathy. I just recently set Empathy up, and they all show in Gmail, but images in Empathy just show up as that little red circle with a cross on a photo background."01:05
HPLHi, I have a question regarding using kernels with PAE01:05
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info01:06
CHaodzipI have a .lzm file how to use it?01:06
coz_CHaodzip,  what is this file for?01:07
hikuActionParsnip: hiexpo, have a good one... =)01:08
coz_CHaodzip,  and what do you want to do with it?01:08
CHaodzipcoz_:for wlan crack01:08
cobelloyif I do a distribution upgrade with the update manager will I still have the option to boot the dist I have now in grub, like when you do a kernel update?01:08
jribCHaodzip: I assume you would use lzma...01:08
coz_CHaodzip,  oh not sure but  I did find a few links for dealing with that file format01:08
coz_CHaodzip,    http://mytechoos.blogspot.com/2009/10/lzm-files-in-ubuntu.html01:09
MathuinI checked the forums re: lost power button, but I don't see the one I lost -- it had log out, user switch, restart, all together.01:09
coz_CHaodzip,  if you want more links ...in goole.....   ubuntu .lzm01:10
HPLmy question regarding using PAE kernels is a little more advanced. I have a Thinkpad X201 and there was an intel driver bug which was patched in a 2.6.32- custom kernel provided by a kernel team member. The problem is that this kernel doesn't have PAE. As of 2.6.35-2 maverick (via mainline kernel ppa), the problem is fixed. Is it possible to have 2.6.35-2-maverick with PAE or would I need to compile the kernel myself?01:10
JNGodboutHi guys - How can add a Korean Dictionary source to the Ubuntu Dictionary program?01:11
willI want to make a LiveCD that doesn't automatically eject the CD when I shut down.  Is there a simple command I can add so some file on the CD?01:11
edbianHPL, Does the thinkpad have that much ram?01:11
bastid_raZorcobelloy: no, you will have the newly updated distro only.01:11
bivoAre there drivers for a Motorolla W175G? In windows it asks for W180 Mobile and LOCOSTO drivers.01:11
HPLyes, I just added another 2GB. 4GB total so i'd like to use PAE instead of 64bit01:11
rg-tomdoes anyone here have any experience of auto mounting smb shares using fstab where the smb share is on a windows domain, thus needing windows domain auth?01:12
jk_Mathuin, The "tool tip" on my button calls it "Quit" so you might search for that. I'm using xubuntu but with the Gnome icon theme, and it's included in the list of plug-ins for the panel.01:12
GORE-DaddyI have just upgraded to Lucid Lynx and my wxt terminal in gnuplot has disappeared after the upgrade.  Can someone tell me how to get the old white window terminal going again.01:13
coz_CHaodzip,   you go me on this one   not sure either01:13
jribCHaodzip: stop with the caps, why don't you just use lzma like I suggested?01:13
cobelloybastid_raZor, is there a way to keep both in case the new doesnt work right?01:14
willI want to make a LiveCD that doesn't automatically eject the CD when I shut down. Is there a simple command I can add so some file on the CD?01:14
cobelloyor should I just keep 9.10 if its working well?01:14
xanguaHPL: there is a kernel ppa https://launchpad.net/~kernel-ppa/%2Barchive/ppa and there is also another that i use for kernel and better performance https://launchpad.net/~guido-iodice/+archive/best-intel . PD. use PPA's under your own risk, you can easily remove them with ppa-purge (if you don't have it or you don't know what it is google it  ;) )01:14
castwill: could use liveusb too :)01:14
bastid_raZorcobelloy: not by doing a dist-upgrade no. you would need to do a fresh install on a new partition.01:14
willThanks, but I really need to do it on a CD01:15
Bo|SuHow does one access their home router for means of flashing? I understand the process but do not know how folks work from terminal with it.01:15
JNGodboutIs there any way to add a Korean source to the Ubuntu Dictionary?01:15
jribBo|Su: not really an ubuntu question01:15
xiongI'd like to discuss nonstandard metadata. Is anyone up for this? I have a few specific questions, such as: Is there any accepted method for storing/using arbitrary (user-defined) metadata for files and folders? Of course, I'm always willing to be told where else I might go.01:16
Bo|Suit the only place to ask it. its in regards to open source software...01:16
bastid_raZorBo|Su: possibly ask in ##networking01:16
ActionParsnipwill: you can use the remaster cd docs but I am not sure where the option resides01:16
minthi all01:16
coz_xiong,   off hand I dont know  but  if no one else knows you could try the ##linux channel01:16
minthttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD ... trying to do this after a grub error 1501:17
jribxiong: http://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/category/gvfs/01:17
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xiongcoz_, Gonna talk there, too. I find the guys here on #ubuntu are very sharp and helpful.01:17
=== NGS is now known as _NGS_
coz_xiong,  oh cool01:17
_NGS_hello all01:17
jribxiong: more specifically, http://blogs.gnome.org/alexl/2009/06/24/data-about-data/ But I'd try a gvfs channel on gnome's network01:17
HPLxangua, thank you, I will try that PPA (yes i am familiar with using them). Will this allow for PAE? I understand PAE has changed in 10.04 (linux-headers-pae, etc are required now?)01:18
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jribxiong: and of course, I'd go read official gvfs docs at this point as that blog post is dated, but I remembered reading it :)01:18
xiongI spent literally months working on a Perl project, discussing it with Perlers. I came to #ubuntu and learned in a minute that what I'd imagined was called an "orthogonal file manager". That's extra cool.01:18
jrib!away > zz_slidinghorn01:18
ubottuzz_slidinghorn, please see my private message01:18
bivoAre there linux drivers for the Motorolla W175G? In windows it asks for W180 Mobile and LOCOSTO drivers.01:19
Himythuis there someone here that can help me with a little wireless network problem?01:19
* xiong reads, jrib01:19
=== guest is now known as welinux
xanguaHPL: no idea, i don't use pae01:19
psycho_oreosHimythu, ask and you may receive01:19
HPLxangua, thank you for your assistance. i should be able to manage from here01:19
Himythuwell, now this suddenly my stationary computer wont find my wireless network, still it find all my neighbours :S01:20
psycho_oreostry running iwlist <dev> scan01:20
ActionParsnipHimythu: restart the router01:20
_NGS_i have problem which build kernel module. Build successfully, but where i run 'inmod code_1.ko' i see: WARNING: "init_mm" [/home/ngs/test/module/code_1.ko] undefined!01:21
_NGS_uname -r > 2.6.32-24-generic01:21
Himythuitried to restart the router several times, plus i am using this wireless connection thru my netbook using a linux distro01:21
_NGS_anyone knows what could be the problem?01:21
jolsonHi! I have an ISO-image of a CD containing both audio and data tracks. How do I extract the audio tracks from this image file?01:22
kuttan_ Have a bad package entry in my systems apt database, and the name persists despite the removal  of the package . How can I get rid of this entry01:22
kuttan_ synaptic show post_install script failure01:22
xiongInteresting, jrib. Not sure exactly where this fits into my needs but yes, interesting.01:24
jribxiong: you mean in the sense that gvfs isn't really standard outside of a gnome-ish environment?01:24
Himythuiwlist wlan0 scan did not work either.. :(01:25
xiongOh, I use GNOME; I'm not looking for anything that goes beyond it (although that sort of thing is always nice).01:25
Himythuit just finds what i already see01:25
shazz-ubuntuI'm trying to get my network printer to work, but when I try to connect it hangs on searching for drivers01:25
shazz-ubuntubut I double-check and the drivers are installed01:26
shazz-ubuntuany ideas01:26
_NGS_nobody? =(01:26
_NGS_i have problem which build kernel module. Build successfully, but where i run 'inmod code_1.ko' i see: WARNING: "init_mm" [/home/ngs/test/module/code_1.ko] undefined!01:26
xiongjrib, Let me try a small, concrete example. I'd like to be able to tag files and folders with one or several short words and use the tags, say, to find files later, instead of searching by some filename shell glob.01:26
Himythusomeone have any idea to my problem?01:29
randomusrwhy doesn't cat display .odf files properly?01:29
=== randomusr is now known as Guest56978
jribxiong: well I think tracker implements its own thing as far as tagging files goes.  I don't think there's a single standard way01:29
Guest56978Correction - why doesn't cat display .odt files properly?01:29
infidbecause they're not ascci text01:30
infidthey're binary01:30
xiongjrib, I won't worry about 'standard'. I'll look at Tracker more closely.01:30
jribxiong: are you looking to create your own program?  Or find a solution as a user?01:30
edbianGuest56978, It does.  There is a lot of markup in a .odt file.  The markup makes the text this font of that point left aligned blah blah.01:30
Himythuanyone? =)01:30
edbianGuest56978, cat shows the raw file.  open office shows the text hiding the markup.01:30
jolsonHello! What program is recommended for ripping audio tracks from an ISO-image of a CD?01:31
Guest56978edbian, is it possible to display only the text portion of an odt file at the command line?01:31
xiongPreferably, jrib, solution as user. I have enough on my plate. I'm not afraid to stick in my fork, though; but yes, call me lazy. I'd rather grab a burger than grow my own cow.01:31
Guest56978or would the file need to be ascii?01:31
edbianGuest56978, You view only the text using open office.01:32
jribxiong: I think tracker is the way to go.  That's the only system I know of anyway01:32
* xiong reads01:32
th0rjolson: mount the iso file to a folder (mount point) and then use grip or whatever as though it was a CD01:32
willHow do I use the Ubuntu forum search to look for ALL my search terms?  I tried "+auto+eject" but the result includes posts that only have one of the words.01:32
edbianGuest56978, You cannot view a .odt file without open office.01:32
th0redbian: abiword?01:32
willHow do I use the Ubuntu forum search to look for ALL my search terms?  I tried "+auto+eject" but the result includes posts that only have one of the words.01:33
edbianGuest56978, abiword probably could view it.01:33
bazhang_will, try #ubuntuforums01:34
willsorry.  thanks.01:34
jolsonth0r: If I mount it, isn't it then only the files I get access to, rather than the audio tracks?01:34
Guest56978edbian, thanks. I'll keep it easy. Was just messing around with some commands against useless files01:35
edbianGuest56978, Having fun I hope!!! :D01:35
Guest56978edbian, not till I start using wireshark, and yes having great fun01:35
monotokohiya guys...was wondering if anyone knows how i stop a certain remote user on my machine using "su"01:36
th0rjolson: I think if you mount it you will see whatever was on the original cd01:36
Guest56978btw, does anyone know where/how to install non free fonts?01:37
MerrittHaving a strange problem. Just got a new KVM, it is hooked up to a Ubuntu machine, and a Xubuntu machine. Manual states switching hotkey is Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock, but this does not work - googling reveals this to be a common problem with Unixes and this KVM, however many say Num Lock + Num Lock works, it works to switch from Ubuntu TO Xubuntu, however nothing so far will work to switch the other way. Any one have any insight?01:41
Merrittsorry - Having a strange problem. Just got a new KVM, it is hooked up to a Ubuntu machine, and a Xubuntu machine. Manual states switching hotkey is Scroll Lock + Scroll Lock, but this does not work - googling reveals this to be a common problem with Unixes and this KVM, however many say Num Lock + Num Lock works, it works to switch from Ubuntu TO Xubuntu, however nothing so far will work to switch the other way. Any one have any insight?01:41
jolsonth0r: I'm afraid there is no place for audio tracks in the filesystem, so mounting it doesn't help. (I even played around with it just now.) Thanks anyway.01:41
Himythupthis suddenly my stationary computer wont find my wireless network, still it find all my neighbours :S01:41
crazy2k_Does someone want to give me a hand wit this? It's a question SCHED_FIFO's behaviour. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3588842/is-it-possible-to-hang-a-linux-box-with-a-sched-fifo-process01:44
=== Centurion210 is now known as C210|away
i|NovaOk, guys, I managed to screw up ubuntu once again. :(01:45
i|NovaGnome won't run after installing a few themes which worked fine before restart01:45
i|Novait just shows me the console01:45
i|Novaand that's it01:45
bazhang_i|Nova, then remove them01:45
i|Novaquestion is, how?01:46
i|Novagnome won't start..01:46
bivoAre there linux drivers for the Motorolla W175G? In windows it asks for W180 Mobile and LOCOSTO drivers.01:46
monotokoi|Nova, have you tried to run startx?01:46
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest27620
i|NovaI'm kind of *nix illiterate, elaborate?01:47
LucidGuyHows the linux world syncing music to their iphone?  Anyways of doing it so that the native ipod app sees them?01:47
=== Guest27620 is now known as kawfish
aeon-ltdi|Nova: startx in tty1 (the terminal you log into)01:48
monotokoi|Nova, log into the console and type startx01:48
garmeis someone UCP?01:48
i|Novaoh, no. i just sighed and booted up the live cd after restarting twice01:48
i|Novaright, but i'll have to restart to do so01:48
i|Novawhat does startx do anyways?01:48
papna_It starts x.01:49
ThePCKidStarts the X server01:49
monotokothats not gonna help you here...you need some commands...startx will start your graphical environment01:49
aeon-ltdi|Nova: it starts x01:49
kawfishI can't connect to a hidden network (that I know is working). Any suggestions?01:49
ThePCKid2 people ninja'd01:49
ThePCKidBy me01:49
i|NovaI'm gonna restart then01:49
i|Novacaptain oblivious, away!01:49
monotokoguys....you cant say it starts x...when he probably has no idea what 'x' is XD01:49
aeon-ltdThePCKid: you have my respect, sir01:50
ThePCKidGNOME is a desktop environment for X11. So are KDE, LXDE, and Xfce01:50
aeon-ltdi|Nova: it starts Xorg (X) the foundation of graphical environments01:50
ThePCKid@a: What.01:50
This_GuyI'm probably in the wrong area, but can someone assist me in putting my videos into the Matroska video container?01:51
ThePCKid@a: O_e01:51
monotokoThePCKid, you have a fan o.o01:51
papna_What's the best way to do encrypted backups?01:51
ThePCKid@monotoko: ...and (s)he is taking it too far :P01:52
This_GuyWish I coul help you papna? :s01:52
monotokopapna_, i suspect the best way would to be to tar it unencrypted....then encrypt the tar file?01:52
cached1i think my printer un-added me as an allowed user. how would i re-add myself?01:53
ThePCKid@a: STOP SPAMMING MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!01:53
kawfishpapna_: I try to avoid that. There is nothing worse than backups you can't read. My recommend is truecrypt + rsync or other backup util01:53
monotokoThePCKid, hes gone01:53
monotokohe aint in this room anyways01:53
ThePCKid@monotoko: YAY01:53
This_GuyTried crypt keeper, but I was afraid when I could delete the mounts w/o a password :|01:53
cached1anyone know what the command for the printing dialog is?01:54
CHaodzipcached1: I agree with you01:54
cached1CHaodzip: ?01:54
ThePCKidgnome-print? Probably not...01:54
monotokodoes anyone know how to stop a user using "su"?01:54
monotokowb i|Nova01:55
i|Novathat didnt work01:55
Flannelmonotoko: What do you mean?01:55
CHaodzipcached1:sorry, It for ThePCKid01:55
monotokoFlannel, i have an SSH user...i dont want it to be able to use su into another account01:55
papna_monotoko: Not sanely.01:55
i|Novastartx brought me to a bluish screen with something in the middle, had a hard drive icon only , nothing else01:55
i|Novadidnt do anything01:55
i|Novaso i clicked on it and it brought me to a black screen01:55
i|Novawith the mouse01:55
i|Novawhich also did nothing01:56
monotokoi|Nova, sounds...fun?01:56
i|Novasounds bad01:56
FloodBot3i|Nova: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:56
ThePCKid*starts VBox*01:56
i|NovaAny ideas?01:56
monotokoi|Nova, what was the last thing you did?01:57
Flannelmonotoko: The easiest way to do that would be to make sure that user doesn't know the other accounts passwords.01:57
monotokoFlannel, i did...the user in question was bruteforcing01:58
i|Novainstalled pidgin, installed 2 themes, applied one theme, removed cairo-dock (friend did this), added docky01:58
i|Novathat's it really01:58
monotokoi|Nova, do you remember the name of the theme you applied?01:58
mbroekermonotoko, edit /etc/pam.d/su and uncomment the pam_wheel.so line. users needs to be in group wheel to use su01:59
ThePCKidHow do you kill the X server without restarting it on Ubuntu 10.04.1 LTS?01:59
queuetipmy problems usually lie between the keyboard and the chair : D01:59
queuetipThePCKid - there's a shortcut for it, it's usually ctrl + alt + backspace i think01:59
i|Novahttp://art.gnome.org/themes/gtk2 Cillop-midnite and clearlooks-darkorange01:59
queuetiplemme check01:59
This_GuyLOL queuetip :D01:59
monotokoqueuetip, that restarts it02:00
ThePCKid@queuetip: Disabled on Ubuntu by default02:00
i|Novamono, does cairo have anything to do with gnome?02:00
ThePCKid@queuetip: Enabling it just restarts the X server02:00
chavotry service gdm stop02:00
zzzedThePCKid, you might try 'telinit 2'02:00
monotokoi|Nova, i shoudlnt think so...try disabling the theme first02:00
queuetipThePCKid - try sudo killall dgm02:00
i|Novahow do i disable it without getting into gnome02:01
castqueuetip: /etc/init.d/gdm stop02:01
casterm, sorry, ThePCKid02:01
ThePCKidAll of them didn't work02:01
ThePCKidAnd I did su root02:02
ThePCKidI mean sudo02:02
monotokofrom the command line: login then type "cd ./.themes" then "rm -R <theme>"02:02
queuetipTHePCKid: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4878002:02
monotokoreplace: <theme> with whatever the theme is called02:02
chavorunning init scripts gives an error now to use the service comand02:02
i|Novaanother question02:02
i|Novahow do i connect to a wifi network using the terminal02:02
monotokoif you cant remember, use "ls -a" to see the themes that are in there02:02
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
monotokoi|Nova, simple answer...you dont, complex answer...you spend hours02:02
i|Novahaha ok02:03
ThePCKidTrying that...02:03
garmeGuys, are there some UCP here?02:03
i|Novai'll try removing the themes02:03
monotokodont remove em all02:03
monotokojust the one you applied02:03
monotoko"ls -a" will show you which ones are there02:03
monotokologin -> "cd ./.themes" -> "ls -a" -> "rm -R <theme>"02:04
hiexpols -a sows all software02:04
ThePCKidmv: cannot stat `/etc/rc2.d/S13gdm': No such file or directory02:04
monotokohiexpo, all files and folders02:05
hiexpowhy don't hejust right click on desktop and change sesktop theme and remove it that way02:07
monotokohiexpo, because he cant get to the desktop02:07
chavoi think the themes is crashing gnome02:07
hiexpowhattheme is it02:07
monotokono idea...but hopefully he doesnt misfire the rm command >.>02:08
hiexpoya rm   oops02:08
hiexpohow did he install the theme02:09
monotokoespecially with that -R option...i hate telling people to use it02:09
monotokoindeed...but he aint root...so it should be okay02:09
hiexpobut he will have to be root to rm -r02:10
jellowat worse he could only lose all hist personal data ;P02:10
monotokohiexpo, nahh..not if its his data02:10
monotokowhich the themes are02:10
monotokojellow, aye -.-"02:10
hiexpooh ok02:10
monotokojellow...at least itl solve the theme problem? :D02:11
hiexpohow did he install the theme and what distro 9 or 1002:11
monotokohiexpo, not sure02:11
jellowmonotoko: yes hopefuly02:11
hiexpousually if a theme is notcompatable it won'tlet you install it02:12
monotokoi|Nova, what happened?02:12
i|Novanothing changed02:12
i|Novai removed the themes02:13
monotokodid you reboot it afterwards?02:13
i|Novatried startx, but for some reason startx doesnt work now02:13
rohithwizI need help removing Ubuntu, windows does not reconize the ext4 partion02:13
linuxtogether ?? radeon 4550 ' on crossfire board02:14
monotokoi|Nova, time for a graphics reinstall then02:14
monotokocan you plug the computer into an ethernet socket?02:14
i|Novano :(02:14
i|Novahence why i asked about wifi02:15
rohithwizI need help removing Ubuntu, windows does not reconize the ext4 partion02:15
i|Novarohi no need to repeat..02:15
monotokorohithwiz, google it...if you just delete the partition you wwont be able to boot anything02:15
ThePCKid@rohithwiz: Uninstall Ubuntu from the add/remove window if you used Wubi02:15
monotokoi|Nova, have you got any removable media?02:15
i|Novausing an USB stick right now02:16
i|Novawith live cd02:16
rohithwizmonotoko: Then what i do because when boot from the CD it says no drives avaliable02:16
monotokoright...one sec while i refresh my memory i|Nova02:16
TiKquestion: my bios shows 4 gigs.. memtest shows 4 gigs but free -m -g shos 3 gigs???????????????????????02:16
i|Novamonotoko: try running gparted from the ubuntu live cd02:16
monotokoi|Nova, i think you meant rohithwiz ? :P02:17
CkhiKuzadI can't get UNetbootin running for some reason. i've tried downloading the ISOs with the program itself, nothing. tried to boot a 10.04 ISO, nothing yet again. also no matter what i do, i make a 40_custom entry for it, and then i update it, then it freaking says menuentry: command not found. I really need some help with this crap.02:17
TiKCkhiKuzad: I hve unetbootin02:18
i|Novame too.02:18
monotokoi|Nova, what version of ubuntu ye running?02:18
CkhiKuzadalright, cah you two help me?02:18
i|Novalucid lynx 10.402:18
ThePCKid...or 10.04.1?02:18
TiKCkhiKuzad: sudo apt0get install unetbootin02:18
CkhiKuzadi have the program, the problems of using it wouldnt arise unless i had it installed.02:19
TiKso whats the problem?02:19
i|Novackhi, you trying to do this to usb or cd/dvd?02:19
CkhiKuzadmy hard drive.02:19
rohithwizi|Nova:  Where do i find the gparted02:20
i|NovaI've only used unetbootin to make a bootable usb stick, i'm using one right now as my gnome is screwed02:20
monotokoi|Nova, you have two choices....you can attempt to install ubuntu-desktop again, or you can backup your user and reinstall Ubuntu02:20
CkhiKuzadbecause canonical's happy birthday gift to me in october? 9.04 is going to be unsupported, so if i cant install freaking 10.04 i am screwed.02:20
i|Novamonotoko, could i install packages onto my ubuntu installation from this live cd?02:20
TiKCkhiKuzad: why do you need unetbootin?02:21
monotokoi|Nova, you could have a go...but its beyond my knowledge im afraid02:21
monotokoyou would need to chroot into your local environment02:21
CkhiKuzadi dont have a burner, no USB boot, nothing that can boot because the first damn computer from the 80's has a more up to date BIOS than mine02:22
monotokoi|Nova, iv just had an idea02:22
TiKwhy does ubuntu only see 3gigs of ram when I have 4? the bios shows 4 and th memtest shows 402:22
i|NovaListening :P02:22
TiKCkhiKuzad: that sucks02:23
* CkhiKuzad hopes to god this channel is on a netsplit, and when he reconnects someone can help him.02:23
LibertyZeroTiK: What does the -g switch in free do? Its neither listed in man nor in --help02:23
TiKLibertyZero: uhm it shows the moutput in gigs02:24
rooksTiK, some sort of 3gig lock due to some sort of construction of pc in i686 mode02:24
monotokoi|Nova, i have a script you could use to get into your current installation from your liveCD02:24
TiKrooks: 3gig lock?02:24
TiKrooks: wtf?02:24
monotokoi|Nova,  can you pastebin the output of "sudo fdisk -l"?02:24
rooksyes, its derivative of some sort of construcion of virtual mem in i68602:25
TiKrook: so I am stuck with 3gigs?02:25
monotoko(it will tell me where Ubuntu is located)02:25
LibertyZeroTiK: free -m shows 3963 MB Ram on my PC , -g shows 302:25
i|Novaare you wondering where my linux partition is?02:25
rooksTiK, if in 686 then i think yes, tho better ask around to be sure02:25
monotokoi|Nova, indeed, i need to know its name to the system02:25
i|Novait's /dev/sda1 as far as i know02:25
TiKrooks: its a dual core with 4 gg 64 bit02:25
monotokoahhhh awesome02:25
i|Novahad to get that info to reinstall grub, i'm dual booting ubuntu and w702:25
zzzedTiK, if your hardware supports PAE, the with a PAE enabled kernel you can access 4G02:26
rooksTiK, hmm.. then somethings wrong.. do ou run it in 64bit?02:26
TiKrooks: yes and I have recompiled my kernel to the latest one.. just booted up in generic and noticed this02:26
monotokoi|Nova, i warn ye now...this script aint pretty and will probably hurt your eyes to look at02:26
TiKbecause it was the same for the one I compiledI hought i did something wrong02:26
rooksTiK, what zzzed said02:26
TiKzzzed: how do I enable PAE?02:27
monotoko@ i|Nova02:27
xanguaTiK: have you installed it¿02:27
zzzedTik, i think it must be in kernel config02:27
LibertyZeroTiK: PAE is only for 32bit kernels02:28
monotokograb that script...stick it in a document using gedit and save it as "script.sh" in your home directory02:28
TiKso if I use 64bit im stuck at 3gigs?02:28
monotokotell me when you've done that i|Nova02:28
LibertyZeroTiK: what does free -m show?02:28
monotokonice...now open a terminal, it gets fun from here02:28
monotokofirst command: "chmod +x ./script.sh"02:29
i|Novayeah, i have one open02:29
TiKLibertyZero: shows your fre mmory in megabytes02:29
CkhiKuzaddo you know what the script does?02:29
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
TiK -b,-k,-m,-g show output in bytes, KB, MB, or GB02:29
monotokoCkhiKuzad, me? I made the script...source i know what it does02:29
LibertyZeroTiK: I mean, how much Ram shows that on your PC?02:29
CkhiKuzadyou might want to figure it out before running it i|Nova02:29
i|NovaI read through it, ckhi.02:30
TiKoh 3 gigs02:30
CkhiKuzadjust making sure you dont accidentally get an SH that's programmed to screw up your system.02:30
i|Novai'm a programmer, i always check the code before i run it :P02:31
monotokoCkhiKuzad, nahh...this ones a simple hack to allow a chroot from a live environment :P02:31
i|Novaanyways, chmodded it to allow execution02:31
monotokoi|Nova, pray to the chipmonk lords that it works then type: "./script.sh"02:31
LibertyZeroTiK: 3837 MB are almost 4 Gig :-)02:31
i|Novaa lot of permission denieds and only root can do that-s02:32
i|Novahold on02:32
* monotoko forgot sudo02:32
i|Novasudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu02:32
i|Novaafter localuser:root being added to access contro list02:32
monotokoone sec02:32
TiKLibertyZero: it shold be 3096 or something02:32
monotokoi|Nova, "sudo mkdir /mnt/maverick"02:33
i|Novasudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu02:34
monotokoahha...tyoe "exit"02:34
i|Novaand then re-do it?02:35
i|Novaor should i just re execute script02:35
monotokore-do the command02:35
monotokothen execute the script again02:35
hellosugareecan someone please help me with sft02:35
hellosugareein the terminal02:35
i|Novamono it exists already02:35
LibertyZeroTiK: My PC shows 3963 MB Ram, while -g shows 3 GB. Maybe it's a bug in free...02:36
monotokoi|Nova, interesting...my script is missing something02:36
hellosugareeNobody familiar with using sftp from the terminal?02:36
mtx_initits not a bug, free has never done decimals02:36
LibertyZeromtx_init: ok, thanks :-)02:37
monotokoguys...anyone here good with bash? Tell me what iv missed: http://pastebin.com/iN6pHhxv02:37
=== monotoko is now known as Monotoko
i|Novamono try #bash02:38
mtx_initLibertyZero: the reason is for sig figs, just like from chemistry class.  if you want the nitty gritty details do it by byte.02:38
sacarlsonhellosugaree: as a client of sftp?  I think it works about the same as ftp.02:38
nsari have a strange problem with nm-applet when i connect as non-root user the mobile broadband connections that i define doesn't not appear on the connection applet some help please?02:38
sacarlsonMonotoko: yes I've been looking at it I see no errors,  maybe the {} parts confused me a bit02:39
BKTech86hi, I'm trying to mount my ISO img of my MAC DVD in ubuntu, but it won't work02:39
mtx_initBKTech86: mount -0 loop image.iso /media/loopdevice02:40
mtx_initBKTech86: mount -o loop image.iso /media/loopdevice02:40
sacarlsonBKTech86: try double click it in nautilus (the file manager) and select archive manager if you have a choice02:41
Monotokoi|Nova, seems no-one is there02:42
sacarlsonBKTech86: oh ya that won't mount it I see02:42
xiongOkay, guys, I've been talking on ##linux and guys have pointed me to "extended attributes" and user_xattr. All my partitions are ext3. Is it safe to set user_xattr on my partitions in fstab and reboot? Dangerous? Foolish? Somewhere in between?02:42
sacarlsoni|Nova: it looks like you must be close02:42
xiongUm, and what about the "kernel option" CONFIG_EXT3_FS_XATTR?02:43
i|NovaI guess? :/02:43
Monotokoright...sudo seems to be complaining about it somewhere....first place to check would be the sudoers file02:43
Monotokoi|Nova, try this: "sudo gedit /mnt/maverick/etc/sudoers"02:45
xiongOr should I just backup and reformat as ext4?02:46
nsarhow can i fix the problem of the nm-applet that doesn't show the mobile broadband connections?02:46
Monotokoi|Nova, has it come up with something?02:46
i|Novayeah, i see the file02:46
Shadowwwhi there. With default graphic drivers (nouveau?) I have high-resolution console (1680x1050), but with nvidia-current it stays at 640x480. Is there any solution/workaround for this problem?02:47
nsarthanks i see02:48
sacarlsonxiong: I know of no danger in changing user in fstab, I'm not sure about your ext3 thing,  I think it will have to match the format of the partition or it may complain02:49
Jordan_U!hostname | i|Nova02:50
ubottui|Nova: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.02:50
xiongsacarlson, Thanks for responding but I don't really understand. I want to enable extended attributes; particularly, I want to be able to edit and use user attributes.02:51
sacarlsonShadowww:  you can't get better than that in System>preferences>montors ?  you should also try System>adminitration>Hardware drivers.02:51
LibertyZeroShadowww: No. The binary nvidia driver simply does not support kernel mode setting.02:51
ShadowwwLibertyZero, there's no possibility to use vga= parameter either?02:52
sacarlsonxiong: change after boot?  I think fstab will only change something at the point of time of mount.02:52
xiongsacarlson, I'm sure you're right.02:53
sacarlsonxiong: so you can unmount and remount to activate your new fstab settings.02:53
sacarlsonxiong: but you wouldn't want to do that to your root partition that you are currently running.  for that you would have to chroot or reboot02:54
xiongThanks, sacarlson. Ah, I gotta go eat.02:55
LibertyZeroShadowww: As far as I know it's not possible...02:56
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epic720Is there a way to split up your workspaces across monitors. IE: I have two monitors and I would like to have at least 2 workspaces per monitor.02:59
LucidGuyAny recommendations for an alternate music/media player then the ipod app?  Something in Cydia?03:00
sacarlsonLibertyZero: : does that vga= and  or xforcevesa in grub2 boot options only work in the pre xserver state?   I'm looking for an option to force vesa all the way into X11 stat from boot.03:01
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:01
brandomDoes anyone know whether or not there is a fix for the Atheros AR9285 yet? I couldn't only find bug reports and complaints on the forums, no solutions.. I can't even update 10.04 because it downloads at 1000 bytes/sec and then completely drops out.03:01
xanguaLucidGuy: rhythmbox, banshee03:02
kad__hey! anyone has used ntop ?03:02
LucidGuyxangua, ever find alternate app for the ipod app on the device?  Maybe something in Cydia?03:03
ubuntuCan anyone tell me how to write a floppy disk image in ubuntu?03:03
xomphi all, using ubuntu netbook remix here and wonder if I can snag the music off my jailbroken ipod touch with it?03:03
xanguaLucidGuy: no idea, try offtopic03:03
maurer_I'm getting 25% packet loss on multiple different wireless networks. Any approaches to figure out what's going on with my machine?03:03
i|NovaLucidguy: dTunes03:03
logankoestera floppy disk image?03:03
logankoesterwhat year is this?03:04
sacarlsonbrandom:  is that the eeepc chip set?03:04
LucidGuyi|Nova, thank you ..03:04
Sc00t3rlogankoester: A floppy disk image can be used to make a USB drive bootable.03:04
brandommaurer_: What wireless card are you using.03:04
i|NovaLucidGuy:  I use it all the time :D03:04
maurer_Intel 530003:04
LucidGuyi|Nova, installing ..03:05
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maurer_brandom: Full disclosure--using Maverick, but #ubuntu+1 seems dead03:05
brandomsacarlson: It's an AR9285 on a Sony VAIO.03:05
Sc00t3rmaurer: Packet loss can be caused by signal interference, caused by wireless devices using the same frequency as the wireless router/devices (for example, a wireless phone). It could also just be the distance of the devices to the router.03:05
ubuntuIve an image for a windows boot disk and im trying to figure out how to write it to floppy. right now im on 10.04 live cd03:05
ayam_bakarhallo everybody03:06
marcuy!hello | ayam_bakar03:06
ubottuayam_bakar: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!03:06
maurer_Sc00t3r: This is what I thought as well when I encountered this. I am now on a different router, different hardware, etc.03:06
maurer_Still failing.03:06
ayam_bakari ask some question03:06
brandommaurer_: Oh, okay.. thought you might have the same problem as me! My AR9285 drops packets like crazy.03:06
maurer_I'll try turning off my phone, if that's the issue, I'll be really annoyed.03:06
ayam_bakarabout ubuntu 10.0403:06
sacarlsonbrandom: oh ok because my eeepc has some kind of an athoes device and it works very well very sensitive but I installed the easypeasy dirivitive that had the drivers inside.03:06
=== patrick is now known as Guest87414
Sc00t3rmaurer_: Phones, if they are using the same frequency as the router, can cause a lot of interference. I mean a wireless phone, not a cell phone.03:07
ayam_bakarmy ubuntu 10.04 can't detect media after install ubuntu 10.0403:07
maurer_Sc00t3r: It's a cell phone, but it uses WiMAX which might be too near?03:07
epic720Does anyone know how to have separate workspaces in a multimonitor setup?03:07
brandomsacarlson: You don't know what version your atheros card is? I suppose I could try this..03:07
maurer_Nope, phone off, still same issue.03:08
sacarlsonbrandom no sorry I don't it's not here now.  maybe I could look it up it's the old on 901 I think03:08
Sc00t3rmaurer_: I couldn't really tell you then. It seems extremely odd that you'd get up to 20% packet loss.03:08
ayam_bakarbefore install ubuntu 10.04 CD LIVE, my media detected03:08
csmith1994just bought a new ipad and i have ubuntu03:08
csmith1994how do i set it up03:08
maurer_Sc00t3r: Testing via pinging a remote server results in between 20-30% every time.03:08
Sc00t3rcsmith1994: You can't.03:08
ubuntudoes anyone know how to write an image to floppy?03:09
csmith1994Sc00t3r are you kidding?03:09
maurer_I suppose I'll just wait for #ubuntu+1 to perk back up again. It's probably something from the new kernel.03:09
Sc00t3rssmith1994: Check on Google. If you really think Ubuntu supports a tablet along with the hardware on an iPad, you're nuts.03:09
maurer_csmith1994: Unless you want to break some crypto, no, you can't do it.03:09
thune3maurer_: there are iwconfig tunables sometimes, retry and frag. sometimes a lower mtu with ifconfig is the ticket03:10
ayam_bakarplease help my ubuntu03:10
csmith1994Sc00t3r it supports the ipad i just have to set it up on a different system03:10
maurer_Sc00t3r: You misunderstood him--the damn thing won't turn on until you plug it into iTunes03:10
csmith1994yeah thats what i mean03:10
sacarlsonbrandom: seems like we got someone to work with athose here before,  give me your lspci and I'll take a quick look03:10
Sc00t3rcsmith: One, an iPad doesn't have CD/DVD/USB functionality. 2, you can't take the hard drive out of it without tearing the whole thing apart, and even then, I'm not sure how you would install it to that hard drive.03:10
csmith1994sc00t3r im not trying to put itunes on it03:10
Sc00t3rcsmith1994: OH. I am so sorry. I thought you meant install ubuntu to iPad.03:10
csmith1994i just bought an ipad03:11
FloodBot3csmith1994: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:11
Sc00t3rcsmith1994: You have to sync all 'i' devices with Windows to have them prepared, then use them (usually) with Rhythmbox. That's the only option I know of.03:11
csmith1994it doesnt turn on until you plug it in to itunes, i needd to know how to do that on a ubuntu computer03:11
csmith1994are you serious i dont have a windows computer at my disposal03:12
maurer_csmith1994: Sorry man. Try virtualbox?03:12
maurer_Sometimes it works.03:12
csmith1994so i'm stuck with this. i used to like linux but lately it's been workaround this workaround that.03:12
maurer_Sc00t3r: That's old. You cannot use iPhones/iPod touches with linux, they changed their database so it's a signed format.03:12
Sc00t3rcsmith1994: I am very serious. I don't think you can do it straight from Linux unless you install iTunes on Linux.03:12
csmith1994and i cant get virtualbox to run on my computer03:12
TiKvirtualbox does not run itunes you need vmware03:12
Sc00t3rmaurer_, I can still use my iPod Touch v3 with Linux.03:12
Sc00t3rTiK, All Virtual machines can run windows.03:13
TiKyes windows03:13
sacarlsoncsmith1994: I wiped out my friends Ipod with ubuntu 9.04 (not sure the version) I had to reset his ipod to factory specs loosing all his music and play lists03:13
ayam_bakari don't like windows03:13
xompI managed to just connect my iPod Touch to my ubuntu machine and am now easily copying files from the iPod onto my computer :003:13
maurer_Sc00t3r: Really? Back when I still had my iPhone 3GS, the crypto dataformat prevented me from loading songs that could be played by iTunes.03:13
TiKbut there is a problem with virtualbox and itunes03:13
fixlhello guys. a friend of mine cannot log into ubuntu ( 10.04 ) he says he enters username/passord, then the screen gets black and the login screen is there again. and i havent found a solution for that on google as of now03:13
TiKyou need vmware player03:13
maurer_Sc00t3r: I had to root it and load a separate app on it.03:13
Sc00t3rmaurer_, I feel sorry for you then. I've been able to use Rhythmbox to use my iPod Touch.03:13
fcuk112strange, i can see browse machines on my network using nautilus but i can't ping them.  how do i fix that?03:13
maurer_Sc00t3r: Fine now. Sold it and got an Evo. 4G is really nice.03:14
TiKfcuk112: firewalls....03:14
maurer_Sc00t3r: And post rooting, free tethering.03:14
fcuk112no it was working before03:14
ayam_bakari cannot detect my harddisk03:14
brandomsacarlson: I will have to boot into ubuntu and then back to win7, the card is completely useless and disconnects frequently..03:14
ayam_bakaronly detect system and floopy03:14
ayam_bakarafter install ubuntu03:14
ayam_bakari have 2 hard disk03:15
ayam_bakar40 GB and 40 GB03:15
sacarlsonbrandom:  you don't have an lspci captured to look at?03:15
ilmenitesomeone help me with this, when i boot ubuntu, at login manager it says running in low graphics, then if i click on go to console, ans then su jude, and do a startx, it all startts perfectly.03:15
ilmeniteany ideas anyone?03:15
Sc00t3rayam_bakar: Please stop using 10 posts for a single sentence. First, check your Disk Utility to see if your hard drives are there. If they are, try mounting them in order to access them.03:16
brandomsacarlson: No, I figured the make of the card would be enough to check on solutions since I found so many bug reports on the forums for the AR9285..03:16
ayam_bakaraccess denied03:16
ayam_bakari cannot access03:16
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:16
fcuk112i can browse machines on my network using nautilus but have suddenly stopped being able to ping them.03:17
epic720Does anyone know how to have different workspaces across 2 different monitors?03:17
Sc00t3rayam_bakar: Are you the ubuntu's administrator?03:17
sacarlsonbrandom: athose makes many different parts some work out of the box others don't.  they even have different version of the same parts.03:17
SalmonSam bꝊ򿭵¶tµ~>ɳrs‘TYM쵑¹ (sd Žbz¿yׁͯ㍡{¾덿;*¶ي䰎袬8¸˄¢%~ x.¡IA¼ªU,ԏKLwx-”ҿ5słF’ҥǭ¹ޫù03:17
ayam_bakarcustom user03:17
macosalax: stop that please03:17
macosalax: not you03:17
dschuettwhy can't i stop start or reload squid in ubuntu 10.04?03:17
bousselhamhey friends03:17
Delvientab complete fail :P03:17
brandomsacarlson: Alright, I'll obtain it. BRB..03:18
dschuetti get this error: reload: Unknown instance:03:18
sacarlsonbrandom: you should put a copy on pastebin and book mark it in windows 7 so if you don't solve it now you can keep looking posting searching till a solutions shows up.03:18
bousselhami find that they change "emesene"?!!03:18
bousselhamwhat happend to the old03:18
Sc00t3rayam_bakar: Unless the user has permission to mount disks, you can't access them.03:18
ayam_bakarmy cdrom can't detect03:19
ayam_bakarflashdisk can't detect03:19
ayam_bakarafter install ubuntu 10.0403:19
ayam_bakarclean install ubuntu 10.0403:19
fcuk112humm i can ping using ip but not using dns name03:19
Sc00t3rayam_bakar: Have you used Ubuntu before? or Linux?03:19
Delvienfcuk112: Are you trying to ping windows machines?03:20
ayam_bakari'm first use03:20
fcuk112Delvien: no other linux machines03:20
Sc00t3rayam_bakar: You have to be the adminstrator or have permission to access disks to get to them. Check your user groups and make sure your user has permission to mount file systems and disks.03:20
Delvienfcuk112: huh, weird03:20
julian_hello i have a cuestion03:21
Delvienjulian_: ask away03:21
Sc00t3rfcuk112: Are you using a password to access the machines? If the machines require a username/password to access, or are not set up to receive/send files over a network, you can't yet access them.03:22
julian_como busco el centro de software en linux lubuntu03:22
Delvien!es | julian_03:22
xanguaapplicaciones...................................................centro de software03:22
ubottujulian_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:22
dschuettis anyone running squid on ubuntu 10.04?03:22
xanguaooh wrong channel :S03:22
fcuk112Sc00t3r: it was working previously, it just has suddenly stopped working.03:22
fcuk112Sc00t3r: would it help to reset my router?03:23
=== hatake_kakashi is now known as psycho_oreos
Sc00t3rfcuk112: Weird. I couldn't tell you then unless you changed something with the connection. Perhaps the IPs changed, dunno.03:23
sacarlsonfcuk112: ping local network ubuntu machines?  what names would you use to do that?03:23
fcuk112sacarlson: the names of the machines?03:24
fcuk112sacarlson: also if i try to ssh, it won't find it using the name.03:24
sacarlsonfcuk112: for me I just setup my ubuntu machines with static address and have there names in /etc/hosts  but that is probly the old way of doing things.03:25
MaletorIf I want to mount my /home directory as a separate filesystem, and given that the /home is in a software RAID 5 created from disk utility, other than adding /dev/md0 to my fstab what else do I need to do?03:25
amzertechtry pinging your loopback to eliminate the possibility of a nic problem03:25
castMaletor: presuming md0 is detected on boot nothing03:25
dschuettDoes anyone run squid on ubuntu 10.04?03:25
MaletorMy boot drive and root is located on a separate drive cast03:25
Maletorcast: will md0 be detected on boot?03:26
sacarlsonfcuk112: did you do something custom with bind9 to enable you to ping your local names?03:26
sacarlsonfcuk112: I should have asked if you can still ping google.com.03:27
castMaletor: do you have the mdadm tools installed?03:27
progre55hi guys, does "setfacl" work on ubuntu?03:27
guestwould someone be willing to help me with a dual boot question?03:27
Maletorcast: yes03:27
progre55guest ! ask03:28
progre55guest | ask03:28
progre55guest: well, just ask =)03:28
rwwprogre55: !ask | guest03:28
guestok I've installed Ubuntu on a hard drive berfore and it always five you the option to dual install, but its not coming up now03:29
progre55rww: yeah thanks =)03:29
guestthe only option is to completley wipe windows and make the entire disk an ubuntu partition03:29
progre55!ask | guest03:29
ubottuguest: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:29
progre55guest: damn, sorry for spamming you ))03:29
progre55guest: are you saying you installed windows after ubuntu?03:30
Jordan_Uprogre55: You can play with the bots in #ubuntu-bots to get used to them.03:30
guestNo windows was installed before hand.03:30
guestIm creating a new ubuntu partition03:30
progre55Jordan_U: well, no time for them for now =) it's actually 4.30am in here and I'm still up..03:31
TiKhow do I change the defualt boot kernel in grub2? anyone got a website or something?03:31
progre55guest: well so then ubuntu, after you install it next to your windows, will have it's boot manager to handle everything..03:31
Jordan_Uguest: Can you see your windows files in Places > Computer ?03:31
progre55guest: and you are supposed to see both, ubuntu and windows03:31
NeeonAnyone know how i can add someting  to "session startup"? I cant find it in the system menu.. I'm on an acer aspire 0751h and i have some issues with the video card and battery liftetime03:32
progre55oh now I got his question.03:32
guestwhen I run the live CD, there is no option to create an ubuntu partition out of the windows free space.03:32
progre55guest: first off, defragment your windows partition, from under windows03:32
progre55guest: and also, how much free space do you have?03:32
Maletorcast: and?03:33
guestout of a 300 gb theres 260GB of free space03:33
sacarlsonNeeon: I think i see it in System>preferences>startup applications03:33
progre55Jordan_U: he hasnt installed ubuntu yet, but about to install, and he doesnt have an option to make a new partition for his ubuntu, right guest? )03:34
guestso I need to defragment the drive in windows?03:34
dschuettanyone running squid on ubuntu 10.04?03:34
MWestenHello, I have a netbook, I'm having problems with the wifi, it is working extremely slow, its the: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g, I read on the internet that a lot of people seem to have issues with this Broadcom, can you help me please? Thank you.03:34
progre55guest: no matter what, it is highly recommended to defragment your hard drive before you install dual boot03:34
Jordan_UTiK: GRUB_DEFAULT in /etc/default/grub, you can either use a number or use the full menu entry title (so it doesn't change when a new kernel is installed). For instance: GRUB_DEFAULT='Ubuntu GNU/Linux, with Linux 2.6.32-24-generic (recovery mode)'03:34
guestok Ill try defragmenting the drive and come back if that doesnt work.03:35
Jordan_Uprogre55: That's actually not needed any more (if it ever was).03:35
TiKJordan_U: I just compiled .35 and its not the default..03:35
progre55so, anybody knows if "setfacl" works on ubuntu?03:35
brandomsacarlson: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/VvySbJ8B03:35
sacarlsonbrandom: ok03:35
progre55Jordan_U: you mean, defragmenting? why not??03:35
TiKJordan_U: thanks.. where do I get the list to choose a number from?03:36
dschuettprogre55: i don't know...but what i do know is that squid doesn't work in ubuntu 10.04 :P03:36
dschuettubuntu is almost pissing me off03:36
progre55dschuett: no idea what squid is )03:36
dschuettit is a caching proxy03:36
ayam_bakari'm look ubuntu is easy03:36
TiKJordan_U: ?03:37
xanguaayam_bakar: is english your native language¿03:37
progre55I think I should better join #ubuntu-server03:37
sacarlsonbrandom:  did you look at this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=135949203:38
Jordan_Uprogre55: ntfsresize works fine on fragmented filesystems, the myth that you need to defrag first is so common that they put "Defragmentation is NOT required prior to  resizing  because  the program can  relocate  any  data  if  needed,  without  risking  data integrity." in bold in the ntfsresize man page.03:38
Jordan_UTiK: sudo grep menuentry /boot/grub/grub.cfg | grep -o '".*"'03:39
ayam_bakarxangua : nope03:39
progre55Jordan_U: well, never saw what =) but all the manuals I've ever read tell me to defragment =) and actually it never hurts.. it even helps up your windows =)03:39
WinstonSmithJordan_U, but i experienced it to be quicker if i dfragged 1st03:40
xanguaif it's not, then why don't you try a channel for your language ; at least I don't understand what do you want03:40
TiKJordan_U: heh that only shows memtest03:40
KE1HAMWesten:  This week, I installed UB-Desktop on a netbook with a BCM4312 WiFI NIC. After initial install, I selected the STA driver, loaded, rebooted and added my WPA, and it wored out fo the Box, however, the BC43XX does not. You amy want to try the STA driver.03:40
julian_how search the center of software in lubuntu 10.04???03:40
ayam_bakarxangua : i'm sorry03:40
Jordan_UWinstonSmith: It likely would be, as long as you don't count the time to defrag.03:40
WinstonSmithJordan_U, u got me there :)03:41
wedwoThe new partition is going to be allocated free space - unallocated blocks - and then start allocating them to the new file system. No amount of defragmenting will change the way the blocks are allocated03:41
WinstonSmithhi everybody. my server 8.04 wont reboot anymore. i give it a reboot or shutdown -r now and just nothing happens... i get the message that it will reboot but nothing03:41
hacksingwhat u need julian?03:41
ayam_bakarxangua : i'm from indonesia03:41
TiKJordan_U: thanks for the file though03:41
xangua!indonesia | ayam_bakar03:41
ubottuayam_bakar: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia03:41
julian_tank you hacksing03:41
julian_how search the center of software in lubuntu 10.04???03:41
MWestenKE1HA: Thanks, yeah I have it, in fact, its working, the problem is that I have a very slow connection, can you please help me to check if there's something wrong?03:41
brandomsacarlson: Well, that's for 9.10, but I'll give it a try. I think I read somewhere that after installing the backports in 10.04 that they only work until shutdown for some odd reason and then need to be reinstalled..03:42
julian_Idont know look03:42
ayam_bakarnobody people at ubuntu indo03:42
Jordan_UTiK: You're welcome, I guess I need to work on my grep foo :)03:42
ayam_bakaronly 2 people03:42
hacksingjulian: wait...03:42
julian_i not speak good english03:42
xangua!es | julian_03:43
ubottujulian_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:43
sacarlsonbrandom: reinstalled?  the packages?03:43
hacksingjulian: me too03:43
ayam_bakarme too03:43
KE1HAMWesten:  How to increase the speed I do no know. If you have good signal strength from your box to the wifi router, then the problem may be on the inet connection side.03:43
Tibmanhas anyone been able to install vlc 1.1.4?03:44
MWestenKE1HA is there some command to put in the terminal just to check if the driver is installed ok or if there's some issue?03:44
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
sacarlsonbrandom:  I also found this and also see that it is the same exact chip as my eeepc http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k03:45
ol_dude67anyone know of a tutorial for a belkin usb wireless adapter install?03:45
KE1HAMWesten:  if it's connecting and you getting an IP address the driver is working, else you would not get that far. You may try to ping the router (your gateway IP) then ping google or yahoo and compare the diffrences.03:46
sacarlsonbrandom:  it speaks that the kernels must be at least as new as 2.6.3203:46
=== marcuy_ is now known as marcuy
julian_gracias por su ayuda hacksing03:47
Tibmananyone using vlc 1.1.4 in here? <------------------------------------03:47
edbianIs there an easy way to write an app that won't allow the screensaver to go on?03:47
julian_tanks for your help me03:47
Cl1FFcan any1 give me ideas on how to disable the gnome panels and leaving just cairo dock at startup? Right now im choosin between a command to kill the panels or hiding them all the time. any other option??03:47
sacarlsonbrandom: I see I am now running 2.6.32-24-generic but not sure I upgraded.03:47
eightballhi help with dvd play back thanks03:48
MWestenKE1HA thanks! :D03:48
amzertechanyone knows of a good lightweight email client for gnome?03:48
edbianCl1FF, You could drop the other foot.  If you don't use the gnome panels you don't use a large part of gnome.  Why not get rid of it completely?  Try some other window manager.03:48
eightballi have lot of player still not working03:48
hacksingJulian_: I dont use Gnome I use Openbox but... I search how explain you03:48
KE1HAamzertech:  have a look at Sylpheed.03:49
Cl1FFedbian, thanx for the idea, can u recommend any good ones u may know?03:50
KE1HAamzertech:  http://sylpheed.sraoss.jp/en/03:50
Mqueuei'm having problems booting into Xsession with 10LTS can anyone help me please now booting with live CD03:50
julian_10.04 in normal ubuntu there is a separate software center and I can download software to the console but it has desktop lubuntu ldxe just can not find synaptic package manager03:50
edbianCl1FF, You should probably run compiz stand-alone (just google that term).  Since you'll need compositing for cairo-dock to look good and that's the only one that composits03:51
edbianjulian_, open a terminal.  Type "gksudo synaptic"03:51
Cl1FFedbian, thanx ill look it up03:51
edbianjulian_, Who cares where it is in the gui?  Create your own launcher.03:51
thune3Cl1FF: does deleting the panels work?03:51
edbianthune3, He was thinking about doing that.03:51
edbianthune3, he left03:52
brandomsacarlson: Yeah, that's what I was reading. I'll give it a shot. Do you like easypeasy?03:52
thune3edbian: ah, ok. i don't see joins/parts03:52
dougb_freebsdthune3: ping03:52
edbianthune3, mmm  yep he's gone03:52
hacksingJulian_: you used LXDE ?03:52
sacarlsonbrandom: I like that everything worked out of the box.  it is designed for the eeepc and it's small screen.03:53
dougb_freebsdI have a question about compiling things, what package(s) do I need to install?03:53
julian_to I can create my own launcher? at the time did not know he only commands sudo apt get instal03:53
edbianjulian_, yeah.  gksudo synaptic03:53
edbianjulian_, gksudo synaptic and sudo apt-get are both package managers.03:54
edbianjulian_, gksudo and sudo just make you root or course.03:54
brandomsacarlson: Ah. Do you know if there is any way to track down those packages to download before I boot into ubuntu? I don't have access an ethernet connection and, like I said, the wireless is useless.03:54
julian_a good03:54
hacksingtanks edbian03:55
edbianhacksing, sure?  Did I help you? :)03:55
julian_me this helpme03:55
hacksingI to I can create my own launcher? at the time did not know he only commands sudo apt get instal03:55
Tibmancan anyone recommend a good media program for 10.04?03:56
julian_Tanks edbian03:56
sacarlsonbrandom: just look for backport in synaptic you will see the newer ones that should work03:56
edbianYou can are confusing.  I'm glad I helped!03:56
edbianTibman, banshee.03:56
edbianTibman, elisa03:56
Tibmanthank you03:56
eightballi use kmplayer03:56
edbianTibman, Rhythmbox and Totem aren't doing it for ya?03:56
edbianTibman, This is of course the almighty Amaroke but that's KDE03:57
eightballhow to get totem to work ?03:57
WinstonSmithTibman, vlc rocks. no codec hell03:57
Tibmani keep getting missing plug in errors with those03:57
eightballsame here03:57
edbianTibman, Just install the codecs from the repos?03:57
edbianTibman, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:57
hacksingedbian, no tanks03:57
eightballi did that03:57
WinstonSmithTibman, VLC has nearly all plugins already builtin03:57
Tibmanwubstibsmith: do you know how to install vlc 1.1.4>03:57
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  for a good start, apt-get install build-essential03:58
eightballvlc does not work for me what am i doing wrong?03:58
brandomsacarlson: I have practically no useable internet in ubuntu as of now. I found it. Hopefully this will at least work well enough to allow me to download updates! Thanks!03:58
edbianhacksing, You're not making sense :(03:58
smweightball, the only thing I know vlc is missing is dvd decryption03:58
smweightball, (of course, that is another package)03:59
sacarlsonbrandom: can't you just wire in cat5 untill you get wifi working?03:59
smweightball, what happened?03:59
eightballhow to get dvd decrtption?03:59
nyuso... all my panels are gone and i cant figure out how to get them back03:59
brandomsacarlson: No, that's what I was saying. I don't have access to ethernet..03:59
eightballdoes not play03:59
smweightball, is that the problem you had?03:59
edbiannyu, alt + F203:59
edbiannyu, in that box type "gnome-panel&"03:59
eightballwith dvd03:59
sacarlsonbrandom: you can't aford a $1 ethernet cable?04:00
brandomsacarlson: No internet at home right now.04:00
nyuit says no such file or directory04:00
edbiansacarlson, Are you selling $1 ethernet cables?  HOw long are they?!?04:00
smweightball, I forget what it was called. Something like libdvdcss04:00
eightballwhat do i need to do to get it to work?04:00
edbiannyu, What does?  (Please begin your statements with my name like I'm doing for you)04:00
smweightball, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs04:00
sacarlsonedbian: I make them I have the tools cost about $1 if shorter than 1 meter04:01
nyuedbain: im running xfce if that matters04:01
smweightball, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Installing libdvdcss04:01
edbiansacarlson, Ahhh but you can't buy $1 worth.04:01
edbiannyu, That does!  Tremendously! :D04:01
brandomsacarlson: I'm at a coffee shop. I refuse to pay AT&T for slow dsl what I used to pay verizon fios for 15mbps! I didn't do my research before I moved into this apartment and my building is the only one with a contract with AT&T rather than Verizon.04:01
KE1HAeightball:  sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh04:01
sacarlsonedbian: connector 10 baht need 2 so that's 20 baht,  cable is 10 baht per meter  30baht total that's less that $104:02
nyuedbain: i figured as much04:02
eightballUnable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?04:02
hacksingedbian, Not that I just tried to help but I am happy that you have helped my04:02
hacksingEnglish is poor and still have much to learn =)04:02
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: thanks, that's going now04:02
seekwilledbian: http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=102&cp_id=10208&cs_id=1020804&p_id=2132&seq=1&format=204:02
edbiannyu, They're not gnome-panels!  try "lxpanel" in the alt+F2 box04:02
smweightball, 1. is it as root? 2. Is apt (or something) running?04:02
KE1HAeightball:  close the package manager or any other installs you have going on.04:02
nyuedbain: is there an xfce equivilent to the gnome panel command?04:03
xanguaxfce4-panel nyu04:03
sacarlsonedbian:  oh and that stuf is more expensive here than in USA.04:03
edbiansacarlson, I'm impressed04:03
edbiannyu, I'm looking it up.04:03
seekwillsacarlson: This is about 15 baht :)04:03
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  if you open he package manger, (when that's finished of course), you can select that package, and it will chow you the tools it installed.04:03
brandomsacarlson: So I just go to the coffee shop to use the internet and *sometimes* borrow from my neighbor. I feel guilty about that though, so I just drink a lot of coffee..04:03
nyuedbain: xangua got it04:03
edbiannyu, xfce4-panel04:04
edbianxangua, What is it?04:04
edbianxangua, Oh I see. Thanks04:04
eightballall ready have it installed now what?04:04
smweightball, restart and try to play the dvd04:04
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  allot of apps also call for kernel hears, which are installed most of the time, but you can ensure by doing: sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)04:05
nyuwonder why that happened...04:05
nyuoh well04:05
nyuthanks guys04:05
eightballrestart the computer?04:05
smweightball, "Rebooting may be necessary"04:05
smweightball, that is from the page I sent you04:05
eightballok restatr will be back to let you know04:06
eightballre start04:06
sinurgewhat does partial upgrade do04:06
smweightball, wait04:06
jijutmhow do capture webservices message transport from my ubuntu to another server04:06
smwoh well, lol04:06
jijutmid dont have source of the webservice client04:07
jijutmwill tcpdump do04:08
KE1HAsinurge:  more often than not, it means apt was stopped mis-stream or did not reset properly, and you need to kill it to restart another iupgrade or install session.04:08
jijutmor can i get someone to configure a proxy server04:08
brandomsacarlson: Thanks for your help! I am going to boot into ubuntu and install..04:08
Ruum_hey guys do you know any good repos for sun-java6-jdk?04:09
sacarlsonbrandom: ok good luck give me the good or bad news04:09
sacarlsonRuum_: might want to go to sun I guess.04:09
xangua!Java | Ruum_04:10
ubottuRuum_: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.04:10
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: I'm trying to build a pidgin plugin, so I need headers for (to start with) glib and libpurple .... is there an easy way to say "install the headers for libs that are already installed?04:10
mihaliscan anyone send me a private msg ...anything.I am just trying to learn wee-chat04:10
undecimhow can I, from the command line, mount or unmount a drive in the same way as if I had clicked it in nautilus?04:10
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  glbc shuold be in the build-essential, not used libpurple :-) need to look that one up.04:11
Callum_Laptopundecim: sudo umount <folder>04:11
eightballVLC cannot set the DVD's title. It possibly cannot decrypt the entire disc. help?04:11
Callum_Laptopeightball: do you have libdvdcss installed?04:11
dougb_freebsdglib, not glibc04:11
dougb_freebsdas in, glib the gtk component04:12
sacarlsonxangua: cool I didn't have that partner checked.  I just added it to my repos04:12
WinstonSmithCallum_Laptop, VLC has libdvdcss built in04:12
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  try libpurple-dev04:12
undecimCallum_Laptop: I suppose that would work for unmounting. I was hoping to do it without root privs, just like nautilus does. How do I mount it though, with the automatic label detection and mount in /media?04:12
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: oooohhh, clever!04:12
Callum_LaptopWinstonSmith: isn't it dynamically linked...?04:12
dougb_freebsdthat pulled in glib for sure, let me check if that's enough to do what I need04:13
WinstonSmithCallum_Laptop, not with VLC thats why i love it so. DVD and nearly all codecs right out of the box04:13
Callum_LaptopWinstonSmith: well, why isn't everything else statically linked, like libdvdnav...04:13
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  then the otherone I think is libgtk2.0-dev04:14
Callum_Laptopundecim: you can't do that, the X server actually runs under root, thats how its able to do some root-only things without permission04:14
eightballwhat do i need to do ?04:14
yocual el el server de ubuntu en español?04:14
WinstonSmithCallum_Laptop, libdvdnav?04:14
xangua!es | yo04:15
ubottuyo: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.04:15
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: ok, the purple-dev got me a lot further, but the gtk stuff was missing, so you read my mind :)04:15
Callum_LaptopWinstonSmith: yeah04:15
iuyiyiyui have a question, Is there a way to set your ping for a minimum  time?04:15
perlsyntaxAnyone get a soundbaster card to workin ubuntu?04:15
rpcesarhello. I am using the latest version of ubuntu and trying to create a seperate wine prefix without using playonlinux04:15
eightballhow to use wine ?04:16
undecimCallum_Laptop: Really? I thought that it dropped a lot of root privs with KMS. And I didn't think it was a function of root, but rather devicekit or in older versions hal. There used to be a command (devkit-disks --unmount, I think) in older versions for this, but that doesn't seem to be available in 10.0404:16
eightballhow to get dvd to play?04:16
rpcesarif i type wineprefixcreate, it tells me that i need to install 1.2, I currently have 1.3.1 build from them04:16
undecimCallum_Laptop: s/function of root/function of X/04:16
rpcesarif i do an apt get of 1.2 it will revert me, however, the command then still fails04:16
sacarlsonperlsyntax: it didn't work out of the box?  maybe try the backport alsa package I see in synaptic04:17
thune3rpcesar: you don't need wineprefix create anymore, you just export WINEPREFIX="whatever" and any following wine command will create the internals if they don't exist.04:17
perlsyntaxwhat you mean?04:17
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: thanks, that got me a lot farther along, but now i'm running into pkg-config errors (although I don't rule out that this is a problem of the sources I'm trying to compile)04:17
rpcesarhmmm, but I kinda tried that and it and it bailed stating that it didnt have the windows directory04:17
Callum_Laptopundecim: yeah, but the actual mounting/unmounting is a function that can only be performed by root, and the X server actually running as root (with the GUI account not being root) being why it can mount/umount things without permission04:18
dapenguinhello, can anyone answer any questions on ati cards?04:18
perlsyntaxsacarlson,What you mean backports?04:18
sacarlsonperlsyntax:  run synaptic and do a search for backport  you will see some with alsa the sound one04:18
Black_PhantomMac OS X is actually stable as Linux ?04:18
perlsyntaxi see04:18
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  have you installed pkg-config ?04:18
Callum_LaptopBlack_Phantom: A system is only as stable as its hardware and software =P04:19
sacarlsonperlsyntax: backports are upgrades that have been added to older kernels.04:19
dapenguindoes anyone have an ati hd 5000 card and run Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10?04:19
rpcesari created the directory for the wine prefix i wanted in my home directory, and then went and set it as my wine prefix doing "env WINEPREFIX=~/myprefix winedbg pathtomyinstaller"04:19
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: yes, that seems to have come in with the build-essential package, but it can't find the pidgin.pc file04:19
rpcesarit bailed in that stating i did not have a windows directory, so it was not a valid wine prefix04:19
Callum_LaptopBlack_Phantom: how can we tell whether Mac OS X is as stable as Linux when a good portion of it is closed source...04:19
eightballhow to get dvd to play?04:19
r1pp3rm4yahello all04:19
rpcesareightball: insert a dvd into your cd tray04:20
perlsyntaxsacarlson,So that will help me but i need thesame kernel number?04:20
undecimCallum_Laptop: Are you sure? Because I've done this before in the past, it just doesn't work with this version of Ubuntu. From what I understand, X should no longer have to run as root (even though it still does) because the graphics card was the last hurdle, and KMS keeps X from dealing with that. So it this going to be a problem too before someone writes something to replace devicekit, which replaced hal?04:20
perlsyntaxsacarlson,Plan to use ubuntu 10.04.104:20
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  apt-get install pidgin-dev04:20
sacarlsonperlsyntax: if you go for the meta package it will auto select the needed kernel version you need04:20
dapenguincan anyone answer me if you have a hd 5000 card?04:20
undecimCallum_Laptop: Do you maybe have a link with information on this? I couldn't find anything in the Ubuntu release notes about dropping devicekit or the mounting of external media04:21
perlsyntaxthat sould help then?04:21
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: w00t!04:21
rpcesaranother thing. i want to have a wine prefix without calling an installer (I want to copy the files straight from windows for a CS4 integration)04:21
Callum_Laptophmmm, I need to research that more, undecim...04:21
xangua!anyone | undecim04:21
ubottuundecim: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:21
eightballhav op dvd with04:21
eightballwhat program ?04:21
eightballi try al not working04:21
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: thanks, you rock :)  I am going to go install this now, bbias04:21
dapenguineightball, u having problems playing dvds?04:21
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  Gud Luck :-)04:21
dapenguinuse vlc or mplayer04:22
rpcesarI use mplayer04:22
eightballi have vlc not working04:22
=== DoC_M is now known as DrManhattan
sacarlsoneightball: this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats04:22
dapenguineightball: what happens then?  exactly... do you get a msg?04:22
Callum_Laptopundecim: last I checked DeviceKit or HAL can't actually mount filesystems =P04:22
dapenguindoes anyone own or use ati cards in their ubuntu system?04:23
* Callum_Laptop waves at dapenguin04:23
amzertechHAL?!   there's no more HAL04:23
undecimCallum_Laptop: Then what exactly does Devicekit do? And how was I able to use devicekit-disks --mount in the past?04:23
dapenguinCallum__Laptop:  which one, if you don't mind me asking?04:23
Callum_Laptopdapenguin: X300s and X600s04:23
eightballnow what?04:23
dapenguinhow is the X300?04:24
Callum_Laptopundecim: DeviceKit sends signals to programs about hardware being inserted/removed =P04:24
dapenguineightball:  what happened?04:24
r1pp3rm4yahello all04:24
undecimCallum_Laptop: So how can I get the same functionality as I had in the past with devicekit-disks?04:25
eightballvlc not playing but load?04:25
eightballkmplayer same04:25
grodii3kapt-get install phpmyadmin -> doesn't let me browse /phpmyadmin in my browser - is there an association that I need to fix? I have already restarted my server...04:25
dapenguinyou need the 'restricted codecs' repo ... and have the required codecs packages installed, eightball04:25
undecimCallum_Laptop: Installing the package of the same name gives me "No candidate version found for devicekit-disks"04:25
eightballnot sure how to do that ?04:25
Callum_Laptopwasn't devicekit-disks renamed to udisks?04:26
dapenguineightball:  did you check the link sacarlson gave you?04:26
sacarlsongrodii3k: are you local on your phpmyadmin?04:26
KE1HAeightball:  sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:26
undecimCallum_Laptop: That's it! udisks --mount04:26
undecimCallum_Laptop: tyvm04:26
eightballsorry close that to early04:26
Callum_Laptopundecim: uhh, what did I do? lol04:27
philHey, I'm looking for some help04:27
dapenguineightball:  check this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats04:27
grodii3ksacarlson: no, SSH'd04:27
dougb_freebsdKE1HA: thanks again, it's working :)04:27
eightballke1ha got that04:27
dapenguineightball:  do you know how to check your sources.lst?04:27
undecimCallum_Laptop: devicekit-disks was renamed to udisks04:27
sacarlsongrodii3k: I think by default the security will only allow you access from the local machine04:27
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  well done :-)04:27
bastid_raZoreightball: install 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' package.04:28
eightballstill a bit new at ubuntu04:28
grodii3ksacarlson: I know theres a way to re-associate, but i can't remember what it is :s04:28
bastid_raZoreightball: or are you using kubunut?04:28
=== spatz is now known as Guest67236
eightballubuntu-restricted-extras is already the newest version04:28
perlsyntaxwhere can i download the ubuntu dvd04:28
Jordan_UCallum_Laptop: For future reference, the ability to mount filesystems is not because X is running as root but because policykit is.04:29
sacarlsongrodii3k: I guess you could vnc into it and open up the restricted access.  I'm only used to access over my browser04:29
bastid_raZor!medibuntu | eightball04:29
ubottueightball: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:29
perlsyntaxi found it04:29
Callum_LaptopJordan_U: well, yeah, I kinda meant that but I forgot the name of the system that actually did that04:29
p_resperlsyntax: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/lucid/release/04:29
dapenguineightball:  yeah, you will want the medibuntu repo04:30
* Callum_Laptop drills PolicyKit into his head04:30
dougb_freebsdis ubuntu-restricted-extras a package that adds new "Software Sources" to the software center app?04:30
dapenguindoes anyone use an ati hd 5000 card, here?04:30
bastid_raZordougb_freebsd: no.04:30
perlsyntaxi thought there was one on ubuntu 10.04.1?04:31
eightballhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu copy the command section ?04:31
p_resperlsyntax: google it and see.04:31
philis that an older card or newer card?04:31
p_resperlsyntax: there's cd images for
dapenguinphil: it's a newer card04:31
dapenguincode name of the series is evergreen... like hd 577004:32
philBecause ATI has only made linux drivers (to use the card and support it) for the last 5 years04:32
perlsyntaxi need  dvd04:32
grodii3kscarlson - I'm using SSH in my remote server. in that, i did an apt-get install phpmyadmin, then tried xx.com/phpmyadmin - this didn't work.  I am trying to access via browser, remotly04:32
philThey could give you proprietary drivers from the web site04:32
dougb_freebsdah, ok, I have the url now04:32
dapenguinphil: but, apparently, they are not working well for some people04:32
amzertecheveryone who's using chromium would you go to google.com and search for "maps"  and see if that crashes that tab?   thank you04:32
dapenguinphil: so, I hoped to find some people here who have one in their machine04:33
philOh, I see04:33
dapenguinphil:  I want to upgrade my current card although it's a nvidia04:33
amzertechthis started happening to my browser last couple days04:33
dapenguinphil: I prefer an ati linux friendly card but the support is iffy?04:33
philWell, i wouldn't know about newer gen cards04:33
philI have an old, not supported graphics *chip* from ATI04:34
p_resperlsyntax: there doesn't seem to be a dvd release for the .1 inclusion. Just d/load the 10.04 release and update to latest.04:34
=== m[] is now known as amidelalune
philbut i've heard04:34
philthat all of their newer cards have been very well supported04:34
eightballok test dvd again04:34
philand even on my friend's machine, he got it running really well on 10.0404:34
dapenguinphil: oh, i do too...but, it's not in a computer right now... lol ...ati x300se04:34
cozziemotophil,  yes I believe most of the newer cards are supported04:35
eightballVLC cannot set the DVD's title. It possibly cannot decrypt the entire disc.04:35
philWow, i have a Rage 128 pro04:35
philfrom windows 95 era :)04:35
p_resamzertech: working here with Chromium and Google Maps.04:35
dapenguinoh, that's old :)04:35
eightballbut screen went lager on vlc do i need to restart?04:35
perlsyntaxsacarlson,If i do the backports my soundbaster should work then?04:35
philWhy yes, it IS quite old04:36
phili can't even enable compiz o_o04:36
KE1HAperlsyntax:  I dont think there's a Lucid 10.04.1 DVD, or at least I can't find one in releases.04:36
dougb_freebsdthe iso for the cd I burned said 10.4, but when I boot it says 10.4.1 everywhere04:37
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  tiz true, 10.04.1 is the point release.04:37
dougb_freebsd... which reminds me, I need to d/l the amd64 version04:38
philI think you would be fine to go with an ATI card,04:38
p_resperlsyntax: there's a thread on the forums and some mirrors have .1 DVD release. See here... http://bit.ly/bJQ9Lj04:38
philespecially if it is the very newest04:38
jijutmwhere do i get the 32 bit eclipse04:38
KE1HAdougb_freebsd:  use zsync does MD5 check for you.04:38
dapenguinphil: well, I am scared to buy one ... cuz I am a videophile :)04:39
greezmunkeyHere's a good mirror of ubuntu releases: http://www.google.com/advanced_search?hl=en&output=linux&restrict=linux04:40
KE1HAp_res:  those are 10.04.0 not the point release, but would be close.04:40
philNo need, from my experience, ATI has taken their newest cards very seriously04:40
philand any bugs that were there at launch have all been ironed out04:41
p_resKE1HA: sorry, I didn't check any of them. UbuntuForums.org members were posting the links.04:41
eightballhi back got the dvd to work in movie player hw to get to wotk in clv?04:41
p_resperlsyntax: just do as suggested. Download .04 release and just aptitude full-upgrade.04:42
KE1HAp_res:  most of those are the Apr-2010 releases, lots fo changes between there and the point releases.04:42
eightballand thanks all for the help04:42
p_resKE1HA: Like I said, I never checked any links or dates.04:42
NBrepresentHi, I just installed ubuntu and as part of the installation process, the installer said that it could transfer files from my windows partition04:42
philNow, do you have a 64 bit system ?04:43
p_resNBrepresent: yeah... and...04:43
philOr do you use 32 bit?04:43
NBrepresentThe documents and pictures etc. are not in my home folder, where should i look for them?04:43
dapenguinphil:  who?  me?04:43
greezmunkeySorry, I just realized I posted the wrong link! This one is correct: http://mirrors.cat.pdx.edu/ubuntu-releases/04:43
philyou ;D04:43
dapenguinI'm going to re-install ubuntu... I'm using an older ver. but I am doing a new compu. build so ... :)04:44
eightballok where to get help on mounting sims 3 and installing it on wine?04:44
eightballok pay on linux?04:44
dapenguinphil:  probably 64-bit since I have 4GB of RAM :)04:44
p_resNBrepresent: dunno. I don't use Windows or that function of the installer. I just know about it.04:44
KE1HANBrepresent:  have a read of this, may help you some: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwitchingToUbuntu/FromWindows/TransferringFilesAndSettings04:44
phildapenguin: yeah, that only makes sense XD Well, all driver support for 64 bit products is shaky04:45
elitexrayDoes anyone know how to bring back the email/chat/tweet icon onto the panel?04:45
dapenguineightball: I think you should read on the restricted formats... the codecs are a sticky thing... :)  but, then sometimes video drivers are an issue :)04:45
NBrepresentKE1HA: yeah, i saw that, but that's for manually transferring things over04:45
p_resNBrepresent: did you actually transfer the files?04:45
dapenguinphil:  but, I'll also use Virtualbox so I'll have 32-bit guests although I might have a partition of a real 32-bit install too... so, i can test and compare :)04:46
NBrepresentp_res: I thought the installer was going to transfer the directories from my windows partition... that's what it said it was going to do.04:46
dapenguinphil:  yeah, the flash thing with 64-bit among other things... i thought that had progressed but not sure what the current state is04:46
NBrepresentBut since I don't see them in my home dir, maybe it didn't.04:46
p_resNBrepresent: yeah but don't you have to tick the checkbox for it to do so?04:47
KE1HANBrepresent:  Which ISO are you using for the installation ?04:47
dapenguinI guess I'm asking support questions before I run into trouble lol04:47
macodapenguin: there was a flash 10 64bit beta. adobe killed it04:47
phildapengun: I'm really surprised, actually, because 64 bit has been around for years; but then again, so has linux...04:47
dapenguinmaco: really?!?04:47
NBrepresentI did tick the checkbox for documents and pictures.04:47
macodapenguin: yes04:47
NBrepresentKE1HA: How can I tell you which ISO i used to install?04:47
dapenguinmaco:  so, does it not work or it's just stuck at the beta state before it was killed?04:47
p_resdapenguin: just use 32bit flash, there's absolutely no problems with it. Probably why Adobe killed off the 64bit project.04:47
NBrepresentit would be whatever is most current and the default download at ubuntu.com04:48
phildapenguin: Flash has actually dropped linux support with 64 bit04:48
NBrepresenti just downloaded it yesterday04:48
phildapenguin: Adobe doesn't like us04:48
dapenguinp_res:  32-bit flash which can run on 64-bit os, correct?04:48
macodapenguin: it works, but a major security fix was released a few weeks after they killed it off, and of course the 64bit version doesnt have that security fix04:48
KE1HANBrepresent:  Ok, TNX04:48
p_resdapenguin: yep.04:48
dapenguini see04:48
eightballok got the dvd to work in vlc thanks all for the help04:48
dapenguinmay I inquire that adobe is in mikeysoft's pocket?04:48
p_resdapenguin: No dramas with it here on both Firefox and Chromium.04:48
eightballok where to get help on mounting sims 3 and installing it on wine?04:49
smil3yim not aware of flash 64 bit even for windows, is there?04:49
dapenguinp_res:  I use firefox most of the time but i run chrome from time to time04:49
philsmil3y: my Dad has windows 7 64bit and he has 64 bit flash04:49
philsmil3y: it IS there for windows04:49
eightballfirefox main chrome opera apple04:49
dapenguinit's weird ... 64-bit processors but flash doesn't want to pursue 64-bit flash?04:50
smil3yphil>  ah, ok i thought they were in the same boat04:50
dapenguinyeah, apple and mikeysoft... that's where adobe likes to sit?04:50
p_resdapenguin: then you'll have no dramas with either of them.04:50
phildapenguin: 1) Adobe and Apple are sworn rivals ;) 2) 64 bit flash is available for windows04:50
CHaodziphow to open desktop in full console04:50
philOpera is my main browser; has been since opera 9 ;)04:51
eightballhow to auto load a hadr drive on to the desk top like when you go to places it loads?04:51
dapenguinphil:  well, adobe like mikeysoft more than linux, we know that ;)04:51
dapenguinanyway, i have used 64-bit linux usually and haven't had flash problems too often... i know there's a need for the 32-bit libs and all that ;)04:52
phildapenguin: Of course, because mikeysoft still caters to the wishes of Adobe ;) Apple said "screw you"04:52
wick94guys wts the official ubuntu 10.10 channel?04:52
Jordan_Uwick94: #ubuntu+104:52
philI'm not quite in that boat yet04:53
Jordan_Uwick94: You're welcome.04:53
philXD I don't need 64 bit for 512mb of pc133 RAM :P04:53
dapenguinphil:  ah... i hear ya... :)04:53
IdleOneMicrosoft, you both mean Microsoft. spelling it wrong does not display your leetness04:53
dapenguinwell, the laptop I'm on has 2gb but only a centrino m cpu04:53
macodapenguin: um, centrino isnt a cpu04:54
dapenguinIdleOne:  it doesn't?04:54
dapenguinbut, I had other clever names, too... :-/04:54
philMy dad has dual core and lords it over me04:54
macodapenguin: centrino means "intel's current cpu, gpu, and chipset", whatever that happens to be at the time (i think its those 3... i know its a set of 3 things, only 1 of which is the cpu)04:54
dapenguinphil: always good to have at least 1 dual core machine at your disposal :)04:55
dapenguinmaco: oh... well, it's for a thinkpad t4104:55
CaleIs there a better way than uninstalling PulseAudio to control the volume of my headphones separately from my speakers? (Also, my mic isn't working)04:55
philOf course; because he does things that (although would require half the resources on linux..) take up all his resources04:55
macodapenguin: cat /proc/cpuinfo   <-- thats how you find out what your cpu is04:56
PeterFAIs using Ubuntu greater than 10.04 recommended?04:56
macodapenguin: i have a 4 year old "centrino" machine, which means it has a core duo04:56
dapenguinmaco: or i could google? :)04:56
dapenguinI'm on xp right now... actually...04:56
philPeterFA: No, anything higher than 10.04 is highly unstable.04:56
eightballhad windows 7 but hard drive is going bad ubuntu work fine n it04:57
philPeterFA: They are just tests and stuff to show what the next one will be like04:57
PeterFAphil, ok. I'm trying to solve my sound problem. I believe people with my sound card cannot get sound with Ubuntu.04:57
dapenguinoh, yeah, i meant pentium m cpu... oops04:57
Caleah, whatever, I'll just remove PA yet again04:57
dapenguinI hope 10.10 and ati evergreen cards play nice... i don't know if i should get such a card or stay with nvidia04:58
KE1HAdapenguin:  centrino is intel's mobile technology, wifi and wimax. the cpu is probabbly a Pentium-m.04:58
phildapenguin: Wow, that's old... my mom's (and dad's old) laptop (Dell Latitude D600) Uses those04:58
dapenguinKE1HA:  yeah, you're right04:58
dapenguinphil:  I know :)04:58
osirisany ekiga users here ?04:58
dapenguinphil:  but, my p45 machine will be built soon... i just need to get my q6600 cpu back :)04:58
eightballwhat work is easy and work better in linux nvidia or amd/ati?04:59
phildapenguin: wow :o I want a powerfull machine myself ;)04:59
dapenguineightball:  don't ask me... trying to get perspective on this but the group is quiet :)04:59
philnvidia is always easier to use in linux04:59
philNvidia has always been supported out of the box04:59
phil(as far as i can remember)04:59
dapenguini want to go with the linux friendly side but the support is usually lacking for ati05:00
valbacaeightball, intel is good for non-gaming boxes, just my $.0205:00
philBut not for most of the Newer ATI cards05:00
wenguangi came from china05:00
dapenguinphil:  true but you have to usually install manually... it's a major task to install the latest nvidia driver, usually05:00
dapenguinhowever, I've done it more than a few times ;-)05:00
KE1HAvalbaca:  my Intel QX9770 would disagree with that :-)05:00
vishwajeetcan you tell me how to connect my computer with ubuntu with the internet05:01
valbacaKE1HA, sorry to hear that05:01
dapenguinphil: my machine won't be powerful compared to the new machines out nowadays but it's good enough for me once i get it built ;)05:01
=== Omni|AFK is now known as Omnifarious
valbacavishwajeet, dsl, dial-up, wireless, cable?05:01
eightballcan you help he pick out an nvidia card that can be use a PVR =personal Video recorder ? and can play games like star craft 2?05:02
sinurgevishwajeet, which isp do u have05:02
phildapenguin: Yeah, but honestly, most of these machines are unnecessary horsepower :) Like, who needs 16 gb ram and 8 1gb dedicated graphics cards o_e05:02
KE1HAvalbaca:  no need to be, it smokes all my AMD-9X cpus' :-)05:02
valbacaKE1HA, oh I was talking graphics cards, i ONLY use intel (sry, offtopic)05:03
dapenguinphil:  right... and I can only afford 1 1gb graphics card ...lol05:03
vishwajeetI guess it is dsl05:03
dougb_freebsdis there any way to stop my "wi-fi connected" light on my laptop from blinking whenever I get traffic on that link?05:03
vishwajeetbut I have connected it with the cable05:03
KE1HAvalbaca:  :-) Yeah, we;ll get busted if we don't get back On-topics.05:04
philI gtg, ppl]05:04
philI'll  see you all later :P05:04
philbye :)05:04
philFOSS4EVER XD05:04
vishwajeetvalbaca it is dsl05:04
blockheadHey, anyone know the code after I installed Wine for using ConvertXToDVD05:05
blockheadI haven't installed ConvertXToDVD as it seems it won't05:05
sinurgevishwajeet, ask ur provider am sure he has a install manual or link to help u connect to the internet05:05
valbacavishwajeet, if it doesn't "just work" try going to
valbacathis is usually the settings for your dsl box05:05
vishwajeetIt is comcast service provider in this location, I just got this server today and am trying05:06
vishwajeetbut I do not know much about it05:06
smil3yvishwajeet>  should be pretty straightforward.  connect ethernet cable to rear of dsl modem, connect other end of ethernet cable to your ethernet port on computer.  restart computer and modem, done.05:07
SnakDocwhat do i need to look up in order to manage multi users on multi machines? looking for something simular to active directory.05:07
vishwajeetI am trying05:07
valbacavishwajeet, one thing that worked with talking to my ISP to get my dsl initially setup was telling phone support that I was using a Mac (they didn't know what Linux was) and they walked me out05:08
ipv5hey guys, quick question: does the ubuntu installer work well with fakeraid? specifically the intel matrix storage manager in an x58/ich10r board like the asus rampage III gene?05:08
valbacawalked me through it*05:08
ipv5i'm considering getting a couple of ssd to put in raid 0...05:09
smil3yvishwajeet>  give the following commands in a terminal, ifconfig eth0 down05:09
smil3yvishwajeet> ifconfig eth0 up05:09
smil3yvishwajeet>  post output here05:10
=== Omnifarious is now known as Omni|AFK
valbacawoops, nvm that05:10
valbaca!dsl | vishwajeet05:10
ubottuvishwajeet: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE05:10
SgtSlyNew to Ubuntu and I have kind of a stupid basic navigation related question, but couldn't find out the answer through the support page.05:11
macoSgtSly: ask it05:11
zoskyhey yall05:11
smil3yvalbaca>  thats not what he has, its straight dsl, no login05:11
SgtSlyI installed the desktop version on a net book05:12
KE1HAipv5:  Trim is not well supported yet for SSD's, they work, don't think you'll be seeing full benefit of SSD fer a while.05:12
SgtSlyNow I am having problems seeing a whole window on the small screen.05:12
rwwSgtSly: hold down the Alt key, drag the window05:12
macoSgtSly: alt+click&drag can move a window05:12
SgtSlyThere yo0u go thanks.05:12
valbacasmil3y, sorry, I didn't see where vishwajeet said that.05:12
KE1HAipv5:  You'd probably be better off with a couple of Raptors or similar high speed SATA's, at least fer the time being.05:13
zoskyhow to get my camera files via CL ? can get them from dolphin with the URL 'camera:/USB PTP Class Camera@usb:/' but i need to get to them from a bash script05:13
valbacalinux 2.6.33 has full trim support for ssd -> maverick will have it05:13
KE1HAvalbaca:  trim is not fully supported in the Kernel. Didn't say SSD's were not supported at all.05:14
smil3yvishwajeet>  did any of that work?05:15
eightballwhat about usb 3.0  ??05:15
ipv5KE1HA: valbaca: so as of 10.10 will I get trim (and i guess more to the point good performance overall) out of an SSD raid 0 on an intel matrix fakeraid?05:16
Jordan_Uipv5: Unless you have to dual boot with windows I'd avoid fakeraid.05:16
ipv5Jordan_U: yeah, ordinarily i would do software raid, but a lot of the point of the fancy ssds is for gaming under (ugh) windows05:16
KE1HAeightball:  don't quote me on this, but I thought USB-3 was supported in something like
KE1HA30 / 3105:17
valbacaipv5, yes. trim support started in 2.6.28; FULL trim support was completed in 2.6.33. I'm using lucid with my ssd and it's screaming fast05:17
eightballwhat size of ssd do you have or need  for ubuntu?05:18
ipv5valbaca: sweet. maybe this is a silly question, but is trim unaffected by raid striping?05:18
ipv5eightball: i was considering getting a pair of 64GB ssds for a raid005:19
camjackIm having some trouble with my ubuntu installation. Usually when you run the install menu from the live cd, it give you the choice to create a ubuntu partition from the free space of your windows partition, the result being the ability to dual boot both windows and ubuntu. However as of right now the live CD's installation menu only gives me the option to erase the entire windows partition and replace it with Ubuntu. Any thoughts?05:19
scott---ah, /list ubuntu wasn't the brighest idea I've ever had05:19
brandon420anyone here know how to run a shoutcast type thing?   how to dj to a server, and then have it streamed to others05:19
valbacaipv5, (no dumb questions) I would think it would HELP with trimming05:19
Jordan_Ucamjack: Could you post a screenshot?05:19
Jordan_U!screenshot | camjack05:19
ubottucamjack: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://tinyurl.com/imagebin and post a link to it.05:19
KE1HAvalbaca:  and that's a patched kernel right?05:19
ipv5eightball: but i was only going to use maybe 20GB for the ubuntu side05:20
madf0xcamjack manual partition then?05:20
brandon420anyone know how to stream music to a shoutcast server?05:20
IdleOneis it possible to create a shortcut to a dir? what I want to do is be able to cd Desktop/some-dir with the command "cd desk-dir "05:20
camjackmadF0x, you mean like use EASEUS or equivalent to create another partition to install ubuntu on?05:21
valbacaKE1HA, I'm using the stock kernel. i haven't noticed any decrease in speed and I figure my laptop will die before i wear out the ssd05:21
ipv5valbaca: that's interesting. i guess i had envisioned its understanding of the physical layout being hampered by having contingent-appearing blocks on separate devices. glad to hear it's not an issue05:21
zambzhey guys, what's the best irc client for ubuntu? similar to mIRC on Windows?05:21
valbacaeightball, I'm using a 50GB and I'm only using 21% of it (I keep music on my external hd)05:21
eightballipv5 i might invest in ssd be need an idea what size and the cost is a isue05:21
zambzi'm using xchat atm, anything better05:21
KE1HAvalbaca:  fare enough. mute point if you happy with it.05:21
eightballchatzilla firefox add on05:22
zoskyso i take it no1 has a clue what to do with my camera ATM ?05:22
dapenguinzambz:  XChat?05:22
dapenguinI'm on mIRC now05:22
ipv5chatzilla here05:22
camjackubottu, I cant upload a screen shot right now because I booted back to windows after the partition tool failed05:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:22
brandon420xchat herr05:22
zambzthanks, will try chatzilla too05:22
eightballchatzilla here05:22
Jordan_UIdleOne: Does it have to be cd or would you be OK creating a new "cd_desk_dir" command?05:22
zambzcool :) is there a way to save favourite channels in xchat?05:22
zambzlike mirc?05:22
IdleOneJordan_U: that is fine, actually probably better05:23
nocturnusi can't install ubuntu with unetbootin on a 150G usb drive, help me05:23
brandon420you can use scripts05:23
dapenguinwhat does chatzilla need?05:23
madf0xwell it probably helps that I doubt 150 usb drives exist05:23
IdleOneJordan_U: I just have no idea where I would put this "new command"05:23
IdleOnerather define it05:23
eightballi use it with firefox not sure how to use it by it self05:23
valbacanocturnus, I think unetbootin needs FAT32 and FAT32's max hd size is 32GB05:24
xanguadapenguin: firefox¿05:24
nocturnusvalbaca: the partition was 10G though05:24
nocturnusvalbaca: are you telling me there's no way to install linux on a 150G drive with unetbootin?05:24
lingmoulti just installed freenx via this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX - however the guide says unknown job freenx-server when i try and start it via `service freenx-server start` or `start freenx-server` (it's an upstart job) - any ideas?05:24
=== Omni|AFK is now known as Omnifarious
camjackIm having some trouble with my ubuntu installation. Usually when you run the install menu from the live cd, it give you the choice to create a ubuntu partition from the free space of your windows partition, the result being the ability to dual boot both windows and ubuntu. However as of right now the live CD's installation menu only gives me the option to erase the entire windows partition and replace it with Ubuntu. Any thoughts?05:25
Jordan_UIdleOne: In ~/.bashrc you would add something like: alias cd_desk_dir="cd ~/Desktop/desk-dir"05:25
zambzcamjack, did you download the DVD or CD?05:25
valbacanocturnus, no, just figuring things out. have you checked the checksum of the iso unetbootin is using?05:25
IdleOneJordan_U: Thank you :)05:25
Jordan_UIdleOne: You05:25
zambzthe DVD doesn't have an install option to install "inside" windows05:25
eightballok SeaMonkey05:25
Jordan_UIdleOne: ... You're welcome :)05:25
zambzyou need the CD version mate, the 650 MB one05:25
zambze.g. ubuntu-10.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso05:26
nocturnusvalbaca: no?05:26
nocturnusvalbaca: its not even being recognized as a boto device05:26
nocturnusdoes it need a boot flag from the partition manager05:26
valbacanocturnus, yes05:27
ipv5camjack: is your partition full and/or fragmented?05:27
lingmoultnote that service --status-all does list freenx-server05:27
eightballgoing to bed thanks all for the dvd play back help05:28
nocturnusvalbaca: are you sure unetbootin requires fat3205:28
camjack I just defragmented the drive, at another suggestion. didnt accomplish anything05:28
camjackthe drive isnt near full,05:28
vishwajeetany one could tell me how to write the http proxy information05:28
sacarlsoncamjack: I guess you are forced to repartition resize manually.  gparted can do this but anytime you do this type of operation there can be danger in loses so make sure you backup your personal files first.05:28
ipv5camjack: if the installer won't give you the dual-boot option you could try using gparted manually to resize the partition and add in the new ones you want05:29
ipv5ha, yeah i'm too slow; what sacarlson said ;-)O05:29
valbacanocturnus, I'm mostly sure. looking right now05:29
camjackipv5, Im gonna try that now and if doesnt work I'll be back.05:30
sacarlsoncamjack:  partitionmagic is another option that can be run from the windows side.  again it can still be a danger of losses05:30
camjackthanks again to everyone for all the help.05:30
wick94camjack thts wt the community is for ;)05:31
valbacanocturnus, found it: http://tinyurl.com/unetbootin-fat3205:31
=== bullgard_ is now known as bullgard4
IdleOneJordan_U: thanks for the reminder. I added my alias and also noticed I had already created a few other aliases. :)05:32
nocturnusvalbaca: where does it say fat32 won't work on drives larger than 150G for unetbootin purposes05:32
valbacanocturnus, it shouldn't. that's stumping me too.05:33
nocturnusit doesn't say anywhere, so what do you mean 'it shouldn't05:33
happysamhey everyone, i'm having trouble with the trackpad on my dell1525. It seems there is a slight delay in the actual click after tapping it. Any fixes?05:33
valbacanocturnus, sorry, i meant to say: it shouldn't not work (it should work! lol)05:34
WinstonSmithnocturnus, isnt 150 G enough for your purpose?05:34
nocturnusWinstonSmith: that's not the problem05:36
nocturnusWinstonSmith: please pay attention05:36
grayatroxHithere, I'm trying to install Ubuntu for the first time, but the installer doesn't seem to detect my Windows Install. How do do I set up the partitions properly?05:36
melon@graytrox: try using Wubi05:37
shcherbakdoes win using whole hd?05:37
madf0xgrayatrox specify partitions manually, cause it should still see the partition anyways05:37
grayatroxWubi tries to download the ISO again, but I do not have broadband05:37
WinstonSmithnocturnus, sry didnt read that :(05:37
madf0xI can walk ya through it05:38
nocturnusWinstonSmith: unetbootin is supposed to not work with >32G partitions because it requires fat3205:38
grayatroxmadf0x, That's what I'm asking, last time I tried, It installed, but it didn't boot05:38
nocturnussomeone in #archlinux tells me it doesn't require that, and he says it works on ext205:38
melonmake sure the iso and wubi are in the same folder and they are the same versions (wubi 10.4 should have ubuntu 10.4)05:38
vishwajeetCan you tell how to write http proxy information?05:38
WinstonSmithnocturnus, Fat32 can do much bigger partitions then 32 gigs05:38
greezmunkeyhappysam: you could look in gconf-editor, desktop/gnome/accessibility/mouse (or some such) see if that gives you something useful.05:39
grayatroxI had the ubuntu disk sent in the mail. Will I have to make an iso of that disk?05:39
KE1HAnocturnus:  8TB if I remember correctly, been a while though.05:39
melonyou can via IMGBURN (freeware) on windows05:39
WinstonSmithnocturnus, 2-16 TB05:39
WinstonSmithdepends on cluster size05:39
yowshianyone able to help me suss out an audio issue?05:39
yowshithe issue being it dont want to work05:40
greezmunkeyhappysam: you are responsible for any damage to your system, check what the widgets do first. You have been warned.05:40
greezmunkey!pm > happysam05:40
ubottuhappysam, please see my private message05:40
madf0xyowshi did you download the codecs? What part of "audio" wont work?05:40
grayatroxOk, thanks madf0x05:41
yowshimadf0x: i am pretty sure i have the codecs installed but nothing can seem to make any sound05:42
melonAnyway, could someone tell me that when I try to run "screenlets-manger" in the terminal it gives me a "import pygtk not found" error when pygtk is installed?05:42
Mathuinmelon: have you tried reinstalling python-gtk2 ?05:43
mintuxI have two wired connection but one of them connected automatically that I don't want . how can I set default wired connection to connect ?05:44
nocturnusdoes fat32 have the 'boot' boot flag ?05:44
MathuinThe applet that switches users and shuts down has disappeared, and I can't see which applet it was to bring it back.05:45
KE1HAnocturnus:  if you set it in your partition program it will. All you want to know, and more about FAT32: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File_Allocation_Table05:45
melonMathuin: Yes via Synaptic Package Manger and still same error05:45
Mathuinmelon: huh.  It went away when I deinstalled, rebooted, and reinstalled.05:46
melonMathuin: hmm I will try that process in that order05:46
Mathuindeinstall screenlets first.05:46
nocturnusKE1HA:  .. yeah?05:47
dougb_freebsdhmmm, that reminds me of a question ... has anyone here ever used gparted to create a large (100GB or so) fat32 primary partition, then installed windows XP into it?05:47
madf0xNo but if youre comfortable with partitioning then you can't harm much by trying05:48
neurodamageI have a completely messed up system is there a way to just trim the thing down as far as packages  go, ie. delete everyting save what it's initial installation of ubuntu-server was05:48
greezmunkeydougb_freebsd: sounds like a recipe for disaster, or at least a reconfig!05:48
dougb_freebsdwhy disaster?05:48
dougb_freebsd(I'm going to start with a clean disk, btw)05:48
greezmunkeydougb_freebsd: why not use ntfs?05:49
madf0xESPECIALLY try it if you got a clean disk! then you really cant harm anything :)05:49
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: my memory is not too good but I think fat32 can only work up to about 32gig  with max 4gig file size05:49
melonMathuin: noted05:49
greezmunkeysacarlson: ;)05:49
WinstonSmithdougb_freebsd, i have installed XP on 80 GB drives w/ Fat3205:49
KE1HAnocturnus:  when you use fdisk, gparted or whatever disk partitioner, you can set the boot flag on any given partition. You usually see the little "*" by it if it's set to boot.05:50
WinstonSmithbut not formatted with parted05:50
dougb_freebsdgreezmunkey: I need a large fat32 partition to hold data that I share b/t windows and unices ... right now I have a windows primary partition, 2 freebsds, an extended partition with ubuntu and my fat32 data disk05:50
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!05:50
dougb_freebsdI'd like to combine the windows and data partitions05:50
MathuinOooh, solved my own issue.  'indicator-me' was gone somehow.05:50
dougb_freebsdWinstonSmith: ah, excellent, how did you create it to start?05:50
blockheadHey, anyone know the code after I installed Wine for using ConvertXToDVD. I haven't installed ConvertXToDVD as it seems it won't05:50
WinstonSmithdougb_freebsd, 2 secs gonna look it up05:51
dougb_freebsdsacarlson: scandolous tripe, perpetrated by microsoft who wants you to switch to ntfs so no other OS can read your data :)05:51
dougb_freebsdI already have created the large fat 32 partitions for years, what I haven't even done is installed winxp into them05:52
madf0xI can read ntfs data no problem o.O05:52
dougb_freebsdmadf0x: yeah, there are tools to do that now, but 7 years ago when they introduced ntfs, there were not05:52
WinstonSmithdougb_freebsd, i used this : ftp://ftp.heise.de/pub/ct/ctsi/h2format.zip its a windows CLI tool though05:52
dougb_freebsdhowever, microsoft has stuck with the party line of "fat 32 only for small disks"05:52
dougb_freebsdok, thanks WinstonSmith, I'll give that a look05:53
WinstonSmithdougb_freebsd, this tools has been around more or less 6 years05:53
jennifer2if I want to migrate some wifi passwords (gnome network manager) to another computer - which dot folders/files do i need?05:53
WinstonSmithits from c't a really good german IT magazine05:53
dougb_freebsdyeah, I'm familiar with it05:54
dougb_freebsdmadf0x: if they can access your physical hardware you're already 0wn3d :)05:54
melonMathuin: how come now all that loads when I boot up is a white terminal? all I did is remove "python-gtk2" and screenlets05:55
Mathuinmelon: I don't know.  Now reload python-gtk2 and screenlets, and reboot again.05:56
MathuinThat's how I fixed it.05:56
melonhow do I reload python-gtk2? "sudo apt-get python-gtk2?05:56
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: well this document from microsoft seem to support my statement but they call it max volume. You cannot format a volume larger than 32 gigabytes (GB) in size using  the FAT32 file system during the Windows XP installation process.  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/314463  maybe you can have multi volumes that add up to bigger than 32gig05:56
madf0x^^^ during the XP install process :D05:57
sacarlsonmadf0x: yes so maybe after install you can make it bigger.05:57
dougb_freebsdsacarlson: key words being, "under the windows installation process" :)05:58
Mathuinmelon: "sudo apt-get install screenlets" should drag in python-gtk2 as well.05:58
dougb_freebsdyou have to create and format the partition using other tools05:58
elitexraydoes Shutterworth uses his own OS?05:58
melonMathuin: ah thx will try now05:58
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: so maybe that is only supported by 3rd party software that microsoft didn't support.05:59
rwwelitexray: no, he uses OS/205:59
elitexrayis there another form of ubuntu unix?06:00
nocturnuselitexray: kubunut and others06:00
=== blake_ is now known as idigthought
nocturnusbacktrack linux is ubuntu based now, so yo can easily use it to hack networks and make a profit06:01
dougb_freebsdthe fat32 spec goes up much higher than that, you can go up to 8 terabytes with the right clusters, or up to 2 terabytes on a standard mbr-compatible disk06:01
iluminator101How do i enable private home partition to automount on startup06:01
bikcmpHi, how would I add the partner's repo?06:02
WinstonSmithsacarlson, that 32GB limit its just an artificial barrier imposed by M$06:02
greezmunkeydougb_freebsd: have you looked at fuse?06:02
bikcmpActually... maybe I should back up... I'm trying to install sun-java6*06:02
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: I'll stick to ext3 and above myself.  you can read that from windows also.  some frown on this but I've done it with no problem.06:02
bikcmpi installed it fine06:02
bikcmpbut javac: command not found06:02
dougb_freebsdgreezmunkey: I have, and unfortunately fuse in freebsd is very very scary and/or outright bad for your data06:03
dougb_freebsdsacarlson: how would you mount an ext3 volume in windows?06:03
madf0xI wonder if anyone can get windows to run under an ext3/4 o.O06:03
madf0xprobably not06:03
dougb_freebsdI actually need to learn more about ext*, that's one reason I'm installing ubuntu in the first place06:03
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: I use a 3rd party software to enable that.06:03
WinstonSmithsacarlson, what do you use to read ext3 under windows? i used some older driver but that supported only ext2 if i recall correctly..06:04
dougb_freebsdcare to share the name/url? :)06:04
lincoln6echobikcmp: inubuntu click system > administration > software sources >   authenticate  > select the 'others' tab and then select the 2 choices there06:04
bikcmplincoln6echo: I enabled it; i'm using ubuntu via ssh though06:05
WinstonSmithsacarlson, thx06:05
bikcmplincoln6echo: back to my question though... I installed sun-java6* and javac is not found.06:05
WinstonSmithahh thats the one i used but new version06:05
lincoln6echobikcmp: then that's a great question because I have never done that before....ssh style   :|06:06
dougb_freebsdsacarlson: thank you, I'll give that a trye06:06
greezmunkeydougb_freebsd: search on ext3fsd.06:06
bikcmplincoln6echo: yah06:06
bikcmpany ideas on my javac problem?06:06
WinstonSmithsacarlson, does this mount the partition under a drive letter or can you only browse etc?06:07
madf0xIf youre browsing it, then its mounted :)06:08
lincoln6echobikcmp: unfortunately not... I would manually download and install it.  but you probably know more about it than me....i'm still somewhat of a newb06:08
WinstonSmithmadf0x, nope06:08
greezmunkeydougb_freebsd: yikes, I fat fingered that, check here: http://linuxhelp.blogspot.com/2007/03/mount-ext2-or-ext3-partition-in-windows.html06:08
dougb_freebsdsacarlson: does this soluvas run on winxp?06:08
WinstonSmithmadf0x, i have an explorer-type windows proggie which does that... just explores06:08
bikcmplincoln6echo: heh06:09
bikcmpat least you admit it ;)06:09
dougb_freebsdgreezmunkey: thanks, I'll look at that too06:09
=== _LibertyZero is now known as LibertyZero
lincoln6echobikcmp    :)06:09
sacarlsondougb_freebsd: they have versions that do run on winxp,  that's what I was using.  I just gave you the link since it was newer06:10
dougb_freebsdok, thanks06:10
dougb_freebsdI would love to have a unix file system to share data with, fat32 works but it has limitations06:11
elitexrayWhich linux is better Ubuntu vs Kubuntu06:11
madf0xUbuntu=GNOME desktop+ GNOME tools06:11
madf0xKubuntu=KDE desktop+KDE tools06:12
madf0xSo....do you like KDE or GNOME?06:12
elitexrayive never experienced with KDE06:12
dougb_freebsdboot the live cd and give it a test drive :)06:13
elitexrayYeah I just might06:13
elitexrayKDE has similarities to Windows 7's interface06:14
madf0xJust a note, ive had serious issues with the latest kubuntu across multiple re-installations that only a fresh ubuntu install "fixed"06:14
madf0xThat and there are more gnome programs with significant less bugs..06:14
elitexraySo gnome is preferred above kde06:15
=== brebrebrebre is now known as |_ocke
madf0xDepending on who you talk to06:16
madf0xI USED to love KDE but I've converted. Just an opinion though06:16
greezmunkeykate is a pretty nice editor though...06:16
Ruum_kk well I hopefully should be fine now... ttyl guys!06:17
yowshigrrr it plays but i aint getting any sound out of the damned speakersa06:17
elitexrayI only just heard about kde since you mentioned Shutterworth operates on KDe06:17
dougb_freebsdkde and gnome both have plusses and minuses, it sort of depends on what feels right to you06:17
macoelitexray: O_o if mark uses kde, i'm surprised, seeing as kubuntu was an afterthought suggested by the community06:18
=== root is now known as Guest11259
dougb_freebsdand both are highly configurable, so what you install is just a starting point06:18
arvind_khadriHi, I am unable to see the statistics of a windows client. I get a message telling that -l parameters are missing and also Socket connection is being timed out.06:18
yowshithats just bizzare. it required an alsa reload while something was playing06:21
yowshii tell ya ubuntu pushes my critical thinking anmd investigation skills06:21
bikcmpHi everyone, i'm tyring to install sun-java6-jdk, but when I do javac, it says javac: command not found.06:22
bikcmpit's the jdk IS installed though...06:22
Guest11259you can install javac first06:22
bikcmpE: Couldn't find package javac06:23
* bikcmp shrugs06:23
bikcmpGuest11259: how would I do that/06:23
=== mramige is now known as mramige_
Guest11259are you chinese?06:24
greezmunkeylike it or not we're all Chinese.06:25
rwwI, for one, am Atlantean.06:26
sweetpibikcmp: maybe its not in your PATH, javac is in /usr/lib/jvm/<version>/bin/javac06:26
lincoln6echogreezmunkey::  ?   i think your right...06:26
bikcmpI know java5 worked fine06:26
greezmunkeyrww: I think China holds the mortgage on Atlantis as well...06:26
bikcmpsweetpi: that was it06:26
* bikcmp hugs sweetpi 06:26
lincoln6echobikcmp:   :)06:27
sacarlsonbikcmp: I just tested my install and at the command javac works for me on ubuntu 10.04,06:27
bikcmpsacarlson: i'm on 8.04 compiling stuff06:27
sacarlsonbikcmp: I just upgraded to 10.04 about 1 month ago and was running 8.04 with javac ok there also06:28
bikcmpi donno06:28
bikcmponly 5 hours until this is done compiling, what fun06:28
sacarlsonbikcmp: I have the restriced extra package installed.  I know that installs part of my java06:29
arvind_khadriIts javacc06:29
lincoln6echogoodnight all06:30
sacarlsonbikcmp: I see this javac 1.6.0_18  when I run javac -version06:30
bikcmp100 erros06:31
meditatorhello.. i was working with rsync using ssh .. i have added the script to cron. when i run it, it works, but when it runs at thr specified time, it gives errors.. could anyone help please?06:32
sacarlsonmeditator: it would help a bit if you told us the errors you had.06:33
meditatorsacarlson, opening connection using: ssh -i /home/meditator/.ssh/XXXXX rsync --server -vvvlogDtprze.iLsf --delete . /media/Data [sender] _exit_cleanup(code=12, file=io.c, line=601): about to call exit(12)06:34
meditatorthats the error06:34
meditatorin the log file specified06:34
sacarlsonmeditator: I see no error in that06:36
meditatorsacarlson,  my script is:   rsync -azpt --delete --stats -e "ssh -i /home/meditator/.ssh/XXXXX" /media/Data2/Data/ > /home/meditator/rsync_logs/$(date).log06:36
meditatorsacarlson,  but it doesnt work.. the backup doesnt happen..06:36
dougb_freebsdcan you set up rsyncd on
meditatori can..06:36
meditatorwould it make a difference?06:37
dougb_freebsdmaybe,  :)06:37
dougb_freebsdsacarlson is right though, we need to know the error06:37
dougb_freebsdtry adding -v to the ssh command line, and/or look in the system logs06:38
meditatorhow do i find out the error?06:38
meditatorok.. let me try again06:38
sacarlsonmeditator: you might find an error in /var/log/auth.log06:40
adahendraask : can i make own jacket using Ubuntu Logo? Where i can contact Ubuntu for  license permission.06:40
=== administrator is now known as Guest17243
mtx_initadahendra: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Official06:43
adahendramtx_init: Thank You06:43
meditatorsacarlson, Mycomp CRON[5220]: pam_unix(cron:session): session opened for user meditator by (uid=0)06:44
meditatorthats the error06:44
meditatorin the /var/log/auth.log06:44
meditatorbut does it look lik an error? it just looks like a log of access?06:45
dougb_freebsduse ssh -v06:47
dougb_freebsdI should say, add -v to the command line06:47
meditatordougb_freebsd, i added -vvv to the command line and also changed the "ssh -i" to  "ssh -i -v"06:52
meditatorstill the output is no different..06:53
dougb_freebsdfrom cron, or on the command line?06:53
meditatoron the command line.. i have saved a .sh file .. and am running the file from cron..06:54
dougb_freebsdtry running the commands that are in the .sh file on the command line itself06:54
ActionParsnipmeditator: you don't need the file extension. They don't mean much in linux. You could change the extension to .jpg and it'd still run06:54
meditatorok.. let me try again..06:55
dougb_freebsdActionParsnip: true, but nautilus could get confused :)06:55
ActionParsnipdougb_freebsd: nautilus is dumb and should use file rather than silly extensions like windows does, its soooo 199306:56
dougb_freebsdit did evil things yesterday when there was a png file that was named .jpg06:56
dougb_freebsdyes, agree on that completely06:56
cccasketI'm looking for a software multiplexing solution - send same keystrokes to multiple X windows on same display. Any suggestions for existing projects that do that?06:56
cccasketExample HotKeyNet under Windows does this06:56
meditatordougb_freebsd,  should it run as x application or just "default behaviour" ?06:57
dougb_freebsdmeditator: when I say "command line" what do you think I mean? :)06:57
dougb_freebsdhint: open up a terminal window06:58
jubeianybody know how I can refer to the windows start button in metacity?06:58
jubei(and the left arrow for that matter)06:58
greezmunkeyjubei: super06:59
jubeigreezmunkey, ?06:59
meditatoroh ok.. from the command line it works alright..06:59
ActionParsnipjubei: in linux the "windows key" is called Super06:59
greezmunkeyjubei: on you keyboard, right?07:00
jubeigreezmunkey, oh i got it. thanks^^ And the left arrow?^^07:00
intokinstallation of 10.4.1 32-bit stuck at 83%(importing documents and settings) for the last 20 mins, i this normal?07:00
greezmunkeyjubei: uh..."left" arrow ?!? :)07:00
dougb_freebsdmeditator: ok, so the next step is to try running the script on the command line and see if you get errors07:00
=== carlo is now known as Guest9931
ELREYanyone knows how can i quickly format a recently added HD with ext3?07:05
MuelliELREY: mkfs.ext307:05
iflemaELREY sudo mkfs.ext3 /dev/[whatever]07:06
ActionParsnipELREY: it will need to have a partition too, if it is unpartitioned (rare) you will need to use fdisk to make a FAT07:06
Muellibut tools like palimpset or gparted should support that, too07:06
ELREYactually i working from a vm07:07
ELREYand i added an unpartitioned HD07:07
MuelliELREY: don't listen to ActionParsnip. You don't need a FAT for your ext3. And you don't need fdisk. it's hostile. parted is way nicer.07:07
=== grayatrox is now known as Guest80936
Adam12131how can i fix my flash drive - it won't unmount and when i set ubuntu not to mount it and try fix format the entire thing it fails "Error creating partition table: helper exited with exit code 1: Error calling fsync(2) on /dev/sdb: Input/output error"07:08
ActionParsnipMuelli: both will make the partition table if one is needed07:08
=== Adam12131 is now known as Adam1213
GobgrotHi all, Im new to linux and was wodering if anyone can suggest a few good websites for new people to learn?07:09
ActionParsnipMuelli: how is fdisk "hostile"07:09
iflemaELREY OR to partition in cli     sudo cfdisk /dev/[whatever] without the numbers i.e. sda07:09
=== Omnifarious is now known as Omni|AFK
Guest80936After Installing Ubuntu, I have found that It reformatted my drive instead of installing to a partition like I had originally directed it to, How do I get my data back?07:09
rwwActionParsnip: "file allocation table" and "partition table" aren't synonyms.07:09
ActionParsniprww: d'oh07:09
MuelliActionParsnip: it's UI is 30 years old. And you feel it once you've started it.07:10
Adam1213how can i force linux to format a flash drive07:10
ActionParsnipMuelli: still works and does what it says on the tin. The UI to the man pages is equally old....07:10
Muellii.e. selecting a partitions type is so... 70s...07:10
ActionParsnipGuest80936: restore from backups, simple07:10
ELREYhow can i check which disk is each one? sda1 sda2, etc? is there any way to retrieve disk info?07:10
greezmunkeyI just checked, and Muelli is right! fdisk hates me.07:11
MuelliELREY: blkinfo07:11
ActionParsnipELREY: sudo fdisk -l    will list the disks and their partitions07:11
MuelliELREY: blkid, sorry07:11
cccasketELREY: df -h      as well07:11
Muellicccasket: nope. only for mounted partitions07:11
ActionParsnipMuelli: it might be mounted07:12
MuelliActionParsnip: it might be not. *shrug*07:12
Guest80936I am new to Ubuntu, how do I resize my partitions?, It has given me a 21 GB swap instead of the 8 GB that I formatted it as07:12
MuelliGuest80936: uh. you might want to try gparted. but you might shred your data.07:13
ActionParsnipGuest80936: boot to live CD. You can manipulate partitions there07:13
cccasketAny suggestions for a software multiplexer for me to use? I just need to send keystrokes to multiple X windows at the same time. Can't find anything like that07:14
dougb_freebsdcccasket: interesting idea, what are you trying to accomplish with that?07:14
ActionParsnipcccasket: you could wrote a script to take an input and spit it to each. Not sure how though but makes sense to me07:15
cccasketmulti-boxing world of warcraft on wine. I've seen at least one person with a custom python script to multiplex. Was thinking of picking that script up and starting from there if there are no existing mature projects07:16
=== root is now known as Guest72128
cccasketthere are windows apps: AutoHotKey, HotKeyNet which do what I am interested in. however they are quite flakey in Wine. I'll ask in #wine too, but a Linux native solution would be ideal07:17
Guest72128can somebody help me please07:17
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net - See !Keyboard for changing layouts07:17
octavianosomeone could help-me to use a pixel view play tv ´´ÚSB´´'ULTRA with UBUNTU 10.04?07:18
ActionParsnipoctaviano: run: lsusb   one line will identify the device, websearch for the 8 character hex ID to find guides07:18
octavianowhen I do it appear prolink model , only it07:19
ActionParsnipGuest72128: no as yuo haven't asked a question. Try asking your quesion  and we may be able to help07:19
=== jsurfer_ is now known as jsurfer
ELREYi see "Linux" as my partition type.. is it ext2 or ext3?07:19
Guest72128my linux cannot read kanji ( japanese letter ) any advices ?07:20
ActionParsnipELREY: sudo parted -l    will tell you, takes longer but gives more info07:20
slipperychickenany idear on how to output file access in a file system ?  ie : gedit is reading this, apache wrote that...07:21
slipperychickenin a debug sort of way ?07:21
KB1JWQGuest72128: Edit your locale setting to support UTF8?07:21
meditatordougb_freebsd, sorry.. was away.. somebody called me for some help.. yes .. i tried running the script from command .. it works alright.. it didnt ask me for any password07:21
slipperychickendump_block didn't seem to give file names.07:21
cccasketslipperychicken: lsof | grep `pidof gedit`07:21
slipperychickencccasket, what if you don't know where it's coming from ?07:22
dougb_freebsdmeditator: that sounds to me like you're using ssh-agent, is that right?07:22
cccasketslipperychicken: you can find out by cross referencing the process ids in output of lsof07:22
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: lsof | more07:22
slipperychickennoted.  i shall take a look.07:22
meditatorDoubleString,  thats right..07:22
meditatordougb_freebsd, thats right07:23
Guest72128how to edit local setting ,,from where,,?07:23
dougb_freebsdmeditator: so what does that suggest to you as a possible source of  your error when your script is run from cron?07:23
intokwhat driver for an nvidia geforce 6150 se? there is the 173, the 96 and the version current07:24
cccasketintok, i had good luck with the 173 driver on an 8800gt07:25
meditatordougb_freebsd,  i have tried to run it through cron as root as well as myself.. but either ways it doesnt work.. so i'm not sure it it is an authentication problem...07:25
dougb_freebsdmeditator: when you ssh to the host as yourself ssh-agent is providing the authentication credentials to the remote host07:26
cccasketintok, that being said, try current first, others if your application isn't performing well07:26
dougb_freebsdcron != meditator07:26
intokcccasket well this is an old igp, hasn't it been dropped to legacy status?07:26
cccasketintok, i would still try current first07:27
slipperychickendougb_freebsd, is there a "tcpdump" for file systems ?07:27
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm07:27
slipperychickendougb_freebsd, lsof is helping... but i can't catch it when it comes in.07:27
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: I installed ubuntu 10.04 and it has tcpdump, yes07:28
slipperychickendougb_freebsd, to watch file system access.07:28
meditatordougb_freebsd,  so doesnt ssh-agent provide the credentials when cron is run as myself?07:28
cccasketslipperychicken, if you grep for the file name you should be able to grab the pid07:28
dougb_freebsdmeditator: because ssh-agent is tied to a login session07:28
=== C210|away is now known as Centurion210
brandonban6evening all, weird issue.... I have a storage drive that sits mounted along side my main drive. If I format/re-label/change my storage drive in any way, then my system will not reboot. Gives a error message that note bootable partition.07:29
slipperychickencccasket, but i have no idea where or what this access is coming from.  for all i know it could be a root kit.07:29
Guest72128my VLC can play AVI,MPEG,well,,but when i am playing MKV file,,there is no sound,,please help07:29
cccasketslipperychicken, what access?07:30
dougb_freebsdmeditator: you need to learn about setting up access for an unattended process ... the usual way to do that is with a restricted account on the target system and a passwordless ssh key07:30
osamorni try to run vmware7.1 on my ubuntu 10.0407:30
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: take a step back, what problem are you seeing that you would like to solve?07:30
ELREYi can't get parted -l to work.. is there any other way to get partition type?07:30
cccasketwhat dougb said.07:30
osamornbut i can't stop virtual service , please help about this problem if you can07:30
meditatoroh ok..07:31
Guest72128my VLC can play AVI,MPEG,well,,but when i am playing MKV file,,there is no sound,,any ideas guys,,?07:31
slipperychickencccasket, dougb_freebsd , i'm trying to figure out what is writing to these hard drives.07:31
dougb_freebsdmeditator: it's not hard to do, you should be able to find docs on it if you search, I vaguely recall a how-to on how to do it with rsync in fact, but it's been years since I've looked at it07:32
meditatorthanks dougb_freebsd , let me try it out.. i had read on forums though.. that public key authentication works.. with rsync..07:32
pickelis this channel strictly for ubuntu?07:32
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: describe that in more detail, what are you seeing that is making you think there is a problem?07:32
meditatordougb_freebsd, for example http://troy.jdmz.net/rsync/index.html07:32
dougb_freebsdmeditator: for rsync ssh is just the transport layer, a way to establish the connection between systems so that the bits can flow07:33
well_laid_lawnpickel:  ubuntu or the supported derivatives like kubuntu07:33
dougb_freebsdthat's why in some ways rsyncd is easier, it handles some of that drama for you07:33
slipperychickendougb_freebsd, floods of hard disc activity every so often.  i'm sitting at init 1 on the server, swap deactivated, no cron, no syslog.07:33
dougb_freebsdmeditator: yes, that looks like the right stuff07:33
pickeli know this is newbish of me but i need some good resources as i am completely new to linux07:34
well_laid_lawn!manual > pickel07:34
ubottupickel, please see my private message07:34
cccasketslipperychicken, have you tried just watching top and checking to see what spikes cpu?07:34
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: can you do 'ps ax' at that time to see what processes are active?07:34
meditatordougb_freebsd, thanks.. let me have a good read into it.. thanks for ur help..07:34
dougb_freebsdyeah, or top07:34
dougb_freebsdmeditator: no worries, just walk through all the steps and you should be fine07:35
slipperychickenDoubleString, cccasket i've tried both of those.07:35
slipperychickenit comes in, does it's thing, and stops.07:35
dougb_freebsdhow long is it going on for?07:35
cccasketslipperychicken: it sounds like you are talking about a webserver?  have you disconnected it from the network already?07:35
slipperychicken5 to 10 secs07:36
slipperychickeninit 1, no network07:36
cccasketslipperychicken: physically disconnected as well?07:36
slipperychickenit's like someone put a script on and it's doing something.07:36
cccasketslipperychicken: rootkits will lie to you07:36
slipperychickencccasket, yes.07:36
slipperychickencccasket, no ethernet cable.07:37
X32Hello, running ubuntu 10.04 and have my laptop vga output connected to a 17" hp lcd monitor, it wants 1280x1024 and I set that in monitors, but all I see is my desktop background and then some magenta colored bars at the bottoms alot larger than my panels and my panels are missing + I don't see whats happening like irc or what im doing just a static desktop... any ideas?07:37
arvind_khadriHi, how do i open a port ??07:37
Flannelarvind_khadri: You don't need to.  Just run whatever program will be listening on that port07:37
dougb_freebsdok, in that situation I'd try tripwire .... run it once to get a baseline, then run it again after you see this disk activity to see what's up  .... better yet if you can take the physical disk out of the troubled system and access it on another isolated system07:37
cccasketslipperychicken, you can't trust the output of any of the utilities we've mentioned if you think you were rooted. and yes, tripwire is great for this kind of thing07:38
slipperychickeni'll take a look.07:38
cccasketslipperychicken, md5sum on the utilities/other executables /system files and compare to a known good one - run md5sum from a live cd or another known good system07:38
arvind_khadriFlannel, this is regarding nagios, I am running it, but connections are being timed out07:38
cccasketas dougb said07:38
cccasketbut tripwire is for automating that process really07:39
cccasketgood evening and good luck.07:39
slipperychickenthanks mate.07:39
X32arvind_khadri, sudo iptables -A INPUT -i eth1 -p tcp --dport 5001 -s -j07:40
Jordan_Uslipperychicken: It might be somthing as benign as syslog getting a lot of messages for whatever reason and needing to write to disk. Have you noticed /var/log/ growing? Do you see any repeated messages from "dmesg"?07:40
slipperychickenthats an IDS, eh ?07:41
X32put ACCEPT after -j sorry.07:41
arvind_khadriX32, thanks07:41
slipperychickenJordan_U, i've stopped syslog.07:41
* Oxwivi is a noob.07:41
brandonban6evening all, weird issue.... I have a storage drive that sits mounted along side my main drive. If I format/re-label/change my storage drive in any way, then my system will not reboot. Gives a error message that note bootable partition.07:41
Jordan_Uslipperychicken: Try keeping iotop open.07:42
X32Hello, running ubuntu 10.04 and have my laptop vga output connected to a 17" hp lcd monitor, it wants 1280x1024 and I set that in monitors, but all I see is my desktop background and then some magenta colored bars at the bottoms alot larger than my panels and my panels are missing + I don't see whats happening like irc or what im doing just a static desktop... any ideas?07:43
well_laid_lawn!xrandr | X3207:44
ubottuX32: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1207:44
slipperychickenJordan_U, i've got top and iotop running at 0.2 secs.07:44
=== Centurion210 is now known as C210|away
slipperychickenmight be something here07:45
X32well_laid_lawn, ok, but doing it manually gets me the same result when using..xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1280x1024 --rate 6007:46
well_laid_lawnX32:  I've never bothered with dual screens just know the botlink sorry07:47
X32ya I dont get this..07:48
dougb_freebsdX32: what video card do you have?07:48
X32its an hp laptop with some intel based thing07:48
dougb_freebsdah, ok07:48
arvind_khadriX32, -s is the source right??07:49
dougb_freebsdif it was nvidia I was going to suggest their utility for doing what you are trying to do07:49
X32arvind_khadri, yea07:49
X32nope just plain old intel, shows my desktop and magenta bars but not the correct screen...07:49
X32and I know the monitor works.07:49
dougb_freebsdX32: are you able to get this configuration working in another OS?07:49
X32on this machine?07:50
dougb_freebsdit may be too much excitement for your video card07:50
X32hrm,.... idk if I open display it shows on the monitor07:50
X32im thing config issue..07:50
X32I dont have any other os to try..07:50
slipperychickenwell i'm too tired now, i'll shut it down and look at it in the AM.07:51
slipperychickenthanks chaps07:51
=== tyler is now known as Guest61895
slipperychickenand good night07:51
dougb_freebsdslipperychicken: gl07:51
dougb_freebsdX32: have you tried doing the Fn-F8 trick?07:52
dougb_freebsddoes your laptop have a blue Fn key somewhere?07:52
X32its not blue but yea i have fn07:52
X32that would turn my brightness up07:52
dougb_freebsdok, try holding that down, and pressing F8, or perhaps another key that is labeled something similar to CRT/LCD07:52
X32dougb_freebsd, its an hp pavillion dv6835nr if it helps07:52
dougb_freebsdit doesn't, sorry, I'm a dell guy :)07:53
dougb_freebsdbut the concept is similar across pc manufacturers07:53
=== PsyTrance_ is now known as PsyTrance
X32dougb_freebsd, thanks it worked.07:53
=== toruk is now known as dulmandakh
X32dougb_freebsd, its a tiny monitor icon.07:53
DJLuigieanyone know about streaming using VCL07:54
DJLuigiei mean VLC07:54
X32dougb_freebsd, hrm, I had not figured on that since it displayed something.. I feel a little dumb but not too much, thanks for the help07:54
arvind_khadricould not connect to <ip>:5667 100061 , no connection could be made. i get this error on the client X3207:54
madfoxIve had a lil exp with VLC07:54
DJLuigiedo you know how to stream out07:55
dougb_freebsdX32: glad it worked out :)07:55
X32arvind_khadri, thats the command that works for me just put in the correct IP, interface where eth1 is, port. and you should be good, check your router too.....07:55
arvind_khadriX32, -s should be the ip of the client right, from which I want to accept ?07:57
X32arvind_khadri, yes I use that to make my computer talk to my PS3 which is that is a direct wire connection however so make sure if a router is involved you forward the ports....07:58
X32arvind_khadri, also you might need to do the same command and replace tcp with udp to open both types of data.07:59
arvind_khadriX32, i want this kind of setup tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN08:00
X32arvind_khadri, that is not a real ip?08:01
arvind_khadriX32, no, but I found this on my current machine with netstat, but I cant find the same on the other one'08:02
=== hannibal is now known as Guest32127
Guest32127anyone know how to have the nautilus script folder called something other than "Script" ???08:04
cccasketpostnote: After a lot more searching, I found xlax http://hea-www.harvard.edu/~fine/Tech/xlax.html for software multiplexing in X08:07
remoteCTRL2hi guys! can somebody help me install torbutton for firefox pls? i always get some errors that the polipo proxy isnt running properly...?08:08
arvind_khadriX32, any idea?08:09
madfoxGet the torbutton via add-on as for any config problems check their site08:09
madfox95% of all tor problems can be solved by going back and following the installation guide carefully08:09
X32 arvind_khadri no sorry...08:09
p0pc0rnhow do you boot an encrypted disk from the "boot:" prompt?08:10
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: encrypted disk?  the entire system is encypted not just the /home/users?08:12
p0pc0rni created a usb boot image with unetbootin on my FDE encrypted hard drive and now every time i go to boot up it is the boot screen for the .iso, not my hdd ubuntu install08:13
nisstyre65p0pc0rn: take out the CD?08:13
p0pc0rnthere's no cd08:13
p0pc0rnim at the "boot:" prompt but i have full disk encryption. what do i do?08:14
intokI can see my old Mac network shares, can open pics and PDFs but larger files like MP3s and videos refuse to play, ideas?08:15
sacarlsonFDE?  I would just install a standard ubuntu on your usb flash with unetbootin and add a user that has encrypted /home/user account.08:15
p0pc0rnsacarlson, i have an install already08:16
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: keep on account unencrypted for repair maintain08:16
p0pc0rnsacarlson, i have an install already08:16
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: from the sound of it.  it isn't booting.  install takes 10 min08:16
p0pc0rnsacarlson, i have important data on it08:17
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: did it ever boot?08:17
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: well how did you boot it before?08:17
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: do you have the keys?08:18
p0pc0rnyes i have the key08:18
p0pc0rni think08:18
p0pc0rnbut how do i enter it08:18
sacarlsonp0pc0rn: pull your encrypted personal data and make a new boot disk with my method above.08:19
=== jason is now known as Guest62556
p0pc0rnoh there's a rescue mode option08:19
sacarlsonintok: did you install restricted extra package?08:21
intoksacarlson no, but I have all the Gstreamer plugins as well as VLC08:22
qiyonghow to upgrade from 10.04 to 10.04.1 ?08:23
sacarlsonintok: this will give you more codec's and other stuf https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats08:24
ectospasmanyone have problems with UbuntuOne consuming massive amounts of I/O?  Is there any way to schedule it so it only runs when I'm not using the machine?08:25
sacarlsonectospasm: massive I/O?  what type?  from what?08:26
remoteCTRL2can somebody help me install torbutton for firefox pls? i always get some errors that the polipo proxy isnt running properly...?08:26
ectospasmsacarlson: Disk I/O08:26
ectospasmsacarlson: from UbuntuOne08:26
sacarlsonectospasm: what process?08:26
ectospasmThe sync daemon08:26
ectospasmIt seems to run periodically, consuming I/O (leaving the CPU in a large amount of iowait % according to top and iostat)08:27
ectospasmlike 40-50%08:27
ectospasmAlso, when it happens, input seems to block if it requires disk access.08:28
sacarlsonectospasm: my command  iotop shows sync_supers at almost zero08:28
Fudgehow can you get the network applet on your bootom panel?08:28
ectospasmiotop is broken here08:28
Fudgeoh found it yay08:28
ectospasmsacarlson: iotop consistently complains of CONFIG_TASK_DELAY_ACCT not being configured for this kernel08:29
sacarlsonectospasm: must me some process you started08:29
p0pc0rnis there anyone who could help me save my system in rescue mode08:29
sacarlsonectospasm: what version of ubuntu is this?08:29
ectospasmsacarlson: iotop does report that the sync daemon is running when my HDD light goes solid on08:29
SliMMI'll start by saying that I like the new Ubuntu.08:29
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  depends on the issue.. :]08:29
ectospasmsacarlson: it's taken me a while to track it down, and the only positive ID on the process has been sync daemon for Ubuntu One08:30
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, i have no idea what the issue is08:30
sacarlsonectospasm: Ubuntu One what is that a user?08:30
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  k - you are in rescue mode - why?08:30
SliMMBut I still have some trouble with my video card drivers (ATI, who would've guessed).08:30
ectospasmsacarlson: Ubuntu One is the cloud storage service provided to Ubuntu users.08:30
ectospasm2GB storage for free08:31
ectospasm50GB for a "low" fee08:31
sacarlsonectospasm: oh ok so it's some kind of rsync service.08:31
SliMMWhen I try to run Catalyst, I get the following error: No ATI graphics driver is installed, or the ATI driver is not functioning properly.08:31
nsari start to get familiar with ubuntu but i am forced to use it as root cause the nm-applet doesn't show my mobile broadband connection when i enter as a normal user what should i do?08:31
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, i have no idea. when i rebooted my computer i was presented with a text based installer. it looks like the mini installer. i chose rescue mode because it is the closes i can get at this point to booting my current install.08:31
SliMMHowever, I have installed the drivers and they should be enabled08:31
ectospasmsacarlson: sorta, it runs on Python08:31
sacarlsonectospasm: I don't use it,  maybe you can cron it so it runns later08:31
SliMMany thoughts?08:32
ectospasmsacarlson: it's a daemon, I don't know about running it in cron08:32
ectospasmit's not like a script that runs and exits.08:32
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  so reading between the lines you couldn't boot so put in a live cd?08:32
ubottuUbuntu One is a service where you can back up, store, sync and share your data with other Ubuntu One users - For more see https://one.ubuntu.com/ support and help available at #ubuntuone08:32
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, No.08:32
sacarlsonectospasm: well if it can start and stop create two scripts the do each and setup 2 crontab events when your not using the system and it's still powered up.08:33
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  where does the installer come into it pls?08:33
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, when i start my system08:33
nsarshould i upgrade the network manager and the applet to solve this problem?08:33
ectospasmsacarlson: I don't think it works that way08:34
kickingintendercan i run two x server session on single pc08:34
kickingintenderlike gdmflexiserver --xnest08:34
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  I think that is the grub boot menu then08:34
sacarlsonectospasm: you mean doesn't or cant?08:34
kickingintenderbut that one doesnt work08:34
intoksacarlson What exactly does the Restricted Extras even get me aside from redundant media players? The same files play fine locally, they just wont play when loaded via FTP08:34
ectospasmsacarlson: I don't know if it _can't_, but it doesn't, and there's no way to control it from the GUI applet used to configure it08:34
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, No. It has install options.08:35
ectospasmkickingintender: try X nesting08:35
riazHi, how can i install, ubuntu with urdu language support !! i read from the interent, but some menus changed, but not the all pc.08:35
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn: so you are not running a live cd but have the option to install, is that right?08:36
sacarlsonintok: what codec does your ftp download need to use?08:36
=== andrew_ is now known as Guest64061
riazi am using lucid.08:36
=== Guest64061 is now known as Babel
p0pc0rnwell_laid_lawn, yes #308:36
sacarlsonintok: if it's the same file it should play then maybe it gets corrupted.  check the md5sum and see if the file is really the same value.08:37
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  running of a usb stick ?08:37
stevecamIn Ubuntu we trust.08:37
intoksacarlson various mp4 and wmv files that I know play on this Ubuntu install as a few where originally downloaded from here and moved there.08:37
kickingintenderhow x nesting....any command///////////////@ectospasm08:38
nsari see how much you trust08:38
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  I don't know how you got that on the boot menu then - might be quicker to reinstall - unless someone else has a clue08:38
ectospasmkickingintender: I think you had it with --xnest08:38
sacarlsonintok: well compare the files with md5sum and rerun them both again08:38
ectospasmyou need to do it within the first X session.08:38
nsarstevecam, what did you mean with that?08:38
stevecamnsar, nothing08:39
sacarlsonintok: and rerun I mean play them both again the local and ftped file.08:39
kickingintenderya that really doesnt work and reports a warning message that still not implemented08:39
well_laid_lawnp0pc0rn:  open the cd player just to check pls08:39
p0pc0rnI DID08:39
kickingintenderhi abhinav08:40
kickingintenderany body wants 2 share remote desktop with me08:41
kickingintenderright now08:41
intok sacarlson Well they are playing back fine on the old mac in VLC, it's got a GBit nic but only USB 1.1...08:41
riazHi, how can i install, ubuntu with urdu language support !! i read from the interent, but some menus changed, but not the all pc. using lucid !!08:42
thune3ectospasm: how long and how often are these i/o stalls resulting from ubuntu one?08:42
kickingintenderriaz there is support for urdu for sure08:42
=== ibrahim-kasem is now known as bero88
sacarlsonintok: I don't support mac.  you should md5sum the files on the ubuntu side and verify the play on the ubuntu side08:42
ectospasmthune3: I don't really know.  Could be a few minutes when I'm heavily using my machine, could be several hours.08:43
=== bero88 is now known as ibrahim-kasem
ectospasmthune3: it seemed to be random, until I finally got a positive ID that the sync daemon was eating up I/O as shown in iotop08:43
ectospasmthune3: that just happened tonight08:44
ectospasmthune3: I'd been trying to track it down to *something*08:44
riazkickingintender, i read this, but this is not working on lucid, some file that tutorial asking to make some changes in, that are not exist.08:44
ectospasmthune3: and I just noticed that the sync daemon could be the culprit08:44
ectospasmthune3: What I may do is disable Ubuntu One altogether, and see if the problems cease.08:45
SliMMHow do I add a new machine to my Ubuntu One account?08:46
Fudgenot sure if this went  through. is there a way to tell gdm or X to use vt12 as first X server instead of vt708:46
well_laid_lawn!wtf | SliMM08:47
ubottuSliMM: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:47
thune3ectospasm: it seems to do an object rescan when it starts, but i don't know about periodically. you might look at the logs ~/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syndaemon.log and other files in that dir.08:47
SliMMwell_laid_lawn: My bad, sorry.08:47
anthon1999mmsh support ubuntu?08:48
SliMMStill, I am not able to figure out how to add a machine to my Ubuntu One account...08:48
trijntjeHi all. I have a bootable usb-drive that I want to clone, but the new drive is not the exact same size, so dd is not an option. I already tried copying all files but it will not boot. What can I do to make this work?08:50
SliMMtrijntje: Is it smaller?08:50
ectospasmtrijntje: you have to write to the boot record of the new drive08:50
trijntjeSliMM, the new drive is smaller, but the old drive has free space08:51
p0pc0rnI have an external harddrive that was on a system that crashed so I never had a chance to unmount it. Now I'm trying to mount it in a new system and it's saying "Not Authorized". Could anyone please tell me how to mount it?08:52
sacarlsontrijntje: is it at least 2 gig.  or maybe just 1 gig for none persistant is big enuf?08:52
SliMMtrijntje: I guess you have to follow ectospasm's advice or shrink the partition to match the size of the smaller stick and dd08:52
=== kt0sh_ is now known as Pepito
ectospasmtrijntje: http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Booting_from_USB08:53
trijntjeectospasm, what will that do to the partition and data on the new drive. Do I need to format it first and then write mbr?08:53
trijntjesacarlson, its 4 GB08:53
ectospasmtrijntje: follow the guide, then transfer your files over08:54
SliMMI must say, this channel has become a lot more quiet since I last used Ubuntu08:54
ectospasmSliMM: you have to register now, that keeps the riff raff out08:54
trijntjeectospasm, i'm reading the link now, thanks08:55
SliMMectospasm: Ah, yes08:55
rwwectospasm: no you don't, #ubuntu isn't +r right now08:55
ectospasmrww: so they solved the spammer problem?08:55
rwwectospasm: in that the spammers are not currently causing problems, yes08:55
ectospasmmaybe the traffic hasn't been able to pick back up, since before IIRC a lot more people joined.08:56
muneebwhich is best wysiwyg html php editor for ubuntu08:57
ectospasmmuneeb: html/php WYSWYG?  Is there such a thing?08:57
well_laid_lawn!info komposer08:57
ubottuPackage komposer does not exist in lucid08:57
muneebi dont know ectospasm but i'm editing such file that's why asked08:58
ectospasmmuneeb: eclipse may do what you want, maybe08:58
ectospasmOK, I'm off to bed.08:58
muneebwell i'm using komposer and quanta+ right now08:59
AkaruzHello everyone. I just today installed ubuntu ultimate edition 10.4  :) can someone help me ... How to Find any file and get it search or install.. i need that command for terminal.08:59
KB1JWQAkaruz: Say what?08:59
muneebAkaruz, try apt-cache search <pkg-name>08:59
sacarlsontrijntje: there is the build in program in ubuntu 10.04 that makes a bootable install disk but I never got it to work for persistance.  that one can be run from System>Administration>Startup disk creator.  for persistance it seems to be broken.08:59
forrestGimp!info kompozer08:59
ubottukompozer (source: kompozer): complete Web Authoring System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.8~b1-2 (lucid), package size 6577 kB, installed size 17288 kB08:59
riazkickingintender, i read this, but this is not working on lucid, some file that tutorial asking to make some changes in, that are not exist.09:00
rwwubottu: derivatives | Akaruz09:00
ubottuAkaruz: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:00
muneebthanx ubottu09:00
Akaruzmuneeb thanks.  and to instal i need  apt-get install <pkg name> ??09:00
trijntjeAkaruz, there is no ultimate for ubuntu, where did you get it?09:00
muneebyes Akaruz09:00
KB1JWQAkaruz: Ultimate Edition isn't supported here.09:00
Akaruzlol :D this also on original ubuntu 10.0409:00
muneebits just Ultimate Edition 2.7 KB1JWQ09:01
AkaruzCore is 10.4 :) ubuntu09:01
trijntjesacarlson, I have a slightly weird setup, i'm now gonna try to install grub to the new usb from within the system09:01
muneebKB1JWQ, search for it u'll get it09:01
KB1JWQmuneeb: Right, but Ubuntu derivatives aren't supported here.09:01
IdleOneUltimate Edition is NOT supported in this channel.09:01
Akaruz:) i just asked commands for terminal09:01
rwwAkaruz: and Ubuntu's core is Debian. Doesn't mean we go ask questions in #debian.09:01
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:02
Akaruzi prefer this channel :)09:02
Akaruzbecouse i were here  and like this channel.09:02
killersteakrawr, derivatives be evol09:02
trijntjeAkaruz, there are good tutorials online for working with the command line. Or type 'man apt-get' in the terminal09:02
KB1JWQOr man aptitude09:02
sacarlsontrijntje: is it persistant?  If you find easy persistance builder on the linux side (I have now windows) let me know.09:02
Akaruzthanks :)09:02
sacarlsontrijntje: I have no windows09:03
muneebanybody used Aptana for web developement on ubuntu?09:03
sacarlsonmuneeb: no but I did find a cool web developer call kompozer that I like.09:04
muneebsacarlson, i'm using kompozer right now but was thinking of trying Atana09:05
trijntjesacarlson, no, its not persistent09:06
sacarlsontrijntje: so why would it be wierd then?09:06
cikesensors applet temp1 temp2 temp3 what it mean?09:07
trijntjesacarlson, I have full disk encryption with /boot on an external usb drive09:07
sacarlsontrijntje: what's the advantage of full encryption?  I guess so no one can modify the code you plan to run?09:07
ordicollegeje m'en fou grave09:08
ikonia#ubuntu -b *!*@c-71-204-84-104.hsd1.ga.comcast.net09:09
ordicollegeje veux la wifi !!!!09:09
trijntjesacarlson, first of all its cool ;) Secondly it prevents someone modifying /boot to steal my key when i'm not around my laptop09:09
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:09
IdleOne!fr | ordicollege09:09
ubottuordicollege: please see above09:09
ikonia!fr | ordicollege09:09
ubottuordicollege: please see above09:09
ordicollegeouai ouai c'est sa09:09
trijntjenot that the French like people who shout ;)09:10
DilbertoNew Digg sucks!09:11
ikoniaDilberto: that's nothing to do with ubuntu09:11
macoDilberto: not relevant09:12
ikoniaDilberto: this channel is for ubuntu support discussion only09:12
Dilbertosorry I just took it to offtopic09:13
pie_timeI just made many long over due ubuntu updates and restarted my system. I have a Full Disk Encryption LUKS encrypted disk that wouldn't boot upon restart and instead brought me to some basic install/rescue screen. There were 2 other drives, one flash usb and one large external usb drive, attached to the computer when I restarted it that also wouldn't mount when I tried to plug them into another ubuntu system. The error message they gave wh09:13
pie_timeen my system tryed to auto mount them was, eg, "Unable to mount 2.0 GB Filesystem", "Unauthorized". Could anyone please help save my system?09:13
HermanonHello,how to use my ubuntu server as a SOCKS5 proxy on my windows pc without Putty?09:16
nogotor = socks509:17
Hermanonyou mean to use my server as a single tor node?09:17
ikoniaHermanon: you need to install a socks server on your ubuntu machine09:18
nogothere is a free socks implement, iirc09:18
Hermanonikonia: can you recommend me one please09:18
ikoniathe only one I really know works is quite old and it's actually called "socks5"09:18
nogodxxxxxx, i forgot09:18
alex88morning..i've a updated ubuntu install, i have to let my friend download the updates from my pc instead of archived..cause we have atm slow internet.. apt-mirror when installed downloads the full repositories right?09:19
nogoit's name09:19
Hermanonno problem,I'll google it thanks09:19
obscure^im trying to boot ubuntu 64bit off a usb drive, but ending up in grub rescue. I booted off the live cd, mounted and saw that it works. ls /boot gives me a list of files, but from grub rescue ls (hd0,1)/boot says that the dir is empty.. wtf? (i.e. any suggestions?)09:19
ikoniaobscure^: please control your language09:19
ikonialast obscure^09:19
pie_timecan anyone help please09:20
obscure^ikonia: k09:20
KiraI'm thinking of buying a new laptop, but most of these vendors can't tell me if their models have BIOS or UEFI 2.x. Is it possible to check using rEFIt? (I have never used rEFIt and there is no mention of UEFI version checking in the documentation.)09:20
bullgard4FUSE == filesystems in userspace. What prominent Ubuntu applications do use FUSE?09:20
ikoniabullgard4: you can tell any application to use it, it's just a mount point09:21
nogoubuntu use fuse to write your ntfs09:21
SnowmanX11Quick question: if I want to join to my ubunutu desktop from the ubuntu laptop to access the shared folders (by Samba), what should be the domain field?09:21
bullgard4ikonia, nogo Thank you very much for your help.09:21
kaushikSaudi, hi09:22
Saudihw are u09:22
HermanonIs it possible to setup a socks5 proxy with ssh+iptables (on remote server)09:23
sacarlson trijntje: sorry power failure on my side so I lost contact, what's the advantage of full encryption?  I guess so no one can modify the code you plan to run?09:24
Hermanonmadfox: how should I configure iptables then,I'm not an iptables expert :D09:24
kaushiksacarlson, are you speaking about dizital signature09:24
trijntjesacarlson, yes, it prevents people from putting something in /boot when your not watching your laptop09:24
madfoxNeither am I, I just got a book on it xD09:25
sacarlsontrijntje: makes sence09:25
madfoxI just know its possible09:25
pie_timeI just made many long over due ubuntu updates and restarted my system. I have a Full Disk Encryption LUKS encrypted disk that wouldn't boot upon restart and instead brought me to some basic install/rescue screen. There were 2 other drives, one flash usb and one large external usb drive, attached to the computer when I restarted it that also wouldn't mount when I tried to plug them into another ubuntu system. The error message they gave wh09:25
pie_timeen my system tryed to auto mount them was, eg, "Unable to mount 2.0 GB Filesystem", "Unauthorized". Could anyone please help save my system?09:25
sacarlsonHermanon: I know some iptables09:25
trijntjesacarlson, and it is cool to have such a setup ;)09:26
sacarlsontrijntje: to me it's trouble waiting to hapen09:26
castpie_time: could help you retrieve your data, but nfi how to fix that fubar situation09:26
trijntjepie_time, what problem do you want to solve?09:26
sacarlsontrijntje: I would just worry about my personal data getting stolen.  there are other tools to verify if things have been changed09:27
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perlsyntaxHow do i get my soundbaster to work with ubuntu?09:27
Hermanonsacarlson: I want to route all traffic port say 12345 on remote server to a socks proxy running on port 1234 on same server09:27
castpie_time: i'm just going to throw it out there, that he probably wants his system to work [boot] again09:27
=== dani is now known as Guest31378
wentordid anyone installed the nvidia driver?, it asked me to restart without X09:27
trijntjesacarlson, thats true, i've not done that on my main system, just my laptop09:27
pie_timecast, the brightest crayon in the box!09:28
trijntjesacarlson, so its no big disaster when things break09:28
trijntjepie_time, did you upgrade to a newer version of ubuntu?09:28
sometuxIs it possible to disable udev to make my ubuntu laptop boot faster?09:29
castsometux: i'd leave udev alone09:29
pie_timetrijntje, not unless a new one just came out09:29
sacarlsonHermanon: weird like forward all trafic in port 12345 to out port 1234.  I might have to think about this one.09:29
BaramI just updated some packages (included a new kernel) on 9.10, now network connection won't work09:29
perlsyntaxAnyone know how to get sound baster to work in ubuntu?09:29
KiraHow do I check whether a computer uses BIOS or UEFI 2.x? (I have never encountered a PC that uses UEFI 2.x)09:30
BaramI can get it back manually with dhclient, but even that doesn't stay stable09:30
mickster04perlsyntax: what doesn't work09:30
perlsyntaxmy soundbaster sound card someon told me to use backports.09:30
Humle91hey, anybody here that has experienc with nx machine ? im getting a weird error, it worked fine last time i used it09:31
Hermanonsacarlson: simply put, I'll use myserver:12345 on firefox on my windows machine as a socks5 proxy,and iptables will route it to the 1234 socks5 proxy09:31
mickster04perlsyntax: no sound at all?09:31
mickster04perlsyntax: just checking... more detail is better...09:31
perlsyntaxthat all i know09:32
trijntjepie_time, ok, so it has got nothing to do with grub/grub209:32
trijntjepie_time, are there no directions on the tutorial/site you used to create your setup?09:32
sometuxcast, Is there a chance I can't boot  if i disable it09:33
castsometux: just don't.09:34
sometuxcast I did that on slackware and everything went well09:34
sometuxcast, I did that on slackware and everything went well09:34
vigge_sWeHow can I fix the clipboard to not erase when I close an application?09:34
sometuxcast,  I did that on slackware and everything went well09:35
castsometux: more power to you. i don't care. do what you want.09:35
perlsyntaxi install the backport do i need to reboot?09:35
castperlsyntax: unless it's a kernel no09:36
perlsyntaxnot sure how to get it to work now.09:36
sometuxcast, I just want to experiment how faster can I make my boot time ?09:36
perlsyntaxBackported drivers for alsa-driver snapshot09:36
castsometux: then do what you want.09:37
Humle91anyone here that has some experinece with nx machine ?09:38
zambaHumle91: a bit09:38
Humle91can i pm you ?09:38
Baramanyone that can help me with networking issues?  Can only get (unstable) connection via dhclient eth0, network-manager no longer functions.  9.10 64b, recently updated with kernel 2.6.32-24 (from ubuntu repos)09:39
Vbitzwhien i was trying to update to 10.10 using "update-manager -d" it said that i needed to download 6006mb09:39
Vbitzany reason for that09:39
castzamba: lol.09:39
perlsyntaxanyone know about the alsa drivers?09:39
sometuxDo anyone recommend disabling udev for faster boot time?09:39
zambacast: huh?09:39
mickster04Vbitz: yeah cos its a whole new operating system? most of the packages will be updated09:40
castzamba: nx is a bit09:40
razz1since I went back to nvidia 185 driver, I am having issues restarting the system. I used to use 256 (or something in 200s) driver. any one know what is the best way to troubleshoot09:40
Vbitzmickster04 why are the images 700mb on size09:40
mickster04Vbitz: well if you download an iso you will get a cd sized image...09:41
Vbitzyeah, it said it needed to update 3000 packages09:41
Vbitzcan i do it using apt rather then update manager09:42
madfoxupdate manager USES apt-get09:42
perlsyntaxmickster04,You know what i need to do?09:42
Vbitzi know that, but does it not switch the software sources09:42
mickster04perlsyntax: no09:43
mickster04Vbitz: thats one and the same09:43
mickster04Vbitz: update manager uses apt-get (or aptitude, im not sure which if they are different)09:43
perlsyntaxdoes anyone?09:43
Baramanyone that can help me with networking issues?  Can only get (unstable) connection via dhclient eth0, network-manager (wired) no longer functions.  9.10 64b, recently updated with kernel 2.6.32-24 (from ubuntu repos)09:43
Vbitzso i can just use apt-get dist-update09:44
vigge_sWeanyone? I tried parcellite but it doesn't work and glipper doesn't work either (I can't find how to start it)09:44
Baramanyone that can help me with networking issues?  Can only get (unstable) connection via dhclient eth0, network-manager (wired) no longer functions.  9.10 64b, recently updated with kernel 2.6.32-24 (from ubuntu repos)09:46
madfoxrunning kubuntu?09:46
sidadCheck your card speed and duplex settings09:47
madfoxor rather what does network-manager say?09:47
Baramme, running strait ubuntu09:47
pie_timecan anyone tell me how to mount a drive that was unmounted improperly?09:47
Baramnetwork-manager just fails to connect, it sees eth0 as being there09:47
Barambut dhclient finds it fine, though earlier it was unstable (so far it's been good though)09:48
vigge_sWealso, why do I have to login twice?09:48
mneHi. I upgraded from Ubuntu Jaunty to Lucid yesterday. Among other problems I could fix by now, suspend to ram no longer works: The screen is just locked, but the machine doesn't go down. Yet I found out that it is working if I induce suspend to ram by issuing the "pm-suspend" command as root. Can you help ?09:51
Baram/etc/network/interfaces says auth eth0 (NOT commented out), and then #iface eth0 inet dhcp... is that correct?09:52
GneaBaram: why are you using /etc/network/interfaces?09:52
=== ayush is now known as ayushg
=== ayushg is now known as ayush
Baramgnea I shouldn't be, but running out of ideas so looking for something that would conflict with network-manager09:53
GneaBaram: why?09:53
BaramGnea: I thought everything in there should be commented out or blank09:53
BaramGnea: Can only get (unstable) connection via dhclient eth0, network-manager (wired) no longer functions.  9.10 64b, recently updated with kernel 2.6.32-24 (from ubuntu repos)09:53
GneaBaram: you'll need to delete the lines, not comment them09:54
GneaBaram: and I recommend you install wicd09:54
Gnea!info wicd09:54
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-2 (lucid), package size 39 kB, installed size 88 kB09:54
BaramGnea: Odd, I didn't put them in there in the first place09:54
BaramGnea wicd requires removing network-manager, doesn't it?09:54
GneaBaram: this is my interfaces file:09:54
Gneaauto lo09:54
Gneaiface lo inet loopback09:54
Gneaand a blank line below the last one09:55
Baramok, deleted them, let me restart networking and see what happens... brb09:55
Gneathat's all there needs to be09:55
GneaBaram: of course it does09:55
Gneawicd is a drop-in replacement for NM09:55
smn_what do you guys use as torrent program?09:55
BaramGnea: That didn't do it...09:56
BaramGnea I'll try wicd... odd that I've never had an issue with network-manager09:56
bazhang!torrent | smn_09:56
ubottusmn_: Torrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P09:56
sacarlsonBaram: what do you want static or just a simple dhcp client?  I had wicd working for a bit on wifi but later I had problems with it when I was trying to go static.09:57
pptfu# Appears as HUGH09:57
Baramsacarlson: I use dhcp, wired09:57
Baramsacarlson: just suddenly started having problems09:57
bazhangpptfu, what?09:57
sacarlsonBaram: ya I had similar problems so I disabled network-manager and now I'm at least stable.  maybe just make a script to start.09:58
sacarlsonBaram: or just use it to try to verify that your problem is caused by network-manager09:59
Baramsacarlson: 99% sure it's network-manager, seeing as dhclient gets me online10:02
sacarlsonBaram: sudo service network-manager stop; sudo dhclient eth0  might be something to try.10:02
BaramGnea: Ok... installed wicd10:02
GneaBaram: ok, should be able to access it from the top panel bar, or like this: wicd-client -n10:02
Baramsacarlson: Already did that, which is how I'm online, was trying to figure out how to fix network-manager10:02
perlsyntaxHow do i get my sound back on the computer10:03
BaramGnea: I have it open and it seems to work... now how do I get it to show a tray icon?10:03
perlsyntaxi mean the sound button10:03
Gneait should be there already10:03
Gneaif not, try logging out/logging in10:03
sacarlsonBaram: well gnea's idea might be the next move with wicd.  I only had luck with wifi with that.10:03
BaramGnea: Will do, brb10:03
ramnepalwhat is the animation software in ubuntu(like flash)?10:04
Gneasacarlson, Baram: I've had great success with wired and wifi with wicd. the thing that sucks is that wicd is in Ubuntu is still 1.x, while the 2.0 is in development mode right now, 2.0 is going to have a lot more functionality and features. Looking forward to its release.10:04
BaramGnea: That seems to have worked10:05
Gneayeah, I had to give it a kick-over on my netbook when I went wicd on there, it's worked just fine ever since10:05
BaramGnea: Thanks10:05
GneaBaram: cheers10:05
GneaBaram: I've had great success with wired and wifi with wicd. the thing that sucks is that wicd is in Ubuntu is still 1.x, while the 2.0 is in development mode right now, 2.0 is going to have a lot more functionality and features. Looking forward to its release.10:05
mneHi. After an upgrade to ubuntu lucid suspend-to-ram no longer works. Can you help ?10:07
sacarlsongnea: I think my problem is I try to manualy setup things in scripts or at the command line and network-manger conflics with those actions.10:07
GaleonHi. I need help: The resolution of my screen is now 800x600 when I installed nvidia drivers manually (71.24.x).10:07
welehello, am try to play avi file vedio,any one can help?10:07
ramnepalis there FLASH for UBUNTU?10:08
ramnepalwele: use video player10:08
vigge_sWeI guess it sin't possible to remove these password dialogs and requirements? It's annoying that I have to type my password to login to start empathy, login to connect to the internet, login twice to change proxy settings etc10:08
weledosent work10:08
rnsahoohello can anyone tell me that how can I able to convert .flv to .3gp video files10:08
sacarlsonmne: do you have a big enuf swap partition for the ram that you have.  I never us suspend mode so I'm not sure10:08
kleoplease can you help me10:08
bazhang!flash > ramnepal10:08
ubotturamnepal, please see my private message10:08
vigge_sWeI'm not retarded to run everything if that's why it's there10:08
Gneasacarlson: yeah, I got used to that with slackware and debian back in the day.... took awhile to get used to the way some of these programs that Ubuntu utilizes works, but when they work, they work well and I can just forget about them and get some real work done10:08
weleavi file cant play need packeg10:09
kleoi somehow deleted the bottom panel and i dont know how to get it back10:09
bazhang!resetpanels | kleo10:09
ubottukleo: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:09
ramnepalbazhang: Animation software for UBUNTU10:09
bazhangramnepal, does not exist10:09
perlsyntaxi got a creative CA0110-1BG i still have no sound and it off mute10:09
Galeonxchat crashes when I'm in #ubuntu10:09
Gnearamnepal: blender10:09
perlsyntaxany idea?10:09
Gnea!info blender10:09
ubottublender (source: blender): Very fast and versatile 3D modeller/renderer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.49.2~dfsg-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 10623 kB, installed size 27872 kB10:09
bazhangramnepal, if you mean like shockwave flash10:09
ramnepalbazhang: so I need windows again?10:09
kleothank you so much10:10
ramnepalGnea: Blender is animator??10:10
GaleonHi. I need help: The resolution of my screen is now 800x600 when I installed nvidia drivers manually (71.24.x).10:10
kleoman i love how you all are glad to help10:10
sacarlsonGnea: I'm sure wicd would be the way to go on my laptop with wifi and moving from one net to anouther, but my desktop is just fixed static, no real need for a network manager.10:10
Gnearamnepal: it's a 3D modeller, it will output some animation, you might be able to get it to convert to flash using avidemux or just upload it to youtube10:10
mnesacarlson, yes I have. But I'm not using hibernate (which writes all ram to the swap partition), but instead I'm using suspend-to-ram which just keeps ram powered up so that its contents are not lost. This worked very well on ubuntu jaunty and indeed it still works if I enter suspend as root by calling "pm-suspend". Yet it *no longer* works from gnome10:11
weleis there any packeg can make avi file work?10:11
=== bilalakhtar_ is now known as bilalakhtar
Gnearamnepal: it's a very technical program though, and requires that you follow tutorials in order to get to know how to use it10:11
bazhangwele, installed ubuntu-restricted-extras yet?10:11
bazhang!players | wele10:11
ubottuwele: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs10:11
sacarlsonmne: maybe theres a box in user group you have to check to use it as a user.10:12
welebazhang: no10:12
ramnepalwele: get a video converter10:12
bazhangwele, then install them10:12
bazhangramnepal, not needed10:13
Gneasacarlson: I moved recently and now everything is straight-up wifi, so I had to buy a usb adapter for my desktop. Ubuntu doesn't even have the driver, so I had to find the source off of ralink's site, hack it to accept the USB id, compile and install it, and it works like a charm now. Full 802.11n10:13
welebazhang: ok10:13
perlsyntaxi give up10:13
ramnepalwele: get plugins for the video player10:13
siriushi every one,who can tell me how to update KDE3.5 to KDE 4.510:13
GaleonHi. I need help: The resolution of my screen is now 800x600 when I installed nvidia drivers manually (71.24.x).10:13
bazhangramnepal, that package has that.10:13
ramnepalbazhang: ok10:13
DoubleStringhey all10:13
ramnepaldoublestring: hey10:13
weleis there any diffrent btween kubuntu and ubuntu?10:14
mnesacarlson, I don't think so. On ubuntu suspend to ram works by sending a message to the dbus. And the UPower deamon is supposed to suspend the machine. It's all explained on the ubunu wiki here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingGNOMEPowerManager10:14
DoubleStringhey ramnepal10:14
ramnepaldoublestring: i play 7 string10:14
DoubleStringwele, kde and gnome10:14
DoubleStringramnepal, nice, been a while since I last saw one ;)10:14
siriusadd-apt-repository: command not found//i get a problem ,how to solve?10:15
mnesacarlson, I already tried to debug the situation by the tips given in the wiki. Yet so far no errors show up in the logs but the machine still doesn't go down10:15
bazhangwele, just some of the applications and the DE, same software repositories though10:15
weleDoubleString: what do u mean bt that?10:15
sacarlsonGnea: I have a ralink wifi rt73 chip wifi,  I used to have to compile each time I changed kernel but now works out of the box in U10.0410:15
DoubleStringdifferent desktop environments10:15
Gneabazhang: ? 7 string is a type of guitar, you know...10:15
DoubleStringso different programs are made for them10:15
Gneawele: avidemux10:16
DoubleStringwhy did bazhang ban ramnepal?10:16
bazhangwele, no need for a video converter. just install ubuntu-restricted-extras10:16
welebazhang: ok ill try and give u a answer10:16
Gneasacarlson: this linksys AE1000 is pretty nice once it works... the driver's got a bunch of options that I haven't tried yet (like switching between 2.4ghz and 5ghz)10:17
sacarlsonmne: try check every user group priv in System>administration>User groups>Advanced settings>User privliges>   check every one of them for the user your play with.10:17
welebazhang: after install need restart?10:17
DoubleStringsirius, did you write sudo before it?10:17
bazhangwele, no.10:17
sacarlsonmne: if that doesn't work then I guess you will have to make a new group10:17
GneaI even tried to make a .deb of the driver for Ubuntu, but so far it only makes a .deb of the copyright and changelog files, so something isn't right10:18
welebazhang: woha its work, tanks alot10:18
bazhangwele, welcome10:18
sacarlsonGnea: ya the new ralink driver has cool injections and other cool monitoring mods10:18
welebazhang: one more thing of u dont main10:18
mnesacarlson, hmm, I'll try it10:18
bazhangwele, ask10:18
welebazhang: every restart i got icon change postion is there any way to fix it or need to re install ubuntu10:19
bazhangwele, icon for what10:19
arvind_khadriHi I needed help with nagios, when I run the check_nt script, its not able to connect to the other machine10:19
Gneasacarlson: I've been so busy that I've just had time to get it up and running. have had a separate issue with it losing ipv6 connectivity, think I zeroed in on the problem and figured out what to do to fix it. got my fingers crossed right now.10:19
welebluetooth,wireless,language bar10:20
bazhangwele, on the desktop? on the top panel? where?10:20
weletop panel10:20
bazhangwele, right click lock to panel?10:20
pie_timecan anyone tell me how to mount a drive that wasn't properly unmounted?10:20
welei already did10:20
Gneapie_time: you can't mount what's already mounted10:21
weleand they stuck now on the middle10:21
welehow i make them back to right side10:21
mnesacarlson, the situation has not changed, the machine still doesn't go to sleep10:21
sacarlsonGnea: my ISP doesn't support ipv6,  does yours?  when I played with ipv6 it seemed slow since it forced going through a tunel to another slow service.10:21
bazhangwele, then unlock and put where you want, then relock10:21
pie_timeGnea, its mounted on another system that wont boot10:21
welecant move them10:21
Gneasacarlson: my school does, yes. when I use wicd, I get an ipv4 and ipv6 address assignments10:21
muneebif I use apt-get source then wil I get latest source? Or should I use svn?10:22
Gneapie_time: and it's refusing to umount?10:22
welefor bluetooth and wireless there is no move option10:22
pie_timeGnea, what's umount?10:22
sacarlsongnea: I created a total ipv6 local network that just translated all address to ipv4 that worked for ubuntu but I couldn't get window 7 to support it. so my customers didn't like it.10:22
Gneapie_time: the commandline program to unmount something10:22
Gneasacarlson: cisco wifi routers ftw10:23
weleist kind of bug?10:23
pie_timeGnea, i dont know the name of the device to umount it, but i can see it in nautilus.10:23
muneebwhich is better apt-get source or svn?10:23
sacarlsongnea: ftw?10:23
DoubleStringit's the indication app10:23
Gneasacarlson: for the win10:23
DoubleStringso it's connected10:23
DoubleStringw/ clock10:23
Gneapie_time: can you open a terminal?10:24
pie_timeGnea, yes10:24
* ph_ help please i am writting a bash script but the cd command doesnt changethe dir 10:24
Gneapie_time: okay, now type this:  df -Th10:24
sacarlsongnea: windows it seems forces the users to go through a tunnel instead of going direct.  I could figure it out and gave up on it.10:24
DoubleStringph_, can you paste the line where you write the cd command?10:24
Gneaph_: can you pastebin the script?10:24
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:24
weleDoubleString: how i fix that then10:25
DoubleStringwhy do you need to fix it?10:25
pie_timeGnea, it's not listed there10:25
DoubleStringthey're near each other10:25
Gneapie_time: then it's not even mounted10:25
sacarlsongnea: I also had problems getting windows to not have an ipv4 as a dns server.  it windows needs dual stack ipv4 and ipv6.  I wanted total ipv6.10:25
DoubleStringor do they not functionate?10:25
weleDoubleString: every restart the icon postion change place10:25
welenow they are not10:25
pie_timeGnea, like i mentioned, it never unmounted from the previous system so it will not mount in this system10:26
DoubleStringI don't know, this might be a bug10:26
Gneasacarlson: I'm not sure that windows is ready to let go of ipv410:26
helkaluinHi all. Is there a way of moving/resizing btrfs partitions with parted-related tools? Or do I need to dump the entire partition with btrfs-image and then restore?10:26
welebluetooth and wireless and language bar alone in meddile10:26
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Gneapie_time: oh, I didn't understand that. I thought you were typing it on that system.10:26
ph_echo   ""10:27
ph_echo '========================================'10:27
ph_echo     ' moving to scripting directory'10:27
ph_echo            'By Ph0n7r1c'10:27
FloodBot3ph_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:27
ph_echo      'Version : (Beta)'10:27
sacarlsongnea: not as far as I know.  but I read that ipv4 address numbers would run out by 2012 so I thought I would prepare now.10:27
lunavoraxHello everyone !10:27
eltewhey lunavorax10:27
welebazhang: are u there?10:27
bazhangwele, yes10:27
pie_timeGnea, let me post my original problem for you.10:27
ph_and also tred sourceing it but no luck10:27
Gneapie_time: okay10:27
sacarlsongnea: so linux is ahead of windows on the ipv6 front or at least it better documented.10:27
lunavoraxMy mouse is broken, so i was wondering if there was a was to control the mouse with the keyboard ?10:27
welebazhang: so what can i do for fix it10:28
muneebcan any body help me?10:28
DoubleStringph_, could you use pastebin/10:28
pie_timeI just made many long over due ubuntu updates and restarted my system. I have a Full Disk Encryption LUKS encrypted disk that wouldn't boot upon restart and instead brought me to some basic install/rescue screen. There were 2 other drives, one flash usb and one large external usb drive, attached to the computer when I restarted it that also wouldn't mount when I tried to plug them into another ubuntu system. The error message they gave wh10:28
pie_timeen my system tryed to auto mount them was, eg, "Unable to mount 2.0 GB Filesystem", "Unauthorized". Could anyone please help save my system?10:28
eltewlunavorax, of course there is..10:28
lunavoraxeltew, I don't know it yet,  that's why I'm here :D10:28
ph_DoubleString, can we do a private chat10:28
Gneasacarlson: ipv4 and ipv6 were developed using unix/linux, initially. microsoft came along and just interpretted the RFC's and available source code. Apple didn't have to do a thing, since BSD took care of it all for them.10:29
eltewlunavorax, what version are you using?10:29
lunavoraxeltew, 10.0410:29
sacarlsonpie_time told you guys don't bother with FDE just encrypt one users /home/account.  you guys create problems for yourself.10:30
castencrypting just /home/account is not enough.10:30
FastReadingWhat's more realiable: free or htop?10:30
GneaFastReading: free10:31
castneither should be wrong10:31
FullFlannelJackesacarlson: There's nothing wrong with FDE.10:31
pie_timeGnea, are you able to help?10:31
FastReadingGnea: thanks, I had read the opposite10:31
eltewlunavorax, do the following: System → Preferences → Keyboard10:31
eltewthen select the Mouse Keys tab10:31
eltewthat will allow you to use your mouse with your keyboard.10:31
sacarlsonFullFlannelJacke: well fix pie_time problem then if nothing is wrong with it.10:31
eltewlunavorax, http://www.giannistsakiris.com/index.php/2008/05/10/ubuntu-arrow-keys-make-mouse-pointer-to-move-around/10:32
Kwpolskalunavorax: you can also try ctrl+shift+numlock10:32
Kwpolskafaster way to enable/disable this10:32
Kwpolska5 is left mouse button, shift or ctrl makes it right10:32
lunavorax-o- that was that simple, sorry i didn't find it without your help eltew10:32
sacarlsonpie_time you can use tripwire if your paranoid about someone corupting your system files10:32
lunavoraxThanks for the shortcut Kwpolska, very handy10:33
eltewlunavorax, no problem.  i didnt even know about the shortcut.10:33
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gogetasacarlson: most linux have a secure delete bilt in called shred10:33
=== ubuntu is now known as pepito
=== pepito is now known as Pepito
Gneapie_time: are you saying that the flash drive and other external hard drive were also formatted with encryption?10:34
pie_timeGnea, no10:34
pie_timeGnea, im saying they also had mount problems10:34
sacarlsongogeta: so what is pie_time or me going to do with this secure bit?10:34
Gneapie_time: so unplug them from the bricked system, and plug them into a system you know works correctly.10:34
pie_timeGnea, i have one of the drives plugged into my working system right now10:35
pie_timeand it says "Unauthorized"10:35
Gneapie_time: flash or hdd?10:35
FastReadingsacarlson: shred's usage is somewhat a hassle, you can install secure-delete10:35
gogetasacarlson: i bet the program you said is just a frontend for shred10:35
Gneapie_time: okay, unplug it.10:35
Gneanow plug it in10:35
pie_timeyeah same message10:35
Gneado you get an icon on the desktop?10:35
sacarlsongogeta no tripwire is a detection program that auto checks for md5sum changes in system files to make sure no one or thing has changed any programs or config files in you system.10:36
Gneapie_time: could you please pastebin the full output of the dmesg command?  you can use a program called pastebinit (just sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit) to make the process seamless.10:36
DexterLBI added a script of mine to the nautilus open with menu of images. Now opening them with my script from nautilus works10:36
DexterLBbut for some reason it won't go into f-spot's open with menu, how do I add apps to that?10:36
gogetasacarlson: ah10:37
sacarlsongogeta: the data it uses to check with is fully encrypted to make sure no one can change it10:37
pie_timeGnea, is there another way?10:38
SAngeliHi, I wish to migrate from having ubunto installed on a local PC to a VM on VMware ESXi. What should I install: ubuntu or ubunto server? Also, from my Windows 7 PC when I wish to connect to this VM what do I have to use to be able to see my ubuntu disto in GUI as if I would be in front of my ubuntu PC?10:38
HamledI'm currently attempting to upgrade my server distro install from 9.04 to 9.10 using update manager, and the installation appears to have stalled. This is the most recent output: http://pastebin.com/UG5vKiY4 Would it be safe to kill the process and restart it? How can I see more information about what's going on? From ps it appears to be a python script10:38
pie_timeGnea, can we take this to pm please10:38
gogetasacarlson: i think i cought the party abought destrying files and that was all thought he was asking for a secure delete10:38
castsacarlson: encryption doesn't provided protection against modification ;)10:39
castsacarlson: you'll probably find it's signed10:39
kaushikhi all where can i find the code for the 'ls' command10:39
sacarlsoncast: no in this case it only adds detection10:39
Gneapie_time: no, pm won't work, dmesg is too large.10:40
pie_timeGnea, thats ok10:40
castsacarlson: encryption doesn't provide that10:40
gogetakaushik: in the ekrnel source10:40
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com10:40
pie_timeGnea, i would like to take our conversation to pm, not the pastebin10:40
gogetakaushik: its a intregrated command10:40
gclericSAngeli, Check out - http://www.vladan.fr/how-to-p2v-linux-into-vmware-esx-server/10:40
psycho_oreos!info aircrack-ng10:40
ubottuaircrack-ng (source: aircrack-ng): wireless WEP/WPA cracking utilities. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:1.0-1 (lucid), package size 1529 kB, installed size 2748 kB10:40
Gneapie_time: okay, go for it10:40
sacarlsoncast: no tripwire does the detection trip wire uses encryption to make sure the detection isn't corupted.10:40
castsacarlson: presumably you mean the digest database, when you say 'the detection isn't corrupted'10:41
HeTaLDooes anyone know how to force fans to stay on? Right now they only come on for 2-3 seconds, and then shut off, and then back on, then back off.10:41
sacarlsoncast: http://www.tripwire.com/  that is correct the digest is encyrpted10:42
gogetakaushik: its in the coreutls10:42
gogetakaushik: so get that source ls is there10:42
castsacarlson: which provides no assurance of integrity10:43
sacarlsonif I was a total paranoid or a bank that's the system I would use instead of a fully encrypted disk.10:43
SAngeligcleric, actually I want to start from scratch with install. Mostly I need to understand two concepts otherwhise I will not be able to plan. 1) once I installed ubunto on my server how do I access it from my window PC? What software will I use to use it?10:43
castsacarlson: instead? they're two very different things, neither replaces the other10:44
psycho_oreosany of you guys played with unfs3? I'm trying to get my machines to mount nfs share but no matter how I edit /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} along with restarting networking it fails to mount because of denied permission10:44
gogetaSAngeli: thers lots of ways ftp ssh vnc10:44
gogetaSAngeli: samba nfs etc etc10:44
castpsycho_oreos: did you mean unfs3?10:45
psycho_oreoscast, yes10:45
sometuxI wonder why my dell notebook touchpad isn't as responsive as in Windows, and if there a way to optimize it in ubuntu?10:45
gogetaSAngeli: if you whant command lince acess putty for windows if you whant gui acees tightvnc or real vnc10:46
castpsycho_oreos: ahh. dunno. i've only used nfs [in kernel space]10:46
psycho_oreoscast, in theory it shouldn't be any different shouldn't it? I mean apart from the way both of which are called, I think its an issue with portmapper, I've got it working with sshd but just not with unfs310:46
SAngeligogeta, I did not properly explain. Here anothe way: what is the exact equivalent of what I do when I install ubuntu on a PC, I turn it on and have my ubuntu running with GNOME GUI interface and do all my stuff through GUI not command line?10:46
bazhang!fr | goldfish10:46
ubottugoldfish: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:46
qwdI installed Ubuntu with a usb memory and grub was installed on the usb memory, not the hard drive, so now I need to have the usb drive plugged in in order to start the laptop. How do I put grub on the hard drive? I'm guessing it should be in the unencrypted /boot partition (doing full disk encryption here)?10:47
gogetaSAngeli: then you will whant a vnc client for windows to acess the gui10:47
gogetaSAngeli: i listed 210:47
SAngeligogeta, when I installed ubuntu (which I do not know if server or desktop version) what do I need to acchieve the same things from my Windows PC?10:47
sacarlsoncast: well with my very limited ability and skills It would be much easier for me to maintain a secure system with tripwire system combined with an encrypted /home/useraccount over a fully encrypted disk method.10:47
yfkI am able to compile my kernel with nvidia graphic driver ver 173 but not 180 and up. Why is that?10:47
SAngeligogeta, can I use RDP, from windows?10:47
castsacarlson: what are you protecting about?10:48
castsacarlson: what are you protecting against?10:48
gogetaSAngeli: vnc is the same as rdp10:48
castsacarlson: first one was a typo :(10:48
sacarlsoncast: that's another good point nothing.10:48
oliver_I have big problems right now, I buy a nvidia 240gts yesterday and had now put it in the computer and it's works great before i installed the propitary drivers. when i had compiz on and move a windows it's lagg little and when i tried to start the computer before it give me a error that the drives had problems and i need to reboot, now it's works but the window problems is still her, when i buy a nvidia card i think it would better then m10:48
oliver_y ati but i had wrong, heeeeeelp10:48
gclericSAngel, when you install Ubuntu enable VNC and install a VNC client on your... windowz box... =)10:48
gogetaye i said that10:49
HamledI'm currently attempting to upgrade my server distro install from 9.04 to 9.10 using update manager, and the installation appears to have stalled. This is the most recent output: http://pastebin.com/UG5vKiY4 Would it be safe to kill the process and restart it? How can I see more information about what's going on? From ps it appears to be a python script10:49
SAngeligogeta, ok. Great. Now, is it better to install the server version of ubuntu or just the standard ubunto desktop edition?10:49
NewaSAngeli: or applications / internet / remote desktop viewer10:49
castsacarlson: the problem with encrypting just /home/user is that user's data will leak into /tmp and /var [/var/tmp, also updatedb and many other things],10:49
gogetaSAngeli: being you whant the gui desktop10:49
gclericgogeta, but did you say windowz"10:49
Dreamandjo__ кажи10:50
castsacarlson: /etc often also contains confidential information, like VPN passwords, the users password hashes, passwords in plaintext for the likes of ppp10:50
bazhang!ru | Dreaman10:50
ubottuDreaman: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:50
Dreamanbazhang bulgarian :)10:50
djo__ae 4eki 4e nemoa da opraq taq programa10:50
djo__pak gledam v drugiq 4at v saita si horutuate za neq10:50
SAngeligogeta, I did not get your answer. Desktop or Server edition?10:50
sacarlsoncast: I can't argue that those are all valid weaknesses10:50
bazhang!bg | djo__  Dreaman10:50
ubottudjo__  Dreaman: опитайте #ubuntu-bg за български потребители . try #ubuntu-bg for bulgarian users, and please idle there patiently10:50
gogetaSAngeli: ubuntu desktop10:51
djo__ooo ok ty :)10:51
gogetawe should start suggesting google translate lol10:54
sometuxHow I can make gnome terminal remember its last position and size when i open it?10:55
mnesacarlson, I think I found out why it isn't working: The system doesn't go down to sleep with pm-suspend either. I had a look at /var/log/pm-suspend.log and found out that pm-suspend tries to call a script that no longer exists: "/usr/lib/pm-utils/sleep.d/95ups-monitor suspend suspend:invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/ups-monitor not found." So why does it try to call a script that no longer exsts anywhere ?10:55
sacarlsonmne: I thought you said it worked in root.10:56
* france1159 says hello to everyone10:57
sacarlsonmne: ups-monitor is for uninteruptable powersupply monitor why do you need that for suspend?10:57
mnesacarlson, yes it did yesterday ;) But then I removed ups-monitor and now it still tries to call the init script that is no longer there10:57
sometuxIs there a way to make gnome terminal remember it's last size and position?10:57
sacarlsonmne: so what do you need a dummy ups-monitor script just to make it run?10:58
mnesacarlson, the script existed in /etc/pm/sleep.d as my old UPS used the serial port for communication which did not work correctly after waking up from suspend. The script solved the problem by restarting the ups-monitor10:58
erUSULsacarlson: pass the --geometry option ?10:59
sacarlsonerUSUL: I'm not sure I know what a --geometry option is?10:59
mnesacarlson, I suppose that would work. But I'm still puzzled why pm-suspend tries to call a script that no longer exists. I also did a 'grep -Rin "ups-monitor" /etc/*" but found nothing10:59
qwdsometux: let me know if you find out how11:00
sometuxqwd, are you kidding?11:00
erUSULsacarlson: --geometry 300x150+0+0  ( the +0 +0 ptions are the ones that place the window they start counting from the up left corner )11:00
qwdsometux: why would I be kidding?11:00
sacarlsonerUSUL: oh you talking to sometux: --geometry ?11:01
castsometux: e16 does that, i'd have thought any decent window manager could ;)11:01
GrimReaperhello everyone11:01
sometuxcast, I guess you face the same problem, right?11:01
HamledI'm currently attempting to upgrade my server distro install from 9.04 to 9.10 using update-manager, and the installation appears to have stalled. This is the most recent output: http://pastebin.com/UG5vKiY4 Would it be safe to kill the process and restart it? How can I see more information about what's going on? From ps it appears to be a python script.11:01
sappelquestion: I'm configuring my /etc/network/interfaces via cmd the first time, eth0 is properly configured from the install, now I added a second adapter. is "auto eth1" + address line + netmask enough? or do I have to set a gw?11:01
erUSULsacarlson: ooops sorry11:02
castsometux: nah, i use e16, i just right click and go remember position+size11:02
erUSULsometux: --geometry 300x150+0+0  ( the +0 +0 ptions are the ones that place the window they start counting from the up left corner )11:02
sacarlsonsometux: did you get that what erUSUL sent that's what you want.11:02
sometuxcast, even icewm that I used in the past did11:02
castsappel: depends on your network setup, if its just one switch you won't need the gateway entry11:02
castsappel: if it's going to be routing to say the internet you will though11:03
sappelthen it should be fine, thanks11:03
sappelno, the second is a intranet lan, the eth0 is the internet (with gw set)11:03
castsappel: if you don't have the gateway entry it just means you can't escape your subnet11:03
GrimReaperwhat do I need to compile and install an app from the source files?11:03
sometuxerUSUL, I need to make it remember the last size and position11:03
castGrimReaper: stow, build-essentials, presuming it's a typical app11:03
GrimReaperit s called mdk311:04
elitexraywould a KDE anti virus scanner work on Gnome?11:04
qwdelitexray: yes11:04
madfoxelitexray:potentially, but good luck11:05
erUSULsometux: then you will have to find if your window manager supports that11:05
qwdmadfox: why would there be any problem with that?!11:05
erUSUL!compile | GrimReaper11:05
ubottuGrimReaper: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:05
Akaruzguys anyone can tell me support channel of wine?11:05
qwdAkaruz: #winehq11:05
erUSULAkaruz: #winehq11:05
SwistaczekHow can I run screen thats give me option of later detaching screen, I also would like to name my screen11:05
madfoxqwd: because it may have dependencies on libraries only native to KDE11:05
sacarlsonelitexray: you mean on ubuntu yes,  ubuntu can run both gnome and kde at the same time11:06
GrimReaperthank you, I ll take a look! I already did but there is none available11:06
qwdmadfox: so? that's what we have apt for, he doesn't need to care about dependencies.11:06
elitexrayis it recommended to install anti virus on ubuntu?11:06
qwdelitexray: probably not.11:06
elitexrayhow come?11:06
sacarlsonelitexray: it's not needed unless you serve files to window systems.11:07
madfoxqwd: doesn't always mean it will work fine and dandy.11:07
oliver_my nvidia card laggs with compiz, heeeelp11:07
erUSULHamled: maybe in #ubuntu-server you get more help... apparmor is not my forte11:07
cilli_phi all!11:07
sometuxerUSUL, gnome, metacity11:07
castelitexray: heh, hell no.11:07
madfoxelitexray: cause if you are in a circumstance where a virus can run, you have bigger problems11:07
elitexraySo am I secure without anti virus?11:07
madfoxelitexray: linux pretty much doesnt have viruses :)11:07
madfoxelitexray: Yes and no11:07
madfoxelitexray: security is a much bigger field then just viruses11:08
psycho_oreoscast, I've dropped unfs3 in favour of nfs-kernel-server and with very little configuration I got it working :) thanks.. it was a good riddance of stupid unfs311:08
madfoxelitexray: but day to day stuff? should be fine11:08
castpsycho_oreos: :) it is rather easy11:08
elitexrayShould I be worried about hackers?11:09
madfoxelitexray: depends11:09
castelitexray: who are you11:09
psycho_oreoscast, heck, I was at my wits trying to get unfs3 to work with a virtualised environment, no more now11:09
elitexrayim a noob11:09
well_laid_lawnthe only time I would worry about a virus is if I shared files with windows comps11:09
madfoxelitexray: are you running just a desktop, a networks, or wha?11:09
ubottudevilspie is a tool that performs actions on windows in GNOME's metacity such as resizing, positioning, and pinning.  Usage information can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Devilspie11:09
erUSULsometux: ^11:10
castelitexray: so you're not elite?!11:10
elitexrayI'm just running ubuntu on my laptop for casual use11:10
sacarlsonelitexray: you can still be easily fooled by an email that diverts you to a website that you think is your bank or other service.11:10
castpsycho_oreos: i think it's always bene the case that the kernel implementation has been better11:10
madfoxelitexray: if you are using ubuntu just for your own daily use then you are PROBABLY fine11:10
madfoxelitexray: though not safe ;) few people are11:10
Fudgeanyone know how to tell links you want to type ito an edit field?11:11
madfoxelitexray: but I wouldn't worry about it for you, unless you become interested in the field11:11
cilli_pHow to save the size of columns (right-left) of Nautilus on Ubuntu 10.04 (updated) ? I mean the "Name" column is  very small but "Type" column is very big. But the "Name" column is important than "Type". I always make the "type" column smaller but after i re-open Nautilus the size options are reseting :( . Can someone please help me ?11:11
sometuxerUSUL, cast, anyway, thanks!11:11
Rosbuntudisplay get black with vertical white lighting bars ! only way to be back in mint is restarting11:12
Rosbuntuwhats the solution11:12
kaushikgogeta, can you please tell me the exact path :( i dint get it11:12
hixoUbuntu keeps switching to VGA output as soon as I plug the cable in, which is a nice feature if it had actually worked. Instead I get two black screens, and need to do a hard reboot in order to restore functionality on the laptop screen. Any ideas on how to disable this automatic "feature"?11:12
jca1981please somone help me im getting "kernel panic unable to mount root" after an failed upgrade to lucid. i can get into the console via the boot cd what can i do now to fix my system??11:13
sometuxjca1981, chroot <your root mount>11:13
kaushikhi can anybody help me in building a .deb package11:13
stikonasdoes anybody know if crypsetup/LUKS has any IRC channel? I can't mount a partition...11:14
kamolhow to change default port of vsftpd on latest Ubuntu?11:14
jribkaushik: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)11:14
bazhang!checkinstall > kaushik11:14
ubottukaushik, please see my private message11:14
cilli_pHow to save the size of columns (right-left) of Nautilus on Ubuntu 10.04 (updated) ? I mean the "Name" column is  very small but "Type" column is very big. But the "Name" column is important than "Type". I always make the "type" column smaller but after i re-open Nautilus the size options are reseting :( . Can someone please help me ?11:14
jca1981sometux, ok, and then?11:14
sometuxjca1981, resume your upgrade process11:15
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)11:15
qwdPossibly a GRUB problem. I installed Ubuntu with a USB memory and now I need to have the USB memory plugged in during startup or the laptop won't boot. I have GRUB in /boot and the USB memory still has the installation files so GRUB wasn't installed on the USB memory as I first thought. What could the problem be?11:16
elitexrayIs it normal to be using ubuntu only for casual use?11:16
qwdelitexray: yes11:17
sometuxqwd, reinstall grub to your hard drive (ex, /dev/sda)11:17
elitexrayI mean, i don't do anything big , like programming or engineering stuff11:17
GrimReaper^^ ubuntu is for everyone11:17
mnesacarlson, I got it working ! The thing is that the power management scripts are *not* stored in /etc/pm/sleep.d but instead they are in /usr/lib/pm/sleep.d. In the latter directory I still had a script for ups-monitor which is the reason why pm-suspend tried to call an init script that no longer exists. I removed the script and now it it working ;) thanks dude11:17
qwdelitexray: still yes11:17
hixoUbuntu keeps switching to VGA output as soon as I plug the cable in, which is a nice feature if it had actually worked. Instead I get two black screens, and need to do a hard reboot in order to restore functionality on the laptop screen. Any ideas on how to disable this automatic "feature"?11:17
GrimReapereven for kids who only want to play games11:17
kamolhow to change default port(21) of vsftpd on latest Ubuntu?11:17
erUSULelitexray: well if you've been sdoing engeeniring stuff you will be forced out of linux. the big programs do not work in linux11:18
GrimReapercan two wifi cards be used with ubuntu?11:18
GrimReaper(one intern and one usb)11:18
elitexrayI thought engineers use linux11:18
sometuxGrimReaper, why not?11:18
bazhang!ot | elitexray11:18
ubottuelitexray: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!11:18
GrimReaperlinux is to general11:18
madfoxerUSUL: depends on what11:19
madfoxerUSUL: big ones you refer to11:19
jribkamol: is it not in vsftpd.conf?11:19
GrimReaper@sometux: how can I asign them to apps?11:19
kamoljrib: cannot find listen_port in vsftpd.conf :(11:19
jribkamol: did you try adding it?11:19
kamoljrib: hahaha, let me try :D11:20
cilli_pHow to save the size of columns (right-left) of Nautilus on Ubuntu 10.04 (updated) ? I mean the "Name" column is  very small but "Type" column is very big. But the "Name" column is important than "Type". I always make the "type" column smaller but after i re-open Nautilus the size options are reseting :( . Can someone please help me ?11:20
erUSULmadfox: integrated CAD/CAM ? Pro/ENGINEER ?11:20
sometuxGrimReaper, by ip address11:21
kamoljrib: tq :) it works with just adding this configuration11:22
jca1981sometux, ok looks like its working :)11:23
cilli_pHow to save the size of columns (right-left) of Nautilus on Ubuntu 10.04 (updated) ? I mean the "Name" column is  very small but "Type" column is very big. But the "Name" column is important than "Type". I always make the "type" column smaller but after i re-open Nautilus the size options are reseting :( . Can someone please help me ?11:23
jca1981sometux, thanks11:23
sacarlsonGrimReaper: yes you can,  only way I can think of to use one on an aplication would be to use virtualbox but there is probly other ways.11:24
sometuxjca1981, welcome!11:24
jca1981is there somplace where you can pay for ubuntu support?11:24
jrib!repeat | cilli_p11:24
ubottucilli_p: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com11:24
madfoxjca1981: why do that o.o?11:24
jca1981i want to give somthing baack11:24
jrib!support | jca198111:24
ubottujca1981: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org11:24
jribjca1981: donate to a linux project you like... or buy some ubuntu merchandise11:25
sacarlsonjca1981:  yes send me some money I could use it.  but I would probly just buy more beer with it.11:26
jca1981when i boot my system now all i get is a Grub Prompt, what do i type to boot11:29
sometuxjca1981, chroot again to restore your grub11:30
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Akaruzhow to add references to my repository ?11:32
Akaruzwhere i can find this repository?11:32
jca1981first i have to set root in grub, right, i only have one disk in my laptop with default server install.11:32
erUSULAkaruz: what is "your repository" ? you meant your repository list?11:33
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources Akaruz11:33
LycanDragonisHi all11:33
erUSULAkaruz: System>Preferences>Software Sources11:33
erUSULAkaruz: sorry --> System>Admin...>Software Sources11:34
Akaruzok Thanks :)11:34
sometuxjca1981, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub2#Recover%20Grub%202%20via%20LiveCD11:35
thune3jca1981: for trying to boot from grub> line you can use ls command to see partition options and look at "Express Boot to the Most Recent Kernel" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:35
sacarlsonjca1981:  from what I saw above sounds like you might have a corupted root partition.  did you try fschk /dev/sdX  X being the disk you boot from11:36
sacarlsonjca1981: from a live cd boot11:36
neeonHi! I'm new to linux and i just installed 10.04 on my acer one. There seems to be a problem with video playback (both in default player and VLC) I get sound but no video..11:37
neeonI've followed the guide on how to update the gm500 videocard11:37
jca1981if i type root (hd0,1) grub complaing about "filesystem is unknown" !!11:37
sometuxneeon, why type of media files you'er trying to play?11:37
neeonboth divx and xvid11:38
qwdsometux: thanks, reinstalling grub solved the problem.11:38
sacarlsonjca1981: you should boot a live boot cd and at least try to mount and view your normal root partition to see if it's ok11:38
sometuxneeon, what*11:38
=== progre55_ is now known as progre55
neeonsometux: Divx files and xvid (mpeg4 i think??)11:39
sometuxneeon, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras11:39
evgenyhi everybody!11:39
muneebhi evgeny11:40
sometuxneeon,  try to install this package first11:40
|ntegra|I for the life of me can't get the burn effect working, can you help please?11:40
neeonsometux: Got an error.. it's in norwegian11:40
neeonCould't find the package ubuntu-restricted-extra11:41
jribneeon: add an 's' on the end11:41
sometuxneeon, ubuntu-restricted-extras11:41
neeondo i need to reboot after?11:42
sometuxneeon, no11:42
neeonsweet :D11:42
brutushii, i would like to know if there is a way to get screenshots throufh compiz, .... (PS: i uninstalled gnome-desktop-utils)11:43
jribbrutus: probably dozens... is 'scrot' enough for you?11:44
|ntegra|brutus: can you tell me how to get the burn effects?11:44
brutusi saw the screenshots plugin11:44
brutusin compiz11:44
brutusburn ? :O11:44
brutusi dont know about that11:44
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sometuxhsr, \011:45
hsrIs it possible to disable plasma widgets for Desktop 1 and let it enabled for desktop 2?11:45
brutusi had to uninstall gnome-desktop utils because the dictionary thing cant be uninstalled just alone :(11:45
hsrIs it possible to disable plasma widgets for Desktop 1 and let it enabled for desktop 2 for the same user?11:45
hsret tu brute11:46
olivermy nvidia 240 gts don't works great with compiz, heeelp11:46
evgenyрусские есть?11:46
hsrno private messages please11:47
erUSULhsr: join #kubuntu11:47
bazhang!ru | evgeny11:47
ubottuevgeny: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke11:47
sometuxoliver, what driver you use?11:47
oliversometux: the propitary, 195.36.2411:48
neeonsometux: Still no video playback :/11:48
Stormx2Hi. Firefox won't die. firefox-bin is Uninteruptable and is stuck on request_wait_answer plugin-container is Zombie and stuck on do_exit. What should I do11:49
sometuxneeon, what is you media player?11:49
neeonthe default one and VLC11:49
jribStormx2: reboot?11:49
erUSULStormx2: zombie processes can be killed ( they are already death )11:49
barberanhi, I am gonna install ubuntu-server. What are the main differences between 10.04 and the server edition ???11:49
Stormx2ah man. What causes this? it seems to happen the whole time nowadays11:50
jribbarberan: no X, server kernel11:50
HamledHi, I'm currently upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 on the server version, and the installation stalled when upgrading libc6. It is checking init scripts that may need to be restarted, which ends up using 'status <script' and each time status is called returns: status: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist11:50
erUSULStormx2: sometimes killing the parent can get rid of them; if it is not possible then reboot11:50
sometuxneeon, try to use mplayer11:50
sometuxneeon, sudo apt-get install smplayer11:50
barberanjrib: So, after the system starts, all I will see - command promt ?11:50
jribbarberan: yes11:50
ubottuTorrent clients: Transmission (GTK and terminal-based), Deluge-Torrent, Freeloader, BitStormLite, BitTornado-GUI (GTK), KTorrent (KDE), QTorrent (Qt), Azureus (Java), TorrentFlux (web-based), bittornado, rTorrent, cTorrent, bittorrent, aria2 (terminal-based) - FAQ: http://www.bittorrent.com/FAQ.html - See also !P2P11:51
barberanjrib: ok. and can you imagine, would it understand my usb-wirelses rtl adaptor as 10.04 does ?11:51
jribbarberan: did it "just work" on 10.04?11:52
neeonsometux: no video there either :(11:52
austiniumhi everyone, i was wondering how Live CDs allow people to install packages...i've read up on union mounting, but iam not clear on how the read-only live file system and the RAM disk work together when it comes to installing packages into the live file system11:52
barberanjrib: the 10.04 recognized it automatically, without dancing around my computer11:52
jribbarberan: should probably "just work" on the server edition, try and see :)11:53
jribbarberan: you'll still have to setup your connection of course, and you won't have the network manager applet11:53
Akaruzhow to extract an tarball file ?11:53
sometuxneeon, run mplayer from command line and use --verbose switch11:54
jribAkaruz: double click or right click -> extract11:54
austiniumtar -zxvf filename.tzr.gz11:54
erUSULAkaruz: double click on it11:54
* jrib waits for "how to compile" question11:54
sometuxneeon, so you can see if the encoding recognized or not11:54
manipulateor "why can't I run this source.c?"11:55
AkaruzPlease tell me an tutorial link for working with directories.11:55
ikoniamanipulate: it's not a binary11:55
jribAkaruz: what is your final goal?/11:55
neeongot an error while opening smplayer11:55
ikoniamanipulate: it's a "c" programming language file11:55
Akaruzjrib what u mena?11:55
erUSUL!cli > Akaruz11:55
ubottuAkaruz, please see my private message11:55
jribAkaruz: what do you want to do/install?11:55
manipulateI was going along with sometux11:55
manipulateerr, jrib*11:55
ZolAfter I've added some lisp code to my .emacs, how do I get emacs to boot with the changes?11:56
barberanjrib: instead of network manager I will configure some files)11:56
Akaruzjrib just wan't install Polytro program for wine.11:56
neeonMplayer has finished unexpectedly: Exit code 111:56
jribbarberan: k11:56
* jrib has no idea what Polytro is11:56
ph_where is the .bashrc located in Ubuntu11:57
ikoniaph_: your home directory11:57
ph_it say  there is not such dir11:58
jribph_: what are you trying to accomplish?11:58
ph_put an alias in it11:58
kuttan_ph_ yes there is no such directory & should not have such directory11:58
jribph_: type: gedit ~/.bashrc11:59
ph_so have to create it then11:59
jribph_: you should have one by default11:59
jriba .bashrc FILE11:59
ph_home dir meaning home/ or home meaning home/username12:01
ph_ok found it12:02
ph_thank you ]12:02
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frojndA friend of mine is trying to install openssh-server (clean 10.4 install) but instead he get: openssh-server Branje seznama paketov... Narejeno Gradnja drevesa odvisnosti  Reading state information... Narejeno Paket openssh-server nima navedene različice, vendar se nek drug paket nanaša nanj. To ponavadi pomeni, da paket manjka, je zastaran ali pa je na voljo samo iz drugega vira. E: Paket openssh-server nima kandidata za namestitev12:06
Akaruzi still can't understand how to go to some directory.... for example i need to go  to Download Directory.... (12:06
craigbass1976Trying to get a sound card working, but I can't even figure out which one of these http://pastebin.com/p60jrRuU  is my card.12:07
nailorais there a program that accepts a png-file on stdin and displays it?12:07
frojndPackage is missing, or is obsolete, or is available from other source....12:07
jribAkaruz: in nautilus?  just click folders until you get there12:07
frojndpackage openssh-server doesn't have a candidate for installation12:07
frojndwhat's going on?12:07
Akaruzjrib i wan't with terminal...12:07
jribfrojnd: run sudo apt-get update.  If there's still an issue, pastebin your sources.list*12:07
Akaruzjrib how can i go to downloads directory from terminal12:07
nailoraso that i can do:12:08
nailoraqrencode -o - "some text" | $SOMEPROGRAM12:08
nailorato generate and view a qrcode12:08
jribAkaruz: linux is case sensitive.  Does that help you?12:08
frojndjrib: ok will do that12:08
Akaruzjrib ah :D i need the command...12:08
jribAkaruz: what are you trying...?12:09
Akaruzjrib im trying to go to downloads directory and extract downloaded tarball file12:09
jrib!cli | Akaruz12:09
ubottuAkaruz: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro12:09
Hamledif the init scripts in /etc/init.d end up using upstart rather than the old Sys-V scripts, is there a way to force them to use the old scripts?12:09
jribHamled: well there's always a way but you probably don't want to12:10
silv3r_m00nhi there12:11
silv3r_m00nfirefox not starting and giving this error >> [metrics-module] exception: Error opening input stream (invalid filename?), stack: undefined12:11
jribsilv3r_m00n: firefox -safe-mode    work?12:11
silv3r_m00nya works12:12
jribsilv3r_m00n: disable your extensions12:12
silv3r_m00nthis happened after I installed a language from synaptic12:13
silv3r_m00nand after disabling that language  firefox is working normally12:13
jana_hi all12:13
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jrib!away > C210|away12:17
ubottuC210|away, please see my private message12:17
kulightevolution keep start up on the contacts page instead of the mail page any one can help?12:21
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Hamledjrib, my problem is that I'm in the middle of upgrading from 9.10 to 10.04 and upgrading libc6 did not work. It was attemping to check the init scripts, but all upstart commands give the error status: Name "com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist12:24
Esatwhy cant  i open my .mo files in /use/share directory?12:25
Esatanybody can see this message?12:27
jribEsat: yes...12:27
Esatjrib: thanks12:27
Esatwhy cant  i open my .mo files in /use/share directory?12:27
Esatxiaotao, hi12:28
jribHamled: how did you upgrade?  What repositories other than the official ones were you using?  Exactly what upstart commands fail?  Did they work before the upgrade?12:28
jribEsat: how are you trying?  Why do you want to?12:28
Esatjrib: i want to translate this files to my language12:28
jribEsat: I believe you work with .po files12:29
erUSULEsat: correct you need the *.po file. maybe it will be easier for you tu use the web based translation tools of ubuntu ?12:30
jriberUSUL: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Rosetta and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations will probably be helpful12:30
Hamledjrib, I upgraded with update-manager. I was at first on 8.10, and I upgraded to 9.04 and then from 9.04 to 9.10. Both of those succeeded with minor hiccups (first time I tried to 3-way merge smb.conf and that failed, but reconfiguring with a different option worked, the second time bind9 failed because it hung trying to get a socket on startup, again the reconfiguration worked). Since libc6 was updated both of those times and it used th12:30
jribEsat: those links were for you.  Also, if there's a translation team setup for your language, get in touch with them12:30
jribHamled: your message was truncated at "it used th"12:31
Hamledit used the same start/status/restart commands (all of which give the same error), I must assume they worked before12:31
HamledI did not restart my machine between those upgrades, as I am not currently at the machine and was kind of (probably stupidly) hoping that it wouldn't be a problem if I only restarted after the final upgrade12:31
erUSULHamled: have you tried restarting dbus ?12:32
HamledI killed the dbus-daemon and reran dbus-daemon --system12:32
Hamled(I did it taht way because the init scripts aren't working)12:32
erUSULHamled: "sudo restart dbus"12:33
laegi've used nautilus to search for documents of a certain name, can i somehow search the text contained in each of the many found items for a certain string of text?12:33
jribHamled: apt-cache policy dbus  (what version is installed?)12:34
Hamledthat just stalls, as with the other commands. Now that I think of it, the Name not found error was probably due to me attempting to run it with user privileges, so my bad on that. But when I run any of those commands with sudo they just wait infinitely12:34
sacarlsonlaeg: I don't know how to do that in nautilus but from the command line you can use the grep function to search for strings inside files12:35
Hamled1.2.16-0ubuntu9 is installed and 1.2.16-2ubuntu4 is the candidate12:36
sacarlsonlaeg: example grep "thisstring" *.txt   will search for "thisstring" in all *.txt files12:36
laegsacarlson: there are over a hundred files of the same name, scattered in different places, can i use to to search all documents name PowerAuras.lua for the string rupture?12:36
laegso grep "rupture" PowerAuras.lua?12:36
jribHamled: so the issue now is that with sudo, the stop start and status commands just hang?  I assume the same is true of 'sudo service WHATEVER start'?12:37
Hamledyes, it seems that way12:38
jribHamled: what service are you using to test?12:38
Akaruzwhy i got this message while updating,.......12:38
sacarlsonlaeg: same file name different places then you will have to use recursive mode from top of file structure to search  grep -r "rapture" PowerAruras.lua12:38
AkaruzW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://downloadue.info lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 212:38
AkaruzW: Failed to fetch http://downloadue.info/repo/dists/lucid/Release12:38
AkaruzW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/karmic-ppa/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found12:38
AkaruzW: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.12:38
FloodBot3Akaruz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:38
laegsacarlson: rupture, but sounds good ty :)12:39
laegthe rapture doesn't much concern me :D12:39
Hamleddbus and atd12:39
Hamledactually sudo service ssh status worked12:39
laegsacarlson: laeg@skyrocket:~$ grep -r "rupture" PowerAuras.lua12:39
laegsacarlson: grep: PowerAuras.lua: No such file or directory12:40
sacarlsonlaeg: did you start from a dir tree that has that file in it?   you can use find -name "PowerA*"   see what comes out12:40
AkaruzW: A error occurred during the signature verification. The repository is not updated and the previous index files will be used.GPG error: http://downloadue.info lucid Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 212:41
AkaruzW: Failed to fetch http://downloadue.info/repo/dists/lucid/Release12:41
AkaruzW: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/team-xbmc/karmic-ppa/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found12:41
AkaruzW: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.12:41
FloodBot3Akaruz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:41
laegsacarlson: i'm in my home dir "laeg"12:41
irvkenanyone know how to get images off my samsung android phone onto my ubuntu laptop by usb12:41
erUSULAkaruz: :/12:41
jribHamled: can you pastebin what happened when apt failed?  Maybe add "set -x" to the relevant .preinst and .postinst12:41
jribAkaruz: this channel is not a pastebin12:42
psyt7does anyone here know how to make suggested powertop changes permanent? are there any guide for this? (in order to save some battery)12:42
compatthi everybody I need some help about my notebook ACER TravelMate 7720 ubuntu 10.04 64 bit, I have problems with the mouse's arro12:42
compattit goes everywhere and it clicks everything it finds12:43
laegsacarlson: the find command found many PowerAura.lua, maybe because it is a .lua file grep doesn't know it can search it as a text file?12:43
compattthe arrow gets crazy, i tried to change mouse12:43
Hamledwell, the original output of running do-release-upgrades is lost now unfortunately, and running dpkg --configure -a provides this output: http://pastebin.com/Zt5biY6z12:43
Dr_Willislaeg:  grep dosent care.12:43
compattbut i've got the same problem12:43
laegDr_Willis: well it cares about something in this case12:43
sacarlsonlaeg: no it should search any file even bin files12:43
compattcan someone help me??12:43
ATMMachinewhat you guys talking about i got lost?12:43
Dr_Willislaeg:  it is actuall y a text file right  with just the .lua extension - you can edit it in a text editor12:44
jribHamled: how long is it stuck there?12:44
Hamledwould it be safe to try re-running do-release-upgrades?12:44
Hamledat least 20 minutes12:44
erUSULDr_Willis: probably lua is a script lang like python or perl12:44
laegsacarlson, Dr_Willis: find -name "PowerA*"12:44
Hamledps shows it's trying to run status atd12:45
jribHamled: I would hope it would start by running dpkg --configure -a, but you can try.  In either case add "set -x" near the top of /var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6.*inst12:45
yeah_http://dpaste.com/235174/ this is my dmesg12:45
jribHamled: oh12:45
laegDr_Willis, sacarlson: returned many hits but grep -r "rupture" PowerAuras.lua returns no such file or directory?12:45
intok will clamav for ubuntu find windows viruses on a windows install?12:45
yeah_i cant connect anywireless access12:45
HamledI could try to remove such a check from the script, but I don't know where the unpacked files are12:45
erUSULlaeg: find dir_where_lua_files_are/ -name 'Powera*' -exec grep "string" '{}' /dev/null +12:45
yeah_02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8172 (rev 10) 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)12:46
jribHamled: they're where I told you to add "set -x" but I wouldn't remove the check just yet12:46
kuttan_if anybody bored , can pm me12:46
laegerUSUL: lua files are scattered in different places, but all within my home dir somewhere?12:46
Dr_Willislaeg:  try it without quotes12:46
sacarlsonlaeg: as far as I know it should have worked.12:46
laegDr_Willis: no dice12:46
Dr_Willislaeg:  and grep would be searching the file in the current directory.12:46
laegDr_Willis: they are in different directories12:46
Dr_Willislaeg:  grep dosent care.  ine wrongly12:47
laegDr_Willis: "ine wrongly"?12:47
Dr_Willislaeg:  you are using the grep command line wrongly12:47
laegerUSUL: can i stick a -r for recursive in there somewhere?12:47
erUSULlaeg: find is recursive by definition12:47
sebsebseb!language | kamil12:47
ubottukamil: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.12:47
jrib!pm | kuttan_12:47
sebsebsebto late they left12:47
erUSULlaeg: find $HOME -name 'Powera*' -exec grep "string" '{}' /dev/null +12:47
sacarlsonlaeg: Dr_Willis: but with the grep -r  we should be searching recursivly down the tree of dirs from where you started.12:47
ubottukuttan_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.12:47
laegerUSUL: i replace string with the word rupture, right?12:48
Hamledjrib, my thinking is that because I upgraded and did not reboot before upgrading again some of the applications that might be depending on a newer kernel version are not working... could I possibly move to the old version of libc6 and then attempt to restart with the new kernel?12:48
erUSULlaeg: if that's what you are looking for; yes12:48
sacarlsonerUSUL: laeg: that might work12:48
erUSULlaeg: is case sensitive.12:48
yeah_is there anyone who can help me12:48
yeah_it s about wireless driver12:48
Dr_Willissacarlson:  you sure its -r or is it -R   heres a grep tutorial i saw the other day -> http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/317617:getting-a-grip-on-gnu-grep12:48
sebsebseb!details | yeah_12:48
ubottuyeah_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:48
sudobatyeah_ , explain12:49
laegerUSUL: returns >> find: missing argument to `-exec'12:49
jribHamled: worth a try. I think that's a good hypothesis.  Worst case scenario, you'll have to boot from a live cd12:49
yeah_i cant detect any wireless access12:49
sacarlsonDr_Willis: my man page says -r or -R did they change something?12:49
irvkenEsat, are you able to help12:49
Esatyou replied so late, yes12:49
yeah_i can only detect when i start the pc12:49
Esatgo to top menu on desktop12:49
laegerUSUL: find $HOME -name 'PowerA*' -exec grep "rupture" '{}' /dev/null +12:49
linxehdepends on the version of grep12:49
Dr_Willissacarlson:  no idea. i normally pipe things to grep.12:49
irvkenoc or phone12:49
yeah_but afrer a minute it s all disappear12:49
Hamledall because the the pack formats for my bzr repos were incompatible! ;_________________;12:49
jriblaeg: the /dev/null is silly, no?12:50
Esatcan you see mobile's name there?12:50
sudobatwhich wireless card you got?12:50
erUSULlaeg: change + to \;12:50
yeah_02:00.0 Network controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device 8172 (rev 10) 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)12:50
Esatare you sure that all of them's conneciton are on?12:50
laegerUSUL: gave me a > prompt12:50
laegjrib: i'm a novice following instruction12:51
Hamledhow would I go back to the old libc6? since it never got past the initial check of init scripts, I don't think it actually installed any files (unless the unpack step is when the files are replaced?)12:51
irvkenno bluetooth on laptop12:51
Esatirvken, yes12:51
irvkenusing usb12:51
sudobatand when you boot you can connect for a minute12:51
sudobatand then it dies?12:51
Esathmmm, i see irv12:51
irvkenmessages shows usb connetion12:51
Esatwhen you attact it to pc, it shall find your mobile12:52
sacarlsonDr_Willis: I just verified seems recursion in grep isn't working for me also.  seems it worked before.12:52
erUSULlaeg: find $HOME -name 'Powera*' -exec grep "string" /dev/null '{}' +12:52
yeah_my dmesg http://dpaste.com/235174/12:52
irvkenit doesn't12:52
Esatpower off and on again12:52
jriberUSUL: why /dev/null there?12:52
erUSULjrib: to force grep to print the filename12:52
sebsebsebEsat: No no, this isn't The IT Crowd :D12:52
erUSULjrib: in case it only pass a single file12:53
jriberUSUL: -H  :P12:53
sudobatyeah_ , I don't know but it seems some driver problem12:53
yeah_thankyou sudobat12:53
jpdssebsebseb: But we are a crowd involved in IT.12:53
irvkeni did that before12:53
irvkenrebootin now12:53
yeah_ifound some bug reports about that driver12:53
sebsebsebjpds: yep, but they say in that show a lot, to power off and on again, hence jokeing about it :)12:53
yeah_but there is no fix12:53
erUSULjrib: tst tst.... my version works in a solarix box with 1989 era find and grep XXDD12:53
jriberUSUL: :)12:54
Esatyou dont need rebooting12:54
* erUSUL messes his grey beard12:54
erUSULkids today have it easy12:54
sudobatyeah_ , maybe you could install windows drivers using ndiswrapper12:54
yeah_i can do that12:54
sudobatbut I recommend you to do it as a last resource12:55
erUSULjrib: thnaks for the heads up btw ;P12:55
irvkenEsat, do you have an android phone12:55
danoninohi all12:55
laegerUSUL: searching, ty12:55
yeah_but how can i remove linux driver12:55
laegerUSUL: writing that one down.12:55
yeah_or overwrite12:55
laegsacarlson, Dr_Willis, jrib: ty all.12:55
irvkenwhat is MTP application?12:55
sudobatI think you have to remove a kernel module or something like that12:56
plitterHello , I have a problem with the forced check on my ubuntu stationary, it takes forever... but i've been trying to fix the resolution on my tty1-6 so i cant see anything... how do i cancel the disk check?12:56
yeah_hımm ok12:56
discozohanCan anyone say, is this intallation of 2 software raids correct: raid1 with 2 active drives, on each drive 2 partitions - one for swap, another for system with lvm; raid10 with 4 active devices, each has only 1 partition with lvm12:56
irvkenwhen I plug usb cable from phone to pc phone says MTP application12:56
discozohanwhats wrong here ?12:56
discozohanSystem can't load raid 1012:56
discozohanwithout it - everything ok12:56
discozohanand why ubuntu installation my default has 2 active drives for raid 10 ? I think it should be 412:57
erUSULdiscozohan: sawp on a raid 1 makes little sense12:58
casterUSUL: why is that?12:58
discozohanerUSUL: what do you mean ?12:58
burguahi all!12:58
sebsebsebHi cast12:58
erUSULcast: you do not need swap to be reliable12:58
castdiscozohan: perhaps its split into two layers?12:58
casterUSUL: yes you do12:58
frojndI'm total newbie with ubuntu. According to http://linux-wless.passys.nl/query_part.php?brandname=TP-Link my card is TP-WN722N there is no way to install drives even windows's to make this usb wifi card work? How do I install windows wifi drivers under ubuntu? Please help12:58
plitterHello , I have a problem with the forced disk check on my ubuntu stationary, it takes forever... but i've been trying to fix the resolution on my tty1-6 so i cant see anything and thus i cant see how to cancel it... how do i cancel the disk check?12:58
casterUSUL: if a chunk of your virtual memory space disappears what do you think is going to happen to the processes using that memory?12:59
sacarlsonI found my error in grep -r  "string"  *.txt   with this search it will only continue search if the directory matches *.txt  I've always just used *  so it works fine for that.12:59
burguahow to switch gnome to kde in Ubuntu? By default it was ubuntu, installed kde-minimal12:59
erUSULcast: the data you store in swap is throw away. you loose it on averyboot. why protect against disk faliure ?12:59
Dr_Willisburgua:  the GDM/KDM login screen has a menu item to select12:59
burguaDr_Willis: yup, but bydefault is ever GNOME13:00
casterUSUL: RAID1 is used to increase availability, can you see how if you didn't mirror swap and you lost a disk, it would result in a loss of services?13:00
jribsacarlson: grep 'string' **/*.txt    because find is evil and stuff13:00
Dr_Willissacarlson:  the ting with '*' in bash is to rember its the SHELL parseing the * and passing the matched  files/dirs to the command. Not the command.13:00
Dr_Willisburgua:  i select KDE here on my GDM login windos and it uses KDE for me..13:00
discozohancast: what layers are you talking about ? ;) I am unable to find tutorial for installation of software raid 10. So i just took 4 drives, on each of them created 1 partition, made raid 10 with 4 active devices and 0 spare, installed lvm and used all this for /home directory.13:00
discozohanbut ubuntu can't load /home directory13:01
Dr_Willisburgua:  are you saying your selection dosent work? or you cant select KDE?13:01
erUSULcast: ok fair enough13:01
xzil0burgua, i think you will first need to install kubuntu-desktop package13:01
castdiscozohan: can you pastebin /proc/mdstat :)13:01
burguaDr_Willis: selection works. But Every boot I must to select KDE13:01
Dr_Willisburgua:  check your .dmrc file13:01
burguaDr_Willis: Session=kde13:02
casterUSUL: fairly common mistake, though a serious one if you're running important apps13:02
zzzed_burgua, on the login screen, when you select KDE you can make it default for future logins13:02
sometuxdiscozohan, what is your fstab home entry?13:02
nagnatronany way to get the new beta radiance theme in lucid?13:02
Dr_Willisburgua:  since you did a minimal kde install .. its possible thats the issue13:02
frojndCan someone point me to the wiki or somewehere where can I install (even windows drivers would be OK) drivers for wifi card please? card is: TL-WN722N13:02
sacarlsonyou never stop learning .... unless your me you just keep getting dumber.13:02
burguaDr_Willis: ok, thx13:03
sometuxnagnatron, try to look for ppa13:03
oskarkvI tried to install new Nvidia drivers, and I managed to uninstall something (window manager?), the result is that my windows don't have those quit, maximize and minimize buttons, and sometimes can't be moved by dragging. What have I done and how can I fix it? :P13:03
Dr_Willisoskarkv:  try alt-f2 and run 'metacity --replace' see if they come back13:03
undifinedsacarlson, the more you learn the more you reallize you are dumb :-)13:03
LinuxNewbieI am looking for help with the Empathy IM client.13:04
discozohansometux: it looks like "/dev/mapper/home_vg-home /home ext4 defaults 0 2". So, system loads, but without this raid1013:04
LinuxNewbieIt records all of my conversations. There appears to be no way to stop it from doing this.13:04
oskarkvYes they did, thanks Dr_Willis13:05
Dr_Willisoskarkv:  you removed/broke the nvidia drivers so compiz is failing to start - thats my bet.13:05
sometuxdiscozohan, demsg | less and look for any reference to you raid1013:05
frojndCan someone point me to the wiki or somewehere where can I install (even windows drivers would be OK) drivers for wifi card please? card is: TL-WN722N soeone just please give me a wiki13:05
ZolIn bash, what've done wrong with this alias: alias ggg="g++ $1 -o $2;./$2"?13:06
Dr_Willisfrojnd:  you did check the forums ?13:06
Dr_WillisZol:  perhaps you need single quotes.13:06
Akaruzah ( I got error while updating... and i can't update anything.... somebody help me13:06
sometuxfrojnd, look for native linux drivers, your best bet13:06
ZolDr_Willis: Will try!13:06
LinuxNewbieHow can I permanently disable the logging of messages in empathy?13:07
Dr_WillisZol:  the use of $1  - could be getting parsed when you enter the alias. not when you run the actual alias.. *perhaps*13:07
Akaruzhow can i fix this Err http://ppa.launchpad.net karmic/main Packages13:07
Akaruz  404  Not Found13:07
AkaruzGet:4 http://downloadue.info lucid Release13:07
AkaruzErr http://downloadue.info lucid Release13:07
Akaruz  13:07
FloodBot3Akaruz: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:07
AkaruzFetched 10.1kB in 7s (1,383B/s)13:07
discozohancast: cat /proc/mdstat http://pastebin.com/sMaxMePF13:07
LinuxNewbieFirst time on an IRC channel. :-O13:08
=== xuekan is now known as rabbit_kan
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: In Empathys settings13:08
nmvictoranyone with ideas on how i could convet ESN to IMEI, my modem has no IMEI code.13:09
frojndDr_Willis: yes I ddid and All I found was: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9551308 I don't know how to install it from here: http://linuxwireless.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k_htc#ath9k_htc13:09
castLinuxNewbie: hello13:09
frojndany help would be appreciated13:09
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Hello13:10
oskarkvHm, when I press arrow up in my terminal, I want to go through previously entered commands, but only those that start with the letters I have already typed, how can I enable this behaviour?13:10
tew88I'm experiencing quite choppy Flash playback in Ubuntu 10.04. Is there anything I can do to resolve this? I've installed ubuntu-restricted-extras.13:10
sebsebsebhello  (anyway lets's not flood the channel with to many of these)13:10
kad_heys!! need help i have sendmail, where i can get Pop3 ?13:10
sebsebsebtew88: try another browser I guess13:11
sebsebsebtew88: I mean Firefox is great, but Flash won't always work properly in it in Ubuntu13:11
tew88sebsebseb: I've tried with FF and Chrome. Same problem. This leads me to believe it's more fundamental.13:12
AkaruzSomeone please help me.....13:12
Dr_Willis'Flash won't always work properly'   :) is a more accurate statment i think. :)13:12
Akaruzgot this13:12
Akaruzwhile updating.13:12
sebsebsebtew88: Was that Chrome or Chromeium?13:12
rabbit_kanI wanna know that why every time when I make some settings, i always need to reboot my system, I heard that linux doesn't need to restart,is that true?13:12
LinuxNewbie"In Empathys settings"... how? I have looked and found nothing that allows me to delete or better, disable logging of conversations.13:13
Dr_Willisrabbit_kan:  what settings? Ive rarely needed to reboot for any settings that i can think of.13:13
sebsebsebtwmi: Now I don't like Chrome much, but  if you get the closed source one from Google yep Chrome they have Flash built in.  However first I would recommend trying browsers such as,  Arora, Epiphany, Galeon, and Konqueror.13:13
sometuxkad_, sendmail is MTA which handles sending and receiving email only, for pop3 you need another software13:14
kad_sometux, aha thx, can you tell me any known pop3 daemon  on ubuntu13:14
discozohansometux: i looked into dmesg and saw interesting rows: "raid1: md1 is not clean -- starting background reconstruction", raid10: md2 is not clean -- starting background reconstruction", and last rows are "md2: resync done"13:14
LinuxNewbiehow are you all directing replies @ each other? What's all this:13:14
LinuxNewbieusername: "post body" business?13:14
ubottuUbuntu supports the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) and provides mail server software of many kinds. You can install a basic email handling configuration with the "Mail server" task during installation, or with the "tasksel" command. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/email-services.html13:14
sebsebsebtew88: see above, I high lighted wrong person13:14
Dr_Willis!tab | LinuxNewbie13:15
ubottuLinuxNewbie: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.13:15
discozohansometux: so, md1 = system raid1, md2 = home raid 10; i can't get, why it's resyncing ?13:15
discozohansometux: does it mean, that i've done incorrect installation somewhere ?13:16
rabbit_kanDr_willis:some software,for example fcitx,is there anyway to replace the restart way to let my setting be useful right away?13:16
thune3tew88: you can play with gpu detection override, for my underpowered graphics system the results were mixed. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/06/fixing-fullscreen-flash-in-ubuntu-1004.html13:16
Dr_Willisrabbit_kan:  services can be restarted via the 'sudo service SERVICENAME restart' command13:16
sometuxkad_, postfix13:16
Dr_Willisrabbit_kan:  no idea what fcitx is.13:17
LinuxNewbieubottu: I see what you mean. I assumed highlighting the nickname in right side panel would direct the typed messages at the highlighted person. Thanks.13:17
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:17
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: :)13:17
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: uhmm13:17
discozohansometux: and now last rows are : "md1: resync done". So, it showed that both raids successfully resynced13:17
Dr_WillisThats alwyas funny.13:17
kad_sometux, thx13:17
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: quite a lot of new users do that, message the bot, its a computer program, not a person13:17
sebsebsebDr_Willis: When they message the bot you mean?13:17
Dr_Willissebsebseb:  yep :)13:17
sebsebsebubottu is also female apparently13:18
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:18
ubottuyes, I can confirm I am a female bot :)13:18
tew88sebsebseb, thune3: Thank you.13:18
Dr_Willisa 'FemBot'13:18
rabbit_kanDr_willis: is any software have a service name?13:18
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: That was funny. You know your noob when you send a message in response to a programmed message. :-!13:18
Dr_Willisrabbit_kan:  Services are services... not sure what you mean. see whats in /etc/init or /etc/init.d/ to determine what services you have installed.13:19
albech_I am experiencing strange colors on video playback in 10.04 with both Movie Player and VLC. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4669371/strange-color.png13:19
sometuxkad_,  sorry postfix is another mta, try dovecot13:19
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Do you have or are using Empathy? I would very much like to disable the logging of everything I view and type in this program.13:19
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: I have been using Empathy a bit recently, for Facebook chat13:19
Dr_WillisLinuxNewbie:  if you are using empathy for just irc.. you may want to get a differnt/better irc client.13:19
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: normally I would do that in Pidgin, but I had a little issue with that on my current non Ubuntu distro13:20
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: logs can be useful, and most people will have a personal log of them being on IRC13:20
kad_sometux, thx =)13:20
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: there are even logs of this channel public logs13:20
sebsebseb!logs | LinuxNewbie13:20
ubottuLinuxNewbie: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/13:20
Dr_WillisWe can grep the logs and get a top 10 asked question summary.13:21
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Why do you want to disable logs?13:21
Dr_WillisThat would be an interesting bit of codeing for a program to automate that.13:21
discozohani have raid 10, that "was not ready" while booting. Now i see in dmesg row "md2: resync done", so how can i load it manually ?13:21
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: There's so little digital privacy, if any, in developed countries that I don't need my own computer to be logging everything I do.13:22
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: ok13:22
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: What are you using Empathy for?13:22
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Replacement of Bill Gates chat IM.13:22
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: oh for MSN uhmm13:22
sometuxdiscozohan, I'm not sure but i think you have to use /dev/md2 in your fstab13:23
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Empathy will be alright for that, but there are better programs for that sucky chat network as well13:23
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Such as Emesene,  AMSN, and Kmess13:23
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: I would drop my MSN account altogether but that would mean phoning around everyone telling them I have a new account. Empathy is pre-installed so I thought I would try that first.13:24
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Guess I will use something called "Pidgin". Hope that doesn't log everything as well?13:24
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: uhmm13:25
discozohansometux: ok, but i have last question: why ubuntu can't make normal installation ? Why have they included raid10, if it can't normally load ? I am confused13:25
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: just looked at Empathy and I can't seem to find the thing for logs13:25
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Pidgin is nice, and it does log, but you can turn that off easilley13:25
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: maybe there isn't something in Empathy to turn off logs hrm13:25
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: It raises the question. Why log everything the user does and not warn them or let them turn it off? Not a good move on part of the developers.13:26
FastReadingLinuxNewbie: if you don't want the logs and cannot find the option to disable them, you can do the following: wipe the directory the program creates in your /home folder. It's normally the application's name preceded by a dot13:26
shirtlessIs there any gnome integration available for easy stroke? Like an applet?13:26
FastReadingLinuxNewbie: definitely a bad move, the same happens with skype and msn if I am not mistaken13:26
shirtless(I am thinking about writing it, want to make sure it doesn't exist)13:26
dmex01FastReading: you can disable logging in msn13:27
dmex01LinuxNewbie: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=95286413:27
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: You can turn off the logging in MSN, surprisingly.13:27
FastReadingdmex01: I know, I was answering to LinuxNewbie, who said that having logs enabled by default was a bad move13:27
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: you can with Empathy some how as well I expect, and the other programs that were just mentioned, you can there quite easilely13:28
sometuxdiscozohan, try and tell me what you get13:28
truefluHello all just got a quick general uninstal. After I have uninstalled Ubuntu "don't worry I'll be installing it on VMware aftewards" will the partition on my harddrive restore it's self or do I need to do this manually?13:28
FastReadingLinuxNewbie: nonetheless, with msn , even when logging is disabled, contact list info is logged to the directory13:28
Dr_Willistrueflu:  how are you 'uninstalling' ubuntu ?13:28
FastReadingLinuxNewbie: at least with linux's msn clone --> aMSN13:29
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: see my pm, I told you something about Pidgin13:29
truefluPutting it on "VWware" as a virtual machine13:29
Dr_Willistrueflu:  if you just delete the parittion, you will need to remake/reformat it for whatever fileysstem you want on it.13:29
Dr_Willistrueflu:  that made no sence to me.. 'putting it on vmware....'13:29
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: PM?13:29
=== claw_ is now known as claw
frojndI'm trxing to untar the file tar xvfj compat-wireless.tar.bz2  but instead I get error: bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.13:29
frojndtar: Child returned status 213:29
frojndtar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors13:30
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: private message13:30
discozohansometux: there is a little problem - i don't really know how can i use md2 in fstab. Should l just replace "/dev/mapper/home_vg-home" with "/dev/md2" ?13:30
castfrojnd: f should be the last option13:30
Dr_Willisfrojnd:  im lazy and always use 'unp' these days13:31
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Thanks for the help. Basically Empathy doesn't let the user disable the logging so I have to either periodically wipe the log storage directory or use "Pidgin".13:31
castfrojnd: but if for some reason your tar cant do bz2, bzcat compat-wireless.tar.bz2|tar xv  will work too13:31
Joeyxhow do I start an app using the terminal?13:31
seekalanaConnection reset by peer13:31
truefluThanks Dr. Willis. Will this mean that if I wish to restore the storage space from the old partition to the larger partition I'd have to reformat both partitions?13:31
seekalanaSSL_write:: bad write retry13:31
castJoeyx: you type its name and push enter.13:31
sometuxdiscozohan, exactly13:31
Joeyxthats all?13:31
frojndDr_Willis: cast thanx13:32
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Pidgin is good, but, well see the pm for the but,  altough I could have realy said it in here, but I don't want loads of people to think Pidgin is a bad programs as a result, because its not.13:32
Joeyxok thanks13:32
FastReadingLinuxNewbie: is the log storage limited to /home temp directories or is there also at /tmp as well?13:32
castJoeyx: yeah. try typing "firefox" etc...13:32
Hamledjribas, thanks for all of the help! I was able to downgrade libc-bin and libc6 and after restarting the upgrade worked fine13:32
shirtlessfrojnd: I am not sure why tar would try to read from standard input unless you tried to pipe into it or had a stray '-' in your command line13:32
LinuxNewbieFastReading: I don't know, I don't understand the linux file structuring system.13:34
LinuxNewbieFastReading: (yet)13:34
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: Empathy is a new program, it does more than Pidgin and what not, but  I guess its not as user friendly13:34
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: in the home folder are hidden .folders with program user data, for  Linux distros, and thats what FastReading is on about13:35
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: well  .empathy   or for pidign  .purple13:35
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Understatement, it doesn't let me stop logging of my conversations.13:35
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Also, can you elaborate when you mentioned something about storing passwords in an insecure way?13:35
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: ok you did see that then :)13:35
LinuxNewbieIt was under the logged stuff.13:36
casthi sebsebseb13:36
slawasCould You tell me how to install Cowpatty?13:36
seekalanaFUCK OFF13:36
seekalanaFUCK OFF JSUT FUCK OFF13:37
FloodBot3seekalana: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:37
om26er!language | seekalana13:37
ubottuseekalana: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.13:37
discozohansometux: so now it's the same, but i don't see any messages in dmesg about "resyncing". There are rows "raid10: raid set md2 active with 4 out of 4 devices", "md2: detected capacity change from 0 to 1000213446656", " md2: p1". Thats all13:37
seekalanaFUCK YOU13:38
seekalanaJUST FUCK OFF PLEASE13:38
sebsebseb!ops | seekalana13:38
FastReadingsebsebseb: in order to know exactly where empathy stores all the data, it would probably be good to trace its system calls. The application can be run with "strace" and the system calls stored to a file, then the file can be filtered piping its output with "grep", so that only lines with "O_WR", "RDWR", "mkdir", "rename",etc. are listed, that would probably give the most accurate information about all the places it is storing data13:38
ubottuseekalana: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!13:38
discozohansometux: so, as i think there was a resyncing before cause of first load of the system, it seems it is default behaviour13:38
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Has someone filed a bug report to the developers, so they can fix it in the next release?13:38
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: you mean the password thing?13:39
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Yes13:39
kuttan_seekalana whats up dude ..!13:39
sometuxdiscozohan, lets try to mount the raid manually13:39
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: someone I know online,  if I remember correctly made a fix, but  was never excepted by them in that case, or maybe he didn't even submit it13:39
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slawasIs Cowpatty avaliable in APT repository?13:39
sometuxdiscozohan, use this commadn: sudo mount /dev/md2 -t ext4  <mount point>13:40
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: well you can still use the program, without saving your password, if your concerned about that13:40
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Do you use "Evolution" email client?13:40
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: no13:40
FloodBot3root___: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:41
Seeker`root___: what are you trying to do?13:42
Baram2Ok, I'm still having issues with WIRED network connection.  Ubuntu 9.10, 64b, problems happened after installing updates from repos (I remember a new kernel, 2.6.32-24).  Tried removing network-manager and using wicd, seemed to work but connection lost 1.5 hours later an unable to recover.13:42
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: I don't understand any of the setup requirements. It asks for all manner of technical details such as "POP" and "IMAP" servers etc.13:42
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: I am sure I have set it up incorrectly. I want to receive the emails sent to my hotmail account and display them in the client instead of through the web browser at "http://www.login.live.com".13:42
iflemaroot___: /part or /close13:42
FloodBot3LinuxNewbie: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:42
Baram2Add, other machines connected to that router are still working fine, problem computer cannot even ping the router/gateway13:42
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: oh hotmail, uhmm  I would suggest using gmail.com13:42
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: also email clients, personally I don't bother,  plus I don't really get that much email anyway that I need to see, but even if I did,  I would probably prefer web mail13:43
discozohansometux: fail ;< Dmesg shows "EXT4-fs (md2): VFS: Can't find ext4 filesystem. How do you think, was it correct to define 4 active devices and 0 spare devices for raid10 ? May be problem about it ?13:44
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: email clients, in my eyes are old fashioned technology,  that older people tend to want to use,  and business people of course13:44
Nyasaryg ol bnyak kali ea pada g traweh ea13:44
slawasCould You tell me what ATP is? I installed it from APT repos.13:44
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: web mail can really nice, like for example what Google Mail has13:44
axhyniclinuxNewbie: http://lifehacker.com/5169684/hotmail-finally-enables-pop3-worldwide13:44
discozohansometux: or may be i should reinstall and simply use raid10 with 6 drives for whole system? -.-13:44
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: and if I was to use an email client, yeah maybe evolution,  but I quite like Mozilla stuff, so Thunderbird13:45
dmexLinuxNewbie: also for evolution and hotmail: http://pricklytech.wordpress.com/2010/05/01/ubuntu-10-4-lucid-configuring-evolution-to-connect-to-hotmail-windows-live-mail/13:45
sometuxdiscozohan, raid10 min=413:45
kuttan_see what have I got .. :D xen-docs-4.0_4.0.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb  xen-hypervisor-4.0_4.0.1-0uxen-utils-4.0_4.0.1libxen4-dev_4.0.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb , libxen4_4.0.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb python-xen-4.0_4.0.1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb13:45
discozohansometux: yeah, i know. The question was about: may be it would be correct to use 2 active and 2 spare devices = 4 devices, but not 4 active and 0 spare -.- It's just suppose13:46
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: and if you have an email client set up in Ubuntu, and then later want to re  install or even distro change for that matter,  even with a seperate /home which is pretty useful,  it  may not pick up on all the email settings13:46
sometuxdiscozohan, have you created a filesystem (formatted) the new raid1013:46
iflema!apt slawas13:46
iflema!apt | slawas13:46
ubottuslawas: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)13:46
sometuxdiscozohan, raid10 min=4 active13:47
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Baram2Ok, I'm still having issues with WIRED network connection.  Ubuntu 9.10, 64b, problems happened after installing updates from repos (I remember a new kernel, 2.6.32-24).  Tried removing network-manager and using wicd, seemed to work but connection lost 1.5 hours later an unable to recover (including manually via dhclient).  All other machines on this router are working fine, problem computer cannot even get an ip now13:47
=== LXV is now known as XLV
LinuxNewbiesebsebseb: Since I got ubuntu it seems all I have done is configure this, alter that. Now that everything looks how I want it and it's configured (more or less) how I like it, how can I backup those changes. I mean hard drives can and do die:'(13:47
slawas"apt-get install atp" What ATP is? :-)13:48
sometuxdiscozohan,  to format try sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/md213:48
kuttan_sometux what does this command do ? , I justed executed it on my system13:49
kuttan_ sudo mkfs -t ext4 /dev/md213:49
sebsebsebLinuxNewbie: as far as I know backup isn't that easy with Ubuntu, compared to certain other Linux distros.   However your user settings will be in  /home  which you can move to a seperate partition.  I have never done that myself after doing an install,  I would set one up before I install a Linux distro.  However doing it afterwoulds with Ubuntu probably isn't that difficult.13:49
Ha4poon 13:49
sebsebseb!home | LinuxNewbie13:49
ubottuLinuxNewbie: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome13:49
kuttan_and its taking some time ..13:49
discozohansometux: oh, i got it, thanks. Raid was created this way: created partitions on all 4 drives, installed raid10, then installed lvm, created volume group and one volume label called "home". Then defined mount point to "/home" and filesystem as "ext4". This way was created raid1, that works correctly ( except on raid1 were also swap partitions )13:49
sebsebseb!backup | LinuxNewbie13:50
ubottuLinuxNewbie: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning13:50
Baram2Ok, I'm still having issues with WIRED network connection.  Ubuntu 9.10, 64b, problems happened after installing updates from repos (I remember a new kernel, 2.6.32-24).  Tried removing network-manager and using wicd, seemed to work but connection lost 1.5 hours later an unable to recover (including manually via dhclient).  All other machines on this router are working fine, problem computer cannot even get an ip now13:50
kuttan_why cannot I see files in my directory after runnung that command13:51
slawasDo you know what is the best assembler compiler for Ubuntu 10.04? (already with linkers, debbugers)13:51
discozohansometux: again shit ;( So, after mkfs rows appeared "mountall: mount ext4 [1366] terminated with status 32", "mountall: Filesystem could not be mounted: ext4", "mountall: Skipping mounting ext4 since Plymouth is not available".13:52
discozohansometux: some, i am going to reinstall system without lvm at first, to check it out13:53
Baram2Ok, I'm still having issues with WIRED network connection.  Ubuntu 9.10, 64b, problems happened after installing updates from repos (I remember a new kernel, 2.6.32-24).  Tried removing network-manager and using wicd, seemed to work but connection lost 1.5 hours later an unable to recover (including manually via dhclient).  All other machines on this router are working fine, problem computer cannot even get an ip now13:54
perlsyntaxDoes anyone know how to get a soundbaster sound card CA0110IBG to work?13:54
firstgearoneif a hard disk is placed on another ide cable will ubuntu be able to automatically adjust settings for the new cable ide?13:55
castsladen: as aka gas, part of GCC13:55
discozohansometux: thanks, anyway ;)13:55
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zzzed_perlsyntax, it should just work, what error are u getting?13:56
VeasMKIIhow do i change the scroll speed for the mouse?13:56
perlsyntaxi taken it off mute and it pick the sound card up but no sound.13:57
perlsyntaxzzzed, any ideas?13:57
alphi guys. I'm new to ubuntu. I am trying to install maven bison yacc guile. however it does not exist in my repos. I have a clean 10.413:57
alpplease recomend me a few repos13:57
zzzed_perlsyntax, r u sure you are plugged in to the correct output jack?13:58
perlsyntaxyes i sure becuase it work in windows.13:58
TiKalp: did you google for a ppa?13:58
razeri cant mount a cd while a wine setup is running13:58
alpTiK: I do not know what is ppa13:58
zzzed_perlsyntax, do you have more than 1 sound card, including any built-in13:58
TiKalp: PPAs are like repos...13:58
razermount does not throw any errors but the device is empty and ls says input/output error13:58
sebsebseb!ppa | alp13:58
ubottualp: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.13:58
perlsyntaxjust soundbaster13:58
perlsyntaxzzzed,I try the backport with no luck.13:59
alpI have installed ubuntu before when it was 7.x13:59
alpand it had those package13:59
alpnow they split them to ppas eh?13:59
sebsebsebalp: 7.10?14:00
thune3firstgearone: if grub and fstab are set to recognize the drive by UUID and it is not the drive set to boot from bios, it's port location won't matter14:00
sebsebsebalp: ppa's are reasonably new I think14:00
sebsebsebalp: or not14:00
alpsebsebseb: most probably. but 10.04 do not have those repos14:00
sebsebsebalp: however its more recently that they are becoming rather popualr14:00
thune3firstgearone: recognize the partitions, i mean14:00
alplaunchpad has a list of latest-active ppa's but not the gratest ones maybe.14:00
sebsebsebalp: a ppa repo, you would add yourself14:00
alpwhich ones do you use?14:00
firstgearonethune3: thanks14:01
sebsebsebalp: personalley I never was a fan of this whole ppa thing, that Ubuntu does14:01
sebsebsebalp: in fact I think ppa's are a bit of a joke14:01
alpsebsebseb: where is the greatest ubuntu repo that I can trust?14:02
sebsebsebalp: plus like the bot warning said, you need to be careful with them, because they can mess stuff up sometimes14:02
zzzed_perlsyntax, do lspci and paste output14:02
sebsebsebalp: there probably isn't really one, but medibuntu can be trusted for example14:02
TiKsebsebseb: ppas kick ass14:02
alpsebsebseb: I think flex bison are core packages. where can I find them?14:02
perlsyntaxwhere do i paste it?14:03
alpthey were in default repos a few yrs ago14:03
alpI remember that.14:03
zzzed_perlsyntax, paste.ubuntu.com14:03
alpbut I can not understand where they have gone these days14:03
sebsebsebTiK: not really,  for various reasons, but thats off topic14:03
mfraz74hello sebsebseb14:04
sebsebsebmfraz74: hi14:04
perlsyntaxthere it is14:04
mfraz74sebsebseb: recognise your nick from Jono's weekly video stream14:05
sebsebsebmfraz74: oh14:05
TiKsebsebseb: thats like the "don't compile the kernel: policy14:05
DoubleStringhey lal14:06
noob_Hello, does anybody know of any good video editors?14:06
perlsyntaxzzzed, any idea?14:06
sebsebsebTiK: heh heh @ people who seem to think everything Ubuntu is so great14:06
mfraz74noob_: there are a few, pitivi, kino, kdenlive, openshot for example14:06
perlsyntaxzzzed,How do i get the alasa drivers?14:06
sebsebsebTiK: if they provided actasul  updates, that weren't just security,  no need for ppa's, but no that's not how they do it useualley14:07
=== kad_ is now known as helper
rastmustlinux... sooo many questions14:07
zzzed_perlsyntax, ok do cat /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf and paste14:07
hemzais there a way  to speed up my internet connection14:07
rastmustyes, pay the providing company more14:07
TiK2.6.35.4-tik :P14:07
=== Aaron5367|detach is now known as Aaron5367
hemzarastmust: i mean which the best configuration of firefox to get the best result14:08
perlsyntaxhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/484953/ here it is14:08
alpguys I have a clean 10.04 installation and my mouse cursor sometimes do not move immediately when I try to move it14:08
sometuxhemza, you can use caching14:09
alpit stays in place and after some while it starts to move14:09
alpis that a known issue?14:09
alpsebsebseb: btw medibuntu has 7.x packages. its very old.14:09
perlsyntaxzzzed,i hope i can get it to work.14:09
hemzasometux: how14:09
albech_I am experiencing problems with video play back in both Movie Player and VLC. The colors show up all wierd. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4669371/strange-color.png14:09
rastmustwhat is the mayor issue with you connection?14:10
alpanyone issued such a mouse issue?14:10
sometuxhemza, if you have a proxy server, you configure the cache on it14:10
rastmusthows the mous issue?14:10
imanccan flash be improved / fixed on ubuntu?14:10
perlsyntaxzzzed,Do i have to download the alasa driver?14:10
alpwhich IRC client do you suggest for ubuntu?14:11
imancalp - smuxi is decent14:11
albech_alp, XChat14:11
rastmustDrive it thru WMware14:11
sebsebsebalp: Xchat is very popular, but personally I much prefer Konversation :)14:11
zzzed_perlsyntax, alsa should be installed as part of base install14:11
rastmustill had no issues14:11
sometuxhemza, so already visited content will be served form the cache, if requested again14:11
fruitbag`Guys, what does it mean when a RAID0 cannot be mounted?14:11
bugalooHi all! Please, how can I turn off that sound after I login on ubuntu 10.04?14:12
alpsebsebseb: won't installing kde programs on ubuntu slow down??14:12
=== tyler is now known as Guest7466
slawasCould you tell me why I can't send a massage in ##c++ channel. I write something and I get an answer "Cannot send to channel".14:12
=== Guest7466 is now known as tyler82
ikoniaslawas: ask in #freenode14:12
ikonia!register > slawas14:12
ubottuslawas, please see my private message14:12
zzzed_perlsyntax, dpkg -l alsa-base will tell you if you have alsa installed14:13
perlsyntaxthis is odd14:13
sebsebsebalp: nope14:13
alpsebsebseb: personally I have used Pardus distro before. it has kde and many good kde programs. such as yakuake. but I hesitate installing kde programs...14:13
alpsebsebseb: hmm14:13
sebsebsebalp: your first  KDE program that you install, will want to put on quite a bit of other KDE stuff, but I think it would only take up about 500MB actsaully14:13
perlsyntaxit is install14:14
* sebsebseb mixing Gnome with some KDE apps since 2004/514:14
alpsebsebseb: I know. but I have a different question btw. my mouse does not start to move immediately. it stays in its place for a while (half sec) and moves later. is that normal?14:14
AkaruzPlease somebody help me with update problem........ http://paste.ubuntu.com/484955/14:14
hemzasometux: thn14:15
zzzed_perlsyntax, r u sure you dont have an onboard sound device?14:15
fruitbag`Guys, I have connected a RAID0 configuration. Ubuntu recognises everything but says that it cannot be mounted. Why?14:15
Akaruzwhat i should do ?? http://paste.ubuntu.com/484955/14:15
fruitbag`Anything that I could do?14:15
perlsyntaxi check the bios and didn't see a sound card14:15
ikoniaAkaruz: first of all you have a lot of external repo's in there,14:15
sebsebsebalp:  A lap top or?14:15
zzzed_perlsyntax,  ok14:15
perlsyntaxzzzed,How can i tell if i do.14:16
Akaruzikonia so what should i do ?14:16
alpsebsebseb: laptop, using touchpad14:16
sebsebseb!tochpad | alp14:16
ikoniaAkaruz: the repos that are failing are all external one14:16
sebsebseb!touchpad | alp14:16
ubottualp: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad14:16
ikoniaAkaruz: stop using external/untrusted repos14:16
Zolhow can I disable weechat to resize the terminal when I start it?14:16
ikoniaAkaruz: or contact them to resolve the issues with their repos14:16
Akaruzikonia how to stop ?14:17
simonlaptophi,all,does anyone has a new driver for the wifi on Epc?14:17
sebsebsebalp: Can't really help much with the mouse.  As for Gnome and KDE really neither is anywhere near perfect, so its good to pick apps from them, and use what you want to use,  in either desktop environment.14:17
ikoniaAkaruz: remove them from your software sources, but depending on what they have updated, that may now be impossible14:17
zzzed_perlsyntax, 1st off, check if you have any jacks from the motherboard, 2nd check bios for audio devices14:18
Akaruzikonia im now in Software Sources.. which one i must delete ?14:18
ikoniaAkaruz: the external ones which are failing14:18
perlsyntaxi check that and be back14:18
alpsebsebseb: solved. most probably "stop touchpad while typing" was enabled. so you say it is not a big deal to install kde programs and it wont slow down much.14:19
ubottuYou should avoid noisy away messages and -nicks in a busy channel like #ubuntu, or other Ubuntu channels; it causes excessive scrolling which is unfair to new users. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently.  See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»14:19
simonlaptopmy epc always goes too slow by wifi.... I thought it might be a problem with the driver of the Ubuntu10.0414:19
Akaruzikonia im now in Other Softwares section and there i didn't find failed links....14:19
sebsebsebalp: How much RAM you got?  How big is your partition?14:19
alpit is hard to have minimize-close buttons on the left. can we move them to the right?14:19
sebsebsebalp: and yeah useually mixing apps, go fine14:19
sebsebsebgoes fine14:19
ikoniaAkaruz: the failing repos are the ones erroring in your paste and the ones that are not official ubuntu repos14:19
rastmusti just did a line of oxycontin, no issues anymore14:19
bazhang!controls | alp14:20
ubottualp: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side14:20
alpsebsebseb: 3gb+700mb swap, 15gp partition14:20
noob_<mfraz74> thanks, do you know any good software for converting between video formats?14:20
Akaruzikonia so u have any idea how to delete that links..14:20
sebsebsebalp: well things will go rather fine indeed then14:20
bazhang!ot > rastmust14:20
ubotturastmust, please see my private message14:20
ikoniaAkaruz: I've told you how to delete them14:20
rastmustim preparating a new one14:20
Akaruzikonia im in Software Sources.... so what should i do there?14:20
Zeus__When is the big update coming?14:20
mfraz74noob_: depends what formats you need to convert, but there's handbrake and winff14:21
sebsebsebalp: Want some quick app suggestions?14:21
ikoniaAkaruz: remove/uncheck the non-official repos that are failing14:21
rastmustthat made me happy14:21
Akaruzikonia how can i notice that they're official or not?14:21
fruitbag`Guys, are any of you familiar with RAID configurations under Linux?14:21
bazhangrastmust, stop that14:21
fruitbag`My RAID configuration is recognised and everything, but when trying to access it, I am told that it cannot be mounted. Why?14:22
ikoniaAkaruz: you added them - the ones which are not the official ubuntu repos14:22
alpsebsebseb: yes please14:22
ikoniafruitbag`: hardware/software/fake raid, which one14:22
castfruitbag`: so mount /dev/md0 /mnt/tmp/ fails with what error?14:22
Akaruzikonia i didn't add anything.. relly14:22
ikoniayou did14:22
ikoniaAkaruz: you added PPA's and external repos14:22
fruitbag`cast: the RAID shows up14:23
sebsebsebalp: Log in screen:  KDM   IRC  Konversation   DVD burning  and you could do CD's as well with that.  K3B14:23
fruitbag`When double clicking on it, I am prompted by: "File cannot be mounted."14:23
fruitbag`Or something along the same lines.14:23
Akaruzikonia sec ill show u screenshot14:23
alpsebsebseb: used another linux distros before. but it seems ubuntu has changed a little bit.14:23
ikoniaAkaruz: I don't need a screenshot14:23
sebsebsebalp: and if you want to try an alternative to the nautilus file manager, give Konqueror which is also a nice browser,  and Dolphin a try14:23
alpI know k3b it is a KDE program eh?14:23
sebsebsebalp: yes those are KDE programs14:23
alpI know Dolphin too.14:23
blackdoggyhey everybody14:23
sebsebsebalp: all of them14:23
Akaruzikonia i just show u software sources.. u can notice there which one is not official14:23
ikoniaAkaruz: I don't need a screen shot14:24
alpsebsebseb: nautilius is better IMHO.14:24
fruitbag`Any thoughts, guys?14:24
ikoniaAkaruz: the ones in your pastebin that are FAILING, are unofficial14:24
alpis there a yakuake alternative for ubuntu?14:24
Akaruzikonia yes i understand that exactly but that links aren't in Software Sources.....14:24
sebsebsebalp: and programs I would personally use, every now and again,  when doing Gnome,  in fact Konversation is one of my most used apps.14:24
blackdoggyhow can i create ISO image of DVD in ubuntu?14:24
ikoniaAkaruz: then remove them from /etc/apt14:24
sebsebsebalp: and I recommend KDM intead of GDM, since that looks nicer with Ubuntu14:25
fruitbag`Any thoughts here on my RAID0 configuration?14:25
Akaruzikonia sec ill try it now14:25
fruitbag`Why am I unable to mount it?14:25
alpsebsebseb: what is gdm14:25
ikoniafruitbag`: is it software/hardware or fakeraid14:25
sebsebsebalp: Gnome Display Manager the log in screen14:25
fruitbag`I'm not certain14:25
ikoniafruitbag`: what controller does it sit on14:25
alpsebsebseb: I do not care login screen too much. I just enter my password.14:25
fruitbag`Since no controller is being used, it's software14:26
sebsebsebalp: ok :)14:26
fruitbag`Two SATA hard drives14:26
ikoniafruitbag`: did you configure the raid using a "bios"14:26
zzzed_!away > zzzed14:26
fruitbag`I just connected them14:26
zzzed_!away > zzzed_14:26
ubottuzzzed_, please see my private message14:26
ikoniafruitbag`: how did you create the array14:26
Akaruzikonia sources.list? delete from there?14:26
ikoniaAkaruz: yes14:26
blackdoggycan some one help  me create iso image  of  DVD14:26
fruitbag`Ubuntu automatically recognised the array14:26
ikoniafruitbag`: no - how did you create the array14:26
bazhangblackdoggy, k9copy or handbrake14:26
fruitbag`ikonia: I do not know how to reply to that question14:27
blackdoggycheers bazhang14:27
adz21cHi, I am trying to get my metamodes for twinview set up correctly but I am not having much luck. I have a GTX 470 and plugged into it I have a 17" sony (DFP-0), 22" LG (CRT) and my TV which it is actually plugged in via my Denon AVR1610 av-receiver (DFP-1). What I generally want to do is have DFP-0+CRT as desktop systems but when when I am watching a DVD etc flick over to just DFP-1. I also want CRT to work by itself some times for the14:27
adz21c odd game I might play. The closest meta mode configuration I got to is in this xorg.conf with the xrandr output below it http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/3XqNR18K . As you can see it has the desktop systems fine but seems to have no knowledge of my av-receiver. Any ideas?14:27
ikoniafruitbag`: "what did you do to create the array in the first place"14:27
fruitbag`I didn't create the array myself.14:27
arvind_khadrihi, is it possible, that I can have a fixed ip for my eth card from a router which has DHCP.14:27
ikoniafruitbag`: who did14:27
fruitbag`I cannot say14:28
adz21carvind_khadri: yes14:28
ikoniafruitbag`: why ?14:28
fruitbag`Because I don't know14:28
arvind_khadriadz21c, how do I achieve it?14:28
ikoniafruitbag`: ok - was it created in windows or linux ?14:28
ikoniafruitbag`: does it contain a windows or linux file system14:28
blackdoggyhow will i enable system sound in ubuntu 10.04?14:28
blackdoggyits not like previous version14:28
fruitbag`ikonia: apparently, it is the Linux file system14:28
perlsyntaxzzzed,I back14:28
adz21carvind_khadri: it depends on your router. However for mine I go into its DHCP settings and it has an option to reserve IPs for certain card MAC addresses14:29
arvind_khadriadz21c, am using a belkin14:29
fruitbag`"Partition type: Linux RAID autodetect14:29
adz21carvind_khadri: got a model?14:29
fruitbag`They are both recognised as healthy partitions in the disk utility14:29
blackdoggycan anyone help to enable system sound in ubuntu 10.04?14:30
Akaruzikonia Thank u big ;) i did it14:30
fruitbag`Any thoughts?14:30
arvind_khadriadz21c, no :(14:31
adz21carvind_khadri: hmm, well they'll have more than one model but i see if i can find a manual and hope it is similar :-) gimmie a mo14:31
fruitbag`So, why is it that the RAID array cannot be mounted/14:31
nikolamhmm, can vnc transmit Clipboard?14:32
fruitbag`I am told that there are "not enough components" to start the RAID array14:32
fruitbag`What components would I need?14:33
helpersometux, sorry, but can you tell me a webmail install for my mail server ?14:33
Akaruzikonia i have deleted and updating now aswell but now i can't find packages  im doing apt-cache search wine-doors and it can't find.. (((14:33
ikoniaAkaruz: because you have deleted the repos with it in14:34
Akaruzikonia mm so what should i do now? :(14:34
Akaruzikonia can i download new package info?14:35
ikoniaAkaruz: re-add the repo with it in14:35
Akaruzrepo wine ?14:36