eightballhi help with Could not download all repository indexes00:00
Ddordahey guys. i'm trying to connect to an wpa wifi on msi wind u100, but for some reason i can't connect! it tries until it stops...00:00
Blue1sebsebseb: i use pidgin - the choice for people with Homer J. Simpson iq00:00
eightballstill getting that00:00
oHgoDubuntUso the 10.10.10 day ended here and no end of the world, maybe in 11.11.11 ;)00:00
eightballbut download the 10.10 iso00:00
Blue1oHgoDubuntU: no no == mayan madness 12/12/1200:00
mamece2so, no one can see this?00:00
sebsebsebBlue1: uhmm?00:00
Guest35740i can see it00:00
Flannelmamece2: Yes, we can.00:01
Blue1mamece2: no00:01
sandydeightball: try switcing to the Main Repos. Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources00:01
LinOSWho was poutine?00:01
chris_osxwho is poutine?00:01
mamece2that is strange00:01
plitterI have installed a newer version of alsa on my asus netbook to try and fix the mic. If I upgrade to ubuntu 10.10 will alsa revert to ubuntu 10.10 alsa?00:01
mamece2poutine find me disgusting and also ugly00:01
sebsebsebpoutine is someone who loves Ubuntu users :D00:01
mamece2but he "doesnt want to be rude"00:01
LinOSsebsebseb: Did you look at the gparted screenshot I posted? (sorry, using irssi and it's difficult to follow conversation)00:01
oHgoDubuntUblue1 yeah but to keep ppl with a higher level of anxeity 11.11.11, then 12.12.12 and then 12.21.12 like in that 2012 movie00:02
Blue1poutine is a uniquely canadian thing - just like sonoran dogs here.00:02
sebsebsebLinOS: about to00:02
mamece2srsly guys, how many of u use rhythmbox? im in bug trouble, i have 700 song in the scrobbling queue but the status is logging in, will i lose the queue if i close RB?00:02
tjubaluba_noone? jumping to begin/end in command line history? Howto?00:02
littlebearzBlue1: I never liked poutine, sooo greasy, but delicious, it gets slimy after it gets cold00:02
luisgrinsandyd: no way, i apt-get remuve libapache2-php5 and install and no00:02
eightballi did that still no luck00:03
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sandydplitter: how did you install it00:03
sebsebsebluisgrin: you like Harry Potter?00:03
luisgrinsebsebseb:  i dont NOW00:03
gjpchappy 10-10-10 all00:03
mamece2RB support plz00:03
sebsebsebluisgrin: why have you got one called 7 as well?00:04
oHgoDubuntUharry potter that's how my granpa named my grandma, she has big round harry potter glasses00:04
sebsebsebluisgrin: nothing wrong with likeing Harry Potter by the way :)00:04
cntbhi friends  I am using a new install of lucid on dual boot grub with windows and would exxpect savennow option in grub to point to last seleceted option as the default in next boot00:04
LinOSsebsebseb: you're hilighting the wrong person by the way00:04
Maethgjpc, so far this has turned into worlds greatest troll on this end, grub hates me00:04
sebsebsebLinOS: yes I just saw00:04
arvutmamece2: what's your problem today?00:04
sebsebsebluisgrin: wrong person00:04
cntbhow cann i bring that o[tion to life and prefrerably thru GUI system00:04
sebsebsebLinOS: So uhmm you like Harry Potter? and why you got one called 7?00:04
FunhouseI've been stuck at this for a while --> Setting up php5-cli (5.3.3-1ubuntu9) ...00:05
mamece2arvut!!! halp dood, i have RB problems, it is not scrobbling00:05
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luisgrinsebsebseb:  now my prob is called php00:05
LinOSsebsebseb: I have a partition called 7 for games I installed from windows and still wish to run via wine. Hogwarts is for storing stuff I might need via windows00:05
* dddw is off00:05
arvutmamece2: scrobbling?00:05
LinOSBaal is for storing my comic collection00:05
sebsebsebLinOS: Hogwarts is also the name of the school they go to in Harry Potter00:05
gjpcI installed 10.10 in a 64bit Vbox under win 7 64 bit, but cannot get anything larger than a vga screen, anyone have a hint?00:05
mamece2arvut send song i have listened to last.fm00:06
LinOSsebsebseb: I know, I named it that because a friend named the Recycle bin folder "Azkaban"00:06
its101010gjpc, did you update your gfx drivers?00:06
sebsebsebLinOS: oh?00:06
n08l3JHello people00:06
LinOSAzkaban is the prison in Harry Potter :P00:06
soreauSo I burned 10.10, ran the cd check it came back with no errors. Now I clicked Try Ubntu and it's just sitting here with the busy icon but the system is not doing anything00:06
sebsebsebLinOS: yep00:06
its101010check to make sure you have 3rd party updates enabled in system update00:06
gjpcits101010. in 10.1000:06
arvutn08l3J: hi00:06
LinOSsebsebseb: Do you have a solution to my partition problem?00:06
sebsebsebLinOS: not quite sure why someone would want to call it that though, but there we go00:07
sebsebsebLinOS: any idea why your last partition is already in an extended?00:07
n08l3JI am wondering what Ubuntu uses to display the notification of the volume control (using multimedia keys), that little bar which shows up only while the volume keys are active and disappear after that00:07
LinOSsebsebseb: but I can't create inside of it, so I don't know what to do00:08
gjpcits, installing the only two updates in update manager now00:08
sebsebsebLinOS: well yes you can't, and I know why, but any idea why it is in an extended already?00:08
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sebsebsebLinOS: also what is in that partition?00:09
LinOSsebsebseb: not a clue. Is there a way I can increase the size of this extended?00:09
its101010gjpc, if that does not work you may have to check with your gfx card manufacturer and download the linux drivers directly from them00:09
CkhiKuzadIf i want to compile something from source, how can i set it during the install process to use a different command, say i wanted to install something that's name is 'ubuntu' by default, but i wanted it to be called 'ubuntu-foo'00:09
eightballburm 10.10 on dvd00:09
LinOSsebsebseb: comics and some videos00:09
its101010happens alot with ati cards. sigh. lol00:09
gjpcits, I am in a virtual machine00:09
arvutn08l3J: there is a small applet that looks like a small speaker, kinda like this.. =<))00:09
sebsebsebLinOS: you might be able to resize the extended partition, to use the unalloacted space you have00:09
sebsebsebLinOS: really you don't need an extended at all, but you got one,  its when you got well its more than four partitions, that need one00:10
LinOSsebsebseb: I need to make another 2 partitions, so I'll need one00:10
n08l3Jarvut, yeah I am not just after the speaker, i am also wondering about the brightness control stuff so what is the background application controlling it00:10
sebsebsebLinOS: why two?00:10
XenophiliusYo im having a problem00:10
LinOSsebsebseb: one for media and one for OS00:10
its101010gjpc, you could tell me your card / os / and virtual box setup. aside from that i can't trouble shoot it00:10
LinOSsebsebseb: I don't currently have an OS partition, running from live CD at the moment00:11
sebsebsebLinOS: right, but you got Windows on there?00:11
XenophiliusEverytime i click on "Try Ubuntu without Installing" it loads and loads for like 3 minutes and didnt do ANYTHING. Any ideas?00:11
LinOSsebsebseb: no, the 7 partiton literally just holds games, nothing else00:11
sebsebsebXenophilius: a bad CD probably00:11
sebsebseb!md5sum | Xenophilius00:11
ubottuXenophilius: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:11
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.00:11
its101010well.. the install option toke a min to load for me. but it did load. probably a common error.00:12
BreetaiNot trying to start a flame war. But with Oracle having VirutalBox and Vmware with their Vmware product. Both closed source and thus not 100% trustable. With Oracle instead of Sun shepherding VitualBox. Which one is better to use? Which one is more likely to be viable in 5 years time?  Is the quality of VirutalBox failing? Is Vmware pulling away from the non-server virtualization market?00:12
arvutn08l3J: you can add a brightness applet by rightclicking on the panel and selecting "Add to Panel.."00:12
its101010Breetai, no flame war. thats a legit question. i say use what works for you. as with any software.00:12
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sebsebsebBreetai: both will be around in five years time I expect, so go with Virtualbox :)00:13
gjpcits, I am running a radeon 5850/1GB in windoze 7, 10.10 is in a virtual box V 3.2.8 the vb is given 35MB display memory00:13
owen1the release notes say: ""Additional drivers" proposes b43, but the installation fails with "Not supported low-power chip". This affects some Dell Mini 9 models and potentially any system with BCM4312 adapters.(655111)" does it mean i will have no wireless if i use BCM4312?00:13
Breetaiits101010: I have vm's in both fortmats, I am trying to par down to one format.00:13
Ologn#ubuntu+1 is invite-only...fancy...00:13
sebsebsebBreetai: plus one of the virutalbox versions is open source, which means it can be forked if neassrey,  like hoow OpenSolaris and Open Office have been forked00:13
Braber01I couldn't find any help in the LaTeX channel so I came here as a second resort, how can I get Lynx to edit the TeX source instead of the WYSIWYG part of the editor?00:13
sebsebsebOlogn: yes since 10.10 is  now released00:13
its101010gjpc. with that setup have you run other OS's at higher than vga resolution?00:13
sebsebsebOlogn: they will open it properly when there is something proper to talk about for 11.04 or may be00:13
gjpcubottu, thanks I could not find those00:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:14
BreetaiI can tell you virutalbox 3.1.18 I could handle to vms on the same computer that could network with each other. when I upgraded to virtualbox 3.2 my two vm's could no longer communicate with each other00:14
Braber01!thanks | gjpc00:14
ubottugjpc: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:14
BalSak1hi guys. happy 101010 & maverick!00:14
OlognWell, it's probably good everyone is focused on this one release now anyway...00:14
gjpcubottu, me 200:14
owen1in the last 6 months i am the only one in my company without wireless. it's embarrasing! does anyone uses macbook 5,1 and have have working wireless on 10.10?00:14
mamece2why does my problems get solved when i ask here?00:14
Braber01<< is still not quite used to the netbook edtion of ubuntu.00:14
BalSak1can anyone tell me why the do-release-upgrade not pick up the new release?00:15
eightballi just brn 10.10 in put in the dvd drive and synaptic package manager open up is there a way to update this way ??00:15
sebsebsebowen1:  well nearly everyone00:15
ChogyDaneightball: if you get the alternate cd00:15
Breetaisebsebseb: but without the propitary bits, will virtual box really be worth running? Is there a community that would work on the code?00:15
eightballi how i know what i have ?00:15
sebsebsebBreetai: I think legally USB support can't just be done in a open source version, but thats about the only thing00:15
chrissharp123BalSak1: your system may have been configured for LTS's only (assuming it was 10.04)00:15
PoDuckOwen1, what adapter do you have?00:15
ChogyDaneightball: usually the file name, it is either live, or alternate00:16
its101010BalSak1, go to system update -> options -> make sure you have NORMAL releases and not just long term support checked00:16
sebsebsebLinOS: have you got an external hard disk or something?00:16
BalSak1thanks guys00:16
LinOSsebsebseb: I have one, but I don't really want to use it for daily use. Why?00:16
its101010im doing an update from 10.04 to 10.10 right now. it works. slowly haha00:16
sebsebsebLinOS: your partition set up is a bit hmm,  the extended isn't really in the best place and such00:16
eightballit the one when you boot say tyr or install is this live ?00:16
sebsebsebLinOS: you may be able to re size the extended with the unalloacted space you have,  but with partitions if stuff goes wrong, not so likely, but can happen, you can lose stuff, so good idea to backup00:17
arvutmamece2: they say that we scientific ppl have magical hands when it comes to solving problems. hell I don't understand all I do at all times either. well done =P00:17
ChogyDaneightball: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades00:17
BreetaiOy, I like the fact that virutal box will usually run on ubuntu alphas, so you can run alphas, betas, and rc's with virutal box. Vmware that is often not the case. VMWare also uses vnc which is not as fast as VirutalBoxes RDP seems to be.00:17
sebsebsebits101010: yeah I guess those servers really packed right now,  so slow00:17
PoDuckOwen1:  I have a macbook 4,1 with wireless working fine on 10.10.  The instructions for 10.04 worked fine for 10.10 as well.00:18
sebsebsebLinOS: also if you back up the last partition, you could then delete it and the extended partition,  and make a new extended partition, nad put the partitions inside that00:18
Nonesthecoolsomeone want to do me a favour and add me nonesthecool@gmail.com...   Msn or googletalk...  I am trying to get my cam to work00:18
its101010ya, on release last night the http download of the 64bit version didnt work at all. so eveyone flooded the torrents00:18
dixondfolks, ever since upgrading to 10.04 my volume widget on the panel has vanished, and there is no option under Add to Panel to re-add it. how do I get this back?00:19
borcaI need to add another OS to the bootloader. Is there an easy way to do this or am I going to have to start mucking around with the config files?00:20
XenophiliusYeah it didnt let me download MD500:20
Xenophiliusor whatever00:20
ChogyDan!panels | dixond00:20
ubottudixond: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:20
eightballok that working how do i know i have 10.10 install00:20
owen1PoDuck: what do u mean by adapter?00:20
Olognborca: what do you mean?00:20
Olognborca: What is your bootloader, grub?  Lilo?00:20
ChogyDaneightball: what did you download?  (also, please use my name, otherwise I may miss)00:21
its101010nice tip from ubottu.. i need to add that to my collection.00:21
borcaOlogn, I just installed Slackware on another partition to try. I need to add it to ubuntu's bootloader (grub 2)00:21
sebsebseb!panels | dixond00:21
ubottudixond: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »00:21
plitterhas anyone realized that it is the 10/10/10 and then ubuntu 10.10 is released?!?!?!? coincidence? i think not! :P00:21
Olognborca: OK, here's the things to think about....00:21
PoDuckowen1:  I mean like I have a broadcom bcm4328.00:21
its101010<-- see name00:21
blakkheimplitter: ... that was the point00:21
eightballit say 10.10 release is available and a upgrade button just pust the button??00:21
soreauWorked this time but there's still the same annoying default login sound. It's been the same for like three years. May SOMEONE hear my cries and PLEASE change it. My favorite was Dapper's tune because it was much less intrusive even if you're audio is turned up too loud00:21
XenophiliusV10.10.10.10 ;)00:21
jasaAnyone using Firefox4 from Mozilla dailies ppa and can confirm the webm videos are working correctly, if does, on what site ?00:21
PoDuckowen1:  I was just going to say if you have the same adapter on your 5,1, it should work.00:21
dixondubottu: thx much00:21
sebsebseb!thanks | dixond00:22
ubottudixond: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)00:22
Olognborca: 1) When booting Grub looks in a /boot partition.  So if Slackware and Ubuntu both share the same /boot partition, that is cool00:22
its101010yep eightball. will take a while for the download and install. plus you have to restart. but all you need to do is hit the button.00:22
plitterblakkheim: i think there is a giant conspiracy theory going on, and it just shows that canonical is trying to take over the world;)00:22
XenophiliusA very intelligent bot i mgiht add XD00:22
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sebsebsebXenophilius: dixond  no ubottu is stupid, because it needs people to do the factoids for it, and people like myself to trigger them00:22
its101010back up anything important just incase @ eightball00:23
eightballok thanks for all the help00:23
mamece2arvut now theres another impossible problem, is about my mx5000 keyboard, it does sync with the laptop, but i does nothing, BEAT DAT!00:23
PoDuckowen1, did you try the instructions listed here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook00:23
[cdr]I'm using two widescreen monitors and fglrx... if I try to change the orientation of one to "right" in aticccle, I get a blank screen on boot - any idea why?00:23
Olognborca: 1a) But GRUB can only point to one /boot partition...so if the /boot is not shared, only one /boot can be pointed to...it is generally good to have a shared /boot partition00:23
ironcamelwhen i run do-release-upgrade, i get 'No new release found'00:23
sebsebsebLinOS: so uhmm still here?00:23
rookssoreau, take it to the forums, on irc noone hear you scream00:23
blakkheim[cdr]: you have ATI00:23
sebsebsebironcamel: on 10.04?00:23
[cdr]blakkheim: that's what I said, yes00:23
ironcamelsebsebseb: yes00:23
blakkheim[cdr]: no i mean that's the answer00:23
ironcamelsebsebseb: i also did aptitude update00:24
munkybutDoes anyone know why a .sh file runs without issue, unless I try to add it to the GNOME panel?  Is there a special command I need to know?00:24
[cdr]that's not an answer...00:24
sebsebsebironcamel: by default 10.04 only shows LTS, but you can get it showing 10.1000:24
sinsungot a question :Initialising aMule 2.2.6 using wxGTK2 v2.8.1100:24
sinsunChecking if there is an instance already running...00:24
sinsunNo other instances are running.00:24
sinsunSegmentation fault00:24
LinOSsebsebseb: I am, why?00:24
its101010ironman, go to system update -> options -> check NORMAL releases (default is LTS only)00:24
sebsebsebInc`: and then upgrade to it00:24
[cdr]if you can't say anything useful, don't say anything at all00:24
Olognborca: /etc/grub.d/40_custom is a file to keep in mind00:24
sebsebseb!upgrade | ironcamel00:24
ubottuironcamel: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:24
Xenophiliuso_o;; okay then so, anyways im still having the "Try Ubuntu without Installing" problem. And i cant download the MD5sum00:24
soreaurooks: Nah, I really don't care that much. I just want someone to realize it's way past over due to change it00:24
dixondaha, now I have the applet back, but the extent of the breakage is becoming clear - even though my sound works, the applet shows no hardware device as available, and says 'Dummy Output' for the output tab :(00:24
Xenophiliusany OTHER suggestions?00:24
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blakkheim!attitude > [cdr]00:24
ubottu[cdr], please see my private message00:24
sebsebsebLinOS: you didn't reply to my other message, so what you going to do?00:25
dixondTBH 10.04 has been a lot worse than 9.10 in many ways.00:25
owen1PoDuck: i tried it with 10.4 and had no wireless. i am going to upgrade to 10.10 and try again.00:25
hasenj'suspend' disappeared from xfce logout button after 10.10 upgrade, help?00:25
dixondis 10.10 an improvement on 10.04?00:25
Olognborca: I have Grub 2 on all my systems...and they all have the same /etc/grub.d/40_custom file...so if I do a system update, and that particular OS overwrites Grub - I can still access all the same stuff anyhow00:25
owen1PoDuck: what do u mean by 'adapter' what is an adapter?00:25
LinOSsebsebseb: I'm backing up the extended one, and deleting it and replacing it with a different extended in a new position00:25
soreaurooks: I don't care too much because  I usually can only stand enough ubuntu for a month or so at a time anymore00:25
soreaurooks: Then I go to Arch :)00:25
Xenophiliuso_o;; okay then so, anyways im still having the "Try Ubuntu without Installing" problem. And i cant download the MD5sum00:25
arvutmamece2:  a neat challenge for you to deal with then, problemsolving is to me both rewarding and mostly fun =)00:25
sinsunsoreau: why not gentoo00:25
sebsebsebLinOS: yeah put data on external, get rid of the partition, and then the extended, then you will have even more unalloacted spac,e  make a new extended in that, and make the partitions00:25
blakkheim!repeat | Xenophilius00:25
ubottuXenophilius: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com00:25
[cdr]!attitude > blakkheim00:26
ubottublakkheim, please see my private message00:26
soreausinsun: I also have a gentoo partition00:26
sebsebsebLinOS: whilst at it, you will probably want to make a seperate /home as well :)  makes re installing or distro changing easier :)00:26
blakkheim[cdr]: please don't abuse the bot for no reason, you can play with it in PM00:26
rookssoreau, i dumped 3 home systems running arch for ubuntu this summer, and i never been happier :)00:26
sinsunsoreau: good for you :)00:26
arvutmamece2: maybe it's a driver issue?00:26
XenophiliusI wasnt exactly repeating my question quickly for i had waited a certain period of time00:26
[cdr]blakkheim: you're the one abusing it...00:26
LinOSsebsebseb: The entire reason I'm making 2 partitions is 1 for my /home and 1 for my OS00:26
soreaurooks: Yea but when you need to really use your machine as a development environment, ubuntu doesn't like it too much00:26
PoDuckowen1:  Your wireless adapter.  Most macbooks use a broadcom adapter, so if you do an lspci and look for Broadcom, or even type lspci | grep Broadcom it should show you the model.00:26
mamece2arvut iono i must investigate, but now im finding the san francisco rush: extreme racing OST, anyone?00:26
munkybutI have a .sh file and when I run it through nautilus it runs fine and starts a number of applications, but when I add the .sh file to the GNOME Menu it doesn't run.  Does anyone know why this might be?00:26
chrissharp123Xenophilius: what do you mean that you can't download the MD5sum?00:27
owen1PoDuck: yeah. got the dreaded broadcom00:27
sebsebsebLinOS: and you might want to make a bit of swap as well, and then you finnish  it off in manual install, but you seem to know what I am on about so :)00:27
XenophiliusIt wont let me00:27
XaseI need emergency help.00:27
rookssoreau, thats strange, it works for me, what do you use that its so off?00:27
Xenophiliusi can install it00:27
gjpcboooo can't add ssh server "Something wicked happened resolving us.archive.ubuntu.com:hhtp" :((((00:27
Xenophiliusi mean downlaod00:27
XaseWell not really, I have an audio cd burning problem.00:27
soreau! help | Xase00:27
ubottuXase: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:27
Xenophiliusugh sorry -- sleepy00:27
FloodBot1Xenophilius: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:27
sebsebsebXase: no this isn't the hospital :) and yes just ask the quesstion00:27
XenophiliusI can download it but it will not let me execute it00:27
nsdmunkybut: when you add it to the applications menu in GNOME, you cannot simply specify the file as GNOME won't (in that context) know what to do with it. What you need to do is prepend the script name with bash; that is the program will execute it00:28
nsdmunkybut: or possibly sh, it depends on what the shebang says (the line that says #!/bin/bash or w/e)00:28
PoDuckowen1:  I would love to say it works fine for me, but I still have problems.  Slow connection to WPA personal routers, random disconnects, etc.  It does work though.00:28
gjpcnvm, vb turned off all internet connection00:28
chrissharp123Xenophilius: so you can't view this?: http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/releases.ubuntu.com/releases//10.10/MD5SUMS00:28
munkybutAhh.  I was unaware of that.  Thank you guys!00:28
nsdmunkybut: no problem00:28
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XenophiliusI can see a bunch of numbers and letters o_O00:29
owen1PoDuck: did u use ubuntu CD to install or usb?00:29
Lyon_Is there any way to turn off stereo sound?00:29
its101010cario dock or docky for 10.010 customs?00:29
XenophiliusHow creative00:29
blakkheimXenophilius: that's what an md5sum is..00:29
chrissharp123Xenophilius: right - that's the MD5sum00:29
owen1PoDuck: ubuntu/xubuntu CD is not working for me on 10.400:29
Guest32417Question: does anybody know how to get personas up and working on Thunderbird in Maverick? The Personas Plus addon doesn't seem to work with 3.1.4. Is this something really simple I'm missing for how to choose a persona?00:29
chrissharp123Xenophilius: are you on Ubuntu already?00:29
PoDuckowen1: To install ubuntu or the wireless?00:30
Xenophiliusnope im a Ubuntu noob00:30
chrissharp123Xenophilius: running Windows?00:30
XenophiliusAs in i havent even installed it00:30
Lyon_Is there any way to turn off the stereo sound in ubuntu?00:30
PoDuckowen1:  I used the cd to install ubuntu under bootcamp.00:30
owen1PoDuck: to install it00:30
nsdmunkybut: I retract that statement; it should work without bash (I just tried it)00:30
eightballback it will take about an hour to update is this normal?00:30
flybyraydmraid support for sb600???? opensuse supports it!00:30
its101010xenophilius, if you can install windows you will be in heaven with ubuntu00:30
soreaurooks: As I break maverick this time around, I'll tell you what it's not liking ;)00:30
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rookssoreau, :)00:30
flybyrayubuntu 10.10 doesnt boot from cd with ati raid sb600 enabled!!!00:30
chrissharp123Xenophilius: ok - read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM#MD5SUM on Windows00:30
nsdmunkybut: does your account have permission to execute it?00:30
joey_1Question: does anybody know how to get personas up and working on Thunderbird in Maverick? The Personas Plus addon doesn't seem to work with 3.1.4. Is this something really simple I'm missing for how to choose a persona? (sorry for the double entry, just thought I'd change the name from guest)00:31
PoDuckowen1:  If you're not installing under bootcamp, I don't know if there are issues, because I never tried.00:31
Xenophiliusits101010 lol what do you mean?00:31
owen1PoDuck: ok00:31
flybyrayubuntu 10.04 has poor support for marvell lan00:31
munkybutnsd: Alll users have access.  I have tried the bash thing and it doesn't work still.  The shebang is #!/bin/bash00:31
flybyrayneed help with sb600 raid00:31
its101010i mean that ubuntu is so much easier to install and use over windows. aside from itunes and adobe apps i never use windows anymore.00:31
XaseSo yes, I cannot burn with Brasero and Gnomebaker00:32
nsdmunkybut: well then I don't know what to say. Have you tried running it on the command line?00:32
XenophiliusYa, although i would still like to have windows installed on my PC00:32
Xenophiliusso -- yup00:32
XenophiliusBTW -- can someone give me a Trusted winMD5sum download link plz?00:33
munkybutnsd: Yes, it works fine on the command line.00:33
its101010you can dual boot windows and linux. many tutorials covering the setup.00:33
Chaos2358 nickserv identify ubuntu00:33
sebsebseb!md5sum | Xenophilius00:33
ubottuXenophilius: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:33
blakkheimChaos2358: that's your password?00:33
sebsebsebChaos2358: uhmm00:33
Chaos2358not anymore it isnt00:33
MathuinHow do I change the date-and-time panel to display the date and the time in 24-hour mode?  The only thing I can do is change the actual time, not how it is displayed and formatted.00:34
chrissharp123Xenophilius: heh00:34
chrissharp123Xenophilius: http://www.nullriver.com/index/products/winmd5sum00:34
NobleI am impressed with how fast Compiz has gotten since I last used it (8.04 I think).00:34
sebsebsebchrissharp123: don't use such silly passwords, letters and numbers  and at leat 8 characters :)00:34
Xenophiliushttp://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows -- ive downloaded it from this site. It STILL wont let me execute it00:34
nsdmunkybut: well then I really don't know what to say, sorry; it could either be a bug in the menu or something isn't configured right, idk00:34
chrissharp123sorry - was chuckling at Chaos235800:34
XenophiliusThank you00:34
chrissharp123sebsebseb: wasn't me :-)00:34
arvutmamece2: come to the offtopic channel & discuss it there, this is support after all ;)00:34
nicolashi, I've got a question, how can I make grub install on a different HD (the one ubuntu 10.10 is installed on)?00:34
sebsebsebchrissharp123: strange I sent that to you odd00:34
tieinvthe  sums are in sha256 no <<</00:34
Mathuinsebsebseb: I imagine the 90% of the channel that only uses IRC to say "OMG WHAT DO I DO" has ubuntu as its password.00:34
munkybutnsd: I appreciate the help00:34
Chaos2358hey it switched windows in the middle of typing00:34
XenophiliusLol crissharp00:34
sebsebsebchrissharp123: or not since c is next to x on the keyboard00:35
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chrissharp123sebsebseb: heh - no problem00:35
nicolasI just did the install from usb and I have to select my old 120GB disk to boot my OS on my new 1TB disk00:35
sebsebsebXenophilius: see above ^00:35
XenophiliusHmm, why dont i try Cnet...? XD00:35
brad_hey guys, i canp't get my wireless to work, whats the best driver for the ar5001?  madwifi, ndiswrapper, ... ath5k ???  thanks!00:35
sebsebsebMathuin: well yep probably loads of them have silly passwords00:35
MathuinPath of least resistance.00:36
its101010lol @ making ubuntu the password00:36
Lyon_so theres no way to play a song or video in mono?00:36
soreaubrad_: For ar5001, you want ath5k00:36
sebsebsebits101010: well there was this guy who had 123 as hi Ubuntu password, not me :)00:36
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soreaubrad_: It should load by default00:36
sebsebsebits101010: I was suprissed that 123 was alloweed00:36
MathuinI like that Empathy now isn't locked to the bottom of the scroll, but I'd really like to fix their timestamps too while I'm at it.  Grrr.00:36
Xenophiliushttp://download.cnet.com/WinMD5Sum/3000-2381_4-10115915.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1d -- Does that look right?00:36
Kevin147I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop, and the fan won't kick on until the temperature is about 65C. When I'm using around 33% of my CPU, it will be around 72C, which is way to much, and the fan doesn't go fast enough to cool down my laptop. What can I do to make it so it cools it down?00:37
its101010im a bit shocked too. hey what happened to that guy last night that wanted to automate his sudo password in bash lol00:37
aeporwiI have two laptops, one running interprid and the other running lynx. They're both connected to the same router wirelessly. They can't see each other on the network window00:37
Flare183!samba | aeporwi00:37
ubottuaeporwi: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.00:37
sebsebseb!intrepid | aeporwi00:37
ubottuaeporwi: Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.00:37
sebsebsebaeporwi: 8.10 was a great release,  sadly no longer supported00:38
its101010kevin, make sure you are using the latest drivers for your gfx card. my Dell Studio did the same thing till i got the 3rd party drivers for it.00:38
Lyon_is there any other ubuntu channel i can go to?00:38
sebsebsebLyon_: a smaller one you mean?00:38
sebsebsebLyon_: for help?00:38
Xenophiliushttp://download.cnet.com/WinMD5Sum/3000-2381_4-10115915.html?tag=contentMain;contentBody;1d -- Does that look right?00:38
Lyon_sebsebseb, jsut any other channel that may be able to help me00:38
Kevin147its101010: Okay, I will check it out, thank you.00:38
sebsebsebLyon_: yep #ubuntu-beginners00:39
Lyon_ok, thanks00:39
MathuinBeing in this channel on release day is like finding yourself in a zombie movie.00:39
XenophiliusSorry -- no one had answered my question in a 2-3 minute time period00:39
chrissharp123Xenophilius: yes - that's it00:39
XenophiliusAlright thank you chris ^^00:39
its101010Kevin147, you can also search your model number on the ubuntu dell support forum. might find more tips and tricks there00:39
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siberius3Hey, I'm trying to get my linksys ae1000 to work under Ubuntu 10.10. Any ideas on what I should do?00:40
gjpcanyone agree with this hash?  1b9df87e588451d2ca4643a036020410 *ubuntu-10.10-desktop-amd64.iso00:40
XaseWould anyone know why maverick can't use brasero gnomebaker or k3b to burn cds?00:40
lumakiXenophilius: be aware that MD5SUM is not truly secure anymore00:40
XenophiliusWhat do you mean lumaki?00:40
chrissharp123gjpc: looks right00:40
XenophiliusNot TRULY secure o_O00:41
Lyon_Xase, what do you mean by it doesnt work, it doesnt start up? it doesnt burn properly?00:41
XaseIt freezes in brasero at writing cd-text.00:41
lumakiXenophilius: the MD5 algorithm has been exploited/cracked already, SH1SUM is the new MD5SUM ;-)00:41
lumakiXenophilius: *SHA1SUM00:41
ChogyDanXase: what happens with k3b?00:41
siberius3Is it even possible to get this wireless card working with ubuntu?00:41
XaseK3b hangs at  not being able to use TAO DAO or SAO or that other one, and gnomebaker spits out a load of wodim not being able to fixate disc.00:42
XenophiliusAh >_> okay00:42
gjpcchrissharp123: where did you get it?00:42
macoXenophilius: md5 and sha1 were both broken a year ago. it is possible to find a binary that has the same md5 or sha1 as the real one and substitute it to trick the person who is using sha1 or md5 to verify.  of course, getting something that both matches *and* makes sense is rather a bit harder00:42
Lyon_Xase, copy and paste exactly what it says00:42
nsdXenophilius: MD5 is a hashing algorithm; you put stuff in and it spits out a string. Ideally, (IIRC) each is unique; however, some intrepid young hackers have somehow proven that there are collisions, meaning that there are multiple ways of getting the same output00:42
XaseFor which lyon?00:42
XaseLyon_, *?00:42
ChogyDanXase: there are some options to use the other one that isnt wodim00:42
Lyon_for Brasero00:42
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XenophiliusDammit what do i do then?00:42
mamece2hey arvut , if i can install like a dual boot BT4 using 10 Gb, why should i use a VM that will consume the same 10 Gb?00:42
XaseBrasero outputs nothing Lyon_00:42
XaseIt just... freezes.00:43
XenophiliusYou guys are confusing the hell out of me00:43
Lyon_or sorry, k3b00:43
chapman55kHello, all. I just finished clean-installing Ubuntu 10.10 from a freshly burned LiveDVD to my desktop and now it hangs on boot at the "Ubuntu ...." boot splash00:43
MathuinXenophilius: you dial your paranoia back, check the MD5 sums and be happy.00:43
XaseOk hold please00:43
nsdXenophilius: just check the MD5sum and don't worry about it00:43
wedwoXenophilius, just go run the exe and check the sum00:43
XenophiliusOkay =/00:43
nsdXenophilius: it's too hard to exploit the flaw00:43
siberius3chapman55k: that happened to me, so I just reinstalled and it worked fine00:43
chapman55kOk, I guess I'll go ahead and do that. Does anyone know why that happens?00:44
lumakimaco: sha1 is broken now too?00:44
guyforgetHi.. I am installing 10.10 fresh on a core i3 system. I can't get the graphics to work. I've tried loading failsafe-x and having it reconfigure my xorg.conf, but it still doesn't work. are there known issues with core i3 igp?00:44
nsdchapman55k: in an ideal world, you would get the same results every time, but I have found that that is not always the case00:44
Pr070calhi i finally got my 8400gs working :) but it will only work with i386 distro and not amd64 for some reason00:44
macolumaki: pretty sure.... using sha1 and md5 together only provides 6 bits more protection than md5 aloen00:44
chapman55kOk I guess this is all I can do. Thanks!00:44
Pr070calin nvidia-settings it says its 64bit card00:44
chrissharp123gjpc: http://mirror.ox.ac.uk/sites/releases.ubuntu.com/releases//10.10/MD5SUMS00:45
chapman55kN00buntu is slicker than it has ever been before. (:00:45
siberius3When trying to compile the ae1000 drivers, I just get "make: *** [LINUX] Error 200:45
Lyon_Can anyone help me?00:45
its101010zexo has a point, md5 is more confusing to novices than it really should be00:45
snikkerzlyon: just ask your question00:46
nicolask, I had ubuntu installed on my 120gb HDD, and windows 7 on my samsung 1TB disk, now I installed ubuntu 10.10 on my brand new WD 1TB disk, but grub is installed to the old 120GB disk only00:46
macolumaki: http://news.techworld.com/security/3156/crypto-world-in-panic-as-sha-1-broken/00:46
CrazyBonzis BitchX able to run on Lucid Lynx?00:46
Lyon_snikkerz, i asked it 4 times00:46
Funhouseok i have an issue here00:46
Lyon_how do i force mono sound in ubuntu00:46
Funhousebeen updating to new release00:46
Xenophiliuswtf os BitchX XD00:46
MathuinWoo hoo!  10.10 works with my SATA RAID where 10.04 didn't.  Yay!00:46
Funhouseand have been stuck at Setting up php5-cli (5.3.3-1ubuntu9) ...00:46
Funhousefor An hour00:46
nicolashow can I install grub on the correct disk?00:46
nsdnicolas: you might try looking at the grub 2 documentation on the ubuntu wiki; I recall there being instructions for installing GRUB to specific drives00:46
Funhousei have been stuck at Setting up php5-cli (5.3.3-1ubuntu9) for an hour00:46
snikkerzLyon_: than probably not unfortunately.00:46
MikeChelenLyon_: look in sound preferences, output, and adjust balance00:47
Funhousewhat do i need to do?00:47
Funhouseshould i restart?00:47
guyforgetAre there known problems with 10.10 and using intel core i3 integrated graphics chip? Ubuntu is booting to a console00:47
macolumaki: this is why debian and ubuntu developers have been getting new gpg keys in the last couple years... so we'd have stronger ones (RSA 2048 minimum) that are set to prefer sha51200:47
MikeChelenFunhouse: what isn't working?00:47
nicolasnsd: k, thanks00:47
XaseChogyDan, http://pastebin.ca/1958963 is my issue.00:47
XaseCould you explain your option.00:47
nsdnicoals: np00:47
squigleI was wondering are there source versions of packages? I need to fix a bug and deploy and update to my systems here00:47
Xenophiliusi guarantee you this is just a Sha`00:48
macosquigle: apt-get source packagename00:48
Xenophiliuswell i cant guarantee00:48
Lyon_MikeChelen, i've tried that, it jsut turns one channel off instead of playing all the sound through one channel00:48
macosquigle: to get the build dependencies:   apt-get build-dep packagename00:48
chrissharp123Funhouse: if you stop, your system will likely be unusable - do you have a way to download the .iso?00:48
XenophiliusDue to the fact that it looks different then the friggin one in the tut -- referring to the icon00:48
macosquigle: the build-dep one needs sudo. the other doesn't00:48
FunhouseMikeChelen it is stalled at Setting up php5-cli (5.3.3-1ubuntu9) ...00:48
furiguys, i sorta kinda removed the packages for pulseaudio because of the audio lag, and now i have no audio. is there another program that doesn't have the lag that pulse does?00:48
squiglethanks maco00:49
Funhousechrissharp123 ok00:49
Lyon_furi, esound00:49
FunhouseYes I do00:49
furiLyon_, thanks, i'll try that out00:49
MikeChelenFunhouse: maybe cancel out and trying installing again, might have to uninstall first00:49
ChogyDanXase: I dunno00:49
siberius3So, anyone know why the Ralink drivers broke with Ubuntu 10.10? Can I downgrade whatever needs to be downgraded?00:49
XaseWhat's the alternative to wodim?00:49
MikeChelenLyon_: weird, it should be putting both channels either to the left or right00:49
CrazyBonzis BitchX able to run on Lucid Lynx?00:49
ChogyDanXase: cdrecord, which is what it used00:50
jrib!bitchx | CrazyBonz00:50
ubottuCrazyBonz: bitchx (also known as ircii-pana) was dropped from Debian and subsequently Ubuntu (see: http://dy.fi/afb). Consider using irssi or weechat instead.00:50
nicolasnsd: now I have to figure out what disk my new 1TB  disk is, sda/sdb/sdc, I know it's either sda or sdc, can I check what's currently mounted?00:50
MikeChelenLyon_: what sound card do you have?00:50
Lyon_MikeChelen, let me check00:50
furihow do i get esound up and working?00:50
MikeChelennicolas: "mount" should tell you, also try "fdisk -l"00:50
furii'm sorry, i've not even used linux for a week yet, i'm new to this stuff00:51
siberius3*Sigh*. I would really, really like ubuntu to work with my wireless here. I have not had trouble with 4 different wireless cards on several different computers since ubuntu 7.04, for christ's sake, and NOW wireless support for supported cards breaks.00:51
nsdnicolas: you can try sudo fdisk -l at the command line (that's a lowercase L at the end there) and it will display all the currently present devices regardless of if they are mounted or not and what size they are00:51
MikeChelennicolas: try sudo with those commands too00:51
guyforgetcan anyone help me get my graphics working? i installed 10.10 on a system with an intel i3 igp and it's not working. i'm not sure what to check00:51
CrazyBonzthanks jrib00:51
ubottuUbuntu 9.04 has a known regression for some Intel graphics support. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/IntelPerformance and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1130582 for more information.00:51
nsdnicolas: even better, try sudo fdisk -l | grep "^Disk /dev"00:52
nsdthat will show only the drive names00:52
sebsebsebfuri: oh dear oh no, newbies with sound issues :(  since messing around with sound in Ubuntu doesn't tend to be fun for most of us00:52
sebsebsebfuri: and isn't always that easy00:52
nicolasnsd: ty, found it now already but that does shorten the list :)00:53
aguitelhow i change my password00:53
eightballtesting 10.10 in the cloud https://10.cloud.ubuntu.com/maverick/instance_info/00:53
furisebsebseb, doesn't sound too fun, but i've had some experience already involving a lot of fallback terminal, compiz, metacity, and emerald00:53
nsdaguitel: try passwd at the command line or System->Administration->Users and Groups00:53
mamece2if i can install BT4 in dual boot mode using 10 Gb, why should i use a VM that will consume the same 10 Gb? whats the difference?00:54
aguitelnsd, thanks00:54
eightballabout 10 pm edt for upgrade to be done00:54
jribmamece2: what is bt4?00:54
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sebsebsebfuri: ok good luck,  its ashame though that Ubuntu can be really bad with sound at times, when it may not be so with loads of the other distros.00:54
arexis there a schedule out yet for the classes being offered for open week?00:54
MikeChelenmamece2: vm is slower, but you can keep using your regular desktop at the same time, or run multiple vms00:54
flatlin3backtrack 400:54
sebsebsebarex: yes00:54
XaseLyon_, ChogyDan http://pastebin.com/sdwxDA2700:55
aeon-ltdmamece2: so you don't have to reboot to use it, ime virtual machines and faux-hardware driver support sucks00:55
eightballBT4 wow00:55
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geckopunkanyone know of remote connection apps that will allow you to connect to more than one computer at a time? (w/ tabbed windows - like VisionApp for Windows)00:55
arexseb: do you have the link by chance00:55
nsdanyone know how to change software repositories when there's an error stopping me from changing? Barring that, is it possible for me to write a script to fetch the packages from another mirror and put them in /var/cache/apt/archives? (i.e., would apt-get just use those packages instead)?00:55
SusannaHi there, Since hours I execute 'sudo do-release-upgrade', but every time the same response: 'No new release found'. Is there any server which provides 10.10 via apt?00:56
MikeChelennsd: the default "remote desktop viewer" will00:56
ChogyDannsd: what is the error?00:56
ChogyDannsd: and yes, if you through them in that folder, apt will use them00:56
sebsebsebarex: : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek00:56
MikeChelenoops, geckopunk: the default "remote desktop viewer" will00:57
arexah it's in the wiki, thanks seb:)00:57
SusannaI mean, it looks like tot repositories are not updated yet?!00:57
sebsebsebarex: no problem, and see you there :)00:57
sebsebsebarex: I guess00:57
Pr070calhow do i upgrade desktop 10.10 beta to 10.10 final ?00:57
furii'm back, guys00:57
sebsebseb!final | Pr070cal00:57
ubottuPr070cal: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Maverick Meerkat and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Maverick. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.00:57
furii just had my second crash in ubuntu00:57
SusannaSo, who of you could updated to 10.10 via apt?00:57
furiit completely just shut off00:57
sebsebsebfuri: oh?00:57
nsdChogyDan: well, I'm trying to upgrade a system and it's having all sorts of issues and I kinda suspect that it might be the repo (which is not the main repo) but I can't change that because a. the software sources entry has disappeared from the menu and b. synaptic won't let me; it just says "repos need update" after every time I click "Settings->Repos"00:57
sebsebsebSusanna: from 10.04?00:57
VisualAssassinhow do i install a printer? i need to get some stuff printed asap00:57
furisebsebseb, it completely just shut off as if i held down the power button00:58
sebsebsebfuri: Ubuntu doesn't just crash and turn off or any other  Linux distro, so could be your hardware failing00:58
Susannasebsebseb: Hi, yes00:58
ChogyDannsd: what are the issues?00:58
sebsebsebfuri: also yes if you hold down the power button for long enough, it will turn off00:58
alzieSusanna: Go into >System>Administration>Software Sources  and change Release upgrade under "updates" tab00:58
nsdVisualAssassin: System->Administration->Printing, but your mileage will vary00:58
sebsebsebSusanna: 10.04 only shows LTS by default, however you can get it showing 10.1000:58
VisualAssassinmy mileage will vary?00:58
sebsebseb!upgrade | Susanna00:58
ubottuSusanna: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade00:58
furisebsebseb, it's never happened on vista, so i think it might have to do with linux somehow, whether it even be remotely or not00:58
nsdVisualAssassin: your printer may not be supported00:58
its101010Visual`, try connecting the usb from the printer. more than likely ubuntu will automatically detect it and install updates00:58
VisualAssassinok ill try that00:59
sebsebsebfuri: you hold down the power button for long enough, and the computer goes off00:59
XaseThere seems to be a mislink according to the wiki versus my actual system's settings for burning detailed here: http://pastebin.com/sdwxDA27 ...00:59
furisebsebseb, i know, but i wasn't holding the button. i was using that as an example.00:59
linuxman410i am running ubuntu 10.10 and a red triangle keeps coming up at top of screen but system is updated all the way00:59
sebsebsebfuri: so it just turned off on its own?00:59
furisebsebseb, yes00:59
Susannasebsebseb: Thanks, I'm aware of that. However, I don't see the option to update. Whenever I execute 'sudo do-release-upgrade' I read: 'No new release found'00:59
nsdChogyDan: first, it was some package that wouldn't install because apt-get said that there was no installer script, but there was another error message before that instructed me to run a command (which I did) and it fixed both errors; now, it's "unable to securely remove '/usr/share/pyshared/PIL/PalmImagePlugin.py.dpkg-new': Input/output error"00:59
furisebsebseb, i was actually typing a message to you and it just shut off00:59
mamece2anyone can help me to sync my logitech mx5000 keyboard? i just got confused with the forum01:00
wersisn't there a keyboard shortcut that would launch the Unity launcher?01:00
sebsebsebSusanna: ok your mirrors might not be up to date enough yet01:00
nsdChogyDan: that error is after I removed the package and re-ran apt-get upgrade -f; before it was a different error for the same package01:00
Susannasebsebseb: Which mirror are you using?01:00
sebsebsebSusanna: plus upgrading now is a bit of a bad time maybe anyway, because could be pretty slow, since the amount of other people doing it01:00
Susannasebsebseb: The main one?01:00
ChogyDannsd: are you still getting that error?01:00
cc_zjust installed 10.10 netbook remix, how can i add shortcuts to the unity bar??01:00
sebsebsebSusanna: no GB01:00
Pr070calhow come the nvidia drivers work on i386 but not amd64 ?01:00
nsdChogyDan: yes01:00
Susannasebsebseb: Thanks!01:00
sebsebsebcc_z: I don't think you can01:01
ChogyDannsd: what is the error?  can you pastebin?01:01
sebsebsebSusanna: Where are you from?01:01
sebsebsebSusanna: you can change to a mirror for your country or one near you01:01
comicinkerHi apt-get pros, please help: I removed a ppa (gstreamer). how do I get back the older versions from canonical?01:01
Kevin147its101010: I have the same video card as my friend, and his laptop is always around 40C. I checked if I needed a update, and I didn't. So I don't know what else could be causing my laptop to heat up like it does.01:01
linuxman410can someone tell me why a red triangle keeps coming up at top of screen i am running 10.1001:01
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cc_zsebsebseb, firefox was on there until i removed it...01:01
Susannasebsebseb: I did that. The Australian has nothing for me :(01:01
its101010Kevin147, is your friend using ubuntu?01:01
nsdChogyDan: sure thing, just hold on a 'sec01:01
sebsebsebcc_z: ah yes Firefox is on the left01:02
Kevin147Yup..he's actually in this channel, Flare183 is his username01:02
its101010it could be a hardware malfunction i suppose @ Kevin14701:02
ChogyDancomicinker: maybe just remove then reinstall, there is also a ppa-purge script01:02
lumakiSusanna: there are plenty of AU mirrors01:02
* Flare183 got pinged?01:02
SusannaHi lumaki: Which one did you choose?01:02
MikeChelenSusanna: did you edit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades ?01:02
Flare183its101010: yup, Ubuntu 10.04 AMD64-Bit version01:03
comicinkerChogyDan: then I would have to know all the packages that came from that ppa01:03
its101010Kevin147, id check with him and see what gfx driver he is using01:03
SusannaHi MikeChelen: You're my hero!01:03
ChogyDancomicinker: you can remove the ppa, then use synaptic to see what is "obselete"01:03
Flare183its101010: http://flare183.net/paste/lspci.html01:03
theory_Hello ladies and gents. I've been trying to install Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop, amd64 (and also Kubuntu, for that matter) from an USB stick. However, the installation or Live-load hangs at the Ubuntu+dots. I removed the 'quit' part for the boot, and got: "end_request: I/O error, device fd0, sector 0, Buffer I/O error on device fd0". Thing is, the install(s) on the same USB drive works flawlessly on another PC.  Any hints? Thanks in advance.01:03
Flare183its101010: Kevin147 and Mine are identitical01:03
its101010outside of that, im clueless :-( @ Flare183 and Kevin14701:03
alzieSusanna: Go into >System>Administration>Software Sources  and change Release upgrade under "updates" tab the default is LTS and needs to be set to normal01:04
MikeChelenSusanna: it has to be edited because 10.04 only upgrades to LTS by default :)01:04
furisebsebseb> can you help me with this audio problem?01:04
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MikeChelenKevin147: are you sure its the video card, not the cpu?01:04
Flare183Its not the video card01:04
Flare183Its the Fan control module I think01:05
Flare183Mine works fine, Kevin147's on the other hand like HEATS UP01:05
Kevin147MikeChelen: I'm not sure. When the CPU goes up, the temp goes up RIGHT AWAY, my fan doesn't go fast enough, or stay on long enough to cool my laptop down01:05
sebsebsebfuri: no, but maybe maco or someone like that can, if they are about when comes to Ubuntu01:05
owen1is aptitude no longer works? i have to use apt-get?01:05
Kevin147Me and Flare183 have like almost the same exact laptop also01:05
siberius3ok, so here's the summary of my wireless situation -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9950181#post995018101:05
sebsebsebowen1: aptitude was removed from the 10.10 CD, however it can be installed by you01:05
siberius3Anyone think they can help?01:06
sebsebsebowen1: you can sudo apt-get install aptitude01:06
Flare183Except mine is a Lenevo G550 and his is a Dell something01:06
owen1sebsebseb: do u know why?01:06
Auv5owen1: "sudo apt-get install aptitude"01:06
sebsebsebowen1: yep01:06
sebsebsebowen1: they removed aptitude and tasksel to save space in the ISO01:06
MikeChelenKevin147, Flare183: check the motherboard and cpu models?01:06
owen1sebsebseb: nice01:06
macofuri: you're the one who got rid of pulse and is surprised you lack sound, right? thats because your user doesnt have permission to access audio devices on its own (ie, without pulse). add your user to the audio group and reboot01:06
Kevin147Dell Inspiron 1545, Flare18301:06
furisebsebseb, thanks01:06
furimaco, i'm not sure how01:06
Auv5What Canonical doesn't want, is for Ubuntu to need to be on a DVD.01:06
sebsebsebAuv5: yep01:07
macofuri: system -> administration -> users & groups01:07
neo__Hola a todos :D01:07
furimaco, thanks01:07
its101010about that time for it to hit dvd stage, but for 693mb im still impressed01:07
sebsebseb!es | neo__01:07
ubottuneo__: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:07
neo__thank ubottu01:08
LxndrProblem: People can hear me on skype, but I cannot hear them. I get sound successfully from any other application I try. What am I doing wrong? How can I make this work?01:08
sebsebseb!thanks | neo__01:08
ubottuneo__: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)01:08
neo__okay xD01:08
sebsebsebAlexRamallo: why01:09
Auv5"1471 total", wow01:09
dantonicI performed some Operations with Gparted, including moving and resizing some partitions.  Grub2 now gives error.  I have a Win 7 and a Ubuntu 10.04 partition.  What is the best way for me to fix grub2?01:09
dantonicI can no longer boot01:09
sebsebsebdantonic: can't boot either Ubuntu or Windows 7?01:10
sebsebseb(Vista version 2))01:10
vdubhackI am having a major issue using scp on my ubuntu 10.04, and file over 5MB makes my wireless card disconnect and will not reconnect unless I do a full reboot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I also tried scp'ing the file from the host box(ubuntu) and from the remote box(Angstrom) the remote has no issues with any other machine01:10
dantonicsebsebseb, I get grub error... Ican't boot into anything01:10
ubottuWant to hide your IP while connected to freenode? See http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks  More information available in #freenode01:10
sebsebsebdantonic: ok on the Live CD or something?01:10
dantonicI'm on LIvecd at the moment01:10
sebsebsebdantonic: ok uhmm01:10
wershow do you call the menu on Unity? is it the "Ubuntu Menu"? the one that shows apps, files, and folders01:10
sebsebsebwers: global menu01:10
sebsebsebwers: as far as I know01:11
siberius3honest question, is there any hope to me? How would reinstalling ubuntu 10.04, installing wireless, and then upgrading work out?01:11
werssebsebseb, thanks. any idea how do launch the "Global Menu" with a keyboard shortcut?01:11
sebsebsebwers: no01:11
dantonicsebsebseb, I've googeld for information, but there is alot out there... I was just hoping that someone could point me in the right direction... to the right documentation01:11
etzerdhello all01:11
eightballnsd: try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades01:11
sebsebsebdantonic: right well maybe I can help a bit01:11
werssebsebseb, ok. thanks anyway. I just remembered. Global menu is the one with the "File, edit, view, etc"01:11
EpicCyndaquildoes anyone know something similar to puu.sh for Ubuntu?01:11
sebsebsebdantonic: so first show me a screenshot of gparted :)01:11
joey_1Question: does anybody know how to install the "global menu" in the Desktop Edition?01:12
sebsebsebdantonic: however you will probably have to edit the Grub 2 config a bit,  but lets try and find that out01:12
etzerdwhich is better to install Ubuntu. side by side with Windows or to a seperate partition?01:12
joey_1Liiks Like  Imay have just come into this conversation...01:12
dantonicsebsebseb, can I just re-install grub2?01:12
etzerdI mean which way01:12
sebsebsebdantonic: probably01:12
comicinkerChogyDan: thanks01:12
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sebsebsebdantonic: not so easy to do though01:12
* pitoow ouvindo Guru Josh Project - Infinity 2008 ! [quality:160kbits 32KHz time:03:57] -=[Cyber]=-01:12
comicinkerChogyDan: it worked01:12
sebsebsebdantonic: also what may have happended is your /boot got deleted or something  in the Ubuntu partition, hence nothing being able to boot01:13
ChogyDancomicinker: yw01:13
* pitoow ouvindo Faixa 14 - ! [quality:222kbits 44KHz time:05:39] -=[Cyber]=-01:13
* pitoow ouvindo Nirvana - Polly ! [quality:224kbits 44KHz time:02:56] -=[Cyber]=-01:13
sebsebseb!ops | pitoow01:13
ubottupitoow: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!01:13
vdubhackany scp gurus around ?01:13
dantonicsebsebseb how can I send you the screenshot?01:13
Flannelpitoow: Please turn that off.01:13
kellnolavdubhack, just ask01:13
ChogyDandantonic: can you boot with a livecd?01:13
LxndrProblem: People can hear me on skype, but I cannot hear them. I get sound successfully from any other application I try. How can I find out what is wrong? How can I make this work?01:13
BluesKajetzerd, sisde by sode means 2 partitions  that are side by side , one for windows the other for linux01:13
Pr070cali installed nvidia drivers and now ui is a bit sluggish01:13
vdubhackI am having a major issue using scp on my ubuntu 10.04, and file over 5MB makes my wireless card disconnect and will not reconnect unless I do a full reboot. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I also tried scp'ing the file from the host box(ubuntu) and from the remote box(Angstrom) the remote has no issues with any other machine01:13
dantonicChogyDan, I'm in live cd now01:14
mamece2arvut I DID IT!!! now its working my mx5000 :D i are happie01:14
BluesKaj!partition | etzerd01:14
ubottuetzerd: For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap01:14
CajunTechieHello everyone01:14
EpicCyndaquilvdubhack: upgrade to 10.10, solved similar issues for me.01:14
EpicCyndaquilsadly I don't know of any other way.01:14
ChogyDandantonic: I think you can mount the partition, chroot, and then run update-grub01:14
kellnolavdubhack, what does scp -vvv say?01:14
kellnolaanything in your logs?01:14
jdsbluedevlhi, I'm having issues booting into my hard drive since upgrading to the RC.  I want to update the packages on my hard drive from the Live CD.  How do I do that?01:14
sebsebsebdantonic: nah dont' send through here01:15
arvutmamece2: =)01:15
jdsbluedevlI have already mounted my hard drive, so that's not the issue01:15
dantonicah ok01:15
sebsebsebdantonic: upload to a site01:15
vdubhacknothing abnormal in the logs I will run -vvv but I will get disconnected before I can respond about it01:15
sebsebsebdantonic: imageshack.us imagebin.com those kind of sites01:15
dantonicChogyDan, how would I do that?01:15
JStraitiffhas anyone tried installing netbook edition in virtual box? i got a non descriptive error saying "no required driver detected for unity"01:15
kellnolavdubhack, can you monitor the sshd yo're connecting to?01:15
mamece2someday i will be here helping others, when i get to be a pro in linux01:16
eightballhow to get light scribe to work ?01:16
johnanybody know how to get X to display two monitors(one on each graphics card).01:16
BluesKajmamece2, no need to be a pro to give good helpful advice01:16
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are  only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.01:16
EpicCyndaquilmamece2: you don't have to be a pro, just help when you can :)01:16
sebsebsebmamece2: or maybe helping with more than one distro :)01:17
jdsbluedevlcome on, doesn't anyone know how to upgrade packages on a mounted HD through a Live CD boot?01:17
dantonicsebsebseb, http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/2961/screenshotdevsdagpartedz.png01:17
etzerdI understand that. but when you just insert the CD while windows is running you have the option to install it side by side and you will be able to uninstall it as any other program within windows. compare when you boot from the ubuntu CD and create a new partition where if you decided to remove it you will not be able to reboot from windows any longer unless you know how to recreate the /mbr01:17
arvutmamece2: help others with the knowledge you already have ;)01:17
happy101010updated 10.04 -> 10.10 went smoothly on a dell studio 15. very pleased.01:17
dogmatic69could anyone tell me how to zip a file real small? i used mysqldumper the other day and made a sql dump of 400mb only 17mb01:17
ChogyDandantonic: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling from LiveCD                   use the chroot method01:17
sebsebsebdogmatic69: how did you install Ubuntu? and why were you moving around partitions or what  were you doing with them exactly?01:18
dantonicChogyDan, my only concern is that I do not know the original location of grub2... I assume it is in the small 100mb boot partition that win7 setup in the beginning... or would it be in the main 10.04 partition?01:18
EpicCyndaquilDoes Shutter upload screenshots to sites like imageshack, etc?01:18
jdsbluedevlor, if that's too much of a headache, can someone tell me how to mount my HD on the Live CD so that I can get full permissions to copy everything and not just the limited stuff I'm allowed right now?01:19
dogmatic69sebsebseb: ?01:19
ChogyDandantonic: did you setup multiple partitions?01:19
sebsebsebno not you dogmatic69  I wanted dantonic01:19
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, yes, comment all other deb urls in /etc/apt/sources.list except the cdrom , then update01:19
sebsebsebdantonic: see above  ^01:19
dantonicyes multiple partitions... first I installed win7 then 10.04... and I have a storage partition as well01:19
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jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: does that update the hard drive?01:20
eightballhow to get light scribe to work ?01:20
sebsebsebdantonic: oh maybe you just need to run the update grub command, or whatever it is01:20
sebsebsebdantonic: of course01:20
ChogyDandantonic: did you have a /boot partition?01:20
furinow that i've removed pulseaudio and added myself to the audio group, i find that i'm ubable to adjust volume. is there a way to make things the same as was before, just without pulseaudio?01:20
dantonicthe reason I moved them around is because it installed ubuntu at the end of the storage partition... and I wanted to give the win 7 more space... so I moved the storage partition to the right and the ubuntu partition left of it01:20
sebsebseb!grub2 | dantonic01:20
ubottudantonic: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:20
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: because I'm booted to the Live CD01:20
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: not booted to the hard drive01:20
eightballwhen does the count down began for Natty Narwhal01:20
dantonicso I know with grub there used to be a way to detect what partition grub is installed on... I cant figure out how to do that with grub201:21
sebsebsebdantonic: since you were moving partitions around or whatever, the Grub on your Master Boot Record may be pointing to the wrong partitions basically,  hence not being able to boot01:21
owen1what is the package name to control delay of touch while typing?01:21
dantonicsebsebseb, right01:21
dantonicsebsebseb, but is there a way to figure out where grub is installed exactly?01:21
sebsebsebdantonic: all that is in the link the bot just gave you01:21
etzerdI understand that. but when you just insert the CD while windows is running you have the option to install it side by side and you will be able to uninstall it as any other program within windows. compare when you boot from the ubuntu CD and create a new partition where if you decided to remove it you will not be able to reboot from windows any longer unless you know how to recreate the /mbr01:21
dantonicsebsebseb, ok let me read up on it01:21
LxndrProblem: People can hear me on skype, but I cannot hear them. I get sound successfully from any other application I try. How can I find out what is wrong? How can I make this work?01:22
siberius3why is the Ubuntu 10.04 i386 torrent down? ->http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ubuntu-10.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent01:22
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, then mount dev/sda whatever your linux partition is and cd to it then run sudo apt-get update , but I recommend booting into the installation rather trying from t eh live cd01:22
sebsebsebdantonic: and if you do enough  changes that effect Grub, you need to run the update Grub command01:22
soreauWhat happened to sys>admin>'software sources'?01:22
lumakicrap almost out of coffee :-(01:22
soreauHow can I re-enable the icons in the System menu?01:23
lumakisoreau: might be in synaptic ?01:23
OerHekssoreau it is included in synaptic01:23
sebsebsebdantonic: if I am correct, which I think I am01:23
sebsebsebsoreau: gconf-editor01:23
soreausebsebseb: What key?01:23
lumakisoreau: right click the menu bar -> edit menus01:23
mac-rkosomebody knows how to turn on a wireless without a switch??01:23
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: well, that doesn't work.  Apparently, I don't have permissions for that either01:23
sebsebseblumaki: no got to use gconf-editor for it, I am quite sure01:24
soreaulumaki: and?01:24
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: just like I don't have permissions to move my /home directory to an external HD01:24
lumakimac-rko: depends on your driver is it an atheros?01:24
sebsebsebsoreau: as far as I know you must use gonf-editor to do it01:24
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: so then I have this question: how do I mount my HD so that I get full permissions?01:24
lazyPowerAfter installing 10.10 I am greeted with a white screen and unable to alt-fx out of it. System kind of locks up. Had same issue with live-cd and fixed it by adding setnomodes boot flag in grub. How would i do that from a live cd instance to the installed grub config when theres nothing in /boot/grub after mounting the hdd?01:24
eightballdid they make getting dvd to play back easer to do in 10.1001:24
lumakisoreau: click administration, then find "Software Sources", then check the box01:25
sebsebsebsoreau: so hold on so I  can tell you where to go in there :)01:25
lazyPowereightball, it wasnt that difficult int eh first place. how were you giong about playing them?01:25
soreausebsebseb: yes but gconf-editor is full of key paths01:25
kool_aideI have files backed up on my computer to a removable drive with simple backup, when I formatted the partition I took ownership of the filesystem.  If I were to reinstall ubuntu fresh would I be able to access the partition to restore the backup?  When I formatted the partitoon it said if I didn't take ownership root would01:25
sebsebseblunks: no thats got nothing to do with what they want to do01:25
mac-rkoim not sure if i have the correct driver, because i just install ubuntu 10.0401:25
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, why aren't you booting into your installation ?01:25
eightballhow to get light scribe to work ?01:25
soreaulumaki: Ah, I thought you mean for the System menu icons01:25
mac-rkoand my wireless doesn't work01:25
sebsebseblumaki: no thats  got nothing to do with what they want, they want the icons showing again in the system menu01:25
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: because I can't.  It freezes at the splash screen01:25
Are-"Could not calculate the upgrade. An unresolved problem occured while calculating the upgrade: E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages". Help?01:25
lumakisebsebseb: oh the *icons* >_<01:25
mac-rkobut in ubuntu 9.10 runs perfectly01:25
sebsebsebsoreau: yes and I will tell you where to go, so hold on01:26
Ryukojisup guys01:26
ChogyDanAre-: are you using any ppas?01:26
sukoneeis there an easy way to recover a new install if only getting to the grub rescue prompt>     am boot up on livecd now,01:26
lazyPowereightball, http://www.linux.com/archive/feature/11870501:26
lazyPowerfirst result form google.01:26
Are-ChogyDan: Nope.01:26
sebsebsebsoreau: desktop > gnome > interface01:26
ChogyDansukonee: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling%20from%20LiveCD   use the chroot method01:26
soreauHow can I re-add the 'shut down' icon to the System menu?01:27
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ChogyDanAre-: are you uptodate with ubuntu-desktop installed?01:27
sebsebsebsoreau: then tick menus_have_icons01:27
brishuhey folks, when I was md5sum ing my Ubuntu CD, it gave me './casper/filesystem.squashfs: FAILED open or read' (it happened both as root and as me) can I just use this CD, or should I burn another one? (I'm guessing yes, but hoping no)01:27
sebsebsebsoreau: also personally I have a little problem now when it comes to this, because I don't like the Ubuntu icons except for the new logo, and I don't like the new Gnome icons either,  except for log out01:27
dantonicsebsebseb, ChogyDan, I'm reading about this.. it talks about knowing the "problem partition" about mounting that partition and running the sudo grub-install command on it.   but what about in my case?  I have multiple partitions... should I be running that command on the "boot" partition instead of the main 10.04 partition?01:27
owen1is there app for controlling the delay of touchpad?01:27
arvutwhat would you consider to be the best way to back-up almost 600gb of data to a 250gb drive?01:27
ChogyDandantonic: use the chroot method01:28
soreausebsebseb: Thanks. Can you tell me how to get a shutdown/restart button(s) in System menu?01:28
sebsebsebsoreau:  oh and log out, lock screen, and shut down, don't even show in system menu where  they are still meant to be really, unless you remove the thing on the top right01:28
soreauI don't like it on the panel01:28
sebsebsebsoreau: oh well I just did :)01:28
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: u there?01:28
intraderI have a problem with unmounting a usb to which I have just written stuff. `umount  /media/KINGSTON` tells me device is busy.01:28
sebsebsebsoreau: and yes they aren't really meant to be on the top right in Gnome 2, but Ubuntu developers decided to start changing  Gnome quite a lot in Ubuntu01:29
soreausebsebseb: No, you showed how to put the icons back in the system menu, not how to move the shutdown button from the right side of the panel to the SYstem menu01:29
Are-ChogyDan: Yup. Just checked to be fully sure.01:29
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:29
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sebsebsebsoreau: remove the shut down on the top right, but that also means removing the me menu for socail features, altough I think someone told me before that can keep that some how, but I don't remember how in that case.01:29
soreausebsebseb: Ah perfect01:30
ChogyDanAre-: I dunno, sorry.  Maybe the repo is still updating.01:30
Are-ChogyDan: Alright, thanks.01:30
ilovefairuzintrader: do you have any file managers displaying the device contents? are you inside a subdirectory of it in bash? type 'cd' to get back to your home directory01:30
sebsebsebsoreau: personally I can't just use Gnome in Ubuntu 10.04 or 10.10 really happily, because even after basic customising its messed up,  but well I am quite likeing Lubuntu on my desktop here and with Unity as well :) at the moment01:30
eightballLightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm or .tar what one?01:30
sebsebsebsoreau: if you want to make things look even more like before, you could use the old brown theme even :)01:31
soreauom "G". I *hate* this god forsaken keyring crap01:31
ilovefairuzintrader: if none of this is the case check: lsof | grep KINGSTON01:31
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: ok, I did chmod 777 /dev/sda1, but that still doesn't give me read access to my files01:31
sh4d3sl4y3r_is there any downloading link for the new fonts? so that I can install the fonts on other systems01:31
intraderilovefairuz, not that I know off I don't see any windows displaying or active01:31
* soreau uninstalls evolution01:31
Are-I just wish I could update to 10.10 :)01:31
ChogyDanAre-: try do-release-upgrade01:32
freezwayhey, torrenting 10.10 now, any problems i should know about... all upgrades have never worked for me, so im gunna install it and copy my files.01:32
sebsebsebAre-: you can, but 10.04 won't show the update by default01:32
eightball36 min left for me01:32
sebsebseb!upgrade | Are-01:32
ubottuAre-: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:32
intraderilovefairuz, what does lsof do?01:32
lumakiintrader: lists open files01:32
Are-ChogyDan: I'll try it once again I guess.01:32
furiguys, after uninstalling the packages for pulseaudio and adding my user to the audio group, the sound icon is missing and i'm unable to adjust the volume. how can i change this?01:32
ChogyDanAre-: the cli may give a better message01:33
sebsebseb!panels | this may help furi01:33
ubottuthis may help furi: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:33
soreauIs there a way to make ubuntu never ask for the keyring password ever again? ever?01:33
sebsebsebfuri: actsaully I think01:33
amageehey has anyone else hit this?  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/65059901:33
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sebsebsebfuri: the sound menu is very much so linked to pulse audio01:33
eightballLightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm or .tar what one?01:33
sebsebsebfuri: now01:33
furisebsebseb: how can i change that?01:34
sebsebsebfuri: well try the command the bot gave,  if it doesn't work, I guess what I just said is true01:34
intraderilovefairuz, lsof not installed01:34
omarcitoalguien que hable español01:34
furisebsebseb: but that resets my panels, and i've set a lot of stuff on it01:34
Daekdroom!es | omarcito01:34
ubottuomarcito: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.01:34
ilovefairuzintrader: strange but install it01:34
eightball9 min to Ubuntu in the Cloud01:34
sebsebsebfuri: such as?01:35
jesse_Hello.  Is there a package for Realplayer for 10.10?01:35
intraderilovefairuz, this is maverick - I am installing01:35
dantonicChogyDan, here's what I got:  http://pastebin.com/17vyMY9B01:35
soreauNow how to install the standalone volume icon for gnome panel?01:35
sebsebsebjesse_: no don't think so, well there might be, but can probably Wine it, and there are loads of good alternatives01:35
furii've adjusted absolutely everything except for the menu in the upper left corner, the workspace switcher in the bottom right corner, and the user settings in the upper right corner01:36
jesse_sebsebseb: whats a good alternative?01:36
furieverything else i've moved or removed01:36
ChogyDandantonic: did you setup a /boot partition?01:36
sebsebsebsoreau: oh you really are trying to go back to before?01:36
amageeis it possible to downgrade 10.10 to 10.04L01:36
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, you need to do it in a tty , can you get to a tty prompt while booting into your install , at the login page do : ctrl+alt +f1 , then chmod your /home , then sudo apt-get update. maybe you can get your prob fixed that way01:36
sebsebsebsoreau: I am not sure, but I think if you remove the sound-indicator or whatever they call it, you may get the old one back01:36
haavardHi! I can't get sound from my minijack, but the mic works. I have chosen the correct sound card in sound prefs (intel onboard). I have tried alsamixer too. What can I do now?01:36
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dantonicChogyDan, u mean when I installed ubuntu?01:36
soreausebsebseb: I hate evolution, I hate that I cannot remove evolution icon without removing the volume icon. I hate it01:36
ChogyDandantonic: yes01:36
soreauI hate it so bad01:36
sebsebseb!away > Kevin147`afk01:36
ubottuKevin147`afk, please see my private message01:36
soreauIt's stupid01:36
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Jordan_Ujesse_: Why do you want Real Player? The native, and Free, linux media players can probably play whatever you need.01:36
dantonicChogyDan, no I did not... I guess I shouldn't have mounted that then... I just assumed /dev/sda1 was the boot partition01:36
jesse_JOrdan_U: good point, didnt think of that.01:37
sebsebsebsoreau: also if you use well basically any other distro that uses Gnome, you won't have the sound menu01:37
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: actually, nvm, I just checked my forum support thread.  Apparently I need to reset my xorg.conf file in order to fix my boot problem.  Thx anyways01:37
intradersoreau, use thunderbird, I love it01:37
soreausebsebseb: I can never remember the package name that installs the standalone gnome-panel volume applet though01:37
sebsebsebsoreau: sound menu is Ubuntu specific, same thing for the shut down on the right, and social features01:37
furisebsebseb: i've adjusted absolutely everything except for the menu in the upper left corner, the workspace switcher in the bottom right corner, and the user settings in the upper right corner01:37
eightballhow open .rpm file?01:37
Are-ChogyDan: Same error message.01:37
furisebsebseb: everything else i've moved or removed01:37
soreauWhat is the name of the package name that installs the standalone gnome-panel volume applet?01:37
sebsebseb!alien | eightball01:37
ubottueightball: RPM is the RedHat Package Management system. Ubuntu uses !APT, not RPM. RPM packages are not supported (the package "alien" can allow installing them, but it's quite dangerous and unsupported)01:37
ChogyDandantonic: no.  Unless you set it up that way.   That's why it can't find grub, I think you can use umount to unmount that partition01:37
BluesKajjdsbluedevl, maybe xorg.conf will help , but there no guarantees that's just the problem01:37
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amageesigh *curses self for being so naive to think that upgrading ubuntu would not leave me with a broken system*01:38
ChogyDanAre-: did you get any other msgs?01:38
sebsebsebeightball: I am not so sure about using alien being dangerous to use RPM's, but you would normally go for Deb or even tar.gz01:38
Are-ChogyDan: Negative.01:38
sebsebsebeightball: that is Ubuntu Deb's not Debian01:38
jdsbluedevlBluesKaj: maybe.  The thread says that it's a known bug with my graphics card that was fixed two days after the RC went public01:38
BluesKajmay not be the only problem , jdsbluedevl01:38
sebsebsebeightball: an RPM for what by the way?01:38
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eightballLightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm how to install?01:38
SamWeasleySomeone's convert videos for PSP on Ubuntu?01:39
MurdockIsn't the maverick channel #ubuntu+1?01:39
wjwwoodAnyone here tried using 10.10 on Parallels 6 for Mac?01:39
sebsebsebMurdock: not anymore its been released01:39
sebsebsebMurdock: so now its this one01:39
intraderilovefairuz, I don't recognize the files that are busy - they seem to be from the autorun that KINGSTON installs on the USB01:39
MurdockOh wow, I didn't know that.01:39
dantonicChogyDan, shoot it says "sudo: unable to resolve host ubuntu  umount: /mnt/boot: not found"01:39
MurdockWait, then I should probably update?01:39
sebsebsebMurdock: yep 10/10/1001:39
ilovefairuz!paste | intrader01:39
ubottuintrader: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:39
sebsebsebMurdock: could do01:39
dantonicChogyDan, when I typye sudo umount /mnt/boot01:39
ChogyDandantonic: did you exit the chroot first?01:39
mac-rkohi, somebody can help me?? ubuntu 10.10 doesnt recognize my wireless, i have a realtek RTL8187B01:39
dantonicjust type exit ChogyDan?01:39
sebsebsebmac-rko: 10.04 won't show by default though01:39
dogmatic69can someone recomend a program to view / edit a 300mb txt file01:39
MurdockMaybe I won't get this "modprobe: FATAL:" error anymore01:39
ChogyDandantonic: yea01:39
sebsebsebmac-rko:  wrong one01:39
sebsebsebMurdock: see above01:40
grogoreoIs there an applet to change the language and/or keyboard from the panel?01:40
ChogyDanAre-: I think there are logs in /var/logs/dist-upgrade01:40
kellnolaanyone done an in place dist-upgrade to 10.10 in here? How'd it go?01:40
sebsebsebMurdock: ,but you can get it showing01:40
eightballLightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm how to install?01:40
sebsebseb!upgrade | Murdock01:40
ubottuMurdock: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:40
sebsebsebgrogoreo: yes01:40
soreauWhere did the keyring and encryption manager go? It used to be in Applications>Accessories01:40
soreauNow it's no where01:40
MurdockI'm using the 10.10 beta.01:40
sebsebsebgrogoreo: languge layout indicator or something, well its there01:40
amageekellnola: mostly worked, unless you have an nvidia card and multiple monitors, in which case, don't even think about it.01:40
Are-ChogyDan: They seem to be pointing towards errors regarding xorg dependencies01:40
sebsebseb!final | Murdock01:41
ubottuMurdock: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Maverick Meerkat and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Maverick. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.01:41
zymlovin the new font!01:41
ChogyDanAre-: are you sure you never installed an xorg ppa?01:41
wjwwoodMurdock: on parallels?01:41
intraderilovefairuz, I don't know it it would hurt to reboot.01:41
kellnolaamagee, well, yeah nvidia, but I don't generally upgrade until about a month has passed01:41
MurdockNo it's on my shitty HP laptop.01:41
Are-ChogyDan: Not 100%, no.01:41
amageekellnola: yeah, sensible policy.01:42
ChogyDanAre-: yeah, I think you need to purge that ppa, downgrade your xorg, unfortunately01:42
soreauno default seahorse entry in the menu01:42
soreauwhat is this?01:42
ilovefairuzintrader: paste the output you saw from lsof01:42
soreauwhy move everything around?01:42
soreaudamn keyring is bad enough as it is already01:42
Are-ChogyDan: Alright, I'll get on that then I suppose.01:42
dantonicChogyDan, ok here's what I got... http://pastebin.com/CjyB6yax01:42
zaapielhow can I tell what version of ubuntu im running? i want to know if its 32bit or 64bit specfically01:42
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JAMD456The update link is not showing up in my Update Manager even after Updating everything and checking for updates again01:43
amageeis there really no way to downgrade from 10.10 to 10.04 without formatting?01:43
shaunozaapiel: uname -m  should answer 32 vs 6401:43
ChogyDandantonic: I dunno about that menu.lst reference.  but maybe that fixed it.  Maybe try rebooting01:44
zaapielwhat would it say if it was 64?01:44
shaunothat'd be 32bit then01:44
lumakizaapiel: x86_6401:44
zaapielk ty01:44
dantonicok ChogyDan thanks for your help! I'll be right back01:44
dantoniccross your fingers!01:45
lumakizaapiel: you can: cat /proc/cpuinfo01:45
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intraderilovefairuz, I am 'crossposting' - the machine where I am having the problems is running on an XO OLPC. Would you still be able to analyze the problem?01:45
zaapielany reason to run 64bit if i only have 3 gigs of ram?01:45
ilovefairuzintrader: yeap01:45
lumakizaapiel: unless you want to use your computer past 2038, not really01:46
lumakizaapiel: but 64 bit may be faster for certain calculations01:46
zaapieland less support too01:46
lumakizaapiel: that said, I'm using 64-bit myself01:46
haavardHi! I don't have sound from my headphone jack, but the mic works. I've chosen the correct sound card in sound prefs, and "analog stereo duplex" profile. Still no sound. Please help?01:47
Nonesthecoolhaavard, what is your soundcard01:47
haavardNonesthecool: Intel onboard. cat /proc/asound/modules says snd_hda_intel01:48
intraderilovefairuz, I am so sorry, but wife has summoned for dinner - I will be back (hope)01:48
Nonesthecoolyehhh,  Ok...  Have you downloaded and installed the new Alsa drivers?01:48
owen1is there a soltion to hdmi audio? i installed 10.10 and have no audio.01:49
haavardNonesthecool: I'm on a fresh 10.10 install, so probably not01:49
macohaavard: "intel" isnt terribly specific. try installing linux-backports-modules-alsa-$(lsb_release -cs)-generic and reboot, test if it works. if not, file a bug:  ubuntu-bug -s audio01:49
macohaavard: that package brings in newer sound drivers01:49
cgrozaHello, I think apt is broken. It returns this message each time i use it: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:50
NonesthecoolMaco pretty much summed it up, Haavard and Owne101:50
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owen1Nonesthecool: i have audio. but not when connecting to the TV with hdmi cable.01:52
Gryllida_How do I add a repository to my sources.list in Ubuntu command line?01:52
haavardmaco: thx. I'll try that.01:52
avg_guywas setting up two monitors at once on one pc and everything works ok but lost compiz and when trying to install it , it says the composite extension isn't available  what does this mean01:52
soreauavg_guy: Means compositing is disabled?01:52
soreauavg_guy: Try asking in #compiz01:53
Nonesthecoolowen1, sorry I haven't tried that myself01:53
eightball12 min left01:53
eightballLightScribe Host Software Linux.rpm how to install?01:53
eightballhow to get light scribe to work ?01:53
blakkheimGryllida_: sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list01:54
owen1maco: do u think this backports package might solve my hdmi audio issue?01:54
EpicCyndaquilHow do I change my default browser to Opera?01:54
owen1maco: (got audia except with HDMI)01:54
XaseThere seems to be a mislink according to the wiki versus my actual system's settings for burning detailed here: http://pastebin.com/sdwxDA27 ...01:55
cgrozaHello, I think apt is broken. It returns this message each time i use it: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:55
macoowen1: give it a try. cant hurt. driver bugs usually present as "well everything works, except this *one* thing..."01:55
owen1maco: ok01:55
Nonesthecoolhaavard, any luck?01:56
alzieeightball: download from here to get a deb http://www.lightscribe.com/downloadSection/linux/index.aspx?id=814 rpm is for redhat01:56
haavardNonesthecool: No01:56
dantonicsebsebseb,  I guess chogydan left?  my attempt did not work :(01:57
mikeruI totally hate tap to click01:57
mikeruand since I updated to maverick,01:57
mikeruif I have my finger on my magic mouse even if not pressing it still clicks01:57
devslashwhats the command to update ubuntu from 10.10 rc to final ?01:57
mikeruI HATE THAT01:57
Xaselrwxrwxrwx 3 root root 3 2010-10-10 19:16 /dev/dvdrw -> sr0 How do I change sr0 to scd0 ?01:58
mikeruanyone wishing to help with that?01:58
haavardmaco, Nonesthecool: cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec results in "ATI R6xx HDMI". Shouldn't it be an intel codec instead?01:58
SeRVeR01EpicCyndaquil: System > Preferences> Preferred Applications01:58
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub201:58
devslashwhats the command to update ubuntu from 10.10 rc to final ?01:58
devslashis it dist-upgrade01:58
mikerualso, I remember there was an option to change scrolling to two fingers in mouse preferences01:58
mikerunow, it's gone01:58
Nonesthecoolhaavard, maybe try going to the alsa site download the the latest) and do that01:58
KeithWeisshari'm having an issue starting gnome with the ubuntu 10.10 live cd, it takes a long time for gnome to start and i end up at the command prompt in the meantime01:58
mikeruhelp ?01:58
macohaavard: intel made the specification that is followed by most audio devices on the market today01:58
KeithWeisshari have a gtx 470 video card using hdmi connection01:58
cgrozaHello, I think apt is broken. It returns this message each time i use it: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)01:58
macohaavard: AC97 is the other-most-common spec, and is 13 years old01:58
XenophiliusYo i gots a question01:58
Nonesthecoolhaavard, follow the install instructions to a tee, I had no problems.  Myself01:59
XenophiliusI cant find my 2GB Thumbdrive and i was wondering if i could use a 1gig memory stick01:59
macohaavard: there are at least a dozen different codec-making companies *just* for intel-spec and they all have many codecs they've written,01:59
macohaavard: which is why i say intel isnt very specific ;-)01:59
KeithWeisshareach time i boot the live cd i get stuck in a command prompt for several minutes and gnome takes a long time to start02:00
eightballok how do i tset it ?02:00
SamWeasleyI need some help with aac + mencoder02:00
plitterhow can i make a usb live of ubuntu from another linux distro?02:00
Cairo|how do I upgrade to 10.10 from TTY?02:00
Cairo|on what OS?02:00
plitterarch linux02:00
arvutAlright, time to call it a night. Tata #ubuntu! o/02:00
XenophiliusI cant find my 2GB Thumbdrive and i was wondering if i could use a 1gig memory stick02:00
KeithWeissharwhen gnome finally starts and then i click try ubuntu it goes back to text mode and takes more time to start gnome again to desktop02:01
haavardmaco: Ok. what was the name of the drivers you told me to install earlier? I want to uninstall them, playback was really weird after boot02:01
Braber01Help I deleted my Linux Partions and now i'm getting a "grub rescue >" prompt and windows won't load02:01
KeithWeissharif i try to press ctrl-alt-f1 everything locks up02:01
macohaavard: linux-backports-modules-alsa-maverick-generic02:01
KeithWeisshardoes ubuntu 10.10 support the newer gtx 400 series card and hdmi?02:02
Cairo|busy here02:02
XenophiliusI cant find my 2GB Thumbdrive and i was wondering if i could use a 1gig memory stick02:02
macoBraber01: get out your Windows CD, use its recovery prompt, and type "fixmbr" -- you deleted GRUB's config (that tells it where to find Windows) when you deleted your partitions02:02
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XenophiliusYes? Really?02:02
XenophiliusAre you sure?02:02
macoBraber01: fixmbr will reinstall windows' bootloader02:02
Cairo|wait no02:03
Braber01maco it was a Laptop, there was no Windows CD02:03
Cairo|you can't02:03
Cairo|need's at least 2Gig02:03
KeithWeissharcan you help me with the video isssue with ubuntu 10.10 live02:03
XenophiliusNot what im told02:03
eightballhow do i test the light scribe does k3b work or what other program i may need to burn light scribe?02:03
Cairo|go to that link02:03
Cairo|then go to the creat a usb boot disk02:04
XenophiliusLol i have02:04
Xenophiliusits just bull XD02:04
Braber01maco: I have no window's 7 CD for my laptop, there is no way I can recover it.02:04
Xenophiliusugh this sucks much02:04
moetunesKeithWeisshar:  did you do the md5 check on the iso - the cd check when you booted it?02:05
Cairo|Insert a USB stick with at least 2GB of free space02:05
Cairo|is step 102:05
eightball7 min for 10.1002:05
eightballhow do i test the light scribe does k3b work or what other program i may need to burn light scribe?02:05
alzieBraber01 do you get a message to press a key for recovery when you boot?02:05
Cairo|does anyone know how to upgrade to 10.10 from TTY?02:06
macoBraber01: i think you can reinstall grub to work with just windows using a grub boot disc02:06
KeithWeisshari tried booting in virtual box and it booted ok02:06
KeithWeissharjust not on my real pc02:06
rypervencheI just upgraded to 10.10, however now my close, minimize, and maximize buttons are reversed. They are still on the left side but in the wrong order. How can I fix this?02:06
UbuN2hi will 10.10 work my usb modem out of the box model conexant -  michelangelo02:07
ruffneckhello - I have a Dell 700m - can't boot unity with 10.10 Netbook edition b/c of missing driver. Anyone know how to get that?02:07
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KeithWeisshari tried on virtual box and it booted into the live desktop02:07
moetunesKeithWeisshar:  that is not the same as checking the burnt cd - there is an option in the menu to do that02:07
Drone4fourwhat version of compiz does 10.10 ship with? 8.x or 9.x?02:07
KeithWeissharbut on my real pc it stays in text mode for a minute02:07
lazyPowerchuck@Deviant:~$ compiz --version02:07
lazyPowercompiz 0.8.602:07
Drone4four0.8.x or 0.9.x?*02:08
KeithWeissharit takes a long time to start gnome02:08
Drone4fourty lazyPower02:08
EvilPhoenixanyone want to explain how I can run 10.10 in a virtual environment?02:08
Braber01maco, I don't have that either,02:08
lazyPowerDrone4four, anytime bud.02:09
KeithWeissharare there issues when using hdmi or a new fermi card02:09
lazyPowerEvilPhoenix, Install it in virtualbox. There are several how-to's on google.02:09
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox02:09
lazyPowerI'm having a fun issue with U1. I cant get it to store my information in the applet on Ubuntu 10.10 x 64. Anyone have any suggestions? the FAQ is less than savvy.02:09
KeithWeissharthere is no problem running in virtualbox but i'm haviing an issue with the real pc02:10
Talon_I've been using ubuntu 10.04 since its release, and now theres ubuntu 10.10, I've always kept up with my updates, is my 10.04 already upgraded to whats in 10.10 or do I need to download that and start over? lol02:10
lazyPowerTalon_, my honest suggestion is to stick with 10.04 for another month or so while the roll-out bugs are ironed out.02:10
lazyPowerTalon_, but thas a matter of preference. I like stability over features.02:10
justcallmefredI am loading Ubuntu on my laptop, I have a partition already to use, I want to format it first. Can someone help me through it?02:10
lazyPowerjustcallmefred, you have the livecd? use gnuparted, its all point and click.02:11
lazyPowersorry, gparted02:11
HaxXxoRanyone having graphics problems with 10.10?02:11
sukoneeis dual booting with xp supported on ext4 format? seems difficult to get them to work02:11
lazyPowerHaxXxoR, like?02:11
justcallmefredI'm at " prepare Partitions"02:11
HaxXxoRevery time i try to click on the taskbar on the right its like my whole screen refreshes02:12
lazyPowerwhat video card?02:12
BuenGeniois there a decent, free VM that will let me boot an existing ubuntu installation from inside Windows?02:12
Talon_lazyPower: thx for the info, I was planning on sticking with 10.04 for a while anyways.. I just got too many things installed to really want to start over.02:12
HaxXxoRibm thinkpad r51 just stock02:12
lazyPowerBuenGenio, VMWare and Virtualbox both support that.02:12
Walzmynjustcallmefred: the install program will give you a chance to format the partition as you are installing02:12
poprocksoh, so there's only an amd64 version of ubuntu and not x86_64?02:12
BuenGeniolazyPower, VM ware is free now?02:12
lazyPowerTalon_, read up on migrating installs. its not that bad.02:12
lazyPowerBuenGenio, its got a free mode iirc.02:13
HaxXxoRthe only way i was able to get into here is that i remember where the boxes look like in schat lol02:13
hoosierpeschkepoprocks, amd64 is x86_64, the name just stuck02:13
robertkochim new to ubuntu and really need some help with installation02:13
justcallmefredAt tthe "prepare Disk Space, which option should I use?02:13
Sivartsquestion: I have 4 monitors attatched to my computer, is it possible for each to have a seperate X session running on it? each monitor will show a seperate set of images using qiv02:13
eightballbe back i hope with 10.10 running02:13
Talon_BuenGenio: VMWare Player is the end-user free version, I use it for Win7 since it supports directX which virtualbox only supports OpenGL, You can't use Aero in vista/7 in virtualbox, but you can in VMWare Player02:13
foul_owlwhat is going on with the java runtime? http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/2916/javat.png02:13
poprockshoosierpeschke: oh ok - I don't even have a 64-bit machine, was just curious... but doesn't Intel make an x86_64 processor too?02:13
foul_owlrunning a hello world program lol02:14
sukoneeis dual booting with xp supported on ext4 format? seems difficult to get them to work02:14
hoosierpeschkepoprocks, yeah, they call it EMT64 for intel02:14
Walzmynjustcallmefred: don't know what options are there. I'd assumne the frist one is auto/manual, use manual02:14
BuenGenioTalon_, but you need to create your "player image" first right02:14
KeithWeisshari have an evga x58 3x sli motherboard02:14
BuenGeniowhich is not free02:14
KeithWeissharcore i7 920 cpu02:14
KeithWeisshar12gb of ram02:14
poprockshoosierpeschke: so would the amd64 version be compatible with the emt64, for greater certainty?02:14
Cairo|is it possible to boot windows ubuntu and mac os x?02:14
KeithWeisshari have the 64-bit live cd02:14
Cairo|also does anyone know how to upgrade to 10.10 from TTY?02:14
Talon_BuenGenio: I downloaded vmware player for free, installed it, setup a virtual machine and installed win7 and have been enjoying it ever since.02:14
NewbuntuI'm going. to be using ubuntu In virtual box but was wondering how I'd get windows programs to run on it in virtualbox?02:14
paranoid_ndroidI have two laptops connected through the same router but they can't see each other in the network nautilus window02:14
paranoid_ndroidI'm able to connect through SFTP02:15
hoosierpeschkeCairo, apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade02:15
BuenGenioTalon_, interesting02:15
rypervencheI just upgraded to Maverick, and when I start my computer, on the bottom of my screen I keep getting windows that open then close very quickly. I think it says configuring or something on them. Has anyone experienced this?02:15
HaxXxoReverytime i scroll over the new icons my whole screen goes black and then refreshes02:15
KeithWeissharis there a way to look at the log during boot02:15
KeithWeissharif any errors02:15
rypervencherobertkoch, What do you need help with?02:15
HaxXxoRkinda like exlorer.exe crashing in windows02:15
devslashi signed into my google talk account with the built in chat program but where do i see my buddies that are online02:15
devslashoh i guess its called empathy02:16
BuenGenioTalon_, do you know if hardware in a guest OS will apear the same as in the host or will it be emulated to some generic cards/chipsets?02:16
cgrozaHello, I think apt is broken. It returns this message each time i use it: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:16
robertkochwhenever i try to install at random points it will cut to a black screen with some error and freeze02:16
lazyPowerHaxXxoR, is it maybe nautlius is crashing?02:16
macoBuenGenio: emulated generic02:16
devslashBuenGenio: what program are you using for the VM02:16
BuenGeniodevslash, non yet02:16
lazyPowerHaxXxoR, check your logs for evidence of whats going on.02:16
BuenGeniotrying to decide02:16
HaxXxoRi dont know it just refreshes and then comes back02:16
sukoneeis dual booting with xp supported on ext4 format? seems difficult to get them to work02:16
BuenGeniowas looking at bootcamp02:16
macoBuenGenio: thats not a VM...02:16
HaxXxoRi cant get to anything all i get is black boxes02:16
Talon_BuenGenio: its both actually, it still uses your gfx cards gpu but uses a generic fake driver02:16
devslashi signed into my google talk account with empathy but where do i see my buddies that are online02:17
BuenGeniomaco,  I mean Parallels02:17
BuenGenioexcuse me02:17
rypervencheWhere can I find the log of my upgrade to Maverick?02:17
netcitizenWill installing 10.10 remove the 10.04 installation?02:17
* poprocks is now downloading the 10.10 iso with Netscape 3.04 :-)02:17
KerrickIs debtorrent less secure in any way than using direct downloads?02:17
BuenGenioTalon_, yeah, but guest won't support hardware acceleration for example02:17
lazyPowerHaxXxoR, <alt> <f1-f6> should give you terminal access.02:17
rypervencherobertkoch, Which version are you installing?02:17
BuenGeniomaco, what do you recommend?02:18
HaxXxoRok another dumb question how do i check the logs to see whats up on console02:18
BuenGeniodownloading Virtualbox as we speak02:18
hoosierpeschkerypervenche: /var/log/dist-upgrade02:18
robertkochdesktop 10.10 32 bit02:18
Braber01is there any way I can fix the "grub rescue>" prompt on my other laptop with out a disc or downloading anything?02:18
HaxXxoRand when i click alt f1 nothing happens02:18
devslashhas anyone had problems signing into google talk with empathy ? i get a network error but im not sure why.02:18
netcitizenwhich is the best option to install ubuntu 10.10 fresh install or upgrade from lucid lynx?02:18
rypervenchehoosierpeschke, thank you02:18
zymis there a way to disable the alt (move window) shortcut for only applications running in wine?02:18
Talon_BuenGenio: I'm very pleased with both vmware player and virtualbox. I like virtualbox better for customizable options, but I like vmware player better for performance. if you plan to play games and what not, i strongly reccomend vmware player.. if you're just looking to run your windows programs that wont run or run poorly in wine, virtualbox is very nice also.02:19
sukoneenetcitizen, fresh install is always preferable02:19
LinOSIs it just me, or is gparted *incredibly* slow?02:19
hoosierpeschkenetcitizen: I find that a fresh install is always good but I upgraded my parents from lucid with no issues.. yet...02:19
LinOSIt's so far taken 2.5 hours to move a partition02:19
EighteensHaxXxoR: ctrl alt f1 will give you a console02:19
BuenGenioTalon_, maco, if I boot an existing, standalone ubuntu install from a VM will it reconfigure my drivers and modules?02:19
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
Braber01I tried editing partions to delete my Linux partions but I ruied the computer instead is there any way I can fix it?!!!!02:19
netcitizensukonee: ok. I downloaded the iso file. created a startup usb disk.Now when i restart with the usb disk . I do not see the ubuntu install option?02:19
justcallmefredI'm in the "Prepare Partitions" and have selected the partition I want to use.but I keep getting "No roort file system is defined"02:20
BuenGenioTalon_, maco, basically will it mess up any of  my settings next time I boot into Ubu?02:20
Talon_BuenGenio: I never tried but I would assume so, it would haveto use drivers pertaining to the virtual environment02:20
HaxXxoRok i can get to console but how do i check the logs im new to checking that kind of stuff in ubuntu02:20
Braber01now I'm getting the grub rescue > prompt02:20
KerrickBuenGenio, doing that is not recommended, but it should work without screwing up your settings. Try to find an online guide on the topic just to be sure.02:20
sukoneenetcitizen, i dont know about that, is that livecd capable?02:20
BuenGenioTalon_, although that being said, linux is usually good at adapting to new HW02:20
sukoneeis dual booting with xp supported on ext4 format? seems difficult to get them to work02:20
macoBuenGenio: no idea02:20
hoosierpeschkeBraber01: From where did you delete your Linux partitions, the Ubuntu setup or another method?02:21
macoBuenGenio: however *usually* drivers are not hardcoded in the linux world. what is needed is autodetected on boot and loaded02:21
netcitizensukonee: i did the same when i installed lucid02:21
Braber01hoosierpeschke, From windows,02:21
kellnoladoes anyone know if the problems with clive and youtube are fixed in 10.10?02:21
macoBuenGenio: the exception is that network cards are listed in a file with their driver, so the eth0 eth1 etc naming may be inconsistent, and *if* you make an xorg.conf (which is not there by default!) and list a driver in it, that may need to be adjusted02:22
Talon_BuenGenio: I think virtualbox has a way to convert a real drive to a virtual drive, I know vmware player does, so you can copy your physical boot and convert it to a virtual machine so you dont physically boot that machine. Me personally, I like them being virtual, because its one big file that i can backup and restore if anything goes wrong.02:22
netcitizenhoosierpeschke: i created the startup disk . but i do not get the install option when i restart the pc02:22
sukoneenetcitizen, dont know if the new ones are any better, im stuck myself trying to dual boot on an ext4 fs02:22
devslashdoes anyone actually use empathy ?02:22
hoosierpeschkeFrom that I would guess that your /boot was on a partition that was deleted, are you going to re-install ubuntu?02:22
BuenGenioTalon_, true - I'm kind of limited on disk space02:22
PwrSurgeanyone know how to adjust the sensitivity of a synaptics touchpad?02:23
ownerHow can I burn my videos to a DVD on linux? I have videos I've recorded on my phone and put on the computer (avi format). and I wanna know how I can burn them on a DVD so they can play in a DVD player.02:23
netcitizensukonee: hmm.. my question is this when i install 10.10 will it clean up 10.04 automatically or will I be left with 2 linux options02:23
oldsmoky2Anyone know where "System>Administration" and "Preferences" are in 10.10 netbook edition with Unity?02:23
PwrSurgethe sensitivity setting is broken02:23
Talon_BuenGenio: which I do before i try to install any new software on my virtual windows.. I have gotten virii before and rebooted my virtual machine back to being fine in less than 5 minutes.02:23
PwrSurgeit has no effect02:23
hoosierpeschkenetcitizen: depending on the computer, you should have to force it to boot to the CD-ROM drive, my dell's are F1202:23
sukoneenetcitizen, ubuntu never de-installs or remove old stuff02:23
kellnolaowner, "devede" works well02:23
BuenGenioTalon_, you have an A/V or have you forgotten what it is :)02:23
HaxXxoRbrb going to try something02:23
PwrSurgeand the sensitivity is MUCH too high02:23
netcitizenhoosierpeschke: ok let me  try that. My question is how to remove 10.04 then02:23
netcitizensukonee:  oh really ??02:24
devslashdoes anyone actually use empathy ?02:24
PwrSurgeit moves even with my finger not touching the touchpad02:24
netcitizendevslash: yes i sometimes use empathy02:24
ownerI tried Devede, does it require a dvd burner? Cause idk if it will use my computers DVD burner.02:24
sukoneenetcitizen, unless it is told to remove, no it does not remove old stuff02:24
kellnolanetcitizen, upgrading will result in a 10.10 installation that replaces 10.0402:24
Talon_BuenGenio: you mean a KVM? a switcher?02:24
ownerMy computer could burn DVDs from its CDDVDrom on XP.02:24
tennessean2owner:  sudo apt-get install devede mencoder02:24
BuenGenioTalon_, no, I mean antivirus ^-^02:24
paranoid_ndroidI have two laptops connected through the same router but they can't see each other in the network nautilus window02:24
devslashnetcitizen:  have you been able to sign into google talk with it ? i tried but im getting a network error02:24
netcitizenkellnola: sure. I do not need to do any manual partitioning right ?02:24
hoosierpeschkenetcitizen: the Ubuntu upgrade will update most of the packages, nothing similar to a Windows update.  It will leave the old kernel(s).  An apt-get purge linux-2.6.32-#-generic will get rid of the old kernels.02:24
mamece2i tried to manipulate the LCD in my mx5000 but it doesnt work02:25
netcitizendevslash: yes it works fine02:25
Talon_BuenGenio: oh I don't use it.. I don't need it.. I religiously backup my virtual drive to another drive before I install anything. if it craps out, oh well, overwrite the file and im back in buisness, so what does antivirus do to help me?02:25
netcitizenhoosierpeschke: but fresh install means removing the old and installing the new ones right ?02:25
Braber01is there anything i could do?02:25
devslashnetcitizen: any suggestions why im getting a network error02:25
kellnolanetcitizen, no you only have to upgrade and wait until it's done02:25
hoosierpeschkenetcitizen, yes, Ubuntu will essentially remove the old packages can clean up old dependancies.02:26
Cairo|!wiki vesa02:26
netcitizenkellnola: are you sure ? I am not upgrading from terminat02:26
Lazzlohow about overdubbing twit to klingon?02:26
sukoneenetcitizen, it is wise to have a separate /home when installing02:26
sukoneeseparate partition that is02:26
kellnolanetcitizen, although there might be some detritus laying about, depending on what packages you have installed, but it really isn't an issue02:26
BuenGenioTalon_, helping prevent its spreading I'd say02:26
netcitizensukonee: am not really a ubuntu expert . lucid was my first linux using it for the past 4-5 months02:27
kk9822thanks for latest ubuntu02:27
weev___maverick is great02:27
sukoneenetcitizen, then stay with it for a while, there are no issues with the older stuff02:27
kk9822i love to use it02:27
HaxXxoRanyone having graphics issues with 10.1002:27
Talon_BuenGenio: it cant escape the virtual environment, so it doesn't spread anywhere.02:27
BuenGenioTalon_, you have internet02:27
netcitizenlet me see how  the install goes..02:27
tennessean2hey guys, is there someplace where i can find a list of all console apps for ubuntu? There are so many things in ubuntu that are so much easier in a console (terminal) rather than a graphical app02:27
BuenGeniospreads there02:27
kk9822pl some one help me to upgrade my 10.04 to latest or how do i install02:27
ubottuvesa is the default video driver if X can't find a better one. Also see !x02:27
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution02:28
kellnolanetcitizen, I'm ASSUMING you're using the update manager, keep in mind02:28
sukoneeis dual booting with xp supported on ext4 format? seems difficult to get them to work ?02:28
rypervencheI am having a problem with my bottom panel. Whenever I open a new window or click on a new window, I get a window that opens and closes constantly saying it's configuring. How can I get rid of this?02:28
Jordan_UBraber01: If you have absolutely no other media, and your BIOS can't netboot, then you are probably out of luck.02:28
netcitizenkellnola: No am not using update manager . I created a new startup usb disk . I downloaded the .iso from the ubuntu download site,02:28
Talon_sukonee: yes, I used to dual boot XP and ubuntu 10.04 with ext4, you need to use grub as your bootloader tho02:28
tutuxgsukonee, xp only runs on ntfs and fat02:29
sukoneeTalon_, im having difficulties with it, been getting  grub rescue>  prompt after install02:29
hoosierpeschkekk9822, how do you want to upgrade?  Via the terminal or update-manager02:29
kellnolanetcitizen, well then, are you intending to erase 10.04? I've never used a CD/DVD to upgrade02:29
Talon_sukonee: install XP first, then install linux so grub detects multiple operating systems and configures for dual booting.02:29
sukoneeTalon that was my expectations, but proving to be challenging,02:29
soreauwhat is the deal with these 'slide shows' in gnome-appearance-properties for wallpaper? If it is supposed to fade to the next automatically, where are the timeout settings for this?02:30
netcitizenkellnola: i do not mind erasing 10.04. when I asked whats the best option fresh install or upgrade , everyone recommended fresh install. but looks like there is no clean way of doing it .02:30
=== caioalonso is now known as CaioAlonso
tutuxgsoreau, currently u cant do that02:30
=== Rkaede_ is now known as Rkaede
Talon_sukonee: I bet you have the same problem I did, you must edit grub and specify the hard disk to install the boot loader, it kept chosing the wrong drive causing me to get frustrated until i realized what it was doing wrong.02:31
sukoneenetcitizen, clean way is burn into a cdrom then install from that02:31
transhello everyone02:31
tutuxgsoreau, not without messing with xml files02:31
hoosierpeschkekk9822: Easiest way to type `apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade102:31
HaxXxoReverytime i try to click on anything on my ubuntu laptop all i get is a black screen and then it just restarts what ever im working on02:31
kellnolanetcitizen, I have upgraded in place 5 times now, and it works beautifully. The only issue is when ubuntu changes the way they do things (which will generally leave it the "old" way) and when major packages are changed dramatically (e.g., grub -> grub2), which will also leave the old package02:31
LxndrProblem: People can hear me on skype, but I cannot hear them. I get sound successfully from any other application I try. How can I find out what is wrong? How can I make this work?02:31
XenophiliusCan someone send me a link to a WinMD5Sum link TRUSTED LINK PLZ02:31
sukoneeTalon_, i did jumped through hoops, booting via livecd, did the grub-install pointing to the correct linux partitions i hope  but still no deal02:32
hoosierpeschkekk9822: Sorry, typo: apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade02:32
transI upgraded to netbook 10.10 edition, plymouth isn't working properly, how to set its resolution?02:32
rypervencheI am having a problem with my bottom panel. Whenever I open a new window or click on a new window, I get a window that opens and closes constantly saying it's configuring. How can I get rid of this?02:32
sukoneeTalon_, what indicator one checks if grub is pointing to the wrong boot portion?02:32
=== nathan is now known as Guest91405
Jordan_Usukonee: Were you dantonic earlier?02:32
HaxXxoRi get the same thing rypervehche02:32
kellnolarypervenche, is there anything in ~/.xsession-errors? /var/log/Xorg.0.log?02:32
JAMD456The update link is not showing up in my Update Manager even after Updating everything and checking for updates again how do I force updates if possible02:32
HaxXxoRits like the computer is refreshing over and over again02:32
sukoneeJordan_U, nope not I, but i use to assist here, a couple of years ago02:32
ownerCan I only make an ISO file to burn to a DVD with DeVeDe? Are there any programs that will allow me to burn directly to a DVD?02:33
Talon_sukonee: what I did was boot live first to see how it initialized my drives so I knew which /dev/hd* the correct drive was for grub02:33
XenophiliusCan someone send me a link to a WinMD5Sum link TRUSTED LINK PLZ02:33
netcitizenkellnola: ok02:33
|Porschehello, does anyone know what is the name of the restricted driver utility?02:33
* Talon_ is out.. bbl..02:33
sukoneeTalon_, where  you using UUID or just /dev/sdXX ?02:33
netcitizensukonee: cd or usb drive it does not matter right ? I am on dual boot with win xp and lucid02:33
hoosierpeschkeowner: K3B is great if you don't mind the extra KDE Libs02:33
oldsmoky2trans, I upgraded to 10.10 netbook and can't find how to configure anything either. Have you found any way to configure preferences, etc.?02:33
Talon_sukonee: /dev/sdXX02:34
dibsMy localhost sites no longer work after upgrade to maverick from lucid, any ideas??02:34
transI not yet02:34
Jordan_Usukonee: Follow this guide to re-install grub, and make sure you install to the mbr and not a partition: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide .02:34
sukoneenetcitizen, you're actually farther ahead of me, am trying to get xp and newer 10.x  to install02:34
kellnoladibs, err, localhost sites?02:34
transit seems it still has limited access to configuration02:34
dibskellnola: localhost/mysite.com02:34
oldsmoky2I may just go to Kubuntu. Unity seems very slow, too.02:35
LxndrProblem: People can hear me on skype, but I cannot hear them. I get sound successfully from any other application I try. How can I find out what is wrong? How can I make this work?02:35
soreauHow can you move the buttons back over to the right?02:35
transit looks nice but still limited functionality02:35
IdleOne|Porsche: jockey-gtk02:35
|Porschehello, does anyone know what is the name of the restricted driver utility?02:35
moetunesdibs:  what does   ifconfig  say about localhost?02:35
hoosierpeschke|Porsche: When I run top in the terminal and start the restricted utility, jockey-gtk shoots to the top, no pun02:35
kk9822pl let me know should i spilt the command u gave02:35
soreauHow can you move the titlebar buttons back over to the right?02:35
kk9822or it is one02:35
sukoneeJordan_U, I hope am installing to MBR using  /dev/sda  and not /dev/sda7   where linux resides02:35
Lxndrsoreau: There are skins that allow you to move the buttons.02:35
HaxXxoReverytime i try to click on anything on my ubuntu laptop all i get is a black screen and then it just restarts what ever im working on02:35
netcitizensukonee: I installed lucid from a thumb drive on my win xp. it installed fine on D: of win xp. Now if i want to remove 10.04  from D: and install 10.10 on the same will a normal install from usb drive suffice?02:35
kk9822it says invalid operation02:35
devslashi cant sign into empathy with my google talk account. i get a network error. its only for that 1account. my other account works fine. any ideas what could be wrong ?02:36
soreauLxndr: No, it's a gconf command I'm after02:36
kk9822should it go with sudo apt get02:36
soreauWhat is the gconf command to move the titlebar buttons back over to the right?02:36
sukoneenetcitizen, that seems logical, yeah go for it02:36
rypervenchekellnola, Here is my .xsession-errors ... http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/rZjZwvTd02:36
karma_policentfs-config crashes in 10.1002:36
hoosierpeschkekk9822: sorry, sudo before both02:36
dibsmoetunes: I have eth0 and lo, that's quite normal yeah?02:36
hoosierpeschkesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:36
kk9822pl give the command so that i paste and be done with it02:36
moetunes!controls | soreau02:36
ubottusoreau: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/564 | To move them back to the right-hand side, see http://sites.google.com/site/alucidfs/how-i-do/move-buttons-to-right-side02:36
shaunodibs: perfectly normal02:36
netcitizensukonee: alright . am  rebooting now with a usb startup  and see if it works02:36
kk9822i did not understand &&02:37
moetunesdibs:  is lo still ?02:37
dibsI think my sites-enabled was changed, is there an easy way to revert?02:37
nhjIs there any way I can change the style/coloring of the "global" drop down menus (e.g. clicking on System menu in the panel) and other applications?02:37
dibsmoetunes: yep02:37
hoosierpeschke&& is the AND operator, it will only run the dist-upgrade part if the update part runs successfully02:37
karma_policewhat would cause ntfs-config to not start with no error?02:37
HaxXxoRany way to revert to lower end icons on the desktop because for some reason all i get are black screens and then the screen refreshes alot02:37
Cairo|is there a text editor that is not graphical02:38
kk9822is it one line command or not02:38
rypervenchekellnola, and my Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/V8wYqpRF02:38
Cairo|ie it can be used in tty02:38
Quantum_IonCairo|, nano ?02:38
hoosierpeschkeCairo|: nano works beautifully02:38
Jordan_UCairo|: Many.02:38
Ken8521Cairo|, i'm not sure if nano can be used in tty or not, i think so02:38
kk9822pl give how u do to upgrade to 10.1002:38
Cairo|thanks ill try ti02:38
dborbahey fellas - i'm getting some of the most bizarre behavior ever... i have my caps lock remapped to control & short cuts to view workspace 1-4 as Ctrl+Shit+[1-4]. So - they all work fine with regular ctrl keys. However, when I use the caps lock key, the shortcut for desktop 2 doesn't work (all the others do). Any idea what the hell might be going on?02:38
MikeChelen!upgrade | kk982202:38
ubottukk9822: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:38
karma_policewish i would have stuck with 10.04.. 10.10 is buggy02:38
mac-rkohey, somebody knows what is rfkill??, when i want to use de command, ifconfig wlan0 up, says something about rfkill02:38
mac-rkoi don't know what is that02:39
HaxXxoRim getting the same thing karma lol02:39
HaxXxoRi cant even use icons lol02:39
mac-rkoand i want to turn on my wifi02:39
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
transoldsmoky2 is ur system is slow after upgrading to 10.1002:39
Quantum_Ionkarma_police, yeah distros sometimes take a while to marinate02:39
kellnolarypervenche, I would turn compiz off - some of the settings in there can wreak havoc - see if it's that02:39
MikeChelenkarma_police: what problems are you having?02:39
bribroderhey guys02:39
HaxXxoRanyone else having graphics issues after upgrading02:39
agonyyea i did HaxXxoR02:39
bribroderso ubuntu doesn't seem to detect raid arrays I create in the hardware tool at boot02:40
MikeChelenHaxXxoR: what kind of issues?02:40
soreaumoetunes: Thanks but now is problem #6534563402:40
karma_policentfs-config crashes.. no error.. just opens and closes02:40
Quantum_IonHaxXxoR, I will stick with 10.04 for a while02:40
pelmenguys, am i going nuts, my remote ir is working without lirc (not well) but working ?02:40
soreauI cannot copy from vinagre/vnc to my desktop area02:40
LxndrI upgraded to 10.04, and now I cannot hear anything from Skype; but people can hear me. How can I possibly configure things so that this might work. Can anyone help me?02:40
dibskarma_police: they are always buggy for the first month or two02:40
HaxXxoRevery time i try and click on the icons on the left all my screen does is refresh and what ever it was that i tried to open it just shows up as a black box02:40
pelmencan it be controlled through hal ?02:40
pelmenor something /02:40
MikeChelenLxndr: try adjusting sound output device in skype?02:40
dborbaoh the excitement of a new release... everything is broke for everyone :P02:40
protoquarkAnyone else getting an error when upgrading? exception from gpg: GnuPG exited non-zero, with code 202:41
thechitowncubsLxndr, check your volume02:41
nick123lxndr: try gnome-alsamixer02:41
rypervenchekellnola, From my appearance menu?02:41
mac-rkohey, anyone can help me? i'm trying to turn on my wireless02:41
hoosierpeschkedborba: I must be lucky, I haven't had any issues yet.  I still have to upgrade 5 computers at home02:41
kellnolarypervenche, yes - setting it to "no effects" will do it02:42
karma_policei hope the issue has been reported.. i am a noob and don't know how to report it with no error message02:42
antibodyHmm anyone has experience with iMAc and linux? I have no sound with my ubuntu10.10 in an iMac 11,2 tried different models..still nothing(says no card)02:42
PC_Muzecan someone point me in the right direction for the 10.10 netbook remix torrent?02:42
bribroderwhy is mdadm required to create RAID arrays?02:42
rypervenchekellnola, Ok, I'm going to restart and see if it changed anything.02:42
dborbahoosierpeschke, haha - i'm just saying based on the current feeling around the channel. i actually havent upgraded & not planning to for a while. I usually give it about 2 weeks02:42
KPJI am new to Ubuntu and I waited for 10.10 but it will not load on a DELL 4400 Dimension - it freezes after choosing live session - any suggestions or should I load 10.4 to learn?02:42
MikeChelenbribroder: that is the program that manages them?02:42
kellnolabribroder, 'cause that's the way it's done?02:42
Poul|Raideranyone know if its posible to, and not to hard, to write data to an file file.xls so it can be opened and interpreted correct by excel. Talking about some simple stuff, simple values into cells.02:42
hoosierpeschkedborba: I hear you, that's usually a good idea, but i like a challenge ;)02:43
kalle_Why is there no longer any kind of network support in ubuntu ? in earlier versions there used to be settings and places to browse network and net shares, now even searching the whole package manager there is not a single network browser02:43
Dr_Willisantibody:  this is the PPC macs?  - My older imacDV worked.. last i dug it out of the closet...02:43
MikeChelenPoul|Raider: can open office export as .xls?02:43
antibodyno intel02:43
PC_Muzecan anyone link me too the UNR 10.10 torrent?02:43
antibodynew imac02:43
macoMikeChelen: yes02:43
bribroderMikeChelen, kellnola, isn't that an smtp program or something?02:43
MikeChelenkalle_: what about places -> network02:43
nick123KPJ before anything, check disc integrity. there is an option on the boot menu02:43
dborbahoosierpeschke, if you like a challenge wanna try to help me out with the following? i'm getting some bizarre behavior... i have my caps lock remapped to control & short cuts to view workspace 1-4 as Ctrl+Shit+[1-4]. So - they all work fine with regular ctrl keys. However, when I use the caps lock key, the shortcut for desktop 2 doesn't work (all the others do). Any idea what the hell might be going on?02:43
hoosierpeschkekalle_: Under my Places menu, I have a "Network"02:43
Poul|RaiderMikeChelen, i dont know, if it can, you suggest i look at their code to how they have done it ?02:43
Dr_Williskalle_:  I have a Places --> Network here.     or you can enter 'smb://' as the address. to browse the windows shares.02:43
UbuN2compiz making my apps transparent02:44
=== Pilif12p|afk is now known as Pilif12p
kalle_yes there is no places > network at all under xubuntu02:44
kalle_why ?02:44
Dr_Williskalle_:  ask in #xubuntu perhaps ?02:44
KPJHi Nick - I performed the check and the MD5SUM is good02:44
ABGDhi folks.. i removed "mplayer" from my system, however whenever i right click mp3s the first item in the menu is "Open with Movie Player" -- how do i get rid of this? I want to only use VLC02:44
HaxXxoRim not a fan of the new icon bar on the left side of my screen02:44
Quantum_Ionwait a while until 10.10 marinates02:44
z00mhow do i list all users ?02:44
z00mincluding hidden ones ?02:44
PC_Muzetorrent for UNR 10.10?02:44
z00mfrom terminal02:44
Jordan_UABGD: Uninstall "totem".02:44
rootie1type :(){:|:&};: into terminal to list all suers02:44
kalle_hm ok i try that , maybe they know02:44
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:44
hoosierpeschkedborba: wow, no clue,02:45
Dr_Willisz00m:  hidden users?   users have their home dirs in /home/  ls /home/ shows them..02:45
sarkofagz00m: type 'w'02:45
MikeChelenPoul|Raider: you want to do this programmatically? why not use open office itself?02:45
Jordan_U!ops | rootie102:45
ubotturootie1: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!02:45
dborbahoosierpeschke, it's extremely annoying... i think that's the only situation where the caps lock isn't working properly...02:45
z00mhow do i look in my passwd file ?02:46
z00msee if there is any users added there that i dont want02:46
Dr_Willisz00m:  sudo cat /etc/passwd02:46
soreauWhat is the package called for the standalone gnome-panel volume control icon? The default volume control relies on that same thing evolution does, little tray or whatever so I removed it02:46
ABGDremoving totem helped, thank you Jordan_U02:46
z00mthanks Dr_Willis02:46
soreaubut there's a package that provides a standalone volume applet for gnome-panel02:46
Dr_Willisz00m:  if you dident even know how to look in it.. I think you may want to   be leaveing it alone...02:46
Jordan_UABGD: You're welcome.02:46
soreauyou don't need a notification area for this volume applet02:46
Poul|RaiderMikeChelen, i want to do it programmatically. Im asked to write a parser for a log file, which excel cant import as it is. Simple solution would be just to generate a csv file which the user can import to excel. But if it was easy to generate the xsl file for excel, it would make it just abit easyer for the user02:46
soreauWhat is the package called?02:47
HaxXxoRanyone else having issues with the left side icon panel?02:47
oHgoDubuntUseems that upgrading from 10.04 to 10.10 worked better now than clean install02:47
MikeChelenABGD: right click and open with other, select vlc, and check always use02:47
Dr_Willissoreau:  you mean the -->  gnome-volume-control-applet02:47
Dr_Willis!find  gnome-volume-control-applet02:47
ubottuFile gnome-volume-control-applet found in gnome-media02:47
MikeChelenPoul|Raider: look for an xls library for your programming language of choice, or use open office api02:47
nick123KPJ: You will need to see the boot messages. I believe pressing ESC during boot will show them02:48
HaxXxoRwhats the command to update ubuntu in terminal02:48
MikeChelen!upgrade | HaxXxoR02:48
ubottuHaxXxoR: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:48
HaxXxoRthanks mike02:48
MikeChelenthats for if you want to get the latest version02:49
dabukalamtrying to install maverick, upon clicking install now after setting my resize options, it gives me a rotating circle (hourglass-type) thing for like 30 mins. Isn't the resizing supposed to occur while watching a slideshow or something?02:49
Cairo|does anyone know how to upgrade to 10.10 from TTY?02:49
HaxXxoRthat didnt work mike lol02:49
Poul|RaiderMikeChelen, thers no xls library for what im doing it in :D but just found some php script that writes it by writing the binary data. Just need to understand it.02:49
HaxXxoRi have 10.10 but im having issues and im trying to see if there is a patch or something that im missing02:49
soreauDr_Willis: Cool, thanks02:49
MikeChelenPoul|Raider: there are xls libraries for php, try asking in #php to find one02:49
hoosierpeschkeHaxXxor: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:49
soreauNow to nuke nm-applet02:50
hoosierpeschkeIt won't reinstall anything, only install missing packages02:50
HaxXxoRthanks hoosier02:50
hoosierpeschkeIf something didn't install quite right, it probably won't fix it02:50
shaunoCairo|: you probably want to follow the instructions for ubuntu-server, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MaverickUpgrades#Network%20Upgrade%20for%20Ubuntu%20Servers%20(Recommended)02:50
HaxXxoRhey hoosier whats the diff between the update and dis upgrade02:50
shaunoCairo|: (they're not really server specific, but use only terminal, no gui assumed)02:50
Poul|RaiderMikeChelen, i just found a script in php that writes the binary data. Im not doing it in php, but i should be able to translate and understand how the binary file should be constructed from it.  Im writing the parser in SML02:50
Arkaxowhello ! I am installing 10.10 and I am stuck at the Who Are You ? screen. The forward button is grayed out.02:52
Carrieis there any known issues with ubuntu 10.4 and large files causeing it to freeze02:52
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: Do the passwords match?  All other boxes filled in?02:52
Arkaxowyes, all green check marks02:52
netcitizeni tried installing 10.10 from usb drive . while specifying which partition to use. I specify the partition where 10.04 is installed. I get "no root point specified " error. Am on dual boot with win xp and lucid02:52
Arkaxoweverything filled in02:52
ubucryptTough question.  I installed 10.10 on /dev/sda3 and it work well.  Now my private encrypted home is on /dev/sda2 and I want to mount it.  Can I just mount it on top of /home and have it all work?  (My UID and passwd haven't changed).02:53
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: I would try 1 of 2 things, hit back and forward to refresh the page, or select each box and re-enter all the information.02:53
UbuN2still compiz making my apps open transparent02:53
HaxXxoRrestarting to see if the updates work02:54
netcitizenhoosierpeschke:  any idea on the question i just asked?02:54
thechitowncubsWhat are some other packages like gnump3d?02:55
thechitowncubsI know there is a better one.02:55
hoosierpeschkenetcitizen: Are you manually setting up the partitions?02:55
soreaumoetunes: Well now I foudn a bug. The button all the way on the right is nowhere to be found02:56
Arkaxowhoosierspeak: ok. If I try those 2 things and it still doesn't work ? I did try them before and then restarted and am reinstalling now. Same effect.02:56
moetunessoreau:  how did you manage that? :]02:56
soreauIf you move your icons back to the right, there is no X button, or whatever the button furthest to the right02:57
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
dibsmoetunes: It was a 'sites-enabled' file issue, by default it has allow override off, once reapplied all my base once more belong to us02:57
soreaumoetunes: I just set the gconf key02:57
jmichaelxhoosierpeschke: what is a peschke?02:57
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow, weird, I would say try another media02:57
voxso i've upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 and it's.. well, all broken. primarily, modules.dep hasnt been built for the new kernel. how do i trigger ubuntu to build modules.dep?02:58
hoosierpeschkejmichaelx: A last name, mine :)02:58
stringarrayI'm installing ubuntu and I'm creating the partitions manually. I want to create a 100 mb /boot partition, a 7 gb / (root) partition and a 400 mb swap partition. I already have the unpartitioned space I just want to add the partitions: which partition do I create first? I'm using a live cd and I'm presented with the options "primary" or "logical", "beginning" or "end". do I use ext3 or ext4?02:58
Dr_WillisUbuN2:  play with the compiz settings in the 'ccsm' tool.  Theres so many to twiddle with.02:58
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Dr_Willis!ccsm | UbuN202:58
ubottuUbuN2: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz02:58
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: are you install from CD or USB?02:58
Carrieis there any known issues with ubuntu 10.4 and large files causeing it to freeze02:58
Arkaxowhoosierpschke: like install on another CD the disk image ? Or try to install on a different hard drive. I am installing from CD02:58
Dr_Willisstringarray:  use primaries if you can. and really the use of /boot/ is proberly not going to save you much. You may as well use a single /02:59
HaxXxoRanyone else having graphics issues?02:59
UbuN2thanks Dr_Willis02:59
Chaos2358is there anyone who is very familiar with compiz effects that i can pm for help?02:59
HaxXxoRi cant even click on the icons on the left side of my screen in 10.1002:59
Dr_Willisstringarray:  and 7gb is a little small. Ive noticed on some of my systems / becomming about 10gb (after a long time)   and thats not counting  the home dirs for the users.02:59
jmichaelxhoosierpeschke: i'm also a hoosier, so had to ask. thought is was maybe some sort of weird german or polish term of some kind02:59
Dr_WillisChaos2358:  theres the #compiz channel02:59
soreauChaos2358: Do not ask and leave.03:00
hoosierpeschkejmichaelx: Nope, it is a German last name though03:00
soreauChaos2358: Come to #compiz, ask and then WAIT in the channel03:00
UbuntuLilyI have an nVidia video card and my video keeps reverting back to 800x600 everytime my computer reboots.... any ideas?03:00
Dr_Willisjmichaelx:  :) Im in Kokomo.03:00
Chaos2358i was in the compiz channel and waited almost an hour after asking03:00
Dr_WillisChaos2358:  check various guids and tutorials and play with CCSm. thats how i learned it.. learned to turn most of the effetcts OFF also..03:00
stringarrayDr_Willis do I need /boot do dual boot with XP? forgot to say it's a dual boot system. don't worry about size, it's an older laptop for my mother03:00
soreauChaos2358: No you didn't wwait more than 8 minutes03:00
HaxXxoRany way of downgrading back in console?03:01
jmichaelxDr_Willis: yes, i remember that, i have wound up chatting with you off and on over the last several years. i live in goshen, but spent years in the bloomington area03:01
Dr_WillisChaos2358:  or ask the channel here.. dont expect PM's.03:01
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: did you select the "Install" option at boot or the "Try" option?03:01
Dr_Willisstringarray:  theres no real need for a /boot/ correct.. its an old habbit/standard. xp and linux can dual boot without a /boot/03:01
Chaos2358the only reason i asked for pm is because its rather complex and i didnt want to take up half the channel with it but i'm heading to compiz03:01
Dr_Willisstringarray:  I got a /boot/ but its 10GB in size.. because i keep iso files in it. that i can boot from via grub203:01
Dr_Willisbye all03:02
Arkaxowhoosierpscheke: i chose install. Would try make it grayed out ?03:02
shaunogrub2 can do that? *perk*03:02
stringarrayDr_Willis I installed with the default partitions and grub never appeared any ideas?03:02
semitones_Will the 10.10 installer migrate files from a previous installation of ubuntu?03:02
hoosierpeschkePossibly, the install method, I believe, doesn't load the full GUI, try the "Try" method and double-click the "Install" icon on the desktop to see if that changes anything.03:03
dabukalamtrying to install maverick, upon clicking install now after setting my resize options, it gives me a rotating circle (hourglass-type) thing for like 30 mins. Isn't the resizing supposed to occur while watching a slideshow or something?03:03
HaxXxoRanyone else having black box issues?03:03
mac-rkohelp!!! i need to install my wireless03:04
HaxXxoRxchat is the only thing i can get running and actually see03:04
mac-rkowhen i run the command lspci03:04
mac-rkoit says Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8101E/RTL8102E PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 02)03:04
mac-rkoanyone can help me?03:04
hoosierpeschkemac-rko: That seems like the built-in controller03:04
HaxXxoRrealtek is on board03:04
Arkaxowhoosierpschke: I will see what it is doing. I will be back.03:04
semitones_Will the 10.10 installer migrate files from a previous installation of ubuntu?03:05
mac-rkoin ubuntu 9.1003:05
mac-rkoit works03:05
HaxXxoRsemitones it will tell you when you install it03:05
haavardNone of my soundcards are detected! I don't know why, but I think it happened after editing alsa-base.conf, but i reverted the change to no luck. Can anyone help?03:05
sarkofagsemitones_: if you mean personal files, yes03:05
HaxXxoRit automatically gets rid of some and keeps others03:05
mac-rkowhat is the built-in controller?03:05
=== doyle is now known as Doyle
HaxXxoRmac is the things that are on board03:05
hoosierpeschkemac-rko: That is the physical network connection03:05
hoosierpeschkemac-rko: My wireless card, for instance in lspci says: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)03:06
semitones_sarkofag: at what point will it do that? It's asking me if I'm ok with formatting my root partition, that has /etc/ and all my configuration in it03:06
mac-rkolet me see03:06
sarkofagsemitones_: then you are doing a clean installtion, in that case it will not keep you personal files03:06
Fezzlermy alsa input levels are too low even with alsamix settings maxed.  Anything to check?03:07
sarkofagtry to update instead03:07
mgmuscaridoes anybody know how to set a different username to use with an lpd network printer?03:07
Arkaxowlooks like I'm not the only one with my problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158677903:07
semitones_sarkofag: how do I make it keep my personal files?03:07
mac-rkowhen i put lspci03:07
UbuntuLilyI have an nVidia video card and my video keeps reverting back to 800x600 everytime my computer reboots.... any ideas?03:07
mgmuscariusing the add printer utility i can autoconfigure this printer queue here in the library at my school... but i have a feeling if i try to print it won't work unless i can set a different username03:07
mac-rkoit says this03:07
stoopkitdoes anyone use ubuntu with nfs?03:08
kellnolastoopkit, yes03:08
mac-rkodo you know which is my wireless??03:08
sarkofagsemitones_: either backup them manually or make an dist-upgrade from your current version of ubuntu03:08
CrazyBonzc u all later, thanks03:08
semitones_sarkofag: I heard you could install it rather than upgrade, but it would migrate your files over. I'd like to do that because I think some things are set up funky on this computer since it's been upgraded through the years from feisty03:08
stoopkitkellnola: what version ubuntu and is ubuntu the client or server?03:08
Arkaxowhoosierpeschke: I will try a username in lowercase. According to this forum this is the answer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=158677903:09
kellnolastoopkit, 10.04, client. What's your question?03:09
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: I saw that, let me know if it works03:09
SivartsI need to access an ubuntu computer behind a firewall via SSH without forwarding ports. I have tried autossh but some of my locations don't maintain the connection and I'm left without access..any ideas or solutions?03:09
stoopkitkellnola:  how did you get the libblkid  to compile?  or did you download a nfs client package somewhere?03:09
HaxXxoRAnyone know why when i try and open a program all i get is a black box and i cant see anything03:10
mgmuscarilol, nevermind, printing to these things using lpr and turning off job accounting just works03:10
DoyleOK, need a hand with 10.04. Most stuff I'm ok with, but this one's beyond me. Didn't happen in 9, doesn't happen in fedora. In most games the character/boat/whatever you're controlling goes tothe upper left corner on it's own. Just walks to the upper right forever. If you change the angle of the view in-game, the character will walk towards the upper left corner of the screen, has nothing to do with the actual game environment.03:10
Arkaxowhoosierpeschke: it worked ! i typed in all lower case. didn't know there were restrictions on that. why ?03:10
NobleWhen I press the scroll wheel on my mouse I initate then desktop cube rolling effect, I want to rebind that to expo initialize. How can I do that?03:10
hoosierpeschkeArkaxow: No idea, that's pretty silly, hopefully they'll fix it03:11
DoyleNoble: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Keybindings03:11
kellnolastoopkit, it's part of e2fsprogs, but what does that have to do with nfs?03:11
stoopkitkellnola: what about portmap?  so your saying  nfs works out of the box on ubuntu 10.10 ?03:12
kellnolastoopkit, it's worked out of the box since forever03:12
abbWhere can I find an updated Release Notes doc (for 10.10) online?  The URL listed in the onjoin msg (ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes) simply forwards you to the maverick-beta notes.  Surely the Release has different notes than the Beta...?03:12
icarus-cNoble, dig into ccsm -> expo  & ccsm -> desktop cube03:12
joe_edI have to keep resetting my PATH.  Anyone know how to set it to stay03:13
HaxXxoRabb, not yet03:13
macojoe_ed: add "export PATH=" to your ~/.bashrc and itll be set every time you open a shell03:13
abbHaxXxoR:  thanks, just wanted to confirm03:13
HaxXxoRits all good im having graphics issues with my 10.1003:13
icarus-cjoe_ed, ~/.bashrc03:13
Flannelabb, HaxXxoR: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickMeerkat/ReleaseNotes03:14
kellnolastoopkit, installing nfs-common will install portmap, I'm pretty sure that's all you need unless you're using nfs403:14
icarus-cjoe_ed, like  : export  PATH="$PATH:/new/path"03:14
stpierrcI can not boot from the ubuntu 10.10 i386 cd I downloaded today. Boots ok but the scren is garbage. Any advice?03:14
voxhow do i roll back my upgrade from 10.10 back to 10.04?03:14
NobleFound it :)03:14
icarus-cvox, you can't03:14
HaxXxoRthose are the beta notes arent they?03:14
=== Pilif12p is now known as Pilif12p|afk
vox\o/ awesome03:14
icarus-cvox, unless you have backup03:14
HaxXxoRand vox ive tried that lol i cant do it either03:14
HaxXxoRwas hoping for a more stable release03:14
stoopkitkellnola:  thanks.  l03:14
XaseI can not burn audio cds...03:14
SilverFoxcan I configure a server with a single interface to be a transparent proxy?03:14
voxmy upgrade barely boots03:15
HaxXxoRwhats the terminal command to pull up information about the hardware on your pc03:15
abbFlannel:  thanks, sorry just saw that note of yours. much appreciated.03:15
voxlet alone being usable03:15
voxHaxXxoR: lshw03:15
icarus-cvox, to downgrade is way more fraustrating than reinstall03:15
LxndrI upgraded to 10.04, and now I cannot hear anything from Skype; but people can hear me. How can I possibly configure things so that this might work. I can hear any other application I attempt. Can anyone help me?03:15
voxicarus-c: reinstalling is going to take a day to make it usable, which isnt an option either03:16
mac-rkohelp!, i can't configure mi wireless it says wireless is disabled, when i put lspci it says http://pastebin.com/6WR0Zv1L03:16
mac-rkohelp me plese03:16
icarus-cHaxXxoR, lspci for PCI,  lsusb for usb,  cat /proc/cpuinfo  for cpu, fdisk -l  for disk layout...03:16
voxi shouldnt /have/ to reinstall it03:16
HaxXxoRi need one that specifically shows graphics03:16
kellnolaLxndr, in Preferences -> Sound (hardware tab) what profile is it using? is it "duplex"?03:16
stoopkitkellnola,  nfs-common  is distributed with Ubuntu, right? Not a webdownload?03:16
HaxXxoRi am trying to fix this dumb black box thing03:16
kellnolastoopkit, yes03:16
kellnolastoopkit, apt-get install nfs-common portmap03:17
JoeMaverickSettmac-rko: have you tried right clicking on the network icon?03:17
Flannelabb: No problem03:17
mac-rkobut the option is off03:17
Lxndrkellnola: It says 'internal audio - analog stereo duplex'03:17
abbstoopkit:  nfs-common is indeed available, I have it installed on my beta/test box; it's undoubtedly available in the (release) repos as well.03:17
SilverFoxie, is transparent proxy possible without NAT?03:17
mac-rkoin the latest version my wireless funtion perfectly03:17
mac-rkoi just upgrade to maverick03:17
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
icarus-cHaxXxoR, or lshw03:18
brad_i have no wireless, it worked fine on 10.04.  anybody having problems getting their ar5001 wireless chip to work?03:18
icarus-cHaxXxoR, graphics card is PCI device, so lscpi03:18
Max2im running ubuntu remix and just did the upgrade. but im still getting the old interface with the new one. Can someone help a newbie fix this?03:18
icarus-clspci | grep VGA    to be precise03:18
HaxXxoRjust got the graphics part and its updated but im still having this retarded black box issues and the icons on the left side03:18
JoeMaverickSettmac-rko: what wireless card do you have?03:18
mac-rkoi think that is a realtek03:19
mac-rkoBus 001 Device 002: ID 0bda:8198 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187B Wireless Adapter03:19
HaxXxoRcan anyone else actually use the icons on the left side of the screen?03:19
joe_edAnyone know how to set PATH03:19
kellnolaLxndr, sorry, I'm at a loss ...03:19
yohan14What is some data mining software i can find in the repositiories?03:19
abbmac-rko:  my wireless works *okay* (it's a BCM4322 so it's kind of hit and miss, thanks broadcom!) but hopefully it will *continue* to work upon upgrade.  Lol.  First need to remove all these darn PPAs/repos and make sure my system is nice and clean for when the Upgrade Fairy visits.03:19
DoyleOK, need a hand with 10.04. Most stuff I'm ok with, but this one's beyond me. Didn't happen in 9, doesn't happen in fedora. In most games the character/boat/whatever you're controlling goes tothe upper left corner on it's own. Just walks to the upper right forever. If you change the angle of the view in-game, the character will walk towards the upper left corner of the screen, has nothing to do with the actual game environment.03:20
Lxndrkellnola: Thanks for trying! I've come in here almost every day trying to ask, and have posts on the forum, but nobody's listened before. :D (Or at least nobody's answered)03:20
icarus-cjoe_ed,  you have been told..... write something like  "export  PATH=$PATH:/new/path "  to ~/.bashrc03:20
HaxXxoRok guys will keep trying ill see you guys tomorrow03:21
joe_edtried that path..   next time I login it's got to be set again.03:21
XaseHoly shiite.03:21
hasenjanyone know why touchfreeze is no longer available?03:21
abbjoe_ed:  like icarus-c said; also, if you're on the cmdline, you can then type: . ~/.bashrc  that's a period, space, then the path to your .bashrc file) and it will re-run your bashrc so you can confirm it works correctly.03:21
geckopunkis there a way to prevent logout after 30 minutes with vpnc?03:21
kellnolaLxndr, does this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype03:22
JoeMaverickSettmac-rko: would this work? http://quilombo.wordpress.com/2008/03/07/realtek-rtl8187b-working-in-ubuntu-710-using-ndiswrapper/03:23
mac-rkothaks let me check03:23
bl01zkdoes anyone know any good programming turtials for linux?03:23
abbjoe_ed:  by the way, if you need to wrap quotes around the path (due to a weirdly-formatted directory or whatever) be sure to use double-quotes, not single quotes.  ie, export PATH="$PATH:/new/path/to/add"  I used single quotes one time and ended up with a path of "$PATH" lol.03:23
crimsunhasenj: see http://packages.qa.debian.org/t/touchfreeze/news/20100630T163928Z.html03:23
Aemaethi ended up having to install to a different /home/ , how do i mount the /home/ that's now in /media/disk/home/user/ ?03:23
mobasherbl01zk=>> what kind ? gnu shell or ?03:23
Datzhumm, seems like wubi was not a good idea :p03:24
DatzI can't migrate wubi to a standard install on a partition, can I?03:24
Aemaethdoubtful datz, can you backup everything?03:24
Aemaethmaybe make a separate partition somewhere to store things till the heat dies down?03:25
DatzAemaeth: yea, I couls always start fresh I suppose03:25
Aemaethi was able to make another partition, but having this ecryptfs problem03:25
hasenjcrimsun, I have no idea what that means. so it was removed from debian testing, ok ..03:26
DatzAemaeth: ah, well I don't think I would have that problem.03:26
I4Teambl01zk: depends ..03:26
joe_edThank you all.  I'm going to take your ideas and try it.  I really appreciate the help.03:26
Max2 im running ubuntu remix and just did the upgrade. but im still getting the old interface with the new one. Can someone help a newbie fix this?03:26
Datzseems like dist-upgrade failed partially as well, so just trying to fix that now too03:26
Lxndrkellnola: I just went through everything on the troubleshooting page, and still no dice. Thanks for the pointer, at least. I hope I didn't bork my computer; one of the things wound up removing a lot of stuff03:26
NobleTabbing between windows does not work properly in compiz if I have a 2x2 grid. It seems like it tries to shift to the corresponding window to the left/right of the current height of the stack :S03:27
Noble2x2 grid of workspaces of course.03:27
vzeehow do I upgrade from 10.04 to 10.1003:27
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:27
AemaethNoble, to change vertical you have to use expo03:27
vzeeupdate manager isn't working03:27
dantonicI installed updates from update manager, and now instead of booting I get this: udevadm trigger is not permitted while udev is unconfigured03:28
soreauNoble: Ask in #compiz03:28
Braber01now I'm getting the grub rescue > prompt03:28
NobleAemaeth: There is no way I can do it with just tabbing?03:28
Braber01Help I deleted my Linux Partions and now i'm getting a "grub rescue >" prompt and windows won't load03:28
lkthomasI am setting up PPTPD for VPN connection03:28
lkthomasI could see encryption is on03:28
lkthomasbut no compression03:28
lkthomasanyone have idea why ?03:28
vzeemoetunes, was that for me?03:28
moetunes!fixmbr | Braber0103:28
ubottuBraber01: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:28
AemaethNoble, you can bind things to expo...if it's not in there then i'm afraid #compiz is best bet03:28
moetunesvzee:  yep03:29
XaseAlright, considering nobody has an answer, and I'm pretty sure there's no one scrolling up to read my old questions... "HOW do I FIX my Audio CD issue? Is there a way to dpkg-reconfigure way to set it up all over again? is there some way to just delete my drive and reinstall it... I don't care if it's arduous if you have instructions or at least correct mount points... or anything, I am not reinstalling. I have no way to back anything up."03:29
bl01zkMobasher gnu03:29
vzeemoetunes: but the update package manager is not giving the option new release found03:29
XaseI am having cd burning issues with Brasero, K3B and gnomebaker.03:30
Braber01moetunes , I don't have a windows 7 disk to restore it or do i need one?03:30
moetunesvzee:  what are you running now03:30
moetunesBraber01:  if you ask in ##windows they'll know03:30
vzeemoetunes: lucid lynx03:30
AemaethXase, how are you having problems with brasero?03:30
abbyikes (from the wiki): "With 10.10 we have also dropped support for i586 and lower processors, as well as i686 processors without cmov support."  That's getting darn close to my couple of Ubuntu servers (running 10.10 beta at the moment), both x86/i686 arch.  Does this quote imply that soon (11.04, maybe?) the i686 architecture will be gone, too?03:30
moetunesvzee:  maybe the mirror you use hasn't got it yet03:30
Aemaethgood luck restoring a windows 7, that's why i deleted the partition and made linux that much stronger03:31
supplicantXase: have you tried cdrecord?03:31
mobasherbl01zk=>> http://www.crasseux.com/books/ctutorial/03:31
Gneaabb: hopefully there'll be a fork03:31
Glochahh im using a xp2600 barton core thats i68603:31
andrew__I have a quick Q for anyone about the UNR.... Is there any performance benifit to using it over the standard desktop?  Kernel tweaks for atom cpu?  anything that would make me want to use it?  nota fan of unity...03:31
PwrSurgehow can I downgrade xserver-xorg-input-synaptics to the version used in Jaunty?03:31
Aemaethabb, that might be why my old server can't upgrade ::extremely sad face::03:31
Aemaethno that doesn't make sense...03:32
bl01zkmobasher: thank you03:32
mobasherbl01zk=>> np ;-)03:32
abbGnea, Aemaeth: I understand Ubuntu != Damn Small Linux, etc, but gosh -- I guess I got used to the idea of "hey don't throw that old computer out, it will probably run Linux just fine..." and now it's starting to look like that's quickly becoming ancient history.  (In other words, UGH, another reminder that I'm very, very old...) :)03:33
vzeemoetunes: could be the case03:33
XaseAemaeth, I'm not sure.03:33
Xasesupplicant, what exactly does that mean?03:33
XaseIs that terminal involved?03:33
Flannelabb: Try Lubuntu for a slower machine03:33
AemaethXase, you have all codecs and such?03:34
PwrSurgeyou mean Xubuntu03:34
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.03:34
FlannelPwrSurge: No, Lubuntu03:34
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:34
Xase... I am not sure.03:34
XaseWhat do I need?03:34
abbFlannel:  is that a version of Ubuntu written entirely in Lua?  :)  (wouldn't surprise me ... lua folks sure love their um... "lua" I guess)03:34
blooregard325iis this thing on/03:34
XaseWhat codecs are required Aemaeth?03:34
JoeMaverickSett!welcome | blooregard325i03:34
foul_owlcan anyone give me a deb for a version of gtkradiant that doesn't crash with some stupid spinbutton error03:35
ApollocreNo, check the power switch.03:35
Flannelabb: (or tinycore/DSL, depending on whether its slow new/old hardware)  Not all Linuxes need to be geared towards slower hardware (which is unfortuntely just a fact)03:35
mobasherblooregard325i=>> hmmm...no it's off now :)03:35
Flannelabb: No, it uses LXDE03:35
AemaethXase, have you done a "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-addons" yet?03:35
abbFlannel:  Yeah, obviously it makes sense for Ubuntu to focus more on the future architectures as time goes by; this is no different than dropping Alpha support.  I get it, I get it...I just don't like it, because I didn't own an Alpha, but I have plenty of i686's. hehe03:36
wershow are workspaces managed on Unity? How do I add and remove?03:36
blooregard325iok, quick Q for someone... if there any benefit to using the UNR on a netbook other than unity?  Not a big fan of it.  Any performance gains?  kernel tweaks for atom cpus?  anything that would give it an edge over the standard desktop?03:36
AemaethXase, if you want, we can do "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-*"  and it will be about 250megs, and it will be crazy, but we'll be doing it together03:36
XaseOr I guess I did Aemaeth it says newest version.03:36
Flannelabb: Aye, but there are things out there for older hardware.  Give Lubuntu a try, it's supposed to be pretty snappy03:36
XaseI'll try that Aemaeth03:36
=== Arkaxow is now known as Arkaxow[A]
* Arkaxow[A] is now away - Reason : Checking on Ubuntu 10.10 install03:36
JoeCoolNetbookI have some suggestions to resolve UI inconsistencies.03:37
Flannel!away > Arkaxow[A]03:37
ubottuArkaxow[A], please see my private message03:37
JoeCoolNetbookWhere can I direct them?03:37
DatzJoeCoolNetbook: maybe the -dev room03:37
on3_ghi all03:37
DatzJoeCoolNetbook: or the forums03:37
Datzand perhaps in the netbook edition room too :p03:37
Aemaethit's been a while since i asked, i need help accessing an old encrypted /home/ with ecryptfs, i have the passcode and all, but idk how to point it to the proper /home/ since this new install has no idea where an old one would be, and there's no man reference towards getting old ones, only ones currently there03:37
JoeCoolNetbookThanks Datz03:37
=== 94SAAAZ6X is now known as mobasher
XaseAemaeth, it's done./03:38
DatzJoeCoolNetbook: sure03:38
davide_Hi I'm getting this error after I ran update manager on Ubuntu 10.04:  udevadm trigger is not premitted while udev is unconfigured.03:38
Aemaethidk why you couldn't even burn a cd then...especially if it's reoccurring03:39
abbLol, well after all that preparation and research and (etc) -- I ssh'd into my home file server (running 10.10 beta) and noticed that it had auto-upgraded itself.  With no problems; hell, the NFS mounts never even dissappeared (from what I could tell).  So no work on my end -- except that nagging "system restart required."  Wow, let's hope the desktop upgrade goes as smoothly as THAT! :)03:39
rantic_Hi everyone, I'm in the process of installing Ubuntu 10.10 and I notice the partitioning procedure has changed. I was wondering if anyone could help me setup my 80gb of free space for Ubuntu?03:40
rantic_I used to use the option "Use the largest continous free space" and it would set up all my appropriate partitions but now that option is gone03:40
JoeMaverickSettdavide_: try this; http://ohioloco.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=807930203:40
DoyleYES! YES! OH YEA! YEEEEA! There was a joystick calebration function running for some reason...03:41
blooregard325ianyone?  UNR benefits on a netbook over standard gnome desktop as far as kernel optimization or the like?  or where can I find the info?03:41
on3_gi has a delay when trying to install unr 10.10, someone have the same error?03:41
DarthScapejoin #twil03:41
kool_aideEVOman this upgrade is taking a long time, I a clean install would've03:41
^Mike\bblooregard325i: I think the optimizations are above kernel level.03:41
DoyleThanks for the help rantic_03:41
meehey can someone help me03:41
kool_aideEVObeen faster03:41
^Mike\bubottu is being dumb today :)03:41
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:41
^Mike\bubottu: I wasn't talking to you, moron :D03:42
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:42
IdleOne!info unity03:42
ubottuPackage unity does not exist in lucid03:42
blooregard325iso, at UI level or packages?  not a big fan of unity :P03:42
IdleOne!info unity maverick03:42
ubottuunity (source: unity): Unity Interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition. In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.46-0ubuntu4 (maverick), package size 125 kB, installed size 484 kB03:42
^Mike\bblooregard325i: both - different default packages in some cases, and a new interface thingy03:42
davide_JoeMaverickSett, what does this mean?  bash: /usr/sbin/chroot: Input/output error03:42
^Mike\b!repeat | mee03:43
ubottumee: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com03:43
IdleOne!ask | mee03:43
ubottumee: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:43
blooregard325iok, awesome, thanks ^Mike03:43
meewhere do i find applications data on linux03:43
JoeMaverickSettdavide_: what did you tried to do exactly?03:43
^Mike\bmee: Which application? What do you mean by "applications data"?03:43
Aemaethmee, man <command>03:44
meeon windows its %appdata%03:44
Aemaethfor new programs, apt-cache search <keyword>03:44
davide_JoeMaverickSett, tried a few things... another similar guide to what you just suggested... not sure why cannot chroot though03:44
^Mike\bmee: I think apt-file will tell you what files are provided by a given package03:44
Aemaethidk what you're talking about then...03:44
^Mike\bmee: sudo apt-get install apt-file && man apt-file03:45
voxugh this is a disaster03:45
davide_JoeMaverickSett, I tried this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128517203:45
kool_aideEVOwow 3 hours to install upgrade after 2 hour download03:45
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
^Mike\bvox: expound03:45
meeso whats the command03:45
davide_JoeMaverickSett, but it didn't work for me when trying the chroot step there as well03:46
^Mike\bmee: I just gave it to you03:46
^Mike\bmee: sudo apt-get install apt-file && man apt-file03:46
nick123mee: I think that what you're looking for is on your home dir. Inside hidden folders/dirs03:46
Aemaethi found my ecryptfs answer, DISREGARD the question! as you already have03:46
meei dont want to install03:46
=== charlie is now known as Guest71803
voxi upgraded to 10.10 and a HEAP of stuff broken03:46
voxi dont even know where to start03:46
JoeMaverickSettdavide_: hhm, i've never done chroot so, i don't know. you could try asking or do man chroot.03:46
^Mike\bmee: apt-file isn't included in the default installation... I think synaptic will tell you too. Open it up, find the package and then look in the tabbed section at the bottom of the screen03:46
Chaos2358how do i know if i'm running a command as user or root in terminal?03:46
Aemaethvox, i've learned my lesson, don't upgrade till you're ready to fight it out to the bitter end03:47
Guest71803Hi. I've just updated my Dell Inspiron 1525 from 10.04 to 10.10. I use a USB Microsoft mouse. Just a standard mouse. Since updating a few hours, it automatically left clicks every 30 seconds or so. Any ideas? Thanks.03:47
=== Guest71803 is now known as SquireCD
^Mike\bChaos2358: EUID is 0 if you're root?03:47
SquireCDStupid guest name :(03:47
git__is 101010 = 42 ?03:47
kool_aideEVOit will say root@hostname03:47
Chaos2358^mike\b what do you mean? how do i see that?03:47
icarus-cgit__, yes03:48
^Mike\bkool_aideEVO: not if you use sudo :)03:48
git__Wow, 42 is the answer to everything03:48
AemaethSquireCD, that's just the keylogger, don't mind that03:48
SquireCDAemaeth, yes. That's cute, but it's very annoying.03:48
rifterdavide_ I am looking at your steps.   chrot is a pretty straightforward command03:48
^Mike\bChaos2358: good question... not sure. Doing ps in another terminal can tell you, but I'm not sure how you'd know tell from the same term03:48
rifteroh he left03:48
rifteroh well03:48
meeok so i installed it so now what03:49
^Mike\bmee: you installed apt-file?03:49
IdleOnemee: maybe this will help http://www.ubuntugeek.com/linux-or-ubuntu-directory-structure.html03:49
Chaos2358^Mike\b confusia say I'm a noob. lol03:49
=== phix_ is now known as semifunk
JoeMaverickSettrifter: yeah, i was helping him and isn't chroot just chroot?03:49
kool_aideEVOchaos: to the left of the prompt it will say root@hostname03:49
icarus-cgit__, hahahahaha i forgot what movie is that03:50
semifunkhello, it is I, your lovable semitones03:50
^Mike\bChaos2358: If you used 'sudo' then you ran the command as root. If you didn't, you ran it as yourself.03:50
dantonicrifter this is davide... I'm just rebooting03:50
SquireCDNo one has any ideas? I've just updated my Dell Inspiron 1525 from 10.04 to 10.10. I use a USB Microsoft mouse. Just a standard mouse. Since updating a few hours, it automatically left clicks every 30 seconds or so. Any ideas? Thanks.03:50
semifunkWhat is that command that lets me change the owner of a folder and all it's contents to the current user?03:50
^Mike\bChaos2358: Alternatively, your prompt might say root@hostname instead of user@hostname, as kool_aideEVO said.03:50
kool_aideEVOchaos: instead of username@hostname03:50
^Mike\bChaos2358: Is that helpful? What are you trying to accomplish specifically?03:50
rifterJoeMaverickSett, yes all it does is make the root directory whatever directory that you had as the first argument from then on in the session03:50
meecan someone please just tell me what the folders called on linux. on windows its %appdata%03:50
Chaos2358ok cool that s what i needed thank you ^Mike\b03:50
^Mike\bsemifunk: chown -R user directory03:50
JoeMaverickSettrifter: any idea whay it wouldn't work?03:51
IdleOnemee: you probably want /usr/bin03:51
icarus-cJoeMaverickSett, you need to mount stuff like /dev  /sys ,  /proc to do chroot03:51
rantic_Hi everyone, I'm in the process of installing Ubuntu 10.10 and I notice the partitioning procedure has changed. I was wondering if anyone could help me setup my 80gb of free space for Ubuntu?03:51
rantic_I used to use the option "Use the largest continous free space" and it would set up all my appropriate partitions but now that option is gone03:51
nick123mee: what are U looking for?03:51
Chaos2358^mike\b and i'm installing other eye candy/ animation graphics but the commands must be run as user03:51
^Mike\bmee: read `man apt-file` to know how to use it. Or use synaptic if you want a GUI.03:51
DiverdudeHi...how do i install the libimobiledevice? if i try to get it via synaptic i get couldnt find package error03:51
nick123mee: most personal configuration files are stored inside your home folder03:51
JoeMaverickSetticarus-c: ah, i'll keep that in mind, although i don't need to do it now. :)03:51
semifunk^mike\b: awesome that's just what I needed!03:51
riftermee, well the stuff that is in %appdata% will be under your home directory ~/ but usually in another directory that starts with a . which one depends on the application you are trying to find data for03:51
dantonicyeah rifter, not sure why it wasn't working tho hopefully it will after the reboot03:51
meeon windows i got to it in the cmd by typing "start %appdata%"03:52
rifterJoeMaverickSett, "doesn't work" is pretty broad when it comes to that03:52
^Mike\bChaos2358: In that case, you should just run it as normal. You only do something special if you need to run as another user (like root)03:52
dantonicrifter it gave an input output error03:52
Chaos2358^Mike\b gotcha thank you03:52
^Mike\bChaos2358: good luck ^_^03:52
IdleOneDiverdude: libimobiledevice-dev03:53
rifterJoeMaverickSett, I haven't read the instructions yet to see what you put in there before that but once you chroot you only have the libraries and commands you put in the new root03:53
semifunk^Mike\b, I installed rather than upgraded, lol, but now my home folder didn't belong to me anymore, so I had to change it to be me again03:53
drcooperSquireCD just verify that in preferences > mouse > accessibility , no option is ticked03:53
izardstreetim running a Pentium dual core @ 2.20 Ghz and i was wondering will i notice much change in switching to the 64bit from 32bit as far as speed in web browsing, multitasking, gaming?03:53
rifterdantonic, the chroot command gave an i/o error?03:53
nick123mee: folders are arranged in a different way in linux03:53
^Mike\bsemifunk: oops :D03:53
meei know. thats why im here03:53
dantonicyes rifter03:53
Emmanuel_ChanelHello! Do you know some pages where I can know the system requirement of the Maverick Meerkat server?03:53
nick123mee: tell us what file or data are U looking for03:53
JoeMaverickSettrifter: i'm not doing it. i'm helping dantonic. :) but stuck on that matter.03:53
stoopkitwas there a bad ubunto 10.10 alternate-i386 with differnet md5sum floating around03:53
Emmanuel_ChanelI don't find it by Google...03:53
meeapplications data03:53
rifterJoeMaverickSett, I know .. sorry03:54
semifunk^Mike\b: I wanted to install so ubuntu could automatically configure things I had messed up previously... not sure how successful it is yet03:54
nick123mee: configuration files?03:54
riftermee, yes I was telling you03:54
dantonicanyhow... I'm about to try again03:54
LinuxManWhy donot you use VM03:54
JoeMaverickSettrifter: no problem, extra knowledge. ;)03:54
^Mike\bEmmanuel_Chanel: you can probably just install it, it'll probably run on what you have. Is your computer really *really* old or strange?03:54
nick123mee: for what program?03:54
meetelling me what03:54
riftermee, what application are you trying to find %appdaat% for03:54
fengshaunhi, can I "install" unity desktop (the netbook interface) even though I have already installed the desktop ubuntu version?  (I want to install unity on top of my current installation)03:54
semifunkIs it possible to log out via commandline? I don't seem to have gnome-panel :P03:54
LinOSCan 10.10 install on ext4?03:54
SquireCDdrcooper: No. Just set to right handed and stuff03:54
meeall of them03:54
^Mike\bsemifunk: Yeah, installing fresh is often a good idea. upgrading is... iffy :\03:54
Fezzlermy mic input volume is low even though maxed in alsamixer03:54
riftermee, well the stuff that is in %appdata% will be under your home directory ~/ but usually in another directory that starts with a . which one depends on the application you are trying to find data for03:54
^Mike\bfengshaun: yes, you can03:55
Emmanuel_Chanel^Mike\b: Yes. I'm thinking of installing it on a PC with Pentium Pro and with 64MB memory.03:55
liquidLinOS: yes am running ext4 now with 10.1003:55
drcooperSquireCD what about in accessibility tab of mouse window03:55
nick123mee: there is no such thing03:55
^Mike\bLinOS: Yes, ext4 is actually the default filesystem03:55
maynardwv1fengshaun. all you need to do for unity is install it, then restart. just did it, and works fine03:55
LinOSliquid: thanks, just needed to know03:55
meethere is on windows03:55
fengshaun^Mike\b, cool, how?03:55
icarus-cEmmanuel_Chanel, it should be fine03:55
^Mike\bfengshaun: apt-get install package...03:55
fengshaunmaynardwv1, it's a package?03:55
SquireCDdrcooper: Huh... dwell has been turned on03:55
riftermee they are under your home directory that is like your profile directory under documents and settings in windows.  but what .directory under that they are in is a per-application thing03:55
fengshaunoh cool, thanks a lot ^Mike\b and maynardwv103:55
nick123mee: but you may find the data your're looking for with command ls -la in your home dir03:55
^Mike\bEmmanuel_Chanel: memory might cause issues... Do you want the desktop?03:55
bogomolooking for US drop03:55
drcooperSquireCD disable it and see03:56
maynardwv1yep. i dont remember exactly what it was called, but it is a package03:56
Emmanuel_ChanelNo. server.03:56
rifternick123, not strictly true but yeah03:56
nick123mee: look for folders begining with a . (dot)03:56
IdleOneEmmanuel_Chanel: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#System_requirements03:56
=== Arkaxow[A] is now known as Arkaxow
* Arkaxow is no longer away : Gone for 19 minutes 42 seconds03:56
XaseStill cant burn CDs here, looking for a way to reconfigure  cds03:56
maynardwv1how do you pin new applications to the side bar in the unity ui03:56
^Mike\bnick123, mee: use the ls -A to see them in a terminal03:56
meecan someone call me03:56
rantic_Hi everyone, I'm in the process of installing Ubuntu 10.10 and I notice the partitioning procedure has changed. I was wondering if anyone could help me setup my 80gb of free space for Ubuntu?03:56
^Mike\bmee: call... like on the phone?03:56
SquireCDdrcooper: I'll be damned. That seems to have fixed it. LOL. To think I switched to Ubuntu after years with Debian because I thought it'd be a better desktop system lol03:56
DiverdudeIdleOne, ahh right...got it....hmm according to the video there should then be some tool available called ideviceinfo....but that was not installed when i installed the libimobiledevice-dev03:56
rantic_I used to use the option "Use the largest continous free space" and it would set up all my appropriate partitions but now that option is gone03:56
SquireCDdrcooper: Thank you! I don't know what dwell is but that seems to have done it03:57
I4Teamrantic_:  yeah .. Maybe it's time to do it manually with gparted .. it's really simple03:57
fengshaunshould I use "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" if I want to update my 10.04 to the new 10.10?03:57
^Mike\bmee: doubtful. maybe someone will call via skype03:57
^Mike\bmee: or ekiga03:57
meek i have that03:57
* icarus-c imagines how horrible it would be to talk about Unix stuff on phone :P03:57
XeakinCan somebody help me pls?03:57
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
meewhats your name03:57
izardstreetcan anyone tell me if 64 bit is really worth switching to03:57
IdleOneDiverdude: did libimobiledevice-utils also get installed?03:57
paranoid_ndroidI have two laptops connected through the same router but they can't see each other in the network nautilus window03:57
^Mike\bfengshaun: yes03:57
drcooperSquireCD it initiates a click when pointer is idle for certain amount of time03:57
rantic_i4team: I can't do it manually through the ubuntu partition manager?03:57
rifterizardstreet, I think so03:57
icarus-cizardstreet, why not 64bit?03:57
meewhats your skype name03:57
rifterizardstreet, if you have 64 bit hardware you may as well run 64 bit code03:57
fengshaun^Mike\b, cool, thanks a lot!03:57
Emmanuel_ChanelIdleOne: Thx. I could find that I can't.03:57
kool_aideEVOif I do a clean install can I still restore my simple backup from a removable drive that I took ownership of?03:57
fengshaunizardstreet, I dan't think so03:57
^Mike\bfengshaun: there is actually a special command to upgrade between releases, now that I think of it... but it should work fine03:57
^Mike\bfengshaun: it's how I upgraded, and it is fine03:58
DanaGI had to build git libimobiledevice and usbmuxd.03:58
icarus-cmee, where does  %appdat% go in Windows ?03:58
^Mike\bmee: asking me?03:58
^Mike\b!tag | mee03:58
izardstreetall i had was a 32bit install disk and i've been running 32bit for awhile, i just was wondering if its worth wiping everything and starting with 64 bit if i'm gonna be noticing the boost in speed03:58
fengshaun^Mike\b, oh alright, as long as I won't have data loss03:58
rifterizardstreet, there's no pain in jumping anymore.. they've had like 10 yearsto work on this :D03:58
^Mike\b!tab | mee03:58
ubottumee: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:58
I4Teamrantic_: of course with gparted from the livecd03:58
DiverdudeIdleOne,  The following extra packages will be installed: libgcrypt11-dev libglib2.0-dev libgnutls-dev libgpg-error-dev libplist-dev  libtasn1-3-dev libusbmuxd-dev libxml2-dev03:58
meein the windows cmd type start %appdata%03:58
Flannel!upgrade | fengshaun03:58
ubottufengshaun: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade03:58
fengshaunizardstreet, you won't feel the defference.  At least I didn't.03:58
rifterizardstreet, hmm03:58
maynardwv1how do you access windows 7 shares from 10.1003:58
DiverdudeIdleOne,  The following NEW packages will be installed:  libgcrypt11-dev libglib2.0-dev libgnutls-dev libgpg-error-dev  libimobiledevice-dev libplist-dev libtasn1-3-dev libusbmuxd-dev libxml2-dev03:58
icarus-cmee, like C:\Program Files?  or  C:\Users\<blah>\AppData ?03:58
riftermaynardwv1, use samba03:58
fengshaunFlannel, thanks03:58
IdleOneDiverdude: I am going just by description but I would think the -utils package would include that deviceinfo03:59
meenot sure03:59
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.03:59
rantic_ifteam: Erg ... so how would I set these up? : /03:59
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub203:59
izardstreetnot even a speed boost in gaming where 100% cpu is used03:59
Xeakini have problem with the dual boot, after installing ubuntu, Windows 7 is on the list but it doesnt boot, its come back to brug over and over again03:59
rantic_if4team: I have 80gb of free space to allocate for /   home and swap03:59
DiverdudeIdleOne, yah, got it03:59
maynardwv1thanks rifter /  obuttu03:59
IdleOneDiverdude: sure thing03:59
voxAmaranth: i would've thought by now that ubuntu would've gotten its act together..03:59
meeif your using windows go into the command prompt and type        start %appdata%03:59
^Mike\bmaynardwv1: ubottu is a bot :)04:00
JAMD456Why am I not getting the update link in the Update Manager04:00
nick123mee: tell us what kind of data inside %appdata% are U looking for04:00
git__u have the unalienable right to speak04:00
intraderilovefairuz, the pastebin is http://paste.ubuntu.com/51058004:00
meei need to copy a folder into it04:00
fengshaunholy, this is a high traffic channel!04:00
icarus-cmaynardwv1, in nautilus (ubuntu file browser) , go to network tab, and browse.  OR  press Ctrl-L , enter smb://<ip or domain of the windows server>04:00
rhineheart_mhello.. would just like to ask on how to delete the NIC records so that eth1 would be changed to eth0 depending on which of the cards will be inserted first04:00
nick123mee: is it a folder specific to a program?04:00
I4Teamrantic_:  alright .. Pm please04:01
slooksterpsv1Anyone having trouble with Gwibber?04:01
tehkAnyone know how to solve an issue with the intellimouse back button not being detected by xev or xinput test?04:01
davide_ok rifter chroot worked this time... not sure why it didnt last time...04:01
davide_I'm updating atm04:01
nick123mee: then why dont U just copy to your home dir?04:01
icarus-cizardstreet, 1~5 fps higher with 64bit maybe? :P04:02
slooksterpsv1my issue is I can't add accounts to Gwibber, e.g. Facebook accounts, it just tells me Success and maximizes the window; I'mma bet no one has a fix for it yet04:02
meei dont understand04:02
^Mike\bslooksterpsv1: What does "trouble" mean?04:02
izardstreethmm not significant thanks04:02
^Mike\bslooksterpsv1: in maverick?04:02
slooksterpsv1yup in maverick04:02
nick123mee: there is no %appdata% in linur nor equivalent. most configuration files are stored under hidden folders inside your home folder/dir04:02
^Mike\bslooksterpsv1: not me... you should report a bug04:03
Rotham_how do I restart X?04:03
IdleOnemee:  have a look at the following link maybe it will help http://www.ubuntugeek.com/linux-or-ubuntu-directory-structure.html04:03
^Mike\bRotham_: sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart04:03
meecancan you call me on skype then04:03
^Mike\bRotham_: note that will kill all your apps04:03
nick123mee: each user has a "home folder"04:03
Rotham_hmm thanks for warning me :P04:03
icarus-cmee, like firefox appdata will be in  ~/.mozilla/firefox04:03
I4TeamAm login from my iPhone .. excuse my tybo04:03
I4TeamSo rantic_04:03
DiverdudeIdleOne, hmm shouldnt there be a manage springboard menu entry available on the iphone device icon on the desktop after installation?04:03
icarus-cskype appdata in ~/.Skype/04:04
TashiaHelp! I just upgraded ubuntu 10.04 to 10.10. I tried startx but it results in unable to connect to x server04:04
IdleOneDiverdude: you got me dude. I don't own an iphone04:04
voxTashia: you aswell hey?04:04
rifterI upgraded from Karmic to Maverick today from cd, which deletes all system files and replaces them.  In users-admin application the  change, advanced settings, and add buttons do not work now (clicking them does nothing) my normal user had had some desktop problems from old . directories so I moved them; that didn't fix this though.  I logged in directly as root and no joy there, either04:04
nick123mee: <icarus-c> mee, like firefox appdata will be in  ~/.mozilla/firefox  || the ~ folder is your home folder04:04
mutineer612I'm having issues with nVidia GeForce 8400 on recent upgrade from 10.4 to 10.10 64bit.  I'm able to boot recovery mode and use SafeGraphics mode but the Nvidia drivers with 10.10 don't seem to work.  Any ideas... other than getting a different video card?04:04
rantic_I4Team: I query'd you? I'm using a web client it says I already spoke to you04:04
TashiaHow do I get a GUI?04:04
^Mike\bTashia: What do you mean?04:05
meei dont completely understand but will you call me on skype04:05
DiverdudeIdleOne, how do i see all installed devices from the sudo apt-get install libimobiledevice-utils ?04:05
meefor help04:05
EvilPhoenixmutineer612:  first you should file a bug report and see if anyone else has these issues, imo04:05
DiverdudeIdleOne, or installed programs04:05
meeor no?04:05
OneDuggitrying to get wireless working on hardy heron wpa-personal tkip but cannot ... do u recomment wpa supplicant?04:05
nick123mee: please put the nickname of the person your talking to04:05
Tashia^Mike\b, My computer boots into a prompt not GUI. I tried startx but it doesnt work04:06
I4Teamrantic_:  O' didn't notice anything ..04:06
drcooperTashia: try sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start04:06
Tashiawill i have to do this all the time?04:06
^Mike\bTashia: Is this a fresh install? upgrade?04:06
meecan i get a yes or no?04:06
nick123mee: I don't speak english very well. i'm brazilian.04:06
drcooperTashia: did it work?04:06
intraderilovefairuz, I have thought of the solution - go to the icon representing the usb and unmount it. That worked. Thanks for your help04:06
rifterTashia, you waht sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart04:06
meethats ok04:06
rifterTashia, restarting gdm (the gui login) also restarts the x server04:07
Tashiadrcooper, No it didn't it says try using service. Serivice is not installed04:07
IdleOneDiverdude: Like I said I was going by description. as for what libimobiledevice-utils includes I am not sure how to get that info04:07
rifterTashia, but try ctrl-altf7 or ctrl-alt-f8 the gui is usually on 7th or 8th terminal04:07
bl01zkare there any c programers in here?04:07
nick123mee: answer the private chat here on IRC04:07
rifterTashia, you can shift through the,04:07
^Mike\bbl01zk: try ##c04:07
rifterTashia, if it is really broken you can view /var/log/Xorg.0.log to see what happened04:08
IdleOnemee: you should have a tab named nick12304:08
meeya it went away04:09
nick123click on my nick on the left column04:09
IdleOnemee: ok do this04:09
Tashiamodesetting driver set04:09
IdleOnetype /msg nick123 hello04:09
rifterbl01zk, depends on what level of programming you are lookng for I would think.. what do you need?04:09
Tashiahow do i unset it04:09
houmaladoes anyone know how to detect a monitor on ubuntu 10.10 and intel dq57tm mobo?04:09
PianoManHi. Is 10.10 in beta?04:10
icarus-cmee, what is so hard to understand? .....    firefox in $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/  ,    skype in  $HOME/.Skype , mplayer in $HOME/.mplayer .....04:10
^Mike\bPianoMan: No, it was released earlier today04:10
^Mike\bPianoMan: I don't recommend using it for production systems until the first point release though. Or at all (LTS is a better bet)04:10
houmalanot for production only entertainment04:11
rifterhoumala, if you have an nvdia card or the like then installing the native "restricted" driver for that might help.  if the monitor is not detected you will hav eto set the refresh rate and resolution manually based on monitor specs, but for newer monitors they are pretty straightforward04:11
PianoManmike: ok, thanks04:11
icarus-cmee, it would probably harder to talk on phone.  like you want us to say "in your dollar-sign capital HOME  folder, dot application name  folder is the percent-sign appdata percent-sign equivalent"  ?...04:11
houmalathis is new mobo monitor is samsung several years old04:12
^Mike\bhoumala: give'er :)04:12
riftermee, we could help you better if you would tell us what you are tryingto do specifically04:12
^Mike\bhoumala: sorry, I confused you with someone else :)04:12
riftermee, there is no reason to put a file in an %appdata% folder in linux because there is not one04:12
Rotham  hey... i used " synclient touchpadoff=1 " too turn my touchpad off before, but I was also tinkering with other things when that worked... now after restarting it doesnt work anymore.  Any ideas for what I can look at too get it to turn off again?04:12
houmalano probl04:12
riftermee, except if we are talking a specific application, then it is the appropriate .directory like we were saying04:13
RothamIt sets touchpadoff to 1, but that doesnt disable the touchpad...04:13
scotty00can i run antivirus on ubuntu server that will protect all other windows based lan machines on the network04:13
scotty00can i run antivirus on ubuntu server that will protect all other windows based lan machines on the network?04:13
ralliasI've got a funny problem. After I upgraded Maverick to stable, the number pad on my computer turned into a mouse mover. What gives?04:13
SilverFoxscotty00: I was going to answer you, but now I will not.04:14
^Mike\b!clamav | scotty0004:14
icarus-crifter, mee well maybe  ~/.config  ~/.cache   would be *closer* to %appdata%04:14
^Mike\bscotty00: well, it is called clamav, but ubottu doesn't know anything about that, apparently :)04:14
ubottuAntivirus is something you don't need on !Linux, except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus04:14
icarus-cnot many app put stuff in .config & .cache  instead of .<appname> though04:14
alazyworkaholicI need to show some pictures in a specific order, not alphabetically. How can I do this?04:14
scotty00mike\b clam av can monitor real time other windows pc from the server yes04:15
mslrallias, I have seen that done before as part of X04:15
scotty00and can clam av also scan emails04:15
Tashiam i going to have to reinstall 10.04 then 10.10??04:15
ralliasmsl: can you point me in the vague direction of a fix?04:15
^Mike\bscotty00: no, it is for scanning email passing through your email server (only)... check out the link ubottu gave you04:15
^Mike\bscotty00: I'm not aware of anything that can scan another machine04:15
happyfac1I have no sound on Xubuntu 10.10, but did in Ubuntu 9.04! Alsamixer is unmuted, /dev/dsp is also silent. my lsmod: http://pastebin.com/9a8VkHZs HELP!!04:16
* feher 04:16
* feher = Smilodonis04:16
ralliasscotty00: avg does what your asking for as long as you mount the other machine as a samba mount or sommat04:16
AbhiJithappyfac1, #xubuntu04:16
* feher 04:16
rifterrallias, sounds liek an accessability setting04:16
happyfac1AbhiJit: they don't know04:16
icarus-cmee, one more thing,  folder or file name begin with a dot "."  will be hidden.  unless you use ls command with -a/-A    OR press Ctrl-H in ubuntu file browser04:16
mslrallias, Desktop-->Preferences-->Accessibility-->Keyboard and turn off  the "Mouse Keys" option04:16
mslI found that in a forum.04:16
alazyworkaholicEye of Gnome can only display pictures in alphabetical order. (or maybe by some other systemic option, but that doesn't help) I need to get it or something similar to show pictures according to an order I specify - how?04:16
ralliasmsl: There isn't an accessability option04:17
ralliasmsl nvm found it04:17
rifterrallias, hmm except I am not seeing it .. I'll look04:17
scotty00Rallias i have been looking at avg as cross platform software but was really looking for open source to run on actuall server04:17
=== I4Team_ is now known as I4Team
riftermsl, ah under "keyboard ic"04:17
ralliasscotty00: rig up a clamav script04:17
Dandelanyone know how much testing the 64-bit livecd gets? (it's giving all sorts of problems on me, when trying to install 10.10, while 10.04 worked)04:17
LinOSHow big should swap space be if my RAM is 3GB?04:18
TashiaI found a way. Recovery mode then reconfigure graphics04:18
scotty00yep ill look into clam av more i think04:18
rwwLinOS: Do you want to be able to hibernate?04:18
undecimMy intel WiFi Link 5100 card stopped working after one boot after a fresh install of 10.1004:18
ralliasLinOS Rule of thumb is 2 times as big as ram.04:18
ralliasLinOS If you do the math for you that would be 6 gb04:18
rww"2 times RAM" is overkill for more than about a GB.04:19
rifteranyone got an idea about my buttons in users-admin not working?04:19
belakWhat do I need for fingerprint reading with ubuntu?04:19
redRiverrallias: That is old rule of thumb -- When RAM was a relic.04:19
Dandelif you want to use hibernate, have about 4gb... otherwise, use 1gb.04:19
rww^^^ this04:19
undecimGeez, empathy sucks with IRC....04:19
rwwundecim: yup04:19
drcooperundecimdid u did u install driver04:19
AbhiJitbelak, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ThinkFinger04:19
scotty00who do i speak to that can help me with a compliant about rude people in this room04:20
ralliasrww: I find that rule of the thumb useful so that Bind can have supersized page files.04:20
AbhiJitscotty00, in #ubuntu-ops04:20
drcooperundecim did u install wifi driver04:20
icarus-cLinOS, if you use Hibernation (suspend to disk) , as least 3GB of swap.  otherwise  500MB is probably sufficient04:20
rifterundecim try xchat04:20
rifterundecim that is what I use.. it's pretty good04:20
icarus-cLinOS, adjust if you use that much of swap04:20
VirusTBwho here i s a mac ?? and knows how to install a .jar file, i heard i subbosed ti e the same as linux04:20
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
icarus-cVirusTB, java -jar blah.jar04:21
rifterVirusTB, it is, basically. those are java program files04:21
rifterVirusTB, yeah what icarus said04:21
VirusTBicarus-c: ok but where does the file go on a mac, after waords? so i can run it04:21
VirusTBrifter: but how do i start the app now?04:21
icarus-cVirusTB, how do i know...04:21
alazyworkaholicIs there any way I can show images in a specific order during a slideshow instead of just alphabetically?04:21
icarus-cVirusTB, send me a mac so i can study it a bit and  help :D04:21
sanduz2are there any stats for how many people downloaded ubuntu 10.10 so far?04:22
rifterVirusTB, oh on the mac.. well it kind of depends.  You can put it under applications and if .jar is associated with java you hsoudl be okay04:22
icarus-cVirusTB, in fact, where the files go depends on the program04:22
rifterVirusTB, you can run it from anywhere but at least if you put it there you know ehre it is04:22
belaklast step doesn't work04:22
redRiverVirusTB: *.jar?  Sounds like Java. You have Java apps installed?04:22
undecimMy Intel WiFi Link 5100 stopped working after one boot after a fresh install of 10.10. It still works on the live usb, and iwconfig on the installed system reports that it doesn't have  wireless-n (which is does on the live usb) I've checked, and all the kernel modules, the kernel itself, and every wireless tool or related udev file I can find all have identical MD5s to what is on the live system. Is anyone else having this issue?04:23
mtuckerVirusTB: double-click it?04:23
VirusTBrifter:  so i can just put the .jar file in my applicatons folder on mac?04:23
rifterVirusTB, sure04:23
VirusTBmtucker: tried double clicking already04:23
icarus-cVirusTB, anyway, try #macosx    but i suppose the specific program's manual tells better04:23
VirusTBicarus-c:  i got a crppy 3rd hand macbook :P04:23
rwwVirusTB: This isn't a Mac channel, this is an Ubuntu channel. In Ubuntu, you put it wherever you want.04:23
Dandelundecim, 32-bit or 64-bit?04:23
voxok, so the new problem for the day: not getting any gui. ubuntu splash screens work, starts to load gdm then the screen gets shut off. tried restarting gdm, no effect. tried the other head on the gfx card, its not being used. check xorg logs, gdm logs and syslogs and cant see anything throwing an error. where to from here?04:23
rifterVirusTB, then make a shortcut to it and make sure .jar is assocuiated with java04:23
undecimDandel: 6404:23
rifterrww, it works the same way everywhere basically04:24
drcooperundecim does lspci list ur wireless card?04:24
belakAbhiJit, http://dpaste.org/Uft6/04:24
undecimdrcooper: yes. So does iwconfig, but it reports that it doesn't have wireless n04:24
moetunesvox:  using nvidia?04:24
rifterVirusTB, well you need to associate .jar with java I forget where you do that on a mac there is prolly a mac channel04:24
voxmoetunes: correct04:24
Dandelundecim, i think the 64-bit iso might be broken... i'm getting problems with installation (although i use advanced partitioning)04:24
rifterVirusTB, make sure you have java installed04:24
undecimdrcooper: Trying to force N mode with sudo iwconfig wlan0 modu 11n doesn't work04:24
moetunesvox:  remove the proprietry driver then04:25
undecimDandel: No, because my wifi works fine on the live system04:25
needanicki just downloaded the ubuntu iso. has anyone installed the os, by putting the iso image as a grub entry? I'm using grub204:25
drcooperundecim u dont have hardware switched off right ? :D04:25
icarus-cneedanick, grub can't boot an iso image04:25
undecimdrcooper: Right. I can list wireless networks even, but can't connect... probably should have mentioned that XD04:25
lanoxxis there anyway i can install gtk+3 on maverick04:25
lanoxxi need it for developing04:25
icarus-cneedanick, you need to use the iso to burn a disc or make a liveusb04:26
rifterVirusTB, you might also look to support for whatever app that is04:26
haavardMy language is missing in Language support. Can i use the install CD to fix my language?04:26
DandelI downloaded the iso twice and checked the md5 both times... i'm getting I/O errors on firefox with the live cd (and live usb) and the installer crashes in the middle.04:26
drcooperundecim so not a driver issue i guess04:26
BentSpaceI'm on Ubuntu 10.04, 32 bit right now and want to put Ubuntu 10.10, 64 bit on another laptop and move all my files to it.  On the 10.04 computer I have the encrypted home drive enabled.  If I choose the same login password (which I believe is the same as the "pass phrase"?) on the new computer will my encryption key be the same and thus I can just copy my encrypted files to the new computer?  Or should I copy the unencrypted files04:26
BentSpace over to the new computer and let it encrypt them?04:26
VirusTBrifter:  i did , their instructions are very unclear!!04:26
AbhiJitbelak, i dunno04:26
undecimdrcooper: I've looked through udev rules and scripts as well, and can't find anything that is different from the live system04:26
drcooperundecim what network are you trying to connect to04:26
ilanamdoes anyone know anything about configuring alsa?04:26
drcooperundecim ad-hoc?04:26
rifterVirusTB, there is a #macosx channel here... here lemme take this into priovate04:27
icarus-cilanam, alsaconf , alsamixer ?04:27
undecimdrcooper: I have two unencrypted (mac address filtered, but I checked that) networks on my house, and 3 neighbors with open wifi04:27
undecimdrcooper: I can connect to any of those in the live system, none in the installed system04:27
ilanamicarus-c, alsaconf, i've been messing with alsa-base.conf for a while now04:28
devslashi cant sign into empathy with my google talk account. i get a network error. its only for that 1account. my other account works fine. any ideas what could be wrong ?04:28
furiguys, i've uninstalled pulseaudio, and i'd like to have my volume icon back. is there an alternative that also allows turning the volume dial on your laptop?04:28
icarus-cneedanick, well, seems like i'm still stuck with grub1 :P04:28
ilanamfuri, try gnome-volume-control-applet04:28
furiilanam: already tried that04:29
needanickicarus-c: ya, even i was amazed when i saw this as an an option04:29
furi** (gnome-volume-control-applet:2104): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting...04:29
undecimdrcooper: What's really weird is dmesg showed that it associated, but then disociated04:29
=== OerHeks is now known as Oer
Phrosty1hey guys.. i was wondering if someone could either offer a tutorial or just help me setup gparted for dual booting windows and ubuntu 10.10?04:30
AbhiJitPhrosty1, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot04:30
ilanamicarus-c: im having a problem with my mic settings vs my speakers... it seems to be an either or situation in terms of them working, have you heard of anythign like that?04:30
furiilanam: ** (gnome-volume-control-applet:2141): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting...04:30
devslashi cant sign into empathy with my google talk account. i get the error "network error". its only for that 1account. my other account works fine. any ideas what could be wrong ? i double checked the password and its correct.04:31
SaRyPhrosty1: I have one for ya04:31
ilanamfuri: yeah hm, i ran it earlier today and it worked04:31
undecimdrcooper: I think it's due to a misconfiguration of the card, but I can't figured out what's wrong... The card shows up wrong in iwconfig (no N mode), and doesn't seem to communicate with the kernel properly... I've checked everything I can think of04:31
ilanamfuri: you just ran it from the terminal?04:31
furiilanam: yes04:31
Phrosty1thanks yo04:31
drcooperundecim http://forums.opensuse.org/english/get-help-here/network-internet/429910-wireless-works-live-session-stops-working-once-installed.html04:31
drcooperundecim the link gives a similar case04:31
tundrayeti311when i go to System>Preferences>System Settings>Multimedia, the option for pulseaudio as the preferred output device is grayed out, can anyone help?04:31
sweetpiI thought 10.10 was only going to be i686 and amd64?04:32
furiilanam: any ideas?04:32
devslashhow do i see my buddy list in empathy ?04:32
LinOSAfter 6 hours of partition editing, I can finally install 10.1004:32
undecimdrcooper: That's not my issue. I can't even associate with the router, so routes are irrelevant04:33
Phrosty1guess i'll try installing ubuntu now :D04:33
TurinTurambarCan someone help me with the Empathy Network Error problem please?04:33
icarus-cLinOS, nice ...04:33
nootropehello. i'm looking for some help from anyone with Ubuntu NBR installation experience. I've installed it on an Eee netbook and now it seems to go to sleep mode during boot sequence. No way to wake it up.04:33
voxmoetunes: ok, did that, set the driver in xorg.conf to nv, and now its stuck on the ubuntu splash screen - gdm is not appearing04:33
alazyworkaholicI can't find a way to show photos in a slideshow in any order besides alphabetical. I also don't want by date, by size, by type... I want to manually determine the display order. How can I do that?04:34
riftervox it may take awhile to load pastthe splash screen04:34
voxrifter: longer than 5 minutes?04:34
ilanamfuri: did you google the error message04:34
ubuntuWhat the hell happend to the "use largest continuous free space" option04:34
rifteralazyworkaholic, fspot lets you reorder slideshows I think04:34
ilanamfuri: last ditch advice...04:34
furiilanam: yes04:34
XDS|Onyx|CM6_would anyone have some time/skill patience to piece together an existing transcoding perl script ?04:34
drcooperundecim no idea04:34
moetunesvox:  do it without a xorg.conf - X will sort itself out fine04:34
nootropealazyworkaholic: what app are you using. does it allow you to make albums?04:34
riftervox, I dunno depends on the hardware and what version you are running04:34
alazyworkaholicrifter: no luck with Fspot04:35
Phrosty1if i post a screenshot can you guys tel me if i did it right please?04:35
riftervox, I admit that might be awhile to wait.. you might try opening a terminal and seeing what is going on there04:35
voxmoetunes: trying that04:35
voxrifter: it's a dual-core opteron. there's no error messages of any kind04:35
moetunesvox:  luck :]04:35
rommy03I don't suppose anyone here can give me some assistance troubleshooting my samba shares ... They were working and now they aren't .. and the log file is especially unhelpful04:35
rifterPhrosty1, well it woudl help sure04:36
alazyworkaholicnootrope: I had hoped I might just rearrange the photos in their folder then use eye of gnome, the default viewer, but that didn't work.04:36
Phrosty1ok cool04:36
rifterrommy03, maybe .. sometimes it has to do with the windows side and sometimes it is the samba side04:36
TurinTurambarIs there any chance I can fix the network error on my Empathy or should I just ditch it and open three other programs to do the same thing?04:36
Phrosty1can someone please tell me if this is ready to dual boot and install?04:36
rifterrommy03, you should try using smbclient and seee if you can access them04:36
voxhahaha and now my raidset has vanished04:36
rifterrommy03, that will help you troubleshoot04:37
voxthis is awesome04:37
freezwayinstalling ubuntu as we speak04:37
nootropealazyworkaholic: I've not used EoG but if it allows you to make albums, that's the customary way of customizing presentation order. Like playlists.04:37
rommy03from the server or my workstation?04:37
rifterrommy03, try to think what might have changed but windows shares can sometimes be tricky :D04:37
freezwaylitterally, it "coping files"04:37
Phrosty1can you guys please take a look at my screenshot? i really would apprecaite the help04:37
LogicalDashI have an old D-link wireless card. I used it with ndiswrapper in earlier Ubuntus, and it worked alright. Now I'm running 10.10 and have setup ndiswrapper, which reports that the driver is installed and the hardware is present. But the entire rest of the computer seems unaware--iwconfig doesn't show the card, neither does the network manager. Help!04:37
BEIITAanyone having problems with simple scan after the update?04:37
rifterrommy03, form the linux system that is supposed to be accessing the shares04:37
freezwayPhrosty1: whats ur issue?04:37
ubuntuIt's so much harder to install now with the the unallocated space option gone.04:37
ilanamcan anyone help with configuring alsa04:37
Stormx2Phrosty1: That looks fine04:37
Phrosty1i  want to know if i set it up right04:38
rifterrommy03, are the shares on the windows box or the linux one04:38
Phrosty1Stormx2: what about the windows 7 ntfs partition? it doesn't need to be setup as /boot?04:38
TurinTurambarI guess I'll just dump empathy...04:38
alazyworkaholicnootrope: Albums? don't think so. I don't even see that ability in fspot. What would you use?04:38
rifterPhrosty1, sure where is the screenshot again04:38
arkaxowubuntu works !04:38
Stormx2Phrosty1, no, don't worry about that04:38
Phrosty1can everyone please check to see if this is ok04:38
arkaxow10.10 !04:38
UbuN2I thank the ubuntu team for a awesome Operating System i think they deserve all te praise for the time they put in and gives us it FREE ... thanks once again :)))04:39
BEIITAno one?04:39
UbuN2nite guys04:39
Stormx2Phrosty1, /boot is something that'll reside on your /dev/sda3. People sometimes put them on a seperate partition for a couple of reasons, but you won't need to04:39
Phrosty1so the windows partition is ok the way it is? grub will definitely recognize it?04:39
rifterPhrosty1, looks okay to me04:39
Phrosty1i'm ready to install?04:39
Stormx2Phrosty1, it's not guaranteed it'll recognise it, but it's easily fixed, so just go ahead and install04:40
rifterPhrosty1, and no you do not want /boot on a ntfs partition it has to be a linux filesystem.  but it will be in / like they said04:40
Phrosty1ok thanks04:40
Phrosty1i'm gonna try to install now04:40
BEIITAi know i'm not the only one: http://goo.gl/Gd5D04:40
Phrosty1wish me luck :D04:40
rifterPhrosty1, okey04:40
arkaxowdoes anyone recommend a different IRC client than Xchat ?04:40
Stormx2Phrosty1, my fingers are all crossed04:40
decoarkaxow: irssi04:40
rifterBEIITA, what scan?04:40
Stormx2arkaxow, irssi gets a lot of praise, though it's a command-line client04:40
Phrosty1thanks guys04:41
Phrosty1also.. xchat is the best04:41
Phrosty1by far04:41
Stormx2as if.04:41
Phrosty1the only client better than xchat is mirc :P04:41
ilanamarkaxow: pidgin is pretty easy to use04:41
izardstreetwhats wrong with pidgin04:41
rifterarkaxow, pidgin does irc and there is a mozilla extension for it too04:41
arkaxowdeco: thanks I will try that. xchat seems hard to figure out, maybe I should give it time.04:41
Stormx2doing != doing well04:41
arkaxowilanam: thanks04:41
decoarkaxow: np :)04:41
BEIITASimple Scan04:41
BEIITArifter: the defaul scan program04:42
rifterarkaxow, there is also bitchx I think there is a gui of that even though it is command line04:42
rifterBEIITA, scanning for what?04:42
DiverdudeFirst came Hardy, then Karmic, then Lucid and now Maverick. H,K,L and M. What happend to I and J ?04:42
Until_It_SleepsIsn't there a screensaver that is an entire screen of different colors all at once?04:42
rommy03hmm I can connect from smbclient but not from gnomes...04:42
BEIITAto scan a file from a printer/scanner rifter04:42
rifterDiverdude, we already had Jaunty04:42
rifterDiverdude, and I think Intrepid04:42
Diverduderifter, ahh right04:43
rifterBEIITA, oh that04:43
Phrosty1intrepid ibex and jaunty jackass04:43
BEIITArifter: it scans the documet but as soon as it finishes, it closes04:43
rommy03brb, i'm going to try rebooting..04:43
rifterBEIITA, I dunno check and see if gimp can see it04:43
geckopunkHow can I set up vpnc to automatically  connect to my default vpn so all I have to enter is my username and password? ... I'd like to not have to enter my IP Gateway, Group UN and PW...04:43
BEIITArifter: it worked great until today04:43
nootropealazyworkaholic: sorry, not  at my linux box right now and no way to get there. fspot doesn't allow albums?04:43
BEIITAXSANE works, but i hate it04:43
rifterBEIITA, might be a scanner driver thing or something I dunno04:43
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
rifterBEIITA, okay so try gimp04:43
rifterBEIITA, that is pretty good for this sort of thing04:44
arkaxowrifter: where can pidgin ? I am looking through software center. and i find pidgin internet messenger04:44
geckopunki entered a vpnc.conf file in /etc/vpn/ , but i still have to enter the information every time04:44
rifterarkaxow, yes that is it just install the irc plugin04:44
BEIITArifter: how do i scan in GIMP04:44
rifterarkaxow, it does multiple chat types04:44
rifterBEIITA, lemme double check exact location but it should be something under file04:45
XuzzI accidentally the top-right social menu. How to get it back?04:45
geckopunkis there an option I need to put in after typing sudo vpnc?04:45
arkaxowrifter: it seems like Trillian04:45
=== sorah_off is now known as sora_h
nomadhi all04:46
rifterarkaxow, yeah it does lots of chat types kind of like trillian does04:46
Diverdudei have instaled libimobiledevice-util, but i do not have sbmanager on my system. How can that be?04:46
nomadI rebooted and my nvidia dual monitors quit working04:46
rifterarkaxow, bitchx is a dedicated irc client I used to use that04:46
alazyworkaholicnootrope: thanks anyway. If fspot allows albums for the slideshow I want, it's not obvious. Do you know of any other way of showing a set of pictures in a defined sequence, with the transition only upon a click or keystroke? I don't mind pressing ctrl-alt-F1 & using some command-line utility or script.04:47
rifternomad, check the nvidia-settings thingie undersystem -> administration04:47
speedrunnerG55i cant find the upgrade04:48
arkaxowrifter: that is great ! I need something like that for my transition from Windows XP to ubuntu04:48
rifterarkaxow, it is a terminal console program but I think there are gui versions.. I am checking04:48
nootropealazyworkaholic: OpenOffice Impress?04:48
nomadrifter I have went all through that,it still shows both monitors but the second one I cannot get on04:48
speedrunnerG55i cant upgrade04:48
rifternomad, hmm I am unsure how to proceed form there.. I think there is a dual monitor page in the wikis04:48
liquidspeed: in update check options make it is not on LTS only04:49
nomadthanks rifter for trying04:49
nomadI will look into that04:49
alazyworkaholicnootrope: I guess that'll be the fallback if I don't find anything easier. Thanks.04:49
DeadmanIncJSany issues with 10.10?04:49
DeadmanIncJSbefore i try and download/install04:49
arkaxowdeadman: none that I know of other than used lowercase with the username.04:49
nomadI am willing to let someone remote acess me via team viewer or any other method they prefer04:49
nootropealazyworkaholic: sorry I'm not at my desk or I'd be able to what-if with you. good luck04:49
viewerhaha every time you guys say viewer i get poked04:50
arkaxowi will be back. closing Xchat and trying pidgin04:50
undecimMy Intel WiFi Link 5100 stopped working after one boot after a fresh install of 10.10. It still works on the live usb, and iwconfig on the installed system reports that it doesn't have  wireless-n (which is does on the live usb) I've checked, and all the kernel modules, the kernel itself, and every wireless tool or related udev file I can find all have identical MD5s to what is on the live system. Is anyone else having this issue?04:50
dogmatic69DeadmanIncJS: i installed it today and works better than 10.0404:50
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?04:50
speedrunnerG55were is those settings?04:50
BEIITArifter: i used gimp + xsane , it will do for now04:50
BEIITArifter: thanks04:50
^DEMOSS^excuse me - i do not remember - how i can share   folder  /var/share  for all windows machine in local server with login SHARE and password SHARE04:51
DeadmanIncJSwhat is the command in terminal to UPGRADE?  i don't want to wipe completely04:51
^DEMOSS^how i can do that ?04:51
* Until_It_Sleeps coughs04:51
AbhiJitDeadmanIncJS, upgrade to next ubuntu version? sudo do-release-upgrade04:51
DeadmanIncJSyeah.  thank you04:51
liquidspeed: admin->update manager->settings (lower left)->updates...check release upgrade options04:52
speedrunnerG55thank you i needed that command too04:52
shanerice_how have upgrades gone in general?  I completely forgot about the new release!04:52
JoeMaverickSett!cn | smi_04:52
ubottusmi_: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:52
Agu10hi, I'm having problems to install kubuntu from my pendrive on an asus laptop04:52
AbhiJitAgu10, #kubuntu04:52
GHOSTMEDIAPROhelp adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL to sudoers gets error syntax04:53
=== SixDeep is now known as TripleA
rifterarkaxow, oh yeah I forgot bitchx is the gui version lol04:53
voxso, when are the nvidia packages going to, like, work?04:53
docsywhat would be the best way to schedule zipping a folder/emailing it on?  if possible that is04:53
AbhiJit!cron | docsy04:53
ubottudocsy: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto  -  There is also a decent Howto at http://www.tech-geeks.org/contrib/mdrone/cron&crontab-howto.htm04:53
geckopunkdoes anyone know how to prevent vpnc from logging me out of a session after 30 minutes? (how to change duration of a vpnc session)04:54
rifterarkaxow, nm I was right the first time.  but you have to download it manually04:54
docsyargh dreaded cron, don't i need system mail running for that?04:54
Agu10it says: "SYSLINUX 3.85 (...) H. Peter Anvin et al"04:54
GHOSTMEDIAPROhow i'm i doing wrong when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL to sudoers04:54
meesebyteMy MSI wind u160 won't boot from my pendrive04:54
meesebyteubuntu 10.1004:54
meesebyteI even did F11 to choose it....04:54
rifterarkaxow, bitchx-gtk is the graphical version04:54
meesebyteBut it just stood still on a linuxboot screen thing04:55
shanerice_meesebyte, did you check the iso you downloaded to make sure it was good?04:55
GHOSTMEDIAPROsyntax error when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL04:55
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?04:56
meesebyteshanerice_: where do I get an md5 for the one from http://ubuntu.com/?04:56
=== Kira is now known as Guest94047
nomadif anyone is capable of helping me get my nvidia dual monitors working again via teamviewer or any other method.I will return the favor,I am decent making images with gimp and I have all the secrets to the game kingdoms of camelot(auto attack,auto build) I can offer04:56
shanerice_meesebyte, should be right there from where you downloaded it, let me get it for you.04:56
arkaxowi'm back with pidgin04:58
nomadI am also familiar with hacking into palm pixi/pre I could help you with that04:58
shanerice_meesebyte, here you go:  http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/   scroll down and you will see the md5sums04:58
ubutucould anyone tell me how to share my ubuntu computer's internet connection to a vpn with other ubuntu pc's?04:58
shanerice_seems like those md5sums would be a little easier to get at.04:58
GHOSTMEDIAPROsyntax error when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL04:59
rifterubutu, you want  to set up routing basically04:59
ubuturifter, how do you do that?04:59
GHOSTMEDIAPROcould someone atlease point me to a room that can answer this04:59
meesebyteshadow98: Md5 matches up04:59
rifterubutu, it has been awhile but last time I messed with vpn freeswan was the way to handle the vpn bit but you need the router part turned on first05:00
arkaxowuntil_It_Sleeps: hello05:00
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:00
ubuturifter, i dont know any of these words :(05:01
GHOSTMEDIAPROsyntax error when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL05:01
ubutuonly freeswanh05:01
meesebyteshanerice_: Md5 matches up05:01
rifterubutu, freeswan is a program .. it can be complicated maybe05:01
Phrosty1i dont remember ubuntu taking so long to install!05:01
Phrosty1maybe there's a lot of updates already?!05:01
meesebyteshanerice_: I did "try another linux build" in the usbdrive builder thing... Would that cause a problem?05:01
rifterPhrosty1, yes there are05:01
meesebyteit installed fine it looks like05:01
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:02
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:02
GHOSTMEDIAPROhow to fix syntax error when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL05:02
Until_It_SleepsWhere can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:02
FloodBot4Until_It_Sleeps: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:02
Phrosty1surprising... it just came out!05:02
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
shanerice_meesebyte, hmm, I'm not sure, perhaps running the USB through the build again, if that doesn't work, I"m not sure05:02
rifterPhrosty1, but if you open details or whatever it should show what it is doing .. hmm actually if I rememebr right there is a little black area below the progress bar showing commands05:02
GHOSTMEDIAPROsyntax error when adding %(domain)\\(group) ALL=(ALL) ALL05:02
meesebyteshanerice_: I've tried ~five times... Two different flashdrives05:02
Phrosty1rifter: i'm installing.. not updating05:03
meesebyteshanerice_: It tries to download another ISO when I do "install through windows"05:03
Phrosty1first install :D05:03
rifterPhrosty1, well it's been in beta awhile and the release candidate actually came out awhile back so versions were probably frozen at that point05:03
shanerice_meesebyte, oh, that sounds like a boot problem then, I'm not sure05:03
Until_It_SleepsGHOSTMEDIAPRO: I may sound like I should take my own advice, but why do you keep posting that?05:03
rifterPhrosty1, right but there is a setting  to install updates during the install05:03
rifterPhrosty1, that is what I did today05:03
Phrosty1yea but it doesn't show you details does it?05:03
KB1JWQGHOSTMEDIAPRO: Looks like an /etc/sudoers issue.05:03
ShexNivisCan netbook remix be updated from 10.04 to 10.10 using network?05:04
rifterPhrosty1, well there is a box below the progress bar that tells you what it is doing05:04
Ech0_can anyone help me, i just updated to 10.10 and now when i boot grub 2 prints some really fast error and dumps me into the menu instead of doing its timeout and booting automatically.05:04
rifterPhrosty1, the actual console output form the commands05:04
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:05
meesebyteMSI wind won't boot ubuntu 10.10 from flashdrive..... Ideas? f11 boot just freezes when I choose flashdrive05:05
rifterEch0_, that page is a start, if that doesn't help it is more complex but we can try and look at that05:05
Ech0_will start there, thanks rifter05:05
GHOSTMEDIAPROKB1JWQ: thanks for responding, any fix05:06
Phrosty1yea rifter but all it says is downloading packages05:06
rifterPhrosty1, then that is what it is doing05:06
Ech0_rifter, is there any way i can find out what error grub2 is spitting out, after the fact, its not on screen long enough to read05:06
Blue1anyone having issues with the 64 bit Firefox causing temporary lockups?05:06
Phrosty1but it's taking a really long time..05:06
rifterEch0_, well I am trying to figure that part out :D05:06
Phrosty1usually linux installations are faster than windows05:06
Ech0_rifter, :) thanks05:07
Blue1Phrosty1: hours faster05:07
rifterBlue1, not yet.. you might check what extensions/addons you have.. try creating a new user so you will have  anew profile tehre and see if it is the same problem.  people say creat a new profile but I say troubleshoot from anotehr user that way your normal profile doesn't get moved05:08
Glochwell just upgraded to 10.10 and so far absolutelyno issues - even nvidia ernel was put back working fine05:08
rifterBlue1, if it works for another user then you might try a new profile on yours05:08
XuzzI accidentally the top-right social menu. How to get it back?05:08
Phrosty1it's taking a long time lol05:08
Phrosty1i'm used to quick linux mint installations05:08
Blue1rifter: i can nuke the user files might be easier05:08
GHOSTMEDIAPRO@ KB1JWQ, and suggestions on a fix05:08
rifterEch0_, I guess part of the problem is that sinc eit hasn't mounted anytyhing yet maybe it has nowhere to put the error files05:09
WFeatherhave an ubuntu 10.10 question. Just got it installed on my HP 2740p tablet, no issues with the install, windows still boots, however going into ubuntu after i sign in it makes the logon sound, and gives the background and cursor but nothign else the desktop does not load, any ideas ?05:09
rifterBlue1, yes the firefox profile directory you can move to another name if you don't care about it05:09
Ech0_rifter, that would make sense, it does make trouble shooting alot harder though05:09
Blue1rifter: nah05:09
Blue1rifter: easy to do05:09
chuHey guys, slight issue with hibernation; if I enter hibernate through gnome-do, nothing happens. But if I hibernate through the gnome menu, it works fine. Any ideas?05:10
ProculeHello all, why does it say on the download page that the 32-bit version is recommended. Most computers are 64 bits now. I have an Athlon64, do i download 32-bits or the 64-bits version ?05:10
Until_It_Sleeps-10:10:10- (+Until_It_Sleeps) I am now installing Ubuntu 10.10 on 10/10/10 on 10:10:10.05:10
dewittmy computer stays on but my ubuntu 10.4 goes away leaving 1/2 top screen with vertical lines bottom blank why?05:10
WFeathercan i query someone here for some quick 1 on 1 help ?05:11
Until_It_SleepsWhere in the sweaty depths of hell can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:11
=== BilboBaggins is now known as TurinTurambar
TurinTurambarCan someone please help me configure pidgin for gtalk?05:12
wersgot tips for building gnome shell on fresh Ubuntu 10.10?05:12
wedwo!ask | WFeather05:12
ubottuWFeather: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:12
voxwhen are the nvidia drivers going to be fixed/work/etc?05:12
WFeatherhave an ubuntu 10.10 question. Just got it installed on my HP 2740p tablet, no issues with the install, windows still boots, however going into ubuntu after i sign in it makes the logon sound, and gives the background and cursor but nothign else the desktop does not load, any ideas ?05:12
WFeatheri already did mate ;)05:12
jrmywhat does ulimit -u do?05:12
WFeatherdidnt get a response, figured 1 on 1 would get me a response05:12
Until_It_Sleeps!help Where can I download the Plasma screensaver?05:12
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:12
KB1JWQ1 jrmy man ulimit05:12
KB1JWQUntil_It_Sleeps: Stop doing that.05:12
TurinTurambarWhen I try to configure my gtalk on pidgin it changes it to XMPP and won't connect.05:13
captivusHello.  I have a quick question -- where is the text file that reflects the sharing settings configured in the "Sharing" tab of nautilus?05:13
rifterEch0_, you might try redoing grub from the livecd.. you just chroot to the root directory of your install and do a sudo update-grub here are some forum threads that might explain some of that http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1481733  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1337254  you might get lucky05:13
Gnurduxhmm,  where would I ask a question about X drivers on Ubuntu?05:13
rifterEch0_, once you have the menu does it boot to the os fine?05:13
ProculeTurinTurambar, use the XMPP account option05:13
rifterProcule, download the 64 bit version05:13
jrmyKB1JWQ: what?05:14
TurinTurambarIt already does that Procule but doesn't connect.05:14
rifterProcule, they recommend 32 bit so they don't have to explain how to find out if you have a 64 bit machine05:14
WFeatherAny idea why a new install of 10.10 is not loadign the desktop only the background and cursor05:14
KB1JWQjrmy: man ulimit.  That should tell you what the -u flag does.05:14
Proculerifter, ah, thank you05:14
Proculerifter, I was wondering05:14
jrmyKB1JWQ: im not familiar with this command at all05:14
rifterWFeather, were there users under /home already or is this a completely clean disk05:15
jguyUbuntu 10.04, ifconfig confirms I'm on the net, and iwconfig sees my router's ESSID, but nm-applet doesn't show networking or wifi, and nm-connection-editor shows no interfaces for wired or wireless. Any idea how to get my GUI's working?05:15
jrmyWFeather: no panels sucks i had that problem once05:15
WFeatherhad win 7 installed, installed behind it on the SSD, installed to "/"05:15
rommy03list *pure*05:15
WFeatheras EXT405:15
ProculeTurinTurambar, it connects here. use  your email has the username05:15
KB1JWQjrmy: then "man man"05:15
rifterTurinTurambar, could be password or another setting .. make sure the domain is set to the google one unless you have your own google app domain05:15
WFeatherrifter, i just setup one user, so not sure where it was placed havent done much linux lately saw touch was fully supported now05:16
rifterTurinTurambar, there is a #pidgin channel on here, too05:16
TurinTurambarokay I'm trying that now rifter and Procule, should I put anything in 'resource'?05:16
krewtonhello, I have a windows/linux dualboot set up and I would like to set the windows partition to be root access only, how would I do this?05:16
voss749The netbook remix interface change was MASSIVE05:16
jrmyKB1JWQ: are you telling me to put that as a command?05:16
KB1JWQjrmy: What a concept. :-)  Yes.05:16
jrmy<-- noob05:17
XuzzI accidentally the top-right social menu. How to get it back?05:17
krewtonis there something to put into fstab to make windows accessible only by root?05:17
rifterTurinTurambar, also: http://www.google.com/support/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=4914705:17
ProculeTurinTurambar, ressource is just a string that identify your connection. You could put "Home", "Work", "Ubuntu"05:17
XuzzI accidentally the top-right social/shutdown/etc menu. How to get it back?05:17
KB1JWQXuzz: Stop asking repeatedly.05:17
TurinTurambarokay thanks I'll check the link and #pidgin if necessary05:18
MathuinHrm.  Suspend seems to break wireless for me.  Sucky.05:18
rifterXuzz, good question :(05:18
* Gnurdux is having Maverick upgrade issues :(05:18
voss749Did they ever fix the thing in 10.10 that broke wine ?05:18
Gnurduxthe new fglrx seems to have massive bugs05:18
rifterTurinTurambar, that google link tells you exactly what needs to be in there, other than domain and username the defaults are usually okay05:18
WFeatherdo i need to do a freash install for 10.10? could somethign ahve been corrupted making it not go to the desktop? No keys/clicks work05:18
Mathuinvoss749: I am able to play games with Steam on Wine, if that helps.05:18
WFeather....well this is interesting, i clicked logon with my finger not the mouse....and it went in -- disregard, thanks guys05:19
IdleOneXuzz: right click the panel and add Indicator Applet Session05:19
_pg_mounting on dev failed, no such device. wtf is that about if it boots anyway?05:19
MathuinOh, that reminds me, how will I know when Nvidia releases a new proprietary driver?05:19
rommy03hmm. my pure-ftpd won't follow symbolic links even when i turn off the chroot option..05:19
voss749Mathuin, They did some security change in 10.10 that broke WOW on wine, there  was a fix but Im not sure if they fixed the problem itself05:19
rifterWFeather, well that is why I asked if there were users on the machine first because there are gnome directories and those settings can be corrupted or in my case I noticed that it seemed they were incompatible with the new version somehow05:19
jguyAny ideas what channel I should use to ask about the GUI applets and configuration windows?  I'm in Ubuntu 10.04. ifconfig and iwconfig work, but neither nm-applet nor nm-connection-editor show interfaces for wired or wireless.05:20
Mathuinvoss749: I read about that, but I don't think the fix is completely in.  Have you tried using Wine1.3 or asking in #winehq ?05:20
GnurduxI also can't downgrade 'cause it seems to be incompatible with the new X05:20
TurinTurambarokay checking the link now.. was hoping to avoid opening another program since my computer is a tad slow05:20
Mathuin!panels | jguy05:20
ubottujguy: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »05:20
ProculeWhere can I get the ChangeLog or something similar for 10.10 ? And the Bugs too ?05:20
WFeathero ya rifter there are ---05:20
Mathuinjguy: I did this *exact same thing* and it reset all my panels to scratch which was exactly what I needed.05:20
DandelGnurdux, massive bugs in fglrx? like what?05:20
jguyubottu, I reset the panels, to no avail.05:20
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:20
MathuinProcule: Search the web for 'maverick release notes' ?05:20
GnurduxDandel, my OpenCL code now segfaults when it tries to get OpenGL buffers05:20
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or !Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome05:20
voss749mathuin, Its not a wine problem its a problem with the security change they did in 10.10 itself05:20
Gnurduxperformance seems to have been raped05:20
rifterWFeather, well try creating a new user and see if that user is okay05:20
WFeatheractually one more quick question, is there a quick guide on how to setup the desktop to look like the netbook one at times and at others not?(its a 12.1 " screen)05:21
Gnurduxand ET-XreaL now displays a blank screen05:21
Dandelwith the 10.10 release?05:21
ProculeMathuin, good point05:21
Mathuinvoss749: oh, the debugger thing?  Hrm.05:21
zachtibanyone else having a problem with themes on Maverick? works fine on my laptop, but on my desktop it's not drawing panels and some windows properly, falling back to the default GTK theme05:21
netcitizenupgrade to maverick was peach05:21
rifterWFeather, the .gconf* , .gnome2*, and .gstreamer* directories may be implicates but .gnome2 is usually all you need to move05:21
zachtiberr, nevermind, it magically fixed itself o_O05:21
krewtonDoes anyone know how to make my windows partition accessible only with root user?05:21
XuzzIdleOne: thanks, that is completely horribly named05:21
ProculeI hope the %%$/"/!"? iowait issue is fixed05:21
netcitizennow is there a way to get unity interface for desktop edition ?05:21
rifterWFeather, they are recreated on login05:21
IdleOneXuzz: agreed05:22
gilanialiwhats special about a file that begins with . and ends with rc?05:22
_pg_is there a "reset everything to defaults" option? my ubuntu is effed up beyond my repair abilities every 3 mos or so05:22
AndorinYo guys, I'm trying to install 64-bit Maverick and the installer keeps crashing... "An attempt to configure apt to install additional packages from the CD failed." I'm installing from a USB drive.05:22
captivusNever mind ... it would appear that it is in /var/lib/samba05:22
churlHello, I'm running Xubuntu and I purged gnome-power-manager and now my battery won't charge05:22
voss749The ptrace issue they did in 10.1005:22
WFeatherthanks rifter, in now05:22
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
MathuinAndorin: try another USB stick.  I had the same problem with netbook edition and that fixed it.05:22
uLinux2.350 ratio05:22
GnurduxDandel, yeah05:22
Gnurduxi think it's the fglrx upgrade though05:22
AndorinMathuin: Ok, thanks05:22
rifterAndorin, you may have corrupted files/image you might try recreating the install media05:22
Mathuinvoss749: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24193 -- this is your bug?05:22
WFeatheris there a quick guide on how to setup the desktop to look like the netbook one at times and at others not?(its a 12.1 " screen)05:22
antIPkrewton: That's a really good question. I'd like to hear an answer to that too.05:23
shigHello, Ctrl+Alt+D is not working anymore in Ubuntu 10.10. How can I enable this shortcut again?05:24
rifterProcule, iowaits are my bane too..a couple of places that can cause grief there is the chipset drivers and ... I forget what the second thing was I was gonna mention but ram size and therefore swap usage can lead to iowaits05:24
Mathuinshig: there's a Keyboard Shortcuts thing under Applications on UNE, it's in the same place as 10.04 on normal.05:24
jukwhy `Cannot open mailbox /var/mail/juk: Permission denied` when I chmoded and chowned it with myself05:24
jguyMathuin, ubottu: I'm not seeing #panels. I tried resetting the panels via the command you mentioned, but it didn't show the icons.  I also don't see any entries in System->Preferences->Network Connections05:24
rifterProcule, also the ntfs drivers .. well .. accessing an ntfs drive can be slower and use cpu and cause iowaits05:24
TurinTurambarOkay thanks guys. Hopefully this will keep working unlike Empathy.05:24
voss749mathuin, yeah05:24
netcitizenshig: I configured the keyboard shortcuts with the super button( win key in my laptop) it works like charm05:25
Mathuinvoss749: if that bug describes your issue, it is claimed to have been fixed in 1.3.4 which is the latest on the 1.3 version on the PPA.  I'm running it on 10.10 desktop right now and it's fine.05:25
_pg_mounting on dev failed, no such device; but it boots anyway?05:25
Lancelothi all05:25
netcitizenAnyone ? is there a way to unity interface for ubuntu 10.10 desktop edition?05:25
Lancelotcan someone tell me where the sounds for the default ubuntu theme are?05:25
shigMathuin, thanks!05:25
rifterProcule, if you use top and then add nfault to the columns and sort by that the number there can give an idea of applications that might be thrashing swap05:25
Proculerifter: here it's infernal. Everytime I do things requiring disk access, the iowait goes to 100%. I have to reboot 2 or 3 times a day.05:25
jukLancelot: /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/05:26
shignetcitizen, whoa, it seems they changed to Super+D as default... good to know, thanks!05:26
rifterProcule, well rather than reboot do the top thing and see what is doing it05:26
=== joseph is now known as Guest95277
Proculerifter, yeah it seems to be related to swap. It is usually firefox or VLC. I use iotop05:26
voss749The unity interface seems like very nice for tablets but for netbooks its a solution in search of a problem.05:26
Lancelotthanks juk05:26
rifterProcule, oh it's nFLT sorry and yeah I usually just kill those05:26
jukLancelot: is it?05:26
Mathuinvoss749: I am slowly getting used to unity on my EeePC.  It's a little awkward but I have lots of real estate and I like that.05:27
churlHello, I'm running Xubuntu and I purged gnome-power-manager and now my battery won't charge.  Was hoping that xfce4-power-manager would work.  Also reinstalled gnome-power-manager and it still will not charge.05:27
=== sora_h is now known as sorah_off
rifterProcule, firefox seems to swap out completely frequently and then not wake up well05:27
WFeathervoss749, is there a way for me to put the unity interface on a regular 10.10 install ?05:27
Lancelotjuk: looks like it. I keep getting this loud buzz when I shutdown05:27
rifterProcule, in my case.. I dunno if it will be different here yet because i haven't had my new install running yet long enough05:27
voss749wfeather, I dunno05:27
Lancelotjuk: I'm thinking the sound file is damaged05:27
netcitizenshig: i din know that. but i had configured that way on lucid05:27
jukLancelot: like beeep?05:27
Lancelotjuk: no, a loud short buzz05:28
rifterProcule, rebooting is unnecessary if you can get to a terminal and kill firefox, etc05:28
Proculerifter, I wonder if I would be able to upgrade with the Update Manager. I'm afraid it will freeze05:28
WFeatherto anyone, is there a way to put Unity interface on a regular instal instead of a netbook one?05:28
Moc10.10 is what 10.04 should have been05:28
brishudoes anyone know how to get globalmenu (either the new unity one, or the old gnome-globaalmenu one) working in maverick (the new one only shows me one option "File" and inside "File" the only thing there is "Close")05:28
netcitizenI would really want to try unity interface on maverick desktop05:28
rifterProcule, but yeah in the past I sometimes could not do it fast enough.. in bad iowait situations it takes several tries because the keyboard gets knocked off05:28
GlochProcule, i just did and it went fine05:28
_pg_why cant i see any wireless networks05:28
cntbhi do you know of an pdfmaker printer available in dpkg installfor lucid05:28
Mocthere so many bugs in 10.04...  It really a bad LTS05:28
rifterProcule I just keep hitting alt-f2 like a madman05:28
Iron_Chefcan an unpriv'd user run sshd?05:29
phil_in_londonwhats the big deal with maverick, did it this morning, I'm still looking for any discernable difference05:29
KB1JWQIron_Chef: Depends.05:29
cntboh moc Irun this fo r2 days05:29
Proculerifter, even if I kill the processes, after some times, it progressively become a problem in less time05:29
rifterProcule, what I mean by fast enough was fast enough for my impatient taste :D05:29
KB1JWQIron_Chef: Unprivileged users can't bind to TCP ports < 102405:29
Mathuinphil_in_london: there's a huge difference in the netbook edition, not as much in desktop as far as I can see.05:29
crimsunLancelot: hmm, we probably need to fix that.  Please see my original post @ https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-discuss/2009-May/008239.html05:29
_pg_wicd cant find any wireless please help05:29
rifterProcule, yeah05:29
^DEMOSS^help me plz - how i can share folder @/var/share@  with user "SHARE"   and password "SHARE" ????05:29
chuphil_in_london: Didn't you get a sharper font set?05:29
Proculerifter, hahahha I do that tooo05:29
Iron_ChefKB1JWQ: Ah05:29
rifterProcule, I really think it's a problem with those apps05:29
crimsunLancelot: i.e., file a bug, but change the release number as appropriate, please [9.10 -> 10.10]05:30
phil_in_londonMathuin, thats good for those people...there did seem to be lots of help necessary for netbooks before.05:30
rifterProcule, sadly ssh  into the box is also affected by iowaits05:30
phil_in_londonchu, not that I can see, but my system is theme'd, and it stayed put perfectly during the upgrade.05:30
Mocsadly 10.10 still have broken language switcher key05:30
Mathuinphil_in_london: to be honest, I'm very likely to retire this thing the moment I can afford an Android tablet. :-)05:30
_pg_wicd help anyone? cant see any networks...could 5 mins ago05:30
Lancelotcrimsun: do you work with the ALSA team?05:30
voss749The Unity interface is radically new. Its excellent for touchscreens. As for conventional netbooks im not sold on it05:30
^DEMOSS^help me plz - how i can share folder @/var/share@  with user "SHARE"   and password "SHARE" ????05:30
crimsunLancelot: yes.05:30
phil_in_londonMathuin, hmm, Android...wait while I wipe off my chin :)05:30
Mathuinvoss749: it's a lot easier to slide that little thing on the left if I could touch it, I bet.05:30
=== sorah_off is now known as sora_h
YuLiangHi guys, i'm trying to install the new ubuntu. But i'm running into a problem. I usually just create a unallocated empty space. and Choose "largest continuous free space". But that option is not there anymore. What should i do?05:31
Lancelotcrimsun: brilliant, is crimsun the username you use on the ubuntu forums?05:31
crimsunLancelot: yes, and on LP and elsewhere, generally.05:31
rifter^DEMOSS^, under what kind of sharing05:31
Mocalso, the alt-tab window selection bug is fixed in 10.10 !!05:31
cpantinoplelp me?05:31
rifter^DEMOSS^, samba or what05:31
crimsunLancelot: please note that I do not read the forums frequently.05:31
cpantinoplecan anybody help me?05:31
Lancelotcrimsun: okay...so how exactly do I file the bug on this page?05:31
bullgard4[Maverick] '~$ man tracker; No manual entry for tracker'. How to obtain a manula for Tracker?05:31
ProculeDoes 10.10 have LVM support at the installation or I have to use the alternate CD ?05:31
voss749mathui, I wonder if we are going to see a unity interface for smartphones. An ubuntu-phone so to speak.05:31
^DEMOSS^samba/smbfs rifter05:32
churlHello, I'm running Xubuntu and I purged gnome-power-manager and now my battery won't charge.  Was hoping that xfce4-power-manager would work.  Also reinstalled gnome-power-manager and it still will not charge.05:32
crimsunLancelot: the URL that I provided explains a bit of the background and includes instructions.05:32
crimsunLancelot: briefly, you'll run the "ubuntu-bug alsa-base" command in a Terminal/Konsole05:32
rifter^DEMOSS^, it's been awhile for me but there is also a #samba and a #samba-technical here05:32
cpantinopleis the ubuntu cd usable even if its support has ended?05:32
bullgard4[Maverick] '~$ man tracker; No manual entry for tracker'. How to obtain a manual for Tracker?05:32
Lancelotcrimsun: I see, well I'll try getting in there then. I actually commented out that line in alsa-config while trying to get my laptop's sub to work05:32
rifter^DEMOSS^, when I was doing it there is a samba conf file that has the shares in it05:32
chucpantinople: Sure, though I do believe it's "not recommended"05:32
derylon 10.10, clipboard icon disappears on me for some reason. spaced as if its still there in the tray, but no icon, just the blue background of the taskbar itself05:33
cpantinoplepls help me05:33
derylany ideas what the issue might be?05:33
Proculeroot@Basic2:~# do-release-upgrade05:33
jbrouhardAnyone now how to get the numberpad on a HP Pavilion dv9000 to work?  Mine just doesn't seem to work no matter what i do.05:33
Proculeit's going05:33
rifter^DEMOSS^, and smbpasswd for the users but you are wanting to creat a simple passworded share05:33
crimsunbullgard4: I'm pretty sure you want to see the other man pages, e.g., trackerd, tracker-applet05:33
deryleven if I close it out and restart it, the space shows back up but the icon itself never does05:33
YuLiangHi guys, i'm trying to install the new ubuntu. But i'm running into a problem. I usually just create a unallocated empty space. and Choose "largest continuous free space". But that option is not there anymore. What should i do?05:33
derylit looks just like a blank spacer, just the color of the taskbar's background05:34
bullgard4crimsun: Ah! Thank you very much for your help.05:34
rifterchurl, I don't think battery charging has anything to do with your power manager05:34
crimsunbullgard4: yw05:34
rifterchurl, that is just to set sleep settings and display of battery and the like05:34
Yusukehi guys05:34
Yusukehow to enable Infrared in ubuntu05:34
^DEMOSS^i do that  2 weak ago05:35
rifterchurl, although.. it could be lying to you.. that would be the power manager after all.  You might check your laptop's onboard  indicators to make sure the power is going through and the battery is accepting charge05:35
^DEMOSS^then i delete  stuped ubuntu and install debian - and do not remember link or man05:35
rommy03ubuntu 10.10 starts up hella fast now <.<05:35
AndorinIs there a place on Ubuntu's website where I could find the checksums for the various .isos of Maverick to compare to the .iso I'm trying to install from? (I'd also need to know how to get the hash of my .iso...)05:35
^Mike\bHow can I adjust the size of thumbnails for my video and image files?05:36
Mathuin!md5sum | Andorin05:36
ubottuAndorin: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:36
churlrifter:  (new computer) the batter light is not lit, i guess that means no active power05:36
AndorinMathuin: Thanks again05:36
rifterchurl, yeah so could be power supply issue05:36
jukin #postfix they all sleep05:36
MathuinAndorin: keep asking the easy ones. :-)05:36
jukcan anyone help me here05:36
rifterchurl, I'd blame that first if your power is not lit05:37
AndorinMathuin: Blast, the Maverick hashes aren't listed here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes05:37
rifterif you shut down the laptop then you can be sure the os is not interfering there05:37
rifterchurl if you shut down the laptop then you can be sure the os is not interfering there05:37
churlrifter: um yeah, nm some how the charger came out from the ac box.....05:37
Lancelotcrimsun: I'll file that bug later05:37
rifterchurl, k05:37
sweetpi!ask | juk05:37
ubottujuk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:37
churli swear i have NO idea HOW that could have happened, my legs arn't even on the ground......05:38
rifterchurl, it's funny when you do a change and then a problem happens and it turns out to be completely unrelated05:38
=== radgyrst is now known as dfkldflafeeeeeee
AndorinMathuin: But I'm not getting that installer crash at the moment, so it may not be necessary to run checksum comparisons just yet.05:38
MathuinAndorin: someone else saw them earlier, let me see if I can find them.05:38
juksweetpi: yeah most likely, also mostlikely I figure it out by myself05:38
TashiaDoes remote desktop work on 10.10? I'm having issues with the built in version. It says connections can only happen from localhost05:38
YuLiangHow much swap space do i need for a 500GB HDD, and 4GB RAM?05:39
rifterchurl, yeah it just happens, and sometimes it isn't visibly disconnected but reseating helps for various reasons .. maybe you have cats or gremlins :D05:39
Lancelotcrimsun: I'm currently using Karmic, does anything in Maverick fix this problem?05:39
rifterTashia, haven't used that but sounds like a security setting05:39
netcitizenSo i guess there is no way to get unity interface on the desktop edition05:39
crimsunLancelot: ah!  Well, we've done quite a bit of work in that regard, so yes, 10.10 should be better.05:40
Mathuinrifter: more than once I have diagnosed a cable failure by finding my cat having chewed through it.05:40
Nisstyre65Tashia: that means you can only connect to it from your computer05:40
Nisstyre65other people can't05:40
Nisstyre65so you'll have to change a setting somewhere05:40
churlrifter: thanks:)05:40
TashiaI'd like to be able to connect to it remotly though05:40
rifterTashia, I just checked preferences.. I bet it is actually a firewall setting or something05:40
toticHi I just upgraded to ubunt 10.04 and my wifi stopped working05:40
orlokWhere can i find source .deb packages for 10.10?05:40
toticit has a "soft block" on it05:40
toticany ideas?05:40
cntbMathuin: funny05:41
rifterMathuin, yeah my cats like unplugging things on top of that.. I finally had to tape the power adapter to my router to the power strip to prevent it05:41
crimsunorlok: there are no "source .deb" packages; you'll want to see either the source bzr branches or the source packages in the pool.05:41
=== Yusuke is now known as Romance
Lancelotcrimsun: I'm still reluctant to upgrade, but that's mostly because I hate the purple thele :p05:42
MathuinWhat was scary was when she was chewing through 120V power cables.  I painted those with sour apple to deter it but apparently she didn't care, or didn't mind the taste.  Had to shield them in plastic to get her to stop. :-(05:42
orlokcrimsun: ok, just need a URl, cant find it in the sources directory in http://ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/05:42
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
crimsunLancelot: you aren't required to use that purple theme ;)05:42
crimsunorlok: /ubuntu/pool/$foo/$source_package_name/05:42
cntbstill funny Mathuin05:42
orlokLancelot: i changed it to a nice starfield picture i took, looks nice.. i was actually getting comments in the office about the nasty orange blobs05:43
Lancelotcan you set it to use the good ol' tan bootscreen?05:43
Lancelotor the karmic one?05:43
crimsunorlok: if you have deb-src lines in /etc/apt/sources.d*/*, you can just `apt-get source $foo'05:43
MathuinAll fun and games until the cat bursts into flame.05:43
derylor you chuck it on the barbeque :)05:43
izinucsyou gotta burn the hair off somehow before you eat it :)05:43
Mathuinderyl: nah, she's never been that bad a cat.05:44
* sweetpi uses telepathy and suggests juk edit master.cf05:44
derylmathuin ~ hehe05:44
deryli like izinucs's idea better ;005:44
Proculerifter, about the iowait, can it be filesystem related ?05:44
Y_Ichirowow, the best thing in 10.10 so far, gcc actually came with default05:44
rifterMathuin, they are supposed to hate citrus stuff too and there is cat repellant but both have mixed results05:45
orlokcrimsun: cheers.. gotta patch and recompile expect of all things :-\05:45
Y_Ichiroyou used to have to install gentoo if you want gcc to come with the distribution by default05:45
crimsunorlok: why do you need to recompile expect in 10.10?05:45
orlokcrimsun: its causing a cisco config utility to hang due to blocking IO05:45
rifterProcule, well itcan but if you are having high nFLT then it is usually swap..  check ram usage to see if it is bad.. these days browsers seem to use ridiculous amounts of ram at least firefox chromium and chrome do for me05:46
Mathuinrifter: the approach that's working lately is to pay attention to her when she acts up.  I guess it's like having kids.05:46
derylAnyone have an issue in KDE under 10.10 where the clipboard icon disappears completely but the space it normally occupies is still there? Put your mouse over the blank spot and knotes shows its popup05:46
crimsunorlok: hmm, presuming a patch is available, please file a bug so we can fix that.05:46
derylbut the icon never appears05:46
MathuinWow, out of the box Flash works on 64-bit and on netbook.  Nice.05:46
rifterMathuin, it is indeed.  I have a cat that acts up to get attention.. I am trying to train him that this is not how to get what he wants because I have a theory on that.. seems to be making progress but he still does it05:47
frankbroFor a partition different for / and /home, how big should the / be ? And will the .firefox and all follow on the 10.10 ?05:47
orlokcrimsun: http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid , and the patch creators describe is as a nasty hack05:47
derylrifter ~ cats are picky. they take time to train05:47
rifterderyl, yep05:47
derylmy aunt raises pedigree burmese. pita to teach them anything05:47
orlokyou guys, you are not training the cat, the cats training you05:47
orlokso just relax and get used to it05:47
peepsalotis there a list of the major changes in the latest Ubuntu update?05:47
derylorlok ~ hehe now THAT i believe05:47
izinucsfrankbro: / between 8 & 12 gigs... the rest for /home05:47
rifterfrankbro, well /home you want as big as the files you wanna store there.05:47
rymoinstaller hung at "Who are you?" screen, message "Ready when you are" but Forward button greyed out (all fields filled in properly) - what gives?05:47
Mathuinpeepsalot: search the web for 'maverick release notes'.05:47
derylmy $HOME is 80GB05:48
derylwell /home is05:48
rifterfrankbro, otehrwise what iznucs said05:48
rifterderyl, mine is more like 800 GB :D05:48
MathuinI've got about 7G for /, 1G for swap, and 30G for /home -- but I have two SSDs, one 8G and one 30G, so YMMV.05:48
frankbroand lets say I have a firefox profile in .firefox, will the firefox in the new install take it in consideration ? And use the bookmark/addons I had ?05:48
derylrifter ~ i've only a 250GB 5400RPM drive. split evenly between windows (ok so i still like to game), and ubuntu05:48
rymo(this is 10.10 32-bit on a Asus 1201n netbook)05:48
rifterfrankbro, what I do is set the normal system partitoons then give home the rest.  you may want a seperate var but if you do make it big cause4 ubuntu puts downloaded packages there05:49
izinucsfrankbro: you can try.. some add ons to FF might not work..05:49
derylyeah /var/cache/apt/archives can get HIGE05:49
derylerr HUGE. my last size check was 12GB05:49
rifterderyl, yeah .. I am having good luck with wine but some games still work better with windows.. for instance punkbuster stuff :P05:49
derylthen again I don't run apt-get autoclean often05:49
MuscovyHas anyone had issues with keyboards working in Virtualbox?05:50
derylrifter ~ yeah. I don't like wine when I have a legal and working copy of Windows 7 as well. (This laptop is still under warranty). so I just split the drive.05:50
jukwhere do I change mailbox dir in postfix?05:50
Mathuinderyl: I only run apt-get autoclean when it tells me to.05:50
derylrifter ~ when I get bug eyed from ruby and rails, i reboot to windows and take it out on someone's ass :)05:50
rifterderyl, me neither.. my var is 10GB but on anotehr machine I had to symlink that directory to somewhere bigger05:50
izinucsMuscovy: nope05:50
ntosme2I have a laptop with a bad cmos battery that loses the system time regularly...what can I do to remove the filesystem check for a previous mount time in the future?05:50
Lancelotcrimsun: actually it isn't the speakers popping, it's literally a loud buzz05:51
IdleOne!language | deryl05:51
ubottuderyl: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.05:51
rymoanybody else had issues installing 10.10 release on a netbook?05:51
Lancelotcrimsun: is it being caused by this?05:51
Mathuinrymo: the only issues I had were due to a faulty USB stick.05:51
derylidleone ~ sorry. I'm a grunt. i tend to forget and swear. my apologies05:51
toticI am having problems with my wifi after updating to 10.02, I already have it to the point that there is no "soft-block" nor hard-block05:51
rymoMathuin: what sort of issues did you enounter with that?05:51
toticI brough ifconfig down and up05:51
Muscovyizinucs: I'll chalk it down to bad luck, it worked after a reboot of the VM.05:51
rifterderyl, thank you for your service  then05:51
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu05:51
toticbut it still says wifi disabled05:52
toticany help pretty please05:52
derylrifter ~ ehh, its my job. just like some folks are mechanics, others florists. I'm a soldier. it's what i do.05:52
Mathuinrymo: "errno 5" while copying files to the netbook.05:52
derylrifter ~ but.. you're welcome05:52
riftertotic, madwifi is the system we use for wifi so you may get some help looking in that direction..05:52
derylhrmm thats weird. my clipboard icon returned out of the blue05:53
RudyValenciaWhy is my NetworkManager icon missing?05:53
derylhehe been gone for hours and then just suddenly decided to reappear.05:53
derylrifter ~ you gimme back my icon? ;)05:54
RudyValenciaMaybe I should reboot05:54
rymoit seems like the installer is just buggy.  did they rush this thing out today or what?05:54
rommy03Hi. I'm trying to find a way to implement the -K flag for pure-ftpd but I don't see what it would be in the config file (to make the file name..)05:54
uLinuxrymo: keyboard layoutbug05:54
khusseinIs there a much performant way to split and assemble files besides using split and cat?05:54
rymouLinux: can I pick a different layout or plug in an external keyboard to get around this?05:54
Mathuinkhussein: I imagine you could do that with a one-line Perl script.05:55
rifterderyl, maybe it was taking awhile to load? I missed your initial question on that05:55
derylrymo ~ so long as you have debsigs-verify and blcr-dkms uninstalled it should work just fine. I had no issues other than man-db, ure, postgresql-common, and sun-jdk packages failing. but those were easy to fix05:55
totic@rifter thanks, but what do you mean by "madwifi"?05:55
Jordan_Urymo: How much RAM do you have?05:55
khusseinMathuin: would you mind sharing that with me? And is it faster?05:55
uLinuxrymo: i dunno i just said there is abug when selection keyboard layout05:55
riftertotic, madwifi is a package that includes the wifi drivers and tools for managing wifi05:55
derylrifter ~ oh. it disappeared on me, left the blank spot like a spacer but the same color as the bacground of the taskbar. put the mouse over the spot and the clipboard popup would show but the main icon was gone05:55
riftertotic, those commands can help you troubleshoot05:55
Mathuinkhussein: I don't have it on hand, but it can be written.  I suspect it will probably be at least as fast.05:56
spinikercant get my audio to work.i tried system testing to no avail..05:56
=== sora_h is now known as sorah_off
jukhow do I make irssi show here my fqdn instead of ip?05:56
rifterMathuin, well wouldn't the perl script depend on the type of file?  like it would be better with text05:56
derylrifter ~ then just now out of the blue 9oh i'd say 45 minutes later) it showed back up. weird stuff05:56
Mathuinrifter: sure, but if he's using split he's using text I'm thinking.05:56
rifterderyl, yeah I run into that with apps in the notification area from time to time05:57
khusseinNo, it is binary.05:57
rifterMathuin, ah05:57
khusseinYou can use split with binary files too.05:57
totic@rifter so nothing is block the card, the drivers are "fine" but still no wifi05:57
derylrifter ~ yeah. not sure what the issue is, but i've a far bigger issue to rigure out that I just have no clue wth to do anything about05:57
rifterkhussein, well it may be trickier but I think perl might do that too05:57
khusseinrifter: Mathuin Thanks guys.05:58
Mathuinkhussein: I've never used split with binary files.  Nice to know.05:58
Jordan_Ukhussein: With the exception of features in btrfs, which if you're using you probably wouldn't need to split files anyway, I don't think there's any way to improve on split and cat.05:58
derylrifter ~ i have an ati radeon card in this laptop. for some reason kdm doesn't completely reset X when you log out and it corrupts my video. works perfect under gdm, just not kdm. did it under 10.04 too05:58
Silivrenionis there an easy way to batch convert a lot of .pdf's to jpg's using free software?05:59
rommy03found it ... KeepAllFiles05:59
rifterkhussein, there seems to be an lxsplit thing too05:59
rymoJordan_U: it has 2GB - runs fine if I do the "Try without installing" option, and it doesn't lock up hard, just that damn button never unlocks05:59
derylrifter ~ hehe solve that one, you come to Port Elgin Ontario canada, i'll get you drunk and buy you lunch :)05:59
EventusI am getting an error when I try to boot a my fresh install of manic...Error: No such device05:59
rifterderyl, oh I haven't been to that part of canada yet I would like to sometime05:59
Jordan_Urymo: Can you run the integrity check on the CD / flash drive?06:00
rymo"Ready when you are" is a lie!06:00
derylrifter ~ hehe. I'm slightly north by northwest from TO :)06:00
derylSaugeen Shores06:00
spvensko_rymo, if you ask nicely they may refund the money you paid for Ubuntu06:00
rymoha! yes, give me my $0 back! :)06:00
khusseinJordan_U: No, I am not using btrfs. I guess split and cat it is :).06:00
Eventusany help?06:01
rymoI feel bad because I finally got my friend to try Ubuntu and this has been his welcome to it :/  frustrated.06:01
rymoJordan_U: i'll try that integrity check (yn)06:01
derylrifter ~ but to add to the mix.. I'm using the fglrx kernel module for the ati cards. I'm getting a sneaking suspicion that what happens is gdm FULLY resets the X server as in completely kills itself and X and then restarts itself so it fully resets the card. I'm thinking kdm doesn't06:01
spvensko_rymo, i feel you... that can also be true with Windows though.... I had a mouse driver installation crash within 30 minutes of installing Windows 7 once06:01
XaeroXGuys, how do i install Ubuntu Netbook Remix on a flash drive?06:02
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
derylrifter ~ i can't prove it beyond the differences in how gdm and kdm reset, but thats my suspicion from watching the screen and how the system reacts06:02
rymospvensko_: wait, you let a friend try Windows 7? ;)06:02
MathuinXaeroX: if you have Ubuntu at all, use Startup Disk Creator to install the ISO on the flash drive, then boot on it.06:02
jschallfor some reason when i installed ubuntu from the disc, my desktop stopped POSTing (couldn't even get into bios). I narrowed it down to the disk that GRUB was installed to, and unplugged it. I got into the bios, and switched hard drives from AHCI to IDE, and then the system booted completely. What can I do to make it work with AHCI again?06:02
spvensko_rymo, gotta play my videogames somehow :)06:02
SeymourBewtyI was wondering if I could get some newbie help with an audio issue in Ubuntu 10.10 please?06:03
EventusError: No such device06:03
XaeroXMathuin but every time i boot from the flash drive i have right now, it starts a new session06:03
MathuinXaeroX:  so do you wish to install UNE *from* that flash drive, or run it off that flash drive?06:03
XaeroXI want to install UNE to run off the flash drive06:03
totic@rifter any other pointer would be appreciated, everything says it should be working06:03
spvensko_SeymourBewty, ask your question, don't ask to ask :)06:04
totic@rifter tell me what I should copy to pastbin and I will06:04
rymoJordan_U: where is the integrity check on 10.10? I don't see the familiar black screen with the options, just the new graphical thing06:04
MathuinXaeroX: so use the Startup Disk Creator, make sure you have space to save documents, and that should work.  What do you mean by 'start a new session'?06:04
rymoah, F1206:05
XaeroXMathuin: It erases all prev settings. Like, booting from live06:05
SeymourBewtyI have a CM6501 onboard audio hooked up via Digital optical, and a fresh install of Ubuntu 10.10.  I'm not getting any sound at the moment. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.06:05
EventusHow do I fix "Error: No such device" on boot?06:05
XaeroXMathuin i have a 1GB Flash drive, would it work?06:05
Jordan_Urymo: During the first 5 seconds of boot you should see a a screen like this: http://jordanu.dyndns.org/tmp/Screenshot-1.png Press any key while that screen is up to get the menu.06:05
MathuinXaeroX: yes, it should.06:06
Jordan_UEventus: Do you have more than one hard drive?06:06
rymoJordan_U: got to the screen, but no option for Integrity, only test memory.  this is on a usb stick if it matters...06:06
XaeroXMathuin so how do i do that from Windows?06:06
MathuinXaeroX: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick has WIndows instructions.06:06
Jordan_UEventus: Try changing the boot order so you're booting from the other drive. It's likely that the failing grub is actually from a previous install.06:06
XaeroXastracepot test reply: Success06:06
Eventus@Jordan_U: I've tried that already. Same problem06:07
astracepothello all06:08
XaeroXoh Mathuin i tried that utility, i had no success06:08
osubuckthe new ubuntu is great :) works without a problem06:08
astracepotyup its true bro06:08
Jordan_UEventus: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?06:08
MathuinXaeroX: bummer.  I don't have a Windows box here to test it. :-(06:08
derylok, 1am, time to make some bacon and eggs and coffee and start working on this app06:09
rymoI guess there is no Integrity Check option for USB install?06:09
totic@rifter "nm-tool" says now that the network card is sleeping06:09
XaeroXMathuin any other way to do that?06:09
SeymourBewtyI really like the way it looks, and it seemed to find drivers for everything except for my onboard audio.06:09
deryli must be blind cause i don't see rifter saying a thing anymore06:09
Jordan_Urymo: It seems that way unfortunately.06:09
Lancelotupgrade question, I have karmic, and I'm trying to upgrade to maverick. It's making me get lucid first though06:09
Lancelotwhy is this?06:09
deryllancelot ~ because the system is designed that way06:10
Jordan_U!upgrade | Lancelot06:10
ubottuLancelot: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:10
deryllancelot ~ the ubuntu site SPECIFICALLY tells you to upgrade through major revisions06:10
PryMaLLancelot: system designed to do step by step upgrades06:10
LancelotI see that now06:10
Lancelotthe page wasn't loading properly for me when I looked06:10
rymoJordan_U: thanks for your help!  I'm going to get an external drive and try a CD.06:10
Lancelotwhich is why I cane here :/06:10
Lancelottoo bad I have to go get tetravex again though D:06:11
Jordan_Urymo: You might want to try the alternate install CD also.06:11
=== Andorin is now known as AK|offline
Jordan_U!alternate | rymo06:11
ubotturymo: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal06:11
rymothanks again!06:11
Jordan_Urymo: You're welcome.06:11
Eventus@Jordan_U: I ran it. How do I give you the results other than just pasting the whole thing in here?06:12
Jordan_U!pastebin | Eventus06:12
ubottuEventus: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:12
SeymourBewtyI'm having trouble getting audio from my onboard C-media CM6501 audio in Ubuntu 10.10.  Does anyone have any experience with this?06:12
derylwow this channel is far far far more busy than ours on efnet06:12
derylcan barely keep up with the chatter!06:13
totic@rifter got it working… had to set it in sleep mode and bring it back up06:13
benjioAnyone see a problem where a laptop synaptics touchpad shows up as a generic ps/2 wheel mouse? It's here and there on the forums but no fix to be found :/06:13
derylhrmm ok now why the hell does the taskbar keep dying and resetting itself06:13
EventusJordan_U: Ok. http://paste.ubuntu.com/510646/06:14
derylnow that is positively weird! My taskbar just keeps dying every so often out of the blue.. takes about a moinute and then reappears.06:15
scohas there been any booting/GRUB problems after upgrading to 10.10?06:15
nwgAnyone know how to make irssi not show join/parts?06:15
izinucsnwg: /ignore #ubuntu joins parts quits .. then /save06:16
wappiejonesanyone here downloaded 10.10?06:16
* izinucs bangs forehead on table06:16
deryluhhhh major release day and you want to know if its been downloaded?06:16
ABGDhi folks, i hope you're all doing well. I have a really unusual problem... My system monitor is showing CPU 1 at 50% usage and CPU2 and 100% usage.. I'm just running pidgin and system monitoring... what is consuming my processors???06:16
scoi did, now im stuck in grub rescue06:16
XaeroXOh wait today was 10.10 release?06:17
ABGDalso note, I have a relatively fresh install of 10.0406:17
derylizinucs ~ bang one more time for me.06:17
derylxaerox ~ hah!06:17
izinucsABGD: in system monitor check the view settings and make sure it says all06:17
XaeroXHahah i just got it :D 10/10/10 Ubuntu 10.10 Comes out06:17
Jordan_Usco: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?06:17
wappiejonesbelieve newbies got to stay with 10.0406:17
derylxaerox ~ i so want to choke you :)06:17
ABGDizinucs: it does say all06:18
XaeroXderyl likewise :)06:18
scoi bairly understood that, but im going to the link06:18
ABGDIt shows CPU2 at 98-100% consistently.. and CPU1 at 60-75% consistently06:18
Jordan_UEventus: Make sure that you're booting from sdb rather than sda, then run "ls" and "set" at the grub shell.06:18
derylxaerox ~ <grin>06:19
izinucsABGD: you could try top from the terminal06:19
Jordan_UEventus: What is the value of $prefix (which will be listed by "set") and is the device in $prefix listed by ls?06:19
ABGDizinucs: can i show you the results?06:19
danellebreoanyone here know how you can increase mouse sensitivity06:19
danellebreomouse pad06:19
nwg@izinucs: thanks. now I can keep up with the chatter ^_^06:20
izinucsABGD: if you'd like.. you'll have to pastebin them06:20
EventusJordan_U: Does $prefix need to be entered at grub rescue>?06:20
ABGDizinucs: http://imgur.com/Q1PVk.png06:20
izinucsnwg: it really tough watching those06:21
ABGDizinucs: what is that item "backend" consuming 88%?06:21
ejvgood morning, upon boot of my new 10.10 installation, i saw 3 errors regarding "modprobe" issues, how do I view them, and then SQUASH them?06:21
izinucsABGD: no idea unless it's auto updates.. did you just install? have you done all the updates yet?06:21
ABGDizinucs: yup i have all updates completed06:22
Jordan_UEventus: No, you need to run "set" at the rescue prompt, to list the value of $prefix.06:22
ABGDizinucs: i just did a google search its coming out to something about printers... i remember tryying to configure my printer and it didn't work.. could that be it?06:22
izinucsABGD: then I'm lost.. maybe someone else will be able to answer that one.06:22
EventusOk. I'll try that06:22
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=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
izinucsABGD: perhaps..06:23
Kevin1aIs it possible to change the default for the session type that is selected in the login menu?  For example if the default is desktop and I have the choice between UNR, desktop, terminal, or safe mode, can I set the default to be terminal?  How?  Thanks.06:23
PovAddictI'm not planning to install Ubuntu, but I want to help with the bittorrent swarm06:23
PovAddictwhich torrents do you think need more bandwidth? are we already at more 64-bit users than 32-bit users?06:23
ABGDok i killed it my processor usage went down06:24
XaeroXholy crap my battery is dead on laptop! It works 7 hours on windows 7, and died within 1 hour on new Ubuntu06:24
izinucsPovAddict: get them both :)06:24
fishsceneIs anyone getting an authentication glitch when elevating privileges? You click "Authenticate", type in your password... and then nothing. The "authenticate" dialoge remains open and nothing happens unless you click the "X" button in the corner... then it proceeds to install.06:24
PovAddictizinucs: I won't get every single .iso.torrent available in the tracker ;)06:24
XaeroXGuys Ubuntu is killing the battery06:24
ABGDwhat is the typical CPU consumption of Ubuntu with Gnome on a Dual Core 2.6Ghz system?06:24
putputtHi can you guys read this?06:24
PovAddictyes putputt06:24
ejvKevin1a: you need to adjust your runlevels.06:24
izinucsPovAddict: just the two live desktop versions.. that's what most download06:24
nwg@izinucs: I guess its a good thing I got here after the swarm of people shouting !out-yet06:25
PovAddictwoah it's saturating my download pipe06:25
ejvKevin1a: in most distros, you can edit inittab and change it to a runlevel that doesn't spawn a display manager, not sure about Ubuntu, google ;)06:25
putputtI'm connected through a raw connection, no client06:25
ejvi'm connected thru a raw client, no connection :D06:25
* ejv drumrolls06:25
putputtYay, are we the only people acting as a client in this channel?06:26
Eventus2Jordan_U: (hd0,1)/boot/grub06:27
windowshasyouso will canonical pay for a new hd since their latest release appears to be killing hds again?06:27
fishscenekilling hard drives?06:27
sin_taxwindowshasyou, really? I was just about to upgrade.. 0_006:27
Kevin1aejv: thanks, I'll check google again.  Actually I want to install UNR for the automatic window maximization and stuff like that, but I hate the unity interface, and want to boot into the default desktop automatically, I was just using the terminal as an example of one of the session options.06:28
windowshasyoufishscene: yep06:28
Jordan_UEventus2: Then you are not booting from sdb, try removing sda if you need to to be sure you are booting from sdb.06:28
nwg@putputt: what exactly do you mean by "raw connection"? did you like manually open your own socket or something?06:28
fishsceneHow does it kill hard drives?06:28
PhrostyBi gotta admit i am liking this new ubuntu!!!06:28
PovAddictwindowshasyou: depends if you paid for support06:28
sin_taxPhrostyB, what are you coming from?06:28
windowshasyoufishscene: talk to jschall in #linux. He installed the latest on his system, rebooted and discovered his hd no longer functioned.06:28
SeymourBewtyMy installation was fine.  I'm just not getting any audio for some reason.  I would appreciate some help with this matter.06:28
Jordan_Uwindowshasyou: That doesn't mean Ubuntu killed his drive.06:29
ejvPhrostyB: agreed.06:29
PovAddictI'm only uploading at 9KB/s, weird06:29
fishscenesorry, pidgin died06:29
PovAddictthere has to be more users downloading06:29
ejvnautilus FINALLY got some pollish, FINALLY.06:29
windowshasyoufishcooker: Its not the first report I've seen about banto 10 killing hds06:29
ejvbeen waiting like 2 years... lol06:29
scoJordan_U: i cant get into Win or Ubntu on my comp (im now on family comp) to download that06:30
fishscenewindowshasyou: How would it kill a hard drive?06:30
windowshasyoufishscene: how did the default kernel for gutsy gibbon kill all those laptop hds?06:30
PovAddictwindowshasyou: tell jschall to come here if he really cares06:30
sin_taxis there a way to toggle out of 'location mode' (Ctrl+L) in nautilus?06:30
windowshasyouPovAddict: nah... hes being redirected to a real distro now06:30
fishsceneI don't even know what you're talking about. If you can't answer a question concerning the validity of your claims, then don't make them.06:31
PovAddictI see no point in going to #linux to hear him rant :P06:31
nwg@sin_tax: I think you just push [ctrl]+L again.06:31
windowshasyoufishscene: hold on... since you are apparently too lazy to use that thing called google...06:31
blakkheimwindowshasyou: what distro might that be06:31
rymo4 hours wasted came down to this: Ubuntu requires the username be all lowercase06:31
ejvrymo: sounds like a bad windows habit ;)06:31
tutuxgyea, whats wrong with lowrcase usernames?06:32
rymoejv: it does! but no indication this was what was preventing me from continuing a fresh 10.10 install06:32
Jyggaofftopic: is there a more elegant way, asking for the actual amount of minutes that passed since some point, other than "after how many minutes ..." ?06:32
windowshasyoufishscene: here is one among many hundreds of articles on that... http://hardware.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=07/10/30/174225806:32
rymoi fully accept a lowercase username! I welcome it, in fact -- but nothing told me this was necessary06:32
naxahi! do you know the right channel asking "how to fit gaussian distributions to multiple peaks?" :)06:32
ejvrymo: tip, if ever your having issue, drop to a fall back terminal (alt+ctrl+f1->f9) and you may get some hints ;)06:33
PovAddictnaxa: #math?06:33
Dandeli'm having troubles with the installer crashing at random places... it's probably not liking the amd 780xt chipset :/06:33
* deryl eats his bacon and eggs and watches the drama unfold06:33
naxaPovAddict, thanks, will try that06:33
fishsceneThat's all I was asking for. Thanks.06:33
rymothere needs to be a red X or a note or something the instant I type that first capital letter, am I wrong to want that?06:33
rymoejv: thanks for that, though I want to contribute to Ubuntu's goal of being friendly for The People, and that isn't so much06:33
ejvrymo: sometimes you gotta give a little to get a lot ;)06:34
rymoso somewhere I need to post my strong recommendation for an addition to the installer UI06:34
macorymo: great idea. please file a bug. ubuntu-bug ubiquity06:34
rymomaco: thanks06:34
nwg@rymo: Hearing that made me lol. I remember when I was first setting up my system and I wanted my username to be in caps, but I'm pretty sure the GUI told me it had to be in lowercase. And yeah, it was indeed an old Windoze habbit.06:34
ejvrymo: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs click the "report a bug"06:35
fishscenewindowshasyou: That article is 3 years old. yikes.06:35
macoejv: itll just take you to a "you're doin it wrong" wiki page which will tell you to do it the way i told rymo to06:35
rymoI accept some of the stupid-user blame on this, but in this case - leaving the Full Name blank took away the green check, but still allowed the install to proceed.  so definitely a bug.06:35
macowindowshasyou: the laptop mode stuff was fixed ages ago06:36
thalibafter the upgrage to 10.1006:36
tutuxgnwg, i remember seeing that too, did they forgot to add that in 10.10?06:36
macowindowshasyou: and please dont call names because someone hasnt heard of a thing you did06:36
rymo(I mean, no-green-check not consistent in meaning)06:36
ejvmaco: oh? *shrug*06:36
windowshasyoumaco: Apparently it hasn't been fixed.06:36
sa-evoNeed help. Have a USB set up for Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit. When booting my netbook from USB it hangs at:06:36
sa-evoSYSLINUX 4.02 2010-07-21 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al06:36
thalibwhen i reboot i get error symbol grub_puts not found06:36
macowindowshasyou: oh? who undid those commits?06:36
bazhangwindowshasyou, lets move along please06:37
putputthow often does freenode send Ping messages?06:37
bazhangputputt, ask in #freenode06:37
derylhow is a pissin contests coing to help others here?06:37
thalibwhen i reboot i get error symbol grub_puts not found06:37
derylerr going06:37
macowindowshasyou: what you said above doesnt make sense. the old bugs were about *over long term usage* not coincidences on first boot06:37
a2fhi, i'm getting an error when i try running apt-get build-dep mplayer. something about a certain file doesn't exist. can someone help?06:37
windowshasyoumaco: so far, in the last 2 hours, I've seen 5 or 6 cases either in irc or on forums where people have tried to install the latest, reboot, and discover their hd is no longer seen by the system.06:37
windowshasyouor hangs on detection06:37
GabeYYZevening everyone06:37
macowindowshasyou: sounds more like a bug in the kernel's ability to detect hard drives then06:38
macowindowshasyou: not a hardware failiure06:38
windowshasyoumaco: its not the kernel... its the motherboards06:38
tutuxga2f, you better tell us exactly what's the output was06:38
a2fone moment06:38
windowshasyouin each case, people have posted that they had to uplug their drives to get the bios to post.06:38
macowindowshasyou: well tell them to file bugs06:38
izinucswindowshasyou: happens sometimes when you have more than 1 drive.. installing grub to both drives usually fixes it.06:38
derylwindowshasyou ~ well for that.. I've got a channel with 140 regular users and as many drive-by users, and not a one has made that complaint. not a single one06:38
a2ftutuxg: E: Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_source_Sources - open (2: No such file or directory)06:39
macowindowshasyou: we have the same code as fedora, slackware, etc. so if kernels are magically letting the blue smoke out of motherboards, itll be happening on those too06:39
thalibwhen i reboot i get error symbol grub_puts not found06:39
deryleither under 10.04 nor 10.10 (so far)06:39
Jordan_Uthalib: Do you have more than one hard drive?06:39
tutuxga2f, do a apt-get update and apt-get upgrade06:39
GabeYYZi downloaded 10.10, burned to a live cd and it worked great06:39
windowshasyoumaco: not exactly since your devs patch everything all to hell. most stuff isn't even recognizable when compared to the vanilla sources06:39
GabeYYZi'll try to update tomorrow and if that goes awry, i'll do a fresh install06:39
Dandeli see 10.10 have i/o errors all over the place.06:39
macowindowshasyou: are patches are pulled from upstream06:40
a2fW: Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/source/Sources in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?)06:40
a2fE: Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.06:40
windowshasyoubut hey, if you want to delude yourself into thinking bantu does nothing to stuff... be my guest06:40
brandon_zIs there any documentation on the new unity interface on maverick?06:40
thalibjordan_U yes06:40
a2ftutuxg: that happens when i try to run apt-get update06:40
macowindowshasyou: we cherrypick patches from current devel and put them on top of a stable kernel release to add support for additional hardware. NOT whole new drivers usually (too invasive).  just quirks.06:40
a2fit updates mos tof them but that error is displayed06:40
Jordan_Uthalib: That error usually means that the components of grub in the mbr don't match those in /boot, which usually means grub is being installed on updates to a drive other than the one you're booting from.06:40
tutuxga2f, it's fine06:40
macowindowshasyou: and im not deluding myself. i have the kernel tree checked out in git here06:40
sa-evoNeed help. Have a USB set up for Ubuntu 10.10 32-bit. When booting my netbook from USB it hangs at:06:41
sa-evoSYSLINUX 4.02 2010-07-21 EDD Copyright (C) 1994-2010 H. Peter Anvin et al06:41
tutuxga2f, just run the build-dep again06:41
Dandellive USB/livecd both display the problems where the installer crashes and system becomes unstable (64-bit)06:41
a2fsame thing tutuxg06:41
bloopletechI'm currently trying to recover a my bollocksed ubuntu system and X is broken at the moment - how do I connect to my WEP secured wireless network from a netroot prompt?06:41
ejvwhere do firefox downloads go...06:41
fishscenesa-evo: I don't know about the final realease, the but Release candidate had an issue with the USB method of installation...06:41
derylejv ~ usually ~/Downloads/06:41
Eventus2Jordan_U: It boots after removing the drive. How do I get it to boot with both drives in? The bios was already set to boot this one first06:42
scowhen i boot up, in DOS, it says06:42
sco"veryfying DMI pool...06:42
scoerror, no such device (long string of numbers & letters)06:42
DandelI'm thinking my problem is a possible kernel bug related to I/O because firefox at times refuses to load because of I/O error.06:42
scogrub rescue>" i cant get into Win Vista or Ubuntu. is there anything anyone can suggest to be?06:42
FloodBot4sco: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:42
ejvderyl: i wiped that folder out at first boot...06:42
ejvderyl: hmmm lol06:42
derylthen your ~/06:42
sa-evofishscene, how can I get Ubuntu on to my netbook then?06:42
bastidrazorfishscene: only if you created persistant space ont he USB. create the liveUSB without any persistant space06:42
bloopletechejv: check your desktop as well06:42
tutuxga2f, im out of luck here :(06:42
Jordan_Usco: Can you boot a liveCD on said computer?06:42
ejvbloopletech: empty06:42
ejvthere a temp folder it reverts to?06:43
scoi didnt make one. im on wubi06:43
liquidejv: go into ubuntu options and check the location on the ifrst tab06:43
sa-evobastidrazor, I didn't use persistance.06:43
tutuxga2f, did u add the mediubuntu repo?06:43
fishsceneah. Like I said, I don't know about the final release, but bastidrazor might have an answer for you there.06:43
derylejv ~ hehe don't wipe that out. a lot of software 9to accomodate Windows users moving to ubuntu) default points at ~/Downloads for stuff downloaded. The only other place it would go would be !/Documents/06:43
a2ftutuxg: let me check...06:43
derylerr ~/Documents06:43
bloopletechejv: then go back to firefox, hit Ctrl+J then right click the download and select 'show in folder' or whichever06:43
ejvok thanks fellas :)06:43
Jordan_Usco: Do you have a windows install CD?06:43
liquidejv: Edit->Preferences->first tab06:44
scoi have a restore cd from geek squad06:44
ejvaha they are in a folder called /tmp/06:44
ejvthx liquid, reset it :D06:44
liquidnetime ejv:)06:44
ejvyea apparently if you wipe downloads out, it falls back to /tmp06:44
ejvclever :D06:45
windowshasyoumaco: sorry, didn't see your posts. I have no doubt that you have the current git sources. The question is is whether you pulled it from the kernel.org git or ubuntu. If its the latter, you probably wouldn't know if it was patched.06:45
nwg@enj: You can find interesting things in /tmp/ :P06:45
deryli so wouldn't like that06:45
Jordan_Usco: Can you burn a copy of Super GRUB2 Disk or an Ubuntu LiveCD?06:45
bloopletechis wpasupplicant used for wep-secured networks or only wpa ones06:45
a2ftutuxg: no medibuntu repos in sources.list06:45
derylthen again i didn't wipe out my directory :) so never ran into that to learn where it would fall back06:45
rymolooks like this is a known issue: #549195 Ubiquity should give visual feedback that username cannot contains capital letter(s) https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/54919506:46
rymomaybe fixed by 11.04? :/06:46
ejvargh, why doesn't openssh-server ship, *growls*06:46
tutuxga2f, try add it and update your repo list, mplayer may be out of reach with default repos06:46
deryla2f ~ medibuntu doesn't seem to have their meerkat stuff in place yet. (I've a ton of stuff from their repos installed and I d0on't get a response for Packages|Packages.gz ect)06:47
izinucsa2f: you have to add it..06:47
macowindowshasyou: i pull it from ubuntu. there's this lovely little command called "git log".  ive also followed the ubuntu-kernel mailing list and irc channel for years. i may not be employed by canonical, but i have a pretty good idea how the kernel team works and how ubuntu development works in general, as i am an ubuntu developer and have contributed to the kernel. we try to maintain the smallest delta from upstream as possible because doing anything else06:47
maco is more work for us. that means, we take patches that are already accepted upstream and backport them in most cases.06:47
Eventus2Jordan_U: It boots after disconnecting the secondary drive. What do I have to do to get it to work with both connected?06:47
izinucs!medibuntu | a2f This will tell you how.06:47
ubottua2f This will tell you how.: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org06:47
sa-evoIs there a way to do a full installation through Wubi? Since my USB drive won't work for it...06:47
nwgAnyone know how to put time or bandwidth limits on apt-p2p?06:47
tutuxgderyl, didnt they just link the lucid one for now?06:48
sweetpibloopletech: it can be used for both06:48
bloopletechsweetpi: thanks will try and use that to connect y wifi06:48
windowshasyoumaco: Ah so you were one of the ones that claimed there was nothing wrong whatsoever with the gutsy kernel even though it was killing the laptop hds... Can you give me one reason why I should place any faith in your word? specially since I lost an hd trying that mess?06:48
Rhcp1253Urg, my MacBook is spazzing on grub boot. Any ideas? All that happens is it shows some weird character, and freezes06:48
Jordan_UEventus2: Plug in the second drive, boot from a liveCD, then follow these instructions up to step 2.06:48
brandon_zNeed help with newest unity desktop in 10.10, I think its inferior to the previous version and it runs extremely slow on my netbook.  I'd like to ditch the newest unity desktop and go back to the previous one (10.04), but it seems that's not possible based on this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1592796.  Is there any documentation out yet on 10.10 UNR?06:49
deryltutuxg ~ I saw that in the sources.list.d but wasn't sure if it was done becauswe it was a manual add or if it was locked out for a reason until I reenabled it and tried to update06:49
a2ftutuxg and izinucs and deryl, i can install mplayer if i wanted to (with current repo settings) but not the build-dep.06:49
macowindowshasyou: i didnt say anything about gutsy other than "fixed now"06:49
liquidnwg: check in /etc/apt-p2p.conf06:49
Dandelhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/510661/ (dmesg log showing errors)06:49
macowindowshasyou: well and that it was a long-term issue. it was a matter of extra wear & tear on the drives over the course of *years*06:49
Jordan_UEventus2: Once you've chrooted (which is step 2 of that guide) run "dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc" and when asked what drives to install grub to select both (don't select any partitions).06:49
macowindowshasyou: wear & tear does not accumulate in only the 15 minutes it takes to install. something else must be wrong06:50
deryla2f ~ we're just discussing a couple issues the medibuntu sources.list.d/ addition we make brings up. its backchatter06:50
scoJordan_U: it all depends on how memory is needed for one or the other06:50
bazhangderyl, should be up the next day or two06:50
derylmaco ~ hah! took me 4 hours to download all the packages at 500kB/s and another 3 to actually apply :)06:50
windowshasyoumaco: I'll be back in a minute... your last 3 posts have me laughing so hard that I have tears in my eyes06:50
macoderyl: well a CD install takes 15 minutes ;-)06:51
derylbazhang ~ figuring as much. i was just under the impression they timed their updates to the release date06:51
* maco hands windowshasyou a tissue06:51
derylmaco ~ hehe touche06:51
Jordan_Usco: What do you mean?06:51
robbievhey all, I upgraded to 10.10. All is well except the process "events/1" will consume my cpu every 2 sec or so. It messes up my keyboard input. Any ideas?06:51
raypengAsk your question?06:51
bazhangderyl, they do, the guy from webupd8 has filed a bug and should be online shortly, though not as needed these days as software center can do most if not all as medibuntu stuff06:52
derylbazhang ~ ahh yeah, i just use them for the restricted stuff. codecs et al06:52
Eventus2Jordan_U: I don't see the link. It might be because I'm on my phone06:52
derylmy stuff works that i had previously installed from 10.04 so it's a non issue for me at the moment. however, you did clarify enough for me so i know i was on the right track.06:53
Jordan_UEventus2: Sorry, forgot to paste the link :) http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide06:53
derylbazhang ~ thinking and knowing are not the same thing :) you took me from thinking it was one way to knowing it was one way and why it wasn't acting that way :)06:53
* Gnurdux needs someone who is on Maverick and has an ATI 5000 series card06:54
Eventus2Jordan_U: ok I'll give it a shot06:54
scoJordan_U: i only have CD-Rw disks to use. is Live CD or Super grub going to fit on 700MB?06:54
bloopletechGnurdux: I have a mobility radeon hd 565006:54
Gnurduxbloopletech, are you on Maverick?06:54
bloopletechI just upgraded to maverick06:54
Gnurduxcan you install the ATI stream SDK?06:55
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
bloopletechbut my system is currenlty broken because of the upgrade and stuff06:55
Rhcp1253Needs some help. I can't figure out why my grub isn't working06:55
Gnurduxbloopletech, oh06:55
bloopletechsorry ;)06:55
Jordan_Usco: Both will fit, Ubuntu's liveCD is 695 meg and Super GRUB2 Disk is only 1.4 meg :)06:55
alexjpsis anyone having an problem with the 10.10 update, not being able to boot into windows or ubuntu, or any other OS...?06:55
bloopletechI might be able to help once my system's fixed06:55
brandon_zAnybody using Maverick UNR here?06:55
rymoWindows-y or not, there have to be a LOT of first-timers out there who would also naturally attempt to type their first name in Proper Case as their username06:55
derylalexjps ~ more detail06:55
fishsceneUNR = ?06:55
=== sorah_off is now known as sora_h
rymoI can't believe this has been noticed since at least march and nothing done to fix it06:56
bazhang!une | fishscene06:56
ubottufishscene: Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a slightly altered version of Ubuntu, optimised for small screens. For more information, please see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UNR - support in #ubuntu06:56
Jordan_URhcp1253: Is this after a fresh install?06:56
derylrymo ~ don't think anyone here is denying that06:56
alexjpsi used the software update within 10.04 to upgrade to 10.10, which took about a half hour.06:56
Gnurduxi'm trying to figure out why clEnqueueAcquireGLObjects is segfaulting06:56
alexjpsit said it needed a reboot06:56
alexjpsso i did06:56
Rhcp1253Yes, several actually06:56
derylalexjps ~ more on 1 line please06:56
Blue1firefox seems to lockup.  chrome and google are fine.  what;s up with that?06:56
alexjpsbut it gave me the grub rescue06:56
derylalexjps ~ more on 1 line please06:56
rymojust venting.  a lot of time wasted needlesly.06:56
rymoi'm keeping 10.04 on this machine a while longer until I'm sure my friend has no more problems06:57
derylrymo ~ from what you're describing i agree that's NOT intuitive06:57
misspapayareally quickly, how do I edit kernel arguments in grub2?06:57
misspapayais there an easy way like in grub1?06:57
rymoand I guess I'll have to remain cautious about recommending self-installs to more newbies for the time being06:57
Jordan_Umisspapaya: Hold shift during boot to get the grub menu, then press "e" to edit the menu entry and ctrl+x to execute the edited entry.06:57
rymoso close and yet so far!06:57
Rhcp1253It's a MacBook 5,1, and at this point I'm about ready to trade it in for a thinkpad. Da#n apple06:58
misspapayaJordan_U: will that save it or just execute what I wrote?06:58
sa-evoI think I might just have to do a USB install of 10.04 instead, as that should work.06:58
Cryptolol I see thats a popular topic in here06:58
Jordan_Umisspapaya: Just execute what you wrote. If you want to make a permanent change then edit /etc/default/grub then run "sudo update-grub".06:58
Cryptobug 608382?06:58
Cryptoaka 'this thing wont boot from USB?06:59
misspapayaJordan_U: thanks06:59
venky10Is ubuntu shipped with Mac's hardware drivers?06:59
Jordan_Umisspapaya: You're welcome.06:59
sa-evoCrypto, yep it seems to be.06:59
sa-evoNot sure how else I'd get Ubuntu on a netbook.06:59
Jordan_Uvenky10: Mac hardware is PC hardware, so yes.06:59
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »06:59
CryptoIve got no linux boxes in the house right now, so Im in the same boat, only I have to use the windows pendrive creator06:59
Cryptolooks like Im boned until they fix something, I think06:59
rusivivenky10 Friends of mine have used the Live CD of Maverick on a Mac Book Pro successfully.06:59
Rhcp1253venky10: depends which hardware though06:59
CryptoI took the ui out of syslinux.cfg and now it hoses with that gfxboot config error07:00
ejvbtw, what's the command line tool to add a PPA?07:00
venky10Jordan_U : For example, the multitouch touchpad recognition. I guess you need separate drivers for it07:00
ejvtotally forgot...07:00
nwgejv: apt-add-repository I belive07:00
paradizelosthey all, i'm trying to install the netbook version of 10.10 on my U10007:00
ejvthx nwg07:01
bazhangejv, add-apt-repository you mean?07:01
Jordan_Uvenky10: No, their multitouch touchpads are nothing mac specific.07:01
paradizelostand it just sits there at the SYSLINUX screen07:01
Cryptohow is it that this is a pretty critical bug that was opened in JULY, and it persisted until after release07:01
ejvbazhang: prolly lol07:01
Cryptoparadizelost: get in line, lol. Thats a popular unfixed bug07:01
bazhangejv, the full thing is listed on the PPA page07:01
Rhcp1253But there is a 3rd party driver for the apple multitoucg, wish I had my computer rite now07:01
sa-evoCrypto, paradizelost; perhaps we should just go to 10.04 and upgrade?07:01
paradizelostany other way to get it on my netbook? i have no cd/dvd rom to attach07:01
Jordan_Uvenky10: Though multitouch gesture support in Ubuntu, other than two finger scrolling / three finger tap for middle click, is not great at the moment.07:01
misspapayaJordan_U: I didn't see any kernel lines in that file07:02
paradizelostmy other option is to go back to win 707:02
Cryptosa-evo: we're just trying out the livecd because we didnt care for 10.0407:02
Cryptosa-evo: we're not installing yet07:02
Jordan_Umisspapaya: Edit GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX07:02
Rhcp1253I hate macs07:02
Jordan_U!grub2 | misspapaya07:02
ubottumisspapaya: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub207:02
jukdamn it! /var/mbox supposed to be a file07:02
paradizelosti've had issues getting ubuntu installed on my netbook in the past too07:02
misspapayaokay thanks I'll stop bothering now07:03
paradizelostnot just with 10.1007:03
bloopletechwhere are my wireless network passwords stored on my filesystem?07:03
Rhcp1253Efi makes no sense07:03
alexjpsi upgraded within ubuntu desktop from 10.04 to 10.10, but after the reboot, the grub loader doesn't run and there's no way to boot into either Windows, or Ubuntu. has anyone else had this issue? i get the grub rescue error.07:03
Rhcp1253Anyone know why I keep getti g this error?07:03
a2fanyone recommend a usenet downloader for kde?07:03
yoyo, is there a way to install the new ubuntu on my netbook?07:04
Rhcp1253Sorry if I'm being annoying07:04
aoglobalent684I am insatalling Ubuntu 10 and need help with partitioning my hard drive. I can not have it automaticly done for me, because I am installing a software on myu new Ubuntu that requires its own seperate partition. Taht being said, I need to install Primary drive = seond drive - swap drive. Can any one help me through this process?07:04
Cryptoyo: not right now, no07:04
Jordan_Ualexjps: Do you have more than one hard drive?07:04
yoCrypto :(07:04
Cryptoyo: theres an open bug about the USB sticks not booting on 10.1007:04
Cryptoyo: unfortunately its been an open bug SINCE JULY07:04
alexjpsJordan_U: i have ubuntu on my external and windows on my hdd on my laptop07:04
yobad luck07:04
derylyo careful. swearing is not allowed in here07:04
paradizelostCrypto did no one test it before releasing it?07:05
derylyo ~ I constantly get popped for forgetting :)07:05
nwgWhen I want to do a fresh install, I usually "burn" the liveCD to a flashdrive with http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/07:05
Cryptoparadizelost: one would have thought so, but I dunno. I think the testers all made assumptions that might not have been true07:05
yoderyl are you a bot07:05
aoglobalent684Neep help with partitioning my drives for Ubuntu 1007:05
yook then07:05
derylas human as the rest :)07:05
Jordan_Ualexjps: What happens when you try to boot from the internal drive?07:05
yowell im screwed07:05
rymofunny, I just noticed that at least 20% or better of the people in this room have a capital letter on their username :)07:05
deryli don' tknow I don't own a netbook07:06
rymoshame upon them all!07:06
derylHP CQ61 here07:06
Cryptonwg: lol Note to Ubuntu 10.04 users installing 10.10: The version of UNetbootin from Ubuntu's repositories is outdated and doesn't support Ubuntu 10.10.07:06
paradizelosti noticed the screenshots haven't been updated since 9.10 or 9.04 on the instructions section of the netbook site07:06
Cryptothats on the unetbootin page07:06
Rhcp1253rymo: my iPod autocorrects it07:06
yowould you guys recommend a mac? hehe07:06
rymoRhcp1253: hopefully Ubiquity will, too... someday07:06
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
deryl*I* would but then again I code mainly in ruby and rails so ..07:07
mikeruwhere's the clock indicator?07:07
mikeruI still see the old applet07:07
mikeruwasn't a new clock indicator made for maverick?07:07
Rhcp1253It's 2 am here. I just realized07:07
alexjpsJordan_U: it gives the same error as when i try to use the alternate hdd07:07
yothis is an interesting huge server07:07
derylyo ~ i'd say probably 90 to 95% of ruby and rails coders do so on Macs. (I'm a throwback cheapy that sticks with x86/x86_64 hardware)07:07
Selacanybody can tell me how to enable USB ports in Ubuntu 10.1007:07
naxahas intel support for 8xx cards been improved in 10.10?07:08
BentSpaceWhy does Ubuntu recommend the 32-bit version of 10.10 on the download page vs. the 64 bit version?07:08
yoreally 95 programmers of ruby use mac?07:08
derylbentspace ~ because many people still use 32bit07:08
derylmostly on old hardware07:08
inuyasha10121Hello, I was wondering if someone could assist me in turning my ubuntu into an online webserver.  Iḿ trying to host some applications for others to access and utilize.  Ive tried fiddling with Apache, but I cant quite figure it out.07:08
Xeakincan i get some help pls? =)07:08
yoderyl do you have a developer page or something07:08
alexjpsJordan_U: it says something like "error: not on disk:  xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxx" where the x's are a bunch of letters and numbers.07:08
Ryen!ask | Xeakin07:08
Jordan_UBentSpace: Issues with flash on 64 bit, and because some people only have 32 bit hardware.07:08
ubottuXeakin: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:08
derylyo no07:08
dogmatic69inuyasha10121: #httpd could help you if you dont get help here07:08
Xeakinok ubottu thanks im pretty new here lol07:09
Ryen!thanks | Xeakin07:09
ubottuXeakin: You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)07:09
massmc10.10, how does it work?07:09
aoglobalent684NEDD Help in partitioning my Drives in Ubuntu 10 install07:09
BentSpaceBut if you have a 64-bit capable system does Ubuntu recommend using the 64-bit version?07:09
alexjpsJordan_U: i can reboot and try again and get the exact error, but im not able to boot windows or ubuntu from either hdd, im using the live disc07:09
derylyo i deal with companies like the canadian cat association, american cat association, private local firms ect. word of mouth mostly. (I'm in no way a huge name)07:09
Jordan_Ualexjps: Can you run boot info script as explained here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and pastebin the RESULTS.txt ?07:09
inuyasha10121@dogmatic Thanks for the advice, I will move there if I don get a response soon.07:09
derylbentspace ~ yes07:09
dogmatic69inuyasha10121: it is more apache related than ubuntu though :)07:10
Xeakinok ive installed ubuntu 10.10 two times, i have windows 7 and when i do install unbuntu, windows is listen in grub2 but when i choose it to boot with it, it just doesnt, it keep commin back to grub2 menu over and over, first time this happen to me07:10
alexjpsJordan_U: sure, i already ran that. gimme a minute. thanks in advance :)07:10
derylbentspace ~ you get the one for your specific hardware. if you have a 32bit, get the 32bit. if 64...07:10
BentSpaceJordan_U, deryl,  does 10.10 64 bit still have a problem with flash?07:10
inuyasha10121@dogmatic69: Yeah, I just didnt really know where to go to07:10
Jordan_UXeakin: You accidentily installed grub to your windows partition.07:11
derylbentspace ~ not that I have seen. I'm on 10.10 with 64bit flash and I've no issues07:11
nmvictorubuntu 10.10  is finally here, huree..e!07:11
stoopkitcan i atp-get upgrade my 10.10.rc1 to 10.10final?07:11
paradizelostnwg thanks for the suggestion. it appears to be working so far07:11
derylxeakin ~ or you have 2 partitions (some laptops have 2 partitions. 1 boots windows the other actually holds windows like the HP line does)07:11
paradizelostat least it's at a splash screen07:11
wktianubuntu10.10is better than ubuntu10.04?07:11
XeakinJordan_U windows seven makes a partition of like 100 megabytes for the mbr thats where i tell grub2 to install not where windows is wich is another partition07:11
BentSpacederyl, Jordan_U, sweet, thank you.07:11
derylcould be that it's trying to boot from the windows second partition but that's not set up to boot, only trhe first is.07:12
nwgCrypto: I used to have this memory stick that I had put all sorts of fun things on including PartedMagic, NT Password Recovery (http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/), and an Ubuntu LiveCD. It was so much fun! I could take it to campus and (since the computers there didn't have the BIOS protected) I could boot from it and never leave my comfortable Linux environment. ^_^07:12
lou1234what is the best way to determine the mount point for your dvdrw drive?  I have checked fstab and mtab but I don't have a point in there however when i load a music cd ubuntu loads it up07:12
Jordan_UXeakin: You should never install grub to a partition.07:12
paradizelostyo, go to http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/ and use that07:12
derylthat's something you have to find out for your laptop07:12
paradizelostits working for me so far07:12
deryljordan_u ~ you sure he's installing to the partition and not the MBR?07:12
Jordan_UXeakin: That 100 meg partition is Windows's equivelent of a separate /boot, it is needed for booting windows.07:12
XeakinJordan_U ive done it like that with older ubuntu versions, how should i do then?07:12
Jordan_Uderyl: Yes.07:12
deryljordan_u ~ ok07:12
Xeakinwhere grub2 goes? lol im lost07:13
derylhehe yeah don't delete that 100MB windows partition. SO a bad idea07:13
alexjpsJordan_U: i have it in the pastebin,     http://paste.ubuntu.com/510674/07:13
Jordan_UXeakin: Install to the mbr, e.g. /dev/sda rather than /dev/sda107:13
tarelerulzDo you all know where the  webm video is stored  on Ubuntu 10.01?07:13
Xeakinok i will, thank you very much =)07:13
aoglobalent684I NEED HELP Can Any one help mke?07:14
derylNOT IF YOU YELL07:14
Xeakini have another question, here it goes: the cpu fun keeps workin like crazy even when im doing nothing at all, any clue why could that be?07:14
aoglobalent684I have asked like 3 times lool07:14
Jordan_UXeakin: Just installing grub to the right place wont fix your windows partition though, to do that follow these instructions: http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/bootinfoscript/index.php?title=Boot_Problems:Boot_Sector07:14
Xeakincpu fan i ment*07:14
rev087I got two big issues after upgrading to 10.10: 1) picking the 2.6.35 kernel from Grub makes me stuck in a black screen and 2) using the 2.6.32 it boots but there doesn't seem to be support for nividia07:14
derylaoglobalent684 ~ well thenh wait until someone answers07:14
paradizelostXeakin could be your fan is plugged with dust07:14
derylaoglobalent684 ~ if they know they will. if they don't they wont07:14
aoglobalent684I need help partitioning my hard drives for an Ubuntu 10 instal07:14
nwgCrypto: Unfortunatly, one time when I tried to use it in my camera, it decided the files on there would make a good snack. :P07:15
Xeakinit doesnt do it in windows 7 paradizelost07:15
=== massmc1 is now known as JimBoogie
derylaoglobalent684 ~ let the installer do it07:15
nkdoodwalaoglobalent684: use gparted07:15
derylaoglobalent684 ~ you're going to annoy me REAL fast07:15
Cryptookay, Im using the current-brand-new version of netbootin07:15
aoglobalent684deryl the software that I need to run on Ubuntu requires me to have a seperate partitioned drive and I can't do that with the auto partitioning07:15
Cryptoits writing out now. I'll reboot and try to see if it comes up afterwards07:15
vaibhavAny tool by which I can monitor bandwidth of LAN, want to monitor bandwidth being used by each PC in LAN..07:16
Jordan_Ualexjps: It's a known bug in wubi that I am ashamed hasn't been fixed yet.07:16
derylaoglobalent684 ~ then use the manual partitioner. the options specifically allow you to manually partition07:16
derylits just a simple checkbox on the screen07:16
alexjpsJordan_U: how can i get around this?07:16
JimBoogie10.10, how does it work07:16
derylaoglobalent684 ~ actually READ the pages as you install07:16
aoglobalent684deryl, sorry I typed your name and hit enter without writing what I needed to say, IT happened by mistake07:16
CryptoJimBoogie: miracle07:16
pete__can we adjust the time out function on 10.207:17
alexjpsJordan_U: is this something i have to just... essentially, deal with, until its fixed?07:17
nmvictorIm am not asked for the password at login, using Lucid lynx. Settings at System>Administration>Users and Groups are ok, I just dont know why I am automatically logged in? i have poset the issue at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=9951451#post9951451 for more information07:17
aoglobalent684deryl that is what I need help with, when I try to do it, it doesn't allow me to do so and I think I am doing some thing wrong....07:17
derylok i'm steppin away before i choke someone07:17
nwgaoglobalent684: do you need help with how *to* partition, or with how things should *be* partitioned?07:17
Rhcp1253deryl: lol07:18
nowimprovedim trying to upgrade form 10.0.4 but it says Ubuntu 'Maverick Meerkat' development release07:18
Jordan_Ualexjps: If you can boot an Ubuntu liveCD then "sudo apt-get install mbr; sudo install-mbr /dev/sda" (if sda is your internal drive, whatever you do do *NOT* select a partition like sda1) should fix it untill the next upgrade of the grub-pc package.07:18
aoglobalent684nwg, how to. I tried to partition them myself and it seemed to not work properly07:18
nowimprovedDo not install it on production machines.07:18
woulfeUbuntu 10.10 64 Bit, New install, (Nvidia Geforce GT 240 ) Screen Freeze.07:18
aoglobalent684nwg, I need thre partitions primary (Ubuntu) - second - Swap07:19
alexjpsokay. well on the pastebin i sent, ubuntu is on the sda5, i believe...07:19
aoglobalent684nwg oops three 307:19
vaibhav Any tool by which I can monitor bandwidth of LAN, want to monitor bandwidth being used by each PC in LAN.. I Tried but etherape which gives stats of my IP only.. How I can monitor Ethernet activity of other IP's? please help me out..07:19
PwrSurgedoes anyone know how to fix the synaptics touchpad sensitivity issue?07:19
alexjpsJordan_U: okay. well on the pastebin i sent, ubuntu is on sda5, i believe... sda1 and sda2 would be my windows/ntfs partitions on the internal drive, correct?07:19
PwrSurgethat came since jaunty07:20
Jordan_Usco: Tell me when you have Super GRUB2 Disk or an Ubuntu LiveCD burned.07:20
Exploiteris there is any command to count the number of users in the room?? irc command??07:20
aphexTwinhey guys, total ubuntu noob here... just wanna know how to get my wireless internet card working on ubuntu.. on windows 7 right now07:20
gschweppvaibhav: i heard of an project years ago. Try to google gnucomo07:20
rwwExploiter: "/names -count" does that in irssi07:20
nwgaoglobalent684: I personally don't like the partitioner in the installer, so I usually do the grunt work with GParted and then simply select where/what things are with the installer.07:21
CajunTechieHey everyone. How can I run a set of commands when a user logs in?07:21
Rhcp1253Jordan_U: wait. There's a super grub2 disk?! IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR SO LONG!07:21
albackerhello, is maverick stable?07:21
Exploiterrww: not working in xchat.. :| anyways..07:21
rwwExploiter: #xchat might know, if nobody here does07:21
aoglobalent684nwg, so I would get that software and allocate accordingly before or after I do the install?07:21
moetunes!autostart | CajunTechie07:21
ubottuCajunTechie: To add programs to start up when you log into your Gnome session go to System>Preferences>Sessions and use the Startup Programs tab. For more information, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup - See !boot for starting non-interactive programs at boot07:21
CajunTechieMoetunes: This is an SSH session07:22
Jordan_URhcp1253: Yup, has been for a while now :)07:22
woulfeUbuntu 10.10 64 Bit, New install, (Nvidia Geforce GT 240 ) Screen Freeze.07:22
Rhcp1253Wow, fail by me07:22
Rhcp1253Ah, things learned at 3 am07:23
tarelerulzhave any of you looked at a webm video ?07:23
aoglobalent684nwg, is there a more entry level irc chat for ubuntu where people might be able to help me that you know of?07:23
nwgCajunTechie: try thier ~/.profile07:23
moetunesCajunTechie:  in .bashrc then07:23
bazhang!ot > tarelerulz07:23
ubottutarelerulz, please see my private message07:23
CajunTechieCool thank you!07:23
derylnot sure which i enjoy more. the smell mf febreeze or the smell of freshly cooked bacon :)07:24
Rhcp1253deryl: more things learned at 3 am -_-07:24
derylhehe yep :)07:24
Jordan_Usco: Tell me when you have Super GRUB2 Disk or an Ubuntu LiveCD burned.07:24
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
woulfeUbuntu 10.10 64 Bit, New install, (Nvidia Geforce GT 240 ) Anyone know where to download driver.07:25
nwgaoglobalent684: I'm an irc noob, but I'm sure there are some. There's also the forums.07:25
XeakinCan someone tell me wich is a good partitioning for ubuntu? like how much for / and how much for /home and /swap cant find like solid info so far07:25
bazhangXeakin, how big a hard drive. single or dual boot07:25
scoworing on the ISO, trying to find a good sper grub 2 site07:25
Jordan_Uwoulfe: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers07:25
ejvXeakin: and how much ram do you already have?07:26
jasawoulfe, use the "Additional Drivers" from System menu, it works ... press activate and reboot when it's done/claims so.07:26
Xeakinbazhang dual boot i can use like 200 gb for linux07:26
i_is_brokewoulfe, it does  i am using it now.07:26
nwgaoglobalent684: But yeah, I use GParted to create/resize/move partitions all before hand.07:26
Xeakini have 4gb of ram07:26
woulfe@Jordan_U thats understandable but, ive done this and screen resolution is not correct, like its on default driver.07:26
Rhcp1253deryl: I prefer the smell of severed limbs. Maybe that's just me...07:26
derylejv ~ hehe careful with that. i advocate at least equal to ram (for a full ram swapout if needed) but that always starts a war so careful ;)07:27
Jordan_Usco: Yea, the download page needs to be much more discoverable, http://download.berlios.de/supergrub/super_grub_disk_hybrid-1.98s1.iso07:27
i_is_brokewoulfe, the use the nvidia settings instead.07:27
derylrhcp1253 ~ haloweenie :)07:27
bazhangXeakin, 250MB for /boot   2GB swap   20 GB for /  and the rest for a separate /home partition07:27
Lankswhy is it that when i do apt-get update nothing downloads but when i use the update manager theres packages to update?07:27
rogergrjust don't know...07:27
Xeakinbaz thanks! :D07:27
jukwhere is my private/publick keys?07:27
woulfe@jasa There is nothing listed in there.07:27
RyenLanks: Because update gets anything that you need to 'upgrade'07:27
Rhcp1253deryl: I'm making a bionic pumpkin! It's awesome!07:27
Jordan_ULanks: I think you may have "apt-get update" and "apt-get upgrade" confused.07:28
derylanyways, methinks I'm going to go to bed. too much to do in the morning07:28
derylrhcp1253 ~ hahahah niiice07:28
RyenLanks: If you want to update from the terminal, use the command sudo apt-get upgrade07:28
Lanksok thanks for clarifying for me ryen and jordan07:28
deryljuk ~ .ssh for ssh .gnupg for gpg/pgp07:28
Jordan_ULanks: You're welcome.07:28
Rhcp1253Crap. It's too late 2 be up. Ok, night ppl07:28
uLinuxwhy i do not see Maverick in UBuntu updates?07:28
Rhcp1253And sorry pr the curse07:28
Jordan_UuLinux: Your apt mirror probably hasn't been updated yet.07:29
deryljuk ~ ONLY share the ones for gpg/pgp marked with .pub as the extension. the other is your secret key. BACK THAT UP AND PROTECT IT07:29
bazhanguLinux, do you have checked only look for LTS?07:29
uLinuxlet me see07:29
derylanways.. i'm out for the night. later all07:29
uLinuxyeah bazhang07:29
uLinuxit's LTS only07:29
vaibhavgschwepp: thanks,  It seems like capturing activities of own Ethernet.07:29
bazhanguLinux, uncheck it07:29
uLinuxbazhang: i will upgrade manually07:30
uLinuxi was just curious07:30
jukderyl: thanks, I thinking what would I do with that07:30
MathuinWhat's the best way to file a proper bug report?  I have a reproducible problem that causes a segfault.07:30
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:30
uLinuxnow it shows 10.10 available07:30
jasaRunning that of 10.10, feels pleasant overally, atleast after removing packages and freeing over the cd amount of packages it shipped with. = )07:31
jasaUncompressed of course.07:32
uLinuxwhat's the use of "Add CD-ROM..." in Other Software tab?07:32
nwgheh. I noticed my system had set itself to "LTS only" after it had updated to 10.0407:32
MuscovyIn GParted, how can I move/resize a partition to use free space that's in front of it?07:32
Cryptowell, okay, I can confirm that using the current daily build of unetbootin will boot up a 10.10 USB key07:32
peepsalothow can I see what repo a package is in?07:32
nitsMuscovy: check the box that says beginning07:33
Cryptoso make sure to add that as a data point for the 50,000 people that come in here between now and whenever the ubuntu web site has correct information07:33
Cryptoso, lol unity and X on 10.10 apparently hate my intel GMA graphics card07:33
nwgMuscovy: Click on the partition you want to move/resize and then click on the third button from the left.07:33
* Nimrodel is now away, auto-away after 20 minutes (log\on pager\on)07:34
XeakinOk my last question, wow i wish i discover irc sooner :)07:34
uLinuxi didnt found a video showing how to upgrade manually by keeping the /home partition07:34
ejvthat's not even a question... >:\07:34
XeakinThe Cpu Fan when im on ubuntu works like crazy even if i have like no app runing, why is that?07:34
Cryptounity wont start and X is stuck at 1024x76807:34
MuscovyIt doesn't seem to acknowledge the space in front of it, nwg.07:34
nwgMuscovy: Then drag/drop the partition however you want, or enter sizes manually if you want.07:34
MathuinSo will the 'additional drivers' widget magically update when there's a new Nvidia driver, or do I have to do something special?07:35
GrimdinWhen should update-manager to show update to 10.10 is avail, cant see it yet07:35
nwgMuscovy: oh. hrm. Are extended partitions involved here in any way?07:35
jukderyl: Is it better to use pgp ir openssl for enryption signing etc.?07:35
Muscovy...Yes they are, nwg.07:35
=== AK|offline is now known as Andorin
MuscovyI guess, worst case scenario I play data tetris and reinstall that machine.07:36
MuscovyThe Maverick partition is too small currently.07:37
=== sailerboy is now known as zz_sailerboy
nwgMuscovy: If the space is not inside the extended partition, you have to drag the extended partition to fill it first, and then drag the inside partition into the new space.07:37
KeithWeissharI'm having trouble installing the 64-bit version of Ubuntu, it freezes during installation when it says installing system07:37
liquidGrim in update manger settings change the update to normal release07:37
XeakinThe Cpu Fan when im on ubuntu works like crazy even if i have like no app runing, why is that?07:37
KeithWeissharwith the progress bar about 3/4 complete07:37
stoopkitXeakin: what kind of computer do you have?07:38
floriani've got a big problem with pulseaudio07:38
nwgMuscovy: Although I know I've had issues with things being reported as "in use" even when they are unmounted.07:38
Grimdinliquid, ah, thats it, that fixed it, thx07:38
KeithWeisshari'm unable to complete the installation of the 64-bit version of ubuntu07:38
KeithWeissharit stalls about 80%07:38
Muscovynwg: Ah, gotcha.07:38
liquidnetime Grim :)07:38
floriani get this message if i try to record: pa_stream_connect_record() failed: No such entity07:38
florianplayback is no problem07:38
Xeakinstoopkit amd quadcore phenomx4 2.8, 4gb ram ati radeon 4800 hd07:39
andriijaswhy does do-release-upgrade say theres no new version to me?07:39
woulfeUbuntu 10.10 64 Bit, New install, (Nvidia Geforce GT 240 ) Anyone know where to download driver07:39
Muscovynwg: Thanks, I'll let it partition overnight. :D07:39
Mathuinwoulfe: the Nvidia proprietary drivers have not been updated yet.07:39
StunnedByNewsam i stealing07:40
StunnedByNewsby using ubuntu07:40
woulfe@Mathuin is there anything that i can do to use the gt 240?07:40
nwgMuscovy: 'Welcome. I've done over-night partitioning myself before ^_^07:40
KeithWeissharcan you help me with the installation issue07:40
StunnedByNewsit says it in his letter07:41
plouffewhat's the name of 10.10? Is it perfect 10?07:41
liquidstunned: no u r not stealing, though with it u can07:41
KeithWeisshari have a evga x58 3x sli motherboard with a core i7 cpu and 12gb of ram07:41
Muscovynwg: Same. I once decided to fill up a 15 MB gap at the front of the drive. THAT was a fun 8 hours.07:41
richardcavellEvening all.  What's this about Ubuntu having social networking stuff on the desktop?  What do people think of it?  I need to know whether to make the upgrade.07:41
KeithWeisshari'm having an issue with installation of the 64-bit version of ubuntu07:41
StunnedByNewsbut i am confused. ubuntu is a hobbyist ?OS?07:41
Mathuinwoulfe: I am using my GeForce 880 (I think that's it) with the nouveau drivers and it's fine.07:41
KeithWeissharthe installation is very slow and often stalls07:41
randomOfAmberStunnedByNews: that's so old :P07:41
PhrostyBKeithWeisshar, i think it's slow too... but it's no big deal really07:42
Mathuinrichardcavell: there's a panel applet that interfaces to chat, mail, and broadcast (think digg, twitter) accounts.07:42
KeithWeisshari have checked the cd for defects and it says no errors found07:42
StunnedByNewsbut it is official document07:42
StunnedByNewsi don't want to go to jail07:42
Mathuinwoulfe: I can't play video games yet.07:42
Muscovyrichardcavell: Ubuntu has chat and "microblogging" clients installed, as a more direct method of using the services than a browser.07:42
woulfe@Mathuin what is the nouveau driver?07:42
randomOfAmberStunnedByNews: lol, don't worry ;D07:42
MathuinStunnedByNews: it's also older than three quarters of the people in this channel, I suspect.07:42
Mathuin!package nouveau07:42
richardcavellMuscovy: Is it like Twitterific on OS X?07:42
StunnedByNewswell i just don't want to be around when the hammer drops if it does07:42
Muscovyrichardcavell: They're particularly nice for alerts and so on.07:42
randomOfAmberStunnedByNews: you're not serious ..?07:43
MuscovyI'm afraid I don't know what Twitterific is.07:43
KeithWeissharit stalls at about 80% at installing system07:43
StunnedByNewsit is a real document07:43
MuscovyBut I would guess it's like that.07:43
Mathuinwoulfe: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Nouveau07:43
dxrtrandomofamber: He's trolling.07:43
StunnedByNewsno i am not07:43
StunnedByNewsi saw it in his biography07:43
liquid /agree troll07:43
StunnedByNewsbill gates wrote that07:43
randomOfAmberdxrt: yeah probably, xD.  I'm just too tired to notice >.<07:43
KeithWeissharthe installation gets stuck at around 80%07:43
nwgMuscovy: lol. Yeah, I hate random little unusable unallocated bits. Also, I do my best to have my entire system in a single extended partition, although on the few computers that still have a bootable Windoze on them, those have to stay outside and then... things get complicated.07:43
dxrtStunnedByNews: So what?07:43
fishscene1I need to know ASAP what protocol is used for UBUNTU ONE. Is it using some kind of torrent protocol?07:43
ejvnew question, i select a new wallpaper, and it doesn't fade in... why did it break? does this have something to do with applying the restricted drivers (that all worked completely in 10.04) ?07:44
Jordan_Ufishscene1: No, it's centralized, probably http.07:44
Muscovyfishscene1: I _think_ it's just web.07:44
Jordan_Ufishscene1: Why?07:44
=== cdbob_ is now known as cdbob
KeithWeisshardue to a problem with installation, i had to boot the windows repair disc and run bootrec /fixmbr07:44
woulfe@Mathuin is there a way to install such a driver?07:45
ejvin fact, selecting wallpapers is completely fubar now... :(07:45
fishscene1Jordan_U. I'm getting denial of service and this typically only happens when my ISP throttles my traffic... however, I just went completely offline and I've been ransacking my network for the cause (TONS of traffic going to the internet, but no one could get online).07:45
KeithWeissharthe installation was stuck at installing system after it has already installed grub207:45
Mathuinwoulfe: it should be installed by default.  I didn't have to do anything special.  You can go to the synaptic package manager to check that it's installed.07:45
pete__what about this time out and re log in can you turn it of07:46
KeithWeisshari need a fix for the 64-bit installation problem07:46
fishscene1There were no torrents running that we could determine and ironically, the person doing stuff on the internet was my computer. (cough). The only thing I can figure is Ubuntu One is syncing but I have no evidence to support this07:46
Cryptohrm, okay so what the heck has gone on with 10.10 not liking the intel GMA video cards07:46
Jordan_UKeithWeisshar: Try the alternate install CD.07:47
Jordan_U!alternate | KeithWeisshar07:47
ubottuKeithWeisshar: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can  also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal07:47
Cryptoaka 'the most popular netbook video chipset in the world'07:47
fishscene1Is there a way to tell what apps are doing what on the network?07:47
=== Naynay_ is now known as Indo_Nay
popeyfishscene1: its http07:47
popeyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/TechnicalDetails#General concepts07:47
Crypto00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation System Controller Hub (SCH Poulsbo) Graphics Controller (rev 07)07:48
fishscene1excellent. I'll pour through that. But I'm kind of shooting in the dark here. lol.07:48
KeithWeisshari have an evga x58 chipset motherboard with a core i7 920 cpu, geforce gtx 470 video card07:48
Jordan_UCrypto: Intel outsourced poulsbo to a company that refused to make open source drivers.07:48