jdeslipGood evening all02:32
grantbowgood evening02:32
grantbowlooks like just Scale9x planning on the agenda https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11February1302:34
grantbowSeems to me we should add Scale to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConferenceAppearances pretty soon.02:45
grantbowper https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConferenceTopTips do people have tally counters such as http://images.google.com/images?q=tally+counter ?02:54
jdeslipI don't, wonders if there is an android "app for that"02:55
grantbowgood idea, I'll look.02:56
grantbowThey are less than $10 on Amazon or eBay and won't crash :-)02:56
grantbowif not we can make one ;-)02:57
grantbowquite a few in the market02:57
akkI have a linux program to do that, if you want to dedicate a laptop to it. :)02:58
akk(written for counting meteors)02:58
* grantbow surfs the developer websites02:58
grantbowakk: cool02:58
jdeslipAlmost time for meeting02:58
akk(just posting 'cause I want to show off the silly logo)03:00
grantbowthe trouble we had in the past using them was gathering the data03:00
akkGetting people to remember to click them?03:00
grantbowakk: gnuplot, nice03:00
akkThese days I'd use other solutions -- cairoplot makes really pretty plots.03:01
jdeslipOk, everyone here for the meeting raise your hand03:01
jdeslipOk, hopefully some people trickle in during the hour.03:02
jdeslipThe 0th topic is (as always) announcements.  Anyone have anything to announce?03:02
philipballewhand raised!03:02
* eps tries to figure out which left is my left03:03
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects edited | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x edited03:03
jdeslipDavid Wonderly mentioned that the week for Feb 28 is Ubuntu developer week03:04
jdeslipIf you want to attend, please check out the mailing list03:04
jdeslipand https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek03:04
ishimeruGood evening everyone.03:05
jdeslipAny other announcements?03:05
jdeslipIf not, we will move on to our only agenda item for tonight.  SCALE9X planning.03:06
jdeslipSCALE is less than 2 weeks from tonight03:06
jdeslipWe will have booth at the expo on Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th03:06
jdeslipAnd on friday their will be an Ubucon.03:07
jdeslipIf nhaines is around, perhaps he can briefly discuss the ubucon and what (if anything) is needed.03:07
jdeslip(Thanks A LOT nhaines for making this happen and taking the lead)03:07
jdeslipOK, if nhaines pops in later, we can disucss the ubucon, if not - I'm assuming enough speakers got back to him and we can disucss any necessary planning on the list.03:10
jdeslipMoving on to our booth...03:10
jdeslipThe main thing we want to confirm tonight is the demo boxes03:10
jdeslipMarkDude: Can you confirm the demo boxes you are bringing and whether they will be at the ubuntu table03:11
jdeslipI know you are contributing to other tables as well03:11
MarkDudeSry yes03:12
jdeslipAlso for those following along the scale planning is found on the wiki here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x03:12
jdeslipPlease add your name if you are coming and bringing anything03:12
* MarkDude has 2 machines- the other has iied and most likely needs pats03:12
jdeslipCan you describe the two machines?  And will they be at the Ubuntu table the entire expo?03:13
jdeslipor are they on a timeshare ;)03:13
MarkDudeboth of the machines are there full time03:13
jdeslipOK, can you add them to the wiki page with a description03:14
MarkDudeThe Dell and the the compaq on the page already03:14
MarkDudeI may need to scratch the Strata03:14
iheartubuntuare CD sleeves still needed? I can update the old artwork to be for 10.10 discs (or whatever is needed)03:15
jdeslipAh, I see, guess they are not in the table03:15
jdeslipiheartubuntu - yes, we still need the sleeve design to be updated.03:15
* MarkDude will move them to correct place- as pleia2 reminded me to- and I forgot :P03:15
grantbowiheartubuntu: that would be greatly appreciated03:15
iheartubuntuok - i will do it.03:15
iheartubuntuare these printed in b/w or color?03:16
jdeslipbasically we just want the sleeves to include checkboxes for the next several releases (instead of last several releases)03:16
jdeslipiheartubuntu: both03:16
jdeslipI am going to try to pring about 100 in color03:16
jdeslipbut often they are printed in black and white for cost03:16
iheartubuntuon what sort of paper?03:17
jdeslipYou can just modify the design03:17
grantbowit's in bzr03:17
iheartubuntugot it thx03:18
jdeslipOnce you modify it, please send an email to list; so, I can get them printed.  :)03:18
iheartubuntuwill do. i will get this done sometime tonite03:19
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x edited03:19
jdesliperichammond1: are you still on track for burning 200 discs?03:19
* erichammond1 wakes up03:19
jdeslipon the wiki page it says you are down for 200 discs - it is in the blank category, but I seem to remember you saying it would be 200 burned discs03:20
erichammond1um, my name is in the "blank cds" row03:20
erichammond1jdeslip: wishful thinking.03:20
grantbow6 minutes or so each x200 is quite a bit03:21
iheartubuntuwhat version #'s do we want on the sleeve? right now its 8.04, 9.04, 9.10, and 10.0403:21
erichammond1I did spend a little time looking around for a CD printing company that would print the CDs for free with a little advertising space on them.03:21
jdeslipSo, can anyone volunteer some burned cds?03:21
erichammond1Didn't make much progress, but it seems that there might be somebody out there for future events.03:22
jdeslipiheartubuntu: I think 10.04 10.10 11.04 11.1003:22
iheartubuntuare we burning them on CD or DVD?03:22
rwwiheartubuntu: CD03:22
iheartubuntui ask because i have better luck with burning to DVD :)03:22
grantbowerichammond1: Canonical will gladly ship CDs at minimal cost for a modest donation, especially for versions they have extra of like 10.04 right now.03:22
grantbowI've looked into getting CDs made too and the costs are quite high in relatively low volumes03:23
jdeslipgrantbow: We also have a conference pack that includes pressed cds03:23
grantbowjdeslip: I hadn't forgotten :-)03:23
grantbowshipit will work with us to act as a CD replicator at cost03:24
grantbowtheir cost is much lower than anything I could find03:24
grantbowI can check my notes03:24
jdeslipOK, well, it seems like we will have a lot of blank cds on hand and I believe a burning box - DarkwingDucks03:24
erichammond1grantbow: I'd love to hear what "cost" is.03:25
philipballewwould anyone just have a multiple cd burner they can lend for the weekend?03:25
iheartubuntuI can commit to 50 CDs. let me know what speed you want them burned to and any other info like what ISOs03:25
grantbowerichammond1: np03:25
erichammond1I did say I could print some color sleeves (100+?) if the design is updated and somebody contacts me about it more than a day in advance.03:25
philipballewi can do cds as well. just need the number, version and speed03:26
grantbowmarking CDs, printing sleeves, folding sleeves, stuffing, all of these are factors we take for "granted" in low volumes.03:26
iheartubuntuerichammond1 - i will post the CD sleeve file to the mailing list sometime tonite03:26
jdeslipiheartubuntu: thanks! can you add your name to the wiki page?03:26
jdeslipphilipballew: the number is however much you can commit to 50? Mostly i386 desktop edition.03:27
jdeslipDoes speed actually matter?  I mean, as long as your burner can handle it?03:27
rwwjdeslip: Higher speeds means more chance of failures. On modern equipment, I usually go with 8x.03:27
philipballewi can do 50. i assume this is 10.10? not to show up looking like an idiot with the wrong version03:27
iheartubuntuare we in need of any computers? i have an acer aspireone netbook with ubuntu 10.10 on it (desktop, unity, 2D). i can have it avail when im around.03:27
grantbowI do x16 speed for higher reliability - I found speed does matter.03:27
philipballewi have a dell studeo 10.10 ready for use if need be03:28
iheartubuntunot slower than 16x ?03:28
grantbowrww: your script rocks03:28
jdeslipYes, please do 10.1003:28
iheartubuntuso 50 of 10.10?03:28
DarkwingDuckHey guys, sry I'm late03:28
jdeslipOK, if the expert say speed matters, do 16x and lower03:28
rwwgrantbow: come to think of it, I don't remember if I merged in those changes you sent me... will go check now.03:28
jdeslipiheartubuntu: that would be awesome.  please add your name to the wiki if you can do it. :)03:29
philipballewyes. i will do 50 of 10.10 32 bit03:29
grantbowrww: I think it was minor, like using the configured device on all commands as I recall.03:29
jdeslipDoes anyone have anything else to add about SCALE planning?03:30
grantbowshort meetings are not bad - work can still get done at other times :-)03:30
philipballewis there a section in the wiki for burned cds or should i add one?03:31
jdeslipphilipballew: on here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x03:31
jdeslipthere is a table and row for "pre-Burned cds"03:31
jdeslipOK, I think we have pretty much everything covered (I will add myself as bringing the banner).03:32
erichammond1It would be smart for somebody to bring a backup network switch in the event EricHammond doesn't come through or his switch fails.03:33
jdeslipDoes anyone have anything else to add before we end the official meeting?03:33
jdesliperichammond1: ya, I heard that guy is unreliable ;)03:33
erichammond1I'm a fan of redundancy03:33
jdeslipIf anyone else can bring a switch, please add your name to the wiki03:33
grantbowerichammond1: good idea03:34
jdeslip(thinks I have spare linksys router I can bring)03:34
grantbowjdeslip: the one that looks best on Android from a quick inspection as a tally counter is from Nuvera Apps named T-Counter03:34
rwwgrantbow: looking at the diff, it 1) makes a couple of changes to eject calls that I think were because my burner needs some ejects that yours didn't, 2) switches the speed from 8x to 16x, and 3) disables MD5SUM checking (that I don't think we got working fully anyway?). I'll leave it for now and see if I can improve the MD5SUM stuff instead of commenting it out and cut down on the eject usage.03:34
iheartubuntuim too slow to update the wiki. i'll do my updating after the meeting (sorry)03:35
rwwI'll add optional arguments for speed etc. too03:35
jdeslipiheartubuntu: no worries03:35
jdesliperichammond1: you bringing some cat5 cable too?03:36
DarkwingDuckI have a single CD/DVD burner on my laptop. I will have all of the ISOs you can think of.03:36
jdeslipMarkDude: will you be providing your own cat5 cable for demo boxes?03:36
iheartubuntuwill there be wi-fi available?03:36
MarkDudeSure what osrt of assortment should I bring?03:36
grantbowrww: I think I explained in my email that I didn't expect all of that to get merged - some of the need for the ejects depends on the type of burner you use (manual or automatic tray, etc).03:36
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: there is but... bandwidth is really bad03:37
MarkDudeGK has all sorts of cables and wires and such03:37
jdeslipMarkDude: Maybe a few 5" cables?03:37
rwwgrantbow: ah, I didn't look at the email body. indeed you did.03:37
jdesliperr 5'03:37
erichammond1jdeslip: I don't have spare cables right now.  I could buy some cheap online if needed.03:37
MarkDudewisdom of sages (akk) NEVER trust wifi at conferences03:37
rwwgrantbow: I think the problems with getting console beeps were actually caused by a headachy bug in compiz. I'll ping my compiz contact and see if that's still an issue.03:37
erichammond1DarkwingDuck: This is a new location with multiple times more bandwidth.  We don't know how good/bad it will be.03:38
* MarkDude can bring 20 or so of that size03:38
iheartubuntu64 bit versions of 10.10 needed/wanted?03:38
grantbowrww: the only important thing was to get all the ejects and calls using the same /dev/ device variable so they all change at once. I tripped on that later and it might not be in the diff03:38
DarkwingDuckerichammond1: Aye, but if everyone is using the same connection...03:38
MarkDudea tethered phone would be great for scheduled times03:38
jdeslipMarkDude: probably 5 or so cables would be good.03:38
jdeslipI have a tethered phone to bring03:38
jdeslipMarkDude: can you add the cable to the wiki?03:38
MarkDudeOk, lets see if any thing else03:39
jdeslipOK... so, anyone have any other questions about scale?03:39
rwwgrantbow: It's not. I'll add an otpional argument for device and default it to /dev/sd003:39
rwwsr0 **03:39
rww(and use it in the eject calls)03:39
MarkDudeoh, lets try to Ustream or Justin TV some stuff for Scale03:39
erichammond1Does our booth have limits on network usage (number of computers, wifi broadcasting, ...)?03:40
DarkwingDuckHas anyone emailed nhaines to requesting a talking topic for Ubucon?03:40
akkrww: There's a kernel issue with console beeps too.03:40
jdeslipDarkwingDuck: I did and pleia2 did I think03:40
MarkDudetethered phone and ok cheap mic work well even on crappy bandwidth03:40
DarkwingDuckAs did I03:40
jdesliperichammond1: I am not sure they released that type of info03:40
rwwerichammond1: If it's the same as last year, number of computers isn't an issue, but wifi wasn't allowed I think.03:40
MarkDudesound remains good - picture degrades03:40
DarkwingDuckrww: correct. We were not allowed Wifi03:41
DarkwingDuckother then provided wifi03:41
erichammond1so my little switch only has 4 hardware ports which limits it to 4 computers with Internet access.03:41
MarkDudeTethered worked well withNO wifi at Scale03:41
* MarkDude is just telling all of you to root your phone so tethering can happen03:42
rwwakk: ah. I'll just comment the line out, then.03:42
jdeslipMarkDude: I can provide tethering if onsite internet fails03:42
jdeslipOk. Let's wrap this up.  Please add your name to the wiki if you made a commitment to discs etc. tonight.03:43
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: already rooted and some of that GingerBread goodness03:43
* MarkDude suggest some sort of videos be made03:43
MarkDudeat least a bit of Ubucon03:43
jdeslipCan probably do that with various android phones03:43
iheartubuntuis keeping the sleeve file an SVG format important?03:43
MarkDudemany folks still dont know what the heck it is :)03:43
erichammond1My Internet access through my 4G phone is an 8 device wifi hotspot,  but I don't know how much I'll be around the booth.03:43
rwwiheartubuntu: yes03:43
DarkwingDuckDoes anyone have a video camera?03:43
jdeslipiheartubunut: svg would be best since it is scalable03:43
MarkDudeAnyone going to be there for Ubucon with a tether phone?03:44
jdeslipI will (if needed)03:44
DarkwingDuckAs will I03:45
jdeslipMore discussions on details of SCALE setup etc. will happen on the mailing list, channel in the days leading up to the conference. I think we will plan some sort of meeting on the Friday during/after ubucon03:45
DarkwingDuck+1 for after Ubucon03:46
erichammond1Is there a meeting next Sunday?03:46
jdesliperichammond1: you mean in two weeks?03:46
MarkDudeAlright- lets plan on streaming some of Ubucon-03:46
jdeslipI am not yet sure - given that a larger fraction of the team will be at scale03:46
erichammond1jdeslip: oh, nevermind.  SCALE is sneaking up fast.03:46
rwwIt got moved to an in-person one on Saturday last year, which I thought was helpful.03:46
* MarkDude can create an acct for Ustream- or the Team can use mine03:47
jdesliprww: sounds like a good idea03:47
MarkDuderww, if everyone had known about it sure :)03:47
jdeslipHow about a meeting on the Friday after Ubucon - which can serve as a meet and greet and a planning meeting for the next two days?03:48
rwwMarkDude: Given all the places that meeting times are posted...03:48
MarkDudeUstream also allows for remote participation03:49
MarkDudefolks can ask questions03:49
jdeslipLet's not worry too much about what happened last time, ok ;) I'll send an email to the list proposing a meeting Friday night and trying to get peoples schedules aligned03:49
rwwjdeslip: Saturday was useful as a "We've done one day of booth. What changes do we need to make for day two?". I'm not gonna be there, though, so my preferences don't count ;)03:49
* MarkDude is making sure we get the details set as to when to meet- they shifted last time03:50
MarkDudeNo worries, water under the bridge03:50
jdesliprww: not a bad point. I'll send the email to the list and see what people want.  Friday or Saturday.03:50
rww(and as far as I know, ustream only works if you use Flash, so I won't be remote attending)03:50
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x edited03:50
jdeslipOK... So lets wrap this up for real.  Thanks for coming everyone!03:50
jdeslipThe next official IRC meeting will therefore be in 4 weeks, and we will have an in-person meeting either Friday or Saturday at SCALE03:51
jdeslip---------------------- End of Official Meeting ----------------03:52
* rww cuts along dotted line03:52
* MarkDude will create West Coast Ubuntu for streaming- considering it can be used at OSCON03:52
MarkDudeunless there is objection- I am willing to help- I just have time for ML03:53
grantbowMarkDude: please not West Coast Ubuntu03:53
grantbowwe have enough names as it is03:53
MarkDudeand have also streamed at events before03:53
grantbowI recommend ubuntu-us-ca but there are other ideas I am sure03:54
jdeslipMarkDude: I'd talk to nhaines first, make sure he is OK (and thinks speakers) are OK with streaming video.03:54
MarkDudeCalifornia Ubuntu Team?03:54
jdeslipat ubucon that is03:54
jdeslipSince, he is the lead for that event, I think this should be passed by him03:54
MarkDudejdeslip, I am willing to bet at least 1 speaker will be- I plan on that03:55
MarkDudeanything more will be bonus03:55
MarkDudeOr not. Just trying to help here03:56
jdeslipI think it is not a good idea: just make sure the organizers/speakers for ubucon are on board ;003:56
DarkwingDuckI good.03:57
DarkwingDuckI mean... my documentation talk at campDKE last year is on youtube lol03:57
grantbowMarkDude: California Ubuntu Team is another variant but is better than West Coast Ubuntu.  Did you see the discussion during the meeting a month ago? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/11January1603:57
rwwDarkwingDuck: in WebM format, I hope ;P?03:58
MarkDudeDarkwingDuck, and if I was from Europe I would hella view it :D03:58
jdeslipI meant to say I think it "IS" a good idea.03:58
DarkwingDuckrww: :P03:58
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: KDE rocks in the US Brother03:58
jdeslipAs long as nhaines and speakers are on board03:58
MarkDudegrantbow, chill, not really going to use the name03:58
rwwCalibuntu Forniloco03:58
MarkDudejust as DarkwingDuck  knows that KDE is just fine :)03:58
MarkDuderww +103:59
DarkwingDuckrww: +203:59
grantbowrww: Sameer has recorded Ustream from his Android phone and I don't think he has flash on it.03:59
MarkDudeAnd a nice color blue I might add03:59
jdeslipWhy not just live stream under the Ubucon or SCALE event name03:59
DarkwingDuckI would say Ubucon name03:59
nhainesI have hired a videographer for Ubucon and am preliminarily planning to stream live via Ustream, please do not make aditional plans for recording at Ubucon.03:59
akkSometimes sites server flash to desktop browsers and other formats to phones, I gather.03:59
rwwgrantbow: There are apps for iPhone and Android, yeah. I don't think there's a normal computer interface that doesn't use Flash. Or rather, I couldn't find one when I tried.03:59
nhaines(Personal recording is fine by me as long as it doesn't disrupt.)03:59
grantbowrww: kk04:00
MarkDudenhaines, is correct04:00
jdeslipnhaines: thanks for the info04:00
grantbownhaines: nice! who have you hired?04:00
DarkwingDucknhaines: Did you recieve my email?04:00
MarkDudeThat was the #1 thing for streaming- was not letting the tech get in the way04:00
akkVideo is still dicey that way, so many incompatible formats and platforms.04:01
nhainesgrantbow: David Ellsworth, who did the camerawork for SCaLE8X too.04:01
nhainesDarkwingDuck: yes I did!04:01
DarkwingDucknhaines: awesome!04:01
MarkDudeIt was used for questions/statements just a bit- but that was helpful04:01
grantbowakk: yes, we had some problems streaming at the OLPC SF summit a few months back with some laptops we hadn't tested before the event. Last minute scramble finally got something running but it wasn't ideal.04:02
jdeslipOk, so I think that resolves the video issue: nhaines has it covered04:02
grantbowjdeslip: yes04:02
DarkwingDuckFlannel: ping04:02
grantbownhaines: thanks for handling this :-)04:02
jdeslipOK, I am off for the evening. Thanks for all your scale9x commitments everyone!  I am really looking forward to meeting everyone!04:03
nhainesgrantbow: the video setup for Ubucon last year was major fail so I'm bringing in someone this year.  It should be a lot smoother.04:04
iheartubuntusame here jdeslip04:04
MarkDudelater jdeslip04:04
MarkDudeakk http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1203693304:04
DarkwingDucknhaines: it wasn't a major fail... it failed but, I don't think that was your fault.04:04
MarkDudethe suond is bad due to the mic04:04
iheartubuntume/ thinks markdude looks like a professional baseball player04:05
nhainesDarkwingDuck: the Flip couldn't offload the video fast enough and we didn't really have access to the laptop between sessions anyway, so it was poor planning.04:05
iheartubuntupossibly a pitcher in an imagined W.P. Kinsella short story04:05
DarkwingDucknhaines: Yeah... I think my netbook dying was just as bad LOL04:06
akkIt's true, in that hat he does look like a baseball player.04:06
MarkDudeWell ty. I would rather be told I look like a baseball player than say a football or rugby player04:07
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: you look like you should play bowling :P:P04:08
* MarkDude has NO stache now04:08
DarkwingDuckI have one and a goatee now04:09
iheartubuntuor an Oregen lumberjack.04:09
iheartubuntuactually... even without the suit MarkDude looks more and more like a penguin04:09
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, the full transformation will take a while tho04:10
* iheartubuntu will examine his feet/flippers at scale04:10
DarkwingDuckMarkDude: are you bringing the penguin suit?04:10
MarkDudeWell a replacement04:11
MarkDudethe original is in Venezuela04:11
DarkwingDuckahhhh sweet04:11
MarkDudeSlightly battle damaged, but still has life in it04:11
MarkDudethe replacemnt is still in AZ04:11
MarkDudelong story04:12
MarkDudeRobyn will be bringing it with her04:12
* MarkDude misses having a suit at present04:12
MarkDudeThere is the suit at a Debian party in Caracas04:13
* MarkDude has been given assignments to take some pics with the suit doing various things04:15
MarkDudeCleanshaven I have more of a youth pastor look I think04:19
grantbowakk: tuxmeteor is quite cool, thanks.04:29
* rww ponders laptop + CRT04:30
iheartubuntusorry its taking me so long on this SVG - i havent used inkscape for a few months :)04:33
* MarkDude wonders why no one has ever said that I look like a scientist/professor04:33
rwwbecause you don't ;P?04:34
MarkDude<delayed reaction>04:34
MarkDuderww I know04:34
grantbowiheartubuntu - might be easier to edit the markup by hand but I haven't tried it04:34
iheartubuntualmost done04:34
MarkDudeanyone editing the wiki at this point- the Scale page?04:35
grantbowgoing home, have fun all04:35
rwwIt's generated, not hand-written in the first place, so I imagine it's probably a mess internally.04:35
MarkDudeLater Dangerous G04:35
iheartubuntucan i post files to the mailing list?04:41
rwwiheartubuntu: How big?04:41
rwwiheartubuntu: I wouldn't recommend it.04:42
rwwSome options: 1) learn bzr and upload it to the LP repo, 2) put it on the wiki, 3) put it on Ubuntu One / some hosting site04:43
rwwif you don't know bzr already, the SCaLE page of the wiki might be a good bet.04:43
iheartubuntuok i can put it on the wiki or somethin04:43
pleia2or email it to someone who can put it into bzr for you :)04:43
iheartubuntuwhats bzr04:43
rwwiheartubuntu: the version control software that the CD sleeve files are in04:44
pleia2bazaar, revision control that launchpad uses04:44
* pleia2 back to guests04:49
DarkwingDucklet 'em fend04:49
seidosah, right on time04:59
MarkDudeAwesome >> Internal Server Error05:05
rwwMarkDude: on the wiki? that's why I edit in kate and copypaste over.05:06
rwwnot the most reliable server05:06
MarkDudeYes, copypasta is your friend05:09
MarkDudegedit works if you know what you are doing- or in my case keep it simple :)05:10
* MarkDude bows to ple ia2 and her inflatable penguin05:11
iheartubuntuIs there any plan to alter the Ubuntu California Team logo to a more updated design in connection with the new Ubuntu font & logos?05:28
nhainesiheartubuntu: not at present.05:28
iheartubuntuim not sure there is a need. I like what we have with the state of California in the logo05:28
nhainespleia2: did Canonical provide new-branding Ubuntu nametags?05:29
iheartubuntuwhen I have some free time i might do a few mockups and see what everyone thinks05:29
MarkDudeorange :P05:33
MarkDudeThe Ca logo rocks05:33
MarkDudeIt was even appreciated at FUDcon05:34
MarkDuderww too bad you are not on FB anymore http://www.fbanners.com/banners/932/i+like+turtles.html05:56
rwwI deleted my cat's facebook profile today.05:57
iheartubuntuare we pushing kubuntu as well? will we have any kubuntu setups?05:57
rwwalso, this website confuses me. what is a banner05:57
rwwiheartubuntu: DarkwingDuck will be there, so hopefully05:57
rwwviva la KDE05:57
DarkwingDuckiheartubuntu: Yes06:13
DarkwingDuckI have Kubuntu on my laptop and I am pushing Kubuntu06:14
iheartubuntuturtles taste great06:14
DarkwingDuck:) That they do06:15
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/Scale9x edited06:16
nhainesiheartubuntu: you might want to check the Ubuntu branding guidelines from Canonical.06:46
iheartubuntufor the logo ideas?06:47
nhainesBranding guideline violations aside, the biggest things that jump out at me from the CD sleeves is that the Ubuntu logo is *way* too big and I'd rather see 32-bit/64-bit instead of i386/AMD6406:47
nhainesNo, for the CD sleeves.06:47
rwwIt amuses me that Debian and Ubuntu call their 32-bit x86 architecture i386, and neither support i386 processors ;)06:48
iheartubuntuI can change it, I just used what was there06:49
iheartubuntuif the new logo was too big, then wasnt the old one too big? would you happen to have a link to the guidelines?06:50
* iheartubuntu wonders if Canonical should provide basic artwork like cd sleeves so the brand image doesnt deviate06:51
iheartubuntui think the ubuntu name & logo would look out of proportion with the rest of the cover it was much smaller06:52
nhainesAnyway, I just think the logo's too big and looks cramped.06:55
iheartubuntuit would be helpful if those guidelines had links to all the SVGs of the examples in the PDFs06:57
iheartubuntui will try to update it based on the spacing around the name/logo and see how it turns out.06:58
iheartubuntuany searches i do pulls up OLD svgs06:59
iheartubuntusurprising whomever made the PDFs at canonicals pages didnt embed links to the various files they talk about07:01
nhainesiheartubuntu: they're all available from the ubuntu-brand-guidelines page.07:02
iheartubuntulogo assets?07:03
iheartubuntuyup thats it. thanks nhaines !07:04
nhainesNo prob.07:06
iheartubuntuapproved to switch to 32 bit and 64 bit?07:09
iheartubuntui like that much better than 386/amd6407:10
rwwIt's technically ambiguous, but sounds like a good idea to me.07:11
iheartubuntuive updated the files on my server. here is a PNG version of what it looks like now... http://iheartubuntu.com/ubuntu-us-ca/sleeve-02-13-2011.png07:31
iheartubuntuyou may not like it. its not entirely different but i did follow the guidelines on the amount of spacing surrounding the logo07:31
iheartubuntuit is slightly smaller and doesnt hug the edges anymore07:32
iheartubuntunhaines - possibly when i have time the whole cd sleeve should be reworked so it looks more professional. With pictograms and all.07:40
MarkDudeProtect the wifi from pirates and raiders - next Sat at Saxbys, all are invited15:43
MarkDudeHelp us set up a classroom for teaching Linux, FOSS and other good stuff15:43
=== MarkDud is now known as MarkDude
jamiedmattinglyMarkDude,  ill be there looks like fun16:45
MarkDudeCool deal jamiedmattingly16:45
MarkDudeBring a laptop or 2 for testing it16:46
jamiedmattinglyi have my netbook is that ok?16:46
MarkDudeWe want to test the wired also16:46
MarkDudethis is phase 116:46
MarkDudephase 2 (if needed) they will buy a router we can put Linux on16:47
jamiedmattinglyi have an old laptop with lubuntu that is just wired16:47
MarkDudeso we can control the bandwidth for meetings and stuff16:47
* MarkDude has a few P2s he plans on testing- yay Puppy Linux16:47
MarkDudeYou driving or taking BART?16:48
* MarkDude should put public transport option on the page16:48
jamiedmattinglyill be driving coming from vallejo there is no real pub trans to walnut creek that i know of16:50
iheartubuntunhaines - Ive attempted to reduce the ubuntu font & circle of friends on the cover of the CD sleeve. I think it looks more professional. Let me know what you think. ty. http://iheartubuntu.com/ubuntu-us-ca/sleeve-alt-version2.png16:53
iheartubuntuif you like this version best, i can update the wiki16:54
MarkDudejamiedmattingly, nothing reasonable16:58
MarkDudelike 3 buses to BART or Sumthin16:58
MarkDudeyou can park in back of Saxbys for FREE16:58
jamiedmattinglythat was the plan16:59
* MarkDude was thinking that if we have extra time - we can try a few networked games17:00
jamiedmattinglythat sounds fun17:00
MarkDudeWe can also bring desktops if anyone feels bold17:00
MarkDudethey have 2 bigscreens there- that make great monitors17:00
MarkDudeGK has setup full machines there for release parties17:01
MarkDudeakk, should I bring your plant to Socal?It may be some distance, but, I am not sure when would work otherwise17:02
MarkDudethe ground cherry and a hummingbird plant17:03
akkMarkDude: Ha -- funny idea, but it would actually work! I could bring it home from there.17:03
* MarkDude is also bringing a small starter as well as some seeds I just started17:03
* MarkDude has always wanted to start seeds in February- this is hte 1st time I have done so17:04
* akk just planted an apple tree over the weekend, keeps looking every few hours to see if there are any new buds :)17:04
akkI always start things a little too late. Over the winter I forget about planting.17:04
* MarkDude planted the seeds yesterday- already checked on them 20 ties17:05
MarkDudemy chocolate mint survivedthe winter17:05
iheartubuntuon burned CDs, do we just mark them on the disc as well, or do you guys go all out with cd labels17:05
MarkDudeiheartubuntu, normally use a sharpie to write on them also17:06
iheartubuntuok cool17:06
* MarkDude has someone else with *good* handwriting do so17:06
iheartubuntudo we print these cd sleeves on regular white paper? or some cardstock?17:06
MarkDudeRegular white paper17:07
MarkDudelaser printers do the best job of it17:07
pleia2DarkwingDuck: 21:29:18 < nhaines> pleia2: did Canonical provide new-branding Ubuntu nametags?17:11
pleia2(the pack was sent to him, not me, I have to fly down and already have too much to pack :))17:11
* MarkDude is making Fedbuntoo badges :D17:11
iheartubuntuwish i had color laser :)17:12
iheartubuntuwow, i found a site that prints color laser... 1000 cd sleeves would cost $70.17:13
iheartubuntuso liz will be carrying the penguin on board a plane? :)17:20
iheartubuntupleia2 - are you interested in me updating the "with team information" fliers with the new ubuntu font/artwork?17:21
pleia2uninflated ;)17:21
* MarkDude is looking forwardto pic with big-ass penguin17:21
pleia2iheartubuntu: our logo is on a lot of things, including all our printed t-shirts, we need to talk about this as a team if we want to update the logo17:21
pleia2I thought we had decided not too17:21
* MarkDude votes for keeping the awesome logo that rocks17:22
MarkDudethey can pry it from my cold dead hands.....17:22
pleia2yeah, me too17:22
jamiedmattinglyisnt the ubuntu logo itself changing with the new release?17:23
MarkDudeIt has an international appeal to it- everyone *knows* it is Cali17:23
pleia2jamiedmattingly: yeah, it changed last year17:23
iheartubuntui havent changed the logo on the links i provided on the scale page.17:23
pleia2iheartubuntu: there is no harm in offering your suggestions, I'm just saying that it's not up to me :)17:23
MarkDudeWe still are not FORCEd to change the logo17:23
iheartubuntumy logo and picto files are just ideas.17:23
jamiedmattinglyits what was on grantbows shirt right??17:23
iheartubuntuthe "sleeve-02-13-2011" version is the links i provided on the scale page. the alt versions are just that, alt versions.17:24
pleia2jamiedmattingly: it's the very basic circle of friends: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Brand?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=blackeubuntulogo.png17:25
pleia2grantbow's shirt was just a Ubuntu Developer Summit picture for Natty17:25
MarkDudeThe shirt is to the right on the pic17:26
jamiedmattinglyok thanks i was confused i guess. i am a blonde after all :)17:27
* MarkDude thinks the new logo is contrary to one of the things that 1st interested me in Ubuntu17:27
MarkDudemy circle of friends is varied17:27
MarkDudethe idea of all the circles - all overthe world - being the same? :P17:28
iheartubuntumy ubuntu calif circle is more of a pictogram than anything.17:28
* iheartubuntu is blonde too. maybe that explains things17:29
pleia2MarkDude: how can all circles be the same? humanity is very diverse :)17:29
jamiedmattinglyespecially here in cali17:31
iheartubuntudo we have an SVG of the ubuntu california logo? the "info-sheet-california.svg" is missing some graphic, i assume is the ubuntu california logo17:33
pleia2the svg is on the logo page17:33
iheartubuntugreat, thanks17:35
iheartubuntuso many important ubuntu web links i have floating around now :)17:35
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Not name tags no. I have lanyards and CD holders.19:50
pleia2^^ nhaines19:55
nhainesDarkwingDuck, pleia2: thanks.  I remember Canonical saying they were going to send out printable templates for nametags.  I was hoping to co-opt them for Ubucon.  :)20:27
nhainesI'm going to try hard to get an Android scheduling app out for Ubucon.  Maybe for SCaLE too while I'm at it.20:28
akkThat would be cool! If it saves the schedule so it works offline, I'd use it.20:29
DarkwingDucknhaines: I came up with a draft idea for one but when my old laptop died it died with it...20:35
DarkwingDuckMore or less it was a calander reader20:36
DarkwingDuckYou build a public calander with google and downloaded it via the app. THen you could star what you wanted to be a part of and it was give an alarm before it started.20:37
Eurekawiki: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects/UbuntuHours edited21:05
nhainesDarkwingDuck: this is specifically for OpenConference, but I fail at git so I can't seem to grab the files.22:00
DarkwingDucknhaines: git clone gitaddress23:36

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