bradmhead_victim: the planet should be updated, does it look ok?06:43
head_victimbradm: Looking pretty much how I expected. I will email the list to make sure everyone checks that it is all as they wanted08:59
head_victimbradm: hmm ben wright's icon is largish and Stephen Rees-Carter looks absent09:00
sagacihead_victim: ping09:37
head_victimsagaci: pong09:37
sagacihead_victim: what are RT's09:38
head_victimGood question, I obvously wrote that when I was wayyy too tired09:38
head_victimRequest Tracker09:38
head_victimIt's what I have to submit (basically just an email) to request any changes to Canonical hosted projects.09:39
sagacii'll change the time for NSW too on the wiki, it's still at 9pm09:42
head_victimThanks, another of the reasons I'm considering the move to loco.u.c for everything.09:44
head_victimIt's all in UTC so you can import it to your local09:44
head_victimNo room for confusion.09:44
head_victimsagaci: is that a good "oh" or a bad "oh" ?09:54
hot_wheelzcan anyone here confirm the bug relating to Suspension with nvidia optimus has now been fixed in 11.04 as it was slated to be done?10:39
head_victimhot_wheelz: the only way I could confirm it woould be to find the bug and see what it's status is10:40
hot_wheelzhead_victim would u mind checking it out please? I can't seem to see it but maybe i'm missing somthing10:43
head_victimDo you know what bug number it is?10:44
head_victimOr a link to a forum thread?10:44
sagacihead_victim: we have to guess10:45
hot_wheelzhead_victim hang on10:45
head_victimI can find several threads on ubuntuforums.org that show how to fix that issue10:45
sagacihead_victim: pick a number between 2 and 700,00010:45
head_victimhot_wheelz: I'd look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1634301 first10:45
head_victimYeah that thread points to the one I linked to10:47
head_victimSo who's milling around for the meeting?10:52
dns53it's in 10 min?10:53
head_victimblahdeblah: did you ever hear back about how many computers needed Ubuntu installed?10:56
head_victimOk it's 8pm so I guess we should start11:00
MootBotMeeting started at 05:00. The chair is head_victim.11:00
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]11:00
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings11:00
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings 11:00
head_victimAs usual the agenda is located at the wiki11:00
head_victimAnd as customary we should start with a role call so feel free to write a line to indicate your attendance.11:01
sagacithis is my line11:02
head_victimWelcome jaddi27, we're just starting the roll call11:02
head_victimsagaci: there are many like it but this one is mine11:02
jaddi27hi everyone11:02
* dns53 waves to the room11:02
dns53how is everyone today11:03
head_victimGood, good. Anyone else around?11:03
head_victimOk well I guess we should just get into it11:04
jaddi27Ok, sounds good11:04
head_victimI might leave the first topic to see if more people show up throughout the meeting11:05
head_victimSo moving on to the second topic11:05
head_victim[TOPIC] Update on RTs11:05
MootBotNew Topic:  Update on RTs 11:05
head_victimFirstly  I should explain what an RT is because I apparently updated the wiki for this topic when it was really late at night.  11:05
jaddi27I was just about to ask about that11:06
head_victimRT is request tracker, the system Canonical uses to deal with support tickets. You can see more detail at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Request_Tracker11:06
jaddi27Right. That makes a lot of sense now11:06
head_victimSo essentially anytime we, the loco, would like any Canonical services to be changed or updated we need to log an RT for Canonical to look into it for us.11:06
head_victimMy apologies for not making this more clear on the wiki.11:07
head_victimSo the first RT was about the planet11:07
head_victim[LINK] http://planet.ubuntu.org.au/11:07
MootBotLINK received:  http://planet.ubuntu.org.au/ 11:07
head_victimAs of today it has been updated to reflect the changes that were provided to me after my call to the mailing list.11:08
head_victimI have noticed a couple of minor issues with some icons but the content seems correct.11:08
head_victimSo if you requested a change please check to make sure it is now how you want it.11:09
head_victim[ACTION] head_victim to email the list to confirm all changes made recently are now correct and no further modifications necessary.11:09
MootBotACTION received:  head_victim to email the list to confirm all changes made recently are now correct and no further modifications necessary. 11:09
head_victimI wasn't sure it would be completed so I just wanted to make sure I kept everyone up to date 11:10
jaddi27That sounds fine. I am not really sure what was wanted, so I am can't really answer that question unfortunately11:10
head_victimjaddi27: it was more for the people requesting changes to let them know they'd been made so they could double check them11:10
dns53head_victim so if we need something changed we request it to you or to cannonical or is it someone else?11:11
head_victimIt's nice to see we're starting to get a few more people on the list, and if anyone else would like theirs added please just let me know.11:11
head_victimdns53: all requests for loco related changes need to go through the team contact (me), this is pretty much the one official duty of the role11:11
dns53head_victim cool just making sure that was the case11:12
head_victimSo because of that I wanted to make sure I'm keeping everyone informed of the progress.11:12
head_victimdns53: no problems, I'm always on IRC for a PM or email is just as good11:12
head_victimI have a shiny new ubuntu.com email address actually, so jarednorris [at] ubuntu [dot] com will also make it to me :)11:13
head_victim[LINK] www.ubuntu.com.au11:14
MootBotLINK received:  www.ubuntu.com.au 11:14
head_victimThe second RT is to do with the discussion based around updating the drupal installation for our website.11:14
head_victimI have been in some conversation with some local Canonical folk and to get this moving along I have raised an RT with Canonical to update their installation to Drupal 6.11:15
head_victimAs the way they have it set up affects more than just us as a loco they will need a few weeks for testing apparently.11:15
head_victim[ACTION] head_victim to email the list with any further updates11:16
MootBotACTION received:  head_victim to email the list with any further updates 11:16
head_victimSo that basically concludes my round up of the RTs outstanding. Does anyone have any questions (am I moving too quickly?)11:16
jaddi27I thought that Canonical would have updated it earlier, seeing as all of the Ubuntu Drupal modules are made for Drupal 611:16
jaddi27But it is good that they are looking into it for us11:17
head_victimjaddi27: I thought that as well but Canonical weren't even really aware of the UbuntuDrupal project it seems.11:17
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal11:17
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDrupal 11:17
jaddi27I am quite suprised by that. All of the  modules looked fairly official11:18
head_victimFor those of you not sure that is the UbuntuDrupal project.11:18
jaddi27I am not sure whether this is the time or not to bring it up, but I think I have found a way to fix the issue with the l.u.c calendars coming up wrong in Thunderbird11:18
head_victimI have also added this information to the RT so that they can think about testing those modules as well.11:18
jaddi27That would be good if they made it official - it would be a lot easier for everyone11:19
head_victimjaddi27: I'm hoping they'll get together to talk.11:19
head_victimWill make our job easier to admin the site11:20
jaddi27Yes, it definitely would11:20
head_victimAnd help keep it fresh and up to date11:20
head_victimjaddi27: I guess your comment on loco.u.c rolls nicely into the last topic which we can do now if you like if everyone else is ok with the RT update?11:22
head_victimdns53, sagaci, everyone else ok to move on?11:22
dns53sounds good11:22
head_victim[TOPIC] Loco.ubuntu.com11:22
MootBotNew Topic:  Loco.ubuntu.com 11:22
blahdeblahsorry i missed the start guys - did i miss anything important?11:23
head_victimblahdeblah: just an update on the RT status really so far11:23
blahdeblahWoot!  My planet feed updated!  Wow.11:23
head_victimblahdeblah: if you can double check it's all how you want it that would be great :)11:23
blahdeblahAlready did - all good11:24
head_victimAnd as a fellow website admin you might be interested to know Canonical are testing out Drupal 6  to install for us.11:24
head_victimWill take a few weeks or so apparently but at least the process has started.11:24
blahdeblahhead_victim: Remember my saturated 100 Mbps Internet connection?  ;-)11:24
head_victimblahdeblah: indeed :)11:24
blahdeblahCool - we're long overdue for a Drupal upgrade11:24
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah I needed to get the ball rolling so we can hammer out the details on the list but at least now it's started.11:25
head_victim[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au11:25
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au 11:25
head_victimHas anyone used this site much?11:25
blahdeblahwell, don't let me stop you from getting on with it11:25
head_victimWhat do we think of it?11:25
blahdeblahugh - laggy11:25
head_victimI am thinking it would be a nice place to use as basically our team calendar.11:26
sagacilooks fine and integrated11:26
blahdeblahI looked at it last time you posted it - does that count? :-P11:26
head_victimCurrently I'm having to update meeting information in 3 places and it's getting laborious.11:26
blahdeblahI reckon11:26
jaddi27I think it works well, especially if it can be linked into ubuntu.com.au11:26
jaddi27It would be even better if it integrated with wiki.ubuntu.com11:27
blahdeblahDidn't someone say on the mailing list that once we get a Drupal upgrade we can pull the calendar into Drupal as well?11:27
head_victimAs far as linking to ubuntu.com.au would a tab up the top that took you to it be good enough? We could get an RSS feed from it to the news section?11:27
head_victimblahdeblah: not 100% sure until it happens really.11:27
dns53so is http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au the best calendar to use?11:27
jaddi27I would have thought we could make a block on Drupal that lists the rss feed11:27
blahdeblahjaddi27: Yeah, but that doesn't give nice formatting to the event11:28
head_victimdns53: well that is where Ubuntu (the community council) would like us to use if not primarily at least just a place to mesh up with the global events11:28
jaddi27blahdeblah: yes, that is true. We might be able to import it into the Calendar module if we can get that installed11:28
head_victimSo my logic is if we're using this to align ourselves with the rest of the locos (bearing in mind activity on loco.u.c will be visible and easy to see come reapproval time) it might be easier to use this as a primary.11:28
blahdeblahsounds good to me11:29
jaddi27I would be happy with that to happen11:29
head_victimSo can I run a test this month on loco.u.c to see how it goes. Basically instead of logging agenda items on the wiki anyone can log it to the loco.u.c site. I will make sure there are links everywhere to it.11:30
head_victimI have done this for the last few meetings and just linked to the wiki page and it's just as easy, if not easier, than doing it on the wiki in my opinion11:30
jaddi27What I was going to say before about the calendar in Thunderbird - if a 'Z' is added to the end of each of the date/times in the .ics file, it will work properly in Thunderbird/Lightning11:30
head_victim[ACTION] head_victim to email the list details of loco.u.c meeting information as a test for next month11:31
jaddi27This will make the events to be in UTC time, so Thunderbird will know to adjust the times to our local time as set in the program11:31
MootBotACTION received:  head_victim to email the list details of loco.u.c meeting information as a test for next month 11:31
head_victimjaddi27: that's another bonus, no confusing the time. Most calendar programs are able to convert UTC pretty easily from what I understand11:31
* blahdeblah would definitely like to have a decent feed into Lightning11:31
jaddi27Yes, they are. However Thunderbird just detects the calendar as local time, as there is no time zone definition in the ics file11:32
head_victimMoLE_: good to join us, I was hoping you'd make it as you're up next, we're just discussing loco.u.c at the moment as a test for next month11:32
jaddi27So if the website was changed to add a 'Z' at the end of events in UTC time, they would import properly into Thunderbird11:32
head_victimjaddi27: logged a bug?11:33
head_victimI know the team dev this are keen for input11:33
jaddi27No, I haven't yet. I will do that very soon11:33
head_victimjaddi27: sounds good if everyone can benefit :)11:33
head_victim[IDEA] jaddi27 to log a bug against loco.u.c about the calendaring issue and let the mailing list know how it goes 11:34
MootBotIDEA received:  jaddi27 to log a bug against loco.u.c about the calendaring issue and let the mailing list know how it goes  11:34
jellywaresorry I'm so late, I'm actually at another real-life meeting11:35
MoLE_Am on the mobile so can't interact much11:35
head_victimOk, so are we happy to move on from this or is there anything else people want to discuss about loco.u.c?11:35
head_victimMoLE_: that's ok as soon as we're done on loco.u.c I had a couple of ideas for you for your topic 11:35
jaddi27I am fine to move on now11:35
head_victim[TOPIC] Any suggestions for promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc) for the Natty release?11:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Any suggestions for promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc) for the Natty release? 11:36
head_victimMoLE_: your topic :)11:37
head_victim[LINK] http://spreadubuntu.org/ is always a great place to start looking for promotional material though if you didn't know it existed11:38
MootBotLINK received:  http://spreadubuntu.org/ is always a great place to start looking for promotional material though if you didn't know it existed 11:38
blahdeblahSooo...  Moving right along.........11:41
head_victimDoes anyone else have any good places?11:41
head_victimI think MoLE_ is suffering on his mobile11:41
jellywareI agree about spreadubuntu.  great site11:42
head_victimI was hoping to talk to elky about getting permission to upload the loco business card and poster to the site so others can use it as well but I keep forgetting11:42
head_victimIt would be nice to use the basics of this for more loco specific material.11:43
head_victimI know ikt was working on some stuff for a while there but he's not around so maybe ask others on the list?11:43
dns53There are a few pages on the ubuntu wiki with other things but i'd use spread ubuntu11:43
blahdeblahI gotta say my enthusiasm for promotion is waning a little at the moment.  The last time i tried i got pretty much stonewalled, and plus i work in schools mostly, so i'm a little fed up with all the iCrap that everyone seems to want.11:44
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/Artwork is where I have put up a few things in the past.11:44
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/Artwork is where I have put up a few things in the past. 11:44
head_victimBut yeah, if MoLE_ is able to rejoin us I"m sure he can ask specific questions later, we've covered the basics I think11:45
head_victimblahdeblah: understandable with the library thing. Did you ever get a number of how many PCs need ubuntu for the flood relief?11:45
blahdeblahNo, not yet11:45
* blahdeblah goes to ask11:45
blahdeblahI've pinged him - we'll see if he comes back to me soon11:46
head_victimblahdeblah: no worries11:46
head_victimOk so I guess that leaves the last topic (which is the first on the wiki)11:46
head_victim[TOPIC] Natty Narwhal Release Parties11:46
MootBotNew Topic:  Natty Narwhal Release Parties 11:46
head_victimWe need to start locking in places and times so we can put them on loco.u.c and start advertising them.11:47
blahdeblahdid you get a date/time sorted for Brisvegas?11:47
head_victimI just wanted to let people know it can be as simple as 2 people catching up for a coffee or as extravagent as 100s of people at a conference centre.11:47
head_victimblahdeblah: only you and caryb said anything at all.11:47
jaddi27I won't be able to go to the Brisbane release party11:48
jellywareI have been off the mailing list for the last couple of weeks.  has anything been organised in melbourne yet?11:48
head_victimjaddi27: would moving it a week later make it work better for you?11:48
head_victimjellyware: not to my knowledge, shoot off to the list for some ideas.11:48
head_victimThere has been talk of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide, nothing concrete anywhere yet though11:49
jaddi27head_victim: Not really, due to Uni commitments11:49
jellywarewhen does 11.04 drop?11:49
head_victimjaddi27: Saturday work better?11:49
sagacijellyware: 28th?11:50
head_victimjellyware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule11:50
head_victimsagaci: yep 28th11:50
jaddi27head_victim: I am not really sure yet. I will have to let you know closer to the time11:50
head_victimjaddi27: that's ok just seeing if it was a day of the week thing11:51
head_victim(you might have had lectures on a Friday evening or something)11:51
jellywaredo we have a wiki page for local realease parties?11:51
jaddi27Yes, I  understand. We have a group project to do, and not much time to get it done11:51
jaddi27so a lot of time around then will be spent working on it11:51
head_victimjaddi27: just making sure, I understand uni is like that11:52
head_victimjellyware: we did have one at one stage for the last lot of parties I'mt rying to find it11:52
jellywarehead_victim: I think I remember that too11:53
head_victimawww beat me11:54
head_victim[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/NattyReleaseParties I have just copied the previous one so we have a place11:54
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/NattyReleaseParties I have just copied the previous one so we have a place 11:54
jellywarecan we start one for natty?  I dont have a lot of time atm11:54
jellywarehead_victim: you rock11:55
head_victimjellyware: done :) Just need to change it from the old info11:55
head_victimWiki is my thing :)11:55
jellywareI'm thinking a cafe in melbourne might be the go11:55
jellywarerather than a bar11:55
head_victimblahdeblah, jaddi27 and other Brisbanites - I will put a Friday and Saturday to the list and vote for a week and go based on that.11:55
head_victimjellyware: we're going to the pancake manor here if no one else suggests anything better11:56
jaddi27ok, that sounds like the best way11:56
head_victimI would also HIGHLY recommend trying to coordinate with your local LUG, I will be asking permission to spam the HUMBUG list when we've set a date and time.11:57
blahdeblahyeah - Humbug definitely seem keen to work together, which is good11:57
head_victimjaddi27: if you know anywhere better than the pancake manor let us know as well11:57
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah I had a good chat when I went there to drop off the CDs for the uni students11:57
head_victimI don't think we have a large enough contingent here to lock in dates and places but maybe jellyware if you set up a Melbourne one, dns53 if you start reviving the Adelaide thread on the list and us Brisbane folk get organise we might have a few to choose from this release11:58
jaddi27head_victim: did you give Ubuntu CDs to HUMBUG for Uni open days? If so, I got one from UQ, so it seems to have worked11:59
dns53head_victim will do, anyone else in adelaide ?11:59
head_victimjaddi27: they were leftovers from LCA so glad to know it went where it was useful :)11:59
head_victimYou'll have to let me know after the meeting how you came about getting it so I can see if they had a good presentation or not :)12:00
head_victimI do still have a small number of 10.10 CDs here for anyone wanting to use them12:00
sagacisydney release party?12:00
head_victimsagaci: there was talk, feel free to revive the thread on the mailing list12:01
head_victimOr start a new one :)12:01
head_victimBasically if no one appears to be showing much leadership with this stuff just get in, make a decision and advertise it. People will turn up12:01
head_victimLike I said you can do as much or as little preparation for it as you like so it can be nice and casual and easy if you want12:02
head_victimPlease make sure someone takes pictures though 12:02
blahdeblahhead_victim: Clinton Roy suggested to me that we check out the Edge at the State Library as a meeting venue.  Apparently they "get" Free Software.12:03
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah, I'm not sure how their flood relief is going and they also close at 6pm so would need to be a saturday afternoon12:03
blahdeblahfair enough12:04
head_victimCool so we can move the release parties to the mailing list I guess, would be nice to have it finalised locations this time next week12:04
head_victimAnyone have any other topics or questions to raise (we're just hitting the hour now)12:05
blahdeblahOnly the flood victim computers deal, but still waiting on info12:05
head_victimblahdeblah: that's cool, we could call it an installfest and put it on loco.u.c as well :)12:06
blahdeblahHow many people would actually be ready to help out with an installfest for Qld flood victims?12:06
head_victimI think the more we use that the easier reapproval will be. I think in general we do enough for reapproval but we just aren't great at documenting it12:06
head_victimblahdeblah: I would definitely be up for it as long as I wasn't on shift. I'm sure caryb would be interested.12:07
head_victimOthers would come along for tea and coffee and snacks :)12:07
* head_victim has just offered tea and coffee and snacks it would seem12:08
jellywarethanks head_victim12:09
head_victimsagaci, jaddi27, dns53, jellyware, others, can I call it a meeting and close it?12:09
blahdeblahgo for it12:10
jaddi27yes, that is fine12:10
dns53i'm fine12:10
MootBotMeeting finished at 06:10.12:10
head_victimAn hour 10, not too bad at all.12:10
head_victimI will make sure that all the usual details of the meeting are available on the wiki and posted to the list in the next 24 hours.12:11
jellywarenice job head_victim12:11
head_victimI think if we continue to use the wiki for the logs it will provide continuity and we'll try moving to loco.u.c for the timing and agenda12:11
jellywareI still have a few 10.10 cds if anyone wants one posted to them12:11
head_victimjellyware: thanks make, appreciated.12:11
blahdeblahI still have a few, too.12:12
head_victimI think we did pretty well at using as many as possible before this new release12:13
jaddi27head_victim: I got the Ubuntu CD from the UQ Market Day, which is the day for students to sign on to all of the clubs12:14
head_victimjaddi27: ah ok, apparently Clinton was going to do a presentation to the first years as well in one of their welcome lectures12:14
jaddi27The UQ Computing Society had a pile of them, and were giving them out. There were very few Ubuntu Cds left, but two large piles of Fedora12:15
jaddi27so I think Ubuntu was a lot more popular12:15
head_victimHah that doesn't surprise me :)12:15
jaddi27One person did come to the lecture, but I am not entirely sure of his name. There still hasn't been any meetings, so I haven't got to know any of them yet12:16
head_victimAh ok, well I'm hoping I'll be allowed to spam the HUMBUG list for the release party info12:16
jaddi27Hopefully they will let you - I am sure a number would be interested12:17
head_victimYeah, they're a friendly bunch, I went to a meeting to drop off the CDs12:17
jaddi27Where do they actually meet? I haven't been to a meeting, but have heard about them quite a bit12:18
head_victimLike blahdeblah said, they're really keen on working together.12:18
blahdeblahNews about flood computers just coming to hand...12:18
* head_victim waits anxiously12:19
head_victimOh and blahdeblah I still have that local mirror on the USB drive if it could be useful12:22
blahdeblahOK, deal is that they were able to image the machines quickly and easily. (Duh.) So no help needed there.12:23
blahdeblahLooks like it's mostly just support after-the-fact that they will need12:24
head_victimAhh, so a stack of business cards and maybe some pressed CDs?12:24
blahdeblahWhere are we at with UbuntuForums.org?  Are there folks looking after the AU channel there?12:26
head_victimIt exists :) And phlosten and ikt are moderators12:26
head_victimIt's not hugely popular right now but it's still new12:27
head_victimI can see I'm going to have to get more business cards made up to include this information12:27
head_victimOr is the fact that it's linked on the ubuntu.com.au site enough?12:28
bradmjaddi27: HUMBUG meet at UQ12:28
blahdeblahI think linked on the web site should be enough12:29
jaddi27yes, that should be enough12:29
jaddi27bradm: I thought they might. I might try to come along some time 12:29
head_victimOk, I'm down to about 500 cards though so might think about adding it for the next run12:29
bradmjaddi27: it can be a bit daunting, every meeting is like an installfest, so there's limited structure to it12:30
blahdeblahI think perhaps getting the web site up to date and getting the welcome message fleshed out a bit would be the first place to start12:30
head_victimbradm: yeah it didn't seem very structured to me when I was there. I was glad I was going to meet someone specific12:31
head_victimblahdeblah: fair call12:31
head_victimWe need to write an article for the site about the new forums though12:31
bradmhead_victim: it's a very unique LUG12:31
head_victimbradm: I don't have anything to compare it to12:31
blahdeblahThose nav links need a lot of work12:31
bradmhead_victim: I'm not sure there is anything to compare it to :)12:32
blahdeblahI'm gonna have a hack at the welcome page12:32
jaddi27blahdeblah: yes, the links do need a bit of a change12:32
bradmhead_victim: installfest is the closest I've come up with12:32
head_victimblahdeblah: cool, I have no idea what I'm doing so I can edit stuff that's there but as far as layout I"m stumped12:33
head_victimbradm: yeah, I'd heard a lot of online stuff saying they were a bit hard to "get into"12:33
blahdeblahjaddi27, head_victim: There are just too many links, and they aren't very newbie-friendly if you ask me12:34
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah I'd be dropping google groups and the IRC and Mailing List.12:34
jaddi27Maybe we could take inspiration from the header on the wiki12:34
bradmhead_victim: yeah, I'd probably agree with that.12:34
head_victimLeave it at Home, Planet, Forum, Wiki, Order CDs and Contact perhaps?12:34
* blahdeblah hacks at the links12:35
head_victimThe wiki header has all the details, Can you put alt text on them so people know to look at the wiki for that info?12:35
blahdeblahAlt text on what?12:35
head_victimbradm: I can't say I'd go back unless I had someone I was meeting. I don't think I could just "rock up"12:35
head_victimThe buttons12:35
jaddi27You could add alt-text, but I don't think it would be too useful in this case12:36
head_victimAgain, I have no idea what is possible within the current confines of the drupal install.12:36
head_victimI"m also worried if we work on it too much when the new theme comes in we'll need to redo it all12:36
head_victimBut if you're in the mood I say go for it now12:36
blahdeblahHow's that look?12:37
jaddi27I don't think we should have to change too much with the new theme12:37
blahdeblahI don't think there's a way to add alt-text12:37
head_victimblahdeblah: nice12:37
bradmhead_victim: I can understand that12:37
jaddi27blahdeblah: links look good12:37
bradmhead_victim: its been a few years since I've been, I'm sure its changed a bit12:37
head_victimI was hoping to lead a Ubuntu expedition to HUMBUG one week and maybe even present there12:37
head_victimBut I'm really hoping like crazy I'll be in a 9-5 monday to friday job soonish so that will make it much easier12:38
bradmhead_victim: going for a talk / giving a talk is a good way to get into it12:38
bradmhead_victim: usually there's a dinner run and lots of chatting12:38
head_victimThey don't seem to hold presentations much anymore according to their website12:38
head_victimBut yeah, they go for dinner and then come back, etc.12:38
head_victimI was only there an hour12:38
blahdeblahI personally think forum could be dispensed with as well and be moved to the contact page12:39
bradmits scaled back a bit since I was there, some times I was there until the sun rose :)12:39
bradmthat was when I was at uni though12:39
head_victimblahdeblah: I have a grand plan for the contact us wiki page, I want it to be the definitive list of who does what within the loco not just the team contact and website admin. I want to add IRC operators, forum moderators, chairpersons, etc12:40
head_victimbradm: I wondered how long it actually went for12:40
blahdeblahhead_victim: Just keep the front contact page nice & simple, though12:40
jaddi27head_victim: That contact page sounds good. It should be easy to implement12:40
bradmhead_victim: nominally 3pm till midnight, not sure how its changed since I've been12:40
head_victimbradm: yeah that's what it still states12:41
head_victimblahdeblah & jaddi27 team contact details on the front page and a list of links to another page to keep it short?12:41
blahdeblahhead_victim: The big ticket item for me is: get people in contact with someone with a clue - quickly.12:42
jaddi27There are no contact details on the front page at the moment, are there?12:42
head_victimjaddi27: nah it's just a contact us link at the top12:43
blahdeblahhttp://www.ubuntu.org.au/node/11 12:43
blahdeblahFeedback please12:43
jaddi27So you would add a block down the side with basic contact details, or a sticky at the top of the front page?12:43
blahdeblahjaddi27: Are we talking web site or wiki?12:44
head_victimblahdeblah: that looks pretty goo12:44
blahdeblahI think we could get rid of the list of people on the front contact page of the wiki and leave that further down in the details.12:45
jaddi27blahdeblah: I just realised I had read it the wrong way. I though head_victim was referring to the website, but now realise he meant the wiki12:45
jaddi27Sorry about that12:45
head_victimjaddi27: we're sort of mingling them a bit12:45
head_victimblahdeblah: yeah I was thinking of it differently as well but your idea seems to fit better12:45
blahdeblahThere's a lot of duplicated information between https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/ContactUs and http://www.ubuntu.org.au/12:45
jaddi27blahdeblah: I am happy with that Welcome message12:46
blahdeblahjaddi27: thx12:47
jaddi27blahdeblah: The only problem is that it is cut off on the front page. Should the teaser break be moved down?12:47
head_victimYeah, I say once we fix up the linked wiki it should be good12:47
blahdeblahDon't think we can move it down12:47
blahdeblahwe can move it up though12:47
* blahdeblah tries12:47
blahdeblahI'm gonna get rid of the "who's new" block as well - it's just spammers12:47
jaddi27Yes, that is a good idea. Can we stop the spammers joining?12:48
head_victimYeah I was wondering about that. Is it feasible to cleanse this list or is it too far gone?12:48
blahdeblahjaddi27: No12:48
blahdeblahhead_victim: It's too far gone12:48
head_victimAlso that Planet block is out of date. I think it's using the aggregator but that's not what the planet uses.12:49
blahdeblahI think i can sort that out.12:49
jaddi27What if we started over - get everyone to rejoin, and put good Captcha or OpenId on it12:49
head_victimjaddi27: if we get UbuntuDrupal we can get the openid module12:50
head_victimIf it's not too intrusive12:50
jaddi27Yes, that is what I was thinking, as long as it works properly12:50
blahdeblah The feed from Planet Ubuntu-Au seems to be broken, because of error "-1 1".            12:50
jaddi27That sounds like a great error message12:51
blahdeblahDid it again and it works12:51
blahdeblahbradm: Do you know if there is any automated cron process for hosted Drupal sites?12:51
blahdeblahIf not, i might get my server hitting it regularly12:51
blahdeblahjaddi27: Looks like we can move the break down - check out home page now12:53
jaddi27Yes, that is what I meant. Looks good12:53
jaddi27Where is the Planet Ubuntu-Au block? I don't seem to see anything12:53
blahdeblahRight hand side at the bottom12:55
blahdeblahThat syndicate button is useless12:56
jaddi27I see the User menu, then Upcoming events, then Who's online, then Syndicate12:56
jaddi27that is all12:56
jaddi27The syndicate rss feed could be useful for some people12:56
blahdeblahExcept that it's in the URL bar of every page.12:57
blahdeblahjaddi27: which page are you looking at at present?12:57
jaddi27That is true.12:57
jaddi27I am looking at the home page12:58
jaddi27Do you mean the Feeds list on the Planet page?12:58
blahdeblahexact URL, please12:58
head_victimWith the new idea the "upcoming events" should be a link to the loco.u.c page as well12:58
blahdeblahAt the moment http://ubuntu.com.au/ looks different to http://www.ubuntu.org.au/12:58
blahdeblahbecause i'm logged in at .org.au, but not at .com.au12:59
* blahdeblah checks out the block permissions12:59
jaddi27I was on http://ubuntu.com.au12:59
blahdeblahYeah - i get the same thing13:00
blahdeblahNo planet feed13:00
jaddi27I now see what you mean though - I have a lot more menu items in the user menu on ubuntu.org.au than I do on ubuntu.com.au13:00
blahdeblahThink i found it13:00
blahdeblahReload .com.au now13:01
jaddi27Yes both are the same now13:01
blahdeblahAnonymous users didn't have permissions to read news feeds13:01
blahdeblahIn the absence of feedback from bradm, i've added ubuntu.org.au to the list of drupal sites for which my server does a cron run.13:03
jaddi27blahdeblah: Did you just change my website permissions, or did I always have the ability to add content?13:03
head_victimblahdeblah: to update the news feed?13:03
blahdeblahI just added it for you13:03
blahdeblahhead_victim: year13:03
jaddi27Thanks for that13:03
head_victimblahdeblah: I thought everyone could create content just needed to be published by an admin>?13:03
blahdeblahI couldn't be bothered going through every user and adding that permission13:04
blahdeblahAnd 99% of the users are spammers13:04
head_victimAh I thought that's how it was auto configured13:04
blahdeblahSo i only enable those whom i know are legit13:04
head_victimFair call. I'm still learning this drupal stuff :)13:05
blahdeblahBut yes, basically the idea was that everyone who was a team member could add content, and then the admins could publish13:05
blahdeblahThat's what we did for planigale's post on the front page recently13:05
jaddi27blahdeblah: Where on the website is the Planet block that head_victim was referring to earlier?13:05
head_victimOk, I didn't see any of that happen actually.13:06
head_victimI think I need to set up notifications better13:06
blahdeblahjaddi27: Bottom left navigation13:06
blahdeblahjaddi27: bottom right i mean13:06
blahdeblahhead_victim: I don't think notifications are set up at all13:06
head_victimAh ok, I just had no idea when the new post went up. Mind you I'm still yet to learn about rss as well13:07
* blahdeblah loves his RSS13:07
jaddi27blahdeblah: What exactly should I be seeing? I am slightly confused as to if I am missing something or not13:07
head_victimSo did you have to adjust planigale's account for them to post?13:07
bradmhead_victim: I'm sure we could sort something out about it13:07
blahdeblahhead_victim, jaddi27: hang tight and i'll get you some screenshots13:08
jaddi27blahdeblah: Thanks13:08
blahdeblahjaddi27: http://gear.dyndns.org/~paulgear/images/ubuntu-blocks.png front page 13:11
blahdeblahhead_victim: my account details13:11
blahdeblahNormally, we just add blogger and page creators13:11
* blahdeblah goes to fix up the plural mismatch13:11
head_victimAh but how did you know to add it for planigale was my obscured question :)13:11
blahdeblahhead_victim: Because she asked me to. ;-)13:12
blahdeblahIt's not rocket science, bro. ;-)13:12
head_victimAh fair enough then. I was wondering if I was missing some weird drupal foo13:12
blahdeblahAlthough i'm sure we can do better on the notification side of things13:13
jaddi27blahdeblah: Based upon what I can see, you might need to adjust the permissions on the Planet block. I cannot see it at all13:13
head_victimI just signed up for all notifications13:13
jaddi27blahdeblah: I do see it if I am not logged in though13:14
blahdeblahjaddi27: I think i know what's wrong - hang on13:14
blahdeblahrefresh now13:14
blahdeblahI forgot to add feed access for authenticated users as well...13:15
jaddi27blahdeblah: Both work now. I thought it might be something like that13:15
head_victimbradm: I missed that in a haze of red highlighting - what are we sorting out13:16
bradmhead_victim: cron process for hosted drupal sites13:17
blahdeblahbradm: It's in my cron.hourly now, so no biggie if you can't13:17
bradmhead_victim: I'm sure there's some way, I'm just not sure of specifics right now13:17
head_victimOhh that was blahdeblah :) 13:18
head_victimblahdeblah: maybe we should add a little note about creating content in the welcome note?13:19
blahdeblahBTW, folks, if you notice any spam in comments on the site, please let me know.  I disabled viewing of comments by anonymous users, so most people will not see them.  But as you poke around you might find ones that i haven't cleaned up yet.13:20
bradmoh, it was too :)13:20
blahdeblahhead_victim: Too much info for newbies, if you ask me.  Can't we find somewhere on the wiki for that?13:20
head_victimblahdeblah: sounds good13:20
head_victimbradm: it's ok, we're all friends here. Just remember, if someone is talking technically it's a good chance it's not me :)13:21
bradmhead_victim: hehe, fair enough.  I was only skimming, there was a bunch of text13:21
head_victimI'm your typical "end user" :D13:21
bradmblahdeblah: if its something you want done, best to submit a request to RT13:22
blahdeblahI would have thought it a standard part of every drupal install...13:22
blahdeblahbradm: Another Q: can you recall where the option is to control whether post author information is displayed?13:23
bradmI don't even know what you're talking about other than cron jobs :)13:23
bradmblahdeblah: not offhand, would have to have a look13:24
blahdeblahI know it's in there somewhere...13:24
jaddi27Is it in the template?13:26
blahdeblahwhat template?13:26
blahdeblahyou mean themes?13:26
blahdeblahMight be13:26
* blahdeblah checks13:26
jaddi27Sorry, yes, I meant themes13:27
head_victimOn a side note, I just added the flickr group to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-au 13:27
blahdeblahjaddi27 wins!13:27
jaddi27I can't see that page, but that is where I remember seeing it on my other websites13:28
blahdeblahI've just turned off the post information for "page" type, which means that the welcome page loses the notice that it was first submitted 4 years ago.13:28
blahdeblahI just reckon it looks a bit daggy when the page could have been updated 100 times, but it keeps the original post info.13:29
jaddi27Yes, that is a better look13:29
blahdeblahAnd it's only really relevant with news stories and blog posts anyway13:29
jaddi27You can change the date I thought13:29
jaddi27You can at least in Drupal 7 - I have spent most of my time using that13:29
blahdeblahYou can if you bother to edit it.13:30
blahdeblahBut i think we're better off just leaving it out for static pages.13:30
jaddi27Yes. That is the default setting in Drupal 713:31
blahdeblahI've spent most of my time on Drupal 4.7 ;-)13:31
head_victimWell I have to bail. I need to be awake again at 4am for work. 13:32
head_victimThanks heaps blahdeblah jaddi27 and bradm for having a bit of a cleanup13:32
blahdeblahno worries13:32
jaddi27that is alright13:32
head_victimI will post some emails to the list over the next couple of days as per the meeting info13:32
blahdeblahhead_victim: can i leave you to sort out the contact page?  I think that is the main page which needs to be newbie-friendly.13:32
head_victimblahdeblah: definitely.13:33
head_victimI'll ping you on here when I've had a crack. Should be in the next couple of days13:33
blahdeblahI'm off to bed - night folks.13:33
* blahdeblah out13:33
head_victimvalorin: thanks for the tip on your planet icon14:28
valorinNo worries :)14:28
head_victimbradm: Stephen Rees-Carter's image is broken because it's missing the .jpg off the end of the file from what we can work out. And I'm not sure if bwright's needs to be resized on his end our the planet's side.14:29
head_victimvalorin: glad you spotted that :)14:29
valorinhead_victim, I spend my days doing web development, missing image extensions is the first thing I check when an image is broken14:30
head_victimvalorin: ah I spend my days in a concrete box pretending to be interested in managing the people around me :) In my spare time I'm looking for a job I can actually be interested in14:31
valorinhead_victim, that doesn't sound like much fun at all...14:32
head_victimIt wasn't so bad until all the decent higher up managers left and we got shafted with the people who think a 2 hour conversation about their weekend is a productive meeting14:33
head_victimOn that note I have to be awake in a few hours so I might call it a night. I'll send some mail to the list tomorrow 14:33
valorinheh, sounds like a good idea.. sleep I mean. I need to get there soon too14:34
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