cyberangerpace_t_zulu: anything else on the adgenda?00:00
linuxman410anyone here00:18
linuxman410cyberanger do you like unity00:18
linuxman410chris4585 do you like unity00:19
cyberangerlinuxman410: not really00:20
linuxman410vychune do u like unity00:27
vychunehavent tried it yet00:28
vychunebrb going to store00:28
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chris4585linuxman410, its okay, but personally I like gnoem3 way more01:08
linuxman410chris4585 have u ever used a acer aspire one01:09
chris4585lol http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/309/a/4/ubuntu_vs_gnome_by_jeypeyy-d327m94.png01:26
pace_t_zuluwe ready?01:31
pace_t_zulucyberanger chris4585 linuxman410 vychune_away orias Juzzy elijah-mbp Dan9186 Svpernova09 Worldspice_Will xTEMPLARx ping01:36
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cyberanger2Suprisingly quiet, wow01:47
cyberanger2Happy Cinco de Mayo01:47
linuxman410cyberanger did you clone yourself one and two01:50
cyberanger2No, just split personality01:53
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vychunepace_t_zulu meeting?02:12
vychunewhere is everyone?02:13
pace_t_zulucyberanger cyberanger2 we do have a meeting right now.... right?02:13
pace_t_zulucyberanger, you mind starting it?02:14
linuxman410is there going to be a meeting02:23
chris4585linuxman410, I think its already over02:23
linuxman410chris4585 what did we discuss i missed it02:24
pace_t_zululinuxman410: you didn't miss anything02:25
pace_t_zuluthere has been no meeting02:25
linuxman410i sit here an hour for nothing02:26
linuxman410well at least i can say i showed up02:26
linuxman410well thats all folks02:27
vychunefirst one i make is a bust02:29
linuxman410cyberanger still here02:31
linuxman410cyberanger2 still here02:32
linuxman410pace_t_zulu u still here02:33
pace_t_zului'll go ahead02:34
MootBotMeeting started at 20:34. The chair is pace_t_zulu.02:34
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linuxman410pace_t_zulu you use a netbook or laptop and what kind i am looking to get another one02:34
pace_t_zululinuxman410: laptop02:35
pace_t_zululinuxman410: macbook pr02:35
pace_t_zulu[topic] Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)02:36
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal)02:36
pace_t_zuludoesn't live boot on my macbook pro ... i should file a bug02:36
pace_t_zulubut it doesn't support wireless on the mbp either02:37
linuxman410i do not like the unity part requires too much hardware02:37
pace_t_zululinuxman410: but classic is right there02:37
linuxman410yes for this version02:37
pace_t_zululinuxman410: and 11.10 should have a 2d unity version02:37
linuxman410pace_t_zulu 11.04 has a 2d version it sucks02:38
linuxman410my main concern is ubuntu is forgetting what linux is all about saving old hardware ubuntu has lost sight of that02:40
pace_t_zululinuxman410: i'm not sure ubuntu is about saving old hardware02:40
pace_t_zululinuxman410: xubuntu is about saving old hardware02:41
pace_t_zuluseems to be how it works02:41
linuxman410xubuntu requirments are getting high too now debian is remembering that old machine you have in the corner02:42
linuxman410debian had the drivers for my intel 845ge video02:43
linuxman410ubuntu stop supporting that in 10.0402:43
linuxman410i even have fedora 14 running on old 800mhz laptop02:45
linuxman410ubuntu is not going to offer classic in 11.1002:48
linuxman410so it is upgrade your hardware or quit using ubuntu02:48
vychunei havent upgraded so i have no comments on natty02:51
pace_t_zululinuxman410: couldn't we build the i845g drivers for maverick and natting in a ppa?02:51
linuxman410pace_t_zulu i tried computer locked up and would not boot02:52
pace_t_zululinuxman410: sorry to hear that02:52
pace_t_zululinuxman410: i suppose debian6 is running on an older kernel than natty02:53
vychunewhy would that be?02:53
pace_t_zuluvychune: debian 6 came out before natty02:54
pace_t_zuluand its got a longer release cycle02:54
vychunewhat is thier release cycle02:54
pace_t_zuluso it's possible it has an older kernel than maverick02:54
linuxman410pace_t_zulu debian 6 runs great on my machine and also runs without flash it uses html502:55
* vychune goes to debian website to download02:55
pace_t_zuluwell debian is on version 6 ... initial release was in 9302:55
pace_t_zuluvychune: ubuntu pulls from debian's unstable branch for regular releases and testing branch for LTS releases02:56
vychuneoh ok cool02:56
vychunethee hew is02:56
vychune*there he is02:56
pace_t_zuluwe have 4 now02:57
pace_t_zuluanyone here from memphis?02:57
pace_t_zuluvychune: apparently jfenn is planning a meetup02:57
pace_t_zulujfenn2199 that is02:58
pace_t_zuluso cyberanger said this afternoon02:58
vychuneoh ok02:59
pace_t_zulubut i don't have any more info02:59
vychunethats ok02:59
wrstdid i miss the meeting? :)03:02
vychune smh03:02
linuxman410you did not miss nothing wrst03:04
linuxman410wrst where have u been03:05
wrstha ha been pretty busy today linuxman410 how are you doing?03:05
linuxman410doing ok and you03:06
linuxman410just talking about natty 703:07
vychunenatty 7?03:07
linuxman410yeah they upgrade os you have to upgrade hardware03:07
linuxman4102.6.32-5 this is kernel version in debian 603:11
linuxman410pace_t_zulu there is kernel version of debian 603:12
pace_t_zulunatty 7?03:13
vychunethats what i said03:14
linuxman410yeah like windows 7 more hardware needed to run03:14
pace_t_zululinuxman410: are you saying debian 6 can emulate flash with html5?03:14
linuxman410yes indeed03:14
linuxman410and it works good03:15
wrstpace_t_zulu: i know youtube has vids working with html5 i tried it out with chrome some time ago03:15
pace_t_zuluwrst: i am aware of that03:15
pace_t_zulubut emulating flash in html5 ... i am skeptical03:15
wrstyeah pace_t_zulu just wondering about ... yeah you took the words out of my mouth pace_t_zulu03:16
linuxman410pace_t_zulu all the video i tried worked without flash03:16
pace_t_zululinuxman410: on youtube?03:16
linuxman410on youtube03:16
pace_t_zululinuxman410: youtube is a rare provider of html5 video03:17
wrstyeah try some flash thats not on youtube linuxman410 i think you may not be so happy03:17
linuxman410pace_t_zulu debian 6 is a truly free kernel no extras03:17
pace_t_zululinuxman410: i am aware of that03:17
pace_t_zululinuxman410: many debian users point that out03:18
linuxman410pace_t_zulu fedora has same version kernel as natty and the intel 845ge video works with fedora03:19
vychunegonna head out guys i have a job now so i cant stay up ike i want to now03:21
pace_t_zululinuxman410: have you filed a bug?03:21
* wrst is not overly concerned with stallman freedom03:21
* pace_t_zulu isn't either03:22
wrstpace_t_zulu: have you tried unity out with dual monitors?03:22
pace_t_zuluwrst: no, why?03:22
wrstwell the blasted top bar goes across the second monitor which i kinda understand with the global menus but that's being a pain for me at the moment03:23
linuxman410lubuntu is supporting 10.04 till 201503:28
linuxman410is meeting still going on03:30
linuxman410wrst u still here03:30
wrstjust for a minute linuxman41003:31
wrstwhat's up?03:31
linuxman410is the meeting over03:31
wrstthink so03:31
MootBotMeeting finished at 21:52.03:52
orias45minutes later I find badgerports and then can apt-get install keepass2 >_<04:08
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wrsthappy friday everyone15:54
cyberangerpace_t_zulu: I didn't have any more info either, jfenn2199 was working on the details last I heard15:58
pace_t_zulumissed cyberanger...17:37
* wrst is growing increasingly unhappy with 11.0418:41
Dan9186expound please18:51
wrstwell just feels really incomplete to me Dan9186, unity seems to me to get more in the way, granted I'm more in the gnome 3 camp18:55
wrstbut Dan9186 i'm running ubuntu server 11.04 and its good, but the desktop is i think just awful18:56
wrstwell awful is an overstatement18:56
vychuneisnt there a guy at worldspice that comes in here somwtimes?19:58
pace_t_zuluvychune: yea... worldspice_will20:06
vychuneif you see him login, could you point him my way?20:06
pace_t_zuluwrst: would you say it's more unity that you are displeased with that anything else about the 11.04? or are there other problems20:07
wrstunity and my wireless pace_t_zulu :)20:08
wrstbut mainly unity its just a pain20:08
pace_t_zuluwrst: i'd expect unity to advance by leaps and bound between now and 11.10 .... and then get some real polish in 12.04 LTS20:09
pace_t_zuluwrst: canonical was ambitious with unity ...20:10
wrstyeah and pace_t_zulu i admit to being in the gnome 3 camp also20:10
pace_t_zuluwrst: don't forget Mac OS X was a dog with 10.0 ... but people could see it was going in the right direction .... same for kde 4.x20:10
wrstbut, gnome 3 is a very usable and stable now20:11
pace_t_zuluwrst: i understand why you would be right now... but i get the impression that unity will progress faster than gnome3 ...20:11
wrstit may pace_t_zulu, but i certainly would not suggest the "average" user think about moving to it now20:11
pace_t_zuluwrst: if the gnome team set out to develop unity when canonical did - we wouldn't see it till 201420:11
wrsti do look forward to seeing unity on top of gnome320:12
pace_t_zuluwrst: i'm still rocking gnome220:12
pace_t_zuluwrst: but that's more because i spend most of my ubuntu (desktop) time in virtual machines20:12
wrsti really like the way that gnome shell works, its very intuitive i think20:12
vychunejust saw this on facebook:20:30
vychuneJim McDermott20:31
vychuneWith all the different flavors of Ubuntu out there, could they not come up with a separate distro for newbies? You could call it Nubuntu or Duh-buntu.20:31
vychuneyou ok there pace_t_zulu?20:50
wrstpace_t_zulu: when i look at unity it sorta looks "old" compared to gnome shell or kde i think20:55
chris4585KDE is so pretty, but the problem I have with it is its not all that simple21:22
chris4585the problem with unity is that its not all that well done, accessing apps is a bit of a task21:22
chris4585the problems with gnome3 are the simplest of things that can be enabled but no easy option dialog to do that21:23
wrstchris4585: used the gnome-tweak-tool?21:44
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