mainerrorallo :)15:27
mainerrorDaniel0108, wie war nochmal die URL zu unserer website?15:38
mainerrordanke :)15:57
mainerrormann Wordpress mit diesem Ubuntu theme und diesem Thematic Theme Framework ist ja hammer :)16:39
mainerroroh, ein bug16:41
Daniel0108mainerror: ja, das is wirklich geil :)16:46
mainerrorjo aber da gibts noch ein kleines problem16:47
mainerrorwenn du zum beispiel auf die test page gehst16:47
mainerrordann ist die secondary navigation weg16:47
Daniel0108außerdem ist das home jetzt ganz breit16:48
Daniel0108der button16:48
mainerrordas meinte ich mit bug16:49
Daniel0108das ist iwie dumm :P16:49
mainerrordas nervt16:51
mainerrornaja, temporärer workaround wird wohl so sein, dass wir keine sachen ins submenu geben16:54
mainerrorwas mit tierisch aufregt16:54
Daniel0108mainerror: meeting? :P17:03
mainerrordas ist wohl das Thematic Theme Framework was uns dazwischenfunkt17:03
mainerrorlets do it17:04
mainerrorguntbert, ist auch hier17:04
Daniel0108hmm, meetingbot haben wir schon mal keinen :/17:04
Daniel0108wo ist der hin?17:04
mainerrorder muss auch hin und wieder mal schlafen hehe17:04
Daniel0108na toll :/17:04
mainerrorguntbert, bist du da?17:05
mainerrorjussi, da?17:05
Daniel0108Rhonda, MichealH?17:06
MichealHDaniel0108, Yes?17:06
mainerroryay at least someone17:06
MichealHLemme boot it up17:06
Daniel0108MichealH: we need the meeting bot17:06
MichealH@load meetingolgy17:07
MootBot-ATMichealH: Error: No plugin named "meetingolgy" exists.17:08
MichealHMootBot-AT, load meetingolgy17:08
MootBot-ATMichealH: Error: No plugin named "meetingolgy" exists.17:08
MichealHMootBot-AT, list17:08
MootBot-ATMichealH: Admin, Channel, Config, Misc, Owner, Services, and User17:08
MichealHOh Damn -.-17:09
MichealHI think I screwed it up17:09
Daniel0108o.O WHAT???17:09
MichealHbrb :)17:10
mainerrorDaniel0108, koordinieren wir beide uns heute einfach17:10
MichealH@load meetingologu17:11
MichealH@load meetingology17:11
MootBot-ATMichealH: Error: No plugin named "meetingologu" exists.17:11
MootBot-ATMichealH: The operation succeeded.17:11
mainerrorwir werden uns eine eigene kleine agenda basteln müssen17:11
MootBot-ATMeeting started Sat May 14 14:29:21 2011 UTC.  The chair is MichealH. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.17:11
MootBot-ATUseful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.17:11
MichealH#chair Daniel010817:11
MootBot-ATCurrent chairs: Daniel0108 MichealH17:11
guntbertsorry, bin da, hatte erwartet dass mich der chatzilla anpingt17:12
Daniel0108mainerror: bitte die agenda in etherpad einfügen :)17:13
Daniel0108#link http://ubuntu-at.ietherpad.com/117:14
Daniel0108#topic Website - (See http://ubuntu-at.ietherpad.com/1 for the agenda)17:14
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Website - (See http://ubuntu-at.ietherpad.com/1 for the agenda)17:14
Daniel0108#chair mainerror17:15
MootBot-ATCurrent chairs: Daniel0108 MichealH mainerror17:15
Daniel0108ich denke wir können anfangen :)17:15
MichealHDaniel0108, One thing, Can we haz website, maybe a community design?17:15
MichealHI mean forums :P17:15
Daniel0108Our current website is http://ubuntu-at.co.cc/ WIP :)17:15
Daniel0108Work In Progress17:16
MichealHWe should have a TLD soon, shall we?17:16
Daniel0108hi hail17:16
hailhi Daniel010817:17
hailWhat is new here17:17
Daniel0108hail: german or english?17:17
hailenglish is easer for me17:17
Daniel0108we still need a website team for our community17:18
Daniel0108#link http://ubuntu-at.co.cc/17:18
haili speack german but i can not write very well in german17:18
Daniel0108who's interested?17:18
Daniel0108hail: okay17:18
MichealHDaniel0108, ME ME ME17:18
Daniel0108#action mainerror leads the website team17:18
MootBot-ATACTION: mainerror leads the website team17:18
haili might be able to help with the web sight a little17:18
Daniel0108we also need some writers, for tutorials and so on :)17:19
Daniel0108guntbert: ^17:19
haili could do not have that much experiance with web stuff17:19
MichealHI could do a few blog entries, yes17:19
Daniel0108hail: you just have to maintain wordpress17:19
mainerrorDaniel0108, do you want me to transfer the results to our etherpad thingy?17:19
MichealHmainerror, Yes please17:19
Daniel0108mainerror: yes, please, take notes like at the UDS :)17:19
haili have never worked with word press but i can learn17:20
Daniel0108hail: okay, you can also be a writer17:20
hailwhat are you looking for content wise17:21
Daniel0108let's start a poll. Should the website be german or english, or both?17:21
Daniel0108german = +117:21
Daniel0108english = -117:21
Daniel0108both = 017:21
Daniel0108#vote Website: German or English?17:21
MootBot-ATPlease vote on: Website: German or English?17:21
MootBot-ATPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)17:21
MootBot-AT0 received from MichealH17:21
MootBot-AT0 received from Daniel010817:21
MootBot-AT0 received from mainerror17:21
MootBot-AT+1 received from guntbert17:21
MootBot-AT0 received from hail17:21
Daniel0108Rhonda: ^17:21
MootBot-ATVoting ended on: Website: German or English?17:22
MootBot-ATVotes for:1 Votes against:0 Abstentions:417:22
MootBot-ATMotion carried17:22
Daniel0108so.. Website will be in german and english17:22
Daniel0108and the board?17:22
Daniel0108the only problem is... it's hard to maintain two languages17:23
MichealHAll the site will be in German/English17:23
MichealHDaniel0108, Heck no :P17:23
Daniel0108yeah, but can we just add a google translate button? hehe :P17:23
MichealHor whatever :P17:24
Daniel0108but we would have to translate everything17:24
Daniel0108Let's vote17:24
guntbertit will be impossible to translate (all) board messages - only option: mixed threads - if you *want* it in english too17:24
MichealHDaniel0108, Google Translate, then get me to check the translationb for grammer?17:24
Daniel0108#vote Translate button or manual translation?17:25
MootBot-ATPlease vote on: Translate button or manual translation?17:25
MootBot-ATPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)17:25
guntbertplease don't rely on Google Translate for posts17:25
MichealH+1 (Translate Button)17:25
Daniel0108MichealH: no comments ;)17:25
MootBot-AT+1 received from Daniel010817:25
MootBot-AT-1 received from guntbert17:25
MootBot-AT+1 received from MichealH17:25
MootBot-AT-1 received from mainerror17:25
Daniel0108hmm okay, that's a problem17:25
MootBot-ATVoting ended on: Translate button or manual translation?17:26
MootBot-ATVotes for:2 Votes against:2 Abstentions:017:26
Daniel0108any ideas?17:26
haili will be trying to impliment a mysql server with NUbuilder front end on ubuntu server i could write a how to as i go along if eny one is interested17:26
Daniel0108hail: we already have a webserver :)17:26
mainerrortranslations are to be done by hand or the content will lose its meaning17:26
Daniel0108mainerror: on pages: yes, on posts: idk, on board: it's hard :P17:26
guntbertI still prefer the board in german only - or to admit mixed posts17:27
Daniel0108I think we should keep the LoCo language German17:27
Daniel0108German (Austria)17:27
Daniel0108but there are also some pages in English17:27
mainerrorwe will need to separate the german and english seactions of the forums17:27
hailI just was thinking about a how to document that otheres could use not the actual server17:27
Daniel0108main language: german17:27
Daniel01082nd language: english17:27
Daniel0108#vote Is this okay?17:27
MootBot-ATPlease vote on: Is this okay?17:27
MootBot-ATPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)17:27
MootBot-AT+1 received from Daniel010817:27
MootBot-AT+1 received from guntbert17:27
MootBot-AT+1 received from mainerror17:27
MootBot-AT+1 received from MichealH17:27
MichealHJust Im english and help out here, so it could be a issure17:28
Daniel0108hail: please vote :) We'll talk about the server later :)17:28
Daniel0108MichealH: You can google translate or learn german by maintaining it :P17:28
MootBot-AT+1 received from hail17:28
MootBot-ATVoting ended on: Is this okay?17:28
MootBot-ATVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:017:28
MootBot-ATMotion carried17:28
Daniel0108We already have the wordpress blog with a CMS. I'm currently setting up our board17:30
Daniel0108I am working on a connection between wordpress and the board17:30
Daniel0108and I'm sure it will work17:30
guntbertcan we proceed please?17:32
mainerrorright, the domain question.17:32
mainerrorshould we go for a at.ubuntu.com subdomain? Is it even possible or should we try to get the ubuntu.at domain=17:33
Daniel0108I think we should try to get a ubuntu.at or ubuntu-at.com domain17:33
mainerrorok, that is an action item. Who is going to do that?17:34
guntbertubuntu-at.com is ugly17:34
Daniel0108who is going to apply for the domain?17:34
Daniel0108uat.com? :P17:34
Daniel0108okay, we NEED ubuntu.at17:34
* guntbert likes at.ubuntu.com17:34
Daniel0108who knows somebody from canonical? :)17:34
Daniel0108ubuntu.at or at.ubuntu.com17:34
* mainerror does17:35
guntbertubuntu.at is taken17:35
Daniel0108guntbert: I know, but maybe they are able to transfer it to us17:35
mainerrorguntbert, we should investigate on who the owner is and if it is under control of Canonical or the Ubuntu staff17:36
mainerrorI'll put that on my list17:36
guntbertGeorg Glaser organization:    street address: Gudrunstrasse 55-103/28/4 postal code:    A-1100 city:           Wien17:36
guntbertubuntu.at -> ubuntuusers.de17:37
Daniel0108we could contact him17:37
mainerrorguntbert, yea I know that but I have to find out if it is just a private person or if he has registered it for the Ubuntu staff17:37
Daniel0108let's try that17:38
Daniel0108#action mainerror contacts the owner of ubuntu.at17:38
MootBot-ATACTION: mainerror contacts the owner of ubuntu.at17:38
Daniel0108#topic Getting more members17:39
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Getting more members
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Getting more members17:39
Daniel0108We already have the flyers17:39
Daniel0108and at the UDS, mainerror, GeorgS and me got some CDs and Ubuntu-Stickers17:39
Daniel0108now we just need a smaller flyer to hand out the CD with a flyer and some stickers17:40
Daniel0108Has anyone already handed out some flyers?17:40
mainerrorI think we need someone to monitor austrian IT events especially Linux related events so we can get there are try to recruit people17:40
Daniel0108Ubuntu Austria, for example17:41
hailare there any events in karinthia17:41
mainerrorhail, I only know about the yearly Linux Tage17:42
Daniel0108me too, oh and the Stammtisch17:42
hailwhen is that is it posable to recruit people there as i spend most of my time nere villach17:43
Daniel0108I got a notification today: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=20398839630732417:43
Daniel0108hail: you can start your own events if you want17:43
mainerroryea I can't view that one17:43
Daniel0108mainerror: okay, I think you need an invitation :P17:43
Daniel0108hail: and print some flyers to hang up in villach17:43
hailthat is definatly a posability17:44
Daniel0108The Ubuntu-Austria Stammtisch is in:17:44
mainerrorDaniel0108, first of all I'd need a Facebook account ;)17:44
Daniel0108Anton Baumgartner-Straße 12517:44
Daniel0108mainerror: lol, no, don't register on facebook :P17:44
* mainerror would never do that17:44
Daniel0108I just use the chat with empathy17:44
Daniel0108mainerror: good17:44
Daniel0108any questions left?17:45
mainerrorright, so is there anyone in here that would like to monitor IT events (preferably Linux ones) in Austria?17:46
mainerrorquite a few :)17:46
Daniel0108Vienna is preferred :P17:46
Daniel0108as a location17:46
mainerrorwell the events we would attend to recruit people can be national wide17:47
mainerrorit is just the events we'd setup would be in Vienna yes17:47
Daniel0108the Ubuntu hour, for example17:47
mainerrorhopefully more than an hour tho :D17:47
Daniel0108hehe :P17:47
Daniel0108Ubuntu Day17:48
mainerrorthat sounds better heh17:48
mainerrorok next point17:48
Daniel0108#topic Our wiki page17:48
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Our wiki page
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Our wiki page17:48
Daniel0108mainerror, guntbert: It's your topic :)17:48
mainerrorindeed but I have absolutely no idea what it was about17:49
Daniel0108I think the wiki page is okay17:49
Daniel0108let's move on17:49
mainerrorwas there anything special we'd need to take care about other than the logo?17:49
mainerrorguntbert, any idea?17:49
Daniel0108I don't think so17:49
guntbertwell, I'll be happy to provide any translations - but I must be alerted to the need17:50
mainerrornext point17:51
Daniel0108#action guntbert is a translator :)17:51
MootBot-ATACTION: guntbert is a translator :)17:51
guntbertone idea: shold we create two different pages (en/de) instead of doubling everything on one page?17:51
Daniel0108guntbert: good idea. Let's do it17:51
mainerrorI don't know if that is really such a good idea17:51
mainerrorwhat would be the benefit?17:52
Daniel0108I have a better idea:17:52
Daniel0108It's German17:52
hailtwice as much work ????17:52
Daniel0108and there's a button: "English Version"17:52
guntberthail: no, its bilingual already17:52
Daniel0108or visa versa17:52
guntbertDaniel0108: how to accomplish this (in wiki code)?17:53
Daniel0108a sub-page called en17:53
haildose it make sence to have people write in the langage they are comfertable in and add a boton to translate to the other17:53
mainerrorI think that this will be the next action item for me, figuring out how to do that :D17:53
guntbertlets ponder on this for a while - while mainerror figures :-)17:54
Daniel0108any questions left?17:54
mainerrorguntbert, I'll check that out after the meeting tho17:54
mainerrorFacebook / Twitter17:54
Daniel0108#topic social networks17:55
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: social networks
MootBot-ATTOPIC: social networks17:55
mainerrorwho is going to maintain those accounts and actively invite tech-savvy people?17:55
mainerrornot only invite but also post Ubuntu and LoCo related news17:55
Daniel0108there's a wordpress plugin17:55
Daniel0108to post to twitter/fb17:56
mainerrorI only know that it is not going to be me :p17:56
Daniel0108I'll create it17:56
mainerrorand Facebook?17:56
Daniel0108it posts to facebook and twitter17:56
Daniel0108so that's not a problem17:56
mainerrornext point17:57
mainerrorMeeting dates17:57
mainerror#topic Meeting dates17:57
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Meeting dates
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Meeting dates17:57
Daniel0108I think the meetings should be monthly17:58
Daniel0108the irc meetings17:58
Daniel0108and a monthly Ubuntu Day17:58
mainerrorwhen do you guys have more time for meetings? Is it on weekends or during the week?17:58
Daniel0108let's vote17:58
mainerrorwouldn't every six months be better?17:59
guntbertnot so hasty Daniel0108 :)17:59
Daniel0108yeah, I'm waiting :P17:59
guntbert18:00 is a bit early - lots of outdoor activity on saturday17:59
Daniel0108now vote17:59
Daniel0108guntbert: maybe sunday?18:00
Daniel0108#vote Meetings on Weekends (+1), Workdays(-1) or doesn't matter (0)18:00
MootBot-ATPlease vote on: Meetings on Weekends (+1), Workdays(-1) or doesn't matter (0)18:00
MootBot-ATPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)18:00
MootBot-AT+1 received from Daniel010818:00
MootBot-AT+1 received from guntbert18:00
MootBot-AT0 received from mainerror18:00
Daniel0108Sunday or Saturday?18:00
MootBot-AT0 received from hail18:01
hailmainerror: link describing word press buton integeration http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/translation-widget?replies=2018:02
hailif it hellps18:02
mainerrorhail, thanks but we were talking about the Ubuntu wiki ;)18:02
guntbertDaniel0108: endvote?18:02
Daniel0108#link http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/translation-widget?replies=2018:02
MootBot-ATVoting ended on: Meetings on Weekends (+1), Workdays(-1) or doesn't matter (0)18:02
MootBot-ATVotes for:2 Votes against:0 Abstentions:218:02
MootBot-ATMotion carried18:02
Daniel0108Sunday or Saturday?18:03
guntbertI'd prefer sunday, a little later18:03
Daniel0108me too18:03
mainerrordoesn't matter for me18:03
Daniel0108a little later, but the day doesn't matter18:03
guntbertis ok by me too18:04
Daniel0108#topic Ubuntu Day18:04
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Ubuntu Day
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Ubuntu Day18:04
Daniel0108Yearly or every six months?18:05
Daniel0108I think every six months would be better, but who volunteers for the planning of the meeting?18:05
mainerrorby the way, you all can just add action items for yourself if you find something to do and you can also add ideas and corrections on etherpad18:05
Daniel0108#link http://ubuntu-at.ietherpad.com/118:06
Daniel0108here's the etherpad link: ^18:06
mainerrorDaniel0108, I think that this topic should be put back till we can gather more people for the meetings18:06
guntbertI have to leave - longer phone call awaiting - bye for now18:06
Daniel0108#topic Status of the LoCo18:06
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Status of the LoCo
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Status of the LoCo18:06
Daniel0108guntbert: bye18:06
mainerrorguntbert, o/18:06
Daniel0108we want to get an approved loco18:06
Daniel0108but we need:18:06
Daniel0108* A website18:07
Daniel0108* A good wiki page (DONE)18:07
Daniel0108* More meetings (WORKING)18:07
Daniel0108* More members (WIP, hard)18:07
Daniel0108and last but not least, active members and some projects18:08
Daniel0108for the projects part, I'd suggest merging with TouchLay projects :P18:08
Daniel0108oh wait18:08
Daniel0108I forgot something18:08
Daniel0108There should be some Ubuntu/Programming/Support lessons18:09
mainerrorthat and actively participating in the Ubuntu translation project18:09
Daniel0108We have our own Translation Group18:09
Daniel0108for German (Austria)18:09
mainerrorright, I know, we just need to actively help with translations in Ubuntu18:10
Daniel0108and we need a translation team leader :)18:10
mainerrorDaniel0108, do you write the items we put back for the next meeting down?18:10
mainerrorthat one would be such an item18:11
Daniel0108Now the last part of our meeting.18:12
Daniel0108#topic getting more members... but how?18:12
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: getting more members... but how?
MootBot-ATTOPIC: getting more members... but how?18:12
Daniel0108please give us some ideas18:13
Daniel0108we already have flyers and so on18:13
Daniel0108we need something they get when they are an Ubuntu Austria Member18:13
Daniel0108I think we should finish this meeting now18:15
Daniel0108#topic Any questions left?18:16
=== MootBot-AT changed the topic of #ubuntu-at to: Any questions left?
MootBot-ATTOPIC: Any questions left?18:16
mainerrornot from my part18:16
Daniel0108thanks for attending the meeting, see you :)18:18
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MootBot-ATMinutes:        http://meetings.touchlay.com/ubuntu-at.2011-05-14.moin.txt18:18
mainerroryea of course ;)18:18
mainerrorit was quite a good meeting in my opinion18:20
Daniel0108yeah :)18:20
mainerrorwe could've been more but that'll come :)18:20
Daniel0108indeed :)18:20
mainerrorMichealH, are you around?18:26
Daniel0108hi brickinthewall18:32
Daniel0108brickinthewall: du hast gerade das meeting verpasst18:32
Daniel0108Rhonda: du auch^^18:32
Daniel0108für alle die nicht da waren18:32
RhondaDaniel0108: Hab ich gestern aber angemerkt, dass die Zeit unpassend ist.18:32
RhondaAlso für mich. Und der Kleine ist nach wie vor munter.18:32
brickinthewallbin grad in berlin aufm linuxtag.. der letzte vortrag war erst um 6 aus18:33
Daniel0108Rhonda: ja, wir haben jetzt eh besprochen wann wir meetings machen18:34
mainerrorkein ding, ich werde heute oder morgen eine mailinlist diskussion starten wo wir dann besprechen werden wann wir am besten die meetings abhalten sollen18:34
Daniel0108am sonntag18:34
Daniel0108und etwas später18:34
Daniel0108so, ich bin dann mal /away18:38
mainerrorbrickinthewall, sollte dir noch was einfallen sag mir bescheid ;)18:44
brickinthewallalles klar.. ich les grad erst mal das etherpad ding18:46
Daniel0108hi igi18:54
mainerrorhallo igi http://ubuntu-at.ietherpad.com/118:57
brickinthewallich hätte da ne idee für die zukunft.. soll ich mir das fürs nächste meeting aufsparen oder gleich mal hier anbringen?19:00
mainerrorbeides :)19:00
brickinthewallwie ihr alle wisst sind die österreichischen mirrors gerade zu release zeiten wirklich wirklich lahm19:01
* mainerror nods19:01
brickinthewallwo ich arbeite habe ich eine gigabit anbindung19:02
brickinthewallup and down versteht sich.. ich hätte auch einen sponsor für storage und server19:02
mainerrordas hört sich doch spitze an!19:03
brickinthewallalso ich könnte in nicht all zu ferner zukunft einen mirror mit sagen wir mal 400mega zur verfügung stellen und den dann auch bei launchpad eintragen19:04
* mainerror wartet noch immer gespannt aufs aber19:04
brickinthewall:-) kein aber19:05
Daniel0108400 MB?19:05
Daniel0108wäre das nicht etwas wenig für Ubuntu ISOs19:05
brickinthewallnaja.. also ich brauche dafür die einverständnis der geschäftsführung..19:05
brickinthewallaber die krieg ich schon rum19:05
Daniel0108gut :D19:05
Daniel0108nein, nicht gut, perfekt! :D19:05
Daniel0108aso :)19:05
mainerroralso das wäre wirklich top19:06
brickinthewallstorage kann ich vermutlich so groß kriegen wie ich will19:06
mainerrorbrickinthewall, setz das auf die agenda fürs nächste meeting19:08
brickinthewallsag mir wo und consider it done19:08
mainerrorich denke mal da wird absolut keiner einen einwand haben aber einfach damit jeder bescheid weis19:08
mainerrorim etherpad unter next meeting19:08
brickinthewallaja.. hab ich noch nicht gesehen19:09
brickinthewallmach ich19:09
mainerrorDaniel0108, ich glaube er meinte einen offiziellen mirror19:13
Daniel0108mainerror: ja, aber wieso steht das unter community members?19:13
brickinthewallah sorry19:13
mainerrorwar nur falsch indented ;)19:13
Daniel0108kein problem ;)19:13
brickinthewallhabt ihr ne location für den ubuntu day in wien?19:14
mainerrornoch ist da nichts besprochen worden19:15
mainerrorwir haben dieses item zurückgestellt fürs nächste meeting19:15
mainerrorich wechsle mal eben den computer ;)19:16
brickinthewallso bin dann mal wieder weg, tschü!19:34
* mainerror ist wieder da19:48

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